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Red Hook, Brooklyn, Late 1800s Butcher Shops

Two different branches of my family lived in Red Hook in the late 1800s. In 1883 one of my ancestors, Berend Petermann, at 282 Conover (or 189 Conover, both are mentioned in the birth record) was listed at a butcher. There was no listing for Petermann under butchers in 1882 or 1883.

"Red Hook" Butchers in 1889

The Press of April 7, 1889 did a comparison of Brooklyn Butcher shops - their prices and merchandise.

"Down in Red Hook" the prices were low and the "Quality Fair Where the Poor Live".

"In Red Hook the population is principally of Italian and dock laborers. Meats and vegetables are cheap and of poor quality. In some of the Italian butcher shops the meat looks like scraps from the big shops and was not over fresh. The highest price asked for such kinds of beef was ten cents a pound. Mutton was about eight cents. There was one German butcher in the Italian colony near Hamilton Ferry whose meat was fair. This was Robert Windorf of 46 Union street*."


In addition to Windorf the article listed: D. J. Maher at 23[?]0 Columbia, S. Klein at 293 Columbia, P. Morrison at 319 Columbia, Welsch Brothers at 306 Van Brunt and George Thornley at 253 Van Brunt. The Welsch Bros and Thornley are in my survey which is concentrating on establishments Hamilton Ave. and south. Windorf, Maher, Klein and Morrison were north of Hamilton avenue.

Welsch Bros. was said to have "fair custom and pay only moderate rent". They were selling rib roast 13¢ per lb., sirloin 15¢ per lb., leg of mutton ¢ per lb., roast of pork 10 ¢ per lb., ham, whole 13¢ per lb., a half peck of potatoes 17¢ per lb., eggs ????, butter, 24 to 30¢ per lb.,

George Thornley had "a fair class of custom for that part of the city". Their prices were: chicken 13¢ per lb., sirloin steak 13 to 15¢ per lb., leg of mutton 14¢ per lb., roast pork 11¢ per lb., whole ham 12 to 14¢ per lb., and butter for 25 to 35¢ per lb.

Some points and questions about this article:

  • I find it interesting that the article says the neighborhood was "principally Italian". What about all the Irish, Germans and Scandinavians? I found only one Italian butcher listed in both 1883 and 1890 - Valerio Jaccarrino at 68 Hamilton - he owned the building. Of course, some may not have wanted to pay the fee for being listed in the directory.

  • Of the 17 butchers listed in the 1883 Brooklyn Directory and the 7 additional listings in the 1890 Directory: 1 was born in Canada, 1 was born in Italy, 2 were born in England, 2 were born in Denmark, 3 were born in Ireland, 10 were born in Germany, 1 was actually not a butcher and the nationalities of 4 are unknown.

  • In 1903 the New York Times reported that John Thomas Thornley"a well-to-do Brooklyn Butcher" choked to death on a piece of steak at Ahlstrom's restaurant on Van Brunt street. The Thornley brothers had a butcher shop on Van Brunt. The supplied restaurants, including Ahlstrom's.

  • Welsh Bros. were provisioners for the US Government at Fort Hamilton.

*46 Union street was three blocks above Hamilton which runs at an angle through the gridded streets of this section of Brooklyn.

Red Hook Butchers Summations

Although not listed as such in the directories, several of the butchers in the area under study were provisioner dealers. They were selling stocks of food to the shipping and yachting trade.

At least one, the Thornley Brothers, was selling to restaurants.

At least one, the Welsh Bros. was selling to the US Government.

Quite a few of the butchers listed in 1883 and 1890 left the trade after a few years. None of their children stayed in the trade. Several tried to sell their business more than once. Many left Red Hook for other parts of Brooklyn.

Most of the butcher establishments were on Van Brunt - numbers 253, 265, 273, 279, 317, 337, 351, 365, 366, 371, 406. four were listed on Hamilton ave - numbers 68, 96, 131 and 218. Two were on Conover - numbers 199 and 202. One on Richards - number 175.

A butcher shop required a certain investment. Needs included: horse and wagon, marble top counters, blocks, lard tanks, elevators, cutters, coolers, knives, and other tools.

Descriptions of a few Red Hook buildings found in the course of this study.

  • 351 Van Brunt 1900: four story double tenement with store on ground floor.

  • 253 Van Brunt 1889:
    A new double flat with store is on the southeast corner of Van Brunt and Verona streets. It is of Philadelphia brick and brown stone trimmings four stories in height, 15x62 1/2 with a flat roof, brown cornice inscribed in raised gold letters, "The Success, 1888." The upper stories each contain two suits, each with two sleeping rooms, dining room and kitchen. All trimmed in Georgia pine, with hard white walls and ceilings and modern improvements. The entrance to the flat is by a low stoop (Verona Street). The walls and ceilings of the store are in Georgia pine and the windows in heavy plate glass. Owner, George Thornley, builder, Michael Gibbons & Sons

365 Van Brunt is now the home of Fort Defiance Cafe-Bar. Fort Defiance

1882 Lain Directory

Saravese, Michael

In October 1019 Michael Zink wrote:
"Came across your page while looking up old photos of Redhook. I was particularly interested in your work on butcher shops in the late 1800s as my great-grandfather Michael Savarese owned one in that time. For simplicity, using anglicized names as there are many variations. Michael Savarese (sometimes spelled Saverese, Saverise, etc.) was born around 1855 in Italy (exact location unknown) and immigrated to New York around 1880. By 1882, he is listed in the Brooklyn Lain business directory as owned a grocer/fruit shop at 15 Hamilton Avenue with his likely brother Anthony. In the 1884 Lain's, it seems another brother, Phillip, has joined the business now located at 121 Van Brunt. There are a number of Anthonys listed in the area but cannot be certain whom was with him at 15 Hamilton. By 1885, Michael is listed as a butcher.

In 1887, Michael marries a woman named Emmanuela Coppola, listing likely family members Ferdinand and Anna Savarese. There are a number of listings for a Ferdinand in the directories a literal stone's throw from Michael, but I have not confirmed the direct relationship. This is Michael's second marriage per the certificate, and he lists himself as a butcher living at 15 Union Street.

By 1897, Phillip has moved on to open his own butch shop at 45 Sackett, with Michael still at 12 Union. By 1904, Michael is listed on Van Brunt at both 76 and 82. Still listed there as late as 1913 in the corporation and copartnership directory on ancestry. This is the last directory in which Michael appears. He died in 1915, listing his home at 570 Warren and final occupation as a grocer. He left behind his wife and 5 daughters, as well as Phillip and his family, nearly all of whom we've lost contact with.

76 Van Brunt was eventually knocked down, along with most locations named here, to make way for the tunnel and Atlantic basin expansion. There is a picture from the 1940 building photo survey of 76 Van Brunt, so there is some link to seeing history.

Also, in terms of seeing history, I do have a few pictures that I can share with you if you would like. They include a portrait of Michael; a picture of two men who I assume to be Michael and his brother Phillip outside of a grocer/butcher shop (you can see meat hanging and read the names of some products); a picture of 4 young girls sitting outside of a storefront, probably Michael's children; and finally, Michael's business card. For the two storefronts, I'm hopeful that one day someone else uploads pictures of the old buildings to see if there are any matching features to positively identify them.

I also have census records for 1892 (butcher), 1900 (butcher), 1905 (butcher), and 1915 (butcher store). 1910 is missing and it's a shame because that would be critical, as Michael's family suddenly moves from 76 Van Brunt in 1905 to 570 Warren in 1915, with my grandmother Anna born in between in 1911 and a house in Coney Island listed as their residence on her birth certificate and a baptism at Our Lady of Solace also in CI.

1855-1858: Birth of Michael Saverese, Italy


  1. Anthony

  2. Phillip circa 1869

    1910: Brooklyn West 15th street, Philip Savarese 43, grocer, Laura Savarese 36, Fred Savarese 16, Katherine Savarese 11, Julia Savarese 6, Tessie Savarese 4, Tony Savarese 1

    Philip Savarese Birth Date: 1870 Death Date: 18 apr 1923 Death Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America Cemetery: Holy Cross Cemetery Spouse: Laura Savarese (1872-1953) Children: Julia Astarita Married Fred Astarita, Theresa Savarese (1907-1926) (Find a Greave)

Immigration: circa 1880

Marriage 1:

Death of Wife:

Marriage 2: Emmanuella Coppola - Michael Savarese 11 Sep 1887 Kings, New York, USA Spouse: Emannuela Coppola Certificate Number: 3524


  1. Catherine/Kate circa 1888
  2. Anna Julia Capuano
  3. Josephine 1902
Death: 1915 Michael Savarese, 28 feb 1858, Death Date: 10 mar 1915, Cemetery: Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America Spouse: Emanuela Savarese Children: Anna Julia Capuano Josephine Savarese Catherine De Maio

1882: Michael Savarise, fruits, 15 Hamilton av. home 17 Hamilton Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1882

1884: Saravese, Michael grocer, 121 Van brunt h 10 Union - Saravese Michael and Bro (Philip) grocers 121 van Brunt - Saravese, Philip grocer 121 Van Brunt home 10 Union

1889 Saravese, Michael grocer, 12 Union

1892: Ward, 6 ED 17, Saverese, Michael age 38 born Italy butcher, Emanuel age 20, born Italy, Katie, age 4 born US., Phillip age 23 born Italy, butcher - no street address

1894: Savarese, Mich & Bro. butchers, 211 Sackett - Philip 211 Sackett home 12 Union

