Other Miscellaneous Records from Lehe

Blanck Introduction

Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths


1760, April 5 Johann Hinrich of Christopher Muller, carpenter, and his wife Becke, witnesses, Hinrich Sammi, Edje Sammi, Magreta Bolen, Johann Bolen. Baptism

1762, December, Johann Hinrich Muller, son of Christopher Muller, carpenter, and Becke, 2 years, 8 months Burial

1766, January 22 Erasmus Muller, age 56 Burial

1767, October 11 Christopher Muller, carpenter and his wife, Becke, a son Johann Jurgen, witnesses, Johann Bohl, Christopher Muller, and Margret Bohlen (this is the female version of Bohl). Baptism

1770, March, 19 Christopher Muller, carpenter, died on the 14, age 37, 11 months and 15 days. Burial

1781, May 10 Hinrich Muller ----, Harm Muller, married Anna Gehrts, daughter of Johan Christian Gehrts ---- Marriage


1763, February, 15 Johann Nicholas Labuchier, shoemaker, son of Carl Friedrick Labuchier, ------, married Magreta Hadelers the daughter of Hinrich Hadelers------. Marriage

1770, January 28, Johann Niclaus Labouchier, his wife, Magreta, son, Johann Friedrich, witnesses, Johann Lucewig Wicht, Mein Moris, -------. Baptism

1776, March 12 Margret Labouchiers, the daughter of Johann Niclaus Labouchiers, and his wife Metta, 5 months and 5 days. Burial


1766, June 29, Peter Martin and ? had a son, Albert Gertners Martin, witnesses: Andreas Brenike, Christopher Stegmann, Heirich Moris, Catherina Wilikens and ?ibbe Hamanns. Baptism

1770, January 21 Peter Martens his wife, Adelheit, son Christopher, witnesses, Hinrich Blanck (?), Hinrich Eiten, Elisabeth Martens. Baptism

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