Düvels of Belle, Germany

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Düvels in Belle, Lippe, Germany

Anne Marie Düvels and Joh. Simon Ehlerts

When Anne Marie Düvels married Johann Simon Ehlert in Belle in 1763 she was listed as Anne Marie Düvels of Belle No. 12. There was also a notation "*1730 N- 38.". This indicated her baptismal information. However, this appears to have been an error. Her baptism was "1730, #28" NOT #38. Anne Marie Düvels was also give the designation "No. 12" at the birth of her children, Johann Christoph in 1764, Henriette Marie Friedrike in 1765, Anna Catherine Dorothea Elisabethe in 1769, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm in 1771 and Amelia Helene in 1774.

The Duvel family was in Belle from the beginning of the records available through LDS which start in 1691. The first actual record for the name (as copied on microfilm by LDS) was in 1697.

Duvels Deaths Between 1696 and 1761

  • Death: between May and August 1696, Mari ??? Ilsabe Düffee (word) Rossele ??? 62 Years ??? Romans 14.8

    "Whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's." Romans 14.8

  • Death: 1697, 13 March, Anne Marie Deüffeling (words) 72 years can't read text

    Born circa 1625

  • 1697: --- apr, Joh. Fritz (?) of John Duvels zum Neider Belle, (word) 8 --- and 3 ---

  • Death: June 21, 1697 Belle, Ann Cath Lochmeier -- Jurge Deuffeling 29 years can't read text

  • Death: 1704: Mar. John. --- Duvel Jobst (word) of Belle (cannot read0

  • Death: 1723, 5 September Joh. Düvels zu Belle 80 years Corinthians 5-7 "We live by faith, not by sight."

    Born circa 1643

  • Death: January 1729 Belle, Ilsabein Düffels, age 50 years text Joh 11. 25
    John 11.25 Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies"

    Born circa 1679.

  • Death: #22 1740 Belle, 13 March, Catherine Elizabeth Düvelhenken No 43

    Born circa 1674

  • Death: Anne Sibille Düvel No 12, Belle, #25, 1740 age 69

    Born circa 1671

  • Death: #44 Belle, 1759 November 9 13 Margarethe Düvels No 12, 79 years

    Born circa 1680.

  • Death: #55 1759 Belle December 26 28 Anna Dorothea Düvels No 12, 54 years

    born circa 1705

  • Death: Johann Fritz Düvel, #23 1761, Belle, May 5, 8, No 12 age 57 years 6 months

    Born circa 1704.

Johan Duvels and Anne Catherine Hagedorn

Birth: Too early for the records from Wobbel available through LDS.

No later than 1677 based on an age of 20 at the birth of his first known child. Most likely earlier.



  1. John Ernst born circa 1694

    Death: 15 April 1697, John Ernst of John Düvel Hi---- Belle, two words, 3 years

  2. Ann Ilsabe father Joh. Duwel word Roh-el g adulter ab(page turned) mother Anna, witnesses, Catherine Elis Hagedorn zur Belle Ilsabe (word -cannot read), between July and October 1697, witnesses 1. Cath --- Hagedorn "von Belle" 2. Ilsabein 3. Anna Sophia ---- manns (cannot read) 4. (more) Belle

  3. John Ernst (word) father John Düvele zu Belle, mother Anne Catherine Hagedorn, witnesses, March 1699
Death of Anne Catherine Düvel: April 8 Ann: Cath: ___ Düvel zu Belly, maybe age 50 or 60, cannot read text, 1713

Death of John Düvel:

Jobst Heinrich Duvels and Anne Catherine ________ and/or Elizabeth ______

Birth: Circa 1668 based on age at death.

Too early for the records from Wobbel available through LDS.

No later than 1677 based on an age of 20 at the birth of his first known child. Most likely earlier.

Marriage: Elizabeth ______


  1. Johann Caspar (word) father, Jobst Hen Deuffelinge me-e zu Belle, mother Anne Catherine (words) godparents Caspar _ and others I cannot read, March day, 1697

  2. Anna Dorothe Ilsabine father Jobst Heinrich Deüffeling zu Belle, mother Eliz. --nhtf-ine (word) godparents, before March, 1701

  3. Catherine Hedwig, father Jobst Heirich Deuffeling zu (page turned) mother Elizabeth (words) witnesses, July, 1703

  4. Catherine Elizabeth, father Jobst Heinrich Duvel in Belle mother Elizabeth 1705, date? unclear, Elizabeth g [page turned] three words I cannot read, 2 witnesses no Duvel. Took image.

