Children & grandchildren of John Sykes and Ann Stell Sykes in Ithaca, New York and Canada

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Children of John Sykes and Ann Stell Sykes in the USA and Canada

Three children of John Sykes and Ann Stell, their sons, Samuel and James, and a daughter, Mary , immigrated first to the United States and subsequently to Canada.

  1. Samuel Sykes

    Samuel Sykes, his wife, Ann, his brother, James, and his daughter, Isabelle, were listed in the 1850 United States Census in Ithaca, Tompkins County, New York.

    Samuel Sykes and his family immigrated to Newmarket, Ontario, Canada circa 1855 where they were listed in the Canadian Censuses in 1871, 1881, and 1901.

    Samuel Sykes and his daughters were in contact with their Land relatives in Long Island until at least the 1930s.

  2. James Sykes

    James Sykes, the son of John Sykes and Ann Stell, was listed with his brother, Samuel, in New York State in 1850. He immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto before 1860.

    He was listed in Toronto in the 1881 census.

  3. Mary Sykes Wright

    Mary Sykes, the daughter of a John Sykes and Ann Stell, married William Wright and immigrated to Toronto.

    Her daughter, Sarah Wright Jenkinsen, visited the Lands (Percy and Meta) on Long Island in 1930.

Children of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker Sykes in Canada

Presumably following their uncles, Samuel and James, the brothers of their father, George Stell Sykes, at least three of the children of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker Sykes immigrated to Canada:

  1. Samuel Sykes

    Samuel, born in 1850, immigrated with his wife and two children in 1882. Samuel and his family remained in Toronto. See below.

  2. Elizabeth Sykes Land

    Elizabeth, born 1857, immigrated with her husband, Law Land, and their son, Clarence, circa 1882. After spending several years in Toronto, the Lands moved to the US. See below.

  3. Robert Walker Sykes

    Robert, born 1859, immigrated with his wife and two children in 1885. Robert and his family remained in Toronto. See below.

  • Elizabeth Sykes Land visited Toronto in 1914
  • Elizabeth, Law, Percy, Meta, Arnold, Helen, Allen, and Bud visited Toronto circa 1922
  • While the letters are now missing, there are indications from Helen Land's notes that letters went back and forth between the Sykes in Canada and the Lands on Long Island.
  • I was not able to find immigration information on Elizabeth and Robert Walker Sykes and their families. I did find the immigration information on Samuel Sykes. It is possible that Elizabeth Sykes Land and Robert Walker Sykes and their families came by the same route as their brother, Samuel Sykes, and his family. Unfortunately most of the manifests for the ships on this route during the appropriate time are illegible as the ink has faded until it cannot be read. See Samuel Sykes below.
  • A passage to the United States in 1870 cost about five to six weeks of wages. Private Lives, Public Spirit: Britain 1870-1914 Jose Harris
  • The 1871 census indicated that of 1,173 babies being born every day in Britain, 468 would emigrate. Over six million Britons emigrated between 1871 and 1911. Outward movement reached its peak in the 1870s and again in the 1880s. Private Lives, Public Spirit: Britain 1870-1914 Jose Harris

Samuel Sykes (1821-1911) the Son of John Sykes and Ann Stell, born Adwalton, Yorkshire, England died Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, 1911

Samuel, son of John and Ann Sykes of Adwalton, shoemaker, was baptized March 4, 1821 (Church of England, Birstall Parish)


"In 1843 he came to New York and worked there, and at Philadelphia, and on the Reading Railroad, for some 10 yrs. In 1855 he came to Toronto as mechanical superintendant of the Toronto Locomotive Works." Y.C. Bio Record 1907 of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006


  • There is no perfect match for the immigration of Samuel Sykes. It was a common name and there are several possibilities.
  • He was in Ithaca, New York in 1850
  • The 1901 Canadian census immigration info says he arrived in 1857. This is in keeping with his move to Newmarket.

Marriage to Ann (Hannah) Hill

Ann/Hannah Hill, unknown, before 1849

"While still a resident of New York, Samuel married Miss Annie Hill, a daughter of Daniel Hill of Long Island" Y.C. Bio Record 1907 of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006


  • Ann Hill and her father Daniel were not listed in 1830 or 1840 censuses by
  • She was listed as Hannah in the 1881 census.
  • Her place of birth varies from census to census and on the death record - New York, Ireland, Jamaica, West Indies


  1. Isabelle 30 April 1849, USA (Censuses and death record)

    Death 1929: Isabelle Sykes Main Street Newmarket, 79 years born USA, 30 April 1850, in Canada 60 years, father Samuel Sykes born England, mother Ann Hill, born Ireland, name of informant, Miss Adelaine Sykes of Newmarket, sister, buried 19 November 1929, date of death 16 November 1929, arthritis deformans, 5 years, organic heart disease 5 years

  2. Josephine circa 1852, Ithaca, New York, USA (Combination of census and 1940 newspaper story)

    Death 1940:

    Newmarket Era, September 17, 1940

    SYKES - At Newmarket on Tuesday, September 17, 1940, Josephine Letitia Sykes, daughter of the late, Samuel Sykes, in her 90th years.

    Funeral services at her late residence, 200 Main Street, on Thursday, September 19, at 2:30 D. S. t. Interment Newmarker cemetery."

  3. Adelaide circa 1854, USA

    Death, 1932: Adeline Sykes, York Newmarket Main Street, single born United States, March 8, (no year listed), died age 79, no occupation, in Canada 78 years, father Samuel Sykes born England, Mother Ann Hill born Ireland, name of informant, Miss Josephine Sykes, New market, sister, buried October 11, 1932, Newmarket, died October 8, 1932, obstruction of bowel partial cause unknown 2 years, pneumonia 3 days.

Ithaca, New York

Samuel was listed in the 1850 US Federal Census in Ithaca, New York with a one year old daughter, Isabell, born in the US. He was in the US until circa 1867 according to the 1901 Canadian census and until 1855 according to the biographical notes from Newmarket. However, he was listed in Whitechurch, Ontario, Canada in the 1861 Canadian census.

Note: No records for Sykes in St John's Episcopal Church, Ithaca.


"He superintended the building of the first locomotive that was placed on the old Northern Railroad, which was later merged into the Grand Trunk. Mr Sykes superindentended the building of 21 of the first locomotives ever constructed in Canada" Y.C. Bio Record 1907 of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006

Samuel worked for James Good and Co. on the corner of Yonge and Queen Street in Toronto (Info from Newmarket)

James Good

"formed the Toronto Locomotive Works at the foundry and, in 1853, produced the very first locomotive ever built in the city, the Toronto, for the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railway. By 1856 he had built 21 locomotives and switched to building other pieces of equipment."

Points of Interest Along Lost Streams

Samuel and family moved from Toronto to Newmarket circa 1858 where Samuel built a foundry and machine shop. He retired in 1876. (Info from the Newmarket notes of 1907)

The Province of Ontario gazetteer and directory: containing concise ... By Henry McEvoy 1869, SYKES & ELVIDGE (Samuel Sykes and Charles Elvidge) founders and machinists

The biography of John J. Main has this to say about Samuel Sykes:

"John J. Main pursued his education in the Public Schools of Montreal, Aurora, Argus and Barrie, and at the age of thirteen years put aside his text-books to learn the more difficult lessons in the school of experience. He was apprenticed to the machinist's trade at Newmarket, under Samuel Sykes, being bound for a term of six years. His duties were of a varied nature, necessitating his rising in the morning at four o'clock, getting up steam in the shops and afterward taking his turn at the machines during the day until six o'clock in the afternoon. Nine months were thus passed, when, feeling that the life was too strenuous, he ran away, stealing a ride on a farmer's wagon to Toronto, where his parents were then living. After relating his story to his father he was sent back to his employer with a letter that if the boy's statement were true to cancel the indenture, and if not to give him a good thrashing, and put him back to work. When Mr. Sykes read the letter he said he guessed the boy had better go."

A history of Ontario: its resources and development, Volume 1 By Alexander Fraser, 1907

1850 Census Ithaca, New York

Tomkins County, August 22, 1850

  • Samuel Sykes, age 28, engineer, born England
  • Ann Sykes, age 26, born New York
  • Isabel, age 1, born New York
  • James, age 20, born England

Note: James was Samuel's brother, for more on James see below.


Sykes, ironfounder (no first name listed) Newmarket population about 1,000.

(The Canada directory for 1857-58 : containing names of professional and businessmen, and of the principal inhabitants, in the cities, towns and villages throughout the Province, alphabetical directories of banks ... Post Office Department, Post Offices ... and railway and steamboat routes throughout Canada, corrected to November 1857 by Lovell, John)

1861 Census Canada

Whitchurch, York, Canada West, Samuel Sykes machinist, born England, age 40, Anne Sykes born Jamaica, age 33, Issabella Sykes born U. States, age 11, Josephine Sykes born "Do" [United States], age 9, Adaline Sykes born "Do" [United States], age 7, Mary Hill born Jamaica, All Church of England

Note: Whitechurch is a small community west north west of Toronto (north of London, Ontario).


SYKES & ELVIDGE, (Samuel Sykes and Charles Elvidge), founders and machinists Newmarket The Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory: Containing Concise ... By Henry McEvoy

"An incorporated Village and Station of the Northern Railway, in the Townslup of Whitchurch, County York, on the east branch of the Holland River, 34 miles from Toronto. It is one of the most flourishing villages on the Northern line, the amount of business being equal to that of any other on the route. Money Order Office and Savings' Bank. Stages to Pine Orchard, Stouffville, Sharou, Keswick, Sutton, aun in winter to Beaverton. Population 2500."

1871 Census Newmarket

Samuel Sykes, the son of John Sykes and Ann Stell, was listed in the 1871 census in Newmarket (LDS film #0349169) as follows:

  • Samuel Sykes, married age 50, born in England, Church of England, machinist
  • Ann, married, age 45, born in US, Church of England, "Irish"
  • Isabelle, age 21, born in US
  • Josephine, age 19, born in US, in school,
  • Adeline, age 17, born in US, in school
  • Elden or Ellen (this is a last name), Mary, age 47, born in Ireland, no notation under marriage, no occupation
  • Johnson, Charles, age 19, born Ontario, apprentice.
There were 340 families in New Marked in 1871. Including Charles Elvidge, born in England circa 1829 and his family.
Charles Elvidge 42, Congregationalist, Iron founder, born England, Martha B Elvidge 31, wife born US, Fred H Elvidge 8 George F Elvidge 6 Annie A Elvidge 2/12 F Charles Grover 16, clerk

1881 Canadian Census, Newmarket Ontario

The 1881 census on CD lists Samuel Sykes and family in Newmarket, York North, Ontario as follows:

  • Samuel, age 60, married, machinist, born in England, Church of England
  • Hannah, age 52, wife, born Jamaica, West Indies, Church of England, no occupation
  • Isabelle, age 25, unmarried, born in USA, Church of England, no occupation
  • Josephine, age 23, unmarried, born in USA, Church of England, no occupation
  • Adelaide, age 21, unmarried, born in USA, Church of England, no occupation
  • Mary "Gill", age 52, unmarried, born in Jamaica, West Indies, Church of England, no occupation
  • The ages of the daughters in the 1881 census are not consistent with the ages in the 1871 and 1901 census.
    • Isabell 1871 = 21: 1881 = 25 : 1901 = 38
    • Josephine 1871 = 19 : 1881 = 23 : 1901 =36
    • Adelaide 1871 = 17 : 1881 = 21 : 1901= 34
    There is no question, however, that this is the correct family. Newmarket was a small town and the number of Sykes in Newmarket was limited to Samuel and his family.
  • Mary "Gill" might be Mary "Hill" as Hill was Hannah's (Anne's) maiden name.

Death of Mary Hill, 1886

Miss Mary Hill, age 64 spinster, born Ireland, bronchial pneumonia, Newmarket, 18, March 1886, Roman Catholic

1891 Canadian Census, Newmarket Ontario

Ontario West, Newmarket, Sykes, Samuel age 70 born England, machinest Anne age 65 born Ireland, Isabelle age 35 born US, Josephine age 33 born US, Adeline age 31 born US

Other Information About Samuel Sykes

"The family belonged to the Church of Eng. Mr. Sykes being one of the prime movers in having the present church founded at Nwmkt. In politics Mr. Sykes has always supported The Conservative Party. He has filled the office of Councilman for 3 yrs. and for a no. of yrs. has been a member of the school board. He is a charter member of Nwmkt's Masonic Lodge."

Y.C. Bio Record 1907 of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006

"Mr. Sykes material success in life was the direct result of his own industry and during his almost 40 yrs of business life, he formed friendships which make him now an honored and esteemed citizen by those who know him both in business and private life."

Y.C. Bio Record 1907 of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006

"In 1887 he installed a waterworks system operated by a windmill in his new house. A 1,000 gallon tank was located in the attic."

Y.C. Bio Record undated of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006

"Mr. Sykes was said to have been a tall, athletic man and a master craftsman who build dependable steam engines."

Y.C. Bio Record undated of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006

Death of Ann Hill Sykes, 1894

Anne Sykes died March 27, 1894, age 66 years 3 months, wife of J Samuel Sykes, born Ireland, prost---- following inflama--- ph --- - weeks, Church of England, county of York division New market, certificate #020649, no other info

1901 Census Newmarket

Samuel Sykes and his three daughters were listed in Newmarket as follows:

  • Samuel Sykes, age 80, widowed, date of birth, January 25, 1821, born in England, immigrated to Canada in 1867, Church of England, I cannot read occupation which is two words, the first word starts with "Gre" the second work might be "farmer"
  • Isabella C Sykes, age 38, immigrated to Canada in 1867, born in USA, date of birth, April 30, 1862, no occupation
  • Josephina W Sykes, age 36, immigrated to Canada in 1867, born in USA, date of birth, May 26, 1864, no occupation
  • Adeline S L Sykes, age 34, immigrated to Canada in 1867, born in USA, date of birth, March 8, 1866, no occupation


  • There were no other Sykes listed
  • There were no Lands listed
  • They were all listed as Canadians, despite the fact that Samuel was born in England and the women were born in the USA
  • There was no amount listed in the earnings column
  • There was a check mark that indicated they were living on their own income

LDS FHL film#1843569, Ontario District 99, Ontario West, Sub District A, page 3, Town of Newmarket.

1911 Census, Newmarket

Samuel Sykes, head Jan 1821, age 90 born England immigrated 1843, retired, Isabella Sykes, daughter April 1849, age 62 born USA, immigrated 1853, Josephine Sykes, daughter Mary 1851, age 60, born USA, immigrated 1853, Adeline, daughter, March 1853, age 58, born USA, immigrated 1853

Death of Samuel Sykes, 1911

Samuel Sykes died of old age, paralytic 6 days, on September 24, 1911 born January 21 1821 Yorkshire England, age 90 years, 8 months and 3 days, of Newmarket, retired, widow, son of John Sykes and Ann Stell both born England Cert #031969 Newmarket Ontario, Canada

Samuel Sykes Remembered in 1940

Newmarket Era, May 30, 1940


Miss Josephine Sykes Marks 89th Year Recalls Foundry

Almost a life-long resident of Newmarket Miss Josephine Sykes marked her 89th birthday at her Main St. home on Saturday.
"My father's foundry is acknowledged to be the first factory in town to employ any number of men," she told the Era.
"I was born in Ithaca, New York, but I have spent most my life in Newmarket." she said. "I was one of three sisters."
The ornamental iron fence which surrounds her home at Main and Ontario Sts. was made in her father's Newmarket foundry, Miss Sykes said. The two iron dogs, however, standing guard at the front entrance, came from New York, she stated.
Miss Sykes is now the only survivor of the family. A window in memory of her parents is to be seen at St. Paul's Anglican church, and was erected by Miss Sykes and her two sisters, who are now deceased.
She is a daughter of the late Samuel Sykes, who was senior partner in the firm of Sykes and Eldridge. Their foundry was on the north side of Huron St. on the edge of the present canal basin. Wm. Cane purchased the Eldridge interest, but shortly afterward, about 1876, the foundry was destroyed by fire.
Samuel Sykes was a master craftsman and built steam engines either here or elsewhere. It is said that until recently one of his engines was in use at Gravenhurst, Ont.
Miss Sykes uses a wheel-chair, but is vigorous mentally, and recalls with interest and pride the early days, and her father's part in the building of the town.

