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Red Hook, Brooklyn, 1883 and 1890 Restaurants

The idea behind my Red Hook web pages is to get a snap shot view of Red Hook, Brooklyn in the late 1800s. The focus is on the area south of Hamilton and west of Richards to the water. This page is a look at the restaurants.

There were 10 restaurants listed in the 1883 directory and 16 listed in the 1890 directory. Three of them were the same as listed in both directories.

There were 2 hotels, both had restaurants located in them: the Atlantic House at 12 Hamilton and The Erie Basin Hotel (known as Stuck's Hotel) at 422 Van Brunt.

Henry Bohand and William Varrelman were the proprietors of Oyster houses. Gustav Ahlstrom served steak. The Harts served "beef and beans". Mary Tower served a hearty meal and Milwaukee beer. William Varrelman had bottles of catsup on his tables.

In addition to the standard tables and chairs what kind of decorations and amenities did the Red Hook restaurant have?

The Groh establishment was described in 1889 as a boarding house with a dining room. Gesine Helke's place on Conover Street was also a boarding house.

A Portugese Boarding House on Hamilton avenue contained a safe. Gusta Ahlstrom's dining room boasted three mirrors. And the Struck's hotel had a telephone in 1886.

Five women were listed in the directories under their own names: Gesine Helke, Margaret Brenner, Mary Murphy, Mary Towers and Gersine Groh. Margaret Brennen and Gersine Groh were widows. Unfortunately I have not found much on Mary Brennen, Mary Murphy and Mary Towers. Gersine Groh ran the business for at least 9 years after her husband died. Mrs. Struck's husband Henry died in 1891. While she never listed her own name in the directories, she did list herself as hotel keeper in the 1892 and 1905 censuses.

Help, including, cooks, dishwashers, waiters and bartenders sometimes lived with the family (or at least in the same building).

1883 directory

  1. Bohland, Henry, 387 Van Brunt
  2. Dempsey, J. J., 14 Hamilton,
  3. Donohoe, Patrick, 73 Hamilton*
  4. Fogarty, Lawrence, 349 Van Brunt
  5. Hart, Benjamin, 21 Hamilton*
  6. Helke, "Cassena" [Gesine], 135 Conover*
  7. Howie, Robert, 4 Richard
  8. Struck, Herman 51 Hamilton
  9. Varrelmann, William 138 Hamilton
  10. Woll, Francis 436 Van Brunt (The name was actually MOLL)

    *Also listed in 1890

1890 directory

  1. Braunes, Bodo, 79 Hamilton,
  2. Brennan, Margaret, 104 Dikeman,
  3. Collins, George 405 Van Brunt,
  4. Donohue, Patrick, 73 Hamilton**,
  5. Groh, Lawrence, 137 Conover
  6. Hanson, Oscar 305 Van Brunt,
  7. Hart, Benjamin, 21 Hamilton**,
  8. Heins, Richard, 4 Richard,
  9. Hilke, Gesine, 137 Conover**,
  10. King, Joseph, 106 Hamilton,
  11. Landgraff, Emil, 45 Hamilton,
  12. Murphy, Mary, 72 Van dyke,
  13. Pozzoli, Nicholas, 221 Van Brunt
  14. Smith, William, 20 Hamilton,
  15. Towers, Mary, 155 Van Brunt,
  16. Ulfestrand, G 290 Van Brunt,

    **Also listed in 1883

Bohland, Henry, 387 Van Brunt (414 Van Brunt in 1908), 1883 Directory under Restaurant, 1890 Directory under Oyster Dealer

Listed in 1883.

Birth: Henry Bohland

Marriage: Sophia


  1. Fred c 1876

  2. Louise

  3. Mamie/Marie

In 1886 387 was a frame building the third down from the south east corner of Van Brunt at Partition (now Coffey st).

1876: 387 Van Brunt was a grocery store.

1875: 143 Van Brunt street, wood $1,200. Henry Bohland M 39, oyster house, Wife Sophia Bohland F 35, wife, Sister Helen Bohland F 35, sister all born Germany four families in building.

1877, 1881: Henry Bohland 387 Van Brunt Oysters Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1877

1880: 387 Van Burnt, Henry Boland M 43 Germany, oyster salesman, Wife Sophia Boland F 31 Germany, Son Fred Boland M 4 New York, United States, servant, Mary Ronsenberg F 38 Germany, three families in the house.

1890 387 Van Brunt Oyster Dealer

1892: Bohland, Henry, --, Germany, Oyster, Sophia 43, first names of three children are cut off, ages 16, lithographer, 11 and 4,

1900: Ward 12, 414 Van Brunt, Bohland, Henry head born 1836, age 64, mar. 27 years, 4 children 3 living, Germany, imm. 1871, oyster saloon keeper, Sophia, wife age 51, born Germany, Mary daug. 19, NY Louise daug. 12 NY

1902: Bohland, Henry restaurant 414 Van Brunt

Henry W. Bohland for 34 years a restaurant keeper at 414 Van Brunt. Born Germany 1835 he lived in Brooklyn for nearly 50 years. He belonged to the Fritz Reuter Lodge of Hoboken. He left a widow Sophie, two daughters, Marie F. and Mrs. Louise F Shoafe and a son, Fredrick.

