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The Marwede Connection to the Blanck Family

Anna Marwede Margarethe Bina Sophia, the daughter of Christian Marwede and Magdelena Wilhadts was born in Lehe, Germany in 1785.

Anna Marwede married Johann Christian Wenzel in Lehe on January 13, 1817. They were the parents of Dorethe Wenzel who married Heinrich Christian Blanck in Lehe in 1843. For information on Anna Marwede after her marriage to Johann Christian Wenzel, see, Wenzel

Marwedes in the Lehe Records

The first record for Marwede in Lehe, Germany occurred in 1778 with the baptism of Johann Christopher Marwede, the son of Christian Marwede and Sophia "Boljers".

According to his death record, Christian Marwede was born circa 1743.

Christian Marwede first married Sophia Boljers of Bottchern. Date unknown. The had: Johann Christopher Gottfried in 1778 and Johann Friedich in September 1781. Sophia Boljers Marwede died in October 1781. Johann Christopher Gottfried Marwede born 1778 married Johann Friedrike Schleper. They had several children including Gristian Gottfrried Ferdrich born in 1813 who married and has offspring. Some of his offspring immigrated to Brooklyn, New York. Johann Friedrich born 1781 died in 1840. I did not find any children born to him.

Several months after Sophia Boljer Marwede's death Christian Marwede marred Magdelena Wilhadt. The had Anna Margarethe Bina Sophia Marwede in 1785.

All of the records for Marwede found in Lehe are related to Christian Marwede and his decedents.

Christian Marwede★ (c 1743-1819), Sophia Henriette Boljers and Magdelena Wilhadts★

Birth: According to his death record Christian Marwede was born circa 1743. Place of birth unknown.

Occupation: Shoemaker

Marriage: Sophia Henritte Boljers of Bottchern


  • I did not find the marriage of Christian Marwede to Sophia Henrietta Boljers in Lehe. Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875 does not list any entries for Boljers.
  • Sophia's name was taken from the baptism of their son Johann Christopher in 1778
  • According to her death record, Sophia Boljers Marwede was born circa 1749.
  • The marriage of Christian Marwede and Sophia Bottchen may have occurred in Bottchern.
  • I cannot find Bottchern on a current map of Germany.

Children of Christian Marwede, and Sophia Boljers of Bottchern :
  1. Johann Christopher Gottfried Marwede (1778-1859) and Johanna Frederike Schleper

    Birth of Johann Christopher Gottfied Marwede: Johann Christopher Gottfried, the son of Christian Marwede, shoemaker, and Sophia Henriette "Boljers", was born on August 21 and baptized in Lehe on August 30, 1778, witnesses: Johann Ludwig Tauseld,_____, Johann Timermann _____, Margret Elisabeth Eicker, Johann Hinrich Eicher and cannot read

    Note: This is the first record for the Marwede family in the Lehe records. It is possible that Christian and Sophia Marwede moved to Lehe between 1773 and 1778.

  2. Marriage: Young fellow and shoemaker, Christopher Gottfried Marwede, the son of shoemaker, Christian Marwede, married Johanna Frederike Schelpern (can't read) on November 14, 1805. One of six marriages that year.

    Die Einwohner des Fleckens Lehe 1827-1875:

    Johann Christopher Gottfried Morwede, Schuhmacher, (So. Christian M., Schuster ⚭ Sophie Henriette Boljers), 27.10.59 81 years 2 months and 4 days, Altersschwache Witwer [Decrepit Widower]
    ⚭ Johanna Friederike Schelper (To. Johann Friedrich S, Schuster, Hameln ⚭ Dorothea Luise Muller), ✟ 11.9.1840 58 years 11 months Brustentzundung mit nervosem Fieber [Mastitis with nervous fever]
    Kinder: Christian Friedrich Gottfried 22.1.1813, Johanna Friedrike Luise 17.2.1815 confirmed 1830, Gottfried Friedrich 13.8.1817 confirmed 1832 3 weiter [continue] Kinder von 1827

    1. Sophia Dorothea Christina Marwede, the daughter of shoemaker, Christopher Marwede and his wife, Johanna Friederike, Schelpern, baptized September 15, 1801 (?), witnesses, Cath Priggen, Christina, Banch Nonnen, Soph. Marwede, and Freid Waltham.
      Note: They married in 1806. Do I have the wrong date on this?