End of This Sykes Line

I believe that the death of Josephine Sykes in 1940 in Newmarket ended this line of Sykes. Samuel Sykes and his wife, Anne, had three daughters, Isabelle, Josephine and Adelaide. None of the daughters married.

More on James and Samuel Sykes

Vintage Machinery - Newmarket Steam Engine Works, Sykes & Elvidge

Good's Foundry":

"James Sykes (d. 1855) and his brothers William and Samuel, had been foremen in Good's Foundry in Toronto in 1853. Together with Charles deBergue they were awarded the contract and by the end of 1854 they had completed the twelve and a half mile section from Carillon to Grenville. They were then in a position to bid on the construction of the proposed Bytown and Arnprior Railroad in 1855 when James Sykes, returning from England with 50,000 pounds was lost at sea." (Footnote in (Upper Ottawa Valley to 1855 By Richard Reid, 1990)

Notes: James and Samuel do not appear to have had a brother William. James Sykes died in 1905.

The Canadian Engineer, Volume 12, 1905

the "Toronto," made in the shop of James Good, Toronto.


The men who superintended the building of this famous locomotive are both living to-day. Samuel Sykes lives in Newmarket, aged 84. James Sykes, his brother, aged 75, lives in this city at 14 Augusta Ave. Prof. Sykes, now of New York, and late of Toronto University, is his son.

In the latter part of April, 1853, the two Sykes brothers finished their job, neither of them dreaming of the C.P.R. and the G.T.P."

When James Sykes' son, Dr. Frederick Henry Syeks died in October 1917 the Medicine Ha Daily News reported "Dr. Sykes was the son of the late James Sykes, who drove the first railroad engine to leave the city of Toronto."

The Toronto Engine

The Toronto - with images

Image of the Toronto

Toronto Railway Historical Association


  • Who was Samuel Sykes born circa 1846 in England died in Newmarket 1919?

    Samuel Sykes of Newmarket, male age 73, 13 Nov 1919, born England, Industrial Home, buried Industrial Home Cemetery, labourer, single, parents unknown, anemia 2 years, cancer, 6 months, Newmarket Ontario (born circa 1846)

    Who is this person? Was he in Newmarket by coincidence or was he somehow related to the family? He does not appear to have been a nephew of Samuel Sykes (1821-1911).

    He was not listed in the 1881 Census in Canada. May be the following 1871 listing: Samuel Sykes, Age: 26, Birth Place: England, Residence District: York East, Markham, Labourer, Division: 5, Microfilm Roll: C-9969, Page: 58, Head of Household Comment: This person's surname is different than the head of household surname.

James Sykes (1829-1905), the son of John Sykes and Ann Stell, born Yorkshire, England, Immigrate to Canada

James Sykes was born to John Sykes and Ann Stell in Adwalton in 1829. He was listed in the 1841 census in England. See John Sykes and Ann Stell

Information on James Sykes and his descendants was contributed by Chris Ibbotson, Ellen Sykes and K Doan.


Like his brother, Samuel, James Sykes first went to the USA where he was listed with Samuel in Ithaca, New York, USA in 1850, see Samuel Sykes above.

James immigrated to Canada before his marriage to Sarah Earp in Pennsylvania in 1853.

Marriage to Sarah Earp

Sarah Earp (Sarah's surname taken from death certificate of her son William in 1921)

James Sykes married on 10 Apr 1853 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Sarah Ann EARP, born abt. 1834 in England; deceased 26 Feb 1911 in Toronto, Ontario, daughter of William and Ann (Tandy) Earp. (Ellen Sykes June 2007)


  1. Emily Sykes and Henry James Kelly

    Birth: Circa circa 1856, Buffalo, USA

    Marriage: Emily Ann Sykes age 26, d of James and Sarah Sykes, born Buffalo, married Henry James Kelly age 25, born Holland Landing living Winnipeg, Manitoba, merchant, s of Edward and Jane Kelly, witnesses M J Oxenham and Fred H Sykes 28 September 1881, Church of England (Ontario Marriage)


    1. Edith Kelly and Arthur (Ross) Doan
      Edith Nov 1883 Manitoba, Canada (Per Censuses).
      Birth: Could not find birth record on Ancestry October 2009.
      Marriage: Edith Blanche Kelly, music teacher, age 27, Anglican, daughter of Henry J Kelly clerk and Emily A Sykes, to Arthur Wallace Ross Doan, widower, school teacher, age 28, Presbyterian, son of William A Doan, farmer, and Marie Crittenden, 23 August 1911 City of Toronto, witnesses, Dy Bissonnette and Lucy G Kelly of 154 Augusta Ave Totonto. (Ontario Marriage)
      1. Kenneth born 8 Mar 1916 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Alberta LEHMANN (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Children of Kenneth Doan and Alberta Lehmann:
        1. John (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        2. Robert (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        More Information on Kenneth Doan:
        • Kenneth Henry Doan crossed the boarder between Canada and Detroit and/or Buffalo several times between 1930 and 1946. These records indicate that he was born March 8, 1915 was 6ft 1 inch tall had dark brown hair and brown eyes and wore glasses, and had a mole on his left cheek, that his father's name was Ross and that he attended the Ohio State University and was involved with the Stone Laboratory,and that his wife's name was Alberta. Crossings were made in 1930, 1938, 1940, and 1948. Alberta Lehmann Doan accompanied here husband, Kenneth, on at least two occasions. The crossing records indicate that she was the daughter of Hannah Lehmann born in Orillia Ontario and was 5 ft 7 inches, fair with blond hair and blue eyes.
        • "The Franz Theodore Stone Laboratory is the Lake Erie teaching and research laboratory of the Ohio Sea Grant College Program. Created in 1895 and located on Gibraltar Island in Put-in-Bay harbor, Stone Laboratory is the nation's oldest freshwater biological field station and the Island Campus of The Ohio State University." See Stone Laboratory, Ohio State University
        • Kenneth H. Doan (born 1915 in Toronto, B.A., Univ. Toronto, 1937, M.A., 1938) was just finishing his doctoral dissertation under Langlois's direction on Some Meteorological and Limnological Conditions as Factors in the Abundance of Certain Fishes in Lake Erie (Doan 1942) See VERFISHING OR POLLUTION? CASE HISTORY OF A CONTROVERSY ON THE GREAT LAKES. There are several papers on line under Kenneth H Doan
        • Obituary of Kenneth Doan shared by K Doan, February 2008
          "DR. KENNETH H. DOAN March 8, 1915 - May 2, 2003
          Ken Doan was born in Toronto, where he attended Upper Canada College and the University of Toronto, graduating in 1938 with a Masters degree. Following, in the course of a research fellowship at Ohio State University, he earned a PhD by the age of 26. Returning to Canada to head a new fisheries biological station in Winnipeg, he directed federal fisheries research in the prairie provinces and the NWT. He published at length on his work, such as the recovery of Lake Winnipeg whitefish, lake surveys, and his foundation studies of the beluga whales of Churchill. In 1952 Ken turned to his other long-time personal interest, and farmed in the Balmoral Manitoba area, while serving the community as a school board member and 4-H leader. He continued his interests as a naturalist, and enjoyed hunting and fishing, especially fly fishing, in the company of his family, former colleagues, and local friends. In 1959 Ken accepted an invitation to become Manitoba's chief fisheries biologist, then director of fisheries in 1966, and additionally director of wildlife in 1968. He continued these roles throughout a number of reorganizations, until his retirement at age 65. These were years of personal and professional growth, with the making of a large number of friends in volunteering as President of the Mid-Western Game and Fish Association for 1970, and then the International Game and Fish Association for 1975. Ken was well respected by his colleagues, and was honoured with a periodic award given in his name for excellence in fisheries research publication. In retirement, Ken and Bea lived on the family farm, where he remained professionally active as a consultant to Manitoba Hydro. He took many opportunities to enjoy the west coast salmon fishery with Bea and their close friends, and enjoyed family life with a number of children, grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He maintained good health, in spite of Parkinsons disease, until his final year, spent in a personal care home, where he passed away in the hospital."
      2. Eleanor DOAN, born 7 Sep 1918 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Correction from Marcia Kaye, April 2009: Elinor Doan (not Eleanor). Her birth date is Sept. 7, 1917 (not 1918). Her children are: Michele, born July 29, 1946 (divorced, no children), living in Kentucky Janice, born Apr. 23, 1950 (divorced, no children), living in Toronto Marcia (that's me!) born Dec. 8, 1952 (married to Alan Martin, two children, Lindsay Alexandra Kaye Martin, born Aug. 10, 1983, and Jocelyn Tara Kaye Martin, born Oct. 27, 1987), living in Aurora, Ontario Jacqueline, born Dec. 19, 1957 (married to Paul Tucker, no children), living in Toronto.
        Marriage: Alex KAYE (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Eleanor Doan and Alex Kaye:
        1. Janice (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Michele (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Marcia (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
    2. Elise, born 3 Aug 1889 in Toronto, Ontario
      Birth: Emily Elize Sykes Kelly August 3 1889 to Henry James Kelly, dealer, and Emily Ann Sykes, informant Fred Sykes 12 Augusta Ave Toronto (cert #045593)
    3. Lucy, born 1891 in Toronto, Ontario
      Birth: October 16, 1891 Lucy Beatrice Kelly, (Beatrice was put in parenthesis and Gladys was written on top of it) daughter of James Henry Kelly, traveller, and Emily Ann Sykes, 18 Augusta Ave Toronto. There is a notation at the bottom of the entry that the record was altered October 18, 1956 (Cert # 004947)

    1901 Census Toronto, Canada: Next to James and Sarah Sykes, Henry Kelly, December 1854, Ontario, Irish origin, (can't read) salesman, Emily Kelly, wife, May 7, 1854 US, English origin, Edith Kelly daughter, 23 Nov 1883, Manitoba, Elise Kelly daughter, 3 Aug 1889 Ontario, Lucy Kelly daughter, 16 October, 1891 Ontario, Ch of England

    1911 Census: Toronto. Henry Kelly, December 1854, Ontario, officer custom house, Emily Kelly, wife, May 1856 USA, immigrated 1862, Edith Kelly daughter, Nov 1883, Manitoba, Elise Kelly daughter, Aug 1889 Ontario, Lucy Kelly daughter, October, 1891 Ontario, Ch of England

    Death of Henry James Kelly: Kelly, Henry James, age 59, died Jan 25, 1915, born Canada place of death 181 Grenadies (?) Rd, occupation, custom clerk, married, father, Edward Kelly mother Jane Kelly, cause of death cerebral hemorrhage, informant Geo. O Towers 59 Young Street.

    Death of Emily Kelly: Emily Ann Kelly 181 Grenadier Rd, Toronto, born United States age 80 widow, father, James Sykes born England, mother Sarah Earp born England, informant Miss Kelly daughter died December 23, 1934, artiosclerosis cerebralis, contributory cause, urat-mia pericardists and failure, buried Mt Pleasant Cemetery Dec 26, 1934

    Information on the Kellys from Arthur Ashton Sykes:

    ELISE KELLY: Second child of Henry and Emily (Sykes) Kelly, born in Toronto August 3, 1889. Educated in Ryerson Public, Harbord Collegiate, and took Kindergarten courses, after which she taught at various Toronto schools until she retired.

    Elise has been active in church work, Anglican, all her life. Is interested in gardening and, like her Mother, very efficient at growing roses.

    Has travelled a bit, going one time to Bay City, Michigan, to visit with the Earp family there. Rev. Samuel Earp was head of a boys' school at Bay City at the time. Reports being driven around in a carriage with a colored driver - something rather unusual. That was 1912. She visited some of the English cousins in 1928, and has kept up correspondence with some ever since. Elise has supplied me with quite a bit of the information contained in this resume of the family. She takes a great interest in conventions of teachers, going to their meetings as often as she can get to them.

    Unmarried and living with her younger sister Lucy at 105 Upper Canada Drive, Willowdale, Ontario.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    LUCY KELLY: Third daughter of Henry and Emily (Sykes) Kelly, born Toronto 1890. Educated at Ryerson School, Harbord Collegiate.  Excelled in spelling and at a French class won a spelling match in French.

    After leaving school, Lucy went with the Canadian Bank of Commerce for a period, but having a period of poor health, left to live at home with her folks, her Mother then being a widow.

    Like her sister Elise, Lucy is very fond of gardening and has a very attractive garden at their Willowdale home.

    Following the death of their elder sister Edith, Edith's husband, Ross Doan, went with the sisters and lived there until his death. His daughter had a fairly large family so it was convenient to be with the sisters rather than with the crowded house of the daughter.

    Lucy, like her sister Elise, has not married.

  2. William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury

    Birth: June 15, 1859, Newmarket Ontario (Info from Death Record)
    Marriage: Mary Ellen Banbury aka Ellen
    William John Sykes, farmer, son of James Sykes and Sarah Sykes married M. Ellen Banbury daughter of Richard and Mary Ann Banbury, 20 Oct 1880, Whitchurch Township, witnesses Edwin Banbury, Whitchurch and Emily Sykes, Toronto. Registration Number: 012936
    Other Information of Mary Ellen Banbury: Parents: Richard Banbury and Mary Ann Ashton, Birth Place: Durham, Whitby, ON, Birth Date: 3 July 185"2", Marriage: Durham 20 October 1880 ( Family Data collection; note the death info was incorrect on the entry.)
    Occupation of William John Sykes: Farmer, Grocer, Customs Officer

    1. Mary Emily Sykes and Samuel Wallace
      M Emily 1881. In 1901 Census
      Birth: Mary Emily Sykes 9 September 1881, daughter of William John Sykes, farmer, and Mary Ellen Bamburg, Whitchurch
      Marriage: Samuel Alex Wallace, age 31 born Medicine Hat, Alberta, railway man son of Alexander Wallace and Janet Brown to Mary Emily Sykes age 25 born Toronto, daughter of Mary Ellen Banbury and William John Sykes, 11 Jul 1906 - York, York (Ontario Marriage)
      (Samuel Alexander Wallace (Born 1875, Ontario, Died December 28, 1953, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) son of Alexander Wallace and Janet Brown - info from Joseph Stanley December 2016).
      Children of Mary (Emily) Sykes and Samuel (Alexander) Wallace :
      1. William Sykes , born 18 Jul 1907. (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Ethel JACKSON (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      2. Allan Endon , born 10 Jul 1909 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Evelyn _____ (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      3. Rita Emily , born 4 Dec 1911 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: In Lethbridge, Alberta, Victor MEECH (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      4. Stewart , born 3 Apr 1915 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Mary HEWITT (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      5. (Died August 4, 1974 Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) Married Mary Edith Hewitt, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.- Info from Joseph Stanley December 2016)
      6. Robert , born 6 Mar 1923 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Helen (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      1911 Census:
      Death: Mary Emily Sykes Wallace died January 3, 1960 Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada
    2. Fredrick Henry Sykes (1883-) and Florence C Carmichael
      Fred Henry ?4 November 1883, of William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury, farmer, Whitchurch, York. In 1901 Census
      Marriage: Fredrick Henry Sykes, structural engineer, bachelor, Church of England, 58 Howland Street, son of William J Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury to Florence C Carmichael, school teacher, born Bearerton Ont to Duncan Carmichael and Mary I MacPherson, 17 November 1920, witnesses Annie Carmichael and Mary E Sykes of 58 Horland (Ontario Marriage)
      Children of Frederick Henry Sykes and Florence Campbell Carmichael:
      1. David SYKES (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      2. Beric SYKES (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Sandra (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      3. Elizabeth SYKES (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: James Francis OWEN (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      4. Fredrick Henry Sykes III and Hilda Newell
        Frederick Henry Sykes Frederick Henry Sykes4 III born 22 Jun 1921(Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Hilda NEWELL (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Children of Frederick Henry Sykes4 III and Hilda Newell:
        1. Robert Beric SYKES, born 10 Jul 1950 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        2. Sharon Marlene SYKES, born 10 Dec 1951 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        3. Marilyn SYKES, born 18 Mar 1953; deceased 9 Aug 1956 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        4. Douglas David SYKES, born 14 Dec 1954 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        5. Laura Evelyn SYKES, born 28 May 1959 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      5. Marion Carmichael SYKES, born 22 Mar 1923 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage Oren B. GREEN (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
    3. Laura Adeline Sykes, Harry Dudley Smith and Wilfred Raymond
      Addeline 1885, in 1901 Census. Born 26 Aug 1885 in Summerberry, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Marriage: Harry Dudley Smith age 31, born Monnett, Missouri USA, resident of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, engineer, Presbyterian, son of John Henry Smith and Elizabeth Dudley, to Laura Adeline Sykes age 28, 58 Howland Ave. Toronto, born Wolseley Sask Anglican d of William John sykes and Ellen Banbury, witnesses, John Owen Smith and Edith Louise Sykes 58 Howland Ave, Toronto 16 Dec 1913
      Death of Harry Smith: Jan 1916 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Marriage: Wilfred RAYMOND (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Child of Laura Sykes and Wilfred Raymond:
      1. Shirley Kathleen Raymond and Don Rail
        Shirley Kathleen RAYMOND born 1926 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Marriage: Don RAIL (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        Children of Shirley Kathleen Raymond and Don Rail:
        1. Robert (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
        2. Elizabeth (Ellen Sykes June 2007) (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
    4. Arthur Ashton Sykes and Rachael Marion Clint
      Arthur Ashton Sykes, April 29, 1888, #043367, father, William Sykes, occupation, grocer, mother, Mary Ellen Banbury (?), 167 College Street Toronto.
      Marriage: 23 Jun 1917 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rachel Marian CLINT, born 23 Jun 1892 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, daughter of Gabriel John (Dr.) and Rachel Ann (Mitcheson) Clint. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      Winnipeg Free Press 1917-06-4 - Dr. and Mrs. G. J. Clint announce the engagement of their daughter Rachel Marian to Arthur Ashton Sykes son of Mr and Mrs. W. J. Sykes Toronto. The wedding will take place very quietly,June 1-
      Children of Arthur Ashton Sykes and Rachel Marian Clint:
      1. Robert Frederick , born 18 Jul 1918 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; deceased 15 Feb 1944 in Europe WWII. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. John Arthur Sykes and Isabel Lawrence
        John Arthur SYKES, born 19 Aug 1920 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)

