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John and Caroline Blanck

Birth of John Blanck: Circa 1832, Germany, Bavaria per 1870 census.

Birth of Caroline ______ : Circa 1837, Germany

Marriage: No later than 1857, Germany


  1. Julia Blanck married William Barker
    Birth: Julia circa 1858, Hamberg, Germany, per marriage record.
    Marriage: William Barker (b. 11 Aug 1856, Paterson, NJ, d. 4 Feb 1926, Paterson, NJ), married Julia Blanck (b. 14 Jan 1858, Hamburg, Germany, d. 15 Feb 1947, Paterson, NJ) (Bill Simpson, February 2006)
    1. James 1879
    2. Albert 1882
      Marriage: Nellie Calkins (Dawn Dykstra, August 2013)
      1920 Census: Albert Barker 34, NJ, mason contracting, Nellie Barker 35, Penn, *William Barker 15, Albert Barker 14, Raymond Barker 10, Mabel Barker 8, Edith Barker 6, Harold Barker 3 [3 11/12] Jean Barker 1 [1 9/12] children all born NJ
      *William married and had one child, Alice Barker who married Frank Taylor. (Dawn Dykstra, August 2013)
    3. Elaine (?) 1885
    4. Mabel 1891
    5. Mattie 1894
    1880 Census: 1880 census, in Patterson, New Jersey, William Barker, age 23, blacksmith, born New Jersey, Julia, wife, age 22, keeping house, born Hamburg, James, son, age 1, John Blanck, boarder, age 12, working in silk mill, born New Jersey
    1900 Census: Paterson, Block R (?) William Barker, head, born August 1856, age 43, married at 22, born New Jersey, blacksmith Julia wife, January 1857, age 42, married at 22, five children five still living, born Germany, immigrated in 1866, in US 34 years, James A born April 1879, age 21, born NJ, plumber, Albert son July 1882, age 17, born NJ, apprentice (b?) maker) Elaine (?) M daughter January 1885, age 15, NJ, st school, Mable B daughter, April 1891, age 9, NJ, at school, Mattie (?) E daughter Jan 1894, age 6 NJ, at school
    1920 census: Paterson, 164 Carlisle Ave. William Barker, head, own, age 63, fireman ?? theater (?) Julia wife age 61 immigrated 1880 naturalized, Harry Doremus son in law, age 34 born New Jersey, pattern maker construction co. Mabel D7oremus, daughter, age 28, born New Jersey.
    1930 Census: Broad St Clifton, Harry Doremus, head own age 43, M at 29, born NJ. Truck farming Mabel wife age 39, married at 25, born NJ, Alvin son age 8, born NJ, Marinus (?) Mierop (?), brother in law, age 38, married at 23, truck farming, Mattie sister in law age 35 married at 21, Thelma niece age 13, Raymond nephew age 5 Julia Barker mother in law age 72 widow, married at 20, born Germany, immigrated in 1866 naturalized.
    Death of Julia Blanck Barker: 15 February 1947
    Death of William Barker: February 4, 1926
  2. Emma circa 1860, Germany
    Later Records:
  3. John Blanck married Emma _______
    Birth: John Blanck born circa 1868 in New Jersey
    Marriage: Emma _____
    1. Julia, AKA Lula
    2. Edna
    3. Mildred
    4. Millicent
    5. John
    6. From censuses.
    1880 Census: With his sister Julia and her husband William Barker. See Julia
    1900 Census: Paterson West ??? John Blanck, head born January 1868, age 32, gas fitter, Emma wife July 1874, age 26, Lulu daughter July 1893, age 6, Edna daughter can't read 1898 age 3
    1910 Census: West 18th Street Paterson, John Blanck head, age 40, plumber general plumbing, Emma wife age 35, Lulu daughter age 16, sales lady dept store, Mildred, daughter, age 9, Millicent, daughter, age 7, John, son ,age 2, all born New Jersey
    1920 Census: 82 Carlisle Ave, Paterson Blanck, John head age 51, born NJ, plumber, Emma wife, age 45, Julia daughter age 25, operator telephone Edna age 22, operator telephone, Mildred age 19, sales lady department store, Melison daughter age 17, worker reed ____ mill, John son age 12,
    1930 Census: Totowa Franklin Place John Blanck head own $6,800, radio, age 62, married at 21, plumber plumber shop Emma, wife, age 56, married at 22, John, son, age 22, decorator department store, all born NJ.

Immigration of John, Caroline and Julia Blanck : Circa 1866 based on censues information for John and Julia. Not listed by Castle Gardens as of February 2006

1870 census: Paterson, sixth ward, John Blank age 38, works at upholstering, born Bavaria, Caroline age 33 keeps house, born Bavaria, Julia, age 12 attends school, born Bavaria, Emma age 10 attends school, born Bavaria, John age 2 at home, born New Jersey.

Later Censues: John and Caroline were not listed in any later censuses on

Death of John Blanck:

Death of Caroline Blanck:

Note: Since John, jr. was listed with Julia in the 1880 census it is possible that John and Caroline died between 1870 and 1880.

In February 2006 Bill Simpson emailed information about Julia Blanck Barker and included this lovely photo of Julia.

John Blanck

Simpson's No 223 Market Street, Paterson, N.J.

Courtesy of Nancy Tompkins February 2010

Lula Blanck born 1896? died 1973 married Stephen Tompkins

Columbia Photo Co. 268 Main Street, Paterson, N. J.

Courtesy of Nancy Tompkins February 2010

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