1908: Henry Bohland died.

1910: Sophia age 61 widow and "Mamie" daughter age 19 on Beard street, no occupations

1910:Ward 12, 78 Coffey st, Frederick Bohland 35, milk dealer retail, Johanna Bohland 37 Leona S Bohland 10 Frederick Bohland 7 Wilbur Bohland 4 Harold Bohland 1

Greenwood: BOHLAND HELENA HENRIETTA 1887-11-30 21316 4 (Bohland Helena 1 y Nov 28 1887 15470 Kings) BOHLAND HENRY 1908-04-08 21316 4, (Bohland Henry 72 y Apr 5 1908 7134 Kings) BOHLAND SOPHIA 1926-03-12 21316 4, (Bohland Sophia 77 y Mar 9 1926 5746 Kings) BOHLAND MARY 1956-10-10 21316 4

Note: In 1891 414 Van Brunt was a hardware store

Braunes, Bodo, 79 Hamilton, 1890 Directory

North side of Hamilton.

Bodo Braunes does not appear to have lived in Red Hook.

1883: Naturalization, Bodo Braune July 17, 1888, restaurant prop., 368 West H Common Pleas, New York

1888: Sunday, June 24, 1888 Restaurant for Sale Low Rent, good location cheap, on account of sickness 79 Hamilton, South Brooklyn

1888/89 Bodo Braunes 79 Hamilton avenue 10 Carroll restaurant Brooklyn NY

1892: Bodo Braune, 286 West, eating h. 287 West h[ome] 286 West

1893: Marriage, Bodo Braune Bertha Hornung Or Honing 24 Apr 1893 Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name: Fred Braune Mother's Name: Henriette Spouse's Father's Name: Franz Hornung Or Honing Spouse's Mother's Name: Val Schneider Or Schneide Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00611-6 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1452479

1893: Apr Passport application: Bodo and Bertha Braune: Bertha born Friberg, Germany, 15 Feb 1866 - Bod born Berlin, Prussia, Germany, 4 December, 1862, imm on the S. S. -eenland from Antwirp on or about January 1888, occupation cook, 5 ft 11 inches, blue eyes brown hair, 936 Washington st. Hoboken

1893: Aug 7, from Le Havre to New York on La Champagne, Bodo Braunes Aage 30 restaurant keeper US, Bertha Braune --, US, both New York

1910: Manhattan west 44 st, Bodo Brenne 47, born Germany, imm 1888, cook, restaurant, Berthe Braune 44, born Germany, no children,

1899: Hamilton Bank was at 79 Hamilton

Brennan, Margaret, 104 Dikeman, 1890 Directory

104 Dikeman is NOT shown on the 1886 map.

1888: "Brennen", Margaret restaurant, 19 Hicks st.

Public Auction: December 1890: at 104 Dikeman near van Brunt the fixtures and furniture of a restaurant - tables, chairs, range, cookery, glassware, cutlery, etc plus house old furnishings bedding, ladies apparel and "other effects"

1891 Margaret Brennan, wid, James h[ome] 104 Dikeman

1892: No Margaret/Maggie Brennen in Ward 6 or 9.

1890: Real Estate Record Vol 45, "Dikeman st s w 100 w Richard st one three story frame dwelling 25x45 tin roof, cost $2,000 M. Hines, 104 Dikeman st b'rs Jno F Walsh and Daniel I Lynch"

1899 Trow's Business Directory, Smith, Frances 104 Dikeman, Furniture

Collins, George 405 Van Brunt, 1890 Directory

405 Van Brunt is NOT shown on the 1886 map.

Dempsey, J. J., 14 Hamilton, 1883 directory

In 1901 there was said to be betting on pool over Higgin's saloon at 14 Hamilton

See John J. Dempsey

Donohoe, Patrick, 73 Hamilton, 1883 and 1890 Directory

1877: Frances McQueeny had a oyster saloon at 73 Hamilton ave. when some local thugs brok the plate glass and screen.

?? 1899: Trow's Directory Restaurant Anderson, Benjamin 284 Columbia & 73 Hamilton Ave.

Fogarty, Lawrence, 349 Van Brunt 1883 directory

349 Van Brunt was a frame building two in from the corner of Van Brunt at Wolcott. ??

1890: also listed at this address in 1890 Gigho, George, Groceries & Sundires

1882: Fogarty, Lawrence, liquors, 370 Van Brunt, h 249 Van Brunt, Fogarty Lawrence, confectionary, 349 Van Brunt

1882/1883: City Directory - Restaurants, 349 Van brunt, Fogarty, Lawrence

1891: Liquors, 87 Partition street

1892: 12th ward near at or near 351 Van Brunt, Fogarty, Lawrence, age 32, machinist, Maggie 33, Loretta age 1. No Lawrence Fogerty restaurant.

1900: Ward 12, 448 Van Brunt, Launcelot Fogarty 40, machinist, Margaret A Fogarty 40, 5 children 1 living, Loretta Fogarty 9, daughter, Mary Rooney 28, sister in law, Thomas Rooney 35, bro in law, Edward Rooney 42, bro in law

Gesine Hilke Groh

Groh, Lawrence (Lorenz), 137 Conover 1890 Directory

137 Conover is shown on the 1886 map as a brick building two in from the south east Corner of Conover at King. See Helke, Gersine below.

