James Law (c. 1644-1707) & Alice Rawse (Rouse)

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James Law★

James Law was born no later than 1644, place and parents unknown.

The Law Records in Birstall Parish

The Law family does not appear to have been in Birstall parish long before the marriage of James Law to Alice Rouse in 1664. The limited numbers of records in the parish in the mid to late 1600s most likely indicates a recent arrival in the area.

The first continuous activity for the Laws in Birstall parish were related to James Law and Alice Rawse who married in 1644 and had children between 1665 and 1675.

The only other activity for the name Law in Birstall Parish in the mid to late 1600s are records for:

  • Abraham Law born circa 1660 (based on his tombstone). Abraham Law lived in Scholes. The parents of Abraham are unknown. It not likely that he was a son of James and Alice who were not married until 1664. Abraham named his sons, John, Abraham and James.
  • Grace Law born circa 1674 who married Christopher Gott in 1694. One of the daughters of Grace Law Gott was named Alice.
There is a seven year break (between 1669 and 1676) in the baptismal records of the children of James and Alice. Given the normal rate of reproduction at the time they must have had other children and it is possible that Grace was their daughter. There was no other Law couple having children in the parish at the time.

For the records relating to Abraham and Grace go to Birstall Laws now or at the bottom of the page.

Marriage of James Law and Alice Rawse★

James Lawe married Alice Rawse on May 4, 1664 in Birstall Parish (BT)

Marriage records from the Bishops's Transcripts, Birstall Parish 1664

This copy was scanned from a photo copy of the LDS filming of the Bishops Transcripts.

There were thirty marriages in the parish in between April 1664 and February 1664/5.

This is the first certain record for this branch of the Laws in England.


Charles II was king of England. England seized New Amsterdam from the Dutch in 1664 and changed its name to New York. The great plague of London occurred in 1665 when bubonic plague killed over 68,000 people. The great fire of London occurred in 1666.

Children of James Lawe and Alice Rawse of Gomersall

James Law and Alice Rouse, lived in Gomersall in Birstall Parish. They had at least nine children. Six of their children (two sons and four daughters) are known have reached adulthood, married and had children. This was a very high rate of survival for the times when infant mortality was high and disease rampant.

Two of the sons of James Law and Alice Rouse had sons:

  1. James (1667) had a son, William (1707), who is known to have married and had children. William (1707), occupation unknown, had two sons who had offspring: George (1737) and James (1730)
  2. John (1676) had a son, James (1711) who is known to have married and had children. James Law (1711) was a hatter and had at least four sons who had offspring: Thomas (1743), hatter, Michael (1746), James (1752), hatter, and Joseph (1747).

James and Alice's great, great grandson Benjamin born in 1773 was the inventor of shoddy. Shoddy was process that changed the woolen industry in the area and was responsible for much of the later wealth in Batley parish where Benjamin had settled. Benjamin born 1773 was the son of George born 1737. George was the son of William born 1707. William was the son of James born 1667.

  1. Joseph✟ "son of James Lawe of Gomersall", baptized on April 12, 1665
    Death: Joseph Law was buried on April 14, 1665
  2. James Law★ (1667-1721) and Susannah Crossley★
    Birth: James, "son of James Lawe of Gomersall", baptized on July 15, 1667.
    Baptismal records for month of July 1667, Birstall Parish Bishops Transcripts.
    This copy was scanned from a photo copy of the LDS filming of the Bishops Transcripts
    Residence: Adwalton
    Occupation: Unknown
    Marriage: James Law married Susannah Crosslay on April 14, 1692 in Birstall Parish.
    Further Records: For more information on James Law and Susannah Crossley and their descendants, see James Law now or at the bottom of the page.
  3. Martha✟ "the daughter of James Lawe" January 31, 1669 (BT) Note: The PRB indicate James Law of A.
    Death: Martha d James Law of A August 9, 1700 (PRB).
  4. Alice Law (1669) and Thomas Pearson
    Birth: Alice, "daughter of James Law of Gomersall", was baptized on October 14, 1669 (BT).
    Marriage: Alice Law married Thomas Pearson on June 28, 1693 (BT)
    Children: There were several Thomas Pearsons in the parish having children after 1693. I do not have enough information at this point to determine which ones (if any) might have been the children of Alice Law and Thomas Pearson.
  5. Seven+ year break between the baptism of Alice Law in 1669 and John Law in 1676

    Note: It is highly likely that James and Alice had one or two other children whose baptisms were not recorded during this period.

    Question: Was Grace Law Gott the child of James Law and Alice Rouse? See Other Laws in Birstall

