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John Land (1818-1877)
Charles Lewis Land (1797-1844)
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Land Records in Batley Parish

John Land moved from Wakefield to Batley Parish sometime between the birth of his son, Charles, in Wakefield in 1853 and the birth of his son, James, in Batley in 1855. John's first wife, Mary Dyson died in Batley in 1857. In 1857 John Land married Lydia Law in Birstall Parish. John and Lydia had 8 children born in Batley parish between and 1858 and 1873. John Land died in Batley Parish in 1877. Lydia Land left Batley in 1883 and emigrated to Philadelphia.

There are a few early records in Morley and Churwell but it is not clear it the name is Land or Lund. Otherwise there are only a handful of Land records in the parish until around the arrival of John Land and his children in the mid 1850s. See Morley records below.

Land Marriages in Batley Parish 1727 to 1772

The following five marriages for the name Land were recorded in Batley parish between 1727 and 1772.

  1. Thomas Land married Sarah Crow by banns, Gildersome, on August 3, 1727 (Batley Parish)

  2. John Land married Sarah Tollson, 26 February 1754 (Batley Parish)

    Other records for John Land:

    • Sarah wife of John Land of Churwell buried September 6, 1770, age 62 (1708).
    • A still born child of John Lands of Churwell buried April 29, 1772

  3. Ann Land and Samuel Wilkenson both of the parish, June 2 1757 both x'ed, witnesses Joseph _ and Jeremiah Chadwick

  4. Elizabeth Land married John Haigh April 1, 1760 he signed, she x'ed, witnesses John Balmforth and Isaac Brown (Batley Parish BT)

  5. Hannah Land married Joshua Atkinson on August 29, 1766 both of the parish both x'ed 29 Aug 1776, witnesses, Benj Wilby and Robert Watson(Batley Parish)

  6. John Land married Hannah Brook 18 April 1772 both x'ed witnesses Thomas Crooker and John Fla_____(Batley Parish)

    Children: Richard son of John Land of Morley bapt March 7, 1776 born Dec 25, 1775

    Death of Hannah Land: Hannah wife of John Land of Morley buried age 49, October 6, 1782

Land Deaths in Batley Parish Records 1857 to 1870

These are the only Land records in the parish during this period of time that are not directly related to John Land and his family.

  1. Sarah Land, New Street, Batley, buried March 29, 1857, age 61 (born circa 1796)
    1841 and 1851Censuses: Not in Batley
    Free BMD Listing: Land, Sarah, March 1857, Dewsbury 9b, 289
  2. Samuel Land, Batley, "buy corinors order", June 23, 1863, adult
    Civil Record: 20 June 1863 Commercial Street, Samuel Land, male, age 26, cloth weaver, manslaughter against Michael Hagan and William Simpson, Information received from E Lewison coroner of the Honor of Pontefract Inquest held 24 June 1863.
    Birth: Not listed free BMD. Records did not start until Sept 1837
    1851 Census: No
    1861 Census: Lodger unmarried age 24, born Osset woolen cloth weaver, living with The Brook sisters confectioners on Commercial Street in Batley.
  3. Mary Land, Batley, December 22, 1870, 13 months
    Note: Free BMD does no list any appropriate birth or death in the correct time period as of March 2006.

Lands in the Censuses in Batley

Mary Ann Land and her sons

Birth: circa 1834-37 Ireland

Marriage: ________ Land

1861 Census: No


  1. George
  2. John

1871 Census: Mary A "Lanes", married sister in law, age 37, rag sorter, born Ireland, John Land boarder age 9 scholar born Baltey, George Land boarder age 14 peicner born Batley, Catherine Burns lodger age 40 feeder born Ireland, with William Guida, head age 38, grocer and tea dealer, born Ireland, his wife Margaret age 35 and sons, Edward, age 14 piecner, Michale age 10, William age 6 and John age 4

1881 Census: Keighley Building, Mary Ann Land married age 44, burler, John Land son age 18 spinner, and George Land son age 21 spinner both born Batley.

1891 Census: No

Lunds and/or Lunds and/or Lane in Morley/Churwell

John Land (or Lund) of Morley


Marriage: John Land married Hannah Brook in Batley parish Church on April 18, 1772 (Batley parish BT)

Children: John Land of Morley had:

  1. Richard baptized December 25, 1775 (Morley Chapel). "Richard, Ye son of John Land of Morley, was baptized on December 25, 1775" (Batley Parish Church BT)
Death of Hannah Land: Hannah, the wife of John Land of Morley was buried October 6, 1782, age 49 years (Morley Chapel Records). This means she was born circa 1733.

John Land of Morley/Churwell

  1. Sarah the wife of John Land of Churwell was buried September 6, 1770, age 62 years. This means she was born circa 1708. (Morley Chapel)
  2. A stillborn child of John Lands of Churwell was buried April 29, 1772 (Morley Chapel)

John Lund of Churwell


Marriage: Sara daughter of Lionel and Ann Abson. No marriage on IGI.


  1. Lionel, son of John Lond of Churwell in Batley parish, farmer, and his wife, Sara, who was the daughter of Lionel and Ann Abson was born October 2, 1823 and baptized December 15, 1823 (Churwell Methodist Chapel)
  2. John and Sarah Lund of Rooms Morley had Susanna of John Lund and Sarah born December 3, 1826 and baptized June 14, 1827 (Morley New Chapel)
Tax record: John Lund of Churwell was listed as a Tenant of John Morris in the 1826 tax assessment (film 165792) with a house and land. He was listed until at least 1830.

Joseph Land of Churwell


Marriage: Martha daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Richardson


  1. Joseph Land (or Lane) of Churwell, farmer and his wife Martha, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Richardson had Rachel born November 4, 1727 and baptized April 6, 1826.
John Lund of Churwell miner



Children: John Lund, Churwell miner had:

  1. Joseph, of John Lund of Churwell, miner, and Mary Ann daughter of James and Sarah Westerley was born May 13, 1830 and baptized October 31, 1830.

  • Morley Chapel also known as Old Chapel Independent was located in the Village of Morley in Batley Parish. The records for Morley Chapel Independent are on LDS microfilm 0828147

  • The records for Churwell Methodist Chapel in Batley parish are on LDS microfilm 0816611.

  • Records for Morley New Chapel are on LDS microfilm 0828146. It says the chapel was founded in 1777. The records start in 1811.

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Land Introduction
John Land (1818-1877)
Charles Lewis Land (1797-1844)
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