Groh, Lawrence, 137 Conover

1850: New York Ward 10, Martin Groh 36, public house, Germany, Maria Groh 26, Germany, Lorenz Groh 7, Germany, Maria Groh 4, Germany, Hedwig Groh 3, born NY John Groh 1 born NY

Civil War Record: Groh, Lorenz, enlisted age 19, 30 August, 1862, New York City, for 2 years, priv. C company 20 Inf. transfer 7 May 1863 Priv. Batt "F" 5th US Ar-- transferred June 24, 1864 to 3 Batty transfered June 24, 1865.

Lawrence Groh AKA Lorenty Groh Private Bugler Union 3rd Independent Battery, New York Light Artillery Affiliate Publication Title: Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of New York. Affiliate Publication Number: M551 Affiliate Film Number: 56 GS Film number: 882112 LDS family search.org

1880: One Bar Badge to Trumpeter Lawrence Groh of the National Guard.

Lawrence Groh Military Service 21 Jul 1875 New York, , New York, United States Age: 27 Birth Year 1848 Volume Number: 73 Page: 281 Line Number: 198 Affiliate Publication Title: Registers of Enlistments in the United States Army, 1798-1914 Affiliate Publication Number: M233 Affiliate Film Number: 38 GS Film number: 350344 Digital Folder Number: 004719501 Image Number: 00603 LDS familysearch.org

He received a military pension as an invalid in 1890. His widow Gesine received a pension in Nov. 1891.

Lorenz Groh Marriage Gesine _____

1882: Brooklyn Union Argus November Trumpeter Lawrence Groh. Third Battery, was arrested recently charged with having violated a state law for having pawned his uniform.

1882: Lawrence Groh was expelled from the military for habitual neglect of duty. Brooklyn Union Argus, (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

Lawrence Groh 1888 137 Conover Brooklyn, New York Restaurant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1888

New York Herald, Sept 19, 1889 Lawrence Groh of 137 Conover street in Red Hook Point kept a boarding house and dining room. He had been a bugler in the US regular army artillery and the Calvary. For the nine years he had lived in Red Hook he sounded reveille with his bugle at ten to six in the morning and in the evening he sounded taps. It was claimed that the local residence used Groh's reveille as their alarm clock. (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

Death of Lawrence Groh: Some time before Nov 1891 when Gesine claimed a widow's pension.

1892: Ward 12, Gesine Groh, 47, Germany, Restaurant

1898: Gesine Groh rear 137 Conover Brooklyn, New York, USA

1899: Groh, Gesine 127 Conover Restaurant Trow's Directory.

1901: Death Groh Gesine H 57 y Jan 5 1901 454 Kings

1899: Chattels Howe, Emma, 137 Conover H. Kirn Store Fixtures etc $100 (Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, Volume 64)

1905: 135 Conover was a saloon - there was a tenement at the rear of 137 Conover (Decisions relating to the liquor tax law of the state of New York, Volume 3 By New York (State). Excise Dept 1905)

Helke, Gesine, 135 and 137 Conover, 1883 and 1890 Directory

1883 at 137 Conover list and the 1890 list at 135 conover

1880 Census: 137 Conover street, Henry Helke M 46 Germany, saloon keper, Wife Gazina Helke F 35 Germany, Son Henry Helke M 15 New York, United States, Son John Helke M 13 New York, United States, Daughter Johanna Helke F 8 New York, United States, Son Fredrich Helke M 5 New York, United States, servant bartender, 12 boarders, mostly laborers, stevedores 2 tinsmiths

1882: Daily Union Argus, the Excise Commission refused to grant a license to Herman H. Koenekamp, a saloonkeeper at 135 Conover street. Koenekamp, however, continued selling liquor, and he was arrested.

See 1870 Brooklyn Eagle List of Liquor Licenses in Red Hook - A survey and/or Brickwedel

1884: Ernest Friedes was on trial in April for the theft of jewelry valued at $200 from the home of Mrs. Asina Helke, 135 Conover.

1885: Helke, G-sine, wid h 179 King

1886: Helke Gesine wid Henry restaurant 137 Conover

1889/90 Gesine Hilke 137 Conover, restaruant

1892: Gesine Groh age 47 restaurant, Fredrick Hilke age 15, waiter, Henry Hilke age 15, waiter, The is no seperation by family group. Next entries are: James A. robinson age 24, mill, Amelia Robinson age 20 and Henry Robinson age 1 (See 1910 census).

1897 Frederick Lenzow had a saloon at 135 Conover

1901: Gesine Hilke Groh Event Type Death Event Date 05 Jan 1901 Event Place Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Gender Female Age 53 Marital Status Widowed Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1848 (LDS)

1903: Probate - Petition of john H Hilke 597 First ave. son of Gesine Groh who died 5 January 1901. $50 personal $3,000 real. widow survived by John H Hilke, Henry Hilke, Frederick Hilke sons, and Amelia Robinson daughter all living Kings.