  6. John Law (1676-?) and Elizabeth Hill
    Birth: John, "son of James Law of Gomersall", baptized on October 18, 1676 (BT).
    Marriage: John Law married Elizabeth Hill on April 13, 1706 (BT and PRB)
    Residence: Great Gomersal
    Occupation: Unknown
    1. Joseph ✟ s John Law of GG October 12, 1707 (PRB)
      Death: Joseph s John Law of GG December 5, 1707 (PRB)
    2. James ✟of John Law of Great Gomersall buried March 13, 1711 (BT)
    3. James Law, hatter, (1711-1775) and Jane Turner
      Birth: James s John Law of GG on March 13, 1711/12 (BT and PRB)
      Occupation: Hatter
      Residence: Batley. James was the first Law listed in the Batley parish records.
      Marriage: James Law married Jane Turner in Birstall parish April 17, 1726 by banns
      1. James✟ of James Law, Batley hatter, October 14, 1733, Batley Parish (PR)
        Death: Buried January 5, 1743
      2. Hannah, of James Law, Batley hatter, April 17, 1734, Batley Parish (PR)
      3. Nine year break
        Note: Mary of James Law of (Ber) "Kenshaw" baptized Birstall Parish 28 October 1739 is a possible child of this James Law.
      4. Thomas Law, hatter, (1743-?) and ?? and Elizabeth Astwick
        Birth: Thomas, of James Law, Batley hatter, September 29, 1743, Batley Parish (PR)
        Residence Gomersal and Church, Birstall Parish
        Occupation: Hatter
        1. Judith February 12, 1764 G (Gomersal)
        2. John Law of Thomas Law of Church September 8, 1765. "Church" was an address in Birstall.
        Death of first Wife: Unknown
        Second Marriage: Thomas Law of Batley married Elizabeth Astwick of Birstall by banns, September 12, 1770.
        1. Sarah of Thomas Law, hatter, December 22, 1772
        2. Alice✟ of Thomas Law hatter, October 22, 1775.
          Death: She must have died as another Alice was baptized in 1780
        3. Juley, the "son" of Thomas Law and Betty Law of Birstall, hatter, December 20, 1778
        4. Alice of Thomas Law, hatter, January 1, 1780
        5. Catherine, April 21, 1782
        Death of Elizabeth Law: Unknown
        Death of Thomas Law: Unknown
      5. Michael Law (1746-1825) Law and Susannah Milner
        Birth: Michael, of James Law, labourer, October 19, 1746, Batley Parish (PR).
        Occupation: Labourer/Hatter
        Residence: Sykes Lane, Birstall to 1774 Batley 1778. Michael and Susanna had children baptized both in Birstall and Batley Parishes
        Marriage: Michael Law of the parish of Batley married Susanna Milner of Gomersal by banns January 19, 1768, in Birstall Parish. Signed with their mark. Witnesses Joseph Law (Most likely his brother, see below.) and George Margensons (BT)
        1. John Law (1768-?) and Mary Bentley
          Birth: John of Michael of Sykes Lane, Birstall, December 25, 1768.
          Marriage: John Law and Mary Bentley February 21, 1790.
          Occupation: Clothier
          Residence: Batley
          1. Sally, June 12, 1791, Birstall (BT)
          2. Betty, October 28, 1792, Birstall (BT)
          3. Milly, April 5, 1795, Batley clothier, Birstall (BT)
          4. Hannah, of John Law and Mary , July 16, 1797 Birstall (Index)
          5. Joseph Law 1799-1871 and Sarah Spurr
            Birth: Joseph of John and Mary Law, Batley clothier, was baptized on October 27, 1799 in Birstall Parish (BT)
            Note: There were two Joseph Laws born circa 1799 in Birstall who show up in the censuses. so it is NOT CERTAIN that this one was the son of John Law and Mary Bentley, the other was the son of David Law and Ann Brooke.
            Marriage: Joseph Law married Sarah Spurr May 20, 1821, Batley.
            1. Esther daughter of Joseph Law and Sarah Spurr baptized on May 18, 1823 Birstall Parish
            Census: Esther was listed as a servant with the Bateson family in Enumeration District 13 in the 1841 Census. She was listed in the 1851 and 1861 censuses with her parents.
            1841 Census: In Carlinghow
            • Joseph, age 40, woolen spinner, born Yorkshire
            • Sarah, wife, age 40 born Yorkshire
            1851 Census: In Carlinghow
            • Joseph, age 51, spinner, born in Batley
            • Sarah, wife, age 52, born in Dewsbury
            • Esther, daughter, unmarried, age 27, server, born in Birstall.
            1861 Census: Joseph Law in Enumeration District 17 Carringhow # 76
            • Joseph Law, head married, age 61, cart driver, born in Batley
            • Sarah, wife, age 61, housewife, born in Batley
            • Ester, daughter, age 38, servant, born in Batley
            Death of Sarah Spurr Law:
            1871 Census: Joseph Law was listed on High Street in Batley, head, widow, age 71 clothier, born Batley.
            Death: Joseph Law Carlinghow spinner, age 72, buried October 5, 1871 Sec J #482.
            Thanks: Thanks to Brenda Law for finding Joseph Law and Sarah Spurr astray in Other Laws in Batley and letting me know where they belonged. April 2006
          6. Thomas Milner Law (1802-?) and Elizabeth Booth
            Birth: Thomas Milner Law, July 4, 1802, Birstall Parish (BT)
            Marriage: Thomas Law married Elizabeth Booth, March 4, 1824, Birstall Parish.
            Children: See below
            Other: Thanks to Brenda Law for more information on Thomas Milner Law, see below.
          7. Mary Ann, November 3, 1805
          8. Christopher of John Law and "Martha", February 12, 1809.
          9. Ann the daughter of John L(?)aw of Batley was buried July 13, 1802
        2. James Law (1771-1804) and Mary
          Birth: James, of Michael Law of Birstall Sykes, May 19, 1771.
          Occupation: Clothier
          Residence: Batley
          Marriage: Mary ______
          1. Hannah of James, clothier, the son of Michael Law, and Mary Law January 13, 1790, Batley (PR)
            Death: Hannah the daughter of James Law of Batley, age 2, was buried on October 21, 1794 in Birstall parish (Birstall)
          Death of James Law: James Law of Batley buried September 8, 1804 (Batley Parish Records)
        3. Sally of Michael of Birstall Sykes, baptized May 22, 1774, Birstall parish (BT)
        4. Joseph, son of Michael Law of Batley Hatter, son of James Law by Susannah his wife, daughter of Thomas Milner, born January 30, 1778 baptized March 8, 1778, Batley parish.
          Death: Joseph, the son of Michael Law of Batley was buried October 19, 1778.
        5. Mary, daughter of Michael Law. No baptism. Death record only.
          Death: Buried November 19, 1779, Batley.
        6. Hannah February 27, 1780, Birstall Parish (index)
          Death: Buried January 19, 1790, Batley
        7. Molly of Michael Law of Batley, hatter, son of James by Susanna his wife, baptized August 21, 1782 in Batley.
          Death: Buried April 9, 1786.
        8. William Law (1785-) and Mary ?
          Birth: William, of Michael Law, Batley hatter, son of James by Susanna his wife, daughter of John Milner, born May 18 baptized June 19, 1785, Batley (PR)
          1841 Census: Not listed
          1851 Census: Gomersal, William Law, 66, quarryman, born Batley, Mary, wife, age 50 born Germany
        9. Michael, of Michael Law Batley hatter, son of James etc. born April 1 baptized May 6, 1787, in Batley
        10. Ann (Nancy) Law (1786-?) and James Iveson
          Birth: Ann/Nancy no later than 1786.
          Marriage: Ann Law and James Iveson August 21, 1805 Batley Parish. Both signed .
          1. Robert son of James Iveson Batley clothier son of John and Nancy, his wife daughter of Michael Law, born Mary 20, Batley baptized June 30, 1806
          2. Benjamin son of James Iveson Batley clothier son of John and Nancy, his wife daughter of Michael Law, born May 18 Batley baptized June 7, 1808
          3. ____ son of James Iveson Batley clothier son of John and Nancy, his wife daughter of Michael Law February 14 Batley baptized March 10, 1811
          4. Susannah d of James Iverson clothier son of John by Nancy his wife daughter of Michael Law Feb 14 1811/12, Batley
      6. Deaths of Susannah the wife of Michael Law: Susannah, the wife of Michael Law of Batley was buried July 15, 1808 (BT)
        Death of Michael Law: Michael Law of Batley, age 80, was buried June 5, 1825 (BT)
      7. Mary, of James Law, Batley hatter, December 20, 1749, Batley (PR)
      8. James Law, hatter (1752-1782), Martha Coleby and Jane Longbottom
        Birth: James, of James Law, Batley hatter, April 26, 1752, Batley (PR)
        Occupation: Hatter
        Marriage: James Law of Batley married Martha Coleby Birstall Parish May 2, 1772 by license, Birstall Parish (BT)
        1. Ann Law, January 16, 1774, Birstall (Index)
        Death of Martha Law:
        Second Marriage of James Law: James Law of Batley married Jane Longbottom by banns May 20, 1778 in Birstall Parish (BT)
        1. John Law of Birstall, April 18, 1779, Birstall (BT)
        2. Matty, February 11, 1781, Birstall (Index)
        3. Charles, March 3, 1783, Birstall (index)
        4. Sally, August 17, 1785 Birstall (index)
        5. Joseph, July 27, 1788 Birstall (index)
        6. Charlotte, May 2, 1790 Birstall (index)
        7. Hannah, April 15, 1792, Birstall (index)
        8. James, March 30, 1794, Birstall (index)
          1851 Census ??: St Lukes Chelsea, James Law, head married, age 59 qu master serjt Local pemsioners (?), born Yorkshire "Bristal", Mary wife age 48,born Newprot hampshire, Ruth Long, neice, age 20, house maid, born Newport Ham[pshire, Mary L Long neice, age 6, scholar, Kent, Gravesend, Sarah Redsall visitor, age 39 laundrey maid, Kent northfleet
        9. Ann of James Law, Batley labourer was baptized on January 24, 1796 in Birstall Parish (BT)
        10. Dyson Law (1798-?) and Sarah Wainwright
          Birth: Dyson Law of James and Jane April 15 1798 (index)
          Marriage: Dyson Law married Sarah Wainwright February 23, 1820 Leeds, St Pete.
          Death of Dyson Law: 1840 Spr, Leeds, 23, 264 (Free BMD)
        Note: None of the rest of them show up in the censuses or later parish records in Birstall or Batley.
        Death of Jane Law: Jane Law, Batley, age 83 buried January 29, 1837.
        Death of James Law: Unknown
      9. Joseph Law (c. 1747-?) labourer and Mary Balmforth
        Birth: Joseph, date of birth unknown, before 1747, based on age 20 at time of marriage, son of James based on the baptismal records of his children.
        Residence: Sykes Lane, Birstall
        Occupation: Labourer
        Marriage: Joseph Law of Batley Parish married Mary Balmforth of Birstall Parish on September 23, 1767 in Batley, both x'ed, witnesses, John Hepworth, and John Blakeley.
        Children: Joseph had children both in Birstall parish and Batley parish. Joseph Law, the son of James, and Mary, the daughter of Joseph Baumforth had:
        1. Joseph, of Birstall Sykes August 22, 1769 Birstall parish.
          Death: Another Joseph baptized in 1771
        2. Joseph, of Joseph Law of Sykes Lane Birstall, born May 24 baptized June 16, 1771 (Bt not in index)
          Death: Joseph Law of Joseph Law of Sykes Lane Birstall was buried March 3, 1773/74
        3. David Law (1772-?) and Ann Brooke
          Birth: David October 23, 1772, Birstall Parish.
          Residence: Birstall Parish
          Marriage: David Law married Ann Brooke October 29, 1797 Birstall Parish (BT)
          1. Joseph, of David Law and Ann July 21 1799 Birstall Parish (index)
        4. Matthew Law (1775-?)
          Birth: Matthew of Joseph Law, labourer, born July 17, 1775, baptized October 15, 1775 in Batley, Batley Parish (PR)
          1. Matthias Law married Hannah Seare, February 16, 1795 in Birstall Parish.
          2. Matthias Law to Grace North, July 18, 1799 in Birstall Parish .
          Children: No children listed for Matthias Law in the Birstall index, except in 1799 as a punitive father to Matthew of Mary Jackson, May 12, 1799.
          According to the IGI he had children in Dewsbury.
        5. Nancy, daughter of Joseph Law of Batley, labourer, son of James, by Mary his wife, daughter of Joseph Baumford, born June 8, baptized November 28, 1779, Batley Parish (PR)
          Marriage: Nancy Law married Joseph Richardson June 24, 1816 in Batley. Both signed. Witnesses: Abrahan Iverson and Abraham Talbot.
        Death of James Law, Hatter: James Law of Batley was buried September 18, 1775
    4. Daniel s John Law of G, March 7, 1713/14, Birstall Parish (BT and PRB)
      Death: Daniel of John Law of Great G Nov 1, 1717, Birstall Parish (PRB)
    5. Thomas s John Law of G May 12, 1717, Birstall Parish (BT)
      Burial of Thomas Law: Thomas Law of Adwalton buried 12 August 1772.
    6. Grace d John Law of GG January 24, 1719/20, Birstall Parish (BT and PRB)
      Death: Grace of John Law of Birstall buried May 13, 1725
    7. John
      Baptism: None listed in Birstall Parish
      Note: PRB lists "John child of John Law of G p Birstall borne at Danll Hills in Briggate 2 Mar baptized in Leeds March 3, 1708/09 (PRB 1687-1724 Appendix I)
      Death: John s John Law of Great G December 23, 1720 (BT)
    8. Elizabeth d of John Law of B January 26, 1723/24, Birstall Parish (PRB)
      Death: Elizabeth Law, daughter of John Law of Birstall was buried August 8, 1724
    9. Alice, of John Law of Birstall baptized March 19, 1726, Birstall Parish
      Death: Alice, the daughter of John Law of Birstall was buried April 23, 1730.
    Note: There is a nineteen year span between the birth of the first child of John Law in 1701 and Alice in 1726. It is possible that some of them were the children of John Law the son of James Law and Susannah Crossley born in 1694. See, James Law (1667-1721)

