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Heinrich Labouseur and Anne Ohlandt

Birth of Heinrich Labouseur: Unknown

Birth of Anne Ohlandt: Unknown

Marriage of Heinrich Labouseur and Anne Ohlandt : Unknown

Children of Heinrich Labouseur and Anne Ohlandt:

  1. John Henry Labouseur (1873-??) and Anna Berthe Lehmann

    Birth: John Henry Labouseur born April 23, 1873 in Hoboken, the son of Heinrich Labouseur and Anne Ohlandt.

    Marriage : Johann Heinrich Labouseur of 617 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, born on April 23, 1873 in Hoboken, the son of Heinrich and Ann, nee, Ohlandt, married Anna Berthe Lehmann, born in Hoboken on June 1, 1876 daughter of Johann Lehmann and Julie, nee, Erxmeyer, in 1894 (I forgot to record the day and month), witnesses, Wm. Erxmeyer and Dora Erxmeyer (GECH).


    1. John Labouseur and Emma Leitz

      Birth: John, March 1896 (per census information) 11 Mar 1896 (Social Security Death Index)

      Marriage: 1920 Brooklyn Certificate #3002

      John H Labouseur 100 Highpoint Ave, Hoboken, NJ age 24, single, born NJ, father John, mother Berthe Lehamnn, married Emma Leitz of 706 Forth Avenue Brooklyn age 24, single, born Brooklyn, father John, mother Catherine Ross, 1st marriage for both, English L Evangelical Lutheran church, Jefferson Ave and (can't read) 21 February 1920. Witnesses: William Leitz and Julia Labouseur.


      1. Ethel circa 1922

      1930 Census: 8720 79th Ave Queens: John Labouseur, head, own $14,750, age 34, jewelry manufacturer, Emma wife, age 34, Ethel daughter, age 8, born New York

      Death: Jan 1971 Social Security Number 132-05-4752 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: New York, Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 11694 Localities: Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, Neponsit, Queens, New York, Rockaway Park, Queens, New York (SSDI, LDS)

    2. Arthur Labouseur and Gertrude

      Birth: Arthur, born August 31, 1897 (Information from Denise Labouseur, the widow of Eugene Labouseur, 2004 and SSDI)

      Marriage: Gertrude (based on the SSDI)


      1. Eugene, July 8, 1926

        Marriage: Denise

        Death of Eugene Labouseur: May 1985, Social Security Number: 149-16-8133, State Where Number Was Issued: New Jersey, Death Residence Localities, ZIP Code: 08723, Localities: Brick, Ocean, New Jersey, Bricktown, Ocean, New Jersey, Osbornsville, Ocean, New Jersey (SSDI, LDS)

      Death of Arthur Labouseur: Nov 1969, Social Security Number: 142-05-2575 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: New Jersey Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 07087 Localities: Bergenline, Hudson, New Jersey, Forty Fifth Street, Hudson, New Jersey, Park Avenue, Hudson, New Jersey, Summit Avenue, Hudson, New Jersey, Union City, Hudson, New Jersey, Weehawken, Hudson, New Jersey (SSDI, LDS)

      Death of Gertrude Labouseur: Birth Date: 22 Oct 1900, Death Date: Apr 1975, Social Security Number: 146-48-7434, State Where Number Was Issued: New Jersey, Death Residence Localities, ZIP Code: 07087, Localities: Bergenline, Hudson, New Jersey, Forty Fifth Street, Hudson, New Jersey, Park Avenue, Hudson, New Jersey, Summit Avenue, Hudson, New Jersey, Union City, Hudson, New Jersey, Weehawken, Hudson, New Jersey (SSDI, LDS)

    3. Lizzie, April 1899 (per census information). She may have died. She was listed in the 1900, but not the 1910 census.

    4. Julia Labouseur Haas

      Julia, April 1901 (per census information)

      Marriage: Leopold Haas circa 1919


      1. Gloria circa 1922
      2. Leonard circa 1926

      Death of Julia Haas: JULIA HAAS, 12 Apr 1898, Feb 1982, 32720 (Deland, Volusia, FL), (none specified), 151-01-6616, New Jersey

    5. August, April 28, 1903 (per census information and SSDI)



      Death: Jun 1985 Social Security Number: 140-01-4227, State Where Number Was Issued: New Jersey, Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 13732, Localities: Appalachian, Tioga, New York, South Appalachian, Tioga, New York (SSDI, LDS)

    1910 Census

    The 1910 Census lists the family of John Labouseur at Shippen Street in West Hoboken as follows:

