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Melusine Wilhelmine Charlotte Erxmeyer of Lehe and no name, illegitimate daughter Wilhelmine Julie Charlotte Henriette 27.5.1871 (Die Einwohner des Fleckens Lehe 1827-1875 - The inhabitants of Lehe)

Minnie, the infant born to Melusine, listed her father as Heinrich Blank on her marriage certificate in 1897. It is possible that Henry Blanck was Minnie's father. He was born in Lehe and immigrated to the US in August 1871. Melusine and Henry would have know each other in Lehe as they belonged to the same congregation. Melusine and Henry married in Hoboken in 1874.

Melusine Erxmeyer, age 26, emigrated to the United States with an unnamed, female baby age "1" aboard the Bremen from Bremen to New York. They arrived on December 26, 1872. The manifest lists Melusine Erxmeyer, age 26 and baby Erxmeyer, age "1". There were 273 passengers on board. This information was taken the ship manifest of the Bremen.

The Bremen was built in 1858. Her maiden voyage was June 19, 1858. She sank October 16th 1882 at South Farallones Californian.

Marriage, 1897

According to the civil records of the state of New Jersey, on October 24, 1897, Wilhelmina J. C. Blank of 215 Willow Street, age 26, born in Germany, the daughter of Melusina Erxmeyer and Heinrich Blank married Gustave E. C. Reuter of 215 Willow Avenue, age 35 years, bartender, born in Germany. Witnesses were Henry Erxmeyer and Elisa von Dohren. The minister was J. Rudolph.

According to the records of the German Evangelical Church, Hoboken, Gustave A. W. C. Reuter, born in 1862 (can't read next word - may be Karlshaven) son of Friedr. and Wilhelmina, nee Herk married Wilhelmina Julie Charl. Blank of Hoboken, born May 27, 1871 in Bremen Lehe daughter of Heinr. and Wilhelmina, nee, Erxmeyer. Witnesses; H'ry Erxmeyer and Eliza Von Dohren.

Henry Erxmeyer was either Minnie's uncle or one of two cousins. Elisa von Dorhan was Minnie's cousin, the daughter of Melusine's sister, Julie.


Minnie and Gustave do not appear to have had any children.

Minnie and Gustave in the 1900 Federal Census

Minnie Blank was listed with her husband Gustave Reuter at 215 Willow Avenue, Hoboken as follows:

  • Gustave, head, born Dec. 1862, age 37, married 3 years, born in Germany, immigrated in 1886, naturalized, occupation, bar keeper.
  • Minnie, wife, born May 1871, age 29, born in Germany, immigrated in 1873.

Note: Not listed by Ancestry.com

Gustave Reuter in the Jersey City Directories

Gustav Reuter Residence Year: 1899 Street Address: 216 Willow av H Residence Place: Hoboken Occupation: Bartender Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1899

Gustav Reuter Residence Year: 1901 Street Address: 291 Park A Residence Place: Hoboken Occupation: Bartender Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1901

Minnie and Gustave in the 1905 New Jersey State Census

Minnie and Gustave Reuter were listed at 814 Willow Avenue in Hoboken as follows:

  • Gustave Reuter, age 43, born in Germany in January of 1862, in US for 10 years, naturalized, occupation, shipping clerk.
  • Whilimine Reuter, age 34, born in Germany in May of 1871, in US 30 years
  • Elizabeth Gerind, age 28, born in New York, September of 1876, of Irish decent, occupation, insurance collector.

1910 Census

I did not find them in the 1910 census as of April 2018.

Death of Gustave Reuter

Minnie was widowed and was living with her mother and brother in the 1920 census.

New Jersey Death Index is on line 1798-1971 but there is no listing for Gustav Reuter as of April 2018.

1920 Census

Listed with her mother, Melusine in Hoboken.

1922 Directory

Wilhelmina Reuter, Residence Year: 1922, Street Address: 218 Willow av, Residence Place: Hoboken, Occupation: Slswmn (saleswomen), Publication Title: Jersey City, New Jersey, City Directory, 1922

1930 Census

Highpoint Ave Weehawken, New Jersey in the same building as Berta Labouseur who owned the building, Minnie Reuter, head age 58 widow, married at 26, born Germany, immigrated 1873, no occupation, John Blanck, brother, age 55, born New Jersey, inspector lumber, Jepher Kalcian roomer, age 24, born Constantinople, parents born France, immigrated 1924, typist magazine.

See Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjan and her daughter, Berthe Lehman Labouseur

1940 Census

Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, 330 Washington Street, John Blank 64, head, porter, bank firm, Wilhelmina Reuter 68, sister, janitress, bank firm

Death: Not listed New jersey Death Index 1798 to 1971 under Reuter.

Tante Minnie

Tom and Denis Blanck used to visit "Tante" Minnie and Uncle John in Hoboken when they were kids.

We have a knife that belonged to Tante Minnie.

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