1900: 12 Union street, Michael Savesese 47, butcher, Emma Savesese born January 1881, age 29, married 12 years 1 child 1 living, Kate Savesese born Nov. 1888, age 11

1905 Brooklyn - Michael Saverese 52 Emma Saverese 33 Kate Saverese 16 Josephine Saverese 4 Teresa Saverese 3 Angelina Saverese 1 (wrong page comes up on Ancestry.com)

1907: Savarese Mich'l meat 82 van brunt h 76 van brunt

1920: Warren street, Brooklyn, Emma Savarese 45, candy groceries, Josephine Savarese 18, operator, underware, Tessie Savarese 17, operator, underware, Julia Savarese 16 Anna Savarese 8 Joseph Capuano 35, cousin, born Italy

Social Security info: Emmanuella Coppola Gender: Female Spouse: Michael Savarese Child: Anna Julia Capuano

1925: Emmanuela Savarese Age: 55 Birth Year: abt 1870 Death Date: 11 Jul 1925 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 14022

Emanuela Savarese Death Date: 14 jul 1925 Holy Cross Cemetery Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America Spouse: Michael Savarese Children: Anna Julia Capuano (1911-2001) Josephine Savarese (19?? to 1962) Catherine De Maio died 1936 (husband Michael )

Tombstone - Saravese, Emma 1870-1925 - Josephine 1902 to 1962 - Joseph 1900 t0 1972

Michael Savarese

76 Van brunt

In January 1894 the New York times listed under BROOKLYN REALTY MATTERS "At $3,000 sold to Reuben Riley and Susan M Travis the three story brick dwelling at 76 Van Brunt Street, west side, 115 feet north of Sackett Street 20 by 100."

1912 Brooklyn directory - Saraese - Miclil meat 82 Vau Brunt h 76 Van Brunt

1883 Lain Directory

The 1883 Lain's Directory listed the following 18 butchers between Hamilton Ave and the Gowanus Bay and between the East River and Richards Street.

  1. Boock, August J. 265 Van Brunt

    1882: August F Boock 1882 265 Van Brunt Brooklyn, New York, Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1882

    There is also a listing for Kofold (Kofoed) and Boock at 265 Van Brunt. See Below. The business at that address was for sale in 1882, 1883.

    1882: FOR SALE - CHEAP A 3 HORSE BOILER ONE horse engine 265 Van Brunt, Brooklyn

    1883: August F Boock 120 William Occupation: Butcher Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1883

    1883: FOR SALE - AN OLD ESTABLISHED PROVISIONS business, Machinery, Horse, Wagon, etc. 265 Van Brunt st. Brooklyn.

    1885: Listed as a second hand store belowing to Clarke King. In 1897 265 Van Brunt was listed as a polling place, occupied by a candy store.

    In the 1890 Lain's directory Dowling, Martin was listed as a grocer at 265 Van Brunt. However, at least two other 1890 directories do NOT list him at that address. 1902: August F Boock 264 56th Occupation: Meat Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1902

    1910: Ward 22, 14th street, August Boock 55, butcher, store, Anna C Boock 52 Charles Boock 18 Mabel E Boock 11

  2. Brierton, James 351 Van Brunt, (c 1830 Canada- 1906) engineer and butcher

    James Brierton was born c 1830 in Canada. By 1868 he was listed as an engineer on Van Brunt near Wolcott. He married Catherine and they had at least 7 children: Henry, Sylvester, James, John, Thomas, Catherine, and William. James Brierton was listed as a butcher at 351 Van Brunt in 1878. He was looking for a butcher to work in the store in 1879. He was periodically listed as a butcher but just as frequently listed as an engineer. Attempts were made to sell the business in 1892 and 1898. In 1900 the family lived at 351 Van Brunt and there was a store on the first floor. In 1904 an attempt was made to sell fixtures for a butcher store. It would appear that he owned the building and the fixtures for running a butcher shop but may not have actually worked in the butcher shop. It is clear that he did have employees other than himself. None of his children were listed as butchers.

    Birth: Circa 1830 Canada


    Marriage: Catherine born Ireland circa 1837


    1. Henry - Marriage: Anne - She died in 1892 (Brierton, Annie, 25 y, Jun 9 1892 8948 Kings) Probate $250 Henry J Brierton 351 Van Brunt husband no children - Henry married Margaret - Henry died November 21, 1909 1914 - Probate, $100 widow Margaret of 5012 Rockaway Blvd South Ozone Park, Queens, Children Margaret and Henry J.
    2. Sylvester - His son Sylvester died 7 May 1919 probate $315, of son Sylvester W Brierton jr. 170 Garfield Place petitioner his father. NYC Death index: Brierton Sylvester 64 y May 30 1933 11823 Kings NTC Death Index: Brierton Sylvester 64 y May 30 1933 11823 Kings
    3. James - Death: Brierton James 67 y Apr 6 1938 7565 Kings
    4. John - in the 1900 census married with a family.
    5. Thomas - Died April 15, 1921, 1329 77th street, Brooklyn widow, Mary children, Frank, James, Catherine, and Alice.
    6. Catherine
    7. William
    1868: James Brierton 1868 h [ome] Van Brunt n Wolcott Brooklyn, New York Engineer Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1868

    1875: frame $2,000, James Bryrton M 43, Canada, engineer, Wife Catherine Bryrton F 38, Son Henry Bryrton M 11, Daughter Selvester Bryrton F 6, Son James Bryrton M 5, Son John Bryrton M 4, Son Thos Bryrton M 1

    1878 James Brierton butcher 351 Van Brunt

    1879: THE TRADES WANTED - A BUTCHER APPLY IMMEDIATELY at 351 Van Brunt South Brooklyn (New York Daily Herald, Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013)

    1880: 351 Van Brunt, engineer, Self James Bryerton M 50 Canada, Wife Catharine Bryerton F 43 Ireland, Son Henry Bryerton M 16 New York, United States, Son Sylvester Bryerton M 11 New York, United States, Son James Bryerton M 10 New York, United States, Son John Bryerton M 8 New York, United States, Son Thomas Bryerton M 6 New York, United States, Daughter Catharine Bryerton F 4 New York, United States, Son William Bryerton M 2 New York, United States

    1881: Died Corr, on Saturday July 16, CATHERINE wife of Michael Corr, of county Longford, Ireland age 83 years, funeral at the residence of her son-in-law, James Brierton 351 Van Brunt. (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013)


    "Patrick Carr (sic), who lives at 139 Sullivan street, was to-day charged before Justice Bergen with having assaulted James Brierton, his brother-in-law, who lives at 351 Van Brunt street. Brierton claimed that Carr was in the habit of visiting his house and abusing his wife, the defendant's sister. On the day of the assault he remonstrated with Carr, who struck him several times. The trouble seems to have originated from the fact that the father of Carr and Mrs. Brierton is live with the latter and her husband. He is suffering from softening of the brain and is wholly unable to take care of himself. Carr thinks his father has $1,000 which Mr. and Mrs. Brierton are desirous of securing hence the frequent difficulties.

    Brooklyn Union, (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013)

    1883: listed as a "grocer" 351 Van Brunt.

    1888: Joseph O'Dell was accused by James Brierton of 351 Van Brunt of kicking he and his wife. His wife was so severely hurt she was unable to leave home. O'Dell was an employee of Brierton.

    1889: Proposal adopted to allow James Brierton to move a frame building from 405 Van Brunt to 130 Elizabeth st.

    1889: A 22 year old was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct after "purloining a number of onions from a basket in front of James Brierton's grocery 130 Elizabeth street and throwing them at passers by." Brierton attempted to drive him away. The young man turned on Brierton and preceded to haul "him about in a manner anything but entertaining". (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013)

    1890: Not listed in the 1890 Directory

    1890: James Brierton of 351 Van Brunt struck John T. Burns over the head with a pool cue, cutting his scalp. They had been playing a game of pool in Tracy & McGee's saloon at 128 Elizabeth St.

    1892: James Brierton, 62, Canada, butcher, Katherine, 52, Ireland, James 22 US plumber, John 18, Thomas 16, Katherine 15, Robert 11


    Old established Meat and Grocery For Sale cheap; doing good ship and yacht trade; best location in Brooklyn for shipping trade; good reason for selling. Apply James Brierton 351 Van Brunt, Brooklyn

    (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013)

    1898: Store to let on the best block of good business locality, 25x65 including basement, floored, ceiled, shelved etc. occupied as shoe store past nine years fitted for dry goods. JAS BRIERTON 351 Van Brunt

    1900: Sylvester Brierton policeman, and his family were at 165 Dikeman st., John W. Brierton, policeman, and his family were on Clinton st.

    1900: May 17, The Daily Standard, Double Tenement Gutted by Fire at 351 Van Brunt. (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013) The fire originated in the rear of Isaac Herman's "gents" furnishing store shortly after midnight. The building was a four story double tenement. James J. Brierton occupied the second floor. His mother, Kate age 63, and a sister Kate, 27 were visiting. Several fireman became exhausted and had to to be carried into the street. James Brierton lose furniture valued at $500. Mr. Kepler and his wife, Mary, had a dry goods next door at 353 Van Brunt and some of his merchandise was damaged.

    A further article in the Daily Eagle described the building as a four story tenement with a store on the ground floor and about 20 tenants in flats above. The property was sid to be owned by James J. Brierton who lived on the second floor. Harry Brierton, a son of James's, lived on the third floor. The fire spread rapidly and two alarms were sent. One of the firemen called to the blazed was Thomas Brierton who also lived at 351 Van Brunt. He was a member of fire company No 102. Henry Brierton was said to be "a newspaper man". John Brierton, another brother, was with the Gates ave police department.