1910: 48th street Ward 8, Brooklyn, William W Walsh 38, captian steamboat, Amelia C Walsh 37, marriage 2, 9 children 6 living, Mary J Walsh 6 Mildred N Walsh 5 William J Walsh 2 John H Walsh 1 [1 3/12] Henry G Robinson 19, step son, Amelia G Robinson 14, step daughter, Frederick Hilke 32, brother in law, janitor, school

See Groh at the same address. Looks like Gersine Helke, widow of Henry, married Larenz Groh.

Hanson, Oscar 305 Van Brunt, 1890 Directory

305 Van Brunt was between William and King on the east side of the street.

1874: 305 Van Brunt Michael Clahan ran a liquor store at 305 (or) 355 Van Brunt. When the police raided the place they found 2 game cocks, trimmed in fighting style and "engaged in a fierce encounter". The police arrested five men.

1891, 1892: Oscar Hanson 306 Van Brunt Restaurant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1891

1894 polling place

Hart, Benjamin, and Elizabeth (Betsey) Hart, 21 Hamilton, 1883 and 1890 Directory

While she was never listed in any of the contemporary records as having an active role in the running of the Hart restaurant, she was recalled in later reminiscence of the 1950s.

1870: Brooklyn Ward 6, Benj, 33, cigar maker, $200, England, Elizabeth 27, England, Mark 6 months, NY

1875: Hamilton ave., brick, $3,000, Benjam. Hart M 35, cigar trimer, Wife Elizabeth Hart F 32, Son Mordicai Hart M 6, Son Michael Hart M 5, Daughter Anna Hart F 4, Daughter Julia Hart F 2 2 family

1880: November, Thomas Lovitt of Union Street went to the restaurant at 21 Hamilton and acted in a "disorderly manner". He asked the waiter for a plate of pork and beans but was refused. Lovitt then drew a knife and stabbed the waiter in the back inflicting a slight wound.

1880: 21 Hamilton ave, Benjamen Hart 45, cigar store, born England parents born Holland, Elizabeth Hart 37, Mark Hart 11, Annie Hart 9, Julia Hart 6, Harry Hart 4, children all born NY, 2 family

1884: ARREST OF A RECEIVER OF SMUGGLED GOODS Benjamin Hart, who had a cigar store and restaurant at 21 Hamilton ave. Hart reportedly had 1,000 smuggled cigars, ten jugs of gin. He was held on $500 bail.

New York Tribune (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1884: "ACCUSED OF ABETTING SMUGGLING. Officers connected with the United States Special Agents Department have been looking for receivers of smuggled goods for some time past. The cigar shop kept by Benjamin Hart at No. 21 Hamilton-avenue, Brooklyn, was visited" and a Hart was arrested. Several cigar boxes that had been reused "in defiance of the law" were seized. (New York Times, March 16, 1884)

1892: 21 Hamilton Ave. Benjamine Hart, 55, England, cigars, Elizabeth 47, England, Mark 22, Annie 19, Henry 17, Morris 9, George 7

1900: Ward 6, ?? Place, Benjamin Hart 62, England, parents born Germany, imm 1865, Na., store (can't read) Elizabeth Hart 56, wife, 10 children 6 living, born England, imm 1856, Annie Hart 26, daughter, 26, New York, operator, Julia Hart 24, daughter 24, NY, clerk hardware, Henry R Hart 22, son NY, smelter, Morris Hart 17, son NY, clerk Lawyer's George Hart 15, son NY

1900: Died Elizabeth beloved wife of Benjamin Hart, sister of Harry, George and Elijah Davies, funeral from her home at 122 Carroll

1900: Death Index NYC, Hart Elizabeth 57 y Nov 10 1900 20765 Kings




George Rickman of Union Street, and a friend went to "a restaurant at 21 Hamilton avenue, on Friday night. The restaurant in question is in the heart of what is known to the police as the Brooklyn Tenderloin." Rickman ordered the oyster stew, but it did not please him and complained to the owner, Louis Prapas a Greek. Prapas, thinking he was about to be stiffed, when to the rear of the building, got a club and allegedly whacked Rickman in the jaw without warning. His friend managed to get him home where he immediately went to bed. His landlady found him unconscious the next day. A doctor was called and it was determined that Rickman was paralyzed and his condition was serious. Prapas claimed he had been assaulted first.

1905: 122 Carroll, Benjamin Hart M 63y England, salesman hardware, Daughter Annie Hart F 30y United States, Daughter Julia Hart F 29y United States, Son Henry Hart M 26y United States, salesman hardware, Son Morris Hart M 22y United States, salesman hardware, three family

1917 Death: Hart Benjamin 80 y Nov 1 1917 21241 Kings

1951: Henry Hart was born at 21 Hamilton Ave in 1876 to Benjamin Hart (known as "Uncle Benny") and Elizabeth Hart (known as "Aunt Betsy"). Benny and Betsey owned and operated a restaurant at 21 Hamilton ave for many years.

The restaurant was famous for its "beef and beans" and a host of old-time comedians and other stage folk who visited South Brooklyn including Weber and Fields, Al Reeves (the best banjo player of the time), Billy Watson, and Lillian Russell were customers of "Uncle Benny" in the era of horse cars."
Henry was a member of a large family of Harts who had come to Brooklyn circa 1876. Henry had one remaining brother George (who was married to Mae).

