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Where the Lands Lived in Leeds

The focus of this web page is the study of my Land family, my maiden name being Land.

At least three generations of ancestors on my father's side lived in Leeds, Yorkshire.

  1. Charles Lewis Land, born 1767 in Wakefield, moved with his family to Leeds by at least 1797.
  2. His son, another Charles Lewis Land, was born in Leeds in 1797. John Land, son of Charles Lewis Land, junior was born in 1818 in Leeds. John moved to Batley, Yorkshire around 1852.
  3. Charles Lewis Land, Jr and his wife Ann Dinsdell remained in Leeds (Holbeck) until their deaths.

In addition to my known family, other Lands moved from Wakefield to Leeds in the late 1700s.

There were at least four places in Leeds that included the word LAND: Lands Lane (AKA Land's Land), Land Yard, Land Court and Land Mill. Lands Lane is believed to be named for the common word "land" as in the "field of the Lord of the Manor". Land Yard, Land Court and Land Mill may have been named for some member of the Land family.

Land Lane still exists. Land court, yard and mill are gone.

The 1822 Leed's Directory only listed Lands Lane.

In the 1829 Pigot's Leeds Directory there were two place name with the word Land: Land's Lane (Leeds city) and Land's Court (Water Lane, Holbeck).

In the 1834 Pigot's for Leeds there were three addresses containing the word Land: Lands Lane (in Leeds city proper), Land Court (Water Lane, Holbeck), Land Mill, (Water Lane, Holbeck)

In the 1853 Leeds Street Directory there were three Land place names: Lands Lane (Leeds city), Land Yard, 127 Kirkgate (Leeds City), Land Court (Water Lane, Holbeck).

  1. LANDS LANE: between Upperhead Row and Albion Street

    Lands Lane is depicted on the 1729 Cossins map of Leeds. (Thank you Jan Varey for informing me of that in July 2017)

    Lands Lane was listed in the Leeds Intelligencer and trade directories as early as 1791.

    The Leeds Commercial Directory of 1818 listed at "Land's Lane":

    1. Sympson, John 28 Land's Lane, Book binder
    2. Headley, William, Land's Lane woolstapler
    3. Permit Office Land's Lane under Miscellaneous
    4. Matson, John no # cooper
    5. Atkinson, R. whitesmith make and scale beam maker (and stamp maker)
    6. Story, Thomas, no # porter dealer
    7. Taylor and Chapman, Liqueur Merchants no #
    8. Carr, Joseph, joiner and builder no #
    Lands Lane was listed on the 1906 Ordnance map of Leeds.

    Lands Lane still exists and is a north-south street which is situated between the Headrow (a continuation of Westgate) and Commercial Street (a continuation of Kirkgate) in the heart of the city.

    Vivien Cartwright of the Leeds Local Studies Library informed me by email in July 2005 that:

    The Placenames of the West Riding of Yorkshire says:
    LANDS LANE....land (here doubtless 'a land of the common field') lane.
    I have also found an item in the Yorkshire Evening Post, 29/3/1975 page 4:
    Under feudalism and the open field system, the arable land of the tenants of the Manor of Leeds was divided into 3 huge fields- North, West and East: Westfield Road, Eastfield Street and Northfield Square (now disappeared) all commemorate this period of local history.

    The field of the Lord of the Manor was known as "Lands" hence Lands Lane. The large fields were divided into strips. The Headrows marked the beginning of the strip cultivation at the end of Briggate, the main street of the village of Leeds.

    This may be the correct derivation of the name.

    However, I would like to put forth the possibility that the lane may have named may after someone in the extended Land family.

    If the derivation of the name comes from the the word "land" [common field] as suggested, there were liable to be other Lands Lanes, Lands Courts, and Lands Yards in other cities and villages in Yorkshire. The only other Lands Lane I could find was in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

    The designation "Land" seems to be unique to Leeds, a town that had several families whose surnames were Land. Other place names in the West Riding are derived from family names so it is not inconceivable that the name derived from a family name. The surname LAND is hard to research exactly because of its association with the obvious meaning of the word.

    In May 2006 John Pennington wrote:

    "My attention was drawn especially to references to Lands Lane in Leeds - a distant relative of mine William Bell was living in Lands Lane in 1861. Your interest in the street is obvious!

    Perhaps the reason for other towns not having a street of that name is that it is at the back of Briggate, a fairly unique street, being laid out in the 13th century by the Lord of the Manor Maurice Paynel and being made up of strips of land called burgages meant to be occupied and rented by freemen of the manor. Hence perhaps the name Lands Lane.

    I had a look in a Yorkshire trade directory for the year 1791 and found two tradesman: Osburn W. Brandy-dealer, Lands-lane, Whitehead J. Brandy-dealer, Lands-la.

    And by coincidence there is also a gentleman called Land Philemon, Brandy-dealer, Call-La.. They seem to have drunk a lot of brandy around that time!

    For more information on Philomon Land see Lands in Queen Street Chapel

    I have been trying, without success, to find some record that could indicate how long Lands lane has been in existence. If it predates the arrival of the Lands in Leeds, the "land" theory is surely correct.

  2. LANDS YARD: Kirkgate, Leeds City

    1. 1825 Piget's & Co. Manwaring (Sp?) John, Land's-yard, Wa- ter lane Iron and brass Foundry

    2. 1826 King's Head, (or Land's Yard 127, Kirkgate - General and commercial directory of the borough of Leeds

    3. 1829 - Pickard Christopher, 127 Land's yard, Kirkgate (Profession Trates of Leeds)

    4. 1853 directory of Streets in Leeds

    5. I have not found any other reference to Lands yard.

  3. LAND COURT: Land court was located off Water Lane in Holbeck. The 1818 Leeds Directory listed Land, Thomas flax and tow spinner, Water Lane. The 1826, 1830, 1834, and 1837 Directories listed Land Court. In 1826 it was listed in the list of streets etc. of Leeds as Land's court 9 Water Lane. Thomas Land, flax spinner, was listed at Land's court in 1830. Also listed in 1830 was William Land, flax dresser 21 Land's Court.

