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Isabelle (AKA Tabby/Tabitha) Lawson

Isabell Lawson married George Stell in Bristall Parish in 1785.


  • I did not found the birth of Isabel (Tabby/Tabitha) Lawson in Birstall parish.
  • She was born no later than 1765 using an estimated age of 20 at the time of her marriage.
  • She named a son Joseph Lawson Stell. This would be in honor of some Johesph Lawson in her life.
  • It is possible she was born to Lawrence Lawson and Ann Wood heard in Birstall Parish. The records for Lawson in the parish are limited. See below for the Lawsons in Birstall parish.
  • A possibility is that Isabelle Lawson was born to Samuel Lawson and Judith Garnet and baptized on 28 October 1757 in Keighley Parish. See below for the Lawsons in Keighley Parish.
Other Information

  • Isabelle was not listed on the baptismal records of her children born between 1786 and 1793. Only the father's name was listed.
  • At the christening of her daughter Ann in 1796 she was listed as "Tabby"
  • At the Christening of her daughter Mary in 1799 she was listed as"Tabytha"
  • At the Christening of her daughter Betty in 1800 she was listed as "Isabelle"
  • Tabby/Tabytha does not appear to have been used in subsequent generations.
  • Ann Stell and her husband, George Sykes, named a child Isabelle.
  • The marriage of George Stell and Isabelle Lawson, the baptisms of their seven children, and the two marriage of their son, Joseph Lawsen Stell, are the only listings for the name Stell in the Birstall Parish records from 1724 to 1847. The only listings for Isabell under that name are to marriage to George Stell in 1785 and baptism of her daughter Betty in 1800.
  • LDS does not list anything under Tabytha Lawson before 1822. There is only one listing in Yorkshire in New Marlton in 1822, child of Edward and Tabitha Lawson.

Connection to the Land Family

Isabell Lawson married George Stell in Gomersall in 1785. They were the parents of of Ann Stell who married John Sykes. Their son, George Stell Sykes was the father of Elizabeth Sykes who married Law Land.


George Stell married Isabelle Lawson, "both of Gomersall" on February 22, 1785 in Birstall parish (BiBT).


The George Stell and Isabelle (Tabby, Tabytha) Lawson had:

  1. Joseph Lawson Stell (1786-1841)

    Birth: Joseph Lawson Stell, the son of George Stell of Gomersall, woolcomber, was baptized on May 2, 1786 in Birstall parish (BiBT).

    Marriage: Joseph Stell married Hannah Brook on October 26, 1800 in Birstall (BiBT).

    Death of Hannah Stell: Hannah Stell, of Cleckheaton, age 28, was buried in new ground of the Independent Chapel in Cleckheaton, on April 10, 1806.

    Second marriage of Joseph Stell: Joseph Stell married Lydia Scholefield in Birstall parish on February 9, 1807.

    Children: Joseph Stell and Lydia Stell, of Cleckheaton, had the following children baptized in Independent Chapel in Cleckheaton in Birstall parish:

    1. Martha Stell (1807-) and Peter Bedford
      Birth: Martha born on June 11, 1807 and baptized on July 20, 1807 (Independent Chapel Cleckheaton)
      Marriage: Martha Stell and Peter Bedford, October 4, 1829. Both x'ed. Witnesses: Jos Chadwick and John Oates, Batley Parish
      1. Nimrod Stell circa 1840
      2. Hannah Mary 1847
      3. Tom circa 1850
    2. Betty born on October 26, 1808 and baptized on February 1, 1808 (Independent Chapel Cleckheaton)
    3. Mary Stell (1807-) and William Haley
      Birth: Mary born on March 10, 1811 and baptized on April 14, 1811 (Independent Chapel Cleckheaton).
      Marriage : Mary Stell married William Haley July 21, 1828 both x'd witnesses John Hunsworth and Thomas Parsey, Batley Parish
      1. Note: There was a William Healy and Mary combination in the parish before the marriage in 1828

    Death of Joseph Lawson Stell:
    • Parish Record: Joseph Lawson Stell was buried in Adwalton on July 23, 1841, age 53.
    • Civil Record: STELL, Joseph Lawson, Bradford, 23, 93 September 1841

  2. Samuel Stell

    Birth: Samuel, son of George Stell of Great Gomersal, was baptized on November 2, 1787 (BiBT).

    More: See Stell

  3. Nathan Stell

    Birth: Nathan, son of George Stell of Gomersal, woolcomber, baptized June 25, 1790 (BiBT).