    2. ✟ M___ Dorothea Christina Marwede, the daughter of shoemaker, Christian Marwede and his wife, Johanna, nee Schelpern, was baptized on November 17, 1808, witnesses, Chr. Marwede, Mil__ Heilshorn, Mil__ Boschen.

      Death: Dorothe Christina Marwede, the daughter of Johann Christian Marwede, and his wife Johanna Friderike nee Schelpern, was buried on March 3 1812, age 3 years and 4 months.

    3. Christian Gottfried Federick Marwede (1813-) and Frederike Freihauf

      Die Einwohner des Fleckens Lehe 1827-1875:

      Christian Freideich Gottfried Marwede, Schuhmacke, ✟15.3.1852, J innere Krankheit, ⚭ Friedricke Fruhauf
      Gottfried ⚭ Pauline Jung
      Sohn ✟17.3.1841
      Christian Friedrich 22.10.1842 married Sophie Brummer
      Tochter ✟*10.2.1844
      Johanna Elisabeth 1.7.1845 ✟ 16.4.1847 Langwierige
      Friedrich Hinrich Luder 11.12.1850 ⚭ Adeline Rebecka Dietz

      Birth of Christian Gottfied Frederick Marwede - 1813: Christian Gott. Friederich the son of Johann Christian Gottfied Marwede, shoemaker, and Johanna Friedericke nee Schelpern, born January 12, baptized January 31, 1813, witnesses, Christian Marwede, Christian Amme, and Magdelena Martens.

      Gottfried Marwede born 1838 - Illegitimate son of Christian Gottfried Friedrich Marwede and Frederike Fruhauf: See children below.

      Marriage 1840: Christian Friederich Gottfried Marwede married Friedericka Fruehauf 28 Apr 1840 Kirchheimbolanden, Bayern, Germany Father's Name Christoph Gottfried Marwede Mother's Name Johanna Friederika Schelpen Spouse's Mother's Name Elisabetha Fruehauf (LDS)

      Death of Gottfried Marwede:

      Death of Friedrike Fruhaus Marwede 1873, widow : Friederika Marwede, Lehe (ill To. Elisabeth Fruhauf, Ledig) ✟ 7.9.73 age 57/6/1. Gasticshes Fieber, witwe (widow) Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875. Suggest a birth year circa 1816.

      Children of Christian and Friedrike Marwede:

      1. Gottfried Marwede (1838-1894) and Pauline Jung

        Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875: Gottfried Marwede, Schuhmacher, [1872 Schuhmacher und Brieftrager, ab 1874 Brieftrager [leter exchanger]] Lehe, (So. Christian Friedrich Gottfreid M., Schuhmacher ⚭ Friederike Fruhauf) born Kirchheimbolanden 10.4.1838 ⚭ Pauline Jung, Lehe (To. Carl J, Musickus, ⚭ Justine Bodemann) born Seulingen 12.10.1834
        Kinder: Katherine Christine Sophie 17.11.1859, Heinrich Carl 24.4.1861, Georg Fredinand 2.1.1863 died 29.12.1863 Brustkrankehit, Marie Bernhardine 12.4.1864 died 17.4.1865 Strickhusten und Krampfe, Carl Hein Julius 8.5.1867 died 17.7.1868 Unterleibs-Entzundung, Fritz Gottfried Julius 8.12.1868, Rudolph 29.7.1870, Christine Emile 26.3.1872 died 10.3.1875 Masern, Anna Louise 5.3.1874, Auguste Adeline 24.12.1875

        Birth: Entry N 26, Marwede, Gottfried, 10 April, 1838, son of Friederich Gottfried Marwede of Lehe and Friederike Freuhauf, wintesses, Gottfried Marwede of Lehe and ----- Elizabethe, Germany Kirchheimbolanden, Pfalz, Bayern Germany

        Gottfried Marwede 6 APR 1838 Evangelisch, Kirchheimbolanden, Pfalz, Bayern, to CHRISTIAN FRIEDERICH GOTTFRIED MARWEDE and FRIEDERIKE FRUEHAUF, IGI, Germany Bathch Number C970781

        Immigration: 1869 per 1922 passport application of his son Rudolf.