    • Labouseur, John, head age 31 married 15 years, carpenter
    • Bertha, wife age 33 married 15 years 5 children 4 living
    • John Jr. son age 14, errand office
    • Julia daughter, age 8
    • August son age 6
    1930 Census

    The 1930 Census lists the family of Berthe Labouseur at Highpoint Ave in Weehawken as follows:

    • Labouseur Berthe, head, own $13,500, age 53 widow, married at 18, no occupation
    • August, son age 26, single, labourer tea
    • Haas, Leopold, son in law, age 43, married at age 33, workman iron
    • Julia daughter, age 28, married at 18
    • Gloria grandchild, age 8
    • Leonard, grandson age 4
    • Note:

      • Right next to her cousins, Minnie Blanck Reuter and John Blanck, the children of Melosine Erxmeyer and Henry Blanck
      • And on the same street as her cousin, Charles Bremer, the son of Berthe Erxmeyer and August Bremmer.

Henry Labouseur (c.1881-??) and Jennie Jensen

In March 2005 Gary Labouseur contacted me by email with information on the descendants of Henry Labouseur born circa 1881. Henry Labouseur married Jennie Jensen. Their son, Harry Hall Labouseur, married Edna Martha Dedrick, a Stratton descendant.

In April 2005 Gary send me additional information on his family which included genealogies of the Stratton and Jensen families. The information is color coded as follows: Gary, The Genealogy of John Stratton and Mary Adamson (Stratton Genealogy) and Jensen Family History by Muriel Lamar Holliday. Muriel Lamar Holliday was the daughter of Sophie Jensen and Charles Lamar and the niece of Jennie Jensen Labouseur (Gary's grandmother).

Note: Henry Labouseur was listed in the 1910 census in New Jersey, with his wife and child. Also listed with them was, "Annie, mother, age 65, widowed, mother of 4 children, 2 still living, born in Germany, immigrated in 1860". This means she was born circa 1845. The only other Labouseur in Northern New Jersey of a comparable age to Henry born circa 1881 was John Henry born 1873 the son of Heinrich Labouseur and Ann, nee Ohlandt. It is highly likely that John and Henry were brothers; both the sons of Heinrich Labouseur and Ann Ohlandt. However, additional support is needed to state this without any doubts.

Birth: Henry Labouseur born circa 1881, father unknown, mother, Anne (as listed with him in the 1910 Census)

Marriage: Jennie. "Jennie would be the former Jennie Jenson, my paternal grandmother, born in America as reported, but really more from Bergen, Norway." (Gary Labouseur, March 2005)


  1. Theodore Labouseur, circa 1908

    Marriage: Ethel


    1. George
      Marriage: ?
      1. Alan
    2. Joan (Floyd)


  2. Harry Hall Labouseur born New Jersey 1912 (Gary Labouseur, March 2005)
    May 21, 1912 (SSDI, LDS)

    Marriage: "Harry married Edna Martha Dedrick Stratton in about 1933, give or take." She was probably born Edna (Martha Stratton) TWINING in Oswego or Oneonta (?), New York State. She was born with one family, but grew up with another, being adopted to relatives early in life. (Gary Labouseur, March 2005)

    Edna Martha Dedrick born Apr. 18, 1912 married Harry Labonseur (sic) on June 23, 1937 at Binghamton, NY. He was born May 21, 1912; son of Henry and Jennie (Jenson) Labonseur (sic), Jersey City, NJ. He died Nov. 25 1955 in a hunting accident. (Stanton Genealogy)

    Edna Martha Dedrick Stratton Labouseur Weaver died in Connecticut on April 13, 2010 a day after her 98the birthday.


    1. Gwen born in Liberty, New York in 1938
      Marriage: Ronald Zgoda.
      Gwen Ann Labonseur (sic) born Oct. 20, 1938. Married May 15, 1960 at Buffalo, Ronald Zgoda. He was born Aug. 24, 1937 at Buffalo, NY, son of Adam and Clara S. Zgoda (Stratton Genealogy)
      Death of Ronald Zgoda: Ronald Zgoda born 24 August 1937 died 23 July 1994, Tolland, Connecticut, SS# 056-30-4398 issued in New York State (SSDI)
      1. Scott born Nov. 19, 1963 at Buffalo, NY. (Stratton Genealogy)
      2. Lynne Born Dec. 22, 1965 (Stratton Genealogy)
    2. Gary Stratton Labouseur born in Liberty, New York in 1945 Dec. 18, 1945 (Stratton Genealogy)

