John Stell (born Keighley 1690)

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John Stell (1690 - ) and Mary Jackson

In August 2007 Anne Leedam, a Stell descendent, contacted me with additional information on the Stell family. Anne's information is written blue.

John Stell, Birth 1690

John Stell, the son of John (or Joseph) Stell, was baptized on March 16, 1690 in Keighley Parish.


  • Unfortunately, 1690 is missing from the LDS microfilm. The information was taken from the YAS transcription of the parish records and the LDS parish index.
  • Father listed as "Jo." in the LDS parish index and as "Joseph" in the YAS transcriptions.
  • John Stell (born 1690) is obviously connected to his descendants, Joseph Stell and George Stell, by virtue of the occupations, place of residence, and the Keighley Independent Chapel connections of his children and grandchildren.

John Stell, Marriage, 1716 Mary Jackson

John Stell married Mary Jackson on April 19, 1715 in St. Andrews in Keighley.

More on Mary Jackson: Based on an age of 20 at the time of her marriage in 1716 Mary Jackson was born no later than 1696. The only Jackson having children in the parish at that time was Avary Jackson who had a daughter Mary in 1688. It is not certain that this is the correct record for the birth of Mary Jackson. The records at that point do not contain much information and rarely give more than the name of the child, the name of the father and the date of baptism. The first record for the name, Jackson, in Keighley Parish was Agnes the daughter of Christopher baptized in 1599.

Note: Christopher Jackson married Isabelle Stell 8 May 1599.

Children of John Stell and Mary Jackson

  1. John Stell, weaver woolcomber, (1716-) and Ann Clough, Fellane and Bingley

    Baptism: John, the son of John Stell, was baptized on October 17, 1716 (Church of England).

    Occupation: Weaver and wool comber.

    Note: John Stell was listed as a comber and wool comber at the baptisms of his children in 1747 and 1749. These were the first records for Stells listed as wool combers. Unfortunately, occupations were not always listed in the parish indexes.

    Residence: Fellane and Bingley. The town of Bingley is a few miles south east of Keighley on the road to Leeds. It is in a separate parish. There were other Stells in this branch of the family connected to Bingley.

    In December 2006 Christine Dowthwaite wrote

    "Although you know that Bingley is a small town about 3 miles from Keighley along the Aire Valley you are probably not aware that at one time Bingley Parish extended well over towards Keighley and ended only about one mile from Fell Lane. Because parishes were so much more important as a local government unit in those days someone could be described as living in a certain parish, even though geographically they were nearer to another town or village. So someone could live in Fell Lane and move to Bingley parish in about a 30 minute walk. I am not saying that is what happened in this case, but they did not necessarily have to travel for miles.
    Church: Church of England

    Marriage: John Stell married Anne Clough on September 30, 1741 (CE)

    Note: Several baptisms listed on the IGI for Anne Clough in the area and right time frame.


    1. The name of their first child looks like "Hadiale", son of John Stell, weaver, baptized on July 31, 1743 (CE). Not listed by LDS on the Parish Indexes.
    2. John, the son of John Stell, weaver, was buried on December 18, 1743 (CE).
    3. Ann, the daughter of John Stell, weaver, was baptized on May 20, 1744 (CE).
      Further Record: No marriage in later Keighley records
    4. Sarah, the daughter of John Stell of, Bingley, was baptized on December 1, 1745 (CE).
    5. William Stell
      Birth: William, the son of John Stell, comber, was baptized on April 29, 1747 (CE).
      Note: It is possible, even highly likely, that this William Stell married and had children in Keighley parish. The difficulty of establishing this fact with complete certitude is that there were two William Stells born at this time. See William Stell below
    6. John Stell, (1748-) and Phebe Hebden, Fell Lane
      Birth: John, the son of John Stell and Ann, (no other information) was baptized on June 29, 1748 (CE).
      Occupation: Unknown
      Residence: Fell Lane
      Marriage: John Stell, bachelor, married Phebe Hebden, spinster and minor, on August 15, 1769. Witnesses: William Stell and Joshua Keighley (CE).
      Note: No appropriate baptism on IGI
      Children: The Bishops Transcripts indicate that they had:
      1. Anne of John Stell and Phebe of Fell Lane, 22 Jul 1770
        Death: Ann daughter of John Stell of Fellane October ?, 1770
      2. Sally of John Stell and Phebe of Fell Lane, 19 January 1775
        Death: Sally of John Stell of Fell Lane 24 January 1775
      3. John and
      4. Phebe, twins, in 1777
    7. Hannah, the daughter of John Stell and Anne, wool comber, was baptized on April 5, 1749 (CE).
      Death: Hannah daughter of John Stell of Bingley buried March 30, 1750
    8. Michael son of John Stell of Fell Lane buried 26 May 1754 (CE)
    9. Michael son of John Stell of Fell Lane buried 12 June 1758
    10. Thomas of John Stell and Anne 5 July 1759 - no other information

    Death of John Stell: Unfortunately the LDS microfilm image of the death records for Keighley parish are at times completely illegible and the records for 1759 are missing entirely. Much of 1760, 1762 and 1763 are illegible. However it appears that John Stell may have died between 1759 and 1764. This is based on the marriage of Anne Stell widow in 1764.
    There were three Ann Stells in the parish:

    1. Ann Clough married to John Stell
    2. Ann Wilkenson married to Benjamin Stell - they had a child after 1864
    3. Ann Radcliffe married to Thomas Stell in 1763 - they had a child after 1764
    Marriage Ann Stell widow married William Shuttleworth, wool comber, 13 July 1764 witnesses Joshua Keighley and William Townsend

    Note: All the information on John Stell, his wife, Anne, and their children was taken from the Bishop's Transcripts for the Church of England, Keighley parish. John and Anne Stell did not have any children baptized in the Independent Church of Keighley.

  2. James Stell, weaver (1718-) and Mary Crofts, Fellane

    Baptism: James, son of John Stell, was baptized on January 12, 1718. This information was taken from the index and the IGI. The year is missing from the Keighley Parish Records that are available through LDS.

    Note: This is the first time the name, James, appears in the Stell family.

    Occupation: Weaver

    Residence: Fellane

    Church: Church of England and Keighley Independent (Congregational)

    Marriage: According to the parish indexes, he married Mary Crofts on April 11, 1738.

    Children: James Stell had the following children some of whose baptisms were recorded in the Church of England (CE) records and some whose baptisms were recorded in the Independent Church Keighley (ICK):

    1. John, of James Stell, weaver, baptized on October 15, 1738 (CE).
      Death: John, the son of James Stell of Fell Lane, was buried on August 24, 1761 (CE). Note: Since there was only one James Stell having children in the parish in the 1700s, this death may be John the son of James born in 1738. John must have been 23 years old at the time of his death. He must have been unmarried and perhaps sickly to have gotten the designation "son of" at age 24. Otherwise it is an odd record that reflects another James Stell married and having children in the 1760s.
    2. Joseph Stell (1740-) and ???
      Note: There were two Joseph Stells born in the parish in 1740. Joseph, the son of Michael Stell, yeoman and Joseph, the son of James Stell, weaver. Subsequent records show two marriages and two sets of children for Joseph Stell. At this point I am not sure which set of records go with which Joseph Stell:
      Birth 1: Joseph of Michael Stell, yoeman 10 February 1740 (CE)
      Birth 2: Joseph, of James (Jas) Stell, weaver, baptized on April 27, 1740 (CE).
      1. Joseph Stell, woolcomber, (born 1740 father either Michael or James) and Alice Iverson, Parkland
        Birth: Unsure he was the son of Michael or the son of Joseph.
        Marriage: Joseph Stell, woolcomber, married Alice Iveson, spinster, both of Keighley parish on November 22, 1763, Church of England.
        1. Sally of Joseph Stell and Alice 22 Dec 1763 - no other information
        2. Robert Stell (1765-) and Isabel Atkinson
          Birth: Robert of Joseph and Alice Stell of Parkland, 23 June 1765.
          Marriage of Robert Stell: Isabel Atkinson ROBERT STELL AND ISABELLA ATKINSON MARRIED IN BRADFORD YORKSHIRE 11 JANUARY 1785 (Keith Callan, September, 2007)
          Children of Robert Stell:
          1. Joseph of Robert Stell and Isabel Atkinson 26 Aug 1786, 1 Oct 1786
          2. Martha of Robert Stell and Isabel Atkinson 31 May 1789 24 Jun 1789
          3. Joseph of Robert Stell and Isabel Atkinson 20 Sept 1796 6 Nov 1796
          4. John Stell (1799-) and Mary --- and Jane Broadley
            Birth: John of Robert Stell and Isabel Atkinson 22 Mar 1799 8 May 1799
            Marriage: Mary date and place unknown
            1. Sarah Ann of John and Mary Stell 25 January 1824 (Keighley Parish indexes)
            2. Abraham Stell (1826-) and Ann Jowett
              Birth: Abraham of John Stell and Mary 7 June 1826 (Keighley Parish indexes)
              Marriage: ABRAHAM 1826 MARRIED ANN JOWETT 1818 LEEDS - IN 1845 LEEDS (Keith Callan, September, 2007)
              1. Frederick Lloyd Stell (1847-) and Olive Ann Hudson
                FREDERICK LLOYD STELL 1847 MARRIED OLIVE ANN HUDSON 1848 BRADFORD - IN 1867 LEEDS (Keith Callan, September, 2007)
                1. ANNIE 1870
                3. HARRY 1877
                4. JOHN WILLIAM 1879
                5. LUCY A 1883
                6. ARTHUR 1891 --
                7. ALL BORN IN LEEDS (Keith Callan, September, 2007)
              3. FANNY EMILY 1851
              Children all born Leeds
            3. James of John Stell and Mary, 28 June 1829 (Keighley Parish indexes)
            Death of Mary Stell: Between 1829 and 1832
            Marriage 2 of John Stell: John Stell and Jane Broadley 18 Aug 1831 (Keighley Parish indexes)
            1. Anne of John Stell and Jane 30 September 1832 (Keighley Parish index)
            2. William of John Stell and Jane 22 February 1835 of John Stell and Jane
            3. Jabez of John Stell and Jane 24 September 1837 (Keighley Parish Index)
            4. Mary c 1840 (per 1851 census)
            5. Margaret c1843 (per 1851 census)
            6. John c1845 (per 1851 census)
            7. Dinah 1850 (per 1851 census)
            1841 Census: Keighley John Stell age 40, overlooker, Jane age 33, Sarah 18, emp factory, Abraham 15, Ann 9, William 6, Zabez 6, Mary 1. I do not know where James was as he shows up with the family in1851
            1851 Keighley: Leeds Street, John age 52 overlooker worsted, Jane 43, James 22, suiter, William 16 mechanic, Jabez 14 mechanic, Mary 11, worsted spinner, Margaret 8 nurse, John 6, and Dinah 1
            1861 Census: Keighley, John Stell tea dealer age 62, Jane 53, Ann 28, worsted weaver, Jabez 23, worsted machinery mechanic, Mary 20 worsted weaver, Margaret 18, worsted weaver, John 18, worsted machinery mechanic
          5. Richard Stell (1802-1849) and Ann ___
            Birth: Richard of Robert Stell and Isabel Atkinson 21 Mar 1802, 9 May 1802
            Marriage: Ann _ Not listed in Keighley on IGI or in parish index. Before 1823 based on birth of first known child.
            1. Robert 30 May 1823 (Parish index)
              Death: Another Robert baptized in 1827
            2. Martha 17 Oct 1824 (Parish index)
            3. Robert 25 March 1827 (Parish index)
            4. Atkinson Stell (1829- 1854)
              Birth: Atkinson 8 Nov 1829 (Parish index)
              1851 Census: With his mother
              Marriage: 1851 FREEBMD
              Death 1854 FREEBMD
            5. Isabella 11 November 1832
            6. Joseph 29 March 1835 (Parish index)
            7. Edward, 24 Sept 1837 (Parish index)
            8. Lydia 17 Jan 1841 (Parish index)
            9. Hiram Stell (1844- ) and Emma ____
              Birth: Hiram 1 Dec 1844 (Parish index)
              Marriage: Either Emma Render or Emma Kison, Bramley, Dec 1866 FREEBMD
              1. Willie Stell (1870- ) and Phoebe Ann Wells
                Birth: Willie Stell, Bramley, June 1870 FREEBMD
                Marriage: Phoebe Ann Wells, Keighley, Sept 1893 FREEBMD
                1. Eva
                2. Hiram
                3. Fred
                4. Herbert H, 1900-1946 and Annie Ellison
                  Birth: Mar 1901 Keighley Yorkshire
                  Marriage: Annie ELLISON daughter of Henry ELLISON and Emily CAMM born in 1901 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England (Paul Stell, March 2008)
                  Henry Ellison and Emiely Camm
                  Marriage: Henry Ellison married Emily CAMM in 1899 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England. Emily was born about 1878 in Yorkshire, England. Dec qtr 1899 Camm Emily Keighley 9a 373 Ellison Henry Keighley 9a 373
                  1. Annie ELLISON was born in 1901 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England. Married: Herbert Hector Stell
                  2. Edith Ellison and Henry Banham
                    Birth: Edith ELLISON (born on 5 June 1912 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England - died in October 1996 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England).
                    Marriage: Edith married Henry Norman BANHAM (son of John BANHAM and Sarah Ann LYON Dec qtr 1909 Banham Henry Norman Malton 9d 405) in March 1931 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England. Henry died in March 1945 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England1 at age 35.
                    1. John H BANHAM was born in December 1934 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England
                    2. Peter BANHAM was born in March 1936 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England.
                      Other: Peter Banahm was adopted by Herbert Hector Stell and Annie Stell about 1939
                    3. Patricia A BANHAM (born in June 1943 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England). Patricia married Kevin YATES in March 1963 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Kevin was born about 1938.
                  3. Eric ELLISON [54006] was born in 1917 in Keighley, Yorkshire, England
                  4. (Paul Stell, March 2008)
                  Residence: Victoria Park, Kieghley (Paul Stell, March 2008)
                  Death: 28/1/1946 (Paul Stell, March 2008)
                1901 Census: St Mary the Virgin Keighley Alfred Street, Willie Stell age 30 iron planer worker, born Keighly, Phoebe A age 30, Eva age 7, Hiram age 5, Fred age 3, Herbert H 2 mos.
              2. Joseph June 1873, Bramley, FREEBMD
              3. Walter June 1875, Bramley FREEBMD
              4. Squire Sept 1878, Bramley FREEBMD
              5. Marie 1881 census
              1881 Census: Wakefield Road Drighlington Adwalton, Hiram Stell age 35 coal miner born Keighley, Emma wife age 32 born Gildersome, Willie age 10 scholar, Joseph age 7, Walter age 5 Squire age 3,boys born Gildersome, Maria, age 1 born Adwalton
            Richard Stell in the 1841 Census Twaites Keighley, Richard Stell, 39 mechanic, Ann age 37, Martha age 16, Atkinson age 11, Isabella age 8, Joseph age 6, Edward age 3, and Lydia age 6 m., Alice age 16, factory worker, Mary Smith age 15, factory worker, Sarah Smith age 15, factory worker, Ann Smith age 13, factory worker, John Whitker age 2
            Death of Richar Stell: 1849 Bradford Yorkshire Sept
            Ann Stell in the 1851 Census: On George Street Bradford, John Hepworth age 30 beer seller, Ann wife, age 45, Atkinson Stell age 21, joiner, Joseph Stell age 15, Edward Stell age 13, Lydia Stell age 9 and Hiram Stell age 6 all children born Keighley, plus lodgers. Isabelle Stell age 18 power loom weaver was nextdoor as a lodger with Mary Repley.
      2. Joseph Stell, weaver, (born 1740 father either Michael or James) and Esther Wright, Greengate
        Birth: Unsure he was the son of Michael or the son of Joseph.
        Marriage: Joseph Stell, weaver, married Esther Wright, spinster, both of Keighley parish, on February 7, 1765. The witnesses were John Shackelton and William Stell. These are not the regular parish witnesses.
        1. Joseph son of Joseph and Esther Stell of Greengate, 20 Aug 1769
          Death: Joseph son of Joseph Stell of Greengate buried Sept 12 1769 1769
        2. Sarah of Joseph and Esther Stell of Greengate, 1 Sept 1770
        Death of Esther Stell: Esther wife of Joseph Stell of Greengate buried 1 March 1773
    3. Thomas Stell (1742-) and Anne Radcliffe
      Birth: Thomas, the son of James Stell, was baptized on March 6, 1742 (from IGI).
      Marriage: Thomas Stell married Anne Radcliffe on October 16, 1763 (CE).
      Children: The parish indexes indicate that they had the following children all baptized in the Church of England:
      1. John of Thomas and Anne Stell of Lowbridge, 20 Nov 1764 (CE)
        Death: Another John baptized in 1766
      2. John of Thomas and Anne Stell of Lowbridge 7 November 1766 (CE)
      3. Ann of Thomas and Anne Stell of Lowbridge, 3 May 1769 (CE)
      4. James of Thomas and Anne Stell of Lowbridge, 8 March 1772 (CE)
      5. Betty Stell and John Beanlands
        Birth: Betty of Thomas and Anne Stell of Lowbridge, 11 January 1775 (CE)
        Marriage: John Beanlands 18 November 1794 (CE)
      6. _____ of Thomas and Ann Stell 24 July 1777 (index)
    4. James of James Stell, weaver, was baptized on April 10, 1745 (CE).
      Death: James, the son of James Stell of Fell Lane, was buried on May 28 1756 (CE).
    5. Mary Stell (1747-) and Jonathan Masker
      Birth: Mary, of James Stell, was baptized on March 23, 1747 (CE).
      Marriage: Mary Stell married Jonathan Masker, 25 June 1772 (Parish indexes).
      1. Sarah Masker, baptised May 1774
      2. Jonathan Masker, baptised March 1776. Married Sarah Hey 26 Dec 1801
      3. Thomas Masker, born 30 Nov 1778, baptised 25 Dec 1778
      4. Mary Masker, born 2 July 1780, baptised 30 July 1780
      5. "Molly, the daughter of Jonathan Masker and his wife, Mary, the daughter of James Stell", was baptized on August 24, 1781 (CE).
      6. Samuel Masker, born 18 Aug 1802, baptised 7 Nov 1802
      7. Note: Information in blue from Gemma Cannon 2007 who said she took in form the LDS IGI
      Note: All of the above baptisms for the children of James Stell occurred before the Congregational parish records started in 1749. The rest of the children of James Stell of Keighley were baptized in the Independent (Congregational) Church in Keighley:
    6. Anne, the daughter of James Stell of Keighley, was baptized on October 2, 1750 (Independent Church Keighley)
      Note: The records for the Independent Church in Keighley started in 1749. Anne's was the second listing in the baptismal register.
    7. Abel Stell (1753-), weaver and Elizabeth Holmes
      Birth: Abel, the son of James Stell of Keighley, was baptized on June 6, 1753 (Independent Church Keighley).
      Occupation: Weaver, Craven Muster Roll of 1803* Abel Stell, Weaver, Class 4
      Marriage: Abel Stell married Elizabeth Holmes on May 6, 1777, Keighley
      Children: They had the following children listed in the Church of England Index:
      1. Reuben Stell (1778-) and Hannah
        Birth: Reuben in 1778
        Occupation: Weaver, Craven Muster Roll of 1803* Reuben Stell Weaver 1
        Marriage: Hannah
        Children: Reuben Stell and Hannah had;
        1. Reuben Stell, woolcomber, (1813-) and Sarah
          Birth: Reuben Maxson Stell 07 March 1813, Leeds
          Further Records: Reuben born in 1813 was in Stanley in 1841 (age 25 woolcomber) and in Bingley in 1851 (age 38, twister of warps born Leeds, with wife Sarah, age 47, her son John Redman age 20 woolcomber and Mary Jane, age 5 and Samuel age 3), in Bingley in 1861 (age 48, coal dealer, born leeds, wife Sarah age 57, Mary age 15, stuff weaver, and Samuel age 14 foundry boy) In Bingley in 1871 (age 58 Carter, Sarah age 67, Samuel age 23 worsted weaver, Thomas Nutter son in law age 30, worsted weaver, Mary A age 25, Rebecca age 5 and Ada age 1) and on and in Bingley in 1881 (Commercial Street, widow, father in Law)
        2. Elizabeth 27 Mar 1815, Leeds
      2. Molly 30 April 1779 (Index - records missing from LDS microfilm)
      3. R of Abel Stell Mill Bridge, and Elizabeth Holmes daughter of John Holmes, born 10 Oct baptized 10 November 1782
      4. James in 1783 (Index - records very hard to read)
      5. John Stell (1786-) and Eleanor
        Birth: John in 1786
        Marriage: Eleanor
        Children: John and Eleanor had:
        1. Elizabeth 07 June 1813, Leeds
        2. John 18 May 1817, Leeds
        3. Abel January 24 1819, Leeds
      6. Hannah in 1789
      7. Abraham in 1790
      8. Betty in 1792
      9. William Stell (1794- ) and Esther and Nancy
        Birth: William in 1794
        Marriage: Esther
        Children: William Stell and Esther had:
        1. Jane 13 June 1813, Leeds
        William and Nancy Stell had:
        1. Sarah 02 June 1816, Leeds
        2. Ann 08 Nov 1818, Leeds
      10. Sally in 1797
      • John, Reuben and William ended up in Leeds. Reuben and Abel are rather unusual names.
      • Odd Abel Record - Abel Stell married Elizabeth Peele 10 Nov 1820 Bradford
    8. Samuel, the son of James Stell in Keighley, was baptized on July 31, 1760 (Independent Church Keighley).
    Note: The records for the children of James indicate that they did not remain members of the Independent Church in Keighley.

