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Henry and Dorethe Erxmeyer
Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjan
Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Teitjan and her children in the censuses

The Labouseur Descendents of Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen

New Jersey records are only open to the puplic for births up to 1923 and marriage and deaths up to 1940. Information after those dates is limited.

Current directories on the internet indicate that the names Erxmeyer and Labouseur are both quite unique. My search for current holders of these names revealed only a handful of Erxmeyers and fourteen Labouseurs. On the theory that the current Erxmeyers and Labouseurs could be the descendents of the Erxmeyer/Lehman/Labouseur families living in Hoboken in the late 1800s and early 1900s, I wrote to all the Erxmeyers and all the Labouseurs who were listed in New Jersey.

Denise Labouseur, the widow of Eugene Labouseur, kindly called me and told me that her husband, Eugene (born July 8, 1926, died May 1985), was the son of Arthur Labouseur.


Generation 1

Dorethe Hogrefe, daughter of F Hogrefe, born September 1823, Walsrode Hanover Germany, immigrated to the United States circa 1873, died, Hoboken, New Jersey, June 30, 1882.

married circa 1842, in Germany

Henry Erxmeyer, date of birth, unknown, place of birth, Germany , died in Germany prior to 1873.

Generation 2

Julia Erxmeyer, the daughter of Henry Erxmeyer and Dorethe Hogrefe, born May 25, 1849, Walsrode Hanover Germany, immigrated circa 1873, died New Jersey 1933.

married circa 1871, Walsrode, Germany.

John David Lehman, son of Christien and Eliza, born circa 1846, Wisemar, Merklenburg, Germany, immigrated circa 1873, died January 1897.

Generation 3

Berthe Lehman, daughter of John Lehman and Julia Erxmeyer, born June 1, 1876, Hoboken, New Jersey, dod, unknown.

married 1894, Hoboken, New Jersey

Johann Heinrich Labouseur, son of Heinrich Labouseur and Ann Ohlandt, born April 23, 1873, In Hoboken, New Jersey, dod, unknown.

Generation 4


married after 1920

Arthur Labouseur, born August 31, 1897, New Jersey, died Union City, New Jersey, 1969.

Generation 5

Denise ?

marriage ?

Eugene Labouseur, born July 8, 1926, died May 1985, Brick, New Jersey.

Generation 6

Jay, Eugene, Mark , Jess, and Chris Labouseur.

Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjan
Labouseurs in Northern New Jersey and Connections

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