June 15, 1904

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On June 15 1904 the excursion boat, SS General Slocum, caught fire on the East River of New York City. The boat was carrying about thirteen hundred people, mostly women and children, on an picnic outing from St. Mark's German Lutheran Church located at 6th Street and Second Avenue. The wind was very strong, fanning the fire until it was out of control. The life preservers and hoses were rotted. The victims could neither put out the fire nor jump overboard safely. Many of the crew and passengers were burned to death while others drowned when they jumped into the river to escape the flames.

It was New York City's worst disaster until September 11, 2001.

The City Department of Public Welfare made a report giving various statistics and listing by alphabet those who perished, were missing, or were sent to various hospitals. The list also included some of the people who were uninjured and more or less walked away from the disaster. The Department of Public Welfare counted 622 families, 863 dead, 61 missing, 267 injured and 140 uninjured for a total of 1,331 people.

It is apparent when looking at newspaper reports and other records that many people who "walked away" were not recorded by the city.

Many lists were published by a variety of newspapers across the nation. The City Department of Welfares lists seems to use the most accurate spellings when compared to other records like birth marriage, death and census records. Some of the spellings of surnames in the papers are quite a bit off from the "accepted" spellings of the names. I find it very interesting that most of the given names were Americanized in the papers, the city record, births, deaths, marriages and in the censures. German spellings were frequently kept on tombstones.

A lot has been written about the Solcum diasater. What I was curious about was what happened to the survivors. Using the City Report as a base I have attempted to take a look at the survivors and their families after 1904. In quite a few cases there simply was not enough information to follow an individual.

There was a large number of preteens and teens on board without their parents. I am assuming these were children who went to St. Mark's Sunday School and their friends. Many of these children died. There was also a large number of Sunday School teachers on board. Several of the Sunday School teachers were among the dead and missing.

Many people were sent to local hospitals including: Lebanon, Lincoln, and Harlem. By June 18 it was reported that there were only fourteen Slocum victims remaining in Lebanon Hospital including the Captain of the Slocum. There were sixteen patients still at Lincoln and two at Harlem.

The General Slocum

The General Slocum was a pleasure steamer that was used by many organizations to take day excursions in the New York Harbor and vicinity.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 1904

Post card collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Image shared by Bob Alexander March 2009

In March 2009 Bob Alexander shared some images of the General Slocum.

Image shared by Bob Alexander March 2009

Postcard collection Maggie Land Blanck

This view of the New York Harbor shows Ellis Island behind the General Slocum. In July 2013 J T Chiarella pointed out that the building on the right is "Pier A". It still exists today.

Collection Maggie Land Blanck

The General Slocum

Collection Maggie Land Blanck

"The stricken General Slocum sinks into the Long Island Sound"

Printed on back;

General Slocum Disaster

1904 Flaming Horror on a Death Ship

June 15, 1904, dawned as one of those rare summer days that make New York City seem full of promise. And the Sunday School children of St. Mark's Lutheran Church were glad, because the Rev. George Haas had planned their annual picnic for that day. The children, their parents and their teachers were to board the steamship General Slocum, which would take them up Long Island Sound to Locust Grove on Huntington Bay. There they would eat lunch, play games, and have a great time.

The General Slocum, a typical excursion steamer of the day, had been built of wood in 1890. There were over 1,300 people aboard her as she pulled away from lower Manhattan at 9:40 A.M. The vessel steamed northward up the East River into the western end of the Long Island Sound. At 10:20, just 40 minutes after the Slocum had left her pier, fire broke out. A northerly breeze swept the flames rapidly toward the ship's stern, where the passengers huddled in terror. Capt. Willam Van Schaick beached the blazing steamer, now an inferno, on North Brother Island*, where her stern lay partly submerged in 30 feet of water. Many men, women and children were drowned as the leaped over the sides into the water; hundreds more died in the burning furnace of the hull when the hurricane deck collapsed. In all, 1021 were lost — making this one of the worst catastrophes in maritime history.

The entire nation was shocked, by the tragedy. President Theodore Roosevelt formed a special commission to investigate the disaster; there was also a New York coroner's inquest and a federal grand jury investigation. In the end it was found that the General Slocum's life preservers and fire-fighting equipment were not only inadequate but old and worn out, though they had recently been approved by government inspection. But it is doubtful than many lives would have been saved even if they had been new, since the fire spread through the old wooden hull so rapidly that few would have had time to outfit themselves before leaping into the water. The investigations did, however, lead to more stringent rules governing the inspection of passenger vessels.

A monument to the unidentified dead from the General Slocum still stands in the Old Lutheran Cemetery** in Middle Village, Long Island. Th hulk itself was raised and rebuilt as a coal barge called the Maryland which was lost in a storm off Sandy Hook***, New Jersey, on December 3, 1911.

* North Brother Island in the East River between the Bronx and Rikers Island was the site of Riverside Hospital an institution for the isolation of people with quarantinable diseases such as smallpox and typhoid fever. It is now uninhabited and and off limits to the public.

Karen Lamberson wrote in October 2014:

**Now Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery

***"And the barge, according to Clive Custler, who dived the wreck, was lost off Atlantic City (Brigantine) not off Sandy Hook which is probably fifty miles north of Atlantic City."

Collection Maggie Land Blanck

Printed on back:

"On a sunny June morning in 1904, the General Slocum, an excursion boat, sailed from Manhattan's Third Street pier, bound for Long Island. Aboard the steamer was a local church group looking forward to a day of picnicking and fun. But just minutes after the Slocum left its dock, black smoke began pouring from the ship. Hay and cans of oil had somehow ignited in a supply room, and fire roared through the steamer. The burning of the Slocum proved to be one of the worst disasters on water in American history; 1,021 people — mostly women and children — were killed.

One error after another contributed to the day's tragedy. The ship's captain had not trained his crew to handle a fire. Lifeboats, tied to the ship with wire, could not be launched. Aging fire hoses burst when the water was turned on, and rotted life preservers sank like weights. Many people jumped overboard to escape the spreading flames and drowned.

The disaster shocked the nation, and President Theodore Roosevelt, ordered an investigation. As a result, a federal commission recommended that all new ships be built of steel and have fireproof wall.

The Slocum appears to have been somewhat of a ill fated vessel. See SS General Slocum

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

The Fire in Proress — Scene after the Collapse of the Hurricane-deck

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

The Steamer "General Slocum" Sinking off North Brothers Island after the Fire

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

A View of the "General Slocum" on fire off North Brother Island.

"As soon as word was received of the disaster, fireboats were at once hurried to the scene, where they attempted to put out the fire aboard the steamer and to rescue those who were imprisoned on her. At the moment the vessel went aground the hurricane-deck gave way, throwing many passengers, women and children, into the flames below, where rescue was impossible."

The Aftermath

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

"View of the River Front, showing Bodies cast up on the Shore"

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

"Hospital Surgeons and Nurses attending the Injured"

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

"Another View of the Beach where the Bodies of Victims were Laid Out"

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

"Some of the Survivors, who were provided with Blankets from the Hospital on the Island"

New York Library, digital Collection — Temporary morgue 1904 Gustav Scholer papers Catalog Call Number: MSS 89M31 Digital ID: PS_MSS_CD8_108

New York Times

New York Library, digital Collection — Dock at E 26 St. June 15, 1904 Gustav Scholer papers Catalog Call Number: MSS 89M31 Digital ID: PS_MSS_CD8_108

New York Library, digital Collection — Burial of the 'unidentified' 'Gen. Slocum' disaster June [15, 1904] : Corner Ave. A & 6th St. Gustav Scholer papers Catalog Call Number: MSS 89M31 Digital ID: PS_MSS_CD8_106

Courtesy of The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, VA

The wreck of the General Slocum

Course of the Burning Steamer

Collection Maggie Land Blanck, Harper's Weekly June 25, 1904

Map showing the Course of the Burning Steamer


New York Library, digital Collection — Cemeteries - Lutheran Cemetery - Queens. 1910 Digital ID: 731344F

The General Slocum Disaster Monument, Lutheran Cemetery Queens*

Erected by the Organization of
General Survivors and the Public,
in the Memory of the 61
Unidentified Dead Who Lost Their
Lives on the Steamboat Gen.
Slocum on June 15, 1904.

*In September 2010 Judy Gumaer Testa informed me that the name of the cemetery has been changed to Lutheran All Faith Cemetery, Glendale.

Photo collection Maggie Land Blanck

The General Slocum Disaster Monument, Tompkins Square Park, New York City

This fountain in memory of the victims of General Slocum disaster was erected in 1906 on the north end of Tompkin's Square Park.

St. Mark's German Evangelical Church

St Mark's German Evangelical Church, 323 East 6ht street between First and Second avenues - Image provided by Howie Weber October 2015

St Mark's Church (as of 1940 - Community Synagogue Max D. Raiskin Center, Orthodox Jewish congregation) Image Maggie Land Blanck October 2015

List of Victims of the General Slocum

There are conflicting reports on the numbers of dead, missing, injured and uninjured.

  1. Number of people dead - 938 - Number of missing - 93 - Number of injured - 179 - As listed in "New York's Awful Steamboat Horror" 1904.

  2. Number of identified dead 863, Missing 61, Injured 267, Uninjured 140 for a total of 1,331 according to the 1905 Annual City Report. The report noted that the 1,331 people represented 622 families of which 170 or 27 and a half precent had moved since June 1904.

In 1904, Charities: The Official Organ of the Charity Organization Society ..., Volume 12 stated

"The excursionists were mainly women and children, only nine male heads of families having been known to be lost, and in comparison with the appalling loss of life there was comparatively little loss of property. "

"One hundred and twenty men lost their entire family by the disaster. Of these twenty-nine lost wife only; thirtynine lost wife and one child; thirty-two wife and two children; ten, wife and three children; three, wife and four children; and one, wife and five children; two widowers lost each two children, and one widower four children, while the remaining three of the 120 men left alone as the result of the disaster lost other relatives with whom they were living. Twenty-one men, whose wives and one or more children were lost, were left with one child under fourteen, and eleven others were left with more than one small child, having lost wife and one or more children."

On Saturday June 18, the first mass funeral was held for twenty-nine unidentified and charred bodies - 18 adults and 11 children.

On June 21 it was reported that 773 bodies had been recovered. 640 of those had been identified. 60 bodies were still at the morgue. 29 unidentified bodies had been buried. 32 bodies were at North Brothers Island. Approximately 300 person were still missing.

On June 23 there was a second burial of 50 unidentified dead - 32 adults and 18 children. On June 25 an additional 12 unidentified bodies were buried - 2 adults and 12 children.

On June 30 an additional 6 unidentified bodies wer buried - 2 adults, three children and one of body parts.

Arrangements were made for the careful designation of the number and location of the burials in the event that the bodies would need to be disinterred. A sectional drawing was made and each coffin contained a plate with a number on it. Clothing was removed before the body was buried and placed in a box that matched the number on the coffin. Within sixty days of the burials 37 bodes were thus identified and disinterred to be reburied by their family.

⚰ = DEAD



Abendschien/Abendschein ⚰ died Mary age 34

City Record: 325 E 18th Mary age 34 DEAD

Mary Abendschien was born April 6, 1870.

Mary Abendschien was the Chairperson of the Sunday Excursion Committee and therefore the prime organizer of the General Slocum excursion. She was also a Sunday school teacher at St. Mark's.

It is said she died trying to save some of her students. Her body was identified by her brother Charles. According to Find A Grave, Mary Abendshien was buried in Lutheran Cemetery. The Abendschien family has an impressive mausoleum at Lutheran All Faith Cemetery.

Abesser ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ Died Wilhelmina age 36 and Henry age 6

City Record: Abesser, 128 E 4th - Amelia age 36, Henry age 6 both DEAD, Emma age 10, and Kate age 8 both injured and sent to Lebanon Hospital

Henry Abesser, born circa 1866, was an electric bell hanger and locksmith with a small shop at street level on 4th street. In 1904 he and his wife, Amelia✟, had three children, Emma, Kate and Henry✟. He lost his wife, Amelia✟ and son, Henry✟, age 6. Emma age 10 and Kate age 8 survived. Both were briefly in Lebanon hospital. Henry Abesser remarried in 1905 and although his second wife was young enough they not appear to have had children. Henry Abesser stayed on 4th street until at least 1929. Kate Abesser took a "business" trip to Dresden, Germany in 1915. I have not been able to follow the family further.

Marriage 1: Amelia/Emilie/Mary - Henry Abesser SPOUSE: Emilie Wiegand MARRIAGE: 10 Sep 1893 - Manhattan

Emilie Wiegand, Sept 10, 1893 Manhattan (NYC Index)


  1. Emma

    Emmy E. Abesser BIRTH DATE: 5 Apr 1894 BIRTH PLACE: New York, New York CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 16224

    Emmy Elisa Abesser birth: 5 April 1894 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Henry Abesser mother: Emilie Wiegand

  2. Katie

    Katherine Abesser BIRTH DATE: 24 Oct 1896 RECORDED BIRTH YEAR: 1896 BIRTH PLACE: Kings, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 42271 S

    Kate Abesser born 24 October 1896 applied for a passport no occupation was listed but the reason for the trip was "business". She stated that she left New York on August 30, 1910 and was sojourning in Dresden, intending to return to the United states within two years, age 18, 5 ft 1 inches, brown eyes, dark brown hair, dated July 7, 1915 Dresden Germany.

    Kate Abesser ARRIVAL DATE: 18 Oct 1915 BIRTH DATE: 24 Oct 1896 BIRTH LOCATION: New York AGE: 18 GENDER: Female PORT OF DEPARTURE: Rotterdam PORT OF ARRIVAL: New York, New York SHIP NAME: Rijndam, address 128 E 4th Street

  3. Henry✟ circa 1898

1900: Avenue B, Henry Abbasar 34, plumber, married 8 years 3 children 3 living, "Mary" Abbasar 30 Katie Abbasar 6 Annie Abbasar 4 Henry Abbasar 2

1903: Henry Abesser Locksmith and Bell Hanger, 128 E 4th New York, New York, USA New York, New York, City Directory, 1903


June 16 1904, Mrs. K Abesser, Kate age 8, and Henry Abesser age 4, and Emil, age 11, all of 128 E 4th street listed as missing. Mrs. Abesser and Henry were among the dead identified on June 19, 1904.

GENERAL SLOCUM DEAD: Abesser, Amelia, age 36, and Henry age 6 both of 128 E 4th street.

Abesser, Emma age 10 and Katie 8 both of 128 E. 4th street were listed at Lebanon Hosptial .

1904 New York City Death Index: Abesser, Amelia, age 37, June 15, 1904, Henry age 6, June 15, 1904 Bronx.

Find a Grave: Henry Abesser DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx County, New York, USA CEMETERY: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery BURIAL OR CREMATION PLACE: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA MOTHER: Amelia Abesser

1905: Marriage of Henry Abesser, January 4, 1905 Manhattan, to Bertha Petruck

Henry Abesser 4 January 1905 Manhattan, New York, New York father: Simon mother: Johanna Kranse spouse: Bertha Petruck other: Ludwig, Maria Sperling
1905: Naturalization, Abesser, Henry, U. S. District Court, New York, April 27, 1905, 128 E 4th Street, NYC electrician born Nov 28, 1870 Germany arrived New York October 1892.

1905 Census: 4th street, Abesser, Henry, head, age 35 born Germany store, Bertha, wife, 36 born Germany, Emma daughter age 10, Katie daughter age 8.

1910: 130 E 4th street, Manhattan, Henry Abesser 39, married 5 years, immigrated 1890, electrician own shop, Bertha Abesser 40, 0 children 0 still living, immigrated 1900, Emy Abesser 16 Katy Abesser 14

1915: 4th Street, Manhattan, Abesser, Henry, 45, Germany locksmith, Bertha, wife, 46 Germany, Emma, daughter age 21

1915: Passport application for Bertha Abesser born Hamburg 1 Sept 1868 wife, 128 E 4th street, to Germany to settle estate

1929: H. Abesser electrician 128 E. 4th street.

1944: Bertha Abesser died Jul 15, 1944 Manhattan

No death listed for Henry.

Kate Abesser from her 1915 passport application

Bertha Abesser from her 1915 passport application. Bertha was the second wife of Henry Abesser.

Abrahams ⚰

In August 2016 Anthony Pisciotta, a volunteer at Bayside Jewish Cemetery in Queens, notified me that Isaac (Ike) Abrahams, a victim of the General Slocum disaster was buried at Bayside Cemetery.

Isaac Abrahams, a musician, was the elder son of Max and Amelia Abrahams. His brother, Joseph, was also a musician. ABRAHAMS, Isaac, musician, 24 years, of 166, Avenue C, was initially listed as missing. He was identified as dead on Saturday June 25, 10 day after the incident.

1900 Census: Manhattan, 166 Ave. C., Max Abrahams 41, tailor, born Germany, Emilia Abrahams 48, married 23 years 4 children 4 living, born Germany, Ike Abrahams 21, born New York, musician, Hannah Abrahams 18, clothing, Joseph Abrahams 13, Minnie Abrahams 6


"Robert Nachman of 1355 Broadway, Brooklyn, was among the visitors to Headquarters yesterday. He said he had come to see whether any news had been heard of his brother-in-law, Isaac Abraham, who was one of the musicians aboard the ill fated steamboat. One of his friends who was aboard the boat had told him that Abrahams remained playing his music even when the flames had broken through the decks." (NY Times)
Note: Hannah Abrahams married Robert Nachman January 30, 1901 Cert # 2252 Manhattan.

1904: Isaac Abrahams age 26 166 Ave. C was identified on June 25, per the NY Times

1904: In August 2016 Anthony Pisciotta share the death certificate of Isaac Abrahams -

"Corrected Certificate" Isaac Abraham, Port Morris* off North Island, General Slocum, single, musician, New York City, Father Max Abraham born Germany, mother, Amelia Hiller, born Germany, found East River off North Island, 23 ward, cause of death submersion, buried Bayside Cemetery, June -7, 1904, cert #3766 Bronx

*Port Morris is a section of the bronx.

1905: "166 Ave. C.", Max "Abrams" 50, tailor, Amelia Abrams 44, Joseph Abrams 17, musician, Minnie Abrams 11, Sam Jacobowitz 24, boarder, printer, Herman Jacobowitz 21, boarder, tailor

1909: Death of Amalia Abrahams age 50, July 19, 1909 #21959

1910: E. 79th street, Max "Abrams" 55, widow, sexton, undertaker, Joseph Abrams 23, musician, theater, Minnie Abrams 16, bookkeeper, department store, Hannah Marks 24, boarder

1915: 79th street, Max Abrahams 60 Joseph Abrahams 29, musician, Mrs. Jos. Abrahams 29

1920: 87th street, Max Abrahams 68, retired, widowed, born Posen Germany, Joseph Abrahams, son, 33, musician, Hannah Abrahams, daughter in law, 34 Amelia Abrahams 5 months, grand daughter, Edward Levy 39, son in law, sales person gents hats, Minnie Levy 25, daughter, Ira Levy 4 [4 9/12] grand son, Dora Nachman 18, cousin, Ethel Green 20, lodger

1925: 87th street, Max Abrahams 73 Joseph Abrahams 38, musician, Hanna Abrahams 39, Ruth Abrahams 03 Amelia Abrahams -, Edward Levy 44, son in law, Minnie Levy 31, daughter, Ira Levy 10, Ray Reiss 30, cousin, Carl Fricker 37, cousin, Catharine Fricker 40, cousin

1930: 88th street, Manhattan, Joseph Abrahams 43, Secretary Musical Union Hanna Abrahams 44 Max Abrahams 77, father, widow, Amelia Abrahams 10 Ruth Abrahams 7 Isabel M Abrahams 3 [3 9/12] Vera Siedman 14, lodger, Ivan Siedman 8, lodger, Max Lindthammer 27, lodger, Irmine Woncsh 39, lodger

Death of Max Abrahams: After 1930

SS Death Info for Joseph Abrahams: Joseph Abrahams Birth Date: 8 Feb 1887 Birth Place: N Y City, New York Father: Max Abrahams, Mother: Amelia Hiller, Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jun 1941: Name listed as JOSEPH ABRAHAMS

Find a Grave:

Birth: Jul. 24, 1876 Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York New York County (Manhattan) New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 26 death cert # 3766, Bronx - musician, lived at 166 Avenue C

Death Record: Abrahams, Isaac, age 26, June 15, 1904, Cert # 3766 Bronx

Grave marker of Ike Abrahams - Photo courtesy Anthony D Pisciotta August 2016

Acherman (Ackerman) ⚰ ⚰ Died Babetta (Barbara) age 29 and Caroline age 1

City Record: Achermann, No. 406 5th St. Barbara

1894: Xavier Acherman 216 2d Occupation: Wagons Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1894

1905: 406 5th street, Manhattan, Xavier Ackermann 40, born Switzerland, wheelwright.

1912: Xavier Ackermann Age: 41 Death Date: 26 Dec 1912 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 36149

Find a Grave: Babetta and Lena buried Most Holy Trinity Brooklyn - husband Xavier

New York Steamboat Horror: The Fire on the General Slocum By H. D. Northrop:

"The body of Lena "Ackerman", 16 months old, was identified by her father. Mr. Ackerman was walking out on the pier, when he say some photographers slant a coffin against the side of the pier ad attempt to take a picture of two bodies therein. He recognized the features of his baby and, rushing forward, tore the body from the coffin. It was some time before the police could persuade him to give it up."
Most Holy Trinity was/is a German Roman Catholic Cemetery. See Most Holy Trinity Cemetery

Adickes (Addix/Addicks/Adieckis) ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☁ died - John age 15, Martha age 11, and Mary age 9

City Record: Adickes, 49 Ave A John 15 DEAD, Martha 11 MISSING, Ernest 6 to Lincoln Hospital, Annie 8 to Flower Hospital, Margaret Stuve 65, grandmother, to Lincoln Hospital - Margaret Heidekamp adopted daughter age 12 DEAD

Find a Grave: Martha Addicks age 11, body not found, missing or unidentified. Mary age 9 Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 9 years old, missing, body not recovered or identified, lived at 49 Avenue A Burial: Body lost or destroyed Specifically: not recovered from burning of General Slocum in East River, NYC. unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 15 years old, death cert # 3647 Bronx, clerk @ $6.00 week. "Mrs. Adickes" was actually Margaret Stuve (65) grandmother and chaperone of the Adickes children. John Adickes (15) and his adopted sister Margaret Heidekamp (12) were lost in the fire. Sister, Annie (8) survived. In the Slocum program for June 15th 1904, the Adickes' business is advertised: E ADICKES Fine Confectionary and Ice Cream Saloon, 49 Avenue A, between 3rd and 4th Streets. The family lived upstairs over the store. Burial: Unknown John

Ernest Adickes had a candy store on Ave A. He and his wife Annie (nee Stuve) had 5 living children in 1904. The 1900 census listed Annie as have had 6 children 4 of whom were still living. The Adickes children: John, Margaret , Martha;, Mary (Anna), and Ernst, ranging in age from 16 to 5 were accompanied on the Slocum excursion by their grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Stuve, age 65. Three Adickes children, John✟ (16) and Margaret✟ (12) died, Martha✟ (missing). (On some later lists Margaret was listed as Margaret Heidekamp age 13 years - an adopted daughter.) Annie age 8 year and Ernst age 5 were injured and were hospitalized. Ernst, age 6, was a Lincoln Hospital and Annie, age 8 was at Flower Hospital. Margaret Stuve, 65, was at Lincoln. Martha was not listed among the dead but she was not listed in the 1910 census. It can be assumed that she was among the unidentified dead. In the 1910 census Annie Adickes said she had 9 children of which four were still living. In 1910 her mother, Margaret Stuve, said she had had 6 child of whom 3 were still living.

The Adickes moved to New Jersey before 1907. The had two additional children: Catherine c 1907 and Herman c 1909. Margaret Stuve, age 80, was still living with the family in 1920.

Ernst Adickes married Anna Stuve the daughter of Margaret Stuve. They had: John✟ (c 1888), Margaret✟ (c 1892) (adopted), Martha (c 1894), Mary/Anne (c 1895), Ernst (c 1899) Catherine (c 1907), Herman (c 1909). John and Margaret died in the Slocum disaster.

1895: Anna Mary Adickes, Gender: Female, Birth Date: 12 Dec 1895, Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, Father's Name: Ernst Adickes Mother's Name: Anna Stuve Adickes, Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00508-6 , System Origin: New_York-ODM , GS Film number: 1322326

1904: Mrs. Stuve, the grandmother, took the child on the Slocum outing. She survived and was listed at Lincoln Hospital as
"Mrs. Mary (or Maggie) Addix" 49 Ave A, shock. She was also listed as Margaret Stuve, Grandmother, age 65, at Lincoln Hospital.

According to a list in the New York Times of June 16, 1904, Injured, Addix, Mrs. Maggie 49 Ave A shock Lincoln Hospital.

The NY Times listed Mrs. Maggie Addix of 49 ave A in Lincoln hospital in shock

The NY Times listed John Addicks age 15 among "Yesterdays's identified dead" on June 23.

June 16, listed as missing: Addicks, John 16, Martha 10, Annie 7, Ernest 5, Amelia 75 all of 49 Ave A.

Listed as injured:

  1. The newspapers reported INJURED - ADDIX, Mrs. Maggie 49 av A shock in Lincoln Hospital.
  2. Unknown (last name), Girl 7 years old, first name Annie, lives at 49 Ave. A. Burns on face and hands, Lincoln Hospital was with her mother and three sisters, but could not tell her last name. Others were lost.
  3. At Lincoln Hospital, Attics, Ernie, age 8, 49 Avenue A.

Listed as missing June 18, 1904: Addick, Margaret age 11, 49 Avenue A

June 18, 1904 Newly Identified dead: Addicks, Margaret, age 12, of No 49 Avenue A

Later listed as dead were:

  1. ✟ADDICKS, Margaret, 12 years, of 49 Avenue A - dead

  2. ✟ADDICKS, John, 16 years, of 49 Avenue A, (died)

  3. ✟Margaret Heidkamp 13, adopted child (died)

Listed as Missing:
  1. ADDICKS, Martha, 10 years, of 49 Avenue A, (missing) (She was definitely the daughter of Ernst and Anna Adickes). John age 15 and "Martha" age 11, were listed as dead in a later list.
  2. ADDICKS, Mary, 9 years, of 49 Avenue A (She was definitely the daughter of Ernst and Anna Adickes)
  3. ADDICKS, Amelia, 75 years, of 49 Avenue A (???)

Listed in a Hospital:
  1. ADDICKS, Annie, 7 years, of 49 Avenue A, (Flower Hospital) She was listed later as Addicks, Annie, age 8, 49 Ave. A
  2. INJURED: Addicks, Ernest, age 4, 49 Ave A. and Annie, age 8, 49 Ave A. - ADDICKS, Ernest, 5 years, of 49 Avenue A, (Lincoln Hospital)
"Mrs. Addicks" was rescued (this was actually Mrs Stuve, the grandmother):
"The first person that I saw was Mrs. Addicks, who keeps a candy store at No. 53 Avenue A, and she called me by name, and I went over and helped her by keeping her chin above water and towing her a little. She got to shore all right and was not much hurt. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me."

Testimony of Charles Schwartz, Jr., machinist's apprentice, eighteen years old.

History of the General Slocum Disaster, J. S. Ogilvie

No listing under NYC death index for Addicks/Adickes in June 1904. John "Adrickes", age 15, June 15, 1904 #3647 Bronx

1894 directory: Ernest Adickes, 1894, 49 Ave A, Candy, New York, New York, City Directory, 1894

1900: 49 Ave. A. Ernst "Adierkis", 37, born Germany, Candy Store, Annie wife, age 33, married 12 years, 6 children 4 living John son 10, Martha daughter 5, Annie daughter 4, Ernst son 3, Stuve, Margareth, mother in law, age 50, widow (nothing entered under # of children,) Stuve, Richard son age 24, ice cream, Heidkember, Maggie, border, age 6, adults born Germany, children born New York.

After the tragedy (and before 1907) the Adickes moved to Ridgewood, New Jersey. The had two more children born in New Jersey: Catherine c 1907 and Herman circa 1909.

1910: Village of Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey, Ernest Adicks 46, married 23 years, born Germany, immigrated 1880, manufacturer confectionaries, Anna M Adicks 43, 9 children 4 living, born Germany, Anna Adicks 15, born NY, Ernest Adicks 11, born NY, Catherine Adicks 3, born New Jersey Herman Adicks 1, born New Jersey, [1 3/12], Margaret Steve 71, mother in law, born Germany, widow, 6 children 3 living, Edward Adides 35, cousin, confectioner

In 1915 Ernest Adickes, son of a confectioner who had a store on Ridgewood Ave., summoned the police concerning a burglary. There was a shoot out between the police and three buglers in which two of the buglers were shot. (June 18, 1915 Trenton Evening Times)

1917: WWI DR for Ernest Dietrick Adickes, born June 2, 1897, New York address 173 - Ridgewood Av. Ridgewood, Radio Laboratory, customs service, Navy Yard, New York, nearest relative his father, blue eyes light brown hair.

1920: Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey, Ernest J Adickes 58, confectioner own store, born Hanover, Germany, Anna Adickes 54, born Hanover, Germany, Ernest E Adickes 21, Catherine M Adickes 13, Herman J Adickes 10, Margaret Stuve 80, mother in law, born Hanover, Germany.

Alber ⚰ died - Sophia age 16

City Record: Sophia Alber Age: 16 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2748

Find a Grave: Sophia E Alber Birth Place: USA Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: New York, USA Cemetery: Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, Burial or Cremation Place: Bronx, Bronx County, New York, USA - address 628 East 138the street

Albrecht ⚰ ☀ ☀ - died Selma age 44

City record: Albrecht, 201 E 10th street, Joseph 50 "taken home", Martha "9" uninjured, Selma age 44 DEAD

Joseph Albrecht of 210 E 10th street was on the Slocum with his wife, Selma age 44, and his daughter Martha age 9 (also listed as age 14). Joseph survived and was listed as "taken home". Selma✟ died. Martha age 9 was uninjured. They had other children who do not appear to have been on the Slocum that day. This included Lillian who was age 8 in 1905. In 1900 Selma said she had 5 children of whom 5 were still living. There were 5 children in the family in 1905 Joseph did not remarried. The family moved uptown to Amsterdam ave by 1905.

Jun 16 1904: NY Times - Joseph Albrecht of 210 E 10th street was on the upper deck with his wife and daughter, Martha age 14, when there heard a boy shout that the chairs were on fire. Martha ran off to find a girl friend. Sensing the boat was doomed Mrs. Albrecht went in search of her daughter. That was the last Joseph Albrecht saw of his wife until he identified her body in the morgue. He climbed over the rail and slid down the deck post intending to reach the lower deck. He was pushed overboard by the crowd. Just as he went over he saw his daughter jump. Hundreds were jumping or being pushed into the water. He did not see his daughter after that.

June 16 1904: N Y Times - Missing Albrecht, Martha 14, 201 E. 10th street - DEAD Albrecht, Mrs. Selma age 44, 201 E10th st, identified by her husband.

1900: Manhattan, Joseph Albrecht 44,* Superintendent leggings, Selma Albrecht 43,*, married 19 years 5 children 5 living , Clara Albrecht 17,* Bruno Albrecht 16,* William Albrecht 9, Martha Albrecht 4, Lillian Albrecht 3

*born Germany, immigrated 1890

1905: Amsterdam ave., Joseph Albrecht 52, delicatessen, Clara S Albrecht 21, teacher P.S., Brus J Albrecht 20, teacher P. S., Willie F Albrecht 15, Martha W Albrecht 10, Lillie M Albrecht 8

1925: Bronx, Joseph Albrecht 72, landlord, Clara Albrecht 38, teacher school, Martha Albrecht 26, housework

1930: Bronx, Joseph Albrecht 76, reitred Clara Albrecht 45, teacher public school, Martha Albrecht 33, none

1932: Joseph Albrecht was a member of the Slocum survivors association committee.

Question: Was Lillian on the boat with them in 1904?

Arnoldi ⚰ - died Eleanore age 11

NY Times June 26, 1904 : Dead Identified June 25, "Alnoldi", Ella age 11, 73 1st ave.

City Record: Arnoldi, Eleanore, 73 1st ave., age 11 missing

Charles Arnoldi, cigar maker, was born in Niederbrombach, Brokenfeld Germany circa 1841. He immigrated to the USA before 1867.

He married Catherine Hild in Manhattan in 1867.

1867: Charles Arnoldi and Catharine Hild Marriage Date: 1867 Manhattan, New York, New York Certificate Number: 295

The had:
  1. Philippine 1867

    Phillipina Arnolde 27 Jun 1867 Manhattan, New York Father's Name Charles Arnolde Mother's Name Catharina Hild Arnold

    1890: Robert Schowold Marriage 20 Jan 1890 Manhattan, New York Age 28 Marital Status Single Birthplace Germany Father's Name William Mother's Name Fredricka Famger Spouse's Name Philopena Arnoldi Spouse's Age 22 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace N. Y. City Spouse's Father's Name Charles Spouse's Mother's Name Katie Smith

    1910: E. 88th street Robert W Schoewald 49, cornice maker, sheet maker, Philopiow L Schoewald 42 Anna Schoewald 19, examiner of no banking house, Fredrick W Schoewald 16, stenographer, law office, Charles R Schoewald 12, Edith Schoewald 10

  2. Matilda [Tillie] circa 1868

    Marriage 1889: William Scharf Marriage 02 Apr 1889 Manhattan, New York Age 40 Birthplace Germany Father's Name Peter J. Mother's Name Caterina Wolfenhol Spouse's Name Tillie Arnoldi Spouse's Age 21 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace New York City Spouse's Father's Name Charles Spouse's Mother's Name Katie Hildt

    1910: E. 89th street, William Scharf 62, tailor, Tillie Scharf 41 [44] Charlotte Scharf 20 Sophia Scharf 9

  3. Dorothea [Delia] 1 June 1868

    Dorothea Wilhelmine Arnoldi 1 June 1868 Manhattan father: Carl Christian Friedrich Arnoldi mother: Katharine Hild Arnoldi (LDS)

  4. Lena 1872

    Lina Arnoldi 06 Feb 1872 Manhattan, New York, Father's Name Carl Arnoldi Mother's Name Catharine "Hill" (LDS)

  5. Agnes Henrietta Arnold birth: 22 June 1873 Manhattan, father: Charles Arnold mother: Catherine Hild

  6. Eliza circa circa 1873

  7. Caroline 1875

    Caroline Arnold 05 Feb 1875 Manhattan Father's Name Charles Arnold Mother's Name Catherine Heid Arnold

    1900: Brooklyn, Franklin Miller 28, steel engraver, Carrie Miller 25, 2 children 2 living, Franklin Miller 3 Helen Miller 1 Theckla Miller 23, sister

    Carrie Arnoldi Wedelstaedt, [Carrie Arnoldi Arnoldi], SSN: 106384187, Gender: Female, Birth Date: 4 Feb 1875, Birth Place: City, New York, Father: Charles Arnoldi, Mother: Katie Schmidt, Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jul 1963: Name listed as CARRIE ARNOLDI WEDELSTAEDT

    1910: Brooklyn, Paul Wedelstardt 36, grocer, grocery store, Carrie Wedelstaedt 35, 3 children 3 living, Paul Wedelstaedt 1 Franklin E Miller 13, step son, Helen C Miller 11, step daughter

  8. Louise Arnoldi 3 September 1876 Manhattan, father: Charles Arnoldi mother: Catherine Heid

Catherine Arnoldi died between 1876 and 1881. (Not listed in NYC Death index.)

Charles married Mary Rohrig in 1881. They had:

  1. Antoinette [Tony] 1882

    Antonie Arnold 18 May 1882 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Charles Arnold mother: Mary "Borich" (LDS)

  2. George Scopolo Eugene Arnoldi birth: 25 July 1886 Manhattan, father: Carl Cristian Fr. Arnoldi mother: Marie Bohrig Arnoldi (LDS)

    Died age 4 years Sept 28, 1890, Manhattan #31438

  3. Edward circa 1890

    Eduard Ferdinand Arnoldi birth: 2 July 1889 Manhattan, father: Carl Chr. Arnoldi mother: Maria Rohrig (LDS)

    WWI Draft: Edward Arnoldi July 2, 1889, New York accountant, young men's Christian Ass, wife and one child, 409 Charlotte Pl New York short, grey eyes broen hair medium build.

    Edward Arnoldi SSN: 099-26-6589 Last Residence: 11364 Flushing, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 2 Jul 1889 Died: Jan 1976 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1951)

  4. Herting L Arnoldi, Death, 25 Sep 1888, Manhattan, New York, Gender Female, Age 0, Birthplace New York City, Burial Date 26 Sep 1888, Burial Place New York City, New York, New York, Father's Name Charles, Father's Birthplace Germany, Mother's Name Mary, Mother's Birthplace US

  5. Fred Otto 1891

    Ferdinand Otto Arnoldi birth: 17 July 1891 Manhattan father: Karl Chr. Fr. Arnoldi mother: Marie Bohrig Arnoldi (LDS)

    1942: WWIIDR: Fred Otto Arnoldi BIRTH: 17 Jul 1891 - New York City, New York, USA, Franklin, Ohio

    SSN: Carrie Arnoldi Wedelstaedt [Carrie Arnoldi Arnoldi] SSN: 106384187 Gender: Female Birth Date: 4 Feb 1875 Birth Place: City, New York Father: Charles Arnoldi Mother: Katie Schmidt Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jul 1963: Name listed as CARRIE ARNOLDI WEDELSTAEDT

  6. Eleanore [Ella] 1893 - died in Slocum disaster age 11

    1893: Eleanore Arnoldi 16 Jun 1893 Manhattan, New York, Father's Name Charles Arnoldi Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 52 Mother's Name Marie Rahrig Arnoldi Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 32

Charles Arnoldi died in December 1905. Mary Rohrig Arnoldi was still alive in 1930.

1870: Charles Arnoldy 28, born Bavaria, cigar maker, Catharina Arnoldy 22, Philipine Arnoldy 3, Dorothea Arnoldy 2, Elisa Arnoldy 2/12

Death of Catherine Arnoldi:

1880: 4th street, Margaretta Arnoldi 58, widowed, Carl Arnoldi 38, son, widowed, works in cigar factory, Philipina Arnoldi 13 Delia Arnoldi 12 Lena Arnoldi 9 Eliza Arnoldi 7 Carolina Arnoldi 5

Marriage: Charles Arnoldi 22 Jul 1881 Manhattan, New York Age 40 Birthplace Niederbrombach, Brokenfeld, Germany Father's Name Charles Ch. F. Arnoldi Mother's Name Mary Margret Meyer Spouse's Name Mary Rohrig Spouse's Age 21 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace New York City, N.Y. Spouse's Father's Name Charles Rohrig Spouse's Mother's Name Marie Tisch

1900: 1st ave., Charles Arnoldi 59, Germany, imm 1870, cigar maker, Mary Arnoldi 40, wife, 7 children 4 living, Tony Arnoldi 18, daughter, neckwear, Edward Arnoldi 10, Otto Arnoldi 8, Ella N Arnoldi 6

Death: Charles Arnoldi Birth Year: abt 1842 Age: 63 Death Date: 3 Sep 1905 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 28326

1905: 1st ave., Charles Arnoldi 63, born German, cigar maker, Mary Arnoldi 43, Antonina Arnoldi 23, milliner, Edward Arnoldi 15, "Oddo" Arnoldi 10

1910: 1st ave., Mary Arnoldi 45, widow, worker restaurant, Otto Arnoldi 18, fur factory,

1920: Queens, Chaffee st 64th Mary Arnoldi 58, widowed, Antonia Arnoldi 37, toy factory, Fredrick O Arnoldi 28, clerk toy factory

1930: Queens, Chaffee st 64th Mary Arnoldi 69, widowed, Antonia Arnoldi 48, saleslady, home furnishings

Anger ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Charles age 52, Minnie, age 29, Rose age 19

City Record: Charles Anger 357 62nd street, age 52, born Germany and Minnie age 29 were listed among the dead. Charles age 30 was listed as uninjured.

Charles Anger senior was the superintendent of the Sunday School and leader of the Bible class at St. Marks. He was also on the Board of Elders. He was on the Slocum with his son, Charles age 30, and his daughter-n-law, Minnie Bernius Anger age 29. Charles✟ senior and Minnie✟ perished. By 1900 Elizabeth Anger had already lost one child according to the census. Charles junior, a widower, and his mother, Elizabeth, were listed in the 1910 Census at 62nd street. Charles junior died in 1913. He is not listed in the NYC Death Index. Elizabeth was listed as a widow in the 1920 census.

Brooklyn Eagle: June 17 list of dead:
  • ANGER, Charles A., 52 years, of 357 East Sixty-second street, identified by George F.

  • ANGER, cousin, of 1365 Third avenue. (This would be Rose, the daughter of George F Anger)

  • ANGER, Minnie, 24 years, of 357 East Sixty-second street; identified by cousin, George F. ANGER, of 1365 Third avenue

1880: 6th ave. Charles C. Anger 28, tailor, born Hanover, Elizth. Anger 30, born England, Charles A. Anger 6, William N. Anger 2, Clarlie Anger 29, cousin, tailor's apprentice

They were listed twice in 1880.

1889: Charles Fredk. Henry Anger Spouse Wilhelmine Bernius 30 Aug 1899 Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name: Chas. A. Anger Mother's Name: Bessie Williams Spouse's Father's Name: George J. Bermius Spouse's Mother's Name: Louisa Heiderbach (LDS)

1900: 357 62nd street, Anger, Chas. head, 56 tailor, Eliza, wife, 49, 3 children 2 living, born England, Chas, Jr, son, age 24, tailor, Mary d. in law, age 22, 0 children, William, C-----, niece, age 22, Anger, Can't read, father, 82, Williams Can't read, "m-in-law", 38, (born 1862, England) 6 children 1 living

1910: 357 East 62nd street, Anger, Elizabeth, age 59, widow 3 children 2 living born England, own income, Charles F, son age 34 widowed, chauffeur private family, plus two boarders.

1913: Charles F. Anger Birth Date: 1875 Death Date: 1913 Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA. Not listed in the NYC Death Index.

1920: Elizabeth Anger, age 69 born England, 357 E. 62nd street

Rose - Anger daughter of George and Hannah Anger

1900: Manhattan George F Anger 37, baker, Hannah Anger 34, 4 children 4 living, Rose Anger 16, Kate Anger 14, Gertrude Anger 4, George F Anger 2, Helene Hudetz 19 servant

Death: Rose Anger Age: 19 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2907

Find a Grave: Rose Anger, age 19 years death cert # 2907, Bronx, lived at 1365 3rd Avenue

1905: E 78th street, George Anger 44, baker, Hannah Anger 38, saleslady, Katie Anger 19, saleslady, Gertrude Anger 14, George Anger 6, Louis Anger 4

1910: 122nd street, George Ange 49, no occupation, Hannah Anger 43, 3 children 3 living, Gertrude Anger 13 George Anger 11 Louis Anger 9 Anna Fogel 16, servant

1920: 122nd street, George F Auger 58, real estate, Hanna B Auger 53 Gertrude Auger 23 George F Auger 21 Ludwig Auger 19

1930: Pelham ParkwaySouth, Bronx, George F Anger 69, born New York, Hannah B Anger 63, born Virginia

1870: New York Ward 15 District 8, New York, New York Ludwig Anger 53, baker, Hannover, 9,000 - 1,000, Elizabeth Anger 46, Hessen, Ludwig John Anger 20, clerk in piano factory, John August Anger 18, baker, A Charles Anger 16, baker, Helen Anger 14, Kate Anger 12, George Anger 9, Helena Noll 76, Hessen, Charles Eugen 18, tailor, Chas Eugen 11, at school, Susanna Ryner 19, servant, Peter Smidt 24, baker

1880: Annie Anger 54, Saxony, Louis Anger 30, baker, John Anger 28 August Anger 26 Lena Anger 24 Katie Anger 22 George Anger 19, baker Lena Hoth 16, niece, clerk, a servant and three boarders all bakers

Ansel ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Alfred age 4, Eugene, Jr. age 6, Louise, age 28

City Record:

1900: West End Ave., Eugene Ansel 28, imm 1892, clerk (or cook) hotel, Louisa Ansel 24, imm 1890, 1 child 1 living, Eugene Ansel 2

1902/1903: Eugene Ansel 103 E 4th, Delicatessen, New York, New York, USA

1904: Ansel, Alfred age 4, Louisa age 28 both of 103 E. 4th street

ANSEL, Alfred, 4 years, of 103 East Fourth street Dead or Missing June 17, 1904

It would appear that Eugene's body was never identified or recovered as no death certificate was issued.

"John Ansel of 103 East Forth street, whose wife and two young sons were on the "Slocum" picked out one after another of five bodies at the Alexander avenue station as that of his wife. The man was crazy with grief.

He told the police that early in the day he had received a message from Germany telling of the death of his father, and within minutes heard of the disaster of the "Slocum on which were his wife and children.

Coroner Berry got from Ansel the initials on the inside of his wife's ring, and a body which was not one of those picked out by Ansel, but which had already been identified by the dress as that of Mrs. Elizabeth Diehl of 905 East Fifth street, was found to by Mrs. Ansel's. The ring was all that made the identification possible. (New York Steamboat Horror: The Fire on the General Slocum By H. D. Northrop)

1905: Eugene Ansel Marriage Date: 29 Jul 1905 Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Leona Stimpfling Certificate Number: 16393

1910: Eugene Ansel 353 E 138th street, New York, New York, USA Occupation: Delicatessen

1912 Naturalization - Eugene Ansel, bartender, born Aug 8, 1872 immigrated 1892, spouse, Lena daughter Helen

1920: Walnut street, Yonkers, Eugene Ansel 47, store keeper, Lena Ansel 32 Helen Ansel 10 Alfred Ansel 5 1937: Ansel, Eugene, age 63, widowed, naturalized, 1912, 524 Hastings on Hudson on the France from Le Havre to New York, April 15, 1937

Louisa, Eugene Jr and Alfred were buried in Evergreen cemetery

Armand/Armond ⚰ ☁ ☁ - died Lillian age 1

City Record: 334 6th Lillian age 1 DEAD, Annie age 27 to Lincoln, Stella age 8 to Lincoln Hospital.

Andrew Armand, a cabinet maker, married Anna P Haller on August 1, 1895. They had Stella circa 1896 and Lillian✟ in 1903. Anna Armand and her daughters were on the Slocum excursion with Annie's mother-in-law also named Anna. The two Annas and Stella survived. Lillian died. Armand, Staella, age 8, of 334 E 6th street was listed as uninjured. The Armands moved to the Bronx before 1910. Although Annie Haller Armand was only only 27 in 1904 the Armands did not have additional children after the tragedy. In 1910 Anna Armand declared that she had had 3 children of whom one was still living. She must have lost another child in addition to Lillian on the Slocum. Stella Armand married Alfred Kraitzer in 1916 and had two sons before 1930.

1904: In Lincoln Hosptial:
  1. Armand, Mrs. Annie, twenty seven, 334 East 6th street, shock and burns, Lincoln Hospital.

  2. Stella Armand, age 8, 334 6th street, shock and burns to arms and body

  3. Armand, Anna age 48, 334 East 6th street shock and burns.

  4. Listed among the missing were "Armond" grandmother and gandchild 334 E 6th street.

INJURED: Annie Armond, 27, 334 E 6th street

According to a list in the New York Times of June 16, 1904 Armand, Mrs. Annie 334 6th ave, shock in Lincoln Hospital. Armand, Stella same address, burns on arms and body, Lincoln Hospital.

Dead: ✟ARMAND, Lillian, 14 months, of 334 Sixth street (Birth: Armand, Lillian, Apr 12 1903, 16946)

1900 : 123 7th street, Andrew Armand, 27, cabinet maker, both parents born Germany, Annie Armand, 23, married 5 years 1 child 1 living Stella Armand, age 3, all born New York.

1910: Bronx, Andrew J Armend 36, cabinet maker, shop Anna Armend 32, 3 children 1 living Estelle Armend 13

1915: Bronx, Andrew J Armand 42, cabinet maker, Anne Armand 38, Stella Armand 19, stenographer, George Hopfe 32, border

1916: Stella Armand GENDER: Female MARRIAGE DATE: 25 Mar 1916 MARRIAGE PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA SPOUSE: Alfred Kraetzer CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 1059

1917 WWI DR Andrew Ja Armand, born April 29, 1873, cabinet maker own business, wife, Anna Armand 424 E 149the street, N Y C, medium build, medium height, blue eyes black hair

They were also listed in the 1920 and 1925 censuses in the Bronx.

The censuses indicate that Andrew born circa 1873 was the son of Andrew and Anna Armand. Anna listed as age 48 in Lincoln hospital must have been his mother.

1930: Alfred Kraitzer 34, salesman woodwork, Stella Kraitzer 33, Kenneth G Kraitzer 10, Warren A Kraitzer 8

1936: Andrew J Armand 63 DEATH DATE: 4 Jul 1936 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 6628

1880 Census: Andrew Armand 45, carpenter, born "Italy", Anna M. Armand 29, wife, born England, Christena Armand 12, Sarah Armand 11, Andrew Armand 7, Carrie Armand 5, children born New York

Armbrust/Ambrust/Armhurst ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ - died Barbara age 45, and Edna age 6

City Record: Armbrust 116 E 4th Barbara age 45 DEAD, Edna age 6 DEAD, Florence age 9 to Lincoln, Mary age 12 to Lebanon.

Frederick Armbrust (variety of spellings) was a glass cutter. He married Barbara Salter in 1878. By 1900 they had already lost one child. In 1904 they were living at 166 4th street. Three of their children and Mrs. Armbrust appear to have been on the excursion. Mrs. Armbrust✟ [Barbara age 45 born Austria] and their daughter, Edna✟, age 6, died in the disaster. Two daughters, Mammie [Mary] age 12 and Florie age 9 were uninjured. The Armhurst girls did what a teacher had told them. They kept their heads up , tried not to swallow waster and tried to take strokes. In 1910 the family was still on 4th street. Ferdinand Armbrust, age 54, had not remarried by 1910.

Edna Ambrust, age 6, of 166 E 10th st was originally listed as missing

Mamie and Florrie had at some point received swimming instruction from a teacher. By remembering to keep their heads up and not swallowing water they stayed afloat until a boat rescued them. Florrie suffered burns.

SLOCUM DEAD: "Ambrust", Mrs. "Kate", age 45, 166 E. 4th street - Armbrust, Barbara age 45 of 166 Fourth street, identified by husband, Ferdinand (Brooklyn Eagle 16 June 1904) _ Barbara Armbrust DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: New York, USA CEMETERY: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery BURIAL OR CREMATION PLACE: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

MISSING, June 16, "Ambrust", Mamie, age 13, and Edna age 6, both of 166 E. 4th street

MISSING: June 17, "Ambrust", Mamie, age 15, 166 E 4th street.

"Ambrust", Mamie, age 12 and Florrie age 9 both of 166 E 4th street were listed among the uninjured.

Marriage: Barbara Salter June 16, 1878, Manhattan (Index)


  1. Barbara
    Barbara Armbrust Gender: Female Birth Date: 15 Nov 1878 Birthplace: 6th St 510, New York City, New York Father's Name: Ferdinand Armbrust Mother's Name: Barbara Salza Armbrust
  2. Lotty c. 1879

  3. Julia c 1885,

  4. Katie c 1887

  5. Mamie c. 1891

    On the Slocum listed as injured.

  6. Florena E. Armbrust BIRTH DATE: 20 Jul 1894 BIRTH PLACE: New York, New York CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 32402

    Marriage: ???? NAME: Florence Armbrust GENDER: Female MARRIAGE DATE: 24 Jun 1916 MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA SPOUSE: John J Stelzle CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 14943

    On the Slocum listed as injured.

  7. Edna✟

1880: 6th street, Frederick "Armbrust" 24, glass cutter, born Switzerland, Barbra Armbrust 21, born New York, Lottie Armbrust 1, born New York

1892: Ferdinand Armbrust 1892 166 E 4th New York, New York, USA Cutter New York, New York, City Directory, 1892

1899: 4th Street 166, 25x96 William W Astor to Ferdinand Armbrust and wife, $17,000

1900: 4th Street, Ferdinand Ambrust 43, married 22 years, born Germany, imm. 1873, glass cutter, Barbara Ambrust 41, 7 children 6 living, born Germany, imm 1866, Lotty Ambrust 21, Julia Ambrust 15, Katie Ambrust 13, Mamie Ambrust 8, Florence Ambrust 5, Edna Ambrust 2, all children born NY, Mary Solten 78 servant.

1904 NYC Deaths: "Armbrust" Barbara, age 45, Edna age 6

1905: E 4th street, Ferdinand Armbrust 49, mirror silverer, born Germany, in US 37 years, Julia Armbrust 20, daughter, Mary Armbrust 13, daughter, Florence Armbrust 10, daughter

1910: 166 4th street, Armbrust, Ferdinand, head 54, wid Germany, immi. 1873, glass cutter, glass, Margo ??? daughter age 18, laborer printing firm, Florence daughter age 15, laborer _eck factory

1915: 4th street, Armbrust, Frederich age 59 plate glass worker, Frida Armbrust (crossed out and Schaefer entered, age 19, sister, Armbrust, Flora daughter, 20, operator in children's -----

Death of Frederick Armbrust: 1928 Queens age 73 #1364

Bahr ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died, Ida age 12, Lillie age 7 and Lizzie age 32 missing

City record: Bahr, 424 E 9th street, Ida age 12 DEAD, Lillie age 7 DEAD, Lizzie age 32 MISSING

August M. Bahr was born in Germany in 1854. He immigrated to the US circa 1883 where he married Lisa Beber. They had Ida in 1891 and Lillie circa 1897. Ida✟, Lillian✟ and Lisa✟ all died in the Slocum fire. The bodies of Ida and Lillie were identified but that of Lisa was not. The whereabouts of August Bahr after 1904 is unknown.

Ida Augusta Bahr 08 Oct 1891 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: August Bahr Mother's Name: Lise Beber
1904: Listed as dead: Ida age 12, Lillie age 7 or 424 E 9th street. Listed as missing Lizzie, age 32. Ida Bahr was identified by Jun 16. Lillie Bahr age 7 was listed as missing on June 19.

Growing list of the Dead: BAHR, Mrs. LOUISA, 32 years old, 424 East 9th St, June 17, NY Times. However, she was still listed among the missing and unknown dead buried at Lutheran Cemetery in 1905.

1900: Naturalization, Bahr, August M Aug 1, 1900, 424 E 9th st NYC, Tailor born Nov. 11, 1854, Germany

1900: 424 E 9th street, August Bahr 45, born Germany immigrated 1883, tailor, Louisa Bahr 28, immigrated 1887, married 10 years 2 children 2 living, Ida Bahr 8, daughter, Lillian Bahr 3, daughter

1904: Ida O Bahr age 12 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3344

The deaths of Ida and Lillie Bahr were listed in the NYC death index in the Bronx, June 15, 1904. Lizzie [Louisa] was not listed. Ida and Lillie Bahr were buried in Lutheran All Faiths Middle Village. It is presumed that the body of Lisa Bahr was not recovered or not identified.

Baist ⚰ - died Lillie age 13

City record: Death cert # 3745 Bronx, lived at 23 Avenue B (Find a Grave)

Lillie Baist 23 Ave. B age 13 died in the Slocum Disaster according to the Department of Public Welfare report of 1905. She was the only member of her family listed. She was originally listed as missing.

1887: William Baist Gender: Male Marriage Date: 16 Jul 1887 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Mary Hatzfeld Certificate Number: 72289

1888: Auguste Baist to William Baist July 1887 and Marie Hatzfeld

1891: April 1892, Lillie Baist born 10 Dec 1891 baptized 9 May 1892 Father: Wilhelm Baist Mother: Marie Hatzfeld - Dutch Reformed Church, NYC

1904: Lillie Baist Event Type Death Event Date 15 Jun 1904 Event Place Bronx, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Marital Status Unknown Race White Burial Date 26 Jun 1904 Cemetery Lutheran Father's Name William Baist Father's Birthplace New York, NY Mother's Name Mamie Hatzfeld Mother's Birthplace New York, NY (LDS)

Balser/Balzer ⚰ ☁ - died Catherine (Caroline) age 32

City record: Balzer, 137 Ave B. - Catherine A age 32 DEAD - Annie age 57 to Lincoln Hospital

1868: November 26, Gustav Balser Spouse Name: Anna Engel Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, New York Marriage ID: 2220783363 Certificate Number: 6586(LDS)

1870: Ward 11, Gustav Balser 27, Bavaria, druggist, 5,000, 5,000 Anna Balser 22 Henry Balser 30, physician 50,000 20,000, Anna Balser 58 Wm Balser 60, physician 10,000 4,000 John Haslett 18, app to physician, all born Bavaria

1878: Gustav Balser Residence Year: 1878 Street address: 187 Av B Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Drugs

1900: 137 Ave, B, Gustavus Balser 57, druggist, imm 1847, Annie M Balser 53, 4 children 2 living, imm 1850, Katheline Balser 27 Anna A Balser 23 Wray B France 23, boarder, druggist


Victims of the Slocum Calamity

The disaster to the steamer General Slocum numbers among its victims several children of druggists in the vicinity of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, to which the excursionists belonged. Dr. Volkenberg of 325 East Seventeenth street has lost his twenty-five-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. She was a niece of Mrs. Henry Imhof, wife of the president of the German Apothecaries' Society, and was one of the happiest at the excursion of the G. A. S. the week before. Her sister was also one of the victims. Another bereavement is that of A. Wortmann, who recently resigned from the management of the New York Consolidated Drug Co.; he has lost a daughter, Julia, eighteen years of age. Gustav Balser, of 137 Avenue B, has also lost a daughter, Catherine, who taught in the Sunday school of the church. Among the contributors to the relief fund are, the M. J. Breitenbach Co., who gave $100; Seabury & Johnson, $100; Brent Good, $50. The Staats-Zeitung contribnted $1,000. (The Pharmaceutical Era, Volume 31)

1905: 137 Ave. B, Gustavus Balser 62 Annie M Balser 58 Wray B France 28, son in law, Annie A France 28, daughter

1907: "Henry Balser junior was listed as a druggist at 137 avenue B (Druggists' Circular, Volume 51)

1900: Manhattan, 9th street, Henry Balser 59, widowed, doctor, Henry L Balser 32, son, driver, Louisa Gross 55 servant

1910: 137 Ave B. Gustavus Balser 66, Pharmacist Drug Store Employer, Anna M Balser 63 Wray B France 33, son in law, pharmacist, Anna A France 33, daughter, Elliot B France 2, grandson

1920: 137 Avenue B, Anna Balset head age 73, widow, Anna France 38, widow, B Elliott France 12, son

1940: Queens, 117the street, Anna France 54, widow, Elliott France 32, tube inspector radio tubes


BALSER ANNA MARY 1922-09-11 22631 192+ (age 75 Queens per death index)
BALSER CAROLINE A. 1904-06-18 22631 192+ (age 32 per death record)
BALSER GUSTAVUS 1919-10-29 22631 192+ (age 72 Manhattan per death index)
FRANCE WRAY BENTLEY 1910-07-09 22631 192+ (not listed in NYC death index)
FRANCE ANNA A. 1949-02-04 22631 192+
FRANCE ELLIOTT B. 1978-12-30 22631 192+

Balser/Balzer and Fickbohm ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ - died Amelia Balser age 44, Marie Frickbohm 40, Marie Frickbohm age 14, Ernest Frickbohm age 12

City record: Balzer - 422 E 8th - Amelia age 46 DEAD - Nicholas age 57 taken home.

Nicholas Balser born circa 1847, a "pharmacist", of 422 E 8th street was on the trip with his wife, Amelia, 46. They were joined by a friend Maria Fickbohm, 40, of 91 Ave. D, (the wife of Peter Fickholm a saloon owner) and the Fickbolm children, Marie 14, Ernest 12 and Fredrick 9. The Fickbolm servant Kate Cibilski, 18, was also with them. Amelia✟ died.

Nicholas remarried circa 1906 and moved to Brooklyn by 1910. Nicholas Balzar had already lost a wife. He was fist married in 1870 to Frederike Linder. They had Fredrich in 1871, Elise in 1872 and Freida in 1874.

Nicholas married Amelia Kneip in 1886. They did not have any children.

Circa 1906 Nicholas married again. His third wife was 13 years younger than Nicholas. She had one child from a previous marriage who was still living in 1910.

NY Times June 16, 1904: Nicholas "Belser" of 422 East Eighth street, was employed by the "Dock Department". He went to the pier at the foot of 3rd street in search of his wife and child. They had all been together on the boat but had become separated sometime before the fire started. Nicholas was on the upper deck. He used his penknife to try and cut away one of the life boats but was unsuccessful as they were attached with wire. He climbed down from deck to deck until he reached the lower deck and then jumped and swam to shore. (NY Times June 16, 1904)

1870: Marriage Nicolaus Balzer to Friederike Linder 17 May 1870 Event Place: Madison Street German Presbyterian Church, New York (LDS)

1871: Friedrich Balzar born 16 April 1871 to Nicholas Balzer and Friedrike Linder Madison Street, German Presbyterian (LDS)

1872: Elise, 03 Nov 1872 to same parents.

1874: Freida "Balser", 27 Dec 1874 to same parents.

1886: Marriage Nicolaus Balzer to Amelia C. Kneip 02 Mar 1886 Manhattan, New York, New York Father, Heinrich, Mother, Marie Seelmann, Spouse's Father, Jacob Spouse's Mother, Sophie Fischer

1893: Fritz Balzer, age 23, son of Nicholas Balzer and Fronden Re Linder married Emma Frohmiller age 18 in Manhattan on 20 August 1893. (LDS)

1900: E. 7th street, Nic Balzer 51, born Bavaria, bone dealer, Emelia Balzer 42, wife, married 14 years, 0 children 0 living.

1905: 422 8th street, Nicholas Balzer, age 56, born Germany, laborer

1910: Brooklyn, Balzer, Nicholas, age 61 marriage 3, married 4 years, hostler, stable, Annie, wife age 47 marriage 2, 1 child 1 living

1915: Nicolas Balzer 65, Annie Balzer 52

1920: 1920 Brooklyn South 9th street, Nicholas Balzer 71, night watchman, Anna Balzer 56, wife, Henry Kneib 32, step son, asst supt., "converyer", Grace Kneib 30, daughter in law, George Kneib 5, son

Fickbohm, 91 ave D - Marie 40, born Germany, Marie 14, Ernest 12 DEAD Kate Cilijsky age 18 servant, DEAD Fred Fickbolm age 10, INJURED Lebanon

The body of Ernest Frickohm was identified on June 22.

Slocum Horror: The account of Nicholas Balser:

Shortly after leaving the pier, I left my wife and the Fickbohms on the middle deck. They were sitting in the bow. I took little Freddy Fickbohm on the top deck to show him the points of interest. We were approaching the island when, looking forward, I saw flames shooting up from the deck below. Unclasping my knife, I slashed at the fastenings of the life rafts nearby. But, they were secured by wire instead of rope. I told Freddy to stay with me, but when I returned he has disappeared. I then started for my party but was driven back by the flames.

The whole front part of the boat by this time was a mass of fire. For the time being, so near were we to shore that there was no panic. The passengers, mostly women and children, retreated before the flames. All thought that the boat would put into shore at once, but it seemed fully five minutes or more before she swung inshore. By this time, the scene was terrifying. Women threw their children overboard and then followed. They had no other refuge from the flames, which swept everything before them.

I rushed aft, calling to my wife, but I could not see her, and in the roar of the fire and the cries of the panic-stricken passengers, she could not hear me. I was driven back to the wheelhouse by the fire. I thought I was trapped. There was no chance for me to go farther aft, and below was the fire.

I threw myself over the railing and dropped into the water on the side farthest from land. It was then I received these burns. The water came only to my armpits, and I could have walked to the shore. When I finally emerged, I looked back and to my dying day I'll never forget the scene. Around me were scores of bodies, most of them charred and burned. I helped as many as possible of those living to the land. From the stern of the boat, where hundreds of persons were huddled fighting like mad to leap into the water, I saw dozens of women throw themselves over the side.

I searched in vain for my wife. Body after body was laid out on the shore, but hers was not among them. Then someone said that a party of women and children had been sent to the city, and a neighbor told me my wife was among them.*

*Amelia died in the Slocum disaster.

Fickbohm ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Record: Fickbohm 91 Ave D. Marie age 40 DEAD, Marie age 14 DEAD, Ernest age 12 DEAD, Kate Cibijsky age 18 DEAD Fred age 10 to Lebanon hospital

Peter Fichbohm, a saloon keeper, married Anna Waacks in 1889. They had Marie, Ernst and Freddie. Marie and Ernst died in the slocum as did Anna Waacks Fichbohm. Freddie, age ten at the time, survived. Peter married Adelaid (unknown) before 1909. Peter died suddenly in 1909 in Brooklyn. Fred married Lillian (unknown). They had one daughter and lived in Newark NJ.

Marriage: Peter, son of Henry Nicholas Fickbohm and Anna Margaret Dorthea Sprieck, married Anna Cath. Marie Waacks, daughter of Fredk Wm. Waacks and Rebecca M. on 5 June 1889.

1900: 284 Second st. , Pette J Fickbohm 40, saloon keeper, imm 1883 born Germany, Marria Fickbohm 36, wife, born Germany, married 11 years 3 children 3 living Marria Fickbohm 10, Ernst Fickbohm 8, Fredrick Fickbohm 5, Dietrick Duchne 23, boarder, Auguste Grothe 21, servant

1904: Brooklyn Daily Eagle

"Pathetic Scene at the Funeral of the FICHBOHMS.

The constrained grief of the neighborhood, fighting for expression which would not out, came near reaching a climax at the funeral of the FICHBORNS, in the Emanuel Chapel, at 735 Fifth street, Manhattan. The husband and father, Peter J., bereft of reason by thoughts of the loss of his wife, Maria, and their daughter, 14 years old, who bore her mother's name, has been with difficulty restrained from self-destruction.

"I cannot speak as my heart dictates," said the Rev. John C. PALMER, rector of the chapel. "It would be foolhardy. Their grief is too intense as it is without recalling sweet memories which would serve only to heighten their sorrow. Mr. FICHBOHM has attempted to make away with himself and needs careful watching until his grief has somewhat abated."

The sorrowing hundreds in the chapel broke down when they heard the sobs and moans of the distracted husband as the bodies of his dear ones were born up the aisle. Women grew pale and faint and some had to be escorted from the church before the service began. Both Mr. FICHBOHM and his wife belonged to many fraternal societies and he was a member of United Brother Lodge No. 356, F. and A.M. Representatives of all these societies attended. The Rev. Mr. PALMER conducted the service."

1909: Peter J Fickbohm 49 DEATH DATE: 6 Feb 1909 DEATH PLACE: Kings, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 2569

1909: Peter John Fickbohm died suddenly at his home, of pneumonia, after an illness of two days, age 50, he was a member of a number of German fraternal organizations. Nothing mentioned about his life or occupation other than he had been in the hotel business in Manhattan. Born in Germany. Left a widow, "Annie Lange" and a son Frederick.

1909: Probate Died 6 February 1909 - personal property $1,000 - Adelheid F. Fickbohm widow and Friederich Willhelm Fickbohm both of 835 Gates Ave Brooklyn - Peter made a will 7 July 1904 (not included in probate papers) - mentioned in the probate were Adelheid, Friedrich and Nicholas Waacks.

1910: Brooklyn, Ward 22, Adelaid W Fickbohm 28, widow, 4 children 0 living, born Germany, washing, Fred W Fickbohn 15, step son, clerk dry goods

1914: June 8, Passport Application, Adelheid Fickbohm born Blender Germany 30 September 1881 her husband immigrated to the US on the Oder from Hamburg, August 1883, and resided 26 years in the United States. Naturalized Common Pleas 14 May 1894 - his widow - age 33, 5 ft 2 inches, grey eyes, blond hair.

1915: Bronx, Fredrick Fickbohm head age 20 salesman, Lillian wife 20, Lillian daughter age 1

Fredrick, Lillian and Lillian show up in 1920, 1930 and 1940 in Newark NJ.

Bandelow ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died, Louise age 29, Lulu age 5 missing George age 3

City record: Bandelow 84 7th street, Louise age 29 DEAD, Lulu age 5 DEAD - George age 3 MISSING

William Bendelow, a cloth cutter, was born in Germany in 1871 to Frederick and Augusta Bendelow. The family immigrated to New York City. William Bandelow was naturalized when his father, Friedrich W., a tailor, of E. Houston street, became a citizen in October 1891 in the Superior Court of New York City. William married Louise. They had Louise c 1900 and George circa 1901. Louise✟ and daughter Lulu✟ died in the Slocum fire in 1904. The body of George✟ was never found. William famously searched for him for months, putting ads in papers, offering rewards and contacting police stations. William Bandelow remarried in 1908. Although he and his second wife were both young enough they did not have any children. By 1915 he was living in the Bronx. He did not develop a fear of boats and traveled to Europe several times. He died in Germany in 1960. His body was shipped back to the US.

Pittsburgh Press December 15, 1904, Image of George Bandelow.

1900: E 5th Street, Wm Bandelow 28, cutter of clothing, born Germany immigrated 1885, Lousie Bandelow 25, wife, born Austria, immigrated 1875?, 1 child 1 living, Lousie Bandelow 6/12, daughter Josie Nedoma 15, sister, born Austria imm 1884, servant

1900-1901: Birth of George Bandelow

1904: Death Index Louisa Bandelow 29 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3439

The child, Lulu was not listed in the NYC Death Index.

William Bandelow's Story: William Bandelow was said to have lost his father, mother, brother, sister, wife and two children. (Only his wife and daughter were listed among the Slocum dead under the name Bandelow.) In December 1904 William Bandelow a clothing cutter of 87 7th street Manhattan was still seeking in vain for his son, George. He had lost his wife and little girl in the burning ship. However, he held out hope that his son had been rescued by and elderly woman who owned property at Liberty and Wynona streets. He offered a $100 reward. He spent days putting up posters with the picture of George and relating the supposed rescue of his son by the unknown woman. It was stated he did not know his wife had decided at the last minute to go on the excursion. He had returned home around noon on the 15th to find his house deserted. After hearing of the disaster he was able to identify his wife who had been burned to death and his daughter who had drown. They were buried side by side. He was unable to identify his son among any of the numerous children's bodies at the morgue. He claimed that he was fairly sure he could identify his son by his teeth. He hired men to dredge for the body and divers to search for it. Some months later Captain Berg of the United States Volunteer Life Saving Corps informed William Bandelow that he had helped rescue a boy of the age and description of young George and had put him ashore at Oak Point. William Bandelow started his hunt anew this time in the area of Oak Point, an area in the Bronx not far from Brother's Island. Even later William Bandelow's sister-in-law met a woman, a Mrs. Mary Ryan, who told her that she had met an elderly woman with a young boy that she had supposedly found wandering in the streets the day of the disaster. The elderly woman had asked the child his name but he was unable to tell her. Assuming that the child's parents had perished in the calamity she had taken the boy home to her own house. She said she owned property at Liberty and Wynona streets. Mrs. Ryan said the boy met the exact description of young George Bandelow. From that point on William Bandelow focused on finding the elderly lady with the young golden haired boy. George was described as: three years and nine months old, 38 inches tall, blue eyes, curly blond hair, upper teeth short broad and decayed, bottom teeth short, narrow and perfect, strawberry birthmark on left breast, and a large brown mole on his back, wearing a gold chased band ring on middle finger of left hand. When last seen he was wearing navy blue velvet Russian blouse, bloomer pants, a coat with four large white pearl buttons, white leather belt, blue flannel Norfolk shirt waist with white pearl buttons, white flannel drawers, black stockings, and garters and black lace shoes. William Bandelow's family was buried in evergreen Cemetery. This story popped up throughout July, August and September 1904 and was carried in several papers cross the county. In August William Bandlow went to Providence in the vain hope of finding his son. A story with an image of the boy was carried as late as December 1904.

1908: William Bandelow married Anna Sobiechowska

1910: Greenwich ave., William F Bandelow 38, 2nd marriage, cutter, cl----s Anna M Bandelow 37, first marriage, no children

1915: Pierpont ave Bronx William Bandelow 44, born Germany, pattern maker, Annie Bandelow 42, born Germany

1930: Manhattan, no address indicated, William Bandelow 58, head, born Germany, pattern maker, ladies clothing, Anna M Bandelow 57, wife, born Poland, Helena Metka 62, lodger

William Bandelow and his wife, Anna, traveled to Europe several times in the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

1960: William Bandelow born August 30, 1871 in Germany resident of 472 Brook Ave Bronx New York, died July 9, 1960 at 51 Elbestrasse Frankfurt am Main, of heart infraction. His body was shipped back to the New York for burial.


Bandelow Frederic W Oct 9 1898 15256 Manhattan To Fannie Gohl

Bandelow William May 31 1896 8510 Manhattan to Anne Laugton

Bandelow William F M Jun 16 1908 11981 Manhattan to Sobiechowska Anna M


Bandelow Fred 3 y Jul 21 1871 92931 Manhattan

Bandelow Auguste 1 y Sep 22 1874 187536 Manhattan

Bandelow Fred'k W 57 y May 6 1903 14304 Manhattan

Bandelow Louisa 29 y Jun 15 1904 3439 Bronx

Bandelow Augusta 70 y Aug 9 1913 23832 Manhattan

Bandelow Albert 80 y Mar 24 1943 7069 Kings

William Bendelow born 1871 was buried in Lutheran All Faith in Middle Village Queens with his parents, Fred. William born 1845 died 1903 and Augusta born 1846 died 1896.

Frederick Bandelow:

1900: 164 E 4th street, Fredick Bandelow 54, clothing cutter, married 2 years, Fannie Bandelow 36, wife, George Bandelow 20, lithographer,

Fred'k W Bandelow 57 DEATH DATE: 6 May 1903 DEATH PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 14304

Baumann ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Margaret age 6 Otto age 5, Magdalena age 31

City Record: Baumann 526 6th street - Magdelena age 31 DEAD, Margarite age 6 DEAD, Otto age 5 DEAD

Louis Baumann, a cabinet maker, was born circa 1861 in New York to German parents. He married Lena and by 1900 they had two children, Margaret and Otto. Lena✟, Margaret✟ and Otto✟ all perished in the Slocum disaster.

1904: Marguerite Baumann age 6 - body identified on June 22.

1887: Louis Baumann Marriage 07 Aug 1887 Manhattan Age: 26 Father Abraham, Mother, Sophia Mickaelson, Spouse Lina Louis, 18 Spouse's Father Heris Louis Spouse's Mother, Minne Raphael (LDS)

1900: 468 E 5th street, Louis Baumann 39, cabinet maker, born Russia, Lena Baumann 26, 2 children, 2 living, Margaret Baumann 2, Otto Baumann 1

1904: Listed as dead: Baumann, Magdalena age 31, Margarite age 6 and Otto age 5 of 526 E. sixth street,


Otto Baumann 5 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3410

Marguerite Baumann 6 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3581

Magdalena was NOT listed.

1905: 6th street, Louis Baumann age 43, citizen, cabinet maker, head (by himself).

1909: May 10, The Syracuse Herald - "Grieved to Death" - New York Louis "Bauman", age 50, never recovered from the shock of losing his wife and two children. It was said that he literally grieved to death and his heart failed completely. It was reported that there had been several other unnamed instances of death directly attributed to grief over loss of family in the General Slocum disaster.

Baumler ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ died Margarite age 35, Amelia age 15, Annie age 11, Charles age 10

City record: Baumler, 433 6th street, Margarite age 35 DEAD, Amelia age 15 DEAD, Annie age 11 DEAD, Charles age 10 DEAD Fredrick age 11 uninjured

Frederick Baumler, a woodworker, was born in Germany in 1870. He immigrated to New York circa 1889. He married Margarethe Fleishmann (born in Germany S September 1866) in 1889. They had six children between 1889 and 1896. Friedrich born June 1891 died October 1891. Alfred born in 1896 died in 1898. Margarethe✟ and three children: Amelia✟, Anne✟ and Charles✟ died in the Slocum disaster. Son Frederick born in 1893 survived, married and had children. Frederick senior became a citizen in 1905. In 1906 he married Katherine Zausch. They did not have any children despite the fact that they were born quite young. By 1910 Fredrick Baumler, his wife and son, Fredrick (from his first marriage) had moved to Queens. Katherine Zausch Baumler died in 1926 and was buried with Fredrick's first family. In 1928 Fred Baumler married Lena Arneth - a widow with two children. Fred Baumler died in 1955.

Birth of Fred Baumler: Aug 2, 1870 Germany

Immigration: circa 1889

Marriage: Margarite Fleischmann

Margaret Fleischmann SPOUSE NAME: Frederik R. Baumler MARRIAGE DATE: 1889 MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, New York MARRIAGE ID: 0100030137 CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 10839


  1. Amelia✟ c. 1889

  2. Freidrich✟ born Jun. 2, 1891 Death: Oct. 16, 1891

  3. Anne✟ c. 1893

  4. Frederick c 1893

    1915: Fred Baumler 23, machinist, Katie Baumler 21, Dora (smudged) Baumler 1, daughter, George C Staedler 40,, boarder

    1920: Queens, Fred C Baumber 27, Catherine Baumber 28, Dorothy C Baumber 5 [5 9/12] , Frederick C Baumber 3 [3 9/12]

  5. Charles✟ c. 1894

  6. Alfred✟ 1896 died 1898 per tombstone.

Margarita Baumler 35 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 2740

Amelia Baumler 15 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3741

Annie age 12, June 15 Bronx cert #2879

Charles was NOT listed. This most likely means his body was unidentified.

1905: Friedrich Baumler 406 E. 6th street, woodworker born Aug 2, 1870 Germany was naturalized april 13, 1905 in the U. S. District court. arrived, Aug 22, 1889.

1906: Remarriage of Fred Baumler April 28, Katherine Zausch #10171 Manhattan

1910: Queens, Linden street, Baumler, Fred, head age 39, 2nd marriage, born Germany woodworker, Katherine wife age 30 marriage 1, 0 children, born New York, Fredrick son age 18, cutter pipe

1915: Queens, Linden street, Frederick Baumler 44, furniture maker, Katharine Baumler 36

1925: Lindon street, Queens, Frederick Baumler 54, machinist wood work, Catherine Baumler 46

1926: Katherine Zausch Baumler, born 2, Jun 1879 died 7 Jan 1926 buried All Faiths with first wife and children, per tombstone. (Katharine Baumler 46 DEATH DATE: 7 Jan 1926 DEATH PLACE: Queens, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 192)

Marriage 3 of Fred Baumler: Dec 22, 1928 Queens, Lena Arenth

1920: Kings, John Arneth 37, brewer, Lena Arneth 37, wife, Johanna Arneth 10, daughter, John Arneth 4, son, plus 4 roomers,

1925: Queens, Ralph street, Lena Arneth 42 John A Arneth 09 Johanna Arneth 15

1930: Ralph st, Queens, own $5,000, Frederick Baumler 59, born Germany 1st marriage age 19, immigrated 1890, machinist head furniture, Lena Baumler 47, wife age at 1st marriage 26, John P Arneth 14, son, born New York, James Sugrue 31, lodger, Peter O'Shea 22, lodger, Sebastian Schernbach 23, lodger Henry Weil 51, lodger

1955: Death of Frederick Baumler born 6 October 1870 died March 10, 1955 buried Middle Village Queens

Find a Grave:

Large Stone Lutheran All Faiths Middle Village Queens: Margarethe Baumler born Fleischmann Sept 2 1866 - died June 15, 1904 and her children Amelia Baumler (1889 - 1904) Annie Baumler (1892 - 1904) Charles Baumler (1894 - 1904) - victims of the General Slocum.

Also Husband, Fredrick (1870-1955) and Alfred (1896-1898)

Beck ⚰ - died Christine Kraine Beck

Christine Kraine Beck age 56 wife of John Beck 313 East 9th street, barber buried Lutheran (Find a Grave)

1904: BECK, Mrs. Christina, 57 years, of 313 East Ninth street. Also HOORWAY, Johanna, 38 years, of 313 East Ninth street, identified by brother William. Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 17 June 1904

Christine Beck was the mother of Johanna Beck Horway. Johann and her two children Carl and Della also perished in the disaster. See Horway.

1880: 1st ave., John Beck 34, barber born Bavaria, Christina Beck 32, Prussia, Johanah Beck 8 Herman Beck 6 Wm. Beck 3

1900: 313 East 9th street, John Beck 53, barber, Christine Beck 51, 5 children 5 living, Herman Beck 25, silver engraver, William Beck 22, bookkeeper, George Beck 18, bookkeeper., Emily Beck 16

Becker ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀ - died Mary age 60, Lillie age 27, and Theodore Frank, age 3

Mary Becker was on the General Slocum with her daughter in law, Lillie, her grandson Theodore and her two daughters, Amelia and Clara. Mary, Lillie and Theodore died. Amelia was injured and Clara was unharmed.

Lillie's husband, Frank, did not remarry. Amelia remained single. I do not know what happened to Clara.

Find a Grave:
  • Mary Becker Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 60 - missing - body never recovered or unidentified, lived at 1157 Lexington Avenue Children: Amelia Becker (1879 - ____)* Clara Becker (1884 - ____)* - *Calculated relationship Burial: Unknown

  • Theodore Frank, age 3 years old, death cert # 2899 Bronx, lived at 1010 East 178th Street, identified by father, Frank, Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery

  • Lillie age 27, missing body not recovered or was unidentified

1880: Avenue B, George A. Becker 40, coal dealer, born Bavaria, Mary Becker 35, born New York, John Becker 11, son, Philip Becker 6, son, Frank Becker 5, son, Emily Becker 2, daughter

1884: Clara Eliza Becker Birth Date 22 Jul 1884, Father's Name Georg Adam Becker Mother's Name Maria Wagner (LDS)

1900: East 79th street, Becker, Mary, head widowed, age 54, 9 children 6 living, John son, age 21, cashier, Frank son age 25, merchant, Amelia daughter age 22, Lewis son age 17, clerk, 17, Clara daughter age 15 all born NYC

1901: Marriage Frank Becker 14 Feb 1901 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age 26 Father's Name Adam Becker Mother's Name Mary Wagner Spouse's Name Lillie Keller Spouse's Age 24 Spouse's Birthplace New York, New York Spouse's Father's Name Theodor Keller Spouse's Mother's Name Mary Hass

1902: Theodore John Franklin Becker Birth 06 Jan 1902 Event Place Bronx, New York, New York, United States Father's Name Franklin Becker Father's Birthplace New York Father's Age 27 Mother's Name Lilly Keller Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 25

1904: York Times June 16, Becker, Mrs. Mary age 50 reported missing by her husband, Frank*, 1010 East 178th street - * must have been her son, Frank, she was a widow.

1905: City Record - Becker, no 1010 E 178th street, Theodore F age 3 dead Lillie age 27 missing

1905: City Record - Becker, No 1157 Lexington ave Mary age 60, missing, Amelia, age 25, to Lebanon, Clara age 20 uninjured

1910: Lexington ave, 1157 Becker, John, head, age 49 [unclear age] widow, banking bank, Frank son age 32 [unclear age], single, merchant hardware, Louis son age 27, clerk bank, Amelia daughter age 32, Clara a Daughter age 25

1917: WWI Draft Registration Frank Becker 1157 Lex Ave. dob Feb 5, 1875, retail hardware, self employed, 755 East Freemont, Ave., Bronx, relative, John Becker 1157 lex ave, 5 ft 11 inches, blue eyes blond hair

1930: 89th street, Queens, John Becker 61, no occupation, Amelia Becker 50, sister, single

Beckmann (Backmann) ⚰ ⚰ - died Anna Margaretha age 24, and Anna Margarethe age 7 months

City record: Beckmann no 1894 3rd ave, Anna M age 23, Anna M 7 months

Brooklyn Eagle June 17, 1904 - BECKMAN, Anna, 7 months, of 1894 Third avenue, identified by father, Arthur. - BECKMAN, Mrs. Annie, 24 years, of 1894 Third avenue

1905: Directory - Behnken, Herman grocer, 344 E 48 street

Behnken ⚰ - died Annie age 13

Find a Grave: Annie Behnken Jun. 15, 1904 age 13 years old, death cert # 2808 Bronx, lived at 344 East 48th Street, identified by Herman, her father - Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery

City record:

Brooklyn Eagle, June 16: "BEHRENS, ___, of 334 East Forty-eighth street" - BELUNKEN, Anne, 13 years, of 344 East Forty-eighth street, identified by Herman, the father. [BLUNKEN*, BEHNKEN on missing?] - E 48th street 344 -- BELUNKEN, Anne, 13, d [BLUNKEN, BEHNKEN] BEHRENS, d

Children listed by LDS:

1886: Amalia Margaretha Behnken 18 Nov 1886 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Father's Name Hermann Behnken Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 25 Mother's Name Magdalena Widmann Mother's Birthplace Germaney Mother's Age 28

1888: Magdalena Behnken 19 Oct 1888 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Father's Name Hermann Behnken Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 27 Mother's Name Magdalena Widmann Behnken Mother's Birthplace Germany Mother's Age 30

Henry G Nauss SPOUSE: Magdalena M Behnken MARRIAGE: 25 Feb 1911 - Manhattan

1905: E 344 48th street Behnken, Herman head age 44 born Germany, store keeper, Magdalena wife 47, Germany, Magdalena daughter age 16, Margaret age 6 Sophia age 2

1907: Herman Behnken 250 Rutledge Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1907

1910: Rutledge st, Brooklyn, Herman Behnken 49, own income, Magdalena Behnken 51, 7 children 3 living, Magdalena Behnken 21, Margaret Behnken 11, Sophie Behnken 6

1915: Tusten, Sullivan, New York, Herman Behnken 54, poultryman, Magdalena Behnken 57, wife, Margarett Behnken 16, daughter

1925: Linden ave, Queens, Henry Nauss 38 Madeline Nauss 36 George E Nauss 11 Madeline Nauss 08 Madeline Behnken 60, mother in law, Sophia Behnken 22, sister in law

1930: Linden street, Queens, Henry Nauss 43 Madeline Nauss 41 George Nauss 16 Madeline Nauss 13 Madeline Behnken 71

SS: Magdalen Nauss [Magdalen Behnken] Birth Date: 19 Oct 1888 Birth Place: New York City, New York Father: Herman Behnken Mother: Magdalen Widmann Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Dec 1963: Name listed as MAGDALEN NAUSS

Berendt/Behrends/Belirendt ⚰ ⚰ ☀ ☀ - died Lizzie age 10, and Clara age 8

City record: Behrendt, 88 3rd st, Carla 8 DEAD, Lizzie age 10 DEAD Marie 40 taken home Annie 13 uninjured.

Marie Louise Osnitski was born in Germany circa 1863. She immigrated to New York circa 1888 where she married Herman Behrendt, a woodworker, born in Danzig, Germany circa 1863. They had three children: Anna, Lizzie✟ and Clara✟. Mary Louise and her three children were on the General Slocum. Marie Louise and Anna survived the Slocum diaster. Lizzie, age 10, and Clara, age 8, were lost. Marie age 40 was listed in the city record as "taken home". Annie was listed as uninjured. The family was still on the Lower East Side in 1910. Sometime before 1915 the family moved to the Upper East Side in the 80s. By 1929 they had moved to Brooklyn where Marie Behrendt died in February 1929. Herman Behrendt died in 1939. Anne Behrendt did not marry.

The Berendt's story: Annie and her mother, Marie, were on the upper deck. The two younger girls Lizzie and Clara were dancing on the deck above when the fire was discovered. Marie ran up to search for her younger daughters but could not find them. People were pushing, shoving, screaming and fighting. There was a lot of smoke and it was impossible to recognize anyone. Marie did see the deck give way and Annie go over the side. She was picked up by a boat. Other people sank.

Birth: ????? Marie Louise Osnitzki BIRTH DATE: 12 Nov 1862 BAPTISM DATE: 11 Jan 1863 BAPTISM PLACE: Sankt Bartholomai, Danzig Stadt, Westpreussen, Prussia FATHER: Adolph Robert Osnitzki MOTHER: Louise Henriette Falk FHL FILM NUMBER: 742655

Marriage: Mary Louise Osnitsky [Odnitzke]

?????Mary O'Snitzki MARRIAGE DATE: 23 Feb 1890 MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA SPOUSE: Herman "Behnstedt" CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 2611

  1. Anna 1891

    Anna Louise Behrendt 23 Jun 1891 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Herman Emanuel Behrendt Mother's Name: Marie Louise Odnitzke

  2. Lizzie✟ c 1894

  3. Clara✟ 1896

    Clara Winna Behrendt 19 Jan 1896 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name: Herman Behrendt Mother's Name: Mary Luise Osnitzky

1900: 88 3rd Street, Herman Behrends 37, immigrated 1888, carpenter, Mary Behrends 37, immigrated 1890, married 10 years 3 children 3 living, Annie Behrends 9 Lizzie Behrends 5 Clara Behrends 4

1904: Behrendt, no 88 3rd st, Dead, Clara, 8, Lizzie 10, inured Marie, 40, uninjured Annie 13

On another list, Behrentd Mrs. Mary of 88 East Third st "missing", Lizzie age 10, of 88 E 3rd (died), Fannie age 8 of 88 E 3rd (died)

Clara Behrendt age 8 cert. #2970 Bronx DEATH: 15 Jun 1904 - New York, United States of America

Lizzie Behrendt BIRTH: United States of America DEATH: 15 Jun 1904 - New York, United States of America

Louise Behrendt Cert 2969 Bronx DEATH: 15 Jun 1904 - New York, United States of America

Find a grave says:

Victim of the General Slocum Disaster- age 11 years old, no death cert, body not recovered or unidentified, lived at 88 Easr 3rd Street, sisters Lizzie & Clara also perished Burial: Unknown Created by: Judi Braddick.
1904: History of the General Slocum Disaster:
Mary Behrendt of 88 East Third street "faced fire and death in attempts to find and save two of her youngest children, who had been dancing on the hurricane deck." The deck eventually fell. Mrs. Behrendt's clothes were afire and her hair mostly burned off when she finally allowed herself to be pulled off the ship. She appeared in the Alexander Avenue Police station with her hands in bandages "still on her quest for her little ones." The Anderson Avenue Police station was the closest station on the New York side of the accident.
"Annie, my eldest daughter" said Mrs. Belirendt, "was sitting with me on the upper deck, when somebody shouted 'Fire !' We all began to shout Fire! too, although I couldn't see any at that moment.

"Lizzie and Clara, 10 and 8 years old, were dancing on the deck above. I ran up there, but couldn't find them. I pushed my way down again. People were trampling down each other and screaming and fighting. It was impossible to recognize anybody.

"The smoke came over us then, too. The deck gave way and I saw my daughter Annie fall into the water. She was picked up by a boat, and for a minute I saw the other people falling into the water. Some were picked up, but others went down under the pieces of burning wood."

According to a list in the New York Times of June 16, 1904 Behrendt, Lizzie 10 years old and Fannie 8 years old of 88 3rd street. Mrs. Mary Behrendt, their mother, went to the Alexander Avenue Police Station and reported the children missing. Part of her hair was burned off and she was suffering severe injuries. While in a delirium she wandered away from the station unobserved by the police.

1905: 88 3rd street, Herman Behrendt 41, carpenter, Mary Behrendt 41, Annie Behrendt 14

1910: Ave A., Herman E Behrendt 46, carpenter, stage, Mary L Behrendt 47, 3 children 1 living, Anna E Behrendt 18

1910, 1911: Herman Behrendt, 71 AvA, OCCUPATION: Carpenter, PUBLICATION TITLE: New York, New York, City Directory, 1910

1915: Herman Behrendt, 410 E88th, OCCUPATION: Carpenter, PUBLICATION TITLE: New York, New York, City Directory, 1915

1915: 88th street, Herman Behrendt 52, carpentry, Marie Behrendt 51, Anna Behrendt 23, dressmaker

1920: 85th street, Herman Behrendt 57, Germany, imm 1888, stage hand theater, Mary Behrendt 58, Germany, imm 1888, janitress, Anna Behrendt 28, New York, dressmaker department store

1929: Marie Behrendt 66 DEATH DATE: 14 Feb 1929 DEATH PLACE: Kings, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 4987

1930: Brooklyn, New York ave., rent $45. Herman Behrendt 66, widowed, born Germany, imm. 1888, stage hand, Anna E Behrendt 39, dressmaker, dress shop

1939: Brooklyn Eagle Obit: Herman Behrendt Old Stage Hand - 44 year veteran as a stage hand died at his home 12 Raleigh Place after a long illness. Born in Danzig, Germany he immigrated circa 1888. He lost two children in the Genreal Slocum disaster. His wife "who died some years ago" was badly burned. His daughter, Anna, who survived him "was thrown overboard and picked up". Buried Lutheran Cemetery.

Behrens ⚰ ⚰ died Alice age 16 & Augusta age 52

City Record: 127 Garden street, Hoboken, Alice 1 age 16, DEAD, Augusta age 52 DEAD

Find a Grave: Alice and Agusta were Buried Flower Hill, North Bergan August Behrens was married to Gerhard Behrens, bookbinder. They had two children in 1900, Alice and Harry. The Behrens had already lost one child by 1900. On the excursion on June 14th were Alice✟ age 16, and Augusta✟ age 52. Both died. Harry F. (according to the 1900 census born October 1883) was listed in NYC in 1917. Gerhard (according to the 1900 census born July 1855) was listed in Hoboken in 1920 under the name "George" Behrens, widower.

1900: St Marks Place, Behrens, Gerhard, 44, bookbinder, imm 1888, Augusta 45, imm 1889, 3 children 2 living, Harry F 16, imm 1889, Alice 12 imm 1889, all born Germany, and one boarder


Alice Behrens BIRTH: abt 1888 DEATH: 15 Jun 1904 - Bronx

Buried Flower Hill Cemetery

Alice Behrens, 1904, North Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey, United States of America, Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier: 18643384 Cemetery: Flower Hill Cemetery

Augusta Behrens Event Place: North Bergen, Hudson, New Jersey, United States of America Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier: 18643413 Cemetery: Flower Hill Cemetery

Death cert #2721 Bronx, 127 Garden Street, Hoboken NJ Augusta Behrens age 52

According to a list in the New York Times of June 16, 1904 Augusta Behrens of 127 Garden Street, Hoboken was identified at the morgue by her husband.

According to a list in the New York Times of June 16, 1904 Missing - Behrens, a daughter of "George" Behrens of 127 Garden street, Hoboken.

1917: Harry Ferdinand Behrens 30 W. 68th st New York born October 15, 1883, 2nd vice president J. P. Parango [?] ----, nearest Relative, "George" Behrens 610 Park Ave Hoboken, New Jersey.

1920: Hoboken, 610 Park ave, Anna Preye 51 Charles Glinz 31 George Behrens 60, boarder, widowed, bartender, saloon, born Bremen Germany.

1924: Harry F Behrens, Arrival 27 Jun 1924, Birth Date: 15 Oct 1883, Birth Location: Germany, Bremen Age: 40, single, Port of Departure: Port Au Princo, Hti Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Cristobal, destination Wichita Falls, Texas, father naturalized May 1904 Common Pleas Jersey City

Harry F Behrens traveled extensively from 1920 to the mid 1930s. By 1923 he was living in Texas. He applied for a passport in 1922. He stated he was born in Bremen German October 15, 1883 and immigrated in 1889. He was a traveling salesman, selling flour for the Wichita mill in Wichita Texas - West Indies, Central American, South America and Mexico.

Beneke ⚰ died Mary age 30

Find a Grave: Mary A. Beneke born April 23, 1874 died June 15, 1904 (tombstone) - Louis Beneke born Aug 30, 1867 died March 18, 1901 - Caroline W Beneke born Oct 4 18-- died april --, 1909, John Beneke born June 7, 1835 died Dec 10, 1905

1880: 420 East 17th street, John L. Benneoke 45, saloon keeper, Caroline W. Benneoke 46, Ida Johana Benneoke 18, Emma Benneoke 16, Louis Benneoke 12, William Benneoke 10, Christoph Benneoke 8, Mary Benneoke 6, parents born Hanover, children born New York

1900: John H Beneke 64, liquor dealer, imm 1835, Caroline Beneke 65, 9 children 7 living, imm 1837 Mary Beneke 26, daughter April 1874


"William C. Beneke, an employe of the City Dock Department, while at the Morgue said that he would never return to his home unless he found some trace of his sisters."

1905: 420 East 17th street, John F Beneke 70, no occupation, Caroline Beneke 71

1905: probate John Ludwig Beneke, December 26, 1905, will- pay all debts, to wife, Caroline W, all personal property, all real estate, sole executrix dated Nov 28, 1904

1910: E 169th street, Bronx, William C Benke 40, Inspector Street Grading Anna M Benke 38, 4 children 4 living, William C Benke Jr. 10 Pauline A Benke 8 George F Benke 7 Arthur P Benke 5

Mary's sister, Emma gruben and her 13 year old daughter, Carrie also died in the Sloucm. See Gruben, Emma below.

Bensch ⚰ ☁ died Mary age 42 - injured Lulu age 11

Find a Grave: 49 5th Street, death cert # 2875 Bronx

Daughter: Lulu Bensch Brunings
"Survivor of the General Slocum Disaster - age 11 years old, lived at 49 5th Street, treated at Lebanon Hospital with left hand torn off. Her mother was killed on the Slocum. She married J. Brunings "

1865: Jacob Bensch was born to Wilhelm Bensch and Emma nee Stohrer in Brooklyn Ev. Luth, St Peter's 28 January 1865

1886: Marriage

Jacob Bensch Spouse's Name Kath. Mary Schrader 06 May 1886 Event Place Manhattan Father's Name Wm. Bensch Mother's Name Emma Stohrer Spouse's Father's Name Fred Schrader Spouse's Mother's Name Barbara Braun (LDS)

1892: Louisa Bensch 23 Sep 1892 Manhattan, Father's Name Jacob Bensch Father's Birthplace New York City Father's Age 27 Mother's Name Mary "Schroeder" Mother's Birthplace New York City Mother's Age 30 (NYC Births LDS)

1900: Bronx, Third ave., Jacob Bensch 35, upholsterer, Mary Bensch 38, 2 children 1 living, Louisa Bensch 6, married 14 years

1904: June 16, BENSCH, Mary, 42 years, of 401 Fifth street 1904: Injured - Lulu Bensch child June 16, 1904

1904: Brooklyn Eagle June 16: Jacob Bensch of 401 15th street found his wife's body among the dead on the pier after looking at over 100 bodies. He was thoroughly sickened by the ordeal and could say nothing when he finally found his wife, Mary . He had told police that his wife and daughter had jumped from the boat and his daughter, Louise, was in Lebanaon hospital."

1910: E 138th street, Barbara "Scherder" 71, widow, 9 children 3 living, Henry Schrader 34, baker, bakery, Fred Schrader 36, porter, store, Rose Schrader 24, daughter in law, Louise Schrader 3, grandchild, Louise Bensch 17, grandchild, sock girl infants wear

1915:Bronx, Frederick "Sheader" 41, auto tire repairer, Rose Sheader 30 Louise Sheader 8 Henry Sheader 39, brother, baker, Louise Bensch 21, niece, bookkeeper,

1920: E 153rd street, Bronx, Julius Brunings 29, merchant auto mobiles, Louise Brunings 27

1930: Larchmont Westchester, Julius E Brunings 39 Louise Brunings 37, merchant automotive parts, Marilyn Brunings 3 [3 11/12] Jay Edward Brunings 0 [1/12]

1940: Mamaroneck, Westchester, New York Julius E Brunings 49, automotive parts, Louise F Brunings 47 Marilyn Brunings 13 Jay Brunings 10

Death: Louise Brunings, SSN: 120-26-5568, Last Residence: 91311 Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA, BORN: 23 Sep 1892, Died: Mar 1984, state issued New York

Louise Fredericka Brunings [Louise Fredericka Bensch] Social Security #: 120265568 Gender: Female Birth Date: 23 Sep 1892 Birth Place: New York Death Date: 29 Mar 1984 Death Place: Los Angeles Mother's Maiden Name: Schrader Father's Surname: Bensch
Jay Edward Brunings (1930-2010) was an inventor and patent holder - nuclear power reactors

Bentz ⚰ died Arthur age 14

Find a Grave: Arthur Bentz age 14 333 5th street, buried Mount Olive Maspeth. Buried in the same grave with, Sophia born 1887 died 1933 and Julia born 1858 died 1945

Juliana age 27 wife, and Martha age 2 and a half immigrated on the Eider from Bremen 21 August 1886.

1892: 19th Ward, Brooklyn, "Julia" Bentz, age 33, dressmaker, Martha age 8 Sophia age 4, Arthur age 2

1900: East 3rd street, "Mary" Bentz 40, widow, 3 children 3 living, Martha Bentz 18, dressmaker, Sophie Bentz 12, Arthur Bentz 10

1904: BDE June 17, 1904 BENTZ, Arthur, of 333 Fifth street

1905: 103 1/2 St Mark's Place, Julia Bentz 45 Martha Bentz 21, day laborer

1915: Greene ave., Brooklyn, Julia Bentz 56 Martha E Bentz 30, milliner, Sophia M Bentz 28, bookkeeper

1920: Greene ave., Brooklyn, Julia Bendz Head F 61 Germany, widow, imm 1886, Martha Bendz Daughter F 36 Germany, imm 1886, copyist office, Sophia Bendz Daughter F 32 New York, bookkeeper, Auguster Flader Sister F 73 Germany, single, imm 1884

1925: Greene ave Brooklyn Bentz, Julia widow, 66, Sophia, daughter telephone, 36, Gussie Flader, sister 77 single

1930: Greene ave, Brooklyn, Julia H Bentz Head F 71 Germany Sophia M Bentz Daughter F 40 New York Augusta Blader Sister F 83 Germany Emil Kuelz Boarder M 26 Germany

1933: Death of Sophia - Sophia M Bentz 11 Mar 1933 Brooklyn, Kings, Age 45 Single Birthplace U. S. Father's Name Herman

1940: Julia Bentz, age 81 Manahan Street, born Germany, widowed

1940: Martha Bentz, age 56 Creedmoor State Hospital, Queens, born Germany single, same place in 1935

Tombstone Flader/Bentz: Lutheran All Faith, Flader, Wilhelmina, born 1832 died 1888 Augusta born 1847 died 1931 Bentz, Martha born 1883 died 1969

Martha Bentz SSN: 064-42-3368 Last Residence: 11427 Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 24 Aug 1883 Died: Apr 1969

Martha Bentz SSN: 064-42-3368 Last Residence: 11427 Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 24 Aug 1883 Died: Apr 1969

Berdolt ⚰ died Agusta age 30

Find a Grave: Augusta "Gussie" [BERDOLT, Mrs. Gussie, 30 years, 1050 Prospect avenue] Berdolt - age 30 years old, death cert # 3146, lived at 1050 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY - Lutheran

June 16: DEAD - [BERDOLT, Mrs. Gussie, 30 years, 1050 Prospect avenue] Brooklyn


Gussie Berdolt was born Agusta Dauernheim in January 1874 to Andrew and Anna Dauernheim.

Also deceased in the Slocum disaster were: Wilhelmina Duls Dauerheim age 26 and Anna Dauernheim age 58. See below.

1874: Dauernheim Birth 15 Jan 1874 Manhattan, New York, Gender Female Father's Name Andrew Dauernheim Mother's Name Anna Haffreyen Dauernheim

1880: Leffert [?] street, Manhattan, Andrew Dornheim Self M 38 Germany, barber, Annie Dornheim Wife F 34 Germany, William Dornheim Son M 11 New York, United States, Henry Dornheim Son M 9 New York, United States, Herman Dornheim Son M 8 New York, United States, Augusta Dornheim Daughter F 6 New York, United States, Ferdinand Dornheim Son M 4 New York, United States, Annie Dornheim Daughter F 1 New York, United States

1900: 41 3rd ave., Manhattan, Andrew Daurenhein Head M 58 Germany, barber, Anna Daurenhein Wife F 54 Germany, 8 children 5 living, William Daurenhein Son M 31 New York, compositor, Henry Daurenhein Son M 30 New York, architect, Augusta Daurenhein Daughter F 26 New York, bookkeeper, Ferdinand Daurenhein Son M 24 New York, salesman, Helen Daurenhein Daughter F 20 New York, stenographer

Frederick Berdolt - husband of Gussie

1880: New York City, Philip Berdolt 43, tailor, Johanna Berdolt 32, John Berdolt 7, Fredrick Berdolt 5, Joseph Berdolt 4, Frank Berdolt 2

1901: Frederick Berdolt Marriage 14 Jul 1901 Manhattan, New York Age 26 Single Birthplace Brooklyn, N.Y. Father's Name Philip Berdolt Mother's Name Johanna Spouse's Name Augusta Danernheim Spouse's Age 27 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace N.Y. City Spouse's Father's Name Andrew Danernheim Spouse's Mother's Name Anna Heffregra 1905: Manhattan, Phillip Berdolt 59, tailor, Hanna Berdolt 57, Frederick Berdolt 30, clerk, Francis Berdolt 26, clerk

1910: E. 87th street, Philip Berdolt 64, tailor, Johanna Berdolt 63, 4 children 2 living, Frederick Berdolt 35, widow, bookkeeper, Frank Berdolt 31, druggist

1917: Frederick Berdolt born September 26th 1874 address 207 Lefferts Blve, Brooklyn, bookkper clerk, East River Savings Institute, wife Adeline Berdolt

1925: Lefferts Blvd, Frederic Berdolt 51, paying teller, Adeline Berdolt 40, Marjorie ---- 34, sister in law

1927: Death - Adeline Berdolt Birth Year: abt 1884 Age: 43 Death Date: 2 Sep 1927 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 16593 - Buried Greenwood

1929: MarriageFrederick Berdolt Gender: Male Marriage Date: 27 Jun 1929 Marriage Place: Bronx, New York, USA Spouse: Mildred Jantzen Certificate Number: 4522

1929: Frederick Berdolt age 55, born Brooklyn, 1874, 518 Ft. Washington ave. Manhattan and Midlred Berdolt age 45, New York arrived in New York on the S. s. Bermuda from Bermuda oon October 24, 1929.

1930: Ft. Washington, Ave., Frederick Berdolt 55, clerk bank, age at first marriage, 29, Mildred Berdolt 45, age at first marriage 44

1936: Berdolt, Frederick May 15 1936 wife Mildred, Buried Woodlawn - NY Times obit

Berdolt NYC Death index:

  1. Berdolt Frank 33 y Sep 10 1911 27982 Manhattan
  2. Berdolt Augusta 30 y Jun 15 1904 3146 Bronx
  3. Berdolt Fredericka 77 y Apr 27 1916 13447 Manhattan
  4. Berdolt Johanna 71 y Jul 27 1918 22201 Manhattan
  5. Berdolt Philip 77 y Aug 8 1923 20557 Manhattan
  6. Berdolt Adeline 43 y Sep 2 1927 16593 Kings
  7. Berdolt Frederick 61 y May 15 1936 12311 Manhattan
  8. Kings

Berg ⚰ - died Lena Berg age 46

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 17 June 1904: BERG, Lena, 46 years, of 158 Goerck street, identified by husband, John [Guerck] at the Morgue.

Bernhardi ⚰ died Anna age 5

William Bernhardi, born circa 1869 in Germany, married Mamie Mardorf in New York. They had William, Conrad, Annie and Frances. Frances died (an infant) in 1902. Maime died a month later in 1902. Annie died in the General Slocum disaster in 1904. William remarried circa 1906. He and his second wife, Mary Roska had: Irma, Helena and Margaret. William Berhardi died at age 73 in 1942.

1900: 82nd street, Bernhardi, Wilhelm born Germany age 31, saloon keeper, naturalized imm 1891, Mary, wife 3 children 3 living, Wilhelm son age 4, Conrad age 2, Annie 10 months

1902 Deaths:

  1. "Francis", age 7 months, #20173 Manhattan (Francis Bernhardi 05 Jul 1902 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States 75 East End Ave "Female", Age 0 buried, 07 Jul 1902 Lutheran Cem Father William Bernhardi born Germany Mother Mamie Bernhardi born N.Y. LDS)

  2. Mamie age 25, August 24, 1902 Manhattan #25325 (Mamie Bernhardi Death 24 Aug 1902 Manhattan, Age 25 Married Birthplace N. Y. City Burial Date 27 Aug 1902 Father Conrad Mardorf Mother Mardorf LDS)

General Slocum:
Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 17 June 1904: BUNHARDI, Anne, 5 years, of 614 East Ninth street, identified by brother, Henry. BERNHORDI, Annie, 5 years, of 614 East ninth street, identified by aunt. [East omitted, BUNHARDI, above?]

NY's Awful Excursion Boar Horror: Bernhardi, Annie, age 5, 614 East Ninth street; identified by her aunt, Mrs. Frances Bernardi, of No. 403 East 19th street.

1904: Annie Bernhardi Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Age 5 Father's Name William Mother's Name "Annie" (LDS)

1905: Manhattan 614 9th street, Willliam L Bernhardi 36, saloonkeeper, born Germany, William Bernhardi 10, Conrad Bernhardi 7

2nd marriage of William Bernhardi: Mary Roska

Children: 1906: Name Irma Von Bernhardi Event Type Birth Event Date 14 Mar 1906 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Race White Father's Name William Von Bernhardi Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 38 Mother's Name Mary Roska Bernhardi Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 19

1910: Manhattan Ward 19, William Bernhardi 42, coachman, Mary Bernhardi 24, married 5 years 3 children 3 living, William Bernhardi 15, Conrad Bernhardi 12, Orina Bernhardi 5, Helene Bernhardi 3, Margarethe Bernhardi 2

1915: Bronx, William Bernhardi 46, coachman, Mary Bernhardi 28 Comad Bernhardi 17 Irma Bernhardi 9 Helen Bernhardi 7 Margaret Bernhardi 6

1925: Bronx, William Bernhardi 57, taxi driver, Mary Bernhardi 38, Helen Bernhardi 17, Margaret Bernhardi 16

1940: Bronx, William Bernharde 71, chauffeur, Mary Bernharde 53

1942: Queens death, William Bernhardi, age 73, Jan 16, #562

Bertrand/Hertrich ⚰ ☀ - died Lizzie age 45

City record: Bertrand 730 6th street, Lizzie age 45 DEAD Arthur age 13 uninjured

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hertrich was born in New York circa 1859 to George Hertrich, tailor, born in Bavaria circa 1833. She married Charles A Bertrand. By 1900 they had Charles, William, Edward and Arthur. The 1900 census indicates that they had already lost two children. Elizabeth✟ and Arthur, the youngest child, were on the General Slocum on June 15, 1904. Elizabeth died but Arthur was saved. Arthur Bertrand married and had a daughter Jeanne circa 1918. He died in 1946. Charles A Bertrand remarried before 1915. His second wife's names was Bertha. Charles A. Bertrand died in Brooklyn in 1915.

1880: 2nd ave Charles Bertrand 50, barber, journeyman, rheumatism Katharin Bertrand 52 Charles Bertrand 19, driver for paper house

1880: East 13th street, George Hertrich 47, tailor Bavaria, Lizzie Hertrich 20, George Hertrich 19, works in pencil factory, Joseph Hertrich 15 Addie Hertrich 12 Michael Hertrich 10

Marriage: Charles A Bertrand to Elizabeth Hertrich


  1. Charles

  2. William 1881

    William F. Bertram, Marriage, 26 Nov 1912, New York, United States, Age: 26, Father's Name: Chas. Bertram, Mother's Name: Elizabeth Hertrich, Spouse's Name: Florence E. Myers, Spouse's Age: 25, Spouse's Father's Name: Lyman Myers Spouse's Mother's Name: Listell

  3. Edward Joseph 1884

  4. Arthur 1891

    Arthur Adam Bertrand 14 Jul 1891 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Charles Bertrand Mother's Name: Lizzie Heitrich Bertrand

    1917 WWI DR: Arthur Adam Bertrand, born July 14, 1891 NYC, not employed, married 5 ft 10 and a half inches, brown eyes, brown hair, slender

    1920: Brooklyn, Margaret Quinn 66, none Anna E Quinn 40, daughter, teacher, public school, Arthur A Bertrand 28, son-in-law, clerk, brokers, Elizabeth J Bertrand 27, daughter, Jeanne E Bertrand 2, granddaughter

    He registered in 1942 for the WWII Draft Registration. Died 5 June 1946 Queens

1904: Bertrand, 730 6th st., Lizzie, age 45, died, Arthur age 13 uninjured.

"Bertrard", Lizzie, age 45, June 15, 1904 Bronx 3438

1900: 270 6th street, Charles A Bertrand 39, truckman, born New York, married 18 years, Elizabeth Bertrand 40, married 18 years, born New York mother of 6 children 4 living Charles A Bertrand 12, jeweler, William Bertrand 15, Arthur Bertrand 8, Michael Hertrick 29, brother in law, leather, Leopold Manheimer 40, boarder

1905: West 19th street, Catherine Bertrand 78, born Germany, in us 52 years, Edward Bertrand 21, clerk, William Bertrand 19, clerk express company

Second Marriage: Bertha before 1915

1915 Charles A Bertrand 53 DEATH DATE: 9 Mar 1915 DEATH PLACE: Kings, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 4933

1915: Probate March 30, 1915 petitioners, Charles A Bertrand 3209 Snyder ave, and Edward J Bertrand, 1318 Purdy street, Bronx, the sons of Charles A. Bertrand who died 9 March 1915, personal property $5,000 real estate $1,000. Widow, Bertha Bertrand, 85 Somers Brooklyn, children: Charles A., Edward J., William F 17 Cumberland st. Monroe co. and Arthur A 83 Somers street Brooklyn

Edwards J. Bertrand: Online Bio

Edward J. Bertrand was born in New York City, January 26, 1884, a son of the late Charles A. and Elizabeth Bertrand. On his father's side he is of French descent, being a great great grandson of Count Henri Gratien Bertrand, one of the generals of Napoleon I and one of the Emperor's most loyal supporters. The first member of the family to come to this country was Mr. Bertrand's grandfather, who settled in the United States in 1858. His son, Mr. Bertrand's father, was for many years successfully engaged in the trucking business and also was over a very long period of years a power in local politics, having been a staunch supporter of the Democratic party and at one time a member of the New York State Senate. He died in 1916, having been predeceased by Mrs. Bertrand, who was one of the unfortunate victims, June 15, 1904, of the disaster which befell the Steamship "General Slocum" in the East River."


Birmingham, Katherine ⚰ - died (age uncertain)

Katherine (Kate) Dillon married Harry Birmingham.

Katherine D. Birmingham age 65 (55 or 79 conflicting records) of 79 Mangin street, identified by brother Charles Dillon of 83 Clermont ave, Brooklyn (or brother Michael) at the morgue - mother of Catherine Diamond and grandmother of Francis and May (Francis and May perished in the General Slocum). Buried Calvary. (Find a Grave)

1880: Delancey street, Harry Birmingham Self M 45 North Carolina, United States, butcher, Kate Birmingham Wife F 32 Ireland, Kate Birmingham Daughter F 4 New York, United States, daughter, Frances "Gillon" Other F 50 Ireland boarder

Death Index: Catherine Birmingham 79, 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2902

1904: Mangin street 79 -- BIRMINGHAM, Catherine, 65, d


"Mrs. Catherine DIAMOND and her brother of 79 "Madison" street, went to the pier this morning and identified the body of their mother, Mrs. Catherine BIRMINGHAM. In her paroxysms of grief, Mrs. DIAMOND ran to jump from the gangplank leading from the pier, when she was caught by W.D. HOWARD, a Bellvue Hospital nurse. She was carried into the office of the Superintendent of Outdoor Poor, where she remained in a dead faint for many minutes. She was able to leave the scene with her brother."

GENERAL SLOCUM DISASTER Brooklyn Daily Eagle - June 15, 1904

See Diamond.

Blohm ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ - died Anna age 28, Dora 15 and Margaret 19

  1. City Record: Blohm, 18 Jackson st, Dorothea age 15, died, Margaret age 17, died

  2. City Record: Blohm, 573 Central ave, Brooklyn, Anne 28, died, Margaret age 53, injured Lincoln hospital

A newspaper report said that Margaret "Bloom" lived at "22" Jackson street. It stated that she was the mother of Margaret 18, Dora 15, and Mrs. Anna Schmitt. Mrs. Scmitt's two children, Ann and Mildred, were also missing. With the Bloom party was Margaret age 15, daughter of Alderman James Smith, of 283 Monroe street, also missing and feared dead.

John Blohm was a butcher. He and his wife, Margaret Bechten (or Petchen) had: John W. (aka William) circa 1875, Annie✟ circa 1878, Margaret✟ circa 1887 and Dorothy✟ (Dora) circa 1889. By 1904 William was married to Annie✟ and had a daughter, Beatrice✟ about 2 months old. By 1904 Annie Blohm was married to George Smith.

The two Annies, Beatice, Margaret and Dora died in the Slocum disaster. Margaret survived and was listed in Lincoln hospital. It does not appear that John and William Blohm or George Smith were on board the General Slocum that fateful day. John William Blohm a photo engraver remarried sometime between 1905 and 1908. He had at least three children by his second marriage, William, Annie and Doris. By 1910 he was living in New Jersey. I do not know what happened to George Schmidt, the widow of Annie Blohm.

