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Catherine (Catharine) Brunjes (dob circa 1784) daughter of Heinrich Brunjes of Wachholz.

Catherine Brunjes, the daughter of Hienrich Brunjes of Wachholtz, married Gerhard Blanck, the son of Johann Friedrich Blanck, in Lehe on December 14, 1804.

Wachholtz (Wachholz) is a suburb (or an estate) of the town of Beverstedt.

Birth of Catherine Brunjes

There is no record for the baptism of Catherine Brunjes the daughter of Heinrich Brunjes in Lehe. Based on an age of twenty at the time of her marriage, Catherine was born no later than 1784. Gerhard Blanck was born in 1777. Heinrich Brunjes, for whom records exist in Lehe, died in 1770. It, therefore, seems unlikely that Heinrich Brunjes in the records in Lehe was the father of the Catherine who married Gerhard Blanck.

The Heinrich Brunjes who was the father of Catherine Brunjes, was not baptized in Lehe, he did not marry in Lehe and he did not have children in Lehe.

The Brunjes in the Records in Lehe between the mid 1700s and 1852 as found in the LDS copies of the church records with additional info from the 1827-1875 Die Einwohner des Fleckes Lehe

There are only a handful of Brunjes in the records in Lehe in the 1700's. All of the available records are connected to:

  1. Johann Friedrich (dob and dod unknown) and Anna Brunjes (born circa 1701, died 1776)
  2. Heinrich Brunjes (born c. 1729-1770)
  3. Ann Margarethe Brunjes, daughter of Carsten Brunjes, born circa 1761, married Matthias Buchman and had two children in Lehe 1782 and 1785
  4. Maria Brunjes born c 1740 died 1808

  1. Johann Friedrick Brunjes (unknown to unknown)

    Birth: Unknown

    Marriage: Johann Friedrick Brunjes married Anna (last name unknown), date and place, unknown.


    1. Trieneke: The date, place of birth, and mother of Trieneke Brunjes are unknown. Based on an age of at least 20 at the time of her marriage in 1763, Trieneke was born 1743 or before. The records for the period of her birth are missing from the Lehe records. In addition, it is possible she was not born in Lehe.

      Marriage: Trieneke, the daughter of Friedrich Brunjes, married Carl Berend Meyre (?), widower, on May 6, 1763.


      1. Johann Friedrich, the son of Claus "Maancken" ____ and Trienke, nee Brunjes, born _____, Witnesses, Johann Christian Meyr, _____, Heinrich Brunjes _____, Hinrich Brunjes____, Hinrich Heneker, _____, Dierck Hinrich Hencken, schif____, Rebecca Wichts, Johann Ludwig Wicht _____.

      Note: Neither of the Heinrich Brunjes who were witnesses to this baptism could have been the Heinrich Brunjes listed below, as he died in 1770.

  2. Death of Johann Friedrick Brunjes: Unknown

    The death of the Ann, the widow of Friedrich Brunjes: Anna Brunjes, the widow of Friederich Brunjes died March 11 and was buried on March 14, 1776, age 75 years, 2 months and 3 days.

    Note: This would mean Anna was born in 1701. Too early for the records in Lehe.

  3. Heinrich Brunjes (1729-1770)

    Based on his death record, Heinrich Brunjes was born in 1729, place unknown.


    • The records in Lehe are missing around the estimated period of his birth
    • It is possible that he was not born in Lehe.
    • Given the limited number of records for Brunjes in Lehe, it is possible that Heinrich was the son of Johann Friedrick Brunjes

    Marriage: Rebecca (last name unknown), date and place unknown.


    1. Friedrich Jacob Brunjes, circa January 1758, place unknown

      Death: Friedrich Jacob Brunjes, son of Heinrich Brunjes and Rebecca died on May 12 and was buried in Lehe on May 17, 1759, age 1 year and 6 months.

