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James Law★ (1667-1721)

James, the son of James Lawe of Gomersall, was baptized on July 15, 1667 in Birstall Parish.

James' parents and his children lived in Gomersall, but James and his wife lived in the village of Adwalton, about two miles away.

Section showing Adwalton and Gomersall (highlighted by me in green) of Warburton's 1720 map of the area.


  • James Law died in 1721
  • A major highway, M62, now separates the two villages

Marriage of James Law and Susannah Crossley★

James Law married Susannah "Croslay" on April 11, 1692 in Birstall Parish (BT and PRB)

Marriage record of James Law and Susannah Crossley
This copy was scanned from a photo copy of the LDS filming of the Bishops Transcripts

The top line reads" Marriages in the year 1692"
James Law and Susannah Crossley's marriage is the last listing shown.
Note: Handwriting in England in 1692 was slightly different than today. The "e" in James looks like an "o", the first "s" in a pair or an "s" alone looks like an "f", and the capital "C" was formed differently.

Susannah Crossley

The only person named Crossley who is a direct ancestor in the Law family was Susannah Croslay who married James Law in Birstall Parish in 1692.

Susannah Crossley was an illegitimate child whose mother was a widow.

Susan Crossley the

"daughter of John Langfield and the widow Crossley, a bastard child"
was baptized in Birstall parish on May 16, 1669.

Form more information on Susanna Crossley go to Susanna Crossley now or at the bottom of the page.

Children of James Lawe and Susannah Crossley, Adwalton

James Law and Susannah Crossley are known to have had 10 children. Five died as children. One, William, is know to have married and had children. Further records for the other four, Mary (1693), John (1694), Benjamin (1696) and Ann (1705) were not found.

James and Susannah lived in Adwalton in Birstall parish and had at least the following children:

  1. Mary d James Law of A, June 18, 1693 ( BT and PRB).

    Marriage: Mary Law to Robert Dex of Heckmondwick September 10, 1712 (PRB).

  2. John s James Law of A October 28, 1694. ( BT and PRB).

    Further Records: None

    See records for John Law Adwalton below.

  3. Benjamin s James Law of A January 8, 1696/97 (BT and PRB).

    Further Records: None

  4. Martha✟ d James Law of Adwalton January 31, 1698 (BT and PRB).

    Death: Martha d James Law of A August 12, 1700 (BT and PRB)

  5. Samuel✟ s James Law of A on January 20, 1701 (BT and PRB).

    Death: Samuel "son of James Law of Adwalton" September 19, 1701 (BT and PRB)

  6. James✟ s James Law of A December 4, 1702 (BT and PRB)

    Death: James, "son of James Law of Adwalton" July 16, 1712 (BT and PRB)

  7. Ann d James Law of A February 8, 1705 (BT and PRB)

    Further Record:

  8. William Law★ (1707-) and Hannah Raynder★

    Birth: William , the son of James Law of Adwalton, March 13, 1706/07 (BT and PRB)
    This copy was scanned from a photo copy of the LDS filming of the Bishops Transcripts.

    Marriage: William Law married Hannah Raynder on November 3, 1729 in Birstall Parish.

    Children: See William, Law

  9. Susanna✟ d James Law of A November 27, 1709 (BT and PRB).

    Death: Susannah, "daughter of James Law of Adwalton" August 7, 1712 (BT and PRB).

  10. Judith✟ date of birth unknown

    Death: Judith, the daughter of James Law of Gomersal, was buried March 22, 1724.

  • James and Susannah did not name children after themselves, until their sixth and ninth children.

Death of Susannah Law

Susannah Law, "wife of James Law" was buried on October 17, 1712 (BT and PRB).

Death of James Law

"James Law of Adwalton widower (sic)" was buried on February 28, 1721 (BT and PRB).

Other Law Records in Adwalton

There are only four other records connected to the village of Adwalton for the name Law:

  1. John Law, Adwalton, husbandman, age 71, died of old age and was buried July, 1800. ( Born c. 1729)
  2. John Law (?) of Adwalton married Margaret Thornton by banns June 19, 1774.
  3. Hannah, the daughter of John Law of Adwalton, was buried August 21, 1774.
  4. Thomas Law of Adwalton was buried August 19, 1772.

William Law (born 1707 son of James Law and Susannah Crossley) and his wife Hannah Raynder

James Law, the Father of James Law

For information on James Law, the father of James Law, click on the photo of Gomersall Hill Top

Susanna Crossley

For information on Susanna Crossley and her family, click on the photo of the Birstall Parish Church

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