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Edith Adelaide Land was born April 9, 1883, the daughter of Law Land, carpenter, and Elizabeth Sykes, of 26 Denison Avenue, Toronto, Canada.

According to family history, Edith was also known as Sarah and Addie. She was listed as Sarah on at least one document and in the 1891 census in Ontario. According to Bud Land, Adelaide AKA Aunt Addie, and Edith, married Edward Moseley and had two children, May and Robert.

According to Helen Land, Edward Moseley was born in 1884 and died in 1949. Addie died in 1955 "on grave marker" and was buried in Hauppauge Cemetery.


Circa 1906 according to the 1910 census.

I could not find a marriage listed in the New York State indexes. Not in NYC Index. Not in Suffolk County Index.


November 13, 1931 Howard Moseley a brother of Edward Moseley of Smithtown died. Howard Moseley lived in Central Islip and was 49 years old. He was survived by is wife Marie and two children, Carl and Marie. He was buried in the Methodist Church cemetery in Hauppauge. He was also survived by "two sisters, Misses Kate and Lulu and three bothers, Charles, Nathan and Edward."

1900 Census: Smithtown under "Morley":

Mosley, Cuthbert, Head, Apr 1854, 46 Married 28 1872, New York, Connecticut, England,
Mosley, Ellen, Wife, Sep 1854, 45, New York, New York, New York,
Mosley, Charles N, Son, Dec 1873, 26, Single, New York,
Mosley, Kate A, Daughter, May 1878, 22, Single, New York,
Mosley, Nathan B, Son, Nov 1880, 19, Single, New York,
Mosley, Howard, Son, Oct 1882, 17, Single, New York,
Mosley, Edward G, Son, Sep 1884, 15, Single, New York,
Mosley, Lulu F, Daughter, Mar 1894, 6, Single
Note: The Moseleys were listed under "Morley" in the 1900 census.

Nathan Moseley born 1880 died 1940 is buried in the Hauppauge Cemetery.


Addie and Edward Moseley had:

  1. May, 1910

    Birth: May 1, 1910, Smithtown N. Y. cert. # 22608.

    Graduation High School: Class of 1929 Smithtown Branch. The class included her cousins: Grace Courier and Helen Land.

    Marriage: According to Helen Land, "May Moseley married Dan McCarthy and remarried to Jack Bennett." I did not find her marriage listed in the Suffolk County Index

    1940 Census: 35th Avenue, Queens, McCarthy, Daniel J, 35, no occupation listed, May E, 29, Dainel, 2, Sheila M 7 months John B Geiselmann, 34, lodger

    Death: MAY E BENNETT, 01 May 1910, 06 Mar 1990, 33710 (Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, FL), 116-05-1167, New York (SSDI)

  2. E. Robert, 1916

    Birth: The Long Islander, April 7, 1916: "A son was born Monday, April 3, to Mr. and Mrs. E Mosley"

    1945: "E Robert Moseley doing business at the Maple Tree Stabless, St. James" County Review Thursday, December 06, 1945 Page: 10

    Death: E ROBERT MOSELEY, 03 Apr 1916, 12 May 1991, 13815 (Norwich, Chenango, NY), 055-16-3252, New York (SSDI)

1910 Census

Kings Park, Smithtown, fuzzy can't read address

  • Edward Moseley, age 26, farmer
  • Wife, wife, age 27
  • Both born New York, married 4 years. 1 child 1 child still living. No child was listed.


Edward C Moseley 30, farmer, Adelaide Moseley 31 May E Moseley 5 very near the Courier family.

1917 Draft Registration

Edward Carl Leisor (?) Moseley, residence, Smithtown Branch, Smithtown, Suffolk Co., New York, age 34, born 10 Sep 1884, white, farmer, employee, Mrs. H. Arnold, Smithtown, relative, Sarah A Moseley, wife, height, tall, build, medium, nothing entered under eye color and hair color, September 12, 1918. This images is hard to read

I did not find a listing for him in WWII.

1920 Census

On Hauppauge Road Smithtown

  • Edward Moseley, age 35, born NY, superintendent painter estates
  • Adelaide, wife, age 36 born English/Canada
  • May E daughter age 9, secretary real estate
  • Robert son age 3 8/12

1929 Move to Maple Ave.

"The family of Edward Moseley will move shortly to the former J. Evans Crane residence in upper Maple avenue." Long Islander July 26, 1929

1930 Census

On Maple Avenue Smithtown

  • Edward Moseley, rent $50, age 47, married at 23, born NY, painter building
  • S. Adelaide, wife, age 47 married at 23, born English/Canada
  • May E daughter age 19, secretary real estate
  • E Robert son age 14


June 5, 1931 Mrs. Edward Moseley provided the music for the Smithown Branch High School Comedy.


Edward C Mosley 56, painter Sarah Adelaide Mosley, age 57 born Canada

Occupation of Edward Moseley

  • 1910, farmer

  • 1917, farmer

  • 1920, painter

  • 1927, "Decorator Edward Moseley and men painted the interior of the Smithtown Library" (Long Islander)

  • 1928, "Ed Moseley redecorated the establishment of J. Bursi" (Long Islander)

  • 1930, painter

Death of Edward Moseley

1949, buried in Hauppauge Cemetery (Helen Land). She is not listed in the Hauppauge Cemetery list.

Death of Adelaide Land Moseley

1955, (Helen Land). He is not listed in the Hauppauge Cemetery list.

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