        Marriage: Pauline Jung per LDS member submission to the IGI and Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875

        Children: In December 2006 Pat Marwede Vincent emailed to say:

        My father, John Henry Marwede (born in Belleville, NJ. Dec. 16, 1907) is the only child of George Gottfried Marwede and Elizabeth Morgan. George was born in Brooklyn (Apr. 22, 1885) to Henry C. Marwede, born somewhere in Germany. Henry (probably Heinrich) and his brother Rudolph came to Brooklyn from Germany. Their father is Gottfried Marwede who was born in 1838 in Kirchheimbolanden, Pfalz, Bayern Germany. He died in Brooklyn Jan. 4, 1894. Gottfried's parents are Christian Friederich Gottfried Marwede and Friederike Freuhauf. Henry and Gottfried are both buried in Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.
        1. Katherine Christine Sophia 17.11.1859 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        2. Henry Carl Marwede (1861 - ) and Eliza ______

          Birth: 24 January 1861 Lehe per LDS member submission and (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

          Immigration: Circa 1875 per 1910 census

          Marriage: Eliza


          1. George Henry April 22, 1885
            WWI DR: George Henry Marwede, 252 Cortland Belleville, Essex, New Jersey, born April 22, 1885, US, accountant, Fleichmann Co 701 Washington St New York City, wife, Elizabeth Marwede, tall, medium build, blue eyes light hair, 1918.
            1920 Census: Belleville New Jersey, George Marwede, 33, account office, Elizabeth wife age 33, John son age 12,
            Sailing: from Quebec July 27, 1929, Elizabeth W Marwede, age 44 married born Bloomfield NJ May 20, 1885, George H Marwede, age 44, born Brooklyn, NY, April 22, 1885, to 219 Greylock P'kway Belleville, NJ
          2. Mildred, circa 1889
          3. Herbert circa 1893
            Death; Marwede, Herbert N, 20 y, Apr. 20, 1914, #8605, Kings
          4. Jennie circa 1896
          5. Unknown per 1910 census
          6. Unknown per 1910 census

          1888-1889 Directory Brooklyn: Henry C. Marwede Location 2: 188 Harrison Avenue Occupation: driver Year: 1888, 1889 City: Brooklyn State: NY

          1910 Census: Bedford Ave Brooklyn, Henry C Marwede, age 50 born Germany, immigrated 1875, Na stock keeper, crockery store, Eliza wife, age 49, married 29 years 10 children 6 still living, born New York, Mildred, daughter age 21, filer office, Herbert son age 17, laborer meat market, Jennie daughter age 14

          1920 Census: Rutledge Street, Henry Marwede, head, 58, salesman yeast co., Eliza wife, 58, Mildred daughter, 28, clerical stock, NY World

          1930 Census: Bedford Street same info more or less occupation, packer bakery

          Death of Eliza Marwede: Age 70 January 7, 1934 Kings #826

          Death of Henry Marwede: Henry Marwede, age 65, Jan 5, 1940, Kings # 602

        3. George Ferdinand 2.1.1863 died 29.12.1863 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        4. Maria Bernadine 12.4.1864 died 17.4.1865 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        5. Katherine Justine "Fernadine" 18.11.1865 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        6. Carl Hein Julius 8.5.1867 died 17.7.1868 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        7. Fritz Gottfried Julius 8.12.1868 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        8. Rudolf Marwede (1870-1943) Minnie Bohlmann and Emma Bohlmann

          Birth: 29.7.1870 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

          Marriage: Minnie Bohlmann, daughter of Frederick (per combination of records)


          1. Rudolf circa 1901
          2. Walter circa 1903

          1895 Passport Application: Kings County New York, Rudolf Marwede, born Lehe, Hanover, Germany, on or about 29 July 1870, immigrated aboard the Marie from Bremerhaven August 1887, resided in US 7& years, naturalized Kings County 20 October 1892, address 271 Moffett Street, Brooklyn, occupation waiter, intends to return to US within two years age 24, 5 ft 6 inches, eyes gray, hair blond, complexion light, passport issued 21 February 1895.

