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Charles Land born Wakefield, Yorkshire 1767 son of John Land married Elizabeth Dunford lived Leeds, Yorkshire

Birth: Son of John Land 1767 Wakefield

Occupation: Unknown

Residences: Wakefield and Leeds

Marriage: Elizabeth Dunford, Wakefield 1787


  1. James 1789, Wakefield New Zion
  2. Charles Lewis 1797, Leeds

Death of Charles Land:

Death of Elizabeth Dunford Land:

Birth of Charles Land, Wakefield

1767: "Jan, Charles s. of John Land W. 1st" (WAS Parish Records).

Marriage of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford, Wakefield

Charles Land married Elizabeth Dunford on December 25, 1787 in All Saints, Wakefield. (WAS Parish Record)

Children of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford, Wakefield and Leeds

  1. James Land (1789-) and Ann Rawnsley

    Birth: James, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Land, was born August 3, 1789 and baptized August 11, 1789 in the New Zion Independent Church, Wakefield, LDS film 0828166.


    James Land and Anne Rawnsley both of the parish 25 June 1809. He signed - she made her mark. (Rothwell Holy Trinity PR)

    Anne "Rainsley" 25 June 1809 Rothwell, Yorkshire (IGI - M010613)


    1. Elizabeth✟ of James Land, St James Street, born 14, June 1812 baptized 24 August 1812 (St Peter's Leeds PR)

      Death: She must have died as another Elizabeth was baptized in 1825.

    2. Joshua, of James Land and Ann, St James Street, Cloth dresser, baptized 23, Aug 1815 (St Peters Leeds, LDSIGI)

      Death: Joshua Land, single man, Brewery Street, 17 April, 1836, at St Mary's age 21 (Leeds St. Peter's PR)

    3. Charles Dunford Land of James and Ann Land, Cankerwell Lane, cloth dresser, March 2, April 12, 1819 (Leeds St. Peter's PR)


    4. Elizabeth "Rawnsley" of James and Ann Land, born February 21, 1823, baptized 19 June 1825, Cankerwell cloth dresser (Leeds St Peter's PR)

      Listed LDSIGI, Ancestry, and Leeds parish index


    More on the children of James Land and Ann Rawnsley: There are gabs between the births of Joshua in 1815 and Charles Dunford in 1819 and between Charles Dunford and Elizabeth in 1825.

    Death of James Land: 1826 Leeds St Peter (Leeds Parish church) James Land married man Cankerwell Lane March 23, age 36 years

    Family of James Land in the 1841 Census: Not listed in 1841


    • Given the date of birth in relationship to the date of the marriage, James was most likely the first child of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford.
    • The name "James Dunford Land" was used by this branch of the Land family for several generations. It is therefore, my belief that Elizabeth Dunford was the daughter of James Dunford. I have not been able to find an appropriate birth record for Elizabeth Dunford circa 1767.

    Eight Year Break

    Other children: Surely there were other children born to Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford in the eight year period between the birth of James in 1789 and the birth of Charles in 1797. Is is possible to determine who they were? I tried to find other Land children born between 1809 and 1833 in Leeds who were not the children of James and Charles and who might be children of potential siblings of James and Charles. There were a few single mothers. The fathers were: James, Charles, Isaac, Thomas and William. Isaac and Thomas started having children too early to be the sons of Charles and Elizabeth Land. William was the son of Thomas.

    Move from Wakefield to Leeds: Sometime between the birth of James in 1789 and the birth of their next know child in 1797, Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford moved to Leeds.

  2. Charles Lewis Land (1797-1844)

    Birth: Charles "Louis" Land, the son of Charles Land of St James Street, was baptized in the Leeds parish church on September 3, 1797 (Leeds parish records).


    • Despite the long break in the records and the fact that the mother's name was not listed on the baptismal record, I am fairly sure that Charles Lewis Land was the son of Elizabeth Dunford. He named one of his sons James Dunford Land.

