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Anne Marie Ilsabine Möllenbrock★ of Belle married Johann Carl Düvels★ of Belle in 1718.

I cannot find the baptism of Ann Marie lsabine Mollenbrock which may have occurred before the records start in 1691 (as available through LDS.). The marriage record does not state her father; only that she was from Belle. Marriage of women in their late 20s and early 30s was relatively common in Belle.

Since there is no way to find her parents (given the records as available to me) I have just taken a brief look at Mollenbrocks in the village of Belle in general.

When a House (farm) number was give for a Mollenbrock record it was always No 22.

Möllenbrock Deaths, Belle

  • 1724, 28 January, John Herm Mollenbrok aet- Borken ??? words 62 years text Cor 28.- — Born circa 1662.*

  • 1726, 3 April, Johann George Mullenbrock word zu Belle, word, 35 years, text Eccl -- -- 9.10 [Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.] — (born circa 1691)

  • 1726, same day, Anna Ilsabein Mollenbrocht word zu Belle, word 74 years text Eccl ----- — born circa 1652.*

  • 1740, #44 Belle, 17 May, Gerd Simon Ameling Mollenbrock No 22 6 years (born c 1734)

  • 1743, Belle, Meier Mollenbrock No 22, 12 November word "kind" [child], no age

  • 1744, Belle, #11, 4 March, Frantz Wilhelm Mollenbrock No 22, age 8 (born c 1736)

*Possible parents of Anne Marie Ilsabein Mollenbrock

Jugen Möllenbrock and Anne Catherine Dreves




  1. Angenese von Belle, March 1694, father Jurge Mullenbrach, word, Rosset???, words mother Catherine Rossely???? godparents: cannot read except one is named Angenese.

  2. Ann Catherine 1699, August father Jurgen Mollenbrach Rossel word Duvels word mother, Catherine Drver godparents cannot read

Death: ???, 1700, An Catherine _ Mollenbroch zu Belle, more I cannot read, cannot read age or text.

Gottlieb Möllenbrock (1663-1726) and Anne Catherine Drewes

Possible parents of Anne Marie Ilsabein Mollenbrock

Birth: Circa 1663 based on age at death.

Marriage: Anne Catherine Drewes, based on baptismal records of children


  1. John Fritz, December 1692 of Gottelib Mollenbrock and An Catherine Drevers godparents: ---- Drever, Goffelk Base aus Belle, 3 ---- Rite zu Belle, more I cannot read

    Death: 1710, 17 Feb John. Fritz Mollenbrock in Belle, word, 17 years text John 3.21 [But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.]

  2. Johtter??? April 5, 1697, father Gottlieb Mollerbrach zu Belle, mother Ann Catherine, cannot read rest

  3. Anne Catherine Elisabeth 1700 February father Gotlich Mollenbrach Belle, mother Ann Catherine words godparents: Clara Drewe Cath --- and Cath ----

    Death: 1708, Cannot read date, Anne Elisab. Mollenbrock in Belle altr-- 7 years, text page turned.

  4. Casimir Möllenbrock (1704-1757) and Lisabethe Ludd------ Belle

    Birth: Casimir, October 1704, father Gottlieb Mollenbroch mother Ann Catherine Drewees words witnesses: Heinrich Heere word, Casimir H=TTe Hans Jurgen words)

    Marriage: 1733, 17 April von Belle, Casimir Mollenbrock and Lisabeth Ludde-------


    1. Catherine Henrietta, of El---- Cashimir Mollenbruck and Lisabeth witnesses: Sophia Hornhartin Helene La------- Margaret Ilsabein Maynor. Belle, 26 October 1738 #38 (not the house no)

      Death: #37 Belle, 1740, 1 May, Catherine Henriette Mollenbrock No 22, age 1 year 7 months.

    2. Johann Christoph Mollenbrock No 22, Belle, and Helene Kuddenmeier No 80, Belle

      Birth: Johann Christoph #6, 1741, 12 March of Casimir Mollenbrock #22 and Anne Elizabeth witness Christoph Ludde----- rn, Johann Heinrich Harn, and Fritz Wi---hau ?? all of Belle.

      Marriage: 1763, #14 August 5 Christoph Möllenbrock No 22 mit Helene Kuddesmeier No 80.

      Note: Wilhelm Kuddesmeier No 80 Belle, married Anne Amelia Oberbr--ht von Sinbruhafen on 2 August 1763, #12 Belle


      1. Johann Friedrich Christoph Mollenbrock No 22, Belle, (1765-) and Amelie Catherine Bakemeier

        Birth: Johann Friedrich Christoph of Christoph Mollenbrock No 22 and Helene Kuddesmeier No 80, #5, Belle, February 9, 17, 1765, witnesses; Wilhelm Kuddesmeier, Fritz Kaup Andreas Herr??/ all of Belle

        Notation on this birth record ✟ 19 I 1817

        Occupation: Farmer, per 1802 baptismal record of his son Christoph.