Death of Jobst?? Henrich Düvel: #33 19 October, 1714 Jobst??? Heinrich Düffeling zu Belle do not see age could be 2 years.

Death of Jobst Henrich Düvel: Last entry of 1721 or first of 1722, Jopst Hienrich Düvel h---and (word) Deweling (words). 53 years texte aspe 53 v 13.

Death of Elizabeth:

Jobst Duvels, No. 12 Belle, and Sibelle Rommer

Note: This is the fist of the Düvel family that can definitely be connected with No. 12, Belle, Lippe.

Birth: Too early for the records for Wobbel available through LDS.

No later than 1683 based on an age of 20 at the time of his marriage. His wife, Anne Sibelle Rommer, was born circa 1671 based on her age at death.

Marriage: 1703, date?, Jobst Duvell and Anne Sibille Rommer (?) short word aus Belle, bie aus Wobbel word von ca--m- three words. Took image.


  1. Johann Ernst buried March 25 1704 of Jobst Duvel aus Belle more. Took image

  2. April, 23 24, 1704 cannot read maybe Zinllinger L--- zu Wobbel (short word) father Jobst Düvel aus Belle (word paged turned) zu Wobbel, mother Sibilla Rommer phrase and witnesses

  3. Dorothes Elizabeth #32 page 88, 1708 25 October, father Jobst Duvel mother Sibilla Ro(page turned) word word Belle, word, [may be Gothenberg] witnesses, no Duvel witnesses, took image.

    She was on the confirmation list for the year 1722: Dorothe Elizabeth Duvel, Belle

  4. Jurge Heinrich (word) father Jobst Düvel zu Belle, amd Sabella Rommer (words) witnesses, January 1712

    He was on a confirmation list for Belle, date unknown but some time after 1722, Jorge Henich Duvel.

  5. Ann Dorothe Ilsabe #29, 18 August 1713, father Jobst Duvel word, word mother Sibelle several words, witnesses took image.

Address: No 12, Belle at death of Anne Sibelle Duvels

Death of Anne Sibelle Rommer Duvels: Belle, 1740 #25, 18 March Anne Sibelle Duvels No. 12, age 69

(If the age at death is connect it means she was born in 1671 and was 32 at her marriage.)

Death of Jobst Duvels:

Anne Sibelle Rommer

Birth: Circa 1671.

Jurgen Duvel and Luise (Bremmend or Holsten)

Birth: No later than 1684 based on an age of 20 at his marriage.

Marriage: March 25, 1704 Jurgen Duvel aus Belle and Louise Holstein aus Wobbel


  1. Catherine Ilsabine 22 month [end of year] 1704 father Jurgen Duvel -ei word zu Belle, Luisa Bremmand ??? three words witnesses took image

    Death: Catherine Ilsabe of Jobst Duvels in Belle, 18 May 1707, words Romans 11

  2. "Jurgen Heinrich father Jobst Johann Duval an (word) zu Belle mother Anne Luise cannot read witnesses, 1708 early in year. Note: I do not know if this is in the right place.



Fritz Duvel and Anne Ilsabine Hansman


Marriage: Fritz Duvel aus Belle and Anne Ilsabe Hansmans zu Wobbel, 1706 date




Fritz Duvel and Sibelle Marg. M-rtheg??, year


Marriage: Fritz Duvel and Sibelle Marg. M-rtheg?? zu Wobbel


Note: May have moved to Wobbel. There are not a lot of early record for Duvel in Wobbel.

Death: ??? #17 Wobbel 1741, 14 May, Sibelle Margarethe Düvels age 63 years No 46.

Born circa 1678

Adolph Düvel, No 12, Belle, and Ilsabine ______

Birth: Circa 1687 based on age at death



  1. John Jurgen #25, - October, 1715, word father Adolph Duvel (this is quite hard to read) zu two words mother, Ilsabe word witnesses, three, took image.

