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Dinah Kirk (born 1715) the daughter of Jonathan Kirk, married Jonas Sheard. Jonas Sheard and Dinah Kirk were the parents of Michael born 1742. Michael Sheard was the father of Lydia born 1781. Lydia Sheard and Benjamin Law were the parents of William born 1809. William Law was the father of Lydia born 1836. Lydia Law and John Land were the parents of Law Land born 1858.

The Name Kirk

Kirk was a place name. There was a village named Kirk south west of Birstall.

George Redmonds does not give any listing for the name Kirk in either of the two books I have as of June 3, 2000.

Robert Kirk, Long Liversedge (16??-1696)




  1. Joshua, of Robert Kirk of Long Liversedge, baptized on April 5, 1657

  2. Mary, of Robert Kirk of Eddercliffe, baptized on November 30, 1659

  3. Judith, of Robert Kirk of Ethercliffe, buried on April 24, 1673

  4. Joshua, of Robert Kirk of Littletown, buried on June 11, 1681

  5. Martha (Per Bette McKeown, September 2007) circa 1660


    1. Jonathan Kirk, Little Liversedge and Heckmondwike (c1681-1742)

      Baptism: 13 December 1677 Jonathan bastard of Martha Kirke and Christopher Sale of Huddersfield parish (Parish Register of Birstall Vol 2 1636-1687, Yorkshire Archaeological Society)

      In September 2007 Bette McKeown emailed to reaffirm this record. She said in part

      "In 1980's to 1988 I had to employ a researcher for Wakefield and York depositeries, they used actual registers but owing to condition of same they began filming them about 1987.......... out of the register at Wakefield not the transcriptions re........ Jonathan Kirk son of Martha Kirk base son bpt 13 Dec 1677 of Long Liversedge at Birstall P. Ch. reputed Father Christopher Sale(Saille) of Hudersfield. Martha did marry Joshua Nichols 25 Jan 1781 Birstall she was the daughter of Robert Kirk of Long Liversedge. I too found no further trace of Robert - the civil war was to blame for many missing records."

      Marriage of Jonathan Kirk


      Children of Jonathan Kirk

      1. Robert, son of Jonathan Kirk, baptized on March 1, 1701 (BT)

        Note: The PRB 1687-1724 listed Jonathan Kirk of LT (Little Liveredge)

        Death: Robert s of Jonathan Kirke of H (Heckmondwick) buried April 15, 1708 (PRB 1687-1724)

      2. John of Jonathan Kirke of LT (Littletown), May 9, 1703 (PRB 1687-1724)

      3. Joshua, son of Jonathan Kirke of Little Liversforge, baptized on April 29, 1705

        Note: LT or Littletown in PRB 1687-1724

      4. Jonathan Kirk

        Jonathan of Jonathan Kierke of H (Heckmondwick), September 28, 1707

        Marriage: Mary Nettleton, September 6, 1732, Birstall (IGI)


        1. Mary daughter of Jonathan Kirk jun of Heckmondwike buried July 9, 1740
      5. Mary d Jonathan Kirke of L, March 16, 1711/12 ( Parish Register of Birstall 1687-1724 transcribed by Hartley Twaite)

        Death: Mary of Jonathan Kirke of H (Hechmondwick) buried April 21, 1712

      6. Judith, d Jonathan Kirke of L, May 10, 1713 ( BT and Parish Register of Birstall 1687-1724 transcribed by Hartley Twaite)

        Death: Judith d Jonathan Kirke of L Parke buried March 29, 1714 ( Parish Register of Birstall 1687-1724 transcribed by Hartley Twaite)

      7. Dinah Kirk★ (1715-) and Jonas Sheard★

        Birth: Dinah d Jonathan Kirke of L Smythes was baptized on October 23, 1715 Parish Register of Birstall 1687-1724 transcribed by Hartley Twaite)

        Note: This baptism was not listed in the Bishops Transcripts available on LDS microfilm.