      Note: This is the first record for the name Brunjes in the parish. Since the baptism of Friedrich Jacob Brunjes was not recorded in Lehe it could indicate that the Brunjes family moved to Lehe circa 1758.

    2. Anna Rebecca Brunjes, daughter of Heinrich Brunjes, schif--- (this occupation has something to do with boats, it may be an inland waters sailor, schiffer) and Rebecca (no maiden name given) was born on the 9th and baptized on April 10, 1760, witnesses: Fedde Fedder, Christopher Muller, Anne Brunjes, Magreta Muller and Konike Schuslers.

      Death: Anna Rebbecca Brunjes, age 2 years, daughter of Heinrich Brunjes, schif---, and Rebecca, was buried on October 25, 1762.


      • This was the only appearance of the name Fedden in the Lehe records.
      • Christopher Muller was a carpenter. His wife was Becke. There are several baptisms and a death listed for the family of Christopher Muller in the Lehe records.
      • The were Schuslers in the records.

    3. Johann Friedrich Brunjes, son of Hienrich Brunjes, schif--- and Rebecca, was baptized in Lehe on February 26, 1765.

      Death: Johann Friedrich Brunjes, son of Hinrich Brunjes, schif--- and his wife, Rebecca, died February 26, and was buried on March 1, 1765.

    4. Carsten, the son of Heinrich Brunjes, schif---, and his wife, Rebecca was born on April 4 and baptized in Lehe on April 5, 1766, witnesses: Jacob Eden, Reimeld, (?) Scha?er, Christian Meirers, Barbara Luers, Albert Norden.

      Death: Buried with his mother April 14, 1766.

    5. Note: All the children of Heinrich and Rebecca Brunjes, whose baptisms were recorded in Lehe, died and were buried in Lehe. Did they have other children who were baptized in another parish or whose baptisms occurred in a year when the records are missing? See below for more on the Brunjes in Lehe.

    Death of Rebecca Brunjes

    Rebecca Brunjes, wife of Heinrich Brunjes, was buried on April 14, 1766, age 34. As near as I can make out, her 8 day old son Carsten was buried with her.

    Note: Rebecca was born was born circa 1732.

    Remarriage of Heinrich Brunjes

    The widow, Heinrich Brunjes, schif---, married Rebecca Dutschen, the daughter of Jurgen Dutsch, on February 26, 1767 in Lehe. One of four marriage recorded that year.

    Children of Heinrich Brunjes and Rebecca Dutschen

    1. Johann, son of Heinrich Brunjes, schif---, and his wife, Rebecca, was baptized in Lehe on November 11, 1767. Witnesses: Johann Dutsch, Reimeth Schusler, Heinrich Brunjes, Frienike Eifs and Luke Schuslers.

      Marriage: "Youngman", Johann Brunjes, son of Hinrich Brunjes -------, married Anna Rebecca Kosters, daughter of Heinrich Kohters on January, 1797 in Lehe.


      1. ✟ Heinrich Brunjes, son of Johann Brunjes and Anna Rebecca Koster was baptized on March 18, 1798 witnesses: H. Hanekes, J. H. Vollers, and H. Heneken.

        Heinrich had a twin brother Johann Georg.

        Death: Heinrich Brunjes was buried on April 1, 1798, age 4 months.

      2. ✟ Johann Georg, baptized the same day as Heinrich, witnesses: ? G. Fischer, B.F. Meyers and G Hehn.

        Death: Johann Geog Brunjes was buried April 29, age 6 months.

      3. Heinrich, the son of Johann Brunjes, and Anna Rebecca, nee Kosters, was born on the 16 February, 1801, witnesses, John. Becker, H. Ductsch, G Wagener

        Ackermann/Ackerburger, Lehe son of Johann Hinrish Brunjes Burge Lehe (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        Marriage: "Youngfellow", Heinrich Brunjes, the son of Johann Heinrich Brunjes, married Anne Dorothe Tardel on March 11, 1831.