        Marriage: #14 Belle, 7 November, 1792 Christoph Mollenbrock *[born] 9 II 1765 No 22 mit Amelia Catherine cannot read von Bollmeier h--- No 81


        1. Johann Christoph Wilhelm of Christoph Mollenbrok No 22, and Marie Amelie Bakemeier No 81, #36 Belle, 7 15 November 1793, witnesses: Wilhelm Bakemeier, Bu-z Wilhelm Huddesmeier word aus Belle, Niedermeier von Lu-hau

          Notation ✟ 1794

        2. Fredrike Sophie Amelie of Christoph Mollenbrok No 22 and Amelie Bakemeier von No. 81, #37, Belle, 16 29 August 1795 witnesses; redrike Bakemeier Amelie Huddesmeier, Amelie Moerihs, Sophie Mollenbrok all aus Belle,

          Notation ✟ 14 June 1868

        3. Wilhelmina Louise Henriette, of Christoph Mollerbrok No 22 and Amelia Bakemeier No 81, Belle #2 2 6 January 1798, witnesses: Louise Meier aus Wallenburg, Henriette Kough aus Belle, Wilelmine Duvelhanke

        4. Christoph Wilhelm of Meier Christoph Mollenbrok No 22, and Amelie Catherine beg Bakemeier, No 81, #33 Belle, 29 29 July 1802, witnesses: Wilhelm Mollenbrok Dient bei F---- Regiment Ruth Wippermeier in Belle

        5. Louisa Dorothea Amelia #11, 6 12 February 1804, of Christoph Mollenbrok No 22, and Amelia geb Bakemeier, No 81 witnesses Louise Bakemeier von Belle,Henriette Fredrike Bakemeier Amelie Bradmann von Billerbrill

        6. Sophie Henriette Elisabeth of Christoph Mollenbrok No 22, and Henriette geb Bakemeier #7 Belle, 13 15 February 1807. Witnesses 3 hard to read.

        7. Friedrich Christoph of Christoph Mollenbrock No 22 and Amelie Sophie Bakemeier, Belle #16, page 82 1809, witnesses: Johann Friedirch Krug, _ (sic) Cakemeir ??? Christoph Mu--h and ----- Ludwig Gellhres ???

          Notation ✟19 May 1883

        8. Friedrich Carl Wilhelm: #21, page 104, Belle, 6 15 May of Christoph Mollenbrock No 22 and Amelie Sophie B--kmeier, 1814 Witnesses: Carl C--kmeier, Johann Friedirch Dubelheke Wiliam Meier

          Notation ✟ 1814

        Death: 1817 per birth record notation.

      2. Johann Karl Fritz of Christoph Mollenbrock No 22 and Helene Kuddesmeier No 80, #12 Belle, March 8, 22, 1767, witnesses: John Karl --- Belle, Johnann Fritz Duvelhanken Belle, John Christoph Kuddesmeier Belle

      3. Anne Marie Dorothe Hedwig of Christoph Mollenbrock No 22, and Helene Kuddesmeier No 80 #10, Belle February 14, 15 1770, Belle, witnesses: Hedwig Oberbrougt von Sirb--hofen, Amelie Mo---- aus Belle, Dorothee Schroder asu Belle,

      4. Johann Heinrich Wilhelm of Christoph Molenbrock No 22, and Helene Kuddesmeier No 80, # 15 Belle, March 6, 10, 1771, witnesses, Johann Heinrich Jurgen of Belle, Fritze _rues and Wilhelm Kuddesmeier all of Belle

      Death of Johann Christoph Mollenbrock: 1773, Belle # 54, July 4 Joh Christoph Mollenbrock 32 years 4 months, schirindsuiht ???

      Remarriage of Helene Kuddesmeier


      1. Anna Catherine Sophie #13 Belle, 1775, of Franz Mollenbrock No 22, and Helene Kuddesmeier No 8-, 4 witnesses

        Death: #30, 1779, 18 August, Catherine Sophie Mollenbrock No 22, 4 years 14 weeks, smallpox. Note: The first death of smallpox in Belle in 1779 occurred in mid June. 19 children died between June and September.

      2. Johann Christoph Konrad, #37 Belle, 1778, 26 July 9 August, father "Franz" Mollenbrock No 22, born cannot read, No 22, and Helene geb Kuddesmeier, No 80 2-- witnesses four.
      3. Amelia Sophia Fredrike, of Hans Mollenbrock No 22 and Helene geb Kuddesmeier, No 80, #30, Belle, 22 May 4 June, 1781, witnesses, Sophie Notsals Amelia Kuddersmeier, Amelia Mou-hs-hn Amelia Winf-- all of Belle

      Death of Helene : #14, Belle, 1785, July 27, Helene Mollenbrock No 22, 40 years, brustsihrerzen [something to do with the lungs]

      Remarriage of Franz Mollenbrock: Marriage: Hans Heinrich Mollenbrock Wittwer [widower] No 22 mit Sophia Elisabethe Niederukmeyer aus Herr--tmug #10 Belle, 4 October 1785.