    Death of John Law: John Law of Birstall Householder was buried September 20, 1729

  7. Sarah Law (1680) and Christopher Laverucke
    Birth: Sarah baptized July 23, 1680. She was a twin, see Ann next entry.
    Marriage: Sarah Law married Cris Laverucke on December 10, 1701 (PRB).
    1. Jane d Christopher Laverack of D (Drighlington), December 2, 1705 (PRB)
    2. Christopher d Christopher Laverick, S (Spen), September 5, 1708 (PRB)
      Death: Christopher s of Christopher Laverack of Spen, January 22, 1720/1721 (1721) (PRB)
    3. Samuel
      Death; Samuel s Christopher Laveracke of Spen buried, June 14, 1711 (PRB)
    4. Joseph Joseph s Christo: Laverick of Spen Hall p Birstall, baptized Hartshead, December 25, 1713 (PRB)
      Death: Joseph of Christopher Laverack of Spen buried December 25, 1713 (PRB 1687-1724)
    5. James s Christopher Laverack of Spen February 3, 1716/1717 (1717) (PRB)
    6. Sarah d Chritoper (sic) Laverack of Spen, October 15, 1719 (PRB)
    7. Benjamin s Christopher Laverack of Spen, October 26, 1722 (PRB)
      Death: Benjamin s Christopher Laverack of Spen, October 28, 1722 (PRB)
    Note: All the records in Birstall parish between 1687 and 1724 are related to Christopher Laverick except:
    • Marriage: Susana Laverick of Birstall to John Cryer of Rothwell parish, June 12, 1718 (PRB)
    • Marriage: Mary Laverack of Birstall parish to James Lister of Bradford in Bradford parish, July 18, 1717 (PRB)
  8. Ann Law and Joseph Gooder
    Birth: Ann (twin to Sarah), "daughters of James Law of Gomersall" July 23, 1680 (BT).
    Marriage: Ann Law married Joseph Gooder of Gomersall August 15, 1705 (BT and PRB).
    1. Mary d Joseph Gooder of GG (Great Gomersal), January 12, 1706/07 (1707) (PRB)
    2. Martha d Joseph Goodare of G (Gomersal), November 16, 1712 (PRB)
    Note: All the records for Gooder are connected to Joseph Gooder except:
    • Marriage: James Fearnley of Gomersall to Ann Gooder December 30, 1717
  9. Deborah Law (1683) and Samuel Knowels
    Birth: Deborah, "daughter of James Law of Gomersall Hill Top", was baptized on April 18, 1683 (BT).
    Marriage: Deborah Law married Samuel Knowels of Dewsbury on November 19, 1707 (BT and PRB)
  10. An unnamed "infant of James Law of Gomersall" who was buried on May 22, 1675.

Death of Alice Rouse Law

Alice, wf of James Law of G Hill Top December 15, 1700 (PBR)

Death of James Law

James Law of G Hill Top March 5, 1708/09 1707 (BT and PRB)

Thomas Milner Law (1802-1870) and Elizabeth Booth

Note: Information in blue courtesy of Brenda Law, May 2006

Birth: Son of John Law and Mary baptized Birstall Parish 4 July 1802. See above.

Marriage: Thomas Law married Elizabeth Booth, March 4, 1824, Birstall Parish.
More on Elizabeth Booth: Daughter of William Booth and Betty Secker born Abt. Dec 1798 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England, and died 29 Sep 1873 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Cloth Weaver
Literacy: Thomas was unable to write. He made X on the death Certificate of his son Joseph in 1857.
Residence: Coach Lane Gomersall, Birstall

  1. Sarah Law (1826-) and William Day
    Birth: Sarah, May 14, 1826
    Marriage: Thomas Day Abt. 1846 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England. He was born Abt. 1828 in Bristal, Yorkshire, England.
    1. William Day (1847) and Martha Oxley
      William Day, born 1847 in Birstall Yorkshire England
      Marriage: Martha Oxley 1877 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. She was born Abt. 1845 in Dewsbury Yorkshire, England. Marriage Cert.No.: 1877, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England DQ 9b/940
      Children of William Day and Martha Oxley:
      1. Martha Day, born 1879 in Dewsbury Yorkshire, England. Birth Cert. No.: 1879, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England DQ 9b/715
      2. Eunice Day, born 1882 in Dewsbury Yorkshire, England. Birth Cert. No.: 1882, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England JQ 9b/584
      3. Louisa Day, born 1884 in Dewsbury Yorkshire, England. Birth Cert. No.: 1884, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England MQ 9b/639
      1881 Census: RG11/4560 F34 P29 Address Elephant Castle Inn, Vulcan Road, Dewsbury. William Day head Publican age 35 born Dewsbury Martha Day Wife Publican Housekeeper age 37 born Dewsbury Thomas, Benjamin L, William, Charles, Hannah m, Stanhope, Harry Oxley aged between 24-9 presumably the step children of William. Martha Day Daughter age 1 born Dewsbury. Mary J Smith Servants, singe age 36 born Philadelphia, British Subject, America.
      1891 Census: RG12/3732 F17 Page 1 Sched. 1 Address Elephant Castle Inn, Vulcan Rd, Dewsbury William Day age 44 Inn Keeper born Dewsbury Martha Day age 46 Benjamin Lee, William O, Stanhope, Harry Oxley aged bet 28-19 (Only Benjamin married) Martha Day age 11 Scholar Eunice Day Daughter age 8 Scholar Louisa Day Daughter age 7 Scholar all born Dewsbury. Martha as she would only have been 13 years old when Thomas was born. She would have had to have been married before as there are presumably 7 children born to her. It is unlikely she would have 7 children out of wedlock. Or they could be her brothers and sisters and she has reared them as her own on the death of the parents.
      1901 Census: RG13/4268 page 24 Schedule 180, Address Moorlands Cottage, Amy Street, Dewsbury. WILLIAM DAY IS DECEASED Martha Day Widow head age 57 born Dewsbury Martha Day Daughter single age 21 Cook Domestic Eunice Day Daughter single age 18 Assistant School Teacher Louisa Day Daughter single age 17 Dressmaker John Day Brother in Law Single age 58 Iron Moulder born Dewsbury I would think that 'brother in law' is a loose term - as he is too old to be a child of Sarah and Thomas and did not appear with them on any of the earlier census takings. Note that Benjamin L Oxley is residing in Amy Street also on this census - married with 3 children.
      Additional Information on Martha Oxley and William Day: In August 2008 Deborah Oxley wrote:
      Thomas Oxley married Martha Lee on on 14th February 1861. He already had a child, Thomas Crabtree Oxley, from his first marriage to Hannah Crabtree and this accounts for the fact that Martha's age does not tie in to having this first child. At the time Thomas was a clothier in and around the manufacturing district of Dewsbury. As you are aware from your census research, Thomas and Martha then had six children together. Thomas became landlord of the Elephant and Castle Public House, Vulcan Road, Dewsbury but died age 53 on July 19th 1875. Martha apparently kept the pub on; as you know she married William Day in 1877 and on the next census his profession is head publican at that same public house. William Day became step-father to the Oxley children, including to Harry Oxley who is our direct descendant. We have managed to find marriages for the Oxley step- sons. Thomas Crabtree Oxley, Benjamin Lee Oxley, Stanhope Oxley and Harry Oxley all went on to marry. Charles and Wiiliam Oxley appear to have died relatively young. Hannah M presumably got married and changed her name and we have lost track of her after the 1881 census.