Joe Weber and Lew Fields were vaudeville comedians. Al Reeves was a popular banjo comedian who performed in black face. Lillian Russell GREAT COSTUMES!!!!

Heins, Richard, 4 Richard, 1890 Directory

See Howie at same address.

1889, 1890: Richard Heins 6 Richards Restaurant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1889 home 6 richards street

Waiter clean young man for restaurant, $30 a month, 4 Richards st near Hamilton Ferry Bklyn.

1897 New York World (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1898: Restaurant for sale: free and clear, lease and cheap rent, in one of the best locations in Brooklyn, for 2 good workers, all in perfect order one-quarter value, only principles need call 4 Richards Street Brooklyn - New York World (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

Howie, Robert, 4 Richard, 1883 Directory

See Heins at same address.

1860: Isabelle Howie and Robert Howie, b c 1829 Scotland in Mecklenburgh North Carolina - James Howie, Sr. 52, $300 Scotland, Jane 51, James 27 pattern maker, Elizabeth 25, William 23, machinist, Agnes 16, Robert 31, Isabelle 31, Mary, -, John 29, master machinist, all born Scotland, Mary 25, bron SC. Sarah 4, Sc. James 1, NC

1875: 17 Richards st. brick $7,000, Father Robert Howie M 46, saloon, Isabella Howie F 46 Daughter Mary Howie F 21, Brooklyn, Daughter Jane Howie F 14, North Carolina, Son William Howie M 11, North Carolina, four families in building.

1880 Census: 6 Richards Street, Howie, Robert, 52, saloon keeper born Scotland, Isabelle, 52 born Scotland, Jennie, 19, daug. North Carolina, Wm, son 16, works in office, North Carolina five families in building.

1881, 1883: Robert Howie 4 Richards Occupation: Restaurant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1881



Mrs. J. Howie, of No. 4 Richards street, is the owner of tbe premises No. 193 Fifteenth Street, the assessed valuation of which was $1,100 in 1882. The property is in arrears and she has petitioned the Assessors to cancel the claims of the city in order that she may be able to pay taxes again. She says the place is so heavily mortgaged and has been untenanted so long she cannot pay the arrears.

1890 Death: Howie Robert - Mar 20 1890 4529 Kings

1892: Ward 6 Brooklyn, Howie, Isabelle, 64, Scotland, Jennie, 30 daughter, Amer.

1897: Howie, Isabella, wid. Rob't, h 540A Henry

1899: Death of Isabelle, Howie Isabella 71 y Feb 15 1899 2829 Kings

1920: William Howie married Ann - no children listed with them - born North Carolina, father born Scotland, clerk real estate, Brooklyn Assembly District 11

1930: Death, Howie William J 66 y Mar 25 1930 6915 Kings

Greenwood: HOWIE ROBERT 1892-11-06 28209 137, HOWIE ISABELLA F. 1899-02-18 28209 137

King, Joseph, 106 Hamilton, 1890 Directory

In 1901 there was horse race betting at King's saloon at Hamilton and Union.

1899 Kutscher, William H 106 Hamilton av saddle maker - still there in 1906

Landgraff, Emil, 45 Hamilton, 1890 Directory

1889/90 Emil Landgraff 51 Hamilton avenue restaurant. Year: 1888, 1889 City: Brooklyn State: NY

1891: Emil Landgraff 45 Hamilton Restaurant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1891

1892 Ward 6, 21 Hamilton ave: Landgraff, Emil, 35, Germany, restaurant, Bertha 24 German, Celia, 1 US, cook, dishwasher, barkeep, waiter.

1892: Emil Landgraff Burial Date: 14 Aug 1892 Burial Place: Kings, NY USA

Death: Caecilia Landgraff Event Type Death Event Date 08 Mar 1893 Event Place Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Residence Place Brooklyn, New York Gender Female Age 1 Marital Status Single Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1892 Birthplace City Burial Date 11 Mar 1893 Cemetery Greenwood Cemetery Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Birthplace Germany

1893: A longshoreman of 45 Hamilton ave lodging house was suspected of having small pox. It turned out he had the measles

1892: A Sons Schuesster, C. 45 Hamilton av

1894: A cook at 45 Hamilton fractured his skull while boarding a cable car on Third ave.

1899: Schuessler, Christian 45 Hamilton restaurant.

1901: A 19 yeardold domestic in a hotel at 45 Hamilton ave was suddenly taken ill about midnight and died before medical help could arrive.

LANDGRAFF EMIL 1892-08-14 5499 2, (Landgraff Emil 35 y Aug 11 1892 13616 Kings)
LANDGRAFF AMELIA 1888-03-17 5499 2, (Landgraff Amelia 3 y Mar 15 1888 3789 Kings)
LANDGRAFF CAECILIA 1893-03-11 5499 2,
LANDGRAFF LOUISE M. 1889-04-08 5499 2 (Landgraff Louise M 3 m Apr 7 1889 4976 Kings)
LANDGRAFF MARY 1889-01-11 5499 2 (Landgraff Mary 36 y Jan 9 1889 435 Kings)

Moll, Francis 436 Van Brunt, 1883 Directory

Listed in the 1882 and 1883 Directory under "Woll" the name was actually MOLL.