        Dinah daughter of Jonathan Kirke of Liversedge Smythies 23 October 1715 (Parish Records,, October 2011)


        Jonas Sheard of Greater Gomersall married Dinah Kirk on November 19, 1739 in Birstall Parish (BT).

        Children: See Jonas Sheard

      8. Betty, "d Jonathan Kirke of L", June 14, 1716 (BT) Betty "d Jonathan Kirke of L Smythes" (Parish Register of Birstall 1687-1724 transcribed by Hartley Twaite)

      9. Hannah

        Baptism not listed in the BT or Parish Records

        Death: Hannah, "d Jonathan Kirk of L" buried March 23, 1721/22 (BT) Hannah d Jonathan Kirk of L Smithes buried March 23, 1721/22

      10. Ann, "daughter of Jonathan Kirk of Liversedge" was August 18, 1723 (Bishop's Transcripts)

      Death of Jonathan Kirk Jonathan Kirk of Liversedge Park buried 6 June 1742

    Marriage of Martha Kirk: Martha Kirke married Joshua Nicholas on January 25, 1682

    Children of Joshua Nicholas :

    1. Mary of Joshua Nicolls of Lt 18 June 1682 (YAS)

      Marriage: Mary Nickolse (sic) and John Blackburne of (blank) 15 June 1707

    2. Joshua of Joshua Nichoals of LT 4 May 1684 (YAS)

      Death: Joshua of Joshua Nichols of LT 29 September 1684

    3. John of Joshua Nicolls of LT 25 October 1685 (YAS)

    Death of Joshua Nicholas:

    Another Bastard of Martha Kirk: The burial of a bastard child of Joshua Nichols wife of LT 21 November 1690 (YAS)

Death: Robert Kirk of LT buried August 30, 1695 (PRB 1687-1724)

Odd Kirk Records Liversedge

Mary Kirk of Long Liversedge was buried October 6, 1703

Note: The records for 1718 and 1719 are missing from the Birstall Parish Bishops Transcripts on LDS microfilm #0990863

Records for Kirk in Birstall Parish

There are very few Kirks in the Birstall parish records. However the name seems to be an old one in the area. The Pool tax of 1379 in Batley parish included the name Johannes de Kirk and wife who paid the lowest tax rate.

The only entries in the Birstall Parish records in the 1500's are:

  1. The burial of the wife of William Kirk of Drighlington on January 7, 1584
  2. The burial of the wife of William Kirk of Adwalton on December 31, 1589

Where are the Kirks from 1379 until 1584?

The next time the name appears in the records is not until 1657, a period of 68 years.

Between 1657 and 1724 (in addition to the records for Jonathan Kirk) the following entries were made for the name, Kirk, in Birstall parish:

John Kirk, Adwalton


  1. Elizabeth, of John Kirk of Adwalton, baptized on February 12, 1668
  2. Daughter of John Kirk of Adwalton, January 29, 1670
  3. Ellen, of John Kirk of Adwalton, baptized on January 19, 1680 and buried on February 19, 1680

Joseph Kirk

Joseph Kirke of Leeds and Sarah Peele married October 1, 1721

Batley Parish

While the Kirks were listed in Batley in 1379, there were no Kirks listed in the Batley parish records from 1560 until at least 1690.

Dewsbury Parish

  1. Christoher Kirk married Ellinge Naylor Jan 30 1581
  2. Elizabeth of Xpher Kirk baptized vijth day August 1611
  3. Thomas Kyrke married Alice Hall ye xxiijth of May 1615
  4. Edward son of Xpher Kirke baptized ye viijth day on Care (?) Sunday March 1615
  5. Edward son of Xphor Kirke buried ye day at night Jacobi regiis viij July 1616
  6. Joseph son of Christopher Kirk baptized ye xxvijth Sonday after St James's day 1617. Jacobi Regiis decimo quarto, Julye
  7. Samuel Glover married Anne Kirk 28th day July 1647

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