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Lands in the Early Records in Yorkshire

George Redmonds a noted Yorkshire Genealogist and surname expert said that Land was not a Yorkshire name. A quick review of the IGI shows Lands and DeLands all over England.

Yorkshire is divided into three sections, the East, North and West Ridings. With the exception of Lands listed in Bagby (North Riding) from 1594 to 1664, all the early record for the Lands in Yorkshire are listed in the West Riding. More specifically, most of the early records indicate that the Lands were living in the parishes of Wragby, Ackworth, and Horbury. All these parishes are located very near Wakefield. The earliest known ancestors of Edgar Law Land have been located in the parish of All Saints, Wakefield. The Lands appear in later records in most of the parishes that form a triangle between Wakefield, Leeds, and Batley parishes.

The Ackworth and Horbury Lands are connected. Horbury was a subdivision of Wakefield parish.

Some of the records for Land are listed under Lund and Lond. There was a place called Lund.

"Surname Database" suggests that the name may have derived from early mediaval English for someone who lived in an open place in the forest.

WRAGBY LANDS Earliest Date 1571

The earliest records for the Lands on the IGI are in Wragby. Wragby is a parish in the West Riding of Yorkshire since 1558. It is three and a half miles west of Pontefract and abuts Wakefield parish to the southeast. Wragby is listed on the Yorkshire West Riding parish list as having records from 1538, on the IGI from that date to 1846, and in Boydes marriage index.

I have used the YAS transcription of Wragby parish available at the New York Public Library Genealogy Department and the IGI for the Land records in Wragby.

Thomas Land

Marriage: Unknown, Johanna.

  1. William Lond, the son of Tho Land was baptized the 1st of November 1571 (Wragby Parish Transcription). He must have died as another William was baptized in 1575.
  2. William Londe the son of Thomas Londe was baptized the xij of March 1575. (WPT)
  3. Samuel of Thos Londe was baptized the xxiij of December 1575 (WPT).
    Marriage: Samuel Land married Urseley Cottim in Featherstone in 1601 (IGI).
    1. Anthony Land the son of Samuel Land baptized September 19, 1605.
      Death: Anthony Land, "the sonne to Samuel Land did change his Lyfe" September 24, 1607.
    2. Thomas of Samuel baptized December 7, 1606.
      Death: Thomas Land, "the son of Samuel Land did change his Lyfe" October 10, 1610.
    3. Thomas, the son of Samuel baptized January 20, 1612
      Further Records:
    Death of Ursula Land: : Ursula, the wyfe of Samuel Land was buried February 8, 1617.
    Remarriage: Samuel Land married Dorothy Boothe November 29, 1618.
    1. Jane, of Samuel Land and Dorothy, baptized November 14, 1619.
      Death: Jane Land was buried J--- 1, 1646.
    2. Jennett, of Samuel Land and Dorothy, baptized May 19, 1622.
      Death: Jennett was buried on June 12, 1626.
    Death of Dorothy Land: Dorothy Land was buried on April 20, 1631/2
    Marriage: Samuel Land married Frances Shaw on May 1, 1633.
    1. Elizabeth baptized January 1634.
    Death: Samuel Land was buried December 6, 1635
    Marriage: Frances Land married Samuel Lane May 17, 1636.
    Question: Were all these marriages for one Samuel? The death of Ursula and the marriage to Dorothy fit together date-wise. The death of Dorothy and the marriage to Frances also fit together date-wise. However, Samuel would have been 58 at the time of the marriage to Frances. Was there another Samuel? If it was another Samuel who married Frances in 1636, he was born no later than 1616 and was most likely the son of Samuel and Ursula.
  4. Agnes, filia Thomae Lande et Johanna vxoris (?) eues (?) bapt vicesemo secondo die Mai., 1579 (WPT)
Death of Johanna Land: Johanna Lande was buried June 2, 1587.
Marriage: Thomas Land married Margaret Elliot on June 22, 1589 in Wragby (IGI).
Death of Thomas Land: Unknown

Robert Lunde


  1. Thomas baptized April 1, 1610
  2. William baptized on December 13, 1612
  3. Anne baptized on February 14, 1614
Other Records: Robert Lunde was listed as a church warden in 1604.
Death: Robert Lund was buried June 2, 1646.

Death of the widow Land: Troth (?), the widow of Robert Land was buried August 24, 1661 (WAS)

Other Records

Other records in Wragby that indicate births in the late 1500s for whom there are no baptismal records.

  1. Margaret Land married Ottes Webster May 26, 1607. Margaret was born no later than 1587.
  2. Anne Land married John Stonus January 23, 1609. Ann was born no later than 1589.
  3. Anne Londe (Land), widow, "did change her lyfe" February 17, 1611. Who was her husband?
  4. John Lunde was buried June 18, 1646.
  5. Isabel Land married Robert Oade March 1, 1658. Isabel was born no later than 1638.
  6. John Land married Mary Bevers October 22, 1728. John was born no later than 1708. John Land of Foulby in Wragby parish was listed under the Easter dues for Wragby parish in 1737, no amount (microfilm 1657859). There were no other Lands listed. John Land was not listed after 1737.
There are no further records for the Lands in Wragby in the parish records. The Wragby records are supposed to be on the IGI until 1846.

What happened to the Lands in Wragby parish? Did they die out, move to another parish, or become nonconformists?


The earliest records in Ackworth date to 1606 and are connected to William Land who had several children in Ackworth parish in the early 1600s and then moved to Horbury parish circa 1623. Most of the records listed on the IGI in Ackworth, were connected to William Land.

There is one odd record for Ackworth. According to the IGI, Frances Land was baptized in Ackworth in 1642. There was no father listed. This baptism occurred long after the family of William had moved to Horbury.

Ackworth was (or is) a parish to the east of Wragby. Ackworth is listed on the West Riding parish list as having records from 1558, on the IGI from that date, and not on Boydes marriage list.

Horbury was (or is) a town and a parish within the boundary of Wakefield parish. Horbury is listed on the West Riding parish list from 1598, on the IGI from that date, and on Boydes marriage list from that date.