    Death of Harry Labouseur: Nov 1955, Social Security Number: 094-05-5059, State Where Number Was Issued: New York (SSDI, LDS)

    Remarriage of Edna Martha Dedrick Labouseur: Martha Dedrick Labonseur (sic) married Apr. 16, 1982 Myron Weaver at Niagara Falls, NY. he was born Oct. 27, 1912 at Niagara Fall, son of Eric and Laura (Volk) Weaver (Stanton Genealogy) "He died years ago"
    Death of Myron Weaver: Myron Weaver born 27 October 1912 died 20 May 1997 Niagara Falls, New York. SS#107-03-3789 (SSDI)

1910 Census

The 1910 Census lists the family of Henry Labouseur in at 130 Charles Street in Jersey City as follows:

  • Henry, age 29, married, 1st, 4 years, born in New Jersey, salesman, wholesale jewelry, parents German
  • Jennie, wife, age 24, married, 1st, 4 years, 1 child, 1 child still living, born New Jersey, Norwegian parents
  • Theodore, son, age 2, born New Jersey
  • Annie, mother, age 65, widowed, 4 children, 2 still living, born in Germany, immigrated in 1860

1920 Census

Not listed

More information from Gary Labouseur on the Stratton branch of his mother's family

Theodore and Harry first went to Liberty, New York. Theodore's's son, George is still there at the family home, as far as I know.

Harry is still there too, buried in a cemetery 50 years in October. Jennie (George and Teddy's mother) was still in Liberty when she died.

Harry and Martha took their children Gwen and Gary to Endicott in 1950. We first stayed at the farm (no longer working) of my Grandma Twining. A few years later, we built our family home not far from the farm - a little further down Taft Avenue, in Endicott. My sister left there in about 1956 to go to college. She never came back because she married her college sweetheart Ronald E. Zgoda from Buffalo and started her family. Son Scott Michael and daughter Lynne Anne. I was there until I finished Junior College and was back briefly after graduation from Univ. of Miami in 1968. By 1970, I was gone for good. Mother stayed until about 1988, when she married Jake Weaver of Niagara Falls, a few days before she turned 70.

Notes on the Stratton Family from the Stratton Genealogy and from Gary's mother

Gary's mother, Edna Martha Dedrick, was a descendant of Jonathan (John) Stratton born October 14, 1838 at Barton, NY. John

was the son of Cornelius and Mary (Hall) Stratton and the eight generation in America from John Stratton at Easthampton, Long Island who settled there in 1644 from Shrivenham, England.

Jonathan (John) served in the Civil War and was taken prisoner at Petersburg, Va in 1864. He married Mary Ann Adamson in 1867 in Ulster, Pa. They had: Edgar Stratton (1868), William Cornelius Stratton (1869) Mary Jane Stratton* (1871), Margaret Belle Stratton (1873), Fannie May Stratton (1875), James Oliver Stratton (1879), Melvin Stratton (1883) and Caroline Alma Stratton (1886) all born in Vestal, New York.

Fannie May Stratton married Alva Dedrick of Arlington, NY. They had: LaVon (1900) (Bonnie) married Clyde Hepler, William John Dedrick (1903) (Bill), Ethel May Dedrick (1909), Edna Martha Dederick (1912) (Known as Martha)

*Mary Jane Stratton married Seymour G Twining in 1897. They had: Charles Twining (1899), Edgar Stratton Twining (1904).

Gary says that his mother was raised by her Twining relatives and Gary called Edgar Stratton Twining "My Uncle Ed".

Of Edna's sister, Ethel May Dedrick, (1909) he says: "Aunt Ethel founder of a big clan in Seattle she died a couple of years ago in Arizona. She was way cool." According to the Stratton Genealogy Ethel married Maurice Marksbury of Missouri on March 17, 1931 and had four daughters, Anthea, Lilyan Kay, Beth, and Stephanie. She divorced in 1953 and remarried to Konrad Brandes of Berlin Germany. They divorced in 1960 and she remarried Ricardo Sandoval of Albuquerque, NM.

Death of Ethel Dedrick Sandoval: Ethel Sandoval born 16 April 1909 died 16 November 2003 in Sun City, Arizona, SS#105-14-4609 issued in New York State (SSDI)

Information from Muriel Holliday on the the family of Harry Hall Labouseur.

"As to the Labouseur family I know almost nothing.

All I know is that your Grandfather and Grandmother moved to Liberty because your Grandfather had TB. At that time the air in Liberty and surrounding area was said to be beneficial. The town was supposed to be filled with all kinds of rest homes.