1880: Monroe street, John Blohm 29, butcher, Hanover, Margaret Blohm 29, Hanover, John Blohm 6, Annie Blohm 2

1900: Jackson street, John Blohm 49, butcher, imm 1865, Margaret Blohm 49, 3 children 3 living imm 1865, Dora Blohm 11 Anna Blohm 21 Margaret Blohm 13

1900: Central Ave., William Blohm 26, photo engraver, Anna Blohm 25, no children

Brooklyn Eagle June 15, 1904

1901: Anna Blohm marriage: 28 August 1901 Manhattan father: John Blohm mother: Margaret Pechten spouse: George Smith other: Charles Smith, Doretta. They had a daughter, Beatrice, circa 1904.

1904 Death Index Bronx:

Blohm Anna 28 y Jun 15 1904 2763 Bronx

Blohm Dora 15 y Jun 15 1904 2766 Bronx

Blohm Margaret 19 y Jun 15 1904 2765 Bronx

Brooklyn Eagle List 1904:
BLOHM, Anne, 28 years, of 18 Jackson street, identified by husband, William. [Anna*]
BLOHM, Margaret, 19 years, of 18 Jackson street, identified by father, Jacob [BLUHM*]
BOHM, Dora, 18 Jackson street * [maybe this should be BLOHM, as above, same address?]

Another Brooklyn Eagle list:
BLOHM, Dora, 573 Central avenue
BLOHM, Margaret, 573 Central avenue
*BLOHM, Beatrice, 573 Central avenue

Find a Grave: Annie Blohm,

Victim General Slocum Disaster -age 28 years old, wife of Mr William Blohm. Died along with sisters-in-law - Mrs Annie Smith, Dora & Maragret Blohm. Her daughter Beatrice (2 years old) also perished "

Judi Braddick

According to a list in the New York Times of June 16, 1904 Blohm, Mrs. Anna 28 18 Jackson st identified by her husband, William Blohm at the morgue. Blohm, Margaret 19, 18 Jackson st identified by her brother, William Blohm, at the morgue.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle of June 17, 1904:

"Police Detail at BLOHM Home. Police Captain BECKER, of the Hamburg avenue station found it necessary early in the day to detail a corps of patrolmen to the BLOHM home to preserve order. Arrangements for the burial of the dead were made in all parts of the city to-day. The BLOHM home was one of those which was devastated by pestilence. The dead in his home are: Annie, his wife, 28 years old; Mrs. Annie Smith, his sister, and Margaret and Dora BLOHM, his two younger sisters. The body of little Beatrice, BLOHM's 2 year old daughter, has not yet been recovered. The family were members of St. Mark's parish. The funeral services will be held at the home to-morrow. The bodies will be interred in the Lutheran Cemetery."

DEATH RECORD: Beatrice Blohm Burial Event Place: Middle Village, Queens, New York, United States of America Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier: 17822894 Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery

The New York Awful Steamboat Horror

stated that 5 members of the Blohm family from Williamsburg were buried from the home of William Blohn: his wife, Anne, 28, his married sister, Mrs. Annie Smith, 24, his two year old daughter, Mildred, and his sisters Margaretta 18 and Dora 15 years old. Another child of Mrs. Smith's, 2 month old Beatrice, had not been found. Mrs. Margretta Blohm, age 53, was the only member of the family on the excursion who survived.

The throng of mourners was very large. The five bodies, each in its own casket, were taken by hearses from in front of the Blohm house to the Lutheran Cemetery. Hundreds followed.

Note: The city record of 1905 only listed Annie Blohm 28, Dorothy Blohm 15 and Margaret Blohn 17 and possibly Annie "Smith" of 180 Ave B age 30 and a child named Annie, age 1, at the same address under "Schmidt". No infants named Blohm were listed. Margaret Blohm age 52 survived and was listed at Lincoln Hospital.

1905: 573 Central Ave., Brooklyn, John Blohm, 54, "X", Margret, 54, John W. age 30, photo engraver

John William Blohm remarried sometime between 1905 and 1908.

1910: 573 Central Ave, Brooklyn, Ward 28, John Blohm 59, butcher, butcher store, Margaretta Blohm 59, nothing listed under number of children,

1910: Jersey City, Blohm, John W, age 36, born New York, marriage 2, photo engraver newspaper, Antoinette, age 34, marriage 1, 1 child 1 living, William H son age 2

1915: 573 Central Margaret Blohm, widow, age 64, listed in Brooklyn

1930: Montclaire, New Jersey, own home, value $10,000, John W Blohm 55, photo engraver, commercial, Antoinette Blohm 54 William H Blohm 22 Anna M Blohm 16 Doris A Blohm 14.

John W. Blohm and family were also listed in Montclair in 1915, 1920 and 1940. In 1915 and 1920 Mrs. Blohm was listed as Anna.

Blumenkranz ⚰ - died Annie age 20

Annie Blumenkranz age 20 born Austria, lived 9 East 106th street, buried Washington Cemetery Brooklyn (Find a Grave)

Annie was on the excursion with her friend Julia Wortman, who also died.

1900: 82nd street, Manhattan, Rosa Blumenkranz 43, widow, 10 children 8 living, Celia Blumenkranz 21, wire frame factory, Mollie Blumenkranz 20, wire frame factory, May Blumenkranz 18, forelady, Annie Blumenkranz 16, cardboard, Max Blumenkranz 15, errand boy, Sarah Blumenkranz 14, Rebecca Blumenkranz 11, David Blumenkranz 9, all born Austria, all immigrated 1892

1904: Miss Julia Wortman and Miss Annie Blumenkranz of New York spent several weeks in Germantown in the summer of 1903 as guests of Miss Annie Clark. Miss Clark received a letter from Julia and Annie only a few days before the General Slocum disaster, in which they were both killed. Both young women had planned to visit Germantown again for a few weeks in the summer of 1904.

1905: Bronx: Rosie Blumenkranz 49, Samuel (crossed out unclear what is entered) Blumenkranz 34 (crossed out 2- entered) mechanic, (maybe that Aaron Blumenkranz age 21 was entered) Celia Blumenkranz 25, Mali Blumenkranz 24, May Blumenkranz 22, Sadie Blumenkranz 18, Rosie Blumenkranz 16, David Blumenkranz 15, Millie Blumenkranz 5, "daughter", all born Austria,

1910: Manhattan ward 12, West 142nd street, Ralph Samuels 28, commercial traveler, cloaks, Mae Samuels 25, wife, marriage 1 - 1 child, Adele Samuels 3, daughter, Rae Blumenkranz 50, mother in law, widow, 8 children 8 living, David Blumenkranz 20, brother in law, buyer silks, Mollie Blumenkranz 26, sister in law, shaper, ladies hats, Reuben Golden 24, boarder, Jacob Joseph 42, boarder, Blumenkranz all born Austria-Germany- all imm. 1891

See Wortmann below.

Blusch ⚰ - died Katie age 25

Find a Grave: Katie Blusch age 25 years old, single, death cert # 3476 Bronx, lived at 142 3rd Avenue, Housekeeper buried Moravian cemetery, Staten Island

1904 Book: BLUSCH, KATHERINE, 25 years old 41 Avenue A.

1904: Katie Blusch 15 Jun 1904, Bronx, Address 149 Ave "A", Age 25, Marital Status Single, Occupation Domestic, Birth Year (Estimated) 1879, Birthplace U. S., Burial Date 22 Jun 1904, Burial Place Staten Island, NY, Cemetery Moravian, Father's Name August Blusch, Father's Birthplace Germany, Mother's Name Elizabeth Duprey, Mother's Birthplace U. S (LDS).

1880: Staten Island Richmond, Peter Duprie 57, dock builder, born France, Catharine Duprie 42, born Byro, Charles Duprie 13, August Brush 27, son in law, born Prussia, Elizabeth Brush 21, wife, born New York, George Brush 3, Charles Brush 2, Kate Brush 1

1900: Staten Island, Laurel ave., August Blusch 47, cabinet maker, imm 1892, Elisabeth Blusch 42, George Blusch 22, teamster, Charles Blusch 21, driver, Kathren Blusch 20, fire works factory, Elizabeth Blusch 16, servant, Casper Blusch 18, fire works, factory Edward Blusch 14, driver express, Amelia Blusch 13, Minnie Blusch 10, Magdaline Blusch 3

1905 City Record: See Hauff - Hauff died Matilda age 14, injured Agnes age 11 to Lincoln

New York Times June 19, 1904:

"Bereaved Father Said He Was Warned of Her Death. Frederick Blusch, a cabinetmaker of Laural Avenue, Stapleton, S.I., said at his home that his daughter was on a visit to Tillie Hauff of 148 East Third Street, who was a member of St. Mark's Lutheran Church. He says that Catherine and the Hauff family were on the Slocum when she started on her fatal trip. His daughter, he says last seen by one of the survivors on the after second deck of the Slocum. Two of the Hauff family were saved and a third still missing. Blusch declared that a night before the incident he dreamed that his daughter Catherine went on a exclursion and that he could see the vessal afire and hear his daughter cry for help. He told his wife of the affair the following day, and when of heard of the Slocum disaster he started an investigation and found his dream had come true. (Tillie Hauff, age 14 died along with Katie Blusch)"


August Blusch Birth Year: abt 1853 Age: 56 Death Date: 1 Jan 1909 Death Place: Richmond, New York, USA Certificate Number: 15 - Laurel ave., married, cabinet maker, edema of the lungs

Find a Grave: August Blusch 1852 Germany Death Date: 1909 Death Place: Stapleton, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA Cemetery: Moravian Cemetery New Dorp, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA

1910: Staten Island: Lizzie Blusck 51, widowed, Edward Blusch 25 Minnie Blusch 20 Lena Blusch 13 August Blusch 8 Helen Blusch 7

1920: Gordon street, Staten Island, Elizabeth Blush 60, gold leafer, decorator, widow Elizabeth Blush 35 Amelia Blush 32 Lena Blush 23 Edward Blush 33 August Blush 18 Helene Blush 17

1930: Gordon street, Staten Island, own, $5,000, Elizabeth Blush 71, widow, Amelia Blush 42 Lena Blush 34

1940: Gordon street, Staten Island, Elizabeth Blusch 81, widow, Amelia Blusch 57, daughter, floor lady paper mill, Lena Blusch 44, daughter, machine operator, suit factory

Bock ⚰ ⚰ ☁ - died Grace age 5, May age 7 - injured Louise age 32

City Record: Bock 69 Marcy ave. Brooklyn, Grace E. age 5 and May L age 7 DEAD, Louise 32 to Lincoln hospital.

By 1900 Charles Bock and his wife Louise had had four children two of whom were still living. Louise was on the Slocum with the two remaining children, Grace✟ and May✟, who were both lost. Charles and Louise had a son Charles jr was born circa 1906. Louise Bock died in 1916 and Charles remarried. He and his second wife, Mamie, had a daughter, Viola, circa 1918.

1904: Charles Bock of 59 Marcy ave spent hours searching among the dead for his two daughters, Grace age 5and May L age 7. His wife, Louise, had seen her daughter, May Louise, "drown before her eyes" having been unable to save her. Mrs. Bock was almost out of her mind. Louise Bock had attended St. Mark's Sunday school and had been married in St. Mark's church. She attended the picnic outing every year. In 1904 she was with her childhood friend Anna Burckhard (who died in the Slocum disaster). The two women and two daughters of Louise Bock were on the upper deck when the fire started. Mrs. Bock grabbed May Louise and Mrs Buckhaedt grabbed Grace. Almost immediately the two women became separated. Louise Bock managed to slide down a pole with May Lousie in her arms until she reached the water. Exhausted she lost her grip on the girl. She was hauled aboard a launch. She watched in horror as the girl, still in the river, slipped under the water. The men on the launch tried by failed to reach her. Louse Bock did not remember anything else until she woke up in Lincoln hospital. Louise Bock suffered from burns and submersion.

1904 "Beck" Marcy ave, Brooklyn Brooklyn Daily Eagle on June 16:

Mother Alive, Her Two Children Gone

A scene similar to that repeated at many other houses of mourning was enacted at the home of Charles BECK, 69 Marcy avenue, this forenoon, when his wife, Louisa, reached there in the company with several relatives. Mrs. BECK was formerly a member of St. Mark's Church, and had been in the habit of attending the excursion every year. She in the company with her two children, Grace Edna, 4 1/2 years old, and May Louise, 6 1/2 years old, attended the ill-fated outing. She was almost too hysterical to tell a connected story, but says that in the panic she was torn away, in the wild rush, from her two children, and though she searched frantically for them, never caught sight of their faces again.

During her search she was thrown down and trampled under foot and finally found herself in the water. She does not know how she came to get into the water, but believes she was forced over the edge of the burning boat by the maddened mob. She was rescued and taken to the Lincoln Hospital. She was located there by her frantic husband and when able to leave this morning was assisted to her home by relatives. She managed to compose herself until she reached the house, when she broke down and became hysterical. Her shrieks were heart rendering and she called constantly for her two children. A number of relatives were gathered in the stricken home including Mrs. BECK's aged mother and father and their weeping added to the pathetic scene.

The missing children are described as being very pretty with long golden curls and dressed nearly alike.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle June 16, 1904

1904: June 26, Bock, Grace age 4 69 Marcy Ave. Brooklyn body identified June 25.

1900: Brooklyn, Charles Bock 37, lawyer, (or sawyer) , Louisa Bock 28, married 8 years, 4 children, 2 living, May Bock 2, Grace Bock 1, John Sweizcher 60, father in law

1910: Hanover ave., Queens, Bock, Charles, 44, driver, Louise, 36, married, 16 years, 5 children 1 living, Charles Jr age 4

1916: Louise Bock Birth Year: abt 1871 Age: 45 Death Date: 10 Sep 1916 Death Place: Queens, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3969

1916: Probate satisfy just debts. Husband Charles Bock gardian of son Charles C Bock - husband charles Bock executor -

Marriage of Charles Bock: Mamie

1920: Hanover Place, Queens Charles Bock 59, Mamie Bock 26, wife, Charles Bock 14, son, W Viola Bock 2 daughter

Greenwood Cemetery:
BOCK CASPER 1894-03-03 1016 (8 months)
BOCK MARTHA W. 1896-08-29 1016 (not listed NYC DEath index under Bock)
BOCK GRACE E. 1904-06-26 1016
BOCK MARY L. 1904-06-26 1016
BOCK LOUISE 1916-09-13 1016 (age 45)
BOCK DORIS E. 1930-09-01 1016

Boden ⚰ died Ella 46

Second Husband was John Henry Boden - First husband --- Waring. Buried Evergreen Cemetery. (Find a Grave)

Brooklyn Eagle June 23, 1904:
Brooklyn Eagle - 6-23-1904 - Jewelry Is Missing From the Body of Mrs.

" Ella BODEN. The body of Mrs. Ella BODEN, one of the victims of the Slocum disaster, was identified yesterday by her husband, John BODEN, of 101 Clymer street. Mrs BODEN, who was 47 years old, went on the ill-fated excursion with the LUTJEN family, who lived in the same house and of which Mrs. LUTJEN and her daughter Marguerite were lost.

The body of Mrs. BODEN was badly decomposed so that the features were almost unrecognizable. The identification was made complete by the wedding ring found on her finger, together with other articles of jewelry. When the clothing of the drowned woman was closely examined, it was discovered that several articles of jewelry which she was known to have worn could not be found. Among the missing articles is a gold watch and chain. Mr. BODEN who commented on this fact, has made no formal complaint for the reason that he thinks it might be possible that the missing jewelry may have been torn away during the panic following the fire on the boat or by grappling irons of the searchers. The body was placed in charge of Undertaker HILLARY of Division avenue, near Clymer street, and the funeral will be conducted from that place at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning."

1904: Probate Ella Boden Probate Date: 5 Aug 1904 Probate Place: Kings, New York, USA - 101 Clymer street, Brooklyn, died June 15, 1904 no personal property at the time of her death - personal property which may be recovered by petition in an action for personal injuries from which it is claimed the deceased died - no father, no mother, no adopted child or children only Estella Boden, daughter and John H. Boden, husband born on 101 Clymer street Brooklyn

1905: Brooklyn, Clymer street, John Boden 50, freight agent, Stella Boden 32, daughter, stenographer

1906: Marriage of John Henry Boden and Estella Waring - John H Boden Gender: Male Marriage Date: 14 Oct 1906 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Estelle Waring Certificate Number: 24889 Estella's mother Lawson, father Selic (LDS)

1910: Brooklyn, Harman Street, John Boden 50, laborer at piers, Stella Boden 32, married 3 years no children

1915: Death of Walter William Boden 12 Oct 1915 Brooklyn, Age 3 Birth Date 21 Dec 1911 Burial Date 15 Oct 1915 Cemetery Evergreen Father's Name John Boden Father's Birthplace USA Mother's Name Estella Waring Mother's Birthplace USA (LDS)

Boeger ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Susan 32, Florence 3 and Wilber age 5

City Record: Boeger, 91- Putnam ave. Brooklyn, Susan L age 32 DEAD, Florence age 3 DEAD, Wilber A age 5 DEAD

William A. Boeger was born in the East Village circa 1866 to Killian and Barbara Boeger. He married Susan L Hannemann in 1898. They had a son, Wilbur, in 1900 and a daughter, Florence circa 1902. By 1904 the family was living on Putman Ave. in Brooklyn. Susan Boeger✟ and her two children, Wilber✟ and Florence✟, perished in the Slocum diaster. In 1905 William Boeger was living on Putnam Ave. Brooklyn with his brother, John, and sister, Anne Wichum, and her son, George.

In 1907 William Boeger married Frieda Schneider. They had three children: Evelyn c 1909, William c 1910 and T. Edward c 1913.

Marriage: William A Boeger MARRIAGE DATE: 20 Apr 1898 MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA SPOUSE: Susan L Hannemann CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 6354

1900: E 147th street, William A Boager 34, clerk, Susan L Boager 27, 1 child 1 living, Wilbur Boager 6/12, all born New York

1904: DEAD Boeger, Susan L age 27, 910 Putnam ave, Brooklyn, Florence, age 3, Wilber age 5, NEW YORK DEATH INDEX: Susan L. Boeger 32 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3291

Buried All Faith Lutheran Middle Village Queens

1904: New York Times of June 16 listed: MISSING Boeger, Mrs. Susan wife of William A Boeger of 910 Putnam ave and "Burger", Susan L. "sister" of William Boeger of 910 Putnam ave Brooklyn were also listed, Boeger Wilbur age 5 910 Putnam Ave. son of William A. Boeger DEAD: Boeger Florence 3 years old 910 Putnam ave identified at Alexander Avenue Police Station by her father, William, A Boeger.

Funeral services for Florence BOEGER, will be held at the parent's home, 910 Putnam avenue to-night. The interment will take place to-morrow. The BOEGER home is still in charge of kindly neighbors, the heart broken father being absent in Manhattan searching for his dead. His wife, Mrs. Susan BOEGER, and his son, Wilbur, 4 years old, lost their lives, but their bodies have not been recovered. Mr. BOEGER has spent most of his time searching for the bodies. He left home early this morning to continue his sorrowful search between North Brother Island and the Morgue, in Manhattan.

(BDE, June 17, 1904)

1905: 910 Putnam Ave Brooklyn, Boeger, Wm., 39, bookkeeper, John brother age 35, clerk, Wichum, Annie sister, 38, George Wichum nephew, 16

1907: William A Boeger 19 Jun 1907 MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA SPOUSE: Frieda Schneider CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 15951

1910: Brooklyn Wm A Bolger 43, 2nd marriage, bookkeeper, cigar factory, Frieda P Bolger 27, 1st marriage, 2 children 2 living, Evelyn H Bolger 1 [1 11/12] Wm A Bolger Jr. 0 [3/12] Pauline Lehmann 22, servant

1920: Queens, William A Boeger 48, salesman, paper, Frieda P Boeger 36, Evelyn W Boeger 11, William A Boeger 9, T Edward Boeger 7

1930: Queens, own $12,000, William A Boeger 55, married at 32, no occupation, Frieda Boeger 47, wife, married at 26, Everlyn W Boeger 21, teacher, William A Boeger 20 T Eward Boeger 17

1940: William A Boeger 71 Freda P Boeger 57 William A Boeger 30, insurance salesman, T Edward Boeger 22, book clerk

1880 Census: 5th street, Killian Boeger 61, shoemaker, Barbara Boeger 46, Henry Boeger 19, clerk in grocery store, George Boeger 16, cigar maker, William Boeger 14, clerk in cigar store, Annie Boeger 13, John Boeger 11

1900: Annie E Wichum 31, married, 2 children 1 living, George Wichum 10, son, John Boeger 41, brother, widowed, Peter J Boeger 26, nephew, single, no occupations for any of them.

1910: Annie Wichum was listed as a widow. She died in 1917 in Brooklyn.

Boenhardt ⚰ ⚰ ☁ - died Otto age 13, Ella age 12

City Record: Boenhardt 322 E. 13th - Otto age 13 DEAD - Ella 12 MISSING - Albin age 50 to Lincoln Hospital

Albin Boenhardt, a waiter born in Germany, and his wife, Irma, had three children by 1900: Carl, Otto and Ella. Irma died in 1902. Otto, age 14, died in the Slocum Disaster. Ella age 12 was listed as missing. Albin age 50 was sent to Lincoln Hospital. Carl was not mentioned in the city record of 1904, but he was listed with his father in the 1910 census. Albin Boenhardt received serious injuries in the Slocum Disaster. Albin died in 1917.

1900: 208 2nd ave. Albin Boenhardt 47, head, born Germany, imm, 1887, waiter, Irma Boenhardt 32, wife 3 children 3 living, born Germany imm. 1888, Carl Boenhardt 11, son, Otto Boenhardt 9, son, Ella Boenhardt 7, daughter, private teacher, Paul Erlick 26, lodger, Norah Erlick 22, lodger, Frank Gunzales 28, lodger, Agusta Gunzales 23, lodger, Sigiesmond Debielski 55, lodger, John Mc Cabe 28, lodger, James Curtin 25, lodger, Clara Curtin 19, lodger, Fritz Heckendorf 78, lodger

1904: Boenhardt, 322 E 13th Otto age 14 died, Ella age 12 missing, Albin age 50 injured, in Lincoln Hospital.


Boenhardt, Walter A 2 m. Aug 7, 1894 Manhattan
Boenhardt, Irma, age 38, Nov 19, 1902 Manhattan
Boenhardt, Otto, 13, June 15, 1904, Bronx
Boenhardt, Albin age 63, Feb 9, 1917 Manhattan

MISSING NOT ON DEATH INDEX: Ella Boenhardt age 12 (missing body never recovered or identified)

Ella Boenhardt

Otto Boenhardt

In 1906 there was still $9,769 in a fund set up for Slocum survivors. St Mark's church wished to retain the remaining funds. Several survives sued in attempt to get more funds. Albin Boenhardt of 322 East Thirteenth street was a surviver of the Slocum disaster. He was struck by a burning timber and blinded in his left eye. He claimed he received $180 from the the relieve fund that was set up for Slocum survivors and requests for further aid had been denied. He said he still had doctors bills. (New York Times No 7, 1908)

1907: Boenhardt vs. Loch was a case growing out of the distribution of funds collected by various donors for the benefit of the sufferers from the General Slocum disaster. ALBIN BOENHARDT, Plaintiff, v. JACOB W. LOCH, LOUIS W. KAUFMANN, HUGO W. HOFFMAN, EMIL C.J. KRAELING, JOHN C. HAAS and WILLIAM S. JACKSON, as Attorney-General of the State of New York, Defendants.

1908: In 1908 Albin Beonhardt and others sued Jacob W. Loch and others. The complaint was dismissed.

1910: Manhattan, West 26th street, Alvin Boenhardt 55, widow, 55, waiter restaurant, Carl Boenhardt 21, son, Dist of Columbia, butcher, Otto Meyer 38, lodger, John Rose 40, brother, barber

1917: Albin Boenhardt death 9 Feb 1917

Carl Boenhardt:

1917 WWIDR, Carl Otto Boenhardt, Manhattan, New York, butcher, wife and 2 children, tall, slender, grey eyes and light brown hair, BIRTHPLACE: Washington,District of Columbia BIRTH DATE: 2 Jan 1889 DRAFT BOARD: 105

Carl O Boenhardt appears to have changed the spelling of his name to Bonhart [or Bonhardt] around 1913/1915/1918/1920. He is listed in the 1915, 1971 and 1918 NYC directories under Bonhart, butcher (or meat cutter).

Marriage 1913: Carl O Bonhardt, 12 Oct 1913, Manhattan, New York, USA, SPOUSE: Ann Welch, CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 24217

Boesewill/Bosswell ⚰ ☁ - died Meta age 60

City Record: Boesewill 269 Monroe street, Meta age 60 DEAD, Mathilda age 20 Lebanon hospital

Henry and Meta Boesewill had three children: Mathilda, John and William. Meta and Mathilda were on the Sloucm on June 15th, 1904. Meta died. Matilda was injured and sent to Lebanon hospital.

Henry Boesewill died in 1914. Mathilda and her brother John were living in Queens in 1915. Mathilda Boesewill was unmarried when she died in 1948. Only her brother, William, was mentioned in her obit.

1905: 269 Monroe street, Henry "Boswell" 48, baker, Matilda Boswell 21, daughter, house work, John Boswell 20, cigar box, William Boswell 17, office Augusta Lutzheisen 26, boarder, Chas 40, boarder

1915: Queens, Matilda Boesewill 31 John Boesewill 30, clerk bakery

1920: Queens, Matilda M Boesewill 36, artificial flowers, single John G Boesewill 35

1925: Queens, John G Boesewill 35, Matilda M Boesewill 36, sister

1948 Death: "Mathil" Boesewill Birth Year: abt 1884 Age: 64 Death Date: 3 Aug 1948 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 15714 Father Henry mother Meta Heinrichs (LDS).

Her obit listed her as the sister of William G. Boesewil. She was buried Lutheran Cemetery. William born 1897 married Nellie May Staubach in 1909. They were listed in the censuses in Queens. They had two children, Henry and Ruth, listed in 1925.

NYC Death Index:
Boesewill Henry 58 y May 22 1914 10831 Kings
Blessewill John 45 y Feb 23 1939 4895 Kings
Boesewill Mathil 64 y Aug 3 1948 15714 Kings
No listing for Meta.

Bohmer/Behmer ☁ ☁

City Record: Bohmer - 306 E 93rd st, Anna age 50 Lincoln Hospital - Emile age 18, Lincoln Hospital

By 1900 Anna Bohmer was a widow with 5 children. She and her son, Emile, age 18, were on the General Slocum. Both survived with some injuries. Emile married in 1914. He and his wife did not have children. He was still alive in 1940.

1904: Emil Behmer of 306 E. 93rd street was on the upper deck. He threw some pales of water on the flames without much effect. When he tried to free a life boat he found it strapped down and so stuck with paint that it could not be unstuck. The flames eventually drove him overboard where he picked up Lizzie Ullner* of 232 Avenue A, swimming with her to the paddle wheel where they clung for half and hour before some buring timbers fell on them. They were eventually rescued by a tug and taken to Lincoln Hospital.

*Lizzie Ullner was not listed among the injured or uninjured.

Anna "Bohmer" age 59 and Emile, "Bohemr" age 18, both of 306 E. 93rd street, were listed among the uninjured.

However, a separate list from Lincoln hospital listed "Bohner" Emil age 18 and Annie age 59, both of 346 East 93 street with burns.

In the City record of 1904 they were listed as injured and in Lincoln Hospital.

1900: East 4th street, Anna Bohmer 52, born Germany, widow, 5 children 5 living Freda Bohmer 21, book binder, Lizzie Bohmer 28, operator, Charles Bohmer 20, printer, Minnie Bohmer 18, operator, Emil Bohmer 12, all born Germany all immigrated 1887

In 1914 Emile Bohmer married Minnie Wohltmann. He was a machinist. They were listed in the Bronx in 1915, 1920, 1925, 1930, and 1940. They did not have children.

1915: ????? Upper West Side 107th and Amsterdam ave. William Hopp 34, head, mechanic, Elizabeth Hopp 36, wife, Ruch Hopp 4 Carl Hopp 9/12 Anna Bohmer age 69 mother in law.

Borger ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Pauline age 37, Pauline age 5, Philip age 9

City Record: Borger - 104 1st ave. Pauline age 37 DEAD, Pauline age 5 DEAD, Philip Jr. age 9 DEAD

Philip Borger the son of Conrad and Marie, sold bedding. He married Pauline Flaccus in 1893. By 1900 they had two children: Philip Jr. born 1895 and Pauline born 1899. Pauline✟ senior, Philip✟ Junior and Pauline✟ junior all died in the Slocum diasater. By 1910 Philip had married to Florence (15 years his junior), and was living in Brooklyn. Despite the youth of his second wife, the couple did not have children.

1870: Conrad Borgen M 44 Bavaria, Mary Borgen F 40 Bavaria, Andrew Borgen M 22 Bavaria, Mary Borgen F 14 New York, Jacob Borgen M 12 New York, Frederick Borgen M 10 New York, Conrad Borgen M 9 New York, Philip Borgen M 6 New York, Frederica Borgen F 3 New York, Eliza Borgen F 2 New York, Henry Borgen M 1 New York

1880: Conrad Borger 53, bedding, Mary Borger 50, Jacob Borger 23, bedding, Frederick Borger 20, bedding, Conrad Borger 19, bedding, Philip Borger 16, Frank Borger 13, Elisa Borger 12

Marriage: Pauline Flaccus born April 1, 1867 died June 15, 1904 (per tomb stone)

Philip Borger 29 Nov 1893, father Conrad mother Marie MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA SPOUSE: Pauline Flaccus CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 14824


  1. Philip Jr.✟ July 20, 1895

  2. Pauline✟ Sept 14, 1899
Both children died in the Slocum diaster. Buried Lutheran All Faith, Middle Village Queens. All listed on NYC Death indes June 15, 1904 Bronx.

1900: 325 13th street, Philip Borger 37, married 6 years, merch bedding, Pauline Borger 34, 2 children 2 living, Philip Borger 4, Pauline Borger 9/12, all born New York, Louis Lang 30, lodger

1904: DEAD: Pauline, age 37, Pauline age 5, Philip Jr age 9, 104 1st ave. Also listed 1905 city record.

1910: Brooklyn, Philip Borger 44, marriage 2, salesman drug house, Florence E T Borger 29, wife, marriage 1, 0 children Theresa Neidig 64, mother in law, 4 children 3 living, born Germany,

1925: Brooklyn, Phillip Borger 60, head, helper shipping, Fredericka Borger 53, sister, Eliza Borger 50, sister

1930: Brooklyn, Philip Borger 65, widowed, no occupation, Fredricka Borger 59, sister

No death listed in the NYC index for Philip Borger senior.

Bose ⚰ ⚰ - died Anna age 54, Emily (Meta - Amelia) A age 19

Anna Bose, age 54 and her daughter Amelia, age 19, died on the Slocum.

1904: Death Certificate - Emily Bose 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age 19 Single Occupation Milinary Birth Year (Estimated) 1885 Birthplace U. S. Burial Date 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery Lutheran Cem. Father's Name John Bose Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Anna Vondom Mother's Birthplace Germany (LDS)

1904 Book: Bose, Amelia 19 138 Ave A

1900: Madison street, John Bose Head M 43 Germany, bread packer, Annie Bose Wife F 44 Germany, 4 children 4 living, John Bose Son M 19 New York, music box maker, Annie Bose Daughter F 16 New York, flower maker, Amelia Bose Daughter F 15 New York, Henry Bose Son M 10 New York

1905: Brooklyn South 3rd street, John Bose 55, laborer, John C D Bose 24, shipping clerk, Anna Bose 21, at home, Henry Bose 15, clerk

1910: Brooklyn, Division ave., John Bose 59, packer bread bakery, John C D Bose 28, music box manfr, Anna Bose 26 Henry Bose 20, clerk post office

1915: Henry Frey 40, bookkeeper, Anna Frey 31, John Bose 64, father in law, Henry Bose 25, brother in law, bookkeper

1925: Queens 110th street, John Bose 74, father, Henry Bose 35, son, bank clerk, Anna Frey 41, daughter

1930: own $7,000, 110ths street Queens, Anna Frey 40, head, John Bose 79, father, Henry Bose 36, brother, teller bank

Bozenhardt ⚰ ⚰ - died Emily age 38, and Lucille, age 11

Find a Grave: Emily Bozenhardt - age 38 years old, married, death cert # 2805 Bronx, lived at 110 1st Avenue, identified by brother Herman Raag, Services at Evangelical Ref Church, 5th St & Avenue B by Jacob Schlegel, daughter Lucille also perished (Find a Grave)

1893: Lucille L . Bozenhardt Birth Date: 6 Jun 1893 Birth Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 23886


List of missing: BOZENHARDT, Lucille, 11 years, of 110 First avenue [died list]

List of Dead and Missing: BOZENHERD, Lucille, 11 years, of 110 First avenue * [BOZENHARDT on missing?] BOZENHERD, Emily, 33 years, of 110 First avenue * [see BOZEUBARR above. Same person?]

1905: City Record: 110 1st ave. - Bozenhardt Emily age 38, and Lucille age 11 dead

Brandt ⚰ ⚰ - died Emma age 36 - Ida age 34

Find a grave:

Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 34 years old, death cert # 3406 Bronx, lived at 410 E 9th St, Forelady, $19.00 week, husband* survived Carl - janitor

Grave marker: Ida Brandt born Dec 1869 died June 15 1904, Emma Brandt born 1867 died June 15, 1904 Nanny Brandt born 1864 died 1867

Johanna Brandt born Behr in Herford Preuszen - Aug 1841 died New York 3 October 1901

Carl Brandt born in Vlotho Preussen 24 June 1823 died New York October 20 1913

*She was not married - her father was Carl.

1880: East 10th street, Carl Brandt Self M 50 Germany, grocery store, Johanna Brandt Wife F 38 Germany Carl Brandt Son M 18 New York, United States, pipe maker, Gustave Brandt Son M 17 New York, United States, wood carver, Emma Brandt Daughter F 13 New York, United States Ida Brandt Daughter F 11 New York, United States

1900: 410 east 9th street, Carl Brandt Head M 71 Germany, landlord, Johanna Brandt Wife F 59 Germany, 7 children 4 living, Carl Brandt Son M 39 New York, clothing cutter, Gustave Brandt Son M 37 New York, broker custom house, Ida Brandt Daughter F 31 New York, daughter, maker -----

1910: 410 9th street, Carl Brandt 80, widower, Charles R Brandt 48, son, clothing factory, Gustave Brandt 46, son, post office

Brauer ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Margaret age 33, Jeanette age 6 and Catherine Seiler age 72

City record: Brauer, 107 E 84th street, Margaret L age 33, Jeanette R age 6, and Catherine Seiler age 72 (mother of Mrs Brauer noted) all DEAD

Buried Calvary (Find a Grave)

Henry Brauer, born circa 1863, married Margaret Seiler. They had one daughter Jeanette. Margaret✟, Jeanette✟ and Margaret's mother, Catherine✟ Seiler all died in the Slocum disaster. I did not find Henry J. Brauer after 1904.

Marriage: Margaret Seiler (per information on death list of 1905)

1900: Henry J-- Brauer 37, born New Jersey, cutter, clothing, Margaret Brauer 30, 1 child 1 living, Genetta Brauer 1

1904: DEAD: Brauer, 107 E. 84th street, Margaret 33, Jeanette 6, Catherine Seiler 72 born Germany (mother of Margaret Bauer),

1904: Margaret Brauer listed on death index - "Kathi" Seiler 72, DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904, DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA, CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3220

1880 Census Seiler: Mathias Seiler 53, Catherine Seiler 48, Kate Seiler 16, Jacob Seiler 14, Maggie Seiler 9, Joseph Jacobs 24, Mary A. Jacobs 22

Braun/Brown ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☀ - died Mollie age 32, Elise age 10, Walter age 6.

City Record: Braun, 233 56h street, Mollie age 32 DEAD, Elsie age 10, DEAD, Walter age 6 DEAD*, Peter age 12 INJURED Lebanon Hospital.

*Listed on tombstone as "Valentine P Braun born Jan 1, 1898 died June 15, 1904. Buried Evergreens Cemetery (Find a Grave)

Valentine Braun, teamster, married Mollie✟ Gettler. They had three children by 1904: Elsie✟ age 10, Walter✟ age 6 and Peter age 12. Peter survived and was sent to Lebanon Hospital. Mollie, Elsie and Walter (Valentine) perished. Peter died in 1909. I believe that Valentine remarried and moved to New Jersey where he ran a hotel in Allendale, Bergen County. They had at least one daughter.

The bodies of Walter age 9 and Elsie were ID on June 22.

Peter Braun went to St. Mark's church information center and reported that he had been picked up and nursed back to life at the Lebanon hospital.

Marriage: Mollie Gettler


  1. Elsie✟ M born April 1, 1894 died June 15, 1904

  2. Peter V✟ born Aug 23, 1891 died May 14, 1909

    Peter Braun, 23 Aug 1891, Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA, Father's Name: Valentine Braun, Mother's Name: Mollie Gettler Braun

  3. Valentine P✟ born Jan 1 1898 died June 15, 1904

    Listed as Walter in the 1905 city report.

1900: Manhattan, 125 4th street, Valentine Braun 37, teamster, married 10 years, Mollie Braun 30, wife, 3 children 3 living, Peter Braun 8, Elsie Braun 6, Valentine Jr Braun 2

1900: 4th street, Caroline Gettler 65, born Germany, widow, imm 1850, Lena Gettler 30, born New York seamstress right next to the Brauns, at 125 4th street

1904: Mollie Braum BIRTH: 7 Oct 1870 DEATH: 15 Jun 1904 - New York, USA

1904 List BE: DEAD: BRAUN, Mollie, 32 years, of 233 Fifth street - GETTLER, Caroline, 65 years, of 231 Fifth street

1904 June 16, NY Times List

1905 Census: Brooklyn, Frank Mcclury 29 Alice Mcclury 26 James A Mcclury 4 Valentine Braun 40, boarder, trucker, Peter Braun 14, boarder, Katy Tacket 20, servant

Tombstone: Mollie V Braun, born October 7, 1870, died June 15, 1904, Elsie M born April 1, 1894 died June 15, 1904, Valentine P born Jan 1 1898 died June 15, 1904 Peter V born Aug 23, 1891 died May 14, 1909, Caroline Gettler born Oct 17, 1836 died June 15, 1904 Lena Gettler born Sept 26, 1866 died Sept 14, 1926

Find a Grave

Mollie Gettler Braun was the wife of Valentine Braun Sr. Mollie and her children Elsie and Valentine Jr., a/k/a Walter, and her mother Caroline Hesse Gettler died in the Slocum Disaster in 1904. Peter V. Braun was also a child of Valentine Braun Sr. and Mollie Gettler Braun. Lena Gettler a/k/a Magdalena, was Mollie's sister. Added by: Anonymous 11/01/2013

1870: Between ave A and B Gettler, Frank polish manufacturer, born New York, age 33, Caroline, age 30 born Wurtenberg, Caroline, age 8, Magdelena 2, Amalie 1

1880: 5th street, Peter "Braum", 45, driver, Magdelena Braum 45, Valentine Braum 18, driver, Sabrina Braum 15, Peter Braum 10, Kate Braum 8, Lena Braum 5

1910: Allendale, Bergan county New Jersey, Braun, Valentine J. age 46 born New York, hotel proprietor, Lucy, wife, age 28, 2nd marriage for both of them married 4 years, 1 child 1 living, Ethel, daughter, age 5, Klein, Elizabeth, mother in law, age 49 widow, 2 servants and a boarder

1930: Allendale, New Jersey, own, $25,000, Valentine J Braun 65, proprietor, Lucy L Braun 48, wife, Elizabeth Klein 68, mother in law, Anna Muller 40 Stephen Simon 36 William Huckemeyer 56

Braun ⚰ died Alfons age 13

Find a Grave: Alfons Braun born Nov 24, 1890 Romania died June 15, 1904 buried with Roth, Josephine born June 18-2 died June 15, 1904 and Caroiline, A Roth born Nov 1886 died June 15 1904 and Anna born april 1888 died January 21, 1890.

Nephew of Josephin Roth. Buried Lutheran. See Roth

Breda/Brida ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Mamie age 24, Minnie age 29, missing Minnie age 1 year

City Record:

  1. 90 Ave. A. - Breda, Mamie age 23 DEAD

  2. 150 North 9th St Brooklyn - Minnie age 29 DEAD Minnie age 1 MISSING

Mamie✟ Breda the daughter of Gottlieb Breda died in the Slocum disaster along with her sister in law, Minnie✟ and Minnie's young 1 year old daughter, also named Minnie✟. Minnie was the wife of Emil Breda, a brother to Mamie. Emil remarried in 1905. He and his second wife did not have any children. Emil Breda died in 1917. Cary Breda, the first wife of Gottlieb, died after 1905. Gottlieb remarried in 1910. He died in 1921.

Miss M. "Brida"

Is this Minnie or Mamie Breda? If it is really "Miss" it should be Mamie.

Four members of the Breda family of 90 Ave A were listed among the dead in the newspaper lists: Mamie age 23, Minnie, age 29, Minnie age 13 months, and Thomas age 9

The 1905 City Report only listed Mamie, age 23 90 Ave. A and Minnie age 29 and Minnie age 1 both of 150 North 9th street Brooklyn.

NYC Death Index lists: Mamie 24 and Minnie 29, June 15, 1904 Bronx.

LDS: Death - Mamie Breda 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States 24 Marital Status: Unknown Father's Name: Gottleib, Mother's Name: Caroline Haug

LDS: death Minnie Breda 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, 29 Marital Status: Unknown Birth Year (Estimated): 1875 Father's Name: Herman Ehling

1900: Brooklyn, North 9th street, Breda, Emil, age 26, head, porter, Minnie wife age 24, 0 children, Ehling, William brother 34, pressman, Ehling, Ernest, brother age 20 driver

1900: 90 Ave. A, Manhattan, Gottlieb Breda 49, jeweler, Carlina Breda 50, 4 children 3 living, Oscar Breda 20, Mammie Breda 11, Henry Haug 80 boarder, baker (Note: lists it under Beede)

1901: death - Name: Emil Breda 02 Jul 1901 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States 150 N. 9th. St. Male Age, 0, New Jersey Cemetery: Flour Hill Cemet, Father's Name: Emil Breda, Father's Birthplace, Germany, Mother's Name, Minnie Breda, Mother's Birthplace, US

1905: 90 Ave A., Gottlieb Breda Head M 54y Bohemia, Jewelry, Cary Breda Wife F 56 y Germany, Mina Rehrer Niece F 18 y Germany, niece, Emil Breda Son M 30 y Germany, son, porter

1917: Emil P. Breda Death 04 Feb 1917 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States 42 Married laborer Germany Burial Date: 08 Feb 1917 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Gottlieb Breda Mother's Name: Carolin Hong

Emil Alfred Breda married Sophie Goodwin July 22, 1905 in Brooklyn.

They were listed in Queens in 1910 no children

Gotleib Breda married Pauline Lustig Jan 9, 1910 in Manhattan.

1920: East 77th street, Gottlieb Breda 68, jewelry own shop, Pauline Breda 55 Clark Heinrich 34, son in law, Emily Heinrich 33, daughter

Gottleib Breda, age 70, retired Jeweler died in 1921 in Ruscombmanor, Berks, Pa. Pauline Breda died in 1935 Ruscombmanor, Berks, Pa.

Breden ☁

City record: Breden 383 11th st Brooklyn, Ellen C age 16 to Lincoln hospital.

Ellen Breden of 383 11th street Brooklyn reportedly jumped from the Hurricane deck without serious injury. Ellen was with Matilda Mercelis of 370 6th ave Brooklyn and Gustave Lutz of Manhattan when the fire broke out. Ellen suggested they jump to an approaching tug. The others resisted the idea. Ellen jumped and hit the deck. She was unconscious and awoke to find herself in a grocery wagon on the way to Lincoln Hospital. There, the doctor found nothing worse than a lacerated ear. Two strangers escorted her home. Gustav Lutz survived, suffering from submersion. Matilda Mercelis died.

Ellen Breden married Roy Furman in 1915. They lived in Rockland County New York and had two children.

City record: Lutz, 148 2nd ave, Gustav age 17 to Lincoln Hospital, Merseles, 394 6th ave, Brooklyn, Matilda age 15 DEAD

Mathilda Merseles was the only child of Peter born 1842, a bookkeeper, and Jeanne born 1862, a hat maker.

1900 : 383 11th street, Brooklyn, Breden, Charles, head age 57 [51?], born Sweden, tailor, Charlotte age 57 [51?] married 16 years 2 children 2 living born Sweden, Edward Breden 15, Ellen C Breden 12

1910: Brooklyn Chas G Breden 77 Charlotte Breden 60 Edward F Breden 25 Ellen C Breden 22, clerk bank

1915: 383 11th street, Brooklyn, Charles Breden 73, tailor, Charlotte Breden 62 Eddward Breden 30 Ellen C Breden 27

Marriage: Ellen Charlotte Breden Marriage Date: 2 Oct 1915 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Roy W Furman Certificate Number: 10954

1930: Orangetown, Rockland, New York Street: Washington Street, Ray Furman 32 Ellen B Furman 31, parents born Sweden, Gerald Furman 3

1930: Rockland, Roy W Furnan 43, assistant cashier, bank, Ellen B Furnan 41 Gerald Furnan 13 Janet C Furnan 9

1940: Orangetown, Rockland, New York, Roy W Furman 53 Ellen B Furman 51 Gerald B Furman 23 Ellen J Furman 19

Bretz ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Edith, age 3, Mary, age 28, and Elsie age 7 months

Find a grave: Bretz, Edith age 3, Elsie, age 7, Mary Linden Hill United Methodists

1904 BE List of Dead: BRETZ, Elsie (child), of 304 East Twenty-eight street* BRETZ, Mary, 28 years, and child, of 304 East Twenty-eighth street [May *]

304 E 28th street per Annual Report 1905

New York's awful excursion boat horror:

"The beautiful woman whose face wore such a peaceful smile as she lay in her coffin with her baby in her arms, and whose body attracted such attention and interest, was identified as Mrs. Mary Bretz, of 404 West Twenty-eighth street. The identification was made by her sister-in-law." The sister in law was Mary Wascher according to the NY Times.
1904 Death (LDS): Mary Bretz 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age 28 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1876 Father's Name Matthews Mother's Name Terss

1904: LDS 0 Elsie Bretz Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Age 0 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1904 Father's Name Matthew Mother's Name Mary Terios

1904: Edith Bretz Death Date 15 Jun 1904 Place Bronx, New York, New York, United States Address 304 E. 28 St. Residence Place New York, NY Gender Female Age 2 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1902 Burial Date 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery Linden Hill

Birth: Mathew Bretz circa 1871 Hungary, and Mary Terios circa 1876 Hungary




  1. Elizabeth circa 1896 Hungary died Feb 1904

  2. Julia circa 1898 Hungary, died Feb 1904

  3. Emma circa 1900 New York died February 1904

  4. Edith circa 1901 New York died June 1904

  5. Elsie circa 1903 New York died June 1904

1900: Brooklyn Mathias Bretz 28, born Hungary, married 5 years, carpenter, Mary Bretz 23, born Hungary, 3 children 3 living, Elizabeth Bretz 4, born Hungary, Juliana Bretz 2, born Hungary, Emma Bretz 8/12 born New York

1904: Deaths

  • *Bretz Elizabeth 8 y Feb 5 1904 586 Bronx

  • *Bretz Julia 6 y Feb 28 1904 938 Bronx

  • *Bretz Emma 4 y Feb 3 1904 576 Bronx (Emma Bretz Event Type Death Event Date 03 Feb 1904 Event Place Bronx, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Age 4 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1900 Father's Name Matt Mother's Name Mary) New York, New York City Municipal Deaths, 1795-1949," database, FamilySearch ( : 20 March 2015), Emma Bretz, 03 Feb 1904; citing Death, Bronx, New York, New York, United States, New York Municipal Archives, New York; FHL microfilm 1,322,715

    *NOT listed at Linden Hill Cemetery per Find a Grave. It is likely they died of some communicable disease. The contagious disease hospital on North Brother's Island in the Bronx was were the General Slocum finally put to shore.

  • Bretz Elsie 7 m Jun 15 1904 3014 Bronx

  • Bretz Edith 3 y Jun 15 1904 3547 Bronx

  • Bretz Mary 28 y Jun 15 1904 3013 Bronx

1897 : Immigration Mathias Bretz 13 Mar 1897 Age: 26 Gender: Male Hungarian Place of Origin: Hungary Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Port of Arrival: New York, New York

1904: Death of wife, Mary and 5 children

1904 Marriage: Mathias Bretz Spouse's Name Anna Uhlar Event Date 19 Nov 1904 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name Charles Bretz Mother's Name Mary Kudich Spouse's Father's Name Ignatz Uhlar Spouse's Mother's Name Anna Dobransky

1905: E 64th street, Matthew Bretz 34, Hungary, cabinet maker, Anna Bretz 28


  1. Annie circa 1908

  2. Margaret circa 1910

1910: 76th street, Mathias Bretz Head M 39, immigrated 1895, polisher furniture, Hungary, marriage 1, 5 years, Annie Bretz Wife F 38 Hungary, marriage 1 5 years 3 children 2 living, Annie Bretz Daughter F 2 New York Margareth Bretz Daughter F 0 New York

1920: Manhattan, Matthew Betz 49, Czechoslovakia, cabinet maker, Anna Betz 39 Anna Betz 12 Margaret Betz 10

1930: Mathew Bretz Head M 56 Czechoslovakia Anna Bretz Wife F 54 Czechoslovakia Anna Bretz Daughter F 23 New York

1935: Mathew Bretz Death Date 21 Feb 1935 Manhattan, New York, Gender Male Age 64 Marital Status Married Birth Year (Estimated) 1871 Birthplace Hungary Father's Name Mathew Bretz Spouse's Name Anna

Brooks ⚰ - died Margaret age 13

Find a Grave: Brooks, Margaret age 13, 51 ave. A.

1904 BE DEAD - BROCKS, Margaret, of 51 Avenue A *

1888: Charles Brocks 120 Third Occupation: Segarmkr Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1888

1900: 51 Ave. a., Carl Brocks 51, cigar maker, Bertha Brocks 45, married 18 years 8 children 4 living, Lena Brocks 16, Alvin Brocks 13, Margareth Brocks 9, Louisa Brocks 5, parents born Germany, kids born New York city.

1905: West 115th street, Charles Brooks 62, at home, Bertha Brooks 50, janitor, Lena Brooks 21, operator ---- Alvin Brooks 18, clerk books, Louisa Brooks 10 Charles Brooks 3, son

1915: West 115th street, Bertha Brooks 60, janitress, Chas Brooks 13, son

1920: West 115 the street, Manhattan, Bertha Brooks 65 widow, janitress, house

1930: April 9, 1930 - Nichols Ave Brooklyn, Alvin Brocks 43, head, traveling salesman shoemakers supplies, Anna Brocks 43, wife, Lillian Brocks 20, daughter, Bertha Brocks 75, mother, widowed

1930: Bertha Brooks Birth Year: abt 1855 Age: 75 Death Date: 1 May 1930 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 9826

Bruning ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ - died Annie, age 43, John, age 44, Magdelena, age 13

City Record: 215 E. 12th street - Bruning, John L. age 44, Anna E age 43 and Magdelena age 13 all DEAD Grace M. age 14 injured Lincoln Hospital.

John✟ Bruning, age 44, his wife, Anne✟, age 43 and their daughter Magdelena✟ age 13 all died in the Slocum disaster. Another daughter, Grace, age 14, was sent to Lincoln Hospital. Grace Bruning was taken in by relatives in Brooklyn. In 1914 Grace was driving a Huppmobile. In 1921 she married Albert Brochardt. They did not have children. They lived in Montclair, New Jersey.

1900: 217 E 12th street, Anne G Hunee 61, 7 children 3 living, John L Bruning 40, married 11 years 2 children 2 living, flour business, Annie E Bruning 39 Grace M Bruning 11 Magdalen F Bruning 7 Emma G Reiners 35, niece

Find a Grave, Bruning Tombstone

One of the largest funeral was that of John Bruning and his family. Family and friends gathered at the large house in the early morning. The house was full of flowers and the coffins lay in the rear parlor. "over the caskets purple palls of violets were stretched".

"The great disaster to the steamer General Slocum last Wednesday, by which it is estimated that nearly one thousand people lost their lives, was brought closely home to the members of the Produce Exchange here by the loss of John L. Bruning. Mr. Bruning, his wife and two daughters were with the excursionists who were on the ill-fated steamer. Mr. Bruning had been connected with the flour business many years, having started with the old firm of Miller & Huber which was afterward succeeded by Huber & Co. Mr. Bruning remained with the successors. Mr. Bruning was 44 years of age, and leaves one daughter who was saved from the disaster." (The Northwestern Miller, Volume 58)

1904 [1914]:

The estate of Anna E Brunning who perished on the General Slocum in June 1904 was valued at $100,000 real and $4,00 personal. Application made by her daughter Grace of 145 hancock street. 1908: April 19, Miss Grace Bruning won the lady's prize at the 2nd annual Arrow Athletic Club raffle held by Mr. Huner.

1909 Miss Grace Bruning wearing a turquoise gown attended a ball in Brooklyn.

1911 to 1914: Grace Bruning attended several engagement and wedding parties of her friends.

In 1915 she was the guest at Mrs. Thomas's summer home in Brightwater.

1910: Nostrand ave., John T Huner 54, manufacturer matches, Anna M Huner 52, John T Huner Jr. 31, merchant automobile, William G Huner 26, -- clerk, office, Edwin F Huner 17, Franklin Huner 15, Grace M Brunning 20, no occupation, Ema G Reiners 48, servant

1914: Grace Bruning Arrival Date: 7 Apr 1914 Birth Date: 19 Aug 1889 Birth Location: New York Birth Location Other: Brooklyn Age: 24 Gender: Female Port of Departure: New York Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Victoria Luise

1914: Grace M. Bruning of 145 Hancock street, Brooklyn owned a Hupp auto. (Official Automobile Directory of the State of New York)

1915: Nostrand ave., Brooklyn, Anna M Huner 55, match company, John T Huner 35, match company, William Huner 30, match company, Franklin K Huner 20, college, Grace M Bruning 25, niece, no occupation, Meta Andersen 27, servant

1889: Bruning Birth 19 Aug 1889 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Female Father's Name: John L. Bruning Father's Birthplace: New York Father's Age: 29 Mother's Name: Annie E. Huner Mother's Birthplace: New York Mother's Age: 28 (LDS)

1919/1920: Brooklyn Blue Book and Long Island Society Register, Miss Grace M Bruning 145 Hancock Place

1921: Grace M Brunning June 23, Kings #7645 marriage to Albert Brochardt.

1930: Montclair, Essex, New Jersey, cooper ave, own value $25,000, Albert H Borchardt 43, sales manager pumping machinery, Grace M Borchardt 40, born New York, Victoria Charzewska 24, servant

1940: Mrs. Borchardt is the former Grace M. Bruning. They were married in 1921, have no children and reside at 90 Cooper Avenue, Upper Montclair, N. J.

Buchmiller (Buchmuller) & Hermberg ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - Annie Buchmuller, age 27, Arther Hermberg, age 9 and George Hermberg, age 7

Find a Grave: Lists Anna Buchmiller age 40 missing.

1904: Brooklyn Daily Eagle - June 15, 1904

"Albert BUCHMILLER, a painter in Greenpoint avenue, whose home is at 79 Calyer street, is mourning the loss of his little family, including his wife Anna, 40 years, and his two sons, Arthur, 10 years, and George, 11 years.

Mr. BUCHMILLER went nearly frantic when the news came yesterday that the Slocum had burned, and he dropped his work and rushed to the scene, where he remained all through the night looking for his missing ones."

City record: 79 Calyer st Brooklyn, Annie 27, Arthur Hermberg age 9, George Hermberg age 7 "stepsons" of Mrs. Buchmuller. (In fact, they were her sons.)

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - DEAD June 15, 1904:

BUCHMILLER, Mrs. Annie, 27 years, of 79 Calyer street, Greenpoint. Hermberg boys not listed
Emil Hermberg and Annie Rehback: George Hermberg born 9 October 1897 to Emil Hermberg and Annie Rehback Hemrberg. LDS also lists Arthur as the son of Emil Hermberg.

Frederick Buchmiller and Annie Hermberg: Frederick Buchmuller married Annie Hermberg March 20, 1904 Kings #2161

NYC Death Index:

Buchmiller, Annie age 27, June 15, 1904, Bronx #3557 Hermberg Arthur 9 y Jun 15 1904 2784

Bronx Hermberg George 6 y Jun 15 1904 2783 Bronx

No death for Emil Hermberg listed on NYC death index. No death for Albert Buchmiller on NYC death index

1910: 86th street Brooklyn, Fritz Buchmuller Head M 37 New York, marriage 2, Painter, paint shop, Pauline Buchmuller Wife F 41 Germany, marriage 3 o children, Edward Wallrapp* Adopted son M 18 New Jersey, Anna Hagelen Niece F 25 Germany, Louisa Ka?Erstein Boarder F 24 Germany, Henry Wetzler Boarder M 22 New York, Edward Quigley Boarder M 19 New York, painter,

*Son of Pauline Wallrapp Buchmuller

Burfeind ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - Dora, age 22, Margaret age 2, Dora age 7 months, Catherine (Kate), age 21, and John 10 months

Find a Grave: John and Kate at 100 West 106th street. Dora at 245 W. 27th street. Kate buried June 28th.

GENERAL SLOCUM DISASTER Brooklyn Daily Eagle 17 June 1904 - BURFEIND, Dora, 22 years, of 247 West Twenty-seventh street

The City Record, Volume 33, Part 11, Burfeind, John H 10 months, Catherine age 21 No Dora

Jacob Burfeind and Katherine Wendholz:

1903: Jacob Burfeind Marriage 15 Mar 1903 Marriage Manhattan, Spouse: Katharine Wendholz Certificate Number: 5529

1903: John Jacob Burfeind Birth 20 Aug 1903 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Father's Name Jacob Burfeind Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 23 Mother's Name Katherine Mendalholz Burfeind Mother's Birthplace Germany Mother's Age 20

1903: Naturalization of Jacob Burfeind July 15, 1903, 952 Columbus ave., grocer, dob Mar 17, 1880, date of arrival Nov. 23, 1895

1906: Jacob Burfeind Marriage 20 May 1906 Manhattan, Age 26 Spouse's Name Gesine Behrens Spouse's Age 19 (LDS)

1920: Brooklyn Assembly District 20, Kings, New York Evergreen Ave, Jacob Burfeind 39, grocer, married 1905, Gesine Burfeind 32 Henry Burfeind 12 Fredrick Burfeind 11 Ethel Burfeind 3 [3 0/12]

1942: Jacob Burfeind BIRTH: 19 Mar 1880 - Selsinger, Germany RESIDENCE: 1942 - Queens, New York, USA

1955: Jacob Burfeind SSN: 097071205 Birth Date: 19 Mar 1880 Claim Date: 24 Jan 1955 Type of Claim: Life Claim Notes: 24 Jan 1955: Name listed as JACOB BURFEIND

Dora Weson and John Burfeind :
1902: John Burfeind Marriage Date: 5 Mar 1902 Marriage Place: Manhattan, Spouse: Dorothea Wenson Certificate Number: 4773

John Burfeind Marriage 05 Mar 1902 Manhattan, Age 24 Marital Status Single Birth Year (Estimated) 1878 Birthplace Germany Father's Name Jakob Burfeind Mother's Name Margaretha Re...Kte Spouse's Name Dorothea Wenson Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 20 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1882 Spouse's Birthplace Schiffdorp, Germany Spouse's Father's Name Hermana Wenson Spouse's Mother's Name Anna Ranken

Dora Burfeind Birth Year: abt 1882 Age: 22 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2949

Metha Dorathea Burfeind Birth 19 Dec 1903 Event Place Manhattan Father's Name John Burfeind Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 25 Mother's Name Dorathea C. Wonson Mother's Birthplace Germany Mother's Age 22 (LDS)

Margaret born circa 1902

Dora Burfeind Birth Year: abt 1903 Age: "7/12" Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3518


Dora Burfeind Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Address 245 W. 47th St. Gender Female Age "7"* Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1897 Birthplace U. S. Burial Date 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery Lutheran Cem. Father's Name John Burfeind Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Dora Wenson Mother's Birthplace Germany (LDS) *This should be 7 months.

Dora Burfeind Event Type Death Event Date 15 Jun 1904 Event Place Bronx, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Age 22 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1882 (LDS)

Remarriage of John Burfeind:

1910: Manhattan Ward 12, John Burford 32, grocer, marriage 2, 4 years, Rebecca Burford 28, marriage 1, 2 children 1 living, Margaretta Burford 0 [11/12], Margaretta Burfiend 67, mother

1915: Bronx, John Burfeind 39 Rebecca Burfeind 36 John Burfeind 2 Marguerite Burfeind 6

1917: John Burfeind gracer, wife Becky, dob Oct 30, 1877

1940: Bronx, John Burfeind 62, Bechy Burfeind 58, Margaret Burfeind 30, John H Burfeind 26

1942: John Burfeind Age: 65 Birth Date: 30 Oct 1877 Birth Place: Selinder, Germany Residence Year: 1942 Residence: New York Bx, New York, USA

  1. Dora Burfeind Birth Year: abt 1882 Age: 22 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2949

  2. Kate Burfeind Birth Year: abt 1883 Age: 21 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3811

  3. Margaret Burfeind Birth Year: abt 1902 Age: 2 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 355

  4. Dora Burfeind Birth Year: abt 1903 Age: 7/12 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3518

  5. John J Burfeind Birth Year: abt 1903 Age: 9/12 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2761

Burkart ⚰ ⚰ - died Alberta (Albertina) Knack, age 39, May, age 4, Anna E, age 66

Find a Grave:

  1. Albertina Knack Burkart age 39, wife of Peter, children: Edward, May, Arthur, Charles and George - Peter Burkart (1888 - 1892) - Albert Burkart (1890 - 1892) - May Burkart (1900 - 1904) on tombstone

  2. Anna E Buchheit Burkart - Sep. 6, 1837 Death: Jun. 15, 1904 Bronx County New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 66, lived at 141 3rd Street Family links: Children: Louise Burkart Schwartz (1861 - 1904)

All listed in the City Record of 1905

Uninjured: Burkhardt, Edward of 270 E 10th street age 13 uninjured City Record of 1905

Albertina Knack and Peter Burkart:
1880: Willet street, Albert Knack 47, locksmith, Matilda Knack 47, Albertenia Knack 13, Albert Knack 10, Hulda Knack 8, Katherine Knack 6

1885: Peter Burkart Spouse's Name Albertine Knack Event Date 29 Aug 1885 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name Felix Mother's Name Anna Elisabeth Buchhei... Spouse's Father's Name Albert Spouse's Mother's Name Mattielde Schulz

1890: Albert Burkhart Birth 28 Apr 1890 Manhattan, Father's Name Peter Burkhart Father's Birthplace New York City Father's Age 27 Mother's Name Albertina Knak Mother's Birthplace New York City Mother's Age 25 (LDS)

1893: Adam Burkart Birth 15 Feb 1893 Manhattan, Father's Name Peter Burkart Father's Birthplace New York City Father's Age 29 Mother's Name Albertina Knack Mother's Birthplace Union Hill, New Jersey Mother's Age 26 (LDS) - 1930 Washington ave., Bronx Adam Burkart 37, janitor, Elizabeth Burkart 22, Shirley Burkart 4 [4 5/12] Rose Cordell 17, lodger - married Elizabeth lived Bronx in 1942.

1900: 43 Tompkins Albertina Burkart 33, married 14 year 7 children 5 living, engineer, Charles Burkart 14, Adam Burkart 7, George Burkart 4, Edward Burkart 2, May Burkart 0, Matilda Mack 68, mother in law

1900: Mary Burkart Birth 14 May 1900 Manhattan, Father's Name Peter Burkart Father's Birthplace New York Father's Age 30 Mother's Name Albertina Knack Burkart Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 33 (LDS)


"Saw Her Daughter Drown. Mrs. Louisa BOCK Made Heroic Efforts to Save Child, but All In Vain. Mrs. Louisa BOCK, who with her husband, Charles, lives at 69 Marcy avenue, is still suffering from the shock of the loss of her two pretty children, May Louise, 6 1/2 years old, and Grace Edna, 4 1/2 years old. Mrs. BOCK had the heart-rendering experience of witnessing the death of her daughter, May Louise by drowning before her eyes without being able to render the slightest aid. The grief of the woman is pathetic, when the fact is recalled to her.

During one of her calm periods this morning, Mrs. BOCK told a graphic story of her experience with the child who was drowned. She said she had been an attendant at St. Mark's Sunday School, and was married in the church. She was in the habit of going, annually, on the outing, and was in company with Mrs. Anna BURKHARDT, a former playmate, who lived at 141 East Third street, Manhattan. The latter lost her life in the catastrophe.

In the company with the dead woman, Mrs. BOCK says, she had secured a seat on the upper deck, while her two children played nearby. When the alarm came, followed by the panic, she seized her daughter, May, while Mrs. BURKHARDT volunteered to take charge of Grace. In the rush of the maddened people, the two women were swept apart, and when Mrs. BOCK looked for Mrs. BURKHARDT and her little daughter, they were not to be seen.

As the wall of flame advanced toward her, Mrs. BOCK says, she hesitated, at first, but determined to face it, and unmindful of the scorching heat which seared the flesh on her face and hands, made her way to the side of the boat. Her quick glance caught site of one of the long fenders suspended by a rope and hanging in the water. She managed to slide down this pole, with her child in her arm, until she reached the water.

She managed to clutch something to sustain herself, and evidently remained until exhausted, and must have released her hold upon her daughter, as she remembers nothing until she opened her eyes while being hauled from the water, and found herself being drawn aboard a steam launch. As she opened her eyes, her glance fell upon the face of her little daughter, a few feet away. The child had her arms extended murmuring the word "mother," when she slowly sank beneath the surface of the water.

The men in the launch tried to reach the child as she was sinking, and Mrs. BOCK remembers nothing more until she came to a the Lincoln Hospital. Beside suffering from her submersion, Mrs. BOCK was also severely burned. She was able to reach her home yesterday morning. As no trace of the child Grace, has been found, it is presumed that she was also drowned with Mrs. BURKHARDT."

1905: can't read address, Peter Burkhard 42, engineer, Charles Burkhard 20, clerk, Adam Burkhard 13 George Burkhard 11 Eddie Burkhard 7 Matilda Knack 74, mother in law

1910: Stony Point, Rockland, New York George Herman 44, laborer, Iona Island ?, Kate Herman 37 Edward Burkhard 12, nephew, Edward Hordner 3, nephew, Matilda Knack 78 mother widow

1910: 171 Suffolk Street, Peter Burkart, widowed, engineer, factory

Anna E Buchheit Burkart:
Find a Grave: Tombstone - Anna E Burkart nee Buchheit born Sep. 6, 1837 died June 15, 1904 - Felix Burkart born Sept 1826 died Nov 28, 1889 - George Burkart born Sept 4, 1856 died May 19, 1885 - George F Burkart born Nov 17, 1883 died June a 1921

Child Louise Burkart Schwartz (1861-1904)

1900: Charles Schwartz 41, Louise Schwartz 39, Emilia Schwartz 15, Charles Schwartz 13, Antonis Schwartz 12, Louise Schwartz 6, Anna E Burkart 63, widowed, mother in law

Edward Burkhardt: 1904 uninjured 270 E 10th street

1900: Charles Burkhard Head M 33 New York Jennie Burkhard Wife F 29 Germany Edward Burkhard Son M 9 New York Minnie Burkhard Daughter F 8 New York Charles Burkhard Son M 7 New York Rose Burkhard Daughter F 6 New York Elmil Burkhard Son M 3 New York

1905 270 E 10th street Charles Burkhardt 38, porter, Jennie Burkhardt 32, Edward Burkhardt 14, Minnie Burkhardt 13, Charles Burkhardt 12, Rosie Burkhardt 10, Emil Burkhardt 7

1910: 7th street, Chas Burkhardt 42, head, florist factory, Jennie Burkhardt 36, wife, 6 children 6 living, Edward Burkhardt 20, printer, Minnie Burkhardt 18, feather maker factory, Chas Burkhardt 17, helper decorator's shop, Rose Burkhardt 15, Emil Burkhardt 13, Fred Burkhardt 4

1915: No image Hoboken, Charles Buckhardt M New York, Jennie Buckhardt F Germany, Edward Buckhardt M New York, Rose Buckhardt F New York, Emil Buckhardt M New York, Frederick Buckhardt M New York

1917: Edward Burkhardt born Jan 11, 1890 Brooklyn, married (wife not listed) pipe fitter Tietjan Dry docks Hoboken

1971: Edward Burkhardt United States Social Security Death Index Age 80 Birth Date 11 Jan 1891 State New Jersey Last Place of Residence Secaucus, Hudson, New Jersey Previous Residence Postal Code 07094 Event Date Mar 1971

1942: Lived Weehawken worked at Teijen and Lang Drydock Hoboken -contact Flroence Feldman

Martha Burkhardt: Martha Burkhardt [Martha Bernhammer] Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 23 Feb 1895 Birth Place: Weehawken Hu, New Jersey Father: Henry Bernhammer Mother: Mary Duquette Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jun 1949: Name listed as MARTHA BURKHARDT

2001: Florence Marie Feldman [Florence Feldman] [Florence Marie Burkhardt] SSN: 128149645 Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 13 Oct 1917 Birth Place: Weehawken Hu, New Jersey Death Date: 1 Jul 2001 Father: Edward Burkhardt Mother: Martha Bernhammer

Busch ⚰ died Hilda age 10

Find a Grave: Hilda Busch (Bush) age 10 82 West 90th street

Death: Hilda Busch 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, Marital Status Unknown Birthplace U.S. Burial Date 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery Lutheran Father's Name Francis Busch Father's Birthplace U.S. Mother's Name Teresa Hirt Mother's Birthplace Germany (DS)

Cahill ⚰ died Anna age 22

Find a Grave: Anna Cahill age 22, married, death cert # 3028 Bronx, lived at 401 Fifth Street

born Germany 1905 City Record

Christ ⚰ died Minnie age 12

Find a Grave: Birth: Dec. 19, 1891 Manhattan New York County (Manhattan) New York, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - 144 7th street, age 12

Clow ⚰ died Magaret 41

Find a Grave: Margaret Van Wagner Clow age 35 or 41 years old, death cert # 2734 Bronx, lived at 54 7th Avenue

LDS: Margaret Clow Event Type Death Event Date 15 Jun 1904 Event Place Bronx, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Age 35 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1869 Father's Name Vanwagner

"Mary" Clow 54 E 7th ave. age 35 was identified by her husband Alfred.

Cohrs ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ died Frieda age 26, Henry age 1, Katie age 27, Fritz

City record: Cohrs, 106 Ave A. Freda 26, DEAD, 70 1st ave. Cohrs, Freda age 6, Henry D age 1 and Katie age 27 all DEAD

Henry Cohrs married Katie✟ Michael in 1897. They had Freda✟, named for Henry's sister, and Henry✟ junior. Katie, Freda and Henry all died in the Slocum disaster. Henry's sister Freda✟ also died. Another sister, Annie died in 1905. Henry was living with his mother in 1905. He worked as a milkman and did not remarried. He continued to live on the Lower East side until at least 1940.

Katie Michael Cohrs' sister Carrie Michale also died in the Slocum.

Find a Grave: Frieda Cohrs age 27 identified by brother Henry, parents Henry Frederick Cohrs (b. 1833) and Wilhelmina Mueller (b. 1851, d.16 Nov 1905) daughter Frieda born Mar 11, 1898 also died. 1904 BE

COHRS, Henry, 1 year, of 70 First avenue COHRS, Mrs. Kate, 27 years, of 70 First avenue COHRS, Frieda, 6 years, of 70 First avenue
1904: New York Steamboat Horror: The Fire on the General Slocum

Jacob Michael identified the body of his daughter Carrie, age 12, late in the afternoon. He was slowly walking along the line of coffins, when he suddenly halted, and with a moan, fell to his knees in several inches of water, and reaching into a coffin, raised the head of a child and began to kiss the cold lips fervently.

Earlier in the day the man had been to the Morgue and identified the charred body of his married daughter, Mrs. Catherine Cohrs, and that of his year-old grandson. The bodies of his daughter and grandson had been burned almost beyond recognition, but Michael did not seem to be as much affected by that awful sight as he was when he saw little Carrie's body in the coffin. He had to be dragged from the coffin by the police and forced to leave the pier."

"Next door to Miss Koelder the Michael family is mourning the loss of four of its members their daughter, Mrs. Catherine Cohr 70 First ave, her two children, Frieda, six years old, and Harry, one year, and Carolina Michael, thirteen years old. Mr. Cohrs's husband spent all of the afternoon and evening searching for his family in the hospital while his wife's old mother and father waited anxiously for news. Neighbors, sympathetic, yet ftill of a morbid curiosity, hung around the door, offering occasional words of encouragement. The father sat in a chair by the window, his head buried in his hands, while the mother paced the floor. Another daughter, who had thought of going on the excursion, sat by, and her baby, evidently recognizing that all was not well, kept up a continuous crying. "My daughter's husband saw the boat on fire," said Mrs. Michael. "He drives an Ice cream wagon, and he was over near the East River when a woman called to him if he saw the boat on fire. "What is it?" he asked. "It's the General Slocum." "Good God. my whole family is on that boat" he cried."

The Cohrs Family:
1880: Ave. A., Frederick Cohrs 47, express, Wihelmina Cohrs 28, wife, Elizabeth Cohrs 20, daughter, Henry Cohrs 11, son, Freda Cohrs 2, daughter

1897: Henry Cohrs Marriage Date: 6 Jun 1897 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Katie Michael Certificate Number: 8872

1900: 70 1st ave., Henry Cohrs 30, driver, Katie Cohrs 23, 2 children 2 living Fraider Cohrs 2 Henry Cohrs 9/12

1905: Ave A., Mimmie Cohrs 53 Henry Cohrs 37, inspector, Annie Cohrs 25, invalid

1906: Annie Cohrs born 27 Sept 1880 died 23 died 1905 per tombstone - buried with Katie and Freda.

Annie Cohrs Birth Year: abt 1880 Age: 25 Death Date: 23 Dec 1905 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 39127

Death: Frieda Cohrs Birth Date: 11 Mar 1898 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: New York, USA Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

Birth: 11 March 1898 father Henry Cohrs, mother Katie Michael

NYC Death Index:
Cohrs Freda 26 y Jun 15 1904 3180 Bronx
Cohrs Freda 6 y Jun 15 1904 3181 Bronx
Cohrs Henry D 1 y Jun 15 1904 3182 Bronx
Cohrs Katie L 27 y Jun 15 1904 3184 Bronx

1910: 106 Ave A. Henry "Chors" widow, route desp---, Borden's milk

1932: Henry Cohrs was a member of the Slocum survivors association committee.

1940: 7th street, Henry Cohrs widow, age 70, milkman milk company

See Michaels.

Cortes ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☀ ☀ - died Frederik age 14, Henreitta age 21, Meta age 52

City record: Fredrick age 14, Henrietta age 21, Meta age 52 all DEAD Henry J, age 20, and Charles, age 17, were listed as injured and then taken home.

In June 1904 Metta Cordes✟ was a widow with 5 children. They lived on 16th street. Mrs. Cortes and two of her children, Henrietta✟, age 22 and Fritz✟, age 14, died in the disaster. Son Charles age 18 was injured. Henry (age 21) and Charles were rescued by a tug. Initially Henry did not know what had happend to the rest of the family. No mention was made of son John age 19 in connection with the Slocum. In 1905 Henry, John and Charles were still living on 16h street. In 1910 the Cordes brothers were still all single and still all living together on 16th street. John Cordes married Mabel K. Werner on Aug 6, 1913 (NYC Marriage Grooms index). They had a son, John. The other brothers do not appear to have married. By 1915 John Cordes was living in the Bronx.

Metta Cordes (nee Hops), widowed of Hinrich Diedrich Cordes, age 46, born Germany 5 children 5 living was listed in the 1900 census at 417 16th street with her children: Henrietta, 18, dressmaker, Henry 16, baker, John 15, clerk, Charles 13 and Fritz 10 plus three boarders. Mrs. Cortes✟, Henrietta✟, and Fritz (Fred)✟ died in the Slocum disaster. Henry was on the excursion but survived. John was listed as identifying his mother and brother Fred.

Charles was on the missing list but appears to have survived. Metta Cordes was buried in Middle Village Queens.

Henry Cordes said that he and his brother, Charles, were rescued by a tug but the rest of his family were missing.

Henry Cordes was interviewed at the morgue where he went to look for his mother and siblings. He stated that once the cry of FIRE! went up everyone rushed to the upper decks. The crowding cause the railing to give way and many were pushed into the water. As the fire ate away the supports of the deck the deck crashed taking many into the flames with it. He said the crew did try and get the life boats down and the hoses out - but it was overwhelming.

"The scene when the deck fell in was one of indescribable horror. The flames roared and licked at the people who, in their desperation leaped overboard to escape a worse death, while those who were too late went down into the hell below." (N Y times June 16, 1904


  1. Henrietta✟ Cordes BIRTH DATE: 3 Dec 1881 BIRTH PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 326435

  2. Henry c 1883

    Name: Henry Cordes Gender: Male Birth Date: 28 Sep 1883 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Henry Cordes Mother's Name: Meta

  3. John c 1885

    John married and had a son, John, circa 1915

  4. Charles February 1887 Name: Charles Cordes Gender: Male Birth Date: 01 Feb 1887 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Henry D. Cordes Mother's Name: Meta Hops

  5. Fritz✟
List of Victims: "Cortes": Meta, age 52, Henrietta, age 22, Fred age 14 all of 417 E 16th street.

New York City deaths, Cordes Frederick, 14, Henrietta, 22, Metta 51 June 15, 1904 Bronx

Metta Cordes BIRTH DATE: Feb 1854, BIRTH PLACE: Germany, DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904, DEATH PLACE: Bronx County, New York, USA, CEMETERY: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery, BURIAL PLACE: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA, CHILDREN: Frederick Cordes Henrietta A Cordes

INJURED: Cordes, Charles F. 18, 417 E 16th st

According to a list in the New York Times of June 16, 1904 DEAD Cordes, Mrs. Maida, 55 year old 417 E 16th street MISSING Cordes, Charles, 18 Fred 14 and Etta 23 all of 417 E 16th street.

1905: East 16th street, Manhattan, Henry Cordes 22, tailor, John Cordes 20, brother, dentist, Charles Cordes 18, brother, jewelry maker

1910: 16th street, Henry J Cordas 26, head, cutter children's wear, shop, John H Cordas 25, brother, dentist, Charles F Cordas 23, brother, bookkeeper, office Ernestine Trotme 70, boarder, Geo C Gusner 29, boarder

1917 WWI DR: Henry Cordes was at E 153 St., New York not married, medium height, slender build, grey eyes, brown hair, brother, Charles Cordes,

1917 WWI DR: Charles F Cordes, dentist, single was living at 219 1/2 St. Annes, Ave. New York, tall, medium build, blue eyes, lt brown hair.

1915: At Anns ave., Bronx, John H Cordes 30, dentist, Mable A Cordes 26, John H Cordes 7/12, Elizabeth Werner 52, mother in law

1918: Mabel A Cordes BIRTH YEAR: abt 1890 AGE: 28 DEATH DATE: 19 Oct 1918 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 8242

1920: Henry Cordes, 36, Bronx, single, bookbinder

1920: St Anne Ave. Bronx, John head, age 35, widow, proprietor, dentil office, John son age 5, Werner, Elizabeth, age 58 widow, mother in law

1942 WWII DR: Henry Cordes was living in the Bronx. He does not appear to have been married. Bookbinder.

Crager ⚰ - died Winifred age 12

Find a Grave: Has an image of Winifred - born October 29, 1891 England, to American parents, lived 222 East 12th street - buried Washington Cemetery Brooklyn

Said to have gone on the excursion with the Brunning family.

Not listed in New York's awful excursion boat horror lists.

1905 City Record: 222 E 12th street, born England age 12

Winnifred was born in Scotland to George C Crager and Julian Frankenstein while George was on tour with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. Winifred's half brother, Cuno, and half sister, Minna, both named children Winifred.

"George Carlton Crager (1859-1920), an American linguist and interpreter who spoke many Native American dialects and several European languages, was a soldier, a U.S. Special Agent for Indian Affairs, and a theatrical impresario. Crager lived with the Lakota for many years and was the Lakota interpreter for Buffalo Bill's Wild West during 1891 in Britain." (William F Cody Archives)

1870: Manhattan, Crager, Adolph, age 41 clothier, born Germany, Minna age 39, born Germany, Edward, 17, Jane 13, George 11, Tena 9, anna 5 Rebecca 1

1880: George C. Crager 21 George C. Crager Age: 21 Birth Year: abt 1859 Birthplace: New York Home in 1880: Fort Sanders, Albany, Wyoming Race: White Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Father's Birthplace: Spaine Mother's Birthplace: England

Marriage 1: Mollie Willoughby, the younger sister of Jim "Kid" Wiloughby who was also with the Wild West Show. The marriage ended in 1882. Mollie married C. F. Schalk in 1888, but later reverted to the name Crager.

Children: Bessie c 1882

Marriage 2: Mary Chesbro


  1. Minna 1885

    Married Bert Ross - Bertice Ross Birth Date 1873 Age 35 Spouse's Name Minna L. Crager Spouse's Birth Date 1885 Spouse's Age 23 Event Date 24 Jan 1908 Event Place Oswego, New York Father's Name Oliver Ross Mother's Name Emma Ward Spouse's Father's Name George Crager Spouse's Mother's Name Chesbro - 1920: Pine, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Three Degree Road, D W Ross 47, dairy farm hand, Minna C Ross 35 Winifred M Ross 11 Helen C Ross 9 [9 6/12] Bernard W Ross 5 [5 2/12] - 1930: Bertice W Ross 57, superintendent private estate, Minna C Ross 45 Winnifred M Ross 21 Helen C Ross 19 Bernard W Ross 16 - 1946 Death of her daughter, Winifred, in Pennsylvania, Butler County, township of Adams usual address Halland, Michigan, full name Winifred May Renick married, born Jan 1, 1909 Fulton New York to Bert Ross and Minna Crager born Vermillion, New York. 1950 death of Minna Luddington Ross, July 2, 1950, born Vermillion, New York father George C Crager mother "Mary Chesbro" dob 25 Jan 1885, Adams Butler, Pennsylvania,

  2. Cuno 1886

    Cuno Parker Crager Birth Date 13 Dec 1886 Birthplace Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name George C. Crager Mother's Name Mary C. Chestro - Cuno P. Crager born Dec 13, 1886 in New York to George - in Argentina on missionary work for the 7th Day Adventists in 1916 and 1920. Married Reba N Hatton - traveled extensively - died 9 May 1945 San Juan, Puerto Rico, buried Cementerio Santa Mara Magdalena de Pazzis. 1930 census: Oronoko, Berrien, Michigan Emmanuel Missionary, College Cuno P Crager 43, secretary Adventist Church, Reba H Crager 41 Winifred Crager 20 Jean Crager 17 Loraine Crager 10

Marriage 3 - 1888: George Crager Marriage 08 Jul 1888 Manhattan, New York, United States Age 29 Marital Status "Widowed" Birth Year (Estimated) 1859 Birthplace N Y Father's Name "Abraham" Crager Mother's Name Minna Meyer Spouse's Name Julia Frankenstein Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 23 Spouse's Marital Status Unknown Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1865 Spouse's Birthplace Hamlin, Germany Spouse's Father's Name W. G. Frankenstein Spouse's Mother's Name Lisette Cohan


  1. Edna died 1890

    1890: Edna Crager Death 25 Nov 1890 Manhattan, Age 1 Father's Name George C. Crager Mother's Name Julia Crager

  2. Winifred born 1892 died 1904

1891: Wild West Show in Scotland

1892: Immigration 2nd cabin, settler, to New York, Winnifred Crager 11 Feb 1892 Age 3m Nationality U.S.A. Departure Port Glasgow Arrival Port New York Gender Female Citizenship Status X Ship Name State of California

On manifest: Julia, 31 (?) Minna, 7, Cuno P 5, male, and Winnifred all US citizens

1900: Palermo, Oswego, New York, William Chirbro 41, farmer, Lilian G Chirbro 39, wife, 0 children, Mary G Chirbro 18, sister, Minna L Crager 15, boarder, Cuno P Crager 13, boarder

1910: Julia C Crager 34 E16th New York, Occupation: Clerk Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1910

Another marriage: Louise Kathleen Hale per 1918 passport

1918: Passport application, George C Crager District Of Columbia, United States born New York 19 Sep 1859, father, Adolphus deceased, Spouse's Name Louise Kathleen Hale Crager Certificate Number 36418, resided outside the UN in south America from 1915 to 1916 and in England from 1916 to 1917

1920: George Carlton Crager Last Place of Residence New York Event Date 11 May 1920 Age 60y 7m Nationality U.S.A. Departure Port Colon Arrival Port New York Gender Male Marital Status M Citizenship Status X Ship Name Ebro with "Louis" Kathleen born 1867 London England

1920: George Carlton Crager Birth 19 Sep 1859 Death 15 Aug 1920 Bronx County, New York, USA Cemetery: Woodlawn Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Bronx, Bronx County, New York, USA - Headstone, for George C Crager, Troop M 3rd US Calvary died August 15, 1920, enlistment dates May 20, 1876 to March 20, 1878, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, applicant Minna Crager Ross, Valencia, Pa, Sept 5, 1939

Find a Grave: Has photo "George Carlton Crager (1859-1920) was a noted character in the latter years of the 19th century that made his name in our Western History from the Indian Wars, Massacare at Wounded Knee to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. " George Carlton Crager

1926: Indian Wars pension, Grager, George C, widow, Julia, service 1876 to 1878 M # US Cav. date of filing, Mar 2, 1926 Ind Wid. March 4, 1917, NY, Bounty Land died Aug 14, 1920, New york

1930: Julia Crager, age 69 widowed, born Germany, imm 1866, no occupation

1939: Julia Crager Birth Year: abt 1861 Age: 78 Death Date: 5 Aug 1939 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 16707

Julia Crager Death 05 Aug 1939 Manhattan, Address 133 Ave "B" Age 78 Marital Status Widowed Birthplace Germany Burial Date 07 Aug 1939 Cemetery Washington Cemetery Father's Name William Frankenstein Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Lizetta Cane Mother's Birthplace Germany Spouse's Name George

There is quite a bit on the internet about George C Crager and Wild Bill Cody's Wild West Show.

Dauernheim/Duls ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - Anna age 58, Wilhelmina age 26, Pauline Duls age 54

City Record: Dauernheim 41 3rd ave. Anna age 58 DEAD, Wilhelmina age 26 DEAD, Duls Pauline 103 Ave A. age 54 DEAD

Wilhelmina Dauernheim was the daughter of John and Pauline Duls. She married Henry Dauernheim. Pauline Duls and Wilhelmina Dauernheim died in the Slocum disaster. John Duls died in 1894. Henry Dauernheim married Ida Matz in 1908. They had Herbert, Ruth and Jean.

Tombstone: John F Duls bron Feb 11, 1841, died July 28, 1894, his wife Pauline born May 25, 1850 died June 15, 1904 and their daughter Minnie, beloved wife of Henry C Dauernheim born Aug 14, 1877, died June 15, 1904 (Find a Grave)

1880: Leffert [?] street, Manhattan, Andrew Dornheim Self M 38 Germany, barber, Annie Dornheim Wife F 34 Germany, William Dornheim Son M 11 New York, United States, Henry Dornheim Son M 9 New York, United States, Herman Dornheim Son M 8 New York, United States, Augusta Dornheim Daughter F 6 New York, United States, Ferdinand Dornheim Son M 4 New York, United States, Annie Dornheim Daughter F 1 New York, United States

1900: 41 3rd ave., Manhattan, Andrew Daurenhein Head M 58 Germany, barber, Anna Daurenhein Wife F 54 Germany, 8 children 5 living, William Daurenhein Son M 31 New York, compositor, Henry Daurenhein Son M 30 New York, architect, Augusta Daurenhein Daughter F 26 New York, bookkeeper, Ferdinand Daurenhein Son M 24 New York, salesman, Helen Daurenhein Daughter F 20 New York, stenographer

1904: NYC Death index, Dauernheim, Annie age 58, and Wilhelmina age 21 June 15, 1904, Bronx #3137 and #3185

1908: Henry C Dauernheim 30 Apr 1908 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Ida C Matz Certificate Number: 8348

1930: own, Henry C Danernheim 59, architect, Ida C Danernheim 42, wife, Herbert A Danernheim 21, son, Ruth M Danernheim 20, daughter, Jean M Danernheim 8, daughter

DAUERNHEIM ANNIE 1914-10-24 31848 137
DAUERNHEIM FERDINAND A. 1942-01-13 31848 137
DAUERNHEIM HENRY C. 1944-02-21 31848 137 (age 73)
DAUERNHEIM HERMANN C. C. 1914-10-24 31848 137
DAUERNHEIM IDA C. 1973-05-26 31848 137
DAUERNHEIM WILHELMINA 1904-06-19 18454 115

1876: John F Duls Marriage Date: 8 Jun 1876 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Pauline Krekel Certificate Number: 2786

1880: E 2nd street, Manhattan, John Duls 39, clerk in store, Pauline Duls 29, Minnie Duls 3, Julia Duls 1

Death of John Duls: 1894

1910: St Marks Place, Duls, Julia age 31 milliner, Louise, sister, age 29 milliner

1917: Julia Duls 65 St Marks Pi Occupation: Hatmkr Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1917

1920: 1st ave Julia Duls 40, Louise Duls 38, sister, both milliners

Deck ⚰ - died Frank age 11

Deck Family: Joseph Deck and his wife, Dora, had:
  1. John circa 1883

  2. Joseph circa 1886

  3. Lawrence circa 1889

    Laurence Deck married Lena Drescher 08 Sep 1907 Manhattan, Father's Name Joseph Deck Mother's Name Dora "Will" Spouse's Father's Name Henry Drescher Spouse's Mother's Name Sophie Miller

    - 1940 census with five children

  4. ✟Mamie Doretha Deck Birth 11 Aug 1891 Birthplace Manhattan, Father's Name Joseph Deck Mother's Name Dora Hess Deck

    another Mamie born in 1897

  5. ✟Frank circa 1893 died 1902

    George Deck Birth 17 Feb 1893 Birthplace Manhattan, Father's Name Joseph Deck Mother's Name Dora Hess Deck (LDS)

  6. Mary (Mamie) circa 1897 - with her mother age 34 in 1930

  7. ✟Edward circa 1898

    Chas. Edward Deck Death 03 Aug 1900 New York City, Queens, New York, United States Address Suluvan Coner Residence Place Union Course, Queens, New York Gender Male Age 2 Birth Year (Estimated) 1898 Birthplace New York City, Queens, New York Burial Date 05 Aug 1900 Cemetery Maple Grove Father's Name Joseph Deck Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Dora Deck Mother's Birthplace New York

  8. ✟Irene circa 1899 died age 1 1900

  9. ✟Walter circa 1900 died 1917

  10. ✟Arthur circa 1900 - died 2 months July 16, 1900 Queens #1505

  11. ✟George circa 1907 - died 1913
Note: In 1910 Dora dEck stated that she was the mother of 11 children of which 5 were still living. 1900: Queens, Enfiled street, Joseph Deck 39, general contractor, Dora Deck 41, 10 children 8 living, Joseph Deck 14, John Deck 17, Lawrence Deck 11, Frank Deck 7, Mary Deck 3, Edward Deck 2, Irene Deck 1, Walter Deck 1/12, Arthur Deck 1/12

1900: Irene Deck age 1 died August 11, 1900 Manhattan #25858

1904: Frank Deck 15 Jun 1904 New York, USA Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

1905: 5th street, Manhattan, Joseph Deck 44, truck business, Dora Deck 47, Joe Deck 20, truckman, John Deck 18, truckman, Larry Deck 16, truckman, Mamie Deck 9, Walter Deck 5

1910: Callicoon, Sullivan, New York, Joseph Deck 49, farmer, Dora Deck 52, marriage 1, 24 years, 11 children 5 living, Mary Deck 14, Walter Deck 10, George Deck 3

1915: Callicoon, Sullivan Joseph Deck 54 Dora Deck 56 Walter Deck 15 Mary Deck 19 Joseph Deck 31



Walter Deck, the 17 year old on of Joseph Deck of Callicoon Center, died of appendicitis at his home there Sunday morning on the same date that his younger brother, "George", succumbed to the same malady four years ago.

Walter was taken ill a couple weeks ago and Dr. Gain found his condition so serious that an operation was determined as the only hope, and he and Dr. Moss of Jamaica Hospital performed the operation a week ago Sunday.

Walter was born in New York where his father conducted a trucking business, which in now in charge of two other sons, John and Lawrence. The family moved to Callicoon Center fourteen years ago, on the Hess farm in the Bethlehem section.

Walter left his parents, two brothers and "two" sisters (Mary aka Mamie was one).

1925: Callicoon, Sullivan Dora Deck 66 Mary Deck 27

1930: Callicoon, Sullivan, New York 137 Callicoon Center Road own, Dora Deck 71, widowed, Mamie Deck 34

Death 11 Sep 1937 Manhattan, 176 Lewis St. Manhattan Gender Female Age 78 Marital Status Widowed Race White Occupation Housewife Birth Date 19 Jul 1859 Birthplace New York Burial Date 14 Sep 1937 Cemetery Lutheran Cemetery Father's Name John Hess Father's Birthplace New York Mother's Name Licht Mother's Birthplace New York Spouse's Name Joseph Deck

Deluccia ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀ - died Agnes 6 , Frank 9, Nicholas 2 (missing)

City record: Agnes 6 dead, Frank 9 dead, Nicholas age 2 missing, Rose age 12 at Lincoln, and Lena age 31 uninjured.

Lena DeLuccia of 54 7th street took her children: Rose, Frank, Agnes, and Nicholas on the Slocum excursion. Frank✟ age 9, Agnes✟ age 6 and Nicholas✟ age 2 perished. Rose, age 12, survived.

June 16, 1904: NY Times - Mrs. Giovannie De Luccia of 54 7th street was on the Slocum with her four children ranging in age from 12 years to less than a year. She returned home with her face badly burned and not remembering anything about the incident except there was fire all around. She did not know how she got in the water. She did not know where her children were. She had heard that her eldest daughter was alive and in a hospital.

Lena Deluccia, who was badly burned survived by clinging to the paddlewheel.

Dead: Deluccia 54 7th street: Agnes age 6, dead, Frank age 9, dead, Nicholas, age 2, missing, presumed dead (never found).

DEAD: DeLuccia, Agnes, 6 and Frank 8 both of 54 7th st.

Rose, age 12, in Lincoln hospital in shock.

DeLuccia, Rosa, 54 7th street shock Lincoln Hospital

UNINJURED: DeLuccia, --- age 31, 54 E 7th, and Rose age 12, same address

Nine persons from the tenement 54 Seventh street, in the rear of St. Mark's Church, none of them members of the congregation, went with the excursion. Only one came back.*

Mrs. Lena De Luccia, who lives on the top floor front, took her four children, ranging in age from two and a half years to twelve, for the sake of the sail. She persuaded her neighbor across the hall, a young married woman named Sophie Siegel, to join the party. Yesterday morning Mrs. Galefsky, on the floor below, decided to go, too, and took her two young children.

Mrs. De Luccia was the only one who returned.* Her hands and arms were horribly burned. She and her children, she said, were all together on the main deck, near the wheel-box, when she saw the smoke and flames forward. She picked up her baby and, with her other children, crowded to the rail. Men went around, she says, shouting that there was no danger.

Next she remembers a wave of frenzied women and children forced her overboard. She lost her baby and saw no more of her other children. Mrs. Siegel struck the water alongside of her, but she did not see her come to the surface. The Slocum's engines had stopped and Mrs. De Luccia clung to a paddle-blade. As the superstructure burned, the iron got so hot that it blistered her hands. Then a Towboat picked her up.

History of the General Slocum diaster, 1904, J. S. Ogilvie, Electronic library

Mrs. A. Galewsky (Flora age 36) and 2 children. Helen Galewski age 5 years dead list, Morris age 3 dead list. Mrs. Galewsky was on the missing list - her body was never recovered. The Galewski family were listed at 54 7th Avenue in the 1900 census : Samuel 36, born Russia, salesman, Flora 30 born Russian, Hellen 2 and Emil 1 both born in New York.

The 1900 census listed 15 families at 54 E. 7th ave including:

  1. Henry De Luccia age 35 stableman, and his wife Lina age 29, both born Italy and their children Aggie 2, Frank 5 and Rosie 8
  2. Nick De Luccia age 40, bookkeeper, Janie, wife 29 both born Italy, no children.

Mrs. Sophie (Mrs. T. age 24) Siegel (or Nagal).

The building was said to be a five story flat. Fourteen people who lived in this building were said to have died. Besides the DeLuccias, and the Galewskis (Galwiski) was Mrs. Tobias "Nagal" who was pregnant, and Mary Clow 35 - listed as identified by her husband, Alfred - her name was later given as Margaret.

NYC Death Index: Deluccia, Frank, 9 y, Jun 15, 1904 3380, Bronx, Body No. 541 - Frank DE LUCCIA, 9 years, 55 Seventh street - Identified June 12, 19-4

"In the clothing of a boy about 10 years old was a small aluminum strip, such as issue from slot machines upon the deposit of a cent. On the strip was stamped "Frank DE LUCCIA, goes to P.S."
Galewski Helen 6 y Jun 15 1904 3465 Bronx

MISSING: DeLuccia, Nicholas age 4, 54 E. 7th st.

*Rose DeLuccia, age 12, also survived.

Delventhal ☁ ☁

City Record: 381 Madison - Meta age 45 to Lincoln - Sophia age 19 to Lincoln

Meta Deventhal and her daughter Sophie were on the Slocum. They both survived. Sophia married in 1935 at age 50.

1908: 24 Aug 1908 Age: 49 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Prince Friedrich Wilhelm

1910: Spring street, Henry D Delvental 58, sexton church, Meta Delvental 51, 2 children 2 living Henry H Delvental, clerk commission, Sophie R Delvental, curtain finisher shop

1915: Bronx

1920: Bronx, Henry D Delventhal 67, sexton church, Meta Delventhal 61 Sophie Delventhal 34,, upholstering, decor (can't read)

1930: Bronx, Henry D Dalventhal 78, Metta Dalventhal 71, Sophie Dalventhal 44, interior decorator

1935: Henry Helmke marred Sophia "DelVenthal" June 2, 1935 Bronx #4311

1940: Henry Helmke 74, manager coffe shop, Sophie Helmke 54, Henry Delventhal 88, father in law, Metta Delventhal 82, mother in law

Deppert ⚰ ⚰ - died Agnes age 62 and Mary age 28

Agnes Deppert was the mother in law of Mary Deppart. Mary Roos married Charles Deppart in 1902. Mary and Charles had Charles in 1903.

Mary✟ and Agnes✟ died in the Slocum disaster in June. Charles junior survived the Slocum but died died in 1908. Charles senior remarried in August 1904. He and his second wife, Anna, do not appear to have had children. Charles died before 1910.

City record: 328 6th ave., Agnes age 62 - DEAD Mary 28 DEAD - Charles age 10 months to Lebanon hospital.

Find a Grave:

  1. Agnes Marfilues Deppert age 62 years old, widow, death cert # 3332, lived at 328 6th Street, identified by son Charles buried The Evergreens Cemetery.

  2. Mary Roos Deppert age 28 years old, death cert # 3378 Bronx, Child Charles Frederick Deppert (1903 - 1908)* buried Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery -
    "A 10 month old survivor of the General Slocum fire. He lost his mother and grandmother on the Slocum.

    He was found washed on the shore with another baby. His clothes were drenched, but they were not torn. And around his neck he still wore the sky-blue ribbon marked in black letters "St. Marcus's Sonntag Schule," which proclaimed me one of the few survivors of the last Slaughter of Innocents.

    In Superintendent Daub's arms he was taken to Lebanon Hospital, where Nurse McCallum, in charge of the children's ward, undressed him and put him in a little white-enameled bed and marked him 144.

    One hundred and forty-four he remained until his other grandmother Augusta tottered into the ward in charge of Nurse McCallum, took one look at him as he lay asleep and took him in her arms.

    But Charles would die 4 years later." Buried Evergreens

List of Dead: Deppert, Agnes, (62) No 328 6th ave. identified by neighbor at Alexander Ave. Station

Mary age 28 328 East Sixth street

1875: (LDS) Karl Deppert Birth 27 Feb 1875 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Father's Name Franz Deppert Mother's Name Agnes Maroilius Deppert

1875: Birth of Charles Deppert son of Franz Deppert and Agnes Marfilius Deppart

Marriage of Franz Deppert and Agnes Maffolius:

According to her will probated in 1904 Agnes had two step sons, Franz and George

  1. Joseph Deppert Gender Male Birth Date 08 Jun 1871 Birthplace Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name Franz Deppert Mother's Name Agnes Maffolius (LDS)

  2. Karl Deppert Birth Date 27 Feb 1875 Birthplace Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name Franz Deppert Mother's Name Agnes Maroilius Deppert (LDS)

1880: Franz Deppert 98 Seventh New York, New York, USA Occupation: Knitter New York, New York, City Directory

1883: Agnes Deppert 114 First av New York, Occupation: Fcygds (only listing for Deppert)

1886: Franz Deppert Death 08 Jul 1886 Manhattan, 410 6 Street Gender Male Age 68 Marital Status Married Occupation Merchant Birth Year (Estimated) 1818 Birthplace Germany Burial Date 10 Jul 1886 Burial Place New York, New York, NY Cemetery Evergreen Father's Name George Deppert Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Barbara Deppert

1886: Deppert, Agnes hosiery 410 6th street, Deppert, Frank butcher 410 6th street,

1890: Deppert Agnes, hosiery, 410 Sixth

1900: 328 6th street, Agnes Deppert Head 57 Germany, widow, 5 children 1 living, imm 1871 woolen business, Charles Deppert Son 25 New York, woolen business

1900: 134 4th ave, Frederick Roos 49, --- store, Mary Roos 54, 4 children 2 living, Mary Roos 24, vest maker,

1902: Retail Hosiery Agnes Deppert and son, 328 6th

1902: (LDS) Charles Deppert 21 Sep 1902 Manhattan, New York, Age 27 Marital Status Single Birthplace New York City Father's Name Frank Deppert Mother's Name Agnes Marfilues Spouse's Name Mary Roos Spouse's Age 26 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace New York City Spouse's Father's Name Fredk Roos Spouse's Mother's Name Mary Marfilues

1903: Charles Frederick Deppert Birth 30 Jul 1903 Manhattan, New York, Father's Name Charles Deppert Father's Birthplace New York Father's Age 28 Mother's Name "Mary Ross" Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 27

1904: Charles Deppert Marriage Date: 21 Aug 1904 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 15515

Charles Deppert Marriage 21 Aug 1904 Manhattan, New Age 29 Widowed Birthplace New York City N.Y. Father's Name Franz Deppert Mother's Name Marfilins Spouse's Name Anna Lindauer Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 31 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace New York City, N.Y. Spouse's Father's Name Charles Lindauer Spouse's Mother's Name Weimer

1904: Probate July 7, will dated Aug 20, 1889, - 1. pay just debts 2. real and personalp propert in trust for son, Charles in his minority. 3. to lawful issue of her son Charles 4. In case of death of Charles he estate was to be divided in three equal shares: one share to her parents, Jacob and Elizabeth Marfilius or to their survivors, one share to her step sons, George Deppert and Franz Deppert share and share alike, one share to her brothers, Jacob, and Frederick Marfilius and her sister, Marie Roos.

1905: 53rd street, Brooklyn - Charles Deppert 30, salesman yarn, Anna Deppert 32, wife, Charles Deppert 1, son

Death 1908: Charles Deppert Death 05 Nov 1908 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States 2 W 136 St, New York, N.Y. Gender Male Age 5 Burial Date 08 Nov 1908 Burial Place Evergreen Cemetery Father's Name Charles Deppert Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name "Anna Lindann" Mother's Birthplace Germany

1908: Charles Frederick Deppert Burial 1908 Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America Birth Date 30 Jul 1903 Death Date 05 Nov 1908 Affiliate Record Identifier 151040194 Cemetery The Evergreens Cemetery

Death of Charles Deppert: Before 1910.

1910: Deppert, Anne, widow Charles h 136th street

1915 Deppert, Anna widow Charles r 448 W 151st

Frederick and Mary Roos the parents of Mary Roos Deppart: Note: Mary Roos was the sister of Agnes Marfilius Deppert.

1873: Frederick Roos, Marriage Date: 28 Feb 1873, Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA, Spouse: Maria Marfilius, Certificate Number: 1559

1880: Fred Roos 30, varnisher, Marie Roos 34, Marie Roos 5, Sophie Roos 2

1905: 533 6th street, Fred Ross 58, expressman, Mary Ross 62

"Five Dead in One House.
This picture represents the crepe-hung door of a home, made desolate by the burning of the Slocum. With the exception of the father, August Dippert, who bade his wife good-bye on the morning of the disaster, the entire family was wiped out - mother, wife and three children losing their lives. " (New Yorks Awful Steamboat Horror, 1904)
The image is classic for the traditional way of announcing to anyone who walked by that there was a death in the family. However, the information seems to be incorrect. The name was not usually spelled "Dippert". It was generally spelled Deppert. Two members of the "Dappert" family died in the disaster. Agnes "Dappert" age 61 and Mary "Dappert" age 28 were listed among the dead. Charles, age "10 months", was listed on the city record for 1904 as injured and sent to Lebanon Hospital. No Deppert children died in the Slocum disaster.

List of the DEAD: Dappert, Agnes, 61, Mary 28, both of 328 E. 6th street.

Agnes Deppert 63 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3332 - son Charles - buried Evergreens, Brooklyn (per Find a Grave)

Mary Deppert 28 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3378 - buried Middle Village Queens (per Find a Grave)

1900: 328 E. 6th street, Agnes Deppert, age 57, widow, 5 children 1 living, born Germany, immigrated 1871, woolen business, Charles, 26, woolen business

1902: Marriage, Charles Deppert, to Mary Roos, 21 Sept 1902. Charles' father, Frank Deppert, mother Agnes Marfilues, Mary's father, Fredk Roos, mother, Mary Marfilues

1903: Birth: Charles Frederick Deppert 30 Jul 1903 Manhattan, father, Charles Deppert age 28 Mother Mary Ross age 27 (LDS)

1903: Deppert, Agnes & sons 328 6th street.

1904: Marriage: August 21, 1904 Charles Deppert, widower, age 29, father Franz Deppert, mother "Marfilins" to Anna Lindauer single age 31, father Charles Lindauer, mother, Weimer.(LDS)

1904: July 1904 Probate of Agnes Deppert - will dated 20 August 1880 - pay just debts - son Charles Deppert - investments for the education of son, Charles until his arrival of age at which time all principle to be turned over to Charles. Upon his death to go to any of his heirs. In the event of no heris - a part fo Agnes's parents, Jacob and Elizabeth Marfilins or to her brother s and sisters a part to her step sons, George and Franz. Also mentioned Jacob Marfilins, Frederick Marfiliuns brothers, sister Marie Roes. Executor friedn Conrad Harris.

1905: Brooklyn, Seppert, Charles age 30, yarn salesman, wife, Anna age 32, Son Charles age 1

1908: Charles Deppert death, 5 Nov., Manhattan, 2 W 136th street, age 5 buried Evergreen, father Charles Deppert, mother, Anna Lindhann (LDS) Listed NYC Death index age 5 years

Death: Charles Deppert - before 1920.

1920 Julius P Koepke 42, butcher, Matilda Koepke 35, Anna Deppert 43, sister-in-law, widow, Viola Koepke 13, daughter

1925: Julius Koepke 47, butcher, Matilda Koepke 42 Viola Koepke 18 Charles Lindauer 37 Anna Deppert 52, sister-in-law, housework, Louise Lindauer 72, mother-in-law

Anna Lindauer Deppert died in 1935 (LDS).

Dersch ⚰ ⚰ - died Helen age 41 and Elsie age 15

City Record: 79 1st ave, Dersch - Helen age 41 dead - Elsie age 15 dead

Charles Dersch, salesman, and his wife, Helen✟, had two children, Charles and Elsie✟. Helen and Elsie perished in the Slocum disaster. Charles senior became a founding member of the Slocum Survivors organization. He never remarried. He died in 1938.

1900: 76 1st ave., Charles Dersch 42, salesman, Helen E Dersch 36, Charles Dersch 14, Elsie Dersch 11

1905: 79 1st ave, Charles Dersch 47, salesman malt, Charles Dersch 19, clerk bank, Susan Ichrath 59, servant

In 1905 Charles Dersch was a founding member of the Organization of Slocum Survivors.

1910:76 1st ave., Charles Dersch, age 52, widow, Manhattan Ward 17, "commercial traveler" (Note: a salesman) Mamie Hatzfelat 42, house keeper, Charles Dersch Jr 24, salesman, brewery supplies

In 1911 Charles Dersch and two members of the Slocum Survivors Association protested agains the release on parole of Captain William H. Van Schaick.

In 1913 it was stated that Charles Dersch of 229 E 49th street was a former salesman for the American Malting Company.

1930: E 72nd street, Charles Dersch 72, salesman malt, Mary Hatzfeld 63, domestic servant, Eva Barrie 80, aunt, all widowed

1932: Charles Dersch was the president of the General Slocum survivors association.

1938: Death of Charles Dersch sr. - Age 80 president of the Organization of General Slocum Survivors died at his home 253 E. 72nd street. He was one of the founders of the organization and he had lost his wife, daughter and niece. He was survived by a brother, Adam Dersch. Buried Lutheran cemetery.

Mrs. M. Hatzfeld was a survivor of the disaster. Note: I do not find her on the list. However, she was listed as Miss M. Hatzfeld a member of a 1906 committee of survivors who went to Washington to petition the government to pass a bill to allow the survivors to present thier claims to the Court of Claims.

Deugler/Dengler/Dangler ⚰ ☁ ☁

City Record: 123 7th street, Adolph age 3 DEAD - Hattie age 28 to Lebanon hospital - Harriett age 6 to Lincoln hosptial

Adolph Deugler married Hattie C Rohrdanz March 29, 1896 in Manhattan (#5136). They had Harriett circa 1898 and Adolph circa 1902. Adolph junior died in the Slocum. Hattie was sent to Lebanon hospital and Harriett went to Lincoln hospital. Adolph and Hattie did not have any additional children despite the fact that Hattie was only twenty eight years old in 1904. The family moved to Brooklyn by 1910. They later moved to Queens. Hattie junior married Fred Kreutzmann and had two sons.

1900: 123 7th street, Adolph Deugler 29, bookkeeper, Hattie Deugler 24, married 4 years, 1 child 1 living Hattie Deugler 2 (Listed under "Dengler".)

1905: 123 7th ave., Adolf Dengler 34, bookkeeper, Hatti Dengler 29 Harriet Dengler 7

1910 Brooklyn, Adolf Dangler 39, bookkeeper Artbuckle, Hatie Dengler 34 2 children 1 living, Harriet Dengler 12

1915: Brooklyn, Adoiph "Dangler" 44, plumber, Hattie Dangler 39 Hattie 17, saleslady

1920 Brooklyn

1930: Queens

1940: Queens, Adolph Dengler 68, clerk wholesale ---, Hattie Dengler 64, Fred E Kreutzmann 45, son in law, printer advertizing, Harritt H Kreutzmann 42, daughter, Fred A Kreutzmann 20, grandson, Harry C Kreutzmann 16, grandson

Diamond ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - died Francis age 3, Mary age 7 and Kath Birmingham (grandmother) age 52

City Record: Francis age 3, Mary age 7 and Kath Birmingham age 52 (born Ireland grandmother) all DEAD

Kate Birmingham Diamond born 1876, the daughter of Harry Birmingham and Kate Dillon, married John F Diamond, a driver. They had four children, Kate in 1896, Mary (May) c 1897, Helen in 1898 and Francis circa 1901. Helen age 5 months died in September 1898. Mary and Francis died in the Slocum disaster as did Kate's mother Kate Birmingham, age 52. Kate Birmingham Diamond was only 33 in 1904 certainly young enough to have more children, yet she did not. The family remained on the Lower eEast side until at least 1925. By 1930 they were living in Islip Suffolk county. The only surviving child, Kate, born in 1896 was still unmarried at age 34 in 1930.

Mary Diamond, age 6, body IDed June 22. Buried Calvary father John Diamond, mother Kate Birmingham (LDS)

Mrs. Kate Diamond of 79 Mangin street became hysterical when she found her mother Mrs. Kate Birmingham in a casket on the pier. In her frenzy she attempted to jump off the pier. She was pulled to safety by a policeman.

1896: 1 Feb Katharina Diamond father John Diamond mother Kate Birmingham (LDS)

1900: Mangin street, John Diamond 28, driver, Kate Diamond 23, married 5 years, 5 children 4 living Katie Diamond 4, May Diamond 3, Helen Diamond 2, Moses Sigmund 32, boarder

Ellen Diamond d of John and Kate born 4 April 1898 (LDS)

Kate Birmingham Diamond was not aboard the Slocum.

1904: According to the Slocum Horror book Catherine Diamond was hysterical over the death of her mother and tried to jump off the pier. She felt responsible for having encouraged her mother to go on the excursion.

1910: Rivington st., John F Diamond 38, driver public truck, Catherine Diamond 33, 4 children 1 living Catherine A Diamond 14 Thomas J Casey 40, lodger

1925: Rivington st. John F Diamond 53, chauffer, driver, Kate Diamond 48, Katharine Diamond 29, clerical work, Thomas Casey 57, lodger, Irene Persel 26 Francis Persel 01

1930: Islip Suffolk, williams street, John F Diamond 58, attendent state hospital, Kate Diamond 50, Katherine Diamond 34

1876: Birth of Kattie Birmingham to Catherine Dillon and "Hardy" Birmingham. Note: According to "Find a Grave" Kate Birmingham's body was identified by her brother, Charles Dillon.

1880: Delancey street, Harry Birmingham 45, butcher, Kate Birmingham 32, Kate Birmingham 4

1904: Catherine Birmingham June 15, 1904, Calvery Woodside, Queens

Dieckhoff ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ died Anne c 17, Catherine, 43, Catherine, 12, Mary 15 and William 4

City record: 121 4th ave Brooklyn - Anne c 17, Catherine, 43, Catherine, 12, Mary 15 and William 4 all DEAD

Five members of the Dieckhoff family 121 4th Ave. Brooklyn, were listed among the dead: Catherine✟ age 42, Anne✟ 17, Mary✟ 15, Catherine✟ 13, William✟ 4. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that the entire family of Fredrick Dieckhoff, of 121 4th ave., a driver for the Consumers Pie company was wiped out. By June 16, Fredrick Dieckhoff had identified the bodies of Annie and William. The bodies of Katherine age 14 and Katherine age 45 were identified on June 22. Frederick Dieckhoff, a son of Frederick Dieckhoff born circa 1892, was either not on the Slocum or was not recorded as uninjured. In fact, a number of people simply walked away. In any event, he did survive and was listed with his father in 1905. He married Florence Kosh and had several children and died in Ossining, New York in 1955.

The two Freds took a trip to Europe in October 1904.

Fredrick senior remarried Johanna (unknown) before 1915.

1905: 121 4th ave. "Deickhoff", Fred, age 45 pie baker, Fred son age 13

Identified in the Slocum Horror book as Mary "Duckhoff" "one of the first to be identified"

Both Catherines were listed in the NYC Death index, Jun 15, 1904, Bronx.

Find a Grave lists Catherine died Jun 15, 1904 Lutheran Cemetery Middle Village, Queens, children Mary and William H. It does not list the children Anne and Catherine.

1885: Johann F Dieckhoff marriage 24 May 1885 Manhattan to Katharina Dreier Certificate Number: 45489

1900: Manhattan, Fred Dieckoff 39, teamster, Katie Dieckoff 39, 4 children 4 living, Annie Dieckoff 13, Mary Dieckoff 12, Katie Dieckoff 10, Frederik Dieckoff 8

1904: Dieckhoff, Fred, age 44 widow, merchant, and Fred son age 11, both of Brooklyn returned from Bremen on the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse on October 5, 1904.