      Martha and William Day, as you state, had three daughters, Martha, Eunice (Martha's mother was named Eunis) and Louisa. We are also aware of another daughter, baby Jane Day, born 1978 and who died on 31st December 1879. She is buried in the plot for Oxleys and Days ,with her parents and her death is inscribed on the other side of their tombstone, in Dewsbury Cemetary. I have photos of this if they are of interest. We believe the 'servant' Mary J Smith born Philadelphia, who was with the Oxleys and Days throughout Martha's married life and at all times working at the pub, who also features on the tombstone, was Thomas Oxley's niece - although we have not yet solved the mystery of her, her parents and brothers, who appear to have emigrated to America, and then come back to Dewsbury. William Day died on 20th August 1895. We do not know who took on the pub after that, but Martha moved to Amy Street with her three daughters. Not sure where 'John Day, brother in law' fits in as i had presumed him to be a brother of William Day but you have shown this is not the case. There is no 'John' on the Oxley side of the family either. Martha Day died on 11th July 1906 aged 64 years.

    2. Lucy circa 1855
    3. Thomas Day, born 1856 in Batley, Yorkshire, England
    4. Elizabeth circa 1858
    5. Henrietta Law (1857) and John George Farrand
      Henrietta 1857
      Marriage: John George Farrand 1877 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. He was born Abt. 1855 in Birstall Yorkshire England. Marriage Cert.No.: 1877, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England JQ 9b/883
      1. Annie Farrand, born Abt. 1879 in Birstall Yorkshire England. 28
      2. Greenwood Farrand, born 1881 in Birstall Yorkshire England
      1881 Census: G11/4550 F20 P37 Address Geldred Rd, Gomersal John George Farrand age 26 Woolen Cloth Spinner born Birstall Henryetta Farrand Wife age 23 born Birstall (sp) Annie Farrand Daughter age 2 born Birstall Greenwood Farrand Son age 1 month born Birstall.
      1901 Census: RG13/4259 page 2 Sched 14 Address Gelderd Rd, Birstall John G Farrand Head age 46 Woollen Comb Card Cleaner born Birstall Henrietta Farrand Wife age 43 born Birstall Greenwood Farrand Son age 20 woollen Mill Piecer born Birstall.
      Note: I can't locate this family on the 1891 Census, however there is a Greenwood Farrand which could be the brother of John.
    6. Angelina 1863
    1851 Census: HO107/2323 Address Low Lane Gomersal. Thomas Day Head age 23 B orn Birstall Woollen Manufacturer Sarah Day Wife age 25 born Birstall William Day Son age 4 Scholar born Birstall
    1861 Census: RG9/3401 Page 24 Schedule 128 Address: The Nook, Batley Thomas Day Head married age 33 Woollen Factory Worker born Birstall Sarah Day Wife married age 35 Woollen Factory Worker born Birstall William Day Son age 14 Woollen Factory Worker born Birstall Thomas Day son age 5 born Batley Lucy Day Daughter age 6 born Batley Elizabeth Day Daughter age 3 born Birstall
    1871 Census: RG10/4587 Folio 103 Page 37 & 38 Schedule 201 Address John Street, Gomersal Thomas Day age 44 Wool Worker born Birstall Sarah Day age 45 born Birstall Thomas Day Son age 18 Mechanic born Birstall Lucy Day Daughter age 16 Mill Hand born Birstall Henrietta Day Daughter age 14 Mill Hand born Birstall Angelina Day Daughter age 8 Scholar born Birstall
    1881 Census: RG11/4550 F88 P7 Address John St, Gomersal Thomas Day Head age 54 Rag Grinder born Birstall Sarah Day age 55 Born Birstall Angelina Day Daughter age 18 Power Loom Weaver born Birstall
  2. John Law (1828-) and Hannah Heaton
    Birth: John, August 21, 1828
    Marriage: Hannah Heaton 1853 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. She was born Abt. 1829 in Yorkshire, England, and died 1865 in Birstall Yorkshire England.
    1. David Law (c 1858-) and Eliza Hatfield
      Birth: David Law, born Abt. 1858 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England.
      1871 Census: Film 847146 David Law age 13 nephew of Henry and Agnes Hopkinson (nee Law, John's Sister) is residing with them at 63 Smithies Lane Gomersal. David is a Mill Hand.
      Marriage: Eliza Hatfield 1881 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England; born Abt. 1847 in Dewsbury Yorkshire, England. David Law: Marriage Cert.No.: 1881, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England JQ 9b/792
      1881 Census: RG11/4561 F33 p6 Address High Street Dewsbury: Hannah Hatfield, Widow Head age 70 Shop Keeper born Dewsbury Eliza Morton Daughter Married age 32 Woollen Weaver born Dewsbury Bennett Morton Grand son age 10 Scholar born Soothill Sarah E Hatfield Grand Daughter age 14 Single Winder (Wc) born Dewsbury.
      1891 Census: RG12/3732 F115 Page 23 Sched 170 Address 65 High Street Dewsbury David Law Head Married age 39 Rag Warehouseman born Birstall Eliza Law Wife age 44 Cloth Weaver born Dewsbury Sarah Ellen Morton Daughter age 24 Cloth Weaver born Dewsbury Bennett Morton Son age 22 Cloth Weaver born Dewsbury
    2. James 1861
      Death of James Law: 1866. Death Cert. No.: 1866, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England JQ 9b/411 4.
    1861 Census: RG9/3402 Page 2 Sched 11 Address Church St, Gomersal John Law Head age 31 Woolen Cloth Worker born Birstall Hannah Law Wife age 34 Power Loom Weaver born Birstall David Law Son age 5 Scholar born Birstall. James Law Son age 6 months born Birstall
    Death of Hannah Heaton Law: 1865. Death Cert. No.: 1865, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England MQ 9b/387
    Death of John Law: 1869 in Birstall Yorkshire England. England Death Cert. No.: 1869, Dewsbury Yorkshire, England JQ 9b/355
  3. Joseph Law (1830-1857) and Mary Peel
    Birth: Joseph, December 26, 1830 (Birstall Parish)
    Marriage: Mary Peel 27 Dec 1852 in Birstall Parish Church, Yorkshire, England daughter of John Peel and Martha Bywater, she christened 4 March 1832 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England. Marriage Cert.No.: 27 Dec 1852, Parish Church, Birsal, Dewsbury Registration 9b/700 Joseph aged 22 Bachelor, Wheelwright, Father, Thomas Law, Clothier. Mary as aged 20 pinster no occupation Father, John Peel, Spinner. Witnesses were James Ineson and George Bromley. Neither Joseph or Mary were able to sign their name. Marriage by Banns. John Kemp Curate.
    More on Mary Peel's Family:
    1841 Census: FHL Film 1009489 ED5 Schedule 28, Page 16, John Peel age 49, Cloth Finisher, Wife Martha age 49, John 15, Sarah 15, Ann 13, Mary 9 and Jane 5. Address Smithies Gomersal.
    1851 Census: FHL Film 87555 Gomersal ED 1E schedule 6 page 2/101, John Peel aged 59 Hand Woollen Spinner born Birstall. with Wife Martha aged 58 and children John age 28, Sarah age 25, Mary age 19, Jane age 15. Address
    1861 Census: FHL Film 543126 Gomersal., John Peel aged 69 Cloth Weaver Born Birstall with wife Martha age 68, and daughter Mary Law age 29 Widow and two grandchildren David Law age 7 and Margaret Law age 5. Address Smithies Lane, Gomersal.