        Marriage: 18 May 1945 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Mary Isabel LAWRENCE, born 15 Jun 1920 in Balmoral, Manitoba; deceased 5 Aug 2001 in Calgary, Alberta, daughter of William and Amelia (Hill) Lawrence (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of John Arthur Sykes and Mary Isabel Lawrence
        1. Judith Mary (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. William John , born 7 Jun 1951 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: 1 Sep 1973 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Gloria (Ellen) PEARSON, born 3 Jan 1953 in Lethbridge, Alberta, daughter of Wilfred Alan and Gloria Jean (Cemulini) Pearson (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Edward Clint (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Death John Arthur Sykes 27 Nov 2003 in Calgary, Alberta. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      3. Ross (Clint) Sykes, Jean McKay and Bridget Rogers
        Ross (Clint) (Ellen Sykes, June 2007) also (Chris Ibbotson Feb. 2006, information from his father Peter, 1970s) Ross (Clint) SYKES, born 29 Oct 1924 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage 6 Mar 1948 in Ottawa, Ontario Elizabeth Jean MCKAY, born 5 May 1920 in Halifax, Nova Scotia; deceased 3 May 1992 in Sarnia, Ontario. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        The engagement is announced of Elizabeth Jean, daughter of Mrs. McKay and the late Mr.. Roy Gillespie McKay of Ottawa and Halifax, to R. Clint Sykes, of St. Catherine Ontario son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A Sykes of this city. The wedding has been arranged to take place in Ottawa ion March 6 Winnipeg Freed Press, 1948-02-14 page 10.
        Children of Ross (Clint) Sykes and Elizabeth Jean McKay:
        1. Robert Arthur (Roderick) (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Andrew Clint (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage 2: 19 Aug 1994 in Sarnia, Ontario, Bernice ROGERS. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      4. Douglas Ernest Sykes and Patricia McMillan
        Douglas Ernest SYKES, born 29 Dec 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage 8 May 1954, Patricia Ruth MCMILLAN, born 25 Nov 1932 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; deceased 9 Dec 2006 in Calgary, Alberta. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Winnipeg Free Press 1954-05-10 Marriage Announcement of Douglas Ernest Sykes, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A Sykes to Patricia Ruth McMillan, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archibald McMillan May 8 at 3:00, St Andrews River Heights Church.
        Children of Douglas Ernest Sykes and Patricia Ruth McMillan
        1. Robert Douglas (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. William David (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Michael James (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Death: Douglas Ernest Sykes 10 Nov 2004 in Calgary, Alberta (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      1911: In August 2010 Dave Silver wrote that Arthur Ashton Sykes was listed under "Macker".
      Who knows why? - The name is quite distinguishable as "Sykes". Sykes, Arthur, lodger born April 1888, Ont. Methodist, lumber salesman, in office, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
      Death of Arthur Ashton Sykes: 15 Nov 1971 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      Death of Rachael Marian Clint: Aug 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
    5. Evelyn Sarah Sykes and Charles Day
      Evelyn Sarah Sykes, November 24, 1890, #044077, daughter of William John Sykes, grocer, and Mary Ellen Banbury, 34 College Street, Toronto.
      Marriage: Evelyn Sarah Sykes d of William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury married Charles William Day son of Joseph Day and Amelia Mulvey 6 April, 1910, Toronto (Ontario Marriage record)
      Children of Evelyn Sarah Sykes and Charles Day:
      1. Lois Evelyn Day and Nelson John Welch
        Lois Evelyn DAY, born 3 Nov 1910 in Toronto, Ontario. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Nelson John Edward WELCH (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Lois Evelyn Day and Nelson John Edward Welch
        1. Ronald , born 1932 in Windsor, Ontario (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Achsah Jane DONALD (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Phyllis Arlene , born 1936 in Windsor, Ontario (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Dunstan RUNDLE (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Douglas Edward , born 1940 in St. Thomas, Ontario
          (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)

          Marriage: Barbara Jean WATSON (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        4. Lois Ellen , born 1943 in St. Thomas, Ontario (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Kenneth Victor TOWERS (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        5. Marian Gail, born 1945 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
          Marriage: Thomas HODGES (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. Arthur Arthur DAY born 30 Oct 1912 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Vera (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Arthur Day and Vera:
        1. Arthur (Bud) (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Warner (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      1911 Census: Ontario, Charles Day, head Feb 1888, age 23, clerk, store, Evelyn Nov 1890 Lois daughter Nov 1910 Jack Mason boarder 1885, age 26, engineer boats
    6. Ethel Louise Sykes and John L Healey
      Birth: Ethel Louise Sykes, August 26, 1892, #042149, daughter of William John Sykes, grocer, and Mary Ellen Banbury, 346 College Street.
      Boarder Crossing: July 1, 1914, Ethel Sykes, born Toronto, Canada, age 20, father, Wm J Sykes, Toronto, 58 Holland Ave, first time in US, passage paid by friend, to Buffalo, no address 5 ft 6 inches, fair, brown hair, brown eyes.
      Marriage: 10 Oct 1914, John L. HEALEY (Ellen Sykes, June 2007) John Leo Healey age 21, 11 Stonehouse Cresent, born Lindsay Ontario, bachelor, tile setter, Catholic father, Richard Healey mother Mary Ann O'Keefe to Ethel Louise Sykes age 22, 58 Howland Ave. Toronto, Methodist, father William John Sykes mother Mary Ellen Banbury, witnesses A ? Grant and Lily Shepard 10 October 1914
      Children of Ethel Louise Sykes and John L. Healey:
      1. John Sykes HEALEY (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage : Norma MABBITT
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)

        Children of John Sykes Healey and Norma Mabbitt:
        1. Charlene (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Terence (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Vicky Louise (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. Marion Louise HEALEY born 12 Oct 1915 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Douglas BRECKON (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Marion Louise4 Healey and Douglas Breckon
        1. Mark (Ellen Sykes, June 2007) Curt (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
    7. Reta Isabel Sykes and Robert McHardy
      Reta Isabel Sykes, April 29, 1895, father, William John Sykes, grocer, Mother, Mary Ellen Banbury, 346 College Street, Toronto, #040316.
      Marriage: Robert Alvan McHardy, forman glass works, age 25 Methodist, 584 Manning Ave Toronto, to Reta Isabel Sykes daughter of William John Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury, Trinity Methodist Church 14 April 1921, witnesses, Emerson McClinton Elrick and Marguerite Myrtle McLean son of Robert McHardy and Ada Mary Hinde
      Children of Reta Isabel Sykes and Robert Alvin McHardy:
      1. Donald (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: 19 Aug 1961, Diana Phyllis Pettit LISTER (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Donald McHardy and Diana Phyllis Pettit Lister:
        1. Beth (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      2. Robert, born abt. 1923. (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Eleanor Ethel CRUMP (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
      3. Lois MCHARDY, born 15 Oct 1925 (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Marriage: Robert C. DOWSETT (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        Children of Lois McHardy and Robert C. Dowsett:
        1. David (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        2. Mary (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        3. Carol (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
        (Ellen Sykes, June 2007)
    William John Sykes in the 1901 Census: Toronto West: William J Sykes, head June 15, 1859, age 42, born Ontario, Ch of England, grocer, M Ellen July 3, 1851, age 48, Ontario, Methodist, M Emily, daughter, September 9, 1881, age 19, Ch of England, clerk, Fred H son Nov 24, 1883, age 18, Ontatio, Methodist, student, Addaline daughter Aug 26, 1885, age 15, (different place of birth - USA ???), Church of England, Arthur A son April 29, 1888, age 12, Evelyn J daughter, Nov 24, 1890, age 10, Ethel L daughter Aug 26, 1892, Reta L daughter, April 28, 1895, age 5 all born Ontario all Ch. of England.
    William John Sykes in the 1911 Census: In August 2010 Dave Silver wrote that William Sykes was listed under "Syker" - The listing is clearly "Sykes"
    126 Toronto North, Ontario, Sykes William J Male Head Married June 1859 51 Ontario English, excise officer, Sykes Mary E Female Wife Married July 1851 59 Ontario English, none, Sykes "Fredeny" J Male Son Single November 1883 27 Ontario English, engineer, Adaper* Adeline, Female, Daughter, Single, August 1885 25 Sark English, Adaper* Ethel Female Daughter Single August 1892 18 Ontario English, none Adaper* Reta Female Daughter Single September 1895 16 Ontario English, none
    *As listed by the transcriber. Looks more like "Adahn". Why aren't they listed as Sykes? Death of William John Sykes: Sykes, William John died Wellesley Hosp, male , married, age 62 born Newmarket, June 15 1859, father James Sykes mother Sara Erp, customs office 006670, died Nov 2, 1921, name of informant, Arthur Sykes, son, 58 Howland, buried Toronto, Nov, 5, 1921, general paresis, cerebral hemorrhage hypertension Brights
    Death of Mary Ellen Sykes: Mary Ellen Banbury Sykes, 58 Howland Ave. Born Columbia Ontario, July 3rd 1851, age 78, widowed, lady, at residence 20 years, father Richard Banbury born England, mother Mary Ashton born England, name of informant Fred H Sykes 83 Howland Ave. son, died June 26, 1930, "arterio" sclerosis 10 years break in (can't read) buried Fair Lawn Mausoleum
    Note: This is Ellen who died in 1930 per Helen's info, see below.

    More on William Sykes and Mary Ellen Banbury by Arthur Ashton Sykes: Click HERE

  3. Frederick Henry Sykes (1863-1917) and Louise Ryckman

    Birth: Fred H., October 21, 1863, Queensville, Ontario, Canada.

    Marriage Frederick Henry Sykes age 36, of Philadelphia, University lecturer, born Co Queensville, to James Sykes and Sarah Erap married Louise Laselle Ryckman age 32, of Toronto born Kingston, daughter of Edward, B Ryckman and Emma Line, Leeds Ontario, August 22, 1900

    More on Louise Ryckman in 1914 lived in Yonkers, New York

    Children of Frederick Henry Sykes I (Dr.) and Louise Ryckman :

    1. Fredericka Edmonda Sykes, female, April 15, 1902, Stormont, Ontario, parents Frederick Henry Sykes and Louisa Ryckman (Civil Birth) (Ontario Births)
      More: Died of diphtheria age 4 per Arthur Ashton Sykes. I did not find her death record 8/11 MLB
    2. Frederick Ryckman Sykes, circa 1901/1905 transatlantic crossing manifests, 28 January 1905 Yonkers per 1914 ship manifest.
      Death 1931: ENDS LIFE WITH RAZOR IN MIDTOWN HOTEL; F.R. Sykes, Son of Noted Educator, Found Dead When Friend Gets suicide Note.
      Frederick R. Sykes, 30 years old, son of the late Dr. Frederick H. Sykes, noted educator of Cambridge, Mass., and a graduate of Brown University, ended his life yesterday morning in a room at the Hotel Century, 111 West Forty-sixth Street, by cutting the the arteries in both arms with a razor.
      He had engaged the room with the intention of committing suicide, a letter he had sent to Lawrence M Elliott, an architect, with whom he shared an apartment at 405 East Fifty-fourth Street, revealed. His death was not discovered until the letter was received several hours later.
      Mr. Elliot telephoned Frederick Nallen, manager of the hotel. Employees sent to the room found the body of Mr. Sykes partly clad on the bed, with an open razor by its side.
      The letter requested Mr. Elliott to notify his mother, Mrs. Louise Sykes of 39 Kirkland Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. by telephone, before she received a letter of explanation Mr. Sykes had mailed to her. Mrs. Sykes was notified by telephone and left at once for New York. Mrs. Sykes was formerly chairman of the speakers' bureau of the Massachusetts branch of the National Woman's Party.
      Mr. Sykes's father, who died in October, 1917, was for several years president of the Connecticut College for Women in New London , and was also at one time professor of English literature and director of extensions teaching at Teacher's College, Columbia.
      Mr. Elliot said Mr. Sykes had been employed as a bond salesman until about ten days ago when he took up advertising work for a foot ball publication. The architect said he knew of no reason for the suicide.
      Mr Sykes was formerly on the staff of the New York World, it was learned and was forced to give up his work because of ill health. New York Times April 29, 1931
    3. James Thornton Sykes of Fredrick Henry Sykes and Louise Ryckman 5 June 1906, York, Canada (Ontario Births)
      More: Harvard 1927 ????
      Naturalization: Sykes, James Thornton, 41 Linn-ean St.Cambridge, age June 5, 1906, 34 years April 14, 1941 U. S. District Court, Boston, Massachusetts Petition No. 220128 Alien Reg. 2942980
      1924: James Thornton Sykes Arrival Date: 12 Sep 1924 Birth Year: abt 1906 Birth Location: Canada Birth Location Other: Toronto Age: 18 Years 3 Months Gender: Male Ethnicity/Race/Nationality: English Port of Departure: Southampton Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Aquitania
      1925: James Thornton Sykes Arrival Date: 17 Sep 1925 Birth Year: abt 1906 Birth Location: Canada Birth Location Other: toronto Age: 19 Gender: Male Ethnicity/Race/Nationality: English Port of Departure: Southampton, England Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Resolute
      1932: James Thornton Sykes Arrival Date: 28 Dec 1932 Birth Year: abt 1907 Birth Location: Canada Birth Location Other: toronto Age: 25 Gender: Male Ethnicity/Race/Nationality: English Port of Departure: Cherbourg, France Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Majestic - student
      1935: James Thornton Sykes Arrival Date: 9 Dec 1935 Age: 29 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1906 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: English Port of Departure: Mediterranean Ports and Malaga, Spain Ship Name: Excalibur Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts Last Residence: United States of America Birthplace: Toronto, Canada - artist
    4. Christopher SYKES, Yonkers New York circa 1912, 22 Dec 1913 Yonkers, N Y per 1914 ship manifest.
      Marriage: Miss Corita Arche of Weston, Mass., to Christopher B. Sykes of New York. 1934, Harvard alumni bulletin, Volume 44, Issue 14
      New York Times, April 24, 1942, Corita Arche Betrothed, Weston, Mass., Girl Will Become Bride of Christopher B. Sykes. Weston, Mass., April 23 - Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Corita Arche daughter of Mrs. Carlos Arche of New York and the late Mr. Arche of Matanzas, Cuba to Christopher Baird Sykes of New York, son of Mrs. Frederick Henry Sykes of Cambridge, Mass.
      Miss Arche makes her home here with the Misses Marion Farnswith and Helen Johnson at Exmoor Farm. Mr. Sykes prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., and was graduated from Harvard in 1933.
      WWII Enlistment: Christopher B Sykes, Birth Year: 1912, Nativity State or Country: New York, State: Massachusetts County or City: Middlesex, Enlistment Date: 22 Sep 1942, Enlistment State: Massachusetts, Enlistment City: Boston, Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Grade: Private Grade Code: Private Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men) Source: Civil Life Education: 1 year of college Civil Occupation: Repeaterman, Telephone Marital Status: Married Height: 69 Weight: 184

