Schützenfest and Bowling

Many Germans, including my husband's ancestors the Blancks and Erxmeyers, carried traditions to America, among them were schüzenfests and bowling, popular pastimes in Germany. See Germany Amusements


Fred Erxmeyer and his brother Henry were active members of the Hoboken Schuetzen Corp as early as 1891. See Fred Erxmeyer and Henry Erxmeyer


"Odd Fellow's Hall was bright with gay uniforms for the Hoboken Independent Schuetzen Corps" on March 8, 1892. In attendence were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erxmeyer and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Erxmeyer.


In early September 1894 Capt. Fred Erxmeyer was one of the organizers of the Hoboken Independent Schuetzen Corp outing to Rockland Lake.

In late September 1894 the Hoboken Schuetzen Corps hosted a picnic at Pohlmann's Pavilion at Ogden Avenue and Ferry street. The event started with a parade through Hoboken to the pavilion and included prize shooting and bowling. "Captain" Erxmeyer took a 70 out of a possible 75. Henry Erxmeyer also attended the picnic.

1895 - February

The first annual Hoboken Schuetzen ball took place in February 1895 at the Odd Fellows' Hall. The committee included Fred Erxmeryer, Henry Blank, John Lehmann, Ernest Rosenthal, John Von Dohren, August H. L. Bremer, John Labouseer, and "Captain" Henry Erxmeyer. Fred's son William Erxmeryer was also present.

1895 - March

In March the A Kloeben Association had its headquarters at 231 Park avenue in the premises of A Kloeben's father. The organization "took a great deal of pride in its club room and fitted it up very nicely, "wid carpets on de flure curtings on de windy"." The "club" was ordered out. The furnishings which included, carpets curtains, thirty-two black walnut chairs, two extension oak tables, and two hanging lamps were removed and placed in a locked room. The members accused H. Erxmeyer and two tohers of carting the furnishings away.

1895 - March

The tenth annual ball of the Hoboken Independent Schuetzen corp was held at the Quartet Club Hall in Hoboken on March 13, 1895. "During the festivities ex-Capt Frederick Erxmeyer was presented with a handsome photograph of himself". Henry Blank was a member of the comfort committee. Mr. and Mrs. H Blanck and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Erxmeyer attended.

1895 - June

A two day Schuetzen fest was held at Schuetzen Park in Union City in June 1895. It included shooting and bowling. Captain Erxmeyer made a speech.

1895 - July

The extended Blanck/Erxmeyer family were among 300 guests at the wedding of Adolph Matthiesen and Dora Von der Lieth held at the Odd Fellows Hall in Hoboken in July 1895.

1895 - August

New York Times Aug 27, 1895


The Plattdentsche Volksfest Again Largely Attended. WELCOME TO MANY ORGANIZATIONS An Address by President W.F. Grell — Novelties in Amusements Greatly Enjoyed by the Spectators.

UNION HILL, N.J., Aug. 26. -- The festivities of the second day of the twenty-first Plattdutsche Volksfest attracted as large an attendance as the previous day, and again the 35,000 mark was passed."

Band, side shows, various amusements, and games were the order of the day. Capt. Henry Erxmeyer Hoboken City Schuetzen Corp was listed as a member of the Oerel Verein.

1895 - September

In September 1895 the Hoboken City Schuetzen corp held it's annual shooting and bowling fest at Berg's Oriental Park. Prizes were awarded to eight participants including: John Lehman with 68 points and Capt. H Erxmeyer with 66 and John Von Dorhan with 65. Capt. H. Erxmeyer and John Von Dorhan, and Aug. Bremer also won at bowling. Henry Blanck was "Orderly Sergt."

1895 - October

The Reuter Home Fair was held at the Lexington Avenue Opera House. There was a concert, target shoots, bowling, and a raffle. Capt. Henry Erxmeyer of the Hoboken Independent Schuetzen Corps won "the parlor suit worth $500". At the Hoboken Independent Schuetzen Corps both Mrs. F Erxmeyer was noted for her "superiority as a saleswoman", New York Times


In February 1896 three hundred people had a "jolly" time at the second annual ball of the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps held at the Odd Fellows Hall. Capt. H Erxmeyer, John Lehmann, A Bremer, and John Von Dorhan on the committee. Also present J. "Labusoir". Organization represnted were: Hoboken Schuetzen Fopt, Independent Schuetzen Voprs, Suddeutcher Verein, Turien Verein, Eiche Varsang Verein, Gemuethlicher and Atlantic bowling clubs, Arcadia Dramatic Society and the Riverside Club.

The Hoboken Independent Schuetzen corps held its 11th annual ball in March 1896 at the Quartet Club Hall. In April 1896 the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps celebrated Easter MOnday with a festival in Holstne's Hall at First and Bloomfield streets. "Capt. Henty Erxmeyer was the centre of a lively circle the entire evening." Amog those present were Mr. and Mrs. John Lehmann, Mr. and Mrs. John Van Dorhan. and Mr. and Mrs. "Laubosseur"

On April 15, 1896 the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps met at Holsten's Hall. A committee appointed to make arrangements for the annual festival to be held at Schuetzen Park in June included J. Lehamn, H. Bremer, H. Van Dohren and Captain Erxmeyer.