The records for Horbury were in a series of ledgers. A new ledger began in the year 1689. On the first page of this ledger were several notations including

"Five quarts of wine have usually served at one time for ye sacraments of Midsummer, Michaelmas, and _____, and seven quarts at Easter."

This register also noted that it was a record of the baptisms, marriages, and deaths in the Town of Horbury in the parish of Wakefield.

In the year 1700 there was another notation in the ledger as follows:

"Where as in ye year 1658 there was not above ye number of an hundred families in ye town of Horbury there was in the year 1700 one hundred and fifty so mightily did ye families manage in that short time and with ye did ye poor of ye town accordingly multiply."
William Land

Baptism: The date and place of the birth of William Land are unknown. Given that William describes himself in his will as "being of many years". It is possible that he was the William baptized in Wragby parish in 1575.

Marriage: Unknown, Ann

Occupation: William Land was a Yeoman who lived for some time in the parish of Ackworth and then moved to the parish of Horbury. A yeoman was a farmer who was a freeholder of his land.

Will: At the time he wrote his will in 1639, William described himself as "being of many years of age and crasie in bodie but yet sound and perfect remembrance & mind".

I have a copy of the transcription of the will of William Land Yeoman of Horbury and a copy of his pedigree. Both the will and the pedigree were taken from a publication called "The Wills of Horbury" transcribed and edited by K. S. Bartlett. Additional information on William and his family was taken from a transcription of the Horbury parish records, the Bishop's Transcripts for Horbury parish, and the IGI. The Horbury parish records from 1598 to 1641 are on LDS microfilm 1542270 and have been transcribed by the YAS. The Bishop's Transcripts on the LDS microfilm are very faded for the first section until about 1656 and there are stretches particularly in the 1680s were many pages of the ledgers are not legible. Consequently, I have taken some information from the YAS transcription without being able to verify it in the Bishop's Transcripts. The YAS transcription is available in the Genealogy Department of the New York Public Library.

The will of William Land is as follows:

"In the name of god Amen. The first day of ffebraury in the yeare of our lord God one thousand six hundreth thirtie and nine. I William Land thelder of Horbury in the countie of York Yoem. being of many years of age and crasie in bodie but yet of sound and perfect remembrance & mind (laud and praise be given god for the same) calleing to mind the brevitie of this mortal fife and knowing that nothing is more certain than death and nothing more un certaine then the tyme and houre of death, doe publish declare ordayne and make this my last will and testament containing herein my full mind in manner and forme following.

Ffirst and principallie I commend my soule into the hands and custodie of almightie god my creator assuredly trusting and faith fullie beleeveing through the onely meritte and bloud shedinge of Jesus Christ the second pson in trinitie by blessed Saviour and redeemer to obtain pardon and remission of all my sinnes and everlasting life in the Kingdome of heaven after this transitory life be consummated & ended, and my bodie I comitt to the earth from whence it came and to be decentlie buried at the discretion of my executrixe hereafter noiated and the rest of my friends at and in the chappell or chappell yeard of Horbury if it soe shall please the maiestie of the almightie. And as touching that worldlie estate that god hath bestowed upon me I dispose of the same as ensueth.

Ffirst it is my will and mind that all my lawfull debts which I owe together with my fun'all expences and other church duties be paid and discharged forth of my goods- Itm. My will and mind is that whereas Ann now my wife joint purchasor with me in all that land that wee bought it is my mind that she shall have the same whether it be of the tenure of freehold or coppiehold according to the custeme of the manner of Wakefield for and sureing her n'rall life.

Itm. I give unto William Land my eldest sonne and Valantine Land my second sonne to either of them twelve pence in full satisfaction of the children porcons, and whereas I the said William Land hath heretofore given and granted by my p'sent writeing and confirmed unto my said sonne Valentine Land and to his heirs for ever, one messuage or tenament in Horbury aforesaid now in the tenure and occupation of the said Valentine Land or his assignes, upon condicon that the said Valentine Land his heirs or assignes doe paie or cause to be paid unto the said William Land and Ann now my wife dureing our n'rall life or the longer live of either of us the sume of fifteen shillings And likewise paid or cause to be paid unto Thomas Land my youngest sonne the summe of foure pounds a whole yeare after the decease of me the said William Land or Ann now my wife That then the said gift shall be in ure to the said Valentine and to his heirs & assignes for ever, but if default be made contrarie to the true intent purport and meaning of the said gift and writing Then my will and mind is that my sonne Thomas Land shall enter to the said Messuage or tenement with the appurtenance to have and enjoy the same to his heirs and assignes forever paying unto the said Valentine Land his executors administrators & assignes the full and inst sume of foure pounds within a whole year after the decease of me the said Willm or Ann now my wife.

Itm. I will damise and bequeath unto Elizabeth Sparling, Ann Wood and to Sibbell Land my three daughters either of them twelve pence in full satisffacon of their childs porsons. Itm. I give James Land my third sonne five shillings to my fourth son Cuthbert Land twelve pence and to John Land my fifth sonne twelve pence and to the said Thomas Land my youngest sonne I give will and bequeath to him his heirs and assignes for ever The Broad ley close or so much of the same as is the nature of freehold to have hold possesse and enjoy the said close with all & singular the appurtenance in Horbury affore said to him his heirs and assignes for ever after the decease of me the said William and Ann now my wife.

The residue and remainder of all my goods movable and immovable unbequeathed I give and bequeath the same unto the said Ann Land my loveing wife and I make and appoint the said Ann (jurat) my said wife sole executrix of this my p'sent testament and last will.