    It was listed on the 1906 Ordnance Survey.

    A 1988 publication of the Thoresby Society hints at "Land's Court Mill, Water Lane by 1816", but I cannot access the full article as of April 2028.

    Land Court no longer exists. It was on the south side of the Aire River in the Holbeck section of Leeds. There were several Land living at Land's Court in the mid 1800s.

    "Since our last report, in consequence of the extension of the sewerage, and the paving of the streets, a decided and marked improvement has been effected. Nevertheless, during the last three months, there has been in isolated places throughout portions of the district a number of cases of choleraic-diarrhea, diarrhea, and those more particularly zymotic or contagious diseases, typhoid fever, small-pox (not virulent), scarlatina, and measles. I need scarcely say that when I have had an opportunity of removing the worst cases into the Fever Hospital, I have promptly done so, and when this could not be accomplished, keeping them as much as possible apart from the rest of the family (it difficult task when the space and accommodation were so limited as in small dwellings and cellars).

    "Now the probable causes of these diseases (independent of atmospheric influences, over which we have little control,) are the miserable ventilation of the dwellings, the immediate proximity of filthy and disgusting ashpits. middens, and privies, polluting the air, and the absence of cleanliness on the part of the people themselves. I also think that the offensive effluvia frequently emanating from the sewerage grates or traps must conduce to the generation and propagation of disease, more particularly at a time like the present, when the weather has been so hot and sultry, and the air charged with infectious particles.

    "I will now venture to enumerate some of the places where these several different diseases have prevailed, and where the nuisances are to be found. To begin with the South Ward, - Bowman Lane and the courts at the bottom, Wright Court especially, Noah's Ark Court and Yard, leading from Hunslet Lane into Meadow Lane, Neal's Yard, Shepherd's Fold, Hill's Yard (Meado* Lane), Land's Court (Water Lane), courts and yards in Camp Field, in School Close. Mill Hill Ward, - Bow Court, William's Court, and Hopkin's Yard in the West Ward, - Airedale Court, Howarth's Court, Wellington Place and Court, Marlbro' Court, Cardwell Yard (Chatham Street), Robert's Court, St. James's Street, Park Court, with many others of a similar class.

    Reports of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council and Local Government ...1866

  4. LAND MILL: next to Land Court in Holbeck

    Matthews, Joseph, patent axletree & machine maker and brass founder, 28 Land's mill, Water Lane Home 18 Camp Lane was listed in the 1830 Leeds Directory.

    Land's Mill was Listed in the 1834 Pigots Directory.

    The Leeds Directory of 1837 lists Kirby, Thomas, jun. Land's mill Water Lane, Flax and tow spinner

    Shown on the 1906 Ordnance Map as Land Court Mill a mungo mill.

The corner of Lands Lane and and the Headrow, Leeds, 2002

Photo Maggie Land Blanck, 2002

Lands Lane circa 1898

Leodis, Leeds Library

Lands Lane circa 1898

Leodis, Leeds Library
  • Leodis - a photographic archive of Leeds- is a project of Leeds Library & Information Service

    Under these two photos of Lands Lane they say:

    • Lands Lane took its name from fields or lands belonging to the Lord of the Manor of Leeds.
    • The Lands referred to in the street name were the fields belonging to the Lord of the Manor of Leeds.

Lands Lane circa 1935

Changing Leeds
Some of the photos on this page were taken from Changing Leeds a book published circa 1936. While the book is not dated it does refer to "the Great War" (what we now call World War I) so it had to have been printed before 1939. The last date in the book was 1935.

Changing Leeds

Lands Lane before it was widened and developed

Leeds Images and Information

In August 2012 Richard Camidge wrote to me about The Church Institute at Albion Place and Lands Lane. The steeple of this Victorian Gothic building has a very unusual decorative element of a ring of hound's heads.


The Victorian Web - Former Church Institute, corner of Albion Place and Lands Lane.

leodis Church Institute, Albion Place at the corner with Lands Lane

leodis Church Institute, Albion Place at the corner with Lands Lane

And others.

Land Addresses in Leeds, Holbeck and Hunslet

The "addresses" I have found for the Land ancestors in Leeds indicate that they lived both in the city proper and on the south side of the River Aire in the Holbeck and Hunslet sections of the city.

The Lands were at the following "addresses":

  1. Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford were listed on St James Street in 1797.

  2. Charles Lewis Land (the son of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford) and his wife, Ann Dinsdell, were listed in Leeds as follow:

    1. "Leeds" in 1818 at the birth of John
    2. "Holbeck" at the birth of both Elizabeths in 1820 and 1822
    3. Water Lane, Holbeck at the birth of James in 1826
    4. "Holbeck" at the birth of Charles in 1829
    5. Brewery Field*, Holbeck at the birth of Emma in 1833
    6. 29 Canning Street in the 1834 Leeds Directory
    7. Canning Street, Hunslet in the 1841 census
    8. Canning Street, Hunslet at his death in 1844
    9. 30 Terrace Street*, Little Holbeck 1851
    10. 2 Terrace Street*, Holbeck 1861
    11. 1 Terrace street Holbeck 1871 death of Ann Dinsdell Land

    *In June 2020 Daniel Dixon wrote: "Researching my ancestors in Leeds and one of the marriage certificates in 1840 states that the person was living on Terrace Street in Brewery Field, Holbeck, Leeds."