    • While the middle name was spelt "Louis" in this baptism, subsequent records spell the name "Lewis". It is possible that this was surname used as a middle name.

    Marriage: Ann Dinsdell, 1816 Birstall Parish


    1. John 1818, Leeds
    2. Elizabeth 1820, Holbeck
    3. Elizabeth 1822, Holbeck
    4. James Dunford, 1826 Holbeck
    5. Charles Lewis, 1829, Holbeck
    6. Emma, 1833, Holbeck
For more on the family of Charles Lewis land and Ann Dinsdale go to Charles Lewis Land

New Zion, Wakefield

The introduction to the Wakefield New or Zion Chapel reads,

"The baptism Book for the Independent Meeting Place Wakefield. Which was opened the first of January 1783 by Mr Gover, Zach 6:13, and Mr Coken who presented from Matt 18:20 for setting."
Zacharias 6:13
"Yea, he shall build a temple to the lord: and he shall bear the glory and shall sit and rule upon his throne, and the counsel of peace shall be between them both"
Matthew 18:20
"For where two or three are gatered together for my sake, there am I in the midst of them"
The records for New or Zion Chapel, Wakefield are on LDS microfilms 0828166 and 1657064. Microfilm 0828166 contains the baptism of James, the son of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford, and the introductory comments on the opening of the Independent Meeting Place quoted above.

It also contains:

  1. Four baptisms for the children of John and Ann Land
  2. Four baptisms for the children of William and Sarah Land
  3. Several burial records
Microfilm 1657064 contains some of the same information. The format is different and some of the information is different.

There were no Land marriages listed in either microfilm between 1838 and 1852.

For more information on the Zion Chapel, see New Zion Chapel , now or at the bottom of the page.

Death of Charles Land

Unknown. Most likely in Leeds.

Death of Elizabeth Dunford Land

Unknown. Most likely in Leeds.


According to the 1906 Ordnance Survey Map of South Leeds, Land Court and Land Court Mill (Mungo) were located just south of the River Aire in the middle of the triangle formed by Water Lane, Meadow Lane, and Great Wilson Street. Land's Court is no longer there. The only known address for Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford in Leeds was on St James Street in Central Leeds. However, their son, Charles Lewis, was in Holbeck by 1820 when their daughter Elizabeth was born. In 1826, at the birth of their son, James, their address was "Water Lane". By 1833 they were living in Brewery Field, Holbeck. I do not know if there is any connection between Charles Lewis Land and the fact that there was a Land's Court in Holbeck. I did not find anyone listed in Land's Court in the 1841 census. In addition I did not find any Lands in this part of Holbeck in the 1841 census.

James Dunford Land

James Dunford Land was a name used in at least three generations of Lands.

Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford had a son named James and a son named Charles Lewis Land. Charles Lewis Land had a son, John (1818) who named one of his sons, James Dunford Land (1855).

London Gazette, February 25, 1910:

Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership here to fore subsisting between us the undersigned James Dunford Land and Frank Clayton, carrying on business as Hearthrug Manufacturers, at Town-Street Batley Carr in Batley in the county of York, under the style or firm of "Land and Nephew" has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the first day of January 1910. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said Frank Clayton, who will continue the business under the style of "Frank Clayton"_ Dated 22nd day of February, 1910.



LAND James Dunford of Kirkham Dene Woodlands-drive Harrowgate died 26 February 1932. Probate London, 26 April to Mary Elizabeth Land widow, John Fearnely organist and Ernst Marshall Wilkeinson saddler. Effects £4477 16s. 2d.

I believe these records relate to James Dunford Land the son of John Land and Mary Dyson. He married but did not have any children. See John Land

Zion Chapel, Wakefield

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Leeds Information

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Where The Lands Lived in Leeds

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Photographs of Leeds

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John Land, the father of Charles Land

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Land Introduction
Elizabeth Dunford
Charles Lewis Land, son of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford
John Land (1818), grandson of Charles Land and Elizabeth Dunford


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