    1. James Law (1853-1926) and Mary Gamersall Hargreaves
      Birth: James 25/5/1853 died 5/7/1926
      Marriage: James 1853 married Mary Gomersall Hargreaves 25/4/1874 in Dewsbury. Mary Gomersal Hargreaves 25 Apr 1874 in Wesleyan Chapel Birstall, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England, daughter of John Hargreaves and Ruth Gomersall. She was born 01 Sep 1853 in Beeston, Yorkshire, England, and died 03 Feb 1922 in Armley, Yorkshire, England. Father of James Law, Joseph Law (deceased) Occupation Wheelwright.
      More on Mary Haregreaves: Birth Cert. No.: 1853, Sept Qtr, Hunslet, Sub District of Wortley 9b/191.
      1851 Census: Film 87532 HO 107/2314 page 341, John Hargreaves Age 23 Address: 15 Shackleton Yard, Wortley. Wife Ruth age 24 born Beeston, son Robert age 9 months born Wortley.
      1861 Census: Film 543126, Batley, John and Ruth, with children Mary 7, James 3 and his sister Elizabeth 31 born in Churwell. Address: Howdenclough, Gomersal, Birstall district.
      1871 Census: FHL Film 847146 Piece 4587 Sched 116, Page 23, John Hargreaves age 43 Cloth Dresser born Morley, with Wife Ruth and 5 Children. Address Howden Clough, Gomersal.

      1. Annie 1875. Annie Law, born 18 Jan 1875 in Howden Clough, Batley, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Notes for Annie Law: Annie was still single at the when Edith Married in 1904 - she was a witness at the marriage. I have checked marriage 1901-1910, 1915-1927. I purchased one 1910 certificate but it wasn't her. another long shot is 1919 (She would have been 44 years old) JQ Leeds 9b/ ?26 to Harker. Death for Annie Checked from Sept Q 1945 up to MQ 1950.
      2. Ruth Ann Law and George Evers Cartwright
        Ruth Ann 1876 born Sep 1876 in Howden Clough, Yorkshire, England Birth Cert. No.: 1878, St Cath's Index June Qtr Dewsbury, *9b/676. Died Unknown. Ruth Ann Law was born Sep 1876 in Howden Clough, Yorkshire, England., and died Unknown. She married George Evers Cartwright 26 Dec 1899 in Ossett, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England, son of George Cartwright and Mary Evers. He was born Abt. 1875 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, and died Unknown. St Cath's Index Marriages 1899 December Qtr Dewsbury 9b/1333. 1901 Census, RG 13 Piece 4213 Folio 99 Page 14 Schedule 84 Ruth Ann Cartwright age 24 Born Yorks Howden Clough on Census with Husband George Evers Cartwright and son James aged 10 Months. Address 18 Fearnley St, Armley Parish St. Bartholomew. Notes for George Evers Cartwright: 1881 Census RG11/4486 Folio 72 Page 22 Address 20 Peel St, Hunslet. George Cartwright Head age 32 Born Tadcaster, Corporation Fireman Mary Ann Evers Wife Age 35 born Leeds Eliza R Cartwright Daughter age 7 Scholar born Leeds George Evers Cartwright Son age 5 born Leeds Scholar Arthur Cartwright Son age 3 born Leeds Clara Cartwright Daughter age 5 months born Leeds George Evers Father in Law Age 75 born Leeds Wheelwright. George's address at time of his marriage was 1 Simpson Grove, Armley. Death for George Cartwright 1937 Q2 this needs checking More About George Evers Cartwright: Occupation: Bet. 1899 - 1901, Railway Fireman/Engine Stoker Marriage Notes for Ruth Law and George Cartwright: Ruth & George were married in the New Wesleyan Chapel, Wesley St. Ossett, District of Dewsbury. Witnesses were Arthur Cartwright (probably brother of George) and James Law, More About George Cartwright and Ruth Law: Marriage: 26 Dec 1899, Ossett, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England Child of Ruth Law and George Cartwright is: 45 i. James10 Cartwright, born Abt. Jun 1900 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. More About James Cartwright: Birth Cert. No.: 1900, Bramley June Qtr 1900 9b/403
      3. Edith 1878 and George Beckwith
        Edith 1878 Edith Law, born Abt. Jun 1878 in Howden Clough, Yorkshire, England.; died Unknown. Marriage: George Beckwith 26 Oct 1909 in Wesleyan Methodist Church, Wesley Road, Armley, Yorkshire, England.; born Abt. Sep 1875 in Armley, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown in Unknown. Marriage Certificate. 26/10/1909 George Beckwith age 34 Bachelor, Insurance Agent Residence at time of marriage 320 Tong Rd, Wortley. Father Henry Binks Beckwith, Occupation Gentleman. Edith Law age 30 years Spinster Woollen Cloth Weaver, residence at time of marriage 1 Imperial Terrace, Armley. Father James Law, Cloth Finisher. Witnesses Samuel Scott and Annie Law (Sister.) 1891 Census RG12/3682 F69 Page 7 Schedule 43, 14 Shaftsbury Street Armley, Yorkshire. Henry Beckwith Head Married age 49 Stone Mason Employed born Armley Lousia Beckwith Wife age 53 born Armley Mary Ellen Beckwith Daughter age 19 single Cloth Weaver employed born Armley Amelia Beckwith Daughter age 17 Single Cloth Weaver Employed born Armley George Beckwith Son age 15 Occupation Office Boy - Employed born Armley Annie Beckwith Daughter age 12 Scholar born Armley 1901 Census RG13/4214 page 8 Schedule 71 Address 30 Conference Road, Armley Henry Beckwith head Married age 59 stone Mason Worker born Leeds Lousia Beckwith wife age 63 born Leeds Mary E Beckwith Daughter age 29 single woollen cloth weaver - worker born Leeds Amelia Beckwith Daughter age 27 single woollen cloth weaver - worker born Leeds George Beckwith Son age 25 Single Brick Layer - worker born Leeds Annie Beckwith Daughter age 22 single woollen cloth weaver - worker born Leeds.
      4. Ethel 1882 Ethel Law, born Dec 1882 in Morley,Yorkshire, England Birth Cert. No.: 1882, St Caths Index Dec Qtr Dewsbury *9b/563 Died Unknown. St Cath's Index Marriages 1907 June Quarter Hunslet 9b/531. This was purchased and is the wrong Ethel Law. Ethel is mentioned on James' Will of 1923, therefore look for a death after this date, or a marriage 1908 onwards. Death for Ethel Checked from Sept Q 1945 up to MQ 1950 None. Checked for Marriages on FreeBMD to 1911 - nothing. Yorkshire BMD Marrage Ethel Law 1932 to Andrew W Walker Registry Office Leeds RB/270/169.
      5. Harry Law (1884-) and May Redshaw
        Birth: 23 Sep 1884 in Armley, Yorkshire, England.; died 26 Sep 1938 in Bramley, Yorkshire, England. Harry 1884 (twin)
        Marriage: May Smith Redshaw, 1911
        Marriage: 26 Jul 1911, Wesleyan Church, Armley, Yorkshire, England 9b/697. May Smith Redshaw 26 Jul 1911 in Wesleyan Church, Armley, Yorkshire, England 9b/697, daughter of Arthur Redshaw and Sarah Kellett. She was born 01 May 1888 in Wortley, W.Yorkshire, England, and died 14 May 1949 in 18 Albert Street. Stanningley UD, Yorkshire, England. Harry Law's Address at time of Marriage - 1 Imperial Terrace, Upper Armley. May Redshaw's Address at time of Marriage - 107 Town Street, Bramley. Witnesses Peel Law and Florence Rosebottom. It has been told to me by my father, Ralph, and his brother, Stanley, that when Harry decided to Marry May Redshaw, that his parents did not agree with this, so they told him never to come home again. Harry's children did remember seeing their Uncle Peel on the odd occasion but I think they were unaware of any other siblings that Harry had or that Peel had indeed married and had a child! See more on Harry Law and May Redshaw below.

