Lands in Birstall Parish

Land Introduction
Ann Dinsdale the wife of Charles Lewis Land
Charles Lewis Land
John Land (1818-1877)

Land records in Birstall Parish

Charles Lewis Land of Heckmondwike and Ann Dinsdill of Drighlington were married by banns 25th February 1816. This is the only record for either Charles or Anne in Birstall parish.

In an attempt to determine why they would have married in Birstall parish I took a lok at other Land records in the parish.

  • Jacob the son of William Landes of Leeds was baptized on March 10, 1723.

    24 year break

    Jacob Land married Grace Crowther on December 14, 1747

    28 year break

  • Robinson "Lunde" of Brownhill in Batley was buried in Birstall parish on September 21, 1775 (BT)

    11 year break

  • William Land married "Mary" Hirst on February 27, 1786

    Betty of William and "Martha" Land, born November 15 and baptized December 12, 1787, in the Independent Chapel in Cleckheaton. This church was also listed under Cleckheaton United Reform on microfilm 1526418.

    29 year break

  • Charles Lewis Land of Heckmondwike married Ann Dinsdall of Drighlington on February 25, 1816

  • Ann Land of Cleckheaton, married James Hoyle of Cleckheaton, October 20, 1816. Both signed. Witness George Lister and Joseph Land. They did not have children in Birstall Parish.
    1851 census: James Hoyle at Chapel Hill in Huddersfield, head age 53 jacquard card cutter, born Huddersfield, Ann wife age 55, born Horbury, John son age 18 painter, Allan grand son age 7, Walter grandson age 4 , And James Theaker, lodger age 32. This may or may not be the same couple. If it is Ann was the daughter of George baptized 22 Nov 1795 in Horbury (IGI).

    17 year break

  • Sarah Land married John Ramsden on October 20, 1833
    1851 Census: There is a listing for a John and Sarah combination in the 1851 census in Almondbury. Both born in Almondbury. Since both Johan and Sarah were such common names it is just a stab in the dark.

    3 year break

  • William Garfield Land, son of James Land and Hannah baptized in 1836
    Fruther Records: Not listed in the censuses

    12 year break

  • James Burnett Land of Samuel and Ann Land, Birstall Clothier born August 26 baptized July 1, 1848
    Fruther Records: Not listed in the censuses

    6 year break

  • Jonathan Land married Sarah Hirst on February 2, 1854
    1851 Census: Indicates that Sarah was born in Hightown and that Jonathan Land was born in Ossett.
THERE ARE NO DEATHS (except for Robinson Lunde in 1747) FOR THE NAME DURING THE PERIOD 1723 TO THE MID-1800S.


This most certainly means that the Lands were not actually living in the parish.

Land Introduction

Charles Lewis Land (1797-1844)

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Ann Dinsdale, the wife of Charles Lewis Land

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Queen's Street Chapel Leeds

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Land Introduction
John Land (1818-1877)
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