      1. Sophia Hedwig, father Franz Mollenbrock, No 22, mother Sophie Nine Derckmeyer aus Herrn----ip, #38, 1786, September 23 baptized 1 October, witnesses N. N. Wo------- N. N. Nied------ aus cannot read, Elisabeth ----- Sophie ---- aus Belle
      Death of Frantz Heinrich Mollenbrock: 1792, October 3 7, #21 Belle, Frantz Heinrich Mollenbrock No 22, 47 years, auszehrung [consumption]

    3. Anne Marie Elisabeth of Casimir Mollenbrock No 22, and Anne Elisabeth #49 Belle, witnesses: Anne Catherina Jurgenmmaier aus S----- Ang---- Duvalhanken asu Belle, Anne Elisabeth Mo--u-- two word, 15 December 1743

      Death: Anne Marie Elisabeth Mollenrock No 22 #13 Belle, April 19 22, 1750 age 6 years 6 months, blattern [smallpox] Note: This was the first death of a child in Belle from smallpox in 1750. 26 children in Belle died of smallpox that spring and summer. In addition there were numerous deaths from smallpox in the surrounding villages.

    Death of Casimir Mollenbrock: #46 Belle, 1757, 26 29 September, Casimir Meier Mollenbrock No 22, 53 years

  5. ------ father Gotlieb Mollenbrock Belle, mother Ann Carherine Dre--- godparents, Catherine ---- Elisabeth -- page turned of Belle, Ann Marg ----- cannot read date 1707

  6. An. Cath. Elisabeth father Gottlieb Mollenbrock mother Ann Cath. Drevers witnesses, cannot read, 29 month 1709

Death of Gottlieb Mollenbrock: 1726, 15 May ------ I-freb-- : Go-sli-h (Gottlieb?) I-set- ?? Mollenbro(page turned)*, word age 63 text jeh 5- 1:2. — born circa 1663.

Death of Anne Catherine Mollenbrock: 1735, 21 October, zu Belle, Anne Catherine Moll(page turned)brock* word, 78 years test --al 6.7.8 — born circa 1657

Odd Records for Mollenbrock at No 22, Belle

Looked for male marriages only to 1739, then looked for both male and female marriages.

Marriage: 1722, -- October Johann Heinrich Mollenbrock mid cannot read Agnese page turned zu Belle. No children in Belle.

Death: 1770, #5, March 4, Amelie Dorothea Hedwig Mollenbrock No 22, 15 years, schur-ken. Born circa 1755.

Death: #56, Belle, 1773, Belle, 18 August, Cribsu-htmine Elisabeth Mollenbrock No 22, 71 years, schinouhtnit. Born circa 1702.

Death: #34, Belle 1779, 31 August, Elisabeth Ha--- Mollenbrock No 22, 1 year 5 weeks, smallpox

Death: #33 1784, December 18, Franz Heinrich Mollenbrock No 22, no age, Schuchnit??? nire cannot read.

Lippische Familiennamen lists Möllenbrook in Belle in 1780.

Hausinschriften in Belle does not list No. 22.

No. 11 was the home of Friederike Mollenbrocks and John Friedrich Wiese in 1833.

Hausinschriften in Belle

Tombstones no as of May 2014.

LDS does not seem to have Wobbel record on line.

Lippische Familiennamen in 1780: Möllenbrock, Hornoldendorf, Detmold and Möllenbroock, Belle, Horn-Bad Meinberg

The following families were in Belle in 1780: Belle Amt: Blomberg Kirchspiel: Wöbbel heute 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg:

Albert Baste; Beckmann; Beine; Blinne; Blümer; Blume; Böcker; Borchart; Brand; Brencker; Brinckmann; Büngener; Claes; Dreier; Drewes; Düwel; Düwelhenke; Ebert(s); Fritze; Gabriel; Gehrke; Gercke; Heer; Herms; Hütte(n); Jachens; Jürgens; Kaup; Kayser; Kercke; Kersting; Klare; Köster; Lackemeier; Lange; Lewecke; Luchte; Lcükesmeier; Lünsche; Meier; Mense; Micke(n); Möllenbroock; Mönch; Müters; Naber; Nanne; Papemeier; Peters; Röter; Rubart; Rüterhenke; Salpeter; Schäfer; Schäper; Schlinckmann; Schmidt; Schöning; Schröder; Siemens; Sigges; Stamm; Stegmeier; Strun(c)k; Tewes; Tölle; Uhe; Vösgen; Welle; Wendt; Wieger; Wiese; Witte

District of Lippe


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