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The Lands in Wakefield in the mid 1700s and their descendants

Wakefield is the parish were the earliest records for my Land ancestors have been found. The records for All Saints Wakefield (the Cathedral parish) start in 1613, they are on the IGI from 1640, and on Boyd's marriage index from 1613. Records for Wakefield St. John's parish start in 1795, in the IGI from that date, and on Boyd's marriage list from that date.

Wakefield parish originally comprised the Chapelries of Horbury and Stanley and the townships of Alverthorpe with Thorn and Wrenthorpe.

New Zion, an Independent congregation, also had records for Lands.

The first certain Land ancestor was John Land born circa 1730. He was the father of Charles Land baptized in All Saints, Wakefield in 1767. Charles Land and his wife Elizabeth Dunford were in Wakefield until at least 1789. They subsequently moved to Leeds where their son, Charles Lewis Land, was born in 1797.

The parish records include baptisms for the children of more than one "John Land" between 1761 and 1774. See The John Lands and other Lands in Wakefield Mid 1700s.

The Children of John Land & ________, including Charles Land

See Lands in Queens Street Chapel and The John Lands in Wakefield

The Children of Sarah Meyers and John Land

See Lands in Queens Street Chapel and The John Lands in Wakefield

Sarah Meyers, the daughter of Joseph Meyers and Ruth Ellis Meyers, was baptized in All Saints in 1736. The other children of Joseph and Ruth Meyers were: Joseph, Mercy, David, James, Christopher, Ruth, Philomon, and Isaac. Sarah's mother, Ruth, baptized in All Saints in 1707, was the daughter of Philemon Ellis and Dorothy Crabtree.

Records show that John Land and Sarah Myers moved to the parish of Weston no later than 1775 when their son James was baptized. The Land records in Weston are limited. Four of the children of John Land and Sarah Meyers baptized in All Saints can be established, based on the subsequent records in Weston They are: Joseph, Ruth, Mercy, and Sarah. Since there were two Joseph and two Sarahs baptized in WAS during the period of time Sarah Meyers was having her children it is not possible to determine which Sarah and which Joseph were the children of Sarah Meyer.

I would suggest that Christopher and at least one of the Johns may have been the children of Sarah Meyers. It is highly likely that they named at least one child, John, after his father. Christopher was an unusual name and the name of one of Sarah's brothers.

Philemon was definitely the child of Sarah Meyers. Philemon was a name used is Sarah Meyer's family for several generations. Philemon named his first child Philemon Meyers Land.

Sarah Meyers Land was most likely the mother of at least seven children baptized in WAS, Joseph in 1763 or 1764, Philemon in 1765, Ruth in 1766, Mercy in 1769, Christopher in 1772, and Sarah in 1771 or 1774 ( more likely the latter) and one of the Johns.

Weston was a Yorkshire parish since 1673.

John Land and Sarah Meyers moved from Wakefield to Weston circa 1875. All of their potential children would have been young enough to have made the move with them.

The record in Weston are connected to the children of John Land and Sarah Meyers:

  1. Joseph Land, the son of John Land and Sarah Meyers baptized in WAS
    Marriage: May Young in Kirk Ella in 1788. The marriage was also listed in Weston.
    Children: Joseph had, at least, the following children born in Weston:
    1. Sarah in 1789 (IGI)
    2. John in 1792. (IGI). John Land married Rachael Overend in Weston in 1813 and had the following children: Sarah in 1813, Joseph in 1816, Mary in 1819, Mercy in 1820, Rachael in 1822, and John in 1831 and James in 1838.
    3. Thomas in 1794 (IGI) Thomas Land married Ellen Kettlewell in Weston in 1819.They had the following children all born in Weston, except where noted: Martha (in Ilkley) in 1820, Philemon (in Otley) in 1823, Joseph or Thomas in 1824, Mary in 1827, Ann in 1829, Sarah in 1831, Thomas in 1833, Henry in 1836, James in 1838 and Ellen in 1842. Note: They were listed in the 1841, 1851, and 1861 censuses in Askwith, Weston
    4. Philemon in 1797 (IGI)
    5. James in 1800 (IGI)
  2. Ruth Land, the daughter of John Land baptized in WAS in 1766, married Thomas Shirrow in Weston in 1788.
  3. Mercy Land baptized in WAS in 1769, the daughter of John Land, married Joseph Farmer in Weston in 1794.
  4. Sarah Land, the daughter of John Land baptized in WAS no later than 1780, married John Forrest in Weston in 1800.
  5. James Land the son of John Land was baptized in Weston in 1775. James Land married Elizabeth Dixon in Adel in 1801. James Land had the following children born Weston: John in 1802, James in 1804, Sarah in 1806, Joseph in 1808, James in October 1811, and Thomas in 1813.
Note: There were probably other children of John Land and Sarah Meyers. See John Land in Wakefield

Isabella Land married Thomas Randal on July 28, 1825 in Weston. She could be the daughter of Thomas baptized in Adel in 1801

Other Lands in Wakefield

In addition to the John Lands there were the following Lands in the parish in the mid 1700s.

James Land (c. 1757-) and Hannah Illingworth

Note: Their children were associated with Potovens (Stanley cum Wrenthorpe) and with the occupation of rope spinning and band spinning.

See Wrenthorpe.org.uk for information on Wrenthorpe potters and rope makers.

Wrenthrope lies northwest of the city of Wakefield.

Birth: No later than 1757. Could possibly be James son of Jno baptized Horbury 08 Oct 1755 (LDS IGI). He named his first son John.

Marriage: James Land married Hannah Illingworth, 21 Jan 1777 (WAS)


  1. John of James 24 Nov. 1777 (WAS)
  2. Mary of James 8 Mar 1779 (WAS)
  3. George Land, clothier, yarn spinner, Potovens (Stanley with Wrenthorpe) (1781-1863) and Sarah Hutchinson
    Birth: George of James and Hannah 26 Jan 1781 (WAS)
    Marriage: George married Sarah Hutchinson February 22, 1801 WAS (IGI).
    Children: They had children baptized in Wakefield, St Johns (Wakefield St John's is close to Horbury).:
    1. James August 13, 1801 (BT)
    2. Hannah, October 30, 1804 (BT).
      Death: She must have died as another Hanna was baptized in 1814.
    3. Mary, September 22, 1805 (BT)
    4. Ann, October 25, 1807 (BT)
    5. Eliza, February 25, 1810 (BT). She must have died as another Elizabeth was baptized in 1818.
    6. Francis Land, labourer, shoemaker, and factory operative (1812-1878) and Amelia Butterfield
      Birth: Francis, March 29, 1812 (St John, Wakefield, BT)
      Marriage: Frances Land married Amelia Butterfield, July 7, 1839 Wakefield (IGI).
      Children: Francis and Amelia Land, Pot Ovens and Wrenthorpe, had:
      1. William circa 1841
      2. Elizabeth circa 1845
        Marriage: Eliza Land, __ no age listed, Alverthorpe, daughter of Francis Land, factory hand, married William Whitley, age 25, miner, Alverthorpe, son of James Whitley, miner on April 6, 1867. William signed. Elizabeth signed with her mark. Witnesses ____ can't read Land and Joseph Whitley.
      3. Frederick, of Francis and Amelia Land, Pot Ovens, labourer, August 27, 1848 (1849260) and (0020038)
      4. George Land, labourer (1851) and Mary Iverson
        Birth: George of Francis and Amelia Land, Pot Ovens, labourer, October 26, 1851 (1849260) and (0020038)
        Marriage: George Land, age 20, Warp____? Alverthorpe W, son of Frank Land labourer, married Mary Iverson, 20, Alverthorpe W, daughter of William Iverson, labourer, February 4, 1871. George signed his name. Mary signed with her mark. George Iverson was a witness who signed with his mark. (0020039)
        1871 census: Potovens Stanley with Wrenthorpe (next to Thomas Land) George, head, age 20, warp dresser, and his wife, Mary age 20, both born Stanley.
      5. Francis of Francis and Amelia, Wrenthorpe, labourer, December 30, 1855 (1849260) and (0020038).
        Death: Francis, age 1 yr 4 mo, of Wrenthorpe, was buried December 27, 1856.
      1851 Census: Potovens, Stanley with Wrenthorpe, Frank Land, head, age 39 shoe maker, Amelia wife age 31, William son age 10, Eliza daughter age 6 Frederick son age 3 and Hannah Wild, widow (crossed out and lodger entered), widow, age 63, all born Wakefield.
      1861 Census: Potovens Road, Wrenthorpe, Francis Land, head, age 49 factory operative, Amelia wife age 41, William son age 20, dyer labourer, Eliza daughter age 16, factory operative, Frederick son age 13, scholar, and George age 9, all born Wrenthorpe.
      Death of Amelia Land: Amelia Land , age 40, Wrenthorpe, was buried July 21, 1861. (1849260) and (0020038)
      Marriage: Francis Land to Elizabeth ____________
      1871 Census: Potovens Wrenthorpe; Francis Land, age 59, factory operative and Elizabeth land, age 60 wife
      Death of Frank Land: Frank Land, Wrenthorpe, age 66, was buried October 1, 1878 (0020038)
    7. Hannah, August 1814 "the daughter of George Land, clothier, and Sarah Hutchinson of Potovens (BT)
      Marriage: Anne Land, age 24, daughter of George Land, spinner, married John Braw (fuzzy?) age 28, smudge, Silwater overlooker, son of Thomas (0020039). August 12, 1838. Both signed with their mark.
    8. Elizabeth, December 18, 1818, the daughter of George Land, clothier, and Sarah Hutchinson of Potovens (BT)
      Marriage: Elizabeth Ann Land, age 45, spinster, Alverthorpe, daughter of George Land, clothier, married William Becker, age 50, widower, coal miner, Alverthorpe. Both signed with their mark. Witness, Francis Land with his mark. (0020039)
    9. George Land (1818-), son of George (spinner), blacksmith, Mary ______, Hannah ______, and Hannah Clayton
      Birth: C 1817 son of George
      Marriage: Mary
      Children: George (the son of George Land, spinner) and Mary Land of Pot Ovens, Alverthorpe and Wrenthorpe, blacksmith, had:
      1. James of George and Mary Land Pot Ovens, Smith, May 8, 1842 (0990776) and (0020038)
        Death: He must have died as another James was baptized in 1843.
      2. James of George and Mary Land Pot Ovens Smith, Dec (day?) 1843 (0990776) and (0020038).
        Death: James Land, of Wrenthorpe, age 16, was buried June 18, 1858 (1849260) and (0020038)
      3. John c. 1843 see censuses
      4. Thomas of George and Mary Land Potovens, "twine spinner", December 28, 1845 (0020038)
        Death: Thomas Land Wrenthorpe, age 14, was buried on March 22, 1859 (0020038)
      5. Hannah of George and Mary Land Pot Ovens, blacksmith, December 26, 1847 (0020038)
      6. Henry of George and Mary Land, Pot Ovens, smith, June 25, 1850 (1849260) and (0020038)
      7. Charles Land (1852-) Wrenthorpe miner, and Ann Elizabeth Robertshaw
        Birth: Charles of George and Mary Land, Pot Ovens, blacksmith, October 31, 1852 (1849260) and (0020038 ink is faded for name and day).
        Marriage: Charles Land, age 19, mill hand, Alverthorpe W, son of George Land, smith, married Anne Elizabeth Robertshaw, age 19, Alverthorpe W, daughter of Thomas Robertshaw, maltster, born signed., July 29, 1871.(0020039)
        1. Thomas William, of Charles and Anne Elizabeth Land, Wrenthorpe spinner, January 3, 1872 (0020038). Thomas Land , Wrenthorpe, age 3, was buried on December 3, 1875 (0020039)
        2. Harry of Charles and Ann Elizabeth Land, Wrenthorpe "miner" March 12, 1875. (0020038)
      8. Joseph of George and Mary Land, Alverthorpe, blacksmith, October 29, 1853 (1849260) (microfilm 0020038 lists "George and Mary Land, Wrenthorpe, blacksmith")
        Death: Joseph Land, age 5, Wrenthorpe, was buried April 8, 1859. (1849260) and (0020038)
      9. Frank of George and Mary Land, Wrenthorpe, blacksmith, October 31, 1858.(1849260) and (0020038)
      10. George c 1861, see census
      1851 Census Potovens, Stanley with Wrenthorpe, George head, age 35, blacksmith, Mary age 33, James son age 9, John son age 8, Thomas son age 5, Hannah saughter age 3 and Henry son age 1, all born Wakefield
      Death of Mary Land:
      1861 Census: Kirkgate Wakefield, George Land, head age 44, widow, blacksmith (journeyman), born Pot Ovens, John son age 18, band spinner, Hannah age 13 scholar, Henry son age 12 scholar, Charles son age 9, Frank son age 3 and George son, age 1 Frank and George born Wakefield all others born Potovens.
      1871 Census: Potovens, Stanley with Wrenthorpe, George Land, age 54, blacksmith, Hannah wife, age 63, power loom weaver, and Francis son age 15, scholar all born Stanley
      Death of Hannah Land:
      Marriage of George Land widow: George Land, full age, widower, smith and gardener, Wrenthorpe, son of George Land, spinner, married Hannah Clayton, full age widow, Alverthorpe, daughter of James Wainright, wheelwright both signed with their mark, January 6, 1877. (0020039)
      1881: Alverthorpe with Thrones, George Land, head age 65, balcksmith, and Hannah wife age 58, born St. Michael Wakefield
      Death of George Land: George Land, Alverthorpe, age 66, May 23, 1882