1907: Fred'K Dieckhoff, 334 2nd Brooklyn, street baker

Remarriage of Fred senior: before 1915 to Johanna

1915: 7th ave., Frederick Dieckhoff 55, janitor, Johanna L Dieckhoff 44, wife, Frederick Dieckhoff 23, chauffer, Harry Maibes 20, roomer, grocery clerk

1919: September 24, Fred Jr married Florence Kosh in Brooklyn

1920: Fred Dieckhoff 59, janitor, apartment house, Johanna Dieckhoff 49, wife, Frederick Dieckhoff 27, son, mechanic garage, Florence Dieckhoff 21, daughter-in-law, August Busing 21, boarder, John Busing 19, boarder

1925: Listed in Brooklyn

1930: John F Deighhoff 70, sponger cloth business, Johanna Dieckhoff 59 Fred Dieckhoff 37, gas station, salesman, Florence Dieckhoff 32, Florence Dieckhoff 9, Dorothy Dieckhoff 5 [5 6/12]

Johann Friedrich Dieckhoff (1860-1937) died in 1937

1940: Ossining, Westchester, New York Fred Dieckhoff 47 Florena Dieckhoff 42 Florence Dieckhoff 19 Dorothy Dieckhoff 15 Margaret Farrell 68

1955: Frederick Dieckhoff Jr BIRTH: 30 Oct 1892 DEATH: 11 Apr 1955 OTHER: Ossining, New York

Find a Grave

Diehl ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record:

  1. Diehl 886 Courtlandt ave - Catherine age 58 DEAD

  2. 209 5th street Elsie age 7 DEAD - Elizabeth age 34 MISSING, Catherine age 3 MISSING - Josephine age 11 Lincoln
George Diehl, a lithographer, and his wife, Lizzie, had three children by 1904: Josephine c 1893, Elsie c 1896 and Kate c 1901. Lizzie, her three children and her mother-in law, Katherine Diehl, were on the General Slocum excursion. Josephine Diehl survived. Lizzie✟ Diehl and her two daughters, Elsie✟ and Kate✟ died. Katherine✟ Diehl also died. Josephine broke her arm and nearly lost her own life. Josephine was sent to "relatives" in the Bronx immediately after the tragedy. Most likely the relative was George Diehl's sister, Pauline. George Diehl remarried before 1905. Josephine married John Raedel in 1912 and had one son, John.

Birth of Henry Diehl: c. 1846, Germany

Marriage: Catherine Wittich born c 1846 Germany.



  1. George c. 1867, Germany

    Marriage: 1890 February 22, father: Heinrick Diehl mother: Catharine Wittich spouse: Mary Saringer other: Joseph Saringer, Maria Weinniger

    Death of Mary Saringer Diehl:

    Marriage: "Lizzie" born c 1877

    George Diehl marriage: 8 December 1895 Manhattan, New York, New York father: Henry Diehl mother: Catharine Wittich spouse: Elise Hellwig other: ... Hellwig, Elisabeth Kuieffel


    1. Josephine c 1893

      Josephine Diehl married Raedel John H Jan 20 1912 100 Queens R340 1443874

      They had a child in 1912 who died in 1913, Catherine

      1920: Brooklyn John Raedel 36, machinist printing press, Josephine Raedel 26 John H G Raedel 4 [4 11/12]

      1930: Still listed in 1930 in Queens.

      1940: Still listed in 1940.

    2. Elsie c 1896 died 1904

    3. Kate c - 1901 died 1904

    1900: East 3rd street: Diehl, George age 33, immigrated 1880, lithographer, Eliza wife, 30, married 8 years 2 children 2 living, Josephine, age 7, and Elsie age 3

  2. Pauline c 1884 married Charles Glenn.

1900: St Anne Ave., Bronx, Henry Diehl 55, grocery store, born German, immigrated 1878 Catharine Diehl 54, wife, 4 children 3 living, Pauline Diehl 16, daughter, Henry Hellwig 22, boarder

1905: Bronx, Charles Glenn 30, butcher, Pauline Glenn 22 Alice Glenn 1 Henry Diehl 60, father in law, widow, painter


At 200 5th street "Fred" Diehl waited for news of his missing wife and three children.

INJURED: Diehl, Josephine, age 11, 209 E 5th street.

DEAD: Diehl, Lizzie, 27, Elsie, 8 and Kate 3 all of 209 E 5th

MISSING: Diehl, Catherine age 3, 209 E 5th street.

Elizabeth Diehl was misidentified based on her dress. The body based on an inscription in a ring turned out to be that of Mrs. John Ansel.

NYC Death Index: Diehl, Katherine, age 58, Jun 15, 1904 Bronx

Newspaper list of dead: Katie age 3 Mrs. Lizzie age 34 and Elsie age 7 all of 209 5th street.

L Diehl of 516 East 5th street made the shoes of another victim, 45 year old Mrs. Hines of 97 Ave A. When the label was seen in the shoe it allowed the identification of Mrs. Hines.

Katherine Diehl Germany, age "58", DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 CEMETERY: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery BURIAL PLACE: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

Katherina Diehl, Born Wittich, 1 Feb, 1846 died General Slocum, June 1904, husband, "Henry" Diehl born 1845 died 1919, 23 Jan

Remarriage of George Diehl: To Mary before 1905.

1905: Brooklyn, Diehl, George, 39, boarder, lithographer, Mary wife, 45, Josephine, daughter, age 12

1910: Brooklyn, Ward 28, George Diehl 44, printer, lithographer, Mary Diehl 49, 3 children 3 living, Josephine Diehl 16, Leonard Hoffman 30, son in law, Lizzie Hoffman 25, daughter, Lenora Hoffman 4, granddaughter

1920: Queens, George Diehl Head M 53 New York Mary Diehl Wife F 59 New York Anna Spiesr Daughter F 31 New York

1920: Queens, Leonard Hoffman 40, pressman, Elizabeth Hoffman 35, Leanor Hoffman 15, Ethel Gerlie Hoffman 8

Dittrich ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Dittrich, 96 Greenwich street, Adeline age 35, Alfred age 9, Emma age 3, George age 11 (disinterred), Herman age 5 all listed as dead.

George Ditrrich, grocer, born circa 1862 died 1931, lost his entire family in the Slocum

George Dittrich was active in the General Slocum survivors association.

1904: The body of George "Diltrich" of 96 Greenwich st age 11 was identified on June 26.

Find a Grave

1900: 91 Greenwich street, George Dittrich 38, grocer, Alinda Dittrich 31, married 9 years 3 children 3 living, George Dittrich 6, Alfred Dittrich 5, Herman Dittrich 8/12, Albert Sessler 18, boarder

1910: 96 Rector street, George Dittrich 47, retail merchant grocery, Emma Riess 57, sister in law, saleswoman grocery, Hellen Riess 28, niece, saleswoman grocery

1910: George Dittrich was the secretary of the Slocum Survivors Organization.

1911: George Dittrich 96 G'wich street, grocer.

1913: George Dittrich attended the annual Slocum memorial service at Lutheran Cemetery.

1924: George Dittrich attended the annual Slocum memorial service at Lutheran Cemetery.

1925: Brooklyn, 4th ave., George Dittrich 63, grocer, Helen Riess 43, niece, grocery, Emma Riess 73, sister, Norman Owens 20, lodger

1931: Death of George Dittrich senior.

Doering ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City records: Ida age age 34, Ida age 11 and Gustav age 9 all of 12 State street. There was a note that Ida died June 22, of submersion, burns and "pneumonia following". Edna age 6 was sent to Lincoln hospital.

August (Gustav) remarried in 1906. He and his second wife, Irma, had four children: Gertrude, Hildegarde, Irmagarde, and Lina.

Edna Doering was still alive in 1987 when she gave an interview about the Slocum disaster. She stated that some man had thrown her overboard. She landed on bodies and was picked up by a passing rowboat. She did not marry.

The newspapers reported the death of Ida Dorothea Doering the wife of the Rev. George Doering the superintendent of the Lutheran Emigran Home at 12 State Street in Manhattan. She succumbed to pneumonia, superseded by burns and shock. She was the third member of the family to die in connection with the Slocum disaster.

June 23, 1904: Mrs. Ida Dorothea Doering, wife of the Rev. George Doering, superintendent of the Lutheran Home at 12 State street died of pneumonia superinduced burns and shock. She had been accompanied on the trip by her three children: Ida, 11, George 9, and Edna 6. Ida and George had drown. Mrs. Doehing and Edna was saved.

1904: Brooklyn Eagle

"Mrs. Ida Dorothea DOERING, the wife of the Rev. George DOERING, the superintendent of the Lutheran Emigrant Home at 12 State street, Manhattan, died at midnight of pneumonia, superinduced by burns and shock. This is the third member of his family that the Rev. DOERING has lost by death as the result of the Slocum disaster."
1900: Newark New Jersey, August Doering 37, preacher gospels, Ida Doering 29, married 10 years, 3 children 3 living, Ida Doering 7, August Doering 4, Edna Doering 2

1905: Gustav F. L. Doering clergyman born Germany, October 26, 1862 was naturalized in NY District court on March 22, 1905. Date of arrival June 19, 1885

1906: Marriage Gustav Doering 5 Jul 1906 Kings, New York, USA SPOUSE: Irma Hettrich CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 6254

1910: State Street, Gustave Doering 47, marriage 2, pastor, ---- Haus, Irma Doering 34, marriage 1, Hildegard Doering 2, Edna Doering 12, Felix Doering 8, Gertrude Doering 6

1920: Jersey City Ward 12, Hudson, New Jersey, Gustav Doering 57, Superintendent Orphan's Home, Irma Doering 41, Gertrude Doering 15, Hildegarde Doering 11, Irmagarde Doering 7, Lina Doering 5

1920: Edna Doering was a teacher in an Orphans' home in West Seneca, New York

1930: Kenderfruend Orphan Home Old Folk Home, Jersey City, Gustav Doering 67, minister, Irma Doering 52, matron, Hildegard Doering 22, Irmgard Doering 17, Lina A Doering 15, Lulu Habermann 35

1940: Belleville, Essex, New Jersey, Edna Doeing age 42, teacher, college 3 years, own, $6,500, Edna B Doering 42, head, Arthur A Sholty 39, brother-in-law, Gertrude Sholty 36, sister, Arthur Sholty 9, Dorothy Sholty 5, Walter Bissinger 23

1940: New York, Irma B Doering 62, widow, Irmgard E Doering 27, Lina L Doering 25

Doerrhoefer (Dorhoffer/Darhaffer/Dorerfer) ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☁

City record: Frederick age 11 and Frieda age 13 DEAD, Barbara age 42, Mamie, age 9 and Catherine age 48 all injured and taken to Lincoln Hospital.

Frederich, a cooper, and his wife, Babette Dorrhofer, lived at 121 Ave A. The Dorrhofers had five children: Lillie (1886), Kate (1890), Frida✟ (1891), Fritz✟ (1893) and Mamie (1895). Fritz and Frida died in the Slocum disaster. Mamie survived. Lillie and Kate were not mentioned in connection to the Slocum. In 1910 the family at 1643 2nd ave (near 85th street). In 1915 the family was living in the east 80s.

The Slocum experience did not diswade Fritz and Barbara Dorhhoffer from traveling to Europe with their daughter, Marie, in 1906 and in 1929.

Frieda Doerrkoefer's body was identified on June 22.

It was reported in the paper that "Robert" Doherfer of 121 Ave A was not a good swimmer. He and Annie Kipper, Robert Becker, and Andrew Zimmer took refuge beneath the starboard paddle boat until they were saved by a tug. No age was given for Robert. Robert was not listed among the uninjured and he was not listed with the family in 1900 or 1905.

Frieda Doherfer age 13 and Fritz age 7 of 121 Ave A were were listed among the dead.

The papers reported:

  • Barbar "Dorhoffer, 42 and Mamie age 9, Margaret "Dornhofer" age 42 all of of 121 Ave A. injured.

  • "Mamie" Dorhoffer of 121 ave A in Lincoln Hospital with burns.

  • Barbara "Dohefer" of 121 Avenue A saved by patrolman John Q. Schwing of the Alexander Avenue Station who saved five people in his boat.

  • Mrs. Barbara Dorhoffer 121 ave A in Lincoln Hospital with burns on her head, neck and arms.

  • In Lincoln hospital with burns "Dorrfler" - Margaret 42, 121 Ave A., Barbara 42, 121 Ave A, Mary age 9, Mamie age 9 both 121 Avenue A.

  • "Mamie" Dorhoffer of 121 ave A in Lincoln Hospital suffered burns on her right hand and legs.

Listed among the Dead:
Dorrhoffer, two children, no 121 Avenue a.

✟Dorrhoffer, Frederick age 11, 121 Avenue A - DORRHOEFER, Frederick, 11 years, of 121 Avenue A.

Listed among the missing:
"Dorffhager" Mrs. 40 , Fred 10, Freda 13, Mamie 8 all of "128" Ave A.

On another list of missing Dorrhofer, Freida age 13 121 Avenue A.

The "Doerhfer" family made a mistake in identifying the body of of Fritz Doerhofer of 121 Ave A. After the body was removed from the morgue and taken to the undertaker the mistake was recognized and the body was returned to the morgue. (NY Times, June 17, 1904)

The body of ✟Frida Doerrhofer 13 of 121 Ave A was identified on June 22, 1904.

In 1905 121 Avenue A was listed as a four story tenement on a lot 24.5 by 70.

Fredrich Dorrhofer married Barbara Kirchner on 04 Apr 1885 in Manhattan Manhattan, New York, New York. His parents were given as Ludwig Dorrhoefer and Katherine Bucher.


  1. Lillie c 1886

    Marriage: Freidrick Heinrich Christian Uhlemann 25 Mar 1908 Manhattan Age: 39 Father Henirick Uhlemann Mother Dorothea Homeister Spouse Magadelena Christine Doerrhoefer 22 Father Fritz Doerrhoefer Mother Barbara Kirschner

  2. Kate c 1890

  3. Frieda✟ c 1891

  4. Fredrick M. Derrhoefer✟ Birth Date: 19 Jun 1893 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Fred Derrhoefer Mother's Name: Barbara Kirchner Derrhoefer

  5. Mamie (Marie) c 1895 - she was on the Slocum and survived.

The 1900 census at 121 Ave A listed the Dorrhofer family: Fritz, age 37, wine cooper, Babette wife age 33 six children 5 living, Lillie daughter age 14, Kate daughter age 10 Frida, daughter age 9, Fritz son age 6, Mamie daughter age 5

1906: Fritz, Barbara and Mamie "Dorrhofer" got passports in 1906. Barbara Kierchnor born at Alzey 30 April 1862, Marie Dorrhofer born March 16, 1895, Fritz born Alzey 30 December 1864 immigrated from Amsterdam on or about April 25, 1884, merchant, naturalized 1892.

1910: 164 2nd ave., Fritz "Doerrholfer" 45, wine store, Barbara Doerrholfer 47, 6 children 3 living, Kate H Doerrholfer 20, Marie Doerrholfer 15

1915: East 80th street, Fred Doerrhoefer 50, wine dealer, Ballard Doerrhoefer 53, Kate Doerrhoefer 25, bookkeeping, Marie Doerrhoefer 20

1920 Census: Manhattan District 16, Dorhoffer, Frederic, age 55, wine place, Babara Dorhoffer 57, Cate Dorhoffer 30, Marie Dorhoffer 24, Frank Grubel 30, boarder

1925: Elmhrust, Long Island, Toledo street, Fritz, and Barbara Doerhoefer

1929: Fritz and Barbara Dorrhofer of Elmherst Long Island returned form Europe on the Aquitania in September 1929.

1929: Travel from Cherbourg to New York, Barbara Dorrhofer age 66, and Fritz, 65, 27 Sep 1929, Cherbourg, France to New York, New York on the Aquitania to Elmhurst Long Island.


New York Death Index: Doerrhoefer Freida 13 y "Sep" 15 1904 3670

Frederick "Fritz" junior not listed in 1904.

Dreher ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: Dreher, Angelica 34, Catherine, 10, Conrad 4 310 E. 25th street DEAD.

[John] Ignaz Dreher born circa 1864 and Angelika✟ Ostheim Dreher had three children by 1904: Henry (c 1892), Catherine✟ (Katie circa 1894) and Conrad✟ circa 1900. Angelika, Catherine and Conrad died in the Slocum disaster. Ignaz Dreher remarried. His second wife, Katie had a son from her first marriage. John Ignaz and Katie had a daughter circa 1910. John Ignaz Dreher died in 1920. Henry married but did not have any children.

Henry Dreher was not mentioned in the city record. Either he was not on the trip for some reason or he walked away unscathed.

1891: Ignaz Dreher married 28 Mar 1891 Manhattan, New York, USA Angelina Ostheim Certificate Number: 3804, father Ignaz, mother Elizab. Hotz.

1894: 24 Oct 1894, Angelika Dreher age 25, Henry, child age 2, Catherine child age 1, Majestic to New York from Liverpool

1900: 607 E. 11th street, Ignatz Dreher 36, expressman, Angelia Dreher 31, Henry Dreher 8, Katie Dreher 6, Konrad Dreher 7/12, Henry Ostheim 25, lodger

1905: 123 Avenue A, Dreher, John, boarder, 42 furniture, born Germany, Henry age 13, born US, at school

1910: 452 36th street, John Dreher 47, marriage 2, 1 year, furniture polisher, store, Kate Dreher 35, marriage 2, 2 children 2 living, Henry Dreher 17, driver furniture store, James Daly 14, stepson, Kate Dreher 0 [7/12]

1917: WWII Draft Registration for Henry Dreher born May 17, 1891*. 444 10th ave. New York, chauffeur, single, father, mother and sister - medium height, stout build, brown eyes and hair.


1920: 444 10th ave., John Dreher Head M 55 Germany, cabinet maker, Cathrine Dreher Wife F 44 New York Cathrine Dreher Daughter F 10 New York James Daly Stepson M 24 New York, helper wagon

Find a Grave

1920: Death of John Ignaz Dreher - On the tombstone, John Dreher born January 1863 died October 1920

1930: ????? Brooklyn, Henry Dreher 38, chaffeur, taxi, Mary Dreher 39, wife

1940: E 19th street, Henry, age 44, chauffer, and Mary, wife age 52.

1892: Ignatz Heinrich Dreher birth 17 May 1892 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Ignatz Dreher Mother's Name: Angelica Ostheim Dreher (LDS)

Drewes ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

1905: City Record - Drewes, Catherine age 65, born Germany, Freda age 27, Henry H age 7 Lillian age 2, 54 E 4th street all dead.

Henry Drewes born c 1872 was the son of Catherine and Frederick Drewes. His mother, Catherine, was a widow by at least 1888. In 1893 Henry Drewes married Emma Schard who died before 1896. He subsequently married Frieda Hookwell. By 1904 they had: Henry born 1897 and Lillian born circa 1903. Catherine✟, Freid✟, Henry✟ and Lillian✟ all perished in the Slocum disaster. In 1905 Henry married again. He and his third wife, Mary Campbell had a daughter, Margaret c 1908.

1893: Henry J. "Drews" Marriage 03 Dec 1893 Manhattan age 21 Father Fred Drews Mother Katherine Bruns Spouse Emma Schard Age: 18 born New York City Spouse's Father Christ. Schard Spouse's Mother Johanna Smith (LDS)

Death of Emma Schard Drewes: Between 1893 and 1896.

1896: Marriage Henry J. Drewes to Alfreda Hokweld 12 Mar 1896 Manhattan Father Frederick Drewes Mother: Catherine Bruns Spouse's Father John Hokweld Spouse's Mother Frederika Steinbrenner (LDS)

1900: Catherine Drewes, widow, age 61 6 children 2 living, 54 E. 4th street, janitress

1900: 54 E 4th street, Harry J Drews Head M 28 Germany, shirt waist cutter, Freda Drews Wife F 24 New York, Henry Drews Son M 3 New York, David Hamilton Boarder M 39 England (same building but not same apartment as Catherine.)

1905: June 29, 1905 Henry J. Drewes to Mary E. Campbell 29 Jun 1905 Manhattan Father Frederick Drewes Mother Catherine Bruns Spouse's Father Edward L. Campbell Spouse's Mother Bridge Movare (LDS)

1910: Henry J Drewes 38, Mary E Drewes 38, Margaret Drewes 2, Katie D Campbell 37, Bridget Campbell 60, Elizabeth G Campbell 35, Ella C Campbell 27, Agnes G Campbell 24

1915: Bronx, Drews, Henry Jr. salesman, 43, born Germany, Mary wife, age 44, Margaret daughter age 7

1920: Broonx, Henry J Drewes 48, order man, Horton's Ice Cream, Mary E Drewes 48, wife, Margarete Drewes 12, daughter, Bridget Campbell 70, mother in law, Elizabeth Campbell 34, sister in law, Agnes Campbell 30, sister in law

1930: Henry J Drewes 58, ice cream manufacturer, Mary E Drewes 58, Margaret Drewes 22, Bridget Campbell 78, Elizebeth Campbell 38, Charles H Mcgowan 14, nephew

1897: Birth of Henry Drewes, Henry Druwes 20 Jun 1897 Manhattan Father Henry I. Druwes Age: 24 Mother Frieda Hookwell Age: 20 (LDS)

Death of Henry J and Marry Drewes: Henry J Drewes 1872-1937 - Mary Drewes, 1871 - 1944

Duls ⚰ Pauline age 54

Find a Grave: Greenwood - "Julia missing - no death certificate 103 Avenue A - milliner"* Julia's mother Pauline died - Father John F Duls (1841-1894) - Sibling Wilhelmina Duls Dauernheim (1877-1904)

Pauline born May 25, 1850.

Pauline Duls age 54 was listed on the 1905 City Record. Julia Duls was not listed. Wilhelmina Dauerheim was listed.

*Julia Duls survived the Slocum (or was not aboard). She was listed in the 1905 census with her sisters, Louise and Rosa (Lena).

1876: John F Duls Marriage 8 Jun 1876 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Pauline Krekel Certificate Number: 2786

1879: Anna Juliana Duls Birth 14 Feb 1879 Manhattan, Father's Name John Duls Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 38 Mother's Name Paulina Kreckel Duls Mother's Birthplace City of New York Mother's Age 29

1880: Maria Louisa Duls Birth 21 Dec 1880 Manhattan, Father's Name John Duls Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 40 Mother's Name Paulina Karekell Duls Mother's Birthplace New York, N.Y. Mother's Age 30 (LDS)

1880: East 2nd street, John Duls 39, clerk in store, born Hannover, Pauline Duls 29, born New York, Minnie Duls 3, Julia Duls 1

1880: John F Duls 45 Av A Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1880

1884: Lina Rosa Duls Birth 20 Aug 1884 e Manhattan, Father's Name John Duls Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 44 Mother's Name Paulina Krekel Mother's Birthplace N.Y.City Mother's Age 34

Marriage: Marriage 28 Jul 1909 Manhattan Age 28 Marital Status Single Birthplace Brooklyn, N.Y. Father's Name John Bittner Mother's Name Agnes Groupner Spouse's Name Rosa Lena Duls Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 24 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace New York, N.Y. Spouse's Father's Name John F. Duls Spouse's Mother's Name Pauline Krekel

1920: Brooklyn, John Bittner 38, foreman hat factory, Rose Bittner 35, Hazel Bittner 9, John Bittner 7

1930: Smith street, Lynbrook, Nassau, New York, John Bittner 49, superintendent hat manufacturer, Rose H Bittner 48 Hazel Louise Bittner 19, stenographer department store, John W Bittner 17

1894: John F. Duls Birth Date: abt 1841 Age: 53 Death Date: 28 Jul 1894 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 25972

1905: Manhattan St. Marks Place, Julia Duls 57, Lusia Duls 26, Rosa Duls 25, all millinery

1910: St. Marks place, Julia Duls 31, millinery shop, Louise Duls 29, sister, millinery shop

1917: Julia Duls 65 St Marks Pi New York, Occupation: Hatmkr Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1917

1920: 1st ave., Julia Duls 40, milliner, Louise Duls 38, milliner

GREENWOOD: DULS JOHN F. 1894-07-31 18454 115+ DULS PAULINA 1904-06-19 18454 115+ DAUERNHEIM WILHELMINA 1904-06-19 18454 115

Dunn ⚰ ⚰ Hagnebocher ⚰ Irvin ⚰

City record: 2112 3rd ave. - Dunn, Arthur age 4, Julia age 27, Fannie Irvin age 33, all DEAD. Fannie Irvin, age 33 DEAd (a friend of the family, lived with Mrs. Dunn.) Mary Hagenbucher, age 32, Julia's sister, also of 2112 3rd ave also DEAD.

Harry Dunn and his wife, Julia, appear to have been estranged in 1904. He was living in Connecticut and Julia said he was of "dissolute habits". She was living with her son and some female friends in Manhattan. Harry Dunn remarried around 1910. He was listed with his mother and new wife, Emily, in 1910.

According to LDS Mary Hagenbucher was buried in Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn. However, Greenwood Cemetery lists Mary Hagnebucher buried 1904-06-20 in Greenwood lot 20701 section 186. Julia and Arthur Dunn buried same day, same lot and section.

Newspaper accounts state Mary Hagenbucher was a clerk at the Astor Library in New York City. She was on the trip with her sisters, Mrs. Julia Dunn (and her son Arthur), Mrs Margaret Molitor (the wife of Adolph Molitor and the five Molitor children, Eva, Carl and Joseph who died and George and Arthur who survived.). See Molitor below. Molitor

In December 1906 the deaths of Mary Hagenbucher, Fannie Irwin and Julia Dunn caused a conundrum. Each had a life insurance policy for $1,000 payable to the other. Since it was impossible to determine who died first it was impossible to determine who received the insurance money.

"Mary made her policy for $1,000 payable to Fannie, and in case the latter died before the former, then Mary's heirs were to get the money. Julia took out a policy for $1,000 and named Mary as the beneficiary, but in case Mary died before she did, then Julia's heirs were to be the legatees. Fannie secured a similar policy payable to Julia, but in the event of her death before Fannie, the latter's heirs were to inherit the amount of the policy."
The insurance company rejected the application for Mary and Julia's policies because there were no eyewitnesses to the accident. The insurance company claimed that it was necessary to prove that Mary did not die before Fannie in order for Fannie's heirs could collect on the two policies to which she was entitled. So the big question was who died first and who was entitled to the money.

Eventually the insurance company paid Mary Hagenbucher's brother, (unnamed) $1,000. The claims of the other heirs were ejected.

To further complicate matters, in 1909 Harry Dunn filed a suit against the New Amsterdam Causality company.

In 1911 The Insurance Monitor and Wall Street Review, Volume 59 reported:

"Justice Miller in writing the majority Appellate Division says that in the case of the death of two or more persons in a common disaster there is no presumption of survivor or simultaneous death. He says it is obvious that the policy was not taken out for the benefit of the heirs of the beneficiary named, and upon its face the policy was procured for the benefit first of the assured's sister and second of the assured's estate or next of kin. In the event of the beneficiary's prior death the policy was payable to the legal representatives of the assured.

The insurance company protested payment to any one on the ground that the policy insured a person against injuries sustained while riding as a passenger in a railroad car, steamboat or other public conveyance provided by a common carrier for, passenger service only. The General Slocum had been chartered for the day by a church organization and the insurance company contends that the chartered vessel did not come under the terms of the policy. The court decides that while the steamboat was especially chartered by an excursion party it was a passenger boat.

Justice Laughlin, who dissents, says the plaintiff is not entitled to recover without proving that the beneficiary died prior to the death of the insured. He agrees that there is no presumption of survivorship between persons who died in a common disaster in the absence of evidence, yet for the purpose of settling rights of property it is presumed that they died at the same time. Justice Laughlin believes that if the sisters perished at the same instant the policy passed to the beneficiary and the burden of proof that the assured survived the beneficiary is on the plaintiff.

The majority opinion says that since the representatives of the beneficiary are unable to prove that she survived, the proceeds if the policy must go to the plaintiff who is suing under the policy itself and not under a survivorship."

It was stated that on account of some "dissolute habits" Julia had decided against making her husband, Harry, the beneficiary of the insurance policy.

Harry Dunn an administrator for the estate of Julia Dunn sued the New Amsterdam Causality Company in the Supreme Court of the State of New york. Based on testimony during the trial in 1911 it would appear that Harry Dunn was not in New York City at the time of the Slocum disaster and he did not know about the insurance policy until several months after the accident.

"Mr. Dunn said that he heard of his wife's death and he came to New York and attended the funeral."

He had gone to work in Connecticut about three weeks before the accident and he was in Green Farms, Connecticut at work on June 14, 1904. He first learned of the disaster from the newspapers the day after it happened. He took the "Boston Express" and came to New York. He claimed that he did no have any "bad habits". In 1911 Harry Dunn said he was a clerk and lived at 312 West 49th street.

Additional testimony indicates that Jacob Hagenbucher sent an undertaker to the the docks at the foot of East 26th street to remove the bodies of Julia Dunn, Mary Hagenbucher and Fannie Irwin. The bodies were to be buried in Greenwood. Jacob Hagnebucher was the brother of Mary and Julia.

Mrs. Bertha Schwartz, a sister of Mary and Julia, and the widow of Louis Schwartz, also testified.

Testimony also indicated that Harry was the son of Emma Dunn.

Julia Hagenbucher married Harry Dunn 26 October 1899.

Birth of Arthur Fredrick Dunn: 16 February 1900 to Harry Dunn and Julia Hagenbucher.

1900: Bronx, 4002 3rd ave. Julia Dunn 23, married 1 year, 1 child 1 living, Arthur F Dunn 3/12 Mary Hegenlweber [?] 28, sister, single, Fernie Irwin 30, boarder

1910: 312 49th street, Emma Dunn 64, widow, 7 children 4 living, seamstress, dresses, Harry Dunn 37, son, marriage 2, clerk office, Emily Dunn 27, daughter in law, marriage 1, 0 children 0 living.

HAGENBUCHER EMILY 1934-01-19 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER EVA JULIA 1918-02-05 20700 186
HAGENBUCHER FREDERICK 1950-01-04 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER JACOB 1888-03-20 20700 186
HAGENBUCHER JACOB F. 1932-11-23 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER JOHN 1946-07-24 20700 186
HAGENBUCHER JOSEPHINE 1879-06-24 20700 186
HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1886-07-02 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1887-03-08 20700 186
HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1939-09-14 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER MARY 1904-06-20 20701 186

Ebeling/Ebling ⚰ ⚰

City record: Ebeleing, Emma 34, George H. P. 77 1st ave, deceased.

Alphons Ebeling married Emma Tanck in 1898. They had George in 1899. George✟ and Emma✟ died on the Slocum. In the fall of 1904 Alphons Ebleing took a trip to Europe.

1898: Alphons Ebeling married Emma H. R. Tanck 15 Jun 1898 Manhattan, New York, New York Father Henry August Ebeling Mother Johanna Struve Spouse's Father Hermann Tanck Spouse's Mother Sophia Ollandt (LDS)

1899: Georg Heinrich Ebeling birth 25 Mar 1899 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Father Alfons Ebeling Birthplace: Altona (Hanberg) Age: 32 Mother Etna Janck Ebeling Birthplace: New York City Mother's Age: 27 (LDS)

1900: Alphonz Ebeling 32, 46 7th street, clerk wine house, Emma Ebeling 28, wife, 1 child 1 living, George P Ebeling 1, son

1904: "Alfonse Ebeling also gave way to his despair to an extent that left him insane during the greater part of the day until he found the body of his wife Emma."

1904 Sailing : November Alfons Ebeling 25 Nov 1904 Age: 38y Nationality: American Departure Port: Cuxhaven Arrival Port: New York Gender: Male Marital Status: U Citizenship Status: X Ship Name: Graf Waldersee (LDS)

Ehrhardt ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

1905: City Record -

  1. 151 E. 4th Elizabeth age 2, and Pauline age 36 both deceased Clara 6 months missing

  2. 69 1st ave Minnie age 13 deceased

Find a Grave:

  1. Ehrhardt, Clara 18644509 b. unknown d. Jun. 15, 1904 No cemetery

    Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 6 month old, missing, body not recovered or unidentified, lived at 151 East 4th Street, father - William was undertaker, Mother Pauline also perished along with sister Elizabeth age 2 Body lost or destroyed Specifically: Either drwoned in East River, NYC or burned to death aboard General Slocum

  2. Ehrhardt, Elizabeth 18419793 b. unknown d. Jun. 15, 1904 Lutheran All Faiths Cemet... Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

    age 2 daughter of Pauline, sister of Clara - listed at 151 North 4th street Brooklyn by the Slocum book

  3. Ehrhardt, Minnie 18419830 b. 1891 d. Jun. 15, 1904 Lutheran All Faiths Cemet... Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

    Birth: 1891 Death: Jun. 15, 1904 Washington Heights New York County (Manhattan) New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 13 years old, death cert # 3136 Bronx - lived at 69 First Avenue According to the Slocum book she was identified by her mother, Mrs. Minnie Ehrhard.,p>

  4. Ehrhardt, Pauline 18421235 b. unknown d. Jun. 15, 1904 No cemetery - age 35 - death cert # 3650 Bronx, lived at 151 East 4th Street

Eickhoff ⚰

Find a Grave: William Eickhoff age 30 years, death cert # 2844 Bronx, lived at 169 Second Avenue, identified by George Bates

City Record of 1905 gives his age as 24 years.

Eimer ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: Eimer 84 Stockholm st Brooklyn, Carl P age 13, George age 11 and Katie age 45 all DEAD

Philip Eimer, painter and paper hanger, married Katie. They had Carl and George. Katie✟, Carl✟ and George✟ all perished in the Slocum disaster. Philip remarried by 1905. He and his second wife had one daughter Florence circa 1906. Philip died in 1911.

1900: Brooklyn, Philip Eimer 38, house painter, Katie Eimer 40, 3 children 2 living, Carl Eimer 9 George Eimer 7

1904: June 17 DEAD, Katie Eimer 84 Stockholm street

"Ermer, George 11 years of 84 Stockholm street found at morgue June 18.

Charles Eimer of 84 Stockholm street identified June 18

1905: City record: Eimer, 84 Stockholm st Brooklyn, Carl P. 13, George 11 and Katie all deceased.

Remarriage: before 1905 Mary Sambach

1905: Stockholm street, Philip Eimer 39, painter, Mary Eimer 32, wife, Barbera Sambach 70, mother-in-law

Child: Florence circa 1906

1910: Stockholm street, Brooklyn, Philip Eimer 43, marriage 2, painter, paint shop, Mary A Eimer 37, marriage 2, 1 child 1 living, Florence B B Eimer 4 Paul Lindau 40, lodger

1887: Philip Eimer Marriage 14 Jun 1887 Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Catharine Bauer Certificate Number: 2162

1893: Birth of George Eimer father, Philip H mother Kathe Bauer, 17 Jan 1893 Brooklyn

1895: Eva Barbara Eimer Female 06 Apr 1895 Brooklyn Father Philip Eimer Mother Kathe Bauer Eimer - She must have died - she was not listed with the in the 1900 census.

1911 Death: Philip Eimer Death 07 Oct 1911 Queens, 407 Stanhope St., Brooklyn, Borough of Queens Age: 49 Married Paper Hanger Born 20 May 1862 Germany Burial Date: 10 Oct 1911 Burial Place: New York City, N.Y. Cemetery: Linden Hill Father Lombard Eimer Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother Katie Stite Mother's Birthplace: Germany (LDS)

Elk ⚰ ⚰

Find a Grave: Elk, Adelaide Meyer age 23, 306 6th street and Francis (female) age 17 months

1904 Brooklyn Eagle Dead or Missing - ELK, Addie, 23 years. of 306 Sixth street. * [Mrs. Addie ELK on missing?] - ELK, Mrs. Addie, and baby, Frances 17 months, of 306 Sixth street [died list?]

1900: Second ave., Francis Elk Head F 63 Germany, widowed, 6 children 6 living, imm 1888, janitress, Max Klein Lodger M 28 New York

1902: Franziska Elk Birth 06 Dec 1902 Manhattan, Gender Female Father's Name Carl Elk Father's Birthplace De...hland Father's Age 26 Mother's Name Adelhert Meyer Mother's Birthplace New York City Mother's Age 23

1903 Marriage (LDS) Charles Elk 01 Jun 1903 Manhattan, Age 26 Marital Status Single Birthplace Pforzheim, Baden, Germany Father's Name Tobias Elk Mother's Name Francisca Panther Spouse's Name Adelhaid Meyer Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 22 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace New York City, N.Y. Spouse's Father's Name Wm. Meyer Spouse's Mother's Name Elizabeth Bleikert

1905: 215 6th street, Frances Elk 68, head, housework, Charles Elk 28, braid

Paul Haymond 18, grandson, Charles Tompson 21, lodger, August Heinrich 50, lodger,

In same building - William Elk, age 34 jeweler, Alvian wife, age 30 and Charles son new born

1910: St. Mark's Place, William Elk 39, head, jeweler, Alvena E Elk 34, wife, 3 children 1 living, Charles Elk 5, son, Charles Elk 32, braider brade mill, widowed, born Germany, Andrew G Fitzgerald 32, lodger

1915: Charles Elk Marriage 21 Jan 1915 Queens, New York, USA Spouse: Rose E Grullimund Certificate Number: 272

1915: 1930 Cornelia Street, Ridgewood, Queens, Elk, Charles age 37 born Germany braid house, wife, Rose age 23

1915: Charles Elk Age: 37 Death Date: 15 Aug 1915 Death Place: Queens, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3172

1915: Probate Queens,September 2, petitioner Rose Elk, widow, 1930 Cornelia Street, Ridgewood, Queens

Ell ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☀

City Report: 99 1st street - Ell, Matilda age 34, DEAD - Paul 11, Lincoln Hospital, William 9 Lincoln Hospital Uninjured John L 13

John Ell, electrical engineer, and his wife Tillie had John, Paul and William. Tillie✟ died in the Slocum disaster. Paul and William were badly burned. John L. was listed in 1905 as uninjured. John Ell remarried in January 1906. His second wife was a widow with several children. John Ell died in 1934. Son, Paul, died in 1906. Son, William died in 1924. Son, John born July 4, 1890, married and had three children. He died in 1971.

The New York Times of June 16 reported: EELS MILLIE, 99 1st st, burns on head hands ad back.

1900: East 85th street, Manhattan, John Ell 33, engineer stationary, Tillie Ell 30, 3 children 3 living John Ell 9, Paul Ell 7, William Ell 4

John Ell age 14 was quoted in the paper on June 15, 1904. He said his mother's dress and his brother Paul's clothing caught on fire. He grabbed them and started to rush toward the side of the boat. Everyone was screaming and yelling. His mother and brother were swept away from him towards the side where people were jumping in the water. The crew was yelling at them to stay on board. John remained on board. He could not get to the side to jump. His face and hands were burned.

1904: Matilda Ell Death Event Date: 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States 34 Marital Status: Married Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Herman Schermer Father's Birthplace: Germany (LDS)

1904: October 18, Eleven year old Paul Ell and his Younger brother, Willie, who were both badly burned in the Slocum fire were among the last of the victims to leave the hospital. They returned to their home at 99 1st street to the welcome and curiosity of the neighbors. They said they had become separated from their mother. They though their mother had jumped so they jumped. They were badly burned on the face hands and back. They were almost immediately picked up by a boat. The boys were taken to Lincoln Hospital where skin grafts were taken from their backs and legs and placed on their faces and necks. Their faces looked like patchwork quilts and the doctors had rebuilt their ears.

A doctor from Lincoln Hospital said they had treated 169 Slocum patients. Only two had died in the hospital.

1889: John Ell Spouse Mathilda Schimner 26 May 1889 Manhattan Father Grasse Mother Catherine Beetz Spouse's Father Herrman Spouse's Mother Anna Koch

1890: John Michael Ell Birth 04 Jul 1890 Manhattan, Father John Ell Father's Birthplace: Germany Father's Age: 23 Mother Mathilte Schermer Ell Mother's Birthplace: New York City Mother's Age: 20 (LDS)

1892: Paul Henry Ell son of John Ell and Tillie Scherman, Aug 30, 1892, Manhattan

1906: Ell, John to Kunigunde Zimmerman Jan 27, 1906 Kings 647310

1906: Death of Paul Ell

1906: November, Paul Ell, age 14, of 227 Woodbine street was killed when a carriage from the Hamburg ave line knocked him down and ran over him. Paul had been playing with some companions and had reportedly darted into the street. He was killed instantly. His mother died in the Slocum fire and his "father was confined to the hospital for several weeks as a result of the same accident." *

*Paul's father was not on the Slocum. But his brothers William and John were. Paul and William were badly burned in the event and spent some time in the hospital.

1906: Probate: petition of John Ell 227 Woodbine street, the father of Paul Ell who died November 22, 1906 as the result of an accident - the deceased had no property except a cause of action for damages and injuries that caused his death believed to be the negligence of Nassau Electric Railroad company.

1907: June 10, 1907 John Ell age 38 of 227 Woodbine street had a rib fractured when a car of the Hamburg Ave line while crossing the Williamsburg bridge came to s sudden stop. 1910: Brooklyn, Woodbine street, John Ell 43, marriage 2, engineer, Cunnigunda Ell 38, marriage 2, 3 children 3 living, John Ell 20, chauffeur private family, William L Ell 14, John Zimmermann 15, step son, George Zimmermann 13, step son, Catherine Zimmermann 11, step daughter,

1915: Woodbine street, Brooklyn, Ell, John, 48, engineer factory, Connie wife 43, William C., age 19, no occupation, Zimmermann, John step son, 20 office assistant, George, step son, 16, Mathias, Andrew brother in law age 46, pressor tin factory, Mathias, Anthony, bro in law, age 46 porter hardware

John Ell, jr. married before 1915. John Ell, jr mechanic, was listed in the WWI Dr with a wife and child and an auto repair shop. He was listed in the 1930 census in Brooklyn, married to Emmy, with three children, John 14, Helen 11 and William 4. He died in Florida in 1971.

Find a Grave

Mathilda died in 1906 on the General Slocum. Paul born 1892 died in 1906. John Ell "Vater" born 1865 died 1934. Emmy C Ell born 1892 died 1940 John M Ell born 1890 died 1971. William Ell born 1895 died 1924.

Eller ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Record: Eller 219 E 13th street, Matilda age 46, and Elsa age 16 dead, Joseph age 65 in Lincoln Hospital.

Joseph Eller, a music teacher, his wife Matilda and their daughter, Elsa were all on the Slocum excursion. Matilda✟ and Elsa✟ perished. Joseph, age 65, was taken to Lincoln hospital. Joseph Eller was born in 1840. He was listed with his parents in 1880 - Adam age 70, musician, Margaret 69, wife, Joseph age 40 musician, Margaret 36 dressmaker, John age 28 musician, Louisa age 24 dressmaker, and Max age23 musician.

Joseph T Eller married "Margarethe" Romer May 26, 1881. Elsa Augusta Eller was born to Joseph Eller and Matilda Romer on 13 July 1888

Joseph Eller remarried in 1906. He and his second wife, Margaret, did not have any children

It was said that Joseph Eller was employed by the Metropolitan Opera company. In October 1898 he was playing the oboe with the Kaltenborn String Quartet. In 1896 he was a member of the Metropolitan Permanent Orchestra of New York City when they incorporated under New York state laws. In 1901 he was playing a solo on the English horn with the Kaltenborn Orchestra at the St. Nicholas Gardens in an all Wagner night. In 1905 Joseph Eller oboist soloed with the New York Philharmonics. He was a well known soloist who was frequently mentioned in the papers from 1891 until at least 1910.

1900: 219 E 13th street, Joseph Eller 62, music teacher, Mertilde Eller 41, 1 child 1 living Elsen Eller 12, Louis Sanders 25, lodger, John E Lockwood 62, lodger, Carl J Minsler 32, lodger, Kattie Hoffman 30, lodger

1905 Marriage: Joseph Eller Marriage 10 Aug 1905 Manhattan Age: 66 Marital Status: Widowed Birth Year (Estimated): 1839 Birthplace: Gossueweldorf, Germany Father, Adam Eller Mother, Margaret Wrichuer Spouse, Auguste Adler, Age 35, Single Spouse's Birthplace: Leipzig, Germany Spouse's Father's Name: Hermann Adler Spouse's Mother's Name: Auguste Golla (LDS)

1905 Census: Jos Eller 66, musician, Aug Adler 32, "daughter", dressmaker, Benj Woyle 30, boarder, Henry Bougoff 35, boarder, Harry Stone 35, boarder, Jas Mcallister 62, boarder

1910 Census: 225 Second Ave., Joseph H Eller 71, instructor music, Auguste Eller 38, married 5 years 0 children.

1913 Passport application: Joseph Eller born Gossmansdorf, Germany June 30, 1838 and Auguste Eller, his wife, Augeste born Schoeneck, Germany March 4, 1872. Joseph immigrated to US aboard the Wursata, from Bremen, July 1, 1854. Naturalized citizen, musician.

Joseph Eller applied for a passport again in 1916. Born Gossmannsdorf, Unterfranken, Bavaria, retired musician. He applied to return to the US with his wife. He stated that in 1913 he and his wife had come to Germany for a visit of about one year. "The the war broke out" and the deferred their return to the US. He claimed to have a brother and 4 sisters with thier families still in the US and to owe a mortgage in the US. Auguste Eller applied for a passport in 1916 on her own right.

Joseph Eller played the flute and oboe.

1916: Arrival November 1, from Rotterday to New york on the Noordam, Joseph and Auguste.

1916 Death : Joseph Eller 10 November 1916

1888: Elsa Augusta Eller, born 13 Jul 1888, Father Joseph Eller, Mother Mathilda Romer Eller (LDS)


Lula Engel age 23 was injured and sent to Lincoln Hospital address, 359 W 47th street

Engelmann ⚰ ⚰ ☀ and Sierich ⚰ ☀

City record: Engelmann 425 E 12th street, Louise age 29 DEAD, Elsa age 16 DEAD, Enda 5 uninjured.

Sierich, 425 E. 12th street, Lotte age 38 DEAD - Charles W. Sierich, age 13, uninjured.

Louisa Englemann and Lottie Sierichs were the Landers sisters, the daughters of Charles and Jane (aks Jennie, nee Stewart) Landers.

Louisa Englemann✟, age 29 and her son William✟ age 6, of 425 E 12th street died in the Slocum disaster. Louisa's daughter, Edna, age 5 survived. No one with the surname Landers was reported as Dead, Missing, Injured or Uninjured in the Slocum lists.

John Engelmann remarried but did not have any additional children.

Edna Engelmann's birth was recorded under the name Julia Elizabeth, 13, Aug 1899 to John Englemann and Louise L Landers. She married Edward Terrill Jr. according to the Young family tree on They had two sons, Edward c 1925 and William c 1940. Edna died September 10, 1992.

William Sierich and his son, Charles, traveled to Germany in 1906. William Sierich does not appear to have remarried. He died in 1918. Charles Sierich married in 1912. He had one daughter. He died in 1927.

Charles Landers died in November 1906. Jane Lander died in 1918.

1870: Charles Lander M 27 Bavaria Jane Lander F 21 New York Charlotte Lander F 4 New York Franz Lander M 0 New York

1880: Second street, NYC, Charles Lander Self M 38 Germany, driver, Jane Lander Wife F 32 New York, United States, Charlotte Lander Daughter F 14 New York, United States, works tailor, John Lander Son M 10 New York, United States Louise Lander Daughter F 6 New York, United States Henry Lander Son M 3 New York, United States Charles Lander Son M 2 New York, United States Julius Lander Son M 8 New York, United States

1885: William Sierichs son of Henry and Margaret (nee "Gerken") married Lottie Lander daughter of Charles and Jane (Jennie, nee Stewart) 18 March 1886

1895: John Nicholas Engelmann married Louisa Leonora Lander 15 Mar 1896 Manhattan Father, Friedrich Englemann, Mother, Margaretha Wickelmann, Spouse's Father, Charles Lander, Spouse's Mother, Jane Stewart

1898 birth of "William Englemann: John Fredrick William Engelmann birth 12 Mar 1898, Manhattan, Father John N. Engelmann, Father's Birthplace: Germany, Age: 35, Mother Louise Lander, Mother's Birthplace: N.Y. City Age: 23

1900: 502 E 12th street, John Engelman Head M, born December 1865, bookkeeper [?] (page partially destroyed) Louise Engelman Wife F 25 New York, 2 children 2 living, Edner Engelman Daughter F 1 New York, William Engelman Son M 2 New York

1900: 191 Ave. A, Lander Jane, "married" 10 children 7 living, Louis Lander Son M 28 New York, Henry Lander Son M 23 New York, driver teamster, Charles Lander Son M 22 New York, driver teamster, Julia Lander Daughter F 18 New York

1904: Death William Engelmann death 15 June 1904 father, John Engelmann, mother Louisa Lander (LDS)


Funerals in Grace Chapel, East Side Homes and the Bronx.

There were three funeral services in Grace Chapel, on Fourteenth street, yesterday afternoon. The funeral of Mrs. Lottie SIERICH and Mrs. Louisa ENGELMANN, two sisters, known to their friends on the East Side as the LANDER sisters, began at 3 o'clock. An Episcopal service for the dead were read by the Rev. G.W. BOTTOME, curate of the chapel and the music was rendered by a double quartet.


John Engelman, of 425 East Twelfth street, stated that he jumped from the Slocum at Ninety-second street, and that the boat was burning briskly at that time. His story was at first received doubtfully, but later was believed. He says he worked for a number of years on a New York, New Haven and Hartford Eailroad tug, and knows the shore thoroughly. He said: "I saw smoke coming up out of the hold when we were at Ninety-second street. We were right in the opening of Hell Gate and even at that time my knowledge of boat fires taught me the Slocum was no place to stay. The fire must have been going some time then. The smoke was dense. I took hold of my wife and six-year old son and we jumped. I managed to swim, with my wife resting on my shoulders, to the Long Island shore, but I have not seen my son since and I am looking for him. Engelman lost two sisters also in the disaster."

History of the General Slocum

Note: His wife, Louise, died. His daughter, Edna age 5, survived. A son was not mentioned in the city record.

Lottie Landers Sierich and her husband William Sierich lost a son, Henry W. Sierich age 3 in 1892.


"AMONG THOSE LOST on the General Slocum we note the name of Lottie Sierichs, 425 East 12th street, New York. This was evidently a relative of Bro. Wm. Sierichs, the 12th street bottler, and Bro. Henry Sierichs, the Rockaway Beach bottler, and we extend our earnest sympathy to them and their families."

American Bottler, Volume 2

William "Sierichs" was a founding member of the General Slocum Survivors organization.

1905: 425 E 12th street, John Engelmann 42, clerk, Edna Engelmann 5, daughter

1905: 423 E 12th street, William Sierichs Head M 48y Germany, mineral water, Charles Sierichs Son M 14y United States

1905: 427 E 12th street, Jane Lander Head F 57y United States, Charles Lander Son M 26y United States, printer, Charles Kaufmann Head M 30y Germany, grocer, Julia Kaufmann Wife F 22y United States, Mildred Kaufmann Daughter F 2y United States, Louisa Lander Niece F 15y United States

1906: Sierichs, Sailing Charles age 15, and William age 47, both US citizens, on the Kaiser Wm de Grosse from Bremen April 3, 1906.

1906: Passport application of William and Charles Sierichs. Chas. born 16 October 1890. Wm. born Branstadt --- ---aven, Bermany 19 April 1858. Immigrated in 1874. Occupation manufacturer. 1906: Charles C Landers age 68 died November 17, 1906, Manhattan 35213.

1910: Queens, Charles J Kaufmann 34, merchant produce, Julia Kaufmann 27 Mildred Kaufmann 7 Jane Lander 61, widowed, mother in law, Charles B Lander 31, brother in law, printer, Edna Engelmann 10, granddaughter (Note: this would be the granddaughter of Jane not Charles Kaufmann)

1912: Marriage Charles William Sierichs, 27 November 1912, Manhattan, son of Lotta Lander and William Seirichs to Anna Catherine Frese, daughter of Ferdinand Frese and Meta Ahrens (LDS) Anna Catherine Frese was also a Slocum survivor. Her sister Lillian Pfeifer died in the Slocum tragedy.

1915: Queens, John W Engelmann 51, Charles Lander 45, Julia E Lander 32, Edna Engelmann 15, Meldred Kaufmann 12

1917: WWI Draft Registration indicated that Charles Sierichs, occupation "saloon" was married with one child. He was tall, stout, with blue eyes and balding brown hair.

1918: William Seirichs died 28, February 1918 buried 2 March 1918 father Henry Sierichs mother Meta "Gertes" (LDS).

1918: Jane Landers died 21 August 1918 Queens

1920: Queens, Charles Lander 41, pressman magazine, Julia Kaufman 37, sister, Mildred Kaufman 17, niece, John Englemann 55, brother in law, carpenter, bedding co., Edna Englemann 20, niece, kindergarden teacher, city

1925: Queens, Halleck rd, Landers, Charles, head age 46, pressman, Kaugmann, Julia, sister, age 41, Kaufmann, Mildred, niece, age 22, Engelmann, John, brother in law, age 60 born Germany, realtor

1927: Obit of Charles W. Sierichs husband of Anna C (nee Frese) December 28, 1927. Buried in family vault at Lutheran Cemetery.

1930: Queens, Charles Lander 51 Julia Kaufmann 46 John Engelmann 66, brother in law, real estate, Mildred Kaufmann 27

1930: Farmingdale, Sierichs Anna C age 41 widowed, Anna D. A. daughter age 16.

1940: Death of John Engelmann, May 2

Enz ⚰

Find a Grave: Christina Enz, age 61 widow, born June 12, 1843 Germany, spose Jacob (1843-1892) Child William (1865-1898) buried Greenwood

1870: Manhattan, Jacob Enz 27, laborer, born Baden $400, Christine Enz 27, William Enz 3

1894: Christina Enz, 72 W B'way widow, Jacob Enz Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1894

1900: Manhattan West Broadway, Christan Enz 56, widowed, no indication of children listed, Herman Rauser 31, boarder

GREENWOOD - ENZ CHRISTINA 1904-06-22 27263 135+ ENZ JACOB 1892-06-19 27263 135+ ENZ WILLIAM 1899-01-02 27263 135+

Erdmann ⚰ ⚰

City record: Erdmann, 346 E 9th street, Alma age 11 and Margaret age 38 deceased.

Anton Erdmann married Margarethe (Maggie) Zeuschel in 1892. They had one daughter, Alma, in 1893. Maggie✟ and Alma✟ perished in the Slocum disaster in June 1904. Anton married Wilhelmina Seidel in May 1905. They had Alma in 1906 and Frieda in 1909. Wilhelmina died in 1909. Anton married Elizabeth (unknown) before 1912. They had Margaret circa 1912.

1892: Anton Robert Erdmann married Margaretha Zeuschel 12 Jun 1892 Manhattan father Anton Erdmann Mother Johanna Handke Spouse's Father Johann Zeuschel Spouse's Mother Katharina Bauernfeind

1893: Alma Erdmann 20 May 1893 Manhattan Father "Anton" Erdmann Mother Maggie Zenshel Erdmann(LDS)

1900: 346 East 9th street, Anton Erdmann 34, store keeper, Margereta Erdmann 35, 1 child 1 living, Alma Erdmann 7

1904: Maggie Erdamnn died 15, June 1904 age 38, married buried June 21, Lutheran (LDS)

Alma Erdmann born 20 May 1893 died 15 June 1904 buried Middle Village Queens, father Anton Erdmann mother Maggie Erdmann (LDS).

1905: Robert Anton Erdmann married Wilhelmina Seidel 14 May 1905 Manhattan Father Anton Erdmann Mother Johanna Handtke Spouse's Father Nicholaus Seidel Spouse's Mother Margaretha Obitz

Find a Grave In addition to Margareta and Alma - Wilhelmine Erdmann born May 3 1876 died 3 April 1909

1906: Alma Margarete Erdmann 31 Jan 1906 Bronx, Father Anton Erdmann Mother Wilemine Seidel

Death of Wilhelmina Erdmann 1909 per tombstone

1910: Bronx, Anton Erdmann 44, widowed, agent real estate, Alma Erdmann 4, Frieda Erdmann 1, Clare Hennier 34, servant, Margeret Seidel 23, sister in law

Remarriage of Anton Erdmann: Elizabeth

1915: Antone Erdmann 48, Elizabeth Erdmann 42, "Eleanor" Erdmann 9, Freda Erdmann 6, Margaret Erdmann 3

1925: Bronx, Anton Erdmann 59, real estate, Elizabeth Erdmann 52, Alma Erdmann 19, factory, Freda Erdmann 16 Margerete Erdmann 13 Margereta Alsenz 50, sister Fox, Mae, ---, age 44 ---

1930: Bronx, own, $21,000, Anton Erdmann 64 Elizabeth Erdmann 57 Alma Erdmann 24 Frieda Erdmann 21 Margaret Erdmann 18 Margaret Alsenz 55

1936: Death of Anton R. Erdmann age 70, 8 January 1936 Bronx 393

Erklin ⚰ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

City record: Erklin, 1028 Hudson st, Hoboken, Theodore age 5 deceased - Stephen age 7 weeks and Anna age 32 taken home - Gerdrude age 1 uninjured and Louise Failing nurse age 15 uninjured.

The Erklin family of 1028 Hudson st. Hoboken lost Theordore age 5. They were spared Anna age 32, Stephen age "7 weeks" both of whom were "taken home" and Gertrude "age 1" uninjured and Louise Gailing age 16 "nurse". Stephen was the youngest person on the Slocum.

Louise Gailing of Nutley New Jersey was in charge of the "two year old" of Mrs. G Erklin of "Nutley". Miss Gailing was on the hurricane deck when the fire broke out. She found a life jacket in "good condition". She placed the baby on her back and wrapped the life jacket around herself and the baby. Then she jumped in the water. She "could swim a little' and she headed for a tug where she and the baby were pulled aboard.

Stephen Erklin became a well known women's clothing designer.

On June 16 Mrs. Otto E. Erklin of 1028 Hudson street and three children of the same, "ages five years, two years and two months", were listed as missing.

Erklin, Theodore age 4 June 15, 1904 NYC Death Index. Listed as age 6 in the 1904 list and 5 in the 1905 list.

1900: Park ave, Otto R Erklin 26, accountant, Annie Erklin 30 Theodore Erklin 10/12

1905: Otto Erklin M 31, Anna Erklin F 31, Gertrude Erklin F 2, Steven Erklin M 1, Valara Vassa F 14

1910: Hoboken, 1028 Hudson, Otto R Erklin 36, manager, coal, Anna Erklin 36 Gertrude Erklin 8 Stephen Erklin 6 Theresa Nelson 19, servant

1920: 1028 Hudson street, Otto Erklin 46, manager, coal company, Anna Erklin 47, wife, Dorothy Erklin 17, daughter, Steven Erklin 15, son

1930: Tuckahoe, Westchester, New York, rent $95, Otto R Erklin 56, no occupation, Anna M Erklin 56, wife, Stephen B Erklin 26, designer clothes, Gertrude M Erklin 28, --- bank

1940: Stephen Erkin, age 35, designer and his mother, Anna age 70, were living in Mout Vernon Westchester.

Stephen Erkin and Gertrude Erklin traveled to Europe a number of times in the 20 and 30s.

Stephen Erklin was a women's clothing designer of some note. He designed evening wear for Saks. Gertrude Erklin went to Puerto Rico in 1928.

Otto and Anna Erklin had three children: Theodore in 1900 who died in the Slocum disaster. Gertrude/Dorothy circa 1902, Stephen circa 1904.

The child Louise Gailing saved was 2 month old Stephen Erklin who died in 1985. Stephen Erklin, SSN: 104-03-2580, 18847 Susquehanna, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USA, BORN: 23 Apr 1904, DIED: Jul 1985

The New York Times of July 4,1904 reported on Louise Caroline "Gehling" the 15 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Gehling of River Road, Nutley who saved herself and a baby entrusted to her care during the Slocum catastrophe. She strapped the baby and herself in several live perservers and "leaped from the deck of the burning vessel." She was awarded a testimonial and a purse of money by the town of Nutley.

1910: Franklin ave. Nutley New Jersey Louisa Gaehling 56, Alrich Gaehling 22, daughter born Vermont, pump maker, electric wks, Louise Gaehling 21, born New Jersey, badge maker, novel, wks, Minnie Gaehling 19, badge maker, novel wks, Charles Gaehling 17, molder

Louise Gailing married Robert Joiner and had five children of her own. Their son James G. Joiner born July 30, 1923 in Belleville N. J. died October 15, 2005. He graduated Dartmouth college in 1946.

1920: Belleville, New Jersey, Robert Joiner 35, carpenter, house, Louise Joiner 30, Mildred Joiner 7, Louise Joiner 5, Robert Joiner 3, Edith Joiner 1, James Joiner 80, father

1930: own, $10,000, Robert Joiner 45, landscape gardener, Louise C Joiner 41, Mildred C Joiner 17, Emma D Joiner 15, Robert R Joiner 13, James G Joiner 6

Stephen Erklin New School Archives There is more.

Esche ⚰

Find a Grave: Has Image - Rose Esche - age 16 years old, death cert # 3416 Bronx, lived at 88 Avenue A, millinery at $5.00 week

Eysel ⚰

Find a Grave: Jennie Eysel 9 years old, death cert #3105 Bronx, identified by mother and Nicholas Stocker, lived at 203 Avenue A buried Greenwood

1880: Louisa Eysel 38 Robert Eysel 18, son, painter, Charles Eysel 15, Valentine Eysel 10, August Eysel 8, Joseph Schweitzer 43, brother

1891: Valentin Eysel Marriage 29 Mar 1891 Manhattan, Gender Male Age 22 Marital Status Single Birthplace New York Father's Name August Mother's Name Louise Kormann Spouse's Name Helena Wagner Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 28 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birthplace New York Spouse's Father's Name Conrad Spouse's Mother's Name Johanne Kappes

1895: Jennie Louisa Eysel Birth 06 Mar 1895 Manhattan, Father's Name Walentin Eysel Father's Birthplace NY Father's Age 27 Mother's Name Helena Wagner Eysel Mother's Birthplace NY Mother's Age 32

1895: Louisa Barbara Eysel Death 19 Apr 1895 Manhattan, 226 E.4th St New York City, New york Gender Female Age 1 Marital Status Single Birthplace New York Burial Date 20 Apr 1895 Burial Place New York City New York New York Cemetery Evergreen Father's Name Valentino Eysel Father's Birthplace New York Mother's Name Helina Eysel

1896: Ella Eysel Death 21 Aug 1896 Manhattan, 276 East 4th St. Gender Female Age 0 Marital Status Single Birthplace New York Burial Date 22 Aug 1896 Cemetery Evergreen Father's Name Valentine Eysel Father's Birthplace New York Mother's Name Fena Mother's Birthplace New York

1898: Charles Valentine Eysel Death 31 Jul 1898 Manhattan, Age 0 Birth Year (Estimated) 1898 Birthplace New York Burial Date 02 Aug 1898 Father's Name Valentine Charles Eysel Father's Birthplace U. S. Mother's Name Helena Eysel Mother's Birthplace U. S

1900: Death of "Charles" Eysel age 32, Manhattan Dec 30, 1899 1900 cert # 32324 Manhattan

1900: E 3rd street, Helen Eysel 38, widow laundress, 2 children 2 living, Jennie Eysel 5, Joseph Eysel 2, John Schmidt 25, boarder

Feldhaus/Feldhus ⚰

Find a Grave: George B Feldhaus age 10/11 years old, death cert # 3679 Bronx, lived at "526" 6th street

Not listed boat horror book

NY Times - identified Jun 22.

1887: Marriage George Feldhus 11 Dec 1887 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Elise Lenz Certificate Number: 78182

1893: George B. Feldhus Birth Date: 13 Sep 1893 Birth Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 35703

1900: "525" 6th street, George Feldhus 38, married 13 years, Plainer wood, Eliza Feldhus 39, 2 children 1 living, George Feldhus 6, parents born Germany.

1901: George Feldhus Birth Date: abt 1861 Age: 40 Death Date: 25 Jul 1901 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 22858

1912: Feldhus, widow, George h 2459 ?th ave. - only Feldhus listed.

1920: West 106th street Eliza Feldhus 58, widowed, laundress, Marie Schuelenberg 53 1920: Elise Feldhus Age: 59 Death Date: 19 Aug 1920 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 23585

Feldhusen/Deldhausen ⚰ ⚰

City Record: 50 W 8th street, Felhusen, "Margaret" age 47, and Nicholas age 12, dead.

Margaret Volck[mann] married George Feldhusen, a saloon owner, in Manhattan on May 1, 1881. Margaret Feldhusen age 47 and her son Nicholas age 12 died in the Slocum disaster. George Feldhusen remarried to Emilie [Amelia] (born circa 1858) before 1905. Amelia Feldhusen died in 1909. George married again to Agnes Heuser Duffelmeyer a widow in 1911. In 1915 George "Feldhausen" committed suicide.

George Feldhusen may have died in 1915.

1900: 50 W 8th street, Geo Feldhusen 42, saloon, Maria Feldhusen 44, married 19 years 1 child 1 living, Nicholas Feldhusen 8, Hulda Linderman 23, servant, Al Bethmann 22, bartender

1901: George Feldhusen, 50 West 8th street saloon 5 story brick, fire April 28, 9:59 AM

1905: 50 west 8th street, Geo Feldhusen 47 saloon, Emlie Feldhusen 47, wife, Pauline Helving 21, servant

1909: Death of "Amelia" A Feldhusen

1910: 50 west 8th street, George Feldhusen 52, widower, liquors, saloon, Minnie Weiss 22, servant

1911: George Delhusen, 50 W 8th street, beer

1911: George Feldhusen, widower, age 54, son of Claus Feldhuse and Dora Feldhusen married Agnes Heuser Duffelmeyer, widow, age 46, on 12 Nov 1911

George Feldhusen 12 Nov 1911 Manhattan, to Agnes Duffelmeyer Certificate Number: 26264

: City directory Feldhusen, saloon 50 W 8th street, hm 48 do.

1915: Death of George Felhusen according to Agnes's passport application. No listed NYC Death Index

1915: August 18, The body of George Fledhausen was found at his place of business at 50 West 8th street. He had committed suicide using illuminating gas on the 11th anniversary of disaster. He had lost his wife and all of his children in the Slocum disaster. For many years he had owned a cafe and bowling alley. It was very popular with people in the neighborhood who wanted a glass of good beer and a game of cards. In the summer time he stood in the doorway of his establishment dressed in plaited linen shirt and a black string tie. One evening his cafe was closed and the next day his friend found his body.

1916: Agnes Feldhausen, widow, Husband died in NYC in 1915, applied for a passport, husband George Feldhusen was born in Germany naturalized in 1882.

Naturalization, George Feldhusen, milk dealer, dob Nov 12, 1857, naturalized Common Pleas Dec 4, 1882

1881: George Feldhusen marriage 1 May 1881 Manhattan to Margaretha S Volckmann Certificate Number: 1876

1884: Anna Dorathe Feldhusen 20 Jul 1884 Manhattan, Father George Feldhusen Mother Magarethe Sophia Volkman (LDS)

In the late 1880 George Feldhusen participated in the Volkfests and sharpshooters contests.

Felmeden ⚰ ☀

City Record: Felmeden 90 1st ave Lizzie age 36 DEAD Fred 40 uninjured.

1932: Fredeick Felmeden was a member of the committee of the General Slocum survivors association.

Not listed on Find a Grave.

Ferneisen/Firneisen ☁ ☁ ☁ ☀

City record: "Ferneisen" - Emma age 33, Henry 10 and Marie 7 were sent to Lincoln Hospital. William F age 8 was uninjured.

The Firneisen family of 40 7th street appear to have been very lucky. All of the immediate family members on board that day survived. All three of the children married and had families.

The New York Times of June 16 listed: FERNEISEN, HENRY, (no age given), 40 7th ave., shock, Lincoln Hospital.

Mrs. Firneisen and two of her children were saved by Patrick Lynch of the NY fire Department. Engineer Patrick Lynch of the New York Fire Department, saved 45 lives during the Slocum disaster. In 1916 he was presented with a gold medal by the congress of the United States for his bravery in assisting Slocum victims. Lynch was off duty the day of the disaster. He was about to go for a swim when off East One Hundred and Forty first street at the East River when he saw the blazing Slocum steaming upstream. He commandeered a row boat and tried to assist those jumping off the burning Slocum. The row boat was too small be of much assistance so Lynch persuaded Capt. John L. Wade of the tug boat Wade (which was in the area) to take the refugees that were in the row boat. He returned to the burning ship where he was "half a hundred women and children holding on" to the paddle wheel. He got another row boat full of women and children and took them to the Wade. He repeated his trip many times.

"Detective Sergeant Henry C Firneisen owes Lynch the safety of his wife and two sic children. When Firneisen heard that the Slocum was ablaze he rushed almost hysterically to the scene, and to his joy, found Lynch had saved those dearest to him.

Firneisen presented Lynch with an inscribed gold chain and watch.

(Suburbanite Economist Chicago Illinois, 16 June 1909)

Marriage 1893: Henry G. Firneisen to Emma C. Dieterich 18 Jan 1893 Manhattan, New York, New York Father Germann Mother Anna Lorey Spouse's Father's Name: George Spouse's Mother's Name: Therese Binder


  1. Henry Georg Firneisen Birth Date: 21 Oct 1893 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Henry Georg Firneisen Mother's Name: Emma Diderich Firneisen

    In 1920 Census, Staten Island

    1917 Staten Island, salesman, married

    1920: Staten Island, Henry Firneisen 27, salesman, Florence V Firneisen 27, Virginia Firneisen 3, [3 1/12] Virginia Meise 49, mother in law

    1928: Henry George Firneisen Plaintiff or Defendant: Defendant Date of Action: 21 Dec 1928 Place of Action: Bronx, New York Other Party: Florence Virginia Firneisen Volume Number: 9 Page Number: 223 File Number: 8445 Location: The Office of the Bronx County Clerk

  2. William Fredrick Firneisen born 25 Jun 1895 Manhattan Father Henry Georg Firneisen Mother Emma Christine Firneisen

    Married Helen Elizabeth Campbell William F Firneisen MARRIAGE: 10 Mar 1923 - Manhattan

    1917: Enlisted in November 1917 at Fort Slocum, New York

    1925: Queens William Firneison 29, --- salesman, Firneison 27, Helen, Firneison 01, William Jr.

    Died 1951 William F Firneisen BIRTH: 25 Jun 1895 DEATH: 21 Jan 1951 OTHER: Port Washington, New York

  3. Marie c 1897 per 1905 census and Slocum uninjured list. - Married Anthony Chomas and had a daughter Grace

1902: Henry C Firneisen was made detective sergeant In November 1902. He was described as one of ex-chief Byrnes' right hand men and regarded as one of the best detectives on the force.

1905: 7th street, Henry G "Firneisen" 43, detective sgt., Emma C Firneisen 34 Henry G Firneisen 11 William F Firneisen 9 Marie T Firneisen 8

1896: Mary Terese Ferneisen, born 15 December to Henry Ferneisen age 34 and Emma Deiterich age 25 (LDS).

1910: Henry G "Firnrisen" age 48, died October 10, Manhattan 31599

1915: Firneisen, Emma G. widow of Hy G95 E 10th street.

1930: Queens, Anthony J Chomas Head M 32 New York, treasury razor, Marie T Chomas Wife F 33 New York, Grace M Chomas Daughter F 7 New York, Emma C Ferneisen Mother-in-law F 59 New York, mother in law, widowed.

1940: Queens, Anthony Chomas Head M 43 New York, Maria Chomas Wife F 43 New York, Grace Chomas Daughter F 17 New York, Emma C Firneisen Mother-in-law F 69, widowed, New York

Fettig/Fittig ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Report: 120 2nd ave. Fettig, Christiana 32, Elsa 2, Peter age 43, all dead.

The whole family, husband Peter, wife, Christiana, and daughter Elsa died in the Slocum.

1901: Peter Fettig to Christina Schott 16 Apr 1901 Manhattan Father Carl Fettig Mother Charlotte Horst Spouse's Father Konrad Schott Spouse's Mother Christina Schott

1902: Elisa Julia Christina Fettig born June 25, 1902, father Peter Fettig mother Chrsitina Schott

1903: Peter Fettig was naturalized.

Christina and Elsa were disinterred.

Find a Grave Christina Schott Fettig.

Peter Fettig was the Chairman of the Poor Committee of St. Mark's church.

June 18th the body of Peter Fettig was identified - his wife, child and niece were still missing.

Fetzke/Felzke/Felske ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City Record: Fetzke, 211 5th st, Augusta 38, Elizabeth 14, Herman C. W. 8 months dead - Hattie J 12, uninjured

Frank "Felzke" lost his wife, Augusta age 38 and two children, Elizabeth 14 and Herman 8 months. One daughter, Hattie, lived but was reportedly traumatized by the loss. Mr. Felske sid he had to send Hattie "away" as there was no one to take care of her. Hattie was upset when people in the neighborhood talked of the event.

Frank Felzke never remarried. Hattie married in 1916. She and her husband George Klewin did not have children.

1889: August Fetzke Marriage 9 Feb 1889 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Augusta Tanner Certificate Number: 1718

1900: Under "Felske" 211 E. 5th street, Felzke, Frank, head age 39 married 11 years, furrier, Augusta wife, 2 children 2 living, Lizzie age 10 and Hattie age 8.

1904: Augusta Fetzke Burial 15 Jun 1904 (LDS)

Augusta Felzke Burial Ridgewood, Queens, New York, United States of America 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier: 18419902 Cemetery: Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery

Felske, Hattie age 12 of 211 E 5th was listed among the uninjured.

1906: August Fetzski Death 18 Jul 1906 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Gender: Male Marital Status: Unknown (LDS)

1910: 6th street, Frank Felzke Head M 48, widow, Germany, tailor, Hattie Felzke Daughter F 18 New York Louise Haggenswet Housekeeper F 37 Germany

1915: Frank tailor, age 54, Hattie, age 23, bookkeeper, and Louse Hagenbucher border age 42, tailoress

1916: Marriage of Hattie Felzke March 1 to George L Klewin, #5282 Manhattan

1920: Louise Hagerbruck head age 47 and "brother" Frank Felzke, widower, age 57.

1920: George Klewin 31, clerk, cable office, Hattie J Klewin 28

1930: Bronx, George L and Hatty J

1940: Frank Felzke age 79 widower, and Louisa Hagenbruch age 68 boarder, Manhattan

1940: George L Klewin 52 Hatty Klewin 48

1942: Frank Felzke 18 Dec 1942 Manhattan 11 St. Marks Pl. Residence Place: Age: 81 Widowed Occupation: Tailor Birth Date: 17 Mar 1861 Birthplace: Ponsmun, Germany Burial Date: 21 Dec 1942 Cemetery: Lutheran Cemetery Father Frederich Felzke Mother Emelia Richter Germany Spouse's Name: Elizabeth (LDS)

1944: Death,

Hatty Klewin Age: 53 Death Date: 11 Oct 1944 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 21724

1889: Augusta Tanner Female 9 Feb 1889 Manhattan Spouse: August Fetzke Certificate Number: 1718

Fickbohm ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: Fickbohm, 91 ave. D Marie 40 DEAD, Marie 14 DEAD, Ernest 12 DEAD Kate Cibilsky servant age 18 DEAD - Fred age 10 to Lebanon.

Peter Fickbohm, a saloon keeper, lost his wife and three children on the Slocum. His son Fred, age 10, survived. Fred married and had a daughter, Lillian. Peter Fickbohm remarried as he left a widow at his death in 1909.

Jun 16, 1904: NY Times - P. J. Fickbohm a saloon keeper at 7th street and ave D reported the loss of his wife, three children and a servant girl. Later in the day the bodies of two of his children were taken to his house at 91 Ave. D.

It was widely reported that the first body identified at the morgue was that of Mrs. Marie Fickbohm, the wife of Peter J Fickbohm an Ave D liquor dealer, who identified his wife's body. He was reported to still be looking for the bodies of two of his children. He had found young Fred badly burned at Lebanon Hospital.

See the Balser Family above. Balser

Naturalization of P. J. Fickbohm: Peter Jacob Fickbohm Common Pleas, May 14, 1894, 90 ave D, NYC, merchant, born Germany, arrived US August 1883

Marriage: Peter, son of Henry Nicholas Fickbohm and Anna Margaret Dorthea Sprieck, marred Anna Cath. Marie Waacks daughter of Fredk Wm. Waacks and Rebecca M. 5 June 1889


  1. ✟Marie born circa 1890

    Died in the Slocum Fire

  2. ✟Ernst born circa 1892

    Ernest A. Fickbohm BIRTH: 30 Apr 1892 - New York, New York

    Died in the Slocum Fire

  3. Fredrick/Freddy born 1894

    Frederick W. Fickbohm BIRTH: 1 Jul 1894 - New York, New York

    Frederick Fickbohm, Birth Date: 1 Jul 1894, Manhattan, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 29070

    Fred Fickohm age 9, 91 Ave D was listed with the injured.

    Fred Fickbohn married, had one daughter Lillian and lived in New Jersey in 1920, 1930 and 1940.

1900: 284 Second st. , Pette J Fickbohm 40, saloon keeper, imm 1883 born Germany, Marria Fickbohm 36, wife, born Germany, married 11 years 3 children 3 living, Marria Fickbohm 10, Ernst Fickbohm 8, Fredrick Fickbohm 5, Dietrick Duchne 23, boarder, Auguste Grothe 21, servant

1904: Brooklyn Daily Eagle

"Pathetic Scene at the Funeral of the FICHBOHMS.

The constrained grief of the neighborhood, fighting for expression which would not out, came near reaching a climax at the funeral of the FICHBORNS, in the Emanuel Chapel, at 735 Fifth street, Manhattan. The husband and father, Peter J., bereft of reason by thoughts of the loss of his wife, Maria, and their daughter, 14 years old, who bore her mother's name, has been with difficulty restrained from self-destruction.

"I cannot speak as my heart dictates," said the Rev. John C. PALMER, rector of the chapel. "It would be foolhardy. Their grief is too intense as it is without recalling sweet memories which would serve only to heighten their sorrow. Mr. FICHBOHM has attempted to make away with himself and needs careful watching until his grief has somewhat abated."

The sorrowing hundreds in the chapel broke down when they heard the sobs and moans of the distracted husband as the bodies of his dear ones were born up the aisle. Women grew pale and faint and some had to be escorted from the church before the service began. Both Mr. FICHBOHM and his wife belonged to many fraternal societies and he was a member of United Brother Lodge No. 356, F. and A.M. Representatives of all these societies attended. The Rev. Mr. PALMER conducted the service."

Death: June 15, 1904 Marie "Fickbohn" age 43, Bronx cert. # 2861 - Death: Mamie Fickbohm 15 June 1904 age 40 41 Ave D (Find a grave)

"Fichbohn", Marie age 14 Bronx cert. # 2862

Death: Ernest Fickbahm age 12, cert # 3677 Bronx. (Find a Grave) [Not listed in NYC Death Index]

Marriage of Peter Fickbohn: It was said he left a widow, Adelheid/Annie, at his death in 1909.

1909: Peter J Fickbohm 49 DEATH DATE: 6 Feb 1909 DEATH PLACE: Kings, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 2569

1909: Peter John Fickbohm died suddenly at his home, of pneumonia, after an illness of two days, age 50, he was a member of a number of German fraternal organizations. Nothing mentioned about his life or occupation other than he had been in the hotel business in Manhattan. Born in Germany. Left a widow, "Annie Lange" and a son Frederick.

1909: Probate Died 6 February 1909 - personal property $1,000 - Adelheid F. Fickbohm widow and Friederich Willhelm Fickbohm both of 835 Gates Ave Brooklyn - Peter made a will 7 July 1904 (not included in probate papers) - mentioned in the probate were Adelheid, Friedrich and Nicholas Waacks.

1910: Brooklyn, Ward 22, Adelaid W Fickbohm 28, widow, 4 children 0 living, born Germany, washing, Fred W Fickbohn 15, step son, clerk dry goods

1914: June 8, Passport Application, Adelheid Fickbohm born Blender Germany 30 September 1881 her husband immigrated to the US on the Oder from Hamburg, August 1883, and resided 26 years in the United States. Naturalized Common Pleas 14 May 1894 - His widow. age 33 5 ft 2 inches, grey eyes blond hair.

1915: Bronx, Fredrick Fickbohm head age 10 salesman, Lillian wife 20, Lillian daughter age 1

1917 WWI Draft Registration, Newark New Jersey, Fredrick William Fickhohm age 22 60 Hawthorne Ave. Newark, born July 1, 1895 New York City, forrman at Kalt and Stephens, 56 Begilow Street, married, wife and child, tall, slender, grey eyes and light hair

Further Records: Fredrick, Lillian and Lillian show up in 1920, 1930 and 1940 in Newark NJ.

Filskow ☁ ☁

City Record: Antonia Filskow, age 44, of 170 E 4th street, and her daughter Meta age 20 survived the Slocum disaster and were taken to Lebanon hospital.

Antonia Filskow died in the Bronx in 1942. Meta Filskow married Harry John Podzuweit. They had a son and two daughters.

1905: 170 E 4th street, Charles Filskow 45, tailor, Antonia Filskow 45 Otto Filskow 18, silversmith, James Tyroler 30, boarder, waiter

1930: Bronx, Karl Felskow 69 Antonia Felskow 71, visiting nurse, nursing home, Jens C Johsen 63

1909 Birth: Harry John Podzuweit 15 Aug 1909 Manhattan, Father Gus Podzuweit, Father's Birthplace: Germany, Father's Age: 31, Mother Meta Filskow Podzuweit, Mother's Birthplace: Germany, Mother's Age: 25

1910: Gus, Meta Helen and Harold in Brooklyn.

1920: Gus and Meta in Detroit with Harold age 10 and Helen age 14

1930: Detroit, Michigan, Gus Padzerweit Head M 51 Germany, Meta Padzerweit Wife F 46 Germany, Helen Padzerweit Daughter F 24 New York, Harry Padzerweit Son M 20 New York, Meta Padzerweit Daughter F 8 Michigan

1932: Karl Filskow was a member of the Slocum survivors association committee.

1938: Gus Podzuweit bartender, died 17 May 1938 Bronx, wife, Meta.

1940: Bronx, Meta Podzuweit Head F 54 Germany, widowed, Harry Podzuweit Son M 31 New York Meta Podzuweit Daughter F 18 New York

1960: Pennsylvania death Mata Amalie Podzuweit [Mata Amalie Filskow] Age: 76 Birth Date: 5 Feb 1884 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 3 Mar 1960 Death Place: West Bradford, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA Father Name: Karl Filskow Mother Name: Antoinette Borwinski Spouse Name: Gustav Podzuweit Certificate Number: 25242

1940: Bronx, Carl Filskow 79 Antoinetta Filskow 80 Jens Johansen 73, lodger

Antonia Filskow died in 1942, Bronx, 30 January

Finkenagle/Fingeragel/Finglenagle ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ and Geissler/Gissler ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: Finkenagel 439 6th st - Mary age 10 DEAD - Kate age 34 MISSING, Clara age 8 MISSING, William age 6 MISSING - Kate age 12 to Lebanon

John Finkenagel , a coal dealer, married Kate Wernborn in 1891. By 1904 they had four children. Three members of the Fingeragle/Finglenagle family were listed among the missing. Katie✟ age 34, Clara✟ age 8, William✟ age 6. Kate age 12 suffered injury and was taken to Lebanon hospital., Mary✟ age 10 was identified among the dead. She was buried and then disinterred. This was one of the largest number of missing persons in one family.

John Finkenagel died in 1925. Kate Finkenagel junior married Felix Giraudy, a Cuban, in 1919. The marriage does not seem to have lasted. They had no children. Felix married for a second time in 1927. Kate Finkenagel Giraudy died in 1977.

Kate Finkenagel senior was on the Slocum with her neighbor Anna Geisler. Ann and two of her children also died.

Mary "Finkenagel" 439 6th street age 10 death cert No 3608.

William Finkenagel's body was never identifed. Death certificates were not issued for Katie, Clara and William Finkelnagel.

The New York times of June 16 listed: FINKENGEHE, KATE, 12 in Lebanon hospital

1891: Marriage of John Finkenagel and Catherine Wernborn, 15 June, father Peter mother Marie Weller.

1900: 439 6th street, John Finkenagel 32, coal peddler, Katie Finkenagel 30, married 9 years 4 children 4 living, Katie Finkenagel 8, Mary Finkenagel 6, Clara Finkenagel 4, William Finkenagel 2

Same address Gissler, Christopher, head widow, 1 child 1 living, Louis, son age 54, 3 children 3 living, lithographer, Mimmie wife age 39, 3 children 3 living, Louis son age 5, Lillie daughter age 2, Ella daughter age 1

The NY Times reported that in addition to the Finkelnagels at 439 6th street, Mr. Geisler of the same address lost his wife and two children while Mr. Finkenagle lost his wife and three children. They were still missing on June 19 and Mr. Finkenagel's mind "seemed to give way".

Anna "Grissler" age 35, of 439 E. 6th street, Lillie "Greissler" age 7 and Ella "Geissler" age 5 all of the same address where also among the missing.

A "Geisler" child, "a young boy", told reporters that he did not think his mother would return as the last he had seen of her she refused to jump overboard and was standing beneath the place where the deck collapsed. He was knocked overboard and was thrown into the water where a man pulled him to shore.

Note: I do not know who this young man could be as Louis Geissler age 10 of 439 6th street was listed among the dead.

It would appear that these two mothers of small children, living in the same building for a number of years were friends who went on the excursion together and died together along with their young children. One child Katie Finkelnagel age 12 survived. She was listed on the uninjured list.

The City Record of the disaster listed Mary Finkenagel age 10 as disinterred. Kate age 34, Clara 8 and William 6 were listed as missing. Kate age 12 suffered injury, shock or submersion and was sent to Lebanon hospital. It listed Geissler Louis age 10 as identified dead, Ella 5, Lillie, 7 and Minnie age 35, as missing.

1905: 5th street, Finkenagel, John coal dealer, head, age 35

1910: 5th street, John Finkenagel 42, widowed, retail merchant coal, Catherine Finkenagel 18

1915: 2nd ave, Finkenagel, Pete, age 32, wagon driver, Minnie [?] wife age 25, Louis daughter age 9 Cary daughter age 7 John son age 4, Freda daughter age 3 and Katherine niece age 23, cigar maker

1919: Marriage Catherine Finkenagel July 12, 1919 Kings #8567 to Felix Girardy

1920: Brooklyn, Felix "Girandy" 29, born Cuba, machinist, Catherine Girandy 26 Jose Clarement 27

1927: Felix Giraudy married again Sept 10, 1927, $28159 Manhattan

1926: Catherine Girandy Arrival Date: 22 Jun 1926 Birth Date: 26 Oct 1894 Birth Location: New York Birth Location Other: New York Age: 32 Gender: Female Port of Departure: Havana, Cuba Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Orizaba

1930: Brooklyn Felix "Girandy" 39, Cuba, machinist, Hermina Girandy 30, Cuba, John F Girandy 0 [5/12], Bertha Girandy 1 [1 6/12]

John Finkenagel died 7 February 1925

1906: Marriage, Louis Geissler 10 Mar 1906 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Louisa Brauneck Certificate Number: 6624

1911: Louis Geissler, lithographer h. 544 E 87th street.

1925: 544 E 87th street, Geissler, Louis, age 78 [?] artist, Geissler, Louis, wife, age 58

1927: Death of Louis Geissler, buried Middle Village Queens

1956: Louise Geissler born 1869 nee Brauneck same grave as Louis

1937: Catherine Finkenagel Giraudy [Catherine Finkenagel Finkenagel] Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 16 May 1892 Birth Place: Nyc, New York Father Name: John Finkenagel Mother Name: Catherine Wernborn Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Nov 1937: Name listed as CATHERINE FINKENAGEL GIRAUDY

1940: 86th street Manhattan, Charles Daver 49 Anna Daver 51 Anna Reiss 65, lodger, Catherine Girady, "married" 47, house work private family lodger, Herman Martins 50, lodger

1977: Catherine Giraudy SSN: 092-26-0213 Last Residence: 10028 New York, New York, New York, USA BORN: 16 May 1892 Last Benefit: 10028, New York, New York, New York, United States of America Died: Sep 1977 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1951)

Fischer/Dorzbacher* ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰


City Record: Fishler 108 1st st, Edna age 6 DEAD, Emma age 30 DEAD, Lillie age 4 DEAD, Barbara Hegyi age 20 DEAD (servant).

Emma Fisher was the former Emma Dorzbacher. She married Henry Fisher in 1897.

The Fischer family lived at 108 1st avenue. Henry Fischer lost his entire family: his wife, Emma✟ age 30, two daughters, Edna✟ age 6 and Lillie✟ age 4 and a servant Barbara✟ Hegyi age 20.

1901 "Property transfer" - 1ST AV, 108 Henry Doerzbacher to Henry Fisher

Henry Fischer remarried in August 1905 and had one son, Henry in 1910.

The family remained on 1st ave until at least 1920. By 1930 they were living in the Bronx. Henry Fischer died in 1939.

1900: 110 1st ave., Henry Fischer 33, upholsterer, Emma Fischer 26, married 4 years 2 children, 2 living, Edna Fischer 2, Lillie Fischer 1, John Schwartzkopf 40, boarder, Charles Dotzbacher 28, boarder

1904/5: City Report dead: Fischer 108 1st ave., Edna age 6, Emma age 30 Lilli age 4 and Barbara Hegyi age 20, servant

Bertha Fishler age "18" "314 E 9th street identified June 22

1897: Marriage Henry Fischer 27 Jan 1897 Manhattan 30 Father Christian Fischer Mother Catharine Rosenblatt Spouse Emma Dorzbacher Age: 22 Spouse's Father Henry Dorzbacher Spouse's Mother Lena Schmitt (LDS)

1897: Birth, Emma Edna Fischer 08 Nov 1897 Manhattan Father Henry Fischer Age: 30 Mother Emma Dorzbacher Fischer Age: 23 (LDS)

1900: Birth Lillian Fischer 15 Mar 1900 Manhattan Father Henry Fischer Age 33 Mother Emma Doerzbacher Fischer Age 25 (LDS)

1905: Marriage Henry Fischer Marriage 03 Aug 1905 Manhattan Age: 38 Widowed Father Christian Mother Katherine Rosenblatt Spouse's Name: Theresa Trass Age: 37 Single Spouse's Father Henry G. Trass Spouse's Mother Theresa Bauer (LDS)

1910: 108 [?] 1st ave. Henry Fischer 43, marriage 2, proprietor bakery, Theresa Fischer 41, marriage 1, 1 child 1 living, Henry C Fischer 0 [2/12], Gertrude Schlegel 39, lodger, Clifford R W Schlegel 9, lodger, Mary Harris 19, servant,

1920: Manhattan, 105 1st ave, Henry Fischer 52, messenger, bank, Theresa Fischer 51, Henry E Fischer 9, Gertude Schlegel 49, sister, Clifford W Schlegel 18, nephew

1930: They were in the Bronx

1939: ????? Henry C. Fischer Death Date: 24 May 1939 Cemetery: The Evergreens Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA

In June 2017 Cliff Doerzbacher wrote:

In my family, legend always had it that my great great grandfather's niece and her nanny perished on The Slocum.

Your research points toward a possible correction to our unfortunately not so well known history.

Apparently maybe it wasn't his niece, but his daughter and her children.

Another tidbit of "info" was that Henry's wife drowned herself in the fountain at their Whitestone estate.

No verifiable details but now it makes some sense if losing her daughter and grandchildren was the cause.

My family owned buildings on lower 1st Ave and the East Village and Henry owned a coffee and tea shop on lower 1st Ave.

Eventually the surname was changed to "Doerzbacher".

My great grandfather William bought a bungalow in the early 1900's in Staten Island where the family summered.

The family put down some roots and are Staten Islanders to this day (my dad is 92).

Henry Dorzbacher (Heinrich Dörzbacher), baker, born Germany 1845, immigrated in 1867, married Lena (Helena) Schmitt. Their daughter, Emma, was born in 1875. Emma married Henry Fisher. Emma died in the Slocum disaster.

Henry and Lena and had:

  1. William - listed first of the sons of Henry at Henry's death in 1919

    Born circa 1871 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania died 1942

    Married Annie Ernst Nov 22, 1893 #14675 Manhattan

    1910: 103 1st ave, Manhattan Wm Doerzbacher 40, coffee store owner, born Pittsburgh, Annie Doerzbacher 38, Wm Doerzbacher 15, Marie Doerzbacher 13, Theodore Doerzbacher 6

  2. Charles circa 1872 - still alive at his father's death in 1919.

    Charles Dorzbacher New York, New York City Marriage Records, 1829-1940 birth: 1873 New York City, U. S. marriage: 12 March 1901 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Henry Dorzbacher mother: Lena Schmitt spouse: Emilie Holzner other: Joseph Holzner, Minna Wissmer

  3. Emma✟ circa 1875 - married Henry Fisher - died in the Slocum disaster

  4. Helena, 1876 - married ___ Cathcart

    Helena Dorzbacher New York, New York City Births, 1846-1909 birth: 22 November 1876 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Henry Dorzbacher mother: Helena Schmidt

    In 1890 police census with Henry, - married - Cathcart and lived in Cleveland

Death of Lena Schmitt Doerzbacher, first wife of Henry sr.: Lina Doerzbacher age 25, April 16, 1881 #379412 Manhattan

1896 Suicide of Katherine Doerzbacher: 1896 Katherine Doerzbacher of Whitestone wife of ??? Doerzbacher

Katherine✟ born circa 1870 - died 1896

Katherine Doerzbacher, Age: 25, Birth Year: abt 1871, Germany, married, Death Date: 15 Nov 1896, Death Place: Village of Whitestone, New York, USA (LDS)

Newtown, NY Register, 1896: Suicide -

"Within less than a fortnight two young wives in Queens County have committed suicide. The first case was that of Katherine Dorzbacher, of Whitestone, aged 26 years, who, quite early on Sunday morning, November 15, got out of bed, and unnoticed by her husband, leaped from a second story window, and then walked from her residence, dressed only in her night clothes to a pond a short distance from her home, into which she jumped and was drowned."
Katherine had been ill for some time and had twice taken poison in an attempt to kill herself.

Question: Who was Katherine married to? She is not listed in the NYC death index for under Kathrine (or variations) in 1896.

Remarriage of Henry sr.: Emma Vetter/Wetter born circa 1860 , married May 3 1881 #1993 Manhattan.

Children of second marriage - Henry and Emma Vetter:

  1. Carrie born circa 1883 - married Frederick Babcock in 1910 - listed in 1940 census as born circa 1883

    Carrie Doerzbacker Event Type Birth Event Date 06 Jan 1883 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Race White Father's Name Henry Doerzbacker Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 37 Mother's Name Emma Vetter Mother's Birthplace Newar, New Jersey Mother's Age 22

    1910: Carrie L Doerzbacher Marriage 20 Apr 1910 Queens, New York, USA Spouse: Frederick B Babcock Certificate Number: 1370

  2. Lizzie Katie✟ Doerzbacher Event Type Birth Event Date 24 Dec 1884 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Race White Father's Name Henry Doerzbacher Father's Birthplace GER Father's Age 39 Mother's Name Emma Wetterr Mother's Birthplace Newark, NJ Mother's Age 24

    Lizzie Doerzbacher born circa 1885 - Death 28 Feb 1894 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States, 108 First Ave. Gender Female Age 9 Marital Status Single Race White Occupation school Birth Year (Estimated) 1885 Birthplace N. Y. Burial Place New York City, NY Cemetery Lutheran Father's Name Henry Doerzbacher Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Emma Doerzbacher Mother's Birthplace New Jersey

  3. Lilly born 1887 married Fred Nuhn

    Lilly Doerzbacher Gender Female Birth Date 18 Jul 1887 Birthplace Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name Henry Doerzbacher Mother's Name Emma Vetter

    Marriage: Fred Nuhn 02 Oct 1904 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age 23 Marital Status Single Birthplace New York City N.Y. Father's Name Michael Nuhn Mother's Name Louise Ocllinger Spouse's Name Lillie Dorzbacher Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 17 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Race White Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1887 Spouse's Birthplace New York City, N.Y. Spouse's Father's Name Henry Dorzbacher Spouse's Mother's Name Emma Wetter

Death of 2nd wife - Emma Vetter: Before 1899

Remariage: 1899 to Pauline Ehrfeld Doerzbacher - born circa 1866 - Married April 28, 1899 #6838 Manhattan - died in 1928

Henry Dorzbacher, Event Type Marriage, Event Date 28 Apr 1899, Gender Male, Age 53, Marital Status Widowed, Birth Year (Estimated) 1846, Birthplace Schillingstadt, Baden Germany, Father's Name Michael Dorzbacher, Mother's Name Eva, Spouse's Name Pauline Ehrfeld, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 33, Spouse's Marital Status Single, Spouse's Race White, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 186,6 Spouse's Birthplace Bobstadt Boxberg, Baden, Spouse's Father's Name David Ehrfeld, Spouse's Mother's Name Henriette Dorzbacher


  1. Henry circa 1890

1877: Henry Dorzbacher Baker 108 First Ave (only Dorzbacher listed under bakers)

1888: Henry Dorzbacher 108 First av New York, New York, USA Occupation: Baker

1900: Queens, 18th street, Henry Dortzbacher Head M 55 Germany, immigrated 1866, bakery, Pauline Dortzbacher Wife F 34 Germany, 3 children 1 living, immigrated 1899, Henry Dortzbacher Son M 10 New York

1902: Henry Dorzbacher 108 1st ave, listed under bakers - also listed Louis, baker, at 1428 Second ave.

1902: Passport application - birth date August 21, 1945, Germany, immigrated November 1867, from Liverpool, naturalized superior Court New York 1st October 1879 baker, 5 feet 2 inches gray eyes dark brown hair with grey.

1913: October 25, 1913 Travel, from Hamberg on the S. S. Kaiserine, Henry 68 and Pauline 48 to New York.

1919: Henry Doerzbacher Death, 31 May 1919, Queens, New York, United States, Gender Male, Age 73, Marital Status Married, Occupation Retired Baker, Birth Date 20 Aug 1845, Birthplace Germany, Burial Date 03 Jun 1919, Cemetery Lutheran, Father's Name Michael Doerzbacher, Father's Birthplace Germany, Mother's Name Carolina, Mother's Birthplace Germany, Spouse's Name Paulino Doerzbacher

1919: Doerzbacher - The estate of Henry Doerzbacher of Whitestone Rd., Whitestone was appraised for taxes at $70,767.57. The estate when to his widow, Pauline, three sons, William and Charles of Manhattan and Henry of Whitestone, and three daughters, Lena Cathcart of Cleveland, Caroline Babcock of the Bronx and Lillie Nuhn of Corona. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. June 2, 1919

According to the probate Pauline was given the household furniture and the right to occupy the house for two months after Henry's death and $18,000 in cash. The remainder of the estate whet to the children.

Fischler ⚰ ⚰

City record: 314 E 9th st Antonia age 6 DEAD, Hertha age 7 DEAD

In 1904 the Fischler family lived at 314 9th ave. Antonia✟ age 6 and Hertha✟ age 7 the two children of Edmond and Alice Fishler perished in the Slocum disaster. Edmond and Alice, do not appear to have been on the excursion with them. Edmond and Alice continued to live on the Lower East side until at least 1916.

Despite being young enough, they did not have any more children after the deaths of their daughters, Hertha and Antonia.

1893: Marriage Edmund Fischler 25 Jun 1893 Manhattan to Alice Jonck Certificate Number: 8040

1900: 443 6th street, "Edward" Fischler Head M 41 Germany, married 7 years, 2 children 2 living, bartender, Alice Fischler Wife F 29 Germany, Hertha Fischler Daughter F 4 New York, Tony Fischler Daughter F 2 New York

1904 Death: Antonia Fischler 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 6 Burial Date: 21 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father "Emil" Fischler Mother Alisa "Youk"

1904 Death: Hertha Fischler 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 8 Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father Daniel Fischler Mother Alice Donk Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1905: 314/16 9th street, Edmund Fischler Head M 46y Germany, lunchman, Ellis Fischler Wife F 34y Germany

1910: E. 9th street, Edmund Fischler Head M 50 Germany, chef saloon, Alice Fischler Wife F 39 Germany, 2 children 0 living, Ida Kahn Boarder F 22 Russia, boarder, Clemens Martins Boarder M 42 Germany, boarder

1911: Edmond Fischler 305 E9th Occupation: Chef Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1911

1916: 778 2nd ave., Edmund Fischler New York, New York, USA Restaurant Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1916

1920: Goust ave., Queens, Edward "Fischer" 60, bartender saloon, Alice Fischer 49

1922: Edmund Fischler BIRTH: abt 1860 DEATH: 14 Apr 1922 - Queens

1930: Forest ave., Queens, Alice Fishler 59, widowed, Eric Sodtolbers 32, roomer

1940: Alice Fischler Birth Year: abt 1871 Age: 69 Death Date: 12 Feb 1940 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3545


City Record: Edward Flanagan 445 W. 28th street, age 27 taken home

Mate on the General Slocum.

Flegenheimer ⚰

Find a Grave: Lena Flegenheimer age 19 years old, single, death cert # 2804 Bronx, lived at 684 Greene Avenue Brooklyn - Lutheran - quite a large monument

1880: 5th street, Henry Flegenheimer 34, liquor store, Katie Flegenheimer 21 Henry Flegenheimer 1

1892: Very faint and hard to read - Flegenheimer, Martin age 44, (can't read occupation), Jetta age 39, Henry age 19, Amelia age 15, Albert age ?? Lena age 10, ---- age ??? (very hard to read, very faint)

1899: Henry Flegenheimer, deceased, Probate Date: 11 Jan 1899 Probate Place: New York, New York, USA Inferred Death Year: Abt 1899 Inferred Death Place: New York, USA - date of will, 24 August 1898, Millie, Lena Rosei, Adolph, Monroe, Henry Jr., witness Marcus Flegenheimer of 121 Manhattan ave, Brooklyn. brother of Henry sr. To Millie, Rosie and Lena $5,000 at their marriage or at age 21. His part og the partnership of Flegenheimer Brothers to sons, Henry, Adolph and Monroe. Katherine his wife, was "restricted to her dower interest" in the real estate. Brother Meyer to be executor.

1900: Manhattan, Katie Flegenheimer 41, widow, 7 children 56 living, Henry Flegenheimer 21, wine dealer, Emelie Flegenheimer 19, Rose Flegenheimer 16, Lena Flegenheimer 14, Adolph Flegenheimer 11, Munroe Flegenheimer 6

1905: 684 Greene ave., Brooklyn, Flegenheimer, Catherine, age 46, Henry 26, Adolph 18, Monroe 11, Rosie 24

1910: Katherina Flagenheimer 51, widowed, E 32nd street, Brooklyn, 7 children 5 living, Rose Flagenheimer 27 Adolph Flagenheimer 22, salesman real estate, Monroe Flagenheimer 16

1955: Monroe Flegenheimer, prominent insurance broker and former Assemblym from the 5th Manhattan District, died Aug. 4 at his home in New York City. He was 64.


Fleischer ⚰

Find a Grave: Henry H Fleischer age 15 years old, death cert # 3631 Bronx, lived at 322 E 13th Street, Lithographer $6.00 week - Lutheran Cemetery

Foelsing ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: 194 3rd ave, Elizabeth, 16 DEAD, Ferdinand 8 DEAD, Amelia 35, DEAD, George B 10 DEAD

According to his descendent, Georgiana Havill:

"Henry (Heinrich) Foelsing (24) arrived in New York on October 24, 1882 aboard the ss Westphalia from Hamburg, listing his residence as Prussia."
Henry Foelsing, painter, lost his wife and three of his four children on June 15, 1904. By 1910 he was living in the Bronx. He died in 1913. He did not remarry.

Henry Foelsing married Emile/Amelia Moschen/Mosecher.

They had:

  1. William Fredrick, 13 November 1886 died Hawaii 1931.

    In August 2017 Georgiana Havill wrote:

    " William F. Foelsing (dob 1887) lived on to become my great-grandfather and died (1931) a captain in the US Army while leading a hike in Hawaii. Notice of William F. Foelsing's death in the New York Times on Aug 7 1931 stated his birth as 1886. From that, I am guessing that he "aged" himself a year perhaps in order to enlist after he lost his mother and three siblings (leaving his father Henry Foelsing to grieve alone.)"
    William F. Foelsing joined the army at an early age and continued to serve until his death in 1931. He married twice. He had four children (Three boys and a girl) by his first marriage and two daughters by his second marriage.

    1908: William Foelsing Birthyear: abt 1886 Birthplace: New York, United States Enlistment Age: 21 11/12

    1911: William Foelsing Birthyear: abt 1886 Birthplace: New York, United States Enlistment Age: 25

    1914: William Foelsing Birth Place: New York City, New York Birth Date: abt 1886 Service Start Date: 10 Nov 1914 Service Start Place: Fort McIntosh, Texas Service Start Age: 28

    1917: William Foelsing Birth Place: New York City, New York Birth Date: 13 Nov 1886 Service Start Date: 13 Oct 1917 Service Start Age: 30

    1920: Philadelphia Ward 15, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Street: Westside N 20th St House Number: 734 James U Hoey 57, Margaret Hoey 57, Genevieve Hoey 28, Louis S Hoey 21, Martine Hoey 20, James J Hoey 15, William F Foelsing 32, lodger, Officer Industry: US Army, Louis C Keeley 47, Ida Keeley 37, Dorothy Bell 11

    1921: William Foelsing Birth Date: 13 Nov 1886 Birth Place: New York Military Date: 10 Mar 1921 Publication Date: 1921 Title: U.S. Army Register

    1930: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA Map of Home: View Map Street address: Bulrnut St. Wayne G Leverett 27 Bertha M Leverett 32 Charles E Leverett 9 Bernice Leverett 6 William E Foelsing 16, step son, George T Foelsing 13, step son, Bertha B Foelsing 10, step daughter

    1930: New Rochelle, Westchester, New York, USA William F "Faelsing" 42, born New York, soldier, US army, Florence L Faelsing 22, born Alabama, Florence E Faelsing 1, born New York, Joseph B Huffer 35, lodger, office US Army

    1931: Death in Hawaii

    August 1931 Capt. William F Foelsing of the quartermaster corps, had a heart attack and died while on a reconnaissance mission hike on the Waikane trail. He was the post salvage and laundry officer. He was survived by his wife, a daughter Florence age 3 and three children, William, George and Bertha who were in school on the mainland. He was buried in Arlington Cemetery.

    Children: From first marriage

    1. William circa 1914

    2. George circa 1917

    3. Bertha circa 1920

    Children from 2nd marriage:

    1. Florence circa 1929

      Florence Effie Foelsing [Florence E Atkins] [Florence Schenk] [Florence Sessoms] Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 20 Jun 1926 Birth Place: Slocum, New York [Fort Salcum, New York] Death Date: 27 Mar 1999 Father: William F Foelsing Mother: Florence L Gilliam SSN: 252327676 Notes: Dec 1942: Name listed as FLORENCE EFFIE FOELSING; Nov 1944: Name listed as FLORENCE E ATKINS; Apr 1958: Name listed as FLORENCE ATKINS SCHENK; 03 Mar 1975: Name listed as FLORENCE EFFIE SESSOMS; 08 Apr 1999: Name listed as FLORENCE F SESSOMS

    2. Susanne after the death of her father

    1930: U. S. Army Transport, Foelsing Mrs William Foelsing wife Capt. Q. M. C., daughter age 2 2 San Francisco, California Arrival Place Honolulu, Hawaii Ship Somme Military Unit Dau Capt, QMC

    1931: 25 August Mrs Wm Foelsing and her 3 year old daughter from Honolulu, Hawaii Arrival Date: 25 Aug 1931 Arrival Place: San Francisco, California Ship: Somme Military Unit: Qmc-Deceased Rank: Captain

    1994: Obit FLORENCE DOBIAS

    SMITHFIELD - Florence LaMae Gilliam Dobias, 87, a homemaker and a Smithfield resident for 10 years, died Friday, Jan. 7.

    Mrs. Dobias was a native of Magnolia, Ga., and a charter member of Westminister Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, N.C.

    Survived by two daughters, Florence Effie Foelsing Sessoms of Smithfield and Susanne Foelsing Giglio of Washington, D.C.; five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

    Visitation from 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday at Jernigan-Warren Funeral Home, Fayetteville, N.C. Graveside services 11 a.m. Monday in Fort Bragg Cemetery, Fort Bragg, N.C., by the Rev. Ben West.

  2. Elizabeth✟ circa 1889

  3. George Ferdinand✟, 12 November 1894

  4. Ferdinand Henry✟, 21 January 1897

Amelia✟, Elizabeth✟, George✟ and Fredinand✟ died in the Slocum disaster.

1900: 1914 Third ave., Henry Foelsing 40, cannot read occupation, may be "painter" Amelia Foelsing 30, 4 children 4 living, William Foelsing 12, Elizabeth Foelsing 10, George Foelsing 5, Ferdinand Foelsing 3

1904 City record: Foelsing 1914 3rd Ave., Elizabeth 16, Ferdinand 8, Amelia 35, George B. 10 deceased.

1910: Bronx, Frederick J Weiss 42, Anna Weiss 34, Frederick P Weiss 17, Howard D Weiss 9, William E Weiss 5, Harry W Weiss 4, Henry Foelsing 51, widowed, boarder, painter, job work,

1913: Henry Foelsing, Age: 54, Death Date: 12 Feb 1913, Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 1014

Folke/Folks ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 257 Ave B Annie age 50 DEAD, Dora age 75 DEAD, Ludwig 41 to Lebanon hospital.

Dora Folke, born in Germany circa 1829, was on the General Slocum with her son, Ludwig age 41 and daughter in law, Anna, age 50. Dora✟ and Ann✟ died. Ludwig, age 41, survived and was taken to Lebanon Hospital.

Ludwig remarried in 1905.

He was still living on the Lower East Side in 1916. Ludwig died in 1919.

1899: Marriage Ludwig Folke 04 Feb 1899 Manhattan, N Age: 36 Single Birthplace: Bremen, Germany, Father Ludwig Folke, Mother Doris Zimmermann, Spouse Anna Balsam Age: 45 Widowed Birthplace: Gleiwitz, O.S., Gy. (LDS)

1900: 257 Ave B., Ludwig Folke 37, cigar maker, Annie Folke 37, 0 children, married 2 years, Dora Folke 73, widowed, mother, 1 child 1 living

1904: Folke, 257 Ave B, Annie "50"* and Dora 75 dead - Ludwig age 41 in Lebanon hospital.

*should be "40".

1904: Death - Dora Folks 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age: 75 Father Valentine H. A. Zimmermann Mother Dorethea E. Bernhardt (LDS)

1905: 257 ave. B, Louis Folke, cigar maker

1910: 257 Ave. B., Ludwig Folke 46, marriage 2, 5 years, cigar maker, Mary Folke 42, marriage 1, 0 children

1919: Death Manhattan 6 March, 1919

1899: Marriage to Anna Balsom mother Dorothea Zimmermann

1905: Marriage to Mary Lightfoot, mother Dorothea Zimmerman, father Ludwig

1916: Ludwig A Folke 257 At B Occupation: Cigars Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1916

1919: Death, Ludwig A. Folke New York birth: 8 October 1863 Germany death: 6 March 1919 burial: 8 March 1919 father: Ludwig A. Folke mother: Dorothy Zimmermann (LDS)

Foster ⚰

Maggie Foster✟ age 59 of 79 Ave A. perished.

According to Find a Grave, Maggie Foster was a widow in 1904.

Frech/Freck ⚰ ☁

City Record: 409 5th st., Charles age 14 DEAD, Edward age 13 to Lincoln

Eddie Freck 13 of 409 5th street returned home alone and told how he had been saved. He had been with his brother, Charlie, 14, on the lowest deck when Charlie told him the boat was on fire. The fire was all around so they jumped off the boat. Eddie though Charlie was a better swimmer but for some reason Charlie went down and Eddie couldn't get to him. Eddie was pulled out by a man in a "little" rowboat who also rescued two or three women. The boatman also pulled in the body of a baby. He went after two other people who where "fighting" in the water, but did not get to them in time. Eddie was put ashore and took a "car" back home. He then returned to the morgue to look for his brother but did not find him.

Eddie was the son of Henry Frech and his wife Annie. Annie had died before 1900 leaving four partially orphaned sons, Henry Jr., Charlie, Eddie, and John. Henry senior and his three remaining sons, Henry junior, Eddie and John moved to Carlstadt New Jersey by 1910. Henry senior did not remarry. Eddie married and had at least two children.

Marriage of Henry Frech to Annie Winter


  1. Henry Jacob Frech, 24 March 1883 per WWI Dr, barber, father Henry Frech.

  2. Charlie Edward Frech✟ 02 Jan 1890 Manhattan Father Henry Frech Mother Annie Winter Frech

  3. Edward, June 1891/2

  4. John circa 1895

Death of Annie Frech: - before 1900 - ??? Annie Frech Age: 40 17 Oct 1896 New York, New York Certificate Number: 35224

1900: Manhattan, 101 Ave D. with the Hartmeyer family, Jacob age 59 and Mary age 52 and their children Frech, Henry, bother in law, age 50 widowed, cigar maker, Henry Jr nephew, age 17, barber

1900: 104th street and Manhattan ave., Society for the Relief of Half Orphaned and Destitute Children: Freck, Charles, born Jan 1890 age 10, Edward, born June 1891 age 8, Freck, John born July 1894 age 5

1910: Carlsbadt, Henry Frech Head M 59 New York, widow, cigar maker, Henry J Frech Son M 27 New York, barber, Edward Frech Son M 18 New York, printer, John Frech Son M 16 New York

1915: Carlstadt Borough, 1 district, Bergen, New Jersey, United States Henry Frech M New York Edward Frech M New York John Frech M New York (no image available)

1917: Edward G "Frech", dob 17 June "1892", born NY, printer Carlstadt NJ, married, wife and father, medium height, Medium build, blue eyes brown hair.

1920: Carlstadt, Bergen, New Jersey Henry Freck 70, widowed, born Bavaria, Edward Freck 28, compositor, Ida Freck 24, wife, Ruth Freck 2, [2 4/12] Edward Freck 0 [5/12]

1942 WWII DR: Edward George "Frech" dob June 17, 1891, New york, residence 51 Hackenstreet East Rutherford NJ, wife, Ida May, employee New York Post.

Freese (Frese/Freese/Fresse)

  1. Freese (Frese/Freese/Fresse) ☁ ☁ ☁

    City record: Freese - 509 Houston st, Anne 15 to Lebanon, Ferdinand age 50 to Lebanon Meta 46 to Lebanon

    Ferdinand Freese, 50, his wife, Meta, 48 and their daughter Anne age 15 were on the excursion and survived. They were sent to Lebanon Hospital. Another daughter, Lillian Pfeifer, the 18 year wife of Charles Pfeifer, died. Ferdinand Frese and Meta moved to Coney Island Ave. In 1926 they were living with Charles Pfeifer and his new family. Daughter Anne Frese married Charles William Sierichs in 1912. Charles Sierichs was also a surviver of the Slocum disaster. His mother, Lottie, had died in the debacle.

    Newspaper reprots listed:
    • Fresse, Anna 15 of 509 Houston street, Lebanon Hospital
    • Fresse, Elle 43 of 509 E Houston Lebanon Hospital
    • Fresse, Fred 50 509 East Houston
    • UNINJURED: Freese, Albert, 16, 426 E 15th street
    • INJURED: Freese: Ferdinand, age 50, and Annie age 15, Mangin and Houston streets, also Meta age 44 or 509 Houston st. and Meta 48 of 426 15th street
    • Listed as Freese, Ferdinand, age 50, Annie, age 15, and Meta age 44, of Mangin and Houstin or 509 Houston.

    Brooklyn Eagle:
    Mrs. Charles E. PFIFER, wife of Policeman Charles E. PFIFER, attached to the Vernon avenue station, was lost. Her body was identified this morning at the morgue. Mrs. PFIFER is the daughter of Frederick FREESE, a saloonkeeper in East Houston street, Manhattan, and who is also a director of the Consumers Brewing Company of this borough. Mr. and Mrs. FREESE with another daughter, were on the excursion, and at the time of the outbreak were engaged in looking in the engine room of the boat. Mrs. PFIFER had stepped away, and while the FREESE family were saved, she was killed. The unfortunate woman was to have celebrated the first anniversary of her wedding to-day.

    June 16, 1904

    City record: Pfeifer, Lillian M age 18, 937 Bedford ave Brooklyn - deceased

    1882: Marriage Ferdinand Frese 18 May 1882 Manhattan Spouse: Meta Ahrens Certificate Number: 12627


    1. Lilly Amalia Bertha Freese 10 Feb 1886 Manhattan Father Ferdinand Freese Age: 32 Mother Meta Ahrens Age: 25 (LDS)

      1903: Charles Pfeifer 17 Jun 1903 Manhattan Age: 28 Single Race: White Father Charles Pfeifer Mother Matilda Bergel to Lillie Frese Age: 17 Father Ferdinand Frese Mother Meta Ahrens

      1904: Lillian Meta Frese Pfeifer Burial Middle Village Birth Date: 10 Feb 1886 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier: 18552151 Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (LDS)

      Find A Grave

    2. Annie Catherine Frese, 09 Oct 1888, Manhattan father Ferdinand, mother Meta (LDS)

      Marriage - Charles William Sierichs 27 Nov 1912 Manhattan Age: 22 Father William Sierichs Mother Lotta Lander to Anna Catharine Frese Age: 24 Father Ferdinand Frese Mother Meta Ahrens (LDS)

    1925: Brooklyn, Coney Island Ave., Ferdinand Frese 71, Meta Frese 63, Charles Pfifer 50, son in law, police sergeant, Dorothy Pfifer 46, daughter, Charles Pfifer 16, Charles, Alfred Pfifer 13, son

    1925: Ferdinand Frese Death 20 Dec 1925 Brooklyn, Married Race: White Occupation: Hotel Manager Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 24 Dec 1925 Cemetery: Lutheran Father Wigand Frese Mother Unknown Spouse Meta Frese (LDS)

  2. Freese (Frese/Freese/Fresse) ⚰ ☁ ☀

    City record: 426 E 15th Anna Frese, age 20, of dead, Meta age 48 to Lebanon and Albert age 16 uninjured.