  3. John Land (the son of Charles Land and Ann Dinsdell) was listed:
    1. At his marriage in 1840 in Holbeck
    2. At the birth of his son, John, in 1841 on West Street, Leeds
    3. In the 1842 Leeds Directory at 56 and 63 Back Nile Street as a cloth dresser. Note: I do not know if this was a business or home address or both.
    4. At the birth of his son, Samuel in 1843 at 13 Cherry Tree Yard, Kirkgate, North Leeds.

    John Land and his family left Leeds before 1848.

  4. James Dunford Land (the son of Charles Land and Ann Dinsdell) was listed in the 1861 Leeds Directory as a traveller (traveling salesman), at 8 Caledonia Terrace. I have not located Caledonia Terrace on a current map.

Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford, St James Street, Central Leeds, 1797

St James Street is highlighted in green.

St James Street no longer exists. It was about where the Leeds General Infirmary is now.

1906 Ordnance Map

The Leeds General Infirmary circa 1936
A Souvenir of Leeds, date unknown

Hirst Square, St James Street, 1920
Leodis (Leeds Library)

John Land, West Street, City of Leeds, Central

John Land was listed at West Street at the birth of his son, John, in 1841.

I do not have a Ordnance map that includes West Street.

West Street is on a current map of Leeds. It forms part of the on ramp for junction of the A58 ring road around Leeds.

Leodis, Leeds Library

West Street #s 29. 31. 31A. 33 amd 35

John Land, Back Nile Street, Mabgate, 1842

John Land, the son of Charles Land and Ann Dinsdell, was listed in the 1842 Leeds Directory on Back Nile Street. I do not know if this was a residential or business address.

Back Nile Street, circled in red, is the "back of Nile Street".

The current map of Leeds lists the area in Mabgate.

1906 Ordnance Map

Cottages in the working class sections of Leeds were back to back with no yards. There was, on average, one privy to every four cottages. There were no bath facilities. Baths were taken in a tub in the kitchen or in public bath houses.

Leodis, Leeds Library

Back Nile Street demolition 1907.

The two workmen on the right are holding a measuring rod which indicates that the height of the front of the one story house is 11 feet from the sidewalk to the roof line and the height of the two story house is 17 feet from the sidewalk to the roof line.

Leodis, Leeds Library

Back Nile Street demolition 1907.

Leodis, Leeds Library

Cottages on the north side of Back Nile Street looking from Bridge Street.

Leodis, Leeds Library

Back Nile Street yard. The access to the street is through the archway.

John Land, Cherry Tree Yard, Kirkgate, City of Leeds, North, 1843

Leodis, Leeds Library

Cherry Tree Yard where the Lands lived at the birth of Samuel Land in 1843.

In 1834 cholera was an issue in Leeds. One of the areas mentioned as having a hign incidence of the disease was Cherry Tree Yard. (The Civil, Ecclesiastical, Literary, Commercial, and Miscellaneous ..., Volume 1 By Edward Parsons)

In 1904 Edmund Bogg wrote: "Cherry Tree Yard, opposite to the church, with low, narrow entrance, is a type of those folds, peculiar, quaint, but dirty relics of old Leeds."

"In Cherry-tree Yard was a house of two rooms on the ground floor where slept 7 persons, while the flat above held 6 " living over most offensive privies." Another house in the same yard gave but 145 cubic feet to each sleeper."
(Reports of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council and Local Government) 1866

The Lands in Holbeck

Charles Land, Water Lane, Holbeck , 1826

Charles Land was listed in 1826 on Water Lane in Holbeck. Holbeck is on the south side of the Aire River from the city of Leeds. There was, in fact, Land Court, off Water Lane, Holbeck, as shown in the 1906 Ordnance map (marked with the red "X").

Land's Court, Water Lane is between the Victoria Bridge to the west and the Leeds bridge to the east.


1857/58 Leeds Directory included a description of the township of Holbeck, the "township" where the family of Charles Lewis Land was living from 1818 to 1833.

Holbeck township and Chapelry, on the south side of the Aire (adjoining Hunslet) forms a populous south-western suburb of Leeds, commencing at Christ Church, Meadow lane, and extending westward to the old village of Holbeck, one mile S.W. and to Holbeck Moor and the Folly 1 _ miles S.S.W. of Briggate. It is noted for several copious springs of Spa Water, which is slightly impregnated with sulphur. Though it extends over only about 760 acres it had 14,152 souls in 1851.....The Methodists and Independents have commodious chapels in Holbeck township ....Holbeck cemetery, at Beeston hill, comprises about nine acres of land purchased at the cost of about 2500 pounds in 1856. It was opened in 1857."

Other Lands at Land's Court, Water Lane

Children of Thomas Land: Thomas, flax spinner born c. 1780 Wakefield, Elizabeth born c. 1773 Outwood Wakefield married Samuel Musgraave, and Mary

  1. Thomas Land c 1780 - 1825) Flax spinner

    Thomas Land born circa 1780. Married Mary unknown. Died 1825 Leeds.

    Birth: circa 1780 (based on age at death) place unknown

    ??? Thomas of Thomas Land 22, Nov 1779 Wakefield All Saints

    Marriage: Mary (based on will) Mary born circa 1786 (per 1941 census)

    1803 Wakefield St John the Baptist, Thomas Land and Mary Gill born to the parish, witness Samuel Musgrave.

    Children: Note: There are too many children of Thomas Land, Kirkgate, being baptized in this time period - See below and also Ann of Thomas Nov 29, 1805. Too close together to be one family. Not enough info to determine which children belong to which Thomas.