April 1896 was a busy social month for the Erxmeyers. On the 20th was the Schuetzen night at the Hoboken Turn Verein fair. Members of the Hoboken Schuetzen Corp, the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corp "under the comand of Capt. Erxmeyer" and the Union Hill Turn Verien "were present, and shot." John Laborseur was the victor at the third annual festival and shoot of the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen in June 1896. "Fully 3,000 persons were present." In addition to the shooting, dancing was enjoyed on a large platform. The Eiche Singing Society performed and the Gemughlicher "rendered selections" Speeches were gived by Capt Henry Erxmeyer and others. "A grand pyrotechinic display followed." John Laborseur schored 68 and defeated all contestants on the honor target. John Von "Doeren" shot a 44 and Henry Erxmeyer shot a 42 on the honor target. John "Doeren" shot 59 and John "Lonrmann" shot 56 on the medal target. J. Van Doeren shot 57 and ACapt Erxmeyer shot 44 on the prize targets. There was also bowling for the gentlemaen as well as the ladies. First tickets were $2 and following tickets were $1.

The Plattdeutsch Vereine held a three day shoot at Union Hill Schuetzen Park in August 1896.

The Hoboken Schuetzen City Corp held its annual ball on Thanksgiving Eve 1896 at the Odd Fellows Hall. Henry Erxmeyer, John Lehmann, John Von Dorhen, Henry Blank, John "Labouseur" and Aug. H. L Bremer were involved.

Hoboken City Corps was said to be in a good possition to make a bid to win the the competition. The submitted two teams. John Lehman was on team 1 and "Capt." Henry Erxmeyer was on team two.

The Hoboken Independent Schuetzen Copt ball held its 12th annual ball at the Quartet club Hall in December 1896. Fred Erxmeyer was on the reception and arrangements committees.


The 1897 Hoboken City Schuetzen picnic and festival was held in Schutzen Park in North Bergen on May 25. Delegates were present form West Hoboken, Union Hill and Teutonia Schuetzen Corps. speaches were made boy Captian Erxmeyer. Winers were J. "Lohman", 54 on the honor target. Hney Erxmeyer "captured" a prize on the medal target.

About 250 people attended the Hoboken Schutzen Corps outing to Lake Hopatcong on September 8, 1897 to celebrated the fall festival and spend the day fishing, shooting, boating and playing games. The shooting target was a large wooden eagle divided into sixteen parts. Among the highest scores were: Capt. Erxmeyer, back and ex-Capt. F. Erxmeyer, head. Mrs. F. Erxmeyer got a 17 in the ladies bowling.

The 13th annual ball of the Hoboken Independent Schutzen Corps was held at Quartet club Hall on Washington street on December 15, 1897. None of the Erxmeyer crew was on any committees but ex-Captain and Mrs. F Erxmeyer were among the attendees.


The twenty-seventh annual ball of the Hoboken Schutzen Corps was held at the Quartet club on Washington street in January 1898. The Schutzen club members wore dark blue uniforms. The hall was decorated with "colored incandescent lights", potted plants and palms. Ex-Captain and Mrs Henry Erxmeyer attended.

The annual ball of the Hoboken Schutzen corps was held at the Odd Fellwos Hall in February 1898. Ex-Captain and Mrs H. Erxmeyer led the grand march. H. Erxmeyer, jr. J Labouseur, ex Captain Henry Erxmeyer, John Von Dohren, Henry "Blanke", were among the committee members. Mr. and Mrs. H. "Blanck" attended. In April 1898 H. Erxmeyer was an officer of the Amalgamated Schutzen Corps of Hoboken and John Van Dohran was a committee member organizing the annual Shuetzen fest at Union Hill in June.

A grand national Schutzen fest was held in Glendale Park Long Island in July 1898. Prizes included cash, medals, cups and trophies. The park contained a 200 feet long rifle range. The event was sponsored by the National Schutzen Bund whose offices were at 12 St. Marks place in New York City. Fred Erxmeyer was an officer of the club.

In October Henry Erxmeyer was on the Committee of One Hundred for Ward 1. He was also bowling with the Hudsons ar Bergman's alleys in Hoboken when he was the high scorer with 161. There was also the Jolly Bowling Club who bowled at Bauer's alleys in Hoboken and the Blucher Bowling club who bowled at Bach's allies on Washington street.

On December 7, the 1898 the 11th annual Schutzen Ball was held at the Quartet hall in Hoboken. It was attended by Ex-Capt. and Mrs. Erxmeyer, Fred Erxmeyer, "Mis" Erxmeyer.



In February 1900 Fred Eexmeyer was a trustee of the Hobenken Independent Schuetzen Corps.