In Witnesse whereof I have sett to my hand & seale the day and year first above written

Sealed signed and published in the p'sence and sight of

Richard Kighley, his R mark, Anne Land, her H mark William Land his (an upside down "W" with the middle crossed) mark

Notes on the will:
  • Copyhold is defined by Webster as "a tenure of land by copy of the court role". Freehold is defined by Webster as "a tenure of landed property in absolute possession". A "close" in the sense used in William Land's will was a parcel of land. A messuage was a dwelling house with its outbuildings and land.
  • According to the map accompanying the book of Horbury will, the Broad Ley close was located in the north-east section of the village of Horbury.
  • Very few people in the parish could read or write. Only twelve of the thirty men who served as town officials between 1694 and 1734 were able to sign their own names.
  • The witnesses Richard, Anne and William could not write but made a more elaborated mark the the usual "X"
  • After the death of the testator the will was sent to the court of the Archbishop of York for probate. A copy of the original will was entered in the register book.
Children of William Land: A combination of the will of William Land of Horbury, the parish records, the pedigree (as given in the book of Horbury wills), and the IGI indicate that William Land had 10 children:
  1. William Junior (date unknown) and Ann Wormell
    William Junior, was listed in the will as the eldest son.
    Marriage: William Land married Ann Wormall on November 24, 1629 (BT).
    1. Robert (1630) and ______
      Robert, the son of Wm Land, junior, baptized on September 12, 1630 (BT).
      Marriage: Unknown
      1. John (1656) and _______
        John, the son of Robert Land, was born on March 22 and baptized at Chapplethorpe on April 26, 1656. (Horbury BT)
        Further Records: See below for the possible marriage and children of John Land.
    2. John (1633) and Elizabeth Johnson
      John, of William Land, "Ju" (junior), baptized on January 6, 1632/33 (BT WAS)
      Marriage: John Land, clothier, married Elizabeth Johnson, widow, in Horbury on April 30, 1656 (BT).
      1. Sara, the daughter of John Land, Clothier, born on December 20, 1656 and baptized January 16, 1658. (Horbury parish records)
      2. Grace, the daughter of John Land, clothier, was born on December ___ 1657 and baptized on January 14, 1657/58 (BT).
      Note: The records connected to John are the only ones were an occupation was listed.
    3. Michael (1635) and Grace
      Michael, of William Land, baptized on October 25, 1635 (BT faded).
      Marriage: Unknown, Grace.
      1. Mary, of Michael Land, born October 28, 1660 and baptized on November 8, 1660 (BT).
      2. Robert, of Michael Land, born March 15, 1663 and baptized March 27, 1664 (BT).
      3. Elizabeth of Michael Land baptized October 1666 (BT).
      4. John, the son of Michael Land, baptized May 2, 1670.
      5. Alice, of Michael Land, baptized January 30, 16734/74.
        Further Records: According to the pedigree Alice had a base born child with John Armitage, baptized on April 10, 1699. This is not in the Horbury transcription of the parish records. According to the IGI Alice Land married James Coles in Horbury May 2, 1706.
      6. Richard, the son of Michael Land, baptized March 31, 1677 (BT).
      7. Ellen, of Michael Land, baptized on January 29, 1681.
      8. Thomas, of Michael Land, baptized on October 4, 1684.
      Death: Grace, the wife of Michael Land, was buried on November 15, 1684.
      Bastard Child of Michael Land: According to the pedigree, Michael Land had a "base" child, Michael, by Grace Binns, baptized on September 8, 1694. This baptism is listed on the IGI but not in the transcription.
    4. Samuel, son of William Land Junior, baptized on March 3, 1639.
      Death: Samuel of William Land, junior (remainder of entry illegible) probably reflects a death.
    5. William of William Land, junior, baptized on May 21, 1640.
      Death: William son of William Land was buried on August 13, 1661.
    6. Grace of William Land, junior, baptized on July 16, 1643.
    7. Anne the daughter of William Land, junior baptized on December 4, 1645.
      Death: Anne the daughter of William Land was buried on May 9, 1647.
    8. Jane the daughter of William Land was baptized on August 8, 1648.
      Note: Jane was the last child of William listed on the pedigree. There were however, two other children of William Land listed in the parish records or the IGI.
    9. Jonathan (1653) and _____
      Jonathan "A male child of William Lands born upon Saturday the xv day, Jonathon, the son of the said William Land baptized on Wednesday the xxvj day of October 1653". Note: Jonathan was not listed on the pedigree.
      Marriage: Unknown
      1. Anne baptized on January 12, 1680.
      2. Mary of Jonathan Land baptized on September 9, 1682 (BT).
    Death of Ann Wormall Land: Ann, the wife of William Land buried May 23, 1667.
    Death of william Land Jr: According to the pedigree William Land was buried on August 16, 1661.
  2. Elizabeth, as indicated by the will and pedigree.
    Note: Elizabeth was listed first making it possible that she was the eldest
  3. Prudence, according to the IGI, was baptized in Ackworth on December 18, 1606.
    Note: There is no parent listed in this entry. However, since William was the only Land having children in Ackworth in the early 1600s, Prudence was most likely his daughter. She must have died as a child. She is not mentioned in the pedigree or the will.
  4. Valentine (1609), Anne Brook and Mary Crosteed
    Valintine, according to the IGI, was baptized in Ackworth on November 12, 1609.
    Marriage: Valentine Land married Anne Brooke in Horbury on July 25, 1637 (Horbury parish Records).
    1. Hester, daughter of Valentine Land baptized on March 27, 1638.
      Death: "Easter" the daughter of Valentine Land was buried on March 12, 1656. (Horbury parish Records)
    2. Samuel, the son of Valentine Land baptized on May 16, 1640.
      Death: Samuel, the son of Valentine Land was buried April 25, 1646. (Horbury parish Records)
    Death of Ann Brook Land: Anne, the wife of Valentine Land was buried on July 22, 1643. (Horbury parish Records)
    Marriage: Valentine Land married Mary Crosteed on February 7, 1656.
    Note: According to the IGI Valentine Land married Mary Crosteed in All Saints, Wakefield on February 9, 1645. Check this out. While this record fits very nicely, both the 1662 death of the wife of Valentine and the pedigree give his wife's name as Dorothy. Whatever, Valentine's wife's name was, he subsequently had the following:
    1. Elizabeth, the daughter of Valentine Land was baptized on November 17, 1647.
      Death: Elizabeth the daughter of Valentine Land was buried on January 8, 1647. (Horbury parish records)
    2. Judith, the daughter of Valentine Land was baptized on March 13, 1648. (Horbury parish records).
      Marriage: According to the parish records and the pedigree, Judith married Thomas Hirst on March 30, 1681.
    3. Helen, the daughter of Valentine Land was baptized on May 10, 1651.
      Death: Helen the daughter of Valentine Land was buried December 8, 1656. (Horbury parish records)
    4. John, "A male child of Valentine Land born upon Thursday the xij day, John*, son of said Valentine baptized the xxv day of January 1654" (Horbury parish records)
      Death: John must have died as another John was born in 1657.
    5. Thomas, the son of Valentine Land, was baptized on February 3, 1655.
    6. John, the son of Valentine Land, was born December 28, 1657 and baptized January 5, 1657. (Horbury BT).
      Further Records: See below for the possible marriage and children of John Land.
    7. "A male child of Volantine Land still borne and buried on the 25the September 1661. (Horbury parish records)
    8. "Two male children of Volantine Land borne and buried the 4th day of May 1662" (Horbury BT)
    Death of Dorothy Land: "Dorothy, the wife of Volantine Land was buried the 5th of May 1662." Note: Dorothy obviously died in childbirth.
    Death of Valintine Land: Volantine Land was buried October 30, 1670.
  5. James (1612) and Alice Martiall
    Birth: James, according to the IGI, was baptized in Ackworth on April 5, 1612.
    Marriage: James Land married Alice Martiall on August 7, 1648 in Horbury.
    Children: There were no children listed for James Land.
    Death of James Land: James Land was buried on September 5, 1648.
  6. Thomas (1614) and Helen Vanne
    Birth: Thomas Land, according to the IGI was baptized in Ackworth in 1614.
    Marriage: Thomas Land married Helen Vanne on November 27, 1649 in Horbury.
    Children: I did not find any children born to Thomas and Helen in the Horbury parish records or on the IGI. However, the pedigree says that they were the parents of:
    1. Thomas and Sara Bevers
      Thomas no date of birth listed on the pedigree. There was no record of his baptism in Horbury. I don't know on what bases the pedigree was drawn up and how good it is.
      Note: Thomas, the son of Valentine, was born in 1654. It is possible the records attributed to Thomas, the son of Thomas should be attributed to Thomas, the son of Valentine.
      Marriage: According to the pedigree Thomas married Sara Bevers and the Bishop's Transcript listed the marriage of Thomas Land to Sarah Bevers on December 1, 1679 (BT).
      1. Ann baptized on October 22, 1681(YAS)
        Note: This record was not listed in the BT.
        Death: According to the pedigree, Ann Land was buried June 21, 1702.
      2. John baptized on February 9, 1683/84 (BT).
        Death: John of Thomas Land "deceased" was buried on April 23, 1702 (YAS). The LDS microfilm does not say "deceased". The entry reads John, son of Thomas Land buried March 23, 1702 (BT).
      3. Hannah baptized on July 3, 1685.
        Death: Hannah of Thomas Land "deceased" was buried on June 18, 1698 (parish records).
      4. Joseph and see next entry
        Death: Joseph, the son of Thomas Land was buried on May 22, 1690 (BT).
      5. Sarah baptized on June 28, 1688.
        Death: Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Land was buried on June 7 1690 (BT).
      6. Samuel baptized on August 4, 1691.
        Note: Could be the Samuel having children in WAS in the 1720 and 30s.
      7. Elizabeth baptized on October 21, 1693 (BT).
      8. Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Land was buried June 21, 1694 (BT).
      Death of Thomas Land: Thomas Land was buried on July 23, 1694 (BT and pedigree).
  7. Cuthbert, according to the IGI was baptized in Ackworth on December 25, 1615.
    Note: There was no marriage or children listed for Cuthbert in the parish records. The will of William Land does not mention a wife or children for Cuthbert.
  8. Ann (1618) married John Wood
    Anne Land, according to the IGI was baptized in Ackworth in 1618.
    Marriage: Anne married John Wodde on February 4, 1638. (Horbury parish records and the pedigree).
    1. John baptized December 20, 1640
    2. Grace baptized March 10, 1643 and buried December 28, 1647
    3. Marie baptized February 16, 1646
    Death of John Wood: John Wood was buried December 2, 1649.
    Death: Ann Wood, widow, was buried March 4 1649. If John Wood was buried in December of 1649, how could Ann be a widow at the time of her death in March 1649? Was it March 1649/50?
    Will of Ann Land Wood: Ann Wood the daughter of William Land also left a will. Her will seems to have been oral and written down later. The will as listed in the Wills of Horbury is as follows:
    "The......will of Anne Wood of Horbury deceased made and uttered about the third day of March when she was in pfect rembrance was in these words or worde to the like effect wrigt that she did comitt the tuition of her children & the disposal of her goods & estate unto her mother Anne Land (jurat) and made her the sole executor of this her last will