    Thomas born circa 780 was known (based on other records) to have had a son Thomas born circa 1804, and two daughters, Mary born circa 1811, Jane 1807 (?)

    1. Elizabeth of Thomas Land of Kirgate Aug 31 bapt Sept. 19, St Peters Leeds 1903 (Parish Records)

      Note: There are too many children of Thomas Land, Kirkgate, being baptized in this time period - See below and also Ann of Thomas Nov 29, 1805. Too close together to be one family. Not enough info to determine which children belong to which Thomas.

    2. Thomas Thomas Land (1804-?) Flax spinner, Civil Servant, and Ann Bullman

      Son of Thomas per 1825 will

      Birth: Thomas of Thomas Land 5 February 1804, Leeds, St Peter (Leeds St Peter's indexes) (IGI) Thomas Land born January 8 baptized February 5, "Near the Church" father, Thomas (Leeds PR)

      Marriage: Anne Bullman 04 July 1827 St Peter's Leeds (IGI) Thomas Land, flax spinner, to Ann Bullman, witnesses Ewd Bullman and R Bullman (Leeds St. Peter's PR)

      Occupation: Flax spinner, Office keeper, civil servant

      Residence: 1841 Camp Lane, Kirkgate Camp lane, 20 Water lane A LIST OF STREETS, SQUARES, COURTS, LANES, &c. IN THE TOWN AND SUBURBS OF LEEDS FOR 1853.

      Note: Land Court is off Water Lane

      Children: He does not appear to have had children.

      1841 Census: Camp Lane, Kirkgate, Leeds, Thomas Land age 35, "ind" (independent income) Mary, age 55, Anne age 35, Mary age 30 and a female servant.

      Notes: Thomas, his mother (or step mother), Mary, age 55, his wife, Ann, age 35 and his sister, Mary age 30. On the same page and at the same "address" is William Land, age 35, flax dresser Elizabeth 35, Eliza 4 and Emma 1. Ages in this census were rounded up or down to the nearest 5.

      1841: Land, Thomas, house, Land Court Leeds Township Poll Book

      1851 Census: Chelsea, Ecclesiatical parish, Upper Chelsea, St Saviour Middlesex, St Lukes, 17 Walton Street, Thomas Land, head, age 47, office keeper treasury chambers geo---- house, born Leeds, Anna wife, age 46, born Leeds

      1861 Census: St Martins Westminster, St Martins in the Feilds, London, Thomas Land, age 57, office keeper, and Ann wife age 58, born born Leeds

      1871 Census: In Egham, Christ Church, Surrey, civil servant age 67, with wife Ann age 59 both Leeds.

      1881 Census: Egham Surry, age 77 with wife Ann age 76 civil service super--- office ---The Lorrd Advocate of H--Land office London, born born Leeds.

    3. Mary (per will)

    4. Mary Ann daughter of Thomas Land, Kirkgate Feb 2, bapt Feb 24, 1805

    5. Jane (per will)

      Birth: 4 Aug 1807 baptized 30 Aug 1807, St Peters Leeds, father Thomas Land

    6. Mary Land born circa 1811

      Birth: Circa 1811, daughter of Thomas flax spinner per her marriage

      Mary of Thomas Land Kirkgate March 3, 1809, bapt April 3, St. Peters Leeds

      1841: Camp Lane, Thomas Land age 35 ind, Mary age 55, Ann age 35, Mary age 30 and a female servant.

      1851: Unmarried, by herself, age 40 in 1851.

      Marriage 1853: September 1853, Leeds parish church Mary Land age 41 spinster Water Lane daughter of Thomas Land, flax spinner, to George Hebblethwaite, age 44 bachelor maltster Mirfield son of Samuel Hebblethwaite Maltster. Both signed.

      1861 census: Leeds, Yorkshire, England Civil parish: Mirfield Ecclesiastical parish: St Mary County/Island: Yorkshire Country: England George Hebblethwaite 52, maltster, born Mirfield, Mary Hebblethwaite 52, born Leeds, Henry Lake 19, servant

      1881: Mary Hebblethwaite Age: 72 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1809 Relation: Head Gender: Female Where born: Leeds, Yorkshire, England Civil parish: Mirfield County/Island: Yorkshire Country: England Street Address: Water Hall East Thorpe Condition as to marriage: Windower (Widower) Occupation: Income From Property Registration district: Dewsbury Sub-registration district: Mirfield ED, institution, or vessel: 8 Neighbors: View others on page Piece: 4557 Folio: 17 Page Number: 27 Mary Hebblethwaite 72 Thomas (Jr.) Kirkby 36, nephew

      George Hebblethwaite born 1809 was the son of Samuel and Rachael Hebblethwaite. He had a sister, Jane, born circa 1811 who married George Watkinson: Jane Hebblethwaite, Full Age, spinster, Easthorpe Lanes, 14 Apr 1841, Mirfield, St Mary, father, Samuel Hebblethwaite, maltster, marriage to George Wathinson, full age, wool stapler, Halifax, father, George Wathinson, wool stapler

      Watkinson, George [1814-1903] Son of George Watkinson. Born in Northowram [29th October 1814]. He was a woolstapler [1842]; a wool stapler employing ?? men [1861]; a farmer of 10 acres of land [1861]; a wool merchant and farm owner [1871]; a wool merchant [1881]; living on own means [1891]; Chairman of the Brighouse Brick, Tile & Stone Company Limited [1895]; a member of Halifax Town Council; Chairman of the Halifax Brick & Tile Company. About 1870, he formed a partnership with his sons, George Watkinson& Sons. He made a substantial amount of money in wool, coal. In 1874, he withdrew from day-to-day management of the woolstapling business, leaving these to his son George. On 14th April 1841, he married Jane Hebblethwaite [1811-1890], at Mirfield.

