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Laws in Batley in the 1891 Census

The following listings came from the LDS microfiche of the 1891 census in Batley. Several of these are not listed on Ancestry for the 1891 census.

By 1891 there were 12 households that included Law family members. Only two of them were descendants of Benjamin Law: Samuel (1836), the son of Joseph (1807) and Edwin (1845) the son of Abraham (1817).

James Law (1858) the son of John (1820) was living in Gomersall.

Henry Law (1867) butcher son of Samuel (1836) was listed in Harwick in 1891 and Horbury in 1901.

In 1891 there were some Law descendants through female lines including: A son and grandsons of Hannah Law Parr, Florence Law Longfellow the daughter of John Law, and some Crosslands who were the children and Grandchildren of Sarah Law (1835 Stockport)

The Laws in Batley in 1891 who did not have a direct connection to Benjamin Law were:

  1. Gibon Law fiche 1 #6098828 can't read address, Gibon Law, head, age 45 born Saddleworth, Adah, wife, age 42, Ossettt, Martha W, daughter, age 19, woolen weaver, Batley, Sarah J, daughter, age 15, Batley, Edith, daughter, age 12, Batley, Herbert son age 6 born Batley, Elizabeth Bedford, mother in law, widow, age ?? Leeds

  2. Elizabeth Law fiche 1 #6098828 Convent Cross Upton Street, Law, Elizabeth, head, age 52, school mistress, Sedgley Staffordshire, Law, Mary Ann, sister, age 55, retired school mistress born Sedgley Staffordshire, several boarders

  3. Ernst Law and Louisa Law with Arthur Lister on Union Street 1 #6098828, Arthur Lister, head, age 38, cloth presser (?), Jane Lister, wife, age 40 Hilifax, Ernst Law stepson, age 14, wool piercer Batley, Louisa Law stepdaughter age 12, Batley, Harriet Law step daughter age ?, Batley

    They were in the 1881 Census in Batley George Law, head age 30, leather currier, born Cambridge and his wife Jane. Only the kids were born in Batley.

  4. Ann Law, fiche 1 #6098829, no address, Ann, head, age 66, born Wakefield, Jane, daughter, age 36, feeder and condenser monitor, woolen mills, born Leeds, Louisa, daughter, age 27, feeder and condenser monitor, woolen mills, born Wakefield

  5. Bertha Law, Branch road fiche 1 #6098829, Bertha Law, head, widow, age 48, living on own means, born Hordendown (?), Marianne, daughter, age 24, dressmaker, Bruncliffe, Hely (?)? daughter,, age 12, apprentice, born Gomersal, Eva, age 9, scholar, Batley, Harry, 18, beamer, Gomersal, Arthur, 16, cloth weaver Gomersal, Earl, 14 twister woolen

    1881 Census Back Lane Batley, overlooker woolen born Birstall, James Law, head, Bertha, wife, Rachael E daughter, wool weaver, born Dewsbury Mary H, 13, Morley, Harry, 8 Arthur, 6 Earl, 4 Betsey, daughter, 2 The rest born Gomersal.

  6. James Law fiche 2 #60898829, Dark (?) Lane, Batley, James, head, age 59, rag merchant, born Churwell, Martha, wife, age 59, born Batley, Walker Herbert, age 26, rag merchant, born Batley

  7. Elizabeth Law fiche 2 #60898829, B___ley Street, Batley, Elizabeth Law, age 58, living on own means, born Liversedge, Mary E, 20, daughter, woolen weaver, born Cleckheaton

  8. Samuel Law, fiche 1 #6098830 Heberoyde (sp?) Road, Samuel Law, head, age 50 chapel keeper, born Batley, Nancy, wife, age 51, Heckmondwike, Ruth, daughter age 22, yarn winder carpet mill Thornhill, Mary A daughter age 20, yarn winder carpet mill Thornhill, Susan, daughter, age 11, scholar, Thornhill

    Samuel Law was the son of Joseph Law listed in the 1861 census in Gomersall as a quarry man, born Birstall circa 1810. Samuel was born circa 1841 in Batley. Other children Michael born c. 1843 and Joseph born circa 1846 in Birstall according to the 1861 census.

  9. Ann Law and Joseph Law, with Jane Howarth fiche 3 #6098830 Robinson Bldg, Jane Howarth, head, widow, age 70, born Lanchester, Ashton, Ann Law, daughter, widow, age 42, cloth weaver, born Lanchester, Wigan (?), Sarah, Howarth, daughter, age, cloth weaver, born Gomersal, Emily Richardson, grand daughter, age 23, worsted spinner, born Gomersal, Joseph Law, grand son, age 14, cantš read, born Gomersal, Benjamin Law, grand son, age 14, ditto

  10. William Law, fiche 2 #6098831 Intake Lane, William Law, head, age 30. cloth weaver, born Throughridge (?), Frances, wife, age 30, cloth weaver, born Stan_____, John William age ? born Dewsbury, Louis, daughter, age 4 born Bradford

Benjamin Law and the Development of Shoddy

Benjamin Law was the developer in 1813 of a very important process for turning old wool into new cloth called shoddy. For information on Benjamin Law and the development of shoddy, click on the photo of the mill on Mayman Lane and Blakeridge Lane, Batley

The Laws in the Censuses

The first census of genealogical interest was taken in England in 1841. For Law listings in the 1841 through 1881 censuses in Batley, click on the photo of the houses on Blakeridge Lane, Batley

Photographs of Batley

Benjamin Law moved to Batley circa 1791. He married for the first time in Batley. All of his children were baptized at the Batley Parish Church. His invention of shoddy was the main cause of the growth of the town of Batley. To view photographs of Batley, click on the photo of the Batley Parish Church

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