    Witnesses hereof Robte Mansfield (jurat)
    Anne Land (jurat) with others
    Anne Mansfield

    Note: According to the book on the Horbury wills, Robert Mansfield (1599-1658) was mentioned in the Parish Registers as a schoolmaster and parish clerk. Before 1700 there were few people in the area who could write.
  9. Sibbel or Sybill, according to the IGI, was baptized in Ackworth on November 15, 1620.
    Note: She was listed as a daughter in the will of William Land written in 1647/8. There is no further record on Sybill.
  10. John Lande, son of Wm. Lande, was christened in Horbury on January 12, 1622/23. (Horbury parish record, WAS).
    Note: John was 16 at the time his father's will was written. There was no marriage listed for John in the parish records. The pedigree does not list a marriage or children.
  11. Elizabeth's baptism and marriage are not on the IGI. According to the pedigree, Elizabeth married "Sparling". She was listed on the will of William as Elizabeth Sparling, the daughter of William Land.
    Note: The only record in the parish for Elizabeth Land is the marriage of Elizabeth Land to James Astwicke on August 19, 1631. Who was this Elizabeth? Was this a first marriage of the daughter of William Land? She is the only person in the parish to be of the right age.
Death of William Land the elder: According to the Horbury parish records, William Land "the Elder" was buried on March 1, 1647.
Death of Ann Land: According to the parish records, Anne Land, widow, buried June 15, 1654.