    Anna✟ and Albert were the children of Meta Freese who was widowed by at least 1905. She also had a son, William.

    Anna died in the Slocum. Meat was was taken to the hospital and Albert was uninjured. Albert did no marry.

    1905:416 E 15th street, Frese, Meta, age 49, William age 19, clerk, Albert, 17, porter

    1910: Manhattan E 17th street, Meta K Frese 54, none, Chas W Frese 24, retail merchant grocery, Albert F Frese 22, clerk publishing house.

    1915: 2nd ave ave A, Meteor Frese 59, William C Frese 29, grocery clerk, Albert Frese 27, office man

    1920: Avenue A., Albert Frese 32, cashier, Meta Frese 64, widow,

    1925: Avenue A. Meta Frese 69 Albert Frese 37, cashier

    1930: Brooklyn, E 10th street, Albert Fresse 42, cashier, factory, Mida Fresse 74

In March 2016 Fred Buck wrote:
"The second wife of NYC Policeman Charles Pfeifer was the sister of his first wife, who died as a result of the fire. That's why the Freeses were living with Pfeifer's new family in 1926."
See Pfeifer below.

Frey ⚰ ⚰

City record: 84 7th street, Elizabeth Frey age 34 DEAD, Frederick age 1, MISSING

Birth of Frederick Frey: Fred William Frey 27 May 1903 to Henry E Frey age 34, and Elizabeth Kalb age 34 (LDS)

Fritz ⚰ ⚰

City record: 1225 Park ave., Alma age 47 DEAD, Catherine Gieser age 25 (daughter of Mrs. Fritz)

Alma Kammer married "George" Fritz, saloon keeper, in 1874. By 1900 they had had 4 children 2 of whom were still living. In 1900 their daughter Katherine married Henry Gieser. Alma (geb Kammer) Fritz age 47 and Catherine (geb. Fritz) Gieser, age 25, of 1225 Park avenue died in the Slocum disaster. Henry Gieser died in 1925 in the Bronx. George Fritz died in 1968.

1874: Marriage - George Fritz to Alma "Raemmer" 05 Sep 1874 Manhattan Father Ludwig Fritz Mother Elise Roding Spouse's Father Edward "Kaemmer" Spouse's Mother Minna Rube (LDS)

1875: Karl Fritz son of George Fritz and Alma "Kaemmer" 22 April 1875 (LDS)

1891: Passpost application, Goege Fritz, born Kircheim - Bolariden, Germany 18 June 1851, himself, his wife, (unnamed) and his daughter Kathy, born New York 24 April 1879, naturalized citizen hotel keeper

1900: E 87th street, Fritz, George, age 48 married 26 years, saloon keeper, Alma, wife, age 43, 4 children 2 living, "Edward" son age 18, collector

1900: Henry Wm Gieser to Katharine Fritz 11 Jan 1900 Manhattan Father Henry Gieser Mother Christine Roewer Spouse's Father George Fritz Spouse's Mother Alma "Kaewmer" (LDS)

1900: Bronx, Henry Gieser Head, clerk, M 31 New York Catherine Gieser Wife F 21 New York

1904: FRITZ, MRS. ALMA, 47 years old. No. 1235 Park avenue; wife of George Fritz, collector for Lippmann's brewery; identified at the Morgue (New York's Awful Excursion Boat Horror)

1905 Walters ave., Theodore Herschmann 45, clerk, Eva Herschmann 42, wife, Cristina Gieser 75, Mother in law, Henry Gieser 33, b in law, Helen Gieser 34, s in law

1908: Passport George Fritz born 8 Jun 1851 Krichhein Colanden, Bavaria, Germany Age: 56 Passport Issue Date: 21 May 1908, occupation collector

Henry Gieser died in 1925 in the Bronx. Henry W Gieser - Age: 55 Death Date: 11 Jun 1925 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 4195

"Edmund" Fritz born 188- died 1968 per tombstone at Find a Grave for Alma Kammer Fritz and Catherine Gieser, 1904.

Edward Fritz Marriage 27 Feb 1904 Manhattan, Age: 22 Single Father George Fritz Mother "Alina Kaeewaier" to Hannah Scherer Age: 20 Single Father Jacob Scherer Mother Elizabeth Roeslein


Find a Grave: Lena Froelich, age 23, married, death cert # 2814 Bronx, lived at 301 W 96 Street

Fulling ☀ ☀ ☀

City record: Mathilda age 29 and Edmund age 1 and a servant, Clara Olden, age 16 were all uninjured.

Matilda Klenen married Henry Fulling in 1901. They had one son, Edmund in 1903. Matilda age 29 and Edmund age 1 of 110 W 129th street were very lucky. The both escaped uninjured. Their servant, Clara Olsen age 16 was also "taken home". Apparently the experience on the General Slocum did not scare them away from water travel and Edmund and Matilda Fulling took many ocean voyages in the 1920 and 30s. Despite being quite young did not have additional children after 1904.

1901: Henry Fulling, Marriage, 10 Jun 1901, Manhattan, Age: 26, Single, Father Henry Fulling, Mother Anna Schnitker, to Matilda Klenen, Age: 26, Single, Spouse's Father Louis Klenen Spouse's Mother Meta Meyer (LDS)

1903: Edmund Henry Fulling, 29 Apr 1903, Manhattan, Father Henry F. Fulling, Age: 30, Mother's Name: Mathilda Klenen, Age: 2 - (LDS)

1915: Eastchester, Henry F Fulling 42 Matilda Fulling 40 Edmond H Fulling 12

1920: Eastchester, Westchester, Henry F Fulling Head M 45 New York, merchant paper and twine, Matilda Fulling Wife F 44 New York, Edmund Fulling Son M 16 New York, Anna Fulling Mother F 75 Germany

1921: Rosalind from St John's via Halifax, arriving July 16 1921, Fulling, Henry age 48, Matilda age 46, Edmond age 16, Erkling Stephen age 17, brother, born Hoboken, Erkling Gertrude, 18 sister, born Hoboken, Kleanan, Meta age 1-, niece, born New York except where noted.

1925: Death of Henry F. Fulling age 52 at Tuckahoe New York on December 28, 1925. Husband of Matilda, father of Edmund, son of Anna s., buried Woodlawn.

Matilda Fulling and Edmund Fulling traveled extensively in the 1920s and 30s - Hawaii, Florida, Europe

1940: Tuckahoe, Edmund H Fulling 36, college 5th year, own, $20,000, botanist, Margarita Fulling 32

Edmund Fulling died in White Plains in 1975. He was a biologist who published several books.

Edmund H Fulling

Funk ⚰

City record: Funk - 33 ave A - Michael 12 DEAD

Michael Funck was the son of Morris and Sarah Funk, Polish Jews. Sarah and Morris had 6 children by 1904.

Although Sarah was only 37 when her son Michael died she and Morris did not have additional children.

The family moved uptown by 1910.

1900: 33 Ave A. Morris Funk 32. born Poland, Russian, cigars, Sarah Funk 33, married 10 years, 6 children 6 living, Elsie Funk 8, Michael Funk 7, Bertha Funk 5, Rachel Funk 2, Lillie Funk 2, Louis Funk 4/12

1904: Michale Funk age 12 victim of the General Slocum disaster buried Union Field Cemembery Congreagation Rodeph Sholom Cypress ave.

1910: 10- street, Morris Funk 43, cigar maker shop, Yiddish, Sarah Funk 44, 6 children 5 living, Yiddish, Rose Funk 19, Bertha Funk 16, Ray Funk 12, Lillian Funk 12, Louis Funk 10

1915: Bronx, Morris Funk 49 Sarah Funk 49 Bertha Funk 21 Ray Funk 17 Lily Funk 17 Louis Funk 15

Gade ⚰

City record: 405 5th st Grace age 16 DEAD

Marie Beckman and Ernest Gade had three children Henry, Grace and George between 1885 and 1893. Ernest Gade died in 1894. Grace was lost in the Slocum disaster. By 1910 Marie and her remaining two children were living in the Bronx. Marie Gade died in 1935.

1900: 95 1st ave., Marg Gade 39, widow, 3 children 3 living, Henry Gade 15, cash boy, Grace Gade 11, George Gade 8

Find a Grave

1905: 405 5th street, Mary Gade 45, house work, Henry Gade 20, drug clerk, George Gade 12

1910: Bronx, Marie A H Gade 49, 3 children 2 living, Henry N Gade 25 George A P Gade 17 Harman Ganahugh 47

1920: Bronx, Marie Gade 59, widow, born Hanover Germany, George Gade 27 Herman Gansuge 55

1930: Bronx, Marie Gade 69, widowed, Anna Lubker 82, boarder

1935: Marie Gade, Age: 75, Death Date: 2 Nov 1935, Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 9625

Galewski/Galweski ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Flora, age 36 MISSING and her children, Helen 6 and Morris 3, DEAD

Flora Kantrowitz married Samuel Galewski. They were both born in Poland/Russia. They had two children Helen and Morris. Flora and the two children died in the Slocum disaster. Samuel Galewski made a trip to Europe late in 1904 returning in June 1905.

1904: Galewski 54 7th street, DEAD Helen 6 and Morris 3 MISSING Flora 36 (according to articles in the paper Flora's body was never recovered.)

1904: The June 17 NY Times reported the death of Mrs. Anna Galweski, age "64", of 54 7th street as one of those lost in the Slocum disaster. She was said to hair "as white as snow" and be a favorite of all the children in the neighborhood. She was known as "Mother Galweski". She would take a group of children to Tompkins Park where she would tell them "beautiful stories". In her honor the children hung steamers of crepe and white flowers at her usual park bench seat. (New York Times Jun 17, 1904)

Note: The city report does NOT include any information on Ann Galweski.

NY Times Missing list June 17:

GALEWSKY, Flora, 36 years, of 54 Seventh street
GALEWSKY, Morris, 3 years, of 54 Seventh street [Morris on died list?]
GALEWSKY, Helen, 6 years, of 54 Seventh street

See DeLuccia who were at this same address.

1900: 54 7th ave., Galeweski, Samuel, head, age 36, born Russia, salesman, imm 1888, Flora, wife, 30, born Russia, 1 child 1 living Hellen daughter, 2, Emil son, age 1, children born New York

1904: NYC Death Index Bronx Galewiski, Morris 3 and Helen 6. - Burial Mount Hope Cemetery Brooklyn - 895 Jamaica Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11208.

Noah Benevolent Society bought 136 plots in Mount Hope Cemetery for Noah Lodge Section 2. In 1904, the paths in the section were paved. Some were sold immediately to families to raise money. By 1934, all the plots had been sold to families."

1904: Galewski Helen 6 y Jun 15 1904 3465 Bronx

1904: July, 26, Samuel Galewski, born October 22, 1862, of 19 E. 101 st became a US citizen in the District Court in Brooklyn.

1904: Passport application, July 27, Samuel Galewski, merchant, dob October 22, 1862 Tomashow, Russia, immigrated 1888, applied for a passport.

1905: Sam Galewski, age 43, widow, American Citizen, arrived from Antwerp, on the Kroonland on 20 June 1905

Gallagher ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Record: 424 E 15th st. Agnes age 9 months, DEAD, Veronica age 32 DEAD Walter age 9 DEAD - Kate 11 to Lebanon

John Gallagher lost his wife, Veronica✟ age 32, a son Walter✟ age 9 and a daughter Agnes✟ 9 months. His 11 year old adopted daughter, Catherine Uhlmeyer Gallagher, survived and was taken to Lincoln hospital. Catherine Gallagher was one of the longest survivors of the Slocum disaster. She died in 2002 age 109. She had: 12 children, 27 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren and 7 great-great grandchildren.

I do not know what happened to John Gallagher.

  • DEAD: Gallagher: Veronica, 34, 424 E. 32nd, Walter age 9, Agnes 9 months same address.
  • UNINJURED: Gallagher, Katie age 11, 424 E 32nd. The 1905 list says she was sent to Lebanon hospital.

City Report: Dead: Agnes 9 months, Veronica 32, Walter 9, Kate age 11 to Lebanon.

1900: 116 E 7th street, John Gallagher 26, clerk, Veranker Gallagher 26, 3 children 3 living, Katie Gallagher -, Walter Gallagher - , Eddie Gallagher 1

According to her obit in the New York Times:

"Catherine Uhlmyer was born in Manhattan on April 4, 1893. Her father died before she was a year old, and her mother married John Gallagher. His last name became hers.


Catherine Gallagher first lived with her grandparents, then with an aunt and uncle. She dropped out of school at 13, and at 20 she married Thomas Connelly, a truck driver."

1899: Edward Gallagher Birth 07 Oct 1899 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Father's Name: John Gallagher Father's Birthplace: N.Y.City Father's Age: 25 Mother's Name: Veronica Ottinger Gallagher Mother's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Age: 26 (LDS)

1903: Agnes Gallagher Birth 19 Sep 1903 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Father's Name: John Gallagher Father's Birthplace: N.Y. City Father's Age: 29 Mother's Name: Veronica Attinger Gallagher Mother's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Age: 30 (LDS)

1904: Veronica Gallagher Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Age: 32 Married born Germany Burial Date: 19 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Calvary Cem Father's Name: Martin O. Hinger Mother's Name: Regina (LSDS)

Marriage of Catherine Gallagher to Thomas Connelly

1930: E. 52nd street, Thomas Connelly 38 Katherine Connelly 37 Walter Connelly 13 George Connelly 11 Veronica Connelly 9 Betty Connelly 7 [7 9/12] Thomas Connelly 5 Robert Connelly 2 [2 11/12] Jean Connelly 1 [1 6/12]

1940: 1036 2nd ave., Manhattan, Thomas Connelly 49, chauffer railway express, Catherine Connelly 47, Walter Connelly 23,truck helper express delivery, George Connelly 21,platform man railway express, Vera Connelly 19, Betty Connelly 17, Thomas Connelly 15, Robert Connelly 13, Jean Connelly 11, Patricia Connelly 8, Raymond Connelly 6

Catherine Connelly, 109; Escaped Slocum Fire

Wikipedia In 1977 Catherine Connelly remembered the Sloucm disaster. She said her maother, 9 year old brother and infant sister died. Her last memory was her mother screaming. "Don't leave me." over and over agian. She was then pushed overboard and came to on the deck of a tug.

Gambichler ☀

City Record: 404 5th street "Henry" Gambichler age 13 uninjured.

Henry (Harry) Gambichler born 1891 the son of Eugene Gambichler and his wife Josephine was bit injured in the Slocum. In 1905 Eugene and Josephine were not listed together in the census. Harry was listed with his mother. Eugene was listed with his parents. Harry Gambichler was still single in 1930. He was listed as widowed in 1940. He does not appear to have had any children.

1891: Henry Gambichler BIRTH: 18 Mar 1891 - New York, New York

1900: 1st ave., Eugene Gambichler 35, clerk, Josephine Gambichler 38, married 14 years 2 children 2 living, Eugene Gambichler 12 Harry Gambichler 9

1904: Listed in some newpaper accounts as "Harry" Gamblicher.

1905: 404 5th street, Josephine Gambichler 40, Eugene Gambichler 17, clerk insurance, Harry Gambichler 14 at school

1905: Joseph Gambichler 69, pocket book maker, Christina Gambichler 69, Eugene Gambichler 38, son, bartender

1920: Harry Gambichler age 29 single boarder, clerk bank Bronx

1930: Harry Gambichler born New York age 39, single, lodger, real estate brokerage , accountant

1940: Harry Gambichler age 49, widowed, asst secty Los Angeles California


Find a Grave: Louisa Gartner age 23 years old, death cert #3627 Bronx, lived at 748 Westchester Avenue - Lutheran

Gassman ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Record: 128 4th street, Frank J. 11, Michael J. 5, Minnie L 7 dead - Henrietta age 41 to Lebanon hospital.

Michael Gassman and his wife, Henrietta, lost all of their children on the Slocum. Frank✟, 11, Michael✟, 5, and Minnie✟ age 7, all died while their mother Henrietta, age 41, survived and was taken to Lincoln hospital. In 1910 the family was living in Queens. In 1920 they were in the Brooklyn. Michael Gassman died in 1923 in Brooklyn. Henrietta Gassman died in 1930 Queens. None of her immediate family were still living at the time of her death.

1888: Marriage, Michael Gassmann to Henriette Zinckgraf 1888 Manhattan, New York, New York Certificate Number: 12284

1893: Birth Nov 17, Franz of Michael and Henrietta Zinckgraf

1900: 128 E 4th, Michael Gassman Head M 38 New York, barber, Hattie Gassman Wife F 38 New York, 3 children 3 living, Frank Gassman Son M 7 New York Minnie Gassman Daughter F 3 New York Michael Gassman Jr. Son M 1 New York

1910 Queens Michael Gassmann 47, clerk county club office, Henrietta Gassmann 47, 3 children 0 living

1920: Brooklyn, Michael Gassmam 57, clerk city hall, Henrietta Gassmam 57

Michael Gassman died 22 April 1923 Brooklyn

Henrietta Gassmann died 26 March 1930 in Queens

1930: Mrs. Henrietta Gassman, 67, a survivor of the General Slocum Disaster died at her home 1130 92nd ave., Jamaica of heart trouble following a long illness. None of her immediate family were still living at the time of her death. It was said that three of her children died in the Slocum event.

Geissler ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Geissler 439 6th st - Louis age 10 DEAD, Ella age 5, Lillie age 7 and Minnie age 35 all MISSING

Louis and Minnie✟ Geissler had three children by 1904: Louis✟ age 10, Lillie✟ age 7 and Ella✟ age 5. Louis Geissler age 10 of 439 6th street died. His mother Minnie, age 35, and his siblings, Ella 5 and Lillie 7 were never found. This constituted the entire family of Louis Giessler, a lithographer.

Louis Gissler married Louisa Brauneck in 1906.

Louis Geissler senior died in 1927.

1900: 439 6th street, Christina Gissler Head F 83 Germany, widowed, 1 child 1 living, Louis Gissler Son M 55 Germany, lithographer, Minnie Gissler Daughter-in-law F 40 Germany, 3 children 3 living, Louis Gissler Grandson M 6 New York, Lillie Gissler Granddaughter F 3 New York, Ella Gissler Granddaughter F 1 New York

1904: City Report - 439 6th st., Dead Louis Geissler age 10 (Louis Geissler BIRTH: abt 1894 DEATH: 15 Jun 1904 - Bronx and Louis Geissler Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Age: 10 Father's Name: Louis Geissler Mother's Name: Minnie Geissler LDS) - Missing, Ella age 5, Lillie age 7 and Minnie age 35

1886: Louis Geissler to Minnie Hofofensack 10 Jun 1886 Manhattan Father Louis Geissler Mother Wilhelmine Schwarz Spouse's Father Wm. Hofofensack Spouse's Mother Barbara Welker (LDS)

1887: Christophine Barbara Geissler Birth Date: 23 Nov 1887 Manhattan Father Louis Geissler Mother Minnie Hopfensack (LDS)

1890: Louise Geissler 17 May 1890 Birthplace: Manhattan, Father Louis Geissler Mother Minna Hopfensack(LDS)

1906: Louis Geissler married Louisa Brauneck 10 Mar 1906 Manhattan, New York, New York Father Louis Geissler Mother Christophene Schwartz Spouse's Father Christian Brauneck Spouse's Mother, Mary Noll (LDS)

1905: Real estate record - 6th street no 439 E 6th street

1915: E 87th street, Geissler, Louis age 60 artist, born Germany, Louisa wife age 47 born Canada

1917: Renewal of Lease for, of Premises at 439 E 6th St ., Manhattan. ... the building; lessor, Louis Geissler:

Street Cleaning Departmen -- Renewal of Lease for, of Premises at 439 E 6th St., Manhattan.

The Deputy and Acting Comptroller Presented the ------ report on the following resolution: May 11, 1917. To the Honorable the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. The Commissioner of the Department of Street Cleaning, ---- munication to your Board under date of January 17, 1917, requests a ---- lease of the store floor of the premises 439 East Sixth Street. Boroug of Manhattan occupied as a section station, for a period of three Years from June --- as at an annual rental of $600 and otherwise upon the same terms and -- contained in the existing The Comptroller ..... recommended a renewal of this lease for a term of three years romt was 3D. 1914, at an annual rental of $600, the same as now asked, etc., etc. etc. Lessor, Louis Geissler

Proceedings, 1916

1920: Louis Geissler 70, no occupation, Louisa Geissler 51

1921: That the Comptroller be and is hereby authorized to pay to Louis Geissler, 544 East 87th street, Borough of ... 336 East 6th street, Borough of Manhattan, for use of the Department of Street Cleaning for a period of three years

1925: Louie Geissler 78, Louise Geissler 58, Main Brauneck [Louise Geissler was born Brauneck]

1927: Death of Louis Geissler 1927 buried Lutheran All Faiths Queens

Gemeiner ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City Record: Gemeiner 895 Jefferson pl Brooklyn - William H age 5 DEAD, Grace T age 3 DEAD, Anna S. age 30 uninjured

William Gemenier and his wife, Anna Meyer, lost their two children William✟ age 5 and Grace✟ age 3 in the Slocum diaster. Anna Gemeiner survived. William and Anna had a daughter Ruth in 1906. Anna Gemenier died after a brief illness in 1915.

William Gemeiner remarried before 1922. His second wife was also named, Anne. They had two children, Jane circa 1922 and Richard circa 1925.

Richard died in WWII and was buried in Epinal, France.

In 1944 William J Gemeiner was living in East Orange, New Jersey.

1880: Louis Gemeiner 37, Sophia Gemeiner 31, Louis Gemeiner 8, William Gemeiner 6, Charles Gemeiner 4, Theresa Gemeiner 1

1898: June 7 marriage of Anna Meyer and William Gemeiner


1910: Brooklyn, William J Gemeiner 35, clerk railroad, Anna S Gemeiner 36, married 12 years, 3 children 1 living Ruth L Gemeiner 4 John L Meyer 65, father in law, agent cigars, George Meyer 25, brother in law, salesman bakery

1915: Anna S Gemeiner Birth Year: abt 1874 Age: 41 Death Date: 21 Jun 1915 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 12661

Gemeiner june 21, 1915, Anna Sophia (nee Meyer) beloved wife of William J Geneier in her 41st year. Died after a weeks illness. William Gemeiner was the manager of ta department of the Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad Company. Survived by her daughter, Ruth, her father, Louse Meyer a sister, Mrs. Louisa Frey, and three brothers, Louis, John and George Meyer.

1916: William J Gemeiner 226 S9th Bkn Occupation: Cont Frt Agt Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1916

1917: William Jacob Gemeiner Brooklyn Kings New York Birth Date: 23 Jun 1874 Draft Board: 29, lighterage agent produce exchange, D L & W RR , Ruth Germeiner daughter,

1930: Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Summerlea Street, William J Gemerner 54, 1st marriage age 24, general agent railroad, born New York, Anna G Gemerner 48, 1st marriage age 38, Jane G Gemerner 8, daughter, born Pa., Richard Gemerner 5, son,born Pa., Ruth G Gemerner 24, daughter, born New York, clerk auto dealer.

1940: Jane Gemeimer of East Orange N J was maid of honor in a Long Island wedding.

1944: Richard W Gemeiner, Rank: PFC, Residence Place: New Jersey, Death Date: 4 Oct 1944, Cemetery: Epinal, Burial Place: Epinal, France, Next of Kin: Mr William J Gemeiner,63 North Munn Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey, Next of Kin Relationship: Father

1944: Richard W Gemeiner Inducted From: New Jersey Rank: Private First Class Combat Organization: 15th Infantry 3rd Division Death Date: 4 Oct 1944 Monument: Epimal, France Last Known Status: Buried U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal

Gemeiner Richard W., father Wm J Gemeiner, 40 So. Clinton Street, East Orange, N. J., National Jewish Welfare Board Bureau of War Records
SSN: William Jacob Gemeiner SSN: 712168052 Gender: Male Race: White Birth Date: 23 Jun 1874 Birth Place: N Y, New York Father Name: Louis F Gemeiner Mother Name: Sophia Kalisch Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jan 1937: Name listed as WILLIAM JACOB GEMEINER

Gerdes/Gerter (George) ⚰ ⚰

City record: 341 Rivington - Christiana age 28 DEAD, Henrietta age 27 DEAD

George Gerdes was married to Christiana✟. They did not have any children. Christiana Gerdes died in the Slocum.

George Gerdes remarried circa 1908. They did not have children.

They lived in the Lower East Side until after 1910. George Gertes died in the Bronx 1930.

Henrietta Gerdes may have been George's sister (or sister in law).

1900: Petition for naturalization, NAME: George Gerdes BIRTH: 2 May 1869 - Wulodorf Germany CIVIL: 19 Jul 1900 - New York, New York

1904 city report : 341 Rivington Christina age 28 Henrietta age 27 both dead. George Gerdes lost his wife, Christina, age 28, in the Slocum accident. Henrietta Gerdes of the same address also died. She was most likely a sister of George Gerdes.

Christina wife of George Gerdes grocer, Rivington street born Von Harten 22 March 1876.

1910: Rivington and Mangus street George Gerdes 40, grocer, Marriage 2, Kate Gerdes 35, marriage 1, 0 children

1914: Brooklyn, Passport application, wife, Katie, George born Wulsdorf, Hanover May 1869, immigrate October 1883, naturalized.

1915: Brooklyn, George Gerdes 46, milk man, Kate Gerdes 46

1920: Brooklyn, George Gerdes 50, laborer dairy, Katie Gerdes 44

1930: Queens, George, retired, and Katie listed in Queens own home $9,000.

George Gerdes born 1869 died 1930.

Katherine Gerdes born 1875 died 1952

Find a Grave Christina Henrietta, George and Katharina were all buried in the same grave.

Gerdes (Henry) ⚰ ⚰

City record: 430 Kosciusko St Brooklyn - Gerdes, Henry age 80 dead, Margaret age 60 dead

Henry✟ Gerdes age 80 and his wife, Margaret✟ Geredes, age 60, of 430 Kosciosko st Brooklyn died. Henry Gerdes was a soap manufacturer. He was the oldest male to die on the Slocum. Margaret Gerdes was long standing members of St. Mark's.

Find a Grave

Gerdes: Anna geb Otterstedt 1828-1871, Gesche geb Ottersteadt 1839-1889, Henry Jr. 1876-1901, Henry sr. 1823 to 1904 Emma Gullman beb Gerdes 1874-1922 [?]
Marriage of Henry Gerdes and Anna/Gesina:


  1. Menia c 1864

  2. Henrietta circa 1866 - married Christian Diedrich Postel 06 Nov 1889 daughter of Henry Gerdes and "Catherine Ollerstedt"

  3. Emma born 1874, to Henry and Gesina, married Fredrick Gullman died December 15, 1933, 30 Pilling st, father Henry "Gordes", mother Gesina Otterstedt

    Frederick Gullmann Death 13 Jul 1933 Brooklyn Age: 72 Married Retired Pile Driver Birth Date: 23 Sep 1860 Burial Date: 17 Jul 1933 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father Christopher Gullman Mother Sophie Helmlein Spouse Emma Gullman

  4. Henry b 1876 died 1901

Death of Anna Gerdes: 1871

1880: Henry Gerdes 56, soap manufacturer, Guseina Gerdes 40, Menia Gerdes 16, Henrietta Gerdes 14, Emma Gerdes 6, Henry Gerdes 4

1889: Death of Gesche Otterstedt Gerdes born 1839 buried Middle Village Queens.

Marriage of Henry Gerdes to Margaret: circa 1890.

1900: Brooklyn, Henry Gerde Head M 68 Germany, retired soap manufacturer, Margaret Gerdes Wife F 57 Germany, married 10 years, 3 children 1 living, Henry J Gerdes Son M 24 New York, bookkeeper elevator, Emma Gerdes Daughter F 26 New York. Bohlman, -enice step daughter, age 29


"Many friends attended the funeral of Mrs. Margaret GERDES, 60 years old, which was conducted this afternoon from her late home at 430 Kosciuscko street. Mrs. GERDES, who was formerly a member of St. Mark's Church was in the habit of attending the excursion and lost her life in the disaster by drowning."

(BDE, June 17, 1904

German[n] ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: Catherine F age 17, Frieda F 15, and Friedericka age 39 of 315 18th streed all DEAD.

William German married Fredericka✟ Kruetsch/Kraefsch in 1886. They had Katherine✟ in 1887 and Freda✟ circa 1889. Fredericka, Katherine and Freida all died in the Slcoum disaster. William, Fredericka, Catherine and Freda were buried in Greenwood cemetery in December 1908. This must represent a reburial.See death records below.

1886: Marriage William Germann 16 Sep 1886 Manhattan Age: 29 Single Race: Birthplace: N. Y. City Father' Frederick Germann Mother H... Spouse's Name: Fredericka K... Age: 21 Single Spouse's Birthplace: N. Y. City Spouse's Father's Name: K... Spouse's Mother's Name: Catharine Fa... (LDS)

William German 16 Sep 1886 Manhattan Spouse: Fredericka Kraefsch Certificate Number: 60845

1887: Katherine Frederika German born 04 Jul 1887 Manhattan Father William German Mother Frederike Kruetsch (LDS)

1889: Frederike Francisca German Birth 09 Jun 1889 Manhattan Father Wilhelm German Mother Frederike Kretch German (LDS)

1892: William Germann Death age 34, 1 August 1892 (indicates a birth circa 1858).

1904: Frieda and Catherine are listed in the NYC Death Index June 15, 1904. Freidericka is listed under Fredericka Germann age 46.

1904: Fredriecka Germann, Death, 15 Jun 1904, Bronx, Age: 46, Widowed, Occupation: House Wife, Birthplace: U.S. Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Greenwood Father's Name: Ludwig Kraisch Father's Birthplace: Germany (LDS)

1904: Freida German body identified June 22.


GERMAN CATHERINE 1908-12-16 32821 143
GERMAN FRIEDA M. 1908-12-16 32821 143
GERMAN WILLIAM H. 1908-12-16 32821 143
GERMANN FREDERIKA 1908-12-16 32821 143
1904 NYC Death Index:
Germann, William age 34, Aug 1 1892 28865, Manhattan
German, Catherine, 17 y, Jun 15, 1904, 2791, Bronx
German, Frieda M, 15 y, Jun 15, 1904, 3067, Bronx
Germann, Fredericka, age 46, June 15, 1904 3588 Bronx

Note: Despite the difference in the years of death (which for Catherine, Freida and Friedricka was 1904) all the burials are listed as 1908. It would appear that they were re-interred. Why? And who did it?

Gerstenberger ⚰ ⚰

City record: Annie age 32 and Richard age 39 of 147 W 3rd street were listed as dead. A note stated "All of the family lost."

Richard✟ Gerstenberger was born circa 1866. He owned Central Hall at 147 West 32nd street where the funeral of he and his wife, Annie✟, was held. Representitives of over a hundred labor unions attended. They had no children and the estate valued at over $250,000 was "in the hands of the public administrator." The bodies were not immediately recovered and Richard's body was held for burial until Annie's body was found.

1889: Marriage 1, Richard Gerstenberger 03 Nov 1889 Manhattan, Age: 24 Single born Volkmannsdorf, Germany Father Gottfried Gerstenberger, Mother, Carolina Koerner, Spouse, Helena Schroeder, age 36, Single Spouse's Birthplace: Neiss, Dusseldorf, Germany Spouse's Father, Henry Schroeder Spouse's Mother, Elizabeth Schliaber (LDS)

Death of first wife:

1897: Richard G Gerstenberger, hotel keeper, Passport application dob 20 August 1866, Folkmanadorf, Germany,

1897: Richard G Gerstenberger, landlord, US citizen, 22 Jul 1897 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Lahn

1900, 2nd marriage: Richard G. Gerstenberger, Spouse Anna Ottilie Veouel, 09 May 1900, Bronx, New York, Father, Gottfried Gerstenberger, Mother, Carolina Korner, Spouse's Father, Karl Veouel, Spouse's Mother, Otillie Kopp (LDS)

1904: City Report - Gerstenberger, 147 W. 3rd Annie age 32, Richard age 39 - note says "All of the family lost."

1904: Richard Gerstenberger Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age: 38 Married Occupation: Saloon Keeper Birth Year 1866 Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 26 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran (LDS)

Gettler ⚰

City Record: Caroline Gettler age 68 DEAD 231 5th street.

Caroline✟, born 1846, was the mother of Lena Gettler born 1866 died 1926 and of Molly Gettler Braun born 1870. Molly✟ Gettler Braun and her child, Valentine✟ (born 1898), died on the Slocum. Molly's son Peter Braun born 1891 died in 1909.

1884: Caroline Gettler 234 B 4th widow Frank Gettler Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1884

1900: 135 4th street, Caroline Gettler 65, widowed, 1 child 1 living, Lena Gettler 30, seamstress (Note: Caroline had at least three children).

1905: E. 9th street, Lena Gettler age 34, housework

1887: Caroline the daughter of Frank Gettler and Caroline Hesse married Adam Pfaff 22 Feb 1887

1910: Adam Pfaff 50, Caroline A Pfaff 46, Louisa Pfaff 22, Lilian T Pfaff 21, Charles V Pfaff 20, Caroline Pfaff 19, Lena Gettler 40

1876: Frank Gettler died at age 38 in 1876 #229303 Manhattan

See Braum.

Gibbons ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City record: Margaret Gibbons age 14, DEAD Ella Gibbons age 12, MISSING Thomas Gibbons age 42 uninjured - all of 225 5th street.

In 1904 the Gibbons family was comprised of father, Thomas, mother, Mary, and children, Mary, Margaret (Maggie)✟, Ella✟, Francis, Thomas and Catherine. Not listed by the city record but listed by the Slocum disaster book were: Mary age 40, Mary 15, Frank 9, Thomas 7 and Catherine age 4 all of 225 E. 5th street. It is possible that they simple walked away and were not recorded by the city.

1904: June 17, Thomas Gibbons of NO 225 E 5th street reported to the Slocum relief committee and "visited the same day, no evidence of need of immediate relief being found". Mrs. Gibbons later said that she needed assistance showing a bill for $106.50 to which was credited $50. The committee paid the balance.

Newspapers and other sources listed:

  • DEAD, Gibbons, Margaret 225 5th street, Mary and Ella all of same address no ages given Brooklyn Daily EagleJun 17, 1904

  • NYASH book:
    listed under dead - Gibbons, Ela, age 11, Margaret 13 both of 225 E 5th street

    Uninjured - Gibbons, Thomas age 42, Mary 40, Mary 15, Frank 9, Thomas Jr., 7 and Catherine 4 all of 225 E. 5th street.

1900: 225 E 5th street, Gibbons, Thomas age 39 born England, plasterer, Mary wife born Ireland age 37 6 children 6 living, Mary daughter age 11, Maggie age 9, Ella age 7, Francis son age 5, Thomas son age 2, Catherine age 3 months, Francis, brother in law age 35, clerk

1910: Ward 12 Manhattan can't read street, Thomas Gibbons 48, born Wales, plasterer, buildings, Mary Gibbons 46, wife, 6 children 4 living, janitor, Mary Gibbons 21, daughter, bookkeeper, jewelers, Francis Gibbons 15, son, typesetter, printing, Thomas Gibbons 13, son Catherine Gibbons 10, daughter

1915: Bronx Thomas Gibbons 53, Mary Gibbons 50, Francis Gibbons 20, Thomas Gibbons 17, Catherine Gibbons 15

Margaret Gibbons

Thomas Gibbons married Mary Gorman.


  1. Mary (May) c 1889** married Justus Zimmerman and had a son, John ci 1915.
  2. Maggie (Margaret)✟ c 1890
  3. Ella✟ 1889 - missing
  4. Francis c 1895*
  5. Thomas c 1898*, **
  6. Catherine c 1900*, **
* In 1915 census with their parents in the Bronx.

** in 1920 census with mother, Mary in Bronx.

1920: Bronx Mary Gibbons Head F 55 Ireland, widow, Thomas Gibbons Son M 22 New York, operator print shop, Catherine Gibbons Daughter F 19 New York, bookkeeper, binding, Justus Zimmerman Son-in-law M 29 New York, lather buildings, May Zimmerman Daughter F 30 New York, bookkeeper, office, John Zimmerman Grandson M 5 New York

Gieseler/Giessler ⚰ ☁ ☀

City record: Edith Gieseler age 19 of 201 Ave A was listed dead - Lena, age 43, Lincoln Hospital and William, age 16, uninjured.

Lena Gieseler was a widow by 1900. She had three children: Ida (aka Edith)✟, Rosie and William. Rose was not mentioned in the city record in connection with the Slocum. Edith (Ida) died in the Slocum. Lena and William survived. But they both died a short few years later. Lena in March 1909 and William in May 1909. Rose married in August 1904. She and her husband Alfonso Walter did not have living children by 1910.

1900: 201 ave A., Lena Giesler Head F 39 Germany, married, 3 children 3 living, "Ida" Giesler Daughter F 16 New York, ladies underwear, "Rosie" Giesler Daughter F 14 New York, William Giesler Son M 13 New York, Theodore Pirk, boarder M 40 Russia

1904: Death, Edith Gieseler 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York Age: 18

1904: Marriage Rose Gieseler, father, August, mother, Lena, to Alpjpmzp Walter, father Max mother Frances 3 August 1904 -

son John died 1905 infant.

1910: E 16th street, Alphonso Walter 29, clerk dept store, Rose Walter 24, married 5 years, 2 children 0 living,

1909: Death Lena Gieseler Age: 48 Death Date: 29 Mar 1909 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 9869, [father Dunfer (LDS)]

1909: Death, William Giessler Death 17 May 1909 Manhattan 84 7th St. Age: 21 Single Elevator-man Burial Date: 20 May 1909 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father Albert Mother Lena

Giessmann ⚰ ⚰

City record: Lena Giessmann of 114 E 4th street age 16 died in the Slocum disaster. Her mother, Christine, age 47 died in Lincoln hospital on June 30, 1904 of erysipelas (a skin infection frequently caused by A Streptococcus bacteria).

In 1904 Lena✟ was the only surviving child of Moritz and Christine✟ Giesmann. They had already lost Frieda born 1885 died 1890 and August born 1891 died 1896. Lena and her mother, Christine, both died in the Slocum.

Moritz Geismann remarried in December 1904.

By 1905 he was at 51st street and by 1912 he was in Queens.

1884: Marriage 12 Aug 1884 Manhattan Age: 28 Single Birthplace: Germany Father August Moritz Giessmann Mother Maria A. Mueller Spouse Christine Ritter Age: 25 Single Birthplace: Germany Spouse's Father Carl Ritter Spouse's Mother Caroline Engel (LDS)

1900: 114 E. 4th, Moritz Giessmann 43, janitor, Christiana Giessmann 42, Lena Giessmann 11, Emil Jahrig 40, boarder

1904: Moritz Giessmann Marriage 08 Dec 1904 Manhattan, Age: 48 Widowed Germany Father August Moritz Giessmann Mother Auguste Muller Spouse's Name: Elise Kock Krautwurst Age: 40 Widowed Spouse's Birthplace: Germany Spouse's Father's Name: Christopher Kock Spouse's Mother's Name: Christine Holzen (LDS)

1905: E 51st street, Moritz Giessmann 48, at home, Elise Giessmann 40, Rose E Giessmann 16, daughter, cashier

Moritz M Giessmann 1910 8 E51st New York, Occupation: Janitor Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1910

By 1912 they family moved to Queens as indicated by the city directories.

Moritz Giessmann died in Queens in 1921.

Find a Grave He was buried with his first wife, Christine and his daughters, Lena who died in 1904 and Frieda born 1885 died 1890 and Augusta born 1891 died 1896.

Elsie and Rose were listed in the 1930 and 1940 censuses in Queens. Elsie Giessmann died in 1948.

Gillis ⚰ ⚰

City Record: George and Charles Gillis, ages 16 and 13 both DEAD.

The Gillis family lived at 512 5th street and included father, Charles, a saloon keeper, mother, Josephine, and children: Otto, Frank, Charles✟ and George✟. Josephine Wagele/Wyckly Gillis died in 1908. Charles Gillis died in 1921.

1880: Charles Gillis 25, peddler, born New York parents born Hesse Darmstadt, Josephine Gillis 24

1880: Otto Gillies 20 Jul 1880 Manhattan Father Charles Gillies Age: 26 Mother Josephine Wagele Gillies Age: 25 (LDS)

1900: 512 5th street, Charles Gillis 46, saloon keeper, Josephine Gillis 43, 5 children 4 living, Otto Gillis 19, Frank Gillis 15, Charles Gillis 11, George Gillis 9

1908: Josephine Gillis 01 Dec 1908 Bronx, 53 Married Housewife Burial Date: 03 Dec 1908 Cemetery: Lutheran Ceme. Father Stephen Wragle Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother Caroline Fry Mother's Birthplace: Germany (LDS)

1910: Bronx, Charles Gillis 56, widowed, operator real estate, Frank E Gillis 25, "brother", machinist marble company, Bessie Gillis 30, "sister in law", 0 children

1904: 512 5th street DEAD Charles age 16, and George age 13

1920: Charles Gillis Head M 66 New York, widowed, retired, Frank E Gillis Son M 36 New York, - o-ker US gov. Bessie Gillis Daughter-in-law F 39 Ireland Charles J Gillis Grandson M 9 New York Gladys Gillis Granddaughter F 1 New York

1921: Charles Gillis died 2 May Bronx.

Goetz ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Goetz 80 1st ave. Catherine age 28 DEAD, Albert age 2 DEAD, Edward age 5 MISSING

Edward Goetz lost his wife Catherine✟ (geb. Kramer) age 28 and son Albert✟ age 2. His son Edward✟ age 5 was listed as missing. The tombstone only lists Katie Goetz geb Kramer and Albert born Sept 25, 1901 died June 15, 1904. Edward's body was never identified.

Edward Goetz remarried in 1905 and had a daughter, Agnes, in 1906.

It appears the second marriage ended in divorce in 1927. "Edmund" Goetz of 80 1st ave was allowed $100 by the Slocum relief committee although the undertakers bill was only $54.50 for one member of his family, the amount of the other member was not filed.

1897: Kate Kramer 26 Sep 1897 Marriage Place: Manhattan, Spouse: Edward Goetz Certificate Number: 14789

1901: Richard Albert Goetz 26 Sep 1901 Manhattan, Father Edward Goetz Age: 26 Catherine Kramer Goetz Age: 25

1905: Marriage Edward Goetz 30 Apr 1905 Manhattan, Age: 30 Widowed Schaulkaw, Huringia Father Richard Goetz Mother Ida Glaser to Ottilie "Bothe" Age: 31 Single born Schlegel, Silesia Father Anton Bothe Mother Louise Kliche (LDS)

1906: Second Ave., Edward Goetz 30, butcher, Oleala Goetz 31 Jacob Schillinger 28, boarder, jeweler

1906: Child Angnes Louisa Fota Goetz 17 Sep 1906 Manhattan, Father Edward Goetz, Birthplace: Schalkaw, Germany Age: 31 Mother Ottilia "Bupati" Goetz Birthplace: Schlegel, Schlessinger Age: 32 (LDS)

1915: W 146th street, Edward Goetz 39, alien, butcher, Otelia Goetz 40 Agnes Goetz 8

1920: 146th street, Manhattan, Edward Goetz 41, Otteleia Goetz 37, Agnes Goetz 13

1925: Bronx, Edward Goetz 49, Adelia Goetz 50, Agnes Goetz 18

Divorce Edward Goetz: Or civil case. Edward Goetz defendant 25 Feb 1917. Bronx other party Ottilie Goetz

1930: Bronx, Otilia Goetz 56 Agnes Goetz 23, bookkeeper, butcher store.

Goss ⚰ ⚰ and Zeidler ⚰ ⚰

City record: Goss, 97 7th street, Mary age 59, Gertrude 27, Dead - "Zeidler" No 123 E 108 street, Anna c. age 25 and Ruby age 2 DEAD

Adolf Goss married Marie✟ ---, they had Gertrude✟ circa 1876, Anna✟ c 1880 (married Conrad Zeidlerin 1902) and Ruby circa 1881. Anna and Conrad Zeidlen had Ruby✟ born circa 1902. Mary and Gertrude Goss died in the Slocum as did Anna and Ruby Zeidler. Conrad Zeidler was living with his mother and siblings in 1905 and 1910. He died in 1919.

Ruby Goss married Martin E. Warch 12 April 1905. (Nothing else on them.)

Adolph remarried and moved to Irvington, Westchester where he set up a successful decorating business. He and his second wife, Bertha, had Roosevelt in 1902 and Harry circa 1912.

Adolph Goss died in 1913 after a fall.

1900: Adolph Goss 46, paper hanger, Mary Goss 50, 3 children 3 living, Gertrude Goss 24, daughter, Amie Goss 20, daughter, Ruby Goss 19, daughter, all born Germany,

1902: Anna Goss daughter of Adolf and Marie Goss married Conrad Zeidler son of Joseph and Emma Zeidler, 27 March 1902 in Manhattan

1900: Chrystie street Joseph Zeidler Head M 77 Germany, tailor, Emma Zeidler Wife F 62 Germany Sophia Zeidler Daughter F 37 New York, dressmaker, Frank Zeidler Son M 30 New York, painter, Rosa Zeidler Daughter F 23 New York, dressmaker, Conrad Zeidler Son M 22 New York, printer, Lillie Zeidler Daughter F 18 New York

1905: Emma Zeidler 70 Sophie Zeidler 35 Rose Zeidler 29 Conrad Zeidler 27 Lillie Zeidler 23

1910: Emma Zeidler Head F 71 Germany, widow, Sophia Zeidler Daughter F 39 New York, operator vest factory, Rosie Zeidler Daughter F 36 New York, operator straw hats, Conrad Zeidler Son M 32 New York, widower, wagon driver paint store, Lillian Zeidler Daughter F 24 New York, no occupation, Henry Fincke Lodger M 33 Germany, lodger,

1917: Conrad Zeidler. dob 13 Nov 1877, 1st ave, porter and plumber, relative, Emma Zeidler

1919: Conrad Zeidler Birth Year: abt 1879 Age: 40 Death Date: 4 Sep 1919 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 25170

1907 to 1909: Adolph Goss decorator was enlarging his upholstery store in Dobbs Ferry - Upholstering, Draping, Mattrass Making, Slip Covers, Awnings, Window Shades, Curtains

1910: Adolph Goss 55, upholsterer, marriage 2, 4 years, Bertha Goss 34, marriage 1 4 years 0 children, Roosevelt Goss 8, son

Roosevelt Goss: Born 22 March 1902 died October 1891 Westchester.


" Irvington, Adolph Goss, a resident of this village for several years past died at his home on Main street after an illness of several weeks, last Friday night. Mr. Goss some three weeks ago received a bad fall which no doubt was the direct cause of his death. The deceased was an upholsterer and id a good business here. Besides his wife he leaves several children. In the slocum disaster some time ago Mr. goss lost a wife and two children."

He was cremated in Fresh Pond, Long Island.

1915: Greenburgh, Westchester, Bertha Goss 39 Roosevelt Goss 13 Harry Goss 3

Graf/Graff/Gref ⚰

Find a Grave: Graf, Lottie age 18 56 W 54th street

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 17 June 1904 - GRAF, Charlotte, of 560 West Fifty-fourth street. GRAFF, Elsie 40 years, of 134 Second street, identified by brother. (Not listed by Find a Grave - not listed City Record 1905 - - nothing on Ancestry or LDS) - book listed Graff, Mrs. Elsia age 40, No 134 E. 7th street, identified by her brother , Frank Frederich>

1904 Lottie Graf Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, Age 18 Father's Name Henry Graf Mother's Name Mary Hulls

1900: Manhattan, West 100th street, Henery Graff 52, conductor, Mary Graff 45, 3 children 3 living, Lottie Graff 14, nurse, Henery Graff 11 Fred Graff 9, parents born Germany, children born New York.

1905: W. 54th street, Henry Graff 56, laborer, Mary Graff 48, Henry Graff 16, clerk, Fredrick Graff 14, store work

1910 Poe street Bronx, Mary Gref 52, widow, 2 children 2 living, Fred Gref 19, driver, dry goods, Henry Gref 17, driver, dry goods

Grafing/Grafling/Graffling ⚰

Find a Grave: Lillie Grafing - age 29 years old, death cert # 2858 Bronx, lives at 908 Avenue A

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 17 June 1904 - GRAFFLING, Lillie, 27 years, of 55 Avenue A.

1904 : Book - "Grafing" Lillie, 28 identified by father at Morgue, "998" Avenue A.

1904: Lilie Grafing Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age 27 Birth Year (Estimated) 1877

Graner ⚰ ⚰

City Record: 100 University Place, Graner, Louis O age 22, Carrie Lullmann* age 24 - *nee Graner

Not listed Brooklyn Eagle

Find a Grave: Louis O Graner - Evergreens - age 22 years old, death cert # 3771 Bronx, lived at 100 University Place, goldbeater $18.00 week

1904: Carrie Lullman Birth Year: abt 1880 Age: 24 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3509

Find a Grave: Carrie Lullmann, age 24 years old, death cert # 3509 Bronx, lived at 100 University Place, a dressmaker $9.00 week, daughter to Rudolph Graner

1901: (LDS) Frederick Lullmann Marriage 02 Oct 1901 Manhattan, Age 22 Marital Status Single Birthplace Bremen, Germany Father's Name Wm Lullmann Mother's Name Kate Wolfe Spouse's Name Caroline Graner Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 21 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Race White Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1880 Spouse's Birthplace Baden, Germany Spouse's Father's Name Rudolf Graner Spouse's Mother's Name Mary Schwartz

1902: Frederick Lullman Birth Date: abt 1879 Age: 23 Death Date: 10 Dec 1902 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 4730

Greenhagen ☀

City record: Greenhagen 176 Lewis st - Ernest Greenhagen age 14 "taken home"

Ernest Greenhagen of 176 Lewis street age 14 was "one of the small boys who escaped uninjured". He jumped straight from the lower deck onto a tug. A woman grabbed at him just has he went over. He saw her jump into the water but she went "down at once". June 16, 1904

Ernest was the youngest son of John and Henrietta.

He became a fireman in Brooklyn and at the time of his death in 1931 was the pilot of the fireboat "William L Strong".

He married but did not have children.

1880: John Greenhagen 30, truck driver, Henrietta Greenhagen 25, Henry Greenhagen 8, John Greenhagen 6

1900: 176 Lewis street, John Greenhagen 50, collector, liquor, Henrietta Greenhagen 45, 7 children 7 living, Charles Greenhagen 22, driver, Edward Greenhagen 18, roofer, Harry Greenhagen 17, son, Earnest Greenhagen 10, son, September 1889, all born New york

1905: 176 Lewis street, John Greenhagen 55, salesman, born Germany, Henretta Greenhagen 49, Charles Greenhagen 27, driver, Edward Greenhagen 23, roofer, Earnst Greenhagen 15 office boy, Edna Greenhagen 12

Death of John Greenhagen: May 16, 1906, Manhattan age 56.

1910: Wrong page comes up on - They list, however, Manhattan Ward 11, Henretta Greenhagen 54, widowed, Charles Greenhagen 32, Edward Greenhagen 29, George E Greenhagen 22, Edna Greenhagen 17, John W Deck 23, John Craig 5

1917: WWI Draft Registration George E Greenhagen born Sept 28, 1889, address 1195 Greene ave Brooklyn, fireman, city department. mother dependent, single.

1930: In 1930 Henrietta Greenhage age 75 widow and her son Charles age 53 were living in Brooklyn.

1931: Death of George E. Greenhagen age 40, July 26, 1931 Kings 16459

George Greenhagen a pilot aboard the fireboat "William L Strong" died suddenly, age 43. He was survived by his widow, Hilda Mills Greenhagen, his mother, Henrietta, brothers Charles, Henry and Harry and a sister Enda Schraner. Buried Lutheran.

1931: Greenhagen Dec 21, 1931 Henrietta Greenhagen beloved mother of Henry, Charles, Harry Greenhagen and Edna Schraner. Buried Lutheran. Home 1189 Greene ave.

The fireboat William L Strong named for a mayor of New York City was launched in November 1897. It operated from 1898 until 1945.


  1. Gress ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

    City record: The Adam Gress - 134 7th street - Barbara age 36, DEAD George 8 DEAD and Lillian age 10 months DEAD.

    Adam Gress, painter, married Barbara✟ Schaefer in 1894. They had: George✟ and Lillian✟. Barbara, George and Lillian all died in the Slocum. According to his marriage record Adam Gress was the son of Michael Gress and Margarethe Franz.

    Adam Gress married again in Feb 1906 to Barbara Steiner, cert #4334 Manhattan. Barbara Steiner Gress had a a daughter and a son by her first marriage. Adam and Barbara Steiner did not have children together.

    1894: Marriage, Adam Gress to Barbara Schaefer 15 Jul 1894 Manhattan Father Michael Gress Mother Margaretha Fanz Spouse's Father Adam Schaefer Spouse's Mother Eva Schaefer Roeth (LDS)

    1899: Mary Elizabeth Gress Death 10 Oct 1899 Manhattan, Age: 0 Father Adam Gress Mother Barbara Gress (LDS)

    1900: 526 6th ave., Adam Gress 30, painter, Barbara Gress 32, 4 children 1 living, George Gress 4

    1904: Barbara, Lillian and George Gress Burial 1904 Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Most Holy Trinity Cemetery (LDS)

    1915: 1st ave., Gress, Adam age 45 painter, wife Barbara, age 43, Steuer Gertrude 16, step daughter, William step son age 14

    1920:1st ave., Adam Gress 50, alien, painter, Babara Gress 47, wife, Oswald Steuer 19, son, laborer unemployed, Edward Dabritz 22, son-in-law, plumber house, Gertrude Dabritz 21, daughter, Florence Dabritz 1 grandaughter

    1925: 1st ave., Adam Gress 54, painter, alien, Barbara Gress 52, alien, William Steuer 25, son, chauffer

  2. Gress ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

    City record: The Otto Gress family lived at 134 7th street., Clara; age 12, DEAD Elisa age 40, DEAD Otto age 43, DEAD and Walter age 13 DEAD

    Otto✟ Gress, barber and wig maker, married Eliza✟. They had Walter✟ and Clara✟.

    The whole family perished in the Slocum disaster.

    According to his death record Otto's mother was Wilhelmina.

    1900: Otto Gress 39, wig maker, Eliza Gress 36, 2 children 2 living, Walter Gress 9, Clara Gress 8

    1904: City Report, 526 6th st. Barbara 36, George 8, and Lillian 10 months dead.

Grewe/Gravey/Galevsky/Graves ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: Grewe - 54 7th street. William H age 16, DEAD Fredrick W. J. age 14 DEAD Anne M. age 45 was taken to Lincoln hospital.

The spelling of the name varies wildly. However, the address remains the same in the records connected to the Slocum - 54 7th street. Annie Grewe lost her two boys, Henry✟ age 16 and Fredrick✟ age 14. Annie herself was injured and taken to Lincoln hospital.

June 16, 1904: NY Times Mrs. A. "Galevsky" of 54 7th street was missing as were her two children. The neighbors were also searching for Mrs. Sophie Siegel of the same address who had gone on the trip despite her doctors orders.

June 17, N Y Tribune Mrs. "Gravey" of 54 7th street found her son, Fred age 14. On the arm of a friend and "weeping bitterly" she went in search for her other "boy".

June 17, Brooklyn Eagle List: Graves, Fred of 54 7th street DEAD

A 1904 list includes: Grewe, Henry 16 and Frederick 14 both of 54 E 7th street

Another list includes: Grewe, William H. age 16 and Fredeirck W. J. A 14 both of 54 7th street.

Find a Grave says mother Annie Stegman survived but was injured.


City Record: 309 E 14th George age 13 sent home.

Griesel ⚰

City Record: Griesel 112 2nd st Emma age 15 DEAD

Find a Grave: Emma Annie Griesel Birth: Sep. 28, 1888, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 15 years old, death cert # 3457 Bronx, lived at 117 2nd Steet. - GRIESEL, Emma. Born 9-28-1888, died 6-15-1904 - Dau of Joseph and Matilda (Kammerer) Griesel. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census) - Section E Burial: Eulalia Cemetery Coudersport Potter County Pennsylvania, USA

1900: Eulalia, Potter, PennsylvaniaMatilda Griesel 41, widow, 4 children 4 living, Frank Griesel 16 Alfred Griesel 14 George Griesel 13 Emma Griesel 11, Father's Birthplace: Bohemia

1904: (LDS) Emma Griesel Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age 15 Occupation Milliner Birthplace U.S. Father's Name Joseph Griesel Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Matilda Conreser Mother's Birthplace U.S.

June 27, 1904 Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania Page 5:

THE BODY OF MISS EMMA GRIESEL WAS FOUND IN PADDLE BOX - SHE HAD BEEN IN THE WATER NEARLY A WEEK The remains reached Coudersport on a Freight Train on Wednesday Last and interment was made in the Eulalia Cemetery after service in the Lutheran Church
The story was told by Emma's brothers. The family had moved to New York City about a year before the disaster. Frank, Alfred and George accompanied the body but Matilda was not able to make the trip due to poor health "the principle cause of which was the terrible sudden death of her daughter". Emma's body was found in the paddle boat Tuesday morning with a number of other girls who had been in her confirmation class. About a hundred bodies were bought to the morgue that day and the only way to identify Emma was by the clothes and some jewelry she wore.

1905 Bronx Matilda Griesel 45 Frank Griesel 21 Alfred Griesel 20 George Griesel 19 John Griesel 17 1910: East 161st Street, Bronx, Matilda Griesel 51, born New York, widowed, 4 children 2 living, Geo R Griesel 23, boen Pennsylvania, salesman retail store

1930: New Rochelle, Westchester, New York own $20,000, Alfred J Griesel 44, undertake own business, born Pennsylvania, Lillian K Griesel 44, wife, born New York, Carl R Griesel 19, son, chauffer undertaker, Matilda R Griesel 70, widowed mother, Rose A Quanz 36 boarder

1940: Matilda Griesel Birth Year: abt 1859 Age: 81 Death Date: 20 Jul 1940 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 7062

Grave: Find a Grave - Eulalia Cemetery Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, USA

Matilda Griesel Birth Date: 23 Feb 1859 Birth Place: USA Death Date: 20 Jul 1940 Death Place: Pennsylvania, USA Cemetery: Eulalia Cemetery Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph Griesel Birth Date: 7 Aug 1856 Death Date: 18 Jan 1892 Death Place: Pennsylvania, USA Cemetery: Eulalia Cemetery Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, USA

Frank Griesel Birth Date: 5 Sep 1883 Birth Place: USA Death Date: 18 Jan 1906 Death Place: Pennsylvania, USA Cemetery: Eulalia Cemetery Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, USA

Pvt Franz (Francis) J. Griesel Birth Date: 13 Mar 1819 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 3 Oct 1873 Death Place: Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, USA Cemetery: Eulalia Cemetery Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, USA

Mar. 13, 1819, Germany Death: Oct. 3, 1873 Coudersport Potter County Pennsylvania, USA Private, Company F, 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry. Enlisted on April 14, 1865. At war's end, the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry and the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry were consolidated to form the 3rd Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry. Francis was mustered out with Company E, 3rd PA Provisional Cavalry on October 31, 1865. Also listed as Greisel and Greisell. Married Rosina Dalbackl in Germany sometime before 1855 and they had six children: Anna, Joseph F., Adelaide, Frank, George, and Rosie. After the war, he owned and operated a farm in Euralia Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania, and ran a harness business with Ignatz Griesel. See 18th PA Cav for a virtual cemetery of the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Grimm ⚰

Find a Grave: Selma Grimm Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 33 years old, death cert # 2720 Bronx, lived at 314 East 9th Street, identified by Frederick Grimm Burial: The Evergreens Cemetery Brooklyn Kings County (Brooklyn) New York, USA

"Woman, thirty- five; black satin waist, blue skirt, lace shoes. later identified as Mrs. Selma Grimm."

1890: Frederick Grimm Spouse's Name Selma Duphorn Event Date 19 Jun 1890 Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name August Grimm Mother's Name Josefina Fischer Spouse's Father's Name William D. Spouse's Mother's Name Eva Toest

1900: Manhattan, ?? Place - Frederick Grimm 36, butcher, married 10 years, Selma Grimm 33 no of children unclear may be "0" and "0"

1905: Third ave., Grimm Frederick age 40 butcher, boarder

1910: 88th street, Frederick Grimm butcher, age "38", married 4 years no children wife, Caroline, imm 1888, butcher

1915: W 101 st, Frederick Grimm 42, janitor, Careline Grimm 56, Atto Wemer 37, lodger,

1894: Frederick Grimm, butcher, Birth Date: 13 Jul 1872 Age: 21, 2474 Ave. NYC, Naturalization Date: 15 Feb 1894 Former Nationality: Emperor of Germany Arrival Date: 21 May 1888 Arrival Port: New York, New York Title and Location of Court: Superior Court, New York County Volume: 566 Record Number: 59, witness Philip Grimm 283 W 132 srreet,

Grolke/Gralke/Groekl/Grulke ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: 345 E 15th Agnes age 10 DEAD, Emily age 48 DEAD and Olga age 14 DEAD

Julius Grolke lost his wife and two daughters: Emily✟ age 48, Olga✟ age 14 and Agnes✟ age 10.

In 1905 Julius Grolke went to Europe.

In 1920 he was in a home for the aged. He died in 1925.

1891: Olga Groelke Birth 08 Apr 1891 Manhattan Father Julius Groelke Mother Emilie Kreger Groelke (LDS)

1900: Julius Gralka Head M 52 Germany, jewelry peddler, Amelia Gralka Wife F 46 Germany, Olga Gralka Daughter F 10 New York, Agnes Gralka Daughter F 6 New York

1904: City Report, Grolke, 345 E 15th street, Agnes age 10, Emily age 48, and Olga age 14, dead.

1905: Julius Grölke 24 Jun 1905 Age: 59 Married Residence: New York Ethnicity/Nationality: USA (American) Occupation: Kaufmann (merchant) Ship Name: Batavia Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Dampfschiff Zwischendeck - there was someone with him but I cannot read the name, relationship or age.

1920: Home for the aged, Isabella Home, 140th street, Manhattan, Julius Groelcke, inmate, age 73, widow, immigrated 1884, born Germany, no occupation,

1924: Julius Groelke BIRTH: abt 1846 DEATH: 7 Dec 1924 - Manhattan

Gross ⚰ ⚰ ☀ ☀ ☀

City record: 90 1st ave. Bruno age 5 DEAD, Emma age 43 DEAD, Freda age 21 uninjured, George age 13 uninjured, and Curt age 11 uninjured.

Gustav Gross of 90 1st ave., lost his wife, Emma✟ age 43, and five year old son Bruno✟ Gross in the Slocum disaster. Three other children Freda Gross, age 21, George Gross age 13, and Curt Gross age 11, were listed as uninjured.

Gustav Gross remarried in July 1905.

He died in 1919.

I do not know what happened to Freida born circa 1883. George Gross married and had one daughter, Emma. Curt Gross married.

1900: 90 1sr ave., August Gross 49, baker, Emma Gross 39, George Gross 8, Zurt Gross 7, Bruno Gross 1, Lizzie Kropur 16, servant, Anna Marges 23, servant,

1904: 90 1st ave., Bruno age 5, Emma age age 43 dead - Freda 21, George 13 and Curt 11 uninjured

Bruno Gross Death Event Date: 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age: 5 Father Gustav Gross Mother Emma Rachman (LDS)

1905: Gustav Gross Spouse Bertha Neff 18 Jul 1905 Manhattan Father Gustav Gross Mother Hen...Ner Rotton Spouse's Father Josef Beresh Neff Spouse's Mother, Anna Willsmayer (LDS)

1910: 120 2nd ave., Gustav Gross Head M 59 New York, baker, bakery store, Beather Gross Wife F 50 New York, G George Gross Son M 19 New York, baker, B Curt Gross Son M 18 New York, baker

1915: Augustan Gross 64, Bertha Gross 52, Curth Gross 22

1917: Curt Gross born December 23, 1892, chauffer, wife, no children.

1919: Gustave Gross Death 04 Sep 1919 Bronx, Age: 68 Marital Status: Unknown Father Gustave Gross (LDS)

1920: Bronx, Bertha Gross Head F 56 Bavaria Germany George Gross Son M 29 New York, manager bakery ----, Margaret Gross Daughter-in-law F 27 New York, Emma Gross Niece F 4 New York

1920: E. 51st street, Curt Gross Head M 27 New York, chauffer, Gertrude Gross Wife F 24 New York Gertrude Durich Boarder F 24 New York, boarder

1925: George G Gross 34, baker, Margaret Gross 33, Emma Gross 10, Bertha Gross 63, mother, William Clemens 21, lodger

George Gross was also listed in Queens in the 1930 census, baker, with Margaret and Emma.

1963: Death of Curt Gross born December 23, 1892.

Growald ⚰ ⚰

City record: 56 7th street Elsie✟ age 10 DEAD and Fred✟ age 12 DEAD.

Emil and Jenny Growald had five children by 1904: Elsie✟, Fred✟, Hilda (circa 1899), Olga (c 1901). and Martha (circa 1903). A child Sigmund listed in the 1900 census does not appear in later records. He was not listed in the NYC death index under Growald.

In 1913 they had another child, Sigbert.

Emil Growold died in 1919. Martha and "Bert" were living with their mother, Jenny, in 1940. Jennie Growald died at age 81 in 1943.

1895: Jenny Growald age 2-, Elsa 11 months, and Fritz age 3 yrs, all born Austria, immigrated 9 Nov 1895 on the Patria from Hamburg

1900: 328 5th street, Emil Growald 40, huckster, born Austria/Russia, Jennie Growald 33, 4 children 4 living, Frederick Growald 8, Elsa Growald 6, Sigmund Growald 3, Hilda Growald 1

1904: City Report 57 7th, Elsie age 10, and Fred age 12 90 1st ave dead - Find a Grave has images of Fred and Elsie.

1905: 129 second ave., Emil Growald 45, fruit dealer, Jennie Growald 44, Hilda Growald 6, Olga Growald 4, Martha Growald 2

1910: Second ave., Emil Growald 50, canvasser, candy store, Jennie Growald 48, 7 children 3 living Hilda Growald 11, Olga Growald 9, Martha Growald 7

1915: E 78th street, Emil Growald 55, Germany, salesman, Jennie Growald 52, Hungary, Hilda Growald 16, US, Olga Growald 14, US, Martha Growald 12, US, Siegbert Growald 2, YS

Emil Growald died at age 55 in the Bronx in 1915.

1920: E. 85th street, Jennie Growald 57, widow, Hilda Grawald 21, stenographer, Alga Growald 19, stenographer, Matha Growald 16, stenographer, Berth Growald 7

1930: Jennie Growald Head F 68 Poland, Hilda Growald Daughter F 27 New York, Martha Growald Daughter F 25 New York, Bert Growald Son M 17 New York

1940: West 182nd Street, Jennie Growald 77, Bert Growald 27, Martha Growald 36

Jennie Growald died at age 81 in 1943.

Hilda Growald, daughter of Emil Growald applied for a passport in 1916. She listed her occupation as a business manager on business to Holland.

Olga Growald daughter of Emil Growald and Jenny Epstein, was married in September 1919 to Emanuel Alexander. He was 12 years older than she. They were listed in the 1930 and 1940 census - no children

Find a Grave

Death of Bert Growald: Bert Growald DOB 27 Sep 1912, DEATH: 8 Feb 2004 - Shelburne, Chittenden, Vermont, USA Inpatient, Death Place: Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, USA Father: Emil Growald Mother: Jenny [Jenny Epstein] Cause of Death: Fall Manner of Death: Accident Veteran: Not applicable Date Filed: 08 Feb 2004 Vital Event Type: Certificate of Death

Gruben ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Gruben 420 E 17th - Carrie age 13, DEAD - Emma age 40 DEAD Mary Beneke 30 DEAD (Note: sister of Emma)

Frederick Gruben married Emma✟ Beneke. They had one daughter, Carrie𮘿 in 1891. Frederich Grumen died in 1901. Emma and her daughter Carrie✟ age 13 died on the Slocum. Emma's sister, Mary Beneke, also died in the Slocum.

1889: 25 Sept Marriage Fredrick Gruben son of Freidrick and Louise Schutt married Emma Beneke daughter of John and Caroline


1900: According to LDS Mary Beneke's father was J. "L." Beneke.

1900: E 17th street, John H Beneke Head M 65 Germany, liquor dealer, Caroline Beneke Wife F 66 Germany, Mary Beneke Daughter F 26 New York - Same building as the Greenhagens.

1905: E 17th street, John F Beneke 70, no occupation, Caroline Beneke 71

Beneke Deaths: Beneke, John L born 1833/5, died 1905, Caroline born --- died Apr 1909, Louis born 1867 died 1901, Mary A born 1874 died June 15, 1904.

1880: John L. Benneoke 45, saloon keeper, Caroline W. Benneoke 46, Ida Johana Benneoke 18, Emma Benneoke 16, Louis Benneoke 12, William Benneoke 10, Christoph Benneoke 8, Mary Benneoke 6

1889: Friedrich Gruben to Emma Beneke 25 Sep 1889 Manhattan, Father, Friedrich, Mother, Louise Schutt, Father John L. Mother Caroline (LDS)

1904: William C Beneke and employee of the City dock Department was at the morgue searching for his sisters, Mamie Beneke, age 28, and Mrs. Emma Gruber and her daughter Carrie.

1900: Hoboken, Monroe street, Fredrick Gruben 35, fisherman, Emma Gruben 32, Carrie Gruben 9

1901: Probate of Frederich Gruben of 111 Monroe street, Hoboken, who died 21 February 1901. Emma Gruben executrix. Caroline Gruben a daughter. No real estate. $800 in personal property. Frederich was born in Grannerburg Germany.

Grunewald/Grunwald/Greenwald ⚰ ⚰

City Record: 257 Ave. B - Richard age 5 buried as unknown and "Amelia" age 35 missing

1904: Richard Grunewald Burial Middle Village, Queens, New York, United States of America Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier: 18738174 Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (LDS) date of birth 27 January 1899

Find a Grave - Photo included Father Richard "Greenwald" mother, "Katherine Doyle" (Also listed by LDS, 28 January 1899.)

Grunning/Gruning ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Report: Charles, age 4, Helena age 8 months, Henry C age 6 and Helena age 29, 45 7th street, all dead. Charles and Helena 8 months were listed as disinterred.

Henry Grunning, provisions dealer, and his wife, Helena✟, had Henry jr✟, Charles✟ and Helena✟ jr. by 1904. Helena and all three children were lost in the Slocum disaster.

In 1906 Henry took a trip to Europe.

He also applied for a passport in 1921. Henry Grunning did not remarry.

1900: 45 7th street, Dora Piening Head F 43 Germany, 3 children 2 living, Oscar Piening Son M 28 Germany, conductor rail road, Helena Gurning Daughter F 26 Germany Henry Gurning g son, M 2 New York Henry Bartholdus Lodger M 55 Germany, Rudolph Baetcke Lodger M 48 Germany, Henry "Guerning" Son-in-law M 31 Germany, provisions dealer

1904: Lena Grunning age 29 identified June 22. Helena Grunning age 10 months was originally listed as missing.

NYC Death Index:
Grunning Charles 4 y Jun 15 1904 3614 Bronx
Grunning Helena 10 m Jun 15 1904 3637 Bronx
Grunning Henry C 6 y Jun 15 1904 2840 Bronx
Grunning Lena 29 y Jun 15 1904 3573 Bronx

1906: Passport application Henry Grüning dob 2 May 1869 Otterndorf Prov Hannover, Germany Age 37, Passport Issue Date: 28 Jun 1906, provisions dealer, 188 6th ave.

1907: Henry C Gruening 22 Feb 1907 US citizen arriving from Bremen on the Fredich der Grosse to New York

1910: Otto Hahn 39, proprietor cafe, Henry Gruning 43, widowed, proprietor cafe

1915: Henry Gruning age 46, saloon keeper

1921: Passport application: Henry Gruning dob 2 May 1869 Otterndorf, Germany Age 52 Passport Issue Date: 21 Jun 1921 Residence: New York, New York Father Name: Christopher Gruning, Address, 322 Washington St., New York.

Henry Grunning passport photo 1921

Haag/Hoag (Louie & Suzanna) ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Haag 210 E 14th street: Emma 9, DEAD, William 14, DEAD Wilhelmina 12 DEAD

Louis Haag and his wife, Suzanna had three children in 1904: William✟ (Willie), Wilhelmina✟ and Emma✟. All three died in the Slocum accident.

Susanna was 39 years old in in 1904. Technically young enough to have more children. Yet they did not.

June 17, New York Times - Willie Haag was identified by his father, Louis Haag who was described as an"elderly man". Louis Haag was born circa 1861 so he was 43 at the time of the Slocum tragedy. He was accompanied by his wife and another elderly man. Two daughters were still missing. Upon identifying the son, the mother repeated "It's Willie" several times and then "her mind gave way" and she was taken to Bellevue.

June 17, New York Tribune: Mrs. Louis Haag of 210 East 14th street "heedless of the throng around her, gently stroking the white face and crumpled hands, murmuring unintelligible endearments in German" while her husband paced up and down. Mr. Haag's brother was with them and explained that the two daughter were still missing.

The Slocum "Horror" book lists: Hoag, Wilmur 12, William 14, and Emma 9 all of 210 E 14th street.

The New York City Death index lists Emma, 9, William 14 and Wilma 12 under "Haag"

1887: Marriage: Louis Haag to Susanna Backschneider 18 Sep 1887, New York, New York Father Wilhelm Haag Mother Barbara Kociane Father Martin Backschneider Mother Maria Fabri (LDS)

1890: Willi Alois Haag 01 Sep 1890 Manhattan Birthplace: Oestreich Age: 29 Mother Sussanne Brettschnerder Haag Birthplace: Oestreich Age: 27

1891: New York, New York, USA Father Aloys Haag Mother Susanne Brettschneider Haag (LDS)

1904: NY Times July 17, Louis "Haas" of 210 E. 14th street asked the Slocum Relief committee to pay the undertakers bills amounting to $218. No decision was made because he had insurance for those killed of $248.50.

1904: Emma Haag Bronx Age: 9 Burial Date: 19 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Cemetery Father Louis Father's Birthplace: Hungary

1904: Wilma Haag 15 Jun 1904 210 E. 14th St. Age: 12 Burial 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father Louis Haag Father's Birthplace: Hungary Mother Susie Bretschneider Mother's Birthplace: Hungary (LDS)

1910: Brooklyn, Diamond street, Lousi "Hoag" age 49, --ester, shoe manufacture co Sussie age 45, married 23 years, 3 children 3 living*

*She had three children but they all died. Indicating that this question is not always answered the way the census meant it to be answered.

Haag/Hoag (Emerich and Suzanna) ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City record: Susie age 48 DEAD Ella age 13 DEAD Aranka, age 20, injured and taken to Lincoln hospital.

Emerick and Suzanna Haag had five children in 1904: Gisela, Aranka, Ella Emerich, William. Emerick Haag, tailor, lost his wife, Suzanna✟, and daughter Ella✟ age 13. His daughter Arkana was injured. Arkana's injuries may have kept her from working outside the house. While her sister, Gisela, was employed through the years all of the census show Aranka without an occupation. Emerick jr married. William was still single at age 30 in 1920.

Gisella and Aranka did not marry. Emerick senior did not remarry.

The family was still on St Mark's place on the Lower East Side in 1915. By 1920 they were living in Scarsdale.

1889: Ville Haag Male Birth Date: 01 Mar 1889 Manhattan, Father Emerich Haag Mother Zosuzsorno Saher Haag

1904: Ella Haag Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age: 13 Burial Date: 21 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father Emerich Haag Father Hungaria Mother Susie Sacles Mother's Birthplace: Hungaria

1904: Ella✟ Haag age 13, Susie✟ age 48 born Hungary of 158 1st ave both dead. Aranka Haag of the same address age 20 at Lincoln Hospital

Per Find a Grave Susie Haag was identified by her "son", Emerich.

1905: St Mark's Place, Emerich J Haag 48, tailor, Gisela Haag 23, furrier worker, Aranka Haag 21, housework, Emerich Haag 20, engraver, William Haag 16, at school

1910: St Mark's place, Manhattan, Emerich Haag 53, widow, tailor, Gisela Haag 28, fitter, Aranka Haag 26, none, Emerick A Haag 24, photo engraver, William Haag 21, no occupation

1915: New York, Haag, Emerich head age 58, born Austria, mens tailor, Gisela ditto of Emerich, daughter, age 33, Aranka age 31, daughter, William son age 26, engineer

also Emerick Haag age 29, photo engraver and his wife Helen age 28.

1920: Scarsdale Emerich Haag 53, retired, Gisela Haag 38, file clerk, Aranka Haag 34, no occupation, William Haag 30, mechanical engineer

1925: Scarsdale, Haag, Emerick head 69 born Hungary, Gisella daughter age 42 born Hungary, Arnaka daughter age 40 born Hungary

Haas⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁

City record: Anna S age 46, Dead, Gertrude age 13 (disinterred), Dead - E. J. Hansen, age 70 (mother of Anna S Haas) missing - George C. F. age 50 to Lincoln Hospital - Emma age 35 to Lincoln Hospital

Reverent George Haas was the pastor of St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran church on E. Sixth street between 2nd and 3rd avenues.

"One of the most musical pastors in the Lutheran Church is Dr. George C. F. Haas of St. Mark's German Church, on Seventh Street." (NY Times, December 10, 1905)

In 1904 the family included the Rev. George Haas, his wife, Anna✟, and their two children George age 19 and his sister Gertrude✟ age 13, the Reverent's sister, Emma Haas age 35. Nineteen year old George Haas did not go on the excursion. At home he was reached by telephone and told that his parents, two aunts and a sister had perished. In fact, his father and aunt , Emma Haas, had survived but many other family members perished including his grandmother, mother, sister, and aunt.

The Haas house became a center for spreading the news about the disaster.

Newspaper listings: The New York Times listed under identified dead: "Anna Haas, age 5, daughter of the pastor of the church was identified at the Morgue by her uncle." This is an example of the missinformation that was printed and the type of confusion that arose in sorting out the records.

DEAD: "Hana" Haas age 46 64 E. 7th street - Gertrude Haas age 13 64 E. 7th Ave.

Mrs. William B. Tetamore, of No. 1741 Bushwick ave Brooklyn, the sister of Mrs. Haas, was identified by Dr. George H Semken, the family physician by "surgery marks" from an operation he had performed.

City Report: Tetamore, 1471 Bushwick ave. BKl. Sophia E. W. age 31 dead.

The notation on the identification of Mrs. Tetamore would indicate that her face was not recognizable.

During the services for Mrs. Haas the body of her sister had been identified.

"With the authorities assisting in every way the body was at once brought to the house, and an hour later, when the funeral procession started there were two hearses, and the sisters were buried together."


1898 Marriage 28 Jun 1898 Manhattan, Sophie E W Hansen Father Otto Ernst Hansen, Sr. Mother: Johanna Elizabeth Prins to William Bell Tetamore Father John W. Tetamore Mother Elizabeth Martin #10432

1904: Death of Sophie Hansen Tetamore and Herbert child (per find a grave) Herbert Tetemore age 3 listed as missing. Sophia Tetamore 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 30 Father's Name: Otto Hansen (LDS)

Birth: Herbert W Tetamore 9 Dec 1900 Montclair, Essex Co , New Jersey Father Wm B Tetamore Age: 26 Mother Sophie Hansen Mother's Age: 26 FHL Film Number: 494246 (LDS)

William Tetemoure remarried in 1906 . He married Emma Haas, the sister of George Haas.

1906: William B Tetamore 11 Jul 1906 Marriage Place: Manhattan Spouse: Emma Louise J Haas Certificate Number: 17472

1930: Newton Mass, William B Tetamore age 54, vice president china glass, Emma Tetamore 60, born Pennsylvania

William Tetemore died in 1937.

George Haas senior remarried in 1906. He died in 1927. Emma Haas married William Tetamore in 1906. See above. George Hass junior married in 1920 and divorced in 1924. He married again in 1930.

Marriage of George Haas senior and Anna Hansen: 1883 per Find a Grave

Children: Geoge, Gertrude.

The Reverend married a second time in May 1906. His bride was Clara Holthusen, the daughter of John Holthusen, the sexton of St. Mark's church.

1905: Seventh street, George C F Haas 50, minister, George C O Haas 22, son, teacher, Emma Haas 26, sister, housework, Louise Weathernazel 38, boarder, Sophie Tietge 21, servant

1910: 136th street, George C Haas 55, minister church, marriage 2, Clara M Haas 31, marriage 1, three years, George C Haas Jr 26, teacher college, Emma C Duehlmeyer 28, servant

1920: 312 Manhattan Ave. New York , George C F Haas 65, clergyman, Clara M Haas 41, George C O Haas 36, con--- government

1920: Brooklyn, William B Tetamore Head M 46 New York, organist church, Emma L J Tetamore Wife F 51 Pennsylvania

1920: Marriage - George Christian Otto Haas 01 Jul 1920 Manhattan, Age: 37 Single Race: White Father Geo. C.F. Haas Mother Anne Hansen to Florence M. Blake Age: 32 Spouse's Marital Status: Single Spouse's Birthplace: Bethany, Pa Spouse's Father Alfred O. Blake Spouse's Mother Mary Sampson

1924: Divorce of George Haas junior.

1927: Death of George Haas Rev George Christian Frederick Haas SPOUSE: Anna S Haas BIRTH: 5 May 1854 DEATH: 29 Sep 1927 - Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA OTHER: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

Find a Grave

1930: George C.O. Haas Marriage 26 Nov 1930 Manhattan, Age: 47 Marital Status: Divorced Father George C.F. Mother Anna S. Hansen to Beulah Evelyn Thompson Fiess Spouse's Age: 48 Widowed Spouse's Birthplace: Roxbury, New York Spouse's Father Charles E. Spouse's Mother Nellie E. Brooks


Find a Grave:

  1. Kate Hagenbucher Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - missing, lived at 2112 3rd Avenue, body not recovered or identified Burial: Unknown

    - not listed City Record or Horror Book

  2. Mary Hagenbucher Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 32 years old, single, lived at 2112 3rd Avenue, death cert # 3057 Bronx, Buried 6/19/1904 Burial: The Evergreens Cemetery (She was actually buried in Greenwood, MLB 09/12/16) Brooklyn Kings County (Brooklyn) New York, USA

    LDS lists both Evergreens and Greenwood.

    1904: Probate Mary Hagenbucher, deceased to Jacob Hagenbucher (for damages for negligence in causing the death of Mary Hagenbucher.) June 23, 1904 Westchester, New York, USA

    1869: Christian Hagenbucher Marriage 04 Apr 1869 Manhattan, New York, Age 26 Marital Status Single Birthplace Bavaria Father's Name John Hagenbucher Mother's Name Margaret Roth Spouse's Name Margaret Raetzel Or Ratzel Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 20 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1849 Spouse's Birthplace New York Spouse's Father's Name Henry Raetzel Spouse's Mother's Name Margaret Muller

    1870: LDS Margaretha Hagenbucher Birth 31 Jan 1870 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Race White Father's Name Christian Hagenbucher Mother's Name Margaretha Retzel

    1871: Marie Hagenbucher Birth 10 Jul 1871 Manhattan, Father's Name Christian Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 28 Mother's Name Margaretha Retsel Mother's Birthplace Germany Mother's Age 22

    1877: LDS Jacob Fredrick Hagenbucher Birth Manhattan, New York, Father's Name Christ Hagenbucher Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 34 Mother's Name Margaretha Retzel Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 28

    1885: Louisa Hagenbucher Death 20 Mar 1885 Manhattan, New York, Gender Female Age 0 Birthplace N.Y. City Burial Date 21 Mar 1885 Burial Place Greenwood Cemetery Father's Name Christian Hagenbucher Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Margaretta Hagenbucher Mother's Birthplace Germany

    1886: Death of Margaret Hagenbucher per Greenwood Cemetery records

    1892: Christian Hagenbucher Birth Date: abt 1843 Age: 49 Death Date: 30 Apr 1892 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 15776

    1892: Probate will - personal property included a burial plot at Greenwood - to his children Bertha and Jacob $200 each - to his children Julia, Jacob, Bertha, Frederick, Rachael and Mamie a share at coming of age - no mention of a wife.

    1892: LDS Adolph Liborius Molitor Spouse Margaretha Hagenbucher 27 Aug 1892 Place Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name Georg Johann Molitor Mother's Name Eva Kessler Spouse's Father's Name Christian Hagenbucher Spouse's Mother's Name Margaretha Roetzel

    1909: LDS Frederick Hagenbacher Or Hagenbucher Marriage License 21 Jan 1909 Westchester, New York, United States Gender Male Age 27 Birth Year (Estimated) 1882 Father's Name Christ Hagenbacher Or Hagenbucher Mother's Name Margaret Raicel Spouse's Name Emelia Or Emelie Dieter Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 22 Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1887 Spouse's Father's Name Fredk Dieter Spouse's Mother's Name Len Keoler

    1932: LDS Jacob Frederick Hagenbucher Death 21 Nov 1932 Bronx, New York, New York, Age 55 Marital Status Widowed Race White Occupation Soda Clerk Birth Date 03 Mar 1877 Birthplace U.S.A. Burial Date 23 Nov 1932 Cemetery Greenwood Father's Name Christian Hagenbucher Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Margaret Roetzel Mother's Birthplace U.S.A. Frame Number 979


    HAGENBUCHER EMILY 1934-01-19 20701 186 - HAGENBUCHER FREDERICK 1950-01-04 20701 186 - HAGENBUCHER JACOB F. 1932-11-23 20701 186 - HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1886-07-02 20701 186 - HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1939-09-14 20701 186 - *HAGENBUCHER MARY 1904-06-20 20701 186

    HAGENBUCHER EVA JULIA 1918-02-05 20700 186 - HAGENBUCHER JOHN 1946-07-24 20700 186 - HAGENBUCHER JACOB 1888-03-20 20700 186 - HAGENBUCHER JOSEPHINE 1879-06-24 20700 186 - HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1887-03-08 20700 186

    *Slocum victim

    Where is Christian?

Hanneman ☁

City record: Hanneman 416 5th street, Caroline age 54 to Lincoln hospital.

Caroline Hanneman was the mother of Susan Hanneman Boeger. Susan✟ age 32 and her two children, Florence✟ and Wilber✟, died in the Slocum.

1870: John Hanneman 32, Prussia, pluming and heating, $300, Caroline Hanneman 20, Andrew Hanneman 6/12

1910: 416 5th street, John Hanneman 72 Caroline Hanneman 60, 5 children 3 living: married 41 years, no occupation either one.

1915: Caroline Hanneman 64, widow, John Hanneman 39, son

1920: 416 5th street, Caroline Henneman 69, widowed, John Henneman 44, single, son, plumber shop

1921: Carolina Hanneman Birth Year: abt 1850 Age: 71 Death Date: 11 Aug 1921 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 19477

Wife and Two Children Given Up for Dead.

William BOEGER, a happy man, left his home at 910 Putnam avenue yesterday morning with his wife and two children to start them off the excursion. He returned alone last evening, heartbroken, with the news that the body of his girl Florence, 3 years old, had been recovered from the wreck. Then the distracted man went away to seek the bodies of his missing wife and little son Wilbur, 4 years old. All night long and up until a late hour to-day he looked in vain.

There were no more lovable or pretty children in the neighborhood than little Wilbur and Florence. They were general favorites. Florence, known as "Dollie," because she resembled a big wax doll, had big black eyes and black curls, which reached to her shoulders. Wilbur had blue eyes, filled with expression, and true golden hair.

The family formerly lived in Manhattan, and it is there that Mrs. BOEGER's mother, Mrs. Caroline HANNEMAN, lives. It was upon the invitation of Mrs. HANNEMAN that Mrs. BOEGER and her two children went on the excursion. Mrs. HANNEMAN, frightfully burned and injured in other ways, is in the hospital on North Brother Island. She has yet to learn of the fate of her daughter and grandchildren.

Mr. BOEGER is employed as a bookkeeper in Manhattan by a Monroe street firm. He accompanied his wife and children on his way to work as far as Grand street, where he kissed each one in turn and wished them a happy day. At noon, while at his desk, he learned of the catastrophe and immediately departed for the scene of the wreck. He arrived there soon after the body of his little girl had been taken from the water. Later he located his mother-in-law among the injured and from her learned some of the details of the horrible affair.

Mother-in-Law Told the Tragic Story.

Their little party had been on the lower deck. Wilbur wanted to go above and the grandmother, with the child ascended. Then came the flames. Somebody grabbed the boy. She tried to reach her loved ones below. When convinced that mother and child had made their escape Mrs. HANNEMAN leaped. She landed in three feet of water and was pulled out by rescuers. The body of little "Dollie" was found not far away. Mr. BOEGER has yet to learn what fate befell his wife and little Wilbur.

Today kindhearted neighbors are caring for the BOEGER home. There has been a steady stream of sympathetic people calling there, hopeful that the newspaper reports are untrue. No word of encouragement can be given to any of the number, for the anxious husband and father has not returned as he promised, if either of the missing were found. The body of Dollie still lies in a Sixth street undertaking establishment because her father has said that he does not wish to bring one home without the others.

The news of the fate of little Wilbur and Dollie has cast a gloom over the men in the Ralph avenue police station. Wilbur introduced himself and sister there some months ago. He was playing in the street in front of his home when some older boys annoyed him by throwing stones. Suddenly Wilbur took hold of Dollie's hand and started toward Ralph avenue, said: "Come on, Dollie, we will go and see Captain Miles O'REILLY about this."

And the two little ones trudged around to the station house hand in hand. Wilbur question every man in uniform to learn if he was Captain Miles O'REILLY, until finally the pair were ushered into the captain's office. Then Wilbur said: "Captain Miles O'REILLY, there are some very bad boys around on our street, and I wish you would arrest them." Captain O'RELLY smiled, drew the children to his side and said they should not be further annoyed. That is one reason why there is many a heartache near the BOEGER home to-day."

See Boeger.

Hardekopf ⚰ ☁

City Record: 342 Rivington street. Meta age 40 died Henry age 15 to Lincoln Hospital.

Meta✟ was the second wife of Edward Hardekopf. They married in 1903. Henry born c 1889 was the son of Edward Hardekopf and his first wife, Adeline.

Edward Hardekopf married for a third time in October 1905.

The family still lived on Rivington street in 1910.

Henry Hardekopf married in 1929 and had a daughter, Betty in 1931.

Marriage: Edward Hardekopf to Adeline Schneppel 19 October 1882


  1. Henriette Dorothea Hardekopf 19 Apr 1887 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father: Edwin Hardekopf Mother: Adelina Schueppel

  2. John Henry "Haidekopf" 20 January 1889 father Edward mother Adeline Schneppel

Death: Adeline Schneppel Hardekopf 5 April 1900

1903: Edward Hardekopf married Anna Meta Schnepel 02 Apr 1903 Manhattan Father John Hardekopf Mother Maria ... Meyer Spouse's Father Henrich Schnepel Spouse's Mother Margarethe Bellmer (LDS)

1904: City Report 343 Rivington, Meta Hardekopf age 40, dead, Henry age 15 uninjured

1900: Monroe street, Edward Hardekopf, widow, 50, milk dealer, Dora Hardekopf 12, Henry Hardekopf 10, Matildia Schniple 28, sister

Marriage: Edward Hardekopf to Matilda W. Fickbohn, 9 October 1905

1910: 343 Rivington, Edward Hardekopf, marriage 3, 4 years, 60, wholesale milk dealer, Mathilda Hardekopf 51, 0 children, Dorothea H Hardekopf 22, office assistant furniture, Harry D Hardekopf 21, driver fruit wagon

1915: Buswick Pky, Brooklyn Malilda W Hardekopf 57 Dorothea H Hardekopf 28, step daughter, office wood paper co. Henry D Hardekopf 26, step son, tr----,

1920: Bushwick Prkwy, Mathilda Hardekoff 62, Dorothea H Hardekoff 32, daughter, clerk bank, Henry Hardekoff 31, son, trucking

1929: Henry Hardekopf Marriage Event Date: 25 Sep 1929 Manhattan, Age: 40 Marital Status: Single Birthplace: New York City Father, Edward, Mother, Lena Schnepet, Spouse May Sutherlund Age: 32 Spouse's Marital Status: Single Spouse's Father Donald Spouse's Mother Elizabet Bond (LDS)

1937: Matilda W. Hardekopf Death 03 Dec 1937 Queens, 10111 86 Ave. Age: 79 Widowed Housewife Birth Date: 21 Oct 1858 Birthplace: New York City Burial Date: 06 Dec 1937 Cemetery: Lutheran Cemetery Father: Peter W. Fickbolm Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother: Margaret Von Bergen Mother's Birthplace: Germany Spouse's Name: Edward Hardekopf (LDS)

1940: Henry Hardekoff Head M 51 New York May Hardekoff Wife F 51 New York Betty Hardekoff Daughter F 9 New York

1942: WWII DR for Henry Hardekopf

Harms ⚰

City record: Not listed.

June 17, New York Times - Jennie Harms who worked at Dreamland, Coney Island, was seeking the bodies of her brother Herman who lived at 312 E 14th street and her parents who were visiting from Troy, New York.
"The girl identified the body of her mother in the afternoon, but the other two bodies had not been found up to late last night."
The Harms parents did not die on the Slocum.

Tombstone Find a Grave - Lutheran all Faint: HARMS Herman born 24 Aug 1884 died June 15, 1904 "oper des General Slocum die trauermdenheltern" Also listed on the tombstone: Richard J Harms born 24 September 1857 died May 6 1926 Ida P Harms born 14 Aug 1864 died Dec 12, 1943

Herman Harms is not on any of the later Slocum dead lists under "H". He was listed by the New York Times - HARMS, HERMAN. 18 years old, of 312 East I4th St.

No listing under "Harms" in the NYC death index.

Not listed on the 1904 City Report.

1905: Brooklyn, Gates ave., Frederick Harms 49, produce, Ida C Harms 46, Anna Harms 23, Jennie Harms 19, Grace Harms 17, Ada Harms 9

1906: Jennie Harms Gender: Female Marriage Date: 18 Aug 1906 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Colin Eadie Certificate Number: 7616

Harris & Bell ⚰ ⚰

City Record: "242" 5th street, "Sylvia" age 10, DEAD Agnes Bell age 19 adopted daughter DEAD

David and Lena Harris lost their daughter Sylvia✟ in the Sloucm disaster. Approximately a year after the disaster they had a son, Harry.

1900: "232" 5th street, David Harris 43, born Russia, no occupation, Lena Harris 36, born Ohio, 3 children 1 living "Sarah" Harris 5, Agnes Bell 17, daughter, servant.

1904: Silvia Harris Birth Year: abt 1894 Age: 10 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3765

According to Find a Grave she was buried in Bayside Cemetery in Ozone Park Queens. Bayside is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in New York.

1905: 220 5th street, David Harris 44, Russia, feathers, Lena Harris 40, Harry Harris, son 1 month, Rosie Feiereisen 18, servant

1915: E 106th street, David Harris 63, salesman, Lena Harris 51, Harry Harris 10

1920: E. 106th street, David Harris 68, Russia, Yiddish, no occupation, Lena Harris 55, Ohio, German, Harry Harris 14

1925: David age 72, Lean age 60 and Harry age 20.

In August 2-16 Anthony Pisciotta, a volunteer at Bayside Cemetery, notified me that Sylvia Harris and Agnes Bell were buried in the Bayside Queens Jewish Cemetery (80-35 Pitkin Avenue Ozone Park Queens County New York USA Postal Code: 11417 Phone: 718-843-484)

Agnes Bell - Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 18 years old, death cert # 2796, lived at 242 Fith Street

Silvia Harris - Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - 10 years old death cert # 3765 Bronx Daughter of David Harris & Lena Bliss.

Find a Grave

Hartman[n] ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Record: Hartman, Mary M. T., age 45 dead, Margaret 15 dead, 309 E 10th street, Clara age 11, Lincoln Hospital

Jacob Hartman lost his wife, Mary✟ and daughter Margaret✟. Daughter, Clara age 11, miraculously survived.

Clara and her mother and sister jumped into the water together. However, upon hitting the water they were separated. When her body was found it was presumed that Clara Hartman was dead. She was laid out at the Alexander Avenue Police station and her body was tagged. Several hours later she moved or vomited and it was realized that she was still alive. She was then taken to Lincoln hospital.

The Hartmans also had a son Jacob and another daughter Mary. Jacob Hartman became a college professor. He died in 1934. Clara Hartman was still alive at the time.

"Perhaps the most remarkable case in the many appalling experiences of those who were on the Slocum was that of Miss Clara Hartman, who was picked up for dead, was towed behind a boat for several miles, was wrapped in a tarpaulin, was tagged and then recovered consciousness. It is now believed she will recover."

San Francisco Call, Volume 96, Number 17, 17 June 1904

Jacob Hartman died in 1906.

Jacob junior died in 1934. Either Mary or Clara Hartman was still alive when Jacob died in 1934.

1880: Marriage - Jacob Hartmann Jr. 11 Sep 1880 Manhattan Age: 23 Race: White Father Jacob Hartmann Mother Elisabetha Held to Mary Wittmer Age: 22 Father Franz Wittmer Mother Clara Gahr

1900: 7th street, Jacob Hartmann Jr. Head M 43 New York, clerk, Mary Hartmann Wife F 42 New York, Jacob Hartmann Son M 19 New York, student, Mary Hartmann Daughter F 17 New York, student, Margaret Hartmann Daughter F 12 New York, Clara Hartmann Daughter F 8 New York

1904: NYC Death Index Hartman, Margaret age 15, Jun 15, 1904 and Mary M. t. Hartmann age 46, Jun 15, 1904

The New York Times of June 16 reported: HAILMAN, CLARA, 309 E 10th street, shock in Lincoln Hospital

1906: Death - Jacob Hartmann 23 Jun 1906 Manhattan NO. 346 E 6 ST Age: 49 Widowed Occupation: CLERK Birth Year (Estimated): 1857 Birthplace: New York Burial Date: 25 Jun 1906 Burial Place: MANHATTAN, NY Cemetery: LUTHERAN Father's Name: Jacob Hartmann Father's Birthplace: GERMANY Mother's Name: Elizabeth Held Mother's Birthplace: GERMANY

1901: Jacob W Hartman graduated from the City College of New York

1907: Jacob W. Hartman, teacher, applied for a passport at the embassy in Tokyo, Japan. sojourning at Kobe.

1908: Jacob W Hartman Gender: Male Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1908 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Marie Schwartze Certificate Number: 4700

1914: Jacob W. Hartman applied for a passport, teacher born Brooklyn, 23 October 1881, 468 W 153 rd street.

1910: Brooklyn, Hartman, Jacob W., age 28, teacher college, Marie age 31, wife, teacher music

1920: 146th street, Jacob W Hartmann 38, translator, Marie Hartmann 39, wife

1930: Park Place, Jacob W Hartmann 48, professor, college, Marie Hartmann 49, teacher

Jacob W. Hartman traveled overseas extensively with his wife including in 1914 departed from Copenhagen, 1920 departed from Rotterdam, and in 1933 departed from Bremen, professor.

1932: Jacob W Hartmann was a professor of Germanic languages at long Island University.

1934 Death of Jacob Hartman Junior: Death - Jacob W. Hartmann 04 Jan 1934 Brooklyn 162 8th Ave. Age: 52 Married Occupation: Professor of German Burial Date: 07 Jan 1934 Cemetery: Fresh Pond Crematory Father's Name: Jacob Hartmann Mother's Name: Mary Witmen Mother's Birthplace: New York Spouse's Name: Marrie Hartmann

Dr. Jacob Wittmer Hartmann, professor and chairman of the Department of Germanic Languages at the Long Island University died suddenly of a heart attack. He was said to have been popular with the students and facility alike. He was one of the first professors appointed when the university was founded in 1927. He was the son of Jacob Hartman and Mary Wittmer. He graduated College of the City of New York in 1901 and got a doctor of philosophy from Columbia in 1912. He taught English in Kobe Japan from 1906 to 1907. He translated many books and was the author of a study of Old Norse Philology. He was survived by his widow and a sister.

At the time of the Slocum disaster, Jacob W. Hartmann, was a tutor in German at the College of the city of New York.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle - June 15, 1904

Jacob Hartmann Jr., 1934 obit Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Hartung ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀

City Record: The Magnus Hartung family of 342 E 21st street suffered heavy losses. Among the dead were: Carmelia age 13, Clara age 10, Elsie, age 6, Francis; age 18 and Louisa; age 47. Minnie age 14 was taken to Lincoln hospital and Harry age 16 was uninjured.

Magnus Hartung, a tailor, and his wife, Louise Steiert in 1879. By 1904 they had 6 children: Minnie, Francis, Harry, Milly, Clara and Elsie . Louise✟ and four of the children (Francis,✟, Carmelia✟, Clara✟ and Elsie✟) died in the Slocum disaster.

Magnus Hartung remarried in September 1905. He and his second wife had a son, Walter, circa 1908.

Minnie Hartung, age 49, was still living with her father in 1930. Henry Hartung married and had a son, Everett. Henry Hartung died in California in 1945.

1879: Julianno Magnus O. Hartung marriage: 27 April 1879 Manhattan, New York, New York father: Heinrich Hartung mother: Friedricke Ritter spouse: Louisa Steiert other: Edward Steiert, Johanne Herberger

1880: St. Marks Magnus Hartung 24, tailor, Louise Hartung 23, Minnie Hartung 6m

1889: Harry Louy Hartung birth: 1 January 1889 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA father: Magnns Hartung mother: Louisa Steiert Hartung

1900: 342 E 21st street, Mgnus Hartung 44, tailer, Louise Hartung 42, 6 children 6 living Minnie Hartung 20, saleslady Francis Hartung 11, Harry Hartung 11, Milly Hartung 8, Clara Hartung 6, Elsie Hartung 2

1904: City Report, 342 E 21st street, Carmelia, 13, Clara 10, Elsie 6, Francis 18, Louisa 47 dead - Minnie injured 24 Lincoln Hospital - Harry 16 uninjured

Milie, Clara and Elsie were buried in Greenwood cemetery in the same plot.


A pathetic figure among the searchers and watchers was 16-year-old Fred Hartung, the sole survivor of a family of six who went on the ill-fated excursion. His mother and four sisters have not been heard from since the Slocum went down. The boy saved himself by jumping to a tug.

Los Angeles Herold, June 17, 1904

Other papers said he spent the night on the pier searching for his mother and sister. He was listed in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle as "Fred" Hartung age 16. He had heard that his mother had grabbed "Milly" and jumped with her.

1905: 342 E. 21st St. Magnus Hartung 49, tailor, Minnie Hartung 25 Harry Hartung 16, office boy

1905: Magnus Oscar Hartung, marriage: 12 September 1905 Manhattan, New York, New York father: Henry Hartung mother: Frieda Ritter spouse: Amalie Friedericke Bradtke other: Franz Bradtke, Friedericke Kranz

1910: 442 2nd ave., Magnus Hartung 54, tailor shop, marriage 2, Amelia Hartung 34, marriage 1, 1 child 1 living, married 4 years, Minie Hartung 30, Harry L Hartung 21, Walter M Hartung 2

1915: Westwood Bergen co. New Jersey Henry Hartung was still living with them. (LDS)

1920: Westwood, N J, Magnus Hartung 63, tailor shop, own, Amelia Hartung 44, Minnie Hartung 40, Walter M Hartung 12

1930: Westwood, Bergen, New Jersey Jefferson Ave own $10,000, Magnus Hartung 70, tailor, Amelia F Hartung 54 Wilhelmenia Hartung 49 Walter M Hartung 22

1930: Los Angeles, California, Harry L Hartung Head M 41 New York, real estate salesman, Grace Hartung Wife F 58 Virginia, Everett Hartung Son M 17 New York

1944: Marriage Harry Hartung 29 Jun 1944 Event Place: Los Angeles, California, United States 55 Birth Year (Estimated): 1889 Father Magnus Hartung Mother Louise Stiert Spouse Regina Jueneman Age: 43 Spouse's Father Henry Jueneman Spouse's Mother Ana Blissenbach (LDS)

Death: Harry Lewis Hartung born 01 Jan 1899 New York died in Los Angeles 7 July 1945.

Find a Grave

HARTUNG AMELIA 1935-03-07 24731 202
HARTUNG CHARLES 1885-01-19 24731 202
HARTUNG CHILD OF M. 1884-07-22 24731 202
HARTUNG CLARA 1904-06-23 24731 202
HARTUNG ELSIE 1904-06-20 24731 202
HARTUNG FREDERICK 1944-04-29 24731 202
HARTUNG JOHANNA L. 1887-01-10 24731 202
HARTUNG LOUISA 1904-06-22 24731 202
HARTUNG LOUISE O. 1895-01-17 24731 202
HARTUNG MILLIE 1904-06-20 24731 202

Hauff ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Record: Matilda Hauff age 14 of 142 3rd street died as did the housekeeper, Katie Blusch age 25 (housekeeper), Agnes Hauff age 11 was taken to Lincoln hospital.

According to Find A Grave, Matilda (Tillie) Hauff's parents were Fredrick, a butcher, and Amelia Galler Hauff. Tillie✟ had several siblings including: Fred, jr., Elizabeth, Frank, Caroline, Amelia, Albert, Charles, Fredrick, Agnes (who survived the Slocum disaster), Theodore and Louisa.

In 1900 Amelia Hauff claimed 5 children living out of 12 children born. The children still living in 1900 were listed as, Lizzie, Carrie, Charles, Tillie and Agnes.

1904: It was said that two members of the Hauff family were saved and one was missing.

1900: 142 E 3rd street, Fred H Hauff 46, provisions, Amelia Hauff 41, 12 children 5 living, Lizzie Hauff 19 Carrie Hauff 14 Charles Hauff 11 Tillie Hauff 9 Agnes Hauff 7

1900: Amalia Hauff Age: 42 Death Date: 14 Oct 1900 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 31991

1905: Fred Hoff 51, butcher, Lizzie Hoff 25, daughter, Caroline Hoff 19, daughter, Agnes Hoff 12, daughter

1910: 142 3rd street, Fred W Hanff 56, butcher, Agnes Hauff 17, daughter, Elizabeth Blusch* 25, "cousin"

*Elizabeth was the sister of Katherine who died in the Slocum.

1914: Frederick Hauff died in 1914

1915: Caroline Hauff 28, teacher Agnes Hauff 22, sister, housework


The New York Times reported that "Frederick Blausch", a cabinet maker, had a premonition that his daughter Catharine, age 23, woud die on a fire on a boat. The night before the Slocum disaster, Mr. Blausch of Laurel Ave, Stapleton S. I. claimed he dreamed his daughter went on an excursion and he could see the vessel in flames and hear his daughter's cries for help. Katie Blusch, houeskeeper, age 25 died in the Slocum disaster. She was with the Hauff family.

Katherine Blusch Birth Date: May 1879 Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Moravian Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: New Dorp, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA Father: August Blusch Mother: Elizabeth Blusch

1880: Staten Island Peter Duprie 57 Catharine Duprie 42 Charles Duprie 13 August Brush 27, no occupation, son in law, Elizabeth Brush 21, George Brush 3, Charles Brush 2, Kate Brush 1

1900: Staten Island, August Blusch 47, cabinet maker, Elisabeth Blusch 42, George Blusch 22, teamster, Charles Blusch 21, driver, Kathren Blusch 20, fire works ---, Elizabeth Blusch 16, servant, Casper Blusch 18, fire works, Edward Blusch 14, driver express, Amelia Blusch 13, Minnie Blusch 10, Magdaline Blusch 3

1909: August Blusch Birth Year: abt 1853 Age: 56 Death Date: 1 Jan 1909 Death Place: Richmond, New York, USA Certificate Number: 15

August Blusch Birth Date: 1852 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 1909 Death Place: Stapleton, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA Cemetery: Moravian Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: New Dorp, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA Children: Katherine Blusch
1910: Lizzie Blusch 51, widow, # of children not listed, Edward Blusch 25, Minnie Blusch 20, Lena Blusch 13, August Blusch 8, Helen Blusch 7

1920, 1925, 1930, 1940: Staten Island

1941: Elizabeth L Blusch Birth Year: abt 1859 Age: 82 Death Date: 2 Nov 1941 Death Place: Richmond, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2019

Elizabeth Blusch Birth Date: 29 Jan 1859 Death Date: 2 Nov 1941 Cemetery: Moravian Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: New Dorp, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA Children: Katherine Blusch

According to the censuses, Elizabeth Blusch had at least 11 children.

Havemeyer ⚰ ⚰

City record: Emma S. Havemeyer age 36 DEAD Ernest F. W.age 7 DEAD - 1499 1st ave.

Ernst Havermeyer, milk dealer, married Emma✟ Sophie Brandt in 1889. By 1904 they had three children, Laura, Gustav and Ernst✟ (William). Emma and Ernst died in the Slocum. No mention was made of Laura age 9 and Gustav age 8 in connection with the Slocum event.

Ernst senior remarried in 1905.

According to the census he was widowed again by 1910. He died in 1920. Gustave married in 1926.

1880: Ernst Friederich Wilhelm Havemeyer to Anna Klink 28 Oct 1880 Manhattan Father Adolph Havemeyer Mother Hiline Wedemi... Spouse's Edward Klink Spouse's Mother Christiana Kloffel (LDS)

1887: February 21, Christiania "Havenmeyer" Father, Ernest F. W. Havemeyer Mother, Christiania Klink

1889: Marriage - Ernst F. W. Havemeyer to Emma Sophie Brandt 17 Dec 1889 Manhattan Father Adolf Havemeyer Mother Helene Wedemeyer Spouse's Father Charles Brandt Spouse's Mother Johanne Behr(LDS)

1890: Friedrich Wilhelm Havemeyer 15 Oct 1890 Manhattan, Father's Name: Ernest F. W. Havemeyer Mother's Name: Emma S. Brandt

1900: 1499 1st ave., Ernest Havemeyer 42, milk dealer, Emma Havemeyer 32, married 10 years 5 children 3 living, Laura Havemeyer, 5 Gustav Havemeyer 4 William Havemeyer, 3 Martin Wolbers 25, boarder, Anmee Hocash 40, servant, August Hocash 4, boarder

1904: 1499 E 12th street, Emma S 36, Ernest F. W. age 7 dead -

1904: Ernest F.W. Havemeyer Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx "4" Father Ernest F.W. Havemeyer Mother Emma De Brandt (LDS)

1905: Ernest F W Havemeyer Gender: Male Marriage Date: 27 Nov 1905 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Maria B Graff Certificate Number: 25876

1906: Ernest F W Havemeyer 1499 1st Av New York, New York, USA, milk dealer

1910: 26th street, William Weisbarth 24 Hilma Weisbarth 20 Hilma Weisbarth 1 [1 6/12] Gustav Havemeyer 14, office boy, publishing co., Ernest F W Havemeyer 53, lodger, widowed, retail milkman delivery

1920: Ernst Havemeyer 59, married, laborer, stable, Nora Havemeyer 23, daughter, bookkeeper, Gus Havemeyer 21, son, none

1920 Death: Ernest Havemeyer Manhattan 302 E. 12 St. Age: 63 Marital Status: "Married", Occupation: Watchman Birth Date: 03 Dec 1856 Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 08 Feb 1920 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Adolph Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Helen Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1926: Gustav A Havemeyer Gender: Male Marriage Date: 11 Nov 1926 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Toa Aufmkolk Certificate Number: 33095

Hayden ☀

City Record: Wilhelma Hayden age 23 138 2nd ave., uninjured

1900 138 Second ave Hayden, John Holthusen 45, teacher language, Gesina Holthusen 51, married 16 years 5 children 3 living Clara Holthusen 20, Wilhelmina boarder, born June 1880, single age 19, born New York father born England mother born Germany, house work.

John Holthusen and Clara were also on the Slocum and escaped uninjured.

See Holthusen.

Heckert ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☀

City Record: 88 Ave A., Ann K age 11, dead - Julia 8 months dead - Eva 32 and Margaret age 9 - injured, Lincoln Hospital - Cecelia age 6 uninjured

Peter Heckert, a butcher, born in Germany was married to Eva. They lived at 82 Ave A. Eva Heckert was on the trip with her children Annie, age 11, Maggie age 9, Cecelia age 6 and Julia age 8 months. Julia✟ age 8 months and Annie✟ age 11 died. Eva age 32 and Margaret age 9 were sent to Lincoln Hospital and Cecelia age 6 was uninjured.

Peter and Eva Heckert had several children after 1904 - Conrad circa 1906, Henry circa 1908 and Anne circa 1919.

Cecelia and Margaret married.

1904: The NY Times of June 16 reported: HECKERD, Mrs. 88 Avenue A - burns and submersion

The New York Times listed of identified dead for June 16, listed - HECKERT, Annie age 11, identified at the Alexander Avenue Station.

Marriage: Eva


  1. Annie✟ c 1893

    Died June 15, 1904 Bronx - Listed as a victim age 11, 88 Ave A

  2. Margaret (Maggie) c1896

    Margaret Heckard married Conrad Hummer, May 8, 1919 #13458 Manhattan

    1920: Conrad Hummer, machinist book bindery, age 28, Margaret age 24

    1930: Conrad Hummer 39 Margaret Hummer 34 Robert Hummer 7

    1940: Conrad Hummer 49 Margaret Hummer 45 Robet Hummer 17 Richard Hummer 5

  3. Cecelia c.1898

    Cecelia married Harry Reisenfeld November 8, 1921 #30800 Manhattan. She died at age 54 in Ridgewood, Queens on June 21, 1952. Her obit stated that she had been a surviver of the Slocum disaster. She had been a member of the General Slocum Survivors Association. She was survived by two sisters, Margaret Hummer and Anne Kahn and two brothers, Conrad and Henry.

    1925: Brooklyn, Harry Reisenfeld 35 Cecelia Reisenfeld 27

    1940: Queens Harry Reisenfeld 57, operator factory, Cecelia Reisenfeld 42

    1952: Death of Cecelia Heckert Reisenfeld

  4. Peter✟ c 1900

    Died age 3 1903

  5. Julia c 1903 ✟

    Listed as a victim 88 Ave A

    Not listed New York Death index 1904

  6. Conrad c 1906

  7. Henry c 1908

  8. Eva claimed 8 children 4 still living 1910. The four were: Margaret, Cecelia, Conrad and Henry.

  9. Anne circa 1914 - per 1915 census

1900: 82 Ave A., Peter Heckert Head M 33 Germany, butcher, Eva Heckert Wife F 30 New York, married 7 years 4 children 4 living, Annie Heckert Daughter F 7 New York Margaret Heckert Daughter F 5 New York Cellia Heckert Daughter F 3 New York Peter Heckert Jr. Son M 0 New York

After 1904: The Heckerts had three more children after 1904 - Conrad, Henry and Anna

1910: Peter Heckert Head M 43 Germany, Eva Heckert Wife F 39 New York, Margaret Heckert Daughter F 15 New York, Celia Stephani Heckert Daughter F 12 New York, Conrad Heckert Son M 4 New York, Henry Heckert Son M 2 New York

1915: Peter, 49, Margaret 20 daughter, Eva, wife, 44, Cecelia age 17, Conrad 10, Henry 7 and Anna age 2

1930: Peter Heckert Head M 63 Germany, Eva Heckert Wife F 59 New York, Conrad Heckert Son M 24 New York, Henry Heckert Son M 22 New York, Anna Heckert Daughter F 17 New York

1935 Death: Peter Heckert age 68 Dec 28, 1935

1940: Queens, Eva Heckert Head F 69 New York, Henry Heckert Son M 32 New York

Find a Grave, Annie Katherine Heckert with image of Annie

Find a Grave with an image of Julia Heckert

Heckmann ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: Heckman 525 E 12th street. Catherine Heckman, age 24, Lillian age 5 and William age 3 all perished. Lillian was disinterred.

Otto Heckman, baker, and his wife Catherine✟ had two children by 1904 Lillian✟ age 5 and William✟ age 3. Catherine, Lilliam and William all died in the Slocum disaster.

Otto Heckmann remarried circa 1905. He and his second wife, Elizabeth had several children including Evelyn, Matilda, Cecelia, Otto and Barbara.

Otto Heckmann died in 1948.