    Crossings of Louise Ryckman Syes and the children:

    • 1910 - Sykes Louise, age 42, next of kin Rev D Ryckman Kingston Ontario, James Thornton age 4, US born Frederick R age 5, US born to NYC on the Mauritania from Liverpool to NYC 7 October 1910
    • 1912 - 22 Sept 1912, Louise Ryckman Sykes, 44, housewife, Frederick Ryckman Sykes, age 7, James Thornton Sykes, age 6, all to New York from Glasgow
    • 1914 - October 16, 1914 Liverpool Mauritania to NYC Louise Sykes age 46, transfer from citizen sheet 3 line 33, transfer to alien sheet 6 line 16* Ryckman Sykes age 9, 28 Jan 1905 Yonkers, Thornton Sykes age 8, no date or place of birth Christopher age 1, 22 December 1913 Yonkers
      * States final papers were taken out in the spring of 1914 but cannot give the date or name of court, consular passport To home in Yonkers
    • 1925 - September 5, 1925, London to NYC, Louise R Sykes, age 57, Canadian Christopher B Sykes age 12, American born Yonkers, December 22, 1912, Last permanent address Cambridge Mass, friend at 44 Walmer Rd Toronto Canada to Cambridge Mass
    • 1927 - Louise Sykes, 59, housewife, nationality Canadian, Kingston Ontario Christopher Sykes, 14, USA Yonkers, With a visa August 19, 1927 Southampton to NYC
    • 1935 - Louise Ryckman Sykes age -7, widow, born Kingston Canada, to Cambridge Mass, 1935 from La Havre to NYC

    Crossings of Frederick H Sykes:

    • 1908 -Alien Passengers to NYC from Glasgow Scotland, 12 Sept 1908 Frederick Sykes age 44, married professor English, born Canada last permanent residence New York USA non immigrant alien no friend final destination New York
    • 1910 _ 16 Sept 1910 Fredk Henry Sykes 46 years and 10 months, professor, from Southampton, born Queensville, Canada, non immigrant alien to wife, Mrs. F H Sykes Yonkers New York
    • 1912 - Frederick Henry Sykes non resident alien from Glasgow to NYC September 4, 1912, age 48, married, professor, non immigrant alien residence New York

    Frederick Henry Sykes and family in the US and/or Canadian censuses:

    • 1920 - Bronx, New York Anderson Ave, Sykes, Louise R age 51 wid, immigrated 1890 al born Canada, occupation "none", Christopher age 7 born NY.

    From several web sites: Frederick Henry Sykes (October 21, 1863 - October 14, 1917) was an American college president, born at Queensville, Ontario, in Canada. He graduated at Toronto University in 1885, studied at Johns Hopkins University (1891-95), and afterwards held various teaching positions. From 1903-10 he was professor of English literature and director of extension teaching at Columbia University, then professor of English at Teachers College, Columbia (1910-13). He became the first president of the Connecticut College for Women (1913-17). His publications include:

    • French Elements in Middle English (1899)
    • Syllabus of Lectures on Shakespeare (1903)
    • Lectures on the History of English Literature in the Nineteenth Century (1904)
    • He wrote several books on English composition, edited various English texts, and was general editor of Scribner's "English Classics Series."

    From Arthur Ashton Sykes:


    Younger son of James and Sarah Sykes, born about 1864 in Toronto. Taught at Jarvis Street Collegiate, where he met his future wife, Louise Ryckman. Was attached to several universities; John's Hopkins, Columbia in charge of Teachers' College and did work at Harvard, then became first president of the Connecticut College for Women, New London, Connecticut.

    Was a Shakespearian scholar and wrote notes on several of that author's plays. Also had a book in use in Ontario and other provinces on composition. Prof. Squair and Dr. Sykes jointly published this volume.

    In his younger days, Fred was interested in a Miss Jones, daughter of Dr. Jones. The doctor was a customer at my Dad's store. When Fred became interested in Miss Ryckman, the Jones family was not pleased and when I left for the west they had not paid up their grocery bill which had been owing for a long time. I never did learn if it was eventually paid.

    There were four children in the family. The eldest, Frederica died of diphtheria at about age four. I watched her funeral cortege pass Dad's place. A white hearse with fancy decor on top, curtains, etc. Frederica was the only one of the family that I ever knew. I recall she was a very nice child. I was away to the west when any of the others visited Toronto, and Christopher was in bed one Sunday in 1940 when with Uncle Rob Banbury, Aunt Susie and Marian and I were on our way back from Florida. We passed through Boston and Cambridge and looked up Aunt Louise' place, called but were not invited in on account of Christopher being still in bed.

    Aunt Louise was then a widow, Uncle having died suddenly while at home reading, while Aunt was out at a lecture.

    I wrote Christopher several times after his Mother died but got no replies. So did Elise Kelly, who had more information about the family than I had. She has surprised me with several items about the boys. Thornton was during World War 2 in charge of oil deliveries to Berlin, and worked later for an oil company.

    Christopher was I understand at Harvard, but left a position there to manage a farm. Ryckman died early in life.

    Death, 1917

    "Dr. Frederick Henry Sykes, for ten years a member of the Teachers College faculty and more recently president of the Connecticut College for Women, died suddenly on October 13, at his home, 3 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, Mass. The cause of death was arteriosclerosis."
    Teachers College Record Volume 19 Number 1, 1918, p. 88-88 ID Number: 3653, Date Accessed: 6/19/2007 3:27:12 PM

    Prof Sykes Dead, 1917

    Boston, Oct. 15, - The death from heart disease of Frederick Henry Sykes ex-president of the Connecticut College for Women at his home, 5 Craigh Circle Cambridge became known last night. As he had never suffered from any form of heart trouble before, the death came without warning. Prof. Sykes came to live in Cambridge last July, his wife, Mrs. Louise Rickman Sykes and three sons, Frederick Jr., 12, Thornton, 11 and Christopher 4 accompanying them.

    Prof Sykes was born in Queensville, Ont. Oct 21 1863 and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1885, with the degree of AB and received his master's degree a year later. He then took graduate work at Johns Hopkins University from which he received a PhD. Degree in 1894 and at Exciter College, Oxford University.

    He was a teacher in Toronto schools for several years, and then at the University of Toronto, Western University, Columbia University and in 1913 was elected president of the Connecticut College fro Women. He also lectured at various times at many American universities.

    Prof Sykes was a member of the Modern Language Association of America and Royal Society of Arts. He wrote many textbooks and was the general editor of Scribner's English Classics ---. The funeral will be held Wednesday in Toronto, Can.

    The Lowell Sun Monday October 15, 1917

    New York Times 1913

    Dr. F. H. Sykes Columbia professor selected as the president of the Connecticut College for Women.Graduate of the University of Toronto. February 9, 1913


    DR. SYKES IS DEPOSED.; Head of Connecticut College for Women Is Ousted by Trustees. President Syke's administration says the report in recommending his retirement "showed such business incompetency as to make it desirable that he resign."

1850 Census Ithaca, New York

See Samuel above.

James Sykes in the 1860 Census New York

No listing

James Sykes in the 1861 Census Toronto

32 Denison Ave, St Patrick's ward, Toronto, Sykes, James, machinist, born England, married in 1853, age 32, Sarah born England, age 28, Emily born U States, age 7, William born Canada age 2, all W. Methodists

James Sykes in the 1871 Census, Holland Landing, Ontario

Holland Landing, Ontario, Sykes, James age 40, born England, engineer, Sarah age 35, born England, Emma age 18, born U States, William J age 11, born Ont. Fred H age 4, born Ont, all Church of England

James Sykes in the 1881 Census Toronto

St Patrick's Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario, Family History Library Film , 1375883, NA Film Number, C-13247, District 134, Sub-district , H, Division, 4, Page Number , 20, Household Number, 95 as follows:

  1. James SYKES, M, Male, English, 50, No occupation England, Church of England
  2. Sarah SYKES, M, Female, English, 48, England, Church of England
  3. Emily SYKES, Female, English, 25, USA, Church of England
  4. Wm. J. SYKES, Male , English, 21, O (Ontario), Farmer, Church of England
  5. Fred H. SYKES, Male, English , 17, O (Ontario), Church of England
  • James and his family moved to Canada between 1856 and 1860. His brother, Samuel Sykes, was listed in Whitechurch Canada in the 1861 census.
  • St Partick's ward is where Robert Walker Sykes, the son of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker, were listed in the 1891 Census.
  • I did not find any marriage, birth or baptismal records for the Sykes in Ithaca.
  • The birth records start in Ontario in 1870, too late for William and Fred

James Sykes in the 1891 Census Toronto

St Patrick's Ward, Toronto West, Sykes, James age 60, born England, dealer in stoves, Sarah age 58, born England, Fred age 27, born Ontario, language master

James Sykes in the 1901 Census Toronto

James Sykes, head, born 16 January 1828 age 72, born England, immigrated 1854, church of England, Sarah wife 10 June 1833, age 67

50th Wedding Anniversary, 1903

April 10, 1903 per Arthur Ashton Sykes.

Death of James Sykes, 1905

James Sykes male February 25, 1905, age 76, #001641, 14 Augusta, labourer, born England, married, dilatation of heart bronchitis pleurisy

Death of Sarah Sykes, 1911

Sarah Sykes February 26, 1911, 77 years, 150 Augusta, lady, widow, arthritis nefomans (?) duration 6 or 8 years broncho pnemuomia 1 week (born c. 1834)

Mary Sykes Wright (1832-1922), the daughter of John Sykes and Ann Stell born in Adwalton, Yorkshire, England died Toronto, Canada

I had found a death in Birstall parish for Mary Sykes daughter of John Sykes of Adwalton who was the correct age for this Mary Sykes and so had not looked for her further. In her email of June 2007 Ellen Sykes indicated that Mary had married William Wright and immigrated to Canada. Her death record of 1922 confirms that she was the daughter of John Sykes and Anne Stell.


Baptism: Mary, the daughter of John and Ann Sykes, Adwalton, shoemaker, was baptized on May 13, 1832, parish of Birstall. Mary was listed with her father in the 1851 census. See John Sykes


William Wright, Bradford Y 9b 33 March 1853 Free BMD

Mary Sykes Age: 21, spinster, dressmaker, Bradford, Marriage or Bann Date: 20 Jan 1853 Parish: Bradford, St Peter (Bradford Cathedral) Father's name: John Sykes, shoemaker, Spouse's Name: William Wright, age 27, bachelor, weaver, Spouse's Father's Name: James Wright, shopkeeper. Both signed. Witnesses Benj Sykes and George Sykes. Both signed.

Children of Mary Sykes and William Wright

  1. Annie Wright (c 1854 England) and Edward James Davis

    Birth: Circa 1854 England
    Marriage: Annie Wright age 25, of Toronto, born England, d of William and Mary Wright married Edward James David, age 27, of Toronto, born Canada, painter, son of Henry and Mary Ann Davis - Witnesses James Wright and Emily Ann Sykes born of Toronto - 25 June 1879, Toronto

    1. Henry William Davis and Ellen Minion
      Harry (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Birth: Henry William Davis 14 July 1880 son of Edward James Davis, painter, and Annie Wright
      Marriage: Henry Wm Davis Birth Place: Toronto Age: 24 Father Name: Ed Jas Davis Mother Name: Annie Wright Davis Spouse Name: Ellen Mary Minion Spouse's Age: 21 Spouse Birth Place: Toronto Spouse Father Name: John N Minion Spouse Mother Name: Elizth Capling Minion Marriage Date: 28 Jun 1905 Marriage Location: York Marriage County: York Archives of Ontario Microfilm: MS932_116
      1911 Census: at 110 Markham Henry Davis, July 1880, brass finisher, Ellen, Aug 1885, Marion, October 1908
    2. Albert James Davis - Albert (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Birth: Albert James Davis March 23 1883, son of James Davis, painter and Annie Wright 28 Denison Ave Toronto
      1911 Census: With his mother.
    3. Charles Davis and Lillian A Hunter
      Charles (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Birth: Charles Edward Davis October 19, 1885 son of Edward James Davis, painter and paper hanger and Annie Wright, 28 Denison Ave Toronto
      Marriage: Charles E Davis born Toronto age 27 Congregationalist, father Edward Jas Davis, painter, mother, Annie Wight witnesses Frederick Davis and Albert Davis both of Toronto married Lillian A Hunter for Toronto age 23 Congregationalist, father William Henry Hunter mother Isabel Durphy, June 28, 1913
    4. Frederick Davis D.D.S, L.D.S. and Mabel Robertson
      Frederick (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Birth: Frederick Roy Davis, March 14, 1889, son of Edward James Davis merchant 582 Queen Street Toronto and Annie Wright
      Marriage: Dr. Frederick Roy Davis, D.D.S., L.D.S. age 29, 42 Kenneth Ave, Toronto, dentist, Methodist, father Edward Davis, mother. Annie Wright married Mabel Robertson, age 25, born Kicardme (?) address 9 Lansdown Ave., millner, Baptist father Lewis Peter Robertson mother Johanna McKenzie, Witness L P Robertson of 9 Landsdown Ave and Mrs Davis of 42 Kenneth Ave 5 June 1918, Baptist Church

    1901 Census: Davis, Edward, 24 Oct 1852 (?), painter, born Ontario, Annie wife 11 Jan 1861* born England, Henry son 14 July 1880, brass finisher, Albert 23 March 1883, (can't read) Charles 19 October 1885, Fred 14 March 1889
    Note: * Date of birth is off - a rather common occurrence in the censuses - everything else fits.

    Death of Edward James Davis: Edward James David, March 8, 1904, age 52, 124 Markham St painter, lobar pneumonia, Methodist

    1911 Census: 124 Markham Street, Annie, head widow Jan 1856, age 55, born England, Albert March 1884, steam fitter Charles October 1884, silver (can't read) Frederick son Ma 1889, student, Fany Ruston age 24 Zelora Ruston age 26 Harry Harnes age 30 all boarders.