    10. Henry Land, rope maker, twine spinner and band spinner, (1822- 1865) and Elizabeth Benton
      Birth: Henry, May 22, 1822, the son of George Land , clothier and Sarah Hutchinson, of Potovens (BT)
      Marriage: Henry Land married Elizabeth Benton in 1840
      Children: Henry and Elizabeth Land, Pot Ovens, twine spinner had:
      1. Sarah Ann Land of Henry and Elizabeth Land baptized on September 18, 1840, Woodkirk (IGI)
        Marriage: Sarah Ann Land, age 20, Alverthorpe, daughter of Henry Land, band spinner, married John Loyde, age 20, joiner, Alverthorpe Wrenth, son of Thomas Loyde, joiner, January 5, 1861. both signed. Henry Land was a witness who made his mark. (0020039)
      2. Mary of Henry and Elizabeth Land of Pot Ovens, May 31, 1846, twine spinner (0990776) and (0020038).
        Marriage: Mary Land, age 17, Alverthorpe, daughter of Henry Land, Rope maker, married Thomas Laycock, 22, overlooker in factory, St Michael's common, son of John Laycock, shoemaker, September 19, 1874. Both signed. (0020039)
      3. Thomas Land (1843-), born Rothwell, prison officer, and Harriett ________

        Birth: c. 1843 Rothwell (per censuses) Northwell per 1901 census.

        Marriage: Hariett ______

        Children: Thomas and Harriett Land Wrenthorpe, prison officer:

        1. Frances, July 1, 1866 (0020038)
        2. Annie of Thomas and Harriett Land Wrenthorpe prison officer, October 18, 1868 (0020038)
          Death: Anne Land Wrenthorpe, age 12 weeks was buried November 3, 1868 (0020038)
        3. Lucy of Thomas and "Hannah" Land, Wrenthorpe prison officer, January 1, 1870 (0020038)
        4. Mahala of Thomas and Harriett Land, Wrenthorpe prison officer, May 19, 1873 (0020038)
        1861 Census: Pot Ovens Road, Stanley cum Wrenthorpe;; Thomas Land age 17 twine make listed with his father, Henry, age 39, born Wrenthorpe, his mother, Elizabeth age 39, born West Ardsley, and a sister, Mary age 15, born Wrenthorpe.

        Next to them George Land, age 81, widow, formerly cloth weaver born Wakefield and his daughter, Elizabeth age 48 and granddaughter Ann age 14.

        1871: Stanley cum Wrenthrope, 12 Potovesn Lane, Thomas Land, married age 27, prison officer, born Rothwell, Harriett, wife age 29, born Wrenthorpe, Henry, age 4, Lucy age 10 months, borh born Wrenthorpe.

        Next to them, Elizabeth Land, widow age 29 charwomen, born Ardsley West and Mary Land, daughter single, age 25, facttory hand born Wrenthorpe

        Next to them, James Hebden, age 70, farmer of 4 acres of land, Mary age 65, Eliza Applegate daughter, widow age 28, factory hand, Fred Appleyard, grandson age 7, scholar, Mary Land, granddaughter, age 18, factory hand, all born Wrenthorpe.

        1881 Census: Potovens Stanley cum Wrenthrope, Thomas Land, head age 38, prison officer H. M. P. Wakefield, born Rothwell Harriet, wife,age 38, Henry son age 14, tailor, Lucy daughter age 10, scholar Mahala age 7 scholar, and John W age 2, the rest all born Stanley

        1891: Church Lane, Stanley cum Wrenthrope, Thomas Land, age 49, retired officer, Rothwell, Leeds, Harriet Land, age 49, Lucy, age 20 cloth burler, Mahala age 17, John W age 12,

        1901 Census: Land's Cottage Outwood, Stanley Wrenthorpe, Thomas Land, age 58 retired police officer, born Rothwell, Harriet wife age 59, Mahala daughter age 27, cloth weaver, Miriam Hudson granddaughter age 7 (?), next to William Hudson, head age 35, Lucy ,wife age 30 Harriet age 4 and Thomas age 2. rest all born Wrenthrope.

        Death of Thomas and Harriet Land and others:

        Harriet the beloved wife of Thomas Land of Wrenthorpe late prison official Born January 9th 1842 died July 23rd 1903 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, For tehy rest from their labours. Also the above named Thomas Land who died July 3rd 1905 age 62 years His End Was Peace, Also William beloved husband of Lucy Hudson who died October 2nd 1914 age 49 years At Rest, Also Mahala the beloved wife of Fred Twonsend and daughter of the above who died May 1st 1913 age 45 years also of the above named Luch Hudson who died Sept 10th 1923 age 53 In God's Keeping also Harriet Hudson daughter of the above who died Oct 13th 1941 age 45 Deeply Mourned. Tombstone shared by Tom Newton October 2013.

        Another Land Who Was A Prison Officer Named Land No Later Than 1814 :

        The last flogging I can recollect was that of a man named Sunderland, who lived at Alverthrope, and had been convicted of stealing some fowls from the very house where I am now writing, which was then owned by my uncle. Sunderland was an old offender against the laws, and had often boasted that if bought under the lash, no man could make him cry out. The Cat was wielded by a prison officer of the name of Land, who certainly used his best endeavours to bring the culprit to book; however, his hardiness prevailed, and I don't remember that he uttered a single cry, though he was awfully punished, his back being cut to ribbons. On driving in to the "Elephant and Castle Yard," the gates were quickly shut, the man released, and his back washed with gunpowder and water; a very cruel and horrible thing, for the pain was almost greater than the flogging itself. The object of this treatment was, I have always understood, that an indelible mark of each lash might remain on the man's back when healed.

        Memories of Merry Wakefield by Henry Clarkson

        According to Clarkson the last public floggin was in 1814.

      1851 Census: Potovens Stanley with Wrenthorpe, next to George Land, see below, Henry Land, head age 29 twine manufacturer master (can't read), born Wakefield, Elizabeth wife, age 29, born Rothwell, Sarah Ann, daughter, age 10, born East Ardsley, Thomas son age 7, born Rothwell, and Mary daughter age 5, born Wakefield.
      1861 Census: Potovens Wrenthorpe, next to George Land, see below, Henry Land, head age 39 master rope and twine maker, Elizabeth wife, age 39 Thomas son age 17, twine maker, and Mary daughter age 15, factory (can't read)
      Death of Henry Land: Henry Land, Wrenthorpe, age 43, was buried August 26, 1865. (1849260)
    11. John December 21, 1823 the son of George Land, sawyer, and Sara Hutchinson of Wrenthorpe (BT)
      Death: John son of George and Sarah Land of Wrenthorpe was buried May 9, 1824, age 6 months (BT)
    12. Thomas Land, Lee Moor, band spinner, (1827-) and Rachael _______
      Birth: Thomas, December 25, 1827 the son of George Land, clothier, and Sarah Hutchinson of Potovens 1827 (BT).
      Marriage: Rachael
      Children: Thomas and Rachael Land, Lee Moor, band spinner had:
      1. Sophia, of Thomas and Rachael Land, Lee Moor, band spinner, May 15, 1853 (1849260) and (0020038)
      2. Emma and Joseph of Thomas and Rachael, Wrenthorpe, twine spinner, December 25, 1859 (1849260) and (0020038).
        Death: Emma Land, Newtown Land (?), age 21, was buried April 27, 1882.
      3. Arthur of Tom and Rachael Land Wrenthorpe band spinner, February 24, 1866 (0020038).
        Death: Arthur Land, Wrenthorpe, age 16, was buried on December 5, 1883 (0020038)
      1861 Census: Potovens, Stanley with Wrenthorpe Thomas Land head, age 32, twine maker journeyman, Rachael wife age 32, Sophia daughter age 8, Emma daughter age 5, Jospeh son age 2, all born Stanley or Wrenthorpe.
      1871 Census: Potovens, Stanley with Wrenthorpe (next to George Land age 20) Thomas Land head, age 43, twine spinner, Rachael wife age 43, Emma daughter age 15, factory operative woolen, Jospeh son age 12,factory operative woolen, Arthur son age 4, scholar all born Stanley.
    1851 Census: Potovens, Stanley with Wrenthorpe, George Land, head age 72, yarn spinner worsted, Sarah wife, age 72, Elizabeth daughter, age 32, works in factory, Ann granddaughter age 4 and Harriett, granddaughter, age 2 months, all born Wakefield
    Death of Sarah Land:
    1861 Census: Potovens Road Wrenthrope: George Land head widow, age 81, formerly cloth weaver, born Wakefield, Elizabeth Land, daughter age 48, worsted feeder at mill, Ann, grandaughter age 14, worsted feeder at mill, Elizabeth and Ann born Wrenthorpe. Next to Henry Land, see above.
    Death of George Land: George Land, Alverthorpe, age 83, was buried August 31, 1863. (0020038) and (0020038).
  4. Thomas Land (1781- ) and
    Note: May have moved to Leeds.
    Birth: Thomas of James and Hannah 5 Oct 1782 (WAS)
    Further Records: See Lands in Queens Street Chapel Leeds
  5. Sarah of James and Hannah 4 Sept 1784 (WAS)
  6. Francis Illingworth Land 24 July 1787 son of James Land and "Hannah" (All Saints Wakefield)
  7. Francis Land, labourer, (1788-) and Ann Dry
    Birth: Francis of James and "Ann" in 04 Feburay, 1788 (All Saints Wakefield)
    Marriage: Francis Land married Ann Dry in Royston in 1818.
    Children: Francis Illingworth Land and Ann Dry had their children in Royston: Mark in 1818, Henry in 1821, Mary in 1823, and Ann in 1825. At the birth of Ann Francis was listed as Francis "Ellingworth" Land.
    See Royston below for other Lands.
  8. Hannah of James and Hannah 24 March 1789 (WAS)
  9. Henry of James and Hannah 5 May 1792 (WAS)
    Marriage: Henry married Sarah Walton in Castleford in 1818 (Was it this Henry Land or another?)
  10. Joshua Land, joiner, (1793-) and Martha Royton
    Birth: Joshua of James and Hannah 23 Oct 1793 (WAS)
    Marriage: Joshua married Martha Royton in Sandal Magna in 1813 (IGI)
    Children: Sandal Magna
    1. Hannah 1814
    2. Bessey 1817
    3. George (1819-) joiner and Eliza ____
      Birth: George 1819
      1. William Land c 1844
        Married Ruth Gray
        Iron turner per 1891 census. Died William Land 1919 age 75, Ruth died 1923 age 72. Tombstone shared by Tom Newton October 2013.
      2. George H Land
      3. Ellen Land
      4. Martha Land
      5. Mary A Land
      6. Elizabeth Land
      7. Annie Land
      1851 Censues: George Land is listed in Clayton Hill Alverthorpe with Thornes Wakefield at #114. Note: John Land (1818 Leeds) is a few doors away at #106. George Land, head, age 31 joiner, born Wakefield, Eliza wife, age 30 , son, William, age 6, son, George Hy, age 3 and daughter, Ellen, age 1 mo. Note: The 1861 census indicates that he was born in Sandal.
      1861 Census: George Land 42, joiner, Eliza Land 41, William Land 17, George H Land 13, Ellen Land 11, Martha Land 9, Mary A Land 6, Elizabeth Land 2, Annie Land 1 Months

