The Lands

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The Land Family in Yorkshire England

Law Land born 1858 in Batley, England, was the first son of John Land by his second marriage to Lydia Sheard.

John Land (1818-1877) was born in Leeds the son of Charles Lewis Land and Anne Dinsdell

Charles Lewis Land (1797-1844) was born in Wakefield the son of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford.

Charles Land, the son of John Land, was baptized on January 1, 1767 in Wakefield.

John Land was born circa 1730 most likely in Wakefield.

The Lands

See Land Family Introduction for more information about live in England including: Life in General, Housing, Children and Child Labor, Crime, Transportation, Causes of Death, Original Documents, etc.

The Photo Album

To view the Land Family photo album, click on the tintype of Percy and Meta

Addition Information relating to the the Lands

Information on Yorkshire

Information on the Town and parish of Batley, Yorkshire
Old maps Batley, Yorkshire
Pictures of Batley, Yorkshire
Information on the town and parish of Leeds, Yorkshire
Pictures of Leeds, Yorkshire
Information on the town and parish of Wakefield
Pictures of Wakefield, Yorkshire
Weaving in Yorkshire
Philadelphia, Pictures
Toronto, Pictures
Detroit, Pictures
Hoboken, Pictures
Jersey City, Pictures
Smithtown, Long Island, Pictures
St James, Long Island, Pictures

1939 Coast to Coast Fire Run

In 1939 Bud Land made a fire run from New York to California. To see photos of of some of the places they visited, click on the picture of Bud


Thanks to:

  • Helen Land, the daughter of Percy Land and Meta Petermann, who did early research and collected information on the Land family with out which I would not have known where to looks for the Lands in England. Helen also gave me the Land family photos.
  • Bud Land, the son of Percy Land and Meta Petermann, who also collected family information, stories, and photos.

  • Justina Land Leler, the daughter of Bud and Agnes Land, and the grandaughter of Percy and Meta Land, for photos and documents.

  • Julia Land, the daughter of David Land, and the grandaughter of Ruth Land and Peter Wiedenkeller, who contributer information on the Ruth Land Wiedenkeller, Mary Land Wiedenkeller, and other children of Law and Elizabeth Land

  • Holly Wooler, the wife of a descendant of Polly Land Wooler of Philadelphia, for information on the Woolers in Philadelphia, 2004

  • Jean Land Bird, the daughter of Arnold Land and Jean Avery and the grandaughter of Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes, for information on her mother's family, the Averys, and on her husband, Donald Bird, Januay 2005

  • Michael Tyrkala, a grandson of Joseph Land (the son of Law and Elizabeth Land) for information on the family of Joseph's wife, Mary Elizabeth Lorah, April 7, 2002

  • Dru, the daughter of Teddy Wiedenkeller and Doris Land, for corrections on the family of Paul Theodore Wiedenkeller and Doris Wiedenkeller Land Wiedenkeller, May 2005


The information on the Land and related families was derived from:

  • Family information
  • Church of England Records from Wakefield and Leeds Parishes, Yorkshire, England
  • New Zion church Records, Wakefield, England
  • Queens Street Chapel Records, Leeds, England
  • 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, and 1881 censuses in England
  • English Vital Record
  • Canadian Vital Records
  • US Censuses
  • Canada Censuses
  • New York State Vital Records
  • New Jersey Vital Records

The English church records and English and Canadian censuses records are available on microfilm through the archives of the Family History Center of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, AKA the LDS or the Mormons. US census availabe at NARA

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