A Side Note

The civil war in England was fought for more or less religious purposes from 1642 to 1649. There was a fair amount of fighting in Yorkshire. Almost every parish in the area had some soldier's burials recorded. There were the following soldiers buried in Horbury.

  1. John Johnson, a Scot soldier buried the third day of August 1643.
  2. John another Scot Soldier buried the 8th of August 1643.
  3. Wm Jowitt a soldier buried the 27 of January 1645.

What happened to the descendents of William Land?

Note: All the other records on the pedigree were recorded in the Church of England records. Some of the children and grandchildren of William and Valentine disappear from the records, there are no marriage, baptisms of deaths connected with them. The following survey only includes the people who appear in the Church of England records at a subsequent date.

  1. William Land, Junior (dob unknown), had several sons who are known to have had children:
    1. Robert (1630) had:
      1. John (1656)
    2. John (1633) who had daughters
    3. Michael (1635) had:
      1. Robert (1663)
      2. John (1670)
      3. Richard (1688)
      4. Thomas (1684)
    4. Jonathan (1653) had daughters

  2. Valentine Land (1609) had two sons who appear to have lived to adulthood:
    1. Thomas who may have had children
    2. John who may have had children
    However, there are no bapitsms recorded for them in the parish records.

    Note: The name Valentine was not used in subsequent generations.

  3. Thomas (1614): The pedigree days that Thomas also had children. However, the parish records do not show children born to Thomas. The child listed in the pedigree was:
    1. Thomas who married Sara Bevers in 1679.

The Next Generation of Land Records in Horbury

The records for the next generation of Lands in Horbury are very sparse indicating that there was either a very small population due to deaths or relocation or they were nonconformists. Nonconformists were allowed at this period to record their own baptisms, but burials and marriages had to be recorded in the Church of England. The number of deaths and marriage for the Lands in the early part of the 1700s for whom there are no baptismal records suggests that there was at least one family of Lands in Horbury who were nonconformists.

There are the following records listed for Land in the second part of the 1600s to the early 1700s.

John Land (dob unknown)

Marriage: There is no marriage record in Horbury for John Land.

  1. Robert, the son of John Land, baptized February 20, 1674 and buried February 24, 1674 (BT).

John Land (1656- to before 1716)

Birth: Son of William born 1657 according to the pedigree.
Note: I do not know where the information in the pedigree comes from or how the compiler knew which John Land was the correct one because there were two possibilities according to the parish records:

  1. John, the son of Valentine (the son of William) born December 28, 1657 and baptized January 5, 1657.
  2. John, the son Robert (the son of William) born March 22 and baptized at Chapplethorpe Horbury on April 26, 1656.

Marriage: John Land married Jennett Townsend on November 6, 1681 (BT).
  1. Thomas, son of John Land, baptized on April 23, 1682 (YAS).
    • I did not find this in the BT. However, the ink is very faded during this period.
    • This was a first son, the choice of the name is interesting
    Death: Thomas of John Land was buried on November 9, 1690 (BT).
    Five year break
  2. Susanna, the daughter of John Land, baptized on April 23, 1687 (BT)
  3. An infant of John Land buried on March 30, 1689 (YAS).
    Notes: I did not find this exact entry. However, there is an entry on the BT that is very hard to read because there is a hole in the page and the ink is faded. What I can make out says "Buried the ___ of William (?) Land, daughter of , John (?) Land, baptized the 12 day of (can't read) February 1689 (BT). It is possible that this represents two entries written on one line.
  4. Judith, of John Land, baptized on March 12, 1690 (YAS).
    Notes: I did not find this in the BT.
  5. Maria, filia of Johannis Land, was baptized on June 7, 1691 (BT).
    Notes: This was not listed in the YAS.
  6. Margaret, daughter of John Land, baptized on September 4, 1692 (BT).
    Marriage: "Michael Binns, a poor man, and Margaret Land, spinster, married by banns published at Wakefield certified by M. Sellele the 26the day of October 1719." (YAS).
    1. John "son of Michael Binns a poor man" baptized November 23, 1723 (YAS).
    2. Grace of Michael Binns labourer baptized April 4, 1731(YAS).
    3. Joseph of Michael Binns buried June 20, 1731 (YAS).
    4. Hannah of Michael Binns, "labourer", December 2, 1732 (YAS).
  7. Sarah of John Land was baptized on September 22, 1695 (BT).
  8. Grace of John Land baptized on January 22, 1698/99 (BT).
  9. Ann of John Land was baptized on June 21, 1702 (BT).
  10. John of John Land baptized on March 3, 1705/06 (BT).
    Notes: Could be the person having children in WAS in the 1730s

Death Record: There is no death record for John Land between 1705 and 1716.

Death of Jennett Land: Jennet Land, widow, was buried on August 18, 1716 (YAS).

Other Odd Land Records 1996 to 1730

  1. Johannes Land was buried the first day of August 1696 (BT). This was not listed in the YAS.
  2. Jane Land married Matthew Knoles on April 15, 1690 (BT). Based on an age of twenty at the time of her marriage, Jane was born no later than 1670.
  3. Alice Land married James Scoles on May 2, 1706 (BT). Based on an age of twenty at the time of her marriage Alice was born no later than 1686.
  4. Alice, the wife of John Land was buried July 5, 1708 (BT) Which, John Land, was her husband? John Land married Alice Hanson October 23, 1694, Sandal Magna (IGI).
  5. Samuel Land was buried February 14, 1711/12 (BT). This could have been the son of Thomas baptized in 1691.
  6. Sara , the wife of John Land was buried March 21, 1714/15 (BT) Who was Sarah's husband?
  7. John Land married Sarah Land on January 16, 1715. Who were John and Sarah Land and where did they come from? Based on an age of twenty at the time of their marriage, John and Sarah were born no later than 1695. Sarah could have been the daughter of John baptized in 1695. More on John Land and Sarah Land below.
  8. Sarah Land of Horbury married "Charles Denton of ye parish of Sandal Collier" July 29, 1722 (YAS). The IGI lists the marriage in both Horbury and "Hornby by Bedale". Based on an age of twenty at the time of her marriage Sarah was born no later than 1702.
  9. Judith Land married Mathias Burton by banns October 31, 1730 (YAS). Based on an age of twenty at the time of her marriage Judith was born no later than 1710.