1900: Yonkers, Otto Heckman Head M 29 Germany, baker, Katie Heckman Wife F 20 New York, Lillie Heckman Daughter F 1 New York

1901: William Otto Heckmann pe: Birth 29 Jun 1901 Manhattan Father Otto Heckmann born Germany Age: 30 Mother Katie Frank Heckmann born New York 21 (LDS)

1904: City Report, 525 E 12th street, Dead Heckman, Catherine, 24, Lillian 5 (disinterred) and William 3

1904: Lillian Heckmann Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father' Otto Heckmann Father Germany Mother Katie Frank Mother's Birthplace US (LSDS)

1905 directory: 525 E 12th street, Otto Heckman 34, baker

1907 birth: Matilda Louise Hickmann Birth 15 Dec 1907 Manhattan Father's Name: Otto Hickmann Father's Birthplace: Germany Father's Age: 36 Mother's Name: Elizabeth Nehrbass Hickman Mother's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Age: 31

1910: 168 1st ave., Otto Heckman 39, marriage 2, 5 years, boarding house keeper, Elizabeth Heckman 33, marriage 1 2 children 2 living, Evelyn Heckman 3, Matilda Heckman 2, and boarders (all the boarders were bakers working in a bakery shop) Conrad Beren 43, Johan Beren 47, Anthony Polowski 48, Charls Dittman 50, Charls Rudolf 57, Harry Kenepp 21, George Pashinski 39, Robert Schwart 73, William C Nichol 34, August Mayer 42

1920: Manhattan, Otto Heckmann Head M 49 Germany, Elizabeth Heckmann Wife F 44 New York, Evelyn Heckmann Daughter F 13 New York, Matilda Heckmann Daughter F 12 New York, Celia Heckmann Daughter F 7 New York, Otto Heckmann Son M 6 New York, Barbara Heckmann Daughter F 3 New York

1930: Kings, Otto Heckmann, Head, 59, Germany, own $8,500 Dahl Court, widow, baker, Evelyn Heckmann, Daughter, 23, New York, Cecelia Heckmann, Daughter, 17 New York, Otto Heckmann Son 16 New York, Barbara Heckmann Daughter 13 New York, Henry Heckmann Son 9 New York, Louis Van Hove Son-in-law 23 New York, Mathilda Van Hove Daughter 22 New York, Lucille Van Hove Daughter 0 New York

1948: Otto Heckmann Death 09 Jun 1948 Brooklyn, 18 Dahl Court Age: 77 Widowed Occupation: Baker Birth Date: 08 Feb 1871 Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 12 Jun 1948 Cemetery: St Michael's Cem Father's Name: John Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Genevieve Hekmann Mother's Birthplace: Germany Spouse's Name: Elizabeth

Hedenkamp ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: Hedenkamp 805 6th street. Frank age 8, DEAD John 55, DEAD Margaret age 11 DEAD Margaret age 50 was taken to Lincoln hospital.

John✟ D. Hedenkamp, carpenter, son of Henry Hedenkamp and Henietta Heine, married Margaret Klocke/Klacke/Kloke/Kluger daughter of Henry Klocke and Margaret Seller in January 1876. They had Henry c. 1877, John in 1880, Marie Margarethe in 1881, John in 1884, Johanna Sophia in 1887, Margaret✟ circa 1893 and Frank✟ in 1896.

It appears that Henry, Marie and Johanna were not on the excursion with the rest of the family. Henry, Marie and Johanna were listed with the family in the 1900 census. According to the newspapers Henry age 24 came to the morgue looking for his father, John, and siblings, Mary (Margaret), Frank and "Harold". Henry, Marie and Johanna were alive when Margareth Henednkamp Hollwedel died.

Margaret Hendenkamp remarried in 1908.

She died in Brooklyn in 1914.

Henry Hendenkamp was listed in the 1915 census.

Johanna Sophia Hedenkamp married Dietrich Bernard Gristede in 1908. They had Dorothy in 1909.

1880: Rivington Street, John Hedenkamp 31, house carpenter, Maggie Hedenkamp 25, Henry Hedenkamp 3, Annie Hedenkamp 2, John Hedenkamp 1m

1886: John D Hedenham, 334 Rivington, builder

1899 to 1903: 805 6th street, Carpenter

1900: 805 6th street, single family, John Hedenkamp 51, carpenter, Margarette Hedenkamp 46, 8 children 5 living, Henry Hedenkamp 23, carpenter, Marie Hedenkamp 18, Johanna Hedenkamp 12, Margrett Hedenkamp 7, Frank Hedenkamp 4

1904: 805 6th street, Frank age 8, John age 55, Margaret L 11 dead - Margaret age 50 Lincoln Hospital

1904: The NY Times of June 16 reported: HENDENKAMP, Mrs., E 805 6th ave, shock in Lebanon hospital

1904: The newspaper reported that Henry "Hardincamp" found his little sister "Mary" in a little pine coffin among the dead. It took several men to tear Henry away from the coffin. "Mary" had been due to celebrated her eleventh birthday with a party of friends the day after the Slocum disaster. (This must have been Margaret.) Henry had come looking for his father, John, and brothers Frank and Harold, who were among the missing.

1904: The New York Times June 16 list of the identified dead listed: HAVENCAMP, Margaret age 11, 805 E 6th street, identified at the Morgue by her brother, Henry.

1908: Marriage Christopher Hollwedel to Margaretta A. Kloke Hedenkamp 08 Nov 1908 Bronx Father Henry Hollwedel Mother Gesdie Adelhaid Botcher Spouse's Father Heinrich Kloke Spouse's Mother Margarette Soller

1914: Margarethe Adelaid Hollwedel Death 29 Apr 1914 Brooklyn Age: 59 Marital Status: Widowed Birth Date: 11 Jun 1854 Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 01 May 1914 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem Father's Name: Heinrick Klocker Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Meta Solles Mother's Birthplace: Germany

Probate: Margareth A. Henedkamp Hollwedel died 29 April 1914, petitioner Henry Hedenkamp, real property $5,000. personal property $400. Henry Henedkamp Post Road, Scarsdale, son, Marie Hedenkamp Robinson 5614 15th street, Brooklyn daughter, and Johanna Hedenkamp Gristede Scarsdale daughter

1915: Scarsdale, Westchester, Diedrich B Gristede 42, Johanna S Gristede 28, Dorothy M Gristede 5, Margaret J Gristede 2, Henry Hedenkamp 38

Find a Grave

Heerz ⚰

City Record: Hermine M. Heerz age 32, DEAD, 412 6th street.

George Heerz married Mary [Hermine] Schwepfinger in 1892. Hermine✟ died in the Clocum. George Heerz died in 1911.

1892: George Heerz Marriage Date: 28 Feb 1892 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Mary H Schwepfinger Certificate Number: 2655

Mrs. M., 32 years, of 412 Sixth street, identified by husband George (Box No.429)

1900: 316 6th street, George Heerz 37, fruit merchant, Mary H Heerz 28, 0 children married 8 years, Henry Becker 26, boarder

1904: Death of Mrs. Heerz

1911: Death of George Heerz, Fresh Pont Crem. March 19, 1911.

Hegyi ⚰ ⚰

Find a Grave: Barbara Hegyi - age 19 years old death cert # 3365 Bronx Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Born Hungary.

1901: Borbala Surname Hegyi Last Place of Residence Cyaruiah Event Date 26 Nov 1901 Age 17 Nationality Hungarian Departure Port Antwerp Arrival Port New York Gender Female Marital Status S Ship Name Zeeland (no others of the same surname on that ship MLB 09/12/16)

She was a servant in the Fisher family.

Not listed Horror Book - Listed City Record

Heilshorn ⚰ ⚰

City Record: George Heilshorn age 3 and Margaret age 33 DEAD.

George Heilshorn, bartender, and his wife, Margaret✟ had one son, George✟ born in 1901. Margaret and George died in the Slocum.

George remarried in August 1905.

He died in 1906.

1899: Georg Heilshorn Age: 41 Spouse's Name: Margarethe "Heitmann" Spouse's Age: 29 Event Date: 28 Jan 1899 Event Place: Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey

1900: Heilshorn, George age 41, married 1 year, bartender, "Mary" wife age 29, 0 children

1901: George Christopher "Halshorn" Birth Event Date: 29 Sep 1901 Manhattan, Father George Halshorn Father's Birthplace: Germany Age: 42 Mother Marguereth "Heidman" Mother's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Age: 29

1904: Heilshorn 181 Waverly place, George age 3, Mararet age 33 dead

George Heilshorn, father, George, mother, Margaret "Hutmann" died June 15, 1904 buried June 23, 1904 (LDS).

1904: Georg Heilshorn 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, 181 Waverly Place Age: 3 Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father's Name: George Heilshorn Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Margaret Hutmann Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1905: George Heilshorn Gender: Male Marriage Date: 3 Aug 1905 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Bertha M Loefgen Certificate Number: 16708 - George Heilshorn to Bertha Maria Loefgan 03 Aug 1905 Event Place: Father's Name: Christopher Heilshorn Spouse's Father's Name: August Loefgan Spouse's Mother's Name: Ludenig

George Heilshorn Marriage 03 Aug 1905 Manhattan Age: 46 Widowed Birthplace: Ritterhude, Hanover Father Christopher Heilshorn Mother --- Boys Spouse Bertha Loefgan Age: 38 Widowed Birth 1867 Spouse's Birthplace: Cusehaven, Germany Spouse's Father's Name: August Loefgan Spouse's Mother's Name: Ludenig

1906: Death, George "Hailshorn" age 47 Manhattan

1913: Bertha Heilshorn 438 E 148th New York, widow George New York, New York, City Directory, 1913

Note: There are not a lot of records for the name: George Heilshorn marriage Adele Mehrtens 8 Nov 1888 - Manhattan

Heins (John) ⚰ ☀ ☀ ☀

City record: 397 E 4th street, dead Frank Heins, uninjured Bertha age 46, George age 15, Theodore age 15

John Christopher Heins married Bertha Heins in 1884. By 1904 they had: Frederick, Theodore, George, and Frank✟. Frank died in the Slocum disaster. The 1900 census indicates that the family had already lost two children. By 1910 according to the census only 2 children remained - George and Theodore.

George married and had at least one child.

He died in 1945.

Theodore married and had an "adopted" son. Theodore was still alive in 1940.

1884: Marriage John Christopher Heins to Bertha Heins 27 Nov 1884 Manhattan Father Albert Heins Mother Margaret Luedes Spouse's Father Hermann Hahn Spouse's Mother Marie Heins (LDS)

1900: 397 E4th street, John C Heins 56, no occupation, Bertha Heins 40, 6 children 4 living, Frederick Heins 20, Theodore Heins 11, George Heins 11, Frank Heins 7, Mary Butt 21, servant, Margaret Hines 15, servant

1904: The New York Times list of identified dead for June 16 included HEINS, Frank age 13 identified at the Morgue by his brother Fred. Frank was listed twice.

1904: Heins, 397 E. 4th street, Frank age 11, deceased - Bertha 46, George 15, and Theodore 15 uninjured

1908: Bertha Heins Arrival Date: 25 Sep 1908 Birth Date: abt 1858 Age: 50 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Bulow US citizen

1910: 397 E. 4th, John Heines Head marriage 2, 25 years, 66 Germany, no occupation, Bertha Heines Wife marriage 1, 6 children 2 living, 52 Germany George E Heines Son 20 New York, roofer tinsmith, Theodore B Heines Son 20 New York, electrician

1917: George Edward Heins born May 19, 1889, 15 Degraw street, Brooklyn, asst manager wife and child, bad right arm.

1917: Theodore Werner Heins Manhattan New York born 19 May 1889, bartender, single, convulsive spells, Draft Board: 103, next of kin J. c. Heins 395 E 4th street.

1920: 4th street, John C Heinz 75, saloon keeper, Bertha Heinz 62, Theodore Heinz "20" (should be 30), bartender, Helen Luby 28, [20] servant, Margeret Huntenberg 31 boarder, restaurant waitress

1922: Marriage Theodore "W." Heins 3 June 1922 33 single, son of John C and Bertha Heins, to Minnie E Boog widowed, age 28, daughter of Edward and Lizzie (geb.) Heinrich

Death of John c Heins: Between 1920 and 1930

1930: 55 Lewis street, Bertha Heins widowed own $7,000

Next listing is for Theodore Heins.

1930: Theodore Heins Head 40 New York, restaurant, Minnie Heins Wife 38 New York, Theo Heins Jr. Adopted son 18 New York

Theodore, Minnie and Theodore jr. were also listed in 1940.

1920: George E Heins 29, manager restaurant, Matilda Heins 26 John C Heins 3 [3 9/12]

1930: 55 Lewis street, George Heins 40, restaurant, Matilda Heins 37, John Heins 15, Helen Mac Duff 16, neice

1940: E 4th street, Manhattan, George Heins 51, bartender, Mathilda Heins 46

1945: Death of George Heins, tavern keeper, born 19 May 1889 NY, father, John, mother, Bertha, spouse, Matilda, died 16 December 1945 Manhattan burial 19 December 1945, Lutheran, residence Jersey City, Hudson, NJ

Heins (Henry) ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Heins 300 Front street, Annie age 40, Henrietta age 10, Ida age 14 Margaret age 7, all DEAD.

Henry Heins, grocer, born Germany circa 1864 lost his wife and three daughters in the Slocum disaster - Annie✟ age 40, Henrietta✟ age 10, Ida✟ age 14 and Margaret✟ age 7 all perished.

1890 Marriage: Feb 27, 1890 Annie Mer Hansing daughter of Herman Hensing and Maria Londermeyer, to Henrich Heins son of Carsten Heins and Anna Marie Brand (LD)

1900: Henry street, Henry Heins 36, grocer, Annie Heins 36, 4 children 3 living, Ida Heins 9, Etta Heins 6, Margarete Heins 3, Annie Handlman 25, servant, Martin Heins 29, brother, grocer

1904: The New York Times list of Identified Dead for June 16, included, Heins, Henrrietta, age 10, 300 "1st street", identified by her father.

1904: Margaret Heins age 7, Ida Heins age 14, Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx 300 Front St. Burial 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father Henry Heins Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother Annie "Hensing" Mother's Birthplace: U. S.

1904: DEATH INDEX NYC: Ida "Heina" 14 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3485

1904: The body of Margaret Heins was found floating in the East River eight miles from North Brothers Island and just a block from her home on Front street.

June 23, The Graphic Nashville, North Carolina (and other papers all over the country) reported that on Friday the body of an 8 year old girl washed up on shore at the foot of Clinton street. The neighbors identified it as that of daughter of Henry Heinz, of Front street. The girls mother, Anna, was among the dead. The body had apparently floated down the river from North Brothers Island to a block away from the girl's home.

On June 17 the New York Times reported that the body found furthest for the scene of the disaster was that of Margarete Heins, age 6 of 300 Front street. The body had drifted 8 miles and was picked up by a New Haven Railway tug near Clinton street not far from the child's home. Henry Hines had located the bodies of his wife, Annie and his twelve year old daughter, Henrietta at the morgue. Elsie and Margarete were still missing when he left the morgue at the urging of friends. A short while after he left the little girls's body was brought in. According to the article the child was known as Margie.

1904: Henry Heins of 300 Front Street, New York City made a passport application in Hoboken, State of New Jersey, Henry Heins, born Godenstedt, Germany, 29, September 1864, immigrated on the Main 16 June 1881, resided in the US from 1881 to 1904 at New York, naturalized N Y 21 October 1886, merchant, age 40, 5 feet 7 inches, mustache, blue eyes, black hair

October 25, 1904.

1905: 312 Front street, Manhattan, Frederick Pope 43, Helen Pope 38, William H Pope 15, Henry Heins 40, boarder, proprietor, Martin Heins 30, boarder, clerk, John L Smith 35, William Ronan 50, Paul Lahade 46

In 1905 Martin Heins of 300 Front street, Manhattan, made a passport application in Hoboken, N. J.

It may be him who was listed as Henry Heins age 40, US citizen on the Kronprinz William from Bremen, January 3, 1905.

Heinz ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☀ and Peters, Ludemann and Schoenemann

City record: 97 Ave A., Johanna 44 DEAD, Louisa age 20 DEAD, Dina age 10 MISSING, Henry age 12 Lincoln, George age 17 taken home, Lucy G age 15 Lincoln

Mrs. Johanna Heinz, age 44, of 97 Ave A and her children, Louise 20, George 16, Henry 12, Dina 10 were on the Sloucm excursion. George and Henry survived. Johanna and her two daughters, Louise and Dina perished. Johanna✟ and Louise ✟ were listed among the dead and Dina✟ was listed as missing. Henry was sent to Lincoln Hospital and George was "take home".

Henry Heinz lost the ability to speak for three days after the incident. When spoken to he would just cry. He did tell his father that he had climbed a pole to the hurricane deck and then fell into the water where he was picked up by a man in a rowboat. His brother George leapt from the hurricane deck. He hit the bottom head first but was able to swim ashore.

Henry Heinz, oyster dealer and his wife, Johanna had 4 children by 1904. Mrs. Heinz and two of the children died in the Slocum disaster.

George, age 17, survived and was much quoted in the paper. He was even quoted in Munsey's Magazine.

George "Heinze" "18" of 97 Avenue A asserted that the deckhands and employees of the Slocum acted cowardly. He claimed when the panic started they did nothing to try and calm the hysteria but immediately jumped overboard. The Captain and several others in uniform did remain on the upper deck.

George jumped in the water and headed towards Brothers Island which was about 50 yards away - "it seemed an awful long swim with one's clothes on". He spotted a young girl of six or seven floating near him and calling for her mamma. He made an effort to grab her but the currant was too strong. He was pulled in at the island by a man with a garden rake. His mother, brother and two sisters were missing.

Another articles says seventeen year old George Heinz of 97 Ave A was pulled ashore at North Brother Island by someone extending a rake to him. He claimed the deckhands on the Slocum were grabbing all the good life preservers and pushing women and children aside to do so. George became separated from his mother and sister and was forced overboard by the flames. He was a considerable distance form the shore but managed the swim. At one point he caught a little girl with light hair and blue eyes wearing a brown dress with a string of beads around her neck. But the current was strong and he could not hold on to her.

June 17, 1904: The New York Times of June 17 reported that two friends of Mrs "Hines" of 97 Avenue A "found her body so badly burned they could not recognize a single feature, but a shoemaker whose name was found on the inside of one of her shoes made the identification." Later the identification was confirmed by her husband "by the fillings in her teeth". Mrs. "Hines's sons, George 16 and Henry 12 survived. But as of June 17 two daughter's Louisa age 20 and "Dinal" age 10 had not been found.

13-year-old Henry Heinz was stricken dumb after escaping the ship (NY Times).

Deaf Mutes Journal June 23, 1904:

BOY STRICKEN dumb Henry Heinz 13 years old escaped from the disaster "in some way or other" however, he was not able to speak since his rescue.
"He had been though dead until yesterday noon, when he walked into his home, at No. 97 Avenue A., and tried to tell his father and brother the story of his adventures, but he could utter nothing but inarticulate sounds." It was said he had been struck dumb with horror."
George had escaped by swimming to shore where a farmer with a rake pulled him ashore. He then tried to return to the water to try and drown himself in his emotional agony. He remembered seeing a little boy with golden curls looking up to heaven as he watched in dismay the boy was consumed in flames his face melting like wax. For George everything went black and he felt himself going "down, down, down" in the water. Mrs. Heinz's body was identified by her husband in the morgue on June 22. The two girls were still missing.

Other relatives with the party were: Mrs Peters, an aunt, who was still missing, Mrs. Hannah Ludemann of White Plains, an aunt and her two sons who were all rescued by a tug, John Schoenemann, an uncle still missing.

1904: Indianapolis News - Jun 17, 1904 Henry Heinz age 12 was dumb due to the ordeal he went through. He and his brother George stood on the middle deck until it became too hot. Then they jumped into the water. Henry held the paddlewheel and was rescued by a man in a tug. George declared that his mother and aunt had been robbed of diamonds and valuable jewelry. He said his mother had a valuable diamond brooch and his aunt had two diamond rings which were missing after the bodies were found.

1883: Marriage Henry Heinz son of Anton and Marie (nee Schopp) to Johanna Knoeffler daughter of Martin and Marie

1893: September 11, Gerhradina Heinz to Henry Heinz and Johanna Knoffler (LDS). Dina who died in 1904.

1900: 97 Ave A, Henry Heinz 60, oyster dealer, Johana Heinz 37, Louiese Heinz 16 George Heinz 12 Henry Heinz 9 Deaner Heinz 6 Maggie Heinz 25, boarder,

1904: Newspaper reports initially stated - Heinz, 97 Ave A. DEAD Johanna 44, born Germany and Louisa 20 born New York Dina 10 MISSING Henry 12 Lincoln Hospital, George 17 taken home. Listed as injured: George Heinz age 17, 97 Ave A and Henry Heinz age 12 of the same address were listed among the injured.

1905: Manhattan 97 Ave A Henry Heinz 64, oyster house, George Heinz 18, book keeper, Henry Heinz 14

1910: 149 Ave. A, Henry Heinz Sr 69, own income, George Heinz 23, clerk drug house, Henry Heinz Jr 18, clerk insurance co.

Henry Heinz owned the Oyster House at 97 Ave. A.


Death of Henry Heinz - November 17, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Henry Heinz, age 76 "one of the oldest oyster and chop house proprietors in New York City, died at Bellevue Hospital from arterio sclerosis. He was interred in the Slocum memorial plot in the Lutheran Cemetery beside his wife and two daughters who were victims of the Slocum disaster. He was survived by his two sons, George and Henry. The family were all members of St. Mark's and all, except the father, where on the ill fated trip. George and Henry were saved after "narrow escapes". "George leaped overboard and swam to North Brother's Island, where he was helped ashore and Henry clung to a paddlewheel of the burning steamboat until rescuers arrived in a row boat." Henry Heinz senior was born in Darmstadt, Germany to Antony and Marie Heinz. He was one of a family of 14 children. He came to NY in 1865 and settled on Essex street "where he established a small chop house". He later moved to Ave A and 6th street and maintained an oyster and chop house there for 35 years. He hard been in declining health "ever since his triple bereavement" and "which almost unsettled his reason then and for some time after."


The twin sons of John C. Heins, George and Theodore, 15 years old, of 344 East Fourth street, were among the rescued. They were on the boat with their mother and their younger brother, Frank, whose leg had been broken and was in a plaster cast.

First George jumped from the upper deck. As he struck the water a woman landed on him and partly stunned him. Theodore also jumped. Both boys are crack swimmers. George was picked up by a tug and Theodore swam to Randalls Island. They met at home six hours later. Their mother also was there. She jumped overboard and clung to the paddle-wheel, at the same time supporting another woman, who was finally taken from her by a negro, a member of the crew.

Frank, the brother with a broken leg, is still missing.

1917: Bronx, 470 E 161, WWI Draft registration, Henry Heinz born September 8, 1891 clerk insurance co., single, weak heart.

1917: George D Heinz, July 8, 1887, 90 Leggett Ave. Woodlawn N J, born NYC, clerk Park Davis and co, wife and child.

1927: Death of George Heinz 14 August 1927, salesman, son of Henry Heinz and Johanna Knoepfler spouse Alice S Heinze, buried Evergreen

1942: WWII DR, Henry Heinz born September 8, 1891

Others who perished and were connected with this family were: Mrs. Peters, age 28, and her daughter Lillian, age 1, of 126th st., Mrs. Hannah Ludemann, age 45, of Smith St., White Plains, John Schoenemann, 18, and Elsie Schoenemann, 15, of 946 Home street.

Mrs. Ludeman's children, Hannah 17, Fred 18 and John 16, who were also on the excursion, survived.

Hencken ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: Charles D. Hencken age 18, and Lucy G Hencken age 41 DEAD Lucy G age 15 taken to Lincoln Hospital. 169 So. 2nd street, Brooklyn

In 1904 Charles Hecken, saloon keeper, and his wife, Lucy✟ had two children Charles✟ age 18 and Lucy age 15. Lucy senior and Charles died on the Slocum. Charles senior remarried between 1905 and 1910. Lucy married Henry Schaaf and had two children, Lucy and Edward. Charles Hencken died in 1934.

1883 Marriage: Charles Hencken 29 Mar 1883 Manhattan to Lucy Bringmann Certificate Number: 31670 - Chas. Hencken to Lucy Bringmann 29 Mar 1883 Manhattan Father's Name: Chas. Hencken Mother's Name: Sophie Wilkens Spouse's Father's Name: Diedrich Bringmann Spouse's Mother's Name: Gesine Volkens

1900: Manhattan, 395 E 4th street, Charles Hencken 42, saloon, Lucy Hencken 35, Sophie Hencken 15, Charles Hencken 14, Lucy Hencken 11

1904: Charles D. Hencken and Lucy G Hencken died Jun 15, 1904 were buried in Pinelawn Cemetery in Farmingdale, Suffolk co.

"Funeral of Boy Hero. The HENCKEN family at 169 South Second street will conduct funeral services over the remains of Charles HENCKEN, the 18 year old son, who lost his life after saving Anna FREESE of Houston street, Manhattan. The mourning family delayed the funeral in hopes that the body of his mother, Mrs. Lucy HENCKEN, might be recovered. The family, including the daughter, Lucy, 15 years old, who was saved through the efforts of August LUTJEN, Jr., were together on the upper deck when the panic came and were separated during the mad rush. Nothing was seen of Mrs. HENCKEN and it is not certain whether her body is in the river or pinned in the wreckage of the steamer. Members of the family have closely examined the unidentified dead but have been unable to find any trace of the missing woman." (BDE, June 17, 1904)
The History of the General Slocum disaster called Lucy Hencken age 15 of 162 South Second Street Brooklyn an example of "childish heroism". When the fire started Lucy left her mother on the hurricane deck believing she would be save there and went in search of her brother, Charles. She found three babies lying on a floor in danger of being trampled. She carried the babies one by one to her mother. And then returned to the search of her brother. Before she could reach him the fire intensified. She retreated to the upper deck where she could no longer find her mother or the babies. Unable to remain on the burning boat any longer she jumped and was saved by the tugboat Theo.

June 15, 1904, BDE

"Brooklyn Woman Saved, but Lost Her Relatives

Later information proved that this person who was rescued by the Theo was Miss Lucy HINCKEN of 169 South Second street, Eastern District. She was pulled out of the water by William MAJOR of the Theo, and was taken directly to the hospital at North Brother Island, suffering from immersion, and half crazy over the loss of her mother, Lucy, and her brother Charles, both of whom also lived in the Eastern District. Lucy regained sufficient composure later to tell her story to an Eagle reporter. It was as follows:

"I was in the boat with my mother and brother. We had been invited by some friends to go on the excursion. We were all together when the boat took fire. The first intimation we had of it was by the shouting of the people, the smoke that came from the front of the boat and the panic.

"My mother was not very well and I took her up on the very top deck, where I put her in a corner near the back of the boat, where I thought she would be save. I had lost sight of my brother Charlie in the meanwhile, and I ran back to see if I could find him and to discover, if I could, a way to get off the boat.

Woman Tried to Save Three Little Children

"The captain seemed to be running her to the land then. When I got down to the deck below I saw three little babies lying on the floor. They had been trampled on by the people. I don't know how I did it, but I gathered the little babies and carried them to where my mother was. Then I went back to find Charley. I caught sight of him once, but then I lost him again, and the crowd drove me up to where the fire was burning.

"I must have lost my head. I do not know what I did, but I think I started for my mother, but couldn't find her. She was gone, and so were the three babies. Maybe I went to the wrong part of the boat, but I could not find them. It was awful. People were running all over and did not seem to know what to do.

"Charlie was gone, mother was gone, and there was nothing for me, so I thought I would jump overboard. I could not swim. I didn't want to swim. All I wanted was to die. But I was taken off and put in a boat and carried here. I think Charlie and my mother are both dead."

Another report on the family under the name HENKEN:
"Daughter Rescued, Mother and Brother Lost Another house of mourning was that of Mrs. Lucy HENKEN, at 169 South Second street. Mrs. HENKEN was accompanied by her son, Charles, 19 years old, and her daughter, Lucy, 15 years old. The latter was rescued after she had been forced to leap overboard, by a young man who sustained her in the water until both were rescued. She does not know the name of her rescuer.

The body of the son Charles was identified in the Morgue, but Mrs. HENKEN is missing. The rescued girl was credited in the early news of the disaster yesterday with having saved the lives of two children, but this she denies. She was searching for her mother and brother during the panic, when she was forced to leap into the water by the young man. She was taken to the Lincoln Hospital, but was able to return home last night. She was still suffering from the shock this morning."

and further on in the same article
"The HENCKEN family at 169 South Second street will conduct funeral services over the remains of Charles HENCKEN, the 18 year old son, who lost his life after saving Anna FREESE of Houston street, Manhattan. The mourning family delayed the funeral in hopes that the body of his mother, Mrs. Lucy HENCKEN, might be recovered. The family, including the daughter, Lucy, 15 years old, who was saved through the efforts of August LUTJEN, Jr., were together on the upper deck when the panic came and were separated during the mad rush. Nothing was seen of Mrs. HENCKEN and it is not certain whether her body is in the river or pinned in the wreckage of the steamer. Members of the family have closely examined the unidentified dead but have been unable to find any trace of the missing woman."
1905: Brooklyn, South Second street, Charles Hencken 47, retired, George Steuer 23, son in law, lumber, Sophie Steuer 21, daughter, Lucy Hencken 16, daughter

Marriage: Between 1905 and 1910

1910: Brooklyn, 169 South Second street, Charles Hencken 52, marriage 2, saloon keeper, liquor store, Mary Hencken 48, wife, marriage 1 0 children, Lucia Hencken 20, daughter

1915: Oyster Bay, Hencken, Charles, age 58, retired by himself

1920: Oyster Bay, Charles Hencken 61, retired, widow, Lucy Schoof [Should be Schaaf MLB] 30, daughter, Henry Schoof 32, son-in-law, grocery, Lucila Schoof 3

1925: Listed as a retired restaurateur.1927: Charles Hencken was in a car accident when his car was hit by another car from Long Island City at Hempstead Turnpike and Wantagh road. His car turned over and was badly damage. He escaped with minor injuries.

1930: Oyster Bay: Henry "Schaaf" 43, proprietor lumber business, own $15,000, Lucy Schaaf 41, Lucile Schaaf 14, Edward Schaaf 8, Charles Hencken 72, father-in-law

1940: Henry Schaaf 53, own $6,000, lumber own business, Lucy Schaaf 50, Edward Schaaf 18, Victor Miller 30, son in law, Lucille Miller 23, daughter, Jane Ann Miller 1

Charles Dietrich Hencken was born 25 Nov. 1885 to Charles Hencken and Lucy Bemckmann (LDS)

The estate of Charles D Hencken died 1904 was probated without a will, the petitioner was his father Charles Hencken on behalf of himself and Sophie and Lucy the sisters of Charles - value of personal property $300.

Lucy G Hencken did have a will. Her real property was valued at $6,500.

According to the marriage of Lucy Gesine Henckeman in 1913, Lucy Henckman was born Lucy Bringman.

1934: February Charles Hencken father of Mrs. Sophie Steur and Mrs Lucy Schaaf died at Central Park, Long Island

Henes ⚰

City record: 507 5th street, Annie age 66 DEAD

Anna Henes✟ the widow od Stephen, had two children still living in 1900. She died in the Slocum in 1904.

1900: 507 5th street, Anna Henes 62, widowed, 8 children 2 living William Henes 18, electrician, Paul Henes 15, machinist

1882: 4 January, William Henes to Stephen Henes and Annie Biersak

1897: Death Stephan Henes Birth Date: abt 1830 Age: 67 Death Date: 14 Jul 1897 Death Place: New York, New York

1898: Stephen Henes 507 6tb Boiler Maker Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1898

1904: NYC Death Index Henes Annie age 57, Jun 15, 1904 Bronx #2895.

1915: Bronx, William A Henes 33 Helen K Henes 33 Thekla Henes 4 Stephan M Henes 2 Martin Jordan 62 John E Jordan 27

1917: William Adam Hanes, dob 2 Jan 1882, machinist navy yard, Helen K Kenes.

1930: Bronx, Martin Jordan 67 William A Hener 38, son in law, machinist, factory, Hellen K Hener 38, Thekla A Henes 9, Stephan M Henes 7, William R Henes 3 [3 6/12]

1942: William Adam Henes, 2 Jan 1882, Bronx, wife Helen, employed Brooklyn Navy Yard,

Henrich ⚰ ⚰

City record: Theresa Henrich age 16 and Amelia Henrich age 18 DEAD

William Henrich, butcher, and his wife Caroline had 7 children by 1904: William, Carry, George, Margareta, Frederick, Amelia✟ and Teresa✟. Teresa and Amelia died in the Slocum.

A grandson, Charles was born in 1903 - he was living with William and Caroline in 1915, 1925 and 1930. William Henrich died in 1928. Caroline died in 1935.

1880: William Henrich 28, butcher, Carolina Henrich 25 William Henrich 3 Carrie Henrich 2 George Henrich 1m

1900: 170 4th st. William Henrich Head M 48 Germany, butcher, Caroline Henrich Wife F 48 Germany, married 24 years nothing listed under # of children, William Henrich Son F 24 New York City, Carry Henrich Daughter F 22 New York City, George Henrich Son F 20 New York City, Margreta Henrich Daughter F 19 New York City, Frederick Henrich Son M 17 New York City, Amilia Henrich Daughter F 15 New York City, Teresia Henrich Daughter F 12 New York

1904: Tessie Henrich Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 16 Burial Date: 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father's Name: William Henrich Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Carrie Engelhardt Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1905: Bronx, William Henrich 53, butcher, Carrie Henrich 50 William Henrich 28 Frederick Henrich 21

1910: Bronx, William Henrick 57, butcher, Caroline Henrich 56 7 children 4 living* Frederick Henrick 24, paint, paint shop

*William, George, Fredrick, and ??

1915: Queens, William Henrich 62, butcher, Caroline Henrich 60, Frederick Henrich 31, paint maker, George Henrich 34, produce driver, Charles Henrich 12, grandson

1920: Bronx, William Henrich 67, Foreman Industry: Paint Mills Caroline Henrich 66 Fredrick Henrich 33 Charles Henrich 16

1925: Bronx William Henrich 72 Caroline Henrich 69 Fred Henrich 40 Charles Henrich 22, grandson

1930: Bronx, William Henrich 67, foreman paint mill, Caroline Henrich 66, Fredrick Henrich 33, son, cannot read occupation, Charles Henrich 16, "nephew"

1935: Henrich, Caroline age 81, Apr 7, 1835 Bronx #3421

Death of William Henrich: ???

Find a Grave

Henry ⚰

Find a Grave: Sarah Henry Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904, USA age 12 Years old, death cert # 3078 Bronx, lived at 225 5th Street Burial: Unknown

Not listed Horror book - listed city record

Henzler ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: Henzler 154 1st ave Augusta age 11, DEAD Amelia age 18 DEAD Jacob jr. age 8 was sent to Lebanon Hospital. Amelia's body was disinterred.

Jacob Hensler and his wife Augusta had 5 children by 1900: Emilie, Hilda, Mary, Augusta and Jacob. Augusta Henzler died in 1901 at age 44. Augusta✟ age 11, and Amelia✟ age 18 died in the Slocum. Jacob jr age 8 was sent to Lebanon hospital. Hilda age 16, and Mary age 13, were not mentioned in the city record in connection with the Slocum.

1900: 1st ave., Jacob Henzler 48, plumber laborer, Augusta Henzler 42, 5 children 5 living Emilia Henzler 13, Hulda Henzler 10, Mary Henzler 9, Augusta Henzler 7, Jacob Henzler 4

1901: Death Augusta Henzler age 44, Aug 5, 1901 # 24152.

1904: Amelia is listed in the NYC Death index. Augusta was not.

1905: 154 1st ave., Jacob Henzler 55, plumber laborer, Hilda Henzler 17 Mary Henzler 14 Jacob Henzler 9 Andrew Burrow 66, boarder, plumber laborer

1910: E. 15th street, Jacob Henzler 60, laborer street work, Maggie Henzler 59, 5 children "0" living*, Marie Henzler 18, telephone company, Jacob Henzler 14

*Mary, Jacob and Hilda were still alive.

1915: Death Jacob Henzler age 65 Manhattan #20382

1915: Queens, John Schmidt 31 Hilda Schmidt 25 Marie Schmidt 8 John Schmidt 0 Marie Henzler 24 Jacob Henzler 19, brother, in law

1917: At the time of his 1917 draft registration Jacob Henzler born August 20, 1895 stated that he had a physical disability - eyes and weak heart. He was single and employed as an electrician.

1930: Jacob Henzler Head M 34 New York, electrical supplies, Elizabeth W Henzler Wife F 33 Germany, Alvina M Henzler Daughter F 5 New York, Constance G Henzler Daughter F 5 New York

Jacob Henzler was also listed in 1940.


City record: 416 5th street Margaret Herbolt age 76 to Lincoln Hosptial. Find a Grave says she died later of her injuries - face hands burned, nervous condition.

1880: North street, Jacob Herboldt 49, tailor, Margaret Herboldt 52, both born Hessen

She was listed by the city records as injured and sent to Lincoln Hospital. Not listed as deceased in the Horror book. Not listed NYC Death Index

Herman/Hermann ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ and Veit ⚰ ⚰

City record: 168 1st ave

  1. Herman, 168 1st ave - Catherine age 52, Lucy age 21 DEAD

  2. 410 5th street Elsa age 3, Emily age 25 George Herman age 2 DEAD.
Also lost was Lena Veit age 28 and her daughter Rosa age 1 both of 151 E 9th street.

Also lost was Emily Hemnann's mother, Susanna Toth.

See Toth.

Lena✟ Viet was the daughter of George and Catherine✟ Herman. Elsa✟ Herman was the wife of George and Catherine's son, Henry Hermann. Lucy✟ age 21 was another daughter of George and Catherine Herman. Catherine (Kate) Herman was widowed before 1900. The only survivors of the Herman family after 1904 were son Henry who died a few years later in 1908 and Otto Viet the widower of Lena. Otto Veit was a policeman at College Point. He remarried circa 1909 and he and his second wife Dorothy had four children, two boys and two girls. Otto Veit died in 1958.

1880: 3rd ave., George Hermann Self M 40 France, keep bakery, Catharine Hermann Wife F 28 Germany, Catharine Hermann Daughter F 8 New York, United States, Henry Hermann Son M 6 New York, United States, Lena Hermann Daughter F 3 New York, United States, Rosa Hermann Daughter F 1 New York, United States, Lena Hermann Mother F 72 France, Emil Spizberg Other M 27 Germany, baker, Caroline Young Other F 19 New York, United States, boarder,

1899: Marriage, Henry Herrmann 17 Sep 1899 Manhattan, Age: 24 Single Father: George Herrmann Mother: Katy Wagner Spouse: Emily Toth Spouse's Age: 20 Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1879 Spouse's Birthplace: Hungaria Spouse's Father's Name: John Toth Spouse's Mother's Name: Susanne Wass

1900: 168 1st ave. Kate Hermann 48, widowed, 6 children 3 living, Henry Hermann 25, salesman flour, married 0 years, Lena Hermann 23, Lucy Hermann 16

1902: 29 April, Marriage of Lena Hermann daughter of George Hermann and Cath. Wagnen to Otto Viet so of ... Viet and Elisabeth Ebers

The marriage was announced in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Patrolman Otto Veit of the College Point police station married Miss Eleanor Hermann of Manhattan . Lucy Herman, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and William Veit, brother of the groom, was best man.

1904: List of Identified dead NY Times June 1:

  1. HERRMAN, GEORGE 10 months of 410 5th st identified by his father.

  2. HERRMANN, KATHERINE, 50 years old 168 1st ave, identified by her son, Frank.

1908 Death: Henry Herrmann 21 Aug 1908 Bronx 461 E. 185 St. Age: 33 Occupation: Baker Burial Date: 23 Aug 1908 Cemetery: Lutheran Cemetery Father's Name: George Herrmann Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Catherine Wagner Mother's Birthplace: Germany

Remarriage of Otto Veit: Circa 1909 to Dorothy Williams.

1910: Queens, Otto Veit 35, marriage 2, 1 year, policeman city, Doreathy Veit 25, 1 child 1 living, Francis Veit 0 [10/12]

1915: Veit, Otto, age 41 patrolman, Dorothea wife, age 31, Francis son age 5, Helen daughter age 4 Dorothy daughter age 2, Chas. Wm age 12 wks.

1916/1917: Otto Veit was married as "Mrs. Otto Veit" of College point was listed as a surviving child of Mary williams age 72. In 1916 Mrs. Otto Veit of 125 14th street gave a party for her daughter, Dorothy age 2.

1920: 14th street, Queens, Otto Veit 45, patrolman, Dorothea Veit 36, Francis Veit 10, Helen Veit 8, Dorthea Veit 5, Charles Veit 4

1930: Otto Veit Head M 56 New York Dorothea Veit Wife F 45 New York Francis Veit Son M 20 New York Helen Veit Daughter F 18 New York Dorothy Veit Daughter F 16 New York Charles Veit Son M 14 New York

1940: Hempstead with wife Dorothy and child Helen

1958: Death of Otto Veit of Hempstead.

Hermberg ⚰ ⚰

Find A Grave: Arthur age 7 and George age 9, step sons of Albert Buchmiller, family member Anna Buchmiller also died. See Buchmiller.


City Record: Henrietta age 46, 22 St. Mark's Place born Germany - no additional info on Find a Grave. Listed City Record. Not listed NYC Death Index.

1886: Henrietta Herzenberger Arrival Date: 22 Dec 1886 Birth Date: abt 1856 Age: 30 Gender: Female Ethnicity/ Nationality: German Place of Origin: Germany Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland and Moville, Ireland Destination: United States of America Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Furnessia with August age 34, mason, and Anna age 11

1904: Identified June 15, 1904 - HERZENBERGER, Mrs. Henrietta, 45 years, of 22 St. Mark's place [had been recorded as missing under name of KATZENBERGER]. By husband, August. She was identified by a bandage on her body. New York Tribune June 19, 1904

Listed in the Horror book under "Hergenberger", Mrs. (45), No 22 St. Mark's Place

1910: Avenue A, August Herzenberger Head M 58 Germany, marriage 2, 5 years, immigration 1885, printer lithograph co. , Augusta Herzenberger Wife F 43 Germany, marriage 1 5 years, no children

1915: Brooklyn, August Herzanberger 63, printer, Augusta Herzanberger 45

1920: Brooklyn August Herzenberger 68, Pressman Lithograph Co, born Prussia, Augusta Herzenberger 53

Hessel ⚰ Muth ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ and Schnitzler ⚰ ⚰

City Record:

Hessel Wilhelmina age 63 DEAD - 801 E 147th street

Find a Grave:

Wilhelmina Hessel Birth: Jun. 11, 1841 Hessen, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 63/64 years old, death cert # 2984 Bronx, married,lived at 801 147th Street, husband Caspar, identified by Edward Schnitzler, Patrolman, son-in-law of 10 Gouverneur Place, Bronx, Burial: Unknown

Wilhelmina✟ was the wife of Kasper Hessel. Wilhelmina's daughters, Catherine Muth (and her children) and Christina Schnitzler (and her daughter Catherine age 5), were also on the excursion that fateful day.
Catherine✟ age 36, Catherine✟ age 5, Lizzie✟ age 10 and Christina✟ Muth age 8 all of 785 E 14th street died. Christina✟ Schnitzler age 28 and Catherine✟ Schnitzler both of 10 Gouvereur Place died.

Anna✟ E Muth age 62 of 1254 Lexington ave also died.

John Muth remarried and had a child by his second marriage. Edward Schnitzler, the widower of Christina Hessle Schnitzler, also remarried and had a family.

According to the 1870 and 1880 census Wilhelmina Hessel was born in Hesse Darmstadt.

1870: Kasper Hessel 33, shoemaker, Wiblema Hessel 28, Anna Hessel 8, Katharine Hessel 4, John Hessel 2, Kasper Hessel 2/12

1880: Casper Hessel 43, works at shoes, Wilhelmina Hessel 37, Anna Maria Hessel 18, Kattie Hessel 15, Christina Hessel 3, Clara Hessel 2, Augusta Hessel 6m

1900: 6th street Casper Hessel 63, tailor, Minnie Hessel 58, tailoress, married 40 years, 10 children 4 living, Clara Hessel 22, tailoress,

1900: Christian Hessel marriage to Frank Wm. Schmidt 30 Aug 1900 Manhattan Father Gottlieb Schmidt Mother Catharine Schneitzler Father Caspar Hessel Mother Minnie "Rollar"

1904: Death record of Wilhelmina Hessel, Wilhelmina F. Birth Date: 11 Jun 1841 Birth Place: Germany Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: New York, USA Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA Children: Catherine Hessel Muth, Anna Christine Hessel "Schnitzler" (Find A Grave)

1904: The New York Times list of identified dead for June 16 included, "HERSEL, William", of 801 E 147th st. (no age listed), identified by "his" son-in-law, Edward Schnitzler, of 10 Gouverneur Place at the Alexander Avenue Station.

Conrad Muth jr. age 10, of 1254 Lexington, injured and taken to Lincoln hospital. John Muth age 36, and John Jr age 3 both of 785 E 14th street taken to Lincoln Hospital

1905: Ave. B. Frank Schmidt 33, motorman, Clara Schmidt 27, neckware, Casper Hessel 69, f in law

Children of Kasper and Minni Hessel

  1. Anna 1861 married Montag died 1943

    Anna Montag Death 26 Dec 1943 New York City, Queens, 39 West 12 Road Age: 82 Widowed Birth Date: 19 Oct 1861 Birthplace: New York City, Manhattan, U.S.A. Burial Date: 28 Dec 1943 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Casper Hessel Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Willemina Roller

  2. Katherine✟ c. 1866 married John Muth - died in Sloucm disaster 1904

    John Muth Katie Hessel 07 Feb 1892 Manhattan Father's Name: John Muth Mother's Name: Elizabeth Anne Koch Spouse's Father's Name: Caspar Hessel Spouse's Mother's Name: Minna Roller

    Children: Lizzie ✟, Catherine✟ Christine✟ and John circa 1907 survived the Slocum.

    1900: E 5th street, John Muth Head M 32 New York, cloth cutter, Katie Muth Wife F 32 New York, 3 children 3 living, Lizzie Muth Daughter F 7 New York, Christenia Muth Daughter F 4 New York, Katie Muth Daughter F 1 New York

    John Muth remarried and had a child by his second marriage. See Muth below.

  3. John circa 1868

  4. Kaspar ci 1870

  5. Christina✟ c 1877 - married Edward Schnitzler - died in the Slocum disaster

    Edward Schnitzler Marriage 10 Apr 1898 Manhattan Age: 23 Single Father's Name: Paul Schnitzler Mother's Name: Catharine Gramer Spouse's Name: Christine Hessel Spouse's Age: 22 Spouse's Marital Status: Single Spouse's Father's Name: Casper Hessel Spouse's Mother's Name: Wilhemenna Roller

    1900: E. 122 street, Edward Schwitzler 25, policeman, Christina Schwitzler 23, Kate Schwitzler 11/12

    Find a Grave: Christian Schnitzler 1876 [?] - 1904, William Schnitzler 1864 - 1883 - Katie Schnitzler 1899 to 1904 - Katherine Schnitzler 1841 to 1905. Edward Schnitzler 1874 to 1932.


    The funeral of Mrs. Edward SCHNITZLER and her 5 year old Katie was held yesterday afternoon in their home at 10 Gouverneur place, in the Bronx. Gouverneur place is a short street between Washington and Park avenues, and , although there were no other funerals there, the sympathy of the neighbors was shown in the presence of half-masted flags over every door. Theses two victims were in a party of fourteen of Mrs. SCHNITZLER's relatives, four adults, and ten children, who were lost on the Slocum. None of the bodies of the other twelve have been recovered. The services ere conducted by the Rev. Hugh HOUSTON, pastor of the Centenary M.E. Church, and consisted of prayer and the reading of the Methodist burial service over each body. The interment was in the Lutheran Cemetery, at Middle Village, L.I.

    Brooklyn Archives

    Remarriage of Edward Schnitzler: Before 1910 - Edward Schnitzler 20 Feb 1908 Bronx Spouse: Marie Appel Certificate Number: 322

    1910: Edward Schustzler 35 Marie Schustzler 35 Edna M Schustzler 0 [6/12]

    1915: Manida st., Edward Schnitzler 40, policeman, Marie Schnitzler 40, Edna Schnitzler 5, daughter

    1916: Edward Schnitzler 643 Manida New York, Occupation: Police Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1916

    1930: Lakewood, NJ, own $17,000, Edward Schnitzler 55, born New York Marie Schnitzler 55, New York Edda M Schnitzler 20, born New York, Arthur Geller 45, lodger

    Policeman Edward Schnitzler of the Brooklyn Squad goes by the name of " Hard-Luck Schnitzler " by his comrades because of the misfortunes he has had. His first wife and three children were lost in the General Slocum disaster. Yesterday he was almost killed by a trolly car while on duty. He had stepped out of the way of one car and walked directly in front of another. He was struck by the wheels and crushed against a supporting pillar. The motorman, Michael Allen, applied the brake as hard as he could, stopping the car when Schnitzler's body was within five inches of the wheels. He was removed to the Hudson Street hospital where it was said that his condition was serious."

    Essentials in journalism: a manual in newspaper making for college classes By Harry Franklin Harrington, Theodore Thomas Frankenberg, 1912

  6. Clara c 1878 married Frank Schmidt -still alive in 1905

    Frank Schmidt Marriage 30 Aug 1900 Manhattan Age: 27 Single Race: White Father's Name: Gottlieb Schmidt Mother's Name: Catharine Schneitzler Spouse's Name: Clara Hessel Spouse's Gender: Female Spouse's Age: 23 Single White Spouse's Father's Name: Caspar Hessel Spouse's Mother's Name: Minnie Rollar

  7. Augusta - 1879: November 7, Augusta Wilhelmina Hessel born to Kasper Hessel and Wilhelmina "Zies".

1911: Caspar Hessel Age: 75 Death Date: 26 Apr 1911 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 14427

Muth Tombstone: Anna Muth --- wife of John Muth 9 March 1842 - Kate Muth --- wife of John Muth 24 Feb 1867 and thier dear children Lizzie geb May 7, 1893, Christina geb 24 October 1895, Katie geb Octobe 1 1893 the General Slocum 15 June 1904 John Muth husband and father, geb 9 Aug 1843 died 28 Sept 1892 - Whilimina Muth geb 27 Jan 1875 died 11 Feb 1876, Henry Muth beb 16 October 1871 died 27 Feb 1895 (Tombstone, Find a Grave)

1870: New York John Muth 29, tailor, Prussia, Anna Muth 28, Prussia, John Muth 6, James Muth 4, Cooney Muth 2

Hetterich[k] ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ Schmidt ⚰ ⚰

City record: 420 E 15th street - Hetterich - Adolph age 8 months, Emil age 3, Lizzie age 30, Robert age 6 all DEAD.

John Hetterich, butcher, born circa 1873 in Germany, lost his wife, Lizzie✟ and three small children, Robert✟, Emil✟ and Adolph✟.

1900: 15th street, John Hetterick 27, butcher, Elizabeth Hetterick 26, married 5 years 1 child 1 living, Robbert Hetterick 2

1904: Hetterich, Adolph 8 months, (disinterred) Emil 3, Lizzie, 30 and Robert 6 420 15th street

They were buried with Emma Schmidt born 1872 and Erna born 1903. - also listed as victims of the Slocum. Find a Grave

Emil Hetterich birth: 1901 U.S. death: 15 June 1904 Bronx burial: 19 June 1904 father John Hetterich, mother Lizzie Eckhardt (LDS)

1910: ????? Jersey City, John Hetterich 38, butcher shop, Lillian Hetterich 28, Lillian Hetterich 3, Helen Hetterich 2, [2 6/12] Alice Hetterich 0, [11/12] Louise Olnhausen 55, mother in law



1904: Emil Hetterich 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age: 3 Burial Date: 19 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Evergreen Cem Father's Name: John Hetterich Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Lizzie Eckhardt Mother's Birthplace: U.S. (LDS)96

NYC Death Index: 1904 Emma Schmidt age 25, Erna H Schmidt 5 months.

Hettinger ⚰

Find a Grave: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Rosenstein Hettinger Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 26 years old, married, death cert # 3551 Bronx, lived at 127 1st Avenue Family links: Parents: Jacob T Rosenstein (____ - 1881) Burial: Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn Kings County (Brooklyn) New York, USA Plot: Lot 2272 Section 57

Greenwood: Lizzie Hettinger 1904-06-23 2272 section 57 only Hettinger in that plot.

Sophia Rosenstein Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: New York, USA Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA -

1880: East 4th street, Jacob Rosenstein 32, fire insurance broker, born Bavaria, Lizzie Rosenstein 30, Hesse Darmstadt, Kate Rosenstein 4 Lizzie Rosenstein 2

Nest to them: Rosenstein, Jacob born Bavaria lawyer, Eliza wife, born Saxony.

1880: !st ave., Deidrach Hettinger 37, cigar maker, Adeline Hettinger 31 Bertha Hettinger 12 John Hettinger 11 Albert Hettinger 7

1905: 11th street, Diedrich Hettinger 62, cigar clerk, Adeline Hettinger 57, Bertha Hettinger 37, badge maker, Albert Hettinger 33, machinist

1900: 127 1st ave., Jacob Rapp 42, painter, Blandena Rapp 46, 6 children 6 living, Carrie Rapp 16, sample cards, Bertha Rapp 18, sample cards, Emil Rapp 16, plumber, Lizzie Rosenstein 21, daughter, dressmaker, Sophie Rosenstein 16, daughter, milliner, Anna Widman 59, servant, parents born Germany, children born New York

In same building Hettinger, Bertha, age 68, single, Adeline, mother age 47, 3 children 3 living, Diedrich father age 43, cigar maker, Albert son age 28, auctioneer, parents born Germany Alber born New York.

1903: Albert J Hettinger Marriage Date: 25 Nov 1903 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Elizabeth Rosenstein Certificate Number: 23117

1910: Brooklyn 4th ave., Albert J Hettinger 37, charmenter, marriage 2, Ida M Hettinger 28, marriage 1, Ida E Hettinger 3

Albert and Ida were also listed in 1925, 1930 and 1940

1952: Albert Hettinger died 1 June 1952 -

Albert J Hettinger Birth Date: 3 Dec 1872 Death Date: 1 Jun 1952 Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: East Farmingdale, Suffolk County, New York, USA

ROSENSTEIN CLOTILDE 1854-02-26 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN ELSIE 1883-03-06 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN EMELIE 1848-01-29 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN FREDERICK 1879-11-14 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN JACOB 1880-04-08 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN JACOB 1882-08-16 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN JACOB 1892-02-28 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN JACOB J. 1881-03-13 2272 57+
ROSENSTEIN SOPHIA 1904-06-22 2272 57+
See Rosenstein.

Heuer ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City Record: Dorothea age 39, Dora age 7, Herman age 9 and Mary age 17, all of 129 Division street, dead - Adolph age 24 uninjured.

Herman Heuer, born circa 1862, lost his wife, Dorothea✟ and three of his children, Mary✟, Herman✟ and Dora✟. A fourth child, Adolph born circa 1890, survived uninjured.

Herman Heuer remarried in 1907.

Adolph Heuer married in 1916 and had a daughter circa 1919 and a son circa 1928.

1886: Hermann Heuer birth: 1861 marriage: 20 June 1886 Manhattan, father: Chr, mother: Marie Barnier, spouse: Dora Langeloh, other: Cl Peter, Anna C. Timm

1900: 129 Division, Herman Heuer, 52 --- goods, Dora Heuer, 35, 4 children 4 living, Mary Heuer, 12, Adolph Heuer, 10, Herman Heuer, 5, Dora Heuer 3 (ancestry listed them under "Hewer")

1904: 129 Division street, Dorothea age 39, Dora age 7 Herman 9 and Mary - all dead - Adolph 14 uninjured

1904: Adolph Heuer said he was on the promenade deck with his mother, brothers and sisters when the fire started.

"I ran aft and got on a camp chair." He said, "and tried to get the life preservers down. I tried to pull down about twenty of them, but only got one down. The others fell apart in my efforts, the straps tore from them, and the granulated cork fell over me. A woman took the life preserver from me and I jumped overboard and was picked up by a tug. My mother, brothers, and sisters, six* of them in all - were lost."

January 25, 1905 NY Times

* He lost his mother and three siblings.

1905: 129 Division street, Heuer, Herman age 44 merchant, beer pump, Adolph son age 15

1907 Marriage: Herman Heuer marriage: 28 August 1907 Manhattan, New York, New York father: Christian Heuer mother: Maria Bannier spouse: Emma Pfurr other: Cornelius Voss, Charlotte Spindler

1910: Hempstead, Herman H Heuer 48, plumber, beer pumps, marriage 2, Emma Heuer 40, marriage 2, 1 child 1 living, Adolph Heuer 20, son, plumber beer pump, Elna C Plues 12, step daughter

1916: Adolph Heuer, August 4, 1916 age 25, father Herman Heuer, mother Dora Langeloh, to Elizabeth Louise Buscher age 23.

1917: WWIDR - Adolph Heuer 12 February 12, 1890, married.

1920: Hempstead, Nassau, New York Adolph Heuer 27, Instrument Maker, Factory, Elizabeth Heuer 27, Dorothea Heuer 1 [1 6/12]

1930: own $12,000, Adolph Heuer 39, builder, houses, Elizabeth Heuer 37, Dorathea Heuer 11, Adolph Heuer 2 [2 11/12]

Find a Grave

Heyrich ⚰ ☁

City record: Katherine Heyrich age 50, 423 E 16 street, dead, "Benjamin" age 12 to Lincoln Hospital.

Joseph Heyrich and his wife Katherine✟ had Benjamin circa 1892. Katherine died and Benjamin survived the Slocum.

Joseph Heyrich, born circa 1855, the widower of Katherine Heyrich, remarried in 1905. Joseph and his second wife, also named Katherine, did not have any children of their own.

They moved to New Jersey before 1920. Joseph Heyrich died in New Jersey in 1928. Benjamin (aka Bernhard) married but does not appear to have had children.

1891: Birth "Bernhard" Heyrich 05 Dec 1891 Manhattan Father Joseph Heyrich, Mother Katie Trump Heyrich (LDS)

1900: 426 16th street, Joseph Heyrich 45, engineer, Katie Heyrich 45, 5 children 1 living, "Benjamin" Heyrich 7

1905: Marriage Joseph Heyrich marriage: 11 January 1905 Manhattan, father: Bernhard Heyrich, mother: Katharine Zimmermann, spouse: Christine Rubel Heimerle, other: Leonhard Rubel, Christine (LDS)

1905: 423 E. 16th Heyrich, Joseph, 57, born Germany, engineer, Christine wife, 43, Bernhartd, son 13, at school

1920: Warren st, Phillipsburg Ward 6, New Jersey, Joseph Heyrich 65, dyer, silk mill, Christiana Heyrich 57, Bernard Heyrich 28, born New York, warper, silk mill,

1930: Bernard Heyrich 38, warper silk mill, Anna D Heyrich 37 Christina Heyrich 68

1940: Bernard Heyrich 48 Anna D Heyrich 47 Christiana Heyrich 77

NYC Death Index:
Heyrich Emma 1 y Nov 29 1885 546459 Manhattan
Heyrich Josephine E 1 y Mar 10 1895 9041 Manhattan
Heyrich Katherine 50 y Jun 15 1904 3006 Bronx
Heyrich Joseph 45 y Dec 11 1906 37710 Manhattan (born circa 1861)
Heyrich Bernard 49 y Nov 23 1941 10670 Bronx

Find a Grave Joseph Heyrich -- 1854 to Apr 28, 1928 Katherine wife of Heyrich ---- 1854 June 15, 1904 excursion boat Slocum, Phillipsburg Cemetery Phillipsburg, Warren County, New Jersey, USA

Hiller ⚰ ⚰

City record: Christiana Hiller age 66 and Gottfried Hiller age 64 both died on the General Slocum.

Gottfired✟ Hiller was the sexton of St. Mark's church. He was among the dead who were identified on Jun 20, 1904.

William Hiller wrote to the newspapers on 6 July 1904 saying that he succeeded in identifying the body of his mother, Christina✟ almost immediately but was not able to find his father's body for some days. He thanked those who helped him for their kindness and courtesy.

William Hiller was the sole surviving child of Gottfired and Christine. He married and had two children - a son and a daughter.

1869: Gottfried Hiller New York, Marriage birth: 1840 Grafenhausen Kwnig, Wurtemberg, Germany marriage: 25 April 1869 Brooklyn father: Gottlieb Hiller mother: Barbara Vugle spouse: Christina Klink other: Jacob Klink, Kathi Hrohlig (LDS)

1880: Ludlow street, Gottfried Hiller 38, wheelwright, born Wurtenburg, Christina Hiller 40 William Hiller 7

1900: 100 Ave A, Gotfried Hiller 59, grocer, Christiana Hiller 64, 5 children 1 living, Fredericka Nagle, wd, female, 55, s. in law, 0 children

1904: 404 6th st., Hiller, Gottfreid age 64, Christiana 66 both died

1904: The New York Times list of identified dead for June 16 listed Hiller, Christina, age 6-, 404 6th street, identified by her son, William, at the Morgue.

1905: Brooklyn, William Hiller 32, clerk, Margaret Hiller 30 Clifford Hiller 5 Eldna Hiller 3

1920: Palmetto Street Queens, William Hiller 45, Deputy Sheriff Industry: Queen's County Margaret Hiller 43 Edna Hiller 16

1930: Queens, 11302 107 ave. William Hiller 57, Superintenden Ins Co. Margaret Hiller 54 Clifford C Hiller 30, son, -- helper, Morring co., Leonard Richards 31, boarder

1935: William Hiller born March 25, 1873, son of Gottfried Hill and Christane (Nee) Klink died October 8, 1935 spouse Margaret, 11302 107 ave.

Hinkel/Henkel ⚰ ☀

City Record: Lillian Hinkel age 8 of 227 7th ave. was listed as missing. Her brother, Gustave jr. age 12 was uninjured. No adults were listed with them.

By 1900 Gustave Hinkel, baker, and his wife, Lena, had four children: Otto, Fredrick, Gustav and Lillie. Lillian✟ was lost in the Slocum. Gustav jr was uninjured. Otto and Frederick were not mentioned in relationship to the Slocum.

1900: 227 7th ave., Gustafe Henkel 39, baker, Lena Henkel 29, wife, 3 children 3 living Frederick Henkel 10, Gustave Henkel 6, Lillie Henkel 4*

*Otto born Saxton circa 1888 not listed with them. He may be a son from a first marriage as Lena was only 17 years older than he was. Lena also claimed to have only three children. See 1905 census.

1905: 227 7th street, Gustave Henkel 44, born Saxton, baker, Lena Henkel 36, born Saxton, Otto Henkel 17, son born Saxton, baker, Fredrick Henkel 15, son, Gustave Henkel 12, son

1917: Gustav Hinkel Jr, born July 4, 1892, married with a child - clerk - living in the Bronx.

1930: Gustave A Hinkel 37, accountant water meter co., Victoria P Hinkel 37 Robert G Hinkel 14 Katherine Heyl 80, mother in law

1940: Listed in Hampstead.


Find a Grave: Mary Hirt Birth: unknown, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 65 years old, widow, death cert # 2968 Bronx, lived at 611 Columbus Avenue, identified by Mrs Louise Buffo, daughter of 82 W 90th Street Burial: Unknown


City Record: "428 E 71st street", Annie age 12 missing

Reported missing, Hlavacek June 25, 1904.

Not listed NYC Death index

Not listed Find a Grave.

Horror book listed as missing no address.

1900: "434 E 73rd street", John "Klavacek" 42, printer, Mary Klavacek 46, midwife, John Klavacek 19, locksmith, Mary Klavacek 14, Charles Klavacek 12, Annie Klavacek 8

1905: 434 E 73rd street, John Hlavacek 48, typesetter, Maria Hlavacek 51, midwife, Maria Hlavacek 19, school teacher, Charles Hlavacek 17 Annie Hlavacek 13, parents born Bohemia


  1. Hoffman ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

    City Record:

    Hoffmann, Cecelia✟ 27, Edna✟ 2 and Raymond✟ 4 of 336 New York Ave., Jersey City - all dead

    Cecelia✟ Hoffman was the wife of Ernest. They had Raymond✟ and Edna✟.

    1899: Raymond W Hoffman 5 Feb 1899 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey Father Ernest Hoffman 22 United States Mother Celia Workman 23 United States FHL Film Number: 494244 (LDS)

    1900: Jersey City, Ernest Hoffman 22, bookkeeper, January 1878, Cecilia Hoffman 23, Raymond W Hoffman 3/12

    1904: Edna Hoffman Burial 1904 Jersey City Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier: 18019973 Cemetery: Holy Name Cemetery (LDS)

  2. Hoffman ⚰ ☀

    City Record:

    Hoffman 321 E 9th street - Erna 15 uninjured - deceased Florentine✟ Multer 59 grandmother of Erna.

  3. Hoffman ⚰ ☀

    City Record:

    Hoffman 72 2nd st - Sophia✟ 53, deceased - Fred 24 Uninjured . According to the New York Times list of the identified dead for June 16, Sophia was identified at the Morgue by her son, Fredrick

    1900: 73, 2nd street, Wm Hoffman 49, brewer, Sophia Hoffman 47, Otto Hoffman 23, silver plate, Frederick Hoffman 20, paper cutter, Frank Hoffman 18, clerk

  4. Hoffman ⚰ ⚰

    City Record:

    Hoffmann - 1394 Washington ave Bronx - Elizabeth✟ 55 and Mary✟ 29 deceased

Holder ⚰

Find a Grave: Mary Holder Birth: unknown, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 79 years old, widow, death cert # 3072 Bronx, lived at 169 Avenue A

City Record: Holder, Mary age 79 DEAD, Mary age 41 taken home

Holler ⚰

City Record: Holler, 338 6th st Barbara 56 DEAD

Barbara Holle was the widow of Paul Holler who died in 1900. In 1900 Barbara Holler said she was the mother of 11 children of whom 3 were still living. She was on the Slocum with her 15 month old grandson, John (no last name) who also died.

1868: Paul Holler Spouse Name: Babette Diehl Marriage Date: 1868 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, New York Certificate Number: 5973

1880: Avenue A Paul Holler 32, cutter tailor shop, Bavaria, Barbara Holler 32, Hesse Darmstadt, Max Holler 11, Annie Holler 3, Ottilie Holler 2, Paul Holler 5m

1878: Barbara to Paul and Barbars nee Diel, 25 Sept 1878

1879 Paul to Paul Holler and Barbara Deahl 17 Dec 1879

1881: Annie to Paul Holler and Barbara Diehl 8 March

1891: Holler, Paul, cutter, 157 1/2 Stanton

1899: Paul Holler, cutter, h 338 6th street

1900: Jan 8 death of Paul Holler age 54.

1900: 338 E 6th street, Barbara Holler 55, wid, 11 children 3 living, Francis Holler 19, daughter, ladies belts, Paul Holler 14, electrician, Adolph A Engel 21 boarders, Jacob Engel 32

1904: Holler, Mrs. Barbara a widow of 53 years, 334 6th street identified June 16 - no other info (NY Times list).

1904: 338 E6th street, Barbara Holler age 56 deceased "perished along with her 15 months old grandson John". Per Find a Grave.

1904: Holler, Mrs. Barbara a widow of 53 years, 334 6th street identified June 16 - no other info (NY Times list).

"The funeral services of Barbara HOLLER and her 15 months old grandson John were conducted by the Rev. W. W. GILLIES, rector of the Epiphany Chapel on Stanton street, at the residence of the son and father, at 338 Sixth street. Burial was in the Lutheran Cemetery."

Holthusen/Halthusen/Halphusen ☀ ☀

City record: 138 2nd ave - John age 58 and Clara age 25 uninjured

As reported by the NY Times John "Halphusen", age 58, was the sexton at St. Marks. He was on the boat with his daughters, Mina "age 12" and Clara "age 10". He placed his daughters on the top of the paddle box and kept them there until the tug Sumner picked all of them up. He stated that the crew seemed very disorganized and unfamiliar with the life rafts and lifeboats.

This would be John Holthusen, whose daughter Clara was 25. Mina was actually Wilhelmina Hayden age 23 a "stepdaughter" of John Holthusen.

Every family in St. Marks lost immediate family except that of John Holthusen wh was the sexton of the church and the principle of the school. Mr. Holthusen and his two daughters were save through "what they consider a miracle". (NY Times June 26, 1904)

Miss Ida Hayden, a stepdaughter of John Holthusen, Superintendent of the St. Mark's parish school, stated that all of a sudden everyone was rushing to the starboard side of the boat. The railing gave way and hundreds of women and children and a few men fell into the water "which was black with human forms packed so densely that we might have stepped out and walked over them as on a floor." Most of those in the water did not know how to swim and appeared to make little effort "to save themselves form sinking." There were no life boats and almost no one had on a life jacket. The life jackets ripped open and cork was spread all around the deck. The tug Sumner threw a rope to the Holthusens and pulled them onto the tug.

John Holthusen made comments to the press on several occasions regarding the Slocum. The Chicago Tribunes of June 16, 1904 quoted him as saying the crew was badly disciplined. He claimed it was only too plain they had never had a fire drill, that the fire hose was of the poorest quality, the couplings were worn and the water poured out of the joints, and the hoses, in the end, were absolutely useless.

1880: 6th street, John Holthusen Self M 35 Germany, teacher, Clara Holthusen Wife F 32 Germany, Adolph Holthusen Son M 6 New York, United States, Charley Holthusen Son M 4 New York, United States, Clara Holthusen Daughter F 1 New York, United States, John Holthusen Son M 8 New York, United States

1900: John Holthusen Head M "45" (must mean 55) Germany, teacher language, Gesina Holthusen Wife F 52 Germany, 5 children, 3 living, Clara Holthusen Daughter F 21 New York Wilhemina Hayden Boarder F 20 New York

1905 Dept of Public Welfare list: Holthusen, "138 and ave"John age 57 and Clara 25 uninjured - Hayden, 138 Ave A, Wilhelmina L age 23, uninjured

The pastor of St. Mark's, the Rev. George Haas lost his wife and a daughter in the Slocum disaster. He married a second time in May 1906. His bride was Clara Holthusen, the daughter of John Holthusen.

Horway ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: Carl age 1, Della age 5 and Johanna age 31 all of 313 2nd ave DEAD

Charles Horway, butcher, and his wife Johanna✟ had two children by 1904 - Della✟ and Carl✟. Mrs. Horway and the two children perished.

Charles remarried in 1907 and had a son, Arthur in 1908.

1897 Marriage: Charles Horway Johanna Beck 28 Feb 1897 Manhattan Father John Horway Mother' Sasanne Joschkew Spouse's Father's Name: John Beck Spouse's Mother's Name: Christiane Kraine (LDS)

1900: Bronx, Charles Horway 30, butcher, born Hungary, Johana Horway 27, married 3 years, 1 child 1 living, Adela Horway 1

1904: 313 E. 9th, Horway, Carl age 1, Della age 5 Johanna age 31 deceased

1904: Mrs. Johanna Horway age 38, 313 E 9th street identified at the Morgue by her brother, William Beck, of 310 E 8th street (NY Times June 16).

1905: Manhattan, Charles Horway, butcher born Hungary age 35

Marriage 1907: Charles Horway to Amelia Kopp 10 Jun 1907 Manhattan Father John Horway Mother Lusanne Jaszko Spouse's Father's Name: Peter Kopp Spouse's Mother's Name: Amelia Limon (LDS)

1908: Arthur Horway 07 Dec 1908 Manhattan Father Charles Horway Mother Amelia Kapp (LDS)

1910: Charles Horway 41, born Hungary, butcher store, marriage 2, Amelia Horway 26,marriage 1, 1 child 1 living, Arthur Horway 1 [1 3/12]

Death: Charles Horway before 1920

1920: West Hoboken, N. J. Peter Kopp 62, Amelia Kopp 63, Amelia Horway 3, daughter, widow, Arthur Horway 11, grandson

See Beck.

Hotz ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 319 5th street, Anna B age 27 DEAD, Martha W. B age 11 DEAD, William age 8 to Lebanon hospital

Fredrick Hotz lost his wife, Anna✟ and his daughter Martha✟ in the Slocum disaster. Son William survived.

Frederick Holz, remarried. His second wife was Lousie. Fredrick Hotz was active in the General Slocum survivors organization.

John William Hotz lived with his grandmother in 1905 and 1910. He spent some time in England during WWI. He married around 1920 and had three daughters.

1891: Frederick W. Hotz to Anna B. Tanck 20 Jan 1891 Manhattan Father Fred Hotz Mother Elise Katherine Schafer Spouse's Father Hermann Tanck Spouse's Mother Sophie Ollanett (LDS)

1893: Martha Washington Hotz to Frederick Hotz and Anna Bertha "Tands", 19 February 1893. (LDS)

1895: John William Hotz 27 Nov 1895 Manhattan Father Fredrick William Hotz Father's Birthplace: New York City Age: 34 Mother Annie Tanch Mother's Birthplace: Age: 29 (LDS)

1900: 319 5th street, Frederick W Hotz 38, book keeper, Anna B Hotz 33, 2 children 2 living, Bertha M W Hotz 7, William J Hotz 4, David Bemark 40, boarder

1904: 319 5th street, Hotz Anna B. 27 and Martha W. B. age 11 deceased - William age 8 to Lebanon Hospital

1904: M. W. Bertha Hotz Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 11 Burial Date: 21 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father Frederick W. Hotz Father's Birthplace: U.S. Mother Annie B. Tauck Mother's Birthplace: U.S. (LDS)

1905: Sutton Place, Herman Tauck 67, retired, Sophie Tauck 60, Herman Tauck 29, Chas Tauck 26, Bertha Tauck 21, Edward Tauck 23, Theresa Hoch 27, lodger, Wm Hotz 9, nephew

1910: Sutton place Sophie "Frank" 66 Herman R Frank 35, son, clerk hotel, Edward W Frank 28, policeman city, Charles Frank 31, decorator, William J Hotz 14, grandson,

1915: E 90th street, Fred W. Hotz age 54 bookkeeper, Louisa H 49 wife.

1915: July, 27, Passport application, John William Hotz, electrician, born 27 November 1895 son of Fred William Hotz furniture business.

1918: According to his WWI Draft Registration John William Holz was living in New Brighton, England

1918: March 23 from Liverpool, Hotz, John William age 22, born November 27, 1893 New York to 177 E. 90th street, New York

1920: E. 90th street, Frederick W Hotz 58, bookkeeper, furniture store, Louise H Hotz 52, John W Hotz 24, electrician marine

1930: Little Falls, N. J., J William Hotz 34, electrician, Nellie Hotz 37, Alma L Hotz 11, Ann E Hotz 6, Jane M Hotz 0 [3/12]

1930: Ridgefield Park Bergen N.J. Fred W Hotz 68, bookkeeper, own $11,000, Louise H Hotz 61 Charles R Klatthaar 38, son, sheet iron worker, Katherine Klatthaar 27, daughter in law

1940: Little Falls NJ, J William Hotz 44, electrician, building, Nellie Hotz 47 Alma Boyer 21 Anna Hotz 16 Jane Hotz 10

1942: John William Hotz Birth Date: 27 Nov 1895 Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Residence: Passaic, New Jersey, USA, spouse Nellie Hotz, Little Falls N. J.

1904: Frederick Hotz of 319 5th street and several others met with the mayor to complain against the Acting Secretary of the General Slocum Relief Committee for what the claimed were arbitrary methods and lack of tact. (NY Times, August 4, 1904

1906: F. W. Hotz was a member of the Slocum Relief Committee when they went to Washington, D. C. to petition the government to adjust the award of damages claimed against the steamship company.

1912: Fred W. "Holtz" was the vice president of the Slocum Survivors association in 1912

Frederick W. Hotz of 319 5th street was the secretary of the "organization of The General Slocum survivors". Monument to the "General Slocum" Unknown Dead

Fred W. Hotz died in May 1933. Louisa H. Hotz (geb Koker) died in 1947. Both buried Middle Village Queens, Lutheran Cemetery.

Hurz ⚰

Find a Grave: Minnie Hurz Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA -32 years old death cert # 2773 Bronx, lived at 412 Sixth Street, identified by husband George (Box 429) Burial: Unknown

Not listed city Record

Iden ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀

City Record: Grace age 5, Henrietta age 10 and Minnie age 8, all of 100 E 4th all perished. As did Mary Zabilansky age 20, listed as a servant of the Iden family who died on pneumonia November 9, 1904. Anna age 12 was taken to Lincoln hospital and Henry age 20 was listed as uninjured.

Harry Iden, grocer, and his wife, Meta had five children by 1904: Henry, Ann, Henrietta✟, Minnie✟ and Grace✟. The youngest three, Henrietta, Minnie and Grace, perished in the Slocum. Ann and Henry survived. Henry Iden died in 1912. Meta Iden died in 1925.

Henry Iden junior married in 1915. They did not have children.

Anne Iden married Christian Sassenberg in 1920. They had at least one son.

1885: Henry Albert Iden 17 Feb 1885 father John H Iden mother Meta Wetgen Iden (LDS)

1900: 100 4th street, Harry Iden 48, grocer, Mabel H Iden 43, 5 children 5 living, Henry A Iden 15, business college, Anna G Iden 8, Henritte M Iden 5, Minnie H A Iden 3, Grace M Iden 1, Lena Lahomann 24, servant, Lena Dunkhase 20, servant, Gustave Frenderberg 23, servant, grocery clerk, Henry Nolte 17, servant, grocery clerk, Louis Egger 16, servant, grocery clerk

1904: IDEN, Grace age 6 identified by her brother, Henry, at the Morgue (NY Times June 16)

1904: 100 4th street, Iden, Grave age 5, Henrietta age 10, Minnie age 8 Mary Zabilansky (died November 9, 1904 of pneumonia), servant age 20 all deceased - Anna age 12, injured Lincoln Hospital - Henry age 20, uninjured

CLINGS TO BOAT WITH FIANCEE, In the last boatload to be saved from the burning steamer were Henry Iden, nineteen years old of No. 100 East Fourth-st and his sweetheart, Miss Amelia Swartz, of No. 141 East Third st. Iden lost his four sisters, Annie aged twelve, Etta, nine, Minnie, seven, and Grace, five. Miss Swartz was hysterical with grief over the loss of her mother, Mrs. Louisa Swartz; her grandmother, Mrs. Anna Swartz, and her aunt, Mrs. Christina Burkhardt, and her -- year old daughter. Mrs Burkhardt's son Adam, eight yeare old was saved. Miss Swartz and I went to the rail" said Iden. "We saw a lot of people waving their arms at us. We stayed close by the rail where it wasn't so hot until the steamer was grounded. Then we Jumped into the water. I couldn't swim with Miss Swartz so we held on to the boat. It got so hot in two or three minutes I had to keep ---- her to keep her hair from being burned, and had to duck myself. We were finally saved by a towboat, but not before our faces had been blistered and our eyebrows burned off."
1905: 100 4th street, Manhattan, John H Iden 54, grocery, Meta Iden 47, Henry Iden 20, worker, Anna Iden 13, Beck J Shiermen 47, help, Louis Eggers 21, help, John Wiewerts 19, help, Katie Mau 20, help

1910: 136th street, John H Iden 58, occupation none, Mite Iden 52, wife, 5 children 2 living, Henry Iden 24, bookkeeper, brewery, Anna G Iden 18 Adele W Billenkamp 19, servant

1912: Henry Iden died age 62, May 2, 1912 Manhattan #13876

1915: West 136 the street, Iden, Meta, 57, Henry A son 30, bookkeeper, Anna daughter 22 and a servant

1915: Henry Albert Iden marriage 03 August, 1915 Manhattan age 30, single father John H. mother Meta Wetzen spouse Sadie Cook (LDS)

1920: Anne Iden married Christian Sassenberg Jun 19, 1920 #2976 Bronx

1920: Henry, 37, broker real estate, and Sadie Iden age 37

1925: Meta Iden 68 Christan C Sassenberg 40, son in law, Anna G Sassenberg 33, daughter, John H Sassenberg 03, grandson

1925: Henry and Saide - no children

Death: Meta Iden Age: 68 Death Date: 16 Aug 1925 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 5517

1940: Queens, Henry A Iden, Sady C Iden Harry W Cook and August L Cook

Illeg/Illig ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁

City record: 433 5th street Margaret age 5 DEAD Elizabeth age 7 DEAD Conrad Illeg age 8 to Lebanon hospital - Mary Illeg age 40 to Lincoln hospital.

Conrad and Mary Illeg had 4 children by 1900: Laura, Conrad, Lizzie✟ and Margaret✟. The two youngest died in the Slocum. Conrad junior married and had children

Conrad senior died in 1907. Mary died in 1946. I do not know what happened to Laura.

1894: Conrad Illig 3 Feb 1894 Manhattan Spouse: Marie Munch Certificate Number: 1808

1895: Conrad G Illig dob 15 Aug 1895 Manhattan CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 34401

1900: Brooklyn, Conrad Illeg 34, cooper, Maria Illeg 33, 4 children 4 living, Laura Illeg 16, Conrad Illeg 4, Lizzie Illeg 2, Margaereth Illeg 7/12 (on ancestry under Elleg)

1904: 433 5th street, Margaret age 5, and Elizabeth age 7 deceased - Conrad age 8 injured Lebanon, Mary 40 injured Lincoln

1905: 433 5th street, Conrad Illig 38, coppersmith, Mary Illig 40, Conrad Illig 9 Cacelia Illig 2 months

1907: Death of Conrad Illig sr., age 37, 10 January 1907

1910: 433 E 5th street, Mary Illig 48 Conrad Illig 14 Charles Hansman 28, boarder

1915: 433 5th street, Mary Illig 53, widow, Conrad Illig 19, son "no occupation", Steven Soyka 37, boarder

1917: Draft Registration 433 E. 5th street, single, unemployed.

1918: Conrad Illig 7 Aug 1918 Manhattan, Spouse: Alice Smith Certificate Number: 36009

1920: 433, 5th street, Mary Illig 58, widowed, housekeeper tenement, Stephen Soyka 41, boarder, wireworker

1930: 433 5th street, renting, Conrad Illig 34, operator, Alice Illig 34, Alice Illig 11, Warren Illig 8, Conrad Illig 4, Mary Illig 68

Still at 433 E Fifth street in 1940.

1946: Mary Illig Age: 84 Death Date: 4 Oct 1946 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 21121

Conrad Illig, junior, died in 1986.

Irvin ⚰

Find a Grave: Fannie Irvin Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 33 years old, death cert # 3058, lived with Julia Dunn at 2112 3rd Avenue, associated with the Harlem Branch of the Salvation Army, a Salvation Army "Lassie" Burial: Unknown

Jentz ⚰

Find a Grave: Lizzie Koch Jentz - age 27 years old, married, death cert # 3389 Bronx, lived at 277 Greenwich Street Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

1903: August Jentz Spouse's Name Lizzie Koch Event Date 14 May 1903 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name Jergens Jentz Mother's Name Wilhelmina Osterndorf Spouse's Father's Name Johann Koch Spouse's Mother's Name Maria Schumacher

Jonck ⚰

City Record: 314 E 9th street, Bertha Jonck, age 57, DEAD

Bertha✟ Jonck was the mother of Alice Fischler. In addition to her mother Alice lost two daughters on the Slocum.

Bertha had just arrived in New York on April 23rd, 1904.

Immigration: Bertha Jonck, Arrival Date: 23 Apr 1904, Age: 57, German, Berlin, Port of Departure: Cuxhaven, Port of Arrival: New York, New York, Ship Name: Graf Waldersee, released to her daughter Alice Fischler, 314 E 9th street, NY

Departed Germany April 9, 1904.

1893: Alice Jonck Marriage Date: 25 Jun 1893 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Edmund Fischler Certificate Number: 8040

See Fischler.

Jordan ☁ ☁

City Record: 37 3rd ave. Pauline 16 to Lincoln, Catherine 20 to Rikers Island

How happy the Jordan family must have been on June 15th 1904 when their two youngest daughters, Pauline and Kate survived the Slocum disaster. Pauline Jordan, age 16, of 37 3rd ave. was taken to Lincoln and Catherine age 20 was taken to Riker's Island.

1900: 37 3rd ave., J Henry Jordon Head M 53 Germany, retail cigar store, Elizabeth Jordon Wife F 53 Germany, 6 children 6 living Anna Jordon Daughter F 26 New York, bookkeeper, Otto Jordon Son M 22 New York, machinist, George Jordon Son M 20 New York, office boy, John Jordon Son M 17 New York, --- Kate Jordon Daughter F 16 New York, dressmaker, Pauline Jordon Daughter F 12 New York, at school

1905: 3rd ave., Henry Jordan 57, cigars, Elizabeth Jordan 58 Anna Jordan 20 Otto Jordan 26, music clerk, John Jordan 22, -- clerk, Catherine Jordan 20, stenographer, Pauline Jordan 16

1910: 37 3rs ave., Henry Jordon 62, cigar store, Elizabeth Jordon 63, 7 children 6 living, Anna E Jordon 35, none, Otto Jordon 30, none, John Jordon 28, none, Katheryn Jordon 26, stenographer law office, Paulina Jordon 21, none

1920: Bronx, Anthoney ave, Jordan, Henry age 72, own businesses, Elizabeth age 73, Anne E age 45, John age 37, mail order, Catherine age 35, secretary metals factory,

1920: Bronx, Otto Jordan 38, manager music house, Etta Jordan 34 Donald Jordan 4

Joseph ⚰ ☁

City Record: 45 3rd ave., Frank age 7 DEAD Margaret age 31 to Lebanon hospital.

Frank✟ Joseph age 7 of 45 3rd ave died - his mother, Margaret age 31 was taken to Lebanon hospital. As indicated by the 1900 census Margaret, had been widowed before 1900. She had two other children, Walter age 9 by 1904 and Augusta/August/Gustav (son or daughter depending on the census). The other two children either did not go on the excursion or they walked away unscathed and unrecorded.

Margaret married a second time in 1901. She married her brother in law, Rudolph Joseph a hotel keeper with whom she was staying in 1900. Although Margaret was only 29 years old at the time of the marriage, she and Rudolph did not have children.

Rudolph Joseph died in 1916. Margaret was still alive in 1940.

1898: Rudolph Joseph 100 E 10th Liquors, Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1898

1900: 45 3rd ave., Rudolph Joseph 36, hotel keeper, Gustave Teiner 25, porter, Charles Gessmer 45, guest, Edward Schaefer 45 Charles Greggs 50 Henry Pole 28 Maurice Powers 46 Marion Sommerset 23 Arthur Buernier 45 Ovieatt Harey 46, all guests, Margaret Joseph 28, sister in law, widowed, 3 children 3 living, Gustave Joseph 6, "nephew", Walter Joseph 5, nephew, Frank Joseph 3, nephew

1901: Rudolph Joseph Marriage Date: 3 Dec 1901 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Margaret Joseph Certificate Number: 21222

1904: On June 18th the papers reported that Margaret Josephs of 45 Third ave. was one of fourteen Slocum patients still in the hospital. She was suffering from fractures in her right arm and right leg. She was very weak. It was stated that two of her children were lost. One was listed among the the dead and the other was still missing.

1905: E 10th street, Rudolph Joseph 41, hotel keeper, Margaret Joseph 32 Lynsta Joseph 11, "daughter", Walter Joseph 10, son

1910: 43 3rd ave., Rudolph Joseph Head M 47 Germany, married, hotel keeper, Margarette Joseph Wife F 38 Germany, married, 8 [or 18] years, 3 children 2 living, August Joseph "Son" M 16 New York, son, Walter Joseph Boarder M 15 New York an a ton of boarders

1915: E. 10th street, Rudolph Joseph 51, hotel prop. Margureite Joseph 43 Augusta Joseph 23, "daughter", Walter Joseph 20 linotype operator

1916: Rudolf Joseph, Age: 52, Death Date: 29 Nov 1916, Death Place: Manhattan, Certificate Number: 33725

1940: Brooklyn, Margaret Joseph Head F 67 New York, widowed, Walter Joseph Son M 45 New York

Justh/Just ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: DEAD Adelaide age 12, Emilia age 14, Joseph F. J. age 6, Leontine S age 11 Margaret age 1 all DEAD - MISSING (never found) Emelia age 39. Margaret and Joseph F. J. were disinterred.

Joseph Justh, a cabinet maker, and his wife, Amelia✟ (Emilia), had 5 children by 1904: Amelia✟ (14), Etta✟ (Adelhied) (12), Leontina✟ (11), Joseph✟ (6), and Margaret✟ (1). Amelia and all the children perished. Joseph had a son, Julius, from a precious relationship. Julius was listed as Joseph's son in the 1900 census. Julius married and had children.

1884: Joseph Justh 129 Pitt street, cabinet maker, city directory

1900: 138 E 3rd street, Joseph Justh 45, cabinet maker, Amelia Justh 32, 4 children 4 living, Amelia Justh 9, Etta Justh 8, Leontina Justh 6, Joseph Justh 1, Julius Justh 24, son, cabinet maker, Joseph Knabel 28 brother in law, machinist. The family was Hungarian.

1904: The newspaper accounts listed among the dead: Amelia 13, "Etelka" 12 and Leontine age 10 of "405" E. 8th street.

1904: Death certificates were issued for: Adelheid, Amelia, Leontine, Joseph and Margaret.

Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Age: 6 Birthplace: Austria Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Joseph Justh Mother's Name: Amelia Knobels

Leontine Justh 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 11 Father's Name: Joseph Justh Mother's Name: Amnelia Knoebel (LDS) (LDS)

1912: Joseph Justh, cabinet maker, Shore rd Old, Queens

1920: Rudolph Pauker 32, Eva Pauker 22, Rudolph Pauker 4 [4 2/12], Frank Pauker 1 [1 5/12] , Joseph Justh 67, boarder, widower, cabinet maker piano company

Kaffenberger ☁

City Record: Kaffenberger, 436 6th street, Annie C age 14 to Lincoln hospital.

Annie Catherine Kaffenberger survived the General Slocum. She was the only child of Philip Kaffenberger and Annie Margaret Orth. She was listed with her parents in East Rutherford N J in 1910 and 1930 (age 39 single).


Five little girls from the Slocum who boarded a Third avenue train at Eighty-fourth street, attracted attention by their attire. They all wore dresses too little or too big, and the faces of some were tear-stained.

A customs inspector, who sat beside one of the girls, who had a big black and blue lump on the left side of her forehead, and two fingers done up in splints, learned from her that she was Katie Kaffenberger of 436 Sixth street. She is an only child and she was going home to her mother. "I Jumped from the top of the steamboat into a tug," she said. "I was hurt by lots of people who jumped on me and on other little girls who jumped when I did. I am glad I have only a few little hurts. I saw a great many jump and fall overboard, and I know there must be a lot drowned."

1889: Philip Kaffenberger Gender: Male Marriage Date: 22 Sep 1889 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Anna M Orth Certificate Number: 10474

1890: Annie Kaffenberger father Phillip mother Annie Orth 16 May 1890

Anna Catharine Kaffenberger Birth Date: 16 May 1890 Birth Place: New York City, New York Father Name: Philipp Kaffenberger Mother Name: Anna M Orth Type of Claim: Original SSN, May 1962: Name listed as ANNA CATHARINE KAFFENBERGER

1910: East Rutherford, New Jersey, Philip Kaffenberger 42, framer, box factory, Margaret Kaffenberger 43, marriage 1, 20 years, 1 child 1 living. Kate Kaffenberger 19, born NY, Philip Berkas 67, uncle

1930: Eat Rutherford, New Jersey, own, Philip Kaffenberger 62, Box Culler Box factory Margarette Kaffenberger 63 A Catherine Kaffenberger 39, stenographer post office, born New York Philip Berkes 86, uncle

Kalb ⚰

Find a Grave: Auguste F "Gussie" Kalb Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 21 years old, single, death cert # 3127 Bronx, lived at 84 7th Street Burial: Unknown

1870: Francis Kalb 35, grocer, Hessen, Mary Kalb 35, Ida Kalb 5, Dena Kalb 2, Lizzie Kalb 1

1880: Ludlow street, Franz Kalb Self M 45 Germany, grocer, Maria Kalb Wife F 45 Germany, Anstina Kalb Daughter F 12 Germany, Ida Kalb Daughter F 16 New York, United States, Christina Kalb Grandmother F 74 Germany, Lilly Kalb Daughter F 10 New York, United States, Sophia Kalb Daughter F 8 New York, United States, Adam Kalb Son M 6 New York, United States, Lina Kalb Daughter F 4 New York, United States, Franz Kalb Son M 2 New York, United States, Emilie Kalb Daughter F 0 New York, United States

1884: Fredk. Wm. Kister Spouse Ida Catharine Kalb 16 Nov 1884 Manhattan, Father's Name Wm. Kister Mother's Name Catharine Busch Spouse's Father's Name Franz Kalb Spouse's Mother's Name Marie Arold

1896: Andrew Knecht Spouse Sophie Kalb 10 Dec 1896 Manhattan, New York Father's Name Andrew Knecht Mother's Name Louise Haag Spouse's Father's Name Franz Kalb Spouse's Mother's Name Marie Arold

1900: Manhattan 5th street, Franz Kalb 65, milk dealer, Maria Kalb 65, 12 children 8 living, Christi Kalb 31, domestic, Adam Kalb 26, salesman, Frank Kalb 20, roofer, Augusta Kalb 16

1901: Maria Kalb Birth Date: abt 1835 Age: 66 Death Date: 26 Feb 1901 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 6665

1904 LDS Gussie Kalb Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Gender "Male" Age 22 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1882 Father's Name Franz Mother's Name Marie Arold

1905: Brooklyn, Surf ave. Fredrick W Kister 42, hotel prop. Aida Kister 41, Marrie A Kister 12, Wm H Kister 18, George F Kister 16, Frank A Kister 14, Fredrick W Kister 8, Frantz Kalb 70, father in law, Adam Kalb 31, brother, Christian Kalb 28, brother, plus 2 boarders and a servant

1909: Franz Kalb Birth Year: abt 1836 Age: 73 Death Date: 17 Mar 1909 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 5273

1943: LDS - Christina Kalb Death 13 Oct 1943 Brooklyn, Kings, 895 E. 18th St. Age 75 Marital Status Single Occupation housekeeper Birth Date 25 Dec 1867 Birthplace New York, N.Y. Burial Date 16 Oct 1943 Cemetery Lutheran Cem. Father's Name Franz Kalb Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Marie Arold Mother's Birthplace Germany

1944: LDS - Frank H. Kalb Death 12 Feb 1944 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Gender Male Age 65 Marital Status Married Occupation Maintenance Foreman Birth Date 09 Nov 1878 Birthplace New York, New York, New York Burial Date 16 Feb 1944 Cemetery Evergreen Father's Name Franz Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Marie Arnold Mother's Birthplace Germany Spouse's Name Emma


City Record: Barbara age 62, born Germany, 314 6th street DEAD

Find a Grave: Barbara Karl Birth: unknown, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 62 years old, married, death cert # 3544 Bronx, lived at 314 6th Street Burial: Saint John Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Horror book gives address as 314 16th street

1900: 314 6th street, Sebastian Karl 59, fruits, Babara Karl 59, 6 children 3 living, Bertha Karl 20, all born Germany all immigrated 1891

1910: 225 69th street, Sebestian Karl 70, widowed, no occupation, Bertha G Karl 27 John A Bayer 37, boarder

Karle ☁

City Record: 56 7th street, Amelia age 12 to Lincoln hospital

Amelia Karle was the daughter of Fred Karle, a wagon driver, and his wife, Fredericka.

1892: March 20 Emile Pauline Karle to Fred Karle and Fredrick Fisher (spelled Carle in LDS entry)

1905: 56 7th street, Fred Karle 47, driver, Friedericka Karle 40, William Karle 19, Emily Karle 13

1910: 56 7th street, Fred Karle 51, driver wagon, Fredrika Karle 45, married 26 years, 2 children 2 living, Wilhelm Karle 24, iron worker factory, Amelia Karle 18, --- ing worker, shop

1930: 2nd ave. Manhattan, Fred Karle 71, driver, iron works, Friederita Karle 65

Kassebaum ⚰ ☀

City Record: 196 Guernsey st Brooklyn, Henrietta age 30 to Harlem Hospital and Catherine age 52 taken home.

1904 Newspaper reports: The NY Times of June 16, reported: KASSEBAUM, Mrs. "NELLIE", age 50, 196 Guernsey st Brooklyn, shock submersion, and slight burns.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that Mrs. Catherine Kassebuam was one of only two saved from her party of eleven people. She and the rest of the group were on the upper deck at the stern when the fire alarm went up. She was pushed overboard and landed in the water near the Reverent Haas. She sank twice and was finally able to cling to the paddle wheel. She was rescued by some men in a rowboat who put her on shore. From there she took a carriage home.

Her daughter Nettie was the other member of the party saved. Nettie jumped onto the deck of a tug. She broke her leg in the fall. Henry and Catherine Kassebaum's daughter Annie Schnude and her husband, Henry and 2 children perished. As did Henry Schnude's parents.

Henry and Catherine Kassebaum's daughter Frida Toniport also perished along with her two children, Frances age 4 and Charlotte age two.

Henry Kassebaum identified five of the 9 bodies of the Kassebaum party. Henry and Catherine Kassebaum and their sole surviving child, Henrietta, had moved to Langhorne Pennsylvania by 1910.

Henry died in Langhorne in 1927. Katherine died in Langhorne Pa in 1933. Nettie was still living in Langhorne in 1940.

1874 Birth : Henrietta Kassebaum 10 Jan 1874 Manhattan Father's Name: Henry Kassebaum Mother's Name: Catherine Strobel Kassebaum (LDS)

1880: E. 3rd street, Henry Kassebaum 35, Hesse Darmstadt, barber, Kathy Kassebaum 28, Hesse Darmstadt, Augusta Kassebaum 10, Anna Kassebaum 8, Netty Kassebaum 6, Frederika Kassebaum 4 Mary Strobel 60, mother in law

1898: Anna K Kassebaum married Henry C. Schnude - June 14

1900: 196 Guernsey street, Brooklyn, Henry "Kassebaun" Head M 55 Germany, barber, Kate Kassebaun Wife F 50 Germany, married 31 years 4 children 4 living Henrietta Kassebaun Daughter F 26 New York, Annie Schnude Daughter F 28 New York, Henry C Schnude Son-in-law M 28 New York, Grace A Schnude Granddaughter F 1 New York


"One of the injured in the Harlem Hospital is Mrs. Nellie Kessebaum of 196 Guernsey street, Brookljm. She was saved because she had nerve enough to jump from the second deck of the Slocum to the deck of a tugboat.

She was standing at the forward end of the boat, with the flames working toward her. She had almost given up hope, when a tugboat came along.

As the tug neared the steamer's side she leaned over the rail, poised herself a moment, and then jumped. She landed on the deck of the tugboat, where some of the crew were waiting for the jump. Later she was landed on North Brother Island, where she was cared for until she was taken away in the ambulance."

1910: Langhorne, Bucks, Pennsylvania Harry Kassebaum 65, barber, Katherine Kassebaum 58, 4 children 2 living, Augusta Milner 39, daughter married 13 years, born New York, Henretta Kassebaum 36, single, born New York,

1927: Kassebaum May 29, 1927 Henry beloved husband of Catherine Kassebaum at his residence, Langhorne, Pa. Interment Greenwood Cemetery.

1930: Langhorne Bucks Pa., renting, Katherine Kassebaum 78, widowed, Nettie S Kassebaum 56, storekeeper, notions store.

1933: May 9, Death of Katherine Kassebaum, 147 E Maple Ave, Langhorne, Pa., widow, retired father "Frances" Strobel, mother Mary Ewald, born Germany, cerebral hemorrhage suddenly, chronic nephritis. Buried Greenwood Cemetery Brooklyn, May 13, 1933, informant, Nettie Kassebaum. 1940: Langhorne, Bucks, Pennsylvania, C E Everett 57, Agnes Everett 51, Netter Kassebaum 66, boarder, manager grocery store

See Schnude.


City Record: Kassenbaum, Henry M, age 53 taken home 28 Enfield st Brooklyn - listed in the Horror book at 28 Enfield Street Brooklyn under UNINJURED

1900: Durham place, Brooklyn Henry M Kassebaum 51, barber, Elizabeth Kassebaum 45, 5 children 3 living, Henry Kassebaum 28, truck driver, *Addie Kassebaum 26, d in law, 3 children 2 living, Lizzie Kassebaum 25, daughter, telephone operator, Reinhold Kassebaum 16, son, erend boy, George Kassebaum 4, grand son, Henry Kassebaum 8/12, grandson, Reinhold Weindoff 23

*not listed in 1905

1905: 28 Enfield street, Brooklyn Henry Kassebaum 55, laborer railroad, Elizabeth Kassebaum 52 Henry Kassebaum 33, teamster, son, Elizabeth Kassebaum 28, telephone operator, daughter, Raymond Kassebaum 21, teamster, son, Adelaide Kassebaum 31, housework, daughter, George Kassebaum 10, grand son, Henry Kassebaum 6, grand son, Adelaide Kassebaum 3, grand daughter, Elizabeth Kassebaum 1, grand daughter

1922: Henry M Kassebaum Birth Year: abt 1849 Age: 73 Death Date: 14 May 1922 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 10792

Kastner ⚰ ☁

City record: Kastner - 110 1st ave Mary age 15, deceased. Paul age "3" uninjured.

Mary and Paul were the children of Paul Kastner, upholsterer, and his wife, Anna. Mary✟ died. Paul age "3" was uninjured. I find cannot a record for Paul born circa 1901. It may be that the age should have been given as "13". There was a Geo. Paul Kaster born to Paul Kastner and "Miena Ann Jahn" June 8, 1891. It would make sense if the two young teens were on the boat together. It seemed to be a common occurrence that day. In this scenario Paul would be the person listed as "Charles" in the 1900 census - a little confusing but quite possible.

Paul Kastner married and had a family.

Bertha✟ Zahn age 23 of 69 1st ave also perished. Mrs. Kastner was the former Anna Zahn. Her mother, Augusta, lived with the Kastner family in 1900.

1900: Paul Kastner Head M 47 Germany, upholsterer, Anna Kastner Wife F 47 Germany, 8 children 8 living, Paul G Kastner Son M 21 Germany, electrician, Will W Kastner Son M 20 Germany, salesman, Eliza E Kastner Daughter F 18 New York, Gustav J Kastner Son M 16 New York, Louisa A Kastner Daughter F 13 New York, Mathilda M Kastner Daughter F 11 New York, Charles P Kastner Son M 9 New York, Matilda [?] M Kastner Daughter F 7 New York, Augusta Yahn [Zahn] Mother-in-law F 83 Germany

1904: Mary Kastner, Death Age: 15 Occupation: Milliner Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Paul Kastner Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Anna Zahn Mother's Birthplace: Germany (LDS)

1904: Paul Kastner of 110 1st ave., received $44.50 from the Slocum Relief commette on a bill of $140.

1915: Bronx, Paul Kastner 62, upholsterer, Anna Kastner 62, Julius Kastner 29, Anna A Kastner 26, Martha Kastner 21

1915: Bronx, Paul Kastner 25 Kate Kastner 26 Paul Kastner 4

1917: According to his WWI draft Registration Paul G Kastner was born June 17, 1892 he was married with a child and was a member of the police department.

1920: Lyon Avenue, Paul Kastner 28, policeman Katherine Kastner 31 Paul Kastner 8 Agnes Kastner 4

1928: Paul G. Kastner Marriage 27 Jun 1928 Manhattan Age: 37 Widowed Father's Name: Paul Mother's Name: Anna "Yarn", Spouse's Name: Catherine M. Hogan Spouse's Age: 23 Spouse's Father's Name: Michael Spouse's Mother's Name: Margaret Kane

1940: Grand concourse, Paul G Kastner 48, police, Kathryn Kastner 36 James Kastner 2, son, Thelma Kastner 20 daughter

1940: Paul G. Kastner died November 28, 1940 in Queens.


City Record:

The Kaufmann family of 121 1st avenue where lucky in one sense - both mother, Julia, and baby Mildred survived. However, it must have been very stressful as Julia 21 was take to Lebanon Hospital and Mildred age 18 months was taken to Lincoln. Were the found in different places or were they separated to receive some sort of special care?

Although young enough, Julia Kaufmann did not have any more children.

Mildred Kaufmann did not marry.

Julia Kaufman was listed in the Newspapers as Julia "Ausman" age 21, 121 1st ave, taken to Lincoln Hosptial.

1902: Mildred Elizabeth Kaufmann Birth 05 Sep 1902 Manhattan Father's Name: Chas. J. Kaufmann Father's Birthplace: Germany Father's Age: 28 Mother's Name: Julia Lauder Mother's Birthplace: U.S. Mother's Age: 20

1905: 425 E 12th street, Charles Kaufmann 30, grocer, Julia Kaufmann 22, Mildred Kaufmann 2, Louisa Lander 15, niece,

1910: Charles J Kauffman 34, produce merchant, Julia 27, 1 child 1 living, Mildred 7, daughter, Jane Lander 61, mother, in law, 10 children 5 living, Charles B Lander 31, printer, brother in law, Edna Engelmann 10, granddaughter,

1925, 1930 and 1940: Julia and Mildred living with Charles Lauder in Queens

1940: Queens Charles D Lander 61, single, printer, commercial advertising., Julia Kaufmann 57, married, sister, Mildred Kaufmann, neice, Engelmann, John, wid, bro in law, age 77

Kawczynski ⚰

City Record: Teofil Kawczynskiage 15, 196 3rd Avenue male, DEAD

Find a Grave: Teofil Kawczynski Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 15 years old, single male, death cert # 2830 Bronx, lived at 196 3rd Avenue Burial: Unknown

Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 15 years old, death cert # 2830 Bronx, A Triple Funeral from Grace Church : A black hearse, a white hearse, and a black hearse trimmed in white, standing in front of Grace Church on Broadway, made the hurrying business man and shoppers pause and think again of the awful disaster that occurred last Wednesday. It was a triple funeral of Mrs. Minnie Stoss, her daughter Edna, and her nephew, Teopil Kowezynski. The usual Episcopal service for the dead was read by Dr.. Hungton, a vested choir sang the anthem, "Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Refuge," and "I Heard a Voice from Heaven," and the benediction was followed by Stainer's Grand Amen. The tops of the three caskets were completely hidden by flowers, and another open carriage carried the floral offerings of friends.

Not listed NYC Death Index

1900: Manhattan, E 18th street, Teofil Kawczynski 45, born, Germany, barber imm 1870, Elise Kawczynski 41, 6 children 4 living, Gussie Kawczynski 17, Julian Kawczynski 15, lithographers apprentice, Elsa Kawczynski 11, Teofil Kawczynski 11

1903: Elise Kawczynski Arrival Date: 22 Sep 1903 Birth Date: abt 1858 Age: 45 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Bremen and Teofil age 48 both US citizens

1906: Theoph Kawczynski Arrival Date: 2 Oct 1906 Birth Date: abt 1855 Age: 51 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse with Augusta age 24 both US citizens

1908: Teofil Kawczynski Arrival Date: 28 Sep 1908 Birth Date: abt 1855 Age: 53 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Prince Friedrich Wilhelm with Elise wife

1910: Teofil Kawczynski 55, barber, Eliza L Kawczynski 53, 6 children 3 living, Agusta W Kawczynski 27, church worker, Julian H Kawczynski 24, barber with father, Elsa Kawczynski 21, stenographer, wholesale house

1921: Passport application Teofil Kawczynski Birth Date: 11 Apr 1855 Birth Place: Chodscheson Brovince, Posen, Age: 66 Passport Issue Date: 2 May 1921 Passport Includes a Photo: Yes Residence: Mount Kisco, New York, retired

1922: Teofil Kawczynski Arrival Date: 19 Nov 1922 Birth Date: abt 1855 Age: 67 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Hannover - Mt Kisco New York

1924: Passport application Angusta Katherine Kawczynski, single, Birth Date: 12 Aug 1882 Birth Place: New York Age: 41 Passport Issue Date: 16 May 1924 Passport Includes a Photo: Yes Residence: Mount Kisco, New York Father Name: Teofil Kawczynski Father's Birth Location: Kolman In Posen, Germany, Now Poland Father's Residence: Mount Kisco, New York

1925: Teofil Kawczynski Arrival Date: 14 Jul 1925 Birth Date: abt 1856 Age: 69 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Stuttgart - Mount Kisco New York

1925: Kawczynski, Teofll, Mount Kisco, N. Y.. Monday, Nov. 23, 1925, in his 71st year. Funeral service at Grace Church Chantry, Broadway and 10th St., New York City, at 8 P. M., Thursday, Nov. 26, 1925.

Keeler ⚰

Find a Grave: Catherine "Kate" Keeler Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904, USA - age 12 years old, death cert # 3504 Bronx, lived at 112 East Fourth Street Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

City Record: Same

1904 LDS Kate Keeler Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, Address 435 E. 15th St. Gender Female Age 12 Birthplace U. S. Burial Date 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery Lutheran Cem. Father's Name William Keeler Father's Birthplace U. S. Mother's Name Christina Schaef Mother's Birthplace Germany

1910: Knickerbocker ave. William "Keller" 42, weigher biscuit co, Christine Keller 38, 6 children 4 living, William Keller 17, cutter carpet, Edna Keller 14 Arthur Keller 11 Alfred Keller 7

1915: Brooklyn, William Keeler 47 Christina Keeler 43 William Keeler 22 Arthur Keeler 16 Alfred Keeler 12 Edna Weidermeyer 19 Paul Weidermeyer 2 Chas Weidermeyer 8/12

1920: Knickerbocker ave, William Keeler 53, weigher biscuit co., Christiana Keeler 47 Arthur Keeler 21, carpet layer, furniture co, Alfred Keeler 16, clerk ammunitions, Edna Weidemeyer 24, daughter widow, Rita Post 21, niece, Paul Weidemeyer 7, grand son, Charles Weidemeyer 5 grand son

1930: Brooklyn, William E Severance 36, fireman city, Edna Severance 34 Paul Wedemeyer 17, step son, Charles Wedemeyer 15, step son, William Keeler 63, father in law, Christina Keeler 58, mother in law


City Record: Fredrick Keller age 14 taken home 115 Ave A

Other possible spellings - Hocht/Hauck/Haucle.

1900: Jacob Hauck Head M 72 Germany, widowed, tailor, Waronien Hauck Daughter F 40 New York, single, saleslady

1905 115 Ave A Keller, Fredrick age 15, son, clerk, with Jacob Haukt 76, head no occupation, Rose Haukt 40, daughter, dressmaker (the entry is very faded and fuzzy)

1910: 96 First Ave., Manhattan, Jacob Haucls 82, head widowed, born Germany, imm 1850, "Bronicha Haucls"* 47, born New York, dressmaker department store, father born Germany, mother born France, Fred Keller 20, grandson, carpenter, father born Switzerland Charles Keller 18, grandson, stock clerk, dept store

*Veronica? - see 1920 & 1930

1917: Charles Keller 143 First ave. dob September 23, 1891 New York salesman John Wanamaker, single aunt

Carl Keller Birth 23 Sep 1891 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Father's Name John Keller Father's Birthplace Switzerland Father's Age 40 Mother's Name Katie Hauck Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 33
1920: Veronica Hauch Head F 54 New York Charles Keller Nephew M 28 New York 1930: Manhattan,First ave, Veronica Hauck Head F 69 New York, father born Germany, mother born France, slaes clerk dept store, Charles Keller Nephew M 38 New York, father born Switzerland

Kelsch ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☁

City Record: Catherine Kelsch age 6 of 800 E 14 died. George 38, Margaret 32 and Elizabeth age 8 taken to Lincoln Hospital.

Catherine✟ Kelsch age 6 died. Her parents, George age 38 and Margaret age 32, and her sister, Elizabeth, age 8, survived and were taken to Lincoln Hospital.

Although certainly young enough to have more children after 1904, George and Margaret Kelsch did not.

George Kelsch testified in the Slocum trial in January 1906. The family was still on the Lower East Side in 1905 but had moved to Queens by 1910.

1893: George Kelsh to Margaretha Schoeppner 15 Aug 1893 Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name: Feit Kelsh Mother's Name: Barbara Bickel Spouse's Father's Name: Adam Schoeppner Spouse's Mother's Name: Barbara Stelben

1900: E. 16th street, Geo Kelch Head M 34 Germ, laborer, Margaret Kelch Wife F 27 Germm 2 children 2 living Kate Kelch Daughter F 5 N Y Eliza Kelch Daughter F 2 N Y

1904: Death "Kathi Kelch" age 6, 15 June 1904 Bronx. She was identified by her father.

1904: The N Y Times of June 16 reported: "Kalsh", George, 800 E "140th" street burns on right hand Lincoln hospital and "Kalsh", Maggie same address, burns on face Lincoln hospital.

1905: 800 14th street, George Kelsch 38, weight master, Maggie Kelsch 32, Lizzle Kelsch 9

1906: Goege Kelsch testified In January 1906. He had managed to save his wife and one daughter but another daughter and a niece had perished. He state that he only found one good life preserver in the whole section. When asked it he had been calm, he replied: "Sure I was. If you die, you die, don't you?"

1910: Queens, George "Kelch" Head M 44 Germany, driver ice and coal route, Maggie Kelch Wife F 37 Germany, married 18 years 3 children 1 living, Elizabeth Kelch Daughter F 13 New York

1915: Queens, "Kalsch, George, age 49, forman soap factory, Margaret age 43, Elizabeth age 18, stacker in biscuit co.

1920: George Kelsch 54, conductor street railway, Margaret Kelsch 48

Kessler ⚰ ⚰

City record: 203 7th ave., Augusta age 18 DEAD, Barbara age 40 DEAD

William Kessler and Barbara Mueller had one daughter, Augusta. William Kessler died in 1899. Barbara✟ and Augusta✟ died in the Slocum disaster.

1885: William Kessler to Babette Mueller 03 May 1885 Manhattan Father Phil. Kessler Mother Sabine John Spouse's Father's Name: Geo. Mueller Spouse's Mother's Name: Barbara (LDS)

1886: Augusta Kessler Birth 01 Feb 1886 Manhattan Father's Name: William Kessler Father's Birthplace: Meisenheim, Germania Father's Age: 44 Mother's Name: Babette Muller Mother's Birthplace: Bug Baiern, Germania Mother's Age: 24

1899: William Kessler Age: 58 Death Date: 12 Oct 1899 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 28828

1900: 203 7th ave., Barbuie Kessler 38, widowed, 1 child 1 living, Augusta Kessler 14

1904: Babette Kessler Jun 15, 1904 Bronx

1904: Augusta Kessler Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 18 Father's Name: William Kessler Mother's Name: Babette Muller (LDS)

1904: KESSLER, BABETTE, age 45 of 205 7th ave identified by her husband, George*, at the Alexander Avenue station (NY Times list of identified dead June 16)

*Is this correct? Had Barbara married again?

Kiefer ☀

City Record: 1582 2nd ave., Louis age 19 uninjured

Louis Kiefer was the only son and oldest child of Louis Kiefer, baker and Minnie, his wife. Louis married but did not have children. He died in Queens 1938.

1884: October 30, 1884 to Louis Kiefer and Wilhelmina Giese.

1900: 1592 2nd ave., Keefer, Louis head, 46, baker, Minnie wife, 43, married 16 years, 5 children 3 living, Louie son age 15, (October 1884) Freda, daughter age 13, Columbia daughter age 3

1905: 1592 2nd ave, Loui Kiefer 54, baker, Minnie Kiefer 53 Louis Kiefer 20, bookkeeper, Freda Kiefer 18, teacher sewing machine Columbia Kiefer 13

1910: E 68th street, Louis Kiefer 52, baker own shop, Minnie Kiefer 55, Louis Kiefer Jr. 25, bookkeeper bakery, Freda C Kiefer 22, saleslady bakery, Columbia M Kiefer 17, saleslady bakery, Joseph Freeman 8, boarder

1915: Columbia M Kiefer Marriage Date: 20 Feb 1915 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Ernst H Barber Certificate Number: 5525

1917: Louis Kiefer 1232 Mass. Ave., Washington Birth Date: 30 Oct 1884, accountant Federal Gov. nearest relative Wilhelmina Kiefer, NY City

1930: E. 88the street, Louis Kiefer 45, agent, U. S. revenue, Jean King Kiefer 30, registered nurse social services, born Canada< Wilhelmina Kiefer 75, mother, imm 1875, Ralph K Weinfeld 28, "son", Eleanor T Weinfeld 22, "daughter", 1938: Death of Louis Kiefer, accountant, son to Louis Kiefer and Wilhelmina Giese, spouse Jean, Queens

Kiesel ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☁

City Record: 266 Ave A Lillian age 5 DEAD - Annie age 25 Harlem Hospital - Edward J age 3 Harlem Hospital - P. Edward age 27 Harlem Hospital

Peter Edward Kiesel and his wife, Annie were on the General Slocum with their two children, Lillian✟ age 5 who died and Edward J age 3 who survived. Peter and Annie were young enough to have had more children after 1904. They had one daughter Grace circa 1906. Grace Kiesel was single age 34, secratary metal research, living with her parents in Queens, in 1940. Edward J Kiesel married and had at least two children.

1900: Keisel, "Peter E." age 23, upholsterer, Annie, age 21, Lilian E age 2, Wessler, Philix, father in law, 72, widow, John J W brother in law, 28, straw hats

1904: Listed in the hospital:

Kiesell, Annie, 25, 266 Ave A submersion and shock at Harlem Hosp.

Kiesell, Edward, age 3, 266 Ave A. submersion "will die" Harlem Hosp.

Kiesell, "T." Edward, 27, 266 Avenue A. Harlem Hops.

1904: Kiesal, Lillian, age 5, June 15, 1904 Bronx

Anna Kiesel, 25, "Theo" Kiesel, age 27, Edward Kiesel age 28 all of 266 Ave A were listed as uninjured. Edward Keisel age 3 of 266 Ave A was listed among the injured.