      Info from Constance Phillips March 2013

    7. Elizabeth of Thomas Land Kirkgate 30 June St. Peters Leeds

      Elizabeth 1815 (per Anna Hughes)

      Died Water Land, Leeds 1824 (per Anna Hughes)

    Death 1825: Parish of Leeds St. John's Church, Thomas Land, Water Lane, married man died July 7, age 45.

    Will: Courtesy of Anna Hughes, March 2017

    Will of Thomas Land the elder of Leeds, dated 26/4/1826, written 4/6/1825

    son Thomas Land to pay funeral

    gives Lands tenements within parish of Wakefield to his sister Mary and her heirs.

    messages warehouses buildings to son Thomas Land and Friends Samuel Musgrave, dyer, and William Atkinson of Leeds flock merchant to hold in trust

    they hold trust for his wife Mary Land

    wife to share rents with daughters Jane and Mary currently not married and under 25

    dwelling house where resides frogland (or Troyland) place in or near Water Lane to wife enjoy outhouses yard garden for her life

    estate in Kirkgate rents to wife

    wish for son Thomas to carry on flax spinning trade

    According to Anna Hughes his son did not succeed at the flax business and a year of so after the death of Thomas senior, Thomas Junior was bankrupt and he and Samuel Musgrave were renting the flax mill.

    1841: Camp Lane, Kirkgate Leeds, Thomas Land 35, ind, Mary Land 55 Anne Land 35 Mary Land 30

  2. Elizabeth (1773 - 1846) born Outwood Wakefield Married Samuel Musgrave in Leeds

    Birth: 1774 born Outwood, Wakefield per baptism of her children

    Possible record - Wakefield All Saints, Eliza daughter of Thomas Land (word) 24, May 1773.

    Marriage: Samuel Musgrave, dyer, Wakefield, 1799, witness at marriage James Land (Anna Hughes)

    Samuel Musgrave, of the parish to Elizabeth Land of the parish by banns, 7 February 1799. Elizabeth made her mark, Samuel signed - witness James Land


    1. William 6 Dec 1799 29 Dec 1799 of Samuel Musgrave and Elizabeth Land (born Outwood, Wakefield) Leeds, Mill Hill Chapel (Presbyterian),

    2. Eliza Wakefield Out Wood, Samuel Musgrave and Elizabeth Land, Dec 1801 3 Jan 1802 Leeds, Mill Hill Chapel (Presbyterian),

    3. Samuel, 8 July 1804, bapt July 22, father Samuel Musgrave, Mother Elizabeth Land, residence, Leeds, fathers, birth Leeds, mother birth place, Outwood, Wakefield, Non conformist Mill Hill Chapel Leeds Presbyterian (Baptized on the same day Matthew of James Musgrave and Sarah Walker both born Leeds.)

    4. Benjamin of Samuel Musgrave and Elizabeth Land, Feb,10, March 2, 1806, mother born Outwood Wakefield, Leeds, Mill Hill Chapel (Presbyterian),

    5. Sarah of Samuel Musgrave and Elizabeth Land (or Outwood Wakefield), December 11, Jan 10, 1808 (?), Leeds, Mill Hill Chapel (Presbyterian),

    Death of Samuel Musgrave: 01 May 1835 (1 May 1835) - Leeds,

    1841 Leeds, Elizabeth Musgrave ind age 65 Oxford Terrace

  3. Mary


    Relationship: Sister of Thomas born 1780 per will of Thomas at his death in 1825

1811: The Tradesman Vol 6 1811 listed T. Land, G Evers and J Umpleby of Hunslet, York flax spinners.

Directory Listings for the Occupation of Thomas Land, Water Lane, Flax spinner :

  • 1822 Baines Directory: Thomas Land, flax spinner, Water Lane

  • 1829 Pigot's Directory for Leeds: Thomas Land Flax spinner Land's Court, Water Lane Holbeck

  • 1830 Leeds directory: Thomas Land, flax spinner, canvas and sacking mfr., Land's Court, Water Lane, home, 10 Providence Row

  • 1842 Leeds directory: Thomas Land, "gent", 19 Water Lane



T. Land, Leeds flax spinner The examiner, Volume 9 By Leigh Hunt, 1826

WHEREAS the acting Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against Thomas Land, of Leeds, in the county of YOrk, Flax Spinner, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon at the Court-House in Leeds etc. 1826 London Gazette

Thomas Land flax spinner, dealer and Chapman was ordered to appear on the 13th of April, the 2nd of May, at the Court House in Leeds to make a disclosure of his Estate and Effects. London Gazette

1826: MACHINERY, Ac. complete, situate in Water-Lane, nearly adjoining the River Aire, lately in ttie Occupation of Mr. Thomas Land, Flax-Spinner The Whole is in excellent Repair nnd Condition, and well suited for any Person wisiiing to commence the above Busin.

1892: Death of Thomas Land - National Probate calendar Land, Thomas 20 Grove Terrace, Camp Road Leeds, died 20 January 1892 administered Wakefield 25 April to John Land hotel proprietor effects 436 pounds

Lands at Water Lane and Land's Court

Thomas Land and his wife, Anne Shirt, were listed in the Queen's Street congregation baptismal records at Water Lane in 1817 and 1822. Charles Land and Ann Dinsdell Land also belonged to the Queens Street congregation.

The 1830 Leeds Directory listed three Lands on Land's Court, Water Lane:

  1. Mrs Mary Land, 24 Land's Ct, Water Ln (most likely the widow of Thomas)
  2. Thomas Land, flax spinner, canvas and sacking mfr. Land's Ct, Water Ln: h. 10 Providence row (possibly the son of Thomas)
  3. Wm Land, flax dresser, 21 Land's Ct, Water Ln.
The 1834 Directory listed two Lands at Water Lane:
  1. Mrs. Mary Land, 26 Land's ct, Water lane
  2. William Land, retail ale and porter dealers, Jolly Sailor, 10 Camp Land Water Lane.

The 1837 White's Directory listed three Lands in Leeds:

  1. Thomas Land whs man (warehouse man), Kaye Street
  2. William Land, beer house, Camp lane and Land's Ct
  3. John Land, druggist, Kaye Street

The 1857-58 Leeds directory listed Elizabeth Land, shopkeeper, at 14 Water Ln.

The 1861 Leeds directory listed Elizabeth Land, shopkeeper, at 14 Water Ln.

Elizabeth was the widow of William Land, flax dresser.

I do not know, at this point, if these other Lands were related.

See Above.

For more information on Thomas Land and Ann shirt Land go to Lands in Queen Street Chapel

Land's court in 1841

The 1841 Census lists a number of families in Land's court - none of the Lands. Water Lane, Camp Lane and Land's court are in district 8 Kirkgate and also include Bridge End, Meadow Lane, Shipyard Fold,and something I cannot read.

The occupations of the inhabitants of Land's Court include several labourers, John Phillips, joiner, Charles Morely, mason, Thomas Sharp, flax dresser, George Davis, currier, John Bentley, tailor, William Fell, mechanic, George Shillito ??, porter, Thomas Wilby, plumber,

William Lazenby ?? porter, Benjamin Atkinson, warehouseman, George Goodyear, waterman, William Sothill, cabinet maker, George McDowell, joiner, George Parker, overlooker, William Alderson machine maker??, and Thomas Pierce flax dresser.

The two Lands in the area were listed on CAMP Lane:

  1. William age 35, flax dresser, Elizabeth age 35, Eliza age 15, Emma age 4, and Ann age 1

  2. Thomas, age 35, ind, Mary, age 55, Ann age 25, Mary age 30 and a female servant. (This is the son and wife of Thomas Land who died in 1825)
The listings for Land court and Camp Lane are interspersed.

William Land (1803-1847) Water Lane Flax Dresser and Elizabeth Kent

Birth: 1803: I did not find a baptismal record. Year of birth based on death.

Marriage: William Land, Flax spinner, to Elizabeth Kent by banns St Peter Leeds 4 May 1823 (PR)


  1. Eliza, 19 June 1824 of William Land, Water Lane, Flax spinner, and Elizabeth

    Marriage: January 24, 1848 Michael Caton full age bachelor pattern card maker, Swinegate, father John Caton, bootmaker to Eliza Land, full age spinster, Water Lane, father William Land, flax dresser, parish church after banns, both signed.

    1851 census: Water Lane, Michael Caton, head widow, age 55, warehouseman, Michael Caton 14, son, warehouseman, Eliza Caton 27, daughter in law, married, Ann Land 10, visitor, flax doffer Fanny Ward 18, visiter, flax doffer, Ann Ward 14, visiter, flax doffer

    On the same page as Mary Land head un[married] age 40 annuitant, born Leeds

    1871 Census: Croft Street (near Land court) Elizabeth Land, head, widow, age 68 provisions dealer and Eliza Caton, widow, age 46

  2. Thomas of William and Elizabeth Land Water Lane flax dresser, born Nov 25, 1825 baptized Dec 25, 1825


  3. William Thomas Land Birth Date: 21 Jan 1831 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 11 Jul 1831 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Land's court, flax dresser


  4. Jane Land Birth Date: 15 Oct 1833 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 2 Jan 1834 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Water Lane flax dresser


  5. Emma Land Birth Date: 21 Jun 1836 Parish: Leeds, Christchurch Baptism Date: 21 Dec 1836 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Christchurch, William Land flax dresser and Elizabeth, Dec 21, 1836 (PR)

  6. William Arthur Land Birth Date: 15 Jun 1838 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 3 Jul 1838 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Water Lane Flax dresser

  7. Ann

    Ann Land Birth Date: 2 May 1840 Parish: Leeds, St Peter (Leeds Parish Church) Baptism Date: 9 Jun 1842 Father's Name: William Land Mother's Name: Elizabeth Land, Camp Lane flax dresser

    1851 Census: With her sister Eliza see above.

1841 Census: Camp Lane, Leed (20 Water Lane) William, 35 flax dresser, Elizabeth 35, Eliza 15, Emma 4, Ann 1 Listed on same page as Thomas in the 1841 census

Death: 8 July 1847 William Land married man Water Lane age 44

1871 Census: See Eliza above

See Queens Street Chapel

Water Hall, Water Lane cottages, Holbeck, Undated

leodis (Leeds Library)

Water Lane cottages, Holbeck, 1903

Old cottages scheduled for demolition

leodis (Leeds Library)

ASDA Headquarters

In 1986-8 ASDA (a dairy association) build their headquarters on a seven acre riverside site on the south side of the river Aire between the Leeds Bridge and the Victoria Bridge right on top of where Lands Court was shown in the 1906 Ordnance map.

Picture from Leeds Waterfront Heritage Trail by Peter Brears

Engraving by William Lodge, Date Unknown

Leeds bridge is on the right with St Peter's church in the background.

This view is from just about where Land's Court once stood and where the ASDA building stands today.

Picture from Leeds Waterfront Heritage Trail by Peter Brears

Leeds and Liverpool Canal warehouse beside River Lock, date unknown

Just west of Victoria Bridge and the ASDA building is the Leeds Liverpool Canal warehouse and the River Lock.

The River Lock marks the entrance to the canal from the River Aire.

Picture from Leeds Waterfront Heritage Trail by Peter Brears

Leeds and Liverpool Canal warehouse beside River Lock, 2002

The warehouse was built in 1777.

Photo by Tom Blanck

"Bridge End, looking from Water Land in 1869"

Bridge End" is also known as the Leeds Bridge.

Changing Leeds

"In Water Lane in the past"
Changing Leeds

Old Leeds Bridge


Looking north to the entrance of Briggate.

Engraver T A Prior.

Changing Leeds

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Domestic Street Holbeck, Leeds.

Posted Holbeck, Leeds 1906

In March 2017 Roger Walker wrote that as of that date the chapel on Domestic street was still standing at the junction of Domestic Street and Ingram View as shown on Google Maps.

google maps 2017

Print collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Leeds from Holbeck

There is no date on this print. However, I believe that the white tower of the City Hall can be seen in the background on the left. The City Hall was dedicated in 1858.

Old Round Foundry, Holbeck
Changing Leeds

Charles Lewis Land and Ann Dinsdell, Brewery Field, Holbeck

Charles Lewis Land and Ann Dinsdell were listed in "Brewery Field", Holbeck in 1833.

I cannot find anything marked "Brewery Field" on any of the maps I possess.

1845: Williams's Directory of the Borough of Leeds lists the following streets in Brewery Field: Balloon st., Green street, Green Mount street, Carlton Row, Moore street, top Meadow Lane,

A record for an 1840 marriage listed an address as Terrace street Brewery field.

Ann Dinsdell Land was listed on Terrace street, Holbeck in 1841 to 1871.

In 1849 there was mention of a 27 yards deep well in Balloon street, Brewery Fields, Leeds ( Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, Volume 2 By Yorkshire Geological and Polytechnic Society)

In 1852 Brewery Fields was referred to as a "district" in the parish of Leeds and Hunslet.(Bulletins and Other State Intelligence )

The church of St. Barnabas was in the district of Brewery Fields. See - St. Barnabas and Brewery Fields


"In every part of the town there has been the same rapid accumulation of buildings. Nearly the whole of the Westend, Armley hall, New Wortley, Camp field, Brewery field, a vast part of Hunslet and Holbeck and at the east end of the town, the Leylands, &c, have been built since the year 1800. " (The Annals and History of Leeds, and Other Places in the County of York, 1860)

1906 Ordnance Survey Map Holbeck and New Wortley

Charles Lewis Land and Ann Dinsdale Land

1829, Aire and Calder Canal near Leeds Bridge

Drawn by N Whittock

Leodis, Leeds Library

A view down river from above the Leeds Bridge

Leodis, Leeds Library

A view down river from above the Leeds Bridge

Date unknown. However, pre 1873 as the bridge was changed from stone to metal in 1873.


A view down river from the Leeds Bridge

The steeple of the parish church can be seen in the background.

Changing Leeds

Another view down river from near the Leeds Bridge

The steeple of the parish church can be seen in the background.

A Souvenir of Leeds, date unknown

A view down river from the Leeds Bridge, 2002

If Charles and Ann lived near the Tetley Brewery, they would have been somewhere to the right of this photo.

Photo by Maggie Blanck

Looking up river from the Crown Point Bridge, near the Tetley Brewery, 2002

Looking up river the view of the Leeds Bridge is blocked by the buildings.

The Tetley Brewery is out of view to the left.

Photo by Maggie Blanck

Dock Street, 2002

Dock Street connects Water Lane to the Tetley Brewery.

Photo by Tom Blanck

I had this street incorrectly labeled as "Waterloo Lane" in Mach 2010 Grant Barker wrote to alert me to my error.
Dear Maggie,

The title and location of one of the photographs on web page http://maggieblanck.com/Land/LandLeeds.html is wrong. The location is given as:

"Waterloo Lane, 2002 - Waterloo Lane connects Water lane to the Tetley Brewery."

But it is actually Dock Street, one of the very few remaining cobbled streets left in the centre of Leeds. I live right next door to this street and our street (Bowman Lane) lost its original cobbled street last year when the council decided to "renovate" the street and destroyed it, replacing the road with tarmac. Sacrilege! Dock Street retains the original cobbled street. The buildings in your photograph are the original frontage of the warehouse that was there. Only the frontage was retained, to keep the area's character, but the rest of the warehouse was demolished and Victoria Quays (apartments) were built there. Dock Street connects Hunslet Road to Kendell Street.

Dock Street and Kendell Street remain in the same location as in the 1906 OS map, however the Bowman Lane parallel to Waterloo Street has disappeared and Waterloo Street now finishes at Kendell Street and continues in an uninterrupted line (with only a street sign denoting this) as Bowman Lane until it comes out near Crown Point Bridge.

Best Regards,
Grant Barker

Holbeck in 1872

"The Mill of Messrs. Marshall and Co., flax spinners, in Marshal Street, is worthy, form an architectural point of view alone, of a far better situation than the one which it occupies in the crowded, dismal, smoke-blackened purlieus of Holbeck. If our readers can picture to themselves an ancient Egyptian temple, set down in the midst of a densely populated region of workmen's cottages, blast furnaces, and glass manufactories, they will have realized the scene completely. The building is, of course, private property; and, when we see such remarkable edifices erected solely at the instance of a single firm of manufacturers, we are prepared to learn that public buildings in Leeds take a high rank among the architectural glories of the kingdom."