    Death of Mary Crofts Stell: Mary, the wife of James Stell, was buried on April 12, 1771 (CE).

    Death of James Stell: Unknown

    The information on James Stell was taken from the BT and indexes for Keighley parish, the IGI and the baptismal records of the Keighley Independent or Congregational Church.

  3. Stephen Stell (1719-1773) and Esther Colton

    Baptism: Stephen, the son of John and Mary Stell was baptized on January 01, 1720.

    Note: This is the first time the name Stephen appears in the Stell family. The use of the name was limited in the Stell family to:

    • Stephen's son born in 1746
    • Stephen's grandson born in 1774 the son of Benjamin
    • Stephen's great grandson born circa 1830, son of Joseph, grandson of Benjamin
    • A son of Joseph Stell born 1828*
    • A son of George Stell born 1839*

    * See below for information on these Stephen Stells.

    Note: Stephen was not a common name in the parish records in general. The LDSIGI indicates early records for Stephen Jackson in Ilkley or Otley (other parishes near to Keighley) and it is possible that the name entered the Stell family in honor of Jackson relatives. The IGI records are LDS member submissions and not from parish records.

    More on Esther Colton: Daughter of ROBERT COLTON born 21 Dec 1721 in Keighley, Yorkshire (Anne Leedam, August 2006)

    Occupation: Weaver.

    Residence: Fell Lane

    Marriage: Stephen Stell married Esther Colton on March 25, 1744 (Parish index).

    Church: Church of England and Keighley Independent


    1. William Stell (1745-) and Mary Jowett
      Birth: William, son of Stephen Stell, weaver, baptized on January 27, 1745 (Church of England).
      Occupation: Weaver
      Residence: Unknown
      Marriage: William Stell, weaver, married Mary Jowett, both of the parish of Keighley, on May 7, 1765 (CE). One of the witnesses was William Stell.
      More on Mary Jowett: Daughter of WILLIAM JOWETT born 01 Oct 1746 in Keighley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2006)
      Children: William Stell of Fellane and his wife Mary had the following children all baptized in the Independent Church Keighley:
      1. Abraham of William Stell in Fellane near Keighley 1 April 1766
        More on Abraham Stell: Abraham married Mary Butterfield 10th May 1790. There is also Mary Tatham who with Abraham are the parents of Martha b. 8/11/1791 but I can't find a record of his marriage to her. (Anne Leedam, August 2006)
      2. Betty of William Stell in Fellane near Keighley 17 Feb 1768
        Marriage: JOHN BEANLANDS, 18 Nov 1794, Keighley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2006)
      3. Hannah of William Stell in Fellane 04 Oct 1769
      4. Martha of William and Mary Stell of Fellane 24 Nov 1771
        Death: Another Martha baptized in 1782
      5. Mary of William Stell of Fellane Oct 1773
      6. Esther of William Stell of Fellane, 03 Feb 1776
      7. Nancy of William and Mary Stell of Fellane 14 Nov 1777
        Death: Another Nancy baptized in 1779
      8. Nancy of William Stell of Fellane 17 Oct 1779
      9. Martha of William Stell of Fellane 19 Mar 1782
    2. Stephen Stell (1746-) and Betty Wood
      Birth: Stephen, son of Stephen Stell, baptized on March 1, 1746, no other information (Church of England).
      Occupation: Unknown
      Residence: Fellane
      Marriage: Stephen Stell, bachelor, married Betty Wood, spinster, on December 26, 1771 (CE). Witnesses were Thomas Iverson and Joshua Keighley.
      Children: Stephen and Betty Stell had:
      1. Anne, May 31, 1772 (Church of England)
      2. Mary of Stephen Stell Fellane 21 Feb 1775 Independent Church Keighley
      3. Joseph of Stephan Stell of Fellane, 12 March 1779 Independent Church Keighley
    3. Martha Stell (1751-) and Gillet Sharp
      Birth: Martha, of Stephen Stell of Fellane, was baptized on December 7, 1751 Independent Church Keighley.
      Marriage: Martha Stell married Gillet Sharp on June 20, 1773 (CE Index).
      More on Gillet Sharpe: Born 1745 (Anne Leedam, August 2006) - married Mary* unknown, Mary wife of Gillet Sharpe of Royde House buried 29 September 1772. Gillet Sharpe died 06 Sep 1818 (Anne Leedam, August 2006). See posted by Wendy Sutherland. Buried St Andrew's Chruchyard, Keighley, West Yorkshire, England. In memory of Agnes* wife of Gillit Sharp of Keighley who died Sept 26th 1772 age 26 years. ---- the above Gillit Sharp who died Sept 6th 1818 age 75 years. (verse) Also of Martha widow of the said Gillit Sharp who died Feb 2- 1822 age 71 years. (verse) Also of Robert Sharp son of the said Gillit who died April 11, in the -- year of his age.
      Residence: Fellane and Hainsworth Shaw, Bingley
      Marriage: Before 1768. Agnes or Mary _______ died age 26 1772 (Wendy Sutherland 2011). Was she Mary* or Agnes*?
      Child: Robert 1768 to 1834 per tombstone of Gillit Sharp. (Wendy Sutherland, 2011)
      Death of First Wife: September 26th 1772 per tombstone (Wendy Sutherland, 2011)
      Marriage 2: Martha Stell, June 20, 1773
      Children: All baptized in the Independent or Congregational Church Keighley (ICK) :
      1. John son of Gillet Sharpe of Fellane buried 21 Nov 1774
      2. Betty in 1775
      3. Abraham in 1776
        Death: another Abraham in 1790
      4. Hannah of Gillet Sharp of Fellane 22 January 1779 same day as John the son of Benjamin Stell of Fellane
      5. Mary the daughter of Gillet Sharp of Hainsworth 7 Feb 1781 1781
        (Between the baptism of Hannah in 1779 and Mary in 1781 the Sharps moved from Fellane to Hainsworth Shaw)
      6. Judith in 1783 (The entry reads " Judith, the daughter of Gillet and Martha Sharp was born the 19th day of October 1792 at Hainsworth Shaw in Bingley parish and was baptized the 20 day of January 1783)
      7. John Sharp and Grace Clapham
        Birth: John son of Gillet Sharp was baptized 27th day of April 1785 (ICK)
        Marriage: John Sharp and Grace Clapham 22 Jun 1806
        1. Mary 7 May 1809 (IGI)
        2. Sarah 24 May 1807 (IGI)
        3. Gillet Sharp born 22 Feb 1811 (IGI)
        4. Mary of John and Grace Sharp 3 March 1817 (ICK)
        Note: The association is made through the Independent chapel records
      8. Abraham Sharp and ??
        Birth: Abraham son of Gillet and Martha Sharp born March 22 and baptized May 10, 1790 1790
        Further Records: There were two Abraham Sharpes who married and had children baptized in either Bethel Baptist Church or the Independent Congregation of Keighley. I have not determined which on is the son of Gillett Sharp and Martha Stell. In addition to Abraham son of Gillet, Abraham son of Joseph Sharp and Mary Holmes was baptized in church of England 01 Mar 1789.
        1. Abraham Sharp and Hannah Schackelton
          Marriage: Abraham Sharp to Hannah Schakleton 7 November 1808 (CE)
          1. Joseph of Abraham and Hannah Sharp 2 Mar 1810 (ICK)
          2. Mary 10 Mar 1811 baptized Apr 14, 1811 (CE IGI)
          3. Marie circa 1824
          4. Abraham circa 1826
          5. Stephen 24 Feb 1828 (CE IGI)
          6. William circa 1830
          Note: The association is made through the baptism of Joseph in the Independent chapel records
          1841 Census: Keighley Abraham age 51,overlooker in Factory, Hannah age 54, all children listed except Jospeh.
          1851 Census: Hannah Sharp widow age 64, Mary age 40 unmarried, Marie age 28, unmarried Stpehen son age 23, over looker in factory, married with wife Mary and son William.
        2. Abraham Sharp and Mary Mitchel
          Marriage: Abraham Sharp to Mary Mitchell 11 Nov 1811 (CE)
          1. Joseph 01 Oct 1812 (Bethel Baptist)
          2. William 15 Jun 1815 (Bethel Baptist)
          3. Elizabeth 26 Dec 1817 (Bethel Baptist)
          4. Hannah 09 Sept 1820 (Bethel Baptist)
          5. John 21 Jan 1824 (Bethel Baptist)
          6. Samuel 26 Jun 1826 (Bethel Baptist)
          7. Isaac 24 Jun 1830 (Bethel Baptist)
          8. Benjamin 03 Dec 1833 (Bethel Baptist)
          9. James 22 Feb 1837 (Bethel Baptist)
          1851 Census: Exleyhead, Keighley, Abraham Sharp, age 59 woolcomber, Mary age ?? John 28 cordwainer, I age 21 woolcomber, B age 17 woolcomber, James age 15 woolcomber
          1861 Census: Exley head Keighley, Abraham Sharp head age 69 woolcomber, Mary wife age 71, James grandson age 24 woolcomber
          1871 Census: Keighley, with Hannah Sharp head age 58 widow, worsted weaver, Isaac Stanfield brother age 49, labourer machine shop Susanna Stanfield sister age 45 worsted weaver Abraham Sharp lodger age 79 formerly comber Mary Sharp lodger age 82.
      9. Joseph in 1792
    4. Other Sharps connected to the name Gillet or to the Bethel or Independent Chapels
      • John Sharp and Barbara Bradley
        Connections: This John Sharp is related to Gillet Sharp - they both had children baptized in the Independent chapel in Keighley - a unique congregation. Also they both had children who were members of the Bethel Baptist Church - another unique congregation. All the Sharpe records in both congregations are believed to be interrelated.
        Birth: John Sharp
        Marriage: Barbara Bradley 5 Sept 1775
        1. Violetta daughter of John and Barbara Sharp 18 February 1779 (ICK)
          Child: Violetta Sharp had William 26 Nov 1809 (ICK)
        2. Gillet son of John Sharp of Utley baptized 7 Feb 1781 Independent Chapel Keighley same day as Mary daughter of Gillet Sharpe
        3. William of John and Barbara Sharp of Utley 5 October 1784 (ICK)
        4. Henry Sharp and Mary Clapham
          Birth: Henry of John and Barbara Sharpe of Utley 26 Dec 1787 (ICK)
          Marriage: Henry Sharp to Mary Clapham 27 Jan 1808 (CE)
          1. Uriah 3 May 1817 (Bethel Baptist)
          2. Emma 21 Aug 1820 (Bethel Baptist)
          3. Tamar female Jun 1823 (Bethel Baptist)
          4. Judith 21 apr 1827 (Bethel Baptist)
          5. William of Henry and Mary 23 Aug 1835 (ICK)
        5. Sarah of John and Barbara Sharpe 22 May 1794 (Bethel Baptist Keighley)
      • Gillet Sharpe and Phoebe Rhodes
        Birth: No later than 1800
        Marriage: Gillet Sharpe and Phoebe Rhodes 15 April 1822 (CE)
        Children: Gillett Sharp the son of Gillet Sharp and Phoebe baptized 03 March 1824 Bethel Baptist Chapel Keighley.
        Further Record: Gillet shows up in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 United States Censuses in Connecticut married to May born in Ireland - they had several children
        Note: If this is the same Gillet as the son of John baptized in 1871 it means he was 41 at the time of his marriage to Phoebe Rhodes. The records for the name are very limited so this is a real possibility.
      • William Sharp and Judith
        William Sharp and Judith Sharp and their son John Sharp born 1809 had connections to ICK. Could be William son of John Sharp and Barbara Bradley baptized in 1784
        1. John 26 Nov 1809 Independent Chapel
        2. Marriage: John Sharpe to Elizabeth Clapham 22 Aug 1825
          1. Cyrus and
          2. Abraham 21 December 1829
          3. Alfred and
          4. Jabez and
          5. Violetta 4 Sep 1834
          1841 Census: Sharp Street Bradford, John Sharp age 35, cutter design cards, Elizabeth age 35, Cyrus age 14, Violetta age 10, Alfred age 8, Emmy age 1 Lawe Chaphan age 20 MS (male servant) on the same page same street tow or three families away, William Sharp age 55, badger, Judith age 55, Thomas age 25 painter, Henry age 25 Card setter, Martha age 20.
        3. Henry 26 Nov 1809 (ICK
        4. Mary 14 May 1827 (ICK)
      • John Sharp and Ann
        Mary Ann Sharp daughter of John and Ann Sharp baptized 26 Nov 1809 (IGI extractions for the Independent or Congregational Keighley)
    5. Benjamin Stell (1754-) and Hannah Tatham (Tatam)
      Birth: Benjamin, of Stephen Stell of Fellane, was baptized on September 23, 1754 Independent Church Keighley.
      Occupation: Weaver 1803 Muster Roll*, Benjamin Stell, Weaver, class 4
      Marriage: Benjamin Stell of Fellane married Hannah Tatham on January 13, 1772 (CE).
      More on Hannah Tatam: Daughter of ELIJAH TATHAM and MARY born 09 Aug 1757 in Silsden, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
      Children : Benjamin Stell of Fellane had:
      1. Anne baptized on January 24, 1774 (Church of England)
      2. Stephen Stell (1774-), cotton spinner and Martha Peel
        Birth: Stephen on October 17, 1774, Independent Church Keighley
        Occupation: Cotton Spinner, *1803 Craven Muster Roll, Stephen Stell, Cotton Spinner, Class 4
        Marriage: Stephen Stell and Martha Peel 11 April 1795
        More on Martha Peel:

        Note: Stephan Bateson believes that Martha was the daughter of Jonathan Peel and Sarah Smith also born in 1774. He says: Martha Peel

        " married Stephen Stell in 1795. She died in 1842 and is commemorated on a headstone in Windhill Wesleyan Cemetery. Nothing about her husband on the stone, I'm afraid. The other faces of the headstone commemorate a Bateson Peel and his wife. He was Martha's nephew. He was also the son of John Peel, born Keighley in 1780. John Peel and William Peel (b 1788, but no IGI record of his baptism*) are presumed brothers, since they lived in the same place - Windhill - they married sisters and were listed together as Woollen Cloth Manufacturers in 1822. William was probably born in Goose Eye or Laycock, but retired to Kildwick, perhaps because his family came from there.

        Martha is more likely to be the child of Jonathan Peel and Sarah Smith but born in 1774.

        My research is just beginning, so I haven't checked any original material yet."

        October 2008

        Stephan sent a picture of the grave marker for Martha Peel Stell who died in 1842 age 67. See below.

        *Annie writes in October 2008: WILLIAM PEELE Birth: 14 JUN 1788 Christening: 27 JUL 1788 Keighley, Yorkshire, England Parents: Father: JONATHAN PEELE Mother: SARAH SMITH


        1. Sally 19 April 1795 of Stephen Stell and Martha Peel (CE)
        2. Benjamin Stell, woolcomber, (1797-) and Martha Wilson
          Birth: Benjamin of Stephen and Martha Stell, Gooseeye born Jan 24, baptized 12 Feb 1797 (ICK)
          Marriage: MARTHA WILSON 05 Oct 1819 in Kildwick, Yorkshire, daughter of GEORGE WILSON and SARAH. She was born 03 Aug 1793 in Steeton, Kildwick, and died Bet. Jan - Mar 1863 in Registered in Keighley. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          1. Jonathan Peel Stell (1820-1871) and Sarah Boothman
            Birth: JONATHAN PEEL STELL, b. 01 Oct 1820, Steeton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1871. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            Marriage: Marriage SARAH BOOTHMAN Bet. Apr - Jun 1851 in Registered in Skipton. She was born 1819 in Kildwick, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            1. William Boothman Stell (1854-) and Eliza Fagan
              WILLIAM BOOTHMAN STELL, b. 1854, Sutton, Keighley, Yorkshire (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
              1861 - 1871: With parents
              Marriage: ELIZA ANN FAGAN Bet. Apr - Jun 1878 in Registered in Skipton. She was born 1851 in Leeds, Yorkshire
              Children of WILLIAM STELL and ELIZA FAGAN :
              1. JAMES WILIAM STELL, b. 1880, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1881.
              2. WALTER EDWARD STELL, b. 1880, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1881. 35.
              3. CHARLES STELL, b. 1882, Skipton, Yorkshire.
                Marriage: ANNIE FLETCHER GREAVES 1901 in Skipton, Yorkshire. She was born 1883 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
                Note for CHARLES STELL: Susan Anthistle's gt. grandfather.
                Children of CHARLES STELL and ANNIE GREAVES
                1. HILDA STELL, b. 1906, Skipton, Yorkshire. More on Hilda Stell: Yvonne Clay wrote in July 2010 that when she was a child her aunt threatened any animal that misbehaved with a visit to Hilda Stell's in Starkey Street.
                  "She must have been the local animal witch doctor!!!! Even I was threatened with a visit if I was bad!!!!"

                  In September 2017 Margaret Hodgson wrote:

                  "Hilda Stell was a friend of my Grandmother. I met her just once in 1970. Hilda was the local person who had the responsibility for mercifully destroying or 'putting to sleep' the unwanted dogs in Keighley. She was plain speaking and quite a character. She usually wore men's trousers. Most people in Keighley knew her."
                2. EVA STELL, b. 1909, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. 1989; m. JOHN TONGE, 1928, Eccles, Lancashire.
                3. WALTER STELL, b. 1915, Skipton, Yorkshire.
              4. MARTHA STELL, b. 1885, Skipton, Yorkshire.
              5. WILLIAM MCCOY STELL, b. 1887, Skipton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1897.
              1881: Painter. Married to Eliza Ann with twin boys - James William & Walter E. (b. 1880)
              1881: Between October & December the twins died.
              1891: General labourer (35). Married to Elizabeth (39), Charles (9), Martha (7) & William M. (4).
              1897: Wlliam M. died aged 10.
              1901 Slater's labourer (45). Still married to Eliza A. with Charley (19) & Martha A. (16)