John Land (Dob Unknonw-dod unknonw) "poor man" and Labourer

Birth: The pedigree of William Land suggests that John Land may have been the son of Michael baptized in 1670. This is indicated by a doted line from John to John rather than a solid line. This would have made him 45 when he was married and 63 when his last child was born. I do not find this believable. This indication on the pedigree makes me suspect that most of the information on the pedigree was taken from the Church of England records.

Marriage: John Land and Sarah Land were married on January 16, 1715.

The only Sarah in the records in Horbury was the daughter of John and Jennett born in 1695. It is of course possible that either John or Sarah was born in another parish of that the thier baptism were unrecorded for some reason such as nonconformist congregation.


  1. Mary baptized on December 26, 1716 (BT).
  2. "Samuel" son of John Land, "a poor man" was baptized on December 26, 1716.
    Death: "Samuel, son of John Land, day labourer buried June 17, 1721"
  3. Hannah of John Land "labourer" baptized February 10, 1724 (YAS).
  4. William of John Land, "labourer" baptized March 14, 1730 (YAS)
  5. John son of John Land "labourer", baptized May 26, 1733 (BT).

Death of John Land: Not found

Death of Sarah Land: Sarah Land, "widow" buried on May 10, 1744.

Note: The IGI lists Joseph, the son of John Land, baptized on November 11, 1734. However, there are no listings for Land in the parish records between 1733 and 1755 except the burial of Sarah in 1744.

Listings Between 1755 and 1759

There are only a handful of listings for Land in Horbury between 1755 and 1759 as follows:

  1. Samuel Land had:
    1. Frances baptized on February 5, 1755, no other information (BT). Frances Land married William Wormall in Sandal Magna September 10, 1775 (IGI)
  2. John Land who had:
    1. James baptized October 20, 1755, no other information (BT). Could be James who married Hannah Illingworth in WAS in 1777. see WAS.
  3. Mary baptized on September 14, 1757, no other information (BT)
  4. William baptized on September 9, 1759, no other information (BT).
  5. William Land had twin sons
    1. John and
    2. William baptized April 30, 1758, no other information (BT).
Later Records in Horbury

There are no listings for Land between 1759 and 1795, a period of forty years. There may have been children born during this period as there are several Lands having children in the 1790s. However, it is possible that the Lands living in Horbury in the late 1700s were nonconformists or that they had moved out of the parish.

Of the Lands in Horbury in these latter records most were connected to the cloth industry. The only person designated as a clothier in previous generations was John Land, clothier, who married Elizabeth Johnson, widow, in Horbury on April 30, 1656 and had Sara in 1656 and Grace in 1657, a hundred and thirty nine years before!

There were no Lands listed in the Horbury parish pews in 1790 (Microfilm 1657859)

George (dob unknown- dod unknown) spinner and weaver children between 1795 and 1810)

Birth: Unknown. No later than 1774

It is possible that George was the son of William baptized in Dewsbury in 1772.

Occupation: George Land was listed in the records as a spinner, clothier and weaver.

Marriage: George married Mary Atkinson on Feburay 17, 1794 in All Saints, Wakefield. (IGI) Children:

  1. Ann, of George Land, spinner, baptized November 22, 1795 (BT).
  2. Joseph Atkinson Land, the son of George Land, clothier, and Mary, his wife, baptized October 29, 1799 (YAS). Joseph was obviously named after someone on Mary's side of the family.
  3. Sarah, the daughter of George Land, clothier, and Mary his wife, baptized on October 27
    Buried on October 29, 1799 (YAS).
  4. Hannah, the daughter of George Land, spinner and Mary, baptized on February 1, 1801 (YAS).
  5. William, the son of George Land, weaver, and Mary, baptized on July 17, 1803 (YAS).
  6. George, the son of George Land, weaver, and Mary, baptized on November 10, 1805 (YAS).
    1851 Census: Yeadon Parrott Row, George head, married age 45, slubber, born Horbury, Bessy, wife, age 38, born Wakefield, Mary daughter,age 16, factory girl, born Wortley, Martha daughter, age 14, factory girl, born Wortley, Ann daughter, age 11, scholar, born Bramley, Jo ? son, age 2, born Huddersfield
    1861 Census: Stocks Hill Menston , George head, married age 54, slubber, born Horbury, Elizabeth, wife, age 48, born Ossett, Martha daughter, age 23, woolen cloth weaver, born Wortley, Ann daughter, age 19, woolen cloth weaver, born Bramley, Joe son, age 12, scholar, born Huddersfield, Roda age 9 born Burlingwood, Sarah Waller granddaughter age 2 Amelia D Land, daughter age under 1 month for Menston
  7. John, the son of George Land spinner and Mary, baptized June 6, 1808 (YAS).
  8. Benjamin, the son of George Land, weaver, and Mary, baptized on August 11, 1810.
    Marriage: Benjamin married Mary Miller in WAS in 1832.
    Children: ????
    1861 Census: Canal Side Leeds, Benajmin Land head age 40 overlooker, born Horbury, Mary wife age 48 born Wortley, and a lodger, Mary Mellor age 26 milliner, born Rippondon
    1861 Census: Armley, Benajmin Land, head, age 50, overlooker born Horbury, Mary wife, age 55 born Halifax

Death: New Zion Wakefield ???? See John Land and early records in Wakefield

John Land Clothier (dob unknown - 1807)

John Land, Clothier, was buried on February 12, 1807 (BT).

Question: Was this John Land the father of Charles Land?