436 Van Brunt in 1886 shown as a wood frame on the west side of Van Brunt between Elizabeth and Van Dyke.

1870: New York Ward 9 District 12 (2nd Enum), New York, New York, Carmine street, between Bleeker and Bradford, Francis Moll, age 40, Prussia, no occupation listed, Theresa, 30, Bavaria, William 7, Robert 6 both born New York

1876: 436 Van Brunt - polling place in 1876

1879, 1880: Francis Moll 436 Van Brunt Liquors Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1879

1880: 436 Van Brunt: Moll, Francis 48, restaurant, Germany, Theresa 38, Germany, William 16, NY, Robert 15 NY, a servant a cook and 11 boarders.

1882: Brooklyn Directory 436 Van Brunt, Francis "Woll"

1882: Brooklyn Directory 436 Van Brunt, Francis "Moll", restaurant

1882: Meeting held at Molle's Hall

1885: Marriage, William C. Moll to Margaretta Loretta Ashenden 25 Aug 1885 Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name: Francis J. Moll Mother's Name: Theresa Kuh... Spouse's Father's Name: Harry Ashenden Spouse's Mother's Name: Catherine G...Sen Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00468-0 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1570466 (familysearch.org)

1886: Meeting held at 436 Van Brunt "Moll's" Hall

1892: Brooklyn Ward 12: Francis Moll age 61 Germany, Hotel, Theresa Moll 51 Germany

1892: Francis J Moll 436 Van Brunt Brooklyn, New York Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1892

1900: Brooklyn Ward 25, Reid Ave., Francis Moll 68, Germany, Real Estate, Teresa Moll 59, William C Moll 36, real estate, Lucy C Moll 29

1901: Death Moll Theresa 73 y Jul 22 1901 13457 Kings

1907 Death: Moll Francis J 75 y Apr 23 1907 8604 Kings

The artist Walt Kuhn was born at 436 Van Brunt in 1877. His parents ran a saloon at that address. See Kuhn

Murphy, Mary, 72 Van Dyke, 1890 Directory

72 Van Dyke was just east of Richards on the north side of the street.

1887: November - To Let Store - first class location for restaurant or ship chandery 72 Van Dyke Erie Basin

1890: Stock and Fixtures of a restaurant at 72 Van Dyke for sale cheap - satisfactory reason for selling

1889, 1890 Directory Not listed under Murphy, Mary at 72 Van Dyke in the alphabetic name listings.

1891: Listed under Murphy, Mary, 72 Van Dyke Restaurant

1894: Not listed

Pozzoli, Nicholas, 221 Van Brunt 1890 Directory

In 1886 221 Van Brunt was two buildings south of Commerce on the east side of Van Brunt.

Nothing on Pozzoli, Nicholas in Brooklyn

1892: BOARDIING - Board at 221 Van Brunt st ask for Miss Landh

1901 Fire slight damage 221 Van Brunt 4 story brick

Smith, William, 20 Hamilton, 1890 Directory

Wechsler & Abraham Will Utilize Their New Property on Hamilton Avenue.

The six-story and basement building at Nos. 18 and 20 Hamilton avenue which was recently purchased by Wechsler & Abraham is to be used for the storage of furniture, at least in part. Mr. Abraham, when interviewed upon the subject this morning, stated tbat the building was originally purchased as an investment, and that quite recently other parties had made application to buy or lease the premises. The firm, however, desires to retain a large portion of the immense building for furniture storage, as they will soon have large consienments coming from their manufacturers in tbe West. The building is admirably adapted for the purpose, both as to location and capacity. It has a frontage of 75 feet on India Wharf, at Atlantic Basin, and neatly 200 feet on Hamilton avenue. The structure was erected in 1861, but owing to frequent changes in ownership and other vicissitudes it has been occupied but little, and consequently bas not suffered much from wear and tear.

1893: Mrs. Smith's Employment service at 20 Hamilton offered "good and reliable servants"

1894: Boarding house at 20 Hamilton ave. A young man from Hamilton West Indies was boarding there while waiting for his ship to sail to Lisbon when he was swindled of some money by men he met on the street.

1895: A "Portuguese Boarding House" at 20 Hamilton kept by Mary F. Simmons was the stopping place for a California women and her children as they waited for thier ship to sail when the 6 year old daughter was run over by a trolly and killed.

1895: A 23 year old male from the Azores living with some countrymen at 20 Hamilton ave died from heart desease and rheumatism.

1900: December John Ennis was keeping a restaurant at 20 Hamilton. He employed a "colored" cook.

1902: The safe of a Portuguese Boarding House at "22" Hamilton run by Miguel Canazi was broken into by drilling it open.

Struck, Herman and Anne (Luhrsen), 51 Hamilton, 1883 directory

Struck's Erie Basin Hotel was at 422 Van Brunt - the north west corner of Van Dyke and Van Brunt. The 1886 map shows a large brick building at this location.

Brith of Herman Struck: Germany circa 1850.