            2. CHARLES PEEL STELL, b. 1861, Sutton, Keighley, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1861, Registered in Keighley. Notes for CHARLES PEEL STELL: Died an infant less than 1 year old. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            1861: Wool comber aged 40 married to Sarah (42) from Addingham. 2 sons Charles Peel (3 mths.) & William B. (5). Living in Sutton Mill. Charles died between July & September. (Ann Leedam August 2007)
            1871: No occupation aged 50. Sarah a worsted weaver. William aged 15 a spinner. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            Death of Jonathan Peel Stell: Jonathan died between October & December 1871 - BMD. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            What happened to Sarah?: There is 1 reference to a Sarah Stell, pensioner, b. 1820 from Yorkshire living in 3, Leathersetters Almshouses, South Mims, Enfield, Middlesex - but why would she be down there? (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          2. George Stell (1823-1878) and Elizabeth Wilcock
            GEORGE STELL, b. 1823, Steeton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1878, Registered in Skipton. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)(Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            died Bet. Jul - Sep 1878 in Registered in Skipton.
            Marriage: ELIZABETH WILCOCK Bet. Jul - Sep 1850 in Registered in Skipton, daughter of ANN. She was born 1821 in Crosshills, Yorkshire, and died Bet. Jul - Sep 1891 in Registered in Keighley. Notes for GEORGE STELL: Christened 8/5/1823 in Kildwick 1851 Woolcomber living with wife Eliza(beth) & mother- in-law Ann (pauper aged 67) in Crosshills, Glusburn. Mary Ann Clough (11) is a servant from Keighley. Jane Wilcock is Ann's daughter & Hannah (6) is her grandaughter (Elizabeth's daughter by whom?).
            Children of GEORGE STELL and ELIZABETH WILCOCK:
            1. HANNAH WILCOCK, b. 1845, Crosshills, Yorkshire.
            2. ELIZABETH ANN STELL, b. 1852, Crosshills, Yorkshire. 29.
            3. Mary Jane Stell and Paul Sugden
              MARY JANE STELL, b. 1854, Crosshills, Yorkshire.
              First Marriage of Paul Sudgen: Martha before 1874
              Children PAUL SUGDEN:
              1. JOHN SUGDEN, b. 1874, Keighley, Yorkshire.
              2. WILLIE SUGDEN, b. 1877, Keighley, Yorkshire. 36.
              1881: Carter aged 36. Living at 49, Fell Lane, Keighley. Married to Martha (36) + 2 sons John (7) & Willie (4). Marriage to Mary Jane Stell: PAUL SUGDEN Bet. Jan - Mar 1890 in Keighley, Yorkshire, son of BENJAMIN SUGDEN and ANN. He was born 1845 in Keighley, Yorkshire.
              Children of MARY STELL and PAUL SUGDEN:
              1. GEORGE STELL SUGDEN, b. 1891, Keighley, Yorkshire.
                Marriage: Lily
                Child: Norman Sugden m Elsie
              1891: Drayman living at 13, Gordon Street, Keighley. Married to Mary Jane Stell. 2 sons from 1st marriage + George Stell Sugden (3 mths.). Elizabeth Ann (sister) living with them. Discrepancy here because Mary (single) - not Mary Jane, is also in Sutton with mother Elizabeth just before she died. Could she have been on 2 census'?
              1901: Same situation as 1891.
            1861: Woolcomber aged 38 living with Eliza & 2 daughters, Elizabeth A. & Mary J. Sister-in-law Jane S. Wilcock & Hannah (George's stepdaughter) live with them too.
            1871: Aged 48 labourer at a bobbin mill. Still living in same place. Elizabeth is 50, a former weaver, Elizabeth A. is 19 and a rover at a worsted mill. Mary J. is a drawer at the mill.
            Death 1878: George died between July & September in 1878.
            1881: Living in Sutton Lane with 2 daughters Elizabeth Ann (29) weaver & Mary Jane (27) spinner. Now calls herself Elizabeth Buckley Stell.
            1891: Living in Mill Hill, Sutton with Mary (34) a burler in worsted mill. See notes for Paul Sugden because Mary is married to him in 1891 and Elizabeth A. is living with them.
            Death of Elizabeth Wilcock Stell 1891: Elizabeth died between July & September.
          3. John Stell (1828-1881) and Elizabeth West
            JOHN STELL, b. 1828, Steeton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1881, Registered in Skipton. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            1841: Living at home with parents Benjamin & Martha, brothers Benjamin, George & Jonathan & sisters Martha, Mary, Rebecca & Sarah.
            1851: Same except George, Mary Sarah have gone.
            Marriage 1855: ELIZABETH WEST 05 Feb 1855 in Kildwick, daughter of THOMAS WEST and NANNY TAYLOR. She was born 1820 in Slaidburn, Yorkshire, and died Bet. Apr - Jun 1858 in Registered in Skipton. 1841 Aged 21 Living with parents Thomas & Ann in Gargrave 1851 Weaver (31) and still at home with parents .
            Children of JOHN STELL and ELIZABETH WEST:
            1. West Stell (1856-1914) and Emma Hoye
              WEST STELL, b. 10 Jan 1856, Glusburn, Crosshills, Yorkshire; Baptised 3/3/1856 in Kildwick. d. 12 Dec 1914. Marriage: EMMA HOYLE Bet. Oct - Dec 1878 in Burnley, daughter of ELIZABETH HOYLE. She was born 28 Aug 1853 in Kildwick, West Yorkshire, and died 17 Mar 1926. Born between July & September 1853. 1861 Aged 7. Living with grandparents at RoadSide, Cowling. 1871 Weaver of worsted & cotton. Aged 17 Living with grandparents Richard & Sarah Hoyle in Cowling. 1
              Children of WEST STELL and EMMA HOYLE
              1. ALFRED STELL, b. Bet. Jul - Sep 1879, Kildwick, West Yorkshire.
              2. ELIZABETH ANN STELL, b. May 1881, Kildwick, Yorkshire; d. 21 Oct 1882, Glusburn Green.
                Death: Elizabeth Ann Stell died 21/10/1882 from pneumonia bronchitis aged 1 year 6 months. Aunt Elizabeth Stell was present at her death in Crosshills, Glusburn. This will have been Elizabeth Ann Stell b. 1852, George & Elizabeth's daughter.
              3. EDITH STELL, b. Bet. Apr - Jun 1884, Kildwick, West Yorkshire.
              4. BERTHA STELL, b. Bet. Oct - Dec 1886, Kildwick, West Yorkshire. 37.
              5. Lizzie Stell (1893-) and Richard Croasdale
                LIZZIE STELL, b. 17 Dec 1893, Nelson, Lancashire; d. 26 Dec 1967, 116, Keighley Road, Colne.
                Marriage: Richard Crosdale bet Apr- June 1924 Burnley son of HARRY CROASDALE and MARTHA NUTTER. He was born 29 May 1902 in 19, Cobden Street, Nelson, and died 31 Oct 1931 in 209, Hibson Road, Nelson.
                Occupation: Wholesale grocer.
                1931 Inquest: Held on 2nd November 1931 - no suspicious circumstances.
                Child of LIZZIE STELL and RICHARD CROASDALE:
                  BETTY CROASDALE, b. 14 Jul 1927, Nelson;
                  Marriage: ALAN STANSFIELD LEEDAM, 20 Jul 1948, St. Paul's Church, Nelson, Lancashire; b. 19 Mar 1926, Nelson, Lancashire; d. 06 Jun 1997, Burnley General Hospital, Lancashire
                  Marriage: BILLY THOMSON, 08 May 1971; b. Abt. 1920, Great Harwood; d. Jun 1994, Preston Royal, Lancashire.
              1851 JCW & Ann living at Rycroft Farm (25 acres) with Martha Greenwood (servant & niece).
              1858: Elizabeth Stell (West & Ann's mother) died.
              1861: Living with Great Uncle James Clapham West (b. 1804 Bolland, Yorks.) and Ann West (b. 1807 Glusburn) at Ryecroft Farm (13 acres)
              1871: Farm servant aged 15, still living at Ryecroft (11.5 acres) with JCW & Ann.
              1876: Ann West died aged 69.
              1879: JCW died & presumably left them farm.
              1881: Farmer of 15 acres aged 25. Emma 27. Son Alfred aged 1.
              1882: Elizabeth Ann died aged 1 yr. 6 months.
              1891: Grocer. Living at 11, Arnold Street, Nelson with Emma, Alfred + 2 daughters (Edith & Bertha).
              1901: Grocer/Shopkeeper. Living at 150 Every Street, Nelson. Lizzie aged 8, other children are cotton weavers.
              1896: Commercial Directory of Burnley, Nelson & Colne).
              Death of West Stell: West Stell died 12/12/1914
              Death of Emma Hoyle Stell: Emma died 17/3/1926.
            2. Ann Stell (1857-) and Herbert Horsman
              ANN STELL, b. 23 Mar 1857, Crosshills. Baptised 24/7/1859 in Kildwick, Yorkshire.
              1861: Aged 4 & living in Gargrave with grandparent Ann West & her 3 children (Richard 25, John 29, & Mary 18) Ann's uncles & aunt.
              1871: Cotton spinner aged 14. Still living with grandma & family in High Street, Gargrave.
              Marriage: HERBERT HORSMAN Bet. Oct - Dec 1884 in Registered in Skipton. He was born 1859 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
              Children of ANN STELL and HERBERT HORSMAN
              1. VIOLET ADELINA9 HORSMAN, b. 1887, Gargrave, Yorkshire.
              2. ELIZABETH MARION HORSMAN, b. 1890, Gargrave, Yorkshire.
              3. FRED HORSMAN, b. 1892, Gargrave, Yorkshire.
              1881: Cotton drawer aged 24. Same address but Richard has left.
              1891: Living in West Street, Herbert is a domestic gardener aged 31. His 2 brothers & 1 sister live with him, Ann & 2 daughters in Gargrave.
              1901: Herbert's brothers & sister have gone. 1 son Fred (9). Violet (13, a washer in a steam laundry) is staying with Mary West in High Street, Gargrave. John Horsman (62, market gardener) & family live next door. Is he Herbert's father? In May 2009 Michale Horseman wrote: "Herbert's father was not John Horsman (no relation) - but Thomas Horsman (b 1831, m Ann Shaw Leeds 1861) a gamekeeper from Gargrave, like his father Francis (b Gargrave 1805. Francis's father Thomas was a miller living in Gargrave in 1796, I can find no trace of Thomas's parents in Gargrave, still looking."
            Death of Elizabeth West Stell: 1858 Elizabeth died between April & June.
            1861: Widower aged 33 & a cotton dresser. Living next door to James Clapham West, Ann & West at Rye Croft Farm, Glusburn.
            Marriage of John Stell to Jane Brown: JANE BROWN Bet. Apr Jun 1862 in Registered in Keighley. She was born 1836 in Farnhill, Yorkshire.
            Child of JOHN STELL and JANE BROWN:
            1. Charles Stell and Mary Howker
              CHARLES STELL, b. 1863, Sutton Mill, Yorkshire.
              1871: Aged 8 living with parents John & Jane in Glusburn Green, next door to Ann West (unmarried 74)
              1881: Painter's apprentice aged 18. Main Street, Glusburn, Crosshills.
              Marriage: MARY HOWKER Bet. Jan - Mar 1886 in Registered in Keighley, daughter of WRIGHT HOWKER and ELIZABETH HEATON. She was born Abt. 1862 in Haworth, Yorkshire. Daughter of Wright Turner Howker, tailor & Draper from Tavrock Hall, Keighley originally. Living in West Street Haworth. Mother was Elizabeth, died 1863, brought up by stepmother Ann with other siblings from that marriage.
              Children of CHARLES STELL and MARY HOWKER:
              1. BEATRICE A. STELL, b. 1889, Haworth, Yorkshire.
              2. FLORENCE MAY STELL, b. 1898, Haworth, Yorkshire.
              1891: Painter aged 28. Wife Mary (29) daughter Beatrice A. (2) Living at 19, Clampton Street, Halifax.
              1901: Painter & paper hanger aged 38. Living at 12, Victoria Road, Keighley. Wife Mary (39) + 2 daughters.
            1871: Farmer. Living with Jane & Charles (8) at Glusburn Green, Sutton. Living next door to Ann West says unmarried 74, Elizabeth's Aunt (Thomas' sister).
            1881: Grocer, living in Main Street, Glusburn, Crosshills. 1 child, Charles, apprentice.
            Death of John Stell: Oct. - Dec. 1881 John died.
            Remarriage of Jane Brown Stell: JANE BROWN: 1890 Jane married Thomas Nixon, a widower from Silsden with 3 children at home.
            1891: Living at 4, Skipton Road, Silsden. Stepson Frances R. is a widower, Merena Nixon is 19 and Lois is 14.
            1901: A widow, sewing machinist with her own account aged 64. Living alone at 15, Bolton Road, Silsden.
          4. SARAH STELL, b. 1829, Steeton, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          5. MARY STELL, b. 1831, Steeton, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          6. Rebecca Stell 1834- ? and Joseph Town
            REBECCA STELL, b. 1834, Steeton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Apr - Jun 1869, Registered in Keighley (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            Marriage: JOSEPH TOWN Bet. Jan - Mar 1854 in Registered in Keighley, son of JOHN TOWN and SARAH. He was born 1835 in Keighley, Yorkshire, and died Bet. Apr - Jun 1869 in Registered in Keighley.
            Children of REBECCA STELL and JOSEPH TOWN:
            1. SARAH TOWN, b. 1854, Keighley, Yorkshire.
            2. HENRY TOWN, b. 1856, Bradford, Yorkshire; m. MARY ELIZABETH OLIVER, Bet. Oct - Dec 1888, Registered in Keighley; b. 1865, March, Cambridgeshire.
              1871: 1871 Living with grandparents Town in York Street, Bingley. He is 14 and a bobbin twister.
              1881: Fitter aged 24 and with widowed grandfather at 10, Temple Row, Keighley.
              1891: Henry (34) is a mechanic, married to Mary Elizabeth (26) from Cambridge. They live at 7, Thomas Street, Keighley.
              1901: Henry (44) & Mary (35) are both church wardens. Harry Oliver (brother-in-law, butcher, 15) is staying with them. Elizabeth Reynton (28) is a domestic servant. No children.
              Notes for MARY ELIZABETH OLIVER: 1871 Living with parents in grandfather's house in Little London, March,
            3. ALLAN TOWN, b. 1859, Keighley, Yorkshire; m. SUSEY SHACKLETON, Bet. Oct - Dec 1888, Registered in Keighley; b. 1859, Keighley, Yorkshire.
              1871: Resident of the Crossley Orphanage, Halifax aged 12.
              1881: Living with grandfather John Town in Keighley. Allen is an assistant schoolmaster aged 22.
              1888 Married: Susey Shackleton.
              1891: Aged 32 and a teacher in an elementary school. Living at 9, Granville Street, Keighley with wife Susey.
              1901: Living at Hainworth Shaw, Keighley with Susey. Allan is a schoolmaster.
            4. ANNE TOWN, b. 1862, Keighley, Yorkshire.
              1871: Resident of The Crossley Orphanage after parent's deaths in 1869.
              1881: Pupil teacher aged 19. Living with grandfather & brothers in Keighley.
              1891: Annie (29), a teacher, is living with Sarah (36) at 18, Temple Row, Keighley.
            5. ELIZABETH TOWN, b. 1864, Keighley, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Apr - Jun 1869, Registered in Keighley.
            1861 : The family are living at Beckside, Keighley. 2 sons Henry (5) & Allan (2). Joseph is a bobbin turner employing 4 men & 1 boy.
            1869 - Death of Rebecca, Joseph and Elizabeth Town: Rebecca, Joseph & Elizabeth all died between April & June. Rebecca was killed on 9th June 1869, aged 35, presumably with Joseph & Elizabeth, by the explosion of a steam boiler at the bobbin works of Messrs. John Town & sons, Bingley. The inquest was held on 10th June 1869 and the death registered on the 30th June.
            1871: Alan and Anne were in the Crossley Orphanage. Henry & Sarah were sent to live with grandparents John & Sally Town in York Street, Bingley.
            1881: 4 grandchildren are together with grandfather John (Sally has died) at 10, Temple Row, Keighley.
          7. MARTHA STELL, b. 1834, Kildwick, Yorkshire; d. Bef. 1841. Notes for MARTHA STELL: Christened 16/8/1834 in Kildwick. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          8. Benjamin Stell (1891-) Sarah Hudson and Phoebe Preston
            BENJAMIN STELL, b. 1838, Steeton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1891, Registered in Skipton. (Anne Leedam, August 2007) Marriage: SARAH HUDSON Bet. Jul - Sep 1866 in Registered in Skipton. She was born Abt. 1843, and died Bet. Apr - Jun 1870 in Registered in Skipton.
            Child of BENJAMIN STELL and SARAH HUDSON
            1. MARTHA ANN STELL, b. 1869, Crosshills, Yorkshire.
              Marriage: ERNEST GILBERT FREEMAN Bet. Jan - Mar 1896 in Registered in Skipton. He was born 1871 in Farnley, Yorkshire.
              1. BENJAMIN HENRY9 FREEMAN, b. Bet. Jan - Feb 1896, Crosshills, Yorkshire.
              2. CHARLES E. FREEMAN, b. 1900, Crosshills, Yorkshire.
              1901: Living at 1, North Street, Glusburn. 1 more son Charles E. (1). Ernest (30) is a coachman (domestic).
            1841 - 1861: At home with parents in Sutton Mill.
            Death of Sarah Hudson Stell: 1870 Sarah died.
            1871: Ben (widower) & daughter Martha Ann (3) living in Providence Place, Crosshills, Glusburn.
            Marriage: PHOEBE PRESTON Bet. Oct - Dec 1871 in Registered in Skipton. She was born 1845 in Newby, Yorkshire, and died Bet. Oct - Dec 1899.
            Children of BENJAMIN STELL and PHOEBE PRESTON
            1. JANE STELL, b. 1877, Crosshills, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1882.
            2. JOSEPH STELL, b. 1879, Crosshills, Yorkshire. Notes for JOSEPH STELL: 1901 Joseph, 22, is a plasterer, boarding with brother George at 4, Station Road, Glusburn with Albert Riley Binns, an oat bread baker, & family.
            3. GEORGE STELL, b. 1882, Crosshills, Yorkshire. Notes for GEORGE STELL: 1901 George is a coachman's groom, aged 19, boarding with brother Joseph at 4, Station Road, Glusburn with Albert Riley Binns and family.
            1881: Bobbin Cutter aged 40 living in Main Street, Crosshills with wife Phoebe, daughters Jane & Martha Ann & son Joseph.
            1882 Death of child Jane Stell: Jane died aged 5.
            1891: Wood cutter aged 50 living in Prospect Terrace, Crosshills with wife Phoebe, Martha Ann (23), Joseph (12) & George (9).
            1891: Benjamin died between July & September.
            Death of Phoebe Stell: 1899 Phoebe died between October & December.
          1841 Census: Sutton Mill, Kildwick, Benjamin Stell age 45, woolcomber, Martha age 48, Jonathan son age 20 wool comber, George son age 18 wool comber, John son age 13, worsted spinner, Sarah daughter age 12 worsted spinner, Mary daughter age 10, Rebecca daughter age 8 Benjamin son age 3, Thomas Wilson age 35, wool comber
          Death of Benjamin Stell: Bet. Apr - Jun 1845 in Registered in Keighley (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          1851 Census Stutton, Stutton Mill, Martha Stell head widow, age 55, Jonathan unmarried son age 32, woolcomber, John, age 24 unmarried woolcomber, Rebecca age 19 worsted power loom weaver Benjamin age 12 worsted spinner, Thomas Wilson, lodger, male age 52 wool comber
          1861: 1861 Widow. Ben at home (20) Worsted weaver. Living at Sutton Mill. Thomas still lodging. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        3. Bridget Stell (1804-) and John Holmes
          Birth: Bridget born 5 May 1804 baptized 11 September 1804 (ICK)
          Marriage: JOHN HOLMES 09 Feb 1834 in Bingley, Yorkshire. He was born Abt. 1812 in Keighley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          Children of BRIDGET STELL and JOHN HOLMES:
          1. SAMUEL HOLMES, b. 1840, Bingley, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1841, Registered in Bradford (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          2. LEVI HOLMES, b. 1841, Bingley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          1841 Census: Bridget is said to be 30, John 25 and son Samuel 7 months. The family live in Newroadside, Bingley. Samuel died later that year. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          1851 Census: Living at Wesley Place, Bingley. John is a wool comber aged 39, Bridget is 44 and Levi is 10. William Stell (b. 1822) is visiting. Is this cousin William b.
          1822 (Joseph's son)?
          (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          Further Records: No trace after this date. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          10 year break
        4. Martha of Stephen and Martha born June 12 1814 baptized 25 July 1814 (ICK)

        Death of Stephen Stell (b. 1774):