On June 26, 1904 the Brooklyn Eagle ran a story about the Kiesel family. As the fire raged Mrs. Kiesel and her daughter Lillian jumped in the water. Mrs. Kiesel was a good swimmer but the daughter was pulled away from her by the mass of people in the water. Anna Kiesel managed to get away from the people who were grasping at her and make her way to shore. Mr. Kiesel and his son went into the water together. Mr. Keisel was also a good swimmer and he expected to make it to shore. However, he ran into the same experience as his wife, with people trying to grasp hold of him until finally the boy was pulled away from him. Edward Kiesel the 3 year old son of Edward Keisel was discovered by his mother among the bodies of the dead that were laid out along the shore. Mrs. Kiesel, an excellent swimmer, made it to the shore and started to search among the bodies for her son. The doctors and nurses assured her that the bodies laid out were all dead. Mrs. Kiesel found her son and quickly held him up by the heels as the water slowly oozed from his mouth. She then stripped him of his clothes and worked over his body trying to restore it to life. At this point Mr. Kiesel arrived to assist her. They found a doctor who told them that although the child was alive he would most likely never recover from the shock. A small dose of strychnine and brandy was administered to little Edward and he was taken to Harlem Hospital. In a few days he was well enough to go home. Lillian Kiesel's body was found at the morgue by her uncle William W. Kiesel an employee of the Building Department of Queens.

1905: 226, Ave A. Edward Keisel Head M 28y United States, upholsterer Anna Keisel Wife F 26y United States, Edward Keisel Son M 4y United States, Joseph J Wessler Boarder M 33y United States, boarder,

1910: 279 Ave. A., Edward Kiesel 33, upholstery shop, Anna Kiesel 30, 3 children 2 living, Edward Kiesel 9, Grace Kiesel 4

1920: 437 17th street, Kiesel, Edward, head age 43, upholsterer, Annie age 43, born Germany, wife, Edward age 19, chauffeur, Grace age 14

1930: Queens, Edward Kiesel 29, route salesman, milk company, Margaret Kiesel 28 Raymond Kiesel 4

1940: Westchester, Edward Kiesel 39, route salesman, dairy, Margaret Kiesel 38, Raymond Kiesel 14, Rita Kiesel 7

Peter E, Annie and Grace listed in Queens in 1940.

In 1932 Edward Kiesel was a member of the General Slocum Memorial Committee.

King ⚰

Find a Grave: Catherine King Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 26 years old, single, death cert # 3324 Bronx, lived at 311 East 37th Street Burial: Unknown

Kircher/Kirscher ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☀

City record:

  1. 185 Russell street Brooklyn lost Catherine age 62, dead, John age 66 missing, Elsie C age 7, dead, Harold J. age 3, dead, Margaret age 34 dead.

  2. Fredrick D 9, Lizzie, 37, and Stacey J age 7 were taken to Lincoln hospital. George J age "3" [should be 13] was taken home.

Catherine and John Kircher, blacksmith, were the parents of John and George Kircher. Catherine✟ and John✟ were on the Slocum and perished. George and John's families were also on the Slocum. John's wife, Lizzie, and two of her children survived - George age 13 and Fred age age 9. John and Lizzie's daughter Elsie✟ died.

George's wife, Margaret✟ (Maggie) died. As did their young son Harold✟ age 3. Their son Stacy age 7 survived. George Kircher died a widow in 1919.

John and Lizzie and their sons moved to Bloomfield New Jersey by 1920.

George (the son of John and Lizzie) married but did not have any children. Fred married and had two children.

1880: New York City, John Kircher Self 42 Germany, wheel right, Katherine Kircher Wife 38 New Jersey, United States John Kircher Son 15 New York, United States George Kircher Son 12 New York, United States Cristina Betzler Mother-in-law F 66 Germany

1896: Stacey George Kircher 28 Jul 1896 Manhattan, Father George Kircher Father's Age: 28 Mother Margaretha Rabe Kircher Mother's Birthplace: N.Y. City Mother's Age: 25 (LDS)

1900: 127 Kent street Brooklyn, John Kircher Head 62 Germany, black smith, Kate Kircher Wife 58 New Jersey, 2 children 2 living, John H Kircher Son 36 New York, wheel right, Lizzie Kircher Daughter-in-law 34 New York, 3 children 3 living, George Kircher Grandson 9 New York, Fredrick Kircher Grandson 5 New York, Elsie Kircher Granddaughter 4 New York, Johanna Berlage Mother-in-law 69 Germany mother in law

1900: Next listing: Kircher, George 33, black smith, Maggie wife 26 1 child 1 living, Stacy son, age 3, July 1896

1904: The New York Times of June 16 reported: KERCHER, STACY, 185 Russell st, burns on face and hands, Lincoln hospital (no age given).

1904: 185 Russell street, Brooklyn - Kircher, Catherine 62, Elsie 7 Harold 3, Margaret 34 - deceased - John 66 missing - Fredrick D 9 Lincoln, Lizzie 37 Lincoln, George J "3" taken home ("3" is in error - should be "13")

Three Families Victims

Of the many families on whom the calamity fell with appalling force that of the KIRSCHERS at 185 Russell street is especially pitiable. Three entire, families are practically wiped out of existence. The KIRSCHERS occupied a three story flat in Russell street and the families consisted of the grandparents, two married sons and the families of the latter. The two married sons are in business together and did not accompany their relatives on the ill-fated General Slocum yesterday.

Mrs. Elizabeth KIRSCHER and Mrs. John KIRSCHER, Jr. had made arrangements to attend the excursion with their children and persuaded the elder KIRSCHER and his wife, who was somewhat sickly to go out for the sake of the ride. The children, Freddie, who is now lying in the hospital beside his mother; George, who was first reported missing, but later said to be in the hospital; Stacy, Elsie, and Harold, a baby 1 year old. Under just what circumstances the elder KIRSCHERS and their daughter in law and two children lost their lives will perhaps never be fully known. John KIRSCHER, Jr. and his brother went to the scene of the disaster yesterday as soon as they learned of the terrible calamity and had not returned to their home up to noon to-day.

Neighbors who live nearby are in entire ignorance of the exact fate of the family, excepting such information as they received from a relative of the family over the telephone from Manhattan."

More on the Kirscher brother's search for their family members
The body of their mother, Catherine, was found but that of their father, John, was still missing.

Of John H.'s family: "George escaped alive and not much hurt. Fred was found a patient at the Lincoln Hospital and will recover." John H.'s wife was also found at Lincoln Hospital. Elsie, age 7 was still missing. John's wife, Katherine said she put her daughter in a life preserver, threw her overboard and jumped in after her. She lost sight of the child but assuming she was save the mother swam for shore.

Of George's family: His wife Margaret's body was found. Son Harold was missing. Son Stacy was saved.

After repeated attempts to find the bodies of their missing loved ones at the morgue John, Elsie and Harold were still missing. The brothers were delaying the funerals in the hope that the missing bodies would be found.

1904: Harold John Kircher Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 3 Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father George Kircher Mother Margaret Rabe (LDS)

1904: The Sun: Goege Kirscher of greenpoint swam to Riker's Island. He told poeple on the island that he though his grandparents and brother, sister and aunt had been drowned. He said they had satyed together for a long time hoping some boat would come alongside and rescue them. A large crowd came their way trying to escape the flames. Eventually George jumped overboard.

1905: 185 Russell street, Brooklyn, John H Kircher 40, wheel wright Lizzie Kircher 38, George Kircher 14, Frederick Kircher 10

1910: 185 Russell, John H. Kircher 45, wheel wright wagon manufacturer, Lizzie Kircher 43, 3 children 2 living, George J Kircher 19, bookkeeper, --- supply house, Frederick D Kircher 15, George Kircher 42, brother widow, blacksmith wagon and truck

1915: Manhattan 87th street, Geo Kircher age 48 wagon manufacturer roomer

1919: Death of George Kirscher born 1868 17 March 19191 Manhattan 314 E 87th street, parents John Kircher and Catherine Betzner (LDS)

NY Times Obit: Kircher on Monday March 17, 1919 George Kircher, father of Stacy G Kircher in his 52nd year.

1920: Bloomfield Ward 1, Essex, New Jersey Berkeley Ave, John H Kircher 55, none, Elisa Kircher 52 George J Kircher 28, accountant factory, Fred D Kircher 24, accountant, factory, Wm J Niebergall 30, nephew, Josephine V Niebergall 28, niece

George Kircher married Caroline Pierce and lived in Bllomfield, New Jersey where he was listed in the 1930 and 1940 censuses, real estate manager no children. Her parents, Aaron and Annie, were living with them in 1930 and 1940.

Frederick, accountant, married Helena and was listed in Bloomfield in 1930 with two children, Fredrick J age 5 and Ruth age 1. Also listed in Bloomfield in 1940.

Stacey George Kircher

Stacey George Kircher lost his mother and a brother in the Slocum Disaster. By 1905 he was living with the Preus family in Mount Vernon. He continued to live with the family until his marriage in 1920. His father George died in 1919. Stacey Kirsher had at least two children.

1905 North High Street, Mount Vernon, Westchester, Pruss, Herman head, age 37, Mary wife, age 36, Mary daughter, age 13, Felton son age 11, Kircher, George, boarder, age 39, wagon manufacturer, Stacey age 9 boarder

1910: Herman G Preuss 41 Mary L Preuss 40 Mary L Preuss 17 Pelton G Preuss 16 Stacy Geo Kirchen 13, boarder

1916: Stacy George Kircher Ithaca, New York, USA Cornellian, Lambda Chapter, sophomore

1918: High street, Mount Vernon, NY, Stacy G Kircher New York City, New York, born July 28, 1896, parents Margaret and George Kircher, inducted, : 23 Sep 1918 New York City, New York Service Start Age: 22, pvt, discharged Feb 8, 1919

1920: Stacy was listed 2 times, once in Bayonne NJ, as a chemist, boarder, and again Month Vernon, Westchester, NY, North High street, Herman G Preuss 51 Mary L Preuss 50 Pelton G Preuss 26 Mary L Preuss 27 Stacy G Kircher 23, chemist, oil

1920: A chemist with the Texaco Oil company in Bayonne New Jersey per Cornell alumni news

1920: October Mildred F. Hill married Stacy G Kircher:

Mr. Kircher made his home with Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Preuse age 233 North High street for the last twenty years. He is a graduate of Mount Vernon high school and Cornell University."
1925: Mount Vernon, Ella H Hills 59 Stacy G Kircher 29, son in law, Mildred Kircher 28, Marion H Hills 26, Helen E Hills 22


1940: Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut Stacy G Kircher 43, Cosmetic Chemist, Factory Mildred Kircher 43 Harold S Kricher 17 Robert W Kricher 15

1942: Stacy G Kircher Birth Date: 28 Jul 1896 Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Residence: Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

1950: a Number of overseas trips

1986: Stacey Kircher BIRTH: 28 Jul 1896 DEATH: Feb 1986 - Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA CIVIL: New York

1986: Stacy Kircher Birth Date: 28 Jul 1896 Death Date: 10 Feb 1986 Death County: Hennepin Mother's Maiden Name: Rabe State File Number: 003644 Certificate Number: 003644 Certificate Year: 1986

Note: Herman Preuss, a sign manufacturer, was married to Mary Schneider. They had Mary in 1892 and Pelton in 1893. Why did they take in Stacey Kircher?

Kirmse ☁

City Record: 312 E. 9th street - Albertina age 30 taken to Lincoln hospital

Albertina Kirmse was the wife of Gustav, an iron worker. She died in 1918, age 45.

1904: 312 E. 9th Street, Kirmse, Gustave A. city directory

1905: 312 E. 9th street, Kirmse, Gustav, head age 41 iron worker, Albertina age 31 both born Germany

1913: Gustav A Kirmse Age: 49 Death Date: 27 Nov 1913 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 33699

1915: Queens, Louis Lee 47 Josephine Lee 45 Albertine Kirmse 41, boarder

1918: Albertina Kirmse Age: 45 Death Date: 12 Jul 1918 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 14906

Klatthaar ⚰

City Record: George Klatthaar age 14 Katherine age 56 of 506 5th street died.

John Klatthaar married Katherine Noll in 1886. They had George in 1888. Katherine✟ and George✟ died in the Slocum. John Klatthaar died in 1923.

1886: John Hartmann Klatthaar Spouse Catharina Elisabeth Noll Prellwitz 25 Apr 1886 Manhattan Father's Name: Johannes Klatthaar Mother's Name: Anna Elisabeth Loeber Spouse's Father's Name: John Noll Spouse's Mother's Name: Elisabeth Nopis (LDS)

1888: Birth of George. John Harmann Klatthaar was 49 years old and Catherine was 40 years old.

1892: Brooklyn, Klatthaar John H. age 52, born Germany, no occupation, Kate age 43 born New York, George age 3

Find a Grave George born 14 Sept 1888 and Katherine (geb. Noll) born 7 July 1848 died on the General Slocum Jun 15, 1904. Also listed on the Tombstone were J. Hartmann Klatthaas born Feb 21, 1839 died Mar 2, 1923 and Dorothea Klatthaar born Noll 1807 died 1880.

1905: 506 5th street, Manhattan, John H Klatthaar, 66, "at home"

1915: 506 E. 5th street, Klatthaask, John H age 76 born Germany, no occupation.

1923: John H Klatthaar died in 1923, 506 East 5th street, widowed, buried Lutheran, father John, mother, unknown.


City Record:

  • Klein, 436 15th street, Kate✟ age 21 dead

  • Klein, 314 6th street Emily✟ 9 dead (disinterred) - Emma✟ 25 dead

  • The William Klein Family 191 3rd street, John✟ 17 dead, Salome 11 to Lincoln hospital

  • Klein, 97 Ave A, Dina✟ 73 dead

  • The family of Edward Klein Family 31 Ave A, Dina✟ age 40, died at Lincoln Hospital June 15, 1904 - Julius✟ age 6 dead - Matilda✟ age 10 dead - Elsie age 16 taken home, Edward age 14 taken home - Lucy age 4 taken home

Klein, Edward

Edward Klein, born in Germany circa 1863, was the son of Karl (Carl) and Dina (Tinea) Klein. Edward married Dina✟ Grimm in 1882. They had Christina, Karl, August, Elsie, Edward, Mathilda✟, Julius✟ and Lucy. Dina, Julius and Mathilda died in the Slocum. Elsie, Edward and Lucy survived. Edward Klein had a broken knee cap. Christina, Karl and August were not mentioned in connection to the Slocum.

1880: Avenue A between E Houston and 2nd streets, Carle Klein 48, keeps saloon, Dena Klein 42 Julius Klein 20, blacksmith, Edward Klein 18, cigar maker and a servant, bar tender.

Marriage 1882: Edward Klein, Spouse's Name: Dina Grimm, Event Date: 22 Oct 1882, Event Place: Manhattan, New York, New York, Father's Name: Karl Klein, Mother's Name: Dina Eberweus, Spouse's Father's Name: Franz Grimm, Spouse's Mother's Name: Elizabetha Mleppel

1870: Klein, Carl age 38, saloon keeper, Tina, age 2-, Edward 7 Julius 9

1880: Avenue A between E Houston and 2nd street (same block as Edward Klein) Frank Grimm 49, soap maker, Elizabeth Grimm 43, Henry Grimm 21, cigar maker, Dena Grimm 16, --- maker


  1. Christina c 1883

  2. Karl c 1885

  3. August c 1885

    WWI DR: August Klein CITY: Manhattan COUNTY: New York STATE: New York BIRTH DATE: 15 Apr 1885 RACE: White DRAFT BOARD: 161, bartender, age 33, 172 E 112 street, NY, wife, Anne Klein, tall, slender, bleu eyes, black hair rheumatism -----

  4. Elsie c 1887

    Eliesabetha Klein, Birth Date: 24 Sep 1887, Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA, Father's Name: Edward Klein, Mother's Name: Dina Grimm

  5. Edward c 1890

  6. Matilda✟ died June 15, 1904

  7. Julius✟ died Jun 15, 1904

  8. Lucy

According to the NY Times of June 20, 1904 the funeral of Mrs. "Clara" Klein was said to be one of the largest at the Lutheran Cemetery in the aftermath of the Slocum disaster. She was listed as the wife of Edward Klein, "a wholesale and retail liquor dealer on "34" Ave. A., and one of the wealthiest men in the district." The service was held in "a large serving room back of the liqueur store." Three family members were still missing and "the kneecap fo Edward, Klein, Jr. the oldest son, was broken". He had to be carried on a couch to the cemetery.

1900: 31 Ave A. Edward Klein 37, saloon keeper, born Germany, imm 1871, married 18 years, Christina Klein 36, wife, 11 children 8 living, New York, Christina Klein 17, Karl Klein 15, clerk drygoods, August Klein 14, at college, Elsie Klein 14, Edward Klein 10, Matilda Klein 6, Julius Klein 1, Lucy Klein 11/12

1904: List of victims, 31 Ave A, Tiena, 73, Tillie 10, Teina 40, Julius 6

1904: List of injured, Klein, Eddie H. 15, Elsie 16 Lucy age 4 all of 31 Ave A. Lizzie Einer, age 15 of 33, Ave. A. survived by after loosing her "brand new" hat and coat but saving 50 cents her mother had given her. She was with her neighbors the Klein family. Lizzie reported Mrs. Klein "got burned up", Eddie Klein survived but had both his kneecaps were broken, his two brothers died and Agnes Hauff, age 9, also with the party drowned. Agnes had made it as far as one of the tug boats but fell overboard and disappeared. Note: Agnes Hauff was not listed among the dead; she was listed among the uninjured, age 11 41 Ave A.

1904: Klein, Dina, age 73 born Germany, 97 Ave A DEAD, Harry. J. INJURED Lincoln Hospital.

1904: Klein, Nancy, 13 399 Miller, ave, Brooklyn, DEAD

1904: New York Death Index:

Klein, June 15, 1904, Dina age 40, Julius age 6, Tinna 73, Tillio 10

Brooklyn Deaily Eagle, June 23, 1904:

"Two members of the family of Edward KLEIN, a wine merchant and president of the "White Mice," will be buried from 31 Avenue A. Two other members of the family are still missing."
1904: June 16, 1904 Newark Avocate. "In front of the house of Edward Klein, at No. 31 Avenue A, a sympathetic crowd was ------ this morning. He had lost his whole family."

1904: The Washington Times reported there was a rumor that Edward Klein of 31 Ave A who had lost his mother, wife and two children had attempted suicide. It appeared to be just a rumor. He had spent the day preparing for his wife's funeral and "vainly " searching the morgue for the bodies of his children and mother.

1904: Jun 20, The Scranton Republican reported that Edward Klein lost his wife, mother and two children but his wife was the only body recovered. The wake was held in a room behind the bar. The tables were all taken out and all the walls, ceilings and bar were hung with black cloth. The coffin was situated in a alcove and the wall behind it was cover from floor to ceiling with flower arrangements. Hundreds of people attended with many others standing in the street in front of the store.

1905: List of Dead and Missing - Klein, 31 Ave A., "Dina" age 40, DEAD, (died in Lincoln Hospital) Julius, age 6, DEAD, Matilda age 10, DEAD, Elsie age 16, Edward, age 14 and Lucy age 4 "taken home".

According to the NY Times, Dina Klein* had a personal estate worth $15,000 which she bequeathed to her son, Edward of 31 Ave A. and a grandson, Harry Klein and a granddaughter, Nancy Klein. "The husband Carl, was "cut off because he 'showed no love or affection' for her". He was one of the Slocum victims." *This would have been Edward Klein's mother. (A Nancy Klein age 13 died in the disaster. Harry J age 17 survived. See above.)

1905: 31 Ave A., Edward "Klin" 42, liquors, Edna Klin 21, daughter, Carle Klin 20, son Gussie Klin 18, daughter, Elsie Klin 17, daughter, Edward Jr. Klin 15, son, Lucie Klin 5, daughter, Lizzie Anf 22, boarder, Marie Hynan 32, servant, Gertrude Sewald 18, servant

1907: April 27, 1907 New York Times - THOUSANDS WAKE THE "WEISER MIT" - Passing of Klein's Famous Saloon Brings Sorrow to Second Avenue

"The old-fashioned German of New York pulled his hat over his eyes and declared last night that Avenue A had passed away. The reason for this declaration was that Edward Klein, who has had a wine stube in Avenue A since he was a boy, had pulled his shutters down and notified his customers that he had done with business at his place, 31 Avenue A." The saloon, which has been the resort of politicians for almost half a century, will pass away on May 1. Last night everybody of prominence on the east side went there to have a last drink with the proprietor. Klein had notified them that he had sold the property and intended to live in Easy Street for the rest of his life.

Edward Klein's father, Karl, had opened the place in 1863. The establishment was know as the "Weiser Mit" because they sold white wine and seltzer (white with).
The place became famous after the younger Klein, Edward, took charge of it twenty years ago, and when the Jewish element began to crowd out the Germans from the east side everybody said the Weiser Mit would soon go out of business."
There was music, fireworks and balloons with gift certificates inside. The ballons were set aloft with cards inside entitling the finder to a prize like a business suit, a case of cheese, a basket of wine, an umbrella. The prizes were sponsored by the different business men who were friends and associates of Ed Klein.

Onlookers reminisced about the Klein family and the fact that his mother, wife some of their children had been lost in the General Slocum disaster. The surviving Klein children were on hand to be part of the celebration. One of the surviving sons told how his 21 year old brother had drowned shortly after the Slocum disaster. He said he was happy to be leaving the area.

Edward Klein had created history in the neighborhood with his wine saloon, which did not serve beer. It was the home of pinocle clubs, pigeon shooting societies, and the meeting place for many German organizations. Edward Klein reportedly kept two pigeon coops on the roof of two of his properties on Avenue A containing over $6,000 worth of pigeons.

1910: 1475 3rd ave, Edward "Klien" 47, proprietor saloon emp, marriage 2, 2 years, no wife, listed, Timmie Klien 27, daughter, August E Klien 23, son, bartender saloon, Elsie Kline 21, daughter, haridresser, private, Edward Klien 20, son, Lucy Klien 10, daughter, Mary Tischler 43, servant cook resaturant

1915: Brooklyn, Madison st, Elsie Klein 27, head, no occupation, Tinnie Klein 31, sister, hair dresser, Lucy H Klein 15, sister

1915: E. 11 st NY, Klein, August, age 30, bartender, Annie wife, born Austria, age 26, and a lodger

Klein, William

John age 17 died and Salome age 11 was sent to Lincoln hosptial.

John✟ and Salome were the children of William Klein and his wife, Lena. They Kleins had two older sons, Henry and Frederick.

Salome Klein married in 1912 and had a son.

1904: June 16, NY Times - Mrs. William Klein a mother and grandmother lost nine members of her family and "a score" of friends. The Klein party included her daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Meininger of 631 Bergen "st Brooklyn" and her baby 19 months old, her son John Klein, 17, her sister-in-law, Mrs Tillie Weiss of "530" 5th st, and her five children Sadie, Sallie, Jakie, Nellie and Louis, a nephew, Louis Weiss, a age 17, a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Annie Klein. Mrs. Klein's youngest daughter, Sallie, had come home "having been rescued by a little boy." Louis Weis, the three year old son of Tillie Weiss, had also been rescued by a tug boat. He was in a hospital "uptown".

1904: Sallie Klein a "very diminutive child, even for a twelve-year-old, returned safely to her home at "391" 3rd street to discover that nine of her relatives were missing. She had been saved by a boy about her own age, but she did not know his name. She had jumped just because everyone else was jumping. She thought she may have been holding the hand of a "little boy" when she jumped. Anyway, when she reached the water he had hold of her and put his arm around her waist and swam around with her. After a while they were pulled into a boat. She was taken to the hospital but it was determined she was not hurt, so she was went home. Sallie said her friend Lillie Beist of 23 ave. B had been with her but the became separated when the fire started and she had not seen her since. Lillie Baist 23 Ave. B age 13 died in the Slocum Disaster according to the Department of Public Welfare report of 1905. She was the only member of her family listed. She was originally listed as missing.

1905 Dept of Public Welfate - Klein 191 3rd st DEAD John 17 - Meininger 631 "Bergen ave Bronx", DEAD Eliza 29, Henry 19 - Weis 532 5th street DEAD, Amelia 9, Fredrick 18, Jacob 10, Louis 21, Mathilda 44 and Salome 13 INJURED, Louis 4 at Flower Hosp, and UNINJURED Harry age 12

1900: 191 3rd street, William Klein 52, immigrated 1865, born Germany, builder, Lena Klein 45, born New York, (no listing of number of children or number of years married) Henry Klein 21, architect, Frederick Klein 16, carpenter, John Klein 13, st school, Sallie Klein 7, at school,

Same address: Meininger, Henry, head age 26, shipping clerk, Elizabeth wife, just married, 0 children

1905: 191 E 3rd street, William Klein 59 Lena Klein 49 Solomona Klein 13

1910: 528 5th st, William H Klein 62, builder, house, language English, Lena Klein 54, married 36 years, 7 children 3 living, Salome Klein 17, daughter

Marriage: Salome Klein, 11 Jan 1912, MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA, SPOUSE: John G Odendall, CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 1770

1915: Wm Klein 67, Lena Klein 59, Salome Klein 22, Wm Odendahl 1

1920: 528 5th street, William Klein 72, imm 1868, na 1880 carpenter, shop, Lena Klein 64, William Oddenthal 6, grandson

1925: Lena Klein 69 William Odendahl 11

Kleinhenz ⚰ ⚰

City Record: 96 Ave A Kleinhenz, Barbara 44, and Lena 11, both dead

Barbara✟ Kleinhenz and her daughter Lena✟ both died in the Slocum. A story was circulated that Barbaara's husband, Philip Kleinhenz of 196 Ave A, had been serving time on Blackwell's Island for non support of his wife and daughter. Mr. Kleinhenz was released to attend his daughter's funeral. Her body had been identified by a man who was a boarder in the Klienhenz household. Mrs. Kleinhenz had a balance of $900 in the German Savings Bank. The bank book was taken as security by the undertaker.

1900: 216th E 4th, Philip Kleinhenz 40, baker, Barbara Kleinhenz 40, John Kleinhenz 10, all born Germany all immigrted 1891, Lena Kleinhenz 7, born NY

In 1915 Philip Kelinhenz, baker, was a lodger living in the Bronx.

Philip Kleinhenz died in 1927.

Klem ⚰

Find a Grave: Katherine "Kate" Klem Birth: Sep. 29, 1882 Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 21 years old*, dressmaker $12.00 - was aboard with a group of friends including Albert Frese and Charles Kuentsner Family links: Parents: Jacob Klem (1852 - 1930) Margaretha Klem (1853 - 1934) Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Not listed city record.

1900: E. 15th street, Jacob Klem 47, carpenter, Margaretta Klem 46, 4 children 3 living, John Klem 21, shipping clerk, Katie Klem 17, machine operator

1910: Hamburg Avenue Brooklyn Ward 28, Kings, New Jacob Klem 57, carpenter, Margurite Klem 55, 4 children 2 living

1920: Brooklyn Assembly District 20, Kings, New York Jacob Klem 77, carpenter, railroad, Margaret Klem 66, John Klem 41, son, widowed, salesman dry goods, John Klem 13, son Dorothy Klem 16, daughter 1934: Margaretha Klem Birth Date: 16 Jun 1853 Death Date: 14 Dec 1934 Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

Tombstones: Klem John V 1879-1933 Margaret 1878 - 1919

Jacob October 12, 1852 - November 22, 1930 - Margaretha Klem June 16, 1853 - Dec 14, 1934

Klemme ⚰

City Record: Klemme, 433 E. 9th street, Auguste age 69 missing.

Find a Grave: Auguste E Klemme Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 69 years old, missing, body not recovered or identified, lived at 433 East 9th Street Burial: Body lost or destroyed Specifically: Body missing after burning of General Slocum in East River, NYC

Klenck Wilhelmina ⚰ and Bertha Klenck and children⚰ ⚰ ⚰ - total orphan John Klenck son of Bertha, age 13

City record:

  1. Wilhelmina M. A.✟ Klenck age 19 of 438 6th street, died.

  2. Wiliam Frederick Klenck and Bertha Eichler


    1. William born circa 1884 died General Slocum

    2. John Klenck

      John born 1891 - married and had a family

    3. Charles born circa 1897, died General Slocum

    Bertha Klenck✟, age 40, Charles✟ age 8 and William F✟ age 20 all of 113 St. Mark's place all died.

    John Klenck age 13 survived (with burns on his face - per Find a Grave). He was completely orphaned by 1904. John's father, William Klenck had died several year prior to the Slocum disaster. John went on the excursion with his mother and two brothers - who were all lost. His mother tried to put life jackets on herself and her children but the straps broke. John could not remember how he got to shore. He lived with an uncle, Fred W Bauer, for many years. He married and had a family.

    1889 William Fredrick Klenck to Bertha Eichler 11 Jul 1889 Manhattan Father's Name: Karl Klenck Mother's Name: Barbara Milwer Spouse's Father's Name: John Eichler Spouse's Mother's Name: Megdelena Miller (LDS)

    1891: John Klenck 02 Jul 1891, New York, New York, USA Father Wm. H. Klenck Mother Bertha Eichler Klenck (LDS)

    William Klenck died March 15, 1898, age 40, father, Karl Klenck, mother, Barbara Klenck (LDS)

    1900: 113 St Mark's Place, Bertha Klenck 36, widow, 4 children "2" living, William Klenck 16, stock clerk, John Klenck 9, Charles Klenck 3

    1905: Fred W Bauer 42 Clarra Bauer 42 John W Klenck 16

    1915: 187 st street, Frederick "Baner" 51, millinery wholesale, John W Klenck 23, nephew, salesman retail, Anna Eichler, sister in law, age 56

    1917: WWI draft registration John William Klenck born July 2, 1891 credit reporter, Seaboard Nat Bank, single tall, medium build, brown eyes and hair, 700 W. 179 street NY.

    1920:West 180 street Manhattan, Frederick W Bauer 56 Anna M Eichler 62, sister in law, John W Klenck 28, relative, Credit Investigator Trust Co

    1930: Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey own $9,000, John W Klenck 37, bank, Joan B Klenck 34, wife, Margaret Klenck 8 Dorothy Klenck 4

    1940: spouse: Joan B Klenck children: Marguerte Klenck, Dorothy Klenck, Roberta Klenck

    1942: WWII Draft registration John William Klenck Birth Date: 2 Jul 1891 Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Residence: Union, New Jersey, USA contact Joan B. Klenck

Klenen ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 1391 Washington ave, Bronx, Ethel age 1, dead - Meta age 57 dead - May age 24 to Lebanon hospital.

Fredrick Klenen, born 1867, the son of Lewis Klenen and Meta Meyer Klenen, married May. They had one child, Ethel age 1, by 1904. Meta✟ Meyer Klenen and her granddaughter, Ethel✟, died in the Slocum. Fredrick and May had a second child, Meta, in 1905.

1867: Frederick Klenen 17 Jun 1867 Manhattan Father Lewis Klenen Mother Mita F. Meyer Klenen (LDS)

1900: Bronx, Fulton ave, "Fredericka" Klenen 52, 5 children 4 living, Frederick M Klenen 31, son, clerk, Mathilta Klenen 25, daughter, Howard M Jackson 23, nephew


"Trebly afflicted in the loss of his mother and his only child, and in the precarious condition of his wife, Frederick KLENEN, of 1391 Washington avenue, the Bronx, was the principal mourner, yesterday, at funeral services for Mrs. Neta KLENEN, 56 years old, and Ethel KLENEN, 1 year, at the Merritt undertaking parlors. Nineteenth street and Eighth avenue, Manhattan. Mrs. Frederick KLENEN, who was saved from the river, badly burned, is a patient at Lebanon Hospital, her condition being so serious that she has not yet been informed of the death of her baby daughter and its grandmother. The funeral was attended by a large number of friends and relatives of the family, and among the mourners were a number of survivors of the disaster. The Rev. Henry STOUP, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, on East One Hundred and Nineteenth street, Manhattan, conducted the simple services at the chapel, and the burial service at the Lutheran cemetery. There were many flowers, in clusters and set pieces. Four small boys acted as pall bearers for the child and the bodies were borne away in a white and a black hearse."
1905: 1391 Washington ave, Bronx, Frederick Klenen 36, bookkeeper, May Klenen 24, Meta Klenen, 5 months

1910: Mt Vernon, Westchester, Frederick Klenen 40, accountant, gas company, May Klenen 29, 2 children 1 living, Meta Klenen

1920: Mt Vernon, Fred M Klenen 52 [32] May Klenen 39 Meta Klenen 15 Theresa Gleim 69, mother in law

Marriage of Meta Klenen to Walter Hoffman:

1940: Mt Vernon Walter Hoffmann Head M 25 New York, Meta Hoffmann Wife F 25 New York, Walter Hoffmann Son M 0 New York, May Klenen, Mother-in-law F 49 New York, Theresa Gleim Grandmother-in-law F 79 Germany, Alfred Weist Roomer M 80 Pennsylvania

Only Meta age 56 is listed in the NYC death index for 1904 deaths.

Klingert ☁

City record: 444 E. 15th street, Teresa Klingert age 6 to Lebanon.

Teresa was the son of John and Fredericka Klingert. The had another child, Harry born circa 1902. Fredricka Klingert died in 1905.

At age 6 it is highly unlikely that Teresa was on the boat by herself. Who was she with?

1900: E 3rd street, Klingert, John age 25, furrier, Fredricka age 22 2 children 1 living, Teresa daughter age 1

1910: Klingert 406 E -- street, Barbara age 55, widow, head, 7 children 2 living: John, son widowed, 2 children 2 living, painter, Michael, brother in law, 50 single, none, Teresa granddaughter, 12, Harry, grandson, 8

1915: Barbara Klingert 60 John Klingert 40 Tress Klingert 17 Harry Klingert 13 Michael Klingert 55

1920: E 87th street, Barbara Klingert 64 Theresa Klingert 22, millner, Harry Klingert 18 Michael Klingert 59

NYC Death index:
Klingert Fredricka 27 y Jun 11 1905 19073 Manhattan
Klingert John B 52 y May 14 1927 12433 Manhattan
Klingert Barbara 72 y Jan 4 1928 221 Queens
Klingert Michael 78 y Jul 8 1937 5014 Queens


Find a Grave: John Knoffler Birth: unknown, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 30 years old, death cert # 2981 Bronx, lived at 89 St Marks Place Burial: Unknown

City Record: listed

BE: KNOEFFLER, John, of 89 St. Mark's place

Koeppler/Keppler ⚰ ⚰

Lillie Koeppler age 17 - Irene Koeppler age 12 both of 192 1st ave., both dead.

Henry G Koeppler, a butcher, and his wife, Eliza, had Louisa, Lillian✟ and Irene ✟by 1904. Lillian and Irene were lost in the Slocum. According to the 1900 census the Koepplers had already lost 3 children. This is confirmed by Find a Grave. Their daughter Louisa born in 1879 married Henry J. Bollmeyer. They had one son Albert. They divorced and Louisa and her son Albert lived with Henry and Eliza. Albert married and had a son Albert.

Henry, Eliza, Louise and Albert went to Europe in 1908.

1900: Henry G Koepples 49, butcher, Eliza Koepples 45, 6 children 3 living, Louize Koepples 20, Lillian Koepples 12, Irene Koepples 8

1902: Louisa Koeppler married October 22, #20224 Manhattan

1904: KEPPLER, IRENE age 12, 1st ave between 12th and 13th identified by her uncle, Charles H. Schegler of 20- Ave. B. (N Y Times list of dead June 16).

1904: Lily B. Koeppler BIRTH: 16 Oct 1887 - New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA DEATH: 15 Jun 1904 - New York, USA OTHER: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, USA

Find a Grave Henry G. Koeppler (1851 - 1927) Elise Guthmueller Koeppler (1854 - 1931) Henry Koeppler (1876 - 1878) Louise Koeppler Bollmeyer (1879 - 1962) Rose Koeppler (1881 - 1890) Charles Koeppler (1883 - 1884) Lily B. Koeppler (1887 - 1904) Irene Koeppler (1892 - 1904)

1905: Bronx, Henry J Bollmeyer 33, clerk bank, Louise Bollmeyer 25, Albert H Bollmeyer 1

1908: Henry Koeppler, age 57, and Elise age -- Arrival Date: 7 Oct 1908, US citizens, Port of Departure: Cuxhaven Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: President Grant

Also with them was their daughter Louisa Bollmeyer and her son, Albert 1ge 5

1913: Passport application Henry Koeppler Birth Date: 10 Jan 1851 Birth Place: Butzbach Hessen, Germany Age: 62, retired, wife, Elise born 5 August 1855, Passport Issue Date: 22 May 1913 Elhurst, Queens

1915: Queens, Henry M Koeffler 64, butcher, Elisse Koeffler, 61, Louise Bollmeyer 35, daughter, Albert Bollmeyer 11, grandson, Simon Guthmuller 90, father in law

1920: Queens Henry G Koeppler 69 born Butzbach, butcher, Elise Koeppler 65, born Baden, Louise K Bollmeyer 40, widow, Albert Bollmeyer 16, grandson, Simon Guthmullen 94, father in law

1925: Henry G Koeppler 74, Elise Koeppler 70 Louise K Bollmeyer 45 Albert Bollmeyer 21

1930: Queens, Elise Koeppler, widow, 75 own $10,000, Louise Bollmeyer 50, widow, Albert Bollmeyer 26, chemist, --- factory

1939: Albert Bollmeyer Arrival Date: 23 Dec 1939 Birth Date: abt 1903 Birth Location: New York Birth Location Other: New York Age: 36 Port of Departure: Cristobal, Canal Zone, Panama Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Ancon

Plus, Emily Bollmeyer age 31 born New Brunswick NJ and Albert E age 7, Freehold NJ.All living in Freehlold.

1940: George Miushofer 70 Jahanna Miushofer 65 Louise R Bollmeyer 60, widow, boarder

1930: Queens, Henry J Bollmeyer 59, divorced, signature clerk bank, Josephine Bollmeyer 82, widowed, mother

1936: Henry J Bollmeyer Birth Year: abt 1872 Age: 64 Death Date: 19 May 1936 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 12580

2000: Albert H. Bollmeyer SSN: 158-30-2333 07728 Freehold, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA BORN: 28 Jul 1903 Died: 31 Jan 2000 State (Year) SSN issued: New Jersey (1956-1958)

Kohler ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Report: Kohler, 315 13th street: Dead, Henry A. age 40, Henry; A. Jr. age 12, Mary 38

Henry✟ Kohle and his wife, Mary✟, had one son, Henry✟ jr. All three members of the family died in the Slocum disaster.

Birth of Henry Kohler senior: Circa 1864

1870: Henry Kohler M 36 Bavaria, Caroline Kohler F 32 Bavaria, Germany, Henry Kohler M 6 New York, George Kohler M 4 New York

Marriage: Henry A Kohler and Mary Ganzenmuller, 1889 Manhattan #5717


Henry August Kohler Birth Date: 25 Nov 1892 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Henry A. Kohler Mother's Name: Mary Ganzenmuller Kohler

1900: 315 E 13th street, Henry A Kohler 36, real estate, born New York, Mary Kohler 32, born New York, 1 child 1 living, Henry A Kohler 7, Joseph Blumenthal 70, lodger

On June 19, 1904 the New York Times reported that 29 members of the extended Kohler family were lost. Henry A. Kohler of 315 E 13th street was in the insurance business with his brother, George S. Kohler. at 143 4th ave. Henry Kohler went on the excursion with his wife and son Henry age 10. Also "in the party were cousins, sister-in-laws, and connections of every sort by blood and law." Henry Kohler's body was found in the water. His son was also found and identified but his wife's body was still missing. The bodies of some of his kin were still missing but other lay in the undertaker's shop of Philip Wagner, at 138 Second ave.

Henry A. Kohler was a trustee of St. Mark's Benefit Fund.

No Ganzenmullers were listed.


Henry A Kohler 40 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 2924

Mary Kohler 38 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 3553

Henry Kohler 12 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 2925

Kolb ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City record: Kolb 743 202nd street L - dead Valentine age 68, and Magdalena age 72. Albert age "22" uninjured.

Valentine✟ Kolb, hairdresser, and his wife, Magdalena✟, had: Magdalena and Albert. Magdalena married George Schmitt in 1885. Albert was on the Slocum excursion with his parents. Valentine and Magdalena senior died. Albert survived.

1857: Marriage of Valentine Kolb and Magdaline Gerdon, May 10

Children: Magdalena and Albert (1867)t

1867: Albert Kolb Birth Date: 12 Feb 1867 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Valentin Kolb Mother's Name: Magdalene Kolb

1895: Passport application Valentine Kolb 16 Mar 1836 Birth Place: Morsfeld, Germany Passport Issue Date: 29 Jun 1895 Residence: New York, New York

1880: Valentine Kolb 44, hair dresser, Magdalena Kolb 48 Magdalene 17 Albert Kolb 13

1885: George Schmitt Marriage 23 Sep 1885 Manhattan Age: 25 Single Father's Name: Chas. C. Schmitt Mother's Name: Christine Gross to Madeline Kolb Spouse's Gender: Female Spouse's Age: 22 Single Spouse's Father's Name: Valentine Kolb Spouse's Mother's Name: Madeline Gardoss (LDS)

1888: In 1869 Valentine Kolb became the proprietor of the barber shop at the Glenham Hotel. He was born in the Rheinish provinces of Bavaria. He leaned to be a barber in Germany. He came to the US in 1854 at age 18. He worked at several well know establishments in New York city before moving to the Glenham. He was the barber to a number of famous people of the day.

1900: Bronx, Valentine Kolb 64 Magdelina Kolb 67

1903: Valentine Kolb 202nd street, north side, two story fram dwelling 20 x 30 Valentine Kolb premise owner.

1904: June 15, 1904 "Albert Kolb twenty-one years old of No 743 E 202nd street, who was on the Slocum, but who was saved and taken to his home, was removed later to Fordham Hospital suffering from insanity." (The Evening World)



Valentine Kolb's body was identified on June 19, 1904.

1904: Surrogates Court 6 July 1904 Valentine and Magdalena Kolb

1913: Death of Magdalena Kolb Schmitt age 50, Kensico Cemetery, father Valentine Kolb mother Magdalena Gordon spouse, George Schmitt.

There is an Albert V Kolb accountant at Stern brothers married to Elise, a buyer at Sterns, who appears in the 1910, 1920 ,1930 and 1940 censuses. They did not have any children. Elise, who was born in Germany, traveled frequently to Europe to buy lace and other fineries. In 1940 the household on Sedgwick ave. in the Bronx consisted of Albert Kolb, age 73, no occupation, Elise Kolb, wife, , age 68, buyer dry goods, and Anna "Gorman" age 55 niece, no occupation. Albert's mother's maiden name was given as "Gordon" and "Gerdon".

Valentine Kolb 1888 Evening World, New York

Kopf ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: Ella age 1, Emil age 10, Frances age 9 Lizzie age 39, Theodore age 5 all of 337 9th street all perished.

Marcus Kopf, barber, lost his wife, Lizzie✟ and all of his four children Emil✟, Frances✟, Theodore✟ and Ella✟. He remarried before 1930 but does not appear to have had other children. He died in 1940.

1893: Marcus Kopf 8 Oct 1893 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Elizabeth Schneider Certificate Number: 12845

1900: 10th street, Marcus Kopf 30, barber, Lizzie Kopf 28, Emil Kopf 5, Frances Kopf 4, Theodere Kopf 1, Elizabeth Schneider 50, mother in law, 2 children 2 living

1904: Ella Kopf Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age: 1 Father's Name: Markus Kopf Mother's Name: Lizzie Schneider (LDS)

1904: Listed under funerals: "Three members of the Kopf family were taken from 377 East Ninth street." THE GENERAL SLOCUM DISASTER.

1904: "Mrs. Lizzie Kopf of 337 E.9th street identified by her husband

1905: 9th street between 1 and 2nd aves., Elizabeth "Snyder" 55 Marcus Kopf 35, boarder,

1926: Kopf, Marcus, age 57, and Katie age 52, U?S citizens, on the Reliance form Hamburg August 1926 to 8 the ave.

1930: 8 Ave A., Markus Kopf 60, barber, barbershop, Katie Kopf 56

1940: Arden street, Markus Kopf 70 Katie Kopf 65

1940: Markus Kopf Death 09 Jul 1940 Manhattan 33 Arden Age: 70 Married Occupation: retired barber Burial Date: 11 Jul 1940 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Henry Kopf Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Caroline Stumpf Mother's Birthplace: Germany Spouse's Name: Kate (LDS)

Kopf ☁

City record: 586 Grand street, John Kopf age 15 to Lincoln hospital

John William Kopf, age 15, the son of Henry and Emelia, survived the Slocum and was sent to Lincoln hospital. His father, Henry, died in 1906. By 1917 John Kopf was living in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He served overseas in WWI. He married sometime between 1925 and 1930. He did not have any children. He died in 1939 in Illinois.

1900: 586 Grand, Kopf, Henry, head, age 43, driver, Amelia, age 43 4 children 3 living, Henry Jr. 17, clerk, Otto age 15, candy ---, John age 20

1905: Grand street, 486, Henry Kopf 50, driver, Emilia Kopf 50 Henry Kopf 21, clerk dry goods, Otto Kopf 19, clerk dry goods, John Kopf 15, office boy

1906: Death of Henry Kopf age 49, April 28, 1906 #14047

1910 : Brooklyn Eldert street, Amalie Kopf 54, widow, 4 children 3 living, Otto H Kopf 24, dry goods, John W Kopf 20, dry stuffs

1917: John William Kopf Glen Ellen Illinois, Dupage County, gardener, singel, Birthplace: New York, Birth Date: 15 Nov 1887

1917: Kopf, John W. overseas, Sergt. Co E 311 Ammunition train, 86th Div. (The story of Old Town Glen Ellyn)

1918: John William Kopf Birth Place: New York City, New York Birth Date: 15 Nov 1887 Service Start Date: 26 Jun 1918 Service Start Place: DuPage Co, New York Service Start Age: 30, 113 A Cover Street Brooklyn, overseas Sept 25 1918 to Jan 29, 1919. discharged Feb 1919

1920: Mildton DuPage, Emilie Rieck 70 John Kopf 35, single, lodger, salesman drystuffs

1930: Crescent Blvd. Milton, DuPage, John W Kopf 45, Western Mgr. Chemical Co, Jessie H Kopf 48 Lizzie Haynes 70

1939: Death John William Kopf, born Nov 15, 1887/88 mother Amelia Plug, spouse, Jessie, died Chicago, 3 July 1939 residence Glen Ellyn Ill., buried Proviso Twp cook Co. Illinois

1941: John William Kopf SSN: 110076763 Birth Date: 15 Nov 1889 Birth Place: New York, New York Death Date: 3 Jul 1939 Claim Date: 18 Aug 1941 Type of Claim: Death Claim Notes: 24 Sep 1976: Name listed as JOHN WILLIAM KOPF

Kormann ⚰

Find a Grave: Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA age 23 years, death cert # 3115 Bronx, lived at 402 Third Street Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

City report: Kormann Minnie born Germany age 24

Koster ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City record: 343 Rivington street, Margaret age 46, died, Meta age 6 died (disinterred), Annie age 9 missing, and Charles 15 uninjured.

Henry Koster, milk dealer, born circa 1855, had a son, Charles, circa 1889. Henry Koster married Margaret Meyer in 1894. They had Annie in 1894 and Meta circa 1898. Margaret✟ died as did Annie✟ and Meta✟. Charles survived. Henry was not on the excursion.

1894: Marriage Henry Koster Margaretha Meyer 29 Nov 1894 Manhattan Father's Name: Carl Koster Mother's Name: Anna Catharine ...Oritz Spouse's Father's Name: Peter Wm. Meyer Spouse's Mother's Name: Adelheid (LDS)

1895: Annie to Henry Koster and Margret Meyer, 19 October 1895.

1904: Marguerite Koster nee Meyer, born 22 December 1857, Anna H Koster, and Meta Koster all died on the General Slocum buried Lutherian all Saints, Middle Village

Listed as Mrs. Henry Koster of 343 Rivington on Newspaper dead list of June 19, 1904

Christine Meyer wrote to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on Jun 19 1904 asking that the names of her sister, Mrs. Henry Koster of 343 Rivington street, and her children be added to the list of missing. Christine stated that Charles, age 15, had been saved by jumping to a tug. They were said to be members of St. Marks church.

1905: Rivington street, Henry Koster 50, age 50 milk dealer, Charles Koster age 17, clerk

Find a Grave

Marguerite Koster, nee Meyer born 1857 died 1904, Anna, died 1904, Meta died 1904 Slocum Disaster

Kowezynski ⚰

See Kawczynski


Find a Grave: Louisa Krafft Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 30 years old, single, death cert # 3140 Bronx, lived at 140 East 4th Street Burial: Unknown

Not listed City record.

BE - KRAFFT, Mrs. Louise, 30 years, of 140 East Fourth street [KROFFT on died list?]

Kramer ⚰

City record: 70 1st ave, Barbara Kramer age 56 dead

Killiam Kramer was born circa 1850. He married Barbara✟ Koch circa 1873. He and Barbara Koch/Kock/Kach had: Marie 09 March 1874, Fredrick 31 August 1884, Rudolph 30 March 1889. According to the 1900 census Barbara Kramer had 11 children of whom 2 were still living.

Marriage circa 1873: Based on 1900 census.

1884: Frederick 31 August 1884 father Killian Kramer age 34, born Bavaria, mother Barbara Koch born germany, age 36.

1880: Killian Kramer, 251 E 4th painter, city directory

1900: 70 1st ave, Kramer Killian head age 50 marriage 27 years, painter, Barbara age 51, marriage 27 years, 11 children 2 living, Paul Meyer age 44 single boarder.

1906: ???? Death Kramer, Keile age 55, Nov 30, 1906, Kings

Krautwurst/Krautwartz ⚰

Find a Grave: Anna C Krautwurst Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 13 years old, death cert # 2855 Bronx Burial: Unknown

City record: Krautwurst, 114 E 4th street, Anna C age 14 born Germany - Parents - Edward Krautwurts (1865-1899) and Elise Joanna Koch (1864-)

1891: Elsie, age 27, Rosie age 3, and Anna, baby, all born Prussia, immigrated Oct 31, 1891 on the Furst Bismarck

1899: 34 Death Date 9 Aug Death Place Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number 23139 Edward Krautwurst - 1899

1900: 343 East 3rd Elisa Kraustwartz Head F 36 Germany, widowed, Rosie Kraustwartz Daughter F 13 Germany, Anna Kraustwartz Daughter F 10 Germany, all imm 1890

1904: Elsie J Krautwurst Gender: Female Marriage Date: 8 Dec 1904 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Moritz M Giessmann

LSDS - Moritz Giessmann Marriage 08 Dec 1904 Manhattan, New York Gender Male Age 48 Marital Status Widowed Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1856 Birthplace Germany Father's Name August Moritz Giessmann Mother's Name Auguste Muller Spouse's Name Elise Kock Krautwurst Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 40 Spouse's Marital Status Widowed Spouse's Race White Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1864 Spouse's Birthplace Germany Spouse's Father's Name Christopher Kock Spouse's Mother's Name Christine Holzen

1905: E 51st street, Moritz Giessmann 48 Elise Giessmann 40 Rose E Giessmann 16, born Germany, cashier

1930: Queens, Elsie Giessmann 65, widow, imm 1890, Rose Giessmann 41, helper greenhouse, Helen Kirbach 12, granddaughter, born New York 1940: Queens, Elsie Giessmann 75 Rose Giessmann 51, helper wholesale florist,

1948: Elsie Giessmann Birth Year: abt 1864 Age: 84 Death Date: 30 Jun 1948 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 15028

Kregler/Kriegler/Krekler ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀

City record: 257 Ave. B - Annie 7 dead, (disinterred) Fred age 10 dead, Margaret age 34 dead, Dora 11 Lincoln, Lizzie age 3 uninjured

Margaret Kregler, the wife of Charles Kregler, took her children, Dora, Fred, Annie, and Lizzie on the Slocum excursion. Margaret✟, Fred✟ and Annie✟ perished. Dora was taken to Lincoln hospital. Lizzie Kriegle, age "4" was discovered alive lying among the dead in the interior of the paddle box.

Dora married and had a family.

1892: Dora Kregler daughter of Charles Kregler and Maggie Kridel 20 December 1892 (LDS)

NY Death Indexes: Fred Kregler, age 10, June 15, 1094 Bronx - father Charles per find a grave, buried Holy Trinity Brooklyn.

1904: July 1904 Charles Kregler of 257 Avenue B made a request for aid on June 20. Some money was given to him on June 21. After that time repeated efforts to contact him failed. Another article stated that he submitted bills for $208 for funeral expenses "without any reason". He was denied.

1910: Fred A Beamer Head M 49 Germany, Dora Beamer Wife F 43 Germany, Charles Beamer Son M 15 New York, Fred A Beamer Jr. Son M 12 New York, Wallace Beamer Son M 6 New York, Dora "Kergler", Niece F 17 New York, Lizzie "Kergler", Niece F 9 New York, Patrick J Dunn Boarder M 62 Ireland

1917/1920: Charles Kregler 257 Ave B, clerk

1917: Dorothy Kregler June 28, 1917 #2705 Bronx to Joseph Guss

1920: Westchester, Joseph A Guss 28, born Italy, keeper county jail, Dorothy R Guss 27, born New York to Germany parents, Joseph C Guss 1

1930: Westchester, Joseph A Guss 38, electrician, Dorothy M Guss 37, Joseph C Guss 11, Chas J Guss 8, Cannon Guss 5, Fredrick Guss 3

1984: Dorothy Guss SSN: 064-22-4855 Last Residence: 10598 Yorktown Heights, Westchester, New York, USA BORN: 16 Dec 1892 Died: Feb 1984

Dorothy M. Guss Birth Date: 16 Dec 1893 Death Date: 26 Feb 1984 Cemetery: Assumption Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Cortlandt, Westchester County, New York, USA

1930: 257 Ave. B, Kregler, Charles age 65 widower, born Germany metal worker car factory.

Kreuder ☁ ☀

City record: 62 W 97th street, Kreuder Lena P. age 28 to Harlem Hospital, Anna age 18 uninjured.

1880: 1st ave., Ernst Kreuder 37, dry goods, Prussia, Elinora Kreuder 34 Mary Kreuder 11 Henry Kreuder 8 Lena Kreuder 5 Charles Kreuder 3m

1904: KRAUDER, LEAN, -3 62 W 97th street, submersion, right shoulder dislocated in Harlem Hospital (NY Times June 16)

Dept of Public Welfare: Kreuder 62 W. 97th Lena P. 28, to Harlem Hosp and Anne E age 18 UNINJURED

1904: Krauder, Lena age 35, 62 West 97th street, submersion, right solder dislocated, in Harlem Hosp. (Globe and Commercial Advertiser June 16, 1904)

1905: 62 West 97th Henry Kreuder 32, physician, Lena Kreuder 29, sister, Hira R Kreuder 22, brother, Anna E Kreuder 19, sister, Johanna Schellingman 19, servant Elizebeth Schillingman 22

1906 Marriage: Kreuder, Anna April 18, 1906 Manhattan #9184, to Bodog F Beck

According to the city directories Bodog Beck was a Physician

1910: 178 2nd ave., Bodoy H Beck 40, married 4 years, Anna K Beck 24, wife, Emman Bernert 25, servant

1919: Bodog Felix Beck Address: 133 W 72 St Date: 2 Jan 1919 Volume #: 269 Page #: 20, naturalization

1920: West 72nd street, Bodgo Beck, single, age 52 physician

Bodog F Beck born in Budapest was a a specialist who treated arthritics with bee venom and wrote Honey and Your Health. He kept a hive outside his apartment window at 116 E 58th street. At his death in 1942 only a sister, Mrs. Ella S. Cashtell was mentioned.

1926: Bodog Beck, Arrival Date: 17 Sep 1926, Birth Date: abt 1869, Age: 57, Port of Departure: Southampton, England, Port of Arrival: New York, New York, Ship Name: Berengaria, 205 W 57th street, New York, naturalized 1918 New York

1930: West Fifty Seventh Street Bodag F Beck 61, born Hungary, physician, M. D., naturalized, renting, Mathilde Kytzio 40, servant

1942: Death, Dr. Bodog F. Beck 1 Jan 1942 - New York, N. Y.

In January 2016 Dr. Kormendy-Racz Janos wrote: "Dr. Beck was excellent phisician, he spent 35 years in Hungary and 38 Years in the USA." He had a sister named Arabella.

Kreuder ☁

City record: Kreuder 452 West E ave. Marie age 29 to Harlem hospital.

1904: N Y Times - June 16 - Miss Marie "Kreuger" of "451" West End Ave. suffered burns and was taken to Harlem Hospital. She stated that she was on the upper deck when the alarm went up. Some men "came along" and told the women to be quite. The "advice fell on deaf ears" as every one was panic stricken the minute the cry of FIRE was heard. Marie slid down a pole to the water and managed to get hold of a rope that was hanging alongside the boat. She had to abandon the rope quickly as the flames shot out of the port holes right above her. Near her was a small boy who was holding on to a life preserver. They were both pulled aboard a barge. She had a sister and cousin on the Slocum and did not know their fate.

Marie, age 43, was still living with her mother at 451 West End ave. in 1920.

1904: KRAUDER, MARIE, 23, 452 West End Ave, shock - went home after being treated in Harlem Hospital (NY Times June 16)

1904: "Krauder", Marie, 23 years old, 452 West End Ave, shock, went home after being treated at Harlem Hosp. (Globe and Commercial Advertiser June 16, 1904)

Dept of Public Welfare: "Kreuder" "452" West End Ave, Marie age 29 sent to Harlem Hospital.

1880: West -- street, Louis Kreuder 38, retired, Mina Kreuder 35, George Kreuder 7, Mary Kreuder 5, Emma Kreuder 3, Lena Kreuder 1

1903: Kreuder Mrs Minnie age 58 married German, Mrs. L. P. Kreuder age 28, and Miss Marie Kreuder age 28 - 20 Sep 1903 Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Umbria

1905: 451 West End Ave., Kreuder, Minnie head age 60, Marie age 30 and a servant

1910: 451 West End Ave., Minna Kreuder 65, 6 children 3 living, own income, Marie Kreuder 35, daughter, Anna Fischer 19, servant

1920: West End Ave., Minna Kreuder 75 Marie Kreuder 43

Kruger ⚰

City record: 106 7th street, Brooklyn, Kruger, Eva age 57 DEAD

"Brooklyn" is in error. Eva Kruger was a boarder at the home of the Wohlfert family of 106 7th street "Manhattan" in 1900. Three members of the Wohlfart familie died on the Slocum: Charlotte age 8, Eva age 35 and Robert age 12.

See Wohlfurt.

Krutsch ☁

City record: 513 6th street, Martha age 14 to Lebanon

Martha Krutsch, the daughter of Ernst Krutsch, porter, survived the Slocum. She lived with her father and then her sisters and was a machine operator in an underwear factory for many years. She died in 974.

1900: 513 6th street, Krutsch, Ernest age 60 [should be 50], married at age 26, watchman, Joseph age 23, electro typer, Lizzie, daughter age 14, Emma daughter age 13, Martha born March 1890, age 10

1905: 518 6th street, Ernst Krutsch 58, porter, Elizabeth Krutsch 22, daughter, white goods, Almire Krutsch 20, daughter housework, Emma Krutsch 18, daughter stenographer, Martha Krutsch 15, Highschool

1910: Ernst Krutch 63, porter office building, Louise Krutch 26, Anna Krutch 25, Emma Krutch 22, Martha Krutch 21, operator white goods

1915: St Mark's place, Annna Krutsch 28, head, housework, Louse Krutsch 30, sister, forelady (underwear) Emma Krutsch 25, sister, stenographer, Martha Krutsch 23, sister, operator (underwear)

1916: Death of Ernest Krutsch Brooklyn age 63

1925: Irving ave., Brooklyn, Louise Krutsch 39 Anna Krutsch 36 Emma Krutsch 34 Martha Krutsch 30, sister, operator underwear

1930: Brooklyn Irving ave. Louise Krutsch 45 Anna Krutsch 43 Emma Krutsch 41 Martha Krutsch 35, operator factory

1940: Brooklyn, Anna Krutsch 55 Louise Krutch 57 Emma Krutch 52 Martha Krutch 49, dry goods factory

Death 1974: Martha Krutsch SSN: 100-01-9441 Last Residence: 11227 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA BORN: 15 Mar 1890 Died: Mar 1974

Kubera ⚰ ☁

City record: 375 E 4th street, Kubera August age 15 DEAD, William age 15 Lincoln hospital

August and William Kubera the sons of Bohemian born blacksmith Matthias Kubera and his wife, Mary, were on the Slocum on June 15, 1904. August✟ age 14 perished. William, age 15, survived and was taken to Lincoln hospital. William Kubera married and had two daughters. He died in 1917 age 28. Matthias died in 1915. Mary died circa 1933.

Kubera, Matthias, age 24, Marie age 22, 13 Mar 1882 Bohemian Czechoslovakia Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England Destination: United States of America Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Oder

1900: 408 E. 4th street, Kubera, Matthias, age 43, born Bohemia, blacksmith, Mary wife, age 40 4 children 4 living, Charles son age 18 , blacksmith, Fredrick son age 16, William son age 11, August son age 10

1908: Young Man age 19 wants outside work; handy with tools, small salary, William Kubera, 375 East 4th street

1910: 375 E 4th street, Mike Kubera 53, blacksmith, Mary Kubera 48 10 children 3 living, William Kubera 21, printer, Jimmy Donnely 21, boarder, Charles Kubera 27, son, driver truck, Mary Kubera 2, grandchild, - same address - Kubera, Fredrick Head, age 26 blacksmith forge, Anna wife, age 26 married 1 year.

1910: William Kubera Gender: Male Marriage Date: 23 Jul 1910 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Laura Comiskey Certificate Number: 16423

1915: William Kubera 26, painter, Loretta Kubera 23 Elenora Kubera 2 Loretta Kubera 2

1915: Matthias Kubera death Aug 22, age 58 #24910 Manhattan

1917: Kubera, May 27, 1917, William Kubera beloved son of Mary in his 28th years. Funeral at his late residence, 375 E 4th street. Burial Linden Hill Cemetery. (New York Tribune) Not listed in the NYC Death Index.

1920: E 82nd street, Charles M Kubera 37, shipping clerk dye house, Anna Kubera 30, Mary F Kubera 11, Katherine Kubera 10, Bertha M Kubera 7, Charles M Kubera 4, Mary Kubera 60, mother, Loretta Kubera 5, niece

1925: Charles Kubera 45 Anna Kubera 35 Mary Kubera 17 Cathein Kubera 16 Bertha Kubera 12 Charles Kubera 10 William Kubera 01 Mary Kubera 64

1930: Marie Kubera widowed, age 71, patient, Brooklyn Hospital

1937: Lauretta Comiskey Kubera Birth Date: 4 Dec 1889 Birth Place: New York, New York Father Name: Patrick Comiskey Mother Name: Theresa McCorley Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jan 1937: Name listed as LAURETTA COMISKEY KUBERA

Eleanor Kubera: Birth: 20 Mar 1914 Death: December 15, 1992 (15 Dec 1992) - Floral Park, Nassau, New York, USA Parents: William Kubera, Loretta "Laura" Cominsky Spouse: George Joseph Funke

Eleanor Therse Kubera [Eleanor Funke] SSN: 081108323 Gender: Female Race: White Birth Date: 20 Mar 1914 Birth Place: New York City, New York [New York Cit] Father Name: William Kubera Mother Name: Laura Comiskey Death Date: 15 Dec 1992 Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Dec 1936: Name listed as ELEANOR THERSE KUBERA; Aug 1950: Name listed as ELEANOR FUNKE

Kuenstner/Kunstner Mathilda ☁ Kunster Robert et al ☁ ☁ ☁

City record:

  1. Kuenstner - 29 Suffolk Mathilda age 41 to Lincoln hospital

  2. City record: Kunstner No 65 St. Mark's Charles 17 to Lincoln, Mary 46 to Lincoln, and William 12 to Lincoln

    Robert Kunstner, artist, and his wife, Mary, had two sons Chalres and William. Mary, Charles and William who were on the excursion survived the Slocum. According to later reports they were one of only 5 families in which all family members survived.

    In 1952 there were only 23 known survivors, including Charles Kuenstner of Chatham and and William Kuenstner of West Orange.

    William married and had a family. Charles remained single. Robert Kuenstner age 72 widow was living with Charles in 1930.

    1897: Rob't Kunstner Street address: 66 St Mark's Pl. Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Artist Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1897

    1905: St. Mark's place, Robert Kunstner 48, printer, Mary Kunstner 47, Chas Kunstner 18, paper hanger, William Kunstner 13

    1910: Carl Kunstner Street address: 725 Elton av Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Salesman Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1910

    1910: Bronx, Robert J Kuenstner Head M 52 Germany, decorator chinoiserie Marie A Kuenstner Wife F 52 Germany, 3 children 2 living Charles R Kuenstner Son M 23 Pennsylvania, salesman paper house, William E Kuenstner Son M 18 New York, clerk publisher

    1911: Robert Kunstner 725 Elton E Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Decorator Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1911

    1915: Elton ave Bronx, Kuenstner, Robert, age 58, artist, Mary age 57, Charles son 28, salesman, William son age 23, bookkeeper

    1917: Charles Robert Kuenstner 725 Elton ave, Bronx Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 23 Mar 1887, salesman, single, support of father and mother

    1920: Elton Ave Bronx John R Kuenstner 62 Marie Kuenstner 61 Charles R Kuenstner 32 William E Kuenstner 27

    1930: Chatham New Jersey Charles R Kuenstner 43, single, own &12,000, wholesale merchant, Robert J Kuenstner 72, widow

    Next door

    1930: Chatham New Jersey, William Kuenstner 38, own, $9,500, appraiser jewelry, Mildred Kuenstner 32, wife, Robert C Kuenstner 6, son

    1940: Chatham, New Jersey, William E Kuenstner 48, Helen M Kuenstner 42, Robert C Kuenstner 16, June V Kuenstner 9

    1952: Mr. and Mrs. Charles R Kuenstner of Hedges Ave Chatham attended the annual Memorial Service of the General Slocum disaster. The Kuenstner family, Marie, Charles and William were one of only five families where all members were rescued. Charles suffered severe burns to his face, arms and legs and spent three months in Lenox Hill hospital. In 1952 there were only 23 known survivors, including Charles of Chatham and and William of West Orange.

Kunath ☀

City record: 406 5th street, Kunath, Margaret age 15 uninjured

Margaret Kunath was the daughter of Julius Kunath. has posted a letter as a public document. It is from Margaret's brother, Edward, to their father, Julius, telling of Margarets exploits. The letter starts out rather casually saying that there have been a " few happenings" of interest since the older Mr. Kunath had visited. Edward had seen his father off at the ferry and later that day learned that "sister" Margarete had been on the Slocum. She was lucky and escaped without a scratch while her four friends "who were with her were all killed". They were on the upper deck and decided to make their way down. But Margaret was stopped by a man who told her "not to go" but to follow him. They climbed over the railing and hung there until a tug came by and saved them.

Edward goes on to say that the children had been slightly ill, little Lawrence and Edward were given some pills by the doctor and felt better.

"Brother Henry's wife, Kate died on the 30th of June, and we both are going to the funeral tomorrow July 2."

The rest of the page deals with the weather and gardening. "The peach tree is fine but mother accidentally knocked the blossoms off."

The letter was sent from Jersey City dated July 1, 1904.

1875: Marriage of Julius Kunath and Anne Schmitt, 30 May 1875

Children: Edward, 1875, George 1877, Henry 1880, Margaret 1889

1885 Census: Julius Kunath, Ann, Edward, George, Henry and Margaret

1900: Kunath, Julius, head, age 46 machinist, Anna wife married 26 years, 5 children 4 living, George son age 23 electrician, Henry son age 19 machinist, Margaret daughter age 11 and a boarder.

1907: Marriage of Margaret Kunath daughter of Julius Kunath and Anna Schmitt to Wallington Thomas Ricketts 11 June 1906.

1910: Jersey City Edward Kunath 35, proprietor furniture store, Anna Kunath 35, Louisa Kunath 10, Edward Kunath 8, Laurence Kunath 6, Bernhard Kunath 3, Alexander Kunath 1, Ferdinand Kunath 0

[3/12] Louisea Ehlbeck 61, mother in law

1930: Mapelwood, NJ. Wallington Ricketts 46, manager insurance, Margaret Ricketts 41 Ann M Ricketts 22 Wallington Ricketts 19

1920: Jersey City, Julius Kunath 65 Anna Kunath 63

1930: Julius Kunath age 74, widowe, Jersey city, Inmate, Kenderfruend Orphano Home Old Folk Home 1938: Death of Julius Kunath, Jersey City

Kunze ⚰

City record: 889 Broadway Brooklyn Kunze, Augusta age 20 DEAD

Gussie Kunz was the daughter of Paul, an instrument maker, and Augusta Kunz. They also had, Mary, Paul, Adolph, Wilhelmina and Edward.

1900: Scholes, Kunze, Paul, age 47 married 27 years, instrument maker, Augusta age 46 8 children 6 living, Mary age 22, sewing, Paul, age 20, driver, Augusta age 15, sewing, all born Germany, Adolph, age 13, Wilhelmina age 10, and Edward age 7 born New York

1904: Death Kunz, Gussie, age 20 Jun 15, 1904 Bronx #3051

1904: Probate, Paul Kunze of 889 Broadway, father of Augusta Kunze, only next of kin. Augusta did not leave a will. No heirs. The decease was unmarried.

Paul Kunz claimed there was good reason for a "cause of action " against the Knickerbocker steamship company. Augusta Kunz was buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

(Sounds like he was thinking of a law suit.)

1905: Jefferson street, Paul Kunze 52, musical instrument maker, Augusta Kunze 51

1906: Augusta Kunze, age 52, Jan 21, 1906 Kings #1726

1910: 873 Broadway, Paul Kunze 56, musical instrument maker, 4 children 2 living [crossed out], Minnie Kunze 19, waitress restaurant, Edward Kunze 17, fountain pen maker

1911 Death: Paul F. Kunze age 58, Feb 11, Kings #3069

Lahm ⚰ ⚰

City record: 1000 Union Ave Bronx - Clara age 20 dead, Dora age 25 dead

Philip and Dorrothea Lahm had Dorothea✟, Clara✟, Paul, Matilda and Walter. Dorrothea and Clara died in the Slocum disaster. Philip and Dorothea senior both died in 1905 leaving the 19 year old Paul, a law student, as the head of a household including Hilda age 14, Walter age 11 and a servant.

1900: 1000 Union Ave., single family, Philip Lahm Head M 55 Germany, real estate, Dorrothea Lahm Wife F 51 Germany Dorrothea Lahm Daughter F 22 New York Clara Lahm Daughter F 16 New York Paul F Lahm Son M 14 New York Matilda Lahm Daughter F 10 New York Wather G Lahm Son M 6 New York Anna Halema Servant F 33 Finland, servant

1904: June 18, Death suddenly Dora beloved daughter of Dorothea and Philip Lahm

1905: Dorothea Lahm Age: 56 Death Date: 10 Jan 1905 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 205 (age 56 #205)

1905: Died suddenly, age 56 beloved wife of Phillip Lahm January 14, 1905.

1905: Probate date June 6, 1905 settle just debts, to husband Phillip all estate real and personal.

1905: Philip Lahm death Bronx : Philip Lahm DEATH: 26 Jan 1905 - Bronx age 60, #439

1905: Died January 26, 1905, after a short illness age 60.

1905: Probate - will dated January 26, 1905 -pay just debts - trust for children into three equal parts, Martin Lahm brother executor, upon coming of age his son Paul Frederick Lahm would become executor

1905: 1000 Union ave, Bronx, Paul Lahm 19, studying for law, Hilda Lahm 14 Walter Lahm 11 Anna Michael 59, servant

1906: Union ave, no 1000, 100 feet east side, south of 165th street, 61.2x165 two story frame dwelling executors sale estate of Philip Lahm deceased.

1910: Brooklyn, Paul F Lahm 24, atty law, Matilda Lahm 18 Walter G Lahm 16 Meta Homann 60, servant

1912: In 1912 Walter Lahm of 57 Marlborough road, an Erasmus high student, was questioned by the police regarding an incident of a "unknown" motorcyclist who ran into an seriously injured a 69 year old woman. Paul Lahm was called Walter's "father" when if fact he was his brother. Walter was arrested by the police but promptly bailed out by a family friend. Walter was arraigned on charges of felonious assault and held for $3,000 bail. Walter Lahm had stayed at the scene while the victim had been driven away to a doctor. It took the police some time to get the victim and the perpetrator lined up.

1913: Walter Lahm a graduate of Ersamus was attending Columbia University.

1917 WWI Draft registration - Paul Lahm Brooklyn, born October 29, 1885, lawyer, nearest relative, Matilda Lahn.

1920: 57 Marlborough rd., Paul F Lahm 36, lawyer, gen practice, Matilda Lahm 28 Walter G Lahm 26 Homater Homan 73

1922: Passport application - Matilda Lahm daughter of Philip Lahm. dob 5 May 1892 pleasure tour, of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium British Isles, France and Switzerland - about 6 months.

1929 marriage of Mathilda: George A Wilson Marriage Date: 30 Nov 1929 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Matilda Lahm Certificate Number: 30607

1930: New Rochelle, Walter Lahm 36, real estate, Ruth Lahm 31 Philis Lahm 1 Dorothy Lahm 0 Grace Venable 32

1964: Matilda Lahm Wilson Birth Date: 5 May 1891 Death Date: 1 Jun 1964 Cemetery: North Elba Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: North Elba, Essex County, New York, USA Spouse: George Anson Wilson DDS

Matilda Lahm 1922 passport photo

Lambeck ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀ ☀

City record: Albert age 4, Ernestine 9 months, Henry age 7 all deceased. Albertina age 33 sent to Lincoln Hospital, Dora age 11 and Herman age 14 were "taken home."

By 1904 Henry W Lambeck and his wife, Albertina had; Herman, Dora, Ernestine✟, Henry✟, Albert✟

Ernestine, Henry and Albert died in the Slocum.

Albertina, born circa 1871, was 33 years old at the time of the Slocum disaster, young enough to have had more children, yet she did not.

She died in 1930.

A news article stated Mrs. Albertina "Lembesk" of 427 East 9th street ran hysterically through the corridors of Lincoln Hospital her head and neck "swathed in bandages" bemoaning the fate of her five children, Herman 14, Dora 11, Ernestine 9, Henry, 7 and Albert 4. She had thrown Ernestine and Albert overboard in an attempt to save them from the fire. Her other children became separated from her in the general panic.

Mrs. Lambeck was on the upper deck of the Slocum with her five children ranging in age from 14 to 4. They stayed on the deck until it collapsed. Three of her children were thrown into the water and she jumped in with the other two. When she hit the water she was knocked out and sank. When she finally recovered her senses and was rescued all of her children were missing. She was taken to Lincoln Hospital in shock. (The Evening Telegram, June 15, 1904)

In September 1904 Mrs. Lambeck was said to be a "nervous wreck."

Herman and Dora survived. Herman Lambeck born April 25, 1891 married, Wilhelmina, and had several children, Harold, Albert, and Dorothy. He worked as a life insurance clerk for Germania Life ins. Co in 1917. He was listed in the 1930 census in Queens. He did not fear to get on a boat again and he made at least two trips to Venezuela. He married a second time in 1934.

Dorothy did not marry.

1900: St Marks's Place, Henry W Lambeck 36, painter, born Germany, immigrated 1891, Albatine Lambeck 29, 5 children 4 living, immigrated 1872, Herman Lambeck 9, born April 1891, Dora Lambeck 6, born Nov 1893, Ernestine Lambeck 4, Henry Jr., Lambeck 2

1904: NYC Death Index June 15, 1904, Bronx, Lambeck: Albert age 4, Ernestina age 9 (Listed as Ernest in the death list of Slocum victims), Henry age 6.

1904: Henry W. Lambeck age 3, May 1937, Queens, #4121

Herman age 14, Dora age 11, Minnie age 9 and Albert age 4 were originally listed among the missing on June 17, 1904 (New York Times). Minnie and Albert were still listed among the missing on June 19 (New York Times). Henry Lambeck of 427 East 9th street was listed among the dead on June 17, 1904 (New York Times). Lambeck, Albert 3 and a half and "Albertina" age 9 both of 427 E. 9th were still listed among the missing on June 23, 1904 (New York Times).

Listed among the victims: Lambeck, Ernest age 9, Henry age 6 and Albert age 3 all of 427 E. 9th.

Listed among the injured: "Laubeck", Albertina 33, Herman age 14, and Dora age 11, 427 E 9th.

1910: Henry W Lambeck 46, painter, own shop, Albertina Lambeck 39, Herman A Lambeck 19, book keeper life insurance, Dorothy Lambeck 16

1915: Queens, Herman A Lambeck 25 Wilhelmina Lambeck 23 Harolda Lambeck 1 1920: Henry W Lambeck 56 Albertine Lambeck 49 Dorothy Lambeck 26 1926: Herman A Lambeck Arrival Date: 7 Jun 1926 Birth Date: 25 Apr 1891 Birth Location Other: new york city Age: 35 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Maracaibo, Venezuela Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Astrea (alone without his family)

1928: Herman Lambeck Arrival Date: 2 Jan 1928 Birth Date: 25 Apr 1891 Birth Location: New York Birth Location Other: New York Age: 36 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Maracaibo, Venezuela Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Carabobo with Wilhelmina, age 35, Harold age 11 and Dorothy age 8

1930: Queens, Henry W Lambeck 66, painter, house, Albertina Lambeck 59 Dorothy Lambeck 36, stenographer

1930: Magngin ave, Herman A Lambeck 39, manager export company, Wilhelmine F Lambeck 37, Harold A Lambeck 16, Albert J Lambeck 14, Dorothy A Lambeck 10

1930: Albertina Lambeck died age 60 August 31, 1930. Queens #5327

1934: Marriage - Mr Herman L Lambeck Birth Year: abt 1891 Birth Place: New York Marriage Date: 9 Nov 1934 Marriage Place: Traverse City, Grand Traverse, Michigan, USA License County: Grand Traverse Age: 43 Residence Place: So Ozone Park, New York Father: Henry W Lambeck Mother: Albertina Kunne Spouse: Gladys Whipple Spouse Gender: Female Spouse Race: White Spouse Age: 27 Spouse Birth Place: Traverse City, Michigan Spouse Residence Place: Traverse City, Michigan Spouse Father: Peter Johnson Spouse Mother: Carrie Linderman County File Number: 182 State File Number: 28 1740 Film: 67 Film Title: 25-Genesee 10816-14065 Film Description: Gogebic (1952) - Grand Traverse (1941)

1940: 147th street, Herman A Lambeck 49, salesman Metal caskets, Gladys I Lambeck 33 Lambeck 14 Dorothea A Lambeck 46, sister, secretary wholesale---

1970: Herman Lambeck SSN: 371-10-1694 Last Residence: 11419 Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 25 Apr 1891 Died: Apr 1970 State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951)

Lane ⚰ ⚰

Find a Grave:

  1. George Lane Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 14 years old, death cert #3029, lived at 227 East 11th Street, Burial: Unknown

  2. Gustave H. Lane Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 17 years old, death cert # 3377 Bronx, lived at 227 East 11th Street

Lang ⚰

City record: Lang - 154 E Broadway, Emile age 15 DEAD

Amelia Lang, age 15, of "68 Ave A" was listed by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle June 19, 1904

The Slocum Horror book tells the story of Charles H Lang of 1843 1st ave who was a witness for the coroner's inquest. Charles had at one time been a life guard at Coney Island. He said he was on the upper deck with his wife, brother in law, sister in law and 5 year old son. When he notice that a fire had broken out he observed that the ship was 50th and 55th streets. He got his family together and herded them to a place where the crowd was small. He and his family all knew how to swim and so escaped but his cousin Amelia was missing. This was also reported in several newspapers.

Charles H Lang was not listed in the city record of the Slocum incident. There are several instances of people claiming to have been on the General Slocum who were not listed in the City Record. I believe some people on the General Slocum walked away unrecorded. Other may fall into a category of people who want so much to be part of the experience that they come to believe they were. People who think they were at Woodstock for example.

1904: June 21, 1904, The body of Amelia Lang age 15, of 154 E Broadway was identified by her father Frederick.

Languth/Langutt/Langguth ☀ ☀

City record: Languth 29 Cooper Square, Martha 11 and Louise 9 uninjureid.

The Languth sisters, Martha age 11 and Louise age 9, of 29 Cooper Square escaped the General Slocum physically unscathed. No other family members appear to have been on board.

In 1904 the Languth family was composed of Richard, a baker, his wife, Margaret and Helen, Martha, Louisa and Amelia. Martha and Louise Languth married on the same date in 1915. Martha had at least one child. Louisa did not have children.

1910: Richard "Langutt" 58, baker [?] store, Maraget Langutt 55, 8 children 4 living, Helen Langutt 21, Martha Langutt 18, Louisia Langutt 16, Amelia Langutt 14


  1. Martha Languth Marriage Date: 14 Jul 1915 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Wm L Kirschen Certificate Number: 16051

  2. Louise Languth Marriage Date: 14 Jul 1915 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Bernard Freund Certificate Number: 16050

1920: Bernard Freund 29, proprietor fish market, Louise Freund 25, Richard Freund, age 3

1925: 89 8 ave., Wm Kirschen 43, born Ireland, bakery, Martha Kirschen 32

1930: 830 Elton ave., Bronx, William Kirschon Head M 48 Romania, retired, Martha Kirschon Wife F 37 New York, Richard Languth Father M 79 Germany, widowed, Amelia Languth Sister F 33 New York

Richard Languth of Elton Ave Bronx took numerous trips abroad by ship between 1924 and 1930.

Leinberger ☀ ☀

City record: Caroline age 30 and Caroline age 2 uninjured - address 51 St Marks

Caroline Leinberger was the wife of William, a lithographer. In 1904 they had one child, Caroline, age 2, who with her mother survived the Slocum. They had another child William born circa 1907. Caroline junior married and had several children.

1905: William Leinberger 37, lithographer, Caroline Leinberger 32 Caroline Leinberger 3 Elsie Leinberger 22, niece

1910: West Hoboken - William Leinberger 42, pressman lithographer, Coraline Leinberger 37 Coraline Leinberger 8 William Leinberger 3 George Richardot 50, boarder

1920: Lehighton Ward 1, Carbon, Pennsylvania Street: South Fourth Street William Leinberger 51, blacksmith car shop, born Germany, Caroline Leinberger 46, stenographer, born germany, William Leinberger 12, born New York Edward Ohl 21, son in law, traveling salesman, Caroline Ohl 17, daughter, born New York Wilhelm Brown 5, "grand son", born New York

1930: Lehighton, Carbon, Pennsylvania, Edward J Ohl 31, blacksmith RR co., Caroline Ohl 28, born New York, Elizabeth Ohl 9 Ruth Ohl 5 Caroline Leinberder 58, mother in law, born Germany, William Leinberder 22, brother in law born New Jersey, knitter hosiery

Lemm/Lamm ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☀ total orphan George Lamm age 11 and his older brothers, David (19), William (17) and Charles (16) who were not on the Slocum

City report: Amelia Lemm age 40, Frank Lemm age 13, and Lillian Lemm age 7 all of 645 E 17 all deceased. - George Lemm age 11 Uninjured

By 1900 Amelia✟ Lemm was a widow with 6 children - David, William, Charles, Frank✟, George, and Lillian✟. Amelia and two of her children, Frank and Lillian, died on the Slocum. George born 1893 was listed as having survived the excursion. Three other children: David born 1885, William born 1887 and Charles born 1886 where either not on the boat or walked away unrecorded. It is likely Amelia took only the three youngest Lann children. David, William , Charles and George were all listed in the WWI Draft Registration, three of the Lann brothers, David, George and Charles all registered their address as 645 E 17th street.

June 17, 1904 - Mrs. Muller of 645 E 17th was searching for her sister, Mrs. "Lamm" and her two children Frank "age 8" and Lillian age 7. Mrs. Lamm was a widow who lived with her sister. Mrs Lamm and Frank were found by July 17 but the little girl was still missing.

George Lamm married and had children.

1900: E 17th street, Amelia Lamm 36, widow, 9 children 6 living, born New York parents born Germany, David Lamm 15, clerk, Mar 1885, William Lamm 13, wagon boy, Jan 1887, Charles Lamm 12, Feb 1888, Frank Lamm 10, George Lamm 7, June 1893, Lillian Lamm 3

In the same building - Charles Muller, head age 43, machinist, Margareth wife, age 30 6 children 6 living, Albert, 20, machinist, Charles 9, Lillie [or Tillie] 8, annie 6, George 3, Tony 2 (must be a 2nd marriage for Charles sr.)

1917: George Lamm City: Manhattan County: New York State: New York Birthplace: New York,United States of America Birth Date: 6 Jun 1893, engraver wife and child. 645 E 17th street NY

1917: David J Lamm City: Manhattan County: New York State: New York Birth Date: 15 Mar 1885, 645 E 17th street, steamfitter, wife Ellen Lann. 1917: William Lamm 597 11th street, Brooklyn Birthplace: New York, Birth Date: 13 Jan 1887, boiler maker, Robins Dry Dock, erie Basin, wife

1917: Charles F Lamm, 645 E 17th street Manhattan Birthplace: New York Birth Date: 17 Feb 1888, printer, wife and child

1920: 645 E 17th street, George Lamm 26, chauffer express company, Maragret Lamm 25, George Lamm 4, Francis Lamm 1

1942: George Lamm, self employed, BIRTH: 6 Jun 1893 - New York City, New York, USA RESIDENCE: Queens, New York, USA, Margaret Lamm 88-11 185th street, 1952: George Lamm Sr, Birth Date: 6 Jun 1893, Birth Place: N Y N Y, New York, Father Name: David Lamm, Mother Name: Amelia Hecktmann, Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Mar 1952: Name listed as GEORGE LAMM SR

Lemp ☁ ☀

City record: 108 2nd ave - August W age 10 to Lincoln hospital and Charles T. age 12 taken home

The Lemp brothers, Charles and August, were the sons of Charles and Marie Lemp who were the superintendents of the Swiss House, a benevolent society for Swiss immigrants. Both Charles and August married and had families.

1900: 108 2nd ave., Chas Lemp 33, born Switzerland, supt of Swiss House, Marie Lemp 36, 3 children 3 living, Chas Lemp 8 August Lemp 5 Henry Lemp 3, plus 2 servants and 12 "inmates"

1910: West 67th street, Charles Lemp 42, clerk institution, Marie E Lemp 44, 4 children 4 living, August W Lemp 15, Henry A Lemp 13, Marie L E Lemp

Plus numerous "inmates" all Swiss.

In 1910 Charles was a charpenter's apprentice in Oyster Bay with a relative, August E Hansen, a capenter and his family.

1915: Oyster Bay, Charles Lemp 23, carpenter, Gardon Lemp 22, August H Lemp 4/12

1920: Roswell, New Mexico, August W Lemp 25, born New York, parents Swiss, farmer, Nellie A Lemp 21 Margarite I Lemp 2

1930: Glen Cove, Charles T Lemp 37 Yarda Lemp 37 Marie Lemp 65 August Lemp 15 Marie Lemp 12

1940: Roswell, New Mexico, August Lemp 34 Nellie Lemp 32 Margarite Lemp 12

Swiss Benevolent Society HISTORICAL BACKGROUND

Licome ⚰ ☁

City record: Minnie 18 of 83 7th street, DEAD - Fredricka age 53 to Lincoln hospital.

In 1900 Fredericka Licome said she had 3 children still alive after 10 children born. This included Minnie✟ who died in the Slocum in 1904. Another child still alive in 1900 was Eugene born in 1874. He married but did not have any children.

1870: New York City, Elizabeth Licome 40 Frederick Licome 21, born connecticut, John Licome 15 Sarah Licome 11

1872: Frederick Licome married Fredericka Stein

1880: Allen street, Fredrick Lecomy 30, Connecticut, engineer, Fredricke Lecomy 26 Eugene Lecomy 4 Agnes Lecomy 2

1900: 306 6th street, Frederick Licome 51, born Connecticut, engineer, Fredericka Licome 47, 10 children 3 living*, Minnie Licome 14

*Eugene Licome born c. 1874 was still alive. Julius Licome age 4 months died in 1881. Charles died 31 August 1882, Arthur Licome age 1 died in 1885.

1900: E 118th street, Eugene Licome age 25 married 3 years no children, clerk, wife, Daisy age 24

1905: 342 6th streeet, Fred Licome 56, engineer, Licome, Fredeicka 53

1915: Frederick Licome 342 6th New York Occupation: Engineer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1915

1917: Frederick Licome died 14 October 1917. Buried Flower Hill in Union NJ, mother Elizabeth Bush.

1910: Rutherford, N J. Eugene F Licome 35 Daisy Licome 35, married 13 years no children

1930: Nutley New Jersey, Eugene and Daisy Licome

1940: Nutley New Jersey Eugene F Licome 65, salesman, Daisey Licome 66

1941: Eugene Frederick Licome SSN: 137034015 Birth Date: 8 Apr 1874 Birth Place: New York, New York Claim Date: 5 Jun 1941 Type of Claim: Life Claim Notes: 01 Oct 1976: Name listed as EUGENE FREDERICK LICOME

NYC Death Index:
Licome Julius 4 m Jun 8 1881 384984 Manhattan
Licome Arthur 1 y Sep 1 1885 539781 Manhattan
Licome Elizabeth 74 y Mar 11 1899 7682 Manhattan
Licome Frederick 68 y Oct 14 1917 29984 Manhattan

Liebenow/Liebnow ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☁

City record: Annie C age 3 dead - Helen age 6 missing - Adella M 6 months to Lebanon - Anna C 32 to Lebanon - Paul 33 to Lebanon. Martha Liebenow age 29 of 404 5th street was listed as dead. She was Paul's sister.

Paul Liebenow and his wife, Annie, were on the Slocum with their three children, Helen✟ Annie✟ and Adelle. Paul's sister, Martha was also with them.

The body of their daughter Helen, age 6, was never found, Anne age 3 died. Adella age 6 months was the last survivor of the Slocum Diaster. She died in 2004.

Paul Liebenow died in 1910. Annie was still alive in 1940. Although only 32 years old in 1904. annie Liebenow did not have more children.

Paul Liebenow of 133 E 125the street was badly burned about the head and hands as he tried to pull down useless life perservers. Among the victims were two of his children, a sister, a sister in law and a niece and nephew.

Paul, Annie and Adele survived the disaster. Annie, age 3, died. According to later reports the body of Helen was never found.

By 1904 Mr. Liebnow was part owner of a restaurant in Manhattan. Paul Liebenow testified at an inquest late in June. His head and one hand were "swathed in bandgages". He said he tried to pull down on of the life preservers but the wires would "not dislodge". He showed his badly cut hand as proof of how the wires had resisted his efforts. He survived with his wife and six monts old daughter. Others in the party did not survive.

In July 1904 it was reported by the Slocum Aid Committee that Paul "Liebenau" of 133 E 25th street had stated on June 19th that a nurse was needed. On July 6 Mr. Liebenau presented bills for $276.50 for funeral, physician, transportation from the hospital and drugs. Some deductions were made and Mr. Liebenau was paid by check.

1880: Forsyth street, Henry G. Liebnow 39, waiter in restaurant, Henrietta Liebnow 34, Henry G. Liebnow 12, Otto Liebnow 10, Paul Liebnow 9, Annie Liebnow 7, Martha Liebnow

1896: Paul Liebenow 15 Sep 1896 Marriage Manhattan Spouse: Anna Wulf Certificate Number: 14571

1900: 2nd ave., Paul Lieberon 29, bartender, Annie Lieberon 28, Helen Lieberon 1

1903: Adella Liebenow Birth Date: 28 Nov 1903 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 51225

1910: Death, Paul Liebenow Age: 38 Death Date: 30 Jan 1910 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3513

Find a Grave

New York Herald, 1 February 1910 MR. PAUL LIEBENOW, SLOCUM SURVIVOR, DIES

Mr. Paul Liebenow, one of the survivors of the Slocum disaster, in which his wife and youngest daughter figured in a thrilling escape after seeing other members of the family perish, died yesterday in his home at No. 65 East 122d street. Mr. and Mrs. Liebenow both were burned seriously.

On the morning they left on the ill fated excursion boat there were eleven members of the family, and of these the parents and one child escaped. Mrs. Liebenow picked up her daughter Addella, then but six months old, and hurrying through a wall of flames leaped into the water. The daughter was the youngest survivor of the disaster, and the following year unveiled the General Slocum victims' monument in Lutheran Cemetery.

Mr. Liebenow suffered an attack of pneumonia after he recovered from the burns received in the catastrophe and had been an invalid until his death. His body will be buried today and the funeral will be attended by members of the Slocum Survivors' Association.

Adele Liebenow was 6 months old and was the last surviver of the Slocum disaster. She married James Witherspoon and died in 2004. See Adella Wotherspoon, Last Survivor of General Slocum Disaster, Is Dead at 100

Find a Grave Anna Christina Liebenow

1920: North Plainfield, Somerset, New Jersey 308 Watchung Avenue, Anna Liebenow 48 Adella Lisbenow 16

1930: North Plainfield, Somerset, New Jersey 308 Watchung Avenue, Bertha H Keeler 85 Anna C Liebenow 58 Adella M Liebenow 26

1940: James Wotherspoon 36, Adelle Wotherspoon 36, teacher public school, Anna C Liebenow 68

Lindemann ☀

City record: Lindemann 110 Lynch street Brooklyn, William age 10 uninjured

William Lindemann, the only son of Herman and Emma Lindemann and the older brother to Ellen, survived the Slocum physically uninjured. He served overseas in WWI. He married and had two daughters. He died in 1973.

1900: Manhattan, Herman, age 32, married 10 years, driver baker, Emma 3 children 2 living William born April 1891, Helen born 1900, lodger

1905: Lynch street, Herman Lindemann 38, coal heater, ----, Emma Lindemann 38 William Lindemann 14 Ellen Lindemann 5

1910: Lindemann, ---- wagon driver ice, Emma wife, 3 children 2 living, William H age 19, wagon driver ice, Helen age 10 (image is quite faded at the top.)

1917: William Lindemann, 222 Monitor street, birth April9, 1891, salesman, single.

1918/19: Lindemann, William 222 Monitor street, Brooklyn, wounded slightly June 26, 1918, - overseas april 1981 to Apr 1919 discharged May 1919

1920: Brooklyn, William Lindemann 28, salesman chemical co., Bessie Lindemann 28

1930: William Lindemann 38, salesman dry stuff, Bessie Lindemann 38 Betty Lindemann 9 Margaret Lindemann 6 Henry Lutz 70, father in law, Margaret Lutz 40, sister in law, Louise Lutz 33, sister in law

1940: William Lindemann 48 Bessie Lindemann 48 Elizabeth Lindemann 19 Margaret Lindemann 16 Margaret Lutz 50 Louise Lutz 44

1973: William H Lindemann Service Info.: PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR I Birth Date: 9 Apr 1891 Death Date: 5 Oct 1973 Service Start Date: 7 Dec 1917 Interment Date: 9 Oct 1973 Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery Cemetery Address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735-1211 Buried At: Section 2x Site 3591

Lindenbaum ⚰

City Record: Lindenbaum, Annie age 58 born Hungary, DEAd 440 12th street

Anna Lindebaum, a widow with one son still living, immigrated to New York by herself in 1898. She was followed a year later by her son, Paul. In 1903 she returned to Europe for a visit. Anna✟ died in the Slocum.

1900: 440 12th street, Paul, single, born June, 1877, Germany, head, machinist, immigrate 1899, Anna mother, born 1849 Germany, immigrated 1897, age 50, "married", 28 years, 5 children 1 living

1898: Anna Lindenbaum, widow, 10 Feb 1898 Age: 48 Gender: Female Hungarian, Budapest, to New York, to cousin, to New York, New York on the Saale

1899: Immigration, Paul Lindenbaum 6 Sep 1899 Age: 22 Hungarian Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Westernland to mother, Anna Lindenbaum, NYC

1903: Annie Lindenbaum 23 Nov 1903 Age: 54, housewife, Nationality: German, last residence Budapest, Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Zeeland - $400, in US for 6 years, to son Paul, 439 E 11th street.

Link ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City record: Edward Link age 12, and Lottie Link age 8 died - Arthur age 14 was uninjured.

Charles Link, cigar maker, and his wife Adelina, had 10 living children in 1900. Three of the younger children, Edward✟, Lotte✟ and Arthur went on the Slocum excursion. Arthur survived.

Arthur Link served in WWI but did not go overseas. He married and had at least one son.

1880: Manhattan, Charles Link 24, cigar maker, Lena Link 19 Lilly Link 1

1900: 76 Ave. A., Charles Link 43, cigar manufacturer, Adelina Link 39, 12 children 10 living, Robert Link 19, cigar packer, Charles Link 18, carpenter, Albertina Link 17, Sophia Link 15, William Link 13, Arthur Link 9, August 1890, Edward Link 7, Lottie Link 4, Walter Link 9/12

1904: Arthur Link went on the excursion with his sister, Lottie and his brother, Edward in the care of Mrs. Heckert. Arthur Link age 13, was credited with saving Mrs. Heckeert's baby, Julia. The mother, holding the child, was about to jump but cried that she could not swim. He told her to give him the baby which she did. One story goes that he tucked the baby under his arm and swam one handed to shore. He was just about exhausted when a man in a skiff took the child and Arthur continueed his swim to shore. Another story goes that he jumped in the water with the baby only to be overwhelmed with people jumping on top of him. He lost his grip on the baby and woke up in the pilot house of a tug. The baby was found on the deck, badly hurt and died soon afterwards. Mrs. Heckert was in serious condition with burns and injuries. Two of her children survived. Anna K Heckert age 11 died as did Julia age 8 months.

Eva Heckert age 32 to Lincoln. Margaret Heckert age 9 to Lincoln and Cecelia Heckert age 6 uninjured.

Lottie and Edward Link died.

1915: Queens, Lena Link 54 Arthur Link 24 Walter Link 15 Frederick Krauss 16 Charles Krauss 11

1917: Arthur link 1691 Grove Queens, August 19 1890 asst traffic manager, Butler bros.single mother to support.

1918: Link, Arthur 1691 Grove Street, "Brooklyn" inducted May 13, 1918, severed overseas NO, discharged Dec 31, 1918

1920: Queens Lena Link 58, widow, Arthur Link 29, accountant, export, Walter Link 20, clerk ---, Fred Kruress 20, grandson, salesman, --- Charles Kruress 16, grandson, salesman woolens

1940: Queens, Arthur Link 44, General Freight Agt Pauline Link 41, Arthur Link 9

1942: Arthur Link Birth Date: 19 Aug 1890 Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA Queens, New York, USA contact Mrs. Pauline Link


City record: John Linnertz 82 Ave A., Age 18 to Lincoln Hospital

Linnartz [?]

1900 no, 1905 no

Loeffler ⚰ ⚰

City record: 9 3rd st, Catherine age 31, Louise age 10 DEAD

1932: Albert "Loeloff" was a member of the General Slocum survivors committee.

1904: Catherine Loeffler, Death 15 Jun 1904, Death Bronx, Buried Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery Ridgewood, Queens County, New York, USA (widow per LDS)

Loesell ⚰ ⚰

Find a Grave:

  1. Catherine Loesell Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 6 months old, missing, body not recovered or identified, lived at 94 Avenue A, Mother Margaret also perished Burial: Body lost or destroyed Specifically: Not recovered from burning of General Slocum in the East River, NYC

  2. Margaret Loesell Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 29 years old, married, death cert # 3424 Bronx, lived at 94 Avenue A, buried as an unknown Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Lubbert ⚰ ☀

City Report: 412 6th street, Lubbert, Charles age 12 dead, Caroline age 46 uninjured.

Caroline Lubbbert and her son Charles✟ age 12 were on the Slocum. Caroline survived Charles died. Caroline died in 1914. Her husband August, a cigar maker, died in 1926. They had two other sons, John born circa 1875 and Richard born circa 1878.

1904: LUBBACK, CAROLINE, 46 years, 412 6th street shock and submersion, Harlem Hospital (NY Times June 16)

1905: 412 6th ave, August Lubbert 54, cigar maker Caroline Lubbert 47, John Lubbert 21, iron work, Richard Lubbert 19, Julius Hermann 35, boarder,

1914: Caroline Lubbert Age: 57 Death Date: 20 Nov 1914 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 32762

1915: 5th street, Manhattan August Lubbert 59 John Lubbert 30 Richard Lubbert 27

1918: Richard Lubbert SPOUSE: Jessie Davis MARRIAGE: 4 Apr 1918 - Manhattan 1925: East 5th street, Lubbert, August, age 75, cigar maker

1926: August Lubbert Age: 75 Death Date: 25 Sep 1926 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 24378

1927: Richard Lubbert Death Date: 1927 Cemetery: Saint Johns United Methodist Church Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA Spouse: Jessie D Lubbert

Ludemann ⚰ ☁ ☀

City record: Johanna Ludemann age 46 dead - John age 15 Lebanon, Hannah "19" taken home - Fred 17 uninjured - 4 Smith st White Plains

According to the 1904 city report and the 1910 census Joannah✟ Ludemann, the widow of John Ludemann, had five children by 1904: Marie born 1883, Fred J born circa 1887, Hannah born circa 1888, John born circa 1889 and Walter born 1892. Johanna Ludemann, age 46, was on the Slocum trip with her children: Fred age 18, John age 16, and Hannah age 16. No mention of Walter who was age 12. Johanna died but her children survived. The newspapers reported that Hanna Lundemann age 16 [or 17] was badly burned around the head.

The family lived in White Plains. Maire married Charles Paul and had several children. Fred J. married and had at least one child. John married but did not have children. Walter married but did not have children

I do not know what happend to Hannah.

1904: White Plains Eastern State Journal -

Mrs. Johanna Ludemann, wife of the late John P. Ludemann, of No. 4 Smith street, this village, is one of the losses White Plains has sustained by the destruction to the steamboat General Slocum near Hell Gate, on Wednesday.

Mrs. Ludemann who had appeared to have drown was identified at the morgue in New York City by James J Sullivan of White Plaines.

Mrs. Ludemann, two son and a daughter, had gone on the excursion. The were joined by several aunts and cousins, whose names were not mentioned.

Miss Ludemann was burned around the face and neck. John Ludemann suffered from badly bruised knees. Hannah, John and Fred were picked up by the boats that came to the resue. Mrs. Ludemann was buried in Woodlawn cemetery.

1882: Johan Ludemann Marriage Date: 18 May 1882 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Romer Certificate Number: 12671

1903: Johanna Ludemann 4 Smith st White Plaines

1904: According to newspaper accounts Mrs. "Hannah" Ludemann was listed among the dead on June 16, 1904.

Her daughter, also named Hannah, age "16", survived. Hannah Ludemann, "age 17", was rescued by a deckhand on the Massasoit. She had been badly burned about the head. Her injuries were treated at Hart's Island. She was later taken to friends at Sixth Ave and Ave A. She said they had been on the upper deck at the stern when the cry of FIRE! went up. She helped her mother put on a life vest and put one on herself. She left her mother inside to go out on the deck and try and see what was happening. She had barely left her mother when the part of the deck where her mother was standing collapsed and her mother went down into the burning hole. Hannah jr. was thrown into the water and her life preserver held up up until she was pulled out. She did not know where her brothers were but she was sure there was no chance her mother had survived.

The NY Times reported that she lost her mother and two brothers.

Johanna Ludemann 45 DEATH DATE: 15 Jun 1904 DEATH PLACE: Bronx, New York, USA CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 2896

1904: December Slocum Medals Presented. - Hannah Ludmann of White Plains "dressed in deep morning" presented a medal to Capt. Parkinson of the boat Massasoit.

1905: Johann and Marie Ludemann were listed at 4 smith street, White Plaines in the White Plaines Directory. Marie Ludemann was also listed in 1906, 1907 & 1908.

1910: 4 Smith Street White Plains, Ludemann, Marie head female age 26, Fred J brother, 23, electrician, John D 22, brother, club maker golf, Walter 18, brother, clerk railroad

1910:25 October, Marie J Ludemann married Charles H. Paul in White Plains. At the time, Mr. Paul was seriously ill with typhoid fever. Marie stood beside the his cot in the White Plains Hospital. The ceremony was attended by the brother of the bride and the mother of the groom as witnesses. The wedding had been planned before the groom became ill. He was said to be a "well-known automobilist".

1910: The "Hannah Ludemann property" at the corner of Smith street and Battle aves was sold.

1915: Greenburgh, Westchester Charles H Paul 30, automobile agent, Marie L Paul 31, Charlette T Paul 1, Walter Ludemann 22, automobile mechanic

1918:Walter F Ludemann Enlistment Date WWI: Apr 1918

1917: Frederick John Ludemann Westchester, dob 7 Jan 1887. Married with child. Served N. Y. National Guard 4 years.

1919: John D Ludemann Street address: 62 Central av Residence Place: White Plains, New York, USA Occupation: Floorman Publication Title: White Plains, New York, City Directory, 1919

1920: Somers, Westchester, New York Slop Street, John Dutner Ludeman 31, married, farmer, Ethel Storm Ludeman 32

1930: Yorktown, Westchester, John Ludeman 41, working on own account, Ethel Ludeman 41, wife, Rachael Wilson 80, mother [in law?]

1930: Fred J Ludeman 42, Proprietor Garage, Employer, Margaret B Ludeman 38, Blair E Ludeman 15, Jane B Blair 75, Anne M Blair 49

1920: Alexander ave., White Plaines, Charles Paul 34, salesman automobiles, Marie Paul 35, Charlotte Paul 6, Louise Paul 3, Charles H Paul 1, Walter "Ludermann" 27, brother, salesman automobiles

Marie Ludemann Paul was also listed in White Plaines in 1930 and 1940.

1930: White Plaines, Walter F Ludemann 38, clerk insurance co., Anna T Ludemann 41

1930: Frederick J Ludemann and Margaret B Ludemann 40 Lake Publication Title: White Plains, New York, City Directory, 1930

1940: Fred J Ludemann 53, gas station attendant 3 yrs collegem Margaret B Ludemann 47 Ann Blair 61

1940: Yorktown, Westchester, John Ludeman 52, carpenter, Ethel Ludeman 52

1961: Fredrick J Ludemann 29 Jan. White Plains Margaret died in 1964

According to the birth record of John Ludemann June 19, 1888 he was the son of John Ludmann and Johanna "Reomer".

According to the birth record of Fredrick Ludemann Jan 7, 1887 he was the son of John Ludeman and Johanna "Bremer"

1941: Marie Ludemann Paul, [Marie Ludemann Ludemann], Birth Date: 11 Sep 1883, Birth Place: New York City, New York, Father Name: John P Ludemann, Mother Name: M J Romer, Type of Claim: Original SSN., Notes: Oct 1941: Name listed as MARIE LUDEMANN PAUL

Luderer ⚰ ☀

Find a Grave: Herman Luderer, age 19, 312 East 14th street, burial unknown

City Record: Herman age 19 dead, Otto age 13 uninjured, 312 East 14th street

Ludewig ⚰ ☀

City record: Ludewig 413 E 17th George W age 14 dead - Fred age 10 uninjured.

George and Fred Ludewig were the only children of George sr, grocer, and his wife, Christine. George✟ died in the Slocum. Christine Ludewig died in 1914. Fred Ludewig joined the service in WWI at Fort Slocum. He served overseas in WWI.

1892: George N Ludewig Av H 435 28th New York Grocer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1892

1893: Marriage - Christine Ludewig 15 Mar 1893 Manhattan Spouse: George Ludewig Certificate Number: 3404

1893: October 30 Frederick O Ludewig (per WWI Draft)

1900: 9th ave, driver truck, George "Ludwig" 36, Christiana Ludwig 34, 2 children 2 living, George Ludwig 14, Frederick Ludwig 14, and boarders

1905: 413 E 17th street, George N Ludewig 41, grocer, Christine Ludewig 41, Fredrick O Ludewig 17

1914: Christine R Ludewig age 49, Jan 9, 1914

1915: 1186 Cypress ave, Queens George N Ludewig 52 Fred Ludewig 21 Alma A Katt 36

1917: WWI Draft Registration 1186 Cypress ave Queens, dob October 30 1893, stenographer, single .

1917: Military Service enlisted 16 October 1917 at Fort Slocum. 1186 Cypress Ave "Brooklyn", served overseas Dec 3 1917 to Feb 23 1919. Honorable discharge March 4 1919.

1930: Queens George N. Ludewig 66, grocer Alma A. Katt 51

1932: George Ludwig Birth Year: abt 1864 Age: 68 Death Date: 16 May 1932 Death Place: Queens, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3453

Lullmann ⚰

Find a Grave: Carrie Graner Lullmann Birth: unknown, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 24 years old, death cert # 3509 Bronx, lived at 100 University Place, a dressmaker $9.00 week, daughter to Rudolph Graner Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

See Graner

Luria ⚰

City record: Luria, 111 E 4th street Lena age 17 DEAD born Russia

Lena✟ the daughter of Sarah and Harris Luria died in the Slocum. The family including sister, Dinah, had immigrated from Russia circa 1890. By 1910 they had moved from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn. Dinah married and had children. Harris Luria died in 1921. Sarah was still alive in 1940.

1900: 111 4th street, H--ris,, head age 35, cape maker, Sarah wife age 31 Lena daughter age 13, 5 children 2 living Dinah daughter age 10, all born Russia, immigrated 1890.

1910: Brooklyn, Gates ave., Harris Luria 46, grocery store, Sarah Luria 41, married 24 years, 8 children 2 living, Dinah Luria 19, cashier, department store, Alfred Luria 6, immigrated 1890, native tongue Russian

1911: Dinah Luria Gender: Female Marriage Date: 28 Jan 1911 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Louis Josephson Certificate Number: 1487

1920: Gates ave., Louis Josephson 31, plumber, native language Hebrew, Dinah Josephson 29, Ray Josephson 2, Simon Josephson 8

1940: Linden Blvd., Lous Josephson 50, born Rumania, Druel Josephson 50, born Russia, Ray Josephson 23 Hilda Josephson 19 Zerlena Pleasant 19

1952: Dinah Josephson Arrival Date: 10 Mar 1952 Birth Date: abt 1891 Birth Location: Russia Age: 61 Gender: Female Port of Departure: New York, New York Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Mauretania - 1156 Union street, Brooklyn, also Louis age 63 born Rumania, born US citizens.

1920: Gates ave., Harris Luria 53, native tongue, Hebrew,operator cape company, Sarah Luria 50 Alfred Luria 16

1921: Harris Luria Birth Year: abt 1863 Age: 58 Death Date: 21 Feb 1921 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3577

Harris Luria Death Date: 21 Feb 1921 Cemetery: Washington Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
1940: Gates ave., Sara Luria 75, widowed, born Russia, Alfred D Luria 36, son, storekeeper, dry goods, Hadie Luria 36, daughter in law, Mark Kleperman 70, brother, Kate Kleperman 70, sister in law

Lutjens ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀

City record: 101 Clymer st., Brooklyn - Catherine 46 dead, Margaret C 18 dead - August J. 16 Lincoln hospital, "William"* H. A. 40 taken home.

Ella Boden of 101 Clymer street age 47 also died on the General Slocum.


August Lutjen was a member of St. Marks' church and he was the cashier for the bar on the Slocum excursion. He was on the boat with his wife, Catherine✟, and his children Margaret✟ age 18 and August age 16. Catherine and Margaret perished.

August junior married. I do not know if he had children.

1900: The Lutjen family was not listed at 101 Clymer street in 1900.

1885: August Lutjens Gender: Male Marriage Date: 10 May 1885 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Catherine Bezoojenn Certificate Number: 57264

1904: August Lutjene 101 Clymer Brooklyn Occupation: Clerk Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1904

1904: The funeral of Catherine Lujens took place Jun 19th from her home at 101 Clymer ave. "The floral offerins were numerous and required three open carriages to convey them to the Lutheran cemetery."

1904: The Lutjen family of 101 Clymer street identified the body of Marguerite Lutjen, 18 on June 21. Father and son were painfully burned and were slowly recovering. August Lutjen attempted to save the live of his sister. He did manage to save the live of Miss Lucy "Kencken" of 169 South Second street. (This would be Lucy "Hencken", age 15, who told a very different story.) Catherine Letjen's body was found almost immediately but the body of Marguerite was caught in the wreckage and not immediately found. Services for Marguerite were held on June 22 and were attended by a large gathering of mourners.

1904: August Lutjen of 101 Clymer street was a member of St. Marks' church on June 15 he was in charge of the cashier department of the bar for the trip. He testified in late June 1904 that the hoses were rotten and as soon as the crew saw that the hoses would not hold water they jumped overboard.

He said that he tried to don several life preservers (as he could not swim) but they were all rotten and filled with powdered cork. He jumped over the rail and tried to hang one until he was swept overboard.

His hands and face were wrapped in bandages.

August Lutjen junior, age 17, claimed that the men in the rescue boats robbed women and children of their jewelry and refused to take people except for a fee. He said one boatman asked for $2 to take him aboard and another for all of his money and his watch. He said boatmen pulled gold chins off women's necks. He further stated that the crew of the Slocum acted cowardly seemingly only concerned with their own safety. He stated the the boat was off 96th street when the yell of FIRE went up.

August Lutjen was credited with saving Lucy Hencken age 15.

1907/1913: August Lutjens 82 Penn Brooklyn, New York, USA Occupation: Salesman Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1907/1913

1917: WWI Draft registration, August J. Lutjen jr. Dec 26 1888 clerk single *2 Penn ave Brooklyn

1917: August J Lutjens Junior, 82 Penn street Brooklyn, wounded slightly in action, served overseas Apr 16 1918 to Apr 24, 1919 induced in #30 Brooklyn - Birth Date: abt 1887 Service Start Date: 5 Dec 1917 Service Start Place: Brooklyn, New York Service Start Age: 30

1917: August Jr Lutjens Marriage Date: 28 Jul 1917 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Hazel Estelle Bogert Certificate Number: 11215

1920: Lefferts ave., Queens August J Lutjens 33 Hazel E Lutjens 25

1932: ???? August Lutjens Burial Date: 17 Aug 1932 Burial Place: Kings, NY USA, Greenwood, Lot 22666 section 203


Ella Boden of 101 Clymer street age 47 also died on the General Slocum.

Ella Boden Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: New York, USA Cemetery: The Evergreens Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Find a Grave

1874: Ella Lawson Marriage Date: 28 Oct 1874 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Silleek Waring Certificate Number: 7006

1891: John H Boden Marriage Date: 19 Aug 1891 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Ella Lawson Certificate Number: 9840

1900: 99 Clymer street, John Bodin 40, married 15 years, dept of city works, employee, Ella Bodin 40, 1 child 1 living, Estella "Lyons", 18, daughter born 1882

The body of Ella Boden was identified by her husband John Boden of 101 Clymer street. Ella went on the excursion with the Lutjen family who lived at the same address. Ella's body was badly decomposed and the identification was made by her jewelry wich included her wedding ring found on her finger. However, several other articles of jewelry she was known to have been wearing were missing - including a cold watch and chain. John Boden did not make a complaint as it was possible the jewelry was "torn away during the panic following the fire on the boat."

1906: John H Boden Marriage Date: 14 Oct 1906 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Estelle Waring Certificate Number: 24889

1910: Brooklyn, John Boden 50, married 3 years, laborer, piers, Stella Boden married 3 years, age 32, 0 children


City Record: Lutz, Gustav age 17 to Lincoln 2nd 148 ave

Girl's Miraculous Escape.

Ella BREDEN, of Brooklyn, Jumped from Hurricane Deck.

Friends of Miss Ellen BREDEN, who lives at 383 Eleventh street, Brooklyn, are at a loss to account for her marvelous escape from serious injury or death in the awful fire on the General Slocum.

Accompanied by a girl friend, Miss Matilda MERCELIS, of 370 Sixth avenue, Brooklyn, and a young man named Gustave LUTZ, of Manhattan, she was on the hurricane deck of the steamer when the alarm of fire was given. Almost immediately, it seemed, the entire ship was ablaze and all was confusion about them. Screams of fear and agony came from the lower decks, and scores were leaping over the side, many to be drowned. Forcing their way through the frantic mob, they managed to reach the rail, and espied a tugboat approaching.

"Jump into the boat when it reaches the side," advised Miss BREDEN.

"No, don't do that Ellen," said Miss MERCELIS. "That jump means certain death."

"Rather die that way than be burned to death here on the boat," replied Miss BREDEN, firmly.

When the tug arrived, she cried, "Come on, jump! It's the only way."

They tried to restrain her, but she tore herself away and leaped. She does not know how she landed, for she lost consciousness, and recovered to find herself on the way to the Lincoln Hospital in a grocer's wagon. When she reached the hospital, the doctors found nothing more serious than a lacerated ear, and discharged her. Two strangers, who would not give their names, kindly brought her home.

LUTZ was picked up suffering from submersion, but Miss MERCELIS did not escape. Her body was recovered at the morgue early this morning.

Mahlstedt ⚰ ☁

City record: Louis H. Mahlstedt age 23 of 629 E 146th street died - Annie 31 was sent to Lebanon Hospital

Louis✟ [Ludwig] and Annie were the son and daughter of Henry Mahlstedt, charpenter, and his wife Margaret. They had one other son, Frederic born circa 1877 still alive in 1904. Louis perished in the Slocum incident. Annie survived. Annie married John Koster. They had children. Fred appears to have remained single.

1900: 629 E 146th street, Bronx, Henry "Mahlatedt" 52, carpenter, Margaret Mahlatedt 51, 5 children 3 living, Anna Mahlatedt 27, Frederick Mahlatedt 23, carpenter, Ludwig Mahlatedt 18 clerk

1904: Several newspaper list Annie was listed as uninjured.