On February 14, 1900 the "jolly schutzens" danced and made merry at the 6th annual ball of the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps at the Odd Fellows Hall. Ex-Captain Henry Erxmeyer made a speech and presented Capt. Lattmann with a "handson" picture of himself. In addition to Henry Erxmeyer, sr were Henry Erxmeyer, jr., A Lehmann, John V Dohren, Mr and Mrs "Boehmer, Mr and Mrs. John "Labousser" and Miss Erxmeyer.


The 17th annual Independent Schuetzen Ball was held at the Odd Fellows Hall on February 13, 1901. Over 400 people attended despite bad weather. Included were "Prominent Schuetzens from all parts of the country". Ex-Captain Fred Erxmeyer was in attendance.


The Hoboken Independent Schuetzen corps celebrated its 18th birthday in November 1903. It had been "banded" together November 18, 1885 in the old Bennitt's Hall Building which had collapsed sometime before 1903. The event was celebrated with the 19th annual ball. A brass band lead the promenade and a string band was employed for dancing. Of the twenty charter members fourteen were still living in 1903. By November 19-3 the corps had 129 members. Fred Erxmeyer became president of the corps around 1893. The corps had three annual events, a dance, a shooting festival and a two day outing in September.


The annual ball of the Hoboken City Schuetzen Corps at the Odd Fellows Hall was "rather poorly attended" in February 1904. John V Dohren, Henry Erxmeyer, Sr. and Jr., "C. Blank" were all commette members. 1910

Friday February 11, 1910:

The compliments of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, and the regrets of President Taft were extended yesterday, to the members of the National Schuetzen Bund at the schuetzenfest being held at the North Bergen Schuetzen Park by count Johann von Bernstorff the German Ambassador to the United States."
Guests at the celebratory banquet included Henry Erxmeyer.

In December 1910 the Independent Schuestzen corps held their annual ball. The event was largely attended. The events featured a midnight procession. Fred Erxmeyer was a committee member.


The Quartet Club was at the corner of Washington Street and 10th.

Honor targets were a type of bulls eye - Columbia had several rings with a black center inside of white rings and Germania had a black circle at the center of a white circle. See Public Buildings in Hoboken

Collection of Maggie Land Blanck, 2013

The Schutzenfest - The Domestic Sharp-Shooter ---- The Schutzenfest - The Convivial Sharp-Shooter

Collection of Maggie Land Blanck, 2013

The Schutzenfest - Shooting Gallery at Jones's Wood - sharp Shooters firing at the targets

Collection of Maggie Land Blanck, 2013

The Schutzenfest - The Dance ---- The Schutzenfest - The Prizes


While the prized table says "Philadelphia", Jones's Wood was at 72nd street near the East River in New York. A Schutzenfest was held there in late June 1868. The shooting stand was 360 feet long by 40 feet wide.

A Typical Schutzenfest started with a parade of the sharp shooters who were dressed in their uniforms and decorated with medals and ribbons. There was generally a breakfast before the competitions began. For non marksmen there were rides, refreshments, bands, singing, and other amusements. The day was ended with dinner and dancing. Some festivals went on for several days.

Various events were held a Jones's Wood including: picnics, concerts, boxing matches, and Saengerfests.

Fire swept the East River bluffs, from Sixty-seventh to Seventy-first Street, at break of day yesterday, and destroyed John F. Schultheis's two picnic grounds, Jones's Wood and Washington Park; wrecked a number of dwellings and stables and a stoneyard, obliterated the Street-Cleaning Department's pier at Seventieth Street, and burned the Sheds over the machinery and shaft of the East River tunnel.

New York Times, May 17, 1894

Henry Blanck/Blank
Minnie Blanck, the daughter of Melusine Erxmeyer (1872-?)
John Blanck (1875-1956) son of Henry Blanck and Melusine Erxmeyer
Herman Blanck (1877-?) son of Henry Blanck and Melusine Erxmeyer
Henry Blanck (1882-1973) son of Henry Blanck and Melusine Erxmeyer
Louie Blanck (1887-1935) son of Henry Blanck and Melusine Erxmeyer
Dorothy Blanck (1907-1982) daughter of Louis Blanck and Gertrude Kettler
John Blanck (1915-1976) son of Louis Blanck and Gertrude Kettler
Fred Erxmeyer (c. 1843-1933) son of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe
Henry Erxmeyer (1852-1922) son of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe
Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen (c. 1849-1933) daughter of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe
Berthe Erxmeyer (c. 1860-19??) daughter of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe
Mary Erxmeyer (1866-19??) daughter of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe

Bremen Boys At Sea

Many young men who lived near the major German sea port of Bremen when to sea. The Erxmeyer brothers, Friderich and Heinrich, their future brother-in-laws, Henry Blank and Johann Lehman, and J. Berend Petermann all served with the merchant ships out of Bremen. They all ended up living in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Henry Blanck at Sea- Henry Erxmeyer at Sea - Fred Erxmeyer at Sea - John Lehamn at Sea - J. Berend Petermann at Sea Bremen Sailors Union City Schutzenpark

Pictures of Hoboken

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