        Death of Martha Stell (b. Peel 1774): Age 67 in 1842

      3. Hannah Stell (1776-) and William Shackleton
        Birth: Hannah on October 16, 1776, Independent Church Keighley
        Marriage of Hannah Stell: Married WILLIAM SHACKLETON 15 Jul 1804 in Keighley, Yorkshire. 1841 Aged 60, widowed but independent & living with son & daughters in Keighley. No point in tracing them further - not Stells. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        1. ROGER SHACKLETON, b. 1811, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        2. SARAH SHACKLETON, b. 1816, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        3. MARTHA SHACKLETON, b. 1816, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        4. MARY SHACKLETON, b. 1821, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
      4. John on January 22, 1779, Independent Church Keighley
      5. Esther on September 12, 1781, Independent Church Keighley
        More on Esther Stell: Married JOHN HOLDSWORTH, 10 Mar 1806, Keighley, Yorkshire (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
      6. Mary born on February 28 and baptized on September 4, 1788, Independent Church Keighley
        More on Mary Stell: Married WILLIAM CURE, 18 Feb 1805, Keighley, Yorkshire (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
      7. Joseph Stell (1790-) and Martha Lunn
        Birth: Joseph born on November 20, 1790 and baptized on January 5, 1791 Independent Church Keighley.
        Marriage: Martha Lunn, Bradford Yorkshire, 23 October 1814
        Residence: Steeton and Kildwick
        Occupation: Woolcomber
        1. John Stell (1815-1873), woolcomber, and Elizabeth Overend
          Birth: John of Joseph Stell and Martha 3 September 1815 (CE Parish Records Index)
          Marriage: ELIZABETH OVEREND Bet. Apr Jun 1842 in Registered in Skipton, daughter of JESSE OVEREND and MARY DICKINSON. She was born 1823 in Sutton, Yorkshire, and died Bet. Jul - Sep 1891 in Registered in Keighley. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          Children of John Stell and Elizabeth Overend:
          1. William Stell (1843- ) and Martha Bailey
            WILLIAM STELL, b. 1843, Sutton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. 1891-1901 (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            Marriage: MARTHA BAILEY Bet. Apr - Jun 1867 in Registered in Skipton, daughter of HANNAH. She was born 1844 in Cowling, West Yorkshire.
            Children of WILLIAM STELL and MARTHA BAILEY
            1. CLARA STELL, b. 1868, Sutton, Yorkshire.
              Marriage: JOHN DOWSON STORK Bet. Jan - Mar 1889 in Registered in Skipton. He was born 1865 in Kirkby Moorside, Yorkshire.
              Children of CLARA STELL and JOHN STORK:
              1. ANNIE STORK, b. 1888, Skipton, Yorkshire.
              2. WILLIAM STORK, b. 1890, Skipton, Yorkshire.
              3. NORAH STORK, b. 1892, Skipton, Yorkshire.
              4. JOHN ARTHUR STORK, b. 1898, Skipton, Yorkshire.
            2. JOSEPH STELL, b. 1870, Sutton, Yorkshire.
            3. CHRISTOPHER STELL, b. 1873, Sutton, Yorkshire.
            4. PAULINA STELL, b. 1875, Sutton, Yorkshire.
            5. ALBERT STELL, b. Bet. Jan - Mar 1884, Skipton, Yorkshire.
            1881: William is a cotton loomer aged 38. He and Martha are living at 30, Russell Street with their 4 children, Clara (13), Joseph (11), Christopher (8), Paulina (6) and Martha's mother Hannah Bailey.
            1891: Same address. 1 more son Albert (7). Clara has married.
            1901: Martha is a widow living with Joseph, Christopher, Paulina & Alfred (changed name?) at 30, Russell Street, Skipton.
          2. MARGARET STELL, b. 1845, Eastburn, Yorkshire; m. ROBERT SMITH, Bet. Apr - Jun 1873, Registered in Keighley; b. 1852, Haworth, Yorkshire. Notes for MARGARET STELL: 1881 Robert is a warp beamer (29) & Margaret is 36. The couple live in Sutton Mill. 1891 Living next door to widowed mother Elizabeth & sister Mary in Sutton Mill. No children. 1901 ? (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          3. JOSEPH STELL, b. 1846, Eastburn, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Oct - Dec 1910, Registered in Keighley. Notes for JOSEPH STELL: 1891 Joseph, 45, is head of house living alone in Albert Street, Sutton Mill. He is a worsted weft man. 1901 Where were all the Stells in 1901? It's like they disappeared! 1910 Joseph died aged 64. 22. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          4. Benjamin Stell 1850-) and Eliza Whittaker
            BENJAMIN STELL, b. 1850, Sutton, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            Marriage: ELIZA WHITTAKER Bet. Apr - Jun 1871 in Registered in Keighley. She was born 1847 in Grassington, Yorkshire, and died Bet. Apr - Jun 1903 in Registered in Keighley.
            Children of BENJAMIN STELL and ELIZA WHITTAKER
            1. THOMAS WHITTAKER STELL, b. 1873, Sutton, Yorkshire.
              Thomas Stell and Hannah
              Birth: Thomas Whitaker Stell, Date of registration: Apr-May-Jun 1872, Registration district: Keighley, Inferred County: Yorkshire - West Riding, Volume: 9a, Page: 210
              Marriage: Marriages Jun 1894 Shuttleworth, Hannah, Skipton 9a 83 Stell, Thomas Whitaker, Skipton 9a 83
              Children: Ethel Mary Stell 1900 married Harry Robinson and had Margaret Cynthia Robinson (information from David Michael Withers, February 2012)
              Death: Thomas W Stell, Birth Date: abt 1873, Date of registration: Apr-May-Jun 1946, Age at Death: 73, Registration district: Keighley, Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding, Volume: 9a, Page: 220
              1911: Thomas Whitaker Stell Age in 1911: 38 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1873 Relation to Head: Head Gender: Male Birth Place: Sutton In Caven, Yorkshire, England Civil parish: Glusburn County/Island: Yorkshire-West Riding Country: England Street Address: Glusburn Green Keighley Yorkshire Marital Status: Married Occupation: Warp Dresser In Silk & Cotton Chef Registration district: Skipton Registration District Number: 485 Sub-registration district: Kildwick ED, institution, or vessel: 16 Piece: 25790 Household Members: Name Age Thomas Whitaker Stell 38 Hannah Stell 39 Annie Stell 16 Margaret E Stell 13 Ethel Mary Stell 10 Farnces Stell 8 Florrie Stell 5
            2. JOHN STELL, b. 1874, Sutton, Yorkshire.
              1901: John is boarding with James Clayton, a print compositor, & family in Mexborough, Doncaster. John is also a print compositor aged 27.
            3. ANNIE STELL, b. 1876, Sutton, Yorkshire.
            4. GEORGE R. STELL, b. 1880, Sutton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1881, Registered in Keighley.
            1881: Worsted warp dresser, 31. married to Eliza + 4 children, Thomas W. (8), John (7), Annie (5) & George R. (1).
            1881 Death of George Robert Stell age 1: George Robert died aged 1.
            1891: Living in Park Lane, Sutton Mill. All 3 children at home. Thomas is a warp dresser (18), John is a printer & bookbinder's apprentice (17) & Annie is a sewer in a worsted mill (15).
            Thomas W Stell Age: 18 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1873 Relation: Son Father's Name: Benjamin Stell Mother's Name: Eliza Stell Gender: Male Where born: Sutton, Yorkshire, England Civil parish: Sutton Ecclesiastical parish: Sutton St Thomas Town: Sutton Mill County/Island: Yorkshire Country: England Street Address: Occupation: Condition as to marriage: Education: Employment status: View image Registration district: Keighley Sub-registration district: Keighley ED, institution, or vessel: 3 Neighbors: View others on page Piece: 3536 Folio: 43 Page Number: 10 Household Members: Name Age Benjamin Stell 41 Eliza Stell 44 Thomas W Stell 18 John Stell 17 Annie Stell 15 View Original Record View original image View blank form

            1901: Can't trace Ben or Eliza in 1901, but Eliza didn't die until 1903, so they must be somewhere.
          5. MARY STELL, b. 1852, Kildwick, Yorkshire. Notes for MARY STELL: Mary lived with her mother until her death in 1891. After this date. like all other Stells in family, there is no trace in 1901! (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          6. SARAH ANN STELL, b. 1852, Kildwick, Yorkshire; m. THOMAS BOTTOMLEY, Bet. Jan - Mar 1886, Registered in Keighley; b. 1850, Sutton, Yorkshire. Notes for SARAH ANN STELL: 1891 Married to Thomas (41) a worsted weaver from Sutton. Sarah is 39 and they live in Main Street, Sutton. 1901 ? (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          7. MARTHA STELL, b. 1854, Kildwick, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Apr - Jun 1876, Registered in Keighley. Notes for MARTHA STELL: Martha died in 1876 aged 22. 23. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          8. Albert Stell (1861-) and Jane Whiteoak
            ALBERT STELL, b. 1861, Kildwick, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
            Marriage: JANE WHITEOAK Bet. Jan - Mar 1886 in Registered in Keighley. She was born 1866 in Carleton, Yorkshire.
            Children of ALBERT STELL and JANE WHITEOAK
            1. SARAH E. STELL, b. 1887, Sutton, Yorkshire.
            2. JOHN WILLIAM STELL, b. Bet. Apr - Jun 1888, Sutton, Yorkshire.
            3. ERNEST STELL, b. Jan 1891, Sutton, Yorkshire.
          1891: Albert is an assistant overlooker (wool combing) aged 30 & married to Jane (25). They have 3 children Sarah E. (4), John W. (3) & Ernest (3 mths) & live in Harker Street, Sutton.
          1851: John is a woolcomber aged 35, living in Sutton Mill with wife Elizabeth & 4 children. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          1861: Same as above but 8 children. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          1871: William has left home. John is 55 and a waste sorter. All others have various weaving jobs. ( Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          Death: Age 57, Bet. Apr - Jun 1873, Registered in Keighley (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          1881: Elizabeth is a widow aged 58. Only Joseph 35, Sarah Ann 29, Mary 24 & Albert 20 are left at home. Still in Sutton Mill. ( Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          1891: Just Elizabeth (68) & Mary (34) living in Mill Hill, Sutton Mill. ( Anne Leedam, August 2007)
          Death of Elizabeth Overend Stell: 1891 Elizabeth died between July & September. ( Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        2. William Stell (1817-1868) Ann Speak and Hannah Crossley
          Birth: William of Joseph Stell and Martha 17 August 1817 (CE Parish Records Index)
          1841: William (wool comber aged "43"). (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          Marriage: ANN SPEAK Bet. Oct - Dec 1841 in Todmorden, Lancashire. She was born 1822 in Todmorden, Lancashire, and died Bet. Oct - Dec 1859 in Keighley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          Child of WILLIAM STELL and ANN SPEAK:
          1. ELIZABETH STELL, b. 1845, Keighley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
            Marriage: JAMES MIRRAL Bet. Jan - Mar 1867 in Registered in Keighley. He was born 1845 in Keighley, Yorkshire.
            Child of ELIZABETH STELL and JAMES MIRRAL
            1. FRANK MIRRAL, b. 1868, Keighley, Yorkshire.
            1871: Married to James, a turner aged 26, with a son Frank (3) and living in West Gate, Keighley.
          1851: Married to Ann. Living at the Hope & Anchor in Hope Street, Keighley. 1 daughter Elizabeth (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          Death of Ann Speak Stell: 1859 (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          Marriage to Hannah Crossley: HANNAH CROSSLEY Bet. Jul - Sep 1860 in Keighley, Yorkshire. She was born 1821 in Keighley, Yorkshire. She already had 2 daughters but I can't discover whether she was widowed or just not married. (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          Children of Hannah Crossley:
          1. ELIZABETH CROSSLEY, b. 1849, Keighley, Yorkshire.
          2. ISABELLA CROSSLEY, b. 1858, Keighley, Yorkshire.
          Children of William Stell and Hannah Crossley:
          1. SARAH HANNAH STELL, b. Mar 1861, Keighley, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1868, Keighley, Yorkshire. 25.
          2. William Henry Stell (1863-) and Sarah Peel
            WILLIAM HENRY STELL, b. 1863, Keighley, Yorkshire.
            Marriage: SARAH ELIZABETH PEEL Bet. Jan - Mar 1883 in Keighley, Yorkshire. She was born 1862 in Keighley, Yorkshire.
            Child of WILLIAM STELL and SARAH PEEL:
            1. ALICE HANNAH STELL, b. Bet. Apr - Jun 1886, Keighley, Yorkshire.
            1901: Living at 39, Fell Lane, Keighley. William is a washing machine maker/joiner. Brother-in-law Joseph Peel may be a partner as he has the same occupation.
          1861 The couple were still at the Hope & Anchor with Elizabeth Stell (16), Elizabeth Crossley (12) & baby Sarah Hannah (1 month).
          (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          Death of William Stell: Bet. Apr - Jun 1868, Keighley, Yorkshire (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          Death of Sarah Stell: 1868 Sarah Hannah died aged 7. (Anne Leedam August, 2007)
          1871: Hannah & family are living in South Street, Keighley. She is a worsted reeler aged 49. William Henry is 8. There is also a Sarah Hannah Crossley (grand daughter aged 1). She is presumably Elizabeth Crossley's (22) illegitimate daughter as Isabella is only 13. Elizabeth Stell has gone but I can't find out where or who she married.
          Marriage of Hannah Crossley Stell: 1878 Hannah married Robert Heaton.
          1881: Hannah (59), Robert (58) and William Henry (joiner aged 18) are living at 329, South Street, Keighley.
          Death of Robert Heaton: 1890 Robert died.
        3. Sarah of Joseph Stell and Martha 26 September 1819 (CE Parish Record Index)
          Death: Another Sarah born in 1826
        4. Maria of Joseph Stell and Marta 17 May 1821 (CE Parish Records Index)
        5. Thomas, of Joseph Stell and Martha 11 January 1824 (CE Parish Records Index)
          More on Thomas Stell: In 1851 census with siblings, see below
        6. Sarah Stell (1826-1900) and Thomas Ellison
          Birth: Sarah, of Joseph and Martha 21 May 1826 (CE Parish Records Index)
          Marriage: THOMAS ELLISON Bet. Jul - Sep 1855 in Keighley, Yorkshire. He was born 1828 in Sutton-in-Craven, Yorkshire, and died Bet. Jul - Sep 1901 in Keighley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Children of SARAH STELL and THOMAS ELLISON:
          1. WALTER ELLISON, b. 1856, Sutton-in-Craven, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          2. SAMUEL ELLISON, b. 1859, Sutton-in-Craven, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          3. CAIN ELLISON, b. 1862, Sutton-in-Craven, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
            Marriage: ISABELLA MARY LONGBOTTOM Bet. Oct - Dec 1885 in Keighley, Yorkshire. She was born 1866 in Silsden, Yorkshire.
            Children of CAIN ELLISON and ISABELLA LONGBOTTOM :
            1. EDITH ELLISON, b. 1886, Silsden, Yorkshire.
            2. TOM LISTER ELLISON, b. Bet. Jan - Mar 1889, Sutton, Yorkshire.
          4. LILLY ELLISON, b. 1866, Sutton-in-Craven, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1861: Thomas is a shoe maker & family live in Sutton Mill. 1871 Thomas, gas maker aged 42, Sarah, 44, 3 sons & 1 daughter are living in Sutton Mill. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1881: Thomas is a boot & shoe maker. All family live in Sutton Mill. Walter is a wood screw maker aged 25, Sam is a general labourer aged 22, Cain is a loomer & twister aged 15 & Lilly is a spinner aged 15. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1891: Cain (married & living 3 doors away) & Sam have left home. Walter is 35 & a bobbin maker, Lilly is 25 & a weaver, Edith (g'daughter) is 5. Thomas is still making shoes, Sarah is 65 and they all live in Garden Terrace, Sutton Mill. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Death: Bet. Apr - Jun 1900, Keighley, Yorkshire (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Death of Thomas Ellison: 1901 (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
        7. Stephen Stell (1830-) and Elizabeth Smith
          Birth: Stephen circa 1830
          Marriage: ELIZABETH SMITH Bet. Jan Mar 1855 in Keighley, Yorkshire. She was born 1832 in Cowling, West Yorkshire, and died Bet. Oct - Dec 1900 in Registered in Skipton. (Anne Leedam August 2007)
          1. John Stell (1856-), Carpenter, and Marie ______
            Birth: John Stell circa 1856 Steeton, with Stephen and Elizabeth in the 1861 census
            Marriage: Marie MARIA LUND Bet. Apr - Jun 1876 in Registered in Keighley. She was born 1856 in Steeton, Yorkshire, and died 26 Apr 1895 in Keighley, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedham, August 2007)
            1. Tom circa 1877 Bet. Jul - Sep 1876, Steeton, Yorkshire.
            2. Elizabeth circa 1879
            3. Martha circa 1881 Bet. Apr - Jun 1880, Steeton, Yorkshire.
            4. William circa 1882
            5. Smith 1885 listed in FREEBMD
            6. Fred circa 1886 Bet. Apr - Jun 1887, Steeton, Yorkshire.
            7. Charlotte circa 1891 Bet. Oct - Dec 1890, Steeton, Yorkshire
            1881 Census: See Stephen
            1891 Census: Whitley Head, Steeton, John Stell, age 35, joiner born Sutton Mill, Marie age 35, Tom age 14, worsted bobbin ---, Elizabeth age 12, worsted spinner, Martha age 10 worsted spinner,William age 9, Smith age 5, Fred age 3, and Charlotte age 3 mo.
            1895 Death of Marie Lund Stell: Maria died aged 39. The family were living at the same address, 1, Whitley Head, Steeton. On her death certificate, the causes of death were: Child Birth - Metritis (inflammation of the lining of the uterus). Pertonitis - Pleurisy Pneumonia - Phlegmasia Alba Dolens (a painful swelling of the leg usually seen post partum, also known as milk leg) Syncope - (fainting). Certified by Denis McDonnell. John Stell was present at her death and registered it the following day - 27th April 1895. It appears that Maria had another baby after Charlotte b. 1890 and it was this that caused her death. Did the baby survive?
            1901: No trace of the family!

