Batley, Yorkshire Photos 2006
By Alan Farrar

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Information on the Parish and Town of Batley

Batley Photos by Alan Farrar, 2006

Alan Farrar has been sharing information with the web sited for some time now. Recently he volunteered to take some pictures of the some of the older buildings that remain in Batley.

In the 1860s there were over 30 shoddy mills in the town. Now only a handful of mill buildings are left. The mills have long since been shut down and the buildings turned to other uses.

Alan and his daughter, Rachel, took the following photos of Batley in April, 2006.

Approaching Batley

The Valley from

"Timothy Lane which is a continuation of Batley Field Hill. The change in name takes place somewhere in the region of Ordnance Survey grid reference SE 245252 near Old Hall Road."

Regards, Richard. (Resident of Batley 1947 until 1972, now living in Leeds)

Dock Ing Mill, Bradford Road, 1899

Docking Mill, Bradford Road

Dock Ing Mill from the Carlinghow side on the Bradford Road.

The North side of Dock Ing Mill

On Bradford Road

This building is named on the 1905 map of Batley as Victoria mill - the one occupied by John Jubb Jnr & co., Wendy Rose, 2006

Carlinghow Mills

Carlinghow Mills

Carlinghow Mills

Carlinghow Mills

New Ing Mill

Cheapside Mill

The remains of Cheapside Mill, Bradford Road, now a shopping centre.

Tesco Car Park

Tesco Car Park, looking from Commercial Street towards the Bradford Road & St Thomas Church. This clearly shows how much has been swept away. (Alan Farrar)

Back of Well Lane from Bradford Road

Park Road

Park Road, showing the home of my ggg grandparents the Illingworths, and above, the old Masonic Hall. (Alan Farrar)

National School, Bradford Road, 1848

Joseph M Farrah and Sons, Funeral Directors and Monumental Masons

Not known relatives of Alan's.

Tramway Company, Bradford Road,

Batley tramways was one of the first use steam power.

War Memorial Garden

Batley tramways was one of the first use steam power.

Other Sites With Pictures of Batley

Aerial Photographs of Batley, Yorkshire, UK

by Jonathan Webb

A View of Batley at

Malcolm Haigh's books about Batley

Malcolm Haigh a local Batley historian has written several books about Batley.

  • The History of Batley contains many charming stories about Batley
  • Historical Snapshots of Batley and Birstall is a lovely book of old postcards and photos with comments by Malcolm.
  • His most recent book, Batley Pride, contains more stories of Batley folks.

To obtain a copy of any of Malcolm's books please write to Malcolm Haigh at:

64 Solway Road
West Yorkshire, England, WF17 6HH.

  • The History of Batley is available at 12.95p (about $23.00)
  • Historical Snapshots of Batley and Birstall is 10 (about $17.50)
  • Malcolm's latest book, Batley Pride is 13.95p (about $24.00)
Postage in each case is an extra 4.20 inside the UK but 5.20 overseas (about $9.10) - that's second class, surface mail. Air mail is 11.

Orders, with sterling cheques can be made out either to Malcolm Haigh or The History of Batley Fund.

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Law Land and Elizabeth Sykes were married in Batley. Law Land's ancestors the, Lands, moved to Batley circa 1855. Law Land's ancestors, the Laws, had lived in Batley since circa 1791. To view pictures of Batley, click on the photo of the Batley Parish Church

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For information on the town and parish of Batley, click on the print of the Batley Parish Church

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