    4. Helen 1822
    5. Sarah Ann 1824
    6. Henry 1826
    7. Mary 1831
    8. Joseph 1835
    1851 Census: Bridge Street, Doncaster Row, Wakefield St Mary's, Joshua Land, widow, head, age 59, carpenter, Mary, daughter age 19, Joseph son age 16, carpenter, all born Wakefield.
    1861 Census: Doncaster Row, Wakefield St Mary's, Joshua Land, widow, head, age 67, joiner jurneyman, Mary Cheesebroough, daughter, age 29, married with 4 children, Henry age 6, Martha age 2 and twines Jane and Mary A age 3 mos., all born Wakefield.

Thomas Land and Mary Scholey (His son was a rope maker living in Stanley)

Marriage: Thomas Land married Mary Scholey in 1786. Could be a second marriage of Thomas above. Or it could be the marriage of Thomas, son of John, baptized May 2, 1761. (See The John Lands in Wakefield) or Thomas son of Sarah Land, singlewoman, baptized in 1761.


  1. William (1789) rope maker, born Stanley
    Birth William, of Thomas in 1789.
    1851 Census: Carlton: William Land head, age 62 twine spinner, born Stanley and Mary his wife, age 55 born Carlton. (1789)
    1861 Census: Carlton Rothwell, William Land head, age 75 rope maker, born Stanley and Mary his wife, age 68 born Carlton. (1786)
  2. Sarah of Thomas and Mary in 1787

John Land and Ann Fearnley

Birth: No later than 1764 based on an age of 20 at the birth of Sarah in 1784. There are a number of possibilities in the All Saints records including: son of John baptized 28 March 1762, son of James 26 March 1761, son of Francis 02 Nov 1751.

Marriage: Note: there were two marriages that could be that of John and Ann: John to Ann Lofthouse in 1782 in Dewsbury and John to Anna Fearnley in 1781 in Wragby.

  1. Sarah of John and Hannah in 1784
  2. John of John and Ann in 1782
    Marriage: John married Avery Sheard in Wakefield in 1817 (?)
  3. Susannah of John and Ann in 1786

James Land and Ann Whitney (His son was a rope maker living in Wakefield and later in Leeds)

Birth: James of Samuel WAS 16 April 1763 was buried as an infant. No other appropriate listings on IGI.
Marriage: James Land married Ann Whitley 13 March 1787 Wakefield All Saints
Birth of Ann Whitney: No listed in LDS IGI

  1. John of James Land and Ann, 20 JUN 1789 All Saints, Wakefield
  2. James of James and Ann 12 SEP 1791 All Saints, Wakefield
    Death: 13 DEC 1793
  3. Elizabeth of James and Ann 09 SEP 1793 (WAS)
  4. Thomas of James and Ann 20 FEB 1796 (WAS)
    Note: This could be Thomas Land, coalminer married to Frances Brook. However, the occupation, collier, suggests Thomas son of Francis and Ann baptized in 1797.
  5. William of James and Ann 25 MAY 1798 (WAS)
  6. Mariah of James and Ann 23 MAY 1800 (WAS)
  7. Ann, July 4, 1802 of James Land and Ann "Whitlan", St John Wakefield
    Death: Another Ann baptized in 1811
  8. Sarah of James and Ann 08 OCT 1803 (WAS)
  9. Mary of James and Ann 26 MAY 1806 (WAS)
    Death: Another Mary baptized in 1813
  10. James Land (1809-) rope maker, Wakefield, Birkenshaw, Wakefield, Wortley, and Leeds & Hannah _______
    Birth: James of James and Ann 11 MAR 1809 (WAS)
    Marriage: Hannah born in Westgate Hill
    1. William G. Land (c. 1831-) and _
      William c 1832 Birkenshaw
      1. Francis Land Leeds West 1855, WEST/45/249 Yorkshire birth index
    2. Michael c 1837 Wakefield
    3. Ruth 1838 Wortey
    4. James c. 1840 Leeds per census, not listed in Yorkshire BMD
    5. Mary Ann 1842 Leeds West WEST/10/326
    6. Elizabeth Leeds West 1845 WEST/19/137
    7. Martha Ann 1853 Leeds West WEST/39/12
    8. John Henry 1858 Leeds West WEST/54/105
    1851 Census: Lisbon Street, Leeds, James Land, head age 42, rope maker born Wakefield, Hannah wife age 39, born Westgate Hill, William son age 20, cabinet maker, born Birkenshaw, Michael son age 14, cloth dresser born Wakefield, Ruth daughter age 13 doffer flax mill, born Wortley, James son age 11, wheel turner for Ropery, born Leeds, Mary Ann daughter age 9, scholar, born Leeds Elizabeth daughter age 5, scholar, born Leeds.
    1861 Census: Leighton Place Leeds, James Land, head age 51, rope maker born Wakefield, Hannah wife age 49, born Bradford, Michael son age 24, forge man born Wakefield, Mary Ann daughter age 18, flax spinner, born Leeds Elizabeth daughter age 15, flax spinner, born Leeds, Martha Ann age 7, John H age 2 John W Land grandson age 2 mo..
    See Lands in Leeds
  11. Ann of James and Ann, Birth, 07 MAR 1811 Christening, 15 APR 1811 (WAS)
  12. Mary Ann of James and Ann 27 DEC 1813 (WAS)
Rope Makers in the Directories of Wakefield: 1811 Directory for Wakefield there are no Lands listed as rope and twine spinners (of which there are four listed). However, under Rope and Twine mfrs James Land was listed with two others (non Lands). No Lands listed in 1829. There were rope makers listed. No Lands listed in 1834. There were rope makers listed.

Unattached Land Records in Wakefield All Saints

  • Births to Singles Females

    Thomas of Sarah 1761

    Sarah of Jane 1794

  • Marriages in the 1800s

    John married Mary Whitaker in 1811

  • Female marriages 1676-1799

    Mary married Jonathan Batty 1676
    Ann Land married John Tompson in 1746
    Ann Land married James Hudson 1750
    Mary Land married Thomas Kitson 1787
    Priscilla Land married James Clegg 1789
    Ann Land married Thomas Oridge in 1790
    Sarah Land married John Jackson 1797
    Hannah Land married Edward Taylor 1798
    Sarah Land married John Hartley 1799

  • Male Marriages

    John Land married Mary Whitaker 1811

  • Wakefield Undesignated as Taken From the IGI

    1. Sarah Land married John Longley 1765. This is the only early record.
    2. William Land married Sarah Ramsden in 1818
    3. John Land married Mary Sykes in 1825
    4. William Land married Ann Beetham in 1828
    5. John Land married Sarah Dews in 1829
    6. Mary Land married William Brook in 1830
    7. Elizabeth married Benjamin Whitehear in 1831
    8. Mary Land married James Herden in 1831
    9. Benjamin Land married Mary Mellor in 1832. Note: He was born in Horbury in 1810, son of George Land and Mary Atkinson. He was listed in the censuses in Armsley as an overlooker. They do not appear to have had children.
    10. Hannah Land married Joseph Coope in 1838
    11. William Land married Ellen Gigham in 1843. No William/Ellen Land combination in the 1851 census.

  • John Land and Mary

    Marriage: Mary

    1. Death: John, son of John and Mary Land of Averthorpe Lane, August 6, 1816, age 1 year.
    2. Sarah of John and Mary in 1821
    3. Aaron of John and Mary 1824
      Censuses: No

  • Martha Land

    Thomas of Martha Land in 1835


LDS microfilm 0990776 contains two marriage records for the Parish Church Wakefield between 1841 and 1846.

There were the following records for Land

  1. Joseph Land, son of Thomas, born Stanley to Nancy Douthroyd in 1842. See Joseph, son of Thomas.
  2. William Land, full age, bachelor, weaver, born Horbury, son of John Land, weaver, married Ellen Gigham, full age, spinster, Horbury, daughter of Joseph Gigham, weaver. Witnesses, Joseph Lister, and Anne Gigham. Had a children in Horbury, 1843
    Marriages Dec 1843 Wakefield, 22, 587, Free BMD

WAKEFIELD ST JOHN, LDS microfilm 0990778

Wakefield St John's was listed as the Pontefract Deanery on microfilm 0990778.

There were no baptisms or marriages listed on microfilm 0990778 for the Lands between 1796 to 1801.

Some of the people whose children were baptized in WSJ are listed elsewhere.

  • file:///Users/maggie/Documents/website/Land/LandWakefield.html George, the son of James and Hannah, born in WAS in 1781 is listed under WAS
  • James the son of William Land baptized in WAS in 1779 is listed under WAS
  • Aaron was the son of Francis Land and Ann, baptized in Woodkirk in 1788. See WAS

Thomas Land and Mary Gill

Thomas Land married Mary Gill April 10, 1803

Martha Land and Joseph Saville, Alverthorpe butcher and glue manufacturer

Birth of Martha Land: No later than 1798. Since she named a son William Land Saville there is a good chance she was the daughter of a William Land.

