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George Henry Land, John Land and Their Mother, Mary Ann Land, in Batley Yorkshire and in Philadelphia, Pa.

George Henry Land (born in Batley, England circa 1859 per English censuses), John Land born in Batley, England circa 1863 per English censuses) and their Irish born mother, Mary Ann, were listed in the 1871 and 1881 censuses in Batley, England. In both censuses Mary Ann Land is listed as married but no husband is listed.


  • I could not find Mary Ann or George in the 1861 census in England.

  • There were no standout marriages listed on Free BMD between 1855 and 1859 for Samuel Land and Mary Ann Smyth. I checked all Dewsbury, Bradford, Wakefield and Leeds.

  • There were no birth records on Free BMD for George Land or John Land in Dewsbury (the district covering Batley) between Mar 1858 and Dec 1863. Unfortunately, the parish records as filmed by LDS more or less stop at 1850 and there is the question, since they were Irish; would they have been Roman Catholic?

1861 Census England

Did not find them.

1871 Census Batley, England

Batley, Up Lane with William Guider age 38 tea dealer and grocer, born Ireland, and his family, including his wife, Margaret, age 35 born Ireland, Mary A "Lanes" sister in law, married age 37, rag sorter, born Ireland, John "Land", boarder, age 9, born Batley, George "Land", boarder age 14, piecner born Batley. (There is also a person listed as a "lodger" versus boarder.)


  • It can be inferred from the 1871 census that Mary Ann was the sister of Margaret _______ Guider. Free BMD does not list a marriage of William Guider to Margaret in the right time frame. There is a marriage of William Guider Dewsbury 9b [35]93, Dec 1857 but no wife is listed. There were no births listed for Guider between Mar 1858 and Dec 1861.

  • William Guilder was listed in other censuses but the listings do not give any further clues to Mary Ann Smyth Land: William Guider, head, age 30, stone setter, born Ireland, his wife Margaret age 25, son Edward age 2 and a boarder, Mary Turvy, unmarried, age 26, house servant, born Ireland were listed in Up Lane, Batley in 1861. They were listed in the 1881 census in Low Lane, Gomersall. William age 50, insurance agent, Margaret age 43 were born Ireland their 6 children were born in Batley.

  • In August 2014 Sara Billerey wrote: that she was the descendant of Margaret Anne Guider born circa 1875 in Batley. Margaret Anne was the youngest of six children of William and Margaret Guider.

1881 Census Batley, England

Keighley building Batley: Mary Ann Land, married, age 44, burler, woolen, born Ireland, John Land, son age 18, spinner, born Batley, George Land, age 21, spinner, born Batley


  • They are right next to others born in Ireland including Hugh Kelly and his wife Bridget and children. Is this relevant? There are quite a few people born Ireland on this page. There are also people right after them born in Ireland.
  • She is listed as married; where is the husband? And more importantly, who is the husband?
  • The ages are off between the1871 and 1881 censuses, but the combination of Mary Ann born Ireland and the two sons, George and John, born Batley is strong, as is the fact that there are so few Lands in Batley at the time.
  • Despite the commonality of the names, George, John, and Mary Ann Land do not show up in later censuses in England.
1881 Census: Low Lane Gomersall, Birstal, William Guider 50, insurance agent, born Ireland, Margaret Guider 43, born Ireland, Edward Guider 22, grocer, Michael Guider 19, piecer woolen, William Guider 15, piecer woolen, John Guider 13, Mary Jane Guider 9, Margaret Ann Guider 6, children all born Batley.

Sara Billerey wrote:

"Margaret Ann Guider married Edward Brennan and had two children Gertrude and my Grandfather Edward. Edward married Mary Jane Speight (Janie) in 1931 and my mother Mary Brennan was born in 1932.

Mary Anne and George move to Philadelphia and George has several children Edith, Anne Veronica (Annie) about 1890 and Maurice. Annie marries John Dougherty in ?1907 and their children are Gertrude and my father, John William, born in 1913."