I know your Grandfather was a jeweler and I believe he worked for one in Liberty, but I don't know the name. Your Grandfather had started to give me spoons on my birthday with my initials on them. I only have three so I was only a tot when he died. I thing your Grandmother stayed in Liberty for two reasons. One was economics and the other was, it was in the country and a nicer place to raise two sons. It had been a hard life for them. Your Grandmother always had some kind of job. She worked at the jewelers (where your Grandfather had worked), a grocery store, and I know she worked for a long time in Knapfers Florist. She did all kinds of jobs, transplanting making all sort of wedding and funeral arrangements."

For more information on the TB sanitariums around Liberty, NY see Loomis: The Man, The Sanitarium, and The Search for the Cure by John Conway, New York City, Purple Mountain Press (2005). John Conway tells the story of physician Alfred Lebbeus Loomis who touted the benefits of the cold, dry mountain air of the Catskills and established the Loomis Sanitarium in Liberty in 1896. Conway also discusses other tuberculosis facilities in and around Liberty.

Information from Muriel Holliday on the Jensen branch of the family of Harry Hall Labouseur.

Theodore Jensen and Severina Torkelson

Birth of Theodore Jenson: Norway, date unknown

Birth of Severina Torkelson: Norway, date unknown

Occupation: Ran away to sea at age 13 as a cabin boy. At some point he was shipwrecked on the Sandwich Islands. Became a captain of his own ship. Later he worked on the docks, either inspecting the incoming ships or something to do with harbor inspections."

Physical description of Theodore Jensen: "He was of medium height, rather robust with a large beard"

Physical description of Severina Torkelson Jenson: "Her pictures all show her as a nice looking white haired lady........ she was very gifted seamstress."

Marriage of Theodore Jenson and Severina Torkelson: Norway, date unknown. Severina came to America as a bride on her husband's ship. Being the captain's wife she was able to bring furniture and lines. This was much more than anyone else was allowed. Also she did not have to go through immigration.


  1. Jenny, dob unknown, US. "was born here but when she was very little went back to Norway with her mother on her father's ship"
    Marriage: Henry Labouseur, date unknown.
  2. Gustave (Gus), dob unknown, Norway. "Their first son was born in Norway. Gus hated the fact that he was not born in America"
    Marriage: Dora Lockett.
    1. Edwin
    Remarriage: Ilda Lockett, sister of Dora
    General Information on the family of Gus Jensen: "Gus and his wife, dora, lived for as far back as I can remember in Teaneck, New Jersey. We saw them 2-3 times a year. Their son, Edwin, had been killed as a teenager hitching a ride on the back of a trolley, that was hit by another vehicle. He died of gangrene. (This happened on Armistice Day-World War I) dora died after a very brief illness. Her sister moved in with Gus to keep house for him. Gus married his wife's sister Hilda. Gus had worked for New York Central"
  3. Theodore
    General Information: Never married. Worked as a surveyor for the railroad.
  4. George
    Marriage: Rose Hunter, "a Catholic, which at the time really must have upset his mother" Children:
    1. Grace
    2. Clare
  5. Sophie
    Marriage: Charles Lamar
    1. Muriel, The author of the Jensen family history, 10 April 1919
      Marriage: _____ Holliday
      Death: Muriel Holliday born 10 April 1919 died in Mineola New York 9 October 1996. SS# 059-20-1570 (SSDI)
    2. Charles
  6. Annie
    General Information: Never married, died 20-21 of pneumonia
  7. John
    Marriage: Frances Pink
    1. Nancy
    2. Donald. Had polio.
    3. Allen
Residence Hoboken

Religion: The Jensens were strict Lutherans. My mother often told me how they spent most of sunday in church. Morning-English sunday school, then Norwegian church service. Another service in the evening. Everyone attended"

"They were also teatotalers. They were dead set against cards or any card games. neither liquor nor card were allowed in the house"

Death of Theodore Jensen: He, in fact dropped dead in a row boat while working. He was about 50 years old. The story goes that at that time many families carried no insurance. They did not, they saved money in a sea chest. Being left with seven children this did not last long. The children all helped out as soon as they were old enough to have jobs.