Death: 1753 Belle #22 23 27 April Adolph Düvel No. 12 age 66 years

Jurgen Düvel and Elizabeth (Sebella) Margarete ______




  1. Johann Jurgen

    Birth: 1711, #35, date before October, Jurgen (???) Ludwig (word) of Jurgen Düvell (words) and Elizabeth Margarete (words) witnesses

    Death: #30, 20 July 1729, Niedman ?? Belle Johann Jurgen Düvel 18 years, text Psal 25.17 "The troubles of my heart have multiplied; free me from my anguish" or "The troubles of my heart are enlarged: O bring thou me out of my distresses"

  2. Marg Anne father Jurgen Süvell- mother Sebilla Marg More I cannot read, 5 September 1716

  3. Johan Heinrich of Jurgen Düvel of Wobbel mother Sibelle Margreta witnesses, 19 March 1721



Johan ?Ernst? [maybe Fritz] Düvel and Anne Marie ____




  1. Johan Herman of Johan ?Ernst or Fritz? Dü(page turned) zu Belle, mother, An Marie witnesses: --man Wilhelm Ka---inne and John Friedrich (page turned) Zu Belle, 1723 April 25, Belle




Anne Catherine Düffels and Ernst 6i-p--


Marriage: 1728 Ernst 6i-p-- and Anne Catherine Düffels von Belle, 20 February 1728




Düvels of No 12, Belle, Having Children Between 1720 and 1746

There were three Duvel families in Belle having children between 1720 and 1746. They were:

  1. Johann Carl Düvels married to Anne Marie Ilsabine (Catherine) Müllenbrock

    These were the parents of Anne Marie Düvels who married Johamm Simon Ehlert.

  2. Johann Hermann Fritz Müherd [Düvels] married to Anne Margerete Düvels

  3. Adolph Düvels married to Anne Marie Ilsabine Nieminjard from Cappel

The records show that all three of these couples had connections to No. 12. Belle
  • Johann Carl's daughter, Anne Marie Lisabeth, was listed at No. 12 Belle at her marriage in 1763.
  • Johann Hermann Fritz had two children baptized at No 12 (in 1741 and 1746).
  • Adolph Düvels had a child baptized at No 12 Belle in 1744.

  1. Johann Carl Duvels★ Belle, and Anne Marie (Catherine) Ilsabein Möllenbrock★

    Birth: Circa 1690 based on his age at death. Too early for the parish record available through LDS.

    Marriage: 1718, 29 April, John Carl Düffeling and Ilsabe Möllenbrock zu Belle

    Based on his estimated year of birth he was about 28 years old at the time of his marriage.


    1. Anna Dorothe Luise, of John Carl Düffeling mother Anne Maria Ilsabe witnesses: May 13, 1720

    2. Anna Sophia, father Carl Due--ling zu Belle, mother Anne Marg Ilsabe witnesses, Catherine Sophie Brandt (two words) Marie --netta Claes and Anna Lisabeth Br--gene-- more February 18, 1722

    3. Amelia Elizabeth Duvel (1723-) and Joh Ernst Meier

      Birth: #35, 15th June 1723, Amelia Elizabeth father Joh Carl Düffeling zu Belle, --- --- An = Mar = Ilsabe = Godmothers 1) , 2) and 3)

      Confirmation 1739 Amelia Lisbeth Duval

      Marriage: 1743, 14 April #2 Belle, Johann Ernst Meier * 9.12.1718 mit Amelia Düvels * 15.6.1723 35

      Children: None in Wobbel/Belle up to 1746.

    4. ___ Ilsebe (word) father Johann Carl Du(smudge)ing, Belle, mother Anne Ilsabe witnesses 3 Feb 20, 1725

    5. Anna Margarete Lisabethe of Johan Carl Deufeling and Anne Marie Ilsabein (no last name for Anne Marie Ilsabein), godmothers, Anne Ilsabein Simons, Anne Marie Ilsabien ____ and Marie Lisabeth Langin, Belle #20, 1728

      Death??????: #14 1733, 22 March, Belle, Anne Marie Ilsabein Düvel Zee _ee word 5 years text jel 8.18

    6. Anne Marie Lisabeth Düvels★ (1730-) and Johann Simon Ehlert★:

      Birth: 28 - 1 July, 1730, von Belle, --ie Marie "Lisebeht" parents Carl Düveling and Anna Marie Ilsabine, 1.) Angenese ________ 2.) --ie Maria [page turned]

      A notation at her marriage confirms that this is the correct baptism.