The Graphic September 31, 1872.

In April 2016 Roger Quick alerted me to Temple Works - the history of the Marschall Flax mills in Holbeck.


Charles Lewis Land and Ann Dinsdall, Canning Street, Hunslet

Charles Lewis Land and Ann Dinsdell Land were listed in Hunslet from 1834 until Charles' death in 1844.

The 1841 censuses describes the Enumeration District where Charles and Ann Land lived as:

"All between north side of Ansley Street east side of Dale Street and south side of Charlotte Street to Meadow Lane and all north of Jack Lane to Dewsbury Road on the west side and east side of Meadow Lane.
At Charles' death in 1844 the address was given as Canning Street, Hunslet.

I do not have any pictures of this area.

The 1906 OS map shows Canning Street a bit south of Land court between Meadow Lane and Dewsbury Road.

1905 Ordnance Map
Canning Street Hunslet

The 1841 census description of the Enumeration District where Charles and Ann Land lived is highlighted in yellow as is Canning Street.

Interior of Hunslet church, not dated

Postcard collection Maggie Land Blanck

Photo collection Maggie Land Blanck

Last horse bus to run from Hunslet Carr to Briggate Leeds c. 1904. Part of the Mc Kenna collection.

In reply to my inquiry about the McKenna collection Rodger Parnell, on the behalf of Graham McKenna wrote in February 2006 about Graham McKenna:

He was many years ago an early member of the Leeds Cine club and filmed in and around Leeds including the last trams to run in Leeds which were shown on T.V. in a programme "All our Yesterdays".
About the McKenna collection of photos Rodger Parnell wrote:
The photos in the McKenna collection originally belonged to a man called Ramsden Farrar. Apparently he was a sign writer in Leeds and had these photos taken as examples for potential clients. The photos were given to Graham by the daughter of Ramsden Farrar for safekeeping and for Graham to keep and show to future generations, which he has done. Both Ramsden Farrar and his daughter have long since passed away.
The photos were copied by the Leeds Library and the original retained by Graham McKenna.

Ramsden Farrar

Ramsden Farrar born March Quarter 1864 (Leeds, 9b, 364, Free BMD) was the son of John Farrar.

He was listed in 1871 at 25 Garden Street Leeds East with his father as follows: John Farrar, head, age 51, silk dyer, Sarah A, wife, age 49, Mary, daughter, age 23, woolen weaver, Sarah A, daughter, age 21, cap finisher, John, son, age 19, butcher, Angelina, daughter, age 17, cap machinist, Thomas son, age 15, grocers assistant, William, son, age 13, drapers assistant, Fred, son, age 9, scholar, Ramsden, son, age 7, scholar, Arthur, son, age 4, scholar all born Leeds

He was listed in 1881 at 25a Garden Street Leeds East with his father as follows: John Farrar, head, age 62, dyer and cleaner, Sarah A, wife, age 60, Mary, daughter, age 34, cloth weaver, William, son, age 24, shoe rivitter, Ramsden, son, age 17, sign writer, Arthur, son, age 14, errand boy, Sarah Ann Lyneh (?), granddaughter, age 5 all born Leeds. Next door was Angelina Leneh, wife, age 27, and her husband, Frederick Lyneh, age 30, beer seller, Frederick W Leneh, son, age 1, and Thomas Farrar, bother in law, age 24, brewer and tapster.

Ramsden Farrar married Sarah E. Moss St Peter, Leeds September quarter 1885 Leeds (9b 605 Free BMD) They were not listed in the 1891 or 1901 census by Ancestry.com

The Gill Family

The bus pictured above was owned and opperporated by the Gill family.

John Gill age 56 cab proprietor and his wife, Isabelle, lived on Church Street in 1901. The family included their 5 sons, Edmound age 19, Oliver age 16, Arthur age 15, Willie age 12 and James age 9. John Gill died between the 1901 and 1911 censuses. Isabelle Gill, widow, was listed with the five boys at 11 Branch Street in 1922. The Gill family were listed in 1891 at 20 Church Street: John Gill 45 cab proprietor, Isabella Gill 44 wife, Tom Gill 20, Sarah Gill 17, Alfred Gill 15, Herbert Gill 12, Edmond Gill 10, Oliver Gill 7, Arthur Gill 4, William Gill 2

In 1881 John Gill was listed on Low Road Hunslet as a "joiner". John was the son of Joseph Gill, joiner, and Sarah Gill.

Photo courtesy Cynthia, January 2012

Hannah Gill

Photo courtesy Cynthia, January 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Gill with car.

Farr Street Hunslet, undated

Leodis (Leeds Library)

The Leeds Pottery

Leeds Pottery was located in Jack Lane (not far from where the Charles Lewis Land and Ann Dinsdall lived). It established by Richard Humble and John and Joshua Green in 1770. They made creamware that was popular in middle class homes. Leeds Pottery went though some financial ups and downs: it closed in 1806, reopened in 1813, went bankrupt in 1830, reopened again in 1849. It finally closed in 1881. It was made again from 1983-1986.

From Hunslet, S Clark and M Wilson, Hunslet Social History Group, undated, book collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Hunslet Feast

The Hunslet Feast featured shows and rides. It was originally held near the Hunslet church (St Mary's). In 1888 it moved to Hunslet Moor.

Leodis, Leeds Library

Cossin's 1725 map of Leeds. The red x marks Land's Lane.

This sketch shows the relationship of Holbeck and Hunslet to the city of Leeds.

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