1905:624 E 146th street, Bronx, Henry Mahlstedt 58, carpenter, Margaret Mahlstedt 58 Anna Mahlstedt 32, daughter, Frederick Mahlstedt 28 son, carpenter

1907: Anna M Mahlstedt Marriage Date: 30 Jun 1907 Marriage Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 1101 - John L Koster

1910: Bronx, Henry Mahlstedt 62 Margaret Mahlstedt 61, 3 children 2 living, Fred Mahlstedt 3-,

(next listing) "Coster", John, age --, bowling alley, Annie age --, 1 child 1 living, Louis age 1

1915: 375 146th street, Mahlstart , Henry, age 68, retired, Margaret, 67 Frederick 39 carpenter

(next listing) John Koster 43, "bolling ally" employee, Anna Koster 42, Louis Koster 7

1920: 375 E 146the street Bronx Henry Mahlstedt 72, carpenter builder, Margertte Mahlstedt 71 Fred Mahlstedt 43 Henreitta Timm 62

1920: Clarkstown, Rockland, New York John Koster 48 Anna Koster 47 Louis Koster 11 Margaret Mahlstedt 72

1930: Clarkstown, Rockland, New York John Koster 58 Anna Koster 57 Louis J Koster 21

Manheimer/Mannheimer (Mamie) ⚰ Manheimer (Lillie) ⚰

City record:

  1. Manheimer 86 7th street Mamie age 36 dead - Walter age 11 dead - Lillian age 9 uninjured

    Mamie Manheimer✟, was the wife of William Manheimer. She and and her son Walter✟ died on the Slocum. Walter Manheimer was buried in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn. Washington Cemetery is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the New York area.

    Daughter Lilliam was spared. She married Emanuel Martheimer and had two daughters.

    Henry Manheimer died in 1910.

  2. Manheimer 44 St. Mark's Place - Lillie age 28 dead

    1900: 44 St. Marks place, Manheimer, Jacob, 34, shirt manfact., Morris, brother, 31, com merchant, Sophie sister 30, William, brother, 28, liquor business, Lillie 24, all born New York

  3. Buried Washington Cemetery Brooklyn. This is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the New York area.

The newspapers reported that Lillie Manheimer age "6" was separated from her mother. The mother turned up in the morgue and the daughter was found wandering around Harlem looking for her mother. All she could remember is that someone threw her from a boat.

It was reported in the papers that Lillie Manheimer lost her father, a brother and an aunt (for whom she was named). And in another Manheimer family, the mother and three older children were lost leaving one 8 year old son, named Otto. Also reported that Lillie Manheimer lost her mother, brother, and aunt.

1900: Manhattan 86 7th street, Henry Manheimer 37, clerk city department, Mamie Manheimer 32, married 9 years 2 children 2 living. Walter Manheimer 7, Lille Manheimer 5

1904: Jun 17, 1904: NY Times - "Mammy Mannheimer, "a bookmaker", whirled down to the morgue in an automobile with his friend, Dr. Fleming, of the Grand Hotel." He was searching for his sister, a nephew and a niece. He was more anxious than "after the heaviest races."

1904 June 16 Miss Clara Stuer was sitting with the Misses "Millie" Mannheimer (age 40) and Lillie Mannheimer (the niece of Millie) age "9" and Walter Mannheimer age 11 (Lillie's brother). As they passed the entrance to the Harlem river. Lillie said she thought the boat was on fire. Her aunt hushed her saying she would cause a panic. Within a few minutes it was apparent that Lillie was correct. The entire front of the boat appeared to be in flames. Everyone started rushing around. Clara lost sight of her friends as people pushed and shoved and jumped overboard. Clara slide down a pole to a lower deck and took off some of her clothing so she would have a better chance of staying afloat. As she was prepared to jump she heard someone tell her to "hold on a minute". A tug was approaching. Clare and a number of others were rescued. The tug put them at Randall's Island and returned to rescuing more victims. Clara searched for her friends and found Lillie. Lillie had suffered some burns but otherwise was alright. Lillie did not know how she had been saved. Lillie and Clara were taken by boat to Manhattan and went down to Miss Mannheimer's house at 86 E 7th but Miss Mannheimer was not home. Clara was not listed on the City record, presumably because she walked away uninjured.

1905: Henry Manheimer 45, bookkeeper, Manny Manheimer 34, brother, bookmaker

1910: Henry Mansheimer Age: 47 Death Date: 28 Apr 1910 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 13954

1921: Marriage of Lillie Manheimer father Henry mother Mamie Schwartz to Emanuel "Manheimer" #28211 Manhattan,

1930: Queens, Emanuel "Manheimer" 37, builder contractor, Lillie Manheimer 35 Marion Manheimer 5 Helen Manheimer 2

1940 Queens, Emanuel Manheimer, Lillie, Marion and Helen

1946: Manheimer, Emanuel, Lillie, Helen and Marian arrived from Montreal Airport to LaGuardia Sept 4, 1946.

Mardorf ☀

City record: 43 2nd street, Mardorf Annie age 21 uninjured

Annie was the baby of the family of Conrad and Alvina Mardorf. She married Ernst Eipel in 1908 and has two children.

1880: Conrad Mardorf 36, Albina Mardorf 26, August Mardorf 10, George Mardorf 7, Mary Mardorf 3, Henry Mardorf 1

1883: Annie of Conrad and Alvina Mardorf January 21, 1883.

1894: Conrad Mardorf died age 49 #4013 Manhattan

1900: 34 2nd ave., "Madore, Alvena, age 46 widow, 2 children 2 living Conrad, son age 18, waiter, Annie daughter age 17, underwear sewer

1905: 43 2nd ave. Mardorf, alvina head age 51, Annie daughter age 22, dressmaker

1908: Marriage Annie Mardorf daughter of Conrad Marforf and Alwine Trenaie to Ernst Eipel. 1909: Alvina Mardorf Birth Year: abt 1855 Age: 54 Death Date: 5 Jan 1909 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 87

1910: Bronx Ernst Eipel 33 Anna Eipel 27 Henry Eipel 0 [11/12]

1920: Bronx, Ernest Eipel 43 Anna Eipel 36 Henry Eipel 10 William Eipel 6

1930: Bronx, Ernst Eipel 53, sheet metal building, Anna Eipel 47 Henry Eipel 20 William Eipel 16

1940: Kings, Ernst Eipel 62 Anna Eipel 57

1975: Anna Eipel SSN: 063-52-3610 Last Residence: 11357 Flushing, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 21 Jan 1883 Died: May 1975

Marschall/Marshal ⚰ ⚰

City record: Marschall 127 1st ave Daniel age 13 dead, Henry B age 11 dead

Daniel Marschall and his wife, Kate, had five children living by 1904. Their youngest two sons Daniel✟ and Henry✟ perished in the Slocum. Daniel Marshall senior died in 1913.

1900: Rivington street, Daniel Marshal 42, printer, Kate Marshal 43, 6 children 5 living, Marnine Marshal 19, candy, John Marshal 17, printer, George Marshal 12, Daniel Marshal 10, Henry Marshal 5

1905: 1st ave., Daniel "Marshell" 48, printer, Lete Marshell 43 Mary Marshall 24, worker factory, George Marshall 17, architect

1910: Daniel M Marshal 51, Kate Marshal 51 George Marshal 22

1913: Death Daniel Marshall born Jan 13, 1858 died 3 March 1913, father Daniel Morgan Marshall bother Kusblch


City record: William Masterson, age 16, 62 3rd Ave. taken home.

Common name.

Mattes ⚰ ⚰

City record: 87 Ave A - Elizabeth age 20 dead, Mary age 58 dead (disinterred)

Mary Bartz age 6 missing (niece of Mrs. Mattes) Note: Actually she was the granddaughter of Mrs. Mattes.

In 1900 Mary Matts, and her husband, Martin, a tailor, where living with their widowed daughter, Emma Bartz and two of her children, Annie and Mary and their unmarried daughters, Anna and Elizabeth Mattes.

Mary✟ Mattes and Elizabeth✟ died in the Slocum.

1900: 513 6th street, Martin Mattes 52, tailor, Mary Mattes 54, 11 children 4 living, Emma Bartz 28, daughter, widow, 5 children 4 living, Anna Mattes 19, daughter, dressmaker, Lizzie Mattes 16, daughter, designer, Anna Bartz 7, granddaughter, Mary Bartz 1, granddaughter

1904: Johan M Mattes Birth Year: abt 1848 Age: 56 Death Date: 12 Apr 1904 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 14172

1904: Mary Mattes age 59 of 87 Ave A was reported missing on June 22, 1904.

1904: On June 24 the first identifications of the "nameless" dead who were buried the previous Saturday were made based on clothing that had been carefully cataloged. Anne Mattes of 87 Ave A identified "body 91" as that of her mother 58 year old Mary Mattes.

Emma Mattes born 1871 Ferdinand Bartz who died in 1898. Emma Mattes married married Otto Gehrke. She died in 1956.

Emma W Mattes Gender: Female Marriage Date: 21 Jun 1891 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Ferdinand Bartz Certificate Number: 7348

1905: Otto Geluke 39 Emma Geluke 33 Louise Geluke 3 Alfred Geluke 1 Anna Bartz 12, stepdaughter, Jacob Bartz 11, stepson, Willie Bartz 9, stepson

1910: Brooklyn, Otto J Gehrke 43, carpenter, Emma W Gehrke 38, 7 children 5 living Louisa E Gehrke 7 Albert F Gehrke 4 Anna W Bartz 17, step daughter, Jacob F Bartz 15 William E Bartz 14

Matzerath ☀

City record: 330 6th street, "Edward" age 13 uninjured.

"Edward" Matzerath and Fred Schmidt swam to the shore of North Brother's Island. They claimed the swimming was easy once you got away from the bodies.

"Edwin"Matzerath was the youngest son of Adelhea Matzerath and Arnold Matzerath. The name was quite uncommon in New York City.

Edwin married and had a family. His wife, Lena died in 1935. He remarried before 1940. He died in Philadelphia in 1968.

1879: Matzerath, Arnold, tailor, h 121 First av. WILSON'S BUSINESS DIRECTORY

1891: Edwin Metzerath Birth Date: 17 May 1891 Birth Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 18326 father Arnold mother Adelheit Holz

1899: City directory, Matzerath, Adelaide, wid, Arnold, h 89 st Mark's Place and Alphonse, barber 443 6th street, h 89 st Mark's place

1905: Bronx: Adelhea Matzerath 47 Frank Matzerath 29, son, barber, "Edward" Matzerath 14, son

1910: Frank J Matzerath 34, barber shop, married 4 years, Anna Matzerath 33, 1 child 1 living, Adelheid Matzerath 62, mother widow, 4 children 3 living, "Edwin" Matzerath 19, brother, Evelyn Matzerath 1, daughter

1915: Bronx Edward G Matzerath 26, salesman, Lena age 27

1920: Broonx, Edwin Matzerath 29 Lena Matzerath 31 Edwin Matzerath 3

1930: Bronx. Edwin Matzerath 40, chauffer, private, Lena Matzerath 43, Edwin Matzerath 13, Ruth Matzerath 10

1935: Lena Matzerath Birth Year: abt 1886 Age: 49 Death Date: 25 Mar 1935 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 2995


1940: Edmind Matzerath 48, mechanic, Anna Matzerath 48 Ruth Matzerath 20

1968: Edwin Matzerath SSN: 068-09-0334 Last Residence: 19144 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA BORN: 17 May 1891 Died: Feb 1968

NYC Death Index
Matzerath Alfred 8 m Jul 5 1879 322762 Manhattan
Matzerath Edmund A 24 h Apr 26 1900 14532 Manhattan
Matzerath Lena 49 y Mar 25 1935 2995 Bronx
Matzerath Adelaide 87 y Jun 26 1935 4252 Queens
Matzerath Frederica 77 y Jan 19 1947 824 Bronx
This all of the listings for the name.

Anna Matzerath Schmidt, age 30, wife of August, and her young daughter, Anna, also perished.

See Schmidt.

Mauer ⚰ ⚰

City record: Mauer 1551 Ave A., Katherine age 12 DEAD - Emma 55 MISSING

Emma✟ was the second wife of Martin Mauer. Emma and Martin had two daughters, Elsa and Katherine✟. Emma and Katherine died on the Slocum. Martin remarried before 1910. He died in 1918.

1900: Ave. A, Martin Mauer 41, born Germany, storekeeper, Emma Mauer 51, married 14 years, 6 children 2 living, born Germany, Louise Mauer 24, daughter born Russia, Elsa Mauer 11, daughter born New York Katie Mauer 9, daughter born New York


"A letter received by Jacob Folmer, Baltimore Street, Hanover, stated that Mrs. Martin Mauer and stepdaughter Katie Mauer aged 15 years lost their lives in the fire on the excursion steam boat General Slocum which burned in New York harbor. Nearly a thousand persons lost their lives In the disaster. Mr. Folmer is the grandfather of Katie Mauer."

The Evening Sun iLocation: Hanover, Pennsylvania - Friday, June 22, 1962 Looking Back 50 Years

1905: Ave A., 82-83rd streets, Martin Mauer 46, stationer, Else Mauer 16 Lizzie Weaver 30

1910: 1551 Ave A Martin Maner 51, marriage 3, stationer, prop., Lizzie Mauer 47, marriage 2, 5 children 3 living Elsie Mauer 21, daughter, Ida Fruaroff 21, step daughter, shipping clerk, dress goods, Edward Hohemann 35, boarder

1918: Martin Mauer Birth Year: abt 1859 Age: 59 Death Date: 30 Mar 1918 Death Place: Queens, New York, USA Certificate Number: 1687


City record:

  1. Maurer 127 1st ave "Mary"* 55 Lincoln, George 13 uninjured,

  2. Maurer 626 E 12th street, Minnie 13 Lincoln Mary Weireter 83 grandmother of Minnie Maurer

  3. Maurer (George) ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

    City record: 421 E 9th street, Clara age 12, George J age 52, Matilda M age 14 and Margaret age 48 all DEAD

    There is a note that Margaret Maurer died of pneumonia following burns, June 25, 1904.

    George Maurer was a bandmaster. His band was playing on the General Slocum that fateful day in June 1904.

    George and his wife, Margaret (Maggie), had: Elisabeth, Julius, Mathilda (Tillie), and Clara. Elisabeth Maurer Geminn was married by 1904 and was not on the trip. Son, Julius, was not on the trip. The rest of the family, George, Margaret, Tillie and Clara all perished.

    Lizzie Maurer Geminn died in 1917. She had one daughter at the time of her death.

    Julius committed suicide in 1920. He was not married.

    1904: Tombstone, opfer des dampfrers gen. slocum Margaret 1856, George 1841, Clara 1892, Mathilda 1890 Find a Grave

    1900: George Maurer 49, Maggie Maurer 44, Elisabeth Maurer 20, Julius Maurer 18, Tillie Maurer 10, Clara Maurer 9

    1904: Tombstone, Middle Village, Queens, Lutherans Cemetery,

    1904: When the fire broke out George Maurer and the band were playing. His wife and children were sitting nearby. Mr. Maurer and his family ran to a rack of life vests only to find that most were rotten. Some that looked to be in good condition were wired down and impossible to free up. Mr. Maurer directed his wife to slide down a rope and hold on to it. Then he took his daughters by the hand and jumped. Mrs. Maurer saw them hit the water. Unfortunately, someone jumped on top of them and forced them under. When George Maurer's body was recovered there was reportedly a heel make on his forehead.

    Margaret Maurer died June 25, of pneumonia following burns. A news article says she died at her home, 421 E. 9th street of pneumonia and shock.

    A daughter, Mrs. Charles Geminn, and a son, Julius, were not on the trip.

    1909: Julius Maurer, the musical Director of "New Century Girls" playing in April 1909 at the Empire Theater, lost all his family, except a sister, in the Slocum fire. He and his sister were both living in Brooklyn in 1909.

    1917: Lizzie Geminn, wife of Charles Gemmin, 308 Grove Street, died 13th February 1917, probate May 15, 1919 - they had one daughter Mathilda Margaret Geminn - personal property $2,000. Lizzia Maurer Geminn was 36.

    1919: May 6, 1919 - Professor Julius Mauer was the leader of the Empire Orchestra.

    1920: Julius Maurer leader of the Empire Theater Orchestra shot himself in the presence of his brother in law, Charles "Gemin". They were in a cafe across the street from the Empire Theater when he pulled out a .38 caliber pistol and shot himself twice in the left breast. He then fell to the floor and shot himself once in the head. He was 35 and recently engaged. He was rushed to St. John's Hospital where he died.


    1910: Grove street Brooklyn, Chas Giminn 35, marriage 2, carpenter, Elisa Geminn 29, marriage 1, 1 child 1 living, Matilda M Geminn 5

    1920: Brooklyn,Charles Geminn 45, carpenter, born Germany, Emma Geminn 36, wife, Matilda Geminn 15, daughter

    1925: Queens, Char Geminn 50, carpenter, Emma Geminn 40, wife, Mathilda Geminn 20, daughter

    Charles Geminn died in 1962. He was buried with his wives, Eliza and Emma.

    Eliza Geminn geb. Maurer 29 Oct 1881 to 13 Feb 1917, Emma Geminn 1884 - 1958 Charles Geminn 1874-1962.

    Emma Maurer, age 55, of 1551 Ave A was listed in the 1905 Annual City Report as "missing". She was the sister of George Maurer.

McCarthy ⚰

Find a Grave: Jeremiah McCarthy New York, USA - age 9 years old, death cert # 3468 Bronx, lived at 134 Hobart St, Bayonne, was with Frances E Meyer (a grandparent?) who perished and with John McCarthy age 11, uninjured, stockboy, found in hospital, his hair had gone gray; their life preservers had fallen apart - "Angels in the Gate" Family links: Parents: Frances E Meyer (____ - 1904) Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

See Meyer

McLaughlin ⚰

Find a Grave: Michael McLaughlin Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 12 years old, death cert # 2735 Bronx, lived at 69 1st Street Burial: Unknown

Meinhardt ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Report: Meinhardt 146 E. 4th street - Rudolph H age 13, Walburga, age 38 and Walter G 15 dead - Otto age 8 at Lincoln Hosp.

Philip Meinhardt, wine cooper, married Walburga✟ Kam in 1889. They had 3 children by 1904: Walter✟, Rudolph✟ and Otto. Philip remarried in 1906 in Brooklyn. He was widowed again by 1920. He died in 1922. In 1926 Otto went to Europe. Otto died in Brooklyn in 1941.

1889: Marriage Philip J Meinhardt and Walburga Kam Aug 18, 1889, Manhattan

Walter George Meinhardt 08 Aug 1889 Manhattan Father Philip Jacob Meinhardt Mother Warshurga Kam Meinhardt

1896 Birth: Otto Meinhardt 21 Feb 1896 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Jakob Meinhardt Mother's Name: Waly Kam (LDS)

1900: 146 4th street, Philip J Meinhadt Head M 42 Germany, wine cooper, Wally Meinhadt Wife F 34 Germany, 3 children 3 living, Walter G Meinhadt Son M 12 New York, Rudolf H Meinhadt Son M 9 New York, Otto Meinhadt Son M 4 New York


Rudolph Meinhart age 13 was initially listed in the paper as missing. His father, Jacob, had found the body of one of his son, Walter at the Morgue. he had aslo found his wife "Barbalka". Otto, age 9, said he had been "pitched" overboard by a man "who did not give him time to ask questions". Otto did not remember how he got home but he walked in the house 2 hours after the disaster.

The 1904 Slocum Horror book listed, Meinhardt, Walde, 4 of 146 E 4th dead, Walberge age 37, Rudolph age 14 same address, dead. and Otto age 8 as uninjured.

The New York Times of June 16 listed among the injured MENHART, ADDIE, 146 40th street, shock, Lincoln Ave.

1905: Bronx, Elizabeth Raeder 50, head, cider William G I Raeder 20, architect, George L Raeder 13, Philip J Meinhardt 45, brother-in-law, cooper [?] Otto Meinhardt 9, nephew, and three lodgers

1906: Meinhardt Ph Jacob married B. Elise Kling June 2, 1906 Kings

1915: 281 Nostrand ave., Brooklyn, Phillip Meinhardt 56, liquor wholesale, Eliza Meinhardt 52, wife, Otto Meinhardt 19, clerk bank

WWI DR: 1917, Otto Meinhardt, 281 Nostrand ave Brooklyn, dob Feb 21, 1896, salesman, Remington Typewriter, single. He was inducted into the service in Sept 1918 and honorably discharged in Feb 1919.

1920: 281 Nostrand ave. Phillip J Meinhardt 61, widow, bottle soda company, Otto Meinhardt 23, single, typewriter manager

1922: Death of Phillip Jacob Meinhardt - Philip Jacob Meinhardt Death 08 Feb 1922 Brooklyn 281 Northand Av. Age: 63 Widowed Retired Birth Date: 11 Mar 1858 Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 11 Feb 1922 Burial Place: Brooklyn, New York City, New York Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father's Name: Philip Meinhardt Mother's Name: Unknown (LDS)

1926: In 1926 Otto when to Europe

1941: Otto Meinhardt died in Brooklyn

Meininger ⚰ ⚰

City record: Elizabeth age 29 dead Henry age 19 (19 months?) dead - 631 Bergen ave Bronx

Lizzie Meininger was part of the Klein party. She was the former Lizzie Klein. Her son, Henry was 19 months old.

See Klein.


City record: Merseles, 394 6th ave, Brooklyn, Matilda age 15 DEAD

Matilda Merseles the daughter of Merseles Peter Merseles was born circa 1890. Merseles P Merseles was born circa 1843. Merseles P. Merseles, age 52, married Jeanne Anners in 1895. Matilda must have been the child of a previous marriage of Merseles Peter Merseles.

Merseles Peter Merseles died in 1908.

1895: "Mersens" P Merseles Marriage 1 Oct 1895 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Jeanne Anners Certificate Number: 14929

1898 Merseles P. Marseles was a produce dealer

1900: 9th street near 6th ave. Brooklyn, Peter Vic Merseles 51, born New Jersey, bookkeeper, Jeanne Merseles 38, married 12 years 1 child, born Germany, millinery, Matilda Merseles 10 born "New Jersey"

1904: Merseles, Mathilda age 16, of 394 Sixth ave Brooklyn, identified by John E. Lutz of Demurest, N. J.

Greenwood, MERSELES MATHILDA 1904-09-05 31394 468 (She is the only listing for Merseles in Greenwood and the burial date is SEPTEMBER - Was the body moved?)

1905: Sixth ave n w s 36 ft s w Sixth st 16x78.10 Katherine F Powers to Jeanne Merseles mort $5,000

1906: Peter Merseles 382 6th Av Brooklyn Occupation: Clerk Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1906

1907 Ad for Mme. Jeanne Merseles French Millinery School 6th ave. Art of millinery taught in all its braches by the Parisian method.

There were also ads of a similar kind in 1900

1908: Death of Merseles P Merseles age 65, June 15, 1908 #19013 Manhattan - father Peter mother Cornelia Naugle - timekeeper, buried Greenwood

1908: Merseles P Merseles Birth Year: abt 1843 Age: 65 Death Date: 15 Jun 1908 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 19013

1911: Passport applications Jeanne J Merseles Birth Date: 18 May 1862 Birth Place: Soultz Alsace Lorraine, Germany Age: 49 Passport Issue Date: 17 May 1912, milliner, husband born in Staten Island, arrived in US in 1882, was married to M. P> marseles on or about September 1894. That husband died June 1908, not remarried, widow of Marseles Marseles.

1912: Passport application Jeanne J Merseles Birth Date: 18 May 1862 Birth Place: Soultz Alsace Lorraine, Germany Age: 49 Passport Issue Date: 17 May 1912 Residence: New York City, New York, husband, Merseles P. Merseles, born Staten Island, immigrated in 1882, husband died in 1908.

Find a Grave: Mathilda Merseles Birth: Jul. 12, 1889, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 Bronx County New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 15 years old, death cert # 2771 Bronx, lived at 394 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, daughter of Peter & Jennie Merseles, identified by John D Lutz of Demorest, N J, The child was taken to the receiving vault at Greenwood Cemetery after a funeral at home. No final resting place had been decided on as of the date of the funeral. It was reported that the family received many floral tokens and notes of condolence from her many friends. Interred at Green-wood, 5 September 1904 Family links: Parents: Merseles Peter Merseles (1842 - 1908) Burial: Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn Kings County (Brooklyn) New York, USA Plot: Section 128, Public Lot 31394, Grave #213.

Also on tombstone - Merseles P Merseles Born Dec 1, 1842 died June 15, 1908

Brooklyn Ward 22

Meseke ⚰ ⚰

City record: 508 Robbins ave., Anna M age 16 and "Meta"* G age 50 DEAD

*She was listed as Betty in 1900 and on a 1904 NY Times list.

Meta✟ [Betty] the wife of Carl Mekese and thier daughter Anna✟ died in the Slocum. The Mesekes also had a son, Herman, born circa 1874, with whom Charles was living in 1905.

Charles remarried in 1906.

Carl Mekese died in 1947.

1900: Bronx, Willis ave., Charly Meseke 38, harness maker, "Betty" Meseke 44, 6 children 4 living Richard Meseke 28, Martin Meseke 12, Annie Meseke 10

1904: June 16, New York Times list of Dead Missing and Injured - Meseke, Mrs. Betty of 508 Robbins ave, Bronx.

1905: 133rd street, Meseke, Herman, head, 31 engineer, Meta wife, 29, Ethel daughter 3, Meta age 1, Adele age 5 months, Charles, father, age 45 harness maker, Martin, brother, age 18 piano maker

1906: Charles Meseke 126 Woodbine Brooklyn, Occupation: Harness Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1906

NYC Grooms marriages:

  1. Herman Meseke to Meta Ficke 1900 #161 Bronx

  2. Carl Jan 7, 1906 to Sophie Woebse Jan 7, 1906 #384 Kings

NYC Death Index:
Meseke Meda A 6 m Aug 25 1901 3267 Bronx
Meseke Anna 16 y Jun 15 1904 2745 Bronx
Meseke Herman F 49 y Jan 14 1924 1084 Kings
Meseke Henrietta 62 y May 3 1939 3486 Queens
Meseke Charles 83 y Oct 18 1947 20491 Kings

This is all for the name on the index.

1947: Charles Meseke died October 18, 1947, Pilling street Brooklyn.

1949: Legal Notice: Herman Meseke, Fred Meseke also know as Fred Mace, Anna Mekseke - The heirs of Charles Meseke and Ethel W Meseke concerning the last will and testimony Charles Meseke als know as, Carl, Charly, and Sharly.

Mettler ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☁

City record: Albert age 11, Elsie age 15 Fred age 8, Robert age 10 all dead - 338 5th street - Katie age 32, William age 4, and George age 2 to Lebanon hospital

Robert Mettler, embroiderer, and his wife, Kate had six children by 1904: Elise✟, Albert✟, Robert✟, Fred✟, William and George The four older children died in the Slocum. The two youngest survived.

Kate "Mattler" brought wuit againd the steamship company fo $50,000 for the loss of her four children.

Robert and Kate had two more children after 1904. William born 1899 married but did not have children. George born 1901 and Theodore born 1905 remained single at least until 1940.

Robert Mettler died in 1915. Catherine Mettler died in 1948

1888: Robert Mettler Marriage Date: 7 Feb 1888 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Katie Oepker Certificate Number: 1540
Robert Mettler birth: 1862 Switz. marriage: 7 February 1888 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Ulrich Mettler mother: Elsa Hadstetter spouse: Katherine Oepker other: Wilhelm F. Oepker, Catharine Ropp

Katie's surname was listed as "Eptka" at the birth of her sons, George and Theodore and "Clepke" at birth of Fred, Opken at birth of William, Oepker at birth of Elsie and Robert.


  1. Elsie✟ born c 1889 died 1904 General Slocum

  2. Albert✟ born c 1892 died 1904 General Slocum

  3. Robert✟ c 1894, died 1904 General Slocum

  4. Frederick✟ born c 1896 died 1904 General Slocum

  5. William born 4 Apr 1899 - survived the General Slocum

    1917 WWIDR: - William Mettler dob April 4 1899 electrical helper Brooklyn Navy Yard, mother Katherine Mettler 431 E 86th street NY. No physical disqualifications.

    1930 census: William Mettler 31, father born Switzerland, chauffuer Catherine Mettler 37, married 10 years

    1940: 78th street, William Mettler 41, garage man, Katherine Mettler 45

  6. George born 9 Oct 1901 - survived the General Slocum

    Single with his mother in 1940.

  7. Theodore born 25 Sep 1905 - born after the General Slocum

    Single with his mother in 1940

  8. Arthur born circa 1912 - born after the General Slocum

    Age 18 with his mother in 1930

1900: 338 5th street Robert Mettler 39, born Switzerland, Embroiderer, Kate Mettler 29, 6 children 5 living, Elsie Mettler 11, Albert Mettler 9, Robert Mettler 6, Frederick Mettler 4, William Mettler 1

1904 Newspaper reports: Mrs. Kate "Metteer" of 338 E. 5th street and her six children were on the Slocum - Elsie 15, Albert age 11, Robert 10, Fred 8, William 4 and "baby", George age 2 . She and George were saved when she jumped to a tug. Three of her children were originally listed as missing. Elsie, Albert, Robert and Fred died. Albert and Elsie are listed in the NYC Death Index. William age 4 also survived.

June 16, 1904 NY times Injured list: "Emma Mettler" age 8 of "41 1st ave" was listed in Lebanon Hosp. "Nettler", George 2 and a half, 338 5th street, in Lebanon Hospital. "Nettler" Kate, 32, 338 5th st in Lebanon Hosp.

Albert Mettler, age 12 was identified on June 18 by his uncle. Elsie Mettler was still "missing" on Jun 23, 1904. According to the New York Times she was identified on June 22.

Brooklyn Eagle listed: Missing: MEDDLEN, Katie, 35 years, of 338 Fifth street, MEDDLEN, Fred, 338 Fifth street [died list?], MEDDLEN, Albert, 338 Fifth street, MEDDLEN, Robert, 338 Fifth street [died list?]

1910: E 52nd street, Robert Mettler 51, Kate Mettler 38, 8 children 3 living, embroiderer, William Mettler 11, George Mettler 8, Theodore Mettler 4

1915: Met Hospital Patient, Robt Mettler, designer, born Switzerland

1915: Robert Mettler Age: 56 Death Date: 4 Jul 1915 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 20321

1920: East 86th street, Catherine Mettler 47, widow, George Mettler 18, son, printer paper mill, Theodore Mettler 14, son, Arthur Mettler 8, son

1925: Catherine Mettler 55 George Mettler 23 Theodore Mettler 19 Arthur Mettler 14

1930: Katherine Mettler 58, George Mettler 28, shipping clerk, Theodore Mettler 24, Arthur Mettler 18

1940: 88th street, New York, Chatrine Mettler 68, widow, George Mettler 38, examiner, Theodore Mettler 34, machinist, knitting

1848: Catherine Mettler age 76 died 12 August 1848 Bronx.

Theodore Mettler died in 1984.

Meyer - total orphans age 8 and 9

Note: The newspapers reported that two boys named Meyer, age 8 and 9, became total orphans as a result of the Slocum disaster.

City record: Five listings for Meyer - a very common name:

  1. 88 Ave A, Elizabeth age 40 born Germany and Catherine age 7 born in New York both dead.

    Newspaper reported - Meyer, Elizabeth , age 40 widow 88 Ave. A identified by son, "William", at the Alexander Av. Station.

    1904: 12 year old "Edward Myer" of 88 Avenue A, New York City, orphaned by the General Slocum incident was sent to Port Jervis, New York for the summer. He arrived by train He had spent six weeks the pervious summer in Port Jervis with Mr. and Mrs. George Ferguson sponsored by the Fresh Air Fund. The Fergusons became attached to Edward and reached out to him after the disaster. He had survived by jumping onto a tug. His mother and a cousin perished.

    In 1949 Edward R Meyer living in Stanley, New York claimed he survived the Slocum at age 11. He said he had lost his father the year before the Slocum and then lost his mother and a "brother" in the Slocum. He was tossed to a tug and save. He had also lost an aunt and five cousins. After the disaster he worked as a shoe stock boy at Lord and Taylor. He made friend with a country boy and spent several summers in the country. He moved up state near Rochester and started farming. He married a local girl and had three sons and a daughter.

  2. 434 E 15th street, Albert age 19 dead

  3. 430 E 17th Elsie age 7 dead, Louisa age 39 born Germany dead, and George age 11 to Lebanon hospital.

    Newspapers reported - Meyer, Mrs. Louise, "130" E 17th identified by postal card on North Brothers Island.

  4. 134 Hobart st Bayonne, N. J. Frances E 41, Jeremiah McCarthy age 9 both dead and John McCarthy age 11, uninjured, step child of Mrs. Meyer

  5. 381 Madison Lizzie age 22 and Meta age 60 both dead

    The Brooklyn Eagle listed under missing: MEYER, Mrs. Lizzie, 387 Madison street [MEYERS, 381 Madison on died list?] MEYER, Mrs. William, 387 Madison street

    1900: 381 Madison street, Louis Meyer 55, truck driver, Metha Meyer 54, 5 children 5 living, Louis Meyer 20, bakery, John Meyer 17, salesman, George Meyer 15

Michael ⚰

City Record: 171 Ave. A., Caroline Michael age 12 DEAD

Caroline✟ the youngest child of Jacob Michael, gilder, and his wife, Louise, died in the Slocum. Jacob died in 1912 and Louise died in 1927. An older sister, Lena born circa 1878 was probably still alive in 1910 when Louse stated that she had one living child.

1880: Forsyth street, Jacob Michael 32, born Baden, frame gilder, Louisa Michael 21, Katie Michael 3, Lena Michael 2

1900: 171 Ave. A., Michael, Jacob, age 52, frame gilder, Louisa age 41 4 children 2 living Lena age 22, waitress, lunch room, Carrie age 8

1904: Jacob Michaels identified the body of his daughter Carrie late in the afternoon. Earlier in the day he had identified the body of his married daughter, Mrs. Catherine Cohrs and his year old grandson. After he had identified Carrie he had to be dragged away from her coffin by the police.

1910: 106 ave A., Jacob age 62, frame gilder, picture frame shop, Louisa age 51, 5 children 1 living

1912: Jacob Michael age 63, married born germany, in US 52 years, occupation gilder, religion Protestant, poor health, admitted 14 March 1912 to almshouse, father Christian, baker, mother, Elizabeth Wallas

1912: Jacob Michael Birth Year: abt 1849 Age: 63 Death Date: 20 Dec 1912 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 35718

1915: 106 Ave 1 Louisa Michaels age 56

1920: Louisa Michael candy packer age 61 widowed, 106 Avenue A, not able to speak English,

1927: Louise Michael Birth Year: abt 1859 Age: 68 Death Date: 26 Apr 1927 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 10826

Michel ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City Record: 624 E 12th street, Maggie age 42 dead and William 13 dead - George age 10 to Lincoln Hospital

William Michel and his wife, Maggie✟, had three children by 1900: William✟, George and Lena. Maggie and at least two of her children (William age 13 and George age 10) were on the Slocum. No mention was made of Lena, born circa 1892 who was listed in the 1900 census. Lena was still alive in 1905. William and Lena were listed in the 1905 census. George was still alive as he was listed with his father and grandmother in the 1910 and 1915 censuses. George enlisted in WWI at Fort Slocum. George married and had two children. He died in 1964.

1900: 624 E 12th street, William H Michel 34, blacksmith, Maggie Michel 38, 3 children 3 living, William Michel 10, Lena Michel 8, George Michel 6

1905: 624 E 12th William H Michel, -- blacksmith, Lena Michel 12, daughter (George not listed with them)

1910: Babylon, Elisabeth Michel 71, widow, 2 children 1 living, William H Michel 44, widow, blacksmith, own shop, George Michel 15, grandson, blacksmith helper

1915: Babylon, Elisabeth Michel 71 William H Michel 44 George Michel 15 1917: George W Michel, Ranter Place Lindenhurst, Suffolk, Birth Place: New York City, New York Service Start Date: 22 May 1917 Service Start Place: Fort Slocum, New York Service Start Age: 22, hon disc Oct 10/19

1920: Babylon William H Michel 53, horse shoes, own shop, George Michel 25, son, button shop, Mary Michel 22, daughter in law

1930: North Hempstead, Nassau, New York, George W Michel 35, fireman powere house, Mary H Michel 32 Dorothy Michel 9 Mary L Michel 8

1940: Oyster Bay, George W Michel 46, firemen, power house, Mary H Michel 41, Dorothy H Michel 20, steno law office, Mary L Michel 19

1964: George William Michel Service Info.: COOK US ARMY WORLD WAR I Birth Date: 4 Jul 1894 Death Date: 1 Aug 1964 Service Start Date: 22 May 1917 Interment Date: 5 Aug 1964 Cemetery: Long Island National Cemetery Cemetery Address: 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735-1211 Buried At: Section 2d Site 2282


City Report:

Mary Miller age 28 Lebanon Hospital, 92 1st ave.

Miller ⚰ ☀

City record: 28 W. 97th street, Flora age 28 DEAD, Fred age 26 uninjured,

Flore✟ and Frederick Miller were the children of Fredrick Miller, cooper, and his wife Caroline. Flora died and Frederick survived the Slocum. Fred senior and Caroline were no strangers to sorrow having already lost four children before 1904 (according to the 1900 census). Frederick junior married and had a family.

1900: 121 7th street, Miller, Fredrick, head age 60 cooper, Caroline age 67 [?], 9 children 5 living, Frederick son age 22, August 1877, cashier restaurant, Walter May 1882, son age 19, clerk, NY telephone, Ihlefeld, Ida daughter widow age 39, 0 children, Tholen, Carrie, daughter, age 33 single, Miller, Flora, daughter age 24 milliner

1905: West 97th street, Fred Miller 65, cooper, Caroline Miller 65 Ich Miller 44 Carrie Thor 35 Fred W Miller 27, clerk, Walter Miller 25, clerk

1917: Frederick C Miller 52 Manhattan ave, NY born August 1, 1877 manager, cigar department, Hotel --- Broadway and 4th street, Mrs. "May" Miller.

1920: Manhattan ave., Frederick C Miller 42, clerk hotel, Mary A Miller 42, Frederick W Miller 13, Harold I Miller 11

Molitor ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ and Hagenbucher + (Dunn & Irving)

City record: DEAD: Molitor, Central Ave, Bronx River Rd, Yonkers, Carl age 4, Eva age 9 and Margaret age 34 - MISSING: Joseph age 6 months.

Adolph Molitor, brewer, married Margaretha Hagenbucher. They had five children: Arthur (1894), Eva (1896), George (1897), Karl (1900) and Joseph (1904). Eva✟ (age 9), Karl✟ (age 4) and Joseph✟ (6 months) and Margaret✟ age 34 were lost in the Slocum. No mention was made of Arthur (age 10) and George (age 7) in connection with the Slocum. They both appear in later records.

Adolph Molitor remarried and had three children by his second marriage. He died in 1936.

Both Arthur and George married and had families.

Adolph Molitor was born in Germany circa 1871.

Marriage: Adolph Liborius Molitor, Spouse's Name: Margaretha Hagenbucher, Event Date: 27 Aug 1892, Event Place: Manhattan, New York, New York, Father's Name: Georg Johann Molitor, Mother's Name: Eva Kessler, Spouse's Father's Name: "Christian" Hagenbucher Spouse's Mother's Name: Margaretha Roetzel


  1. Arthur c 1894

    Arthur married and had children

    Arthur Molitor, 27 Nov 1913, Westchester, New York, United States, Age: 20, Birth Year (Estimated): 1893, Father's Name: Adolf L Molitor, Mother's Name: Margaret Hagenbucher, Spouse's Name: Freda Reichert, Spouse's Age: 21, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1892, Spouse's Father's Name: Joseph Reichert, Spouse's Mother's Name: Kennie Heidig

  2. Eva✟ born circa 1896 died 1904

  3. George c 1897

    George married and had children

    1930: South Williamsport, Lycoming, Pennsylvania George Molitor 33, desk clerk post office, own $9,000, born NY, Ethel Molitor 33, wife, born Pa., Frances Molitor 8, Georgianna Molitor 3, Allan Molitor 0 [10/12], Caroline Wallace 91, grand mother, widow born Pa.

  4. Karl✟ c 1900 died 1904

  5. Joseph✟ died 1904

1892: Naturalization, Molitor Adolf L., Oct 19, 1892, 584 3 ave NYC brewer dob 1870 arrival 1886 Superior Court, NYC.

1900: Crescent Place, Yonkers, Adolph Molitor 29, married 8 years, born Germany, imm 1886 naturalized, brewer, Margret Molitor 30, 4 children 4 living, born New York, Arthur F J Molitor 7, Eva M Molitor 4, George A Molitor 3, Karl Molitor 10/12

1904: New York Times, June 18, 1904 BEREAVED FATHER'S SEARCH - Mount Vernon, New York, Adolph Molitor foreman of the Bronx Brewery in Mount Vernon, lost eight family members. By the 18th he had succeeded in identifying five of the bodies and had arranged to have them buried on Sunday afternoon (the 19th). He had recovered the bodies of his wife, Margaret, age 34, Miss Mary Hagenbucher, 32, clerk at Astor, Library and sister of Mrs. Molitor, Mrs. Julia Dunn, age 29 another sister of Mrs. Molitor and Arthur Dunn son of Julia Dunn and a friend "Miss Fanny Irving". The bodies of three children, Eva, Carl and Joseph, had not been found. Two sons George and Arthur were still alive but it was not mentioned if they had gone on the excursion. He had not eaten in 48 hours as he continued to search for his loved ones.

1904: June 17, New York Times - "Several members of the Salvation Army Fourth Corps in Harlem" were at the pier searching for four "missing comrads". The identified the bodies of Mrs. July Dunn of 2112 3rd ave, Mrs. Dunns' five year old son, Arthur, Miss Mary "Hegenbushcher" 32 (same address), an Mrs. "Mollinor" of Mt Vernon, sister to miss Hangenbushcer. Other members of the party were Mrs. Hegenbushcer's three children and Miss Fannie Irving. The Salvation Army women were aided by Mrs. Hegenbushcer's brother, Jacob and two clerks of the Astor library where Miss Hegenbusher and Miss Irving worked.

Henry C. Alt:

"All of the members of this party had been induced to go on the excursion by Henry Alt, the fourteen-year-old son of the engineer of the library. The Alt boy was the only surviver of the entire party"

(Talk about guilt!)
Louis Alt, was the chief engineer of the old Astor Library for a number of years (Power, 1911). In 1904 he had been the chief engineer for 15 years. (Underhill Society of America)

Initially it was believed that Haney Alt's mother, father and brother had gone with him and all were missing. However, the only ones listed under Alt, Astor Library were Ella Hoffman age 14 DEAD, niece of Mr. Alt and "Harry" 13, UNINJURED.

1910: Manhattan, Louis H Alt 47, marriage 2, born Germany, stationary engineer, Clara Alt 39, marriage 1, 1 child 1 living, Henry C Alt 19, son, engineer US Navy, Louis H Alt Jr 5, son, Anna Baldasty 16, maid

1910: Henry Alt was listed twice - the second time on the USS Connecticut, US Navy, Military and Naval Forces -sailor

1904: July 5, A suit for $800,000 in damages was brought by Adolph Molitor of Sherwood, Park, Mount Vernon agains the Knickerbocker Steamship company for the loss of 8 family members asking $100,000 for each - his wife - three children - three sisters in law - and a nephew. The body of his 6 month old son, Joseph, was never recovered. Adolph had searched the morgues, hospitals, and along the shore of the East river and the sound for ten days to no avail.

1905: Adolf Livorius Molitor, Spouse's Name: Emma Bohm, Event Date: 08 Apr 1905, Event Place: Manhattan, New York, New York, Father's Name: J. George Molitor, Mother's Name: Eva Nesslar, Spouse's Father's Name: Carl Boham, Spouse's Mother's Name: Anna Ares

"Irwin", Fanny, DEAD no age - note "see Dunn".

DEAD: Hagenbucher, 2212 3rd Ave., Mary are 32

DEAD: Dunn, 2112 rd Ave., Arthur, age 4, Julia age 27 and Fannie "Irvin" age 33 (lived with Mrs. Dunn)

1905: South West Street, Adolph Molitor 34, head, brewer, in US 18 years, Emma Molitor 29, "mother" born Austria, in US 2 years, Arthur Molitor 12, son George Molitor 7, son Ida Molitor 5, step daughter, Fred Hagenbucher 23, brother-in-law, born US.

Children of Second Marriage: Carl c 1907, Lewis c 1909 and Gretchen c 1913.

1917: Koch Brewing Co. Williamsport Pa, brewmaster, Adolph L. Molitor.

1920: South Williamsport Ward 1, Lycoming, Pennsylvania, Adolph L Molitor 49, brewer, born Germany, Emma Molitor 44, wife, born Austria, Carl Molitor 13, son, born Pa. Lewis Molitor 11, son, born Pa, Gretchen Molitor 8, daughter, born Pa.

1936 Death: Adolph Molitor, AGE: 66, BIRTH DATE: 2 Jul 1870, BIRTH PLACE: Germany, DEATH DATE: 17 Aug 1936, DEATH PLACE: Williamsport, Lycoming, Pennsylvania, USA, FATHER NAME: George Molitor, FATHER BIRTH PLACE: Germany, SPOUSE NAME: Emma Molitor, CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 78723

His obit in the Express Lock Haven, Pa, stated that he died in the Williamsport hospital after and illness of two months. He was a former Brewer at the Lockport Brewery. Buried Wyoming Cemetery. Survived by six sons and daughters: Carl Molitor, president of the Lockport Brewery, Arthur and Lewis of New York, George of Williamsport, Mrs. Lewis Wetzel of Williamsport and Mrs Ida Johnson of Jacksonville, Fla. (Note: Ida was a step daughter.)

The Hagenbucher Family

Margare Hagenbucher Molitor, the wife of Adolph Molitor, was the daughter of Charles Hagenbucher, barber and his wife, Margaret.

Margaret✟, Molitor and three✟,✟, ✟ of her children died on the Slocum. Another daughter of Charles and Margaret Hagenbucher, Julie✟ (married Dunn) and her son, Arthur✟, died on the Slocum. Margaret and Julia's mother "Mamie"✟ Hagenbucher also died on the Slocum.

1880: Third ave Hagenbucher, "Charles", barber, born New York, Margaret, wife, 31, Margaret daughter, 10, Mary 9, Julia 4, Jacob 3, Bertha 3 months.


  1. Margaret✟ c 1870 married Adolph Molitor - Died General Slocum with three of her children

  2. Mary✟ circa 1871 - died General Slocum

  3. Julia✟ circa 1876 - married ____ Dunn - died General Slocum with her son Arthur

    1899: ????? Julia Hagenbucher MARRIAGE DATE: 26 Oct 1899 MARRIAGE PLACE: Manhattan, New York, USA SPOUSE: Harry Dunn CERTIFICATE NUMBER: 17479

  4. Jacob c 1877

    WWWI DR, 1917, New Rochelle, Westchester, New York born March 3 1887, Iron worker, nearest relative, Rose

  5. Bertha c 1880 - 1880 census

  6. Fred Nov 18, 1881 with his brother-in-law in 1905

    WWI DR 1917, Frederick William Hagenbucher teamster Ebbling's Brewery. Emelia Hagenbucher wife

1900: Bronx, 3rd Ave., Dunn, Julia head b 1877, age 24, married 1 year 1 child, born New York, Arthur F age 3 months, born 1900, Hagenbucher, Mary, sister age 28, cleaner, Irwin, Fannie boarder, age 39, house cleaner,


June 19, New York Times DIED Hagenbucher Family at New York suddenly on General Slocum, June 15, Mamie Hagenbucher, Margaret Molitor, (nee Hagenbucher) and three children Ev, Carl, and Joseph - still missing; Julia Dunn, (nee Hagenbucher) and child, Arthur, and their friend Fanny Irwin. Remains at George M. Fitzpatrick, undertaking parlors, 1,488 Lexington Ave corner 96. Service Sunday. Burial Monday. Funeral strictly private. Interment Greenwood Cemetery.

1904: Slocum Disaster Victim list:
Dunn, Julia age 29 and Arthur age 4, 2112 3rd ave. "Heggenbucher", Mary age 33, 2112 3rd Ave.


"A baffling tangle of claims arising from the General Slocum disaster has just been settled by the New Amsterdam Casualty Company. Mary Hagenbucher, of Yonkers, and Fanny Irwin and Julia Dunn, of New York city, each took out an accident policy for $1,000 in the New Amsterdam, naming one another as beneficiaries. All three sailed on the General Slocum on that fatal day, and none came back. The claims were legally impossible of settlement, as no one knows which of the girls died first. Mary Hagenbucher was the beneficiary of the policy of Julia Dunn, and in case the beneficiary died before the insured, the heirs of the beneficiary were to receive the insurance. The brother of Mary Hagenbucher made a claim, and was allowed by the surrogate to settle with the company for $1,000, the full amount which his sister would have received had she survived the death of Julia Dunn. The claims of the other heirs have been rejected by the company under the conditions of the policy, as no notice of death was given within six weeks of her death."

The Weekly Underwriter, Volume 71, 1904

HAGENBUCHER MARY 1904-06-20 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER EMILY 1934-01-19 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER FREDERICK 1950-01-04 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER JACOB F. 1932-11-23 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1886-07-02 20701 186
HAGENBUCHER MARGARET 1939-09-14 20701 186

Find a Grave


City record:

  1. 998 Ave A, Annie age 29 dead (died in Harlem Hospital June 15, 1904), Henry age 7 months dead, Fredrick age 2 missing, Fred age 39 uninjured.

  2. 20 St Marks Place, Edwin H, age 5, Henry age 13, Martha A age 36 dead,

    1900: 20 St Mark's Place, single family, ---- (maybe Emil) Moller 35, no occupation, Martha Moller 33, 2 children 2 living, Henry Moller 7, Edwin Moller 1

    Find a Grave

    Martha Moller's will was probated June 23, 1904

    She was listed in the NY Times missing list on 16 June 1904 as "Mrs Samuel Moller" of 20 St. Mark's Place.

    According to newspaper accounts her body and that of her son, Henry was identified by her husband, Emil.

    1893: Emil Moeller New York, New York City Marriage Records, 1866-1938 birth: 1865 Coln/Rhine, Gr. marriage: 27 September 1893 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Emil Moeller mother: Hulda Breitscheidt spouse: Martha Schleicher other: Edward Schleicher, Augusta Schleicher

    1902: October 29, 1902 NY Times - estate of John W. Miller to Martha Moller.


    THE DISASTER AND A WILL.; Mrs. Moeller's Two Boys Perished with Her, Frustrating Legacies.

    Another will of a victim of the Slocum disaster was filed yesterday in the Surrogates' office. This was the will of Mrs. Martha Moeller of 20 St. Mark's Place. In it she mentions the fact that she has money on deposit in many New York Savings banks, and she appoints Dr. Robert Kunitzer of 188 Lenox Avenue as trustee to take charge of these deposits for the benefit of her children, Edwin and Henry Moeller."

    NY Times

    Unfortunately her two children died with her. Husband, Emil, was named a residuary hier. If the children had survived Emil would have received only a share of the various pieces of real estate owned by Martha Moller as well as furniture from several boarding houses she ran. Under the circumstances he inherited all the money - more than $100,000. Henry's body had been found in the river on June 15th. Edwin's body was found on the 17th.

    1904: Newspaper reported - "MILLER, Martha, age 35 20 St. Mark's place, identified at morgue by her husband. Also listed under MUELLER same information.

    1904: Emil Moeller, born Feb 10 1865 immigrated July 15, 1891, living at 20 St. Mark's Place was naturalized on July 1, 1904 District Court Southern District of NY, occupation furnished rooms

    1904: Emil Moller New York, New York City Marriage Records, 1866-1938 birth: 1865 Coho Rhino, Germany marriage: 10 December 1904 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Emil Moeller mother: Hulda Breitscheid spouse: Emma Degenhardt other: Christian Degenhardt, Louise Degenhardt

    20 St. Mark's Place

  3. 45 2nd ave Anne M 13, Catherine 39 dead (disinterred) Catherine L age 2, missing

    On June 22 the NY Times reported missing: Moller 45 2nd ave, Catherine, Annie and Louise (no ages given)

Morio ⚰

City record: 121 Pitt street, Mary Morio age 14 DEAD

Mary✟ Morio was the daughter of George Moria, tinsmith, and his wife, Caroline Knipping. In 1910 Caroline Morio stated that she had 6 children 4 of whom were still living.

1904: Death of Mary Morio age 14, buried Sy. Joseph's cemetery father, George, mother Caroline Knipping(LDS)

1905: 121 Pitt street, Morio, G. 49, roofer [?] Keri Morio 48, George Morio 21, saloon, Frank Morio 19, electrician, August Morio 11, Rosi Morio 11

1910: Ave A George Morio 54, tinsmith, born Germany, Caroline Morio 54, 6 children 4 living, born Germany, George W Morio Jr 26, tinsmith, Frank Morio 24, tinsmith, Rose Morio 15 August J Morio 15, clerk office

1920: George Mario 64, sheet metal worker, Carie Mario 62, Rose Mario 25

Morris ⚰

Find a Grave: Catherine Katie Morris age 15, 69 1st ave, feather worker.

Motzer ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 405 6th ave, Anna age 38 dead, Lena age 4 missing and Louisa age 9 to Lincoln hospital.

Charles Motzer, saloon keeper, his wife and Anna✟ had Louisa circa 1895 and Lena✟ circa 1900. Anna and Lena were all lost in the Slocum. Louisa was sent to Lincoln Hospital.

In 1905 Charles and Louisa went to Europe. Charles remarried in September 1905. He and his second wife, Mary had a son, Charles circa 1906. Louise married Joseph Brandel in 1915. They had children and were listed in the 1920 and 1940 censuses. Charles Motzer died in 1916.

Marriage: Anna 1889

1900: 405 6th ave single family, Chas Motzer 33, hotel, Anna Motzer 33, 1 child 1 living, Louise Motzer 5

1904: Newspaper reported - Motzler, Anna, age 38, 405 6th st identified at Morgue by her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Schwartz.

1904: It was reported in the General Slocum Disaster book that as nine year old Louise Motzer was going home with several other little girls, "after getting off the elevated train at Ninth street a big man came up to them, and, peering into the face of Louise, said: "Are you Motzer?". When she replied to the affirmative, the man picked her up and raced with her to her father's saloon. Louise had become separated form her mother and sister, Lena. She searched for them in the hospital but did not find them. In fact, they were both dead.

1905: 405 6th ave., Charles Motzer 39, saloon, Lewisier Motzer 11, daughter, Christ Motzer 40, brother, saloon and a slew of lodgers all bakers all born Germany

1905 June 11 passport application: Charles Motzer, naturalized citizen, for himself and unnamed "child" - Born Ober Derdingen, Germany 2 January 1867, immigrated on the Rhineland, from Antwerp on or about 10 October 1887, naturalized September 1898, saloon keeper.

1905: Charles Motzer age 38 and Louise age 10, both American citizens, from Antwerp, Belgium on the Manitou 8 Sep 1905 to Boston, Massachusetts to 405 6th ave, N Y

Marriage: Charles Motzer 2 January 1867 Derlingen, Weirtt, G marriage: 24 September 1905 Manhattan, New York, New York father: Jas. Fr. Motzer mother: Sophia Eisenhart spouse: Mary Vollmer other: Christian Wollmer, Barbara Reed...Gen

1910: 1st ave, Charles Motzer 43, baker shop, Mary Motzer 32, married 5 years 1 child 1 living, Louise Motzer 15, daughter, Charles Motzer Jr. 4 son

1915: Joseph M Brandel Marriage Date: 12 Jun 1915 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Louise A "Motzen" Certificate Number: 13404

1916: Chas Motzer Birth Year: abt 1867 Age: 49 Death Date: 19 Jun 1916 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 18743

1920: Joseph M Brandel 27, chauffeur, Louise Brandel 24 Florence Brandel 3 Georgetta Brandel 1

1940: Manhattan, Marie Motzer 62, Charles Motzer 33, timekeeper, printing press factory,

Mueller/Miller ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ ☁

City record: 95 2nd ave., Edgar age 4 dead, Valesca age 29 dead, Bernard age 38 dead (died June 23, 1904), Arthur age 6, Grover age 13 and Walter age 10 to Lincoln hospital

Bernard✟ Mueller, a Tammany leader, and his wife, Valesca✟ and their children Grover, age 13, Walter age 10, Arthur age 6 and Edgar✟ age 4 were all on the Slocum. Valesca and Edgar died died on the Slocum. Bernard died of pneumonia on June 23. He had suffered from exposure and anxiety. Grover, Walter and Arthur survived and were in the care of their grandmother, Mrs. Johanna Hager. .

Johanna Hager went to Europe in 1914. She died in 1931.

Grover was in Colorado by 1920. He died in LA in 1968.

Walter Mueller died in WWI.

Arthur married and had two children.

1892: Brooklyn, Ward 13, Miller, Bernard, age 26 born "Ireland", clerk, Valeska Miller born age 16, US, Grover Miller, age 1, Johannah Hager age 41 born Germany

1900: 2nd ave. Manhattan, Bernard Miller 34, clerk, born Germany, Valesca Miller 23, born Germany, 4 children 3 living, Grover Miller 8, December 1892, Walter Miller 5, November 1895, Arthur Miller 2, October 1898, Johanna Hager 51, mother-in-law


Newspaper reported - MULLER, Velasco, age 29, 95 2nd ave identified by Otto Grossberg, a friend, at the Morgue.

The New York times listed MILLER, GEORGE, 95 2nd ave, contusions to the body in Lincoln hospital

Bernhard Mueller lost his wife and youngest child, Edward [or Edgar] age 4. As a result of anxiety and exposure during the search for his family he fell victim to pneumonia. His sons, Grover, twelve, Walter, nine and Arthur six survived.

Listed among the dead: "Miller", Bernhardt, age 34, 95 2nd ave and Miller, Mary, 29, same address. among the uninjured, "Moller", Grover age 12 and Walter age 9, 95 2nd ave. Arthur, age 6, was listed among the injured.

Walter Mueller stated:

"After papa tied the life preserver around me, I jumped into the water. The life preserver was of no use, for it broke right off me, and I thought I was going to drown. I grabbed a man's neck and went under the water. When I came up again, I seized a woman by the hair and she scratched my face. I let go of her and was sinking again when a man in a boat picked me up."

(New York's Awful excursion boat horror)

Before his death Bernard Mueller said:
"Myself, my wife and four sons, were sitting on the first deck when I saw smoke coming up through the deck in great clouds. The people on the boat acted as though they had lost their minds. I grabbed life preservers, and, after putting them on my wife and children, assisted them over the side of the boat into the water. Then I put one on and went after them, telling them to make for shore. The youngest child was in my wife's arms. I started after them, but had not taken more than half a dozen strokes when I was surrounded by half a dozen women, who clung to me and dragged me under. I had all I could do to save myself from being drowned by their frantic efforts to hold on to me. A rowboat came up and took us all on board. When we got there I searched for my wife and family in vain. They were not to be found."

(New York's Awful excursion boat horror)

Mrs. Mueller jumped first with the baby. Although she was a good swimmer she could not stay afloat and was not seen alive again. Grover, Walter and Arthur wee picked up separately and were taken to Lincoln Hospital. arthur buffered burns to his head. The other two boys were fine. 1904: Brooklyn Eagle
"Another funeral that attracted attention was that of the wife (32 years old) and son, Edward (eight years old) of Bernard MILLER, Tammany district leader, at his home, 95 Second avenue. Three of the Tammany leader's children who were on the General Slocum were rescued. A delegation of district Tammany men accompanied the bodies for a part of the distance toward the Lutheran Cemetery at Middle Village. Under the direction of Julius HARBURGER, the Tammany leader, representatives of the district Tammany organization attended many of the funerals and did what they could to help those who had lost relatives in the disaster."
1904 Dept of Public Welfare: Mueller - 95 and Ave. - DEAD Edward 4, Valesca 29, Bernard 38, (died June 23, 1904) INJURED Arthur 6 Lincoln Hosp., Grover 13 Lincoln, Walter 10 Lincoln Hosp.

Notes: The death record is for Edgar not Edward Mueller.

1905: E 87the street, Johanna Hager 56, head, Grover M Mueller 13, grandson, Walter Mueller 10, grandson, Arthur Mueller 7, grandson Susanna Mosny 17, servant

Johanna Hager does not appear to have been on the boat.

1910: E 88th st., Johanna Hager 60, head, no occupation, Grover C Mueller 18, grandson, no occupation, Walter B Mueller 15, grandson, office boy, silk house, Arthur Mueller 12, grandson

1915: 222 E 87th Grover C C Miller 23, electrician, Arthur E Miller 18, brother, jeweler, Johanna Hager 66, grandmother, born Germany

1915: WWI Guard Service, Grover C Mueller Enlistment Age: 23 Enlistment Date: 14 May 1915 Enlistment Place: New York, USA

1920: Johanna Hager at 222 87th street

1920: Colorado Springs, Grover Mueller 28, office assistant electric light, born New York, Margaret Mueller, wife, 26, born New York

1925 Johanna Hager was still living at 222 87th street.

1940: Las Angeles, Grover Mueller 48, born New York, field investigator, government work, George Eva Mueller 21 Phyllis J Mueller 1/12 1942: Grover Cleveland Mueller BIRTH: 19 Dec 1891 RESIDENCE: Los Angeles, California

Grover Mueller died in Los Angeles in 1968. Grover Mueller SSN: 572-34-1790 Last Residence: 91733 South El Monte, Los Angeles, California, USA BORN: 19 Dec 1891 Died: Apr 1968

Find a Grave with images

According to the information at Find a Grave - Walter "Miller" died in WWI

Find a Grave" Has images of Bernard Mueller and his wife.

1879 Johanna Hager age 30, and Valecka age 3 both from Prussia immigrated on the Fresia from Hamburg and arrived in New York 10 June 1879

1880: Ludlow street, New York, Johanna Hager 31, dress maker, born Prussia, Valeska Hager 4

1914 On August 12, 1914 Johanna Hager was in Berlin and applied for an Emergency US Passport. She stated that she was born in Schupin [?] Germany on or about May 18, 1849. She had immigrated on the Frisia from Hamburg arriving June 11 1879. Resided from 1879 to "1904" in New York City. Naturalized in Brooklyn 15, July 1883. Had been in Germany since 29 July 1914. Wanted to retune to US "at once". age 65, 5 ft 5 inches brown eyes, gray hair. There is a note in the margin that is hard to read because of the binding. It does say something about "August" Mueller.

1831: Johanna Hager died in 1931 in Brooklyn.

Find a Grave: Glendale Cemetery Bloom Field New Jersey The Tombstone of Bernard, Valeska and Edgar "Miller" all died 1904 and Johanna Hager died 1931.

Why were they buried in New Jersey?

1930: own $8,000, Arthur A Miller 36, born NY, parents born Germany, salesman, stove co. Gertrude Miller 34, Arthur Miller 9, Grace Miller 11, Charles Forst 42, nephew

Muller (Penzel & Weber) ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: 368 Bowery, Edward 11, dead, Helen 8 dead, Hermine 37 dead, Irene 4 dead, Rose 13 dead.

Hermine Weber married Edward Muller, a musical instrument manufacturer and a partner of Gustav Penzel, the husband of her sister Theresa. Edward and Hermine✟ Muller had Rose✟ , Edward✟ , Helen✟ and Irene✟ by 1904. Hermine Muller and all four of her children died in the Slocum disaster. Her sister, Theresa Weber Penzel, died July 1, 1904 as a repercussion of the Slocum disaster. Edward Muller remarried to Anna Rau (per Howie Weber, April 2017) before 1907. She was 16 years his junior. They had five children. By 1915 they were living in Queens. Gustav Penzel also remarried by 1910. His second wife was 16 years young than he was. Although she was young enough, they did not have any children. In 1910 they were at Cooper Square. By 1920 they were living in Queens. Gustav Penzel died in 1920. Edward Muller died in 1956.

Newspaper reported - MULLER, Helena, age 37, 368 Bowery identified at the Morgue by her husband, Edward, and MULLER, Helena age 8, identified at Morgue by father.

Find a Grave According to the tombstone Hermine Muller was born Weber on 13 March 1867. The tombstone lists: Theresa Penzel born Weber, born 14 Feb 1858, Hermine Muller born Weber 13 March 1867, Rosie Muller born 13 Feb 1891 and Edward Muller born 24 April 1894 all died on the General Slocum.

In July 2014 Howie Weber sent me an image of the tombstone which contained additional information:

"Helene Muller Geb 28 Feb 1897 - Irene Muller Geb 16 Nov 1895 - Caroline Weber Geb. 17 Nov 1870 Gest 8 Juli 1931 - Louis Weber Geb 24 Juni 1869 Gest. 1 Sept 1937"

Louis Weber was a sibling of Therese Penzel and Hermine Muller. I think Therese is not listed on any official record as I do not believe she was on the ship but rather suffered a heart attack or stroke and subsequently passed as a result of that. I am going by family history and not any thing I know as fact. (Howie Weber).

Find a grave states that Therese Penzel died as a indirect cause of the Slocum disaster. "She suffered a heart attack and died two weeks later." Her death is listed as July 1, 1904 in Manhattan.

Theresa Penzel Age: 46, Death Date: 1 Jul 1904, Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 23533

1900: 368 Bowery, Penzel, "Justus" head, 44, born Germany, Theresa wife, age 47, 0 children, married 18 years musical instrument manufacturer

same building

Edwd Muller 33, born Austria, musical instrument manufacturere, Helmina Muller 33, 4 children 4 living, Rosie Muller 10, daughter, Ettie Muller 6, son, Helen Muller 3, daughter, Irene Muller 4, daughter

Penzel Mueller Fan Club - a history of the company

1883: Therese Weber Marriage Date: 18 Apr 1883 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Gustav Penzel Certificate Number: 32413

Therese Weber birth: 1858 Stadten, Weimar, Saxones marriage: 18 April 1883 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Louis Weber mother: Wilhelmine Sebald spouse: Gustav Penzel other: John Penzel, Christiana Hess
1909: The Trow directory, Penzel G. L. & Muller (Gustave L Penzel & Edward G. Muller) 6 cooper Square

1910: Gustav L Penzel born 4 Oct 1855 Arnsgrun, Saxoney, Germany 6 Apr 1910 New York City, New York wife, Louise Penzel born NYC June 22, 1872 Manufacturer of musical instruments, Cooper Square, NY.

1910 Census: Gustav S Penzel 54 Louise M Penzel 38, wife, 0 children, Augusta Sauermilch 28, sister in law

1920 Census: Queens, Gustave L Penzel 64, musical instruments, Louise M Penzel 50, wife, Augusta Santel 39, sister in law

Gustav L. Penzel died in New York City March 27, 1920.

1890: Hermine Weber 27 February 1890 Manhatten, New York, New York father: Louis Weber mother: Wilhemine Weber spouse: Edward Robert Muller father Johann Muller, mother Caroline Penzel

1915 Census: Queens, Edward Muller 49, born Austria, musical instruments, Anna Muller 33, Edna Muller 8, Walter Muller 7, Martha Muller 6, Anna Muller 5, Gustav Muller 2

1920: Edward Muller 53, Instrument Manufacturer Own Account, Anna Muller 37, Walter Muller 12, Martha Muller 10, Anna Muller 9, Gustave Muller 7, Mary Kramer 19

1930: Queens, Edward Muller 64 Anna Muller 47 Walter Muller 22 Gustave Muller 17 Anna B Muller 20 Martha Muller 21 Edward G Muller became a junior partner of Gustav L Penzel in October 1898 (American Musical Instrument Society)

Edward G Mueller died in 1956.

Howie Weber wrote in July 2015 about his family and their experience on the Slocum. His grandfather, Louis Weber Jr. (1896-1940), was not onboard that day. Louis Jr was baptized by the Reverend George Haas at St. Mark's Lutheran church in 1896. He moved to Bushwick and owned a flower shop there. Louis Weber senior was the brother of Hermine Weber Muller and Theresa Weber Penzel.

1900: St Mark's Place Louis Weber 29, musical instruments, Carrie Weber 28, married 5 years, 1 child 1 living, Louis Weber 3

1920: Brooklyn, Louis Weber 50, musical instruments, Carrie Weber 48 Louis Weber 23, florest, flower shop, Carrie Kensekopf 84, mother in law

Edward G Meuller (1868-1956)

Records from All Faith Cemetery 6729 Metropolitan Ave provided by Howie Weber, April 2017

Lot list 113841/2 Map 3 A

First Name - Last Name - Burial Date - location

  1. HELEN MULLER 6/19/1904 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  2. HERMINA MULLER 6/19/1904 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  3. IRENE MULLER 6/19/1904 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  4. ROSE MULLER 6/19/1904 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  5. EDWARD MULLER 6/22/1904 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  6. THERESE PENZEL 7/3/1904 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  7. CHARLES TRUDEL 10/30/1921 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  8. MARTHA TRUDEL 10/21/1922 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  9. CAROLINE WEBER 7/10/1931 11384 1/2 - 3/A
  10. LOUIS WEBER SR. 9/4/1937 11384 1/2 - 3/A
Helen, Irene, Rose and Edward were all the children of Hermine Weber Muller (Mueller). Therese Weber Penzel was Hermine and Louis' sister. Louis and Caroline were Howie's great grandparents. Martha Trudel was a cousin of some type to his great grandfather and Charles was her spouse.

Lot listing 14341 Map 3A First Name - Last Name - Burial Date - location -

  1. MARGARET MULLER 9/14/1876 14341 - 3/A
  2. JULIA MULLER 5/26/1878 14341 - 3/A
  3. HENRY MULLER 6/15/1885 14341 - 3/A
  4. LOUISE MILLER 5/15/1886 14341 - 3/A
  5. LOUISE MILLER 7/4/1886 14341 - 3/A
  6. FRANCIS WILLIAMS 4/15/1902 14341 - 3/A
  7. DAVID KEHRER 10/20/1928 14341 - 3/A
  8. KATIE KEHRER 4/13/1937 14341 - 3/A
  9. FRED DOHT 1/7/1948 14341 - 3/A
  10. JOYCE WEBER 5/4/1984 14341 - 3/A
  11. ELEANOR WILLIAMS 8/10/1992 14341 - 3/A
  12. CHARLES WILLIAMS 1/20/1994 14341 - 3/A
Tragic General Slocum fire remembered in Astoria Park

Muller ☁ ☁ ☁

City record: 100 St Mark's Place - Herman C. A. 9 to Lincoln, Louis C. A. age 11 to Lincoln and Minnie A age 7 to Lincoln

In 1904 the Muller family comprised: Herman, a truck driver, his wife, Anna and four children, Louis, Herman, Minnie, and Elsa.

Herman, Louis, and Minnie were on the Slocum and all three survived.

The New York Times of June 16 listed: MILLER, LOUIS, 100 St. Mark's place, shock in Lincoln hospital

1905: Multifamily, 100 St. Mark's Place, Herman Muller 37, driver, Anna Muller 35, Louis Muller 12, Herman Muller 10, Minne Muller 7, Elsa Muller 2

1910: E 8th St. Marks Place, Herman Muller 42, driver truck, Anna E Muller 41, 4 children 4 living, Louis A Muller 17 Herman A Muller 15 Minnie Muller 12 Elsie Muller 7

Herman Muller

1920: Hermann Muller married Elsie G Schroeder 24 Nov 1920 - Queens

Child: Walter

1930: Herman Muller 35, salesman, furniture, Elsie Muller 32 Walter Muller 3

1940: Woodbine street, proprietor linoleum Herman Muller 45 Elsie Muller 41 Walter Muller 12

1961: Herman Muller age 66, a General Slocum survivor died in Physician's Hospital in Jackson Heights. On June 15, 1904 had been thrown into the water and rescued. He was an Army veteran of WWI.

He was survived by his wife, elsie, son Walter, two sisters, Mrs. Minnie Rolka and Mrs Elsie Kluckas a brother Louis and three grandchildren

Minnie Muller

1917: Minnie Muller Marriage Date: 25 Jun 1921 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: John J Rolka Certificate Number: 16759

1930: Queens, John J Rolka 37, pressman, printing, Minnie Rolka 32 Robert Rolka 7 Evelyn Rolka 2 [2 11/12]

1940: John Rolka 45 Minnie Rolka 41 Robert Rolka 17 Evelyn Rolka 12

Death: Minnie Rolka SSN: 058-28-7261 Last Residence: 11421 Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA BORN: 15 Jul 1897 Last Benefit: 11421, Jamaica, Queens, New York, United States of America Died: Feb 1986 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1951-1952)

In 1977 "Millie" Rolka remembered the 1904 event. She said she was 5 years old. Her mother had been sick and she not come on the trip. So she went with an aunt and her two brothers, ages 8 and 11. Her aunt pleaded with her to jump but Millie was "a little gril" and afraid. Then she was "snatched" up by a man whose face she did not see and thrown in the water.

Muller ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☀

City record: 41 1st avenue, Annie age 37 dead, Annie 13 dead, Henry 3 dead, Mary 7 months dead, Ernest age 8 to Lebanon, George age 40 uninjured.

The family of George Muller was on the Slocum: father, George, mother Annie✟ and four children: Annie✟, Henry✟ Mary✟ and Ernest. George and Ernest survived. Annie and three of her children died.

Ernst said they were all on the deck together except for his father who was downstairs. Ernst landed on a tugboat and that is all he remembered. George Muller made desperate attempts to reach his family before the deck gave way.

Mundle ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 11 7th st Arthur age 8 dead, Lillian age 38 missing, Agnes age 64 Lincoln.

Agnes was the widow of Louis C. Mundle. Arthur✟ born circa 1896 may have been the son of Agnes's son Arthur born 1875. The 1900 census listed Arthur jr. age 3 with Agnes and Arther. Arthur jr is not listed with them in the 1905 census. Lillian✟ who was listed as age 38 (birth circa 1866) at the same address as Agnes and Arthur on the City record was not listed with them in 1900. Arthur was listed as a widow in 1900.

Arthur remarried before 1907. He had two daughters by his second marriage.

Agnes Mundle died in 1916.

1892/1894: Agnes Mundle, 63 St Mark's pl., New York, widow of Louis C Mundle, Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1892/1894

1894: Marriage of Arthur Mundle cert #15164 Manhattan - no bride's name given LDS lists the bride as Mamie Dehayes and Arthur as the son of Louis Mundle and Agnes "Granerer ".

1900: 95 St. Marks place, Agnes Mundle 60, widow, 10 children 8 living, Minnie Mundle 25, daughter Arthur Mundle 25, son, widow, egg handler, March 1875, Arthur Jr. Mundle 3,"son", Annie Mundle 22, daughter, saleslady dry goods,

1904: According to Find a Grave, Lillian Mundle Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Death Place: USA Cemetery: Hoboken Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: North Bergen, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA Children: Arthur Mundle Lilly Mundle" - Arthur Mundle as listed by Find a Grave as buried in Hoboken Cemetery.

1904: Two listing in the New York Times missing list: Mundle Mrs. 11 E 7th street and Lilly same address

1905: 11 2nd street, Agnes Mundle 64 Louis Mundle 40, son, Arthur Mundle 29, son, driver, Dora Mundle 27, daughter, saleslady dry goods

Arthur Mundle married Magdelena Neus per birth of Florence.

1910 Queens, Mundle, Arthur, age 32, marriage "1", butter and eggs, Magdelena, wife, 28, 2 children 2 living, Lillian daughter age 3 years, and Florence daughter age 3 months

1910: 11 2nd ave, Mundle, Agnes age "65", widow, 8 children 8 living, Antoinette, daughter, age 32 and a boarder

1916: Agnes Mundle 79 Death Date: 25 Apr 1916 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 13090

1917 Arthur Oscar Mundle March 17, 1876 carpenter, Mrs. Arthur Mundle.

1920: Queens, Arthur O Mundle 42, Magdalena Mundle 37, Lillian M Mundle 13, Florence A Mundle 10

1940: Queens, own, $6,000, Arthur Mundle 64, delivery man, Lena Mundle 58, Lillian Mundle 33, Florence Peterson 30, Fred Peterson 35

Muth ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁ and ⚰ ☁

City record:

  1. 785 E. 146th street, Muth, Catherine 36 dead, Catherine 5 dead, Lizzie 11 dead, Christina 8 dead, John 36 to Lincoln hospital John Jr. 3 to Lincoln hospital.

  2. 1254 Lexington ave, Anna Muth age 62 dead, Conrad jr age 20 injured to Lincoln hospital.

John Muth age 36, of East 146th street and his three year old son, John Jr., were the only members of their party of fifteen to survive. His wife, Catherine✟, his children, Lizzie✟, Keenie✟, and Katie✟ perished, as did his mother and mother in law, Wilhelmina✟ Hessel, his sister (or his wife's sister), Keenie✟ Schnitzel (Mrs. Edward Schnitzer) and her daughter, Kate✟, as well as four neighborhood children they had brought along. One of those nieghberhood children was Minnie✟ Christ, age 14, buried in Lutheran Cemetery.

John Muth remarried circa 1908. He had a daughter by his second marriage. John Muth Jr. married in 1922. He had a son. John Muth jr died in New Jersey in 1972.

Minnie Christ age 14

1880: East 2nd street between A & B, John Christ 46, shoemaker, Susan Christ 40 Anna Christ 21, makes pocketbooks, Frederick Christ 19, ditto, Barbara Christ 17, ditto, Susan Christ 13, ditto, Katie Christ 12, John Christ 11, Herman Christ 10, Henry Christ 5

1900: 7th Street, Manhattan, Frederick Christ 39, pocketbook maker, Annie Christ 38, Frederick Christ 17, printer, Casper Christ 15, pocket book maker, Minnie Christ 7

1905: 7th street, Frederick Christ 44, Annie Christ 43, Frederick Christ 22, Casper Christ 21

John and his son John suffered burns on their bodies and were in the hospital.

The list of dead included: Eliza (or Annie) Muth, age 62 1264 Lexington Ave, Kate Muth, 36, Lizzie Muth, age 11, Tina (or Tennie) Muth age 8, Kate age 5 all of 1254 Lex ave. The missing list included: Mrs Kate Muth, Kate Muth 8, John 3, Mrs Ann 1254 Lexington ave and Conrad Muth age 12, 1254 Lexington ave.

The list of the uninjured included Muth, Conrad age 10 and John age 3 both of 1254 Lex. ave.

The list of the injured included John Muth age 37, 1254 Lex ave. Conrad was the son of Conrad Muth a brother of John Muth. He told the Times John and his son had become separated from the rest and were forced to jump overboard.

According the the NY Times John Muth's mother, mother-in-law and sister, Kennie Schnitzel, and her daughter, Katie, and four neighborhood children, who had joined the party, also perished.

Lizzie, Christina, Katie and John Muth from New York's awful excursion boat horror, 1904 (open,

John, age 31, clothing cutter, Katie, Lizzie, Christina and Katie were listed in the 1900 census on E 5th street.

Kate Muth and her children were buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Middle Village.

In October 2014 Karen Lamberton who is related to the Muth family wrote

John Muth age 36, of East 146th street, a clothing cutter, sewer, and designer, was married to Katherine (Katie) Hessel. By Katie, he had Christine (Keenie), Catherine (Katie), Jr., Anna Lizzie, and John, Jr. (Who was only slightly burned).

Only John and his son John, Jr. survived by jumping overboard. John was holding the baby at the rail when another jumper from the 3rd deck knocked the baby out of his arms as he prepared to jump. He lost his balance and broke his leg by hitting the main deck rail on the way down. John later remarried and had a second family.

John's mother, Anna Elizabeth (Koch) Muth and his mother in law, Wilhelmina (Roller) Hessel both died. John's brother Conrad Muth, could not go that day, but his son Conrad H. Muth was aboard and also survived with minor burns. Katherine Hessel had a sister Christine who was also in the party and died. She was the wife of Edward Schnitzler, one of the police officers who came to the rescue before the boat made it to NBI. Her daughter, Katie also died. Edward ID'd both of them the day after the disaster at the 138th St. police station, which was one of the temporary morgues.

Also in the group were Caroline and Edward Ochse, Minnie Christ, and two Smith children. Although I do not have the entire "trail" on these children, I do know that they were related to the Muths, Hessels, and Schnitzlers. In fact The Ochse's purchased one of the plots used by these families after the disaster.

1880: New York, John Muth Self M 36 Germany, cloth cutter, John Muth Son M 12 New York, United States, Henry Muth Son M 10 New York, United States, Eliza Muth Wife F 36 Germany, Conrad Muth Son M 15 Illinois, United States

1900: See above

1910: Bronx John Muth Head M 42 New York, marriage 2, 4 years, broker real estate, Meta Muth Wife F 29 Germany, marriage 1 a child 1 living, John C Muth Son M 8 New York, Dorothy Muth Daughter F 2 New York

1920: John Muth Head M 52 New York Meta Muth Wife F 40 Germany John Muth Jr. Son M 18 New York, clerk insurance, Dorothy Muth Daughter F 12 New York and several lodgers

1930 John Senior and Meta in Bogota, Bergen New Jersey.

John Muth Junior born c 1901: - John Muth Birth 24 Apr 1901 Manhattan Father's Name: John Father's Birthplace: New York Father's Age: 33 Mother's Name: Kate Kessel Muht Mother's Birthplace: New York Mother's Age: 33

Married Bertha Dahms 1922 - died NJ 1972

1930: Brooklyn, John Muth 29, bank clerk, Bertha Muth 28 John Muth 4

1940: Bronx, John Muth 39, bank clerk, Bertha Muth 39, John Muth 14

John Muth SSN: 105-12-0994 Last Residence: 08050 Manahawkin, Ocean, New Jersey, USA BORN: 24 Apr 1901 Died: Jan 1972 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

Necke ⚰

City record: Necke, DEAD Theresa, age 10, 504 E 16th street.

Theresa was the daughter of Otto Necke, cigar box maker, and Minna (Minnie or Wilhelmina) Weber. Minnie Weber Necke died in 1907 age 41. By 1917 Louis Necke, the oldest son of Otto and Minna, declared himself the support of his 13 year old sister. This would have been Alice born 1904. It inidcates that Otto was either dead or not capable of supporting Alice.

1890: Otto Necke 14 Jun 1890 28 Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Saale

1890: Minnie Necke age 25 and Elsa age 3 29 Aug 1890 Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Lahn

1892: Ottillia Theresa Minna Necke daughter of Minna Weber and Otto Necke 07, Sept 1892.

1905: 504 E 16th street Otto C Necke 43 (cannot read occupation) Minnie C Necke 40, Louis Necke 14, Minnie Necke 12, Alice Necke 1

1907: Death of Minnie Necke

1910: E 15th street, Otto Necke 48, marriage 2, cigar box factory, Louis Necke 19, Minnie Necke 17, Ellas Necke 6

1920: Louis Necke son of Otto and Minna married Rose Helen Konig June 9

1917: Louis Wm Necke born Nov 28, 1890 book binder, singel support of 13 year old sister.

Tombstone: Elsie Necke 30 Dec 1883, died 20 June 1902, Daisey Necke 6 July 1894 died Jun 15, 1904 Minna Necke born 1865 died 1907 (Find a Grave)

NYC Death Index: Theresa not listed under Necke. No death listed under Necke for 1904. Caroline M age 41, Jan 30, 1905 #3719 Manhattan. No listing for Otto. Rose Necke died age 32 in 1931 Bronx #2850.

Howie Weber wrote in April 2017 that the death is listed under:

Necker, Daisy, age 11, June 15, 1904 Bronx #3195
Howie says: "Otto Necke was my grandfather Louis Weber's godfather." Howie thinks it is possible that Minnie Weber

Records from All Faith Cemetery 6729 Metropolitan Ave provided by Howie Weber, April 2017

Lot listing 11384 1/2 Map 3A.

First Name - Last Name - Burial Date - location -
  1. TILLIE KURSCHKOFF 11/11/1899 11385 1/2 - 3/A (OTTO & MINNIE's child)
  2. NECKER 5/27/1900 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  3. HEDRICK NECKA 7/20/1901 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  4. ELSIE NECKE 6/22/1902 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  5. DAISY NECKER 6/19/1904 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  6. CAROLINE NECKE 2/1/1907 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  7. ROSE NECKE 3/21/1931 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  8. HAROLD URSON 6/25/1953 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  9. IRENE NECKE 2/17/1964 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  10. OTTILIA URSON 10/2/1978 11385 1/2 - 3/A
  11. ALICE aka GERTRUDE NECKE 3/25/1987 11385 1/2 - 3/A

Niebuhr ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Niebhuhr 400 5th street Elizabeth age 9 dead, Wilhelmina age 7 missing, Meta age 38 missing

Meta✟ Niebhur was wife of Herman, confectioner. They had: Elizabeth✟ c 1893, Whilhelmina✟ c 1895. Meta and the two girls died in the Slocum.

Herman traveled to Europe in 1905. In 1907 he remarried. He had three stepdaughters from his second marriage.

He was still alive in 1940.

Find a Grave (Note: I believe that the info on Herman Nieburh is incorrect as listed on Find a Grave. I believe he was born circa 1862/1864. This is based on his age in censuses and at the birth of his two daughters, Johanna Wilhelmina (Minnie) and Beta Elise (Elizabeth) as listed by LDS.)

1893: Niebuhr Hermann 23 1/2 Av B to A Niebuhr Confectionary fixtures $1,500

1895: Marriage Meta Feldhusen (per birth of children as listed by LSDS)

1903: Meta Niebuhr traveled to Germany with her daughters, Lisie age 6 and Minnie age 9 and returned to New York from Bremen on the Grosser Kurfurst 9 Sep 1903.

Mata's maiden name was Feldhuson according to the birth of Elise 23 Ave B 10 Feb 1895 and Wilhelmina 09 Apr 1897. Both birth records indicate a birth year for Hermann circa 1864.

Herman Niebuhr was listed in the 1903 city directory at 23 Ave. B under confectioners.

1905: Trip to Europe, Herman Niebuhr Arrival Date: 5 Apr 1905 Age 40, widow, baker, USA from Bremen to New York, New York on the Grosser Kurfurst 5 Apr 1905

1907: Marriage, Nov 26, 1906 Hermann Niebuhr to Anna Meyer Manhattan #30714

Herman Niebuhr Herman Niebuhr to Anna Toder Meyer 26 Nov 1907 Manhattan, New York, New York Father Henry Niebuhr Mother Katharine Henschen Spouse's Father Henry Toder Spouse's Mother Anna Reinke (LDS)

1915: Broadway Manhattan Herman Niebuhr 50, confectioner, Anna Niebuhr* 45, Emma "Niebuhr"* 21, daughter Lillian "Niebuhr"* 18, daughter Frieda Niebuhr* "11", daughter

*They were actually the daughters of Hermann's second wife. See 1920 census.

1920: Brooklyn Hemlock street, Herman "Niehehr" 58, born Hanover, laborer, milk drug, Anna "Niehehr" 49, Emma Meyer 25, Lillian Meyer 23, Freida Meyer 15

1925: Hemlock ave, Herman Niebuhr 60, alien, wrapper in (maybe laundry), Anna Niebuhr 51, alien, Lillie M "Meyer" 26, daughter, stenographer, Freda "Meyer" 20, daughter, steno typist

1940: Hemlock street Brooklyn, own $3,000, Anna Niebur 69 Herman Niebur 79, no occupation,

Death of Herman Niebuhr After 1940.


Herman C Niebuhr Birth Year: abt 1860 Age: 82 Death Date: 13 Dec 1942 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 23567

Noll ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: 400 5th street, Noll, Theodore age 5 dead, Catherine age 40 dead, Catherine, age 11 missing

Henry and Catherine✟ Noll had Catherine✟ and Theodore✟.

1891 Marriage: Henry Noll to Catharine Stein Bandel 01 Mar 1891 Manhattan, Father William Noll Mother Catharine Wach Spouse's Father Heinrich Stein Spouse's Mother Catharine Bachmann

1904: Theodore Noll 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 5 Burial Date: 20 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Henry Noll Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Catharine Stein Mother's Birthplace: Germany (LDS)

Novotney/Novotni ⚰

City Record: Novotny, 190 3rd street, Louis 18 dead

Louis✟ Novotny was the eldest son of Joseph and Mary Novotny born in Bohemia. They had two other children Mary born c 1885 and Joseph jr born 1892.

1900: 189 rear, 3rd street, Joseph Novotni 40, locksmith, Mary Novotni 31, married 16 years, 3 children 3 living, Anna Novotni 15 Joseph Novotni 8, April 1892, New york, Louis Novotni 13, son - all born Bohemia except Joseph jr., immigrated 1891

1917: Joseph Novotny 1447 First ave., born apirl 15, 1892, in NYC, mechanic, support of wife and mother. Doing "gove." work.

Ochse ⚰ ⚰

City record: 50 St. Mark's Place, Ochse Caroline age 15 (died June 15, 1904 Lebanon hospital), Edward F age 11, dead

Caroline✟ and Edward✟ Ochse were the children of Frederick Ochse, stable keeper, and his wife Katie. In 1900 Katie Oschse said she had had 5 children of which two were still living. Fredrick and Katie Ochse had two more children Catherine in March 1904 and Elizabeth in Jan 1906. By 1915 they were living in Brooklyn. Frederick Ochse died in 1926. Katherine Ochse died in 1930.

1887 Marriage: Marriage - Frederick Ochse marriage: 11 September 1887 Manhattan, New York, New York, father: Johann Ochse, mother: Maria Walde, spouse: Wilhelmina Catherine Druckenmuller, other: Heinrick Druckenmuller, Catharine Strack

1900: 314 5th street, Frederick Ochse 38, stable keeper, Katie Ochse 35, 5 children 2 living, Carrie Ochse 11, Edward Ochse 6, Kate Blume 20 domestic

1904: OCHS, CARRIED age 15 was originally listed by the NY Times in Lebanon hospital with a fractured skull.

Birth of Children 1904 and after:

  1. Catherine - Katie Wilhelmina Ochse Birth 24 Mar 1904 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Father Frederick Ochse Age: 42 Mother Katie Wilhelmina Druckemmiller Age: 39 (LDS)

  2. Elizabeth Ochse Birth 04 Jan 1906 Manhattan Father Frederick Ochse Age: 43 Mother Catharine Druckarmiller Age: 40

1908: In January 1908 Marie Ocshe divided her property "among Frederick Ocshe, Catherien Volkmer, John Ocshe, Marie Peter, children of her deceased husband, John Ocshe by a former wife, and her children, Elizabeth, Anna, William and Susie Ocshe .... Frederick Ocshe and Elizabeth Ocshe executors.

1908: Property transfers Ocshe, Frederick to Anna C Ocshe Hester street, also to Susan Hahn, Hester street, and to Marie Peter, Hester street n w corer Bayard st.

1915: Brooklyn, Frederick Ochse 52, Catherine W Ochse 49, Catherine W Ochse 11, Elizabeth Ochse 9, Marie S Burns 34, Louise S Gruber 22

1918: Fredrick Ocshe turned his barn at 482 484 Sterling Place near Washington ave. into a garage. He sold at auction: 24 good work horses, 1 driving horse, a piepald pony, several carts, trucks, and wagons as well as harnesses, blankets and stable utensils.

1920: Brooklyn , mortgage on home, Frederick Ochse 57, manager stable, own account, Catherine Ochse 55 Catherine W Ochse 15 Elizabeth M Ochse 13 Grace Brasler 70, servant, Mary Hancock 56, governess, Elizabeth Schliermacher 72, roomer

1923: A 6 year old boy was playing baseball in the street when he was run down by an automobile owned by Fred " Ochase" of 419 Stelimg place. They boy suffered contusions of both legs and was taken home.

1925: Brooklyn, Fred Ochse 62 Catherine Ochse 60 Catherine Ochse 21 Elizabeth Ochse 19

1926: Frederick Ochse Death 12 May 1926 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Age: 64 Married Occupation: Garage Owner Birth Date: 07 Apr 1862 Birthplace: New York Burial Date: 15 May 1926 Cemetery: Lutheran Cemetery Father's Name: John Ochse Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Marie Fleihman Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1926: DEATHS - OCSHE on Wednesday May 12, Frederick Ocshe beloved husband of Katherine father of Catherine and Elizabeth - survived by two brothers, and five sisters - member of Epiphany Lutheran, Charity Lodge, and other organization, home 419 Sterling place

1930 Death: Katherine W. Ochse birth: 1865 New York, death: 6 October 1930 Brooklyn, burial: 9 October 1930 Brooklyn, father: Henry Dackenmuller, mother: Caroline Strack (LDS)

1930: Death Notice: Ocshe On Monday Katherine W. Ocshe (nee Druckenmuller) beloved wife of Frederick Ocshe and devoted mother of Catherine and Elizabeth. 419 Sterling place, Brooklyn.

1930: Sterling place, Katherine W Ochse 65, no occupation, Katherine W Ochse 26, no occupation, Elizabeth M Ochse 24, auditing bank, Mary Hancock 60, housekeeper,

1932: ????? Eliz M Ochse Kings #1395 groom, Anthony Zorcone Jan 28, 1932 (NYC Brides index).

Oehler ⚰ ⚰

City record: 510 6th ave, Fredericke L age 14, dead, Anna M age 53 dead

Anna✟ Oehler was the wife of Henry, machinist. By 1900 Anna and Henry had already lost three children. Anna and her youngest child, Freida✟, died in the Sloucm. Henry Oehler died in 1913.

1880: Clinton street, Henry Oehler 31, born Wert., working in -- factory, Mary Oehler 29, Daniel Oehler 7, Christopher Oehler 5, Henry Oehler 3

1900: 510 6th ave, Henry Oehler 51, machinist, Anna Maria Oehler 49, 9 children, 6 living Christ Oehler 25, leather worker, Henry Oehler 23, driver, Katie Oehler 18, stenographer, Charles F Oehler 11, Frieda G Oehler 9,

1905: 510 6th street, Henry Oehler 58, electrician, Henry Oehler 26, elevator man, Catherine Oehler 23, stenographer, Charles Oehler 17, coffee clerk

1913: Henry Oehler Birth Year: abt 1849 Age: 64 Death Date: 30 Oct 1913 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 6282

Oellrich ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 611 Marcy ave, Brooklyn, Anna age 34 dead, Helen 19 months dead, Elizabeth age 4 missing, Fredrick age 6 missing, Wilhelmina age 4 missing, Henry age 12 to Lebanon hospital.

The Oellrich family lived above their grocery store on Willoughby and March avenues.

The family went on the Slocum excursion at the invitation of Mrs. Oellrich's sister, Anna Sackmann. William Oellrich did not go at the last minute because he was called for jury duty. The Oellich family of 611 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn had three members listed as missing: Minnie✟ age, 4, Lizzie✟ age 3, and Fred✟ age 6.

Helen✟ age 9 months, Anna✟ age 35, were listed as dead. Son, Henry age 11, was listed as injured. His father found him in a hospital suffering from minor burns. Henry had been playing with some boys his own age on the upper deck and had left his mother and the other in the cabin downstairs. When the fire started he tried to get back to them but could not manage it due to the crowds. A man was yelling that everyone who could swim should jump overboard. So he did. He was picked up by a row boat.

Henry Oellrich died in 1918 of pneumonia following the flu.

1918: Henry N Oellrich Birth Date: 24 Aug 1892 Death Date: 31 Dec 1918 Cemetery: Glen Cove Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Sullivan County, New York, USA Father: William Oellrich Mother: Anna Oellrich

Find a Grave: Birth: Aug. 24, 1892 Death: Dec. 31, 1918

William Oellrich married Marie Marchhausen Feb 26, 1905 #2054 Kings.

Children of William Oellrich and Marie Marchhausen:

  1. Martha H Oellrich Arlt (1908 - 1999)

  2. Emil W. Oellrich (1910 - 1997)

  3. Frieda Lucy Oellrich Anderson (1912 - 1998)

  4. Anna M Oellrich (1914 - 1991) (Find a Grave)

  5. Herbert (1920 Census)

Death: William Oellrich died in 1946 (per Find a Grave).

Henry Oellich age 11, 519 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn was listed in Lebanon Hospitial by the NY Times June 16.

Others who went on the excursion with them were Anna's sister Mrs. Sackmann and her children. Anna Sackmann 14 of 341 Rivington steet was listed as uninjured.

Margaret Sackmann age 40 of 341 Rivington street died as did her son Herman age 7. Margaret Sackman age 9 of 341 Rivington street was missing.

1900: William Oelluch 39, grocer, Annie Oelluch 27, 4 children 4 living, Henry Oelluch 7, August 1892, born New York, George Oelluch 3, Fredrick Oelluch 1, Fredricka Oelluch 8/12, Adolph Schalck 23, servant

1905: William H Oellrich 44, grocer, Maria Oellrich 30, wife, Henry D Oellrich 12, son, Adolph Mehren 16, boarder

1910: Tusten Sullivan co., William Oellrich 49, marriage 2 4 years, farmer, Marie Oellrich 35, 2 children 1 living Martha Oellrich 1 "George" Oellrich 13 1915: William Oellrich 54 Marie Oellrich 40 Martha H Oellrich 7 Emil W Oellrich 6 Freda L Oellrich 3 Anna M Oellrich 7/12

1917: Henry Nicolas Oellrich Aug 24, 1892, Brooklyn, testing -- of med chemicals Merck Rahway, NJ., single, varicocele - [A varicocele is a varicose vein of the testicle and scrotum that may cause pain and lead to testicular atrophy]

1920: Tusten, Sullivan, New York William Oellrich 58 Marica Oellrich 45 Martha H Oellrich 11 Emil W Oellrich 9 Freda L Oellrich 7 Anna M Oellrich 5 Herbert F Oellrich 3 [3 2/12]

More on the Death of Henry Oellrich in 1918:

Parents: William Oellrich (1861 - 1946) Anna Oellrich (1870 - 1904)

Siblings: Henry N Oellrich (1892 - 1918) Frederick C. Oellrich (1898 - 1904) Anne Wilhelmina Oellrich (1899 - 1904) Elizabeth Oellrich (1901 - 1904) Helen Magdalene Oellrich (1902 - 1904) Martha H Oellrich Arlt (1908 - 1999) Emil W. Oellrich (1910 - 1997) Frieda Lucy Oellrich Anderson (1912 - 1998) Anna M Oellrich (1914 - 1991)

Obit: Slocum Survibor Died This Week - Sunday Jan 5, 1919

The funeral of Henry Oelrich who died in Rahway, N. J. of pneumonia following an attack of influenza, was held here Sunday afternoon at the home of his parents. He is survived by his father, stepmother, several brothers and sisters. He was a chemist at the place where he died.

At the Slocum disaster, June 15, 1904, he lost his mother and although of tender years managed to save himself by jumping into the water and clinging to some wreckage until succored.

1998: Frieda Lucy Oellrich Anderson the daughter of William Oellrich and his second wife Marie Marchhausen according to her obit was born in Narrowsburg in 1912. She died in 1998 at age 85.


MARTHA H. ARLT NARROWSBURG - Martha H. Arlt of Narrowsburg, a housewife and lifelong area resident, died Thursday, January 14 [1999] at Mid Valley Hospital in Peckville, PA. Daughter of William Oellrich and Marie Marschhaussen Oellrich, she was born November 10, 1908, in Narrowsburg. She was the widow of Rudy Arlt. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Honesdale, PA; the Tusten Senior Citizens; and the Sullivan County Farm Bureau. Survivors include a niece, Gladys Moore of Plainview. She was predeceased by two sisters, Anna Warfield and Frieda Anderson; and by two brothers, Emil (Deacon) Oellrich and George Oellrich. Cremation took place at Maple Hill at Salem Crematory in Archbald, PA.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle 16 June 1904

"Five Members of the Oellrich Family of Brooklyn Lost in the Disaster

The Father, William Oellrich survives as does the boy Henry age 11 shown standing in picture. The mother, Annie, and the two little ones in the picture are missing as well as two other children."

Oettinger ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 91 7th street - Andrew age 7 dead, Charles age 15 dead, Emma age 15 dead, Kate age 38 dead Arthur age 5 missing, William age 13 injured sent to Harlem hospital

Note: Arther and Andrew were twins born in 1898 so they both should have been listed as age 6. I believe William was born in 1896 so his age should have been closer to 8, rather than 13. The 1900 census suggests Sept 1896. Yet other censuses suggest a birth year closer to 1891. No WWI draft registration for William O[e]ttinger born in 1896.

Fred Keeler age 14, who lived with his aunt, went on the excursion alone. Fred was a friend of Willie Oettinger. Willie was on the excursion with his mother, three sisters and three little brothers. At first the lemonade man told Fred and willie there was a small fire in the engine room but there was no danger. A little later an office of the ship came by and told them again that there was no danger. Then black smoke poured out. Fred managed to get a life preserver amid the terrible rush to secure one. Many people climbed over the railings and hung on hoping to be rescued before the fire spread too far. Fred escaped the flames and jumped on a big yellow tug along with a lot of other people. The were taken to North Brother's Island. Many people were badly burned. Many babies were separated from their mothers.

Apparently Kate✟ Oettinger succeeded in getting life preservers for her all her family, except William who said he could swim. The life perservers were all rotten. Kate and her children sank and drowned. Only William survived.

The NY Times listed William Oettinger age "18" 91 7th street Harlem Hospital "submersion".

The Oettingers had 8 children by 1900: Tillie (1882), Annie (1884), Kate✟ (1886) Emma✟ (1888), Charles✟ (1890), William September 1896, Andrew✟ (1898) and Arthur✟ (1898). Tillie, Annie and Kate and their father, Andrew, do not appear to have been on the excursion. Of the six members of the family who were on the Slocum only William survived the debacle.

William married Margaret Collins in 1914. They had a family. Andrew Oettinger died 26 June 1904.

1886: Kathie to Andreas Oettinger and Katie Wurth 12 October 1888

1888 Ema Oettinger daughter of Andrew Oettinger, and Catherine "Worth" 3 September 1888.

1900: 116 7th street, Andrew Ottinger 41, street cleaner, Katie Ottinger 35, 8 children 8 living, Tillie Ottinger 18, novelties, Annie Ottinger 16, novelties, Katie Ottinger 14, Emma Ottinger 12, Charles Ottinger 10, William Ottinger 4, Sept 1896 Andrew Ottinger 2, Arthur Ottinger 1/12

1904: Oettinger Andrew age 7, June 15, 1904, #3764 Bronx. His is the only June 15, 1904 death for "Oettinger" listed in the Bronx.

1904: Andrew Oettinger Birth Year: abt 1856 Age: 48 Death Date: 26 Jun 1904 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 23096

Andrew Oettinger Death Date: 26 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Ridgewood, Queens County, New York, USA Spouse: Katharina Oettinger Children: Andrew Oettinger Arthur Oettinger Charles Oettinger Emma Oettinger (find a Grave)

1904: Charles "Ottinger" of 91 E 7th street and his "two grown daughter", Lillian and Kate, stood in line for hours and hours waiting their turn at the coffins in search of Kate Oettinger age 38, and her children: Charles and Emma 16 year old twins and Andrew and Arthur twins age 7 years. The found all five bodies in coffins on the piers. The only solace for the three remaining family members was that the bodies of their loved ones "were not disfigured".

1904: New Yorks Awful Excursion Boat Horror:

"Andrew Ottinger stood before his home and kept watch for his wife and two little ones, who, he had been assured by his friends, had certainly lost their lives with the burning and sinking of the steamer. But Ottinger kept hoping against hope. Two others of his children, Charley and Emma, twins, fifteen years old, were lying at the morgue dead, and of the mother and five children who set out in the morning to enjoy the excursion only Willie, the thirteen-year-old son, came limping in late at night from the hospital, badly burned.

Willie Ottinger said that when the steamer caught fire he was with his mother and his two younger brothers, Andrew, seven years old, and Arthur, five years old, on the lower deck.

"We saw the boat was going to burn up," said the small survivor, "when mamma grabs a life preserver and wants to tie it around me, but I told her I could swim and to hurry and put it on one of my brothers. With that she said something like a prayer and then pushed me into the water.

"I kept swimmin' around awhile, and saw mother fixin' the life preserver about the little boys, and after a long time I was picked up by some men on a tugboat. The first thing I did I looked over to the Slocum and saw one of my little brothers bein' led along by the hand by the captain of the boat. Then I don't remember nothin' else until I finds myself in the hospital."

The bodies of Emma and Charley Ottinger were found in the water. The girl was clasped in the arms of a schoolmate."

1905 : Lillian Oettinger married Ernest Mortimer Phelps real estate broker, father Andrew Oettinger mother Catherine "Muthert", 21 Feb. 1905

1908: Marriage Anna Beatrice Oettinger 22 February 1908 Bronx, New York father: Andrew Oettinger mother: Catharine "Mussrot" spouse: Walter Tracy Mckane other: Bernard Tracy Mckane, Sarah Elizabeth Betts

1914: Marriage, William Oettinger 25 Nov 1914 Manhattan Age: 23 Single Father Andrew Mother Catherine "Moeller", Spouse Margaret Collins Age: 20 Single White Spouse's Father's Name: George Spouse's Mother's Name: Margaret Bunderich

1915: E 92 street, Collins, Margaret, 45 born Germany, Frank son age 23, George son age 19, William son age 15, Oettinger, William age 24, chauffer, Margaret age 22 daughter

1917: William Lorrain Oettinger, December 5, 1890, 104 E 177th street chauffer, postal transfer company, private coastal defense 8 months, married, wife

Service 1043 177th street, New York inducted September 23, 1917. Served overseas Jan 15 1918 to Sept 28, 1918, severely wounded about August 11, 1918.

1920: 177th street, Walter Mckane 41, bookkeeper, tobacco co., Anna B Mckane 34, Grace Mckane 18, stenographer, Ruth Mckane 9, William L Oettinger 29, brother in law, dispatcher,

Find a Grave

Ohl ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City record: 340 E 9th street, Carl age 9 dead, Emily age 11 dead - Elizabeth, 36, uninjured

Charles Ohl and Elizabeth Ludwig had Emily✟, Carl✟ and Edwin by 1903. Emily and Carl died in the Slocum. Edwin was not mentioned in the Slocum report.

Elizabeth Olh survived but was hysterical at the loss of her children.

Edwin Ohl married and had a family.

Although young enough to have more children Elizabeth Ohl did not.

Charles Ohl died in 1925. Elizabeth Ohl was listed in the 1931 city directory at 307 E 9th street Manhattan.

1892: Marriage - Charles Ohl Elisabeth Ludwig 12 Jun 1892 Manhattan, Father's Name: Johann Ludwig Ohl Mother's Name: Susanna Fauerbach Spouse's Father's Name: Gustav Spouse's Mother's Name: Amalie Wollman (LDS)

1894: Charles Ohl 09 Dec 1894 Manhattan, Father Charles Ohl Mother Elisabeth Ludwig Ohl (LDS)

1900: 158 1st ave., Charles Ohl 33, plumber, Elizbet Ohl 32, 2 children 2 living, Amalie Ohl 7, Charles Ohl 4

1903: Edwin Charles Ohls March 3, 1903

1910: E 9th street, 313, Charles Ohl 44, plumber, Elizabeth Ohl 40, 1 child 1 living, Edwin Ohl 7 Leon Schweiss 43, boarder

1920: E 9th street, 307, Charles Ohl 53, plumber shop, Elizabeth Ohl 50, Etwine Ohl 17, tool maker, Emily Lutwick 78, mother in law

1925: Charles Ohl Death 07 Feb 1925 Manhattan, Age: 58 Married Occupation: Plumber Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 09 Feb 1925 Father's Name: Louis Ohl Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Susan Fannbach Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1925: E 9th street, Elizabeth Ohl 55, Edwin Ohl 22, toolmaker, Amelia Suding 87, lodger

1929: Marriage - Edwin Charles Ohl birth: 1903 New York City marriage: 25 May 1929 Manhattan father: Charles mother: Elizabeth Ludwig spouse: Antonia A. Zalen other: Rudolph, Carrie Rfaad

1930: Queens, renting, Edwin Ohl 27, die maker, Antonia Ohl 24

1931: Elizabeth Ohl 1931 307 E 9 Manhattan, New York, USA Publication Title: Manhattan, New York, City Directory, 1931

1940: own $4,500, Edwin Ohl 37, toolmaker, Antonia Ohl 34, Nelson Ohl 3

Death of Edwin Ohl: Edwin C Ohl United States Social Security Death Index birth: 3 March 1903 death: 4 May 1993 Greene, New York

Osborne ⚰

City record: Osborn 303 W 12th street, Mamie age 13 DEAD

According to find a grave and LDS Mamie✟ was the daughter of Charles Osborne and Hattie Barton. Mamie was buried in Calvary Cemetery. This suggests that the family was Catholic.

Mamie was born circa 1891.

Charles Osborn and Harriet Barton went on to have at least 5 more children after 1904.

An unnamed daughter was born May 3 1904 and was only 2 months old at the time of the Slocum.

1904: Manhattan birth, Unnamed female child of Charles Osborne age 35, and Hattie Barton age 30, May 3, 1904 (LDS)

1906: Unnamed female child of Hattie J. Barton, age "22" and Charles "Osborn" age 37, born Aug 30, 1906 in Brooklyn per LDS.

1907 Edgar Thomas Osborne Manhattan November 2, 1907, father charles Osborn mother Harriet "Borton" (LDS)

1920: Stony Point, Rock land co., New York, Charles J Osborne 49, stone quarry, Hattie J Osborne 43, Ethel H Osborne 17, Marie M Osborne 12, Edgar W Osborne 11, Albert J Osborne 8, Lucia G Osborne 3

Ethel Osborn daughter of Charles Osborne and Hattie Barton born May 2, 1906 New york, married Harold S,. Smith in 1943 in Wayne Indiana.

Osmers ⚰ ☁ ☀

City record:

  1. 402 E 83rd street, Mary age 55 injured to Lincoln Hospital - Otto age 17 taken home

  2. Mildred Osmers age 5 of 49 E 88th street perished. Mildred was Mary Osmer granddaughter.

Mildred✟ was the daughter of Frank Osmers, jeweler, and his wife Emma. She was their only child in 1904. By 1910 they did have two children living: Eleanor born circa 1906 and Frank jr born circa a 1908.

Otto Osmers was the son of Otto, painter and his wife, Marie. They had four children living in 1900 which included: Frank, Vilmer, Bertha and Otto.They all married and had families.

Marie Osmers died in 1939. Frank, Wilma, Bertha and Otto were all still alive at the time.

1897: Frank C Osmers Gender: Male Marriage Date: 14 Oct 1897 Manhattan, Spouse: Emma E Reinherr Certificate Number: 15546

1900: 168 1st ave., Otto Osmers 51, painter, Marie Osmers 51, 6 children 4 living, Vilmer Osmers 20, type setter, Bertha Osmers 18, type writer, Otto Osmers 12

1900: E 116th street, Frank Osmers 27, jeweler, Emma Osmers 27, 1 child 1 living, Mildred Osmers 2

1901: Frank C. Osmers born March 6, 1873 Germany immigrated Sept 10, 1883 jeweler naturalized July 1, 1901

1904: OSMERS, Mary, 402 E 83rd street, (no age), burns to head, arms, and face in Lincoln hospital.

1905: 83rd street, Otto Osmer 63 Mary Osmer 56 Otto Osmer 17

1906: Otto Osmers "who lost his mother and cousin testified that the whole promenade deck was covered with granulated cork before the Slocum was beached."

1910: Haworth Bergen New Jersey, Frank C Osmers 37, manufacturing jewelry, Emma E Osmers 37, 4 children 2 living, Eleanor L Osmers 4, Frank C Osmers Jr 2, George W Williamson 76, boarder, Maguerite M Excoffier 17, servant

1910: E 83rd street, Otto W A Osmers 68, printer shop, Marie Osmers 61, 6 children 4 living Otto P Osmers 22, salesman comercial

1910: Otto Osmers Death 2 October 1910

1912: Otto P Osmers Marriage Date: 28 Apr 1912 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Louise A Werner Certificate Number: 3767

1915: Bronx John Seitz 43 Bertha Seitz 33 Frank Seitz 11 August Seitz 9 Marie Osmers 63, mother in law

1915: Brooklyn, Julius C Weiner 57, Louise A Osmers 30, daughter, Otts P Osmers 28, son in law, Anna M Osmers 4/12, Carl F Weiner 26, Darey Weiner 28

1917: Otto P Osmers born 12 Oct 1887, 7604 5th ave Brooklyn, bookkeeper, wife and two children.

1920:7609 5th Ave Brooklyn, 2 family, Otto P Osmers 31, book keeper, Louise A Osmers 34, Anna M Osmers 4 11/12 , Lenard C Osmers 3 6/12, Cecile A Osmers 1 6/12, Charles F Herner 30, brother in law, collector publishing house, Daisy A Herner 33, sister in law, sales person music store

1920: Haworth, Bergen, New Jersey, Frank C Osmers 46, Manufacturing Jeweler Emma E Osmers 43, Elinor L Osmers 13, Frank C Osmers 12

1930: 73rd street, renting, Otto P Osmers 42, investigator furniture store, Louise A Osmers 45, Anna Osmers 15, Gerald Osmers 13, Cecelia Osmers 11, Robert Osmers 8, Mary Osmers 6, Alexander Swan, 71, boarder Astra Larsen 25, boarder, Frank Rodriguez 27, Anna Rodriguez 20

1930: West New York, New Jersey, Wilma Hackenberg 51, widowed, Marie Osmers 81, mother, widowed, John Witmer 51, boarder

1932: Franck C. Osmers was a member of the Slocum survivors association committee.

1939: Mrs Marie B Osmers of Park Ridge New Jersey, October 25, grandmother of Representative Frank C. Osmers Jr. died in Meyer's Sanitarium age 90. She was survived by two sons and two daughters: Frank C. Osmers Sr., former Mayor of Haworth, Otto Osmers of Brooklyn, Mrs. Wilma Hackenberg and Mrs Bertha Seitz both of West Norwood, N. J. and several grandchildren. (NY Times)

1940: 79th street, Brooklyn, Otto Osmers 52, credit investigator, Louise Osmers 55, Annie Osmers 25, Gerard Osmers 24, Cecelia Osmers 22, Robert Osmers 18, Mary Osmers 16

1940: Haworth, Bergen, New Jersey Frank C Osmers 36, congressman, Frank C Osmers 67, executive jewelry business, Emma E Osmers 65

1942 WWII Draft Registration. Otto Paul Osmers Born 12 Oct 1887 New York City residence Kings, New York, USA

Frank c Osmers Jr.

Tom Osmers

Pauli ⚰ ⚰

City record: 26 ave A., Pauli, Elsie W. A. age 13 dead, "Wilhelmina L. C"*, age 20 dead

*Listed on tombstone as Louise Katie Pauli.

Elsie✟ and "Wilhelmina"✟ were the youngest two daughters of William Pauli and Terese Schmidt.

Based on the census by 1900 the Paulis had already lost two children. Teresa Pauli died in August 1900. The Pauli's daughter Anna married Frank J Phillips in 1903. Daughter Theresa died in October 1904. William Pauli died in 1909.

1880: Marriage - William Pauly birth: 1854 Mainz in, Hessen marriage: 19 January 1880 Manhattan father: William mother: Anna Finherich spouse: Therese Schmidt other: Georg, Franziska Muller

1900: 132 St. Marks Place, William Pauli 45, milliner, Theresa Pauli 40, 6 children 4 living, Annie Pauli 18, Theresa Pauli 17, Katie Pauli 16, Elsie Pauli 9, Charles Tanzer 26, boarder, Ernst Kilian 61, boarder

1900: Death Teresa Pauli age 41, Aug 6 1900.

1903: Frank J. A. Phillipp married Anna Pauli 27 Sep 1903 Manhattan Father Eduard Phillipp Mother Balbrua Wettsteim Spouse's Father William Pauli Spouse's Mother Theresa Smith

1904: Elsie and " Louise Katie" [Wilhelmina] died in the Slocum. 1904: Teresa Annie Pauli [Tessie] born June 25, 1882 died October 27 1904. Find a Grave states it was due to injuries sustained in the Slocum. But Teresa was not listed on the 1904 city record. Not listed NYC DEath index under Pauli.

1904: "Paul", Elsie age 3 y Jue 15, 1904, "Paul" Katie age 20 years June 15, 1904. Paul, Teresa age 22, October 17, 1904 #20926 Kings.

1904: Tombstone Louise Katie Pauli born Mar 19, 1884 and ---- Elsie W. A. Pauli born 30 May 1891 died 15 June 1904 - General slocume. Teresa Annie Pauli born June 25, 1882 died Oct 27, 1904

Tombstone: Marie Terese Pauli geb Schmidt Oct 15, 1858 died Aug 6 1900 and William Herman Pauli born July 29, 1854 died Nov 25, 1909 (Find a Grave)

1909: Death of William Pauli

1910: Brooklyn, Frank J A Phillipp 32, post office, Anna S Phillipp 29, 1 child 1 living, Elizabeth B Phillipp 5, Babbina Phillipp 61, mother, widowed 1 child 1 living.

1920: Queens Frank Phillips 42, post office, Anna Phillips 39, Elizabeth Elsie Phillips 15

1930: Queens, Frank J Phillipp 52, Anna F Phillipp 49, Balbina Phillipp 81, John Reynolds 45, lodger

Perdelwitz ☁ ☀

City record: 89 E 10th street Curt age 15 to Lebanon hospital - Alvena age 43 taken home.