    Death of Annie Wright Davis : Annie Davis 42 Ken--- Ave. born England Jan 11, 1854 retired lady, age 74 years, widow, born Yorkshire England, father William Wright born York England, mother Mary Sykes born Yorkshire England, informant Harry Davis son 261 Humberside Ave date of death March 19, 1928 Toronto, York, blood pressure and myocarditus artero sclorosis high degeneration duration several years, senile changes

  2. James Wright (1856, England - 1926, Toronto, Canada) and Agnes Wallace Spittal

    Birth: April 1856, Bradford England per 1901 census and death record - James Wright is a very common name - two listed in Bradford June 1856 by Free BMD

    Marriage 1881: Agnes Wallace Spittal (Ellen Sykes June 2007) James Wright age 25 Toronto born Bradford Yorkshire England machinist son of William and Mary Wright to Agnes Wallace Spittal age 24 Toronto born Glasgow Scotland daughter of William and Jane Spittal, witnesses Fred H Sykes and Elizabeth Spittal both of Toronto, 27 April 1881 Toronto, Presypeterian (York Marriage)


    1. Eva Mildred Wright and Herbert Duncan Campbell
      Eva (Ellen Sykes June 2007) Eva Mildren Wright April 25, 1883, daughter of James Wright, machinist, and Agnes Wallace Spittal, 565 King Street West Toronto
      Marriage: Eva Mildred Wright age 32, born Toronto daughter of James Wright and Agnes Wallace Spittal to Herbert Duncan Campbell age 31 born Addinsonville, Ontario, Inspector Presbyterian, son of James ___ Campbell and Sarah Armstrong, witnesses William C Jenkinson 28 Denison Ave and Olive M McIntyre 108 Beverly St, 15 March 1916 - York, York, Ontario Canada
      1. Marjory, born 1917. Married Robert BARBEAU; several children. (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      2. Audry , born 1919. Married in 1942, Robert MCGUIRE; 3 sons. (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Death of Eva Mildred Wright Campbell: 1968

    2. Mary Gertrude Wright and Harry McGowan
      Gertrude (Ellen Sykes June 2007) Mary Gertrude Wright September 19, , 1885, daughter of James Wright, machinist, and Agnes Wallace Spittal, 64 markham Street, Toronto
      Marriage: Mary Gertrude Wright age 26, born Toronto d of James Wright and Agnes Spittal, to Henry Mc Glowan age 26 watch case maker, born London Ontario son of william McGowan and Nellie Qunnah witnesses Gavie (?) Robert Shuther and Louise S Griffin 5 July 1913, Toronto, York
      1. Dorothy 1914 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      2. Margaret c 1920 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)
      Death of Gertrude Mc Gowan: c 1920 (Ellen Sykes June 2007) Gertrude Mary Mc Gowan 169 Western Ave age 36 years 7 months, born Toronto Sept 19, 1885, housewife resident at place of death 9 years, in Ontario, life, father James born Bradford England mother Agnes spittal born Scotland, name of informant, Henry Mc Gowan 169 Weatern Ave husband. died April 15, 1922 cause of death cardiac failure sudden
    1901 Census: Toronto West, James Wright 22 April 1856, England, machinist Agnes, 16 Dec 1856, Scotland Eva 25 April 1883, Ontario Gertrude 19 September 1885 Ontario, Presbyterian

    1911 Census: James Wright, April 1856 England immigrated 1860 (? very faint), iron moulder, foundry Agnes December 1856, Scotland, immigrated 1860, Eva daughter April 1883, stenographer, Gertrude Sept 1884, bookkeeper

    Death: James Wright 340 Durie Street age 69, born England, moulder, (can't read "kind of industry") father Wm Wright mother Mary Sykes both born England in Canada 65 years, name of informant Herbert Campbell 340 Durie Street son in law, died January 25, 1926.

  3. Sarah Wright (1866-) and Edward Chalmers Jenkinson

    Birth: August 1866, Ontario per 1901 and 1911 censuses. Her birth is too early for the Ontario birth records available through

    Sarah Wright to Edward Chalmers Jenkinson age 27, Toronto, born Gurlph, Ontario, Jeweler, son of William and Agnes Jenkinson, to Sarah Ann Wright, age 23, of Toronto, born Toronto, daughter of William and Mary Wright, witnesses Fred H Sykes and Elizabeth Burns, Toronto, August 19, 1890, Methodist , #014700


    1. William (Ellen Sykes June 2007) William Chalmers Jenkinson, February 7, 1892, of Edward Chalmers Jenkinson, jewler, and Sarah Wright, 18 Denison Avenue Toronto

      Marriage: Ethel Rockett (Ellen Sykes June 2007)

      Children: 3 (Ellen Sykes June 2007)

      Marriage: William C Jenkinson s of Edward C Jenkinson and Sarah Wright age 27, 28 Denison Ave, Toronto clerk church of England, married Ethel Rockett daughter of William St Rockett and Annie Ellcott on Sept 22, 1919.

      Boarder Crossing: William C Jenkinson born Toronto Ontario, & Feb 1892, age 41, 397 Rockhampton Ave, Toronto, non resident boarder crossing Buffalo 10 July 1943, no other info

    2. Mary Isabel (Ellen Sykes June 2007) Mary Isabel Jenkinson, June 19, 1899, d of Edward C Jenkinson and Sarah Wright

      Marriage: Betram A Counter (Ellen Sykes June 2007) Not listed Ancestry - may have been after 1922

      Children: At least one, four grandchildren (Ellen Sykes June 2007)

    1901 Census: With her mother, Mary Wright, see below.

    1911 Census: With her mother, Mary Wright, see below.

    Death of Edward Chalmer Jenkinson: Edward Chalmer Jenkinson 38 Denison Ave age 59, born Galt Ont Nov 29, 1862 manufacturer jewels,


Between the birth of James in England in 1856 and the birth of Sarah in Ontario in 1866. Circa 1860 per death record of Mary Sykes Wright.

1871 Census

Ontario, Toronto West, St Patrick's Ward, Frederick William, 26, born Ontario, W Methodist, tin smith, Sarah William, 24, born Ireland, W. Methodist, Mary Wright, 36, born England, Christ Breth., dry goods store, William Wright, 43, born England, Christ Breth., Ennie Wright, 17, born England, Christ Breth., James Wright, 15, born England, Christ Breth., messenger boy, Sarah Wright, 4, born Ontario, Christ Breth.

1881 Census

St Patrick's Ward, Toronto, Wright, William age 54, born England, Methodists, no occupation, Mary age 49, born England, Brethren Sarah age 15, born O, Methodist, William age 3, born O,

1891 Census

Next to Robert Walker Sykes, St Patrick's Ward, Toronto, Wright, Mary, age 58, born England, P Brethern, Jenkinson, Edward, Church of England, age 28, born Ont., can't read occupation, Jenkinson, Sarah age 24, born Ont., Church of England

1901 Census

Mary Wright 69, widow, head, 10 April,1832, age 69, no immigration date, Brethern, Edw Jenkinson 38, son in law, 29 Nov 1862, Ontario, jeweler, Sarah Jenkinson 34, daughter 22 Aug 1866, William C Jenkinson, grandson, 7 July 1892, 9, Mary Isabel Jenkinson, 19 June, 1899 1

1911 Census

Mary Wright head April 1832 age 79, England, Edward Jenkinson, son-in-law, November 1864 age 47 jeweler, Sarah, daughter Aug 1866 age 45 Ontario, William grandson February 1892 age 19, Isabel granddaughter age 11, June 1900

1921 Census

Ontario Toronto West Ward 4, 28 Denison ave., Edward C Jenkinson 57, jeweler manufacturer, no income listed, Sarah Jenkinson 54, born Toronto, Isabel Jenkinson 21 Mary Wright 89, mother in law, born England, all listed as Anglican

Death of William Wright

After 1881, before 1891.

York Toronto, William Wright March 30, 1884 age 68, gentleman, born England, apoplexy, 3 weeks, Methodists

Death of Mary Sykes Wright

Mary Wright 28 Denison Ave, Toronto, age 90 years and 7 days, born Adwalton, April 10, 1832, at place of death 52 years in Ontario 62 years, daughter of John Sykes and Ann Stell both born England, died April 18, 1922, of old age and pneumonia, death reported by son James Wright, 340 Davie (??) Ave buried Mt Pleasant certificate #093202, civil Record

Samuel Sykes (1850-1926), the son of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker in Yorkshire, England and Toronto, Canada

Samuel Sykes and Caroline Tolson in England

Samuel Sykes, the son of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker, married Caroline Tolson in England circa 1874. They had two children in England, Tolson and Ada.

See George Stell Sykes


Samuel, Caroline, Tolson, and Ada immigrated to Canada in 1882. They were listed on the manifest of the S.S. Parisian which sailed from Liverpool on August 10, stopped in Londonderry on August 11 and arrived in Quebec on August 19,1882 as follows:

  • Samuel Sykes, age 32
  • Caroline, age 31
  • Ada, age 4
  • Tolson, age 7

Samuel remained in Toronto where he were listed in the 1891 and 1901 censuses.

Children of Samuel Sykes and Caroline Tolson

  1. Tolson born 1880 in Yorkshire
    Baptism: Tolson Sykes Birth Date: 14 Aug 1880 Parish: Dewsbury, All Saints Baptism Date: 17 Oct 1880 Father's name: Sam Sykes Mother's name: Caroline Sykes, Gumersal , buthcer
    Death: 1886, Toronto. Tolson Sykes age 6 years diphtheria 10 days, September 24, 1886, Congregational Church, Cert # 023515
  2. Ada Sykes and Thomas Buckler
    Birth: Circa 1878 in Yorkshire, England
    Marriage: Ada Sykes age 25, born England, d of Samuel Sykes and Caroline "Colson", to Thomas Buckler, age 21, born England, street car conductor, s of Alfred Buckler and Morning Starr, Nov 8, 1905 (Ontario Marriages)
    Further Records:
  3. Eva Sykes and Samuel Arthur Thompson
    Birth: Eva Gertrude Sykes, March 7, 1884, father, Samuel Sykes, labourer, mother, Caroline Tolson, St Patrick Street, Toronto #043379
    Marriage: Eva Gertrude Sykes age 24, d of Samuel Sykes and Caroline Tolson to Samuel Arthur Thompson, moulder, age 27, s of William Charles Thompson and Harriet Smith, 31 December 1908, Methodist, witnesses Elsie K Turnbull and Addie House (Ontario Marriage). 1911 Census Ontario: Samuel Thompson head August 1882, age 28, moulder factory, Eva wife, March 1884, age 27, both born Ontario
  4. George Henry Sykes and Ethel Eva Wickens
    Birth: George Henry Sykes, March 25, 1886, father, Samuel Sykes, Labourer, mother Caroline "Cooper", 189 St Patrick Street, Toronto.
    Marriage: George Henry Sykes, born, Toronto Ontario, age 31, clerk in PO Dept, Baptist, son of George Henry Sykes and Caroline Tolson Sykes to Ethel Eva Wickens 31 born London England d of Francis Wickens and Lucy Henderson 16 Jun 1917, witnesses A ?? Addie, and (can't read) Addie, both of 699 A Bloor Street ( Ontario Marriage)
  5. Hubert James Sykes, September 22, 1889, father, Samuel Sykes, pipe fitter, mother, Caroline Tolson, 340 Markham Street, Toronto.
  6. Annie Gladys Isabel Sykes and Thomas James Woods Armstrong
    Birth: Annie Gladys Isabelle Sykes, February 21, 1893, #040660, of Samuel Sykes, laborer, and Caroline Tolson, 20 Sully Crescent
    Marriage: Thomas James Woods Armstrong age 27, 36 Symmington Ave. City of Toronto, Bachelor, bookkeeper, s of Robert Armstrong and Jennie Browne, Presbyterian, to Annie Gladys Isabel Sykes, age 24, 20 Sulley Crescent, spinster, Presbyterian, d of Samuel Sykes and Caroline Tolson, June 20, 1917, witnesses John George Armstrong and Pearl Irene Michel (Ontario Marriages)
Note: No further records on any of the children on Samuel and Caroline through

1891 Census Toronto

St Stephen's Ward, Toronto, Samuel Sykes 40, born England, Congregationalist, laborer, Caroline Sykes 39, born England, Ada Sykes 12, born England, Eva G Sykes 7, born Ont., George H Sykes 5, born Ont., Hubert J Sykes 1, born Ont.

1901 Census Toronto

Samuel Sykes, 45, 9 Feb 1856, England, immigrated 1882, Brethern, engineer, Caroline Sykes 49, 4 September 1851, England, Congregationalist, Ada Sykes, 14 June 1878, England, 22 Eva G Sykes 17, 4 March 1884, George H Sykes 15, 25, March 1886, messenger boy, Herbert J Sykes 11, 29 Sept 1889, Anne G I Sykes 8, 21 Feb, 1893

1911 Census

20 Sully Cres., Samuel Sykes head born Feb 1850, age 51, Caroline, born Feb 1850, age 59, Annie Gladys daughter June 1892, age 18, George son Mar 1886, age 25, Hubert James son Sep 1889 age 21 from 1911 Canadian Census

1921 census

20 sully court, Toronto West, Sykes, Samuel, age 72 born England, immigrated 1883, packer, income 770, Caroline age 69 born England, immigrated 1883, Plymouth methodist Sykes, Geo Henry age 35, born Ont, Baptist, clerk, income 1,100 Ethel Eva wife age 35 born England, Church of England

Death of Caroline Sykes

Caroline Sykes, #003928, 83 Clinton St Toronto, married, age 74 years, born September, Yorkshire, England, name of father- Tolson, born England, name of informant, George Sykes, 83 Clinton Street, son, buried Park Lawn May 17, 1926, died May 14, 1926, carcinoma of stomach from Dec 1925 to May 1926.

Death of Samuel Sykes

Samuel Sykes, died June 10, 1926, age 76, born England, packer grocery dept R Simpson, Father George S Sykes born England, mother Sarah (no surname) born England, informant George Sykes 83 Clinton Street son, buried Park Lawn June 12, 1926, andenoma of prostate, 2 years, broncho pneumonia, 4 days, Toronto General Hospital

Elizabeth Sykes Land (1857-1930, the daughter of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker, born Yorkshire England, lived Toronto, Canada, died Smithtown, Long Island

Elizabeth Sykes and Law Land in England

Elizabeth Sykes the daughter of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker was born July 27, 1857 in Adwalton, Yorkshire, England.

Elizabeth Sykes married Law Land in Batley on April 25, 1880. Their son, Clarence, was born in Batley, England in January, 1881.The family was listed in the 1881 census in Batley.

Note: Elizabeth Sykes and Law Land's second son, Percy, married Meta Petermann. Their third son, Edgar (Bud) married Agnes Goehle. I am the second child of Bud and Agnes Land. Maggie Land Blanck.


Elizabeth, Law, and Clarence immigrated to Toronto, Canada circa 1882. I have not found their immigration.

Children born in Toronto, Canada

Four children were born to Elizabeth and Law in Toronto:

  1. Edith Adelaide, born April 9, 1883, the daughter of Law Land, carpenter, and Elizabeth Sykes, 26 Denison Avenue, Toronto Canada (Toronto birth registration).

    Denison Avenue is several blocks south and west of the University of Toronto.

  2. Percy Arnold Land, born June 8, 1885, the son of Law Land, carpenter, and Elizabeth Sykes, 2 Whites Lane, Toronto, Canada (Toronto birth registration).

    Whites Lane is not listed on a current map of Toronto.

  3. Ethel May, born February 7, 1888, the daughter of Law Land, carpenter, and Elizabeth Sykes, Dupont Street, Toronto, Canada (from the Toronto birth registration). There is no Street number on this certificate.

  4. Frederick, born January 21, 1890, the son of Law Land, carpenter, and Elizabeth Sykes, 1107 Dupont Street, Toronto, Canada (Toronto birth registration).

Children born in In the United States

Four children were born to Elizabeth and Law in the United States:

  1. Mary Edna, born March 24, 1892, Detroit Michigan

  2. Ruth born March 24, 1894, Detroit Michigan

  3. Joseph, born January 22, 1896, Hoboken, New Jersey

  4. Norman, AKA as Herbert A., born January 13, 1899, Jersey City New Jersey

Subsequent moves

Circa 1892 the Land family moved to Detroit, Michigan, where two more children were born. After an unknown period of time the family moved to Hoboken, New Jersey and then to Jersey City, New Jersey before making their final move to Smithtown, Long Island in 1900.

Elizabeth Sykes Land visited Toronto at least twice - in 1914 and in 1922. To see a 1914 postcard from Elizabeth and pictures of the 1922 trip, go to The Photo Album of Percy Land and Meta Petermann

For more information on Elizabeth, Law and their children, either go to Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes now or go to the bottom of the page.

Robert Walker Sykes, the son of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker (1859, Adwalton, Yorkshire, England - 1937)

Robert Walker Sykes and Anne Hepworth in England

Robert Walker Sykes the son of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker was born December 11, 1859 in Adwalton, Yorkshire, England.

Robert Walker Sykes married Anne Hepworth on June 20, 1880 in Batley, England,

They had two children, Annie and Adelaide, born in Batley.

Immigration 1885

Robt W Sykes lab age 22, to Quebec 1882, August on the Parisian

Question?: Was this himself or another Robert W. Sykes?