            Emigration of William and Smith Stell: From Liverpool to Boston 1913, to Pawtucket RI - to sister in law Mrs Walter Patterson 718 Mineral Springs Pawtucket, RI. William Stell age 31 machinist wife Mrs Stell Elsie St, Beechcroft, Keighley, fair brown hair grey eyes 5'5", Smith Stell age 27 father J Stell 4 Bronte Street, Keighley, 5'61/2" brown hair blue eyes, SS 100 ---- tattooed on left forearm. - William Stell was listed in the 1930 census in Providence, age 47 married, born England married at 28, own house $4,000, machinist in machine shop with his son William age 10 born in RI
          2. WILLIAM STELL, b. 1858, Steeton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Jul - Sep 1863, Registered in Keighley. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          3. TOM STELL, b. 1860, Steeton, Yorkshire; d. Bet. Apr - Jun 1863, Registered in Keighley (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          4. Hannah - HANNAH STELL, b. 1865, Steeton, Yorkshire; m. CRAVEN SUGDEN, Bet. Jan - Mar 1890, Registered in Keighley; b. 1865, Steeton, Yorkshire. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
            1891: Hannah is 26 & married to Craven Sugden 26, a mechanic. The couple live next door to Stephen & Elizabeth at 2, Shawburn Cottages, Silsden. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
            1901: Craven is a foreman of worsted machinery & the couple live at 3, Strawberry Street, Silsden. No children. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          5. Martha - MARTHA STELL, b. 1867, Steeton, Yorkshire. Martha must have married between 1891 & 1901. Can't trace who it was. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          6. Joseph - JOSEPH STELL, b. 1874, Steeton, Kildwick. Notes for JOSEPH STELL: Can't trace Joseph in 1901. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1841: Living at Sutton Mill with parents. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1851: Living at Sutton Mill with siblings, Joseph, Sarah & Thomas. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1861:Worsted spinning overlooker aged 31, married to Elizabeth & living at 13, High Fold, Steeton with Eastburn. 3 sons, John (6), William (3) & Tom (1). 1863 Tom & William both died. 1871 2 daughters Hannah (6) & Martha (4). The family live at 2, Whitley Head, Steeton with Eastburn. Son John is 15 and a spinner in a worsted factory. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1881 Census: Steeton with Eastburn, Whitley Head, Stephen Stell, age 51 commercial traveler, born Steeton, Elizabeth age 49, Hannah age 16 worsted spinner, Martha age 14 worsted spinner, Joseph age 7 next to them John Stell head, age 25 carpenter, Marie age 25, wife, Tom age 4, Elizabeth age 2 (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          1891:Stephen (61) is a tea dealer. Hannah has married Craven Sugden and lives next door. Martha (24) is a dressmaker & Joseph (17) is a clerk. The family have moved to 3, Shawburn Cottages, Silsden. 1900 Stephen died between July & August aged 70. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Death of Stephen Stell:Stephen died Bet. Jul - Sep 1900 in Registered in Skipton. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Death of Elizabeth Stell: 1900 Elizabeth died between October & December aged 68. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
        8. Joseph Stell (1834-1884) and Mary Lilley
          Birth: Joseph 17 August 1834 of Joseph and Martha (CE Parish Records Index)
          Marriage: MARY LILLEY, Bet. Apr - Jun 1867, Registered in Skipton; b. 1835, Farnhill, Yorkshire.
          (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Notes for JOSEPH STELL: 1871 Joseph & Mary are living in Starkey Lane, Farnhill. Joseph is a horseman? aged 36 & Mary is a worsted weaver. 1881 Still in Starkey Lane, Joseph & Mary are 46. He is a horse trader? Overwritten on census by factory hand. No children. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Death of Joseph Stell: 1884 Joseph died aged 50. Farnhill is in Sutton-in-Craven. Bet. Oct - Dec 1884, Registered in Keighley (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
          Notes for MARY LILLEY: 1841 Mary (6) was living with father Jacob (woolcomber aged 40) & sisters, Hannah (15), Jane (2) & Grace (13) in Starkey Lane, Farnhill. 1861 Mary (26) was living with her father & sister in Starkey Lane Bottom, Farnhill. 1891 Widowed Mary is staying with her widowed sister Hannah Jackson. 1901 Widowed Mary is housekeeping for her nephew, by marriage, Edward Shackleton & family at 65, Skipton Road, Colne. Sabina, Edward's wife, is Mary's sister Grace's daughter. (Anne Leedam, August, 2007)
        1841 Census: Sutton Mill, Joseph Stell age 50 wool comber, Martha, age 50 John age 25 woolcomber, Thomas, age 17 jobber in factory Sarah age 15 worsted spinner Stephen age 11 worsted spinner, Joseph age 6
        Death of Joseph Stell: Age 59, 1848 in Registered in Keighley. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        1851 Census: Sutton Mill, Thomas Stell, head, age 27, weaver worsted (cotton and silk) born Steeton, Sarah, sister, age 25, domestic duties, Stephen, brother, age 20, overlooker, Joseph, brother, age 16, factory boy worsted, all born "Steeton"
        1851 Census: 1851 There is a Martha Stell (60) living with the Peel family in Idle, Yorkshire. Could be a connection with Peels? Grandson William Stell married Sarah Elizabeth Peel in 1883. (Anne Leedam, August 2007)
        1861 Census Sutton Mill, John Stell, 45 wool comber, Elizabeth, 38, William, 18, can't read, Margaret, 16, worsted spinner, Joseph, 15 worsted spinner, Benjamin, 11 worsted spinner. Sarah Ann, 9 worsted spinner, Martha, age 7 Mary, age 4 Albert, 3 mo.

    6. John, of Stephen Stell of Fellane, was baptized on October 13, 1757 Independent Church Keighley.

    Note: The baptisms in the Independent Church indicate that Stephen and family were members from the start of the records in 1749. The subsequent records show that Stephen's children continued to be connected to the Independent Church in Keighley.

    The following deaths were recorded for the children of Stephen Stell in the Church of England records:

    1. Abraham, the son of Stephen Stell, on January 25, 1765
    2. Hannah, the daughter of Stephen Stell of Fellane, on May 2, 1764
    3. Joseph, the son of Stephen Stell of Fell Lane on April 26, 1766.

    I did not find baptismal records for these three children in either Church of England or Keighley Independent .

    Death: Stephen Stell of Fellane was buried on November 1, 1773 (CE).

  4. Joseph Stell (1721-) and Mary Sharp

    Birth: Joseph Stell, the son of John Stell, baptized in 1721 no place or occupation listed. This may not be the actual record. Nevertheless, a Joseph, son of John, was born around this time in Fellane and this Joseph Stell married Mary Sharpe.

    Note: While the parish index as compiled by LDS lists a death for Joseph Stell the Bishop's Transcripts "Joseph the son of John Stell of Willey Green buried February 18, 1724". I believe that this was the son of another John Stell, not the son of John Stell of Fellane. There were too many Joseph Stells in the subsequent records but one of them born around this time is clearly the son of John Stell of Fellane. The connections of Joseph Stell and the other children of John Stell to the Independent (Congregational) Church are so exclusive that the Joseph who married Mary Sharpe has to be a descendant of John Stell of Fellane.

    Marriage: Joseph Stell married Mary Sharpe in Keighley in 1749.


    Residence: Fellane


    1. George, February 1752 (ICK)
      Further Records: George Stell woolcomber moved to Birstall parish where he married Isabelle Lawson and had: Joseph, Samuel, Nathan, Benjamin, Ann, Mary and Betty. See George Stell
    2. Nathan, 30 May 1758 (ICK)
      Further Records: Nathan Stell married Ann Wood, lived in Fellane and had: Joseph (CE), Molly (CE), George (CE), Nathan (CE), Ann [baptized 1790 (ICK)] and Paul [baptized 1 July 1793 (ICK)]. See Joseph Stell
    3. Mary 26 Feb 1766 (ICK)

    All baptized in the Independent Church in Keighley.

    See Joseph Stell for more information on the marriage and children of George and Nathan Stell

  5. Mary Stell (1724-) and John Rishworth

    Birth: Mary, the daughter of John Stell was baptized on May 10, 1724 (Index).
    Marriage: Mary married John Rishworth on May 19, 1745 (Index).
    Children: Mary Stell and John Rishworth of Fellane had the following children baptized in the Independent Church Keighley:

    1. Elizabeth, the daughter of John Rishworth of Fellane on June 22, 1749 (ICK)
    2. Anne, the daughter of John Rishworth of Fellane, was baptized July 15, 1751 (ICK)
    3. Mary, the daughter of John Rishworth of Fellane, was baptized on August 27, 1753 (ICK)
      10 year break
    4. Thomas Rishworth (1763-) and Rachael Padgett
      Birth: Thomas, the son of John Rishworth of Westmorton, was baptized February 22, 1763 (ICK)
      Marriage: 1794 May 30 Thomas Rushworth of Bingley & Rachael Padgett Keighley Parish
      1. Mary Rishworth daughter of Thomas and Rachael Rishworth 23 Nov 1794 26 Dec 1794 (ICK)
      2. Ann, born 1799
      3. John
      4. William, b. 1802
      5. Jane, b. 1805
      6. Thomas, b. 1807
      7. Martha, b. 1810
        Marriage: John Hagar at Keighley, Leeds, 1828
        1. William Crasby, married his cousin, Rachel Rishworth of West Morton,
        2. Mary Ann Hagar, m. Robert Varley Sellers of Keighley
      8. Henry of Thomas and Rachael, 06, May 1812, 15 June 1812 Independent Congregation of Keighley (LDSIGI)
        Marriage: Wilkinson of Castle Hill
        1. William
        2. John
        3. Thomas
      9. Joshua, born 1814
      10. Rachel, b. 1816
      11. Sarah, b. 1818

      From John Hodgson's Textile Manufacture in Keighley, 1879

      Thomas Rishworth, gentleman farmer of West Morton, near Bingley, was the owner of "several valuable freehold farms". He had a son Henry Rishworth, who lived in West Morton and was a "tops maker, buying his wool at the Bradford market, employing a number of hand combers, and selling his tops to manufacturers." He began spinning about 1838 and "about half-a-dozen years later commenced manufacturing stuff pieces". He died in 1866.
      1861 Census: Keighley Castle Hill, Henry Rishworth, age 49. worsted spinner and manufacturer, employing 38 men, 10 boys , 16 girls and 16 females, born Bingley, Hannah, age 54 Margaret, age 20, Martha, age 16, Henry, age 12, dumb from birth, Alfred, age 10. Wife and children born Keighley.

    5. Jane, the daughter of John Rishworth of Westmorton, Bingley Parish, was baptized November 20, 1766 (ICK)
    6. John Rishworth (1769-) and Martha Craven
      Birth: John, the son of John Rishworth of Westmorton, in the parish of Bingley was baptized by the Rev. McNeil on March 15, 1769 (ICK)
      Marriage: 1792 Apr 24 John Rushworth of Bingley & Martha Craven Keighley Parish
      Baptism of Martha Craven: Martha the daughter of John and Mary Craven of Guardhouse was baptized Dec 23 by the Revd W Lillie, 1771 (ICK)
      1. Mary daughter of John and Martha Rishworth March 29, April 11, 1793
      2. Ann daughter of John and Martha Rishworth April 8, June 11, 1795
      3. Jane daughter of John and Martha Rishworth, Hole, Dec 7. Dec 7 1796

  6. Joshua, the son of John Stell was born on November 15 and baptized on December 11, 1726 (CE). There is no further record for Joshua after his baptism in 1726.
Death of Mary Jackson Stell: Mary, the wife of John Stell, was buried on September 21, 1731.

Death of John Stell: John Stell the elder of Fell Lane ( January 1749

Other Stell Deaths

  1. Joseph Stell yeoman buried 30 January 1724

  2. Joseph Stell of Fell Lane was buried on August 8, 1758.

  3. John Stell of Fell Lane was buried on September 26, 1758.

  4. Joseph Stell (no place listed) was buried on January 7, 1767

Important connections for this branch of the Stell family in Keighley

  1. The connection to the Independent Church is of major significance. This was a small congregation and all of the Stells in the records were related to one another.

    The Independent Church in Keighley ledger only includes baptisms. This was not uncommon. Many Independent congregations did not have their own burial grounds and for a long time it was required that marriages take place in the Church of England.

    Of the six known children of John Stell one, Joshua, does not appear to have married. The others were:

    1. John who had all his children baptized in the Church of England before the Congregational records started in 1749
    2. James who had five children baptized in the Church of England before the Congregational records started in 1749 and three baptized in the Congregational parish after 1749
    3. Stephan who had one child baptized in the Church of England before the Congregational records start and three baptized in the congregational parish after the records started
    4. Mary Stell Rishworth, the wife of John Rishworth, who had six children baptized in the congregational parish after the records started in 1749
    5. Joseph, the father of George, Nathan, and Mary, all baptized in the Congregational parish.
  2. All of the Stells who were related to this branch of the family lived in Fellane (Fell Lane) or Bingley.

  3. When an occupation was listed, all of the Stells who were related to this branch of the family were either weavers or woolcombers.

Other Stephen Stells

As mentioned above Stephen was not a common name in the parish records of Keighley. Of the five uses of the name in the Stell family, three are known to be related. The connection, if any, of the following Stephen Stells has not been established.

Stephen Stell born 1828, son of Joseph Stell

Birth of Jospeh Stell: Joseph Stell born circa 1806, place and parents unknown. He could be son of Ann Stell born 12 September 1806 baptized Jan 15 1807. This is the only listing in the Keighley Parish records and on the IGI.

