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Henrietta Sheard

Henrietta Sheard, the daughter of Joseph Sheard and Sarah Colbeck, was born December 11, 1856. For a more extended genealogy of the Sheards go to Jonas Sheard now or at the bottom of the page.

Dominic Lennon

Dominic Lennon the great great grandson of Henrietta Sheard contacted me by email in February 2003 and provided the following information on Henrietta Sheard, her husband, Haydn Johnson, and related individuals.

Henrietta Sheard

Birth: Henrietta Sheard, the daughter of Joseph Sheard and Sarah Colbeck, was born December 11, 1856, Havercroft, Batley, and baptized on January 15, 1857 in Batley Parish.

Father: Joseph Sheard, son of Michael Sheard and Sarah Newsom, born circa 1821/22.

Mother: Sarah Ann Colbeck, born 1821.

Marriage: Henrietta Sheard, age 20, residence, Sunny Bank House, Sunny Bank, Batley, father, Joseph Sheard (deceased), occupation, gentleman, married Haydn Johnson, age 24, residence, Highgate Terrace, Soothill up, Dewsbury, father, John Johnson, occupation, card manufacturer, on March ? 11, 1877, St Thomas parish church Upper Batley. Witnesses: Ada Johnson (Henrietta's younger sister), Charles Dawson (Johnson's family friend)

John Joseph Jubb (Mayor of Batley 1884-5-6, married Henrietta's sister Matilda)

Children of Henrietta Sheard and Haydn Johnson:

  1. George Herbert Johnson, born Aughust 30, 1877. Baptized October 9, 1877.

  2. Willie Harcourt Johnson, born 1878, Hanging Heaton, Soothill, Upper

    Marriage: Willie Harcourt Johnson married "Elizabeth Bray form Huddersfield, she was adopted, they has 6 children all daughters, their first born was Henrietta b. 1900 (my great aunt Etty who I have met). My mother, Doris, who is still alive was born in 1908" Dominic Lennon.

    1901 Census: Rg 13, Piece 4266, Folio, 46, page, 7, Schedule Number 43.
    Address 37 Marriot St, Dewsbury, Ecclesiastical parish of St Phillips, Count, York

    • William H Johnson, head, age 22, occupation, mechanics tuner, worker, born Earlsheaton, Yorkshire
    • Elizabeth Johnson, wife, age 23, born Huddersfield, Yorkshire
    • Henrietta, age 9 months, born Batley, Yorkshire

  3. Harry Johnson, born December 1881.

  4. Florence (Florie) Johnson, born December 1893.

  5. Sarah A C Johnson, born 1894.

1881 Census: Dewsbury 9b 371

  • Haydn Johnson, head, age 28, woolen card manufacturer, born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire
  • Henrietta Johnson, wife, age 24, born in Batley, Yorkshire
  • George H S Johnson, age 3, born in Dewsbury
  • Willie H Johnson, age 2, born in Dewsbury
  • Sarah Burt, age 23, general serv domestic, born in Ludbrook, Lincoln

1901 Census: Woodent Terrace, Soothill York, England, FHC film 1342100, RG 11, Folio 4564/60, page 15

  • Haydn Johnson, head, age 48, commercial agent , born in Yorkshire
  • Henrietta Johnson, wife, age 44, born in Batley, Yorkshire
  • Geo Johnson, age 23, woolen warehouseman, born in Hanging Heaton, Yorkshire.
  • Florie Johnson, age 17, born in Hanging Heaton, Yorkshire
  • Sarah Johnson, age 16, dressmaker, born in Hanging Heaton, Yorkshire
  • Harry Johnson, age 19, iron monger, born in Hanging Heaton, Yorkshire

Death of Henrietta Sheard: After 1901.

Haydn Johnson

Birth: Haydn Johnson, the son of John Johnson, cardmaker, and Lucy Ann Shaw, was born April 26, 1852, Oates Square, Dewsbury, and baptized on May 3, 1852.

Death of Haydn Johnson: September 1902.

John Johnson, the father of Haydn Johnson

Birth of John Johnson: 1821

Marriage: John Johnson, full age, cardmaker, residence, Dewsbury, son of Charles Johnson, occupation, cardmaker, married Lucy Ann Shaw, full age, residence, Dewsbury, father, Joshua Shaw, wood turner, on October 24, 1844, Dewsbury Parish Church. Witnesses: George Dawson and George Johnson.

Birth of Lucy Ann Shaw: Father, Joshua Shaw, mother, Hannah, baptized Halifax, September 3, 1820.

Children of John Johnson and Lucy Ann Shaw:

  1. Haydn Johnson, born April 26, 1852
  2. Albert Johnson, born 1857
  3. Ernest Johnson born 1863

1881 Census;

  • John Johnson, head, age 60, born, Dewsbury, York, occupation cardmaker wire employing 15
  • Lucy A Johnson, wife, age 60, born Halifax, York
  • Albert Johnson, son, age 24, cardmaker wire, born Dewsbury
  • Fred Johnson, nephew, age 23, cardmaker wire, born Dewsbury
  • Ernest Johnson, age 18, apprentice, born Dewsbury
  • Emma Thackrah, servant, age 31, born Armsley, York, domestic servant

    Source Information
    Dwelling; Highgate Terrace
    Census place; Dewsbury, York, England
    Family History Library Film: 1342098
    Public Record Office Reference: RG11
    Piece/Folio: 455/95
    Page Number: 24

Lucy Ann Shaw (1820)

Christening: Halifax 3rd Sept 1820, father, Joshua Shaw, mother, Hannah
Source Information: IGI, Batch Number: 7611352 Sheet: 80 Source Call No.: 1058359 Type: Film

Mother: Hannah Shaw (nee?)
Married 24th Oct. 1844
Father: Joshua Shaw, Wood Turner
Age: Full age
Residence: Dewsbury
Witnesses: George Dawson, George Johnson

Source: Wedding Cert.

George Sheard

For information of George Sheard and his descendants, click on the photo of the Birstall parish church

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