John Land born circa 1797 and James Land born circa 1802 in Halifax, living in Horbury

  • John Land clothier/weaver (1797 - dod unknown) and Avey Sheard, Halifax and Horbury clothier, blanket weaver

    Birth: 1797 Halifax. No listing in Halifax on IGI.
    Marriage: John Land, clothier/weaver, married Avey Sheard in Wakefield in 1817. Avey was also known as Ave.
    Occupation: John Land was listed on all the baptisms as either a clothier or a weaver.

    1. George August 24, 1817 (Horbury BT)
      1861 Census: Horbury Bridge Horbury, George Land head, widow age 41 cloth miller (woolen) born Horbury, Ann daughter age 22 rag picker born Osett, John son age 18, woolen feeder, George son age 13 wool pricer, Mary daughter age 10, scholar, and Elizabeth Smith mother in law, widow age 58, all born Osett
      1891 Census Temperance St Leeds, George Land, head age 74 cloth fuller born Horbury, Maria wife age 64 milliner born Ireland, Cork
      Eight year break
    2. William October 16, 1825 (Horbury BT)
      Further Records: In 1841 census with his parents.
    3. Mary June 15, 1828 (Horbury BT). Married Percivall Terry per 1851 Census
    4. Jesse Land and Hannah _______
      Birth: Jesse Twin of Joseph
      Further Records: in 1841 and 1851 Censuses with parents
      Marriage: Hannah ____
      1. John B
      2. Elizabeth
      3. Thomas Land and Sarah _______
        Birth: Thomas circa 1863
        Marriage: Sarah
        1. Bertha A
        2. Herbert - My father was Herbert and Eveline Lawton's son JACK. He had a younger sister MARY and older brother Kenneth. Jack married my mother KATHLEEN SHEARD in Dewsbury in 1941, and I was born in 1951 in 14 George Street, Ossett, and baptised at Ossett Cong. Chapel. Dad died in 1998 aged 84. Great age for a miner!
          I married Peter D'Arcy in 1971 and have two sons, Robert Peter, born 25th July 1976, and Andrew Christopher, born 27th April 1979.(Julie Darcy, November 2006)
        3. Samuel - Sam had a family in Batley daughters MOLLIE and RENEE (Julie Darcy, November 2006)
        4. Charles - Charles had one daughter Dorothy, married a Cong minister, Geoffrey Tillotson and they had no children. I think there was a step-daughter called LOUI who emigrated to Australia and married a sheep farmer- again, no children, and I have no other knowledge of her. (Julie Darcy, November 2006)
        5. George - married a Catholic and was banished from the family - had FRANK and JEAN, in Wakefield (Julie Darcy, November 2006)
        In December 1017 Julia D'Arcy wrote: " I managed to meet Dorothy Tillison some time ago and learned she had two children with Geoffrey - 1 male 1 female We now have two granddaughters, Edie Florence Catherine and Rosa Renee, to Robert and Amy (nee Ladds). My youngest son Andrew married Catherine Beeton in 2015 in Gilling West Church, Richmond, N Yorkshire."
        1891 Census: Ossett, Park Sq. Thomas Land, head age 28, cloth percher wool, Sarah wife age 28, Bertha A daughter age 5, Herbert son age 3, Samuel son age 1, all born Ossett.
        1901 Census; Manor Lane Ossett, Thomas head, age 38, woolen --per worker, Sarah age 38, Bertha age 15, rag sorter, Herbert age 13, news boy hawk, Samuel age 11, Charles "F" (?) son age 9, George E, son age 7, all born Ossett.
      4. William
      5. Ann
      6. Jane
      7. Mary
      1861 Census: Pale side, Ossett cum Gawthorpe, Jesse Land head, age 29, blanket weaver, born Horbury, Hannah wife age 29 dress maker, Elizabeth daughter age 2 mo. both born Osett.
      1871 Census: Upper St. Pale side, Ossett cum Gawthorpe, Jesse Land head, age 39, woolen spinner, age 39, born Ossett, Hannah wife age 40, John B, 11, Elizabeth, 7, Thomas, 8, William, 6, Ann E., 4, Jane, 2, and Mary H, 7 mos. Elizabeth daughter age 2 mo. both born Ossett.
      1881 Census: Dale , Ossett cum Gawthorpe, Jesse Land head, age 39, blanket weaver, born Horbury, age 50, Hannah wife age 50, dress maker, John B, 21, condenser minder Elizabeth, 17, rag sorter, Thomas, 18, cloth weaver, William, 16, cloth weaver, Ann E., 14, rag sorter, Jane, 12, scholar, and Mary H, 10, scholar, all born Ossett. Elizabeth daughter age 2 mo. both born Ossett.
    5. Joseph October 14, 1832 (Horbury BT)
      Death: No listed in the 1841 Census
    6. Anne June 7, 1835 (Horbury BT)
      Death: Not listed 1841 Census
    7. John, of John Land, Ossett clothier, and Avey, July 3 1836 (Horbury BT)
      1851, 1861, and 1871 Censuses: See below.
      1881 Censuses: John age 44 blanket weaver, born Ossett and Charlotte his wife age 44 on Wakefield Rd in Osset cum Gawhrope.
      Note: See other Lands in Osset below.

    1841 Census: Low Street Ossett, John Land, age 40, clothier, Avey, age 40, William age 15, Nancy, age 15, Jesse, age 8 John, age 5

    1851 Census: Low Street Osett, John Land, head, age 54, hand loom weaver flaneel, Halifax Avery, wife, age 54, Horbury, Jesse, son, age 18, cloth fuller, Horbury, John son, age 14 engine tender, Osett, Percival Terry son in law, married, age 24, blanket razer, Gawthorpe, Mary Terry daughter married, age 23, Horbury

    1861 Census: Upper Street Ossett cum Gawthrope, John Land, head, age 62, blanket weaver, Halifax Avery, wife, age 62, Horbury, John son, age 24 blanket weaver, Osett

    Death of John Land:

    1871 Census: Street side Ossett cum Gawthrope, John Land, head, age 34, blanket weaver, born Osett, Charlotte, wife age 34, burler, born Stanley, Anne mother widow, age 74, annuitant, born Horbury

  • James Land weaver/woolcomber (1802- dod unknown) and Hannah, Halifax and Horbury wool comber