George Land, John Land and Mary Ann Land in Philadelphia

George and Mary Ann do show up is in Philadelphia where it is indicated that George immigrated c 1883 and Mary Ann immigrated circa 1884. John Land immigrated in 1889 according to his naturalization record.

Samuel* Land and Mary Ann Smyth*

*From death record of George Henry Land in 1933.

Birth of Mary Ann Smyth : Unknown Ireland circa 1835

Birth of Samuel Land: Unknown

Marriage to Samuel Land: Uncertain, before 1859

????Samuel Land Spouse's Name Mary Ann Smith Event Date 26 Sep 1858 Event Place West Ardsley, York, England????

?????Morley St. Peters, Samuel Land, bachelor, 17, May 1861, Age 24 Spouse's Name Mary Ann Smith Spouse's Age 26 Event Date 17 May 1861 Event Place Morley, York, England Father's Name John Land, clothier, Spouse's Father's Name Owen (?) Smith, laborer, Marital Status Single Spouse's Marital Status Single???


  1. George Henry Land (1859-1933)

    Birth of George Henry Land: Batley, England circa 1859 son of Mary Ann Smyth born Ireland circa 1835 and Samuel Land

    Who is Samuel Land and when was he born?

    Immigration to USA: Before 1887. He was still in Batley in 1881. In 1930 he listed his immigration date as 1883. He also said he was naturalized.


    George Land, Arrival Date: 29 May 1882, Birth Date: abt 1857, Age: 25, Gender: Male, Ethnicity/ Nationality: English, Place of Origin: England, Port of Departure: Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland, Destination: United States of America, Port of Arrival: New York, New York, Ship Name: Celtic
    Marriage: Mary T. Carney, before 1887. Circa 1880 per 1930 US census. He was still in Batley in 1881.


    1. Edith Land and Charles Fischer

      Edith circa 1887, Pa. Married Charles Fisher
      1961 Death Certificate, Philadelphia, 7350 N 21st st Edith M Fisher, 7. 8. 1961, married born 2. 9. 1885, spouse Charles A Fisher born Pa., father George Land, congestive heart failure rheumatoid arthritis, mother's maiden name Carney, SSN 207-14-2464
      Edith M. Land Event Type Birth Event Date 09 Feb 1885 Event Place Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Gender Female Race W Father's Name George Land Mother's Name Land

    2. Ann Land and John Dougherty
      Ann circa 1889, Pa
      Ann Land Event Type Birth Event Date 06 Apr 1887 Event Place Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Gender Female Father's Name George Land Mother's Name Mary Land

      Marriage: Anne Land married John Dougherty - Anna V Land Spouse: John William Dougherty Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 1907 Marriage License Number: 214958 Digital GSU Number: 4141875
      1. Gertrude, circa 1909 (1910 Census)
      2. John William 1913
      1910 Census: See below.
      1920 Census: See below.

    3. Catherine

      circa 1889 in 1900 census

    4. Maurice Land (1896-) and Sarah Bacon
      Maurice 1896, Pa.
      • He was listed as Morris on the 1910 and 1920 censuses
      Marriage: Sarah Bacon, unknown circa 1925 per 1930 census. Sarah's surnamed provided by Patricia Land March 2006
      Maurice J Land, Gender: Male, Spouse: Sara A Bacon, Spouse Gender: Female, Marriage Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Marriage Year: 1926, Marriage License Number: 535331, Digital GSU Number: 4141769
      1. Jane circa 1927
      2. John circa 1928
      3. Sarah per Patricia Land March 2006
      4. Joseph, per Patricia Land March 2006
      5. James per Patricia Land March 2006
      Other Records: Listed with his parents in the 1910 census and with his sister, Ann Land Dougherty, in 1920
      WWI Draft Registration:
      Maurice J Land, born March 3, 1896, Philadelphia, singe, brakeman subway, Philadelphia and Reading, 5'5", stout, brown eyes brown hair
      1930: Maurice Land was listed in the 1930 Census in Philadelphia Head own, $6,500, radio, age 33, married at 29, retail ----ant own business Sarah, wife age 33 married at 29, Jane age 3 (and some months can't read), John son age 1 and 7 months George. father, age 71 widow, married at 21
      1940: 25th street, , rent, Maurice Land 43, truck driver, spring water, Sara Land 43, Jane Land 13, Jack Land 12, Sally Land 9, Joseph Land 7, James Land 2
      Death of Maurice: MAURICE LAND 03 Mar 1896 Apr 1973 32670 (Florida) (none specified) 176-26-8844 Pennsylvania (SSDI)