      Marriage: 1763, Johann Simon Ehlert of No 18 and Anne Marie Düvels of No. 12., Belle


      1. Johann Christoph 1764★
      2. Henriette Marie Friedrike 1765
      3. Anna Catherine Dorothea Elisabethe 1769
      4. Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm 1771
      5. Amelia Helene 1774

      See Ehlert.

    7. Anna Dorothea Helene, #28, 14 June 1734, von Belle, parents, Johann Carl Düveling and Caterine Ilsabine (no maiden name), Godmothers: 1) Anne Ilsabine Düveling 2) Amelia Lutzemeyer 3) Lisabet _____

    8. Death: #62, 1740 8 July Anna Dorothe Dücelings 6 years.

      Note: There was a very high rate of juvenile death with 16 children up to the age of 7 dying in July and August. there must have been some highly contagious and virulent childhood disease going around.

    Death: 1736, 7 June, Belle, Johann Carl Düveling 46 years Text Luc 13.4.5

    "Or those eighteen upon whom the tower fell in Siloe, and slew them: think you, that they also were debtors above all the men that dwelt in Jerusalem?"

    Question: This is a very interesting verse to have chosen. Did something fall on Johann Carl Düvel?

    Note: There were no male children born to this couple, so the Düvel name did not get passed down directly through them.

    Death of Anne Marie Catherine Ilsabien Mollenbrock Düvel:

  2. Johann Hermann Fritz Duvels born Müherd (??), Niedre Belle, No 12, and Anne Margarate Düvel

    Birth: Circa 1703/4. I did NOT find a baptism for him.

    Birth of Anne Margarethe: Circa 1702 per death record. I did not find a birth record for her between 1699 and 1704. She could have been a sibling of Johann Carl Düvel.

    Marriage: 1728 #4 March 30 Joh Hermann Fritz Müherd and Anne Margarethe Düffels von Belle

    "One custom in Lippe that makes genealogy research difficult and sometimes frustrating is when the hereditary of a farm passes to a daughter or widow. The name of the farm is retained, so if the woman marries, her spouse must assume the name of the farm, as do any children produced by them." Fred Richter

    I think that this may be what happened here. There were no children baptized under the name Müherd in the Wobbel/Belle records.

    Based on the estimated year of her birth she was about 26 at the time of her marriage.


    1. Anne Marie Elizabeth, Von Nieder Belle*, father Fritz Duvel, mother Anna Marg. (No surname for Anne Marg.) Godmothers: , #10, 1 -----, 1729, witnesses: (word) Marie Mollenbrock, Anne Dorothe Hutten and Ilsabein Brock---

      * Little Belle a hamlet south of Belle

      Death: #28 1733 9 Aug zu Belle Anne Marie Elizabeth Duvels 4 years 5 months Luc 19-41. "As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it."

    2. Simon Ernst parents Fritz Duvel and Anne Margarethe (?) #8 (number of baptism not house) 15 --- 1733, von Belle, witnesses: Ernst Meyer, Simon Moller and Johan Z----is

    3. "Von Belle" Johann Wilhelm [father] Johann Fritz Duvel and Anne Marghreta G. (word could be "Ualt" or "Uast"), Belle, 11 ---- 1735, 3 witnesses no Duvels, Cord ----, Johan Wilhelm ---. and Johan Fritz M----

    4. Trine Margareta Ilsabine [father] Johann Fritz Duvel and Anna Margrata (geboren Ua-- - same word as above), witnesses, 1. Trine Ilsabein Pap------ 2., anna Ilsavine Hutten 3., anna Margareta B-umd-- 4. Trine Margareta ------ Belle, 21 ---- 1738

    5. Louise Frederike Eleanour of Joh. Fritz Duvel, No 12, and Anne Margarethe, no number, #37, 24 December 1741,Witnesses Anges--se Bro--dts, Elisabeth Möllenbrock and Elisabeth Hütten

