Blanck Introduction

Records from Lehe Germany
Please excuse all my scribbles above the lines. When I first copied these documents I did not know that I would be putting them in such a public format.

1768 Baptismal record of Johann Gottfried Blanck, Lehe Germany

23, Oct, Johann Freidrick Blanck ____and his wife, Anne, the 22 same, born a son, Johann Gottfried, Witnesses, ___ Johann Freidrick Rebber, Johann Ritterbusch, and Gesche Martens.

1778 Baptismal Record of Johann Christopher Gottfried Marwede, Lehe Germany

August 30, Christian Marwede, shoemaker, and his wife, Sophia Henriette, born Boljers, a son born the 27, witnesses, Johann Ludwig Tarfelt, ____, Johann Timermann ____, Magret Elisabeth Eicken, Johann Hinrich Eicke ____

Eicken is the feminine form of Eiche.

1781 Baptismal Record for Marwede, Lehe Germany

23, Sept, Christian Marwede, shoemaker, wife, sophia Henrietta, born, Bottchern, _______ 2 of the same______mother ________.

1781 Death Record of Sophia Henriette Marwede, Lehe Germany

2 Oct, Sophia Henriette Marwede, Christian Marwede, shoemaker, ______ 26 Sept, _____ age 32 years, 3 months, 21 days.

1782 Marriage Record of Christian Marwede and Magdalena Wilhads, Lehe Germany

5 April, Christian Marwede, shoemaker, and Magdalena Wilhads, daughter of Johann Wilhads, ____ in _____

1785 Baptismal Record of Anna Margarethe Bina Sophia Marwede, Lehe Germany

8 March, Christian Marwede, shoemaker, and his wife, Anna Magdalens __ born 10___: Anna Margarethe Bina Sophia

Witnesses: 1. Hinr Jacob Balduin, 2. Conrad Wilhelm Muller, 3. Margarethe Schnauern, 4. Bina Sandkuhlen, 5. Anna Elizabeth Spanhoffs

The US Records

The death record of Dorethe Hogrefe Erzmeyer, New Jersey, 1882

The death record of Dorethe Hogrefe Erzmeyer in the German Evangelical church in Hoboken, 1882

The birth certificate of Louis Blanck, 1887

The marriage certificate of Louis Blanck and Gertrude Kettler, 1907

The marriage record of Louis Blanck and Gertrude Kettler, 1907, German Evangelical Church, Hoboken

The birth record of Dorethy Blank, 1907

The death certificate of Henry Blanck, 1911