        1. Johann Heinrich, born January 2, and baptized January 22, 1832, Can't read sponsors.

          Death: Johann Heinrich Brunjes died on July 30 and was buried on August 3, 1835, age 3 years and 7 months died of "brustkrankheit" (consumption).

        2. Heinrich baptized on October 7, 1833. Writing is bad, can't read witnesses.

          Died 12.6.1836 Hitziges Bieber (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        3. Fridrich born January 4 and baptized January 25, 1835. Can't read witnesses. Friedrich died on August 23 and was buried August 26, 1835, age 7 1/2 months

        4. Diedrich Heinrich born August 3 baptized September 4, 1836. Can't read witnesses.

          confirmed 1851

          Marriage: 31.10.1856 Dietrich Hinrich Brunjes Ackerburger, Lehe son of Hinrich Brunjes, Ackersmann, and Anne Dorothe Tardel born Lehe 3.8. 1836 married Anna Katherine Ehrichs daughter of Heinrich Ehrichs, Ackermann and Becka Bohls born Lehe 25. 12. 1836. They had Hinrich Ludwig 21.7.1857, Dorothea Johanne Rebecca 30,11,1859 died 17.4.1860 Brustkrankheit and Johann Dietrich born 27.3.1861 died 14.6.1862 Auszehrung (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        5. Anna Rebecca, born March 14, baptized March 22, 1838. Can't read witnesses.

          Confirmed 1852 - died 12.9.1855 Schwindsucht (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        6. Georg Heinrich, born January 16, baptized January 17, 1841. Can't read witnesses.

          Death: Georg Heinrich Brunjes, son of Heinrich Brunjes and Anna Dorethe Tardel age 3 years and 5 months died on June 25 and was buried on June 29, 1844.

        7. Mina Friedericka born January 16, baptized January 17, 1841. Can't read witnesses.

          Death: Mina Freidericka Brunjes age 9 months and 5 days, the daughter of Hinrich Brunjes and Anna Dorothes Tardel died on October 21 was buried October 26, 1841.

        8. Maria Dorothe the daughter of Heinrich Brunjes and Dorthe, nee Tardel, was born on May 15, and baptized on June 5, 1842. No witnesses. The page may be missing.

          Died 20.1.1843 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        9. Heinrich Ludwig, the son of Heinrich Brunjes and Anna Dorethe, nee Tardel, born March 5 and baptized on March 15, 1849. Witnesses, Ludwig___, Johann ___, Anna Elizabeth Lubmann (?).

          Death: Heinrich Ludwig Brunjes, the son of Heinrich Brunjes died on March 17, and was buried on March 22, 1849, age 12 days.

      Death: 1830 - Johann Brunjes Tagelohner (day laborer), Ackermann (plowman) Burger (citizen) Lehe 3.10.1830 62 years 10 months and 22 days Brustkrankheit (pulmonary tuberculosis). (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

      Death of Anna Rebecca Kosters Brunjes: Anna Rebecca Brunjes died on October 15, 1834, age 66. (Anna Koster married 12.1.1787 (daughter of Hinrich Koster Einwohner Loxstedt died Loxstedt 30.4.1768) wassersucht (dropsy)

    2. Niclaus, son of Heinrich Brunjes, schif---, and his wife, Rebecca, born January 2 and baptized in Lehe on January 3, 1770 witnesses: Carsten Bohls, Heinrich Eiter, Metta Dittmers and Anne Adelheit Hollen.

      Death: Niclaus, son of Hinrich Brunjes, died at age 6 months and 20 days and was buried on July 26, 1770.

    Death of Heinrich Brunjes:

    Heinrich Brunjes, schif---, died on the 10th of January 1770 and was buried on the 16th January, age 41 years, 1 month, and 16 days.

    Note: This would mean he was born in 1729.

