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Johann Lehman in the Bremen Crew Lists

John David Lehman born 1845 Wismar, Merklenburg, married Julie Erxmeyer, born 1849 Walsrode, in Lehe Germany before 1871.

Like many young men who lived in the vicinity of the port of Bremerhaven. Johann made several tours with the Bremen shipping lines.

Johann Leham was listed in the crew lists:

  1. Joh Lehmann born 1845 Wismar, living Lehe, enlisted 14 Jul 1871 on the Donau, as a Kohllonz (?) [coal something] Captain G Ernst to New York*

  2. Johs Lehmann born 1845 Wismar, living Lehe, enlisted 5 Feb 1872, steward on the Graf Bismarck Sch-dschiff, Captain Nordenholt to West Indies**

  3. Johs Lehmann 1845 Wismar 17 Aug 1872, steward on the Bremen
* Johann's brother-in-law, Fredick Erxmeyer was on this ship and deserted from it in New York on August 1, 1871.

**My ancestor Berend Petermann enlisted the same day on the Graf Bismark as a matrose [sailor].Johann Leham and J. Berend Petermann spendt 5 plus months together traveling to and from the West Indies. See Berend Petermann at Sea

Theod. Johs. David Lehmann born Wismar March 19, 1845, living Lehe was listed in the Sailors Registry as follows:

  1. Kohlen-ich 70, July 14, G Ernst, Donau to New York cannot read
  2. Kohlen-ich, 72, Feb 5 Nordenholt Graf Bismarck, West Indies 5 months 27 days
  3. Steward, 72, Aug 17, Ladewigs Bremen New York Dep 14 February 1873 Hoboken
He was not listed in the list of Deserting Sailors

Donau July 14, 1871 to ---- Bremen to New york

July 1871

Arrival New New York

August 1871
Departed New York Aug 5, 1871

The North German Lloyd steam-ship Donau, Captain Ernst, from New York Aug 5th touched at Southampton yesterday and proceeded for Bremen, Aug 17, 1871 NYTimes.

September 1871
Sailed Steam-ship Donau for Bremen, September 17, 1871
October 1871

Steam ship Donau left Bremen October 7 and Southampton October 10 reached New York October 22, 1871, NYTimes October 23 1871

The Donau was due to depart October 28 for Bremen.

November 1871

Arrival of the Bremen Steam-Ship Donan, November 26, 171 NY Times

December 1871
Donau due to depart for Bremen December 9, 1871

Cleared December 10.

January - February 1872


Steam-ship Donau (N. G.) Ernst Bremen Dec. 30. via Southampton Jan 2, with mdse. and 193 passengers to Oelrich & co. Experienced strong westerly gales and a rough sea up to the Banks; since then moderate winds from the W. S. W. Jan 14, 8 A. M. 270 miles E of Sandy Hook passed steam-ship Egypt, hence for Liverpool; same day 8 1/2 A. M. 263 miles E. of Sandy Hook, steam ship City of London, hence for Liverpool; 10 1/2 A. M. 230 miles off Sandy Hook, steam-ship Weser hence for Bremen. January 16, 1872

Due to depart for Bremen January 27, 1872

Southampton Feb 7 the North German Lloyds steam-ship Donau, Capt. Ernst, from New York Jan 27, arrived yesterday proceeding to Bremen.

Graf Bismarck February 5, 1872 to August 1872 Bremen to the West Indies

The run from Bremen to the West Indies was started in 1871. The route began at Bremen with calls at Southampton, Colon, Savanilla, Porto Cabello, La Guayra and then back to Savanilla and Colon. From Colon the ports of call were St. Thomas, Cherbour, Southampton and finally Bermen. The three ships that made this run were: the screw steamship Konig Wilhelm, the Kohn and the Graf Bismarck. They all carried both passengers and cargo. This route was unprofitable and was discontinued in 1874. In July 1874 the Gaf Bismarck was on the Bremen to New York run.

Johann Lehman was married to Julia Erxmeyer. Julia's sister, Melusine, was married to Henry Blanck. Henry and Melusine Blanck were my husband's great grandparents. When John Leham was on the Graf Bismarck a fellow crew member was J. Berend Petermann. J. Berend Petermann was my great grandfather. The ship had a crew of at least 92 men. Berend Petermann was a helmsman. Johs. Lehmann was a steward. During 5 plus months on the ship together they must have had some interaction. They both later lived in Hoboken. They had children of the same ages who would have gone to the same schools.

See Did my ancestors know my husband's ancestors?

EUROPEAN MARINE NEWS Southhampton April 12 The North German Lloydsteam-ship Graf Bismarck, from Aspinwall for Bremen arrived here today, April 13, 1872 New York Times

Bremen August 17, 1872 to February 14, 1873 Bremen to New York

August - September 1872

Steam-ship Bremen (N. G.) Ladewigs, Bremen Aug. 20 and Southampton, 23rd, with mdse, and 464 passengers to Oelrich & co. Aug. 27, lat 49 32 N., Lon. 32 56 W. spoke steam-ship Scotia hence for Liverpool; 28th, lat. 47 N.. lon. 36 54 W. steamer Wisconsin hence for Liverpool; 31st, lat. 43 21 N., lon. 59 25 W., steamer Manhattan hence for Liverpool, Sept 1 lat. 42 17 N. lon. 63 10 W., bark K. N. C. T. from Ardrossan for Boston Bay; 2nd lat 41 32 N. lon. 65 52 W., National line steamer bound E.; same date a Cunard line steamer bound E.; alos same day lat 41 02 N. lon. 67 31 w., ship E. W. Stetson hence for London, September 4, 1872
September 1872

October 1872

Steam-ship Bremen (N.G.) Ladewigs, Bremen Oct. 16, via southampton 19th, with mdese. and passengers to Oelrichs & Co. October 30, 1872
November 1872

December 1872


The steam-ship Bremen, which left Southampton on the 12th of December has arrived in this port after a most tempestuous voyage.On the 13th and 14th she passed through a hurricane from the north-north-east, and on the 16th the storm was so heavy that the waves washed over the hurricane deck. On the 19th and 20th the ship met fearful hurricanes, having to lay to for over six hours and was considerably damaged. During the remainder of the voyage the weather during the day time was moderate, but at night extremely rough, with heavy choppy seas and high winds. She arrived in port with bulwarks stove in, and her Captain M. Laudervigs did not rest at night during the whole voyage.

December 28, 1872


The steam-ship Bremen (Ger.) Ladewigs from Bremen which arr. 25th reports: Dec 9 in the North Sea experienced a hurricane from the W. and another Dec 14. in lat. 50 30 N., lon 16 W. from N. N. E. and Dec 18th on lat. 49 50 N., ln 37 from N. N. E. and Also Dec 20 in lat 47 10 N. lon 46 from N. N. E. with heavy seas and high winds the entire passage.

December 27, 1872

The ship's manifest shows 39 "cabin passengers" and 234 steerage with one child born at sea.

February 1873

The Bremen arrived in the port of New York on February 11, 1873 per ships manifest.

ARRIVED Steam ship Breme (Ger) Ladewigs, Bremen Jan 25 via southampton with mdse and passengers to Oelrich & co.

Johann Lehmann deserted ship February 14, 1873.

August Lehman in the Bremen Crew Lists

  1. Aug Lehmann 1847 Wismar 5 Dec 1872 (5 Dec 1872) Bremen


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