    5. Agnes, c. 1897.


    • Children's names and dates of birth taken from the 1900 and 1910 censuses.


    • George H Land, 1890, 130 Dawson Wiss, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Spinner, Publication Title: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1890

    • 1893, George H. Land heater h 138 Dawson, Wiss and John W Land h 130 Dawson Wiss.

    • George H Land 1895 3871 Myk (Manayunk) av Wiss. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Weaver Publication Title: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1895

    • 1900 and 1901 George Land 1901 4104 Pechin Roxb, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Weaver, Publication Title: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1901

    • 130 Dawson street is in the Wissahickon section.

    1900 Census: Philly, Ward 38, George Land was listed in the 1900 at Dobson Old Row. George Land 41, widower, immigrated 1883, naturalized, labourer, woolen mill, Edith M Land 15, twister silk mill, Annie Land 13, winder silk mill, Catharine Land 11, at school, Maurice J Land 4, Mary A Land 65, mother, born Ireland, 5 children 2 still living, immigrated 1882

    1906 & 1907: Philadelphia, Manayunk, church St Stephen George H Land (Journal of the ... Convention of the Protestant Episcopal ..., Volumes 122-123 By Episcopal Church. Diocese of Pennsylvania)

    1910 Census: Ward 38, 3422 Westmoreland Street - rear, George Land, head, age 48, married no other info, born England both parents born England, nationalized, finisher carpet mill, Edith Land, daughter age 23, born Pa father born England mother born Ireland, (same for other children), spooler silk mill "Morris" (sic) Land, son age 14, starcher caret mill, Dougherty, Ann daughter age 21 married 2 years 1 child John Dougherty, son in law age 22 married 2 yrs, officer city duty, Gertrude granddaughter age 1 Agnes Land daughter age 13,

    1920 Census: George Land was listed with his son-in-law, John Dougherty, as follows:

    1. Dougherty, John, head of household, age 30, born in Pa., officer city
    2. Land, George, border, age 51, immigrated in 1880, Nationalized in 1886, born in England, mil---- woolen mill
    3. Land, Edith, sister-in-law, age 32, single, can't read, occupation, born in Pa.
    4. Land, "Morris" (sic), brother-in-law, age 24, single, born Pa, brakeman railroad
    5. Dougherty, Ann, wife, age 30
    6. Doughtery, Gertrude, daughter, age 13
  2. 1930 Census: With Maurice, Immigrated 1883, see Maurice above

    Widowed, born England, immigrated 1883, finisher textile mill, naturalized.

    1933 Death: Philadelphia St. Mary's Hospital, George Land, 3241 W 25th street, widowed, wife, Mary T Carney, born May 22, age 73, retired, born England, father, Samuel Land born England, mother, Mary A Smythe born Ireland, informant Edith M Fisher 7350 N 21st street, buried Westminster Cemetery, pulmonary edema, pronounced toxemia resulting from intestinal obstruction.

    George Land 3241 N 25th street, Westminster Cemetery section eleven gr 4.

  3. John Land born Batley January 12, 1863 died 1918

    Birth: According to his Petition of Naturalization, he was born January 12, 1863.

    Immigration: According to his petition of naturalization, June 1889. Not listed as a passenger.

    Marriage: Anne, date and place unknown.

    Death of Anne Land:

    Date and place unknown, after 1900 before 1910

    Child: Agnes born circa 1897 adopted.