  4. Anna Margarethe Brunjes (1761-) daughter of Carsten Brunjes

    Birth: Circa 1761, daughter of Carsten Brunjes.

    Note: Heinrich Brunjes and his wife, Rebecca, had a son Carsten in 1766. Carsten is not a very common name in the Lehe records.

    Marriage: Anna Margarethe Brunjes, the daughter of Carsten Brunjes, married Matthias Buchmann on November 23, 1781


    1. Ernst Friederich baptized on December 17, 1782, witnesses, Niclaus Georg Hehn _____, Johann Niclaus "Labuseur" ____, Anne Ilse Lunsted (?) Johann Lunsted (?),_____, Becke Koops, Hinrich Koops, ______
    2. Catherina Margaretha baptized April 25, 1785, witnesses: Joh. Nicol. "Labuschor", Meine Herbolts, Luke Meir, Margaretha Hulseberg.

    Note: Berte Erxmeyer, the niece of Henry Blanck and Melusine Erxmeyer Blanck, married Johann Labouseur in Hoboken in 1894. Berthe was the daughter of Melusine's sister, Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen. There were a number of Labouseurs in Hoboken. I don't know if or how they are connected to the sponsors of the children of Anna Brunjes. See Julia Erxmeyer Lehman Tietjen and Labouseur

  5. No listing for Bushmann in Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875.

    Two records for "Buckmann":

    1. Johann Heinrich Friedrich Buckmann (Bockmann) Steinseter, Lehe married Meike Schnut: Children; a son, 1864, Johanna Katherine Marie 5.5.1866, Johann Wilhelm 12.1.1868, Carl 25. 6.1871

    2. Diedtich Hinrich Casten Buckmann, Arbeiter, Lehe son of Dieterich Buckmann, Brinksitzer and Margarather Adelhied Kohler0 Englen 30.8.1834 married Katherine Metta Oelkers, Bremen.

  6. Maria Brunjes

    Marie Brunjes died on September 23 and was buried on September 27, 1808, age 68 years. This means she was born circa 1740. Who was she?

  7. Dietrich Brunjes

    Brunjes, Dietrich - Married Year? (not listed) Diedrich Brunjes, Landmann zu Fleeste, jetziger hiesinger Einwohner married Anna Rebecca Beecken. They had a son Johann Diedrich Fleeste 11.3.1833 confirmed 1847 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

Catharine Brunjes, The Daughter of Heinrich Brunjes, and Her Relationship, If Any, to the Other Brunjes in Lehe


  • Why did Catherina Brunjes marry in Lehe if Heinrich Brunjes was from Wachholtz (a town about 25 miles southeast of Lehe in the parish of Beverstadt)?

  • Did Catherine's father, Heinrich Brunjes, ever live in Lehe and, if so, for how long?

  • Was their any connection between Catherine Brunjes (the wife of Gerhard Blanck), her father Heinrich Brunjes and the other Brunjes in the Lehe?
  • What was the connection to Catherine and Hinrich Brunjes to the other Bunjes in Wachholz?


  • Catherine Brunjes was born no later than 1784. The marriage record to Gerhard Blanck indicates that she was the daughter of Heinrich Brunjes of Wachholtz.

  • Since the records for Brunjes in Lehe are so sparse, it is most likely that they were recent immigrants from some other city or town. It is possible that they were related to the Brunjes of Wachholz.

  • I did not find any records for Brunjes in the Beverstadt records which should have included the records for Wachholz.