The family of Robert Walker Sykes immigrated to Quebec, 8 October 1885 on the Sardinian from Liverpool, England, through Londonderry Ireland: R. W. Sykes lab, age 26, Mrs. wife, age 26, A. S. child, age 4, A. L. child, age 2, Infant, age 1

Children of Robert Walker Sykes and Annie Hepworth

  1. Annie Sarah Sykes and Ward B Vanderburgh

    Annie, born in England Jan 1881 (According to the 1911 census in Toronto).
    Note: Annie Sarah Sykes Dewsbury 9b 637 Dewsbury Freed BMD

    Marriage: Annie Sarah Sykes, age 35, of Toronto born England, spinster, Plymoth Brothers father Robert W Sykes, mother Annie Hepworth, married Ward B Vanderburgh age 38, of St Catherine Ontario, born Elfingham, Ontario, bachelor, apiarist, Baptist, father, John Vanderburgh mother Margaret Beckett, witnesses Adeline L Harlow 1169 Gratist (?) Ave., Detroit, and Wilfred E Sykes 15 Ascot Av Toronto, 24 August 1916 Baptist Church.

  2. Adeline Sykes, Edward Asling Harlow, and ______ Hatton

    Adeline Louisa Sykes Jun 1883 Dewsbury West Riding Free BMD

    Marriage; Adeline Louisa Sykes, age 22, born England, living Toronto, daughter of Robert W Sykes and Annie Hepworth, married Edward Asling Harlow, age 23, born Huron Co. living Toronto, cutter son of James Harlow and Mary Asling, 28 June 1905, no witnesses listed.


    1. Dorothy Helena May 15, 1906 Toronto Canada daughter of Edward Harlow and Adeline Sykes no other info.
      Boarder Crossing 1946: September 06, 1946, Detroit, Michigan, Dorothy Helena Harlowe, born Toronto Canada, May 15, 1906, age 40 single, art librarian, last perminent residence 162 Langley Ave Toronto, mother, Adeline Lousie Hatton, in US several visits, going to The Art Institute of Chicago, Permanent Residence, 5 ft 5 inches, medium complexion, grey brown hair, blue eyes
    2. Robert Edward Harlow, Ella Margaret Burritt and Gertrud Koppel
      Birth: Robert Edward March 15, 1908 Canada
      Robert Edward Harlow Date of Birth: 15 Mar 1908 Gender: Male Birth County: York Father's name: Edward Asling Harlow, occupation, asst manager, Mother's name: Adeline Sykes Archives of Ontario Microfilm: MS929_191
      Marriage: Ella Margaret Burritt
      1. Stephen
      2. Rhonda Grace
      Ocean Crossing: Harlow, Robert Edward, missionary, born Toronto Canada, Ella Margaret nee Burritt, wife, born Montreal Canada, Stephen age 3, born Irumu Belgian Congo, Rhonda Grace age 1, born Irumu Belgian Congo, all from Cape Town to
      Boarder Crossing: Harlow, Robert Edward, born Toronto, Canada, age 33, missionary 87 Hopedale Ave Toronto, wife Margaret, to Paul (can't read) 1215 Putman (?) Ave Plainfield NJ, (can't read) three weeks, 5 ft 11 inches, cant' read complexion or hair, eyes blue, transit Buffalo Aug 25, 1941 on the President Taylor, arriving 31 March 1941 in NYC, USA
      Books by Robert Edward Harlow:
      • You can be witness, 1959
      • Who is my neighbor?: Assembly missionaries in Latin America, 1960
      • Who is my neighbor?: Assembly missionaries in Europe and Asia, 1961
      • Who is my neighbor?: Assembly missionaries in Africa , 1962
      • Missions, a world picture (A 'One evening' condensed book, 1964
      • Everyone has a psalm (Bible Studies series), 1966
      • Drawn unto death; The bible basis of missions, 1966
      • Can We Know God?, 1966
      • Studies in Exodis and Liviticus, 1969
      • Who's who in Heaven and how to meet them, 1975
      • Come and dine; New Testament readings for every day, 1976
      • The book of Acts, 1984
      • These titles were all availabe on Amazon in June 2007
      More on Robert Edward Harlow: Uplook April 2003 "Ed lived in Toronto and Chicago and New York and Africa and Florida, and traveled throughout every continent of the world (except Antarctica).
      Ed's ministry was public-among other things doing missionary work in the Congo, starting the world's largest Bible correspondence school, and, with his hard-working wife, was founder of a publishing house that led the charge for commentaries in limited vocabulary English for ESL students.
      Ed Harlow came from a home that was not only believing but taught him the truth concerning New Testament Church life. Until his dying day-although gracious and accepting to all God's people-he was passionate both about the gospel and about Church truth.
      Death of Ella Margaret Harlow: 1963
      More on Robert Edward Harlow: Christian Week, July 22, 2003 Photo and comments on Robert Edward Harlow's life and work. Wrote 90 books translated into many languages- co-founder of Emmaus Bible College ( now in Dubuque, Iowa but originally founded in Toronto in 1941), - founder of Emmaus Correspondence School (largest evangelical Bible correspondence school in the world), - a Christian Brethren - born in Toronto (his father left the family when he was 6 - "Although he dropped out of school before graduating, he was able to finish high school, Bible college and also university, earning a BA, MA and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto (U of T)."
      In 1935, Harlow and his wife, Margaret, set sail as missionaries to the Belgium Congo, where their two children were born. Even though they were to return to Canada in 1941, he maintained a life-long connection with the Christian community in Zaire/Congo, for whom some of his earliest books were written."

      - moved to NYC in 1958 - returned to Canda 1966 - after the death of his first wife, married Gertrud Koppel -
      Death: Robert E. Harlow SSN: 340-32-7414, Last Residence: 953 (U.S. Consulate), Canada Born: 15 Mar 1908 10 Mar 2003 State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois
      Death Notice of Robert Edward Harlow: "Robert Edward Harlow, 94, cofounder of Emmaus Bible College, now located in Dubuque, Iowa, and founder of Everyday Publications, Inc., March 10, 2003, at home in Frostproof, Florida. Harlow wrote more than fifty books, including Come and Dine: New Testament Readings for Every Day (1976). His Can We Know God? (1958) was the first of a series of books he wrote in simple English. It has sold some 500,000 copies in more than a dozen languages. A native of Toronto, he was also a missionary in the Congo." International Bulletin of Missionary Research
    3. Grace 1910, Michigan

    Boarder Crossing Detroit October 1908: October 8, 1908, Edward Harlow and wife Adeline and 2 children, born Seaville Township Huron Co Canada, age 27, white wear cutter, father James Harlow, 767 Simcoe St London Ontario, entered US in September 1899, Cleveland Ohio to Own home, 36 Buchanan Street Detroit 5 feet 10 1/2 inches, fair complexion, dk br hair, blue eyes, no birth marks Typed from

    Hand written list, Edward, Harlow, age 27, white wear cutter, Adaline 25 wife, Dorothy H age 2, Robert age 7 months, his father listed October 1908

    1910 Census Detroit, Michigan ,USA: 29 Bush---- Street, Detroit City, Edward A Harlow, age 28, born Canada, manage towel supply co. Adeline L, age 27 born England, married 4 years 3 children 3 still living, Dorothy, age 3 born Canada, R Edward, age 2 born Canada, Grace A age 4 months born Michigan, immigrated 1908

  3. Wilfred E Sykes and Edith Bowen

    Birth: Wilfred Edward Sykes, July 4, 1887, father Robert Walker Sykes, mother, Annie Hepworth, Rear 28 Denison Avenue Toronto #043019

    Marriage: Wilfred E Sykes age 26, born Toronto, living Toronto, clerk in post office, Brethren, son of robert Walker Sykes and Annie Hepworth married Edith Bowen age 29, born Toronto living Toronto, Brethren, daughter of Gilbert Harris Bowen and Charity Harris witnesses Hary J Sykes 59 Carus Ave Toronto and Berttia (?) Bowen 42 Dowal Rd Toronto, 23 June 1914.

  4. Frank Hepworth Sykes and Henrietta _____

    Birth: Frank Hepworth Sykes , June 8, 1890, #041725, father, Robert Walker Sykes, clerk GTR, and Annie Sykes, R (?) 28, Dunson (?) Avenue, Toronto. I can't find Dunson Ave. on the map. Other records list them on Denison Street. Dunson may be a clerical error.

    Border Crossing: Typed Card - Detroit, Michigan, March 9, 1909, Frank H Sykes, born Toronto Canada age 18, single, clerk, father, "Richard"* W Sykes 62 Alhambre Ave Toronto to sister Mrs Edward Harlow 26 Buchana St 5 fett 5 1/2 inches, fair, light brown hair blue eyes. *(This is clearly a clerical error. MLB)
    Same crossing hand written list - says father "Robert W Sykes"

    Boarder Crossing 1910: May 1910 - Port Huron Michigan, Port Huron, Michigan, USA, Frank Sykes, age 20, store clerk, born Toronto, father, Robert Sykes 62 Alhambra Ave Toronto, final destination Lansing Michigan,

    Marriage: Henrietta - most likely in Michigan


    1. Robert H., circa 1917, Michigan
      WWII Enlistment: Robert H Sykes Birth Year: 1916 Nativity State or Country: Michigan County or City: Kent Enlistment Date: 23 Dec 1942 Enlistment State: Michigan Enlistment City: Kalamazoo Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Grade: Private Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law Education: 4 years of high school Civil Occupation: Bandsman, Oboe or Parts Clerk, Automobile Marital Status: Married Height: 72 Weight: 139

    WWI USA Draft Registration: Frank Hepworth Sykes age 26, 2(4?) Sylvester Detroit Michigan, born June 9, 1890, declared intention of becoming US citizen, born Toronto, Canada, occupation collector, employer Detroit Towel Supply Co, Detroit, Michigan, next of kin wife Henrietta, short, slender, light blue eyes, blond hair, 5, 29, 1917

    1920 Census: 1061 Michigan Street, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan, Frank Sykes, age 29, immigrated 1910, shipping clerk furniture factory Henrietta, age 31, Robert son age 3,

    1930 US Census: Kent Co Michigan Wyoming Township, West Ave Section 10, Frank H Sykes, head, own $5,000, age 39, married at age 23, born Canada, immigrated to US 1909, PA, salesman music store, Henrietta, wife, age 41 married at age 25, born Michigan, parents born Netherlands, Robert H, son age 13, born Michigan,

  5. Henry James Sykes, September 30, 1893, #043175, of Robert Sykes, checker GTR, and Annie Hepworth, 278, Lippincott, Toronto.

    Canadian Soldiers of World War I: Henry James Sykes 58 Carus Ave. Toronto born Sept 30 1893, Toronto, single, religion Brethren, clerk, mother Annie Sykes, same address, age 25, 5 feet 7 1/2 inches, chest 33 inches, fair, blue eyes light hair, First Cent. Ontario Regt, October 24, 1918

  6. Charles Walker Sykes, 19 August 1895, father, Robert Walker Sykes, mother, Annie Hepworth, ? Avenue, Toronto #042642

    Canadian Soldiers of World War I: Charles Walker Sykes, 59 Carus Ave Toronto, born Toronto, father, Robert Walker Sykes, same address, born December 6, 1895, occupation, insurance clerk, single, Sept 18, 1916

1891 Census Toronto

Sykes, Robt W age 31, born England, checker -- RR [railroad], Annie age 33, born England, Wilfred E age 4, born Ont., Frank H age 1, born Ont., Annie age 10, born England, Adeline age 8, born England, Congregationalists

1901 Census Toronto

Robert W Sykes, head, 12 December 1858, age, 41, born England, immigrated 1885, Brethren, rubber, worker, Annie Sykes, wife, 43, 9 July, 1857, born England, immigrated 1885, Annie Sykes, 19, 18 Jan 1881, clerk dry goods, born England, immigrated 1885, Adlaide Sykes, 17, 6 April 1883, born England, immigrated 1885, Wilfred Sykes, 13, 4 July, 1887, born Ontario Frank Sykes, 10, 9 June 1890, born Ontario, Harry Sykes, 7, 30 Sept 1895, born Ontario, Charlie Sykes, 5, 6 Dec 1895, born Ontario

1911 Census Toronto

West Toronto Ontario, Robert Sykes, head, Dec 1859, England, Evangelist, Annie wife July 1859, England, Annie, daughter, Jan 1881 England, all immigrated 1885, saleswoman, gen store. Wilfred son July 1889 (?), clerk, post office, Henry son Sept 1893, clerk, foundry, Charles son Dec 1895, all born Ontario

1921 Census Toronto

59 Carns Ave, Ward 5, Toronto North, Robert W Sykes 62, Evangelist, cannot read income, immigration 1885, Annie Sykes 63, immigration 1885, Henry James Sykes 27, superintendent, 2,000 Charles Walker Sykes 20, accountant, 1,500

Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary

Helen Land had access to

"letter 7-8-77 clipping golden wedding anniversary Je 27, 1930".
In another note she says
"1930 Golden Wedding anniversary, 2 daughters, 4 sons, 7 grandchildren - to Toronto in 1885."
Death of Robert Walker Sykes

1937 per Helen Land.

Death of Annie Hepworth Sykes

October 26, 1945 per Helen Land.

Land/Sykes Addresses in Toronto
  1. Law and Elizabeth Land, 1888-1890
  2. Samuel Sykes and Caroline Tolson, 1893-1922
  3. Samuel Sykes and Caroline Tolson, 1889
  4. Robert Walker Sykes and Anne Hepworth Sykes, 1887 to 1893
  5. Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes , 1883
  6. Samuel Sykes and Caroline Tolson, 1884
Note: Robert Walker Sykes was a 278 Lippincott in 1895 and Law Land was at Whites Lane in 1885. I cannot find either of these streets on a map of Toronto.

Historical Walking Tour of Kensington Market & College Street by Barbara Myrvold says the following about Nineteenth Century Spadina Avenue

While Tremain's map of 1860 shows this area as completely subdivided, Spadina Avenue was still sparsely settled north of Queen street in the early 1870s. Robert Denison had so little demand for his $350 estate lots, that he split them into three, so starting high density development in this part of the city.

During the 1870s, working class British immigrants began to move into the area. The area, like most of Toronto, was solidly British in character. Local transportation also grew during the 1880s. The Toronto Street Railway started horse drawn streetcars on Spadina Avenue in 1880.

Newmarket in relationship to Toronto

All of the Canadian records for Samuel Sykes, the son of John Sykes and Anne Stell and the uncle of Samuel, Elizabeth and Robert Walker Sykes, are in Newmarket, Ontario.

Newmarket is about 50 kilometers from Toronto. From 1850 there was a railroad from Toronto.

Sykes Family Notes From Arthur Ashton Sykes

The following was sent by Ellen Sykes June 20, 2007

The following is an excerpt from Arthur Ashton Sykes' hand typed family history which he wrote in 1970 at the age of 82 from his home at 59 Queenston Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The name evidently comes from the word SYKE, a rill or stream.

There exists a coat of arms which has wavy lines indicating the rill or syke. The origin of the coat or arms I have not investigated. Likely it is of related families of the general clan which has its roots in Yorkshire, in England.

Our story concerns itself with that portion of the family beginning with John Sykes and his wife Ann Stell.

The date of their marriage is lacking but I presume it to be about the beginning of 1817. Since the first child, Ben, was born and baptised at Birstal, I assume that was their place of residence.

Note: John Sykes married Ann Stell April 7, 1817 in Batley Parish Yorkshire. Batley was the neighboring parish to Birstall Parish. John and Ann Sykes subsequently lived in Birstall Parish (MLB)

As shown by the charts they had eight children. The only record I have been able to get of Ben is that contained in a letter from his Father to son James posted at Drighlington, and stamped Leeds No 21 1853. It is dated Farnley, Noreside Nov.20 and directed to James and his wife as "Dear son and daughter". The letter was directed to James, Engineer, Horellsville Streaben Co, New York, America. The letter states that the brothers and sisters and their families are all well. Evidently John Sykes was a shoemaker but at the time of this letter was keeping toll gate at 12 shillings a week, which he said was good pay.

Note: John Sykes was listed as a toll keeper in Mirfield, Yorkshire in the 1861 census. (MLB)

Of daughter, Isabella, who married one Holsworth I have no record other than that of her birth and baptism, noted in the charts.

Note: See John Sykes for information on Isabelle. (MLB)

Son Joseph too has proven elusive as I have been unable to find any record other than that of the birth and baptism.

