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Marriage of James Law and Susannah Crossley

James Law married Susannah "Croslay" on April 11, 1692 in Birstall Parish (BT and PRB)

Susannah Crossley

The only person named Crossley who is a direct ancestor in the Law family was Susannah Croslay who married James Law in Birstall Parish in 1692.

Susannah Crossley was an illegitimate child whose mother was a widow. Susannah was given her mother's married name, Crossley, but otherwise was only related to the Crossley family in that she may have had half siblings who were Crossleys.

Susan Crossley the

"daughter of John Langfield and the widow Crossley, a bastard child"
was baptized in Birstall parish on May 16, 1669.

John Langfield had a large family including a daughter, Mary, who was baptized on August 1, 1669, just two and a half months after Susan was baptized.

Unfortunately, the baptismal record of Susannah does not list her mother's first name. However, the "widow Crossley" was either:

  • Alice Crowther who married Isaak Crossley in Birstall parish on August 4, 1657
  • or
  • Mary Crossley, widow of Long L who was buried September 19, 1699.

The records for the Crossleys are very sparse:

  • Anne bastard of Thomas Crossley and Jennett Mitchell baptized, 14 September 1601
  • The marriage of Isaak Crossley and Alice Crowder is the only marriage record for the name.
  • The birth of the children of Isaak Crowder are were the only Crossleys baptisms recorded in Birstall parish in the mid to late mid 1600's
  • There are no death records in the mid 1600s for the name Crossley

The Crossley records for the parish are as follows:

Marriage: Isaak Crossley married Alice Crowther August 4, 1657 (BT)


  1. Elizabeth, daughter of Isaak Crossley of Long L, buried April 8, 1658 (BT)
  2. Martha, daughter of Isaak Crossley of Little L, baptized December 29, 1660 (BT)
    Death: Martha d Isaac "Crosland" of LT, February 1, 1663/4 (PRB)
  3. Elizabeth, daughter of Isaak Crossley of Littletown, baptized on November 6, 1663 BT)
    Marriage; Elizabeth Crossley married John Mitchel August 22, 1688 (BT)
  4. Ann, daughter of Isaak Crossley of Littletown, baptized December 25, 1666 (BT)
    Further Record: None
  5. Thomas possible son of Isaak Crossley.
    Marriage: Thomas Crossley married Elizabeth North in Birstall Parish on September 4, 1687 (BT) Notes
    • This would put his birth 1667 or before.
    • Thomas could also have been the son of another Crossley family
    • Or from another parish

Little Liversedge and Littletown were two names for the same place. Long L. stands for Long Liversforge. I can't find any indication of where Long Liversforge was located. Clearly it was in Liversedge Township, as was Little Liversedge, AKA Littletown.

Death of Isaak Crossly: Unknown

Death of Alice Crowther Crossley: Unknown

Note: Unfortunately, I cannot find the death record for Isaak Crossley. If Alice Crowther Crossley was the "widow" Crossley, Isaak Crossley had to have died between 1664 and 1669. There are several places where the records are not legible, for example large portions of 1665, 1667 and parts of 1669. The death could have been recorded during one of these periods or simply be unrecorded.

Other Records for Crossley


  • Samuell Croslay of A November 20, 1691 (PRB)
  • Mary Crosley of Long L wd October 29, 1699 (PRB)
  • William Croslay of A September 19, 1700 BT and PRB)

Children of James Lawe and Susannah Crossley, Adwalton

James and Susannah lived in Adwalton in Birstall parish and had at least nine children:

  1. Mary d James Law of A, June 18, 1693 ( BT and PRB).

    Marriage: Mary Law to Robert Dex of Heckmondwick September 10, 1712 (PRB).

  2. John s James Law of A October 28, 1694. ( BT and PRB).

    Further Records: None

  3. Benjamin s James Law of A January 8, 1696/97 (BT and PRB).

    Further Records: None

  4. Martha, d James Law of Adwalton January 31, 1698 (BT and PRB).

    Death: Martha d James Law of A August 12, 1700 (BT and PRB)

  5. Samuel s James Law of A on January 20, 1701 (BT and PRB).

    Death: Samuel "son of James Law of Adwalton" September 19, 1701 (BT and PRB)

  6. James s James Law of A December 4, 1702 (BT and PRB)

    Death: James, "son of James Law of Adwalton" July 16, 1712 (BT and PRB)

  7. Ann d James Law of A February 8, 1705 (BT and PRB)

    Further Record:

  8. William, the son of James Law of Adwalton, March 13, 1706/07 (BT and PRB)

    Marriage: William Law married Hannah Raynder on November 3, 1729 in Birstall Parish.
    See William, Law

  9. Susanna d James Law of A November 27, 1709 (BT and PRB).

    Death: Susannah, "daughter of James Law of Adwalton" August 7, 1712 (BT and PRB).

Death of Susannah Crossley Law

Susannah Law, "wife of James Law" was buried on October 17, 1712 (BT and PRB).

John Langfield, the father of Susanna Crossley

For information on James Langfield, the father of Susanna Crossley, click on the photo of Birstall Parish Church

James Law

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