Marriage: Joseph Stell married Mary Holmes 3 October 1826


  1. Stephen 2 March 1828 CE
  2. Grace 13 Nov 1830 CE
  3. John 21 May 1834 CE
  4. George 3 Feb 1837 CE

1841 Census: ???? Bingley, Mary Stell, age 25, worsted weaver, George age 4, Grace age 2 and Abraham age 1

Further Record: Not in later censuses

Stephen Stell born 1836, son of George Stell

Birth of George Stell: Unknown. No baptism in Keighley

Note: There was a George Stell living in in Linton in Craven who had: John 9 Sept 1781 Not in census, William 11 May 1783 not in census, Ann 27 April 1788, George 1 Aug 1790 in 1841 and 1851 censuses, Martha 17 February 1793, James 15 July 1798 not in census

See George, son of Nathan born 1784 and Mary Franland. He married Mary in 1808 in Linton in Craven and had two children baptized there.

Only other birth in Linton in Craven Martha d of James and Mary Stell 8 July 1810

No related Stells in Linton in the censuses.

Marriage: Sarah Holmes 11 Nov 1811 Keighley


  1. Sarah 20 Aug 1812 baptized 15 Nov 1812
Death of Sarah Holmes Stell:

Marriage: George Stell married Ruth Northrop 17 Nov 1822 Bingley (IGI)


  1. Jacob 8 October 1823
  2. Martha 5 June 1825
  3. Mary Ann 21 Oct 1827
  4. John 25 April 1830
  5. William 17 March 1833
  6. Northrop 17 May 1835
  7. Stephen Stell (1836-) and Agnes
    Birth: Stephen 3 February 1839
    Marriage: Agnes
    1871 Census: College Street, Keighley, Stephen Stell, head age 32, mechanic, Agnes wife age 27, dress maker, born Ingleton Martha Eliz. age 5, Ruth age 2, George age 1, Elizabeth Mitchell nurse age 14, born Bradford, rest born Keighley
  8. Mary Elizabeth 16 Jan 1842

1841 Census Keighley, Sun Street, George age 50 mechanic, Ruth age 38, Jacob mechanic age 17, Martha age 16 weaver, William age 9 Northrop age 7, Stephen age 2, Mary Robinson age 1

1851 Census: Keighley Sun Street George Stell, 60 mechanic, Ruth, 48, William, 18 mechanic, Northrop, 16 mechanic, Stephen, age 12 rope maker, Mary E, 11 All born Keighley except Ruth born Cullingworth

Other Stells Connected to the Independent Congregation Keighley

Joseph Stell (circa 1807 - ) and Mary _________

Birth: Joseph Stell born circa 1807, Keighley (per censuses).

No record except the son of Ann born 1806. However, there are two Josephs in the subsequent records who claim to be born circa 1806.

Nothing on IGI

Marriage: Mary

Nothing on the IGI

Mary born circa 1802. Probably not the Mary Holmes who married Joseph Stell in October 1826. The marriage of Mary Holmes to Joseph Stell is very close to the baptism of Marmaduke in October 1826. Again there were two Josephs both married to Marys and only one marriage record.

Occupation: Mechanic, blacksmith.

Note: George (circa 1791) father of Stephen (1839) was also a mechanic.

Residence: 1841 and 1851 Green St Keighley, 1861 Brunswick Street, Keighley


  1. Marmaduke Stell (1826-1864), Susannah Spencer? and Adelaide Harriet Elizabeth Deacon

    Birth: Marmaduke Stell son of Joseph Stell and Mary bapt 15 October 1826 Independent Congregation Keighley

    Marriage: Marmaduke Stell Date of registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1848 Registration district: Keighley Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding Volume Number: 23 Page Number: 365, others on page Susanna Spencer.

    1851 Census: Marmaduke Stell age 24, tool grinder, Susannah wife, age 20 Mary daughter age 3 mo.


    1. Sarah Ann Stell MOTHER: Susannah Stell FATHER: Marmaduke Stell BAPTISM: 24 Dec 1848 - Keighley, Yorkshire, England

    2. Mary Stell and Isaac Walker

      Mary per 1851 census

      Mary Stell Birth Date: 25 Oct 1850 Parish: Keighley Baptism Date: 12 Jan 1851 Father's Name: Marmaduke Stell Mother's Name: Susanna Stell

      Marriage: Mary Stell Birth Year: abt 1851 Age: 20 Marriage or Bann Date: 11 Sep 1871 Parish: Keighley Father's Name: Marmaduke Stell Spouse's Name: Isaac Walker Spouse's Father's Name: George Walker

    3. Ann/Clara Stell and Emmanuel Steel

      Birth: Anne Stell MOTHER: Susannah Stell FATHER: Marmaduke Stell BAPTISM: 20 Mar 1853 - Keighley, Yorkshire, England

      Clara Stell Date of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1853 Registration district: Keighley Inferred County: Yorkshire - West Riding Volume: 9a Page: 156

      Marriage: Clara Stell Birth Year: abt 1853 Age: 22 Marriage or Bann Date: 27 Nov 1875 Parish: Keighley Father's Name: Marmaduke Stell Spouse's Name: Emmanuel Steel Spouse's Father's Name: Zachariah Steel

    4. Matilda Stell and William Wood

      Birth: Matilda Stell Parish: Keighley Baptism Date: 23 Dec 1866 Father's Name: Marmaduke Stell Mother's Name: Susannah Stell

      Marriage: Matilda Stell Birth Year: abt 1855 Age: 21 Marriage or Bann Date: 26 Dec 1876 Parish: Keighley Father's Name: Marmaduke Stell Spouse's Name: William Wood Spouse's Father's Name: William Wood

    5. Hannah Stell and Jonas Gill

      Birth: Hannah Stell MOTHER: Susannah Stell FATHER: Marmaduke Stell BIRTH: 7 Feb 1858 BAPTISM: 23 Jul 1858 - Keighley, Yorkshire, England

      Marriage: Hannah Stell Birth Year: abt 1858 Age: 30 Marriage or Bann Date: 8 Jul 1888 Parish: Ingrow and Hainworth, St John Father's Name: Marmaduke Stell Spouse's Name: Jonas Gill Spouse's Father's Name: John Gill

    6. Marmaduke per tombstone
      Marmaduke Stell MOTHER: Susannah Stell FATHER: Marmaduke Stell, Turkey Street, Glazier, private baptism BAPTISM: 7 May 1860 - Keighley, Yorkshire, England
    1851 Census: Marmaduke Stell 24 tool grinder, Susannah Stell 20 Mary Stell 3 Mo, Mill hill Keighley, Yorkshire, England Civil parish: Keighley Town: Keighley County/Island: Yorkshire Country: England

    Death of Suzanna Stell: 1860 per tombstone

    1861 Census: Marmaduke Stell Age: 34 Relation: Son Father's Name: Joseph Stell Keighley Town: Keighley Brunswick st Yorkshire England Household Members: Joseph Stell 54, widower, blacksmith Marmaduke Stell 34, widower, grinder Joseph Stell 26, widower, cabinet maker, Ann R Stell 28, daughter, unmarried housekeeper, Mary Stell 10, granddaughter, Clara Stell 8, ditto, Matilda Stell 6, ditto Hannah Stell 3 ditto

    One family away Samuel Stell married age 46, wool top maker, Martha wife age 45 and John Stell age 15, apprentice to machinist, Mary Stell age 11

    Marriage of Marmaduke Stell: Marmaduke Stell, full age widower, Grinder, Brunswick St. FATHER: Joseph Stell SPOUSE: Adelaide Harriet Elizabeth Deacon, full age spinster, daughter of Abraham Deacon MARRIAGE: 6 Dec 1862 - Keighley, Yorkshire, England

    Death of Marmaduke Stell: Dec. 20, 1864
    In Memory of
    Marmaduke Stell
    of Keighley
    Who Died December 20, 1864
    Age 38 Years
    Also Suzannah wife of the above Marmaduke
    Stell Who died May 31st 1860 in the 30th year of her age
    Also Marmaduke Stell thier son who died in infancy

    (Utley Cemetery, Utley West Yorkshire, posted by W. Sutherland Feb 27, 2012 Grave memorial #85792175

    Remarriage of A.H. E. Stell: Adelaide Harriet Elizabeth Stell SPOUSE: Thomas Greenwood BIRTH: abt 1836 MARRIAGE: 8 Jan 1866 - Bradford, St Peter (Bradford Cathedral), Yorkshire, England

    6 Year break between birth of Marmaduke and Ann

  2. Anne R. circa 1832 census - Nothing on IGI

    More on Ann R. Stell: She is unmarried in the 1841, 1851, 1861 censuses with her father. And in the 1871 and 1891 census unmarried with her brother Joseph.

    Death of Ann R Stell: Ann Rebecca Stell, Estimated Birth Year: abt 1832, Date of registration: Apr-May-Jun 1898, Age at Death: 66, Registration district: Keighley, Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding, Volume: 9a, Page: 159

  3. Joseph Stell, Jane Wetherby and Mary Pearson

    Birth: Joseph of Joseph and May 5 August 1834 Independent Congregation Keighley

    Marriage: August 16 1857 Joseph Stell full age bachelor, cabinet maker, Brunswick Street, Keighley son of Joseph Stell blacksmith to Jane Witherby full age spinster Wellington Street daughter of John Witherby ___ Master, both signed.


    1. John Wetherby Stell MOTHER: Jane Stell, FATHER: Joseph Stell, BIRTH: 26 Nov 1857, BAPTISM: 10 Jan 1858 - Keighley, Yorkshire, England

      Death: John Wetherby Stell Date of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1859 Registration district: Keighley Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding Volume: 9a Page: 127

    Death of Jane Witherby Stell: Before 1861. He was listed as a widower in the 1861 Census

    Jane Stell Date of registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1857 Registration district: Keighley Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding Volume: 9a Page: 132

    1871 Census: Brunswick Street, Joseph Stell, widow, age 36, machine joiner, Ann R, sister, age 38, Mary age, 18, niece, worsted spinner, Clara, niece, age 18, worsted spinner, Matilda, niece, age 16, worsted spinner, Hannah, niece, age 13, worsted weaver, Mary Smith, boarder age 39, spinner

    They were living near Samuel, Martha and their daughter Mary (now married to Joseph Jackson age 23, with a one month old named Samuel).

    Marriage 2 1872: November 30, 1872, Joseph Stell 38 widower, joiner, Sunderland Street, son of Joseph Stell blacksmith to Mary Pearson 35 spinster old House Lane, daughter of Samuel Pearson, laborer, both signed.


    1. Edith circa 1874

    2. Marmaduke circa 1875

    1891 Census: Jospeh Stell 56, joiner, Mary wife age 53, Marmad son age 15, grosser - worsted, Edith M daughter age 16 mill hand, Ann R sister, age 58, Ashfield Street Keighley

    Death of Mary Pearson Stell

    Death of Joseph Stell:

1841 Census Green Street Keighley: Joseph Stell, age 30, mechanic, Mary, age 35, Marmaduke, age 14, Ann, age 9, Joseph age 6

1851 Census: Green Street Keighley, Joseph Stell, age 44, Mechanic, Mary, age 49, Ann R, age 18, Joseph, age 16, cabinet maker, Sarah H (?), granddaughter, age 2, William Preston, lodger, age 21

1861 Census: Brunswick St Keighley Joseph Stell, widower, age 54, blacksmith, Marmaduke, son, widower, age 34, grinder, Joseph Stell, son, widower, age 26, cabinet maker Ann R Stell, daughter, unmarried, age 28, house keeper, Mary, granddaughter age 11 (?), Clara, granddaughter age 8, Matilda, granddaughter age 6, Hannah, granddaughter age 3

Note: Samuel cannot be a son of Joseph Stell. He could be a brother.
Samuel Stell and Martha _

Birth: Unknown

Next to Joseph Stell in the 1861 and 1871 censuses. Only baptism of Samuel circa 1815 - son of James and Mary of Low bridge weaver May 6, 1815 Keighley parish.

Occupation: Wool top maker 1861, retired painter 1871

Marriage: Martha per census

Samuel Stell Marriage or Bann Date: 7 Aug 1836 Parish: Keighley Spouse's Name: Martha Crosley???


  1. Mary Stell Birth Date: 2 Apr 1837 Parish: Keighley Baptism Date: 9 May 1837 Father's Name: Samuel Stell Mother's Name: Martha Stell

  2. Martha Stell Birth Date: 7 Jun 1839 Parish: Keighley Baptism Date: 31 Jul 1839 Father's Name: Samuel Stell Mother's Name: Martha Stell

  3. John c 1846

  4. Mary circa 1850

    Marriage: Mary Stell Birth Year: abt 1849 Age: 21 Marriage or Bann Date: 21 Dec 1870 Parish: Keighley, St John Father's Name: Samuel Stell Spouse's Name: Joseph Jackson Spouse's Father's Name: John Jackson

1841: Painter Saml Stell 25 Martha Stell 25 Mary Crosley 50 Mary Crosley 20, Keighley Hundred: Staincliff and Ewcross (East Division) County/Island: Yorkshire Country: England

1851 :

1861 Census: Brunswick St Keighley, Samuel Stell, head age 46, wool top maker, Martha, age 45, John, son, age 15, apprentice to mechanic, Mary daughter age 11. All born Keighley

1871 Census: Brunswick Street, Samuel Stell, age 56, retired painter, Martha, wife, age 55, Joseph Jackson, son in law, age 23, Mary Jackson, daughter age 21, Samuel, grandson, age 1 mo.

Other Stells Who Were Combers

See William Stell son of John Stell comber

William Stell, Mary Smith and Alice Atkinson

Gemma Cannon contacted me in January 2007 with more information on this branch of the Stell family. Notes from Gemma are in blue

Birth: Either

  • William baptized 1747 son of John comber
  • or
  • William 1748 son of Michael and Mary (NOI)


  • He named his first known child Michael. However, Michael was a popular name among the early Stell records see The Michael Stells at Other Stells in Keighly Parhis
  • His son Michael had a daughter baptized in the Keighley Independent Chapel
  • At the birth of his son John in 1774 the residence was given as Fellane
  • His son Smith Stell was a comber by profession. Wool combing was popular occupation among the Stells of Fellane.

Marriage: William Stell married Mary Smith 17 October 1771, witness Thomas Sharpe.

Note Could be Mary daughter of John Smith baptized Keighley 30, August 1747,


  1. Michael Stell and Dinah Emmott

    Birth: Michael, 8 Nov 1772, son of William Stell and Mary Smith Keighley

    Marriage: Dinah Emmett/Emmott, 29 August 1791 , Bingley


    1. Molly 20 Jan 1792, baptized 4 Mar 1792 Michael Stell and Dinah Emmott
    2. Sally 24 Feb 1794 baptized 20 April 1794 of Michael Stell and Dinah Emmott
      Death: Another Sally born in 1795
    3. James "Jemmy" of Michael Stell and Dinah Emmott 23 Aug 1795
      Marriage: James Stell to Mary Mary Smith 8 May 1817
      1. Michael Emmet of James and Mary Stell 9 Aug 1818
      2. Dinah Emmett of James Stell and Mary 19 Dec. 1819
      Census: No
    4. Sally of Michael Stell and Dinah Emmott 23 Aug 1795
    5. John of Michael Stell and Dinah Emmott 18 Apr 1799 baptized 19 May 1799
      Marriage: Mary
      1. ?? James, 28 June 1829 of John Stell and Mary
        Note: Listed with John and Jane in the 1851 census. However, there were other children born to John and Mary Stell after the marriage of John and Jane Stell in 1831. This needs more work.
      Death of 1st wife:
      Marriage: 18 Jan 1831 to Jane Broadley
      1. Ann 30 September 1832 of John Stell and Jane
      2. William 22 Feb 1835 of John Stell and Jane
      3. Jabez of John Stell and Jane 24 Sept 1837
      4. Mary circa 1840
      5. Margaret circa 1843
      6. John circa 1847
      7. Dinah circa 1850
      1851 Census: Leeds Street Keighley, John Stell, age 52, overlooker worsted, Jane age 43, James age 22, tailer, William age 16, mechanic, Jabez son age 14 mechanic, Mary age 11, worsted spinner, Margaret age 8 nurse, John Stell age 4, Dinah age 1
      1861 Census: North Brook Terrace, Keighley, John Stell, age 62 tea dealer, Jane wife, age 53, Ann age 28, worsted weaver, Jabez son age 23, worsted mechanic, Mary daughter age 20, worsted weaver, Margaret daughter age 18, worsted weaver, John son age 1? (5 or 8) worsted mechanic.
    6. Mary of Michael Stell and Dina, born 26 September 1803 and baptized 17 April 1803 Independent Congregation Keighley
    1841 Census: Keighley, Knowles (?) Gate, Michael Stell age 65 wool comber, Dinah age 65, Mary age 35, James Stell age 10 Marie Dunderdale age 2, the next entry is John Dunderdale age 25, worsted warper, Betty age 20, and John age 1

  2. John of William Stell and Mary of Fell Lane 7 Aug 1774 (CE Parish Records)
    1841 Census: No family age 65, wool comber, Nelson Street Keighley

  3. Sally 2, March 1777 (Church of England Index)
    Death: Another Sally born in 1787

Death of Mary Smith Stell:

Marriage of William Stell and Alice Atkinson MItchell: William Stell, widower, married Alice "Mitchel", widow, 22 July 1781

Alice Atkinson married William Mitchell 26/12/1774 in Bingley, Gemma Cannon, January 2007


  1. Smith Stell, comber, (1785-) and Mary Waddington

    Birth: Smith Stell son of William Stell and Alice Atkinson born 25 April bapt June 4 1785

    Occupation: Smith Stell, Comber, Class 1, Craven Muster Roll 1803

    Marriage: Smith Stell married Mary Waddington 23 January 1809

    Mary Waddington baptized 06 September 1786 Keighley daughter of Joshua Waddington and Rose Clapham married 29/01/1767 Keighley, Gemma, 2007


    1. Joseph Stell (1811-) Alice Holmes
      Birth: Joseph son of Smith Stell and Mary Waddington 21 Jun 1811 bapt 21 July 1811
      Married: Alice Holmes 24 September 1838 Superintendant's Office in Keighley (Gemma 2007)
      1. Mary 25 Aug 1839
      2. William 28 Feb 1841
        Death: 1904 age 63, Gemma 2007
      3. Rose 19 March 1843
        Marriage: Edward Stead 1875, Gemma 2007
        Death of Edward Stead: age 29, 1879, Gemma 2007
        1881 Census: See Dinah below
      4. Dinah 6 July 1845
        1881 Census: 1881 Census 219 South Street Keighley Head Dinah Stell. Aged 36 Unmarried, Sister Rose Stead age 38 born 1843. Widowed, Nephew William Stead age 4 born 1877, Niece Florence E Stead age 2 born 1879, Gemma 2007
        1901 census: Dinah aged 55 in Nelson, Lancs. A Domestic Nurse, Gemma 2007
        Death: 1907 age 61, Gemma 2007
      5. Smith Stell and Louisa Whitaker
        Birth: Smith 1848, married Louisa Whitaker 1869 Keighley, master tanner and currier Gemma 2007
        Marriage: Louisa Whitaker born 1849 Keighley 1869 Jun Qtr Keighley
        1. Grace 1868, Keighley
        2. Jane 1870, Keighley, married Frank Willie Smithson 1889, Keighley
        3. Joseph Stell (1872-)
          Birth: Joseph 1872, Keighley
          Marriage: Sarah Berson
          1. Smith Stell 1891, Keighley died 12 March 1892 Keighley buried Utley Cemetery
          1891 Census: Aaron Street Kieghley, John Berson head age 33, iron turner, born Middleborough, Elizabeth wife, age 40, Joseph Stell son in law, age 19, iron turner, Sarah Stell, daughter age 18, Smith Stell, grandson age 1 mo. rest born Keighley
        4. William Stell (1784-) and Maggie Utley
          Birth: William 1874, Keighley
          Marriage: Maggie Utley 1894, Keighley
          1. Nellie Stell, 1896
          2. Albert Stell, 1898
          3. Hector Stell (1900-) and Evangeline Moorhouse
            Birth: Hector 1900, Keighley
            Death: Died November 1960, cremated buried Wednesday Dec 07, 1960 Utley Cemetery
            Marriage: Evangeline Moorhouse, born June 13, 1899 Keighley, father William Moorhouse and Esther William Moorehouse and Esther Hardacre. Married 22 Sept 1896 in Keighley Register Office.
            1. Margaret 1923 Keighley - died April 1942
            2. Ronald Stell (1934-) and Patricia Egan and Lynn Moffatt
              Ronald 18 February 1934 Keighley
              Marriage: Patricia Egan born 17 August 1935, St John's Hospital, Keighley - father, Clifford Egan mother Jessie Schofield
              1. Carol Ann Stell 30 August 1957 - married Hany Podsiezik 10 June 1978
              2. Gillian Barbar Stell, 28 September 1858 - married Richard Barton
              3. Jennifer Jane Stell 10 October 1959 - Ian Rogers (cohab)
              Second marriage: Lynn Moffatt - Ronald's second marriage to Lynn Moffatt produced one daughter Rachel born about 1977
            3. David Stell 15 October 1835 keighley - Eileen Egan. Patricia Egan (m Ronald Stell) and Eileen Egan (m David Stell) are sisters. Eileen was born 17 Nov 1936 and they had one son Andrew.
          4. From Utley Cemetery, Keighley:
            " 13TH JUNE 1914 AGED 17 WILLIAM MOOREHOUSE
            " 27TH APRIL 1942 AGED 19 MARGARET STELL
            " 30TH JULY 1957 AGED 80 ESTHER MOOREHOUSE
          5. Vera 1907, Keighley
          More on Mary Utley: The 1881 census indicates that Maggie Utley was living as a pauper in Tadcaster Union workhouse, West Yorks with her mother Mary, brother, Josh, and sisters, Elizabeth and Mary Ellen. 1901 census states birthplace as Wetherby
        5. Isaac 1877, Oldham Lancashire, married Sarah jane Moore 1896 Keighley
        6. Alice 1879 , Keighley
        1871 Census: Beck Street Keighley, Smith Stell, head, age 23, mechanic, Louisa Stell, wife, age 23, Grace Whittaker, daughter age 3, Jane Stell, age 1 all born Keighley
        1881 Census: Beck Street Keighley, Smith Stell, head age 33, master tanner and currier, Louisa, wife age 32, Grace age 13, Jane, age 11, Joseph age 7, William age 7 Isaac age 4 born Lancashire, Oldham Alice age 2, all except Isaac born Keighley
        1891Census: Smith Stell Keighley, Beck Street, Smith, head, age 43, fitter iron looms, Louisa wife age 42, William son age 17, iron turner, Isaac son age 14, Fenton son age 9, Albert E, son, age 6
        Death 1893: Smith Stell, born circa abt 1848, died 1893, Apr-May-Jun, Keighley, Yorkshire - West Riding
      6. Abraham, circa 1851
        Death: 1909 age 59, Gemma 2007
      7. Isaac circa 1855 married 1888, Gemma 2007
      8. Jane, circa 1855 married Henry Swire, 1881 census: Hainworth, Bingley, Head Henry Swire age 27 born 1854 Kly. Clogger, Wife Jane age 26 born 1855 Kly, Dau Emily age 2 born 1879 Kly, Dau Annie age 1 born 1880 Kly, Gemma 2007
      9. Jacob circa 1858 married Mary Ann Grice 1882 Skipton, Gemma 2007 Children: Minnie, Joseph, Herbert, William, Dinah, Anne, and Alice. " Minnie Stell married John McCormack. Children: Eileen and John John married Sandra ? Mary Ann Grice born 1860 Liverpool On 1881 Census living with widowed mother (who has a different surname) younger siblings - some with mother's surname and some with Grice as surname. All are unmarried but there is also granddaughter Lilly Grice aged 8m who belongs to Mary Ann or her older sister Martha - no mention of Lilly's father
      1841 Census Keighley, Sun Street, Joseph Stell age 29 warehouseman, Alice age 24, Mary age 1, William Age 4 mo.
      1861 Census: Sun Street Joseph age 49 grocer, Alice age 45, William, molder, Rose 17, flax reeler, Dinah 15, worsted spinner, Smith age 13, Abraham age 10, Isaac age 8, Jane age 6, Jacob age 2
      Death: 1867, Gemma, 2007
      1871 Census: Long Croft Keighley, Alice head, widow, age 55, grocer, William, unmarried age 30, iron molder, Rose 27, at home, Abraham son age 20, labourer, Isaac age 17, joiner, Jacob age 12, telegraph boy, Jane daughter age 20, worsted weaver
      1881 Census: South Street, keighley, Alice Stell, head widow, age 65, Abraham, son unmarried age 42, currier labourer, Isaac, son age 27 unmarried joiner, Jacob, son unmarried age 22, tinplate worker gasfitter,
      1891 Census: South Street, Alice Stell widow head, age 75, Wm son singe age 50, iron molder, Abraham single age 41, iron molder labourer
      Death of Alice Stell: Mar 1896 Keighley FREEBNMD
    2. Alice 21 May 1819
    3. Sarah 9 May 1819
    4. William 25 Nov 1821
      Marriage: Betty Smith 1839 Keighley
      Death: 1876 age 56 Keighley
    5. Elizabeth 30 Mar 1825
    6. Fenton Stell (1826- 1901)
      Birth: Fenton 27 Aug 1826
      Marriage: Mary Ann Sarman, 1860 Mile End, Middlesex
      Mary Ann Sharman was born in 1833/34 in Beccles, Suffolk (according to the 1901 census) IGI Mary Ann Sharman born 05/07/1833, baptised 28/07/1833 Bedingfield, Suffolk Father Joshua Sharman, mother Mary Artous

      1. Samuel Fenton Stell born 1860 in Croydon, Surrey.
        In 1901 Samuel was aged 40 living in Keighley. A Lecturer on Chemistry Married in Keighley in 1885
      1871 Census: Fenton Stell, age 42, private 7th Br Green (?) Guard, born Keighley, Mary Ann, wife age 36 soldiers wife, born Suffolk, Samuel Stell son, age 10, born Surry, Craydon, Alfred Stell son, age 9, born Surry, Craydon
      Death Fenton Stell: 27 May 1901 age 75, Keighley buried Utley Cemetery
      Tombstone inscription of Fenton Stell:

    1841 Census: ?? Croft, Keighley, Smith Stell, age 55, packer, Fenton age 14

    Death of Smith Stell: 1841 (Gemma 2007) Oct-Nov-Dec 1841 Keighley

  2. Sally Stell, born 06 July 1787 baptized 19 August 1787 Keighley (Gemma, 2007)

  3. William Stell, born 28 April 1790 baptized 13 June 1790 Keighley (Gemma, 2007)
    Death: Another William born in 1793

  4. William Stell, born 22 Dec 1793 baptized 2 Feb 1794 Keighley (Gemma, 2007)

John Stell and Martha Scott


At least three possibilities.

Marriage: John Stell married Martha Scott 6 Jan 1784 CE Keighley


  1. George Scott Stell 26 Jul 1784 22 Aug 1784
    Marriage: Susanna Sugden 17 Jan 1808
    1. Sarah July 1808 24 July 1808
    2. Anna 16 Jun 1810 15 Jul 1810
    3. Joseph 16 Feb 1812 17 May 1812

  2. Joseph 2 Dec 1787 6 Jan 1788

  3. Benjamin Stell woolcomber, (1790) and Martha Wilson

    Birth: Benjamin 11 Aug 1790 19 Sept 1790

    ATTENTION: The marriage, (children, etc.) is speculation and it needs to be proven that this was or was not Benjamin son of John. There was a Benjamin Stell, son of George Stell born in Batley Parish in 1793 and this could that Benjamin Stell. However I believe that this is the correct Benjamin Stell. See Joseph Stell

    Marriage: Martha Wilson Kildwick 5 October 1819 (IGI)

    More about Martha Wilson: Mary born 31 Dec 1791 bap 8 Feb 1792 Kildwick daughter of Thomas Wilson and Martha

    Occupation: Wool comber


    1. Johathan, 01 October 1820 Kildwick
    2. George of Benjamin Stell and Martha 8 May 1823 Kildwick
    3. John, 20 April 1828 Kildwick
    4. Sarah circa 1829
    5. Mary, circa 1831
    6. Rebecca, circa 1833
    7. Martha, 16 Aug 1835 Kildwick
    8. Benjamin, circa 1838

    Note: Only other Stell born in Kildwick in the same time frame, Ellen daughter of John Stell and Rebecca 25 Sept 1831 (IGI)

    1841 Census: Sutton Mill Kildwick, Benjamin Stell, age 45 wool comber, Martha, age 48, Jonathan, age 20 wool comber, George, age 18 wool comber, John, age 13 worsted spinner, Sarah, age 12 worsted spinner, Mary, age 10, Rebecca, age 8, Benjamin, age 3

    1851 Census: Sutton Mill, Sutton, Martha Stell, head, widow, domestic duties, Jonathan, son, age 32, wool comber, John, son age 24, wool comber, Rebecca, daughter, age 19, worsted power loom weaver Benjamin son, age 12, worsted spinner Thomas Wilson, lodger, age 52, wool comber, unmarried, all born Sutton

    1861 Census: Sutton Mill Sutton, Martha Stell, head , widow, age 67, Thomas Wilson brother (?), age 60, wool comber, Benjamin Stell, son unmarried, worsted weaver power, all born Kildwick

  4. John 31 Mar 1792 9 May 1792

The 1803 Muster Roll

*The 1803 Muster Roll was a list of the adult male population between the ages of 17 and 55 with certain exemptions (Judges, the infirm, clergy, medics, Quakers, military personal constables and peace officers). It was compiled because of the threat of invasion by Napoleon.

Craven Muster Roll 1803 Jeffrey Wright Roots Web Page

Jeffrey says:

The Roll gives the names and occupations of all males with ages between seventeen and fifty-five, arranged in four classes :

  • Class 1 : unmarried men under thirty with no child living under ten years of age.
  • Class 2 : unmarried men between thirty and forty-nine inclusive with no child living under ten years of age
  • Class 3 : married men between seventeen and twenty-nine inclusive with no more than two children living under ten years of age.
  • Class 4 : others not included in above classes.

Willing volunteers were noted along with infirmity exemptions.

The Following Stells were listed:

  1. Abel Stell, weaver, class 4
  2. Benjamin Stell, Weaver, 4
  3. James Stell, Collier, 2
  4. James Stell, Weaver, 1
  5. John Stell, Husbandman, 1
  6. John Stell, Weaver, 1
  7. Nathan Stell, Weaver, 4
  8. Reuben Stell, Weaver, 1
  9. Smith Stell, Comber, 1
  10. Stephen Stell, Cotton Spinner, 4
  11. Thomas Stell, Husbandman, 3
  12. William Stell, Weaver, 3
  13. Nathan Stell, Son, Weaver, 1

The Stell of Fellane Going Back to John Stell Born Circa 1541

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Independent Congregation, Keighley

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Keighley and Fellane

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Photos of Keighley Parish

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Joseph Stell, son of John, born 1721

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