        1. Phyllis Law 1912 and Norman Wilcock
          Phyllis 1912 Phyllis Law, born 11 May 1912 in Bramley, Yorkshire, England; died 14 Jun 1977 in 152 Acres Hall Ave, Pudsey, Yorkshire, England. She married Norman Wilcock 20 Jun 1936 in St Thomas Church, Stanningley, Yorkshire England, son of Arthur Wilcock and Bertha Hopkinson. He was born 17 Aug 1906 in 5 Mulberry Street, Pudsey,Yorkshire, England, and died 07 Jan 1973 in Thornton View, Clayton, Bradford, England. Death of Phyllis Law: Cause of Death: Coronary Occulsion, Coronary Atheroma. Death of Norman Wilcock: Cause of Death: Cerebral Degeneration, Cerebral Arteriosclerosis. Occupation: Willier, (Rag Sorter on Machine) Marriage of Phyllis Law and Norman Wilcock: At time of Marriage, Norman was a rag sorter and Phyllis was a baker. In her later years she was a School Cleaner. St Cath's Index 1936 June Quarter Leeds South 9b/1260. Marriage: 20 Jun 1936, St Thomas Church, Stanningley, Yorkshire England Children of Phyllis Law and Norman Wilcock are: + 50 i. Maureen11 Wilcock, born 12 Oct 1940 in Pudsey, Yorkshire England. 51 ii. Patricia Ann Wilcock, born 28 Jun 1944 in Yorkshire England. Notes for Patricia Ann Wilcock: Patricia Wilcock never married. She lived with a man named Harry for around 30 years.
        2. Ralph Law 1917 and Freda Gill
          Birth: Ralph 03 May 1917 Birth Cert. No.: 03 May 1917, Birth Cert. Entry 230 Book 46 Bramley District
          Marriage: Freda Gill daughter of Fred Gill and Florence Collinson. 19 Oct 1940, Bramley, Yorkshire, England Marriage Cert.No.: 19 Oct 1940, Entry Number 353 Freda was born 08 Oct 1920 in Bramley, Yorkshire, England
          1. Brenda Law
            We emigrated to NZ in 1955 and after the death of my parents both in 1988, I emigrated to Australia. I have two kids. Steve 1964 and Lynn 1967; both married with sons. I am divorced and so reverted to my maiden name.
          War Record: War Records: L/Corporal 13034531 C.M.P.Application No. CAS308915/83
          Occupation: Band Knife Cutter - Tailoring
          Emigration: 12 Oct 1955, To New Zealand on Ship "Captain Cook"
          Death of Ralph Law: Aug 1988, Cremated, Plaque at Crematorium RSA Grounds. Ashes scattered on Yorkshire Moors. Cause of Death: Renal failure, Pancreastic/Liver Cancer Death Cert. No.: 09 Aug 1988, Palmerston North No. 69684 Medical Information: Heart and Renal disease 3 years.
          Death of Freda Gill Law: Cause of Death: Respiratory Failure Death Cert. No.: 10 Jul 1988, Palmerston North No. 69574 Medical Information: Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis - 32 years
        3. Stanley Law 1929
          Stanley Law, born 26 Apr 1929 in Stanningly, Yorkshire, England Stanley was born 26 Apr 1929 in Stanningly, Yorkshire, England. He married (1) Doreen Grimshaw 09 Jun 1949 in Yorkshire England. She was born 20 Sep 1929 in Yorkshire England, and died 31 Oct 1993 in Yorkshire England. He married (2) Shirley Abt. 1980 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. More About Stanley Law: Divorces: Abt. 1980, Divorced Doreen and Married Shirley ? More About Doreen Grimshaw: Burial: Nov 1993, Rawdon Crematorium, Yorkshire, England More About Stanley Law and Doreen Grimshaw: Marriage: 09 Jun 1949, Yorkshire England More About Stanley Law and Shirley: Marriage: Abt. 1980, Leeds, Yorkshire, England Children of Stanley Law and Doreen Grimshaw are: + 53 i. Peter Stuart11 Law, born 04 Nov 1950 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. + 54 ii. Anita Jose Law, born 10 May 1952 in Yorkshire England. 55 iii. Joanne Teresa Law, born 09 Jan 1967 in Yorkshire England.
        Death: 1938 Harry Law Burial: 28 Sep 1938, Zion Baptist Churchyard, Hough Lane, Bramley. Cause of Death: Carcinoma/Urinary Bladder, Syringomyelia. Death Cert. No.: 26 Sep 1938, 9a/503 March Qtr.Leeds Sth. Medical Information: Syringomyelia is a disorder of the spinal chord. Can cause paraplegia.
        Death: 1949 May Smith Redshaw: Burial: 18 May 1949, Zion Baptist Churchyard, Hough Lane, Bramley. Cause of Death: Suicide Medical Information: Poisoning by coal gas self administered while the balance of her mind was disturbed. Post Mortem.
      6. and Ralph (Twins 1884) Ralph Law, born 23 Sep 1884 in Pickering Mount, Armley, Yorkshire, England; died Abt. Dec 1885 in Armley, Yorkshire, England. Ralph is the older twin brother of Harry being born at 8.15pm at Pickering Mount. Birth Cert. No.: 23 Sep 1884, 9b/355 Sub Dist. Wortley, Reg. Dist. Bramley Death Ralph Law: Death Cert. No.: 1888, Bramley, Dec Qtr 9b/255
        Death: Ralph died 1885
      7. Peel Law(1887) and Florence Rosebottom
        Peel 1887 Peel Law, born Sep 1887 in Armley, Yorkshire, England Peel Law was born Sep 1887 in Armley, Yorkshire, England Birth Cert. No.: 1887, St Caths Index Sept Qtr Bramley *9b/401 Peel was a witness at Harry and May's marriage. Peel could have been a director of Sharpe and Law, a joinery firm in Bradford around 1934. Death certificate reveals informant F. Law Widow of Deceased residence 80 Cockshott Lane, Leeds. Will for Peel purchased and on file was drawn up in September 1941, Living at "Floydon" 80 Cockshott Lane Armley at the time. It could be that "Floydon" is the name of the residence and possibly named in favour of his wife Florence and son Donald. It is assumed that Donald was their only child. Marriage: Florence Rosebottom Abt. Sep 1914 in Bramley, Yorkshire England, daughter of Samuel Rosebottom and Emma Walker. She was born Abt. Dec 1891 in Bramley, Yorkshire, England, and died Aft. 1948. St Cath's Index 1914 September Quarter Bramley 9b/671. Florence Rosebottom: 1901 Census Armley Ellis Rosebottom age 39 Born Armly Leather Splitter Emma Rosebottom age 40 born Armley Herbert Rosebottom age 15 Insurance Clerk Junior born Armley Florence Rosebottom age 9 born Armley Annie Rosebottom age 7 born Armley. Check deaths for Florence from 1950-1960 but can't find, so she most likely died after 1960. Child of Peel Law and Florence Rosebottom is: 49 Donald Law, born 1915 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Married: Sylvia Storr Abt. Mar 1940 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England; born 1919 in Bramley, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Notes for Donald Law: St Caths Index Birth 1915 September Quarter Leeds 9b/663 Mother Maiden Name Rosebottom. Checked Births for Children of Donald and Sylvia from 1940 - 1947 - Only one possible John H Law born SQ 1940 Leeds 9b/695, mother's maiden name given as 'Law' - this is probably her married name so could be anyone. Because this was the time of WW2, it would be possible that children were born as beyond 1947 - check to 1950 Notes for Sylvia Storr: Birth Certificate for Sylvia = 1919 Mar Qtr Bramley 9b/248 Taylor Maiden Name of Mother. Search of 1901 Census reveals. Mary Storr age 39 born Sheffield Lucy Storr age 21, Florence Storr age 15, Lily Storr age 9 and Jos Storr (Male) age 4 all born Leeds and in the Civil Parish of Armley. Also: Thomas Storr age 41 born Selby Boot Finisher, Kate Storr age 44 Boot Heaver Hull, Robert Storr age 17 Labourer in Brickyard, Joseph Storr age 15 Joiners Apprentice Harry Storr age 21 Labourer in Brickyard, Edith Storr age 16 Boot Finisher all in the Civil Parish of Leeds. (The 1901 Census were only taken from the internet, not read the original images. A marriage for Thomas Storr and Matilda Fryer in March Qtr 1880 Leeds 9b/430. Thomas and Matilda and Harry are on the 1881 Census living in Strawberry Grove, Armley. More About Donald Law and Sylvia Storr: Marriage: Abt. Mar 1940, Leeds, Yorkshire, England Death: Peel Law was buried in the Armley Cemetery 21/6/1948 Register of Burial 6915 Folio 355 Register of Graves Plot 1097 Section C. It appears that Peel is buried in the same grave as his parents James and Mary Law. Died 17 Jun 1948 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Burial: 21 Jun 1948, Armley, Cemetery, Yorkshire, England Cause of Death: Cerebral thrombosis. Occupation: Joiner
        In January 2015 Pete Storr wrote: You seem to be unsure of Sylvia's parents. She was the daughter of Samuel Storr 1877 Stoke, Nott - 1975 Leeds, Yorks and Louisa Taylor 1890 Scarborough, Yorks - 1967 Leeds, Yorks.. The other censuses you list are not connected to this family nor each other.
      8. Hollie 1892 Hollie Law, born Abt. Sep 1892 in Wortley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England Birth Cert. No.: Sep 1892, St Cath. Index SQ 9b/393 Bramley 37. Died Unknown. I have checked marriage index for Hollie from 1901 to 1930 but can't find her, maybe she didn't marry. No death for her checked. I have also checked deaths for her form 1901 - 1905 and 1950-1960 but she's not there. Check from 1923-1944 and the DQ 1945 (fiche is missing at LDS) as she was named on her father's will of 1923. Death for Hollie Checked from Sept Q 1945 up to MQ 1950 None. I have also check a free site for Leeds - Yorkshire BMD and there is no Hollie Law on Marriage or death from 1901 to 1978.
      9. Gladys 1894 Gladys Law, born 1894 in Wortley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Gladys is not mentioned in James' Will of 1926 therefore she may have died. Check for a death of Gladys prior to 1923. She is on the 1901 Census so I have checked so far in Deaths from 1901 1905 - not there. She is not on Deaths FREEBMD to 1911. Fiche search Death for Gladys Checked from Sept Q 1945 up to MQ 1950 None. Marriage for Glady Law Bramley 1923 SQ 9b/700 to (Mornington Coldham). Could this be her! Mornington was born abt 1895 as was Gladys. Also they were married in St Bartholomew's Church Armley so it's looking good. I will Order this Certificate and take the punt.
      1881 Census: RG11/4544 F139 p41 Address11 Foster St Morley, York. England James Law age 27 Cloth finisher born Birstall Mary Law age 27 wife, Born Beeston, Annie Law Dau. age 6 born Howdenclough Ruth Ann Law Dau. age 4 born Howdenclough Edith Law Dau. age 2 born Howdenclough
      1891 Census: RG12/3678 Folio 91 Page 29 Schedule 191 Address 1 Warder St, New Wortley. James Law age 37 Cloth dresser born in Birstall Mary Law Age 37 his wife born in Beeston Annie Law daughter age 16 cloth weaver born in Birstall Annie is listed as Jennie) Ruth Ann Law daughter age 14 Cartridge Loader born in Birstall Edith Law daughter age 12 scholar born in Birstall Ethel Law daughter age 8 scholar born in Birstall Harry Law, son age 6 born in Armley (Harry is listed as Harvey) Peel Law son age 3 born in Armley.
      1901 Census: RG13/4214 f66 p32 sched 204 Address 1 Imperial Terr, Armley James Law age 47, Cloth Finisher born Birstall Mary Law Wife age 47 born Beeston Annie Law Daughter age 26, Cloth Weaver born Howden Clough Edith Law Daughter age 22, Cloth Weaver born Howden Clough Ethel Law Daughter age 18, Cloth Weaver born Morley Harry Law Son age 16, Cloth Finisher born Armley Peel Law Son age 13, Cloth Finisher born Armley Hollie Law Daughter age 8, Born Wortley Gladys Law Daughter age 6 born Wortley
      Burial of Mary Hargreaves Law: 03 Feb 1922, Armley, Cemetery, Yorkshire, England St Caths Deaths 1922 Mar Quarter Bramley 9b/365 age 68 Age at Death 68
      Death of James Law: 05 Jul 1926 Age at Death, 73 years, 0 months, 11 days Burial: 07 Jul 1926, Armley, Cemetery, Yorkshire, England Cause of Death: Gastric Ulcer, Haematemisis Cardiac Failure. Informant, Peel Law resided at 2 Imperial Terrace Armley. James's Will purchased and on file. It is heartening to see that he mentioned Harry in the Will, and that he left his real estate to be sold and divided evenly between ALL children, excluding Gladys, who must have died prior to 1923. Will was drawn up on 8th May 1923. Mary predeceased him in the March Quarter of 1922. James Law was buried on 7 July 1926 by St Batholomews Church Armley. Registered of Burials No. 5035 Folio 266 Registered of Graves Plot 1097 Section C. Register of Purchase of Grave 3043. He is buried with his Wife Mary Gomersal Hargreaves. Consecrated Grave.
    2. Fred born 10 Feb 1855 Birstall Yorkshire to Joseph and Mary Law, Wheelwright
      Death of Fred: Aug 4, 1857 Birstall. Cert. 1857, Set Qtr Dewsbury, Folia/Page unreadable
    3. Margaret Margaret Law was born Birth Cert. No.: 1857, June Quarter Dewsbury, 9b/457, Yorkshire, England, and died Unknown in Unknown. Marriage: Dick Stead Ellison 28 Feb 1886 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England, son of William Ellison. He was born Abt. Jun 1864 in Drighlington, Yorkshire, England, and died Unknown in Unknown. Marriage: 28 Feb 1886, Birstall, Yorkshire, England Notes for Margaret Law: 1861 Census, FHL Film 543126, Mary Law Widow aged 29 Cloth Weaver born Birstall. With Parents John and Martha Peel and David Law aged 7 Grandson to John and Martha also Margaret Grand-daughter to John and Martha aged 5 both born Birstall. Address: Smithis Lane, Gomersal. (Note: I think this David should be James.). 1871 Census, FHL Film 847146 RG 4587 ED5 Sched 176 page 32, Mary Skinner age 39 wife of William Skinner, Grocer age 53, Children James Law aged 17 Cloth finisher, Margaret age 13 Cloth Finisher. Children Martha Ann Skinner age 7 and Jane Skinner age 5. Address Smithies Lane, Gomersal. 1881 Census, FHL 1342096 RG11 Piece 4550 Folio 103 Page 37, Mary Asquith age 46 with husband Zebulum age 43 and her daughter Margaret Law and her Daughters Martha and Jane Skinner. Address Smithies Lane Gomersal. Margaret Law married March Quarter 1886 Bradford 9b/216. This is the only Margaret Law so I imagine it is her. She signed with X (it is odd that she did this as her brother was literate.) 1891 Census, Gomersal,, Margaret Ellison aged 32 with Husband Dick aged 27 a Warp Twister and son Fred age 4. Schedule 107 Carr Street, Civil Parish of Gomersal and District of St Peters. 1901 Census, RG13/4173 Folio 13 Page 28., Margaret Ellison Wife of Dick S Ellison age 42 born Birstall. Address White Hall Road Drighlington Parish of St Paul's. Parialmentary Division of Pudsey. Children of Margaret Law and Dick Ellison are: Fred Ellison, born 1887 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown in Unknown. Marriage Search for Fred Ellison - Jun Quarter 1911 Dewsbury 9b/1204 Annie Bruce. 39 James Ellison, born 1897 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown in Unknown.
    Death of Joseph Law: 05 Apr 1857 in Smithies Lane, Gomersal, Yorkshire, England Consumption Joseph Law: Age at Death (Facts Pg): 05 Apr 1857, 26 Years Burial: Apr 1857, Unknown Cause of Death: Consumption. England Death Cert. No.: 05 Apr 1857, Dewsbury Registration Sub District of Gomersal. 9b/266. There was no medical attendant at the death. Joseph's father Thomas was in attendance and the informant. Unable to sign his name. Occupation: 1853, Wheelwright
    1861 Census: FHL Film 543126, Mary Law Widow aged 29 Cloth Weaver born Birstall. With Parents John and Martha Peel and David Law aged 7 Grandson to John and Martha also Margaret Grand-daughter to John and Martha aged 5 both born Birstall. Address: Smithis Lane, Gomersal. (Note: I think this David should be James.).