    6. Johann Fritz Berend # 25, Belle, 8 May 1746, father, John Hermann Fritz Duvel No 12 mother Anne Margarethe (no last name), witnesses: Fritz ___ aus Belle, Jurgen ___ Johann Conrad ___ and Hanss Ernst Mollen

    Death of Anne Margarethe Duvels: #5 1752, Anne Margarethe Düvels No 12 Belle, age 50 years

    Death of John Fritz Düvel: John Fritz Düvel age 57, years 6 months, No 12 Belle, May 5 8

  3. Adolph Duvels, Nieder Belle, No 12, and Anne Marie Ilsabein Nieminjard of Cappel


    Marriage: # ? December 27, 1729, Von Nieder Belle* Adolph Düv(paged turned) and trie ??? Ilsabine Ni-mijard ??? von Cappel

    *Little Belle, a hamlet south of Belle.


    1. Lisabeth #45 27 October year ??? (between 1729 and 1734), Lisabeth zu Nieder Belle*, father Adolph Düvel mother, Ilsabe, godparents: Lisabeth ____ Anne Catherine _ and Lisabeth ________ all (cannot read)

    2. Johan Hermann, February, Belle, parents Adolph Düval and Ilsabine, 3 witnesses, no Duvel 1735

      Death: #12, Belle, 1738 Johan Hermann Düvel (word) 3 years 2 months text code-

    3. Anna Dorothe Ilsabine, #3 Belle, February 6, 1744 parents, Adolph Duvels, No. 12 mother Ilsabine (no last name), witnesses: 3 no Duvel.

    Death of Adolph Düvel: Had to have been 1744 or later. The records are pretty clear after 1740, but I did not see a death for him.

    Death of Anne Marie Ilsabein N___ Düvel: Ditto

Düvels of No 12, Belle, Having Children Between 1753 and 1759

  1. Johann Jurgen Duvel, No 12 Belle, and Anne Dorothe Elizabeth Mollard

    Birth: Circa 1715, based on his age at death.

    Marriage: John Jurgen Duvel mit Anne Dorothea Elizabeth Mollard, Belle, No number listed. Belle, #6, 19 October 1753

    Note: If his birth year is correct, he was 38 at the time of his marriage.


    1. Catherine Elizabeth Duvels #31 Belle 1754, 10 15 Sept, No 12, father John Jurgen Duvels mother Anne Dorothea Elizabeth Mollard 4 witnesses including Elizabeth Duvels

      Death: Catherine Elisabeth Düvels 4 ---, 9 11 October 1754, #25 Belle

    2. Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1756 - ) and Charlotte ______


      Johann Frederich Wilhelm of John Jurgen Düvel and Anne Dorothea Elizabeth Mollard #3 Belle, January 2 11 1756. witnesses:

      Confirmation: Belle, Johann Jurgen Duval - year unclear.



      1. Carl Friedrich #30 Belle 16 27 July 1788, father Johan Friedrich Düvel (no place) and Charlotte born Ma--h-- 3 witnesses

    Death of Johann Jurgen Duvel: 1757 #54 Belle, 18 20 October Johamn Jurgen Düvel No 12 42 years

  2. Wilhelm Fritz Duvel, No 12, Belle and Anne Catherine S-g--ams No 8, Belle


    Marriage: Belle 14 July, 1752, Wilhelm Fritz Duvel No 12 mit Anne Catherine S-gm--and No 8.


    1. Anne Catherine Ilsabine 1753 #22 Belle May 18, 27, Fritz Duvel, No. 12, and Anne Catherine H----s No 26

    2. Anna Marie Helen #38 Belle, 1755, December 10 12, father Fritz Düvel No 12, mother, Anne Catherine Ilsabein Hemand ???? No 26, witnesses.

    3. Johann Henrich Christoph #13 Belle, 17 March 1 April, 1759, father Fritz Düvel mother Anne Catherine un Har--d ---- aus N: 26 witnesses Ernst Meier,von Gnosseu Ma--- others

    Note: #42 Belle, 16 25 December,1791 Anne Marie Wilhelmine Ilsabein,father Herman Hienrich Stegmeier, No 8, geb. Bluttin and mother Amelie S------ witnesses: Henriette Elert, Wilhelmine Bli--en, Ilsabein M---ard, Anne Marie Elert (word) aus Belle

Düvels of No 12, Belle, Having Children Between 1768 and 1786

  1. Wilhelm Duvel, No 12, Belle and Louise Freitags

    Birth: Circa 1731 based on age at death.