Alvina Perdelwitz and her husband, Alfred, a hotel keper had two sons by 1900: Hugo and Kurt. Kurt [aka Frederick W. K.] died in August 1908. Alfred died in September 1908. Hugo married and had a family. Alvina died in 1929.

1897: 21 Feb 1897 Ship Name: Persia Hamburg-Amerika Linie from Hamburg to New York Alwine Perdelwitz 37, Hugo Perdelwitz 7, Curt Perdelwitz 5

1900: Staten Island, Alfred Perdelwitz Head M 43 Germany, Hotel Keeper, Alwine Perdelwitz Wife F 41 Germany, 3 children 2 living, Hugo Perdelwitz Son M 15 Germany Kurt Perdelwitz Son M 12 Germany John Pfulg Boarder M 20 Germany, bartender, Elizabeth Janeck Servant F 17 Bohemia, servant

1900: Judgements debtor, Perdelwitz, Alfred F. to E Eisling and others $296 (NY Times)

1905: Manhattan, Alfred F Perdlwitz Head M 48y Germany, Alvina Perdlwitz Wife F 45y Germany, Hugo Perdlwitz Son M 19y Germany, Kurt Perdlwitz Son M 16y Germany, Charles Oliver Lodger M 25y United States, Jennie K Oliver Lodger F 20y United States

1905: Hugo Perdelwitz age 19 was listed as a student at the Wagner Memorial Lutheran College in Rochester, NY.

1908: Frederick W. K. Perdelwitz birth: 1889 Germany death: 3 August 1908 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States burial: 6 August 1908 father: Alfred J. Perdelwitz mother: Alwine Rickert (based on his age this was the young man also know as Kurt.)

1908: Alfred Perdelwitz Alfred Perdelwitz 11 Sep 1908 Manhattan, Age: 51 Married Occupation: clerk Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 14 Sep 1908 Burial Place: N. J. Father's Name: Adolph Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Emily Fabble Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1910: Passport application Hugo Perdelwitz BIRTH: 30 Aug 1885 - Dzialin, Germany, CIVIL: 25 Aug 1910 RESIDENCE: New York, New York

1911: Hugo Perdelwitz Departure Date: 7 Dez 1911 (7 Dec 1911) Age: 25 ledig (Single) Residence: New York Ethnicity/Nationality: USA (American) Occupation: Student Graf Waldersee Hamburg-Amerika Linie Dampfschiff Accommodation: Kajute Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: Cuxhaven; Philadelphia

1917: WWI Draft Registration Hugo Albert Perdelwitz County: Windsor State: Vermont Birthplace: Posen, Germany Birth Date: 30 Aug "1886", Universalist minister on vacation, sergeant infantry, living relative mother.

1920: 850 Park ave., Manhattan, Alfred Lawrie Head M 68 New York, no occupation, Frances Lawrie Wife F 42 New York Elwina Perdelwitz Servant, cook, F 58, widowed, Germany, immigrated 1900, Elen Rully Servant F 31 Ireland

1920: Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Hugo A Perdilwitz 32, protestant clergyman, renting, born Germany imm 1900, Alberta S Perdilwitz 36, Verne N Dimond 15, step son, Velma A Dimond 13, step son, Wendell P Dimond 8, step son

1920: Curt Willis Perdelwitz Birth 29 Feb 1920 Acton, Massachusetts Father Hugs A Perdelwitz Mother Alberta (Why wasn't he listed on the 1920 census? He married Rita Janet Sommers in 1941. He died in 2013. )

1921: Passport application, Alwine L Perdelwitz Birth 5 Sep 1859 Birth Schoenlanke, Germany Age: 62 Passport Issue Date: 12 Sep 1921 Residence: New York City, New York Spouse Name: Alfred F Perdelwitz he immigrated from Hamburg, Germany October 1890. died 1908. He was naturalized Southern District New York in 1896. Temporary residence of Alwine Calais Maine. Reason for trip to visit relatives.

1922: Alwine Perdelwitz Arrival 13 May 1922 Age: 75 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: America to Rev. H. Perdelwitz, Calais, Maine


Calais. - Rev. Hugo A. Perdelwitz begins his third year in this parish. Since coming to Calais Mr. Perdelwitz has seen a steady improvement. The salary has been raised from $1,200 to $1,800, $1,100 has been laid out on the parsonage and a new furnace costing $350 is now being installed. The church attendance has trebled while the Sunday afternoon lectures draw a congregation of nearly two hundred. The Calais minister is president of the ParentTeachers Association, on the Executive Committee of the Red Cross, Chamber of Commerce, and assistant coach to the high school football team. The men have a live organization which at present is carrying on an advertising campaign in the local paper and is going to provide movies for the children every Saturday morning in the church vestry.

The Universalist Leader, Volume 25, Issues 27-52

1929: Alberta P. Perdelwitz died in 1929 Woburn, Massachusetts buried Hartford Cemetery Hartford, Windsor County, Vermont, USA

1930: Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts Hugo "Perdelwit" 44, clergyman, widowed, imm 1890, age at first marriage 20, Curt Perdelwit 10,son, born Mass. Helen Perdelwit 8, "son", born Maine, Elvena Perdelwit, mother, 70, age at first marriage 19,

1930: Hugo A Perdelwitz Residence Year: 1930 Street address: Chatham rd 5t565 Residence Place: Brockton, Massachusetts, USA Occupation: Pastor Publication Title: Brockton, Massachusetts, City Directory, 1930

1931: Hugo a Perdelwitz married in Massachusetts in 1931

1933: Hugo A Perdelwitz listed as a Unitarianist minister in Brockton Mass. - wife Margaret

1942 WWII Draft registration - Hugo Perdelwitz Birth Date: 30 Aug 1885 Birth Place: Polish Province, Poland Residence: New York City, New York

1964: Hugo Perdelwitz SSN: 102-14-9870 Last Residence: New York BORN: 30 Aug 1885 Died: Jun 1964

NYC Death Index:
Perdelwitz Edgar 36 y Oct 20 1897 32113 Manhattan
Perdelwitz Frederick W 19 y Aug 3 1908 23907 Manhattan
Perdelwitz Alfred 51 y Sep 11 1908 27783 Manhattan

Alwine Perdelwitz 1921 passport photo

Peters ⚰

Find a Grave:

  1. Helen Knoeffler Peters Birth: Feb. 9, 1876, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA

    Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 28 years old, death cert # 2982 Bronx, married, lived at 121 East 12th Street.

    "I know Lillian did not die with my wife. My wife was drowned, but she looks peaceful and there is a smile on her face. She'd never have looked that way if she hadn't known the baby was safe. Maybe Lillian was lost afterwards, but when my wife died the baby was safe. Her face tells me that."- Walter Peters

    Walter Peters, 50 Avenue A. Helen Peters, 28, was issued death certificate #2982. Lillian, 1, was issued #3603, so presumably she was among the last found.

    Family links: Children: Lillian Peters (1902 - 1904)* *Calculated relationship Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

  2. Lillian Peters Birth: Dec. 2, 1902, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 1 year old, death cert # 3603 Bronx, lived at 121 E 126th Street.

    Mother Helen Knoeffler Peters (1876 - 1904)

    Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Pfeifer ⚰

City record: 937 Bedford ave Brooklyn, Lillian M age 18 dead

Lillie Frese married policeman Charles Pfeifer in 1903. She died on the Sloucm in 1904. Charles Pfeifer remarried and had a family. He died in 1940.

1900: Matilda F Pfeifer 26, stenographer, Charles J Pfeifer 25, brother, single, patrolman, Anne M Pfeifer 21 book keeper, sister

1886: birth: 1886 New York, N.Y. marriage: 17 June 1903 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States father: Ferdinand Frese mother: Meta Ahrens spouse: Charles Pfeifer other: Charles Pfeifer, Matilda Bergel

1904: Lillie Meta Pfeifer geb Frese Feb 26, 1886 died 15 June, 1904. Also on tombstone Lillie M. A, Pfiefer born Aug 6, 1906 died July 2- 1907

1915: Charles Pfeifer 42, Dora Pfeifer 31, Charles F Pfeifer 7, Alfred E Pfeifer 4, May Keefe 21

1930: 2560 Coney Island ave, Amelia Frese Head F 69 Germany, Charles Pfeifer Head M 54 New York, no occupation, Dorothea M Pfeifer Wife F 47 New York, Charles F Pfeifer Son M 22 New York, Alfred E Pfeifer Son M 19 New York

1940: Charles Pfeifer Birth Date: 17 Oct 1874 Death Date: 20 Oct 1940 Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, US (also listed Dorothea M. Pfeifer born March 30, 1883 died Jan 24, 1953

(Find a Grave)

See Frese.

In March 2016 Fred Buck wrote:
"The second wife of NYC Policeman Charles Pfeifer was the sister of his first wife, who died as a result of the fire. That's why the Freeses were living with Pfeifer's new family in 1926."
See Freese above.

Pienning/Peining/Piening ⚰

City record: Pienning 45 7th street, Dorothea age 58 dead.

Jun 17, 1904 NY Times: Oscar Piening of 45 7th street was searching for his mother, sister and sister's three children. He found the body of his mother Dora Piening, age 59. His sister, Mrs. Helen Gruening, 29 and her three children - Henry 5, Carl 3 and a nine month old baby were missing. Oscar Pineing's father, Henry, died on June 24, 1894 while on a chartered fishing trip on the tug James D Nicoll. The boat was caught in a squall off Sandy Hook and capsized. Twenty four people died, including Henry Peining. Oscar Peining was on board the tug but was saved.

1900: 7th street, Dora Piening 43, widow, 3 children 2 living, born Germany imm 1881 Oscar Piening 27, conductor RR, Helena Gurning 25, daughter, married, Henry Gurning 1, Henry Bartholdus 55, lodger, Rudolph Baetcke 48, lodger, Henry Guerniry 31, son-in-law

June 25, 1894: "Oscar" Peining was a member of the Herring Club. As a fund raiser they planned a fishing excursion on the tug James D Nicols. There were 105 ticket fo sale but it is not known exactly how many were sold. It was estimated that there were about 65 people on board - plus the crew of 12. The fishing was poor. The sea was very rough and many got seasick. Some though the tug was running too fast. The waves were washing over the boat. One large wave hit the boat and she started to sink. The whistle was blown in a call for help. There do not appear to have been any life jackets. Many just held on to the tug as long as possible - other found life boats, but the going was tough as the water was so rough. According to some accounts the boat not only held too many passengers but it also held too much beer. Oscar Peining, who was rescued, said he was on the trip with his father Henry. As the seas got rougher Oscar went to the upper deck with his father. He though the boat was top heavy and that was one reason it could not stay upright. The tug lurched to its side and Henry Peining was up to his waist in water. Oscar tied to help his father, instead he sank and when he came to the surface his father was gone. It was hard swimming with his clothes and shoes on. He was taken on the tug Richard H Sayre of the Lehigh Valley RR company which brought in 34 survivors. The boat sank about 3 miles off the Jersey Highlands. 54 people were accounted for, three of them dead. Another 24 were believed drowned. Several boats had come to the rescue having head the alarm whistle.

The James D Nichol - Mystic Seaport

City record for Gruning: Gruning - 45 7th street, Charles, 5, Helena 8 months, Henry C 6, and Helena age 29. The bodies of Charles and Helena (8 months) were "disinterred." Apparently bodies which were unidentified were buried. Even after the burial of these unidentified bodies every attempt was made to identify them. Meticulous records were kept by the city and some bodies were later identified based on clothing, jewelry, etc. When identified the bodies were disinterred.

Piening/Peining is an unusual name. There is an Oscar Peining of the right age who shows up in latter records in Nassau county (1910, 1917 WWI DR, 1930) He married but did not have any children.

Plunkett ⚰

City record: 74 7th street, Gerald Plunkett age 12, dead

In 1900 Gerald Plunkett was the only child of Edward Plunckett and Mary Rock.

1892: Joseph Plunkett Birth 09 Apr 1892 Manhattan Father Edward Francis Plunkett Mother Mary Agnes Rock Plunkett

1900: West End ave., Edward Plunkett 37, - - - foreman, Mary Plunkett 24, married 9 years, 1 child 1 living, Gerald Plunkett 8 (Edward and Mary's parents were listed as born in Ireland.)

1904: Gerald Plunket Death Bronx, New York, New York, United States Age: 12 Burial Date: 21 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Calvary Father's Name: Edward Plunket Father's Birthplace: U.S. Mother's Name: Mary Rock Mother's Birthplace: U.S.

Podzuweit ☁

City Record: Podzuweit, 682 Carroll street Brooklyn, Gus age 12 to Lincoln Hospital

See Filskow.


City Record: No 115 E. 26th street, James age -0 to Lebanon Hospital

Polnisch ⚰ ☀

City record: Olga age 14 dead - Paul age 12 uninjured - 115 E 5th street.

Paul Polnisch and his wife, Susie [Gussie], had: Olga circa 1890 and Paul in 1892. Olga✟ died in the Slocum. Paul survived. He died in 1910.

1890 Paul Polnisch cooper, age 23, wife, Susanna Polnisch, age 23, 10 Mar 1890 Hungarian Port of Departure: Hamburg, Germany and Le Havre, France Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Moravia

1892: Paul Polnisch birth: 20 August 1892 Manhattan father: Paul Polnisch mother: Gusy Horsch Polnisch

1905: E 25th street, Paul "Polinsch" Head M 36y Hungary, waiter, Susan Polinsch Wife F 38y Hungary Paul Polinsch Son M 13y United States

1910: Paul Polnisch Death 22 Aug 1910 Manhattan, New 228 East 40th Street Age: 18 Single Occupation: None Birth Year (Estimated): 1892 Birthplace: N.Y.C. Burial Date: 23 Aug 1910 Burial Place: Mt. Olivet Cemetery Father Paul Polnisch Father's Birthplace: Hungary Mother' Susan Howard Mother's Birthplace: Hungary

NYC Death Index:
Polnisch Roul 18 y Aug 22 1910 25921 Manhattan
Polnisch Olgo 14 y Jun 15 1904 2838 Bronx

Port ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 86 E 4th street, Port, Henry L age 15, dead, Paul c Jr age 12, dead - Wilhelmina age 47 to Lincoln hospital

Paul✟ Port and Henry✟ Port were the sons of Paul C. Port senior and his wife Wilhelmina. They also had a daughter Lizzie born circa 1885. The 1900 census indicated that the Ports had already lost 2 children.

Paul Port died in 1919. Wilhelmina Port died in 1922. Elizabeth [Lizzie] Port married Carl August Reese in 1908.

1900: E 4th street, Paul C Port 43, laundry business, Willenhama Port 43, 5 children 3 living, Lizzie Port 15, Henry Port 10, Paul C Port 6

Henry and Paul Port were buried in Greenwood Cemetery in 1904. As were Paul C Port senior born 1857 died 1919 and Wilhelmina born 185- died 1922. Very big impressive monument. (Find a Grave)

1905: Brooklyn, Paul Port Head M 48y United States Willeminia Port Wife F 48y Germany Elizabeth Port Daughter F 20y United States Bernadine Heinberger Sister F 45y United States

1908: Carl August Reese to Elizabeth Susannah Port 04 Jun 1908 Manhattan Father's Name: August Mother's Name: Johanna Reitimann Spouse's Father's Name: Paul Christian Spouse's Mother's Name: Wilhelmine "Dinberger" (LDS)

1910: Brooklyn, 5707 4th ave., Paul C Port 52, upholsterer furniture, Wilhelmenia Port 52, Bunhadira Leinburger 42, sister in law

1919: 5717 4th ave., Paul C Port Birth Year: abt 1858 Age: 61 Death Date: 16 Feb 1919 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 5430

1920: Wilhemina Port 62, widowed, Bernadine Laenberger 58 sister

1922: Death of Wilhelmina Port.

1885: Elisabetha Port birth: 28 April 1885 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA father: Paul Port mother: Wilhelmine Leinberger Port.

1930: Brooklyn, Charles A Reese 55, grocer, store, Elizabeth Reese 44 Charles A Reese 21, repairman telephone co., Wilma J Reese 18, student college, Paul H Reese 16 Bernhardine Leinberger 69, aunt

1908: married Carl Reese

1909: Charles August Reese 21 Feb 1909 Event Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Father's Name: Chas. A. Reese Mother's Name: Elizabeth S. Port

1944: Wilma Reese Death 22 Jan 1944 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States 352 Senator St. Age: 32 Single Occupation: Paymaster Birth Date: 29 Jan 1911 Brooklyn Burial Date: 26 Jan 1944 Cemetery: Greenwood Father Charles Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother Elizabeth Port Mother's Birthplace: NY

Portar ☁

City Record: Potar - 17 Humboldt street, Brooklyn, Joseph age 17 to Lincoln Hospital.


1908: There was a fire at 17 Humboldt street in May 1908.

The Potar family lived at this address at the time of the fire but there are conflicting reports of exactly who comprised the Potar family.

Mr. Portar "father of the Potar family, was rescued after all hope for him had been abandoned." Philip Harris, fiance of Sadie Potar, dragged family members to the fire escape in the rear and forced them to go to the parlor window where they were saved by the fire department. Sadie Portar fainted in the arms of a fire corps member and "was with difficulty revived". Other members of the Portar family included Sadie's little brother Benny.

The family of Nathan Porter and his wife Rose lived on the top floor. According to one report the family Nathan, his wife, two girls and a boy. Another report listed A. Potar and his wife and aged mother.

"Potar with his wife and mother, had a seemingly miraculous escape from death when the General Slocum was destroyed, and since then they have been in other perilous plights. They were clothed by neighbors and hurried away to the home of relatives." (The New York Herald"
Mrs. Dora Abrams, a widow, and her four children perished in the fire at 17 Humboldt street, Williamsburg. Two of the Abrams died by jumping from the forth floor. The funeral was attended by over 10,000 people.

It was believed that the fire was the result of arson. It started in the basement around midnight but did not become noticed until around 2 o'clock A. M. Six people died in the fire of the four story brick and stone apartment house and twenty people narrowly escaped with their lives. Crowds watched as the fireman rescued tenants who jumped into nets. Two people missed the nets and fell in the street. Annie Hisrchman, age 19, suffered contusions of the back "due to leaping from a window and mising the fire net."

There were no fire escapes on the front of the house. One headline called 17 Humboldt a tenement house. Reportedly 16 to 18 families lived in the building.

Pottebaum ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: 61 St. Marks Place, Eliza age 47 dead, Herman H 52 dead, William J age 9 dead

Herman✟ Pottebaum, butcher, and his wife, Eliza✟ had: Henry, Charles, George, and William✟. Mr. Pottebaum was one of the deacon's of St. Mark's church. He was on the excursion with his wife and youngest son having left three other children at home.

Herman, Eliza and William died in the Slocum.

In 1904 the orphans Henry, Charles (Charlie), and George, were 21, 19 and and 17 respectively. It was said they were going to Brooklyn to board as they could not maintain the household by themselves .

They all married.

1900: 61 E 8th street, Herman Pottebaum 48, butcher, Eliza Pottebaum 43 Henry Pottebaum 17, clerk, Charles Pottebaum 15, George Pottebaum 13, William Pottebaum 4, Charles Pottebaum 41 brother in law, butcher

1904: Mrs. Pottebaum was the brother in law of R. H. Pforr a member of the Brooklyn School Board. Mrs. Pottebaum was well know in Brooklyn. By June 16 Mr. Pottebaums remains had been found but Mrs. Pottebaum and William were still missing.


  1. Henry Pottebaum c 1883

    Married Jeannette A Kurtzman in 1909. In 1920 and 1930 census in Queens. Daughter Jeannette circa 1916. Proprietor tea and coffee in 1930. Died 1932. Buried Greenwood.

  2. Charles Pottebaum c 1885

    Married Mary.

    In 1920 census in Queens with brother George and 1930 census in Queens, tea and coffee, no children. In 1940 census in Queens. Died 1941.

    Are the following connected to Charles, the son of Hermann, or Charles, the brother of Herman?

    Meteor foaled 1906 passed to Charles G. Pottebaum, New York

    1912 Action taken by Sadie Rosen against Charles Pottebaum for injury to a tenant caused by breaking of a rope in a dumb-waiter

    1912: October - A "heavyweight" member of the Parkway Driving Club he was in a special match race which he lost in three straight heats. He was the owner of the gelding, Joe Mapes, who set a record at Mineola in 1912.

  3. George Pottebaum c 1887 in 1920 and 1930 censuses in Queens married to Madeline one daughter Madeline born circa 1916, wholesale merchant. Died.....

    1915: October 15, The Pottebaum's celler was robbed of two bags of coffee. George Pottoebaum filed a complaint against, Frank Steinert, age 22, who was sentenced to 4 years in Sing Sing.

  4. William Pottebaum✟ circa 1896 -died 1904

1908: Henry H. Pottebaum company New Yor (coffee, tea and spices) capital $3,000, Directors Henry Ha Pottebaum, and George W. Pottebaum, 127 first ave, Charles R Pottebaum 18 East 9th street Greenwood: Buried in Greenwood cemetery Lot 32565 section 200:
Charles E. 1913, Charles R 1941, Oct 7 Henry H 1932, June 3, Jeanette 1973, Mary 29

1913: Pottebaum, Charles "G" age 54, after a short illness, 386 Vanderbilt ave. His will for an estate of more than $15,000 gave $15 a week to his brother Henry W. Pottebaum and his sister Nellie S Reidy for life. $1,000 to Greenwood Cemetery and the rest to his nephews, Henry, Charles and George.

The Pottebaum brother's company went under the name of H. H. Pottebaum Co. and Henry H Pottebaum Co.

1923: Bankruptcy in the Eastern district Court, Henry H Pottebaum, duly declared bankrupt.

Prawdzicki ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ ☁

City record: 85 3rd st. Anna F age 15 dead, Gertrude B age 2 dead, Henrietta H age 13 dead, Johanna s age 1 dead, Frank H. age 12 to Harlem Hospital Marie age 36 to Lincoln Hospital

The family of Paul Prawdzicki included his wife, Maire✟ age 36 and -- children: Anna✟, Henrietta✟, Frank, Gertrude✟ and Johanna✟. All of the daughters died in the Slocum. Marie and her son, Frank, survived.

Paul and Marie had an additional child, Alfred circa 1906.

Frank married and had a family. Marie died in 1935. Paul died in 1941.

1900: 85 3rs street, "Pradwdizcki" Paul, 40, born Germany, painter, Mary, 32, married 12 years, 3 children 3 living, born New York, Anne, Henrietta, Frank, February 1892

1904: "PREWDICH", Mrs. 85 E 3rd street, burns (NY Times June 16). Note: This indicates just how far off some of the spelling in the newspaper reports could be.

1905: 3rd street, Paul Prowdezisky 45, worker, Maria Prowdezisky 37, Frank Prowdezisky 13

1908: In February 1908 the NY Times reported on a meeting of General Slocum survivors: "Paul" Prawdzicki age 16 "heightened" the denunciation of the Captain of the General Slocum. The young man stated that he went to the captain to report the fire and was told: "You get to hell out of here and mind you own business."

1910: Columbus ave, Paul M Prawdzicki 57, painter, Mary ? Prawdzicki 42, 6 children 2 living, Frank Prawdzicki 18, Alfred W Prawdzicki 4

1915: Paul Prawdzicki 56 Mary Prawdzicki 48 Alfred Prawdzicki 10

1916: Frank H Prawdzicki 505 W183d New York, New York, USA Occupation: Secretary Treasurer Pratt Business School, Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1916

1917: Draft Registration Bronx 28 February 1892, Frank Henry Prawdz--ki secretary treasurer, Rebmann co, wife, and child

1915: Frank Prawdziki 25 Catherine Prawdziki 24 1920: Weehawken, Frank Prawdicki 28, clerk, born New York, parents born Russia, Catherine Prawdicki 28 Francis Prawdicki 4 1930: Brooklyn, Alfred Prawdzicki 25, supervisor telephone, Alice Prawdzicki 1 [1 3/12] Alice M Prawdzicki 24

1940: Euclid ave, Brooklyn, Alfred Prawd 35, draughsman, boiler mfg co., Alice Prawd 34 Alice M Prawd 11 Eugene A Prawd 7 Donald D Prawd 7 Paul Prawdzicki 80, widowed, father.

Find a Grave

1935: Mary Prawdzicki born 1867 died February 15, 1935

1941: Paul Prawdzicki born circa 1859 died May 7, 1941

Prost ⚰

Find a Grave: Catherine Prost Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 24 years old, death cert # 3137 Bronx, worked as a mirror polisher $8.00 week, lived at 515 East 12th Street Burial: Unknown

1904: Katie Probst Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, Gender Female Age 24 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1880

Pullman ⚰ ☁

City record: 337 E 18th street, William H age 49 dead, Lizzie age 46 to Lincoln Hospital

William✟ H. Pullmann was on the board of Elders of St. Marks as well as its Treasurer of the church. He died. His wife, Lizzie survived.

The General Slocum had been chartered by William Pullman of behalf of St. Marks for a lump sum. The excursion was to start from 3rd street, East River and go to Locust Grove, on the Long Island sound, and return. There was to be a bar and food on board.

1880: Peter Pullman 53, cabinet maker, Kate Pullman 50 William Pullman 25, works in Jewelry store, Frederick Pullman 19, cabinet maker

1900: 337 18th street, William H Pullmann 54, salesman jewelry, Lizzie Pullmann 41, married 16 years, 2 children 2 living, Anna Moritz 23, servant, Henry Bindewald 69, f in law, Carrie Bindewald 66, m in law, 3 children 3 living,


"Funeral services were held over the body of William H. PULLMAN last night at his late residence, 337 East Eighteenth street. Mr. PULLMAN was one of the victims of the Slocum horror. He and his wife went on the excursion, leaving their two children, a boy of 18 and a girl of 16, at home. Mrs. PULLMAN was saved, but her husband lost his life trying to save lives of children in the wreck. The services were conducted by the Rev. Otto HOFFMAN, the pastor of the Lutheran Church of St. Paul, of South Fifth and Rodney streets, Brooklyn, a lifelong friend of the deceased."
1905: 337 E 18th street, Henry Bindewald 74, retired, Caroline Bindewald 71, Elise Pullman 45, daughter, Elsie C Pullman 19, granddaughter, William H Pullman 17, grandson

1910: 18th street, Elsie Pullman 53, wd, married 27, 2 children 2 living, own account, Elsie C Pullman 24, clerk store, William H Pullman 22, buyer linen factory,

1913: Marriage William Hartman Pullman son of William H Pullman and Elise Binderwald, to Edna Richardson, June 4.

1915: Kings, William H Pullman 27 Edna Pullman 27

1920: 337 E 18th street, Elise Pullman 60, widowed, L Spencer Dawes 52, boarder, John Sternhagen 30, boarder, Madeline Fackner 50, boarder

1920: Queens, William H Pullman 33, accountant, bank, Edna Pullman 34 Doris E Pullman 1 [1 3/12]

1930: William H Pullman 42 Edna Pullman 43 Doris Elise Pullman 11

Rammelkamp ⚰ ⚰ ☁

City record: 130 E 4th street, Rammelkamp Elizabeth age 44 dead, Estella a age 12 dead, August age 6 to Lincoln hospital.

Rudolph Rammelkamp, upholsterer, and his wife, Lizzie✟, had William, Stella✟ and August. It appears that Lizzie, Stella and August were on the Slocum. Lizzie and Stell died. August survived.

In 1910 August was living with his Bullwinkel relatives in Brooklyn. Rudolf remarried in 1925. He died in 1938.

August Rammelkamp married in 1932. They did not have children. He died in 1940.

1897: Aug 1, August Frederick Rammelkamp son of Rudolph Rammelkamp age 39, and Elsie "Bullwhiteinkle", age 37 (LDS)

1900: Rudolph Rammelkamp 42, upholsterer, Lizzie Rammelkamp 41, William Rammelkamp 17, clerk dry goods, Stella Rammelkamp 3, August Ramnekamp 2

1910: 130 3rd street, Manhattan, Rudolph Rammelkamp 52, widower, upholsterer

1910: Brooklyn, Frederick J L Bullwinkel Head M 42 New York Amelia E Bullwinkel Wife F 34 New York William F Bullwinkel Son M 14 New York Herbert G Bullwinkel Son M 2 New York August F Rammelkamp Nephew M 12 New York

1917: August F Rammelkamp 130 E 4th street, NYC, born August 1, 1897, NYC, U. S. shipping Board relative, Rudolph Ramelkamp same address.

1925: Rudolf Rammelkamp Marriage Date: 17 Mar 1925 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Minnie Aimero Certificate Number: 9513

1930: Edgewater New Jersey, Rudolph Rammelkamp 70, upholsterer furniture shop, Minnie Rammelkamp 62

1932: August F Rammelkamp Gender: Male Marriage Date: 8 Oct 1932 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Alice P Morrison

1939: Rammelkamp, Aug (Alice) aud Copley-Plaza Hotel H Alice Rammelkamp 60 Fenway Park Boston, Massachusetts, USA Boston, Massachusetts, City Directory, 1939

1940: Bronx, William Ramelkamp 56, Emma C Ramelkamp 52, Hazel Ramelkamp 27, clerk (William Ramelkamp born circa 1884)

1940: August Fred Rammelkamp Death Date: 1940 Death Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Volume Number: 31 Page Number: 25 Index Volume Number: 98 Reference Number: F63.M363 v.98

August Fred Rammelkamp BIRTH: 1 Aug 1895 - New York, New York DEATH: 15 Feb 1940 CIVIL: 9 Apr 1940
1940: August Fred Rammelkamp Event Type: Burial Event Place: Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America Death Date: Feb 1940 Affiliate Record Identifier: 58047013 Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery.

1940: Alice Rammelkamp, head, age 42, widowed, Ward 4, Boston Mass. born Massachusetts, No occupation

Tombstone, Rammelkamp: Greenwood, William 1883-1951, Emma 1888 to 1952 Hazel 1918 to 1984

RAMMELKAMP ANNA 1883-09-09 20369
RAMMELKAMP AUGUST 1893-06-25 20369 (2 months per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP AUGUST 1921-05-09 20369 (August Fred Rammelkamp died 1940 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
RAMMELKAMP AUGUST FRED 1940-02-19 20369 (not listed NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP CATHARINE 1872-04-10 20369 (Catherine age 47 per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP CHARLES 1931-03-14 20369 (age 7 per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP CHARLES H. 1928-01-21 20369 (Died suddenly at Roosevelt, L. I. age 35, husband of Myrtle)
RAMMELKAMP EMMA C. 1952-04-26 20369 (born 1888 per tombstone)
RAMMELKAMP FRANCES 1944-05-16 20369 (Bronx age 78 per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP GEORGE 1899-05-02 20369
RAMMELKAMP HAZEL C. 1984-10-31 20369 (born 1918 per tombstone)
RAMMELKAMP JULIUS 1926-02-06 20369 (age 66 per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP LIZZIE 1904-06-24 20369 (age 44 Bronx per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP MARGARET J. 1872-04-10 20369
RAMMELKAMP META 1892-05-13 2036 (age 3 per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP MINNIE 1937-09-24 20369 (age 81 per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP RUDOLPH 1938-04-08 20369 (age 78 per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP RUDOPLH 1892-05-17 20369 (age 4 years per NYC Death index)
RAMMELKAMP WILLIAM E. 1951-05-02 20369 - (per tombstone born 1883)
(Some not listed under Rammelkamp by the NYC Death Index)

Ramus ⚰ ⚰

City record: 420 E 17th Frederick age 60 dead, Irving age 10 dead

Frederick✟ Ramus born circa 1843 was married to Elise. They do not appear to have had children. Elise died in 1890 and Frederick married Philipina Scherzer in 1891. They had Irving✟ circa 1893. Frederick and Irving died on the Slocum. Philipina was still living on the Lower East side in 1925. She died in 1928.

1900: 107 4th street, Fred Ramus 57, grocery store, Phipina Ramus 44, 2 children 1 living, Irving Ramus 7

Find a Grave

Friedich Ramus age 60 years and his son, Erwin Ramus 12 years died 15 June 1914 on the General Slocum. Philippine Ramus age 73 years - Elise Ramus 47 years - their niece Marie Pfahl 18 years. (No death dates given for Phillipina, Elsie and Marie - Phillipina died in 1928.)

(Listed as Irving age 11 on NYC Death Index.)

1890: Elise Ramus Burial Middle Village, Queens Death Date: 28 Dec 1890 Affiliate Record Identifier: 130363245 Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery

1891: Marriage number 2 for - Friedrich Christian Conrad Ramus 10 Jun 1891 Manhattan Age: 47 Widowed Birthplace: Waldeck, Germany Father's Otto Friedrich Ramus Mother's Caroline Gruneisen Spouse's Name: Philippine Scherzer Age: 35 Single Spouse's Birthplace: Baden, Germany Spouse's Father's Name: Heinrich Scherzer Spouse's Mother's Name: Christiane Ekehart

1893: Birth of Irving Ramus.

1910: 521 E 5th street, Manhattan Philippina "Rapena" 54, widowed, 1 child 0 living, washerwoman

1916: Listed in the 1916 city directory.

1925: 521 E 5th Ramus, Philipine age 69 housework

1928: Ramus, Philfin age 68 May 5, 1928 12967 Manhattan (NYC Death Index)

Rau ☁

City record: 52 7th street, Wilhelmina Rau age 52 to Lincoln Hospital

Wilhelmina Ruff, born circa 1852, married William Rau. William died before 1900. In 1900 Wilhelmina, widowed, stated that she was the mother of 7 children 3 of whom were still living. They were - Midlred (c. 1873), Anna (c 1879) and Pauline (c 1882). Pauline died in 1903 age 21.

The Widow Rau survived the Slocum.

Anne Rau age 27 died in 1907. Wilhelmina's remaining child died unmarried at age 42 in 1921.

Marriage: Wilhemina Ruff and William Rau - before 1873.

1874: 22 November - Mina Rau daughter of William Rau and Wilhelmina Ruff.

1877: William of William Rau and Mena Ruff 15 August 1877

1882: Wilhelmine Pauline Rau birth: 14 May 1882 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA father: Wilhelm Rau mother: Wilhelmine Ruff (Cert #28905, Manhattan)

1892: William Rau Death 29 Sep 1892 Manhattan 523 E. 12th Age: 15 Burial Date: 01 Oct 1892 Cemetery: Lutheran Cemetery Father's Name: William Rau Father's Birthplace: France Mother's Name: Wilhelmina Mother's Birthplace: France

1900 52 7th street, Wilhelmina Rau 48, widowed, 7 children 3 living, janitor, Anna Rau 21, saleslady, Mildret Rau 27, book keeper, Pauline Rau 18, saleslady

1903: Pauline Rau Death 05 Oct 1903 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age: 21 Single Occupation: worked in millinery Burial Date: 07 Oct 1903 Cemetery: John G. Meirlet Father William Rau Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother Willelmina "Rutt" Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1904: RON, WILHELMINNA, 52 7th street, shock in Lincoln Hospital (NY Times June 16)

1907: Anna Rau Death 23 Jan 1907 Manhattan Age: 27 Single Occupation: none Birthplace: New York City Burial Date: 26 Jan 1907 Father's Name: Wm Rau Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Wilhelmine Ruff Mother's Birthplace: Germany cert #3105 Manhattan)

1921: "Amelia" Rau Death 04 Dec 1921 Bronx, New York, New York, United States 393 E 153 St Age: 42 Single Occupation: Clerk Burial Date: 07 Dec 1921 Cemetery: Lutheran Cem. Father William Rau Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother Wilhelmina Ruff Mother's Birthplace: Germany (cert #6704 Bronx)

1925: Wilhelmina Rau "aunt" widow, retired, was living in Queens with her relatives Carl Ruff, age 58 plasterer, his wife Amelia, and daughter Lillian.

Rebenklau ☁

Miss Alfreda Rebenklau of 23 Eldert street, Brooklyn

City record: Rebenklau, 23 Eldert st Brooklyn, Elfreda M age 13 Lebanon

1885: Richard H Rebenklau grocer and liquors 380 De Kalb, Occupation: Grocer & Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1885

1902: Richard D. Rebenklau Death 26 Mar 1902 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States 23 Eldert Gender Male Age 22 Single Occupation Clerk Birth Year (Estimated) 1880 Birthplace Brooklyn, Kings, New York Burial Date 30 Mar 1902 Cemetery Lutheran Father's Name Richard H. Rebenklau Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Marie Rebenklau Mother's Birthplace Germany

1904: Directory Richard H. Rebenklau h 23 Eldert street, Brooklyn

1906: Chris'r Rebenklau 23 Eldert Brooklyn, New York, USA Occupation: Bookkeeper Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1906

1908: Christian F. Rebenklau age 33 died after and appendix opperation. He was survived by his father, mother, two brothers and five sisters.

1911: Richard H Rebenklau, 23 Eldert street, Probate Date: 9 Oct 1911 Probate Place: Kings, New York, USA - wife, Mary, 75 to 100 dollars in support of children, son Christopher, daughter Meta.

1911: Richard Henry Rebenklau, age 69, husband to Marie (nee Wilkens) after a lingering illness, 23 Eldert st Brooklyn, 14 Sept 1911, business at DeKalb ad Steuben streets, born in Germany in 1844 son of Christian and Anna Rebenklau, survived by his widow, Marie, two sons, Rudolph and Edward and five daughters, Emma, Meta, Freda, Christine and Mrs. John Schriever.

1931: Entry, ship Rebenklau, Margaret born July 18, "1885", Brooklyn and Christine born Aug 27, "1881" Brooklyn to Woodhaven, Long Island

1938: New York Passengers, F Margaret Rebenklau Ship Chiriqui, Rebenklau, Christine, age 50 born Aug 27, 1888 Brooklyn and F. Margaret age 48, born July 18, 1890, Brooklyn

1938: Edward T. Rebenklau Death Date 23 May 1938 Event Place New York City, Queens, New York, United States Address 89-06 87th St. Residence Place Borough of Queens Gender Male Age 54 Marital Status Single Race White Occupation bank clerk Birth Date 10 Aug 1883 Birthplace U.S. Burial Date 25 May 1938 Cemetery Lutheran Cemetery Father's Name Richard Rebenklau Father's Birthplace U.S. Mother's Name Mary Wilkens Mother's Birthplace Germany

1938: F Margaret Rebenklau Arrival Date: 1 Jun 1939 DOB July 18, 1890, Brooklyn, New York Age: 49 Port of Departure: New York, New York Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Quirigua

1940: Queens: Margaret F Rebenklau 50, public library, Meta Rebenklau 62 Christine Rebenklau 55, all single

1942: Freda Margaret Rebenklau Event Type Death Event Date 05 Apr 1942 Event Place New York City, Queens, New York, United States Gender Female Age 56 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1886 Father's Name Richard Mother's Name Marie Wilkens

F. Margaret Rebenklau was a librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library.


City Record: Rehm, no 121 Ave A, Catherine age 47 to Lincoln

Reichenbach ⚰ ☀

City Record: 241 Stockholm street, Brooklyn, Herman H age 2 dead - Eleanore age 23 uninjured.

See Wiedemann

Reis ⚰

City record: Katherine Reis age 74 dead - 40 Sheppard ave, Brooklyn

Katherine Reis was the widow of Killian Reis. Killian died in 1893. The had: Johannette (married George Swezey and died in 1951), Sebastian (died 1884), Wilhelmina Uehlein (married Otto - died in the Slocum in 1904) and Elizabeth died 1866.

Family: Kilian Reis and Catherine Heyer (Heier)
  1. Johannette Reis Swezey (1863-1951)

    1863: April 14, Johann Reis, father Kilian Reis, mother Catherine Heier, born 1830, Nassau - US Presbyterian Church Records

    1888: Joahnette Reis, age 26, single father Killian Reis, mother Catherine Heyer, married George Swezey age 34, father Nathan mother Phoebe Place, 06 June 1888 (LDS)


    1900: George F Swezey Head Male 45 New York, Johannete Swezey Wife Female 37 New York, George O Swezey Son Male 11 New York, Burdette S Swezey Son Male 8 New York, Robert H Swezey Son Male 5 New York, Cathrine Reis Mother Female 70 Germany

  2. Sebastian Reis (1855-1884)

    Sebastian Reis, Birth Date: 1855, Birth Place: Bavaria (Bayern), Germany, Death Date: 4 Dec 1884, Death Place: Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America, Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, United States of America

  3. Wilhelmina Reis Uehlein (1861-1904) - See Uehlein.

  4. Elizabetha Reis (1865-1866)

    Presbyterian Church Record - April 2, 1865, baptized July30, 1865, Elise Reiss, Father Kilian Reis (cannot read) Bavaria, mother Cath --- Heier (canot read) Naussau sponsers 89 6

    Elizabetha Reis Birth Date: 2 Apr 1865 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America Death Date: 28 Aug 1866 Death Place: Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, United States of America Father: Kilian Reis

In October 2019 Barbara Leccese wrote:
"Catherine Heier was born in Germany on July 22, 1830. She arrived in the United States in 1858 and married Kilian Reis on July 29, 1860. She died on the General Slocum June 15, 1904. Kilian was born in Germany in 1826 and died December 28, 1893. They had four children: Sebastian, Wilhelmina, Johanna and Elise. Wilhelmina married Otto Uehlein and had 3 children Albert Otto, Otto J and Mina Johanetta Uhelein. Mina had a shortlived marriage to George Buirkle, followed by a marriage to Christian Gutekunst and then Nicholas Remmert. They had one child Marguerite. Catherine, Wilhelmina and young Otto all perished on the Slocum. Albert Otto died in Kingston in 1945 as a result from a wagon accident."

The Uehleins and the Reis' are buried in All Faith's cemetery in Queens.

1860 Marriage - Dutch Reform Manhattan Kilian Reis, born 1826, Event Type: Marriage Marriage Date: 29 Jul 1860 Marriage Place: New York City, New York, USA Church: German Evangelical Mission Church Spouse: Catharine Heier born July 1830

1860: Kilian Reiss 33, laborer, Bavaria, $200, Ctharin Reiss 30, Naussau, Sebastian Reiss 5, Bavaria, Valentin Amend 28, Bavaria, laborer, Elizabeth Amend 41, Bavaria,

1870: $1,000, "Pellen" Reis 43, born Bavaria, retail store, Catherine Reis 40, Prussia, in store, Sebastian Reis 14 born Bavaria, Emilia Reis 9, born New York, Nella Reis 7, born New York Mary Delman 19, born Bavaria

1880: 410 6th street Manhattan, Killian Riess 54, born Bavaria, grocery store, Katie Riess 50, Naussau, Serbaistian Riess 25, NY, cooper, Minnie Riess 19, NY, servant, Edward Riess 17, NY, upholsterer

1883: Kilian Reis Grocer, 408 6th city directory

1893: Death of Kilian Reis born circa 1826 died 1893

Kilian Reis Birth Date: abt 1826 Age: 67 Death Date: 28 Dec 1893 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 44352

Kilian Reis, Birth Date: 1826, Birth Place: Bavaria (Bayern), Germany, Death Date: 31 Dec 1893, Death Place: New York, New York County (Manhattan), Cemetery: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, United States of America, Children: Johannette Swezey Wilhelmina Uehlein Elizabetha Reis Sebastian Reis

1900: Sheppard ave Brooklyn, George F Swezey 45, cloth cutter, Johannete Swezey 37, 3 children 3 living George O Swezey 11, Burdette S Swezey 7, Robert H Swezey 5, Cathrine Reis 69, widowed, mother 3 children 2 living

Reis tombstone: Find a Grave - Looks newish - Reis
1826 Kilian 1893
1830 Catherine 1904

Family members: Children: Sebastian 1855 - 1884 - Wilhelmina Reis Uehlein 1861- 1904 Johannette Reis Swezey 1863 - 1951 Elizabeth Reis 1865 - 1866

Lutheran All Faith Middle Village Queens New York Plot 5828 Map 5, Grave 4 REar Row

See Uehlein

Catherine Heier Reis - Photo courtesy Barbara Leccese, September 2019

Kilian Reis - Photo courtesy Barbara Leccese, September 2019

Marriage record of Kilian reis and catherine Heier - Courtesy Barbara Leccese, September 2019

Otto Uihlein - Photo courtesy Barbara Leccese September 2019

Reiss ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: 70 1st ave, Katie "33" dead, Lizzie age 6 dead, Rosie age 16 dead, Susie age 4 dead Annie age 2 missing.

Frederick (Fritz) Reiss, shoemaker, married Rose Hart. They had: Frederick (c 1886), Rose (1888), John (c. 1892). Rose senior died in 1892. Frederick remarried Katie Goetz in 1893. The had Lizzie (c 1898), Susie (c. 1900) and Annie (c. 1902). Katie✟ Reiss, her step daughter, Rose✟, and her children Lizzie✟, Sus✟ie and Anne✟ died in the Slocum. Fredrick and John do not seem to have been on the excursion.

Fritz Reiss married for a third time in 1905. Frederick junior born circa 1886 was listed with his father in 1905.

Catherine Goetz Reiss' parents were Adam and Catherine. Adam died in 1909 and Catherine died in 1921.

1900: 70 1st ave., Fredick Reiss 44, shoe dealer, Katie Reiss "42" (smudge), 5 children 4 living*, Fredick Reiss 14, March 1886, John Reiss 8, Feb 1882,** Rosie Reiss 12, Lizzie Reiss 2

*Two of these were step children. ** This does not add up. If he was 8 years old in 1900 he would have been born in 1892. If he was born in 1882 he would have been 18.

1886: "John" Reiss 31 Mar 1886 Manhattan Father Fred Reiss Father's Birthplace: Germany Father's Age: 24 Mother Rosie "Hart" Reiss Mother's Birthplace: New York Mother's Age: 23 <*p> *Later listed as Frederick.

Death of Rosa Hart Reiss: Rosa Reiss Age: 29 Death Date: 7 Dec 1892 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 41930

Josepf Reiss Birth 20 May 1892 Manhattan Father's Name: Fritz Reiss Father's Age: 30 Mother's Name: Rosa Hart Reiss Mother's Age: 29

Marriage of Frederick Reiss to Katie Goetz:
Fritz Reiss Gender: Male Marriage Date: 1 Oct 1893 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Katie Goetz Certificate Number: 11811

He was the son of John Reiss and Catherine Conrad. Catherine Goetz was born Aug 16, 1871 the daughter of Adam Goetz born 1839 died 1908 and Katherine Hilt Goetz born 1842 died 1921. They also had Hermann born 1875 died 1945 and William dob unknown

1901: Anna Reiss Birth 11 Nov 1901 Manhattan, Father's Name: Fred Reiss Father's Birthplace: Germany Father's Age: 39 Mother's Name: Kate Goetz Mother's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Age: 31

1904: Rosie Reiss Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx Age: 16 Burial Date: 25 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Fritz Reiss Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: "Kate Goetz" Mother's Birthplace: Germany

1904: Susie Reiss Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Burial Date: 23 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: Fritz Reiss Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Katie Goetz Mother's Birthplace: U.S.

Rosa Kathe Reiss Birth 29 Dec 1887 Manhattan, Father Friedrich Reiss Father's Birthplace: Germany Father's Age: 25 Mother Rosa "Gart" Reiss Mother's Birthplace: New York Mother's Age: 24
1904: The bodies of REISS, Kate age 35 and REISS Rosie age 16 of 70 1st ave were identified on June 22.

1905: Fritz Reiss Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Albrect Event Date: 04 Jun 1905 Event Place: Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name: Johamnes Reiss Mother's Name: Katherine Conrads Spouse's Father's Name: John Adam Frisch Spouse's Mother's Name: Gertrude Glaser

1905: 70 1st ave. Reiss, Frederick age 42 shoe store, Elizabeth, wife, age 45, Frederick Jr shoe clerk age 19

Listed 2 times.

1905: 70 1st ave., Reiss, Fritz, age 42, shoe store, Frederick jr. son 19, salesman shoes.

1917-1919: Frederick born c 1886 - ???

Find a Grave Goetz monument:

Our daughter Katie born 6 Aug 1871 died 15 June 1904, and her children Lizzie, Susie, Anna and our son William and wife.

Reitz ⚰

City record: Reitz, 90 1st ave., Thersa age 13 DEAD

In 1904 Stephen Reitz, tailor, and Otillia Schaeffer had John, Edward and Tesse✟. According to the 1900 census they had already lost 2 children. Tesse died in the Slocum. Stephen Reitz died in 1933. Ottilia died in 1938.

1883: Stephan Reitz Marriage Date: 5 May 1883 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Ottilie Schaeffer Certificate Number: 23474

1900: 90 1st ave., Reitz, Stephen, 46, tailor, Tillie 44, married 17 years 5 children 3 living John, son age 15, Edward son age 13, Tesse daughter age 8, boarder

1905: 90 1st ave. Stephan Reitz 51, tailor, Tillie Reitz 49 John Reitz 20, pencil worker, Edward Reitz 18, apprentice printer, Emil Kneist, lodger

1915: 78th street, Stephan Reitz 62 Odelia Reitz 59 John Reitz 30 Edward Reitz 28

1920: E 78th street, Stephen Reitz 66, tailor, gents, Adelia Reitz 62 John Reitz 35, repairs automobiles, Edward Reitz 32, printer feeder

1925: 345 E 78th street, Stephens Reitz 72, candy store, A----- Reitz 70 Welbert Reitz 38, sales

1933: Stephan Reitz Birth Year: abt 1853 Age: 80 Death Date: 1 Aug 1933 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 17286

1938: Ottilia Reitz age 82, died June 15, 1938.

Reuzing ⚰ ⚰

Find a Grave:

  1. Emma Reuzing Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 24 years old, death cert # 3340 Bronx, lived at 424 6th Street Burial: Unknown

  2. Gertrude Reuzing Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 22 years old, death cert # unreadable, lived at 424 6th Street Burial: Unknown

Reinfrank (Rheinfrank) ⚰ ⚰

City record: Rheinfrank 343 W 71st street, Catherine age 64 dead, John age 75 dead

John✟ Rheinfrank, coal dealer, and his wife, Catherine✟, died in the Slocum.

1860: NYC, John Rheinfrank 31, clerk, born Bavaria, Katharina Rheinfrank 20

1870: 4th street bet Ave C and D John Rheinfrank 41, coal dealer, Kate Rheinfrank 30, Fred Rheinfrank 9, Henry Rheinfrank 7, Kate Rheinfrank 5, John Rheinfrank 3, Emma Rheinfrank 1, Sophia Embern 18

1880: E. 4th street, John Rheinfrank 50, born Bavaria, coal dealer, Katherine Rheinfrank 39, wife, Frederick Rheinfrank 18, clerk in coal yard, Henry Rheinfrank 16, Kate Rheinfrank 15, John Rheinfrank 12, Emma Rheinfrank 10, Mathilda Rheinfrank 8, George Rheinfrank 5, Elizabeth Rheinfrank 3, Mary L. Rheinfrank 2m, granddaughter, and one servant.

1900: W. 71st street, John Rheinfrank 71, retired, Kathrine Rheinfrank 60, wife, Emma Rheinfrank 30, daughter, George Rheinfrank 21, son, bank teller, Elizebeth Rheinfrank 23, Martha Rheinfrank 17, Hanah Nelson 28, servant, Amelia Nelson 21, servant

1904: Rheinfrank, Mrs., "Goerck" E 3rd street, burns about hand and face, bruised, Lincoln Hospital (NY Times June 16)

1904: June 16, New York Times, J Reinfrank, a coal dealer of Goerck and Third Streets, who lived at W. 71st street was reported missing. His clerk reported that Mr. and Mrs. Reinfrank had gone on the excursion. Mrs. Reinfrank was said to be in a hospital, but she was later reported dead. None of their children were with them but articles do mention that they were part of a party of 12 friends and family members who were on the "ill-fated" trip. John and Catherine were the only Rheinfrank (Rienfrank) listed. Others mentioned with them were the family of Henry Gansenmuller, whose wife also died in the disaster. (There is no listing for Gansenmuller - or anything close to it)

1904: John Reinfrank and his wife of 342 W. 71st street, victims of the Slocum disaster.

1904 June 24, The Misses E. R. and E. A. Reinfrank returned from Europe on June 24, 1904 on the steamship Lucania of the Cunard Line out of Liverpool. They had received the news of the Slocum disaster while still in Europe but did not know that their parents had been on board the vessel when it caught fire. They received the news of their parents death while vessel was docking in New York. John Reinfranks body had been recovered but that of Mrs. Reinfrank was still missing. John Reinfrank had been buried on Sunday the 19th. The Misses Reinfrank had gone abroad about two moths before with a party of friends. Their brother, John, met the ship to tell them the sad news.

The Slocum Horror list: Rheinfrank, John 75, 343 W 71 st street, Catherine age 64, same address

"John Rheinfrank, a well-known dealer of this city, lost his life in the great Slocum disaster on the 15th. Mr. Reinfrank was a man advanced in years and one of the most highly esteemed members of the trade. He had been a subscriber to this paper for over 30 years and was considered one of the wealthiest retail dealers. His business of late had been largely in the hands of his son and other associates and no change therein is anticipated. The funeral services were held at his late residence in West 73rd street on Sunday evening and were largely attended by members of the trade and other friends Much sympathy is extended to the family as of the party of twelve friends and relatives which went on the ill-fated trip all lost their lives."

(Coal and Coal Trade Journal, Volume 43, 1904)

"John Rheinfrank and wife were among the victims of the fire that destroyed the picnic excursion steamboat General Slocum in New York last week. Mr. Rheinfrank, who at one time was among the prominent coal dealers in New York, having two yards on the East side, had retired from business a number of years ago, leaving it to his sons, who are operating now under the name of J. Rheinfrank & Co. He was well known to the older members of the trade and his loss through this disaster is much regretted. The wife of Henry Gansenmuller, who was formerly identified with the trade and a partner of J. Rheinfrank, was also among those lost in the fire. Several other members of these families, who were on the excursion, are still missing and are thought to be dead." (The Black Diamond, Volume 32, 1904)
John and Catherine Rheinfrank were buried in Middle Village Queens Lutheran All Faith Cemetery.

Their tombstone as posted on Find a Grave is hard to read but it is inscribed with a version of Isaiah 43:

"I will be with you when you pass thought the waters, and when you pass thorough the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. You shall not be scorched when you walk through the fire and the flame will not burn you."
(Quite appropriate for the circumstances!)

Jun 17, 1904 Fredrick and Gustave Rheinfrank searched for their family members. They said that in the two families fourteen people were missing. They were searching for their aged father and mother. Frederick obtained permission to go to North Brother's island while Gustave waited on the dock searching among the bodies that were brought in.

The June 17 New York Tribune article described the Rheinfrank brothers as "two big Germans". Frederick and Gustave "wandered disconsolately from the morgue to the scene of the accident, to Police Headquarters and back to the Morgue seeking for a trace of their families, fourteen persons in all, who have vanished."

1907: The J. Rheinfrank Co. was one of the oldest retail coal businesses in New York. Frederick Rheinfrank, a son of John Rheinfrank, the founder of the firm, is president of the corporation formed a few years ago to carry on the business. (Coal and Coal Trade Journal, Volume 38)

Richter (Franze and Emilia) ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☁ Total Orphans - Francis age 10 (injured) and William age 15 (not on board)

City Record: Richter, 404 6th street, Anna J age 8 dead, August age 15 dead, Elizabeth age 19 dead, Emilia age 21 dead, Emilia age 47 dead, Ernest age 12 dead, Frances E age 10 injured to Lincoln hospital

Mrs. Emilia✟ Hennig Richter, age 47, of 404 E 6th street was the widow of Wilhelm Henry Richter (aka Frank/Fritz) and the daughter of August and Elizabeth Hennig. She and six of her seven where on the Slocum that fateful day. Oldest son, William age 15, had to work so he did not attend. Emilia✟, 20, Lizzie✟ 19, Augus✟t 14, Ernest✟ 12 and Anne✟ 8 all perished along with Mrs. Richer. Daughter, Frances, age 10 survived.

William and Francis were taken in by their maternal grandmother Elizabeth Hennig and by their aunt, Alice Hennig Richter and her husband Henry Richter.

William Henry Richter married in 1915. He died in 1938.

Frances Richter married Charles Brust. They had a daughter, Alice, perhaps named for Frances' aunt and surrogate mother, Alice Richter.

Frances Richter said:
""The first thing I knew was a lot of people yelling 'fire!' and in almost a minute the whole middle of the boat seemed burning. The wind blew the flames towards us, and I saw the dresses of several children catch fire all at once. The screaming was awful. My mother called out to me 'Don't be afraid! Hang over the side!' then she pushed me over the rail and I fell down to the lower deck, outside, and I hung to the railing with my feet and legs in the water.""
Slocum Horror Book:
"Frances, the ten year old girl who was saved, walked hand-in-hand with her brother, who had not gone. The boy is only fifteen, but he acts like a grown man. The day after the funeral he went back to his work in a commission house downtown, but his employer said to him in kindly fashion: 'Take the week off; come back next Monday.'

'I was glad,' said the boy simply as he came home and took off his coat, 'for now I can get the moving done.' With a little help, he moved over what furniture would be needed from their own tenement to that of his grandmother. The children will live with her for the present.

'She oughtn't be left alone,' explained the boy. 'I will have to take care of her and my little sister. Well, I don't know just how I'm going to do it, but I'll manage it somehow. There isn't anyone else to do it.'

(The grandmother to whose apartment the Richter children moved was Elizabeth Hennig, the widow of August Hennig.).

Mrs. Richer took in washing, cleaned offices, and did whatever she could to support her family after the death of her husband. She lived near her mother, Mrs Henning, who was in the next building in the back tenement and who she also supported. Three of the Richer children had recently started to work so the excursion was kind of a celebration looking forward to a better life. Frances age 10 and her brother age 15 were all who remained of the family.

1886: 11, July, Birth of Heinrich August Richter son of Frank William Richter, age 32, and Emelia Sophia Hennig age 27

1900: 265 7th ave ??, Henry Richter 43, grocer, Alice Richter 38 Frank Richter 15 (Alice was the daughter of Elizabeth Hennig [?]. Frances Richter, niece, and William, nephew, would later live with them.)

1900: Next listing after Henry and Alice Richter - Elizabeth Hennig age 70 widow, (no notation on number of children)

1900: 404 6th street, Emelia Richter 42 widow, (no notation on number of children) Emelia Richter 16, clerk, Lizzie Richter 15, clerk, William Richter 12, March 1888, August Richter 10, Ernst Richter 8, Francis Richter 6, Anna Richter 4

1904: June 21 New York Times, There were 82 interments in the Lutheran Cemetery on June 20. Mrs. Amelia Richter of 406 6th ave was buried with her three daughters and two sons.

1905: 6th street, Hennig, Elizabeth age 75, Francis grandchild

1910: 9th street, Elizabeth C Henig, Head, 80 Germany, 5 children 2 living, Frances M Richter, Granddaughter, 16 New York, ostrich feathers

1910: Henry Richter, grocer and Alice 2 children 0 living, William born 1888 nephew, clerk.

1915: Henry Richter 57, grocer, Alice Richter 52 Elizabeth Hennig 85, "mother in law", Frances Richter 21, niece, feathers

1915: Elizabeth Hennig Age: 85 Death Date: 1 Dec 1915 Death Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 7143

1915: William H Richter Marriage Date: 26 Jun 1915 Marriage Place: Queens, New York, USA Spouse: Anna M Byrne Certificate Number: 974

1917: William H Richter dob March 16, 1888, clerk, wife and child.

1920: 49th street, Queens Catherine Byrne 50, head, John Byrne 18 Robert Byrne 16 Mary Byrne 14 Leo Byrne 12 Edward Byrne 10 William Richter 31, son in law, shipping candy shop, Anna Richter 26 Robert Richter 1 [1 6/12] Josephine Coppy 21, boarder

1930: 168th street, Queens, Catherine Byrne 60 John J Byrne 28 Aileen Byrne 5 Robert Byrne 27 Leo Byrne 22 Edward Byrne 19 William A Richter 42, Messenger Banker, Anna Richter 36

1920: Bronx, Henry Richter 63, packer factory, Alice Richter 58, Frances Richter 25, niece

1922 Marriage of Frances Richter: Charles Joseph Brust Marriage 19 Oct 1922 Manhattan Age: 32 Single Birthplace: New York City Father's Name: Joseph Brust Mother's Name: Martha Elizabeth Bookman Spouse's Name: Frances Eva Richter Spouse's Gender: Female Spouse's Age: 28 Single Spouse's Birthplace: New York City Spouse's Father's Name: Frank Richter Spouse's Mother's Name: Emilie Hennig (LDS)

1938: Queens, 33-20 168th street, September 16, Death of William Henry Richter born March 16, 1888 son of "William Henry" Richter and Amelia "Hennick" spouse Anna M. buried Mt St. Mary's

1940: Bronx, Charles Brust 50, salesman, wholesale meat, Frances Brust 44, counter clerk cafeteria, Alice Brust 16 Alice Richter 74, aunt

1846: Death of Alice Richter, mother Elizabeth Simon, father August Hennig, 29 July 1946, age 84, born circa 1862, Bronx, spouse Henry Richter.

Richter (William and Lena) ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: 104 1st ave., Richter Christine age 9, dead, Fredrick age 11, dead Lena age 35 dead, and Lydia L age 12 dead (disinterred)

Lena✟ was the wife of William Richter, city tax clerk, born circa 1863. He was the son of Frederick and Christina Richter. He had a brother Charles. William's entire immediate family was lost in the Slocum - his wife, Lena and his three children, Frederick✟, Lydia✟ and Christine✟.

1870: Frederick Richter 47, tailor, Christina Richter 45 Louisa Richter 17, cloak maker, Charles Richter 14, clerk in store, Augusta Richter 11, William Richter 7

1880: 3rd street, Frederik Richter 56, cabinet maker, old age, Christina Richter 56 Charles Richter 24, undertaker, William Richter 17, clerk in piano factory,

1891: William Richter Marriage 25 Nov 1891 Manhattan, Age: 28 Single Birthplace: N. Y. City Father Fredrick Richter Mother Christiana Malgraf Spouse Lena Hill Spouse's Age: 22 Single Spouse's Birthplace: Heilbroun, Germany Spouse's Father's Name: Wm. Hill Spouse's Mother's Name: Caroline Steinbrenner

1900: 3rd street, William Richter 37, tax receiver, Lena Richter 29, 3 children 3 living, Lytha Richter 8, Fred Richter 7, Christina Richter 5

1904: Newspaper reported that Queens Borough resident William A. Richter, a cashier in the tax office lost his wife, Lena, and three children, Lydia age 12, Frederick age 11 and "Tinnie" age 9. William's brother also lost his wife, unnamed, age 50, and children: Amelia age 20, Ernest age 12 and Anna W (no age given)*. William Richter had spent the day in Rockaway Beach with a bowling club and did not learn of the disaster until his return in the afternoon.

*This could refer to Emilia age 47 and her children, Emilia 21, Ernest 12, and Anna 8 who lived at 404 6th street. Emilia was the widow of "Franz" William Henry Richter. See above.
1904: Lydia Richter Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Address: 1024 1st Ave. New York, NY Age: 2 Burial Date: 22 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Linden Hill Cemetery Father William A. Richter Father's Birthplace: U. S. Mother Lena Mills Mother's Birthplace: Germany (LDS)

1904: June 18

"MORGUE RECORDS INCOMPLETE. One case which came to the attention of the officials to-day was that of A. T. Hill of Willlamsburg. Hill called at the morgue yesterday and identified the bodies of his brother-in-law, William Richter, and the wife of the latter, and they were removed to the office of an undertaker. In the afternoon the bodies of Catherine and Lillian Richter, 3 and 4 years old, respectively were also were identified by Hill. When he called at the morgue to-day with an undertaker who was to attend to the burial of the bodies they could not be found. The bodies were, numbered 173 and X75 respectively and the authorities at the morgue - have no record of any such bodies, having been given to any one, though they had a record of identification made by, Hill yesterday. It. is thought that some undertaker was given the bodies in place of two others which he should have taken, through a confusion in the numbers."

And from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Bodies Go Astray After Having Been Identified. While the police and the coroner's officials have done good work in the handling and transfer of the remains, there have been mistakes. One was discovered this morning. On Thursday morning, A.T. HILL, of 103 Meserole street, identified the bodies of his sister, Mrs. William RICHTER, wife of the cashier in the Queens Borough tax office, whose home was in Long Island City. In the afternoon, the bodies of Catherine and Lillian RICHTER, aged 3 and 4 years, were also found on the dock at the foot of Twenty-sixth street, and they were properly tagged and made ready for removal by the undertaker. This morning, when the undertaker came to get the remains of the three they could not be found.

It is believed that some other undertaker took them away by mistake, but that such a plunder could have been made was a shock to the authorities. The bodies were numbered from 173 to 175. Mr. HILL was overcome when he found out that the remains had been taken away and he sat down on an empty coffin and wept like a child. Then he started off to make an investigation and the police will help him to straighten out the tangle. There were eight dead in the RICHTER family and only three bodies have been identified. And now they are lost too."

The city record does not list William, Catherine or Lillian among the dead, missing, injured or sent home. The NYC Death Index does not list William, Catherine or Lillian for Jun 15, 1904. The June 17 Brooklyn Eagle newspaper list of the dead did include Richter, Catherine age 3 and lilli age 4 both of 104 First ave. Also listed at 104 First was Fred age 11. Lean age 35. Lena Richter's maiden name was Hill.

1904 NYC DEath Index:
Richter Amelia 20 y Jun 15 1904 3023 Bronx
Richter Amelia 47 y Jun 15 1904 3025 Bronx
Richter Annie 8 y Jun 15 1904 3026 Bronx
Richter August 15 y Jun 15 1904 3024 Bronx
Richter Christine 9 y Jun 15 1904 3550 Bronx
Richter Ernest 13 y Jun 15 1904 3215 Bronx
Richter Frederich 11 y Jun 15 1904 3230 Bronx
Richter Lena 35 y Jun 15 1904 3231 Bronx
Richter Lizzie 18 y Jun 15 1904 3027 Bronx
Richter Lydia 12 y Jun 15 1904 3549 Bronx


Ringer ⚰ ⚰

City record: Ringer 170 Ave A Alfred 11 dead (disinterred), Clara 37 dead

Clara✟ Ringer was the wife of William a bread maker. They had one son, Alfred✟.

1900: Jersey City, William Ringer 42, bread baker, Clara Ringer 33, 1 child 1 living, Alfred Ringer 7, all imm "1897" Lena Thommen 13 boarder


Roberts ⚰ ⚰

City record: 190 Guernsey st Brooklyn, Roberts Blanch A age 13 dead, Clara A age 38

Clara✟ Roberts was the widow of Edward Roberts. Blanche✟ was their only child.

1885: Miss Clara Douglass of 190 Guernsey street Brooklyn hosted a party in April. Among the attendees were: Mr. Edward Roberts and Miss Vina H Roberts.

1895: Douglass Sarah M wife of Robert Douglass age 72 years, 5 months and 4 days 190 Guernsey street, Brooklyn

1892: 190 Guernsey street, Douglass, Robert A, age 73, retired, blind, Sarah age 67, John Douglass age 47, bookkeeper

1900: Brooklyn, Edward Roberts Head M 40 New York (cannot read occupation), Clara A Roberts Wife F 34 New York, 1 child 1 living, Blanch A Roberts Daughter F 9 New York John H Douglass Brother-in-law M 58 New York Robert Douglass Father-in-law M 81 New York Annie Lockett Servant F 24 Virginia

1901: Death, Apr 2, Robert Douglass age 82 son of John Douglass formerly of Newry, Ireland, 190 Guernsey st. Brooklyn.

1901: Nov 17, Edward A Robert, artist and designer, of 190 Guernsey street died after a yearlong illness from vavular disease of the heart. He was a resident of Greenpoint Brooklyn for twenty years. Born in Stamford, Duchess County. He married Clara Douglass. They had one daughter. Clara's brother was ex-assemblyman, John H. Douglass.

1904: Newspaper reports stated that Mrs. "Carl" Roberts, a widow with one child and a friend of the Kasselbaum family lived at 190 Guernsey street Brooklyn.

1904: Blanche Roberts Death Date: 15 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Cedar Grove Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Flushing, Queens County, New York, USA (Ancestry).

Blanch A. Roberts Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, Age: 13 Burial Date: 28 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Cedar Grove Father's Name: Edward A. Roberts Father's Birthplace: U.S. Mother's Name: Clara A. Douglass Mother's Birthplace: U.S. (LDS)

Note: The Schnude family was also at 190 Guernsey street in 1904.


Roes ⚰ ☁

City record: 222 McDonough st Brooklyn, Adele A age 36 dead, John J age 9 to Lincoln hospital.

Adele Roes was the wife of Frederick Roes. They had one son, John, born circa 1895. Adele✟ died in the Slocum. John survived.

Frederick Roes remarried before 1906 when he and his second wife, Margaretta had a daughter. They had a second daughter circa 1910.

Frederich Roes died in 1943.

John Roes, served overseas in WWI. According to the 1942 Draft Registation he was married.

1894: John George Roes, son of Frederick and "Anne" Ashe, November 9.

1904: ROSE, JOHN, 222 McDonough st in shock in Lincoln hospital (NY Times June 16)

1904: June 17, Dead - Rose, Addie of 222 McDonough street.

1904: Probate, Frederick Roes petitioner, 22 McDonough street, husband of Adele Roes deceased June 15 1904. Personal property $334. Frederic Roes husband John J. Roes son age 9

1910 Rogers ave., Frederick Roes 43, grocery store, Meta M Roes 27, 2 children 2 living, John S Roes 16, Margaret Roes 3, Erma A Roes 1, Henry M Maugle 17, boarder, grocer

1915: Rogers ave. Brooklyn, Roes, Fredrick head age 48 born Germany, grocer, Meta wife, age 32, John son age 20, Margaret daughter age 8 Emma daughter age 6

1917 Draft Registration , 1894, 2709 Ave. D, grocer, employed by father, single

1918 John J. Roes 2709 Ave D left for Camp Upton on Long Island June 24.

1919: John Jurgen Roes, 2709 Ave D Brooklyn, November 9, 1894 inducted at New York, June 24, 1918, overseas Sept 1918 to July 19019, discharged, July 25, 1919

1920: Ditmas ave, Fredrick J Roes 53, grocery store, Meta M Roes 36, John Roes 25, clerk grocery store, Margaret Roes 13, Emma Roes 10

1930: Ridgefield Bergen, New Jersey, own $9,000 Frederick J Roes 64, grocer, Emma A Roes 21 daughter, born New York, Adolph W Meyer 24, son in law --- insurance, Margaret C Meyer 23, daughter, Robert W Meyer 1 [1 2/12] grandson

1906: Margaret Catherine Roes Birth 07 Oct 1906 Brooklyn, Father's Name: Frederich John Roes Mother's Name: Meta Margaretta Priggen Roes

1942: John Jurgen Roes 93-48 206th street, Queens, 9 Nov 1894 Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA Residence: Queens, New York, USA, wife Margaret Roes, employee Benton and Roes 1044 Broadway, Woodmere

1943: Nov 26, Roes -Frederick of 400 Abbott ave. Ridgefield N J age 77 husband of the late Meta Priggen and father of John J, Margaret Meyer and Emma S Loeffler. Buried Lutheran Cemetery.

Roeth ⚰

Find a Grave: Helen Roeth Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 20 years old, death cert # 3715 Bronx, lived at 310 East Broadway, identified by Michael Cohen, a friend, 188 E Houston St Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Rosco ⚰

Find a Grave: George Roscoe Learn about upgrading this memorial... Birth: unknown, England Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 40 years old, death cert #3626 Bronx, lived at 362 Front Street, disinterred Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Rosenagel ⚰ ☁ ☁

City Report: 129 E 4th Annie age 38 dead, Grace 8 Lebanon hospital, Lucy 13 Lebanon hospital

Charles Rosenagel was born in Pennsylvania circa 1866. He married Charlotte Dressler in 1889. They had two daughters, Lucy in 1891 and Grace in 1896. Charlotte died in 1897. Charles married Charlotte's older sister, Anne in 1898. Charles and Anne did not have any children of their own but according to an account in The New York Steamboat Horror, Anne was a doting mother to the two girls. Anne✟ died in the Slocum disaster. Lucy and Grace survived but were both sent to Lebanon Hospital . Lucy made statements about the Slocum disaster to the Coronor's office.

In 1905 Charles married Margaret Christ. They had two daughters, Margaret c. 1906 and Clara c. 1908.

In 1907 Charles ran into some financial troubles and declared bankruptcy from which he appears to have recovered. Margaret Christ Rosneagel died in 1929. Charles Rosenagel died in 1930.

Lucy Rosenagel married Bartholomew D'Albora and died in 1948.

In August 2015 Wendy Reitzel wrote to say that Grace married Victor Ferrara. Wendy wrote:

The Social Security Death Index lists Grace Ferrara born 09/01/1896, died 09/1987, last residence Miami, FL. Victor Ferrara is listed as born 10/16/1891, died 11/1963, last residence FL."
They were listed in the 1920 census: 10 Franklin Pl., Jamaica, Queens), with daughter Lucia and with her sister Lucia Rosenagel.
1889 1st marriage of Charles Rosenagel : Chas Rosenagel 28 Jul 1889 Manhattan, Age: 24, Single, Birthplace: Lionesdale, Pa, Father, Valentine Rosenagel, Mother, Mary Kring, Spouse, Charlotte Dressler, Age: 25, Single Birthplace: New York, Spouse's Father's Name: Valentine Dressler, Spouse's Mother's Name: Elizabeth Kammei Iceuer


  1. Lucy c 1891

  2. Grace1 Sept 1896

Death of Charlotta Dressler Rosenagel 1897: Lottie Rosenagel age 32, Apr 9, 1897, Manhattan #11112

1898 2nd marriage : Charles Rosenagel married his deceased wife's sister in 1898

Charles Rosenagel Marriage 27 Feb 1898 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age: 33 Widowed Birthplace: Hovesdale, Pa Father Valentin Rosenagel, Mother Mary Annie, Spouse Anna Dressler Age: 36, Single, Birthplace: New York, Spouse's Father's Name: Valentin Dressler, Spouse's Mother's Name: Elisabeth Kammerdiener (LDS)

1900: 129 4th street, Chas Rosenagel 34, teamster, born Pennsylvania, Annie Rosenagel 39, 2 children 2 living, Lucie Rosenagel 9 Grace Rosenagel 3 Elizabeth Dressler 75, mother in law, widow (number of children not listed).

1904: Death of Annie Dressler Rosenagel on the Slocum

ROSENAGEL, Annie, 38 years, of 129 Fourth street, identified by husband Charles. (Body No. 356)
Find a Grave (see connection below) tells how much the Rosenagel girls loved their stepmother and how distressed their grandmother was to have lost all but one of her 13 children

1904: Lucy Rosenagel age 13 told the Coroner's office that she and her mother and sister were on the top deck when the fire broke out. The tried to get some of the life preservers. Someone gave her one and she jumped in the water whereupon the life preserver burst open. She had also managed to grab a camp chair which kept her afloat until a man in a rowboat rescued her. She had become separated from her mother and sister. Lucy also said she had seen some of the crew attach hoses that simply burst apart when the water was turned on.

1905: 129 4th street, Chas Rosenagel, Head, 38y business, Luzia, Rosenagel Daughter 14y, Grace Rosenagel Daughter 8y

1905 3rd marriage of Charles Rosenagel: 1 Jul 1905 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Mary Christ Certificate Number: 14216

Charles Rosenagel to Margaret Christ 01 Jul 1905 Manhattan Father's Name: Valentine Rosenagel Mother's Name: Anna Kring Spouse's Father's Name: Peter Christ Spouse's Mother's Name: Margaret Lustenberger

1907: NY Times Jan 19, 1907, "Voluntary petition" by Charles Rosenagel East 4th street, liabilities $3,573, assets $50, principal creditor, Peter Christ $640

1907: NY Times Sept 23, 1907 US district court, Charles Rosenagel, bankrupt, filed petition August 27, 1907 asking for the discharge of his debts.

1910: Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, Charles Rosenagel 43, born Pennsylvania, trucking material, Margaret Rosenagel 33, 2 children 2 living, Lucey Rosenagel 19, cashier store, Grace Rosenagel 13, Margaret Rosenagel 4, Clara Rosenagel 2, Peter Christ 66, father in law carpenter, Margaret Christ 67, mother in law

1915: Ocean Parkway, Charles, Margaret, Lucy, Grace, Margaret, Clara and the Christs

1920: Queens, Victor Ferrara, head age 28 born Italy, manager auto agency, Grace, age 23, Lucia,afe 2, Lucia "Rosinagel", age 28, sister in law, saleslady

1929 - Death of Margaret Christ Rosenagel: Margaret Rosenagel age 50, Dec 4, 1929 Manhattan #28541

1930: Manhattan 38 E 4th street, Charles Rosenagel 62, widowed, proprietor trucking, Margerite Rosenagel 23, daughter, Claire Rosenagel 22, daughter

1939: Charles Rosenagel Age: 74, 26 Aug 1939, Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 17645

Charles Rosenagel Death 26 Aug 1939 Brooklyn 229 St. John's Place Age: 74 Widowed Occupation: Trucking Birthplace: United States Burial Date: 29 Aug 1939 Cemetery: St. John Father's Name: Valentine Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Anna Kriss Mother's Birthplace: Germany Spouse's Name: Margaret

1948 Death of Lucia Rosenagel D'Albora: Lucia Helen D'Albora Death 10 May 1948 New York City, Queens, 188-20 122th Ave. Residence Place: St. Albans, NY Gender: Female Age: 56 Married Housewife Birth Date: 06 Sep 1891 Birthplace: Man., NY Burial Date: 13 May 1948 Cemetery: St. John's Father's Name: Charles Rosenagel Father's Birthplace: U.S. Mother's Name: Charlottette Dressler Mother's Birthplace: U.S. Spouse's Name: Bartholomew J. D'Albora

Find a grave

Elizabeth Dressler:

1853: Dressler Gender: Female Death Date: 22 Apr 1853 Death Place: New York, New York, Ny Age: Birth Date: 1853 Birthplace: New York Father's Name: Valentine Dressler Mother's Name: Elizabeth Dressler (LDS)

1861: Auguste Dressler Gender: Female Birth Date: 29 Dec 1861 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Valentine Dressler Mother's Name: Eliz. K Dressler

Listed in the 1880 census 1st ave, Elizabeth, age 56, widowed, born Bavaria, tailoress, Annie age 22, Lottie age 18

1890 city directory Dressler Elizabeth, wid. Valentine, h 97 E. 4th

Elizabeth not listed NYC Death index under Dressler. (See below.)

In February 2016 Bob Greiner wrote to me about Elisabeth and Valentine Dressler:

Death of Elisabeth Dressler: Elisabeth Dressier, 24 Sep 1904, 81, Kings #19107 (misspelled name?)

Death of Valentine Dressler: New York, New York City Municipal Deaths Name Valentine Dressler Event Type Death Event Date 03 Oct 1859 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Age 52 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1807

This information seems valid for Valentine, especially since Elizabeth was enumerated in the 1860 census with only 3 older children. However, it does not explain the birth of Charlotte (m. Charles Rosenagel) in 1861. Valentine Dressler


Rosenberger ⚰ ⚰

City record: 417 E. "15th" street, Lizzie age 7, dead, Mary age 44 dead

John Rosenberger, baker, and his wife, Mary✟ had one child, Lizzie✟, living in 1904. Mary and Lizzie died in the Slocum.

John Rosenberger never remarried - he was still alive in 1925.

1900: 417 E "16th" street, John Rosenberger 44, baker Mary Rosenberger 39, 2 children 1 living, Elizabeth Rosenberger 2, born October 1897

1905: E 144th street, Bronx, Joseph Kober 52, Fredericka Kober 45, George Kober 12, George Moeser 15, Chas Moeser 13, Lizzie Moeser 41 John Rosenberger 49, boarder, pie baker

1910: E. 144 street Joseph Kober 57 molder art wood, Fredericka Kober 50 0 children 0, John Rosenberger 54, baker, widower, brother in law, Gorge H Moeser 20, nephew, Charles F Moeser 18, nephew

1915: E 144th street, Bronx, Joseph Jober Fredericka Jober 55 John Rosenberger 59, brother in law, baker, Elizabeth Moeser 51, sister in law

1925: Bronx, Joseph Kober 72 Fredericka Kober 65 Jno Rosenberger 69, brother in law

1897: Elisabeth Rosenberger Birth 22 Oct 1896 Manhattan, Father's Name: John Rosenberger Father's Birthplace: U.S. Father's Age: 40 Mother's Name: Marie Mohlenstad Rosenberger Mother's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Age: 34 (LDS)

Rosenstein ⚰

City record: Sophia Rosenstein age 21 dead, 127 1st ave.

Sophie✟ Rosenstein was the daughter of Jacob Rosenstein and Blondina Sickler [?]. Jacob died in 1892. Blondina married Jacob Rapp. Blondina had Lizzie and Sophie from her first marriage. Jacob Rapp had Carrie, Bertha, and Emil from his first marriage

Jacob Rapp married Blandina Sickler based on marriage info for his daughter Caroline (Carrie).

1900: 127 1st ave. Jacob Rapp 42, painter, Blandena Rapp 46, married 8 years, 6 children 6 living, Carrie Rapp 19, Bertha Rapp 18, Emil Rapp 16, plumber, Lizzie Rosenstein 21, daughter, dressmaker, Sophie Rosenstein 16, daughter, milliner, Anna Widman 59, servant

1907: Caroline Rapp age 28, daughter of Jacob Rapp and "Blandona" Sickler married Thomas Walter.

Sophia Rosenstein was buried in 1904 Greenwood Cemetery. In the same plot were:

ROSENSTEIN ELSIE 1883-03-06 2272
ROSENSTEIN EMELIE 1848-01-29 2272
ROSENSTEIN FREDERICK 1879-11-14 2272 (In Memory of Frederick Rosenstein Born November [illegible] 1841 Died November [illegible] 1879 - Find a Grave)
ROSENSTEIN JACOB 1880-04-08 2272 (age 1 month)
ROSENSTEIN JACOB 1882-08-16 2272
ROSENSTEIN JACOB 1892-02-28 2272 (age 42) (Jacob Rosenstein born May 14, 1848 died Feb 25, 1892 tombstone)
ROSENSTEIN JACOB J. 1881-03-13 2272 (age 66)
ROSENSTEIN SOPHIA 1904-06-22 2272

Jacob Rosenstein Birth Date: 14 May 1848 Death Date: 25 Feb 1892 Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery Burial Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Sophie Rosenstein was a Sunday school teacher at St Marks'

The NY Times list for June 19, 1904 also listed "Lizzie" Rosenstein age "15" of 127 1st ave among the missing but she was not listed in the city record.

1880: E 4th street, Rosenstein, Jacob, age 32 fire ins broker, Lizzie 30 wife, Kate age 4 Lizzie age 2, next to them Rosenstein, Jacob age 65 lawyer, Eliza age 66 wife

Rotenberger ☀

Find a Grave: Anna Rotenberger Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 19 years old, death cert # 2822 Bronx, lived at 368 Bowery, Servant $13.00 month Burial: Unknown

Roth ☀

City record: Louisa Roth age 16, of 516 E 88th street taken home.

Louisa Roth was a cousin of the Weiss family.

See Weiss

Roth ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: Roth 203 5th st Caroline A age 17 dead, Josephine age 42, born Romania, dead, Alfons Braun age 13 born Romania dead (disinterred) nephew of Josephine Roth.

Josephine✟ Roth was married to Joseph, a sign painter. They had one daughter, Caroline✟. Both Josephine and Carolin were lost in the Slocum. Joseph was listed in the 1910 census with his brother, Victor.

1895: Passport application, Joseph Roth, born Bucarest, Romania, Feb 22 1858 immigrated SS Pavonia form Liverpool January 1884, naturalized Common Pleas Feb 1890, sign painter, intending to return within 2 years.

1900: 203 E 5th single family, Joseph Roth 42, sign painter, Romania, Josie Roth 37, 3 children 1 living, Romania, Caroline Roth 12, daughter, Victor Roth 27, brother, Frank Nahodil 25, boarder, William Schnele 25, boarder

1900: Passport application, Joseph Roth 1900 New York, United States Gender: Male Age: 42 Birth Date: 22 Feb 1858 Birthplace: Romania Spouse's Name: Josephine Roth, born Romania June 14, 1862, daughter Carolina Roth age 12 years, 203 E 5th street, sign painter Certificate Number: 21305

1905 Passport application: Joseph Roth born Feb 22, 1858 Bakerest Roumania, age 47, applying for himself and niece Zoe Braun born Bukerist Ra. 21 Feb 1886, sign painter 203 65the st NY, (other info same as 1895 passport application.

1905: Mr. Joseph Roth Arrival Date: 17 Sep 1905 Age: 47 Ethnicity/ Nationality: German Port of Departure: Havre Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: La Touraine, New York address 203 E "5th street" and Zoe Braun age 19 to same address.

1910: 204 E 5th street, Joseph Roth Head M 52 Romania, widowed, sing maker, own shop, Victor Roth Brother M 34 Romania, sign maker, Annie Roth Sister-in-law F 25 Austria Zoe Brown Niece F 24 Romania

Tombstone (Find a Grave) Josephine Roth born 14 June 1862 died 15 June 1904. Caroline A Roth born 20 Nov 1886 died June 15, 1904 and beloved child Anna Roth born 29, April 1888 died Jan 2 1890, Julius Roth born 21 April 1829 died 16 May 1897 and Alfons Braun Nov. 189- died June 15, 1904

Rothman/Rothmann ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City record: 48 1-2 7th street, Emily age 34, dead - Thomas F age 8 dead - William, C. Jr. age 5 dead

Emily✟ Rothman was the wife of William, saloon keeper. They had two sons, Thomas✟ in 1896 and William✟ in 1899. Emily and her two sons perished in the Slocum.

William Rothman remarried in 1908. He and his second wife, Katie Schmitt had two sons.

1895: William Rothmann Marriage 25 Sep 1895 Manhattan, Age: 27 Single Birthplace: New York, New York Father's Name: Thomas Mother's Name: Theresa Schneider Spouse's Name: Emily Grimm Spouse's Age: 26 Single Spouse's Birthplace: New York, New York Spouse's Father's Name: Frederik Spouse's Mother's Name: Elizabeth Leonhardt

1896: Thomas Fred. Rothmann Gender: Male Birth Date: 24 Apr 1896 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Wm. C. Rothmann Mother's Name: Emily Grimm Rothmann

1899: William Christopher Rothman Birth 04 Oct 1899 Manhattan Father's Name: William Christopher Rothman Father's Birthplace: New York Father's Age: 30 Mother's Name: Emily Grimm Mother's Birthplace: New York Mother's Age: 29

1900: 91 1st ave., William Rothmann Head M 31 New York, saloon, Emily Rothmann Wife F 30 New York, 2 children 2 living, Thomas F Rothmann Son M 4 New York William C Rothmann Son M 1 New York

1904: The body of Mrs Emily Rothman was identified on June 15th. The body of "William" Rothman was identified Jun 21.

1904: Rothman, Emily, 34 y, Jun 15, 1904, 2845, Bronx (Thomas listed under Rothmann age 8, June 15, 1904 #3385. William was NOT listed.)

1904: Thomas F. Rothmann Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States Age: 8 Burial Date: 21 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Lutheran Father's Name: William C. Rothmann Father's Birthplace: U.S. Mother's Name: Emily Grimms Mother's Birthplace: U.S.

1904: William Rothman Birth Year: abt 1903 Age: 1 Death Date: 21 Jun 1904 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 22686

William Rothman Death 21 Jun 1904 Manhattan Address: 180 Orchard St. Gender: Male Age: 1 Burial Date: 24 Jun 1904 Cemetery: Washington Cem. Father's Birthplace: unknown Mother's Birthplace: unknown
Husband Wm C Rothmann - Ales, Wines, Liquors & Cigars at 1st Ave & 6th Street (Find a Grave)
1908: William C. Rothman Spouse Katie Schmitt 16 Feb 1908 Bronx, New York Father's Name: Thomas Rothman Mother's Name: Treasea Schneider Spouse's Father's Name: Jacob Kochm Spouse's Mother's Name: Treasea Binkel

1909: Frank Joseph Rothman Birth 13 Jan 1909 Manhattan, Father's Name: William C. Rothman Father's Birthplace: U. S. Father's Age: 39 Mother's Name: Katie Koehn Rothman Mother's Birthplace: U. S. Mother's Age: 35

1910: 40 second ave., William C Rothmann 40, marriage 2, Kate Rothmann 36, marriage 2, married 2 years, 3 children 2 living, own saloon, William J Rothmann 8* Frank J Rothmann 1 [1 3/12] Mary Krochinsky 43, servant

*This William born circa 1902. He must be Katie's son by the first marriage.

1920: William C "Rothmann", Head M 50 New York, inspector insurance, Kate Rothmann Wife F 46 New York, William Rothmann Son M 18 New York, Frank J Rothmann Son M 10 New York, Thomas T Rothmann Son M 6 New York,

1930: Mount Vernon, William C "Rathmann", Head M 60 New York, Kate Rathmann Wife F 56 New York, Frank J Rathmann Son M 21 New York, Thomas F Rathmann Son M 16 New York,

Rueffer ☁

City record: 109 1st ave., Annie age 34, to Lebanon hospital

Annie Rueffer was the wife of Ernest, music store owner, publisher of sheet music and writer of music for the German immigrant theater. They had one son, Arthur. Annie appears to have been on the Slocum without other immediate family members. She survived and was still alive in 1920. Ernst died in 1932.

1900: 109 1st ave., Rueffer, Ernest, age 41, married, music store, Annie wife, age 30, married 10 years 1 child 1 living, Arthur age 9, January 1891

1910: 109 1st ave., Ernst Rueffer 51, music store, Anna M Rueffer 39 Arthur F L Rueffer 19

1913: Ernst Rueffer became a US citizen.

1913: Ernst Rueffer 109 1st Av Photographs Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1913

1917: Arthur F L Rueffer City: Brooklyn County: Kings State: New York Birthplace: New York,United States of America Birth Date: 29 Jan 1891, bank clerk, Chase National Bank, married physical disability, varicose, veins

1920: 109 1st ave, Ernst Rueffer 61, music store own shop, Anna Rueffer 54

1920: Jefferson ave, Brooklyn, Arthur Rueffer 28 Margaret Rueffer 29 Arthur Rueffer 1 [1 11/12]

1932: Ernst Rueffer Birth Year: abt 1859 Age: 73 Death Date: 4 Mar 1932 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 5373

1933: Ernst A Rueffer 305 E 6th Occupation: Music Publr Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1933

1940: Jefferson ave. Brooklyn, Arthur Rueffer 49, broker, Margaret Rueffer 50, Arthur P Rueffer 22, Margaret Rueffer 19

1942: Arthur F. L. Rueffer dob 29, January 1891, wife Margaret Rueffer, employee, U. S. Treasury, Washington D.C. home address 1464 Jefferson ave Brooklyn.

Ernst Rueffer

E. Rueffer, music publisher, importer of and dealer in musical merchandise, no. 109 First Avenue, between 6th and 7th Streets, New York.

Ernst Rueffer of New York City had 6 copyright for music written in 1900. He wrote music for the zither. He wrote music for the German immigrant theater plus cake walks and two steps.

In addition to writing original music he arranged other's compositions for the zither including Thekla Badarzewska, The Maiden's Prayer (Gebet einer Jungfrau, publisher Ernst Rueffer, 109 First Ave., New York, Volkslied, Die alten Deutschen tranken immer noch eins, publisher Theodor Lohr, 298 Grand St. (near Allen St.), New York, J. Strauss E., One Heart one Mind (Ein Herz ein Sinn), publisher Rüffer, 109 First Ave., New York, Carl F. Enslein, Almenrausch und Edelweis, publisher, Ernst Rueffer, 109 First Ave., New York, E. Krones / E. Di Capua, Tho' I forgave, I can't forget (Ich vergab, vergessen Kann ich nicht) / My Sunshine (Meine Sonne) publisher Ernst Rueffer, 305 Sixth Street, New York, and J. Strauss E., Blue Danube, Waltz, publisher Ernst R˜ffer, 109 First Ave., New York Vintage Zither Music Project.

New York in Wort und Bild (New York in Word and Image) 3 songs Germania Theater, 1895, Ernst Rueffer.

In 1906 he advertised in Etude; the music Magazine, Ernst Rueffer, 109 First Avenue. His composition "Jolly Pickanninies" was copyrighted and published in 1905. Other published works: Down In Louisiana (1896) Cupid's Whisper (1904) Sparkling Stars (1900) Jolly Pickanninies (1905) Liliputian Dream (1902) Summernights Dream, Fantasie in Potpourri-Style Ernst Rffer, 109 First Ave., New York

He sold zithers, mandolins and violins and made repairs on instruments. He also published sheet music.

"Send to MR. RUEFFER whatever amount you wish to invest for an insturment and you can feel confident obtaining a bargain at the price".

Cakewalks in the Ragtime Era

In 1911 E. Rueffer at 109 First avenue advertised among other sheet music:

  1. Down in Louisiana, Scottische by E. Rueffer - A lively characteristic numer full of catchy melodies with some by play of steamboat whistles, tambourine, castanets, etc.

  2. Jolly Pickanninies, two step by E Ruffer. A real negro break-down. It keeps the hands and feet agoing. The melody throughout is bright and catchy and confined with a good rhythm which makes the composition excellently adapted to either marching of dancing purposes.

  3. Sparkling Stare (Gavotte), - E Ruffer - a superb gavotte, dreamy and fascinating certain to be very popular.

Jolly Pickanninies

American Eagle March (Old Glory Leads the Way) Sheet Music

"This sheet music for the song "American Eagle March (Old Glory Leads the Way)" was written by George Cooper, composed by John Geo. Boehme, and arranged by H. Farmer. The song was originally published by E. Rueffer of New York, New York in 1902 and appeared as a supplement to the "New York Herald" on March 15, 1903. The sheet music has a drawing of an eagle flapping its wings perched on a furled flag. The drawing is signed by "Drake.""

1905: The Music Trade Review: "The Bride of God", a beautiful "sacred" song, was published by E Rueffer of 109 Fist Avenue. The words were written by a sister of St. Dominic "an dedicated to the Rev. Mother Mechtilde, of the Dominican Convent, Jersey City. N. J. in honor of her twenty-fifth anniversary." It was arranged with organ, violin and flute obligato accompaniment.

109 First Ave is on the west side at 7th street.

Ruthinger ⚰ ⚰ ☀ ☀

City record: Ruthinger, 47 St. Marks Place, Ernest 17, Meta 39, both DEAD, Elsie 15 uninjured, Fred age 10 uninjured.

Meta✟ Rughinger was married to Ernest. They had Ernest✟, Elsie and Frederick. Ernest and Meta died in the Slocum. Elsie and Frederick survived. Elsie said her mother threw Frederic and Elise in a boat.

Ernest remarried in 1905. He and his second wife, Emma Michel, did not have children.

Emma died in 1920. Ernest married Christine Hugrath in 1922.

Elsie married Henry C. Becker in 1912. Henry died in 1923 at age 48. Elsie remarried John Dibbern.

Frederick married and had a family. He was not afraid to get on a boat again. He traveled to Burmuda with his wife in 1923. He died in 1950.

1886 Marriage: Ernest Ruthinger 3 July 1886 Manhattan, father: Caesar Ruthinger, mother: Amelie Berten, spouse: Margret Muller, other: John Peter Muller, Margaret Elise Dingeldey

1889: Elsa Ruthinger Birth Date: 1 Jan 1889 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 748

1900: 47 East 8th street, Ernest Ruthinger 37, machinist, Matte Ruthinger 36, 3 children 3 living, Ernest Ruthinger 13, June 1886, Elsia Ruthinger 11, January 1889, Fredrick Ruthinger 6

1904: Death of Meta and Ernest, jr.

Brooklyn Eagle Missing List June 16, 1904

RUTHINGER, Ernest, 16 years, of 47 St. Mark's place
RUTHINGER, Mrs. Nita, 39 years, of 47 St. Mark's place
RUTHINGER, Elsie, 14 years, of 47 St. Mark's place
RUTHINGER, Fred, 10 years, of 47 St. Mark's place

June 17, 1904 Dead List:
  • RUTHINGER, Ernest, 16 years, of 47 St. Mark's place. [listed also as ROTTINGER*]
  • "RUTHMAYER", Mrs. "Vetta", 38 years, of 47 St. Mark's place, identified by husband, Edward.
  • "RUTLINGER", Meta, of 47 St. Mark's place *
1905: Marriage
Ernst Ruthinger 04 Jun 1905 Manhattan Age: 40 Widowed Birthplace: Baden, Baden, Germany Father's Name: Caesar Ruthinger Mother's Name: Amelia Bertin Spouse's Name: Emma Michel Spouse's Age: 36 Single Spouse's Father's Name: Joseph Michel Spouse's Mother's Name: Elizabeth Keim Reference ID: cn 12026 , GS Film Number: 1558402 (LDS)

1910: Brooklyn, Ernest Ruthinger 44, marriage 2, 5 years, machinist, Emma Ruthinger 40, marriage 1, 0 children, Elise Ruthinger 21, Fredrick Ruthinger 16, machinist shop

1912: Elsie Cecile Ruthinger married Feb 14, 1912 in Henry C Becker, Kings #2244

1915: Brooklyn, Ernest Ruthinger 51 Emma Ruthinger 45 Fred Ruthinger 21

1917: DOB Mar 26, 1894 Frederick Ludwig Ruthinger, machinist, Brooklyn, single.

Death of Emma Ruthinger: age 51 July 29, 1920 Brooklyn

1920: 45th street, Henry Becker 45, traffic clerk, millinery H., Elsie Becker 31, Harry Becker 5

Marriage 3 : Feb 25, 1922, Brooklyn, Christine Hugrath

1922: Passport application, Ernest Ruthinger and his wife, Christine, born Baden Baden October 9, 1866 machinist Brooklyn, father Caesar

1923: Becker, Henry C. beloved husband of Elsie (nee Ruthinger) died April 16 in his 48th year. They had one son, Harry, and a daughter, Violet. Residence 536 84th street.

1923: Fred Ruthinger Arrival Date: 11 Jun 1923 Birth Date: 22 Mar 1894 Birth Location Other: new york city Age: 29 Port of Departure: Bermuda Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Araguaya, with his wife, Olive.

1925: Queens, Frederick L Ruthinger, age 31, mechanic, Olive 28, Gloria 1

1930: 53 6 84th street, John Dibbern 35, painting supply, Elsie Dibbern 36, Harry Becker 15, step son

1930: Fred Ruthinger Head M 36 New York Olive Ruthinger Wife F 32 New York Gloria Ruthinger Daughter F 6 New York Richard Ruthinger Son M 4 New York

1934: Death Ernest Ruthinger, Age: 67, Death Date: 8 Oct 1934, Kings Certificate Number: 19801

Ernest Ruthinger 08 Oct 1934 Brooklyn 538 84th Street Age: 67 Married Occupation: retired machinist Birth Date: 09 Oct 1866 Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 12 Oct 1934 Burial Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York Cemetery: Lutheran Cemetery Father's Name: Caesar Ruthinger Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Joan Mother's Birthplace: France Spouse's Name: Christine Ruthinger

1934: Ruthinger October, October 8, at 538 84th street, beloved husband of Christine Lauterbach and devoted father of Mrs. John Dibbern and Fred L. Ruthinger.

1934: Ernest Ruthinger of 538 84th street, left an estate valued at close fo $10,000. According to the will the sole beneficiary was his wife, Christine.

In the 1930s Frederick Ruthinger was an entertainer in several local musical productions. He was a member of the Concert Club.

1940: 536 84th street, Brooklyn, John Dibbern 44 Elsie C Dibbern 46

1940: Christine Ruthlinger age 69 widow, Brooklyn

1942: Fred Ruthinger Birth Date: 22 Mar 1894 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Residence: Brooklyn, New York, USA, contact, Mrs. Dilbern, 536 84th street, Brooklyn

Death of Frederick Ruthinger, 1950: application for a headstone indicates he was born March 26 (corrected from 22) 1894 enlisted July 22, 1919 discharged January 16, 1919, died January 17, 1950 Hempstead, NY.

Death of Christine Ruthinger: Age: 103 Christine Ruthinger Birth Date: 16 Nov 1870 State: New York Last Place of Residence: Nassau, New York Previous Residence Postal Code: 11553 Event Date: Oct 1973

1985: Elsie Dibbern SSN: 068-52-5293 Last Residence: 11797 Woodbury, Nassau, New York, USA BORN: 1 Jan 1889 Died: May 1985

Ryan ⚰

Find a Grave: Mamie Ryan age 5 345 East 15th street

Also listed in City Record

Sackman[n] ⚰ ⚰ ⚰ ☀

City Record: Sackman 341 Rivington, Herman age 7 DEAD, Margaret age 38 DEAD, Margaret age 9 MISSING, Anna age 13 taken home.

Margaret✟ Sackman was married to Deiteich Sackman. The had: Anne, Charles, Margaret✟ and Herman✟. Margaret, Margaret and Herman died on the Slocum. Annie age 13 survived. Charles age age 11 is not mentioned in the city record. He was either not on the excuriosn or walked away unrecorded.

Deiterick Sackman remarried but did not have any other children. He died in 1937. Charles and Anna did not marry.

1883: Dederick L Sackmann 76 Mangin Occupation: Grocer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1883

1889: Diedrich Louis Sackman marriage: 20 October 1889 Manhattan father: Lubje Sackmann mother: Gesine Cordes spouse: Margaretha Kobes other: Diedrich Kobes, Gesale Winilehr

Diedrick L Sackman Marriage Date: 20 Oct 1889 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Margareth Kahis Certificate Number: 11527

1890: Anna Meta Gesche Sackmann 28 Jul 1890 Birthplace: Manhattan Father's Name: Diedrich Sackmann Mother's Name: Margretha Kahrs

1898: Sackmann Dederick L 339 Rivington

1899: Rivington street at mangin James P Albright to Charles Sackmann and Diedrich L Sackmann

1900: 78 Mangin street, Deiterick Sackman 46, grocer, Margaret Sackman 36, 4 children 4 living, married 10 years, Annie Sackman 9 (rest of family missing to be found on another page marked 788 Mangin st.) Charles, age 7, Jan 1893, Margaret age 5, Mar 1885, and Hermann age 3

1903: Dietrich Sackmann 339 Rivington street, corner store.

1904: June 17 MISSING

SACKMAN, Mrs. Margaret. ___, 343 Rivington street [died list] SACKMAN, Herman, 7 years, of 343 Rivington street SACKMAN, Margaret, 10 years, of 343 Rivington street

1904: DEAD
SACKMAN, Margaret, 34 years, of Rivington street *
1904: June 21 the body of Herman Sackman was identified by his father Seitrich.


Mrs. Margaret SACHMAN, of Rivington street, Manhattan, the sister of Mrs. VELBUCH, who went on the excursion with her four children, was rescued, with two of the children, Annie and Charlie. The other two, Margaret and Herman, are still missing.

Mrs. SACHMANN said that she was with Mrs. VELBUCH when the alarm was given, but was immediately separated from her. (BDE, June 15, 1904)

Margaret Sackman was MISSING. Where did this story originate?

"After going up and down among the dead and dying for ten hours OELLRICH had at last found his oldest son lying in a hospital suffering from burns about the head. The boy's injuries were pronounced slight and the father was permitted to take him to the home of the SACHMANNS in Rivington street." (BDE June 15, 1904)

Henry Sackmann said he was playing with some boys his own age on the upper deck. When the alarm went up he tried to get back to his mother and siblings but could not make it pass the rush of people on the stairway. Someone started yelling that everyone who could swim should jump overboard. So Henry jumped and was picked up by a rowboat.

1905 city report: Persons reported as missing - Sackmann, Margaret, No. 341 Rivington street

1905: 78 Mangin street, Manhattan, Dietriea Sackman 59, grocer, Anna Sackman 14, Charles Sackman 12

1905: Diedrick J Sackmann Marriage Date: 16 Jul 1905 Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Annie K Dattles Certificate Number: 5592.

1907: Diedrick Sackmann h[ome] 297 Hewes Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1907 also grocer 176 Sheffield av.

1910: 297 Hewes street, Dietrich Sackmann 57, marriage 2, retired, immigrated 1869, Anna Sackmann 45, marriage 1, married 5 years, 0 children, Anna Sackmann 19 Charles Sackmann 17

1912: Dederick Sackmann 297 Hewes Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1912

1914: April - Rivington st s. s. 46.6 ft of Mangir Charles Sackmann to Diedrich Sackmann 297 Hewes st Brooklyn. (More - but there is a crease in the paper.) WWI: Charles Sackman 297 Hewes st Brooklyn served overseas from Aug 14, 1918 to October 28, 1919

1920: Brooklyn Hewes street, Diedrick L Sackman 66, none, Anna K Sackman 53, none, Anna G Sackman 29, none, Charles R Sackman 27, clerk office,

1925: Brooklyn, Diedrich Sackmann 72 Anna K Sackmann 59 Anna G Sackmann 34 Cha Sr Sackmann 32

1927: October

DEATHS SACKMANN CHRISTINE, on Sunday. Oct. 9, 1927, beloved wife of Diedrich Sackmann, in her 57th year. Funeral services at her residence, 9013 91st ave, Woodhaven, on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.
1930: 297 Hewes street, Brooklyn, own $9,500, Diedrich Sackman 77, married at age 37, landlord, tenants, Anna K Sackman 64, married at age 39, Charles R Sackman 37 Anna G Sackman 39

1937: Death of Deitrich Sackman, 27, Nov buried Middle Village, Queens

Death, Diedrich L. Sackmann on Nov 27, beloved father of Anna and Charles, 297 Hewes street, Brooklyn
"Diedrich L Sackman who died Nov 27, 1937 left a gross estate $44,643.80 and a net estate of $25,488.52 including $17,022.72 for 339 Rivington st, $5,000 for 343 Rivington street, and $5,000 for 341 Rivington street, all Manhattan, three bank accounts, four joint bank accounts and $8,000 for Hewes St. transferred before his death, passing to a son, a daughter and a grand nephew." (BDE aug 23, 1939)

1940: 297 Hewes street own, Charles R Sackmann 47, stenographer, public utility[?] Anna G Sackmann 49 1942: Charles Richard Sackmann 187011 104th ave. Hollis Queens, age 49, born New York Jan 3, 1893, sister Anna G Sackmann same address unemploued.

1963: Anna G Sackmann Birth Date: 28 Jul 1890 Birth Place: Manhattan NE, New York Father Name: Diedrich Sackmann Mother Name: Margaret Kahrs Type of Claim: Original SSN. Notes: Jan 1963: Name listed as ANNA G SACKMANN

1952: Charles R Sackman was the president to the General Slocum survivors organization.

New York Historical Society:

Memorial plaque commemorating General Slocum disaster DATE: ca. 1904 Marble, metal Overall: 42 1/2 x 34 x 2 1/2 in. ( 108 x 86.4 x 6.4 cm ) DESCRIPTION: Gilded cast metal palm frond entwined in banner with low-relief inscriptions, mounted on white marble slab. GALLERY LABEL: According to the accession records, this plaque was formerly attached to the wall of the narthex in old St. Mark's Church on East 6th St., which was attended by many of the people who died in the General Slocum Disaster. When the Church was sold to the Jewish Community Center in 1940, the plaque was removed and stored in St. Mark's new location until it was donated. CREDIT LINE: Gift of the Zion-St. Mark's Lutheran Church and the Organization of the General Slocum Survivors, through Mr. Charles R. Sackman, president

Sanders ⚰

Find a Grave: Helen Sanders age 13, "death cert # 3091 Bronx, lived at 416 East 16th Street, services were at the Grace Chapel, 14th St, by Rev G Bottome, curate of the chapel (Episcopal)"

Schaefer ⚰ ☁ ☀

City Record: Schaefer 322 E 13th street, Kate age 6, MISSING, Augusta age 36 to Lincoln hospital, Joseph 36 uninjured

Joseph and Augusta Schaefer had one daughter Kate✟. Kate died in the Sloucm disaster. Her body was never found. Joseph and August, although certainly young enough, did not have additional children. They were still living on the Lower East side in 1930.

1899: Kate Schaefer Birth Date: 22 Sep 1899 Birth Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 35235

1905: 322 E 13th street, Schaefer, Joseph age 38 importer clerk, Augusta age 37

1920: 18th street, Manhattan, Joseph Schaefer 52, clerical office, Augusta Schaefer 51 Henry Thiet 45, brother in law, manager hotel

1925: Joseph Schaefer 58 Augusta Schaefer 57

1930: East 18th Street Joseph Schaefer 63, clerk, Augusta Schaefer 61

Schaier ⚰ ⚰

Find a Grave:

  1. Julia Schaier Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 6 months, death cert # 3611, lived at 174 E 3rd Avenue Family links: Parents: Margaret Schaier (____ - 1904) Burial: Unknown

  2. Margaret Schaier Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 27 years old, death cert # 2882 Family links: Children: Julia Schaier (____ - 1904)* *Calculated relationship Burial: Unknown

Scharf ⚰

Find a Grave: Mary Scharf Birth: unknown, Austria Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 58 years old, widow, death cert # 3142 Bronx, lived at 419 E 9th St, Janitress $30.00 month, son's name - Richard Scharf Burial: Unknown

Scheele/Schell ⚰ ⚰ ⚰

City Record: 14 St. Marks Place, Anna age 15, Clara age 7, and Lawina age 10 all DEAD

Anne✟, Clara✟ and Lawina✟ were the daughters of Charles Scheele and his wife, Minna

The newspapers reported that the body of Annie Scheele of 14 St. Marks Place, was identified at the Morgue by her friend Louise Hagenback of 102 1st ave. Annie had been on the outing with her sisters, Clara and Vina. Their father was at home sick and their mother had stayed to tend him. Vina had been identified the night before and Clara was still missing.

Another newspaper account says that Mr. Scheele was on his death bed.

Carl Scheele died in November 1904.

1888: Annie Scheele New York, New York, United States father: Charles Scheeler mother: Minna Bi...Hopp Scheeler

1893 Charles Scheele Birth Date: abt 1891 Age: 2 Death Date: 10 Jun 1893 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 21510 Family search says he was the son of Minna and Carl.

1904: Clara Scheele birth: 1897 New York City death: 15 June 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States burial: 23 June 1904 residence: New York, NY father: Charles Scheele, mother: Minnie Bischof (LDS)

1904: Lavina Scheele on the dead list June 18, 1904 - daughter of Carl and Minna buried June 20, 1904

1904: Anna Scheele 14 St. Mark's found at morgue June 18, 1904

1904: Clara Scheele on identified June 22, 1904.

NYC Death Index:
Scheele Annie 15 y Jun 15 1904 3364 Bronx
Scheele Clara 7 y Jun 15 1904 3575 Bronx
Scheele Lawina 10 y Jun 15 1904 3363 Bronx
Scheele Carl H 42 y Nov 26 1904 38623 Manhattan

Schelke ⚰

Find a Grave: Elsie Schelke Birth: unknown Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 8 years old, death cert # 3546 Bronx, lived at 331 5th Street- name also spelled Schelkle Burial: Unknown

Schepp ⚰

City Record: Mary age 15, taken home address 433 E17th street,

Schenermann ⚰

Find a Grave: Albert Schenermann Birth: unknown, USA Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA - age 6 years old, death cert # 3607 Bronx, disinterred, lived at 100 East 8th Street Family links: Parents: Minnie Scheuermann (____ - 1904) Burial: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Middle Village Queens County New York, USA

Minnie Scheuermann Birth: unknown, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster Family links: Children: Albert Schenermann (____ - 1904)* *Calculated relationship Burial: Unknown

city Record: Minnie age 40 albert age 6

Schick ⚰

Find a Grave: Minnie Schick Birth: unknown, Germany Death: Jun. 15, 1904 New York, USA Victim of the General Slocum Disaster - age 21 years old, death cert # 945?? - most certs were issued in the Bronx but this is not in series with those numbers, may not be correct, lived at 430 E 15th Street

City Record: Schick 430 E 2[?]5th street, DEAD Henry age 2 to Lincoln Hospital

1902: Name Henry Frederick Schick Birth 15 Feb 1902 Manhattan, Gender Male Father's Name Henry Schick Father's Birthplace Germany Father's Age 26 Mother's Name Minnie Zimmermann Schick Mother's Birthplace U.S. Mother's Age 19

Minnie Schick Burial 1904 Event Place Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn) Birth Date 11 Jun 1883 Death Date 15 Jun 1904 Affiliate Record Identifier 151370034 Cemetery The Evergreens Cemetery

Minnie Schick Death 15 Jun 1904 Bronx, New York, Gender Female Age 21 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1883 Father's Name Valtine Mother's Name Annie (LDS)

Schiettinger/Schuttinger ⚰ ⚰

City record: 754 149th st, Dora age 18 and Freida age 16 DEAD

Dora✟ and Freida✟ were the daughters of Louis, a charpenter, and Minnie Schuttinger. Louis and Minnie also had two sons, Louis (1890) and Otto (1892). Louis went to Sing Sing Prison for a number of years for burglary. Louis married and had a family. Otto never married. Minnie died in 1934.

1900: 315 67th street, Lewis Schuttinger Head M 41 Germany, carpenter, Minnie Schuttinger Wife F 48, married 15 years 4 children 4 living, , Germany, Dora Schuttinger Daughter F 14 New York, Fredin Schuttinger Daughter F 12 New York, Lewis Schuttinger Son M 10 New York,May 1890, Otto Schuttinger Son M 8 New York, Jan 1892

1904: Dora Schiettinger birth: 1886 U. S. death: 15 June 1904 Bronx, New York, New York, United States burial: 23 June 1904 residence: New York, NY father: Louis Schiettinger mother: Minna Zua

1905: Louis Schiettinger 46, Minnie Schiettinger 53, Louis Schiettinger 15, Otto Schiettinger 13

1920: 474 E. 144th street, Bronx, Louis Schuttinger 60, carpenter, house, Minnie Schuttinger 67

1925: Bronx Louis Schuttinger 65 Minnie Schuttinger 72

1933: Schuttinger, Louis (Mina) carp h 375 E 159th street, apt 1A, Louis (Mary) carp, h 413 E. 142d, Otto sec-tres Keystone Collection Bureau Inc r 357 E 159th Apt 1 A.

1934 Death: Mina Schuttinger 15 Dec 1934 Bronx Age: 82 Married Occupation: housewife Birth Date: 18 Sep 1852 Birthplace: Germany Burial Date: 17 Dec 1934 Burial Place: Bronx, New York Cemetery: St Michaels Father's Name: Jacob Rille Father's Birthplace: Germany Mother's Name: Catherine Rau Mother's Birthplace: Germany Spouse's Name: Louis Schuttinger

Louis Schuttinger (1890-)

1917: Louis George Schuttinger Jr City: Bronx County: Bronx State: New York Birthplace: New York Birth Date: 15 May 1890, piano maker, wife and child

1919: Receiving blotter, Louis Schuttinger, Jr. sentenced July 10, 1919 received July 14, 1919 from NYC, Burg 3rd degree, parole No 21, 1929, cabinet maker and carpenter, residence when arrested 474 E 144th street, uses tobacco, mother dead*, father, dead*

*They were both still alive.

1920: Louis Schuttinger Jr Age: 29 Birth Year: abt 1890 Birth Place: New York Admission Date: 14 Jul 1919 Admission Place: Ossining, Westchester, New York, USA Sentence Date: 10 Jul 1919 Place Received From: New York City, New York

1920: Ossining New York, Sing Sing Prison, Louis Schuttenger Jr. 29, jobb shop

1930: Louis Schuttinger 39, checker wholesale grocery, Mary Schuttinger 36, George Schuttinger 14, Owen Schuttinger 10, Louis Schuttinger 7, Dorothy Schuttinger 5, John Schuttinger 2,

1940: Bronx Louis Schuttinger 49, house man club house, Mary Schuttinger 45, George Schuttinger 23, Owen Schuttinger 20, Louis Schuttinger 17, Dorothy Schuttinger 15, John Schuttinger 12, Alfred Schuttinger 8, Edwin Schuttinger 5, Louis Schuttinger 81

1942: 441 E 140th street, Bronx, Louis Schuttinger Jr Birth Date: 15 May 1890 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Residence: Bx, New York, US

Otto Schuttinger (1892-1957)
1892: Otto Friedrick "Schietinger" 30 Jan 1892 Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA Father's Name: Louis Schietinger Mother's Name: Mina Ruhle (LDS)

1910: Otto Schuttinger Gender: Male Marriage Date: 29 May 1910 Marriage Place: Queens, New York, USA Spouse: Ray Marks Certificate Number: 615

1917: Bronx

1920: Bronx, Otto Schuttinger 27 Ray Schuttinger 29 Dorothy Schuttinger 6 Shirley Schuttinger 3 [3 11/12] Norma Schuttinger 1 [1 6/12]

1930: Otto Schuttinger Plaintiff or Defendant: Plaintiff Date of Action: 25 Apr 1930 Place of Action: Bronx, New York Other Party: Ray Schuttinger Volume Number: 4 Page Number: 85 File Number: 3170

1940: Bronx, Otto, 47, collector, collection agency, married (crossed out) , lodger. 1957: Otto Schuttinger Birth Date: 30 Jan 1892 Claim Date: 22 Oct 1957 Type of Claim: Life Claim Notes: 21 Oct 1957: Name listed as OTTO SCHUTTINGER