Marriage: Martha Land married Joseph Saville in 1818 (BT). There is no additional information on this record other than that they were both of the parish. (LDS microfilm 0020038)


  1. Sarah circa 1819 per 1841 census

  2. Martha circa 1820 per 1841 census and tombstone

    Martha land daughter of Joseph and Martha Saville who departed this life the 20th day of November 1854 aged 34 years. To thee dear Lord we her resign, Our loss is her great gain, The lovely gift was wholy thine, Why then should we complain. also listed as the aunt of Sarah Wright daughter of Samuel Wright and Mary Hemmingway of Alverthrope who died 14 March 1852 - 11 months and Sameul Harris Hemmingway son of Samuel and Mary Hemmingway who died 11 March 185- age 5 months.

    Tombstone image shared by Tom Newton October 2013.

  3. Harriett

  4. Mary (Emma?)

  5. William Land (Saville)

    Harriet, Mary and William were all baptized on September 11, 1825, Joseph Saville was listed as "Alverthorpe butcher".

    William Land Saville, farmer, and Mary Ann Smith

    Birth: circa 1823 per age at death

    Marriage: William Land Saville, age 23, bachelor, farmer and church warden, son of Joseph Saville, glue manufacturer, married Mary Ann Smith, age 24, daughter of William Smith, gentleman. On November 19, 1846 St Paul's Alverthorpe (0020038)

    Children: William Land Saville and Mary Ann Smith had:

    1. Joseph Smith Saville of William Land Saville, Silwater farmer, and Mary Ann, June 20, 1848 (0020038)

    2. ✟Philip Nicholas, of William Land Saville, Silwater farmer, and Mary Ann, June 8, 1851(0020038)

      Death: Sacred to the Memory of George Wright son of the late William Land and Mary Ann Saville who departed this life August 1859 age 6 years and 10 months also of Philip Nicholas son of the above named who departed this life September 3 185- age 8 years and -- months Jesus called them with him.

      Tombstone image shared by Tom Newton October 2013.

    3. ✟George Wright Saville circa 1853, see death above

    4. Adah of William Land Saville, Silwater farmer, and Mary Ann, September 24, 1854 (0020038)
    5. ✟ William circa 1856 per tombstone

    Death of William Land Saville, 1857:
    "Sacred to the Memory of William Land Saville of Alverthorpe who departed this life December 10th 1857 aged 34 years. Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come Matthew 24th Chap 42nd also of William son the the above named who departed this life August 9 1859 age 3 years cannot read rest.

    Tombstone image shared by Tom Newton October 2013.

    Parish Record: William Land Saville Birth Year: abt 1823 Parish: Alverthorpe, St Paul Burial Date: 13 Dec 1857 Burial Age: 34

  6. Mary circa 1826 per 1841 census

  7. ✟Hanna circa 1828 died age 9 months per tombstone.

Death of Joseph Saville: April 30 1840 age 44 per tombstone. See below.

1841 census: Alverthrope, Martha Saville 54, glue maker, Sarah Saville 22 Martha Saville 20 Harriott Saville 18 Emma Saville 18 William Saville 16, glue maker, Mary Saville 15

Death of Martha Land Saville: 1868

In Memory of Hannah Saveille daughter of Jospeh and Martha Saville of Alverthrorpe who departed this life the 16th day of February 1818 aged 9 months Blest lovely babe just for a moment given just sh--- on earth and then returned to heaven, also Joseph Saville, father of the above Hannah Saville who departed this life april 30th 1840 in the 44th year of his age. Martha wife of the above who died March 26 1868 age 80 years.

Tombstone image shared by Tom Newton October 2013.

Thomas Land, coal miner, Outwood, Newton, Wakefield, and Frances Brook

This branch of Lands as researched by Yana Lewis can be found at Land Family Tree

Birth: Thomas son of Francis and Ann in 1797 OR Thomas of James Land and Ann Whitney in 1796. Based on occupational associations this is most likely Thomas born to Francis and Ann

Occupation: Collier at the marriage of his son Joseph in 1842

Marriage: Thomas Land married Frances Brook in Wakefield (no designation IGI) on November 24, 1819.


  1. Joseph Land, Stanley, Hatfield Row, coal miner (1820-) and Nancy Douthroyde
    Birth: Joseph, December 25, 1820, the son of Thomas Land, Newton, miner, and Frances Brook (WSJ BT). Newton is very close to Outwood.
    Marriage: Joseph Land, full age, bachelor, collier, born Stanley, son of Thomas Land, collier, married Nancy Douthroyd minor, spinster, daughter of William Dorthroyd, collier. Witnesses, George Goodheir and Thomas Littlewood, his mark. Note: Terry and Lynn Bostock suggest that the name is not Douthroyde as that name does not come up in any censuses. The most common names with the ending "royd" are Ackroyd, Hol(d)royd and Oldroyd.
    Marriages Jun 1842 Wakefield, 22, 471, Free BMD
    1. Sarah Ann circa 1847
    2. Ann Land and Thomas Margison
      Ann circa 1850 -
      Marriage: Thomas Margison born 1844 Outwood. (Info from Teyy and Lynn Bostock, November 2006) The Margison Family Tree is at genesreunited.co.uk
    3. Henry
    4. Lucy
    5. Mary A
    6. Joe 1861
    1851 Census: Hatfield Row Stanley with Wrenthorpe, Joseph, head age 30, coal miner, born Wakefield Nancy, wife age 26, born Rothwell, Sarah Ann age 4 and Ann age 6 mos.
    1861 Census: Hatfield Row Stanley with Wrenthorpe, Joseph, head age 40, coal miner, born Alverthrope Nancy, wife age 36, born Rothwell, Sarah, daughter, age 14 mill hand, Ann, 10, Henry, 8, Lucy, 7, and Mary A, 5, all born Stanley
    1871 Census: Lower Lane Back Road Stanley, Joseph Land, head age 50, miner of coal born Outwood, Nancy wife age 46, born Stanley, Henry son age 18 miner of coal, Joe son age 10, scholar, Lucy daur age 17 mill hand Mary A daur age 15 mill hand, all born Stanley.
    1881 Census: Lofthouse Joseph Land, head age 60, coal miner, born Stanley, Nancy wife age 56, born Stanley
  2. John Land, Stanley, Castleford coal miner (1822-) and Ellen
    Birth: John of Thomas and Frances 1822 (IGI)
    Marriage: Ellen
    1861 Census: York Street Castleford, John head age 40, coal miner born Stanley, Ellen wife age 37, Sarah,age 13, Bob, age 10, Sophia, age 8, Jacob age 6 Isaac, age 4, all the kids born in Stanley. Ellen born in Lee--- Whitchurch.
    1871 Census: York Street Castleford, John head age 49, coal miner and publican, born Stanley, Ellen wife age 47, Bob, age 20, caol miner and publican, Sophia, age 18, Jacob age 16, coal miner, Isaac, age 14, scholar, Churby Land, son age 9, born Castleford, Dan Land son age 6, born Allerton by Water, John Perry son in law, age 25, joiner, Sarah Perry daughter age 22 plus three Perry children Joe age 4, tom age 3 and George age 1.
  3. Thomas Land, Stanley, Outwood, Hatfield Row, coal miner (1824-) and Charlotte
    Birth: Thomas of Thomas and Frances in 1824 (IGI)
    1861 Census: Hatfield Row, Stanley with Wrenfield, Thomas Land head age 36, coal miner, Charlotte wife age 33 Abraham son age 12, Peter son age 8 Ellen daughter age 6 Fanny daughter age 3 Paul son age 1 and Frank Land boarder age 28, coal miner, everyone born Stanley except Chatlotte and Abraham born in Lancashire and Frank born in Lofthouse.
  4. Marie of Thomas Land and Frances 1825 (IGI)
    Death: Mary Day, the daughter of Thomas and Frances Land of Outwood was buried September 26, 1826 age 1 year (WSJ BT). Outwood is North of the city of Wakefield.
  5. Note: There is no indication in which parish the above three baptisms took place. It indicates only Wakefield.
Death of Frances Wood Land: Frances the wife of Thomas Land, Outwood was buried September 22, 1826, age 28.

Marriage: Thomas Land married Frances Land in 1827 (Stanley Records).


  1. Elizabeth in 1829, Stanley Records
  2. Frank Land, Castleford, coal miner and grocer (c. 1832-)

    Birth: Frank Land son of Thomas and Frances Land 25 December 1832 Rothwell
    1851 Census: See Thomas below.
    1861 Census: See Thomas above.
    1871 Census: Lower Lake Back Rd, Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, Frank Land, head age 39, coal miner born Outwood, Ann wife age 46, John son age 6, Fred son age 3 born Outwood.
    1881 Census: Castleford, Frank Land, head age 49, grocer, born Stanley Ann wife age 56, John son age 16, born Stanley, apprentace glass bottle works, Fred son age 13, scholar, born Stanley.

  3. William c. 1837
    1861 Census: Castleford, William Land head age 24, coal miner, born Castleford, Elizabeth Land, age 20, wife.
1851 Census: Thomas Land lodger coal miner married age 53, born Wakefield with Francis Land age 19, coal miner on Baker Lane Stanley (very near Elizabeth Cooper and her children Robert Land etc.)

Francis Land (c.1813-), Hatfield Row Stanley, coal miner, and Elizabeth Mortimer

Birth: c. 1813. Occupation and residence suggests an association between Thomas Land (c 1797) and Francis Land (c 1813). IGI lists Francis of George Land and Sarah Hutchinson 28 March 1812, St John's Wakefield. they had: James 13 Sept 1801, Hannah 11 Dec 1803, Mary 22 Sept 1805, Anna 25 Ocr 1807, Eliza 25 Feb 1810, and Francis 29 March 1812. See Other Lands in Wakefield under James Land (c 1757) and Hannah Illingworth.

Marriage: Francis Land married Elizabeth Mortimer in Wakefield in 1837.


  1. Matilda in 1838

1851 Census: Hatfield Row Stanley with Wrethorpe, Francis Land, head, age 38, coal miner, Elizabeth, wife, age 34, John, son, age 12, tram boy, William son age 10, tram boy, Francis son age 3, Matilda daur age 14, works at worsted mill Sarah daur age 7 Maryann daughter age 1, all born Wakefield.

Sarah Land Pot Ovens

Child: Charles, May 31, 1829, the son of Sarah Land, Potovens, single woman (BT).

Sarah Land and William Wood

Sarah Land married William Wood of East Ardsley in WSJ in 1818 (BT). T hey were both listed as being from the parish of WSJ. No other information.

Elizabeth Land Newton singlewoman

Samuel, September 3, 1815 of Elizabeth Land, Newton single woman (BT). Elizabeth was most likely related to the other Lands in Newton and Outwood.

Other Marriages

Mary Land married Amos Shaw in 1830 (IGI). I did not check this record. There is no additional information on these records.

Marie Land married Thomas Yeoman in 1832 (IGI). I did not check this record. There is no additional information on these records.


There were the following burials listed in Wakefield St John.

Martha Land ___ of Thomas June 24, 1816, age 82. This means Martha was born circa 1734.

Anne Land of Bucthorpe Lane was buried December 25, 1823, age 60. This means Ann was born circa 1763. My map does not show Bucthorpe.

Francis Land of Bucthorpe Lane was buried December 25 1823, age 72. This means that Francis was born circa 1751.

William, son of John and Mary Land of Lingwell gate, was buried May 2, 1824, age 10 months. My map does not show Lingwell gate.

John Land of Lingwell gate was buried on May 27, 1827, age 37. This means John was born circa 1790. Note: Aaron Land was also listed from Lingwell.

Mary Land of Bucthorpe Lane was buried October 6, 1830, age 1 year.