    More: See Stell

  4. Benjamin Stell

    Birth: Benjamin, son of George Stell of Gomersal, baptized March 24, 1793 (BiBT).

    More: See Stell

  5. Ann Stell (1796-) and John Sykes

    Birth: Ann Stell, the daughter of George and "Tabby" Stell of Gomersal, woolcomber, was baptized on December 18, 1796 (BiBT).

    Marriage: Ann Stell married John Sykes in Batley Parish in 1817. For more information on Ann Stell Sykes and her family go to John Sykes and/or Stell

  6. Mary Stell

    Birth: Mary, daughter of George and "Tabytha" Stell of Great Gomersal, was baptized on September 8, 1799 (BiBT).

  7. Betty Stell (1796-) and Joseph Barraclough

    Betty Stell

    Birth: Betty, of George and "Isabelle" Stell of Great Gomersal, woolcomber, was baptized December 17, 1800 (BiBT).

    Marriage: Elizabeth Stell married Joseph Barraclough on December 24, 1824 in Batley Parish. Both signed.


    1. Mary of Joseph Barraclough and Elizabeth, 17 Feb 1828 (Indexes)
    2. Joseph of Joseph Barraclough and Elizabeth, 8 August 1830 (Indexes)

    More: See Stell

Note: The marriage of George Stell and Isabelle Lawson, the baptisms of their seven children, and the two marriage of their son, Joseph Lawsen Stell, are the only listings for the name Stell in the Birstall Parish records from 1724 to 1847. There were NO Stell deaths.

The family must have moved to Batley Parish where Ann Stell married John Sykes in 1817, Betty Stell married Joseph Barradough in 1824 and two of the daughters of Jospeh Lawson Stell married in 1828 and 1829.

  1. John Sykes and Ann Stell named one of their sons, George Stell Sykes.
  2. Joseph Stell, the son of George Stell, born in 1786, was listed with John Sykes and Ann Stell in the 1841 census.
  3. John Sykes and Ann Stell named a daughter, Isabella. Isabell was Ann Stell's mother's name. Isabell was not a common name in the area at the time.

For more details on the children of George Stell and Isabell Lawson go to George Stell

Lawsons in Birstall Parish

Robert Lawson and ________, Drighlington




  1. Elizabeth 22 April 1753, daughter of Robert Lawson of Drighlington - not listed by Ancestry had do do a browse.
  2. Margaret 18 March 1757, daughter of Robt. Lawson of Drighlington

Lawrence Lawson (c 1740-1799) and Ann Woodhead


  • No birth on Ancestry for Lawrence Lawson
  • No appropriate baptism on IGI between 1720 and 1740

Birth: No later than 1742 based on an age of 20 years at marriage

Nothing on the IGI.


Oakwell 1762, Hodgson Lane Gomersall 1768, Adwalton 1770, 1772, 1776, 1778 & 1785. Gomersall 1799.

Occupation: Clothmaker?? 1763

Marriage: Ann Woodhead 13 Sept 1762, Birstall Parish

Lawrence Lawson of Oakwell and Ann Woodhead of Birstall a minor with consent of parents, 13 September 1762.

Note: Ann was the daughter of Joseph Woodhead baptized in Birstall Parish 18 Nov 1742.


Note: There is a 6 Year Break between the marriage in Birstall Parish and the first known child baptized in Birstall Parish. This six year period covers the period of the estimated birth of Isabell Lawson. It is likely that Joseph baptized in Tong in 1763 was a child of this couple. In any event a Joseph Lawson shows up in Little Gomersall in 1797.

  1. Joseph Lawson (1763) and Jane Liley

    Birth: Tong, St James Joseph of Lawrence Lawson clothmaker July 7, 1763

    Marriage: Joseph Lawson of Gomersall and Jane Liley of Scholes both of the Parish of Birstall July 23, 1797. Both made their mark.


    1. Sarah of Joseph and Jane Lawson of Lit. Gomersall, 19 August 1798, Birstall St. Peter.

    2. John son of Joseph and Jane Lawson of Little Gomersall, March 23, 1800 St Peter Birstall

    Five year break

  2. Isabelle/Tabythia ??. She was from Gomersall. She named a son Joseph Lawson Stell.

  3. Nancy 17 August 1768, daughter of Lawrence Lawson of Hodgson Lane in Gomersal, St Peter, Birstall Parish.

    Further Records: Nothing obvious on IGI

    Death ???: Ann daughter of Robert Lawson labourer February 1, 1769 Tong, St James. Note: Nancy is a nickname for Ann