    1904: Butchers' Advocate, Dressed Poultry and the Food Merchant, Volume 39 FOR SALE BUTCHER'S FIXTURES: benches, blocks, large corn beef box, scales, marble top counters, heavy top wagon, 8 horse powere engine, Sanders cutters, Enterprise cutter, 4x4 elevator, lard tanks, coolers, trucks etc. T. Burck 351 Van Brunt.

    1905: 351 Van Brunt, Jas Brierton M 79y United States, engineer, Wife Catherine Brierton F 75y United States Son Jas Brierton M 32y United States, fireman, Son Robert Brierton M 24y United States, fireman, Head Thos Brierton M 30y United States, fireman Wife Catherine Brierton F 29y United States Son Frank Brierton M 4y United States Son Jas Brierton M 2y United States

    1906 Died Brierton - Thursday October 4, 1906 JAMES J BRIERTON Sr.. at his residence 351 Van Brunt (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013) NYC Death Index: Brierton James J 59 y Oct 4 1906 19569 Kings

    1906: Probate, James J Brierton, died October 4, 1906, real property $10,000, personal property $50. 351 Van Brunt. Widow, Catherine. Children: Henry J, 634 47th st, John J, Lexington Ave, Brooklyn, Sylvester, 11th st Bklyn, Thomas, James, Robert all 351 Van Brunt st, Byken, Catherine Durney, 99 Dikemann st Bklyn

    1909: Brierton, On Saturday Feb 13, 1909 CATHERINE beloved wife of Lieutenant Thomas Brierton mass Visitation (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013) (Brierton Catherine 32 y Feb 13 1909 3116 Kings)

    1910: 351 Van Brunt 6 families in building. Thomas Brierton, head, married, age 34, fireman, NY fire department, Francis, son 8, James 6, Catherine, 4, Alice 3 and two boarders, (Harry Walbeck, age 39, German, was running a dry goods store at this address.)

    1913: Suddenly on March 20, 1913 at her residence 351 Van Brunt KATHERINE beloved widow of the late James J Brierton. Mass Visitation, Burial Holy Cross. survived by four sons: John, robert, Sylvester and Thomas and a daughter Katherine. (Old Fulton NY Post Cards, July 2013) NYC Death Index: Brierton, Catherine 71 y , Mar 20 1913, 6235, Kings

    1920: Thomas and family were at 77th street.

  3. Davey, John W, 96 Hamilton ( 1833-) England

  4. 1875: brick, no value, John W. Davey, age 42, "father" [= head], born England, butcher, 93 Hamilton, boarder Bridget Brown age 16 cigar maker

    1876: Davey, John, 96 Hamilton butcher

    1881, 1882, 1885, 1892: John W Davey butcher 96 Hamilton

    1890: John W. Davey 96 Hamilton, butcher

    1896 died 31 December 1895, value of estate, $310, probate Frank May 360 Columbia street sole legatee, Joseph Davey 153 Van Brunt witness

  5. Finley, Richard G. 297 Van Brunt

    Richard Finely was born in Ireland c 1837. By 1869 he was listed as a butcher on Van Brunt street. He married Fanny and they had several children including: Richard, George, Fanny, Mary, Margaret, Arthur, Elizabeth. His older children were born in Ireland. His first wife died and he remarried Isabelle. Richard Finely senior died in 1896. Isabelle and Arthur were still at 297 Van Brunt in 1900.

    See 1890 listing below.

  6. Geb[b]hard[t] Louis [Ludwig], 202 Conover

    Louis Gebhardt was born in Hanover, Germany c 1838. He married and had at least three children: Bertha, William and Louis. He was listed as a butcher on Conover st. by at least 1868. Fredrick Barchow, butcher, was listed at 202 Conover in 1890. See Barchow 1890 below. In 1900 Fredrick Streb, Bertha Gebhardt's husband was listed as a butcher at 202 Conover.

    Birth: c. 1838 Hanover, Germany

    Marriage: Magdalena or Carolina

    Children: Bertha, William* and Louis

    * William Fredrick Gebhardt born April 12, 1877 WWIIDR at 377 Bergen street, working for American Can in New Jersey, sister, Bertha Stret 125 Euclid st - Friedrich Wilhelm Gebhardt
    11 Apr 1877 Brooklyn, Kings, New York Ludwig Gebhardt Carolina Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C71519-5 System Origin: New_York-ODM GS Film number: 1324362

    1868, 1869: Louis Gebhard butcher Conover n Dikeman

    1875: 202 Conover, butcher

    1870: Gebhardt, Louis 30, butcher $500, Hanover, Machtelina, 30, Hanover, Anne, Lizzie 6 months,

    1892 Census: Ward 12, Gebhard, Louis 54, Germany, baker, Lena 54 Germany, Bertha 20 US William 14, Louis Jr 13.

    1900: 202 Conover street, Streb, Frederick, head, 1868, age 32, Germany, immigrated 1884, naturalized, butcher, Bertha wife age 28, 2 children 0 living, Gebhardt, William bro in law, 1877, office clerk, Louis bro in law, 1878 compositor Anderson, Agnes Norway servant age 20, and Hains Henry boarder 21, butcher clerk

    1900: Probate, death 13 January 1900 real property $9,700 personal "Seventeen thous and three hundred: Children: Bertha Streb, 202 Conover st, William Gebhardt 202 Conover street, Louis Gebhardt 202 Conover st, Frederick Streb 202 Conover (Gebhardt Louis 61 y Jan 30 1900 1985 Kings)

  7. Jaccarino, Valerio, 68 Hamilton

    Valerio Jaccarina was born in Italy. He was listed as a butcher at 68 Hamilton by 1883. He married and had several daughters. He was still at 68 Hamliton in 1900. He died in 1906.

    See 1890 listing below.

  8. Kofold & Boock, 265 Van Brunt - Hans Kofoed (Kofold/Kojoed)

    Hans Kofoed was born in Denmark. He married and had a family. He was listed as a butcher at 121 Hamilton as early at 1880. In 1890 he was listed as a bottler. By 1900 he was living on 47th street.

    1874: Hans Kofoed 51 Orchard Brooklyn, New York Butcher Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1874

    1875: frame, $6,000, Kojoed, Hans, 39, Butcher, Denmark, Bertha, wife 35, Denmark, Magdalena, 6 daughter Norway, Maria daughter 4 Denmark, Annie 4 Kings, Gu-an 3, daughter, months Kings.

    1879, 1880: Hans Kofoed 323 Columbia Brooklyn, New York Butcher Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1879

    1880: 121 Hamilton Ave, Kufold, Hans, age 44 butcher, Denmark, Dorothea, wife 40, Denmark, Magdelena 11 daughter, Denmark Maria 9 daughter, Denmark, Annie daughter 6, NY, Jessie daughter 5, NY, Laura daughter age 2, NY, Ellock son 3 months, NY.

    1890, 1897: Hans O Kofoed 1890 165 8th Brooklyn, New York Bottler Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1890

    See Boock above. In 1882 "For sale very cheap a five horse power hot air engine 265 Van Brunt, Brooklyn"

    1883: FOR SALE - AN OLD ESTABLISHED PROVISIONS Business Machinery, horse, wagon, etc Inquire at premisses265 Van Brunt New York Herald, Jan 21, 1883 (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

    In 1887 265 Van Brunt was a polling place and was listed as a candy store.

    1888: 1892: Kofold (or Kofoed) Hans 54, Denmark, bottler, Dorthe 51 Denmark, Madeline 21 Norway, Annie 19 US, Jesine 17, US. Laura 14, Us, Olof, 12

    1900: 218 47th street, Kofed Hans age 64 m 32, no occupation, Denmark, immigrated 1871, Dora wife 60, m 32 years 6 children 6 living, Denmark, immigrated 1872, Leana, 31, Norway, immigrated 1872, dressmaker, Annie 26, Brooklyn, dressmaker, Laura 22, dressmaker, Brooklyn, Albert son age 20 born 1880, Brooklyn, machinist

    1890: 265 Van Brunt Dowling, Martin, Grocery

  9. Kohberger, Frederick, 175 Richards (c 1852-) Germany

    Frederick Kohberger born in Germany c 1852 was listed as a butcher at 175 Richards street as early as 1882. He married and had a family. He was still at 175 Richards in 1890. By 1900 He as living on 24th street.

    1875: 6th Ward, Brooklyn Fred Kohberger, age 22, board, butcher with the families of Philip Kerns and Adam Kerns, butchers

    1876 374 Columbia butcher

    1877 1878 260 Columbia st, butcher

    1877: Fred "Coberger" butcher at 260 Columbia street testified in a trial of a man passing worthless checks.

    1880: Smith Street, Frederick Kohberger 28, butcher, Germany, Mary Kohberger 27, Germany, Fred Kohberger 1 son NY

    1882: Frederick Kohberger 1882 175 Richards 48 Dikeman Brooklyn, New York Butcher Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1882

    1890: 175 Richards Street butcher

    1892: Ward 12, Frederick age 39 Germany butcher, Fredrick 14, US, Mary 39 Germany, Mary, 12, Emma 10, Tillie 7, Annie 5, Dora 1

    1900 Census: 24th street Ward 8, Kohberger, Fredrick head age 48 widowed, born Germany, immigrated 1858 [?], butcher, Fredrick, son 21, US, day laborer, Mary,20, New York, Emma, 16, New York, Tillie, 15, New York, Annie, 13 New York

    1905: 3901 4th ave., Fredrick Kohberger M 53y Germany, butcher, Son Fredrick Kohberger M 26y United States, dry goods store, Daughter Mary Kohberger F 23y United States, Daughter Annie Kohberger F 17y United States

    1910: 32nd street Brooklyn, Thomas Kelly M 34y New York, plumber shop, WIFE Emma Kelly F 26y New York SON James Kelly M 7y New York DAU Bernadette Kelly F 5y New York DAU Catharine Kelly F 2y New York Fred Kohberger, brother in law, M 32y New York, policeman, city, Mary Kohberger, sister-in-law F 29y New York, operator shade manf.

