Batley, Yorkshire Pagent August 24, 1907

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Batley Pageant August 24, 1907

In February 2011 Mike Gammon graciously sent the following images of the Batley Pageant of August 24, 1907. The images are from the collection of his wife's ancestor, former Batley mayor George Hirst.

"Batley Pageant of August 24th 1907 (one of them has the date on the back) held it seems to me to celebrate the Empire. I assume the locations are schools, most of them still existing. It seems to have been a great day with considerable hard work put into the floats/exhibits, and they seem to have had a great turn-out. The postcards have been handed down through the Hirst family from George Hirst, ex Batley mayor."

Mike Gammon, February 15, 2011

These images clearly portray some celebration of the commonwealth. The floats include representations of: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, John Bull and the royal court, and Britannica.

No. 1 Batley Pageant Canada (Staincliffe)

While this image is not labeled it is clearly is of the Canada float.

Canada is represented by the wheat and logs decorating the float, the mounties (with their boots, hats and rifles), and the indians (with their feather head dresses).

No. 2 Batley Pageant Australia (Warwick Road)

No. 7 Batley Pageant Australia (Warwick Road)

No. 10 Batley Pageant Australia (Warwick Road)

No. 8 Batley Pageant New Zealand (Parish)

No. 4 Batley Pageant

No. 3 Batley Pageant John Bull (Brownhill)

John Bull is a personification of Great Britain. He is represented by the boy with the top hat, vest and britches. This images also includes a royal court.

No. 11 Batley Pageant John Bull (Brownhill)

No. 9 Batley Pageant Britannia (Field Lane)

Britannia is a female personification of the English island.

No. 12 Batley Pageant Britannia (Field Lane)

India (Park Road (Rodo Series)

No. 5 Batley Pageant

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