  4. Richard Lawson (1770-) and Susanna _____

    Birth: Richard 7 October 1770, of Lawrence Lawson of Adwalton, St Peter, Birstall Parish.
    Marriage: Susanna. No marriage on IGI

    1. Thomas 25 June 1809

      Further Records: Nothing on Ancestry for Thomas

    Further Records: Nothing on Ancestry for Richard

  5. John, 19 Aug 1772, of Adwalton, Birstall Parish St Peter

    Four Year Break

  6. Robert Lawson (1776-) and Elizabeth Brooke

    Birth: Robert, 6 October 1776, of Adwalton, Birstall Parish St Peter
    Residence: Heckmondwike 1841
    Occupation: Agricultural labourer
    Marriage: Robert Lawson of Little Gomersall and Elizabeth Brooke of Birstall, 27 November 1808, both made their mark, Birstall Parish

    1. Lawrence, 16 April 1809, son of Robert and Elizabeth Lawson of Lit. Gomersall, Birstall St Peter.
      Further Records: Nothing on ancestry or IGI
    2. Jane, 26 April 1812, Robert and Elizabeth Lawson, Heckmondwick clothier, St Peter Birstall

    Death of Elizabeth Lawson wife of Robert, 1819: Lawson, Elizabeth, wife of Robert labourer Heckmondwick 10 March 1819 age 40 - DOB c 1779

    Marriage: Robert Lawson of Heckmondwick to Rachel Whitehead of Heckmondwick by banns 30 April 1820 both made their marks.

    1841 Census: Jeremy Lane Heckmondwike, Birstall Parish Robert Lawson age 60 ag lab born Yorkshire (ages rounded off in this census)

  7. Sally Lawson (1778-) and Thomas Shepley

    Birth: Sally of Lawrence and Ann Lawson of Adwalton, 5 July 1778, of Lawrence and Ann Lawson, Birstall St Peter.
    Marriage: Sarah Lawson to Thomas Shepley 26 Dec 1798, "both of Gomersall in the Parish of Birstall", by banns, both made their mark.

    1. James circa 1812.
      Further Record: James circa 1812 , listed in 1841, 1861 (coal mine Gomersal) 1871 (woolen mill labourer Gomersal)
    2. Eliza circa 1833
    1841 Census Little Gomersal Birstall Parish: Thomas Shepley age 65, cloth weaver, Sarah age 65, James age 25 coal miner Eliza age 8, all born Yorkshire.

    Seven Year Break

  8. William Lawson (1785-) and Elizabeth ______

    Birth: William of Lawrence 9 Jan 1785 of "Lorence" Lawson of Adwalton, Birstall Parish, St Peter

    Marriage: Elizabeth, nothing on IGI

    Residence: Little Gomersall

    Occupation: Agricultural labourer

    Censuses: Listed with his wife Elizabeth in Little Gomersal, agricultural laborer 1841, 1851 and 1861.

    • 1841 William Lawson, age 50 ag lab, Elizabeth age 55
    • 1851 Little Gomersall, William Lawson head married, age 65, farm labourer, born Birstall no one else with him
    • 1861 Census: Little Gomersal, William Lawson head age 75 farm labourer formerly, born Adwalton, blind, Elizabeth, wife age 74 born Durker Wakefield

Death of Lawrence Lawson: Lawrence Lawson of Little Gomersall 13 June 1799 (No other information)

Notes: This would be the right time span for the birth of Isabell Lawson who was born no later than 1765. There is the 5 year break break between the time of the baptism of Joseph in 1863 and the Baptism of Nancy in 1768. On the other hand, none of the same names are used by both Lawrence Lawson and Isabelle Lawson Stell. Off hand there is no good argument for Lawrence as the father of Isabell Lawson except they were the only Lawsons in the parish at the time and there was a son named Joseph.

Other Lawsons in Birstall Parish Parents Unknown


  • Ann Lawson to Nathaniel Sykes of Gomersall, 29 September 1728 (No Other Information, Birstall Parish Records)
  • Mary Lawson of Drighlington a minor of Birstall parish to William Dove of Birstall by banns with consent of parents, 15 January 1755 (Birstall Parihs Record)
  • John Lawson of Keighley he signed his name to Sally Taylor of Gomersall in Birstall Parish. She made her mark. 7 May 1799 (Index)
  • Betty Lawson to Stephen Thornton both of Heaton Birstall Parish both made their mark, 25 August 1803 Birstall St Peter
  • Elizabeth Lawson of Drighlington to Caleb Wilkinson of Drighlington, bth of the parish of Birstall, both made their marks, witness John Lawson, his mark, by banns, 8 October 1820 (Index)
  • William Lawson of Little Gomersall to Betty Leadbetter of Little Gomersall, both made their marks, by banns, 8 August 1825
  • Robert Lawson of Heckmondwick to Rachael Whitehead of Heckmondwick, both made their mark, 6 January 1828 (There are 2 listings: one in 1820 and the other in 1828)


  • October 12, 1800 Joseph Lawson of Little Gomersall (NOI)
Isabelle Lawson

Born circa 1765. See above.


