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Early Records

There are no really early records for Law in Batley Parish. The following two marriage are the first records for the name in the parish:

  1. Sara Law married John Gill November 25, 1703. There were no other Laws in the parish at the time.
  2. Sarah Law married Daniel Nuns January 21, 1711. There were no other Laws in the parish at the time.

James Law (1711-1775), hatter, son of John Law (born 1676 son of James Law and Alice Rawse) and his children were back and forth between Birstall Parish and Batley Parish from the 1730s onwards. See John Law the 5th child of James Law and Alice Rawse under James Law

Benjamin Law, born in 1773 in Birstall Parish, son of George Law, grandson of William Law, great grandson of James Law and Susannah Crossley and great great grandson of James Law and Alice Rouse moved to Batley parish around 1790. See Benjamin Law William Law James Law and Susannah Crossley James Law and Alice Rouse


The following marriages took place in Batley parish between 1805 and 1900:

  1. Hannah Law married William Lewis on August 26, 1792 in Birstall parish. Not the daughter of George born in 1766. She died in 1785. There was no appropriate baptism in the parish records for Hannah Law.
  2. Martha Law and John Smithson of Birstall, October 20, 1805. She x'd. No children born in Batley parish. Could be Mary, the daughter of Isaac Law.
  3. Marie Law married John Collinson of Birstall on August 27, 1819. Witnesses Thomas X Taylor and Jos Chadwick Batley parish BT. There was no appropriate baptism in the parish for Marie Law. Note: She does not show up in the 1841 census.
  4. Betty Law and John Brook June 11, 1820. Both x'd. Witness James Parr. There was no obvious baptism in the parish for Betty (Elizabeth) Law.
  5. Elizabeth Law married George Walker both of Batley parish on December 25, 1820, Batley parish witnesses; J Chadwick (a parish official) and Joseph Law. Elizabeth and George both signed with their marks. There was no obvious baptism in the parish for Elizabeth Law.
  6. Amelia Law married Robert Watson on December 8, 1823, Jo Chadwick and Joseph Rhodes, witnesses. Batley parish BT. There was no appropriate baptism in the parish for Amelia Law.
  7. Titus Law married Betty Brooke of Birstall on March 2, 1828, Jos Chadwick and Joseph Law.(Batley parish Bishop's Transcripts). Titus was the son of James Law and Martha baptized on December 20, 1801 in Horbury. Titus Law died June quarter 1841, Dewsbury, 22/2. No children baptized in Batley parish.
  8. Harriett Law and William Carr on March 1, 1831, both with X, J. Chadwick and J W Lee. Batley parish. There was no appropriate baptism in the parish for Harriett Law.
  9. Robert Law, 38, widower, tailor, 24 Denison Street, Mount Pleasant, son of William Law, (dead ), engineer married Edith James Balmforth, age 32, spinster, weaver, 25 Denison Street Mount Pleasant, daughter of Joseph Balmforth (dead) joiner, both signed, witnesses Clara Beatrice Balmforth and Herbert Hardell, August 7, 1900. Note: Neither William Law nor Robert Law were listed in Batley in the 1881 Census.
  10. Edith, daughter of Giblin Law, fitter, age 22, mill hand, married Arthur Norwell Crossley, 24, milner, Dewsbury, son of James Crossley, deceased, mason, witnesses, Jos Leah and Alice Sharp, December 25, 1900. Edith was listed with her family in the 1881 census in Batley as follows:
    1. Giblin LAW Head. M, 33 born Saddle Ossett Mechanic (Spinning Mach)
    2. Ada LAW Wife M Female 31 Ossett, York, England Mechanic (Spinning Mach) Wife
    3. Martha LAW Daugh Female 9 Batley, York, England Scholar
    4. Sarah Jane LAW Daugh Female 5 Batley, York, England Scholar
    5. Edith LAW Daugh Female 2 Batley, York, England
    6. Sarah HAWKER Grand Moth W Female 79 Horbury, York, England No Occupation

The following deaths and associated records occurred between 1776 and 1900

  1. Mary Law of Batley buried November 19, 1776. Could be the daughter of James born in 1749.
  2. Mary, the widow of Samuel Law of Batley, was buried December 31, 1793. I have no record of a Samuel married to a Mary within this time frame.
  3. James Law of Batley buried September 8, 1804
  4. Thomas Law, Batley, age 22, buried January 14, 1827 (1805). Do not have a record for Thomas born circa 1805.
  5. Sarah wife of Michael Law Batley July 15, 1808
  6. Elizabeth Law, age 7, of Batley buried February 29, 1840 (1833). Do not have a record for Elizabeth born circa 1833.
  7. Emma Law of Carlinghow in Batley, age 19, buried May 21, 1846. (1827) Not in the 1841 census. Do not have a record for Emma born circa 1827.
  8. Nancy Law (?), age 24, of Batley buried October 15, 1846. (1822). Not in the 1841 census. Do not have a record for Nancy born circa 1822.
  9. Thomas Law of Batley age 23, January 14, 1827 (1804)
  10. Abraham Parr Law, Nottingly Welitt, April 3, 4 years (1851). Do not have a record for Abraham born circa 1851.
  11. Samuel Law age 22, buried Batley October 16, 1856 (1824). Do not have a record for Samuel born circa 1824
  12. James Law, age 47, overlooker, Branch Road, Batley, buried January 11, 1887 (1840). Not listed in the 1851 and 1861 censuses. No record for a birth circa 1840. His daughter, Betty Law married William Thredgold 24, fetter, Wakefield son of George Threadgold, mill hand and Betty Law, age 22, single, dressmaker, March Ward Vatley, daughter of James Law (dead) overlooker both signed, witness Arthur Law and Ben Brearey. October 20, 1900. (Batley parish records)

The following births were connected to Law between 1809 and 1836. There were no appropriate baptisms in the parish for any of the Law parents.

