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Red Hook, Brooklyn, 1883 and 1890 Celebrities

The idea behind the Red Hook web pages is to get a snap shot view of Red Hook, Brooklyn in the late 1800s. The main focus is on the area south of Hamilton and west of Richards to the water. This page is a look at local celebrities.

The Crehan Family Actors - Ada, Kate and Hattie

Perhaps the most famous celebrities in Red Hook were members of the Crehan family. Thomas Crehan born in Ireland circa 1820 married Harriet O'Neill born in Ireland circa 1822. The Crehans and their six children came from County Limerick to Brooklyn circa 1865.

Thomas and Harriett had:

  1. William (c. 1845)
  2. Mary Kate (c 1846)
  3. Thomas (c. 1850) died 1867 age 17
  4. Harriet (c. 1850)
  5. Ada - Delia (AKA Ada) (1857) AKA Ada Rehan. Delia is a nickname for Bridget.
  6. Arthur (c. 1860) died 1900. AKA Arthur Rehan.

All three daughters became stage actresses. Two of them married actors. Two of their children in turn became actors.

None of the sons married.

Thomas and Hattie Crehan settled at 165 Partition (later Coffey) street and raised their children.

Ada C Rehan (Delia) became a famous stage actress who performed all over the US and in Europe. She portrayed "Shakespearean heroines and other classical characters" (BE, 1901) and was described as one of the finest actresses of the time. She was the leading lady in the Augustin Daly company. Her greatest role was Katherine in Taming of the Shrew. She was born Delia Crehan in County Limerick, Ireland and came with her family to the US as a small child. She gave her final New York performance in 1905. Ada was a friend of Lillian Russell. Ada appeared in over 120 roles between 1874 and 1898.

Ada's older sister, Kate, was also an actress who married the actor Oliver Doud Byron. Their son Arthur Byron was also an actor. Another sister, Harriet, was an actress under the name Hattie Russell.

Mary Kate and Hattie had started a chorus girls known as the O'Neill sisters. Eventually they graduated to speaking parts. According to the Obituary of Harriet O'Neill Crehan. Kate and Hattie made their stage debut in 1867 as the Misses O'Neill, singing in the choruses of "Leah, the Forsaken" the first successful play written and produced by Augustin Daly and performed at Neblo's Garden.

1868, 1869 1871: Thomas Crehan, 30 Partition, occupation Shipwright, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1868

1867: Death of Thomas Crehan junior age 17- Thomas Crehan Jr Birth 1850 Ireland Death 26 Sep 1867 Death Brooklyn, Kings County New York, Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn, Kings County Father: Thomas Crehan Mother: Harriet Crehan

1870: Brooklyn Ward 12, Kings, New York Thomas Crehan 50, ship carpenter, Hariett Crehan 48, William Crehan 25, ships carpenter, Hariett Crehan 20, actress, Delia Crehan 13, at school, Arthur Crehan 10, Mary Burke 50, Oliver Byron 27, actor born Maryland, Mary Byron 22, actress, all born Ireland except Oliver Byron, married in November.

1873: Thomas Crehan, 159 Partition, Shipwright, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1873

1875: Ward 12, 136 Partition street, brick $5,500, Thomas "Crane", 55, Ireland, shipwright, Harriet 50, Ireland, William 28, son, shipwright, Arthur son 15, Delia daughter age 17, actress born Ireland, Oliver D Byron age 32 born Baltimore, actor, Kate Byron 25, actress

1878: Thomas Crehan, 165 Partition, Shipwright, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1878

1880: 165 Partition st, Thomas "Creghen" 60, ship carpenter, Harriet Creghen 55, wife, William Creghen 34, ship carpenter, Delia Creghen 22, actress theater Arthur Creghen 20, actor theater Mary Burk 60, servant, single family house

1886, 1888, 1889/90: Thomas J Crehan, 165 Petition, Carpenter, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1886

1890: Death of Thomas Crehan, age 71, born Limerick Ireland, of heart disease. He had lived in Red Hook for many years.

1892: Ward 12, Brooklyn, Harriet "Creghnan", age 68, born Ireland, William "Creghan", 40 charpenter, born Ireland, Harriet Russel, 33 actress, Bron Ireland, Fulton Russell, 14, born US, Mary Burke 7, born Ireland domestic

1894: Passport application of Ada Rehan, born Limerick 22 April 1860, immigrated circa 1864, 5 feet 8 inches, eyes blue grey, hair grayish black

1898: Harriett Crehan, 165 Coffey h 166 Coffey, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1898

1898: The Crehan clan met at Partition street for Christmas: Mrs. "Henrietta" Chrehan and her five children, Ada Rehan, Hattie Russel, Mrs Oliver Doud Byron, Arthur Rehan and William Crehan were joined by Oliver Doud Byron, Futlon Russell, Arthur W. Byron and the long time family retainer, Mary Burke.

1900: Brooklyn Ward 12, 165 Coffey Street: Harriett "Crahan" widowed, 76, imm 1865, retired, William Crahan 56, imm 1865, theatrical agent, Catharine Halpin 39, servant, Mary Burke 81, nurse

1900: May 28, Arthur Crehan, the brother of Ada Rehan who had also adopted the stage name Rehan died at the home of his mother, Harriet Crehan 165 Partition of hemorrhage of the lungs*. It was reported that he had only been sick for a week and that he had been "in failing health some months". He was born in Limerick, Ireland, circa 1862 and had lived in Brooklyn for 30 years. He was a manager for his sister's husband the actor Oliver Doud Byron. His siblings were at his bedside when he died. Buried Greenwood.

*Most likely a complication of TB which was very common at the time. However it is possible, given that Arthur was said to have been sick for a short time, that Arthur suffered from some rare blood vessel problems.

New York Times: May 27, 1900

ARTHUR REHAN DEAD; Young Theatrical Manager Succumbs to Hemorrhage of the Lungs. Arthur Crehan, better known as Arthur Rehan, the youngest brother of Miss Ada Rehan, died at the home of his mother, 165 Partition Street, Brooklyn, yesterday morning from hemorrhage of the lungs. He had been ill only a week, and his restoration to good health was confidently looked for by his family up to Friday afternoon, when his illness took a sudden turn for the worse."
He was said to have been managed many of Augustin Daly's attractions when they were on tour.

1900: 164 West 93rd street Manhattan, Ada Rehan, born Ireland imm 1854, actress, and a servant.

1900: Ward 12, Brooklyn, 165 Coffey street, Harriett Crehan*, widow, 76, 8 children 4 living, William Crehan 56*, theater agent, Catharine Halkin 39, servant, Mary Burke* 81, nurse

Notes: Mary Burke was with the family in 1870, 1880 and 1892. *Immigration 1865

1900: June 24, 1900 the Brooklyn Daily Eagle carried a lagre article about the Crehan family with pictures of Ada, "William" (Ada's father, Hattie Russell, and Mrs. Oliver Doud Byron. In part it said:

  1. William, the eldest lived with his mother, had a fine tenor voice, did some local solo performances and traveled as a representative for his sister and her hudband, the Bryons.

  2. Thomas had died several years before.

  3. Kate, Mrs. Oliver Doud Byron was a well known stage favorite, but had retired with her husband to Long Branch, N. J.

  4. Hattie (Mrs. Russell) was also a a well known stage actress who married Fulton Russell a leading man in the John Drew company.

  5. Ada (Delia). The most famous of the siblings.

  6. Arthur the youngest who died in 1900 at age 38 had started as an actor and subsequently moved as a manager to the front of the house.

1901: William Crehan, 166 Coffey, Actor, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1901

1901: Death of Harriet O'Neill Crehan - January 15, 1901, bronchitis.

Her children were listed as:
  1. William who lived with his mother and was a good singer but did not adopt the profession of his siblings. However, he sometimes traveled as a business agent for Mr. and Mrs. Olive Doud Byron.

  2. Thomas who had been dead "some years".

  3. Authur who died "not long ago"

  4. Harriett Russel, stage actress

  5. Mary Kate Byron of Long Branch, NJ.

  6. Ada Rehan

Harriet O'Neil was one of the "brightest girls in the county of Limerick" who could sing and dance with the best of them.

The Crehans were supportive and encouraging when their daughters expressed a desire to become actresses.

Two grandsons were also actors, Arthur W. Byron was a member of the John Drew company and Fulton Russell who was in the cast of Nell Gwyne at the Knickerbocker Theatre.

There was one great grandchild, Byron Fulton Russell age 2 and a half.

Mary Burke age 86 was acknowledged as a domestic who had been with the Crehan family for 58 years.

"The illness of Miss Ada Rehan and the suden death of her mother, Mrs. "Henrietta" Crehan, at her home in Brooklyn, caused the management to close the Knickerbocker Theatre last night." Wednesday 16, January 19901.

The theatre remained dark until Friday.

1901: Mrs. Harriet Crehan of 163 "Coofeey" street, who died Jan 15, 1901 designated her son, William as her sole beneficiary. Relatives named in the will were: Ada Rehan, Harriett Russel, Mary Kate Byron and William Crehan. Value of the estate - $4,500.

1905: 164 West 93rd, Ada Rehan F 44y Ireland, actress, Bridget M Parker, Housekeeper F 27y Ireland, Bridget Moran, servant, F 22y Ireland, James K Parker, servant, M 29y Ireland

1910: Manhattan Ward 12, 164 93rd street, Ada Rehan 50, theatrical, imm 1865, Ada A Mara 39 maid, Annie G Rivers 34, maid

1915: 164 W 93rd, Rahen, Ada age 55, actress

1916: Death of Ada Rehan Ada Rehan 22 Apr 1857 Age at Death: 58 Death Date: 8 Jan 1916 Burial Place: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA Greenwood Cemetery

165 Partition (later Coffey) is on the south side of the street between Conover and Van Ferris.

Greenwood Cemetery:
CREHAN HARRIET 1901-01-17 26963 145 (Crehan Harriet 77 y Jan 15 1901 1124 Kings),
CREHAN THOMAS 1890-02-14 26963 145 (Crehan Thomas 71 y Jan 18 1890 1645 Kings),
CREHAN WILLIAM 1903-10-20 26963 145 (Crehan William 59 y Oct 18 1903 29945 Manhattan),
REHAN ADA 1916-04-28 26963 145 (Rehan Ada 58 y Jan 8 1916 983 Manhattan), REHAN ARTHUR W. 1900-05-28 26963 145 (Rehan Arthur W 38 y May 26 1900 10317 Kings)

More on Ada Rehan

There are tons of images of Ada Rehan on the internet. See Library of Congress for a handful.

Ada Rehan lived in a luxurious flat that she owned at 194 W 93d street.
Wilson Barrett was discussing Ada Rehan a short time ago. Said he: "I have never seen anybody like her. I consider her a genius. It is so easy to detect, in the refinement of her work, the advantages of birth and education."

That is exactly where Mr. Barrett and a great many others fall into grave error. Miss Rehan is a self-educated woman. She was born in Limerick, Ireland, and came to this country when very young, making her first appearance on the stage at the age of fifteen.

Among her principal successes are roles in "SevenTwenty-Eight," "Needles and Pins," "The Country Girl," "The Squire," "Love on Crutches," "Nancy and Company," "The Taming of the Shrew," "The Merry Wives of Windsor," and " As You Like It."

Familiar Chats with the Queens of the Stage By Alan Dale, 1890

She visited her mother in Brooklyn every Sunday.

She appeared in the Arch Street theatre in Philadelphia in 1874 under the direction of Mrs. John Drew.

There is a chapter on her in Famous Actresses of the Day in America By Lewis Clinton Strang, 1899

In 1896 the New York Times said Ada Rehan "is now regarded as the foremost actress of the American stage".

More on Hattie Crehan Russell

Hattie married R. Fulton Russell [Richard Fulton Russell] who was a leading man with the Drew company. They were the parents of Fulton Russell born 1878 who also became an actor and who died March 24, 1917.

Hattie played with Lillie Langtry at Fifth Avenue Theater circa 1890. In 1889 Lilly Langtry visited her in Long Branch, N. J.

Hattie died in Long Branch New Jersey on August 12, 1918. She left over $100,000 in her estate. Here sister, Ada left nearly half of her $221,703.20 estate to Hattie when she died in 1916.

She also used the stage named Hattie O'Neil.

She had toured the United States with her brother-in-law Oliver Doud Byron and the Augustin Daly Co. She had appeared in Niblo's garden in Leah the Forsake in 1901.

Fulton Russell was in the cast of the Knickerbocker Theatre in 1900. R. Fulton Russel died in 1925.

1910: New York Broadway, Harriet Russell, married, 1 child, 56, actress theater, Byron Russell 10, grandson, Eva Buchmann 22, servant

Hattie's last stage appearance was in "Paid in Full" in 1914.

1887: Fulton Russell 165 Partition Occupation: Agent Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1887

1925: Death of R. Fulton Russell senior- Probate index of R. Fulton Russell, July 7, 1925, New York, petitioner, Byron F Russel grandson of the deceased, Long Branch N.J.

Fulton Russell (1878 - 1917)

Born circa 1878. Married Isabelle

They had one son Byron Fulton Russell born June 23, 1900

1900: Atlantic ave, Long Branch, Ocean Monmouth, Fulton Russell 22, actor, Bell Russell 2,3 Byron Russell 11/12 Grace Titus 24, servant

1905: January 4, Belle Constance Russell sued for divorce against Richard Fulton Russel an actor in Rehan's company in St. Louis.

1917: Fulton Russell died March 24, 1917.

1940: Long Branch, NJ Byron Russell 40, retired investment co., Hilda Russell 31, Constance Russell 64, mother

1948: July 21, Mrs. Isabelle Constance Russell LONG BRANCH. - Mrs, Isabelle Constance Russell, 74, widow of Richard Fulton Russell, died this morning at her home.

More on Mary Kate Crehan (Mrs. Oliver Doud) Byron

Married in 1869 to Oliver Doud Bryon. They had one son, Arthur Byron born 1872 who became an actor.

Members of the Long Branch acting community the Bryons and Russels were mentioned along with Mrs. Georgie Drew Barrymore and Mrs John Drew were quests of Oliver Doud Byron.

The Bryon's cottage at Long Branch was called Patches.

Their son Arthur W Byron was a well known actor and a member of the Drew company.

Oliver Doud Byron was a leading man and one of the formost actors of his day was born in Frederick Maryland November 14, 1842. He died at age 77 in October 1920 in Long Branch NJ. Arthur William Byron was born in Brooklyn in 1872 made his last stage appearance in 1939

When Hattie (Mrs. Russell) died in 1918 at the summer home of her sister, Mrs. Oliver Doud Byron in Long Branch, NJ, here estate was expected to exceed $100,000.

Under the will of her late sister, Miss Rehan, who died Junauary 8, 1916, leaving and estate of $221,703.20 she became heir to $100,234.91

The New York Clipper (http://www.fultonhistory.com)

Arthur Byron (1872-)

1930: Los Angeles, California, Arthur W Byron 58, actor, born New York, Kathryn K Byron 49, actress, Eileen J Byron 19, daughter, actress, Annie Lund, servant,

1943: Arthur William Byron Birth 3 Apr 1872 Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Death 16 Jul 1943 Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA Spouse: Kathryn Byron Father: Oliver Doud Byron Mother: Mary Kate Byron

NYPL image of Oliver Doud Byron

(NYPL digital collection - Ada Rehan as Katherine in "The Taming of the Shrew")
(NYPL digital collection - Ada Rehan)

Mrs. Oliver Doud Byron - BDE

Mrs. Hattie Russell _ BDE

"William" Crehan - Ada Rehan's father - BDE - His name was actually Thomas, although he is listed as William by several newspaper articles.

1915: Heroines of the modern stage By Forrest Izard incudes a whole chapter on the Crehan family. The family came to the US from Ireland in 1865. The parents were William Crehan and Harriett O'Neill. There were six children: three boys and three girls. None of the family had ever been on the stage. The older sisters, Kate and Hattie, proceeded Ada to the stage but never attained the reputation that came to their youngest sister. Two of the brothers, William and Artur, also became involved with the theater.

Ada Rehan

Arthur Byron (1872-1943)

Henry Ernest Buermeyer (1839-1922) Founding Member of the New York Athletic Club

Henry E Buermeyer was a founding member of the New York Athletics club in 1868.

Henry E Buermeyer was born August 13, 1839 in a house at Broad and Market street in New York City to Ernest and Louise Buermeyer German immigrants. He attended school until he was sixteen at which point he hired himself to a blacksmith for two years with the idea that it would build up his strength. He took up boxing and became a champion amateur boxer.

At 22 he joined the Union Army where he served for three years and was wounded in the left foot in the battle of Antitam and in the right leg at the battle of the Wilderness. He received a war pension.

In 1866 his parents moved to Brooklyn and he went with them. Ernst Buermeyer owned property in Red Hook. The family lived at 130 Van Dyke. Henry Buermeyer married Mary A Carroll in 1876. They did not have children.

Henry and his wife, Mary, moved to 261 Sackett street. Later they moved to the St. George Hotel.

After his move to Brooklyn, Henry trained on the docks of the Erie Basin before and after work.

Henry was in the warehouse business in Manhattan until around 1905.

1855: Ward 1, New York brick building, value $25,000, Ernest Buermeyer M 43, hotel keeper, Wife Margaret Buermeyer F 40, Child Henry Buermeyer M 16, blacksmith, Child Wilhelmina Buermeyer F 13, Child Fredk Buermeyer M 9, Child Charles Buermeyer M 3, Child Edo Buermeyer M 0

1870: under "Boermeyer": Ward 12 Brooklyn "509" no street entered, Ernest, 59, retired hotel kkper, $45,000 $6,000 Hanover, Louisa 53 Hanover, Henry 32 glass merchant, Ferdinand 24 student for church*, Charles 18, clerk in brokers all born New York one servant.

*He became a Lutheran minister

1876: Henry Buermeyer Date: 20 Jan 1876 Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Mary A Carroll Certificate Number: 105

1878: Henry Buermeyer 130 Vandyke Clerk Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1878

1878: Ernst Buermeyer 130 VanDyke.

1881: Henry Buermeyer 130 Van Dyke Teas Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1881

1887: Household furnishings, Buermeyer, F. F. 130 Van dyke .... f. G. Smith piano.

1887: Henry Buermeyer 130 Vandyke Storage Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1887

1893: Tea merchant. 1902: H'y E Buermeyer 261 Sackett Warehouse Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1902

1904: Henry E Buermeyer et al to Henrietta Kahn. nom Sackett st, n s, 111 e Clinton st, 21x100. Emma R and Herbert A Buermeyer by Phebe H Buermeyer guardian to Henrietta Kahn.

1905, 1910, 1915, and 1920 he and his wife, Mary were living in the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn.

1920: St George Hotel, Clark street, Henry C Buermeyer 80, retired, Mary A F Buermeyer 73

1922: Death of Henry Buermeyer, 10 October 1922, at the Skene Hospital Brooklyn, age 84, probate, petitioner Mary A. F. Buermeyer wife, niece Meta Buermeyer and nephew Ferdinand W. Buermeyer.

Ferdinand Buermeyer was the son of Henry's brother, Charles.

130 Van Dyke was on the north side of the street near the corner of Van Brunt

Lots of pictures of Henry Buermeyer on the internet.

Ferdinand Buermeyer became a Lutheran Minister. He was pastor at the Evangelical Church of the Epiphany 74 East 128th Street in 1890. He was at Grace Lutheran in Shillington circa 1902.

BUERMEYER AUGUSTA L. 1860-01-17 1959 58
BUERMEYER CHARLES W. 1901-01-23 1959 58 Buermeyer (Charles W 48 y Jan 21 1901 1637 Kings)
BUERMEYER CLAYMORE A. 1858-11-04 1959 58
BUERMEYER EMMA A. 1857-10-05 1959 58
BUERMEYER ERNEST 1886-03-12 1959 58 (Buermeyer Ernest 70 y Mar 9 1886 2850 Kings)
BUERMEYER LILLIAN E. 1921-07-21 1959 58
BUERMEYER LOUIS 1851-03-05 1959 58
BUERMEYER LOUISA M. 1904-10-04 1959 58 (Buermeyer Louisa M 89 y Oct 1 1904 19595 Kings) BUERMEYER META D. 1967-07-20 1959 58
BUERMEYER PHEBE 1945-03-29 1959 58 (Buermeyer Phebe 92 y Mar 27 1945 7399 Manhattan)

New York Death Index:
Buermeyer Anna 76 y May 6 1934 10281 Kings
Buermeyer Charles 9 m Jul 5 1878 5175 Kings
Buermeyer Henry 83 y Oct 10 1922 18529 Kings

(NYPL digital collection - New York Athletic Club Track Team - William B Curtis (center) Henry E Buermeyer (extreme right))

1873 Photo - From left to right: Elliott Burris, George I Brown, William B. Curtis, D, M. Stern, Charles H. Cone, and Henry E. Buermeyer -

M. Elliot Burris on the extreme left was one of the NYAC's champions at the running high jump and the quarter mile and 100 yard runs. He was retired form the club by 1884.

George I Brown was "another fine runner" and a member of the NYAC who in 1873 won the half mile run. He was also a member of the four man oar in 1875.

Dan M. Stern pictured with his had on Buermeyer's knee won the one mile walk in 1876. He set a record that was still unbroken in 1893. He was the first to do seven minutes for a one mile walk.

Charles H. Cone standing between Stern and Buernmeyer was a champion 100 yard swimmer and stroke oar on the four man crew. The four man crew with Charles Cone won the championship in the Harlem River June 26, 1876.

In 1876 H. E. Buermeyer won the shot put, William B. Curtis won the hammer throw and Dan M. Stern won the one mile walk and the three mile walk - They were along with George I Brown and Charles H. Cone members of the New York Athletic Club

William B Curtis was a founding member of the club.

Notice the difference in shoes.

A 1913 article in the New York Times commemorates the opening of the Trophy Room of the NYAC and makes the following statement:

"One of the prizes of the collection is a portrait of the club's team of 1873 which consisted of six men, and composed of athletes who did not specialize in view of the fact that aside from Dan Stern, the walker of the sextet, each of the men was an adept at from half a dozen different events upward. This team was make up of W. B. Curtis, Harry E. Buermeyer, George I Brown, Elliot M Burris, Dan Stern and Charles H Cone, and said to have been a credit to the amateurism of its time."

New York Times March 19, 1913

Walter Kuhn (1877-1949) - Artist

The artist Walt Kuhn was born in Red Hook Point in 1877 where his parents, Francis and Amelia ran a provisions business. See Kuhn

There are a lot of images of him and his paintings on the Internet.

John Charles (Jack) Lewis (1880-1945) - Vaudeville Entertainer 1902-1916 ish - Theater Manager

John Charles Lewis was born August 13, 1880 according to his WWI Draft registration which listed him as a vaudeville manager.

In a bio of Who's Who in Vaudeville it was said he was born in Red Hook Point. He was a vaudeville comedian who teamed up with Ed Wynn in 1902 in a routine called "Win and Lose" - an act which satirized the foibles of college boys.

The show ran for 98 weeks at the Colonial, a top Broadway vaudeville theater, at a salary of $200 a week. The partnership ended when the show closed. (Wynn was born Isaiah Edwin Leopold in 1886.)

Lewis secured another partner. Ed Wynn went on to bigger things.

In 1907 Jack Lewis and Al Fields were on the program at the Orpheum in Brooklyn

In 1911 he was paired with Al Fields in a show called "The Misery of a Hansom Cab, at the Orpheum" in Montreal. They were the "two highest salaried conversational comedians" of the day. (Pittsburgh Post Gazetter Times, Aug 1911, google)

1914: Fields and Lewis were still doing the Misery of the Hansom Cab.

1892 Census: Huntington street, Ward 12, Mary Lewis, 33, John 11

1900 Census: Ward 6, 376 Court Street, Lewis Mary, head age 43, John C son 19, born August 1890, stock clerk, Murphy, Bernard, 38 brother, Murphy, Charles nephew, 12, all born New York

1905: 4th ave. Lewis Mary, age 47, John son 24 messenger boy, Murphy, Bernard, brother, 44 law clerk, Lewis Mary gran daughter, age 3

1920: John Charles Lewis 40, father born Illinois, mother born New York, manager, vaudeville, Mary Lewis 30

1925: New York, C John Lewis 45 S Mary Lewis 40 (hard to read)

1930: Park Ave, 10th assembly district, John C Lewis 49, Representative Theatrical Bus. Working on own account Mary S Lewis 47, born Iowa

1942: John Charles Lewis, Draft registration, dob August 13, 1880, Brooklyn New York staying at the Gary Hotel in Gary Indiana. Not employed.

Death 1945 Los Angeles John Charles Lewis Event Date: 06 Jan 1945 Event Place: Los Angeles, California, United States Birth Date: 13 Aug 1880 Birthplace: New York Father's Name: Lewis Mother's Name: Murphy

Jack Lewis on the left and Ed Winn on the right circa 1902 - collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Michael J. Coffey (c 1838-1907) - Politician

Michael Coffey was born in Count Cork, Irland circa 1838 and immigrated with his parents, James and Eliza, when he was about 5. The family settled in Red Hook Point. Coffey got a job in the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a ships carpenter where he worked side by side with Ned Harrigan, the famous vaudeville actor and comedian.

He joined the Navy in the Civil War: There are several one year enlistments that vary slightly as to hir and eye color and height.

  • March 7, 1863 - 1 term, general service, born Ireland, age 23, no occupation, grey eyes , florid completion 5 feet 4 inches.

It had been reported that he was assigned to the gunboat Monticello. (Ancestry.com does not have a record of this.)

After the war he returned to Brooklyn were he became active in local politics. He rose through the ranks first being elected as Alderman in 1867. In 1874 he was elected to state assemblyman. In 1892 he was a member of the Board of Alderman and was president of that body in 1892 and 1893. He was elected to the state senate in 1893 and served there for 7 years.

He went into the contracting business and build docks. His home at the time of his death in 1907 was 42 4th Place, Brooklyn. He left two sons and two daughters.

1860: Ward 6, James Coffee 38 Eliza Coffee 35 Thomas Coffee 15 John Coffee 13 Michas Coffee 10 Patrick Coffee 8 Mary Coffee 12 Eliza Coffee 12 James Coffee 1, all born Ireland

1870: Ward 12, James Coffey 48, labourer, Ireland, $200, Ireland, Eliza Coffey 45, Ireland, Michael Coffey 18, Ireland, Patrick Coffey 16, Ireland, William Coffey 9, NY, Eliza Collins 80, Ireland

1900: 4th Place, Coffey, Michael, 1841, married 21 years 8 children 5 living, immigrated 1846, senator, Mary wife, age 49, born NY, Joseph son 20, college, Florence 17, James 16 Marie 12, servant.

Death: Coffey Michael 65 y Mar 22 1907 6430 Kings

Michael Coffey died in Long Island College Hospital of cancer a few weeks after surgery.

Coffey Park and Coffey Street were named for him.

Coffey Park

Michael Coffey - Brooklyn Daily Eagle - March 1907

Edward (Ned) Harrigan (1844-1911) - actor, playwright, composer and vaudevillian

Ned Harrigan was born on the Lower East Side of New York in 1844. His father, William, was a ship's caulker. Ned Harrigan was an actor, playwright, composer and vaudevillian. He formed a very successful partnership with Tony Hart. George M. Cohan wrote the song Harrigan in his honor.

Before his career in the theater took off he worked as a ship's caulker, like his father. Some say he worked in Brooklyn - Some say he worked in the Burtis ship yards. The Burtis Ship Yard was originally located in Manhattan but moved circa 1850 to the foot of Conover Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Ned Harrigan lived at 310 Park Place Brooklyn from 1895-1908.

1855: Ward, 7, New York, brick 4 family, Wm Harigan 34, calker, Ellen Harigan 38, Wm Harigan 14, Edwd Harigan 11, Mary Ann Harigan 7, Martha Harigan 1

1860: Ward 7, Wm Harrigan 42, calker, Wm Harrigan 17, ship carpenter, Mary Harrigan 14

1880: King street, Manhattan, David Braham 45, musical director, Annie T. Braham 40 George Braham 15, musician, Adelade Braham 13, Ida Braham 11, Mary Braham 7, David Braham 5, Rose Braham 4, Edward Braham 1 Edward Harrigan 35, son in law, actor, Annie Harrigan 21, daughter, Edward Harrigan 3, grand son, Annie Harrigan 10m, grand daughter

1900: Brooklyn, Ward 9, Park Place, Edward Harrigan 34, actor, Annie L Harrigan 38, 10 children 8 living, Anthony Harrigan 18, student music, Adalaide Harrigan 17 William Harrigan 14 Philip Harrigan 7 Arthur N Harrigan 6 Grace Harrigan 0/12, McGuire, aunt, age 63, and two servants (a nurse and a cook)

1905: Park Place Brooklyn

1911: Edward Harrigan Birth 26 Oct 1844 New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA, Death 6 Jun 1911, Death New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA, Cemetery: Woodlawn Cemetery Bronx, New York, USA Children: Nedda Logan Dr Anthony Hart Harrigan

He died of heart desease. He had quit the stage in 1909, due to illness.

Harrigan (song)

Ned Harrigan

Kassenbrock - Educators

The Kassenbrock brothers, Walter and Vincent, who grew up in Red Hook Point, became teachers. The moved to Bay Ridge. PS. 183 at 8601 Ridge Boulevard in Bay Ridge was named for Walter Kasssenbrock.

See Kassenbrock

Peter Cortelyou Cornell (1803-1885 ) - Merchant - Gun powder Manufacturer - Millionaire

Peter C Cornell born in 1803 was a prominent businessman. He served on several boards, including the Brooklyn Gas Company, The Union Ferry Company, Brooklyn Hospital and Packer Institute.

He was the son of John Cornell and Sarah Cortelyou. He lived for a time in a mansion at 222 Columbia street (now gone).

PETER CORTELYOU CORNELL, manufacturer, born in Red Hook, on Long Island, N. Y., in 1803, died in the city of Brooklyn, May 5, 1885. He was a son of John Cornell, proprietor of a large flour mill. The family were of English and Dutch pedigree, the Cornells tracing their line to the Cornewells, who ranked among the landed gentry of England saveral centuries ago. Thomas Cornell, founder of the family here, received a grant of Cornell's Neck from Governor Kieft, in 1646. Peter entered business life at an early age, and promoted a great variety of enterprises. He was for many years prosperously engaged in the manufacture of gunpowder, as president of The Hazard Powder Co. on Wall street. He also aided in the establishment of local gas works, ferry lines, banks, and white lead works in Brooklyn. His wife was Elizabeth Bunce. They had no children.

America's successful men of affairs: An encyclopedia of contemporaneous ... edited by Henry Hall, 1895

The Cornell Family: Whitehead Cornell was born in Queens in 1731. He came to Brooklyn mid 1700s and married Margaret Seabring whose family had a farm between the East River and the Gowanus Creek - Later the location of the Atlantic Docks (Approximately bounded by Degraw and Harrison between Court street and the East River, and Hamilton avenue, Gowanus Creak and Warren street.). Over the years Whitehead Cornell increased his holdings. He divided his property between his three sons: John, Isaac and William. John inherited sixty acres which included the old Seabring mill. John Cornell born 1753 in Hempstead married Sarah Cortelyou Conradi (widow of Charles Conradi). John died in 1820. They lived in Red Hook and owned a large tract of land there. They had: Sarah, George, Catherine, Margaret, Ann, Whitehead, Simon, George Lecky, Agnes, John, Peter, Isaac, Samuel and Mary.

John Cornell "lived at Red Hook, Long Island, now in the limits of Brooklyn and known as the Atlantic Docks, where he was in possession of a considerable landed estate, consisting of a tide mill and farm. This Sarah Cortelyou lived happily with her second husband and outlived him many years and died at the advanced age of ninety-one, having had fifteen children, including a daughter by her first husband, and many grandchildren." (BY BEV. JOHN CORNELL Americana, Volume 7, Part 2)

Peter C. Cornell - Business interests and boards:

  • Niagara White Lead Delaware Ave. and Virginia streets, Bufalo, admitted as partner in 1852 - sole owner 1861

  • Hazard Gunpowder Enfield Connecticut, became partner in 1854

  • Brooklyn Gas Light

  • New York and Brooklyn Union Ferry - stockholder, Peter C. Cornell & Sarah Cornell 1842

  • Brooklyn Hospital

  • Packer Institute

1854: Hazard Powder Company A. G. Hazard, Peter C. Cornell, A. H. Bullock, George L Cornell, Andrew E. Douglass, T. Thompkins, Joseph Thompkins, and Charles Peterson, incorporated to form Hazard Powder company, manufacturers of gunpowder and other things. They were located in Enfiled in Hartford county Conn.

1855: Brooklyn Ward 3, Peter C Cornell 50, no occupation, Elizabeth Cornell 38 3 female servants

1857: Special Acts and Resolutions of the State of Connecticut ..., Volume 4 By Connecticut


PASSED 1864.

Resolved by this Assembly, Sec. 1. That A. G. Hazard, Peter C. Cornell, A. H. Bullock, George L. Cornell, Andrew E. Douglass, T. Thompkins, Joseph Thompkins and Charles Peterson, with all others who are or snall hereafter become associated with them, be and they hereby are, with their successors and assigns, made and established a body politic and corporate, by the name of the Hazard Powder Company, to be located at Enfield, in Hartford county, for the purpose of manufacturing all kinds of gunpowder, and manufacturing machinery, grinding grain, and manufacturing other articles in the most advantageous manner, and for the purpose of trade. And by that name they and their successors and assigns shall be and they are hereby authorized to purchase, take, hold, occupy, possess and enjoy, to them, their successors and assigns, any goods, chattels and effects of whatever kind they may be, the better to enable them to carry on such business in a profitable manner; also to purchase, take, hold, occupy and enjoy such lands, tenements or hereditaments, as shall be necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes of the corporation, and the same or any part thereof to sell, lease and dispose of at pleasure, or to take a lease or leases of any such land and real estate for a term or term of years; also to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, answer and be answered to in all courts of record or elsewhere. And said corporation may have and use a common seal, which they may alter at pleasure.

Italics mine. MLB

In the 1860s Peter Cornell, gunpowder manufacturer, was listed at 162 Columbia street.

1869: A History of the City of Brooklyn: Including the Old Town and ..., Volume 2

"Proceeding along the Newtown turnpike, on the south side was the dwelling of William Cornell (son of old Whitehead Cornell) who owned a valuable farm lying east of the tollbridge, and which included a part of Fort Greene. He was a very jovial man, fond of good company, and was the agent of Dupont, the famous gunpowder manufacturer, for the sale of his powder in New York. When Fort Greene was constructed on Cornell's farm during the war of 1812, the government erected two powderhouses on the hill, which Cornell subsequently used for the storage of Dupont's powder. For several years powder was transported from these powder houses to New York, in open wagons, merely covered over with blankets or carpets. After the incorporation of the village, however, in 1816, the public attention began to be called to the great danger attached to this way of doing things, and finally the authorities broke up the practice. Beyond Uncle Billy's house, on both sides of the Newtown turnpike, to the town line between Brooklyn and Bushwick, there were only some ten houses, occupied by farmers, milkmen and gardeners."
1870: Brooklyn Ward 1 Peter C Cornell 66, merchant, $1000,000 real estate, $100,000 personal property, Elizabeth Cornell 58, Thomas Abbot 18, servant, Thomas Jackson 35, servant, C B Anderson 30, servant, Mary Garvey 60, servant

1880: Peter C Cornell 222 Columbia hgts Brooklyn, New York, USA Occupation: Merchant Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1880

1880: Columbia Heights: Peter C. Cornell 76, powder manufacturer Elizabeth Cornell 70 Amy Blatchford 22, visitor, Thos. Mc Laughlin 35 James J. Burns 40, servant, Joanna O Niell 40, servant, Ellen Mc Carty 41, servant.

1885: Roots Web: NYBROOKLYN-L Archives Deaths - From: TAZGraphx@aol.com Subject: [Bklyn] BDE - May 4, 1885 - DEATHS Part 1 Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:59:58 EDT

An Old and Respected Citizen Passing Away. His Life and Public Services - President of the Brooklyn City Hospital Managerial Board and Largely Interested in Other Institutions - The Career of a Representative Brooklynite. Mr. Peter C. CORNELL, an old resident of the First Ward, is dying at his residence of 222 Columbia Heights. Mr. CORNELL was born in Brooklyn 84 years ago and has lived here since. His father was said to have been a Hessian officer who settled in South Brooklyn after the Revolution and ran a tidewater grist mill in Gowanus for years. Young CORNELL was educated at the public schools of the city and became interested in the manufacture of gunpowder while still a young man. When the Brooklyn Gas Light company was organized in 1831, Mr. CORNELL was elected a director in that institution, and continued to serve it in the same capacity until he was stricken down. His 34 years' connection with the gas company is almost rivaled by his long service in the directorate of the Union Ferry Company. He took hold in that body when it was organized and has not relinquished it. The defunct Atlantic Bank also had Mr. CORNELL for one of its directors, but he never attended to that part of his business as much as he could wish. He is a stockholder in the Nassau Bank and at one time was very efficient in directing its affairs. His charities were many and he followed the scriptural injunction in bestowing them. The Brooklyn City Hospital was lucky in securing his cooperation in the work and his services were of such a character that he was selected its president a few years since and still continues to hold the position. One of Mr. CORNELL'S most intimate friends was Mr. Charles E. BULL, of the Brooklyn Gas Light Company. It was said this afternoon that Mr. CORNELL was in a precarious condition, but there is a possibility of his living a few days longer.
1885: Peter Cortelyou Cornell Birth 5 Nov 1803 Red Hook (Kings County), Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Death 5 May 1885 Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Green-Wood Cemetery Spouse: Elizabeth Cornell Father: John Cornell Mother: Sarah Cornell


  • Payment of just debts.

  • Grace Church corner of Hicks and Grace Court $5,000 towards sustaining the chapel.

  • Brooklyn Hospital on Raymond street, $5,000.

  • The Church Charity foundation of Long Island founded in 1851 $5,000.

  • The Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church $5,000.

  • Miss Amy Blackford "now residing in my family" $2,000.

  • The children of the late, Benjamin K True $2,000.

  • His wife, Elizabeth, as long as she remained a widow the residence at 222 Columbia Heights including furniture, plate, pictures etc. - the use of the stables at 133 and 135 Columbia Heights - horses, carriages, harness etc. - his executors to maintain the property in good order and to pay insurance and taxes - On the death or remarriage of his wife "shall fall into and form a part of my residuary estate"

  • To the Executores and Trustees store and premises at 116 Wall Street - to be maintained for the support and education of Peter C. Cornell son of Samuel Douglass Cornell of Buffalo until he reach the age of 30 years at which time Peter C. Cornell son of Douglas was to inherit the property. If Peter C Cornell were to die before the age of 30 the property was to go to any of his issue - share and share alike

  • Everything else in his estate, real and personal, was to go to his Executors and Trustees to collect the rents, interests etc. in trust for his wife in her widowhood and others as follows:.

    1. Elizabeth his wife, annual sum of $6,000 in equal monthly installments as long as she remained a widow.

    2. To his sister, Catherine Cornell, $1,000 in quarterly installments as long as she lived.

    3. To his brother, Isaac, $1,000 in quarterly installments as long as she lived.

    4. To his brother Samuel, $1,000 in quarterly installments as long as she lived.

    5. To Mrs. Juliette Cornell, widow of his late brother, Whitehead, $1,000 in quarterly installments as long as she lived.

    6. To Mrs. Ellen H. Tompkins, daughter of his late brother, John S. Cornell, $1,000 in quarterly installments as long as she lived.

    7. After making these payments and net income was to be divided in 5 equal parts to be shared with

      1. The children of his brother Isaac R Cornell

      2. The children of his late brother George Cornell

      3. Half a share to S. Douglass son of his brother, Samuel, and the other half share to the Children of Richard Rapelye Cornell, son of Samuel Cornell

      4. To the children of Mrs. Ellen Tompkins daughter of John Cornell

      5. Any other parts or shares to the Grandchildren of his late brother Whitehead

  • At the death or remarriage of his wife, the residue of his estate, real and personal, was to take care of the obligation to those stated above and the rest was to be divided in fifths and assigned to his various nieces and nephews.

  • "The provision in his my will in favor of My wife is IN LIEU OF DOWER, and is to be received by her in lieu of all right of dower or other claim that she can or may have at the time of my decease in my Estate, real and personal"

  • He requested to be buried in Greenwood Cemetery in his mother's four lots and Whitehead J. Cornell's one lot - as the burial place for his and his wife "forever".

  • He appointed his nephew George Fredrick Cornell and Theodore L Boran both of the city of New York as executors

  • January 16, 1883

CORNELL ANN 1844-10-02 136 120*
CORNELL ELISABETH 1844-10-02 136 120*
CORNELL GEORGE 1844-10-02 136 120*
CORNELL HENRY S. 1844-10-02 136 120*
CORNELL JOHN 1844-10-02 136 120*
CORNELL WHITEHEAD 1844-10-02 136 120*
CORNELL SARAH 1844-10-02 136 120*
CORNELL WHITEHEAD 1852-01-23 136 120
CORNELL AGNES 1852-03-26 1361 20
CORNELL CHILD OF SAMUEL G. 1853-04-13 136 120
CORNELL MARY MARGARET 1857-05-09 136 120
CORNELL SARAH 1858-08-05 136 120
CORNELL MARGARET 1859-06-23 136 120
CORNELL MARY 1867-06-12 136 120
CORNELL GEO. L. 1874-08-26 136 120
CORNELL SARAH D. 1877-07-31 136 120
CORNELL SAMUEL G. 1883-02-08 136 120
CORNELL RICHARD R. 1885-02-09 136 120
CORNELL CATHERINE 1885-03-24 136 120
CORNELL PETER C. 1885-05-07 136 120
CORNELL JOHN H. 1886-03-02 136 120
CORNELL ISAAC RUSSELL 1896-01-21 136 120
CORNELL GEORGE F. 1898-12-05 136 120
CORNELL ELIZABETH M.D. 1899-05-05 136 120
CORNELL SAMUEL DOUGLAS 1910-04-10 136 120
CORNELL AGNES JACKSON 1924-02-08 136 120
CORNELL JOHN 1926-09-25 136 120
CORNELL KATRINA C. 1931-08-21 136 120

*This must represent a reburial of these people from another cemetery. Whitehead Cornell who was born March 12, 1731 at Hempstead died February 5, 1810 in Brooklyn and was buried St. Ann's Churchyard. His boady was removed to the family vault in Greenwood.

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Hazard Powder Enfield

Moran Towing

The Moran family were the founders of Moran Towing, one of the largest towing operations in the world.

See Moran my page and MORAN

Frank Fogarty (1878-1925) "The Dublin Minstrel"

Frank Fogarty was one of the most popular entertainers in vaudeville in the years leading up to World War I. He started his routine with a song and then moved into a monologue often ending his act with a recitation. He is credited with the invention of a cocktail called "The Last Word" composed of equal parts of gin, lime juice, green Chartreuse and maraschino liqueur.

Frank Fogarty lived and grew up on Warren street.

Frank Fogarty played the Brooklyn charity events for years. He broke into vaudeville in a big way in 1911 when he performed at the Orpheum in Brooklyn. He won the New York Morning Telegraph contest for the most popular performer in vaudeville in 1912. He was written about in newspapers all over the country in the years before WWI.

1880: Warren street, Patrick "Forgarty" Self M 39 Ireland, clerk store, Ellen Forgarty Wife F 38 Ireland, John Forgarty Son M 19 New York, clerk store, James Forgarty Son M 14 New York, clerk store, George Forgarty Son M 12 New York, clerk store, Mary Forgarty Daughter F 10 New York, Francis Forgarty Son M 2 New York,

1892: Warren street, Ward 10, 508 Warren Street, Fogarty, Patrick, 60, Ireland, detective, Ellen 52, Joseph 20, clerk, Francis 13, clerk

1900: Warren street, Fogarty, Patrick age 60, ----, Ellen age 60 11 children 4 living, Frank son actor, age 21, May 1879


1920: St Mark's --, Frank Fogarty 41, secretary Borough President, "Zoe O" Fogarty 33 Josephine Paprocki 24, roomer Lena Paprocki 23, roomer, Anna Paprocki 20, roomer

1925: Frank Fogarty died in Brooklyn April 5, 1925 of pneumonia. He left a widow, Grace Edmond Fogarty and a son Frank Jr. A native of the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, he had gone to public schools, and graduated St. Francis College on Butler street. He was on the stage for 25 years when he decided he had had enough and was "tired of living out of a trunk". In 1918 he became secretary to the President of Borough Hall, Edward Riegelmann. Frank Fogarty senior was secretary to the Borough President for the last seven years of his life.

Death: Frank J Fogarty age 47, April 5 1925 #7359 Kings

In August 2015 Scott Prendergast wrote to say he came across the tombstone of Frank Fogarty "The Dublin Minstrel" in Holy Cross cemetery.

Frank Joseph Fogarty Birth Date: 27 Jun 1878 Birth Place: New York, USA Death Date: 5 Apr 1925 Death Place: Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA Cemetery: Holy Cross Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA
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Frank J. Fogarty 05 Apr 1925 Brooklyn, Kings, 678 Park Place Age 47 Married Occupation Secetary Burial Date 08 Apr 1925 Cemetery Holy Cross Cemetery Father's Name Patrick Fogarty Father's Birthplace Ireland Mother's Name Ellen Mcaleer Mother's Birthplace Ireland Spouse's Name Grace Fogarty

Fifteen hundred people crowded into St. Teresa's Roman Catholic Church on Classon ave. Many had to be truned away because there was no room. The funeral was attended by celebrities, public figures, politicians, actors, actresses, ball player etc from all over.

1936 Grace E. Fogarty ex-stage star and widow of Frank J. Fogarty died in Bellevue Hospital after a three week illness. She was known as Grace Edmound - a comedienne and singer. She left a son Frank J. Fogarty Jr.

Some of Frank Fogarty's jokes are available online and they are pretty bad. Must have been in the delivery.

VAUDEVILLE WARS - Image of Frank Fogarty

Dutch Frank - River Pirate

Dutch Frank was arrested in July 1885 when he and two other men were involved in the the theft of a hawser (thick rope) off the British vessel Salisbury. The two accomplices were on board the ship and passed the goods to Frank who was in a row boat at the stern of the ship. The Captain of the Salisbury witness the transaction. As Frank rowed off the Captain called to a tug to follow. A police boat joined the pursuit. Frank got as far as Governor's island where he tried to hide. He was captured and brought to trial. Some months later he was convicted or another theft and sentences to five years in prison.

Frank Schmidt AKA Dutch Frank AKA Frank Smith "a big hulking fellow" was brought to trial for river piracy in October 1885. (Oct 2, 1885 (BE). He was said to be a Red Hook junkman who called himself a boatman. He was dressed in a "natty suit of navy blue, patent leather shoes and conspicuous cuffs fresh from the hands of Ching Lee" (BE Oct 6, 1886). He was convicted of receiving $20 worth of stolen sails and rope off the Norwegian ship Standard lying off the foot of Partition street. He acknowledged being in court before. Once for "insulting an officer with a slugshot. On being pushed he also acknowledged that he had been accused of stealing a rope from a steamer. Apparently he had been indicted but not tried on that offense because the the steamer left port before the case came to trial.

When he appeared for his sentencing his attire was greatly altered. He wore "heavy brogans and a jumper." (BE Oct 22, 1885). He was sentenced to five years in prison. The judge remarked that he was the kind of man who induced sailors to steal from their ships.

In 1895 "Dutch Frank" AKA Frank Smith, age 40 of 62 South street Manhattan, who already had a criminal record, was arrested on August 26 as he was about to land with a "cargo of plunder". He and a partner were rowing a 19 foot boat loaded with twenty seven bags of stolen fine white sugar weighing about 3,000 pounds and worth about $90. It was believe that they had stolen the sugar from a warehouse near Atlantic Avenue.

Red Hook Waterfront

Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone born January 17, 1899 died January 25, 1947

Alphonse Capone was born at 95 Navy street, and baptized at St. Michael the Archangel Church at the corner of Lawrence and Tillary streets. He attended PS 133 at 610 Baltic street near 4th avenue.

Al Capone met his future wife, Mary (Mae) Coughlin, the daughter of Michael Coughlin and and Bridget Gorman, at a social club on Carroll street. She was baptized at St. Mary Star of the Sea on court street.

They married 30 December 1981 at St. Mary Star of the Sea. The had a son, Albert Francis Capone born December 6, 1918 several weeks before the marriage. He was an only child.

Mary family lived at 113 3rd Place.

Capone is said to have lived in Red Hook Gardens at Van brunt and Beard streets before his move to Chicago in 1921. I cannot find any proof of this.

1900: Brooklyn Ward 6, Manhassat Place, Mike Coughlin 27 Bridget Coughlin 26 Annie Coughlin 5 Mamie Coughlin 3 Dennis Coughlin 4/12

1900: 69 Park Ave., Brooklyn, Ward 11, Gabriele Capone 34, imm 1894, barber, Terresa Capone 30, 4 children 4 living, imm 1894 Vincencio Capone 8, imm 1898, Raffalo Capone 7, imm 1898, Salvetore Capone 4 Alfonsa Capone 2 Andrea Callabre 43, boarder, musician, Michael Martino 21, boarder, barber

1905: 107 Liquor street, Micheal Coughlin 30, laborer, clerk Erie RR, Bridget Coughlin 31, 3 children 3 living, Annie Coughlin 10, Mary Coughlin 9, Dennis Coughlin 6, Cathelene Coughlin 3, Agnes Coughlin 8/12

1905: Brooklyn, Park Ave., Raphael Carponi 39, barber shop, Theresa Carponi 34, James Carponi 14 Raphael Carponi 12 Salvatore Carponi 9 Alfonso Carponi 7 Armenia Carponi 3

1910: Brooklyn Ward 12, 553 Clinton street, Michael Coughlin 40, laborer docks, Bridget Coughlin 36, 6 children 6 living, Anna Coughlin 16, sales lady department store, Mary Coughlin 13, Dennis Coughlin 11, Catherine Coughlin 8, Agnes Coughlin 5, Walter Coughlin 3, Michael Dillworth 20, nephew, driver express company, Josephine Dillworth 17, niece, Cathrine Dillworth 16, niece

1910: Brooklyn Ward 22, Garfield Place, Gabrieal "Capollia" 41, barber shop, Teresia Capollia 40, Raffelia Capollia 16,newspaper office, Salvatore F Capollia 14, Alfonisa Capollia 12, Aromina Capollia 9, Albert Capollia 6, Amadoe Capollia 3

1920: Brooklyn Kings Garfield Place, Gabriel Capone 54, watchman out of work, Teresa Capone 45 Erminio Capone 17, candy maker,candy factory, Alberto Capone 14 Armedeo Capone 11 Mavalda Capone 8

1920: Death of Gabriele Capone of a heart attack in Brooklyn.

1917: Draft Registration - dob January 17, 1899 Alphonse Capone, address 38 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, age 19 paper cutter, United Paper Box Co., 33 -34 St Brooklyn, mother Teresa Capone, 5 dt 7 inches, medium build, grey eyes, dark brown hair

1947: Death Certificate - father Gabriele Capone born Italy, mother Teresa Raiola born Italy, died Miami Beach Florida January 25, 1947 apoplecy bronchopneumonia, married wife, Mary Capone, occupation retired

Note: 39 Garfield place where the family was in 1910 and 1920 is between 4th and 5th avenues. 69 Park Avenue (off Navy street) where the family moved shortly after the birth of Al is near Commodore Barry Park.

A 2103 Vanity Fair article captures the number of stories circulated about Al Capone:

"He received the famous scars on his left cheek by being bayoneted in the Argonne, hit with shrapnel at St. Mihiel and neglecting to duck a beer mug in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn."

Richard Lonergan (1900 - 1925) - gang leader on the Brooklyn Waterfront - not really Red Hook

Richard Joseph "Peg Leg" Lonergan was born January 13, 1900. On Christmas 1925 he died in a gangland shooting. The Irish gangs he belonged to controlled the northern part of the Brooklyn waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge.

In 1900 the Lonergans lived in Manhattan. By 1908 they had moved to Brooklyn. 1900: Manhattan, Cherry street, John Lonergan 26, brass finisher, Mary Lonergan 24, 4 children 3 living, Annie Lonergan 3, Margaret Lonergan 1, Richard Lonergan 4/12, Joseph Brady 16, brother in law, wagon boy

1908: The Lonergans were in Brooklyn by the birth of Patricia in 1908.

1917-18: Richard Joseph Lonergan dob 13 January 1900, bicycle trade, 113 Johnson street, Brooklyn, place of work, 259 Bridge street, Brooklyn mother, Mary, medium hight, medium build, gray eyes, red hair, right leg artificial (259 Bridge street and 113 Johnson street are near Tillary Street).

1918: In November Richard Lonergan age 13 of 131 Johnson street, was acquitted of shooting a policeman in a melee "that wound up a party in honor of a drafted man on lower Henry street" the pervious August.

1920: The court gave permission for the withdrawal of $200 for a new artificial leg for Richard Lonergan aged 14 who got a settlement form the Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company in 1910.

1920: 113 Columbia street (near Baltic), John Lonergan 45, born Ireland, imm 1889, brass foundry, Mary Lonergan 43, born England, imm 1880, Anna Lonergan 23, clerical soap manufacturer, Richard Lonergan 20, bicycles repairs and sales, Helen Lonergan 16 Patricia Lonergan 12 William Lonergan 9 John Lonergan 3 [3 9/12]

1923: Richard "Peg Leg" Lonergan of 30 South street was arrested in a raid of an all night bungalow party at Coney Island. A quantity of liquor was seized. Mrs. Lonergan, the mother of Richard, had been recently acquitted of the murder of her husband. A brother William age 13 was also arrested at the bungalow party. William had testified against his mother at her trial.

1923: Richard Lonergan's sister Anna married the Gangster William "Wild Bill" Lovett who was murdered in Brooklyn on October 30, 1923. Richard Lonergan was a member of the Bill Lovett gang when he was sentenced to the workhouse for 3 months on disorderly conduct charges.

1923: Mrs. Lonergan of 113 Johnson street, shot her husband John in his bicycle and motorcycle repair shop on Bridge street May 16 1923. She said her husband had beaten her repeatedly for 30 years. She said her husband had a gun. They argued and she got the gun away from him and shot him. She said she married at age 15 and had 14 children of whom 8 died. She stated that she had to work most of her married life in addition to tending the house and children. Her son William age 14, "red haired and snubbed nosed" claimed his mother had entered the shopwith something shiny in her hand. He saw his father turned towards the wall, heard a shot and saw his father fall. She was acquitted.

1924: Peg Leg Lonergan age 26 of 261 Bridge street, was sent to prison for 6 months for possession of 61 loaded cartridges. He was arrested for disorderly conduct. a companion arrested at the same time was charged with violating the Sullivan law.

1925: Richard Longergan was killed in a shot out on the night of December 25, 1925. Capone was said to have been involved in the killings.

Richard Lonergan Age: 24 Death Date: 26 Dec 1925 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 23520

1930: Ralph ave., Brooklyn Mary "Lovergan" 53, widowed, William Lovergan 20, salesman scales, John Lovergan 14

Anna Lonergan, the sister of Richard was first married to Bill Lovett who died in the 1925 Christmas shootout. She then married Matthew Martin who was convicted of having a fully loaded automatic in his pocket when he was returning from the wake of Richard "Peg Leg" Lonergan.

The Wild Geese

Richard Lonegran

Wild Bill Lovett

Robert Chesebrough (1837-1933) - developer of Vaseline

See Chesebrough

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