William Land of Lofthouse was buried on May 26 183?, age 21 According to a modern map of the area Lofthouse is north of the city of Wakefield. It is just north of Outwood.


Stanley was a township in Wakefield parish. It began keeping its own records in 1824. Up to that point it must have been under Wakefield.

See George Land (1781) son of James Land and his children who lived in Potovens in Stanley several of whom were twine or rope makers.

See Thomas Land (c1797), coal miner and his children in Outwood and Stanley.

James Land circa 1781 per 1841 census, Stanley, Lee Moor Gate/Cockpit House, roper, ______ (1st wife?) and Frances Wood

Birth: Circa 1781. May be James of William Land of Woodside baptized 11 May 1779 WAS. However, Woodside is in Wrenthorpe and James Land was in Stanley.



  1. John Land (c. 1808), Stanley twine spinner, and Sarah

    Birth: c. 1808
    Marriage: Sarah

    1. Mary Ann of John and Sarah 1832
    2. Joseph in 1835
    3. Henry in 1837
    4. Grace in 1839
    5. Sarah Jane in 1840

    1841 Census: See James in 1841 census.

    1851 Census: Cockpit House, Stanley with Wrenthorpe John Land age 43, master twine spinner, born Wakefield, Sally wife, age 39, born Sandal Magna, and children, Elizabeth age 21, Henry age 14, Sarah Jane age 10, Thomas age 8, Charles age 6, Ellen age 4 Albert age 2 and Selena age 2 mo., all born Wakefield no occupation for any of them.

  2. Samuel Land (c 1810-) Stanley Master Twine Spinner, and Mary Ann Hall

    Birth: Circa 1810 per census.

    Marriage: Samuel Land married Mary Ann Hall in Wakefield in 1830.

    Children: In Stanley: Emmanuel in 1831, Jane in 1831, Mary in 1833, Ann in 1836, Samuel in 1838 and Frederick in 1842.

    1841: See below

    1851 Census: Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, Cock Pit House, Samuel Land head age 41, rope and twine maker employing 5 boys, born Wakefield, Mary age 40, born Bryaton Mary age 17, Mariah age 11, Walter age 5 Rebecca age 3 Edwin age 1, children all born Wakefield.

    1861 Census: Same info, born Stanley.

Marriage: James Land married Frances Wood in WSJ in 1811


  1. Henry Land (c 1815-pre1851) twine spinner, and Elizabeth __________

    Birth: No later than 1815
    Marriage: Elizabeth _________
    Children: Robert Faherby Land in 1835, twins, Alonzo and Emanuel in 1841, Samuel in 1843.
    1841 Census: Henry with James

    1851 Census: Baker Lane, Stanley (very near Thomas and Francis Land coal miners) William Cooper, head age 30, journeyman hemp and flax dresser, Elizabeth Cooper, wife age 36, Robert Land, step son, age 15, ag lab, William land, step son age 14, ag lab., Lonzar Land age 9, Samuel Land age 6 Zanibor Land daughter age 5 Elig Simpsonson servant.

  2. William, baptized March 1, 1818, the son of James Land, Wrenthorpe, roper, and Frances Wood (BT). Wrenthorpe is northwest of the city of Wakefield. It was later listed with Alverthorpe.

    Seven year break

  3. James Land (1825-), Band spinner, Stanley and Leeds band spinner and Ann ______
    James in Wakefield in 1825
    1851: Bolton Road, Stanley, James Land, head, age 25, band spinner, born Stanley, Ann, wife, age 24, born Kellington
    1861 Leeds: Bowman Lane Leeds south, James Land, head, age 35, twin spinner, born Stanley, Ann, wife, age 34, born Beal, and two visitors, at twine spinner and a joiner, born in Yorkshire in different towns.

1841 Census: Stanley cum Wrenthrope; Lee Moor Gate (?)

  • James Land age 60 twine spinner, Elizabeth, age 60, Henry age 25 twine spinner, Elizabeth age 25, Robert age 5, William age 4
  • John Land twine spinner age 30, Sarah age 25, Elizabeth age 11, Mary Ann age 9 Henry age 4 and Sarah age 4 months.
  • On next page Samuel Land, twine spinner, age 30, Mary Land age 30, Jane age 9, Mary age 8 Elizabeth age 7 Ann age 5, Maria age 1 and Maria Hall age 55, independent.

William Land, (c 1801) twine spinner, born Stanley, and Leah Smirthwaite

Birth: c. 1801

Marriage: William Land married Leah Smirthwaite in Wakefield in 1822.

Children: Twins, Jane Harriet and John, in 1824, William in 1834, Mary in 1837, and Harriet in 1842.

1841 Census: Lee Moor Gate, Stanley cum Wrenthrope (next to Cockpit House), William Land, age 40, twine spinner, Leah age 40, John age 15, Thomas age 14, Ann age 12, Betsy age 10, William age 7, "Thomas" age 2, Harriett, age 6 months

1851 Census: Cockpit House Stanley cum Wrenthrope, William Land, head age 50 twine spinner, Leah wife age 53, Elizabeth age 23 dress maker, William son age 19 Harriott daughter age 13, all born Wakefield

William Land, rope maker, (1801-) and Elizabeth Parker

Birth: c. 1801, Stanley.

Marriage: William Land married Elizabeth Parker in Wakefield in 1821.


William and Elizabeth had the following children in Wakefield: Joseph in 1822, Ann Parker Land in 1824, and Naomy in 1826.

They had the following children in Stanley: Mary in 1829, John in 1831, Ruth in 1833, and Seth in 1836

1841 Census: Wortley, Leeds, William Land, roper, age 40, Eliza, age 40, Joseph age 15, engine fitter, Ann age 15, woolen weaver, Naomi age 14, woolen weaver, John age 10, Ruth age 8, andm Maria age 2.

1851 Census: Wortley, Leeds, William age 50, rope maker born, Stanley, Eliza wife age 50, Ruth age 17, flax spinner, Louisa age 12, flax spinner, Eliza Mary age 10, William Owen age 3, John age 19, mechanic. children born in Lofthouse and Wortley.

Henry Land and Elizabeth

Birth: c.
  1. William Howard in 1837
  2. Susan in 1839
  3. Emanuel in 1841
Thomas Land and Hannah Batley (Or Parker)

Thomas Land married Hannah Batley or Parker (IGI) in Wakefield in 1837.
  1. Ann in 1842
William Land and Sarah


  1. Betsey in 1831


In 1849, at the birth of his daughter, Elizabeth, John Land and his wife, Mary, were living in Westgate common in Alverthorpe with Thornes. In an effort to find the birth and/or baptisms of other children I looked at the parish records for Alverthorpe. Films 0990776, 1849260, 0020038 and 0020039.

There were no records for the children of John and Mary Land. Some of the records could be connected to Lands in the Wakefield All Saints records. See above.

The following baptisms were listed for Land:

James Land and Mary Land

James Land and Mary Land

Hannah of James and Mary Land, Bech B_____ collector, August 10, 1841 (0990776).

Elizabeth, Pot Ovens, single woman

Elizabeth, Pot Ovens, single woman had: Harriet, of Elizabeth, Pot Ovens, single woman, October 31, 1852 (1849260) and (0020038)
Death: Harriett Land, Wrenthorpe, age 10, was buried May 9, 1860. (0020038)

Henry Land (1847) and Adeline _______, Wrenthorpe, labourer

Birth: c. 1847 Wrenthorpe
Marriage: Adeline
Children: Henry and Adeline Land, Wrenthorpe labourer

  1. James, May 9, 1869 (0020038)
  2. George of Henry and Adeline Land, Wrenthorpe Mill Fettler, May 28, 1871 (0020038)
    Death: George Land, age 3 Wrenthorpe was buried May 2, 1874 (0020039)
  3. John of Henry and Adeline Land, Wrenthorpe, fitter in woolen factory, March 25, 1873 (0020038).
    Death: John Land, age 3 months, Wrenthorpe, was buried , April 2, 1873 (0020039)
  4. Joe of Henry and Adeline, Wrenthorpe "miner", October 25, 1874 (0020038)
1881 Census: Pot ovens Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, Henry Land, age 34, rag grinder, Adeline, wife age 32, James age 12, scholar Joseph age 7, scholar Sarha Ann age 5, scholar, Frank age 2 Mary Elizabeth, age 1, all born Wrenthorpe.

George Land (c. 1851-) and Mary _______, Wrenthorpe, Alverthorpe, warp dresser

Birth: c. 1851 Stanley
Marriage: Mary
Children: George and Mary, Wrenthorpe warp dresser

  1. Charles, February 29, 1872 (0020038)
  2. Annie Elizabeth, December 25, 1873 (0020038)
    Death: Ann Elizabeth Land, age 4, Wrenthorpe, was buried April 6, 1877 (0020039)

1871 census: Potovens Stanley with Wrenthorpe (next to Thomas Land) George, head, age 20, warp dresser, and his wife, Mary age 20, both born Stanley.

William Land and Mary ______, Wrenthorpe joiner

Birth: c.
Marriage: Mary
Children: William and Mary of Wrenthorpe

  1. Lucy of William and Mary Wrenthorpe joiner, May 24, 1874 (0020038)


I did not look for births for the Lands after 1863 on films 0990776 and 1849260. By then John Land was living in Batley. I stopped looking at baptisms on film 0020038 in 1890. There were no Land baptisms between 1875 and 1890. The film goes to 1901.

I stopped looking at burials on film 0220039 in 1908.

Land Deaths

The following death was listed. John Land, Alverthorpe, April 8, 1838, 70 years. This means he was born in 1768 (0990776) (0020038).

Elizabeth Land, Wrenthorpe, age 3, March 27, 1859. (0990776) (0020038)

Mary Land, Wakefield, age 44, March 11, 1861 (0990776) (0020038)

Sarah Land Wrenthorpe, age 78, July 22, 1879 (born circa 1801)

Charles Land, Wrenthorpe, age 10, was buried on April 22, 1872. (0020039) Should this have been 10 months?

Joseph Land, Westgate Common, June 4, 1878, age 56 (born circa 1822)

George Land, New Scarborough, age 63, April 28, 1883 (born circa 1820)
Birth c 1820 Wakefield
1851 Census: Clayton Hill Alverthrope cum Thornes, George Land head, age 31, joiner, Eliza wife, age 30, William, age 6, George Sty. (?) age 3 Ellen age 1, all born Wakefield.
1871 Census: New Scarboro Alverthrope with Thornes, George Land heaad age 51 joiner, Eliza, wife age 50, Elizabeth, age 12, nurse maid, Ann age 10, and Walter, age 7
Marriage of Ellen daughter of George Land: 1870. I lost it.
Marriage of Anne daughter of George Land: Annie Land, age 20, Alverthorpe, N5, daughter of George Land, joiner, married John Fick, 20, wagoner, Alverthorpe, NW---? Son of Edward Fick, farmer. December 26, 1881 Both signed. Witness, Walter Land.

Anne Elizabeth Land Wrenthorpe, age 23, March 12, 1875.