There is a cemetery plot in Flower Hill Cemetery, New Jersey. Mother, Father, George, Annie, Ted and my mother and father are buried there"

Bernard and Meta Labouseur

Meta Labouseur died age 82 January 15, 11937 in the Bronx Certificate #784

104 W 190th Street, tenement, widow, husband, Bernard Labouseur, born November 3, 1854, age 82 years, 2 mos. and 2 days, housewife, born Germany, in US 50 years, father Wilhelm Labouseur born Germany, mother not listed, died Jan 15, 1937 cronic heph--- myocarditis, pulmonary adema, Buried Lutheran January 18, 1937

1997 List of Labouseurs

In 1997 Gary Labouseur used the Internet to try and find other Labouseurs in the US and came up with the following list and notes:

  1. Ida Labouseur Huntington Beach Ca (She died in 1999. See DDDI below.)
  2. Gary Labouseur Miami Fl (Himself)
  3. Eugene A Labouseur Brick NJ (Eugene was the son of Arthur. See above.)
  4. Mark Labouseur Newton, NJ
  5. A. M. Labouseur Sussex, NJ
  6. Beulah Labouseur Endicott, NY (Wife of August Labouseur)
  7. Alan Labouseur Brewster, NY (Son of cousin George)
  8. George H Labouseur Liberty NY (His cousin)
  9. Jeff Labouseur Charleston SC
  10. J Labouseur Greenville SC (Judy)

About the Labouseurs in SC he made the following notes:

Judy Labouseur Yancy Augie has son John Augie married to Beulah step grandmother. Jeff Labouseur, sister to Judy. John F is Judy's father. Collaine is Judy's aunt. Eugene is John Cousin.

Other Labouseurs

The social Security Death index has only 16 listings for the name Labouseur. Six are known to be connected to Berthe Lehmann and Johann Heinrich Labouseur or Henry Labouseur as listed above. The remaining are:

  1. Ruth LABOUSEUR, Birth: 19 Oct 1905, State Where Number was Issued: District of Columbia, Death: Apr 1990
  2. Erline LABOUSEUR, Birth: 27 Sep 1907, State Where Number was Issued: Georgia, Death: 27 Dec 1987
  3. George LABOUSEUR, Birth: 24 Aug 1908, State Where Number was Issued: Georgia, Death: Jan 1982
  4. Arthur LABOUSEUR, Birth: 5 Jan 1925, State Where Number was Issued: New Jersey, Death: 13 Aug 1990
  5. Helen LABOUSEUR, Birth: 21 Sep 1908, State Where Number was Issued: New Jersey, Death: Dec 1972
  6. Ida LABOUSEUR, Birth: 7 Mar 1926, State Where Number was Issued: New Jersey, Death: 6 Nov 1999
  7. John LABOUSEUR, Birth: 23 Dec 1931, State Where Number was Issued: New Jersey, Death: 6 Feb 2004, Died, Pasco, Florida
  8. Dorothy LABOUSEUR, Birth: 23 Sep 1932, State Where Number was Issued: New York, Death: 18 May 1997, Died, Pasco, Florida
  9. Anna LABOUSEUR, Birth: 27 Feb 1895, State Where Number was Issued: Texas, Death: Jan 1979
  10. John LABOUSEUR, Birth: 21 Jun 1918, State Where Number was Issued: Texas, Death: Nov 1994

George Labouseur and Henry Labouseur

Manhattan marriage 1866 #4367 Mr George Heinrich Labouseur 59 _ St, grocer, age 27, born Kingdom of Hanover, son of Georg Ludwig Labouseur and Helene nee Killen (?) married Gerine Catherine Hoffman of 52 Hudson Street Hoboken age 18, born grandduchy of Oldenrburg father Herman Hoffman mother Berthe Soh---- er, on 29 November 1866 witnesses Mr. Henry Labouseur of Jamaica Long Island and Miss Sophia Junge 161 Washington Street Hoboken at the German Lutheran (?) St John's Church 59 Grove Street.

Labouseur in Beverstedt, Hanover, Germany

In July 2013 Olli Deters shared the following record from Beverstedt, Hanover, Germany.

Death Record of 1864
Nr. 28 (on page 130)
Place of Death: Heerstedt
Name: Labouseur, Georg Ludwig
Status: Witwer (=Widower) und Pachter (= Tenant, Renter) in Heerstedt
Age: 48 years, 11 months, 10 days
Parents: Tischler (=cabinet maker) Jacob Georg Labouseur und dessen Ehefrau (and his wife) Margarethe Elisabeth geborene (born) Bohlken
Time of death: 27.03.1864, early in the morning
Manner of death: in einer Mergelgrube ertrunken gefunden (= found drowned in a marl mine/cavern; difficult to read but I think that's it)
Note: Funeral in Geestendorf (it's a part of the city of Bremerhaven today)
Kirchenbuch (church book) of Beverstedt (Kingdom of Hannover).

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