  1. Joseph Law, Batley Labourer
    1. Matthias of Joseph Law Batley labourer, baptized 15 Oct 1775
    2. Nancy of Joseph Law and Mary Batley labourer 28 Nov 1779
  2. Mark Shaw and Mary Law, daughter of Robert Law
    1. Mark son of Mark Shaw skinner son of Mark by Mary his wife daughter of Robert Law May 21 Morley baptized June 11, 1809

Joseph Law, son of John Law and Mary Bentley, born Batley 1799

Joseph Law was the son of John Law and Mary Bentley, the grandson of Michael Law and the great grandson of James Law, hatter. He appears to be the only member of that branch to have remained in Batley. The family was originally from Birstall parish, where they shared a common ancestor with the other Laws in Batley in James Law and Alice Rawse of Gomersal. Joseph Law married Sarah Spurr in Batley in 1821. They were listed in Batley in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censues. See James Law and Alice Rawse

Steve Law's Family

In October 2005 Steve Law contacted me by email with the following information on his branch of the Laws.

I can trace my ancestors back to Taylor Street in Batley. But for me, there the story ends. I would be very interested in how I can trace back further and hopefully to Benjamin Law.
Name: Benjamin Law (1861 census)
Born: 1835
Place: Holbeck (Leeds)
Married: Maria
Place: 57 Thomas Street Batley

Name: William Law
Born: 1854
Place: Dewsbury
Married: Mary Collett
Place: 25 Ings Road Heckmondwike

Name: Percy Law (my grandfather)
Born: 1895
Place: Heckmondwike
Married: Edith Kitchingman
Place: 25 Ings Road Heckmondwike

Name: Raymond Law (my father)
Born: 1920
Place: Heckmondwike
Married: Elizabeth Brooke (my mother)
Place: 110 Carlton Road Heckmondwike

Name: Stephen Law
Born: 1942
Place: Dewsbury
Married: Carol Hinchliffe
Place: Cawley Lane Heckmondwike

Name: Robert Law (my son)
Born: 1968
Place: Mirfield
Place: Cawley Lane Heckmondwike

Name: Mitchell Law (my son)
Born: 1972
Place: Heckmondwike
Place: Cawley Lane Heckmondwike

Benjamin Law born Calverly 1796 and his descendants in the censuses in England

1851 Census Pudsey: 343 Green Bottom

  • Benjamin Law, age 55, cloth weaver, born Calverly
  • Mary wife, age 55, born Calverly
  • Maria A, daughter age 20, born Wortley
  • Joseph son, age 17 cloth weaver born Wortley
  • Benjamin son age 17 cloth born Wortley
  • William son age 5, cloth weaver
  • James W grandson, age 7 months born Pudsey

1861 Census Thomas Street Batley:
  • Benjamin Law, head, age 26, woolen weaver born Holbeck
  • Marie Law wife, age 25, Dawgreen Yorkhsire
  • William Law, age 7 scholar born Batley
  • John Law son age 5 born Batley
  • Frank Law son age 1 born Dewsbury

1871 Census Mirnch (?) Est, Batley:
  • Marie Law, head, age 35 woolen weaver, born Dawgreen
  • William son age 17 mill assistant born Batley Carr
  • John age 15 mill assistant, born Batley Carr
  • Frank son age 11 mill assistant, born Springfield Dewsbury
  • Ann daughter age 9 scholar born Batley Carr
  • Frances daughter, age 8 born Batley Carr

1881 Census Warwick Road Batley:
  • Marie Law, widow, age 45, cloth weaver, born Dewsbury
  • William Law, son, unmarried, age 27, cloth weaver, born Dewsbury
  • John, son unmarried, age 25, cards cleaner, born Dewsbury
  • Frank, son, married, age 21, cards cleaner, born Dewsbury
  • Elizabeth, wife, age 18, woollen weaver, born London
  • William, son, age 2, born Batley
  • Clara daughter age 10 months, born Batley

1891 Census (can't read) Heckmondwike:

With Jeremiah Colett, head age 58 ____ woolen overlooker, his wife, Elizabeth, age 56, their son, John, age 20 ____ carpet weaver

  • Mary Jane Law, daughter, 32, cloth mender born
  • William Law, son-in-law, age 37 cloth weaver
  • Percy, grandson, age ___

1901 Fountain Street Heckmondwike:
  • Jeremiah Collett, head, age (can't read) , retired spinning foreman, own means, born Heckmondwike
  • Elizabeth, wife, age 66, born Heckmondwike
  • William Law, son-in-law, age __ (can't read), cloth pircher (?), worker, born Dewsbury
  • Mary J Law, age 42 cloth weaver, worker, born Heckmondwike
  • Percy Law, grandson, age 10, born Heckmondwike

Birth of Benajmin Law 1796: Benjamin Law born 06 NOV 1796 Calverley, Yorkshire, England son of James Law (LDS IGI)

Mary Ann Law 1832-1919 and Charles Harrison

Birth: Daughter of Benjamin Law and Marie

Marriage: Charles Harrison born 1830 Pannal, Yk. (per James Harrison Turner, September 2008)

After 1851

Immigration: Charles and Mary Ann emigrated to the U.S. in 1888, and settled in Falls of Schuylkill (East Falls), just below Roxborough.


1861 Census Batley, Charles Harrison head, age 31 woolen weaver, born Pannel, Mary Ann wife, age 29, born Leeds, Jamed LaW wife's son, age 10, born Pudsey, Edwin Harrison son age 3, born Batley

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