Brunjes in Brooklyn, New York, USA

While looking for other records in LDS Film 165676 of the Zion Church in Brooklyn, New York I came accross the following records connected with Christine Wilhelm Brunjes of Lehe

  • Wilhelm Friedrich Brunjes son of Christine Wilhelm Brunjes of Lehe Hanover and Berthe Anne nee Dorman born can't read, 666 Fulton Street sponsor Wilm Aug Martin Dorman baptized 7 Aug 1883
  • Eva Antonette Anne Brunjes born February 4, 1887 daughter of Christine Wilhelm Brunjes of Lehe Hanover and Berthe Anne nee Dorman born can't read, 660 Fulton Street sponsors Johann Anton Dormhan and Anna Eliza Teresa Dorman
  • (can't read first name) Berthe Johanna Brunjes born March 6, 1889 to Christian Wilhelm Brunjes of Lehe and Bertha nee Dorman of Blumenthal 660 Fulton Street, sponsor Johann Fiedrich Brunjes

I could not find them in the censuses in Brooklyn as of September 2016

There are other Brunjes in the censuses in Brooklyn.


Wachholz is a small "village" just outside the town of Beverstedt about 25 miles south east of Lehe. The village today is mostly "new". There is no church and only a few old buildings.

There were 6 Brunjes listed in the phone book in Beverstedt (which includes Wachholz) in August 2005.

There were 17 Brunjes listed in Bremerhaven.

The present church of Saints Fabian and Sebastian in Beverstedt dates from 1851.

Other Brunjes in Wachholz

Sylvia Friedrichs lives in the blue Mountains of Australia and is related to the Brunjes of Wacholz. In April 2014 she wrote:

My mother's family (Nobbe Family) originally came from Wachholz where they owned a property. There are Bruenings and Bruenjes (which according to my family is a former name which resulted in Bruening) in our family, which might suggest a connection."
Sylvia has a book dating from 1783 to 1839 in the name of Hinrich Bruening (Wachholz) in which he wrote about his yearly income noting that in 1839 he was "feeding one child". This might refer to Hermann Bruening about whom Sylvia has the following information:
Hermann Bruening dob 9/2/1812 Wachholz - died approximately 1885 in Wachholz

Married 19.5.1836 Katharina Elisabeth Roenner dob 1818 - died 1842

Anna Margarete Wilhelmina Bruening, the daughter of Hermann Bruening and Katharina Roenner, dob 2/3/1839 - died 15.1.1919 Wachholz, married Konrad Heinrich Nobbe on 26/7/1860.

Their son is Claus Hermann Heinrich Nobbe dob 9/9/1865 - died 4/8/1954

His daughter is Anne-Lisa Nobbe (married name Rohde - she is my mother)

Her daughter is Sylvia Friedrichs (nee Rohde)

Other Records in Wachholz

gedbas.genealogy.net has the following entries for records in Wachholz Beverstadt. I am not sure where the information comes from.

  1. Hinrich BRÜNING \ BRÜNJES born about 1655 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, married 8 November 1692 Anna Stemmermann - child: Claus Brünjes died 5 March 1736 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, -

  2. Claus BRÜNJES born circa 17--, Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, married Jibbe Bohlen about 1734 Schiffdorf, Amt Vieland, Niedersachsen child 12 June, Johann Brünjes 12 June 1735 - BRÜNING \ BRÜNJES - STEMMERMANN Sources Hinners/Friedrichs: Das Familienbuch des Kirchspiels Schiffdorf

  3. Martin BRÜNING died Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, occupation vollhofner married Friederick Lucie Grauer child Wilhelmine Margarete BÜ 9 April 1825

  4. Trin BRÜNING born before 1751 + Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen married Claus Wrede children Johann Wrede about 1755 and Anna Elizabeth Wrede 17 November 1763

  5. Wilhelmine Margarete BRÜNING born April 9, 1825 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, parents Martin Brüning and Friedrike Lucie Grauer - married Hancke Hanken - children: 28. January 1847 Friederika Margarete Wilhelmine HENKEN, 28. August 1855 Reimelt HENKEN, 26. November 1860 Wilhemine Margarete HENKEN - died 27 November 1860 Spaden (Ksp. Debstedt), Amt Lehe, Niedersachsen, BRÜNING - GRAUER