  10. Krueger, John, 218 Hamilton

    By 1890 John P. Nelson was a butcher at 218 Hamilton.

    1880: Not listed under that spelling.

    1882: 218 Hamilton

    He was listed at both 218 Hamilton and 504 Smith street in 1885.

    1885: KRUEGER - NOTICE TO WHOM IT may concern. On and after this day, April 23 [?], 1885 I will not be responsible for any business done through M. Moran as my agent or any goods purchased for me or for any agreement or contract which he may sign JOHN KRUEGER 218 Hamilton

    Censuses: Not under that spelling.

  11. McCabe, Patrick, 371 Van Brunt

    Patrick McCabe was born in Ireland circa 1856. In 1880 he was a retail milk dealer. By 1883 he was a butcher. In 1887 357 Van Brunt was for sale or let as a butcher shop. Patrick was still listed as a butcher at 357 Van Brunt in 1900. In 1910 he was still living at 357 Van Brunt. By 1920 he was at 14th Street.

    By 1890 D. Seigeler was listed under "boarding house" at 371 Van Brunt.

    See 1890 listing below

  12. Nuneman, George "C", 199 Conover

    George Nunemann was born in German circa 1855. He married and had a family. By 1879 he was listed as a butcher at 220 Conover. In 1883 and 1890 he was listed as a butcher at 199 Conover. He appears to have lived at 220 Conover. In 1900 he was at 166 Conover listed as an insurance agent. By 1910 he lived at 86th street.

    See 1890 listing below

  13. Specht, John, 365 Van Brunt, Wertenburg c 1845

    John Specht was born circa 1846 in Wertenburg Germany. He married and had a family. In 1880 he was listed at 367 Van Brunt. By 1890 he was living in New Utrecht and John Braudenberg had a drug store at 365 Van Brunt.

    1876: Specht, John butcher, h. 167 Union av. Brooklyn,

    1880: 367 Van Brunt John Specht 34, butcher, Wertenburg, Louisa Specht 30, Wertenburg, Louisa Specht 7, NY, Louis Specht 6, NY, Annie Specht 4, NY, William Lozh 27, boarder, Germany works in butcher shop

    1881: Henry Hoffman of 376 Van Brunt street US citizen was the witness for the naturalization of John Specht of 365 Van Brunt street on October 17, 1881


    A two story frame house which had recently been removed from No. 365 Van Brunt to NO 114 Walcot St. fell yesterday as the props were taken from beneath it. The fall caused a fire which did $500 damage.

    New York Daily Tribune June 5, 1885 (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

    Same day: A HOUSE COLLAPSES: Workmen took the jacks and screws that supported the props off the house which had been moved 10 days before from 365 Van Brunt to Wolcott. Two hours later the house collapsed and was totally wrecked The adjoining house was slightly damaged.

    1890: February 3, 1890, Brooklyn Daily Eagle (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)


    Merrymakers Have A Great Feast at Koch's Bay View Park

    Notwithstanding the unpleasant weather quite a number of prominent Germans assembled last evening in Philip Koch's Bay View Park in New Utrecht, following an invitation of mr. Koch to a great pork lunch in the old fashioned German style of our German fellow citizens called Metzelsuppe. Every dish that can possible be made out of fresh pork was on the table, together of course with the inevitable saurekraut, potatoes, and other good things.

    Attendees included Mr. Carl Dietz, who supplied an abundant supply of Rhine wine, Anton Weber, the stone setter, and the pianoforte dealer, L. Goetz.
    "Old Philip Koch, Mrs. Koch, "his butcher, John Specht" and George Richlein proved themselves experts in cooking and arranging such gay and harmonious parties."
    1892: New Utrecht: John Specht --, German, hotel, Rose, 33, Louisa 19, Louis, 18, Annie 1-, Rose, 10, John 8, Mina 6

    In 1890 John Specht was a constable in New Utrecht.

    1896: Two children were killed when a chimney from the ruins of a fire fell on them. One of them was Minnie specht age 9 of 82nd street and 10th ave. The fire occurred in a brand new building at 84th street near Hamilton ave. The children were apparently searching the ruins for scraps of lead and tin when the chimney fell. Her brother John was present but could not save her. Minnie, the youngest of five children, was the daughter of John Specht former game constable who had recently died. New York Herald, February 10, 1896 (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

    In the 1890 directory John N Braudenberg druggist was at 365 Van Brunt. In 1885 a man was severely bitten by a vicious dog belonging to Brandenberg the druggist of 365 Van Brunt street. (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html

  14. Tauley, George, Verona c Van Brunt

    This is the only listing I can find.

    It may be a misspelling of Thornley, George. 253 Van Brunt is at the corner of Verona and Van Brunt. See next listing.

  15. Thornley, George, 253 Van Brunt

    George Thornley was born c 1854 the son of Thomas Thornley oil refiner. Note: He had a lot of brothers in the butcher business but, he was the only Thornley listed in 1883.

    See 1890 listing below.

  16. Verlager, Correiner, 68 Hamilton

  17. This is the only listing I can find.

    Jaccarino was also at this address. See Jaccarino above.

  18. Walsh, John, 317 Van Brunt

    1860: Ward 12, John Walsh 34, butcher, $1,000 $4,000, born Ireland, Jane Walsh 32, born Ireland, William Walsh 13 Andrew Walsh 9 John Walsh 7 James Walsh 5 Robert Walsh 3 Joseph Walsh 6/12, kids born NY, Alexander Hoops 18, appr to butcher

    1868: Walsh John Grocer, h[ome] 191 Hamilton (See William in the 1890 directory at 101 Columbia and 191 Hamilton.)

    1878, April 17, The Sun (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html) TO LET Best corner in South Brooklyn. corner of King and Van Brunt st lately occupied by M Gilmore as a grocery store. Inquire of James Walsh 317 Van Brunt

    1877: Walsh, John butcher 317 Van Brunt h 35 Hamilton

    1870: Ward 6, John Walsh 45, butcher Ireland $7,000, Jane Walsh 45, William Walsh 21, butcher, John Walsh 17, James Walsh 14, Robert Walsh 11, Joseph Walsh 9, Thomas Walsh 7, Auastaria Walsh 5

    1871: Walsh, John, provisions Van Brunt c King h President c Hamilton av.

    1871 Brooklyn Daily Union, September 16, (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html) A "certain butcher named Walsh" who resided at 35 Hamilton Ave was under investigation by the paper for stealing paint from the government stores at Fort Hamilton. Walsh was said to be the butcher for the Quartermaster at Fort Hamilton. As his son was retuning from delivering some meat to the fort, several barrels of paint, white lead, oils and colors belong to the fort were discovered in his wagon. He was arrested but release immediately. The police did a stake out of Walsh house at 35 Hamilton. About five in the morning Walsh appeared and loaded some meat and paint in his wagon. The arrested him immediately and took him to the police station. Where upon they informed the Quartermaster at Ft. Hamilton who played dumb and refused to file a complaint. About $150 dollars of paint and other supplies were said to have been found in Walsh's wagon. The reporter was told that Walsh owned 7 houses. Upon investigation it was found that Walsh owned 8 houses: 35 Hamilton ave which was his store and residence, 2 houses on Hamilton near President, and 5 houses on the corner of King and Van Brunt.

    New York Tribune (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html), Monday Sept 11, 1871 John Walsh, a butcher, of 35 Hamliton ave. was arrested for receiving $150 worth of stolen paint, oil, and hardware from Ft. Hamilton. It was insinuated that the soldiers in the fort were selling the goods that they were pilfering from the government.

    1875: owner of home, Ward 6, brick $9,000, two family John Walsh M 49, butcher, Wife Jane Walsh F 49, Child W Walsh M 24, butcher, Child John Walsh M 22, butcher, Child James Walsh M 18, butcher, Child Robert Walsh M 16, butcher, Child Joseph Walsh M 14, butcher, Child Thomas Walsh M 12, Child Anastatia Walsh F 8

    1879: Walsh, John, butcher, 317 Van Brunt h 35 Hamilton

    Death of John Walsh: before 1880

    1880 Census: 35 Hamilton, Walsh, Jane age 50, widowed, born Ireland William 29 butcher, John 23 butcher, James 20 butcher, Robert 18 butcher, Joseph 17, Thomas 16, Anastasia 14 daughter

    1883: Jane Walsh, widow John 35 Hamilton Ave.

    1884: Jane Walsh at 35 Hamilton ave rear

    1920: District 16, Cannot read address, not Red Hook, Joseph A Walsh 60, real estate, Robert P Walsh 62, real estate, Anastasia Walsh 54, all single

    Note: The Bang family was also associated with 317 Van Brunt.

  19. Witte, John D. 131 (133) Hamilton, Butcher/Grocer, Germany

    There were four John Witte, Grocer, born Germany in Brooklyn in 1880. None on Rapelye or Hamilton.