    Marriage: Wilhelmm Düvel, No 12, Belle, and Louise Freitag aus Reelkirke, page 315, 23 October, 1768


    1. Carl Christoph Fhilipp Düvel #41 Belle, 1770, 2 9 December, father Wilhelm Düvel mother, Luise Freitog aus Billenbril No 2, 3 witnesses

      Seven year break

    2. Wilhelm Philipp #39, 1777, 24 31 August, of Wilhelm Düvel No 12 and Louise Freitogs aus Billenbrils No 2. witnesses: Joh. Jobst Hutte Philipp S---- and Friedrich Bli-- all of Belle

      Death: 1779 26 November Wilhelm Fhilippe Düvel No. 12 2 years 13 weeks, blattern [small pox]

    3. Anne Henriette Elisabeth #32, July 6 15 1781, Wilhelm Düvel No 12 and Louise geb Freitogh witnesses, Agnese Freitagh, Henrietta Ehlert aus Belle, Elisabeth Düvel Dus

    4. Anne Marie Ilsabein Hedwig #37, 1783, Belle, 30 July 10 August, of Wilhelm Düvel No 12 and Louise Frei-tough aus Billenbail No. 2

    5. Amelia Elisabeth #20 0 210 1786 17 23 April of Wilhlem Düvel No. 12 and Louise Fmnitorgs ???

    Death: Wilhelm Duvels 1807 #46, Belle, December 23-26, Wilhelm Duvel 76 gicht [arthritis, gout]

    Death: 1812, #15, Belle, 9 12 March Word: Lousia Duvel No 12, age 68, brustkrankheit [lung decease, TB]

  2. John Christoph Düvel born ---- and Margarethe Düvel No 12


    Birth of Margarethe Düvel:

    Marriage: 1764 #1 Belle, 20 January Christoph Herman mit Catherine Margarethe Ilsabein Düvel Dos No 12


    1. Johann Friedrich Christoph #2 1768, January 7 7 of John Christoph Düvel geb _____ No 12, and ____ Margarethe Düvel witnesses John Friedrich Alb--t aus Belle and Simon Henrich Ehlert Dos.

      Death: John Friedrich Christoph Düvel No 12, 14 weeks, Belle, 8 10 January 1768



Johann Friedrich Düvel born Ridden and Wilhelmina Elisabeth Düvel

Birth: John Driedrich Ridden in Wobbel

Birth: Wilhelmina Elsabeth Düvel, circa 1724 based on age at death.

Marriage: 1759 Belle 2 March John Friedrich Ridden word aus Wobbel mit Wilhemina Elsabeth Düvel zu Belle


Death of Johann Friedrich Ridden Düvel: 1783 John Freidrich Düvel geb Ridden age 43 #25 11 September 1783, no No.

Death of Wilhelmina Elisabeth Duvel: 1796, #17 Belle, 109 22 March Wittwe [widow] Elisabeth Duvel 72 years wassersucht [dropsy] no No.

Other Records

Death: John Freidrich Wilhelm Düvel April 1 4 1756 13 weeks

Birth: Anne Dorothe Ilsabine illegitimate mother, Elisabeth Düvel No 12 Belle #7 1756
Death: Anne Dorothe Düvel 3 Weeks, Belle, 25 26 November 1756

Birth: Johann Ernst Ameling #43 Belle, November 21 26 1760, illegitimate mother Anne Marie Düvel No 12 father cannot read except Johannes 3 godparents.
Death: Anne Marie Düvel No12 ihru--h-lihus Hind. Joh. Ernst, age 29 weeks
Note: This is a little confusing but I believe that the records are for the same child.

Death: B--ise Dü:vel 15 17 January 1762 No. 12 age 20 years

Death: Friedrich Wilhlem Düvel No 12, 3 weeks and 2 ---, #30 Belle, November 9 10 1764

Death: 1772 #53 December 10, 1772, William Anne ??? cannot read third name #12 age 54

I am not sure if this is a man or a woman.