    Birth: 1802 Halifax. No listing in Halifax on IGI.
    Marriage: Unknown, Hannah
    Childrem: James Land, of Horbury who was listed as either a weaver or a woolcomber, and Hannah had

    1. Charlotte October 1821(BT)
    2. Sarah December 1822 (BT)
    3. Mary Ann February 1825 (BT)
    4. William March 1826 (BT)
    5. James May 1830 (BT)

    1851 census: Clanter Gate township of Horbury, James head, 49, wool comber born Halifax, Hannah wife, 49, Sarah, 28, woolen reeler, James, 20, wool comber, feeder Elizabeth, 13, scholar, Emma, 11, scholar, Mary, 9, scholar, Ellen, 5, all born Horbury

William Land (1821) weaver and Ellen Gigham

Birth: Unknown born circa 1821 Ossett, son of John. William son of John and Mary born Rothwell 21 July 1822 is the only potential listing on the iGI.

Marriage: William Land, full age, bachelor, Horbury, weaver, son of John Land, weaver, married, Ellen Gigham, full age, spinster, Horbury, daughter of Joseph Gigham, weaver, on October, 15, 1843 in the Parish Church Wakefield, see Wakefield below.
Note: For William to be "full age" he had to have been 21 which means he was born no later than 1822 so it can't be William son of John baptized in 1825 unless William was 3 years old at the time of the baptism.

Children: William Land Horbury clothier and Ellen had:

  1. Sarah April 1844 (BT)

1851 Census: William Land age 30, listed with Joseph Gigham, head, married ,age 62, clothier woolen, Jane, wife, age 66, Sarah Land granddaughter, age 7, Edward grandson, age 4, John grandson age 2, all born Horbury, and William, son in law, (mo marital status), age 30, clothier woolen, born Osett,

Sarah Land, married Jacob Ward (dob unknown - dod unknown)

Birth: No later than 1820
Marriage: Sarah Land married Jacob Ward March 1820 (YAS). Based on an age of twenty at the time of her marriage Sarah was born no later than 1800.

John Land, miner, and Mary (dob unknown - dod unknown)

Birth: Unknown
Marriage: Mary

  1. Elizabeth July 1824 (BT)

Joseph Land, labourer, and Ann (dob unknown - dod unknown)

Birth: Unknown
Marriage: Ann

  1. Sarah Ann June 1853 (BT).

BAGBY LANDS Earliest Date 1594

Bagby was a Chapelry in the parish of Kirley Knowles in the North Riding of Yorkshire since 1556. Since the Lands I am seeking seem to be concentrated in or near Wakefield, it is likely that the Lands in Bagby are not the Lands I am seeking. The following information was taken from the IGI. I have not checked the parish records.

Richard Land, Bagby


  1. Anne in 1594
  2. Dorothy in 1599
  3. Benedict in 1603
  4. Jane in 1623. This may be a second Richard

Brian Land Bagby

Marriage: There was a Brian Land who married Helen Bedford in Thornhill by Dewsbury in 1635

  1. John in Bagby in 1664


Of the following records, dating between 1605 and 1695, the majority are marriages. Since marriages often seem to have occurred in a parish other than where a person was born, it can be assumed that the persons involved were not necessarily born in the parish where they married. Of the 15 listings below only four reflect baptisms. In one of these listings it is questionable if the name is Lang or Land. Since there were no other Lands in this parish, it is likely that the name was actually Lang. Another listing is for Kippax parish which was in the North Riding. Consequently, it seems likely that these Lands were related to the Lands in Bagby, and not to the Lands in and around Wakefield. This leaves only the listings in Dent and Almondbury parish as likely connections to the "Wakefield area" Lands. There is only one baptism connected to both these parishes.
  1. Henry Land married Margaret Jennings in Horton in Ribblesdale in 1605. I did not locate this parish which is listed in the West Riding. Records from 1556, on IGI from that date, on Boydes from 1667.
  2. Isabelle Land married James Hoyel in Huddersfield in 1623. Huddersfield is in the West Riding, southeast of Halifax, west of Kirkheaton.
  3. Robert Land married Mary Shelleto on Featherstone in 1633. Featherstone is in the West Riding, north of Wragby.
  4. Thomas Land was baptized in Dent parish in 1634. Dent is in the most northwestern section of the West Riding. Something is incorrect with this record. I don't have a father and I can't re-find the baptism of Thomas. It is not important at this stage, if ever.
  5. Mary Land married Richard Tomlinson in Gargave in 1653. Gargave is in the West Riding. I did not locate this parish.
  6. Alice Land married Thomas Dowesser in Brompton by Sawdon in 1657. Brompton by Sawdon is in the North Riding.
  7. Marie Land married Raiphe Camplinge in Lythe in 1658. Lythe in the northeast of the North riding..
  8. Marie Land married James Naylor in Halifax in 1674. Halifax was a major city and a parish on the westernmost side of the West Riding.
  9. Joseph of John Lang (?) was baptized 1675 in Elland. There are no other records for Lands in Elland until a much later date. Elland is southeast of Halifax.
  10. Mary Land married William Cotterill in Londesborough in 1685. Londesborough is neither in the West Riding or the North Riding.
  11. Phoebe Land married Robert Marshall in Barnby Dun in 1688. Barnby Dun is east of Wakefield, near Hatfield in the West Riding. No other Lands in the records until much later.
  12. Thomas Land married Elizabeth Hallelay in Walton in Ainsty in 1690. Walton in Ainsty is neither in the West Riding or the North Riding.
  13. Thomas Land of Kippax (In the North Riding east of Leeds) had:
    1. Dorothy in Kippax in 1693
    2. Thomas in Kippax in 1694.
    3. John in Kippax in 1696
    4. Robert in Kippax in 1700
  14. Thomas Land married Martha Hages in Kippax in 1703.
  15. John Land of Almondbury had:
    1. John baptized in Almondbury in 1695. Almondbury is in the West Riding southeast of Halifax.


The first known Land ancestors lived in Wakefield. For information on the Land records in Wakefield go to Land Records in Wakefield

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Charles Land born 1767

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