    Naturalization: Delaware County, John Land 5 ft, 5 and a half inches, fair complexion, blue eyes grey hair, wife deceased, 313 W. Somerset street textile worker, born January 12, 1863 Batley, England, immigrated thru Liverpool, 30 June 1889, to Philadelphia, on the British Princess, Petition for Naturalization Media Pa, Common Pleas, Delaware Co., wife Annie, (deceased) born in Bury England, daughter Agnes born February 2, 1897, at Glen Riddle, Pa. lives at 2913 N. 8th Street, Philadelphia, filed July 9, 1914.

    1900: Jeffery Street, Chester, Pa., Land, John, head born May 1865 England, labourer pl--- mill, immigrated 1890, alien, Annie wife, born July 1857, England, married 5 years no children, Agnes, adopted daughter, born Jan 1897, two boarders

    Note: Agnes was listed as "daughter" with George and his family in the 1910 census. George Land 48, Edith Land 23, Morris Land 14, Annie Dougherty 21, John Dougherty 23, Gertrude Dougherty 1, Agnes Land 13

    She was not listed with them in the 1900 census.

    John Land was not on the passenger list of the British Princess when it arrived in Philadelphia on June 18, 1889. John Land was not on the passenger list of the British Princess when it arrived in Philadelphia on July 31, 1889. There were no Lands listed on either trip.

    Death: Funeral Bill John Land, 1305 Adams Ave., age 50, occupation, dyer, died Frankfort Hospital, cause of death not entered, buried St Dominic's, Death Date: 25 May 1918, Burial Date: 28 May 1918, Burial Place: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Organization Name: James J. Nulty & Son, Funeral Directors, Born England, Father: Samuel Land, born England, Mother: Mary A Smith, born Ireland, bill rendered to George Land 2912 W. Wis--- St. Philip (?) coffin and etc., $30, embalming $10, carriages crossed out and grave single internment entered $20, personal attention $5, total $75.

    Death Certificate: John "Lands", widowed, dyer, born England, father Samuel "Land" born England, mother, Mary A Smith born Ireland, informant, George Land, died in Franklin Hospital, May 15, 1918 in hospital from May115, cause of death myocarditis, chronic, burial St. Dominic Cemetery.

    St. Dominic's Cemetery: Roman Ratholic sect I lot 54 gr 3 single internment

  4. Unknown child of _ Land and Mary Ann ____ per 1900 census

  5. Unknown child of _ Land and Mary Ann ____ per 1900 census

  6. Unknown child of _ Land and Mary Ann ____ per 1900 census

  7. Note: In the 1900 census Mary Ann Land said she was the mother of 5 children 2 still living.

The big questions are:
  • Who exactly were they?
  • Did they know and/or were the related to the other Lands who moved from Batley to Philadelphia around the same time?
  • Were they related to the other Lands in Ward 38, Philadelphia

Death of Mary Ann Smith/Smyth Land

She was listed age 65 in the 1900 census at Dobson's Old Row with her son George, 5 children 2 living, born Ireland September 1834, imm 1882, widowed.

Death: Philadelphia, Mary A Land, 3422 Westmoreland st, Ward 38, Aug 4, 1908, uremia, nephintes (?) buried Westminster, date of birth not entered, age 65, no number of months and/or days, widowed, born Ireland, birthplace of father, England, birthplace of mother, Ireland, no names entered.

Note: Age should be closer to 73. However, George Land was living at 3422 Westmoreland street in 1910 and everything else (what little there is, fits). George Land was also buried in Westminster Cemetery.

Mary A Land Death Age: 65 Event Type: Burial Birth Date: abt 1843 Death Date: 1908 Burial Date: 7 Aug 1908 Burial Place: Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA Denomination: Cemetery or Funeral Organization Name: Westminster Cemetery Company

Section Eleven lot 284, E. 1/2 location 5, nearest relative, George Land, Westminster Cemetery

Edward Guiner

Edward Guiner age 45 packer immigrated to Philadelphia June 13, 1904 on the Noordland from Liverpool. Last residence Batley England. Destination cousin George Land Economy Mills Manayunk Phila.