    Remarriage of Mary Peel Law: Mary married William Skinner
    Children of Mary Peel Law Skinner and William Skinner:
    1. Martha Ann Skinner, 1864
      Marriage: Thomas Isaac LAND in 1883. Thomas was the son of Samuel Land and Ann Jackson Land.
      1901 Census: Thomas Isaac Land and Martha Ann (nee Skinner) had 5 children, William 1883, Margaret 1884, Joseph 1887, Jane 1895, and James Albert 1900.
    2. ?
    1871 Census: FHL Film 847146 RG 4587 ED5 Sched 176 page 32, Mary Skinner age 39 wife of William Skinner, Grocer age 53, Children James Law aged 17 Cloth finisher, Margaret age 13 Cloth Finisher. Children Martha Ann Skinner age 7 and Jane Skinner age 5. Address Smithies Lane, Gomersal.
    Death of William Skinner: 1875
    Remarriage of Mary Peel Law Skinner: Zebulum Asquith 1879, no children from this marriage
    1881 Census: FHL 1342096 RG11 Piece 4550 Folio 103 Page 37, Mary Asquith age 46 with husband Zebulum age 43 and her daughter Margaret Law and her Daughters Martha and Jane Skinner. Address Smithies Lane Gomersal.
    1891 Census: Gomersal RG12/3722 Schedule 203 Page 50, Mary Asquith age 56, Born Birstall. Husband Zebulum Asquith age 49. Address Smithies Lane, Gomersal. The only two in the household.
    1901 Census: RG13 Piece 4259 Folio 138, Page 32, Schedule 220 68 Smithies Lane, Birstall. Zebulun (sp) Asquith head age 59 Grocer Shop Keeper working at home on own account born Batley Mary Asquith age 66 born Birstall Zeb Smithson Grandson age 16 Grocer Assistant working born Birstall. Eva Smithson Grand Daughter age 12 at School born Birstall.