Note: See John Sykes for information on Joseph. (MLB)

The other members of the family have shown up in their progeny and I have been in correspondence with several of them resulting in securing the information now being recorded. My hearty thanks go to several of the cousins, particularly Anne Downend, Jessie Craig, Elise Kelly, Charlie Sykes, and Isabel Counter and some others, not forgetting my own dear Mother who kept a scrap book and a diary both of which gave me quite a number of items of interest.

Judging by the birth record, the family moved about a bit. Starting with Birstal I note the births took place in Drighlington, back to Birstal, all between 1818 and 1838 the years shown for the first and last children.

Note: Adwalton was/is a village in the township of Drighlington in the parish of Birstall. John Sykes did move around a bit see John Sykes (MLB)

Samuel and James were the first to leave England, then Mary and her husband William Wright and two sons of George followed.

Any personal knowledge I have of the above noted folks is limited to Samuel, James, Mary, Samuel (2) and Walker (Samuel Sykes & Robert Walker Sykes, sons of George Stell Sykes) and their families. Before I left for the west in 1905 I knew them all, and saw them often. During my time of life Sam lived in Newmarket, the others all in Toronto.

My sources of information are numerous. My Grandfather (James Sykes) and my Grandmother (Sarah Ann Earp), were quite talkative and while I was quite young I spent Sunday evenings with them. They told me many of the things referred to in this summary. I have often wished that I had questioned them more closely and recorded the information. My own folks did not usually comment upon their lives and my father, William John Sykes, told me several times that things I told him which had come from my grandparents were news to him.

The James Sykes portion will of course be paramount as that is my own part of the family and of course more information is available than for the other sections of the Sykes clan.

I undertook this work (and it is work) at the request of several members of the clan who asked who is so and so, and what relation is he or she to me, etc. The response to my answers has been encouraging, as the enquiries seemed to be prompted by a definite desire to become better informed about the families involved.

So ---------- trust you enjoy it.

Arthur Ashton Sykes


Samuel, the second son of John and Ann, may have been married twice, once prior to leaving England, and again in America. I have no confirmation of that fact. However his wife was Ann Hill daughter of David Hill of Long Island. They had three daughters, Isabella, Josephine and Adeline. Anne died March 1894 at Newmarket. None of the daughters married. I did hear that Adeline, or Addie as we called her, had a beau but was so well treated at the Sykes home every time he called that he didn't get to see Addie alone at any time.

The careers of Samuel and James go together for a good part of their early lives. Both men worked at Good Bros. Foundry, York St., Toronto, Sam as foreman and Jim as engineer. They built the first eighteen locomotives built in Canada, and James was the engineer on the first one out which went to Aurora on the Northern Railway. Grandpa (James Sykes) told me about that trip and said the engine had to be moved from the foundry to North Toronto by pinch bar, a matter of about two miles.

The men operated the Toronto Foundry and made stoves and other things, including iron dogs. Two of such dogs were attached to the steps of the house of Sam in Newmarket, and I had the pleasure when a little fellow of having rides on the backs of said dogs. I asked Cousin Josephine one time to will me one of the dogs as I was so fond of them, but she said no, that they went with the house. After she died the dogs were removed at once and now repose in my sister's garden. Reta was named as one of the heirs of Josephine.

In Newmarket the brothers established a foundry under the name of Sykes and Eldridge Foundry on the site of the canal basin. Evidently they were burned out. Sam retired in 1876 selling out to Wm. Cane Co.

In Newmarket in 1866 Sam built his house, perhaps the biggest in town at that time. Also had a farm. Had other interests, including at one time a liquor shop. (I discovered a counter check slip used as a bookmark, showing the shop data.)

He was a Conservative in politics, Charter member of Tuscan Lodge, died 1894 buried in Newmarket cemetery. I have a record that Sam was born at Adwalton, Yorkshire Jan. 25 1821. I presume this is close by Birstal.

Note: Samuel Sykes died in 1911. See above. (MLB)

The sequence of events in the lives of Samuel and James I cannot vouch for. Some of the information was given me verbally by Grandma (Sarah Ann Earp) and Grandpa (James Sykes) and I am relying upon my memory for much of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


For some reason I never did hear, Sam and Jim did not remain together after the fire, or about that time, and Jim went to Toronto to live. He must have moved about quite a lot as Aunt Emma (Emily Sykes) was I believe born in Buffalo, and Dad (William John Sykes) in Newmarket. In any event in Toronto James became involved in politics and was for a term or so an alderman.

James' wife was Sarah Ann Earp, of whom more in another portion of this history. They were married April 10th 1853. Grandma (Sarah Ann Earp) told me that after the wedding that took place I think she said Scranton, Pennsylvania, that she and Jim were in their hotel room and Jim put his hand into his pocket, pulled out a fifty cent piece and showing it to Sarah said, "Sarah! This is all we have left, what shall we do with it?" Grandma said "Let's go get an oyster stew." That's typical of Grandma. She had a wonderful sense of humor.

Her youngest son Fred (Frederick Henry Sykes) was a college man and had books galore all over Grandma's house. Grandma had read them all. She wouldn't put a book away without reading it, no matter what the subject.

James moved around a lot. I have a record of him being a locomotive engineer March 3rd 1873 in Danville, P.O. Montour County, Pennsylvania.

In December 1861 he was a member of King Solomon Lodge A.F.A.M. Hamilton.

In a published statement by James, he is reported to have said "I ran the first train of cars ever taken over the Delaware and Lackawana, and I sent out the first train load of coal that ever went out of Pennsylvania." May 16th 1853.

There is a picture of the first locomotive made and run out of Toronto to Aurora, about sixteen to twenty miles north of Toronto, on the Northern Railway, later part of the Grand Trunk system, in the June 1943 issue of the Railway News. James was standing in front by the "cow catcher". There is also one in the "Facts Concerning Toronto Harbour 1933" issued by the Toronto Harbour Commission. I have read where it is stated that another was the man standing by the said "cow catcher" but Grandpa himself told me that it was he.

I recall one busy day at my Dad's (William John Sykes) store, when Grandpa dropped in. He asked me where my Dad was. I told him he had gone to the ball game. Grandpa replied, "He should be here looking after his business." A point to which I heartily agreed, as Dad did leave the store to Emily and the hired help when he was needed to direct things and help with the customers.

The old folks (James and Sarah) had their fiftieth wedding anniversary at their home 14 Augusta Avenue in Toronto on April 10th 1903. A report in the paper gave a list of those present, but did not think I was of sufficient importance to mention. However I was there and my Dad tried to get me to get up and make a speech. I would have done so had I any notion what to say but he did not warn me in advance so I declined.

For several years Grandma and Grandpa (Sarah and James) had a cottage at Long Branch and from time to time most of the connection visited there. As time went on more cottages were taken by the family, and Grandpa, Uncle Fred (Frederick Henry Sykes), and Dad had them, so that we had many good times over weekends.

It was my task at times to get on the last car Saturday night with a heavy basket loaded with groceries and take it to the Branch. Got there about midnight. This was after putting in a full day delivering groceries for the store.

James while in Scranton was a volunteer fireman. In Toronto he started the Toronto Stove Foundry. When he closed that business or maybe sold out, I never did hear, Dad (William John Sykes) bought two kitchen ranges, and there was one in the kitchen in 1908 when I made my first visit home after moving to the west. Mother told me then that Dad had bought two ranges when the foundry was disposed of and this was the second one. There were very attractive coal and wood stoves with all the accessories known at that time.

The first child Emily was born in Buffalo, Dad (William John) at Newmarket and Fred (Frederick Henry) I believe in Toronto.

While at Newmarket James and brother Samuel had a sawmill at Holland Landing, near Newmarket. The brothers also had a machine shop while at Newmarket, and started the factory later taken over by Wm. Cane & Co.

In 1878 James was an alderman of the city of Toronto.

James died in Toronto in 1904 and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. His wife (Sarah Ann Earp) died Feb. 26 1911, buried in Mount Pleasant.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The family of MARY SYKES and William Wright

Mary Sykes, second daughter of John and Ann Sykes, was born in 1832 in Bristal, Yorkshire, England. She received her early education in and around Bristal, as the family seemed to have moved from place to place in the near vicinity of Birstal for a number of years.

William Wright, then in the woolen business in Bradford, nearby, according to the letter quoted elsewhere, was at a job part time, in the woolen business. He was a weaver in worsteds, and overlooker of looms, also a wool sorter. The elder brothers having gone to the U.S.A. evidently to their advantage, induced William and Mary to become interested in also going to the western hemisphere. They located in Toronto area, first at Newmarket, where the brothers had businesses at the time, and William joined them. Part of his pay I am told consisted of a deed of land in the town, a copy of which I have in my possession someplace, signed by Samuel, James Sykes and Wm. Wright. Being curious about this property I mentioned it to one of the cousins and she told me it had to do with a pay settlement. Incidentally this document has the only signatures of the three men that I have.

The Wrights had three children, James, who married Agnes Wallace Spittal. They in due course of time had two daughters, Eva and Gertrude. The former, Eva, was born in 1883. I was five years younger, but knew Eva in my early years. As I left for the west in 1905 when I was not yet 17, I missed a good part of the family doings, so cannot describe them. Eva married Herbert Duncan Campbell, who was a year Eva's junior. Of that union there were two daughters, Marjory and Audrey, born 1917 and 1919.

Marjory, born 1917, who married Robert Barbeau, and executive of Canadian Electric. They made their home in Oakville, Ont. They have several children, some married.

Audrey, Eva's second child, born in 1919, is also married - to Robert McGuire, married in 1942. Robert runs a store in Newmarket, Ont. Three sons.

The Wright second child, Annie, married Edward Davis. They had four children, Henry, Albert, Fred and Charles. All but Charles have passed on. Fred became a dentist. He, being a year younger than I when we were at high school passed on text books for a couple of years. While I knew all of the family, Fred, I got to know best.

The third child of the Wrights was Sarah. She married Edward Jenkinson, a jeweller. They and Aunty Wright lived together on Denison Avenue in Toronto up to the time I left home. I saw them often. They had two children, William, who was an office man, married Ethel Rockett, and there were three children from that marriage.

Isabel the second child of Sarah and Ed, whom I knew quite well as a lad, had a very nice voice, and trained in music, having important parts in several groups of musicians. She married Bertram A. Counter. Four children; Victor* Herbert (b. 1955), David (b. 1958), Douglas (b. 1960), Carol (b. 1962). *(Isabel Jenkinson Counter was born in 1899 and I don't believe she had children at the age of 56 thru 63! More than likely a line of text was skipped, and the names listed are grandchildren. I think Victor is Isabel's son, and Herbert, David, Douglas and Carol are Victor's children., Ellen Sykes)

Gertrude Wright, Eva's sister, married Harry McGowan in . They had two daughters, Dorothy (b. 1914), and Margaret (b. 192?). Unfortunately, Gertrude died about the time of Margaret's birth. Harry and the daughters went to live with Harry’s folks.

To me a very interesting "episode" took place with regard to Eva. Having started this summary of what I could find out about the folks, I was given Eva's address so wrote her for data respecting her family. At first she didn't give it to me but asked me to be sure to visit her next time I was in Toronto. She informed me that she, after her husband died, went to live with her daughter, and gave me the address. So, upon my arrival in Toronto, I had an opportunity of a ride to Port Credit, and on the way asked Flora, my brother's widow how far it was to Eva's giving her the address. "Oh, it is just around the corner, we'll go there if you wish." Well, we wished, and hunted up the address. At the time Eva and her daughter were all I knew about. When I got to the door, a young chap came to answer the bell. I asked if Mrs. Campbell lived there. He said "yes" and called "Gramma." In a moment Eva appeared and looking at me said, "Do not tell me.. it is Arthur." Well, in a moment all in the house were at the door, and I had sent a postcard to Eva to invite her and her daughter to luncheon at our hotel the second day following. Repeating the invitation, which they accepted. We were then late so hurried back to a nephew's place, where we were expected for dinner. The luncheon was a success, and Marjory quietly informed me that it was Eva's 85th birthday, and they would like Marian and I to be at a surprise party for Grandma that afternoon. We accepted, and I picked up a big bunch of flowers and away off to Oakville. When we got there we found after a few moments, young people dropping in one by one, calling "Hello Granny."In no time there must have been about twenty folks around us, all Eva's family. It was a real surprise to me, not expecting anyone but Marjory, who was the daughter. Well, we had a grand time and I am so pleased to have met such a fine group and to be able to call them cousins. It was not very long after that that Eva had a heart attack and died, greatly missed by a loving family, and a host of friends.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The family of SARAH SYKES and William Thornton

Having no personal knowledge of this interesting family other than through correspondence and the odd remark of one or other relatives who have made visits to England and have had the pleasure of their acquaintance. So, it appears a bit out of place for me to be attempting a history of something of which I know very little. Still, said Sarah Sykes was one of Grandpa's sisters, and the last of the children of John and Ann Sykes, so I must attempt to supply enough information to balance the story a bit. It will in any event be 'overloaded' with the James Sykes group to which I belong.

Said Sarah was born Sept. 22, 1838 at Birstal in Yorkshire. Her husband William Thornton, born May 1, 1841, was brought up by his uncle Mr. John Hargreaves, who had a corn merchants business. Sarah lived till the first day of 1917; William till May of the same year. The family equalled that of the parent Sykes family, eight children.

The eldest, John, came on the scene in 1866. He became a newspaper man, being at times editor of the Blackpool Herald after other assignments. He married Henrietta Gibb, a lady of his own age who died in March, 1939, whereas John followed in Feb. 1940. They had three children - William Fletcher Thornton, who at age 65 died while returning from a holiday in Scotland, leaving a widow and daughter; James Douglas Thornton, a ladies hairdresser and prominent in amateur dramatic circles; Jessie Cunningham Thornton, a private secretary until her marriage in 1940 to Willaim Hodge Craig. In 1942 they adopted a daughter, Christine Fiona, who married in 1968 David Beddard, who is a lecturer in plastics at Southal College.

This Jessie and I have had a nice lot of correspondence of late and I feel I know her and her folks quite well. She tells me she is crippled up with arthritis so doesn't get around much more any more. Sorry about that.

Emily Thornton, the eldest girl of the family, born 1871, was a far as I know, the only one of the folks who visited this country. Emma was unmarried and came to Ontario a few years after I had left for the west and visited at Newmarket and Toronto. I heard of her through letters at the time and occasionally since. She was quite popular with the relatives. She left this world February 1919.

The second daughter, Hannah, I am sorry to say I have been unable to trace, other than to have some detail about her marriage and family. She married Samuel Ibbotson. They had two children, Edith and Arthur. Edith married Alan Dobson and they have a son Michael, married. Arthur married Lily Sibley; they had a son, Peter, married to a lady with the first name of Hilary and they are the parents of two, a lad, Richard, aged two and another lad Christopher John, a baby.

Mary, the fourth child and second daughter, married Samuel Empsall. She was born in 1869, and lasted till Sept. 1955. Samuel was born in 1869 and died May 16, 1933. Isabel Jenkinson and the Empsalls I believe visited and corresponded for years but I have no details to offer.

Joseph, the second son and fifth child of William and Sarah Thornton, born 1874, died Nov. 13, 1933. His wife was Hannah Jackson 1876-1963. They had four daughters and one son. Nellie married L. Smith No family. Anne (Ann) married Arnold Downend, and no family. I am indebted to this Ann for most of the information about the English cousins, and in addition have had some most interesting letters from her, and received a very well prepared chart of the Thornton family, which has set me straight on a number of items.

  1. Nellie - Eleanore
  2. Anne
  3. The third child and first son, Fred married K. Baldwin. Two children; John, who married M. Conway and they have children three - David, and twins, Carol and Vivian, aged 8 and 6 respectively; the other son, Brian, married P. Davis and they are the parents of three; Ian, Andrew and Susan, aged 7, 5, and 2, respectively.
  4. Lilias, the fourth child of Joseph and Hannah, died in infancy.
  5. Hilda, number five of the family, married E. Robertshaw. Two children - Pamela and Anthony. Pamela married P. Shaw and have two children, Deborah, aged 6, and Richard, aged 4. Anthony married J. Whitehead. They too have a couple of children, Emma, 4, and Daniel, a few months
Fletcher, the sixth child and third son of Sarah and William, was unfortunate in being an invalid for most of his life, following his marriage to Alice Lister. Born 1877, died 1934. No family.

From Jessie Craig and Ann Downend most of the information about the families has been received. May I say "Thank you" again to these ladies? Ann has supplied me with the occupations of some of the menfolk, which I may not have mentioned in all instances. Here they are, and a pretty wide assortment of occupations is represented: William Thornton, Corn Merchant. (In Canada we likely would call him a grain dealer.) John, a journalist; Joseph, an engineer; Sam Ibbotson, a borough treasurer; Sam Empsall, a plumber (lucky guy, with those big hourly wages which frighten the householder). Fletcher, painter and decorater; Elizabeth, schoolteacher; Fred W. Thornton, draughtsman in engineering; John B. Thornton, director of engineering firm; Brian Thornton ditto; Michael Dobson, schoolteacher; Arthur Ibbotson, bank manager; and George H. Cousins a construction engineer.

Church Records in Canada

I have not found the church records for the Sykes in Toronto.

In 1914 Elizabeth Sykes Land visited Toronto. She send a postcard with a picture of the College Street Baptist Church in Toronto to her son, Percy Land. It is possible that she chose that card because it was the church that the Toronto Sykes attended. LDS does not have records for the College Street Baptist Church

Both Samuel and Robert Sykes, the sons of George Stell Sykes and Sarah Walker, were listed in the 1881 and 1891 censuses as Congregationalists and in the 1901 Census as Brethren.

LDS has no listings for Congregational or Brethren churches in Toronto.

Samuel Sykes and family in Newmarket were listed by the 1907 Newmarket notes as Church of England.

Newmarket Records

LDS microfilm #0207888 contains the civil records for Newmarket:

  • Marriages 1860-1876, 1882-1891, and 1895 to 1904
  • Births 1875-1891 and 1895-1904
  • Deaths 1876-? and 1882-?
There were no records for Sykes.

Probate Records

LDS microfilm #0817968 contains an index for the Ontario Surrogate court.

There were no Sykes listed between 1801 and 1887.

There were four listings between 1887 and 1910:

  1. # 22249, Martha Sykes, Glen Williams, guard, September 11, 1909, 32-772
  2. #21634 John Sykes, Toronto, probate, February 25, 1909, 32-265
  3. #17687, James Sykes, Toronto, probate, March 17, 1905, 29-288
  4. #14801, Royal Sykes, Toronto, Adm Wa, July 15, 1901, 27-819 Note: Royal Sykes was listed in Collingwood, Simcoe, Ontario in the 1881 census.

While the indexes go to a much later date, LDS appears to have the actual files only until 1900.

The 1871 Canadian Census


There is no appropriate listing on the index for James Sykes in Toronto.

The 1881 Canadian Census


LDS film 1375883 contains part of the 1881 census for Toronto.

There were two listings for Sykes

  1. In St Patrick's Ward, Division 4:
    • James Sykes, no occupation, age 50, born in England
    • Sarah, wife, age 48, born in England
    • Emily, daughter, age 25, born in the USA, no occupation
    • William J, son, age 21, born in Ontario, no occupation
    • Fred. Ne, son, age 17, born in Ontario, occupation, farmer
    They were all listed as Church of England.

    Note: This was James, the son of John Sykes and Ann Stell.

    LDS FHL film#1375883, St Patrick's Ward, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dist 134, Sub-district H, page, 20, family 95

  2. In St George's Ward:
    • Alma Sykes, age 25, born in Ontario, Methodist, English, dressmaker
    • Clara, age, 5, born in Ontario
    • Alma, age 2, born in Ontario

    Note: I do not know if Alma Sykes and her children were related to Samuel, James et al. Alma was the widow of David Sykes, see below.

    LDS FHL film #1375882, St George's Ward, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dist 134, Sub-district F, page, 10, family 58

1881 Canadian Census, LDS film #1375885, York North, Ontario, Newmarket, Dist 137, Sub District E, page 34, family 175

There were 42 Sykes households in Ontario in the 1881 census. With the exception of the three listed above, none of them suggested any connection with the children or grandchildren of John Sykes and Ann Stell Sykes.

The 1891 Canadian Census


The 1891 census is in very bad shape with the ink so faded in places that many pages are illegible. There were no addresses listed in the 1891 census in Toronto. I only found two listings for Sykes, Samuel and Robert. I do not know what happened to James and Alma Sykes.

  1. Samuel Sykes was listed in District number 119, Toronto West, St Stephen's Ward follows:
    • Samuel, 40 year old married labour, born in England, both parents born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Caroline his wife, age 39, born in England, both parents born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Ada, daughter, age 12, born in England, both parents born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Eva G., daughter, age 7, born in Ontario, both parents born in England, Congregationalist.
    • George H. age 5, born in Ontario, both parents born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Herbert J. age 1, born in Ontario, both parents born in England, Congregationalist.

    Note: Samuel Sykes was listed in District number 119, Toronto West, St Stephen's Ward on the page 132, family number 635 and Charles H. Land was listed in District 119, Toronto West, St Stephen's Ward on page 133, family number 641. They were clearly living quite close to one another, perhaps in the same building. I do not know if Charles H. Land was related to Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes.

  2. Robert W. Sykes and his family were living in District 119 Toronto West in St Patrick's Ward, family number 513 as follows:
    • Robert W. Sykes, age 31, married, born in England, both parents born in England, occupation, "checker" (one letter or number that I can't read) T R R, religion, Congregationalist.
    • Annie, wife, age 33, born in England, both parent born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Wilfred E, son, age 4, born in Ontario, both parent born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Frank H., son, age 1, born in Ontario, both parent born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Annie, daughter, age 10, born in England, both parent born in England, Congregationalist.
    • Adelaide, daughter, age 8, both parent born in England, Congregationalist.

The 1901 Canadian Census


The 1901 Canadian census listed Samuel Sykes and family at 20 Sully and Robert Sykes and family at 139 Sully, both in district number 118 Toronto West, ward 5, in the city of Toronto:

  1. Samuel Sykes was listed as follows:
    • Samuel, head, born February 9, 1858*, age 45, born in England, immigrated in 1882, religion, Brethren, engineer, income, 450.
    • Caroline, wife, born, September 4, 1851, age 49, born in England, religion, Congregationalist.
    • Ada, daughter, born, June 4, 1878, born in England, religion Congregationalist, occupation, (can't read first word) finisher, wages 156
    • Eva H., daughter, born March 7, 1884, Ontario, Congregationalist, same occupation as Ada, (there is a ditto mark), wages 156.
    • George H. , son, born March 25, 1886, Ontario, Cong. Message boy, wages 89.
    • Herbert, son, born September 1889
    • Anne, daughter, born February 21, 1893, Ontario.

    *It is very hard to read the last two numbers of this date. According to the 1851 and 1861 censuses in England Samuel was born circa 1850. The age is given in the census as, 45, but the census taker may have gone through and calculated this after the fact. The 1891 census indicated that he was one year older than his wife, not four years younger.

  2. Robert Sykes was listed as follows:
    • Robert W., head, born, December 12, 1858, born in England, immigrated in 1885, religion, Brethren, rubber worker, income, 700
    • Annie, wife, born July 9, 1857, born in England, immigrated in 1885, religion, Brethren
    • Annie, daughter, born January 18, 1881, born in England, immigrated in 1885, occupation, clerk dry goods, income, 140
    • Adelaide, daughter, born April 6, 1883, born in England, immigrated in 1885, occupation, clerk dry goods, income, 130.
    • Wilfred, son, born, July 4, 1887, born in Ontario.
    • Frank, son, born June 9, 1890, born in Ontario.
    • Harry, son, born September 30, 1893, born in Ontario.
    • Charlie, son, born, December 6, 1895, born in Ontario.

Sykes Births in Toronto in the Civil Records

In addition to the birth records for the children of Samuel and Robert Walker Sykes, the following birth were recorded for the name in Toronto. The addresses are all in the south western part of Toronto not far from the University of Toronto which is the neighborhood where Elizabeth Sykes Land and her brothers, Samuel Sykes and Robert Walker Sykes lived. I do not know, at this point if these Sykes were related to Elizabeth and her brothers.

Sykes Births in the Canadian Civil Records by parents' name and year in which first birth was recorded were:

  1. David Sykes and Alma Carter:
    1. Clara Sykes, October 26, 1875, #026328, daughter of David Sykes, compositor (Note: A compositor was a print setter.), and Alma Carter, 57 Elm Street Toronto.
    2. Alma Sykes, March 16, 1877, #036385, parents David Sykes, printer, and Alma Carter, birth reported by Isabell Bell, 42 Wellington St. Toronto.
    3. Notes:

      • Both these addresses were in the same neighborhood as the the Sykes/Land families.
      • David must have died. Alma and the two children were were listed in St George's Ward in the 1881 census. There were no addresses listed on this census. Alma, age 25, born in Ontario, Methodist, Origin, English, dressmaker, was listed with Clara, age, 5, and Alma, age 2, both born in Ontario, of "Irish" origin. Alma was not listed in subsequent censuses.
      • David was born no later than 1855

  2. William Sykes and Jennie Miller:
    1. Hazel Ivy Sykes, June 18, 1889, father, William John Sykes, bookkeeper, mother, Jennie Miller, 176 Major Street, Toronto.
    2. Note:

      • This means that there were two William Sykes in Toronto in the late 1880s

    Note: His death in 1923 indicates that he was born circa 1861 in Ireland to David Sykes born in Ireland and that he had been in Canada circa 30 years.

  3. Samuel Sykes and Mary Elizabeth Collin:
    1. William Charles Samuel Sykes, 1881 (I forgot to write down day and month of birth.) son of Samuel Sykes, butcher, and Mary Elizabeth Collin, 113 Queen Street, West.
  4. Sydney Sykes and Elenor Maud Nelles:
    1. Helen Nelles Sykes, September 2, 1890, #043059, of Sydney B Sykes, clerk, and Elenor Maud Nellis, 9 Linden Street.
    2. Hugh Sydney Sykes, June 29, 1893, #042166, of Sydney Sykes, secretary, and Elenor Maud Nelles, 9 Linden Street, Toronto.

    Note: Sydney Bellingham Sykes died in 1925. His death certificate indicates that he was born in Toronto circa 1859 and that his father was William Sykes born in Scotland.

  5. Ben Sykes and Jane Laigh:
    1. Isaac Thomas Benj. Sykes September 8, 1892, #042204, father, Ben Sykes, paper B or M and Jane Laigh (?), 35 St Patrick Toronto.

  6. Jane Sykes, no father:
    1. Arthur Edwin Sykes, October 22, 1883, #43634, no father listed, mother, Jane Sykes, no occupation for Father, no address, Registration informant, Alice Wilson, 104 Peter Street Toronto.

Lands in Canada

Bud Land always said the Law had brothers in Canada. I have not found any of his brothers in Canada.

There are indications that there was a Land family in the town of Elora about fifty miles west of Toronto. I have not established any connection between Law and the Lands in Elora. The thing that is interesting is that one of the Lands from Elora, Charles H. Land ended up living in Toronto very close to the Sykes and Law Land.

LDS microfilm 0207104 (baptisms for Elora) did not contain any records for Lands. It did however, contain the following baptism. George Frederick Sykes of Harry Sykes and Jessie Mannie McWilken, born Elora December 7, 1891 "baptized in his parents home the 13th day of March 1892 in the presence of Hugh Clark, Duncan Clark and others".

Helen Land's Notes on the Sykes Family in Canada

Helen Land is the daughter of Percy Land and the granddaughter of Elizabeth Sykes Land made some vague notes on the Sykes in Canada. Until Ellen Sykes contacted me in June 2007 most of Helen's jottings made little sense.

Robert Walker Sykes

  • Harry J., married November 1937. Had a son in 1938.

  • My Note: Henry J Sykes the son of Robert Walker Sykes was born in 1893. That would have made him 44 years old in 1937.

  • Adeline Harlow Hatton had:
    1. Edward Harlow
    2. Dorothy
    3. Grace- had 2 children

  • Annie Sykes Vanderburgh, daughter, "St Catherines".

  • Occupation, Evangelist.

  • Robert Walker Sykes died in Toronto, Canada 1937.

  • Helen had access to
    "letter 7-8-77 clipping golden wedding anniversary Je 27, 1930".
    In another note she says
    "1930 Golden Wedding anniversary, 2 daughters, 4 sons, 7 grandchildren to Toronto in 1885."

  • Helen had two notes on the death of Annie Hepworth Sykes

    1. "Annie died October 26, 1945 (age 80) was last of her generation in Canada and none of immediate Sykes family in England either--- many of younger generation still in Batley, England"

    2. Annie Hepworth Sykes, the wife of Robert Walker Sykes died in 1945, age 89.

    My Note: Annie Hepworth Sykes was born circa 1858; she would have been circa 87 in 1945.

The Newmarket Sykes

  • "Sarah Jenkinson was the daughter of Samuel Sykes and the mother of Isabel (Mrs Bert Counter)."

    My Note: Sarah Jenkinson was the daughter of Mary Sykes Wright and William Wright born in Canada in circa 1867. Mary Sykes Wright was the sister of Samuel and James. She was the daughter of John Sykes and Ann Stell born in the village of Adwalton, Birstall Parish, Yorkshire England.1832

  • "Letter 4-3-31"
    "Visit Sm in 1930?, Cousin, Ellen Sykes died, cousin in Newmarket"

    "Ellen Sykes (cousin of Percy ) d. 1930)". Ellen Sykes died in 1930.

    (Grandma's cousin?) lived in big house with servants.

    My Note: Ellen Sykes was Ellen Banbury Sykes the wife of William Sykes. William born Newmarket Ontarion in 1857 was the son of James Sykes and Sarah Earp. James born 1829 in Adwalton village, Birstall Parish, Yorkshire England, was the son of John Sykes and Ann Stell Sykes.

  • "Sister "?" Mrs Annie Davis"

    My Note:Annie Sykes Davis was born circa 1854 in England the daughter of Mary Sykes and William Wright. She married Edward James Davis in Toronto in 1879.

  • "The misses Sykes (Newmarket girls) cousins of Percy and Sarah Jenkinson
    1. Adeline, d. 1932 age 79 (b. 1863?)
    2. Jo, 82 years old in December 1932 (b. 1857?)"

    My Note: Adeline and Jo were the daughters of Samuel Sykes, the son of John Sykes and Ann Stell Sykes.

For a full records of the notes Helen Land made see Helen.

Church Records in Toronto

LDS does not have a lot of microfilm for Toronto Church records. I looked at:
  1. 023098 Dovecourt Presbyterian Church Toronto, no Lands no Sykes
  2. 0503625 Allen St Presbyterian, no Land no Sykes, L'hommedieu
  3. 1030066 Marriage Register 1801-1948, no Lands no Sykes
  4. 0230921 no Lands, no Sykes

Sykes House Newmarket

Samuel bought a number of properties in Newmarket and in 1866 build a brick house on the southeast corner of Main Street and Ontario Street . The grounds were were surrounded with "a handsome iron fence" made in Samuels foundry.

Y.C. Bio Record 1907 of Samuel Sykes sent by Richard Macleod April 2006

Sykes House in Newmarket, Ontario

Sent by Richard MacLeod April 2006

Courtesy of Richard MacLeod

Sykes House in Newmarket, Ontario

Sent by Richard MacLeod April 2006

Courtesy of Richard MacLeod

Sykes House in Newmarket, Ontario

Sent by Richard MacLeod April 2006

Courtesy of Richard MacLeod

Newmarket, Ontario.

Post marked 1917.

Postcard collection of Maggie Blanck

Photos collection of Helen Land

Unknown and Helen LandRobert Edward Harlow, unknown and Arnold Land

These photos were taken when the family of Percy and Meta Land along with Percy's parents Elizabeth Sykes Land and Law Land went to Canada in 1922.

Pictures of Toronto, Canada

Samuel, Elizabeth, and Robert Sykes immigrated to Toronto, Canada between 1882 and 1884. To view pictures of Toronto, click on the postcard of Queen's Park, Toronto.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, information, copies of documents, or photos that you would like to share with this page, please contact me at

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