    1888: John D. Witte Rapelye c Hamilton avenue grocer 1888, 1889 Brooklyn NY

1890 Lain Directory butchers:
  1. Bang, Henry E., born Denmark, 317 Van Brunt

    Henry Bang was born in Denmark c 1845. He married but does not appear to have had children. Henry E. Bang appears to have left the butcher business between 1892 and 1900. He was listed in the 1900 census as a ships carpenter.

    Henry E Bang 1888 317 Van Brunt Brooklyn, New York Butcher Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1888

    1888: Mrs. Pauline Bang's gold bracelet valued at $25 was stolen by the 16 year old servant girl and pawned at Friel's pawnshop on Hamilton ave.. Mrs. Bang of 317 Van Brunt refused to make a complaint and the girl was released.

    1892 Census: Bang, Henry E 47 Denmark, butcher, Pauline age 40, born US, Henry e. Bang, 15 born Denmark, butcher

    1900 Ward 12, 297 Van Brunt, Bang, Henry head, age 49 married 24 years, born Denmark, immigrated 1870, ship carpenter, Pauline W wife, age 41, 0 children, born New York and a boarder

    317 Van Brunt was on the east side third south of King.

    1896: New York Herald, December 30, William M Sullivan made a complaint against Mrs. Pauline Bangs of "387" Van Brunt saying she was creating a disturbance in his house. Mrs. Bangs wanted permission to see the two children of her dead sister and bring them Christmas presents. Sullivan claimed the father of the children did not want Mrs. Bangs around. The case was dismissed, but the judge warned Mrs. Bangs to stay away from the house. (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

  2. Barschow, Frederick C., born Germany, 202 Conover

    Fredrick Barschow was born in Mecklenberg-Schwerin in 1861. He married and had children. He was listed in 1888 as a butcher at 202 Conover. He was listed as a butcher in 1892. By 1900 he listed himself as a Junk dealer. He was at 24 Dikeman in 1922

    According to his 1922 passport application, "Fred" Barshow was born May 26th, 1861 in Mecklenberg-Schwerin, Germany, the son of Henry Barshow. Fred immigrated from Hamburg Germany in May 1873. He was naturalized in Brooklyn County court July 22 1887. He had been a resident of Brooklyn for 49 years. His residence in 1922 was 24 Dikeman Street and he listed himself as being in the "Iron and Metal business". He was planning on traveling for three to four months. He was: 5 ft. 7 in. brown eyes, mixed gray hair, "moustached".

    1888: Frederick Barschow was the assistant floor manager at the 30th annual excursion and picnic at Bay View Park sponsored by the South Brooklyn Independent Guard. The activities included shooting contests, a grand march and dancing.

    1888: 202 Conover butcher

    1889: Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Barschow attended the South Brooklyn Independent Guard annual ball at Saengerbund Hall. Fredrick was on the Floor Committee.

    1890 The Barschows attended the South Brooklyn Independent Guard annual ball at Ropke's Hotel at Williams and Conover.

    1890 202 Conover Butcher, Brooklyn Directory

    1892: Conover near "coffee", Barshow, Fredk. age 29, Germany, butcher, Freda 29, Germany, Fredk 5, US, Edward 2, Martin, Les [?], 20 Germany butcher, Bright, Nicholas 20 Germany, Barshaw, Annie 40 Germany

    1904: Fredk Barschow, 196 Conover Junk Brooklyn Directory

    Fred Barshow appears to have left the butcher business. By 1900 he and his family were still in Red Hook at 196 Conover but he listed himself as a metal dealer. He was listed in the 1920 censes on Dikeman st as a "junk dealer". Sons, Frederick age 33 and Harry age 23, were unmarried and working with him in the junk business.

    Freda and Freda Barshow, 1922 passport application

    See Red Hook Streets 194 Conover.

  3. Buck, John G. 406 Van Brunt, born German circa 1847

    John G Burk was born in Germany circa 1847. He was listed as a butcher as early as 1847. He was at 406 Van Brunt by at least 1884. By 1900 he was listed as a liquor dealer. He was still living in Red Hook in 1925.

    Children: Fred c 1889 Emma Marie c 1893

    1874: Buck, John G, butcher, 123 Partition

    1876: Buck, John Ge butcher 385 Van Brunt

    1878, Buck John G butcher, 485 Van Brunt

    1880 Census Brooklyn, Van Brunt, street, Buck John G, age 32, keep butcher shop born Germany

    1884, Buck, John G, 406 Van Brunt, butcher

    1887 406 Van Brunt, butcher

    1890 406 Van Brunt, butcher

    1892 John G Buck, 45, Germany, Butcher, Josephine 36, Germany, Fredrick age 3, US, two apparent employees born US ages 18 and 17 butchers and a 13 year old girl born Germany domestic.

    1900: Ward 12, Van Dyke street, Buck, John age 54, immigrated 1871, married 14 years, liquor dealer, Josephine, age 43, 5 children 3 living, Fred, son 11, Eu--ina daughter 2 months and 9 boarders, mixed nationalities.

    1907 John G Buck, 125 Coffey, meat

    1910: Ward 12, 125 Coffey Street, John G. age 63, married 24 years, two children two living, immigrated 1871 butcher own store, Josephine Buck 54, immigrated 1872, Fred Buck 21, butcher, butcher store, Emma M Buck 17, stenographer, book bindery

    1920: 408 Van Brunt, John G Buck 72, immigrate 1871, naturalized, employee, butcher shop, Josephine Buck 64 Euphina Buck [?] 28, cashier, butcher shop

    1922: Passport application, dob 16, Jan 1847, Germany, so of Fidel Buck deceased, wife, Josephine Buck forn Germany March 1856. Immigrated October 2nd 1871. Resident of Brooklyn 50 years. Naturalized County Court, Brooklyn, October 23, 1876. Residence at time of naturalization 406 Van Brunt. REsidence in 1922 408 Van Brunt. Intention to travel for 6 months. Retired butcher. Age 75, 5 ft 2 inches, gray hair, moustached, brown eyes Signed by Emma Marie Buck daughter cashier, 408 Van Brunt

    1925: 178 Coffe Street, John age 76, Josephine age 69 both born Germany, both citizens, no occupation

    Death: Buck John G, 79 y , Sep 21 1926, 19293 Kings

    Death: Buck Josephine 84 y Dec 16 1940 24911 Kings

    Josephine and John G Buck from their 1922 passport application

  4. Davey, John W. 96 Hamilton

    See 1883 list above.

  5. Finley, Richard G, 297 Van Brunt

    1860: Richard Finley, Kings County, 13 W. Brooklyn District 1, Page: 811, NY 1860 Federal Census Index

    1869, 1870: Richard Finley, butcher, King corn of Ban Brunt, h Sullivan n Van Brunt.

    1870: Ward 12, no address, Richard Finley 34, butcher, Fannie Finley 29 William Finley 9 Mary Finley 6 Margaret Finley 4 Fannie Finley 1

    1872 Richard Finley butcher, 74 Sullivan st.

    1878 Richard Finely "and Lady" attended the annual Visitation Church picnic at Manhattan Park.

    1880: Van Brunt street, Finely, Richard, age 43, butcher, born Ireland, Fanny wife age 38, born Ireland, George son 18 clerk born Ireland, Mary, daughter 17 born Ireland, Margaret, daughter 15 born NY, Fanny, daughter 11 born NY, Richard son age 9 born NY, Ellen daughter age 7 born NY, Grace daughter age 4 born NY, Anthony son age 1 born NY

    1883, Richard Finely 297 Van Brunt, butcher

    1890: Richard G Finley 297 Van Brunt, butcher.

    1892: Richard G. Finlay, age 58 butcher, born Ireland, "Isabelle" Finlay, age 45, born Ireland, William Finlay, age 28, butcher, born US, Fannie Finlay, 21, Richard Finlay, 19, agnt, Elizabeth Finlay, 18, shopgirl, Arthur Finlay, 13

    1895: December, the late Fanny Finley deceased 297 Van Brunt, Richard Finley administrator.

    Probate: Fanny Finley, 297 Van Brunt, husband, Richard, five children: George, of Perth Canada, "Jennie" Hill wife of Mark Hill, Fanny Thomspson wife of John Thompson, William Finley not full age, Margaret Ford the wife of Chauncey Ford Waterbury Conn.

    Remarriage of Richard Finley: Isabelle: ??

    Death: Finlay Richard G, 57 y, Mar 8 1896, 4362 Kings

    Probate of Richard Finley: wife Isabella Finley 301 Van Brunt, widow of Richard Finley and seven children: Richard H 330 10th st, Bklyn, George Perth Canada, West, Mary J Hill, 38 10th street Bklyn', Margaret Ford, Waterbury Conn Arthur Finley 301 Van Brunt, Fannie Thompson 36 Forth Place Bkly, Lizzie Finely Waterbury Conn. No dependents of decease children

    Further listed in 1896: Isabelle widow, Richard H Finley, Mary Jennie Hill, wife of Mark Hill, Fanny Thompson wife of John Thompson, Arthur Finley "infant over 14 years of age" all of Brooklyn, George of Perth Canada West, and Margaret Ford wife of Chauncey Ford and Lizzie Finley both of Waterbury Conn.

    1900: 297 Van Brunt, 2 family, Ward 12, Isabella Finley 55, head, widowed, born Ireland, Arthur E Finley 21, age 21, machinist.

  6. Charles Hoffman, (c. 1858-), Germany, Red Hook, Butcher and Catherine

    Charles Hoffman took over the butcher shop at 273 Van Brunt by at least 1890. The store had previously been run by John Schuller. See John Schuller below.