    Death of Mary Peel Law Skinner Asquith: Jun 1908, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England 9b/355 age 75
  4. Agnes Law (1833-) and Henry Hopkinson
    Birth: Agnes, November 17, 1833
    Marriage: Henry Hopkinson Abt. Dec 1853 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England, son of Joseph Hopkinson and Mary. He was born Abt. 1832 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England, and died Aft. 1901
    1. Anice born 1855 in Birstall, Yorkshire England.
    2. Booth Hopkinson, born 1858 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Abt. Mar 1864 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England.
    3. Luke Hopkinson (1863-) and Harriet Metcalf
      Luke Hopkinson, born 1863 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Aft. 1901. Luke Hopkinson was born 1863 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England, and died Aft. 1901. He married Harriet Metcalf Abt. Mar 1882 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. She was born Abt. 1865 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England, and died Unknown. 1891 Census, RG12/3722 Gomersal, District Birstall, in Spen Valley Parish St Peters., Luke Hopkinson age 29 Married to Harriet, Butcher, children Thomas B age 9 Scholar, Harry age 6 Scholar, Frank age 4. Address Back Carr Street Gomersal. 1901 Census RG13/4259 Page 10 Schedule 64 Address 23 Victoria St, Birstall Luke Hopkinson Head Married age 30 Butcher working on own account born Birstall Harriett Hopkinson Wife age 40 Harry Hopkinson Son age 15 Butcher's Assistant - Worker born Birstall Frank Hopkinson Son age 13 Warehouse boy fabrication works - worker born Birstall Annis Hopkinson Daughter age 6 born Birstall Fred Hopkinson Son age 4 born Birstall. More About Luke Hopkinson: Children of Luke Hopkinson and Harriet Metcalf are:. Thomas B9 Hopkinson, born 1882 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Harry Hopkinson, born 1885 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Notes for Harry Hopkinson: Annis Hopkinson, born Abt. 1895 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Fred Hopkinson, born Abt. 1897 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown.
    4. Frank Hopkinson, born 1865 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. Frank Hopkinson married March Quater 1890 Dewsbury 9b 731 to either Martha Ann Inman or Annie Senior. Can't locate on 1901 Census.
    5. Lucy Hopkinson, born 1868 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Abt. Dec 1884 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England. Lucy Hopkinson: Death Cert. No.: 1884, Dec Qtr Dewsbury 9b/425 age 17 22
    6. Jane Hopkinson, born 1872 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. There is one match for Jane Hopkinson Marriage in 1904 Dec Qtr Dewsbury 9b/1189 to William Henry Whittle - this may or may not be the right spouse.
    7. Mary Hopkinson, born 1875 in Birstall, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown. There are two possible marriages for Mary 1893 Dec 9b/1071 to Dick Crowther or Richard Brooke Grason and 1894 Dec 9b/979 John William Greaves or Albert Hemmingway both in Dewsbury Reg.
    1861 Census: RG93402 Folio 4 Page 1 Schedule 5, Agnes Hopkinson (Law) Age 28 Born Birstall with husband Henry age 30 Butcher, children Anice age 7 scholar and son Booth age 3 born Birstall. Address Coach Lane Gomersal.
    1871 Census: Film 847146 Batley, 4587 ED5 Schedule 63, Agnes Hopkinson Age 39 with Husband Henry age 39, Butcher children Frank age 6 Lucy age 3 and nephew David Law age 13 Mill Hand. all born Birstall. Address Smithies Lane Gomersal. David could be the child of John, Agnes' brother.
    1881 Census: FHL Film 1342096 RG11 4550 Folio 56 Page 3, Agnes Hopkinson aged 49 with Husband Henry and children Luke, Frank, Lucy Jane and Mary. Address Low Lane Gomersal.
    1891 Census: RG12/3722 Gomersal, District Birstall, Page 13., Agnes Hopkinson wife of Henry age 57 Occupation Assistant Butcher. Also on This Schedule 81 is Henry age 57 Butcher, and Daughters Jane age 19 Dressmaker, Mary age 17 no Occupation, Annice daughter widow (no married name) age (either 26 or 36 - should be 36) Rag Binder. Address Bond St- Low Lane, Gomersal.
    Note: The above entry for Annice is a mystery I can't locate a marriage for her between 1871 and 1891 but I did locate a death in 1873? However this could be a different person even though it is an unusual name. Anice Hopkinson: Death Cert. No.: 1873, Sept Qtr Dewsbury age 17 9b/392 18 ii.
    1901 Census: RG13/4259 F86 Page 1 Schedule 5 Address 6 Market Place Birstall Henry Hopkinson Head age 68 Butcher working on own Account at home born Birstall Agnes Hopkinson Wife age 68 born Birstall Jane Hopkinson Daughter age 27 single born Birstall.

    Death: After 1901
1841 Census: HO107/1290/7 F5 Page 1. FHL Film 1009489 ED1Address Coach Lane Gomersal, Thomas Law age 35 Woollen Weaver Wife Betty age 35, Sarah 14, John 12, Joseph 9, Agnes 7.
1851 Census: FHL Film 87555 Gomersal, ED1A Schedule 11 page 3., Thomas Law age 48 Cloth Weaver born Batley. with wife Elizabeth and children John 22, Joseph 20, Agnes 17. Address Coach Lane Gomersal.
1861 Census: FHL 543126 Gomersal.rg9/3402 Folio 4 Page 2, Thomas Law age 58 weaver, born Batley. With wife Elizabeth age 63 born Birstall. Address Coach Lane Batley
Death of Thomas Milner Law: 24 Sep 1870 Coach Lane Birstall, Yorkshire, England Age at Death, 68 Years, Burial: 26 Sep 1870, Birstall, Yorkshire, England Cause of Death: Abcess of Liver 2 Months, Exhaustion Certified. Death Cert. No.: 1870, Sept Qtr Dewsbury, 9b/456, Informant Wm Grayson present at the death.
1871 Census: FHL Film 847146 4587 ED1 Schedule 33, Betty Law Head, age 71 born Birstall, Grandchildren Anice Hopkinson age 16, w. weaver, Luke age 8 Scholar. Address Coach Lane, Gomersal.
Death of Elizabeth Booth Law: Elizabeth Booth: Age at Death (Facts Pg): 1873, 74 Years Burial: Oct 1873, Birstall, Yorkshire, England Cause of Death: Gastro Enteritis, Not Certified. Death Cert. No.: 1873, Dec, Qtr Dewsbury 9b/437 The informant on Elizabeth's Death Certificate is her son-in-law Henry Hopkinson in attendance of Low Lane Birstall. She died at Leeds Road, Birstall.

Early Records for Law in Birstall Parish

The records started in Birstall parish in 1558. The early records are sparse. Record keeping was a bit haphazard. Entries were sometimes omitted for a variety of reasons. The most frequent omissions occurred during the Civil Wars, 1642-1649. There was also an unexplained gap between February 1653 and March 1656.

The earliest records in Birstall parish for the name Law include:

  1. The marriage of John Law and Margaret Challyner on July 30, 1611, no place listed.

    John was born no later than 1591. There are no baptismal, marriage or death records for Law from the start of the records until the marriage in 1611

    There were no baptismal or death records for any children of John Law after 1611. Since there weren't any records for the Laws in the parish, it is possible that:

    • John Law was not baptized in the parish
    • His children were not baptized in the parish
    • He did not have any children
    • He had children and their baptisms were not recorded
  2. The burial of the wife of John Law of Adwalton in 1615.

  3. The burial of John Law of Birstall in 1623.

There were no other records for the Laws in Birstall parish until 1664, when James Law married Alice Rawse and had children in the village of Gomersall. This was forty one years after the last record in the village of Birstall parish in 1623.

All of the records in the parish between 1664 and 1692 are connected with James Law of Gomersall.

Was James Law the son of John and Margaret Challyner?


There are only three records for the name Challyner in the parish:

  1. The 1611 marriage of Margaret Challyner to John Law, see above.
  2. The marriage of John Challyner to Margaret Otes on May 11, 1574
  3. The burial of John Challyner of Adwalton on April 29, 1610
There are no records for Challyner 1636-1687.

There are only one records for Challener between 1687 and 1724:

  1. William s Phillip Challener of A (Adwalton) baptized March 25, 1691

James Law (1667-1721) and Susannah Crossley

Other Laws in Birstall parish

Other Laws in Batley parish

Alice Rouse, the wife of James Law (1644-1707)

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