          Return to US:

          1910 Census: --ert Street Brooklyn, Rudolf Marwede, age 39, born Germany, immigrated 1889, proprietor boarding house, Minnie R wife, age 28 marriage 8 9 years, 2 children 2 living, Rudolf ? son, age 9 Walter M son age 6, Bohl--- Frederick, father in law, age 63 widow, Emma R Bohl---, sister in law, age 25, 5 lodgers,

          Death of Minnie Marwede: Minnie Marwede, age 36, age 36, July 2, 1917 Kings #13661

          Marriage of Rudolf Marwede to Emma Bohlmann: May 10 1925, Kings #7205

          1920 Census: Furman Ave Brooklyn, Rudolf Marwede, head age 49, widow, immigrated 1886, Na 1892, born German, proprietor saloon, Rudolf son age 18, shoe worker factory, Walter M son age 16, Emma R Bohlmann sister in law age 35

          Passage 1921: Rudolf Marwede Arrival Date: 30 Mar 1921 Age: 50 Birth Date: abt 1871 Gender: Ship Name: Wenatchee Port of Arrival: Los Angeles, California Port of Departure: New York

          1922 Passport Application: New York, Rudolf Marwede, Emma R Marwede, (wife) born June 20, 1886 Brooklyn, New York, Walter Milton Marwede (my son born April 15th 103 Brookly age 19 years) Rudolf was born 29 July Lehe Hanover, Germany, July 29, 1870 son of Gottfreid Marwede, born in Lehe Hanover, Germany now deceased, immigrated from Bremen, March 1886 has vbeen in USA 36 years naturalized October 20, 1892, in Germany 1895, 47 Furman Avenue Brooklyn retired (ex saloon keeper) last obtained a passport March 5, 1895 for visit to Germany, purpose for application to visti relatives in Germany. age 52, height 5 ft, 7 inches, gray eyes broad nose, mustach blond hair complection fair, scar on lower left yaw ??, witness Dennis Christy of 1844 Broadway Brooklyn who has known Rudolf Marwede for 9 years,

          Passage 1922: Passage 1922: 21 Sep 1922 Port of Departure: Bremen Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Seydlitz

          • Rudolph age age 52, naturalized October 20, 1892 Kings County court, addreess 47 Furman Ave, Bklyn

          • Emma wife age 37, same

          • Walter age 19, son, born April 14, 1903, Brooklyn,

          • Johann cousin age 62 widow, naturalized October 15, 1883 Brookly

          • Adeline, daughter age 28, Birth 7 Aug 1887 Brooklyn, New York Age: 28

          • Harry Schierenbeck no relationship given but noted with Rudolf Mawede, age 12 born September 14, 1910 Brooklyn

          Death: age 73 October 9, 1943 #761 Kings



          Operated Borough Cafe for Many Years

          Funeral services will be held at 8 pm. tomorrow at the Zirkel Funeral Home, Ridgewood and Norwood Aves., for Rudolph Marwede, Sr., a retired cafe owner, who died Saturday of a heart ailment at his home, 136 Ridgewood Ave. Burial will be In Evergeens Cemetery.

          A native of Germany, Mr. Marwede, who was 73, came to this country when a young man and soon after went into business for himself. For many years he operated a cafe at Broadway and Furman Ave., retiring 10 years ago. Mr. Marwede was a member of Alemania Lodge, 740, F. & A. M.; Long- Grotto, M. O. V. P. E. R., Court Bush wick, Foresters of America, and the Amt Lehrer Club.

          He Is survived by his widow, Mrs. "Emnla Bohlmann Marwede, and two sons, Rudolph Marwede Jr., owner of a group of restaurants In Brooklyn and Queens, and Walter Marwede.

        9. ✟ Christine Emile 26.3.1872 died 10.3.1875 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        10. Anna Louise 5.3.1874 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        11. Auguste Adeline 24.12.1875 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        Passenger List: Gottfried Marwede, labourer, age 45, arrived 18 Feb 1882 from Bremen, Germany, on the Elba to New York (Ancestry.com)

        Brooklyn directory 1889-1890: Gottfried Marwede, 188 Harrison Avenue, Occupation: shoemkr. Year: 1889, 1890 City: Brooklyn State: NY (Ancestry.com)

        Death of Gottfried Marwede: Gottfried Marwede, St Catherine's Hospital, died cerebral hemorrhage, January 4, 1894, age 56, born Germany, shoemaker, 9 Nostram Ave, burried Greenwood Cemetery. Brooklyn Jan 4, 1894 (Not listed in NYC indexes)

        Marwedes in the Tompkins Avenue Church:

        • Listed as parishioners in the Park Avenue Branch of the Tompkins Avenue Church in Brooklyn in 1900 George H. Marwede, E Marwede, Alice Marwede, Mabel Marwede and Millie Marwede. Brooklyn Eagle Jun 27, 1900
        • Tompkins Avenue Congregational Church 1902, "Mr. Marwede will read his second monthly financial report", Brooklyn Eagle, March 8, 1902
        • Notes:
          • Nothing listed on Ancestry for Mabel Marwede
          • Nothing listed on Ancestry for Alice Marwede. There is an Alice Merwede, listed in the 1900 Census in Brooklyn - wife of Frederick, children Edna and Walter

        Marwedes in the Brooklyn Eagle:

        • Adeline Marwede was listed as exempted from examination at Grammar School no 77, June 28, 1901
        Marwede Deaths listed in the NYC indexes: There are a very limited number of Marwede deaths listed in the NYC index most are accounted for above. The following are uncertain.

        1. Marwede, Christine E, 54 y, Dec. 4, 1915, #22620, Kings - born circa 1861
        2. Marwede, Frederick C, 3 y, May 23, 1929, 3525, Queens

      2. Child - There is a very hard to read baptismal record for March 17, 1841 which does not list a name for the child (It could reflect a baptism of an infant that died.) but listed the parents as Christian Freiderick Gottfried Marwede and ____ Frichauf.

      3. Christian Fredrich Marwede, Tischler [carpenter] (1842 - ) and Sophie Margarethe Brummer

        Brith: Christian Friedrich 22.10.1842 ( Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875 )

        Marriage: 29.10.1865 to Sophie Margarethe Brummer born Lehe daughter of Johann Heinrich Brummer, Arbeitsmann, Lehe, Einwohner, and Luise Eicholz born Lehe 27.9.1847 died 16.7.1871 Schwindsucht

        Kinder of Johann Heinrich Brummer, and Luise Eicholz:
        1. Johann Anton Diedrich ✟ Atlantischer Ocean 25,.10.1858 15 years ertrunken, Seefahrer "Der Junge Mensch fuhr auf dem Schiffe Meta, Captian Jaborg. Nach einem Briefe des Capitains wurde er wahrend eins Sturms durch eine Sturzwelle uber Bord geschlagen" (Age 15, on the ship Meta - a letter from Captain Jaborg said the young man was washed overboard by a tidal wave during a storm.)
        2. Anna Elise born Bremerhaven 18.9.1845 married twice.
        3. Sophie Margarethe 27.9.1847 married Christian F Marwede Johann Friedrich Conrad 27.8.1850
        4. Bernard Hermann Heinrich 28.9.1852
        5. Hinrich Conrad 16.3.1855
        6. Georg Wilhelm Hinrich 23.11.1857
        7. A daughter who died 13. 4.1860

        Kinder of Christian Friedrich Marwede and Sophie Margarete Brummer :

        1. Ferdinand Juliau Gottfreid 28.2.1865

        2. ✟Freiderike Marie Katherine born 13.6.1867 died 16 7. 1872

        3. Friedrich Heinrich Luder 17.1.1870

        Death of Sophier Brummer Marwede: 1871

        Marriage: 20.4.1873 Christian Friedrich Marwede Louise Margarethe Hogenkamp daughter of Heinrich Fredeich Hogenkamp and and Marie Dorothee Brummer, born Schwaforden 22.5.1853

        Child: ✟ Luise Marie 15.11.1874 died 11.4.1874 Schlag

      4. Child - There is another baptism with no child's name listed for Christian Freidrich Gottfried Marwede and Fredericke, nee Freihauf born February 10 and baptized February 13, 1844.

      5. Johanna Elisabeth 1.7.1845 ✟ 16.4.1847 Langwierige Krankheit

      6. Friedrich Heinrich Luder Marwede (1850 -) and Adeline Rebecka Dietz

        Birth: Friedrich Heinrich Luder Marwede, son of Christian Friedrich Gottfried Marwede and Friedericke, nee Frunuf, born December 17, 1851 and baptized January 1, 1852. Can't read witnesses: --- Groll, Johann Friedrich -----, Luder -----, Martin ---- and Luder M-

        Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875 lists:

        Friedrich Hinrich Luder Marwede, Brieftrager, Lehe (So. ✟Christian Friedrich Gottfried Marwede ⚭ Freiderike Fruhaus Lehe born 11.12.1850 ⚭ Adeline Rebecka Dietz, Lehe (To. Hirich Daniel D, Maurer, ⚭ Adelheid Doscher born) