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Land Introduction

James Law (1644-1707) and Alice Rawse, Gomersall

James Law (1667-1721) and Susannah Crossley, Adwalton

William Law (1707-1768) and Hannah Raynder, Gomersall

George Law (1737-1788) Clothier, and Mary Wilby, Gomersall, Birstall Parish

Benjamin Law (1773-1837), Clothier and Inventor of Shoddy, Rachael Stubley and Lydia Sheard, Batley, Batley Parish

William Law (1809-1861) Woolen Weaver, and Mary Worth, and Their Daughter, Lydia Who Married John Land, Batley

Samuel Rouse (Rawse) father of Alice Rawse (1640-1700), the wife of James Law (1644-1707)

Alice Jackson, wife of Samuel Rouse

Susannah Crossley (1669-1712), the wife of James Law (1667-1721)

John Langfield the father of Susannah Crossley

Mary Worth (c. 1811), wife of William Law, and the Worths in Wilmslow/Stockport

Other Laws in Birstall parish

Other Laws in Batley parish

The Development of Shoddy

Benjamin Law and family in the Tax Records

The Laws in the Censuses

The Sheards

The Memorial Stone of Benjamin Sheard, Rachael Stubley and Lydia Sheard

Photos of Batley

Photos of Birstall

Photos of Wilmslow

The Laws

The Law branch of the family can be traced back to the marriage of James Law and Alice Rawse in Birstall Parish, Yorkshire, England, in 1664

    James Law
    Birth: Born no later than 1644, place unknown, parents unknown.
    Marriage: James Law married Alice Rawse on May 4, 1664 in Birstall Parish.
      James Law, the son of James Law and Alice Rawse, was baptized in Birstall parish church on July 15, 1667.
      Marriage: James Law married Susannah Crossley on April 14, 1692 in Birstall Parish
        William Law, the son of James Law and Susannah Crossley was baptized in Birstall parish church on March 13, 1705.
        Marriage: William Law married Hannah Rayner on November 3, 1729 in Birstall Parish.
          George Law, the son of William Law and Hannah Rayner, was baptized in the Birstall parish church on February 21, 1736.
          Marriage: George Law married Mary Wilby on December 20, 1762 in Birstall Parish
            Benjamin Law, the son of George Law and Mary Wilby was born in Gomersall in the parish of Birstall and baptized in the Birstall parish church on November 8, 1773.
            Marriage: Benjamin Law married Lydia Sheard on April 20, 1801 in Leeds.
              William Law, the son of Benjamin Law and Lydia Sheard was born in Batley on March 12, 1809.
              Marriage: William Law married Mary Worth in Cheshire circa 1834
                Lydia Law, the daughter of William Land and Mary Worth, was baptized in Stockport, Cheshire in 1835.
                Marriage: Lydia Law married John Land on November 7, 1857 in Gomersal, Birstall Parish.
                  Law Land, the son of Lydia Law and John Land was born in in the town of Batley, Parish of Batley on December 29, 1858.
                  Marriage: Law Land married Elizabeth Sykes on April 25, 1880 in the town of Batley, in Batley Parish, Yorkshire, England. Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes immigrated to Canada and subsequently the United States.

The Name Law

The name Law is derived form an old English, means "low hill".

When surnames were developing a Law ancestor must have lived near a low hill.

The Earliest Records on The Law Branch

Leonard Rouse of Littletown and Robertown was born circa 1567 and married no later than 1587.

    Samuel, the son of Leonard Rouse, baptized November 7, 1596 married Alice Jackson in 1630 in the Birstall parish church.

      Alice, daughter of Samuel Rouse of Liversedge, was baptized August 16, 1640. Alice Rouse married James Law in 1664.

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