    Charles Hoffman, butcher was listed at 273 Van Brunt in the 1890 Lain's Directory.

    1882, Charles Hoffmann, butcher, h 97 Graham

    1883, 1885, Charles Hoffman, 220 Boerum, butcher

    1889: Charles Hoffman, butcher, h 162 Wolcott

    1890: Hoffman, Charles butcher 273 Van Brunt

    1891 Not listed.

    1889: BOB VEAL - "Charles Hoffman, a butcher of 278 (sic) Van Brunt street, was fined $15 in the Adams street police court this morning for selling bob veal."

    1892: Charles Hoffman, age 34, Germany, butcher, Catherine age 28, Germany, Paul Boettcher 26 Germany Butcher, William Miller age 18, Denmark butcher

  7. Jaccarino, Valerio 68 Hamilton

    1885 V. Jaccarino a butcher doing business at 68 Hamilton ave fined $25 for selling bob veal.


    1896: Mortgages Feb 1, Jaccarino V to B Bloch 48th st near Third av.

    1896: s. e. cor President st 150x100 Valerio Jaccarina to Rosie Weisman morts $28,000

    1900: FOR SALE Lawrence st a 5 story brick double flat, fine location cheap, all improvements, good opportunity for a bargain apply to owner Mrs. M Jaccarino, 68 Hamilton ave.

    1900: 68 Hamilton ave, Jaccarino, Vincent, age 49, Italy butcher, Mary wife, 52, Rosie, 17, Celia, 14, Lorette, 9 Nellie 4

    July 1902, Francis Larkin plaintiff agains Valerio Jaccarino, defendant foreclosure of 189 Montague st.

    July 1902, President Street south side 70 feet east Third ave 30x150 Second parcel Sold to plaintiff for $500 over and above mortgage of and interest. Francis Larkin vs Valerio Jaccarino et. al.

    Death: Jaccarino Valario 57 y Oct 24 1907 21430 Kings

  8. McCabe, Patrick, 357 Van Brunt, Ireland circa 1856

  9. Married Mary Hammill per the baptismal records of several of their children.

    1880: Smith Street, Patrick Mccabe 25, retail milk dealer, Mary Mccabe 25 Kate Mccabe 3m Rose Hamall 14, sister in law, Patrick Hamall 9, brother in law, Boarders, David Lougran 23, milk store clerk, James Mulligan 14, milk store clerk

    1887: Butchers Business for sale or to let, situated at 357 Van Brunt st, large shipping trade, as well as extensive and profitable local business, all cash. Largest grocery business in South Brooklyn is run in connection with butcher business, both stores communicate, trade established. Apply to Thomas Henry 3-9 Van Brunt.

    1889: Mc Cabe, Patrick 357 Van Brunt butcher Lain's directory

    1897: Mc Cabe, Patrick 357 Van Brunt butcher Lain's directory

    1899: Patrick McCabe butcher 357 Van Brunt Trow's business directory.

    1900: 357 Van Brunt, McCabe, Patrick head, 1856, age 44, Married 23 years, immigrated 1875, nationalized, 8 children five living butcher, born Ireland, Mary wife age 43, born Ireland, Kate, daughter age 19, Mary daughter age 17, Peter son age 12, Joseph son age 6 Florence daughter 1 children all born US, four boarders

    1902: Died Mc Cabe, at the residence of her parents 357 Van brunt st. South Brooklyn, Catherine L the eldest daughter of Patrick and Mary McCabe.

    1902: McCabe P. 357 Van Brunt Nat C. R. co, $205, Chattel Mortgages (columbia University Digital Library)

    1910: 357 Van Brunt, McCabe, Patrick, Ireland immigrated 1873, occupation none, Mary, 55 1st marriage, married 34 years 11 children 3 living, immigrated 1873, Peter E. 21, occupation none, Josephine, daughter 18, Hammill Harry, nephew 18, Irleand, driver butcher shop

    1920: 14th Street, immigrated 1870, naturalized 1875, Patrick F Mccabe 64, labourer city of New York, own home, Mary Mccabe 64 Peter Mccabe 30, lawyer, US government, Maria Hamill 21, niece, stenographer law office

  10. Nelson, John P., 218 Hamilton butcher

    Very common name.

  11. Nuneman[n], George C., 199 Conover (1883 and 1890) [also 220 and 166 Conover], German (c. 1853-1906)

    1876 Nunemann, George, naturalization October 18, 1876, 23 Washington street butcher, superior Court Manhattan

    1878 George Nunemann, 88 Wash'n, meat New York, New york

    George Nunemann 1879, 1881: 199 Conover, butcher. 1883: butcher 199 Conover h 220 Conover. Also

    1884, 220 Conover, butcher, Brooklyn Directory

    1884 real estate transfer Conover St, n w s, 75 s w Sullivan st 25x100 Carsten Plate to George C Nunemann C. a G. $1,300 (Columbia University digital library)

    1885, 1886, 1888: 199 Conover, butcher

    1890: "166" Conover, Butcher

    1888: George Nunemann attended the 30th annual excursion of the South Brooklyn German Guard and picnic at Bay View Park. He was an office of the guard - the third lieutenant.

    1890: George Nunemann attended the 32nd annual target excursion and picnic of the South Brooklyn Independent guard at Bay View Park. They assembled at Ropke's Hotel at Conover and William and marched through the principle streets as far as the park which was located at 16th street and Third ave. George Nunemann was on the committee of Arrangements.

    1900: Ward 12, 166 Conover street, George C Nuneman 47, Germany, immigrated c 1870, married 23 years, Insurance Agent, Henrietta Nuneman 55, 10 children 4 living, Germany, Maria A Nuneman 22, William C Nuneman 19, signal man, George W Nuneman 17, Louis C Nuneman 15, children born New York.

    1905: 166 Conover street, rear Nuneman, George C. age 52, Germany insurance agent, Henrietta, wife 61, Germany, George son 21, bookkeeper, Louis son 20, chauffer. they were the only family in the "rear". In front was a 7 family dwelling where William Numeman age 23, R. R. Bridgeman lived with his wife, May age 26 and daughter Henrietta age 3 and Ruth age 1.

    1910: 86th street, George W Nuneman M 27y New York, signs, wife, Ella W Nuneman F 27y New York mother, Henrietta L Nuneman F 65y Germany, widow 11 children 4 living, Catherine H Wolf F 54y New York, mother in law

    Nunemann, George C, 53 y, Oct 9 1906, 19839, Kings

    Nuneman Henrietta L , 71 y, May 7 1916, 10004, Kings

    George C Nunemann appears to have been another German who let the butcher business and take up another occupation, in his case Insurance agent.

    Death of George Nuneman senior: 1906, October 9, 1906 value of estate seventy five hundred dollars in real property and $100 in personal property. Henrietta L Nuneman 150 86th street wife. Surviving children: Mary Nuneman Baptist, 150 86th st., William Nuneman, 166 Conover st., George William Nuneman 150 86th st., Louis Charles Nunemen, 166 Conover st

    Death of Henrietta Nunemann: 1917 William C Nunemann was still living at 166 Conover st.

    In 1877 Henry Finkeldey ran a grocery/liquor store at 220 conover. Finkeldey

  12. Seemann, B. H. 199 Conover

    1990 Census: 199 Conover, Seeman, Henry age 43, married 22 years 5 children none living, born Germany, imm. 1874, blacksmith, Charlotte wife age 41, William Cooper, boarder, England, 28, shop butcher, Curnow, Frank foster son, age 19, office boy, dress goods, four families in building.

    1902: On April 26, Henry Seemann, age 42, a foreman ship smith who lived at 199 Conover street told his wife he was going to a baseball game at Washington Park and then to Coney Island. Two weeks later his dead body was discovered in the Erie Basin. The body was identified by his brother. Seeman was a member of the Odd Fellows, the Masonic Order and "several local German societies. It was thought that he accidentally fell in the water after having become lost on his way home from Coney Island. He was employed by Milliken Bros. and a membe rof the Shipssmith's Union. He was 5 ft 7 inches and weighted 165 pounds.

    See Nunemann at 199 Conover.

    199 Conover 1874 LEASE: "Store, rear room and back basement of frame house NO. 199 Conover stree, with use of ice house, rail and counter for five years from Aug 1. at $--- per year. Charles Finkledey to Henry Otten.

  13. Thornley, George, 253 Van Brunt and William Thornley

    George was listed in the 1890 directory.

    Thomas Thornley: Born circa 1822 England, oil refiner, married Charlotte and had several children including three sons, George, Charles and William

    1870: Brooklyn Ward 12, Thornley, Thomas 48 oil refiner, born England, Charlotte 43, born England, George 16 butcher, Annie 14, Isabella 9, Willie 8, Charles 3. (Note: Thomas and Charlotte also listed 1880.)

    George born circa 1854, son of Thomas and Charlott, 253 Van Brunte

    Marriage: Sophia between 1870 and 1875


    1. Henry c 1875

    2. Charlotte c 1877

    3. Ethel c 1884

    4. ✟ Charles circa 1886 - died 1896

    5. Chester circa 1891
    1875: William Street, Brooklyn, brick building, George Thorney 21, butcher, Sophia wife 22, Henry son infant.

    1880: George not listed.

    1882: George Thornley attended the 4th annual Joppa Association ball. The Joppa Association consisted of 85 members. He was a member of the floor committee.