1875 Census: 7th District, Struck, John 25 Germany, liquor, Herman 24, Germany, boarder, clerk

1876: Marriage: Struck Herman to Luhrsen, Anna Feb 29 1876 Kings 331


  1. Emma✟ c 1879

    Died 1882.

  2. William Henry circa 1881

    Married Elizabeth Robinson

    1920: 404 Van Brunt, William age 39, Van Brunt street, liquor dealer, saloon, Elizabeth age 39 wife, 1935: Mrs. Elizabeth Struck was a deputy sheriff.

    1940: Congress street, Stuck, William H age 60, ship fitter, navy yard, Elizabeth R age 60, asst deputy register, City of New York, Kings County

    Death: The Third Assembly District Regular Democrat Orgaanization sorrowfully records the death of WILLIAM H. STRUCK beloved husband of our co-leader, Elizabeth R. Struck December 1960

  3. Anna Meta Elise circa 1883

  4. Tiene Johanne Hermine circa 1885

  5. Magdalena Marie Struck 29 Sep 1886 Father's Name: Herman A. F. Struck Mother's Name: Anna M. Luhrsen Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00113-3 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1324391 (familysearch.org)

1876, 1877, 1878, 1881, 1882: Herman Struck 422 Van Brunt Liquors Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1876

1877: Violations of Excise Laws - Herman Struck of 422 Van Brunt street.


1880 Census: 422 Van Brunt Struck 30, hotel keeper, Germany, Annie wife 28, Germany, Emma 1 daughter, New York four servants and 13 boarders

1881: A bargain $150 for a sloop will 11 tours in good order. Apply Erie Basin Hotel 36 Van Dyke st South Brooklyn

1882: Brooklyn, April 1, 1882, EMMA, beloved daughter of Herman and Anna Struck, aged 3 years and 6 months. Funeral takes place from No. 422 Van Brunt. New York Herald (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1883: Herman Struck 422 Van Brunt Restaurant

1886: Struck, Herman, liquors 420 & 422 Van Brunt telephone 96 I

1888: Some meetings were held at Herman Struck's of 422 Van Brunt Erie Basin Hotel

1891: John Mccollough died in the "Starks" hotel 422 Van Brunt st. He had no friends and was in destitute circumstances.

1891: Death of Herman Struck - The New York Herald

STRUCK On Sunday February 15 Herman Struck beloved husband of Anne in the 42 year of his age 422 Van Brunt. Allemania Lodge 740, F. and A. M.; Brooklyn Schutzen Corps, Brooklyn Sangervund, Jusine H Rathboan Lodge 286, K of P.: Buerger Schuizverine of Brooklyn (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1891: Herman Struck Death Date: Nov 1891 Burial Place: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA, Greenwood

1891: Probate for Henry Struck 442 Van Brunt died 15 Feb 1891, left real and persona l property - petitioner Anna Struck, children William Henry, Anna Meta Elise, Tiene Johanne Hermine, and Magdalene Marie

1892: Ward 12, Struck, Anne 41, Germany, hotel, William 11, Annie 9, Tinnie 7, Magdelena 5 2 domestics, a chore boy, a cook a waiter 2 barkeeper

1894: A man fell victim to the heat at Herman "Stolz's" store at 422 Van Brunt

1896: WANTED - a middle aged woman or a strong girl to work in hotel and restaurant, also to do washing and ironing apply to Erie Basin hotel 420-422 Van Brunt

1896: December 5, The Olympic Yacht Club of South Brooklyn entertained at Struck's Hotel"

1899: "Louis Struck" was called "the distinguished caterer of Strucks' Hotel".

1888: Louis Struck 422 Van Brunt Brooklyn, New York, USA Occupation: Barkpr [barkeeper] Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1888 also Herman liquors 422 Van Brunt.

1900: 442 Van Brunt, William K Struck 19, head, saloon keeper, hotel, Anna M Struck 50, mother, widowed, 6 children 4 living, Anna Struck 17, sister, Katrina Struck 15, sister, stenographer, Lena Struck 13, sister, at school, Dora Rockwitz 40, servant, Hermann Freers 29, water, Charles Brown 34, bartender, Carl Niedoba 29, kitchen man 10 boarders

1905: 422 Van Brunt, Head Anna Struck F 54y Germany, hotel, Son William H Struck M 25y United States, manager, Daughter Cathrine Struck F 21y United States, stenographer, Daughter Madeline Struck F 19y United States, stenographer, Boarder Adolph Westberg M 25y United States, bartender, no guests

1905: The Rowing Club held their banquet at Struck's Erie Basin Hotel. William Struck was one of the officers.

1906: A hotel was still at this location in 1906.

1910: Ward 8, 49th street, Anna Struck 59, widow, 6 children 4 living, no occupation, William Struck 29, bartender, Magdalen Struck 23, stenographer, wholesale bakery

1916: Death Magdalena Severin, 29, widow of Henry Severn, daughter of the late Herman Struck after a long illness in Liberty, NY. Zion Lutheran. Buried Greenwood.