Emma Land, Wrenthorpe, age 19, July 29, 1875 (dob c 1856)

Harry Land, Wrenthorpe, age 15, June 23, 1876

Hannah Land, Wrenthorpe, age 68, July 13, 1876

Elizabeth Land, Wrenthorpe, age 79, August 24, 1889

Eliza Land, Lawfield Lane, October 3, age 61, I forgot to enter the year but it was between 1889 and 1891. It was noted "certified by Emma Eliza Land"

Elizabeth Land, Wrenthorpe, age 71, February 8, 1893 (0020039)

Hannah Land, Osset, age 73, August 25, 1896 (0020039)

Land Marriage

The following marriage was listed that I can not immediately place: Ann Land, 26, Wrenthorpe, daughter of Benjamin Whitley "reputed father". Foundry ---can't read and Eli Cook, 25, miner, Wrenthorpe, son of Henry Cook, labourer, both signed. Can't read witnesses. May 31, 1873.


Dewsbury is a parish to the west of Wakefield. Dewsbury parish includes the village of Ossett which is where the major portion of the Lands seemed to have been from.

The first record for the Lands in Dewsbury was in 1623. Dewsbury is listed on the West Riding parish list as having records from 1538, on the IGI from that date, and in Boydes marriage list from that date. The YAS transcriptions of the parish DATE.

At the end of the ledger (with the last date of 1812) that contained the baptismal and burial records for the parish of Dewsbury were two interesting documents. Written on the last two pages of the ledger there are two affidavits in which the baptismal sponsors swore before a judge that they had witnessed the baptism of a child whose baptism "does not appear to have been entered in the register of Baptisms preserved at the said parish church". This is interesting for two reasons.

  1. It shows that there were sponsors at baptisms. I have never seen a record that included the sponsors names.
  2. It also shows that there were unreported baptisms in the records, a fact that I have suspected for a long time.

The burial records in the parish registers for the most part do not list a cause of death. Occasionally there is a notation of a death by drowning. The following death record was horrifying enough to warrant a notation of the cause of death.

Martha, wife of Thomas Bocock, was buried March 2, 1807 she "died with a hot poker being thrust into her annus by her husband"
Note: Some of the people listed in the Dewsbury records are listed as "of Wakefield".

Early Land Records

"Robert Walker of Gawthorpe and Jane Land of ye same towne within this parishe married ye xjth day being Sonday and in the morning of that Day Jenuarie 1623."

"Samuel Allen of Wakeffilde and Marye Lande of this parish married ye xixthe day of June Year"

John Land had:

  1. John November 25, 1660 Dewsbury Ossett (BT)
    John had:
    1. William October 3, 1683 Dewsbury (BT)
  2. Maria June 7, 1691, Dewsbury (BT)
  3. Elizabeth, June 7, 1663, Dewsbury (BT)

Jethis Land married Marie Worsdell in 1676
There is no baptism for Jethis who was born no later than 1656.
They had:

  1. Martha, December 15, 1677 (BT)
  2. Samuel Land July 24, 1679 (BT).
    Samuel married Elizabeth Forrest on April 17, 1704 (BT).
    They had:
    1. Marie April 11,1705 (DBT).
      Mary married Isaac Dawson in 1726
    2. John baptized March 9, 1707/8 (DBT).
    3. Jonathan March 29 1707 (DBT). Is this an error?
    4. William July 10, 1709 (DBT)
    5. Samuel Land September 30, 1711 (DBT).
      Samuel married Martha Wilby in 1734.
      They had
      1. Hannah in 1734
      2. John in 1735
      3. Samuel in 1736
      Samuel Land was buried on February 12, 1764 (BT)
    6. Thomas September 22, 1714 (DBT).
      Thomas of Samuel Land buried October 9, 1716 (no place) (DBT)
    7. Thomas son of Samuel baptized December 30, 1716.
      Thomas son of Samuel of Osset buried September 10, 1717 (DBT)
    8. Martha August 31, 1718 DBT)
    Burials : Samuel Land of Ossett was buried April 19, 1738 (DBT)
    Elizabeth, the wife of Samuel Land was buried May 14, 1741 (DBT)
  3. Thomas of Jethis Land of Ossett, September 21,1681 (BT)
    Five year break Some of the record is illigible. Ther are no readable baptisms or deaths.
  4. Jonathan Land July 10, 1686 (BT)
    Marriage: Abigail
    children: Jonathan Land of Ossett had:
    1. Mary baptized March 1709/10 (BT)
    Death of Jonathan Land:
    Death of Abigail land: Abigail, widow of Jonathan Land buried April 4, 1716 (no place) (BT).
Death of Marie Waosdell Land: There was no death for the wife of Jethis in Dewsbury
Marriage of Jethis Land: Jephtah Land, widow, married Ailes Mawson June 30, 1696 in Wragby parish (BT).

John Land of Dewsbury married Sarah Parker 1703 (BT).
Birth: No later than 1683
Children: John Land of Dewsbury had:

  1. Joseph baptized December 19, 1704 (BT).
    Joseph Land, the son of John, was buried the last day of December 1704 (BT)
  2. Mary baptized January 1 1705/6 (BT)
  3. John (no place) January 4 1701/8 (BT)
    John of John Land buried October 18 (?) 1712 (BT)
  4. Martha (no place) April 10, 1710 (BT)
    Martha of John Land buried September 24, 1712 (BT)
  5. Joshua (no place), May 15, 1712 (BT)
    Joshua of John Land buried June 10, 1712 (BT)
  6. Martha (no place) baptized October 4, 1713 (BT)
  7. Hannah (no place) December 21, 1715 (BT)
John Land buried May 29, 1716 (no place) (BT)

William Land born no later than 1681, of Ossett had:

  1. Elizabeth May 22, 1709 (BT)
  2. John (no place) March 6, 1714 (BT)
  3. Mary baptized January 4, 1717/8 (BT)
  4. Martha daughter of William Land of Ossett was buried April 22, 1718 (BT)
  5. Martha, the daughter of William Land of Ossett was baptized August 31, 1718 (BT)
  6. Thomas of William Land of Ossett was baptized February 8, 1718/9 (BT)
  7. John of William Land was baptized March 16, 1719/20 (BT)
    He must have died as another John was baptized in 1725
  8. Mary of William Land of Ossett was baptized May __, 1722 (BT)
  9. John of William Land of Ossett was baptized October 13, 1725 (BT)
    John, son of William Land was buried December 3, 1730 (BT)
  10. Joseph of William Land baptized August 12, 1732 (BT)
    Joseph married Hannah Crowder in 1759 (Dewsbury BT
    They had:
    1. Joseph, of Joseph Lund was baptized on April 7, 1760 (Dewsbury BT)
    2. Elizabeth of Joseph Land was baptized on January 22, 1763 ( Dewsbury BT)
      Elizabeth the daughter of Joseph Land was buried on July 8, 1765. (DBT)
    3. Hannah May 27, 1766 (DBT)
      Hannah the daughter of Joseph Land was buried July 30, 1767 (DBT)
    Hannah, the wife of Joseph Land, was buried on May 26, 1766 (DBT). She must have died in childbirth.
William Land was buried June 16, 1759.

Miscellaneous Marriages

Mary Land, spinster, married Stephan Smith April 14, 1714 (BT).

Sarah Land married John Dawson January 31, 1716/7 (BT)

Mary Land married Isaac Dawson October 19, 1726 (BT)

  1. John, son of Isaac Dawson was baptized December 26, 1727 (BT)
Hannah Land married Titus Senior in 1735

Elizabeth Land of Ossett married Benjamin Rhodes of Wragby by licence January , 1741 (DBT)

Grace Land married Benjamin Askwith April 7, 1740 in Dewsbury (DBT)

Martha Land married Jonas (James ?) Wright in Ossett June 29, 1740 (DBT)

Mary Land married William Taylor in 1741

Martha Land married John Harrap in Ossett, March 29, 1741 (DBT)

Sarah Land married James Senior in 1755

Hannah Land married John Audsley in 1758

Miscellaneous Deaths

Elizabeth the wife of William Land was buried April 3, 1770 (BT)

William Land pauper of Ossett was buried March 26, 1785 (BT)

William son of (faded can't read) Land of Ossett buried June 3, 1787 (BT)

Thomas Land of Ossett was buried October 13, 1798 (BT)

Ann the daughter of John Land of Ossett was buried January 26, 1802 (BT)

Francis the son of William Land of Ossett was buried March 17, 1802 (BT)

Samuel Land of Dewsbury was buried June 8, 1802 (BT)

Mary Land "aged 92 years of Ossett" buried May 10, 1810. This means Mary was born circa 1718

John Land born no later than 1713, had:

  1. Thomas baptized July 1, 1733 (DBT)
    Thomas of John Land buried August 22, 1733 (DBT)
  2. William of John Land baptized September 22, 1734 (DBT)
  3. Joseph of John Land of Ossett baptized June 7, 1737 (DBT)
    Joseph of John Land of Ossett was buried July 12, 1737 (DBT)
  4. Sarah of John Land of Ossett baptized October 1, 1738 (DBT)
    Buried September 26, 1756 (BT)
  5. Mary of John Land baptized March 15, 1740 (DBT)
  6. Samuel in 1743
  7. John baptized June 28, 1746 (BT)
  8. Martha baptized January 7, 1747/48 (BT)
  9. Hannah baptized November 4, 1751 (BT) Much of 1752 is illigible. Hanna must have died as another Hannah was baptized in 1755
  10. Hannah baptized February 5, 1754/55 (BT)
John Land of Ossett was buried March 5, 1780 (BT)

Samuel Land had:

  1. Hannah, baptized October 14, 1734 (DBT)
  2. John baptized February 26, 1736/37 (DBT)
Ann Land had:
  1. Sarah, illegitimate, May 9, 1736 (DBT)

William Land (c 1727-) and Judith Chadwick

Birth: No later than 1727

Marriage: William Land married Judith Chadwick "both of this parish" March 6, 1747/48

  1. James Land (1749-) and Betty Radley
    Birth: James baptized November 19, 1749 (BT)
    Marriage: Betty Radley in Dewsbury on October 29, 1770 (IGI)
    They had several children baptized in Ossett Green Independent and several children baptized in the parish church of Dewsbury:
    1. Judith, December 25, 1771 (Dewsbury BT)
      Judith of James Land of Ossett "P" buried January 14, 1790 ( Dewsbury BT).
      Note: I believe that the "P" stands for pauper.
    2. James (Jesse) Land (1773-) and Anna Lockwood
      Birth: James baptized December 25, 1773 (Dewsbury BT).
      Note: Based on the association with Osset Green Independent Chaple, I believe that James was also called, Jesse.
      Marriage: Jesse Land married Ann Lockwood, AKA Nanny, in Dewsbury in 1795.
      Children :
      1. Ann, of Jesse and Ann Land of Ossett, baptized in Dewsbury Parish on March 19, 1797 (BT)
      2. Mary of Jesse Land of Ossett was buried June 21 1801, Dewsbury parish (BT)
      3. Ed, baptized in Dewsbury parish February 7, 1802 (BT)
        Further Records: Shows up in the 1841, 1851 census with his mother.
      4. Sarah, of Jesse and Nanny Land of Ossett, in Dewsbury parish on February 10, 1805 (BT)
      5. David in Dewsbury parish December 20, 1807 (BT)
      6. Elizabeth, of Jesse and Ann Land of Ossett, born April 10, and baptized May 6, 1810 (OG)
        Death: Elizabeth, the daughter of Jesse Land of Ossett was buried October 9, 1810 (Dewsbury parish BT)
      7. William, of Jesse and Ann of Ossett born November 18, 1811 and baptized February 26, 1812 in Ossett Green.
        Note: Nathan of Benjamin and Elizabeth Land was baptized the same day.
      8. Mary Ann in Dewsbury in 1815 (IGI)
      9. Harriett Land (1821-) and George Harrison

        Birth: Hariett 1821, twin of Samuel, children of Jesse and Ann Land. Note: They were born late in the life of Ann and Jesse. Ann Lockwood Land would have been 44 and Jesse Land would have been 48. However, Ann Land born circa 1778 shows up in the 1841 census with her sons Edward and Samuel and in the 1851 census with Edward.