Other Lands in Ward 38, Philadelphia

  1. John William Land (born England 1864) son of Samuel Land and Mary Ann Law Land

    Listed in Ward #38 in the 1900 Census. He was in Ward 39 in 1920 and Ward 46 in 1930.

    John William Land the son of Samuel Land and Mary Ann Law Land born 1864 was in Ward #38 in 1900. See Samuel Land and Mary Ann Law in Philly

  2. Charles H Land (born 1859, Pa.)

    Listed in Ward #38 in the 1900 Census

    Birth: Circa 1859 Pa.

    Marriage: Phosie, date and place unknown, Pa.


    1. Hattie Land and Alfred Biggard
      Birth: Circa 1885, Pa.
      Marriage: Alfred Biggard, date and place unknown, Pa.
      1. ????
    2. Charles R Land
      Birth: Circa 1889, Pa.
      Marriage: Julia, date and place unknown, Pa.
      1. Julia
      1920 Census, Audubon, NJ: 1920 Washington Terrace Audubon, Camden, NJ Charles R Land, head age 30, wood worker cabinet factory, Julia V., wife, age 25 Julia V. daughter, age 2 and 10 mos. All born Pa. Fathers all born Pa, Charles' mother born NJ.
      1930 Census Audubon, NJ: 1930 Washington Terrace Audubon, Camden, NJ Charles R Land,, head age 40, own, $7,000, married at 23, foreman radio factory, Julia V., wife, age 36, married at 19, Julia V. daughter, age 13. Charles R. Jr,, son age 6, All born Pa. Parents all born Pa.

    1900 Census: Ward 38 can't read address, Charles H Land, head, age March 1859, age 41, wool worker, born Pa., Phosie K, wife, October 1857, age 42, Hattie, born --- 1885, Charles R, son, Dec 1889. All of the parents born in Pa. excepts Phosies father born Germany.

    1910: No

    1920: No

    1930 Census: E Atlantic Ave Camden New Jersey Audubon Borough: Alfred Biggard, head own $10,000 age 44, first marriage at age 25, born Pa., school teacher public school, Hattie B Biggard, wife, married first at age 38, born Pa. Charles H Land, father in law, age 71 married at 25, born Pa. Phosie Land, mother in law, age 73 married at 27 born Pa. Leena Ropper, ward, age 17 born NJ, sales woman department store. All Biggard and Land parents born Pa. except father of of Phosie born Germany.

    Other Land in Audubon, NJ:

  3. William A. (or B) Land (born circa 1852 Pa.)

    Listed in Ward #38 in the 1900 Census

    1880: Not listed

    1900 Ward 38:

    Wm A Land, head, April 1852, age 48, ----- commissioner, Elizabeth M, wife, July 1854, age 46, Lillie A daughter, Aug 1873, age 26, all born Pennsylvania,

    1910 Ward 38:

    16th Street, William B. Land, head, age 58 married, at 38, accountant city, Lizzie W, wife, age 56, married at 38, 1 child, 1 child still living, Lillian M daughter age 36 single, age, teacher music. All born Pa all parents born Pa.

    1920 Ward 38:

    16th Street, William head, own, morgage, age 67 married, bookkeeper, mfg Chemist, Lizzie, wife, age 66, Lillian daughter age 46 single, age, teacher of music at home. All born Pa all parents born Pa.

  4. Joseph Land (born circa 1835) and his son, William (born Pa circa 1872)

    Listed in Ward #38 in the 1900 Census

    1900 Ward 38: Anslie Street, Joseph Land, head December 1835, age 64, widow, born can't read birth place it is not either Ireland or England, immigrated 1866, in US 34 years, naturalized, no occupation William P Land son June 1872, father born Ireland, mother born England, inspection insurance, Eva M daughter May 1876, age 24, father born Ireland , mother born England, stenographer

    Joseph not obvious in any other censuses.

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