Mrs. Severin was born in South Brooklyn and her father was for some years a Republican leader in the Twelfth Ward. She is survived by a son, Henry, her mother Mrs. Anna Struck, a brother, William Struck, a well-known hotel man in Red Hook Point and two sisters Mrs. Anna McMillan and Mrs Catherine Geelan (?) Brooklyn Daily Eagle (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)
1920: William H Struck Head M 39 New York Elizabeth R Struck Wife


Amma M Struck, widow of Herman Struck died yesterday at her home. 256 clinton street. She was born in Hanover, Germany, seventy-nine years ago and lived for sixty-five years in Brooklyn. She is survived by a son, William H. Struck, and a daughter Mrs. Edward Geelan; two brothers, Fred and Charles Luhrasen, two sisters. Mrs. Lena Galke and Mrs. John Puckhaher and six grandchildren. Buried Greenwood.

Despite the fact that Herman Struck died in 1891 he was still listed in the 1894, 1897, 1899 and 1902 city directories: Herman Struck liquors 422 Van Brunt and 1899 to 1902: Herman Struck hotel 422 Van Brunt

Greenwood: STRUCK HERMAN 1891-11-18 27824 203, STRUCK WILLIAM H. 1891-11-18 27824 203, (Struck Hermann 41 y Feb 15 1891 5045 Manhattan) STRUCK EMMA S. 1891-11-18 27824 203 (Struck Emma S M 3 y Apr 1 1882 3945 Kings), STRUCK ANNA M. 1929-06-05 27824 203 (Struck Anna 78 y Jun 2 1929 13094 Kings) Note: The must have moved the bodies of Emma and William from another place. This was not uncommon.

Towers, Mary, 155 Van Brunt, 1890 Directory

On the 1886 map 155 Van Brunt was just south of Hamilton and may actually be indicated as a Hotel. The numbering is a little funny. No Mary Tower/Towers in city Directories other than 1890.

1892: Wanted Young Woman for restaurant call 155 Van Brunt

1892: No Mary Tower in Ward 6 or 12

1894: In a "small" restaurant at 155 Van Brunt, a man ordered a "hearty meal" and a bottle of "the best Milwaukee" and tried to leave with out paying. Two waiters in the restaurant tried to stop him. A fight ensued with one of the waiters being stabbed in the neck. The man escaped but was later caught.

1895: A 70 year old man walked into Eugene Dougherty's restaurant at 155 Van Brunt and ordered supper and a drink. When the waiter arrived with the drink the man was dead.

1901 Gustav Uhlstorm was at this address. See Uhlstrom.

Ulstrom/Ulstrand (Ahlstrom), Gustav, G 290 Van Brunt, 1890 Directory, 153 Van Brunt in 1903

290 Van Brunt is shown on the 1886 as west of the intersection of Tremont.

Listed as Ulfestrand, G 290 Van Brunt, 1890 Directory

1892: Ward 12, Gustav Uhlstrand, 35, Sweden, cook, Mary 26, Cook Ireland

1888: William Smith was said to have a dinning saloon at 153 Van Brunt when a fight broke out and one person was injured.

1901: Daily Eagle (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1901: June 19, 1901, Gustav "Ulftrand" who had a restaurant at "155 Van V Brunt" accused Dominick McGarvey of burglary of three mirrors from the restaurant. Gustav and his wife lived with a servant over the restaurant. McGarvey pleaded guilty. Three mirrors had been stolen from the restaurant of Gustave Ulstrand, of 155 Van Brunt street. McGarvey was held on $2,000 bail for examination..... Standard Union (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html) In 1902 to 1909 James Cassidy was keeping a saloon at 153 Van Brunt (BE)

In 1902 153 Van Brunt was listed as a four story brick. Gustav Ostrand age 45 of 153 Van Brunt was helping remove some furniture from the building which was on fire, when he fell and broke his right shoulder.

1903: Thomas Thornley a well-to-do Brooklyn butcher choked to death on a piece of steak at Gustav Ahlstrom's restaurant at "153 Van Brunt". June 29, 1903 (New York Times)

Listed as Gustav Olstron of 153 Van Brunt in the New York Press (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html) 153 Van Brunt was a polling place in 1880.

Varrelmann, William 138 Hamilton, 1883 Directory

1873 Henry Moore of 138 Hamilton in violation of the Excise Law

1878: Charles Lampa was committed for trial on a charge of biting the thumb of John C Weizenger at a quarrel at Weiznger's saloon at 138 Hamilton avenue. 1879, 1880, 1881, 1882: William Varrelmann 261 Court Brooklyn, New York Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1879

1882: William Varrelmann who kept a restaurant at 138 Hamilton ave was arrested for assaulting Edward Cassidy by striking him in the head with a catsup bottle and fracturing his scull. Cassidy had refused to pay for his meal. New York Herald (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1883, 1884: William Varrelmann 138 Hamilton av, Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1883

1883: RESTAURANT AND OYSTER HOUSE FOR SALE, at 138 Hamilton av., Brooklyn. Miss VARRELMANN. New York Herald (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1883: A Restaurant with day boarding (no 100 meals) old establishment sold $400 each on account of sickness of proprietor. 128 Hamilton ave Brooklyn, near Ferry New York Herald (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1892: Ward 6, William Varrelmann, ?? age, clerk, Ireland, Delia 42 Ireland, Henry 23, US no occupation

1898: William Varrelman 57 Rapelye Occupation: Restaurant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1898

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