        Marriage: Harriet Land, age 38, __ gate Alverthorpe, daughter of Jesse Land, joiner, married George Harrison, age 31, widower, butcher of St Mary's Wakefield, son of William Harrison, cordwainer, May 10, 1857. (1819)

        Both signed.

        1861 Census: Kirkgate, Wakefield, George Harrison, age 33, butcher, Hariett, wife age 41, born Stanley, Ann E daughter age 5, William son age 6, and Edward son age 1.

      10. Samuel in Wakefield in 1821 (IGI)

        (only children of Jesse and Ann listed in Wakefield Parish Records on the IGI)

      1841 Census: Alverthorpe with Thornes, Brandy Carr Near Potovens, Ann Land age 60 independent, Edward, age 35 carpenter, Samuel age 20

      1851 Census: Brandy Carr Ann Land, widow age 73, Edward Land son age 48 joiner, both born Ossett.

      1861 Ceusus: Old Bakehouse Yard near William Street, Wakefield, Ann Land, widow age 83, Edward son unmarried age 60 joiner Journeyman, both born Ossett.

    Death of Ann Land widow of Jesse: Ann, widow of Jesse Land, died in William Street, Wakefield on February 9, 1861*, aged 84 years from a list of people in the 80s to 100s in the John Hewitt book on Wakefield. This means she was born circa 1777.

    *She was however, listed in the 1861 census on William Street.

  2. George of James and Elizabeth Land born February 25 baptized March 28, 1775 (OG).
    Death: George buried April 3, 1778 (Dewsbury BT)
  3. Julius of James and Elizabeth Land born December 9, Thursday and baptized January 16, 1779 (OG).
    Death: Julius the son of James Land of Ossett was buried July 12, 1807, Dewsbury parish records. He was twenty eight which seems old to be listed as "the son of.
  4. George, of James and Elizabeth Land, born January 16, Wednesday, and baptized February 10, 1782 (OG)
  5. Eve baptized February 3, 1783/84 (Dewsbury BT) Rachel the daughter of Eve Land of Ossett was baptized on Mary 15, 1808 (Dewsbury parish BT).
    Marriage: Eve Land married Joseph Fligg 1825 (IGI)
  6. Adam Land and Elizabeth Nettleton
    Birth: Adam baptized February 19, 1786. (Dewsbury BT)
    Marriage: Adam Land married Elizabeth Nettleton in Dewsbury in 1811.
    Children: Adam and Elizabeth of Ossett had the following children in Ossett Wesleyan Methodist Church:
    1. Rachael, born May 1 and baptized June 2, 1811 (WMO).
      Marriage: Rachael married Joseph Smith in 1836
    2. Marie in 1816 (IGI)
    3. Robert in 1819 (IGI)
      1861 census: Low Street Ossett cum Gawthorpe, Robert Land, age 42 unmarried, jobber in woolen factory born in Ossett, boarder with Jospeh Ashton,
    4. Ellen in 1821 (IGI)
    5. George Land
      George in 1823 (IGI).
      Marriage: George married Ann
      1. John in 1842
      1861 Census: Horbury Bridge, Horbury, George Land, head widow, age 41, cloth miller (woolen), Ann daughter age 22, rag picker, John son age 18, woolen feeder, George son age 13 wool piecer, Mary daughter age 10 scholar, and Elizabeth Smith, mother in law, widow, age 68, all born Ossett.
    6. Rachael in 1826 (IGI)
    1861 census: Lower M (?) Ossett cum Gawthrope, Adam Land head, age 75, formeraly woolen spinner, Fanny wife age 69 spinners wife, both born Ossett.
  7. Seth January 24, 1788 (BT)
    Death: Seth of James Land of Ossett was buried August 29, 1791 (BT)
  8. Hannah of James and Betty Land of Ossett baptized May 30, 1790 (Dewsbury BT)
    Marriage: Hannah married Thomas Longsdale 1813 (IGI)
  9. Juda, of James and Elizabeth Land of the parish of Dewsbury born June 21 and baptized July 16, 1792 (OG)
  10. Elizabeth of James Lund of Ossett was baptized November 29, 1795 (Dewsbury BT)
    Death: Elizabeth was buried June 2, 1799 (BT)
Death of Elizabeth (Betty) Land: Elizabeth the wife of "Jane" (must be James) Land of Ossett was buried November 1, 1795 (BT). Elizabeth must have died in childbirth.

James Land of Ossett had:

  1. Elizabeth the daughter of James Land of Ossett was buried February 21, 1802. (Dewsbury BT)
  2. Elizabeth, the daughter of James Land and Susannah of Ossett was baptized November 14, 1802. (Dewsbury BT)
William Land married Hannah Longley in 1754 (IGI)
William had:
  1. Hannah of William Land baptized January 7, 1756/57.
    Hannah was buried February 28, 1756/57 (Dewsbury BT)
  2. Mary of William Land baptized January 15, 1757/58 (Dewsbury BT)
  3. John Land baptized June 12, 1759 (Dewsbury BT).
    Marriage: John married Rachael Musgreave on March 4,1783 in Dewsbury parish (IGI).
    1. Martha in 1783 in Dewsbury (?)
    2. John of John and Rachael Land born Friday September 3, and baptized October 6, 1784 (OG).
    3. Sarah baptized July 3, 1785 (DBT)
    4. David Land of John and Rachael Land of Dewsbury, born September 11, and baptized October 8, 1786 (OG)
      Marriage: David Land married Hannah Westerman in Dewsbury in 1808 (IGI)
      Children: David and Hannah Land of Ossett common had the following children baptized in Ossett Green Independent:
      1. Joseph, born April 17 baptized May 22, 1809 (OG)
      2. Jane, born November 20, 1810 baptized March 14, 1811 (OG)
      3. Isaac, born February 2 and baptized March 23, 1813 (OG)
        1851 Census: Osset cum Gawthorpe Middle Common, Hannah Land, head, widow, 66, Isaac Land son, unmarried, age 38, cloth weaver, both born Ossett 1861: Isaac also listed in 1861 same info "woolen cloth weaver".
    5. Hannah, of John and Rachael Land of Dewsbury, was born July 22 and baptized September __ 1788, in Ossett Green Independent.
      Hannah, daughter of John Land of Ossett was buried March 16, 1789 (DBT)
    6. ___ of John and Rachael Land of Dewsbury, born March 18 and baptized April 19, 1790 in Ossett Green Independent.
      Death: Isaac of John Land of Ossett buried May 19, 1791 (DBT)
    7. Elizabeth, of John and Rachael Land of Dewsbury parish born June 23 and baptized July 16, 1792 in Ossett Green Independent
    8. Jacob Land ????? circa 1794/5
      Jacob may be the son of John and Rachael since he named his first daughter Rachael. Marriage: Elizabeth Harrop in Dewsbury in 1825.
      Children: Jacob and Elizabeth had:
      1. Rachael in Ossett in 1827
      2. Betty in Ossett in 1828
      1851 Census: Land Fould cum Gawthorpe, Jacob Land head widow, age 57, woolen cloth weaver born Ossett
      1861 Census: Back Lane Ossett cum Gawthorpe, Jacob Land head widow, age 66, woolen cloth weaver born Ossett
    9. Ann, of John and Rachael Land was born at Ossett March 12 in the parish of Dewsbury and baptized April 24, 1797 in Ossett Green Independent
  4. Samuel of William Land baptized February 5, 1763/64 (BT)
  5. William in 1765
  6. Job Land, son of William baptized January 31, 1767 (Dewsbury BT).
    Marriage: Job married Elizabeth Horner on March 4, 1791 in Halifax.
    Children: Job and Elizabeth had:
    1. John Land, mason, and Hannah
      Birth: John, baptized June 5, 1796, Congregational or Independent Warley. (IGI)
      Marriage: Hannah, unknown
      1. Elizabeth, of John Land, mason and Hannah, baptized on June 30, 1806 (YAS)
      Death of Hannah: Hannah, the wife of John Land mason, was buried on June 30, 1806 (YAS). Note: Hannah died in childbirth.
    2. Mary Ann on June 25, 1797 in South Parade Wesleyan in Halifax (IGI)
    3. Jesse, son of Job and Elizabeth Land of Ossett Common, was born December 12, 1804 and baptized January 24, 1805 (OG).
    4. Joseph ???? circa 1810
      1851 Census: Star Hill Horbury, Joseph Land, head, age 41, stone mason, born Ossett Ann, wife, age 30,born Huddersfield, Job son age 7 George son age 5, Thomas son age 2, William son age 1 mo. children all born Horbury.
      1861 Census: Spring End Horbury, Joseph Land, head, age 51, widow, dry stone waller, born Ossett Job son age 17, dry stone waller, George son age 15, dry stone waller, Thomas son age 13, cloth dresser William son age 11 children all born Horbury.
    5. Ann, November 17, 1811 (Dewsbury BT)
    6. Benjamin July 17, 1814 in Horbury (IGI)
  7. Susannah the daughter of William Land of Ossett baptized May 22, 1768 (BT)
    Susannah daughter of William Land of Ossett was buried January 3, 1789
  8. George son of William Land of Ossett baptized October 17, 1772 (BT)
  9. Lusee of William Land of Ossett baptized June 3, 1776 (BT)
    Lucy married Richard Oldroyde in 1793
William Land of Ossett was buried September 13, 1808 (BT)

Samuel Land married Hannah Teal in 1768.

  1. Joshua October 21, 1769 (DBT)
  2. Elizabeth April 20, 1772 (DBT)
  3. John buried September 3, 1773 (BT)
  4. Benjamin Land March 31, 1777 (DBT)
    Marriage: No marriage for Benjamin on IGI.
    Childrem: Benjamin and Elizabeth had two children baptized in Dewsbury parish church:
    1. George baptized May 20, 1799
      Buried March 6, 1801(BT)
    2. Francis February 21, 1802
      The rest of their children were baptized in Osset Green
    3. Samuel Land son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Land, Ossett, born April 15, baptized June 23, 1803 (OG)
      1851 and 1861 censues: Sameul Land born in Osset, Chelsea pensioner with his wife Martha
    4. Sarah, of Benjamin and Elizabeth Land, Ossett, born June 29, baptized September 23, 1806 (OG)
    5. Jonathan Land of Benjamin and Elizabeth Land, Ossett, born March 19 and baptized May 2, 1809 (OG)
      Marriage: Hannah
      Children:Jonathan and Hannah had:
      1. Martha Anne in 1840
      2. Twins, Joseph
      3. Benjamin in 1844
      4. All baptized in Dewsbury
      1851 census: Batley Carr, Jonothan, head, widow, age 42, machine maker, born Ossett, Benajmin son age 8, born Heckmondwick, Sarah Hirst, servant unmarried age 31 house keeper, and William Henry Kirst House keepers son age 4 mo.
    6. Nathan, of Benjamin and Elizabeth Land, Ossett, born January 7 and baptized February 26, 1812 (OG). Note: he was baptized the same day as the son of Jesse Land, see below.
    7. Isaac Land of Benjamin and Elizabeth Land of Ossett Common, born April 22, 1815 and baptized September 16, 1816 (OG)
      1861 census: Dewsbury, Isaac Land, head, mechanic, age 46, born Ossett, Harriett, wife, age 43, born Wakefield, Wilby, son, age 20 mechanic, Bob, son, age 17 molder iron, Elizabeth daughter, 13 Isaac, son, age 11 Sam son age 9 Maria, daughter, age 6 and John son age 2, all born Dewsbury
      1871 census: Mill Road Dewsbury, Isaac Land, head, mechanic, age 56, born Ossett, Harriett, wife, age 53, born Wakefield, Wilby, son, age 30 mechanic, born Batley Carr, Emma daughter in law, age 30, dress maker, Elizabeth daughter, 23 woolen weaver, Isaac, son, age 21, mechanic, Sam son age 19, joiner, Maria, daughter, age 16, woolen weaver and John son age 12, brusher, all born Batley Carr.
    8. Mary Ann, of Benjamin and Elizabeth Land of Ossett, born June 18 and baptized August 27, 1820 (OG)
  5. Thomas baptized May 31, 1779 (DBT). Buried February 7, 1783 DBT)
  6. Hannah August 26, 1781 (BT)
  7. Sarah December 24, 1786 (BT)
There are a lot of Teals in the Ossett Green Congregation

Mary Land of Ossett had:

  1. William February 27, 1778 (BT)

John Land of Wakefield had two children buried in Dewsbury:

  1. Mary May 7, 1793 (BT)
  2. Hannah November 23, 1793 (BT)

Betty Land of Ossett had:

  1. Harriett, a bastard, baptized March 20, 1795 (BT).
    Harriett of Betty Land was buried December 19, 1795 (BT)

Miscellaneous Marriages between 1760 and 1783

Mary Land to Joshua Clayton in 1760

Mary Land to Benjamin Jiggal in 1780

Sarah Land to Joseph Jiggal in 1781

John married Ann Lofthouse in 1782

Martha married Abraham Wood in 1783

George Land of Soothill (?) had:

  1. Sarah December 10, 1797 (BT)

George Land and Sarah had:

  1. Charles in 1818

George Land married Betty Mitchel in Rothwell in 1831.
They had the following children in Dewsbury:

  1. Sarah Mitchel in 1833
  2. Mary, to George and Bessy in 1835
James Land and Elizabeth Walker had:
  1. George in 1845 in Dewsbury
  2. Mary in Ossett in 1847
1851: George Land and Mary Land listed as the grandchildren of Benajmin Walker of Osett Street Ossett cum Gawthorpe, Benj Walker head age 56, Sarah wife age 62 Elizabeth Land, lodger, age 26 widow, Jospeh Walker son age 23, unmarried and George Landn age 5 anf Mary Land age 3, all born Ossett.
1861 : George Land listed as nephew age 15 with Joseph Walker of Ossett cum Gawthorpe.


Elizabeth to Joseph Audesley in 1807

Sarah married Benjamin Pearson in 1807

Sarah to Joseph Ellis in 1812

Hannah to Thomas Londsdale in 1813

Ann to Joseph Tomlinson in 1819

Elizabeth to David Milner in 1829

Miscellaneous Osset Listing

Edward in Dewsbury in 1818 of James and Frances Land. Not listed in the censues.

William had Rachael in 1833

Ossett Green Protestant Church

Ossett Green Protestant Congregation records are on LDS microfilm 0828149. The records start in 1765. The following Lands had records listed in Ossett Green Protestant congregation. The connection to Ossett Green Independent may or may not be relevant.

Under the listing "Sacramental Collections" the first item was always "Bread and wine". This was followed by several names. From 1801 to 1807 William Land was listed monthly as contributing 1 shilling.

There were no burials for any Lands.

See James born 1749 son of William above.

William Land

No later than 1768
Marriage: William Land married Martha Hirst on February 27, 1786 in Birstall parish (IGI) Children:

  1. Betty of William and Martha Land baptized on December 12, 1786, Independent Cleckheaton (IGI)
  2. William Land
    Birth: William, son of William and Martha Land of the parish of Dewsbury born April 10 and Baptized May 7, 1789. (OG)
    Marriage: William married Sarah Hirst (or Heret) in Dewsbury in 1808 (IGI).
    Children: William and Sarah Land of Ossett had the following children in Ossett Green Independent:
    1. George born May 3, 1809 and baptized May 30, 1809 (OG)
    2. Nancy of William Land Junior and Sarah born June 22, 1811 and baptized August 3, 1811 (OG)
    3. Matty, born February 7, 1814 and baptized June 20, 1816 (OG)
    4. Alice, born April 22 and baptized June 20, 1816
    5. John, born December 12, 1818 and baptized February 28, 1819 (OG)
    6. Jane, of William and Sarah Land, born in Wakefield July 18 and baptized September 16, 1821(OG)
    7. William Land, Plumber
      William in 1824 (IGI)
      1851 Census: Red Lion Yard Wakefield, William Land, head age 27 journeyman plumber, born Wakefield, Adeline, wife age 26, born Barnsley, and Sarah Ann Peet, age 11 niece, born Wakefield
      1861 Census: Queen Street Wakefield, William Land, head age 37 plumber, Margaret wife age 34, both born Wakefield
      1871 Census: Queen Street Wakefield, William Land, head age 47 plumber, Margaret wife ag4e 44, Elizabeth Ann daughter age 8 all born Wakefield
    8. Samuel Land
      Samuel in 1827 (IGI)
      1851 Census: Ingwell Street Wakefield, Samuel Land,head age 24, boat carpenter, born Wakefield, Ann, wife, age 20, born Paul near Hull, William, son age 3, George, son age 1, both born Wakefield
      1861 Census: New Brunswick Street Wakefield, Samuel Land,head age 34, carpenter journeyman, born Wakefield, Ann, wife, age 32, born Hull, William, son age 13, carpenter app. George, son age 11, rope maker, Mary Jane age 9, Annie age 7, John age 5 and Sarah age 2 children born Wakefield
    • I stopped with the baptisms at 1822
    • William Land of Wakefield was listed as a member in 1833
  3. William and Martha Land of Ossett had the following children baptized in Dewsbury parish church:
  4. Samuel, October 9, 1791 (DBT)
  5. John, April 3, 1795 (DBT)

Wesleyan Methodist in Ossett

The records for Wesleyan Methodist in Ossett are on LDS microfilm 0828149. They start in 1795 and I stopped looking at baptisms in 1835.

The connection to Osset Wesleyan may or may not be relevant.

See Adam son of James Land and Betty Radley.

James Land

Marriage: James Land married Lydia Kitson in 1802 in Dewsbury (IGI)
Children: James and Lydia Land had the following children baptized in Ossett Wesleyan Methodist Church:

  1. Elizabeth, daughter of James Land and Lede, his wife, clothier, of Dewsbury parish, was born February 24, 1804 and baptized March 24m 1805 (WMO).
  2. Phinias born September 2 and baptized the 26th of the same month, 1805 (WMO).
    Marriage: Phinias married Nancy Ellis in Dewsbury in 1829.
    Children: Phinias and Mary Ann had:
    1. Seth in Ossett in 1836 (IGI)
    1861 Census In Osset Greet Ossett cum Gawthorpe, Phinias, head age 56, shopkeeper, grocer, Aary A wife, Seth, son, unmarried, age 24, tailor Amos son age 22 married, rag grinder, Martha daughter in law age 19 rag sorter, all born Ossett.
  3. Seth of James and Lydia Land of Ossett, born January 1, and baptized January 29, 1807 (WMO)
  4. Rebecca, born April 4, 1809 and baptized May 8, 1809 (WMO)
  5. Leah born December 17, 1811 and baptized January 12, 1812 (WMO)
    Marriage: Leah Land married Joseph Heald in Dewsbury in 1833 (IGI)
  6. Sarah born October 1, and baptized November 6, 1814(WMO)
  7. Hannah born August 21 and baptized September 17, forgot to enter year. The mother was listed as Lydia Kitson
Burials in Ossett Wesleyan

Nancy Land age 20, August 5, 1829

Ann Land age 2, August 21, 1836

James Land age 6, February 8, 1737


Rothwell, 6 miles NE of Wakefield was a Yorkshire parish since 1538.


John Lane married Judith Lee in 1647

John Land married Elizabeth Suttleife in 1678

John Land had: Elizabeth in 1690, John in 1696


John Land married Elizabeth Lawson in 1703

Elizabeth Land married William Thompson in 1711

Thomas Land and Mary had: Elizabeth in 1791, Mary in 1794


Mary Land married Robert Ellis in 1813

Hannah Land married John Lister in 1827

William Land married Mary Bolton in 1826

John Land married Maria Richardson in 1827

Mary Land married Edward Lewis in 1838

Joseph Land married Jane Demain in 1850

James Land married Ann Rainsley in 1809. I have a note that their children were baptized in St. Peter's Leeds. Who were their children?

John Land and Mary had: Anne in 1812

William Land married Mary Wetherill in 1814. William Land and Mary had: Thomas in 1815.

Thomas Land and Elizabeth had: Sarah in 1822


Royston was a Yorkshire parish since 1563.

See Francis and Ann Dry in Wakefield All Saints.

John Land married Elizabeth Smith in Halifax in 1796. They had children in Royston: Thomas in 1798, Mary in 1803, and Francis in 1808

James Land married Ann Eastwood in Royston in 1822

Joseph Land married Sarah Thursfield in 1827


Whitkirk, 4 miles E of Leeds was a Yorkshire parish since 1603.

Margaret Land married Henry Becket in 1605.

Robert had: Richard in 1689, John in 1697, Robert in 1700, and Grace in 1703

Robert married Ellen Sharphous in 1723. Robert had: Mary in 1724, Robert in 1726, Sarah in 1728, Richard and Elizabeth, twins, in 1730, and Richard in 1736.

John Land married Ann Hemsworth in 1727. John Land had: Ann in 1732, Richard in 1734, Joseph in 1737, and Isaac in 1740

Records in 1700

John Land married Grace Huit in 1740
Robert Land married Sarah Butler in 1769
Francis Land of John of 1790

Records in 1800

Sarah Land married Edmond Parkin in 1802
Isaac married Mary Dean in 1803
Jane Land married George Frost in 1818
John Land married Mary Sharp in 1818
Jane Land married Joseph Burton in 1829
David Land married Elizabeth Roach in 1824 Note: May be David son of John and Ann Land baptized in New Zion in 1795
Sarah Land married John Teale in 1830
Henry and Elizabeth had Sarah Anne in 1840


John Samuel Land (c 1806-), born Devon, surgeon

Patrington was a Yorkshire parish since 1570.

Birth: c 1806 Tiverton Devon
Marriage: Lucy
Children: John Samuel Land and Lucy had: John Fullarton Land in 1832, Lucy Mary in 1837, and Edith in 1838
Death of Lucy:
Marriage: Mary
Children: John Samuel Land and Mary had: George Andrew in 1850, Charles Henry in 1852, and Charles in 1855

1861 Census: West Gate Patrington, John S Land head married age 55, L.S.A.L. surgeon (can't read) general practitioner, born Devon Tiverton Mary wife age 43, born Manchester, Edward son age 7 Charles son age 5, born Patrington Sarah Foster, servant

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