Damian Blanck and Jaime Friel
were married
Friday evening August 1, 2003
The Dalles, Oregon


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Photos of Damian as a baby
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Photos of The Wedding

Pre ceremony
John Friel, Maggie Blanck, Pat Friel and Tom Blanck in the hotel lobby

Ticia Bouchat Blanck, Toby Blanck, Maggie Blanck, Sebastian Blanck, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, and Tom Blanck in the hotel lobby

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place on the porch of an original 1857 building which is part of the Fort Dalles Museum. The building was the house of the Surgeon stationed at Fort Dalles, the only U.S. Army fort on the Oregon Trail between Laramie and Vancover. The Surgeon's Quarters, the smallest and least costly of the four original officer's houses, is the only original Fort Dalles building still standing. Salvaged at the turn of the 20th centry by local history-minded pioneer women, the Surgeon's Quarters became the property of the Oregon State Historical Society. Fort Dalles became a museum in 1905 and is one of Oregon's oldest history museums.

Jaime and Damian's friend, Keith Hirokawa, performed the service. Jaime's mother, Pat, did a reading from the bible.

Sarah Vanmeter-Kirk was the matron of honor and Toby and Sebastian served as groomsmen.

Pat reading from St Paul to the Corinthians on Love

Maggie and Tom

The Reception

A reception followed at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, The Dalles

See www.gorgediscovery.org for information on the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Historic Museum

The Discovery Center

The view from the back window of the Discovery Center

Damian and Jaime

For more images of the wedding reception go to Damian and Jaime's Wedding Reception

Saturday Barbecue at Toby and Ticia's in White Salmon Washington

Toby slack lining. Danny Land watching

Adam Wilder and Sebastian Blanck

Aasha and Laura Mullen

Tom Blanck

Tony and Kathy Land

Pat Freil, Erin McEnany, Jaime and Damian

Jaime, Damian, ??? and Brian Lee

Steve, Louie, Adam and Alexa Wilder and Sebastian Blanck

Keith Hirokawa, Brian Lee, and Park Chambers

Anna, Vickie and Kevin Land

Louie Wilder and Maggie Blanck

Louie Wilder, Maggie Blanck and Barbara Silvers

Lunch is served

Photos by Damian


Jack O'Lanterns

The message

Jaime and Damian

Damian Blanck born September 21, 1971

Newborn hospital photo

Newborn at home

Four and a half months

Sitting at five months

Five and a half months

About eight months

About one year

First birthday


Chocolate ice cream


Summer 1974, Cabin John Park

Summer 1974, Hurley's back yard, Bethersda, Maryland

Summer 1974, Belmar, New Jersey

November 1974, Italy

Spring 1975, Podova

Winter 1975, Hamden

Winter 1975, Hamden

Winter 1975, Hamden


May 1976


December 1976


Helen Street School, Hamden

Jaime Friel


Toby and Ticia
Sebastian and Isca
Maggie and Tom