    1887: George Thornley was a member of the drill corps of the Joppa Association. He attended the 8th annual masquerade ball at the Saengerbund Hall in February. 1888 George Thornley a member of the Joppa Association attended the 9th annual picnic at Bay View park. He was a member of the Arrangements Committee and a scene supporter.


    A new double flat with store is on the southeast corner of Van Brunt and Verona streets. It is of Philadelphia brick and brown stone trimmings four stories in height, 15x62 1/2 with a flat roof, brown cornice inscribed in raised gold letters, "The Success, 1888." The upper stories each contain two suits, each with two sleeping rooms, dining room and kitchen. All trimmed in Georgia pine, with hard white walls and ceilings and modern improvements. The entrance to the flat is by a low stoop (Verona Street). The walls and ceilings of the store are in Georgia pine and the windows in heavy plate glass. Owner, George Thornley, builder, Michael Gibbons & Sons
    1889: George Thornley and his wife again attended the Joppa Ball

    1890 He attended the 11th annual ball of the Joppa Association in February 1890. He was a member of the Kazoo band who dressed in full uniform of the German street gutter brigade. He was a member of the Arrangements Committee.

    1891: The Joppa Association held their first annual banquet. One hundred guests attended including George Thornley.

    1892: Ward 12, Thornley, George, 38 butcher, Sophia, 39, Henry 17, butcher, Charlotte 15, Ethel 8, Charles 6 Chester 1, William Thornley 31 butcher, Mary Thornley 25, Thomas Thonrnley 4, all born US.

    1894: January strong gales blew out the window of George Thornley's butcher shop at 233 Van Brunt. "It cost $125 and was insured". 1894: August 22, William Seeger 26 and employee of George Thornley a butcher at 253 Van Brunt made off with $169.75 in cash and checks that he was sent to deposit in the Hamilton bank.

    Death of Sophia Thornley: 1896, October 14, She was buried in plot 25977 - 193 a month after Charles E and Adelaide were buried. Chales Ed. was born May 15, 1885 cert #4423 Kings.

    1900: 95 Verona street (off Van Brunt) Thornley, George 48 widowed, butcher, Henry, 25, no occupation listed, Charlot, 23, Ethel, 18 Chester, 10

    Remarriage of George Thonrley: Thornley George Nov 28 1902 Kings 4298 to Jackson June A Nov 28 1902 Kings 4298

    1905: Census Forth Place, Thornley, George butcher, age 53, "Jane" wife, age 49

    1910 census: 253 Van Brunt, Thronely, George, 55, butcher and grocer, marriage 2, 6 years, Jennie, age 51, marriage 2, 2 children 1 still living, Chas. F son age 23, butcher store, Chester H 18 grocery clerk, Charlotte daughter 33, none, Ethel daughter 27, none

    1915: Carroll Street, Geo Thornley 62, butcher, Jane A Thornley 62, born England, Ethel M Owens, daughter, bookkeeper 35

    1920: 95 Verona, own, George Thornley M 64 New York, butcher grocery store, daughter Charlotte Thornley F 41 New York Son Chester Thornley M 28 New York, chauffeur automobile

    1920: Census, 263 Carroll street, Jane Thornley age 68, head, none Owens, Ethel, daughter, clerk

    1925: March 5, George Thornley died at his home at 253 Van Brunt street. He had been in the provisions and grocery business at 253 Van Brunt in the 12th ward for 53 years. He was survived by his widow, Jennie, two sons, Charles, and Chester and two daughters Lottie, and Mrs. Harvey Dietrich, as sister Bella Thornley, and four grand children.

    He was a member of the united Grocers Association, Sanctorum Lodge, 747, F. & A.; Joppa Lodge, I. O.. O. F., and George Washington Lodge. K. of P. Funderal services held at Christ Chapel Wolcott street where he was a member for sixty years. Internment at Greenwood Cemetery.

    1930: 263 Carroll Street, $10,000, Jane Thornley, widowed, F 76 England, none, Daughter Ethel Owens, widowed, F 40 New York, secretary, com office

    Death of Jane Thornley: Thornley Jane A 82 y Jan 6 1936 739. She was not buried in the Thornley plot with the rest of the family.

    1940: Wolcott street, Head Charles Thornley M 54 New York Wife Margaret E Thornley F 43 New York, store keeper, Daughter Margaret C Thornley F 22 New York operator telephone George Thornley M 16 New York, Niece Ethel Thornley F 34 New York, store keeper

    Other sons of Thomas Thornely

    1. William Thornley, circa 1863, butcher (brother of George Thornley)

      Born circa 1863 son of Thomas and Charlotte Thornley


      1900: Ward 12, 132 Coffey, William Thornley 39, shop butcher, Mary Thornley 33, New York John Thornley 11, son, John Reedy 37 brother in law, Ireland, shop butcher

      1920: 132 Coffey Street, William Thornley 57, butcher meat market, Mary Thornley 52 John Thornley 31, shipping clerk, weighers, Elizabeth Thornley 18, filing clerk bank, Thomas Reedy 55, Ireland, bother in law store keeper ship yard, Helen Reedy 40, sister in law, Elizabeth Reedy 45, sister in law

      1882 William and his brother, George were both at the Joppa ball

      1888 William and his brother George attended the annual Joppa picnic.

      and more events.

      1888, 1889 William Thornley 100 William butcher 1888, 1889 Brooklyn NY

      William Thornley 1898 95 Verona Brooklyn, New York Butcher Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1898

      1902: William Thornley 1902 132 Coffey Brooklyn, New York Meat Publication Title: Brooklyn, New York, City Directory, 1902

      1923: Death: Probate, 132 Coffey street, petitioner his widow Mary. He died at hOly Family Hosp. April 21, 1923 personal property, $1,500 value of real property not entered. Mary Thornley widow, John son and Elizabeth daughter all at 132 Coffey st.

    2. Thomas Thornley circa 1848 , butcher (brother of George and William Thornley)

      Born circa 1848 son of Thomas and Charlotte Thornley

      1879: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thomas Thronley, a butcher, at 387 Van Brunt, suffering from a temporary fit of insanity from drinking too much attempted suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. He survived.

      1892: Charlotte Thornley 65 born England, groceries, Thomas 44 butcher, Isabella 32, forelady

      John Thomas Thornely died June 28, 1903 age 55 #11176 Kings. According to the New York Times, "Thomas" Thornley "a well-to-do Brooklyn butcher" choked to death on a piece of steak in Gustav Ahlstrom's restaurant at 153 Van Brunt. One source claimed he was laughing hard at a joke told by one of his friends and the steak piece got lodged in his throat.

    Death of George's mother, Charlotte Thornley: 1906: Probate last will and testament of Charlotte Thornley, petitioners George and William Thornley. She died 2nd February 1906. George Thornley 253 Van Brunt son William Thornley 132 Coffey son, Annie Wallace 385 Van Brunt daughter, Dewey Thornley 199 Richards grandson, May Thornley 199 Richards Granddaughter, Florence Thornley 199 Richards granddaughter, Isabelle Thornley 385 Van Brunt daughter

    THORNLEY CHARLOTTE 1906-02-05 25977 193 (Thornly, Charlotte, 79 y, Feb 2 1906, 2605 Kings) Greenwood:

    THORNLEY GEORGE 1925-03-09 25977 193 (Thornley, George, 72 y, Mar 5 1925, 5056 Kings)

    THORNLEY CHARLOTTE 1887-11-15 25977 193
    THORNLEY GEORGE W 1887-11-15 25977 193
    THORNLEY LOUISA 1887-11-15 25977 193
    THORNLEY MARTHA 1887-11-15 25977 193
    THORNLEY WILLIAM 1887-11-15 25977 193 (Thornley, William, 9 m, Sep 18 1887, 12337 Kings)

    THORNLEY THOMAS 1891-08-23 25977 193

    THORNLEY CHARLES E. 1896-09-13 25977 193
    THORNLEY ADELAIDE 1896-09-17 25977 193
    THORNLEY SOPHIA 1896-10-14 25977 193 (Thornley, Sophia, 45 y , Oct 11 1896, 18492 Kings)

    THORNLEY JOHN T. 1903-07-01 25977 193 ( Thornley, John T, 55 y, Jun 28 1903, 11176 Kings)
    THORNLEY CHARLOTTE 1906-02-05 25977 193 (Thornly, Charlotte, 79 y, Feb 2 1906, 2605 Kings)
    THORNLEY FLORENCE 1922-04-07 25977 193
    THORNLEY CHARLOTTE LOUISE 1942-12-29 25977 193 (Thornley, Charlotte L, 65 y, Dec 26 1942, 24629 Kings)
    THORNLEY ISABELLA 1945-11-16 25977 193
    THORNLEY CHESTER W. 1955-11-18 25977 193

    1920 : The Evening Telegram, MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES - 19-9 Harley and sidecar fully equipped, Thornley, 253 Van Brunt Brooklyn (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

  14. Walsh, William, 101 Columbia and 191 Hamilton

    See John Walsh above.

  15. Welsch Bros. 366 Van Brunt

    See Walsh above

    1892 Census, John Walsh 32, butcher, Margaret 29, John 13, William 10, Jennie 7, Irene 4 Annie 2 all born US.

  16. Williams H. F. 337 Van Brunt

    AN OLD ESTABLISHMENT BUTCHER BUSINESS for sale; large quantity of meat sold; horse and wagon, bargain 337 Van Brunt st August 1896 Brooklyn Eagle.

  17. 337 Van Brunt was a polling place.

John Schuller, Butcher

In June 2103 Beth McLoughlin wrote to me about her ancestors, the Schullers, who had a butcher shop on Van Brunt. Beth wrote that John Schuller was born in Alsace circa 1855. He came to the United States in the mid 1870s. He married Elizabeth Hasenzahl who was born in Alsheim, Hesse Darmstadt in 1856 and who immigrated in 1873. John Schuller initially had a butcher shop on Flushing Ave in Williamsburg.
For a while they lived on Hicks Street across from where the expressway is now. The family lived at 300 Van Brunt Street for a number of years. The building standing there now is not the original which I believe was built in 1925. Reference is made in Brooklyn Daily Eagle to a "Frank's Hall"at that location. It was a meeting place for many 12th ward groups especially political organizations. It was also at times a polling place. This ties in with John's connection to the local Republican Party. France in the early 1870's was in turmoil and get the feeling John might have been politically involved there. He was an an adamant Frenchman, teaching my grandmother the Marseilles.

The family lore says he ran for office as a Republican and lost the election and a lot of his money. There is mention in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of his selling off scales and other equipment from his butcher shop. Not long after he must have recouped and was in business again. In another article there is reference to a fire in a stable and his losing a wagon, horse.

1880: Williamsburg, Flushing Ave., John, age 25, butcher, France, Elise, aged 25, Hessen Damst., Henry 2 years, "Barbara" (sic) 7 months.

1884: Naturalization of John Schuller, witness Henry C. Hasenzahl, October 17, 1884, County Court of Kings County, a preprinted statement that he came to the Staes while under the age of 18 and was then over the age of 21. (John Schuller 17 Oct 1884 County Court of Kings County (1-333) Kings, New York, USA County Court of Kings County (131-138) ARC Number: 5324244 Petitions for Naturalization, 1793-1906 Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Record Group Number: 85, Ancestry.com)

1885: Brooklyn Eagle, John Schulter (sic) of 273 Van Brunt was the owner of one of three horses that burned to death in a fire at James Neelson's stable at 87 Verona Street. John Schuller also lost a wagon and harness.

1885: Brooklyn Union, Friday April 10, 1885 HORSES BURNED TO DEATH. "The third horse was the property of John Schuller, butcher, of 273 Van Brunt, who was insured for $275." The cause of the fire was not known.

1886: The map shows 273 Van Brunt as a brick building thee south of Tremont (now visitation)

1887: Chattel Mortgage Foreclosure Sale: No. 273 Van Brunt 23rd of May, two ice boxes, one scale, two counters, two small scales, inside railings, all baskets, tools, implements, and fixtures belonging to the provisions store at 273 Van Brunt, one horse, one business wagon.

1887: Bills for Sale: Schuller, John, 273 Van Brunt, A Grasse Ice Boxes, Horses etc. January 8, 1887 (Record and Guide) Columbia University Digital Collection

1887 John Schuller 273 Van Brunt Provisions

1888 John Schuller 273 Van Brunt butcher

1888: October 31, the Daily Standard, "TO BE A LEGISLATOR - THAT'S THE HIGHT OF PORK DEALER SCHULLER'S AMBITION". There were four candidates: Frank Woods, the regular Republican candidate, John Kelly representing Mick Coffey, James A. McMahon independent, and John F Schuller who "pledged to labor's interest".

"Schuller is a German, as his name indicates, and he says he is going to make the regulars hustle. He used to keep a pork store on Van Brunt street, near William, but the urgency of the canvass necessitated his retirement brom business at a sacrifice."
He ran with the slogan that there would be two jobs for every man not two men for every job.

1889: Lain's Brooklyn Business Directory of 1889 Schuller, John 271 Van Brunt.

1892, Brooklyn Census: No addresses, John, "Shuller" (sic), 40, Germany butcher, citizen Lizzie Schuller, 38, Germany, Henry Schuller, 14, Kate Schuller, 12, Joseph Schuller, 10, Lizzie Schuller, 9, John Schuller, 6, Peter Schuller, 3, Elena Schuller, 2.

Death of John Schuller: 1895 - Schuller, John, 42 y, Apr 5 1895, 6088, Kings

1900 Census: 300 Van Brunt, Schuller, Lizzie, head Sept 1854, 7 children 7 living, born Germany, immigrated 1872, Henry son, June 1877, teamster, Katie daughter Nov. 1890, Joseph son May 1891, John son Apr 1885, Peter son Aug 1887, Lena daughter July 1890, George son July 1894, children all born New York

Five families in the building. 300 Van Brunt was at the corner of king.

Nothing on Schuller/Schuler in IGI

In 1892 300 Van Bruunt was described as an unpretentious frame building.

Lena Schuller was at PS 20 in 1899.

300 Van Brunt was a poling place for many years.

John Dickson (Dixon) 1825 -1890 Van Brunt corner of Wolcott

John Dickson (Dixon), born in New York circa 1825, was a butcher in Manhattan in 1860. In 1870 he was listed as a butcher and liquor dealer on Van Brunt corner of Wolcott street in Brooklyn. He still maintained a butcher shop on Van Brunt street in 1880. He die din 1890.

See Dixon

Henry M. E. Thorman, Provisions Dealer, 206 Conover

In 1881 Henry M. E. Thorman was listed as a "provisions dealer" at 206/208 Conover. In 1883 he was the only "Provisions" dealer listed in the area included in this survey. By 1884 Henry Thorman ran a pork processing and packing plant at this address. His establishment was destroyed by fire in July 1884. The stock, consisted of pork in barrels, in the course of preparation for curing, was almost completely destroyed. It was covered by insurance. In November 1884, Henry M. E. Thorman a pork butcher on Conover street, was sued in July 1884 to recover a promissory note for $30,000. He had used his Conover street house and lot as collateral.

See Henry M. E. Thorman

August Henry Gutkes, German, 90-94 Van Dykes, Provisions, 1890

1890 Directory A. Henry Gutkes 90-94 Van Dyke Provisions

1892: Gutkes, August H. 37, Germany, provisions, Annie 29, Chas 10, George 8, Fred 6, Mamie 4.

In 1897 August H. Gutkes was listed as "firebirck 88 Van Dyke, h 90 Van Dyke"

1900 March 1 Brooklyn Standard Union:

Henry Gutkes, vice president of the South Brooklyn Brick Works, recently destroyed by Fire was inspecting the ruins at Van Dyke and Richards streets yesterday afternoon when a heave wooden beam crashed down upon him. His shoulder was badly injured and his right leg was fractured. (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1900: October 17,Augustus Henry Gutkes of 90 Van Dyke announced his candidacy for Assemblyman. Mr. Gutkes lived at 90 Van Dyke and ran a large provisions business on the same street. He was also the vice president of the Brooklyn Fire Brick works at Van Dyke, Richards and Beard streets. He was 43 and had been a resident of Ward 12 for 14 years. Brooklyn Daily Eagle (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1904: The Produce Exchange boycotted "C. H. Gutkes" of 90 Van Dyke street, a provisions merchant at the bequest of Nelson Morris & co. It was asserted Gutkes ordered 7,200 hams and then refused delivery. The Produce Exchange forbid any members to have any transactions with Gutkes. Gutkes claimed he never ordered the hams. (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1905: 90 Van Dyke, August H Gutkes M 50y Germany, provisions dealer, Wife Annie Gutkes F 46y United States Son Charles Gutkes M 23y United States, provisions dealer, Son George Gutkes M 21y United States, bookkeeper, Daughter Mamie Gutkes F 19y United States, servant, Son Frederick Gutkes M 17y United States, timekeeper Son John Gutkes M 7y United States

1907: A Finger ring valued at $800 belonging to August Gutkes of 90 Van Dyke street was lost in April. Two young men were arrested and charged with theft. The ring had been pawned NY Standard Union (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1908: Death of Annie Banker Gutkes, 49, wife of August Henry Gutkes suddenly after an operation. She was a native of Red Hook daughter of Fredrick Banker, a "prominent merchant". She was married 27 years and was survived by her husband and five children. She was a member of the Trinity Lutheran church. Brooklyn Eagle (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html)

1910: 90 Van Dyke, Gutkes, August age 52, m 1, 38 years, German, immigrated 1875, naturalized, merchant provisions, *Mary, wife, m 1, 38 years, six children 5 living, John son 14, Gutkes Charles head age 29, ---lry office, Nettie wife marriage 1, 2 years 1 child 1 living, age 27, Henry son age 7 months, Gutkes Fredrick, head age 25, m1 1 year, superintendent brick yard Margaret wife 0 children

*his first wife Anne died in 1908. Something is off here.

Greenwood Cemetery: GUTKES AUGUST H.A. 1910-10-07 28633 137, GUTKES CHARLES H. 1923-01-28 28633 137, GUTKES HENRIETTA 1961-11-30 28633 137

August H Gutkes was connected to the Brooklyn Clay Retort and Fire Brick Works. See Clay Retort and Industry and Commerce in Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn in the mid to late 1800s History and Images

Berend (Bernard) Peterman[n]

In 1883 my ancestor, Johann Berend Petermann, was listed as a butcher at 282 Conover street, Red Hook, Brooklyn. He and his family left Red Hook and moved to Hoboken, New Jersey by 1884. He was a longshoreman by 1887.

Did he have his own shop? Or work for someone else?

It is possible that Berend Petermann worked in the pork processing plant owned and operated by Henry Thorman. After the plant burned the Petermanns may have moved to Hoboken to find other employment. See Henry M. R. Thorman.

There were no wholesale butchers listed in Red Hook in 1883 or 1890.

See Berend Petermann

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