Death: Wittwe [widow] Ilsabine #12, May 20 Belle, 1774 No. 12, 64 years

Hausinschriften in Belle

Hausinschriften in Belle lists Nr. 12 in Niederbelle but does NOT include the name Duval.

Duval is not a name listed on any of the houses in Belle that are on Hausinschriften in Belle

Reelkirchen Nr. 22 (Dux) Mittelstrsse 40 1618 Johan Reich (Rey) anders Dux.


ANNO 1775 (erbaut von Jobst Dux)

Jobst Dux, J. Joosts Sohn, [married] 16.5.1773 llsabe Düvel von Belle. 1935 Heinrich Dux, Schuhmacher.

1740 Duvel in Belle

LDS microfilm #582501 contains some lists from the mid 1700s. I am not sure exactly what they are, perhaps some tax or church contribution. In any event there are the following istings for the name Duval in Belle.

1736 Anna Catherine Duval 3 - 8 people listed
1741 Anna Catherine Duval 3 - 11 people listed
1742 Anna Catherine Duval 3/4 - 9 people listed
1744 Anna Catherine Duval 2 - 12 people listed
1745 dorothea Duvals 2 - 9 people listed
1746 Anna Catherine Duval 3 1/2 - 9 people listed
1751 Dorothea Duval 2 - 12 people listed
1755 Duvels 2 1/2 and again Duvels 2 1/2 (no first names) - 16 people listed
1756 Dorothea Duvels 4 and Fritz Duvels 2 1/2- 16 people listed
1757 Dorothea Duvels 3 - 22 people listed
1762 Anna Catherine Ilsb Duvels 5 - 16 people listed
1763 Anna Catherine Duvals 4 - and Christoph Duvels 2 1/2* - 18 people listed
1764: Anne Catherine Ilse Duvels (no amount) & Christoph Duvel 1 3/4 - 22 people listed.
1765: Christoph Duvel 3 1/2 * Helene Duvels 4 1/2 - 7 people listed
177- No duvel listed

Highest "amounts" 7 lowest - a fraction. Both males and females were listed.

*Conrad Ehlarts 4 was alsolisted in 1763. This was the first time another name connected with the Erxmeye's extended family was listed in Belle.

1780 Duvel in Belle

Lippische Familiennamen in 1780: Möllenbrock, Hornoldendorf, Detmold and Möllenbroock, Belle, Horn-Bad Meinberg

The following families were in Belle in 1780: Belle Amt: Blomberg Kirchspiel: Wöbbel heute 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg:

Albert Baste; Beckmann; Beine; Blinne; Blümer; Blume; Böcker; Borchart; Brand; Brencker; Brinckmann; Büngener; Claes; Dreier; Drewes; Düwel; Düwelhenke; Ebert(s); Fritze; Gabriel; Gehrke; Gercke; Heer; Herms; Hütte(n); Jachens; Jürgens; Kaup; Kayser; Kercke; Kersting; Klare; Köster; Lackemeier; Lange; Lewecke; Luchte; Lcükesmeier; Lünsche; Meier; Mense; Micke(n); Möllenbroock; Mönch; Müters; Naber; Nanne; Papemeier; Peters; Röter; Rubart; Rüterhenke; Salpeter; Schäfer; Schäper; Schlinckmann; Schmidt; Schöning; Schröder; Siemens; Sigges; Stamm; Stegmeier; Strun(c)k; Tewes; Tölle; Uhe; Vösgen; Welle; Wendt; Wieger; Wiese; Witte

In 1780 there were the following listings in Lippe for the name Duvel (and variations):

Düvell, Alverdissen, Barntrup,

Düwel, Schwalenberg, Schieder-Schwalenberg,

Düwel, Köterberg Lügde

Düwel, Wöbbel Schieder-Schwalenberg

Düwel, Belle, Horn-Bad Meinberg

District of Lippe


German Genealogy: Lippe

A Story and History of my Ancestors of Wöbbel, Lippe, Germany by Fred Richter

Wonderful house inscription images of Maspe on the Der Genealogische Abend (Abend Genealogy)

Der Genealogische Abend Naturwissenschaftlicher und Historischer Verein für das Land Lippe e.V connects to pages of other towns and villages in the area that have painted houses — including Belle and Reelkirchen.

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