  6. Beke Margarete BISCHOFF born 1759 Heerstedt (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Married Johann Wrede about 1783 Niedersachsen, died 1808 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), B’rde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, parent Otto BISCHOFF

  7. Hinrich RICHERS born about 1801 Wachholz parents Johann Ludwig Richers and Engel Von Lintien (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, married Anna Witschen - children 22. April 1839 Catharina Rebecka RICHERS ♀ January 1842 Anna Maria RICHERS, July 1847 Meta Engelina RICHERS. February 1851 Maria Adline RICHERS - died 1854 Spaden (Ksp. Debstedt), Amt Lehe, Niedersachsen, RICHERS - von LINTIEN

  8. Johann Ludwig RICHERS, weaver, married Engel Von Lintien child circa 1801 Hinrich Richers, died Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, -

  9. Anna STEMMERMANN born 28. February 1671 father Harmen mother Margret N., Kirchwistedt, Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen married Hinrich Brünjes 8 November 1692 Beverstadtdied Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, STEMMERMANN - N.

  10. Anna Elisabeth WREDE born 1763 Wachholz parents Claus Wrede and Trin Bruning, married Jacob Bischoff 21 November 1786Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, died 1848 Heerstedt (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, WREDE - BRÜNING

  11. Catharina Elisabeth WREDE about 1785 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), marriage about 1809 Beverstedt death about 1840 Heerstedt (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, search of this place Parents Johann WREDE Beke Margarete BISCHOFF Spouses and Children Marriage Spouse Children about 1809 Beverstedt - married Hinrich BÖRGER Children: October 1810 Rebecka BÖRGER about 1813 Mette BÖRGER, about 1816 Hinrich BÖRGER (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, died 1840 Heerstedt (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, WREDE - BISCHOFF

  12. Claus WREDE born 1740 married Trin Bruning - died Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen

  13. Johann WREDE born 1755 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, married Beke Margarete BISCHOFF died 1800 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, WREDE - BRÜNING

  14. Otto WREDE born circa 1793 Wachholz (Ksp. Beverstedt), Börde Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, Parents Johann WREDE Beke Margarete BISCHOFF - married Children about 1826 Margarete LÜCKEN Children: 1827 Jakob WREDE. about 1829 Hinrich WREDE, 5 November 1831 Johann WREDE, about 1834 Maria Hedwig WREDE, about 1837 Claus Wilhelm WREDE, about 1840 Otto Hinrich WREDE, 12. June 1843 Anna Margarete Rebecka WREDE, about 1846 Margarete Gesine WREDE, 6 May 1855 Elise Catharina Margret WREDE - died 1858 Heerstedt (Ksp. Beverstedt), Amt Beverstedt, Niedersachsen, WREDE - BISCHOFF


genealogy.net lists - Trine Liese BRÜNJES born in Wachholz, Beverstedt married Marten HINKEN born 1698 in Hulseberg, Kirchspiel Scharmbeck oo 25.11.1723 in Scharmbeck, St. Willehadi - No children found.


Hipstedt: Geschichte eines Dorfes zwischen Geest und Moor by Heinrich Krankenberg - 2008

Possible spellings: Brunjes, Bruninges, Brunings, Bruning, Brunjes

Brunjes have lived in Frelsdort since 1700 . At that time a Brunjes family lived on the Wachholz and Abelhosrst estates at Beverstadt. The name Brunjes has not been correctly entered in the church records the name was entered as Brunigs instead of Brunjes. Today the Frelsdorfer line used the name Bruning.

Albert Brunjes the son of Johann Brunjes and Ilse Margarete Eleonore born Roes, Frelsdorf and Metta Lucken daughter of Hinrich Lucken and Rebekka born Tienken, Hipstedt were married 8 November 1822. The had 3 daughter and 2 sons. The subsequent genealogy of this branch is included in the Krankenberg's book.


Brunjes is most likely a patronymic name - son of Brun-.

Wachholz, August 2005

Wachholz, August 2005

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