  • No Lawson in the 1841 census in Birstall
  • No Lawsons in the 1851 census in Birstall or born in Birstall or Gomersall
  • No Lawsons in Batley in 1851

Lawsons in Batley Parish

  • John Lawson married Grace Rawson both of the parish 15 April 1772, he signed she x'ed, witnesses John Chappel and Benj Lawson. No children baptized in Batley Parish.

  • Mary Jane, Elizabeth and Betty Lawson, single women, had children baptized between 1786 and 1823.
  • Richard Lawson and Mary __


    Marriage: Richard Lawson to Mally Preston 11 9 1768 both of the parish by banns, both signed.


    1. Mary 12 December 1769, 27 December 1769 of Richard Lawson Batley stuffweaver
    2. Samuel 01 December 1771 22 December Richard Lawson
    3. Robert 26 Feb 1775, 12 March 1775 of Richard Lawson, Batley clothier
    4. John 18 October 1776, 01 December 1776 Richard Lawson clothier Batley
      Death: John son of Richard Lawson of Batley buried June 18, 1778
    5. Jane 05 December 1778 03 January 1779 Richard Lawson and Mary Batley clothier

Lawsons in Keighley Parish

Richard Lawson

Birth: Richard son of Robert baptized Keighley 12 Mar 1660 (IGI)

Marriage: Richard Lawson married Susan Spencer 21 May 1689


  1. Thomas Lawson (1690-1729)

    Thos son of Richard Lawson baptized 20 March 1690

    Marriage: Isabell Scafe (Tony Lawson, July 2006)


    1. John of Thomas Lawson baptized March 2, 1712
      Further Records:
    2. Richard son of Thomas Lawson baptized 11 October 1713
      Further Records: No marriage No children for Richard Lawson
    3. Thomas of Thomas Lawson baptized 26 May 1715
      Further Records: No marriage in Keighley Need to research children of Thomas
    4. Joseph son of Thomas Lawson baptized 30 June 1717
      Further Records: No marriage in Keighley No children for Joseph
    5. David son of Thomas Lawson baptized 29 May 1719
      Further Records: No marriage in Keighley No children of David
    6. Samuel Lawson (1721-) and
      Birth: Samuel son of Thomas Lawson baptized 22 October 1721
      Occupation: Clockmaker (Tony Lawson, July 2006)
      Marriage: Unknown
      Child: Nancy Lawson, 12 February 1743
      Death of Mrs. Lawson:
      Marriage: Judith Garnet 21 April 1743 Keighley Parish
      1. Joseph, 23 November 1746
      2. Samuel Lawson (1750-)
        Birth: Samuel, 27 April 1750 Keighley
        Marriage: No marriage Keighley
      3. Elizabeth, 11 February 1752, Keighley
      4. Thomas, 04 January 1754, Keighley
      5. Isabel, 28 October 1757, Keighley
        Marriage: The only marriage in the right time period is that of Isabell to George Stell in 1785 in Birstall Parish. Is this the Isabell who married George Stell????
      6. Benjamin, 25 May 1764, Keighley
      • This Isabell is a little old for a first marriage. Most first marriages seem to have occurred around age 20
      • George Stell and Isabell Lawson named their children: Joseph Lawson Stell, Samuel, Nathan, Benjamin, Ann, Mary and Betty. Nathan was a Stell name. The names of the other children could indicate a relationship between Isabell, the daughter of Samuel Lawson, and Isabell ,the wife of George Stell.
      • The fact that George Stell was from Keighley could be another factor
      • However, there were a family of Lawsons in Bristall parish around the time of Isabell's bith, see above
      Death of Samuel Lawson: 1770 (Tony Lawson (July 2006)
  2. Sarah of Thomas Lawson January 8, 1724
  3. Elizabeth of Thomas Lawson born 15 and baptized 27 March 1726
  4. Jonas son of Thomas Lawson 30 November 1728
    Further Records: No marriage in Keighley No children of Jonas

Death of Thomas Lawson: Thomas Lawson hardwareman buried 7 December 1729

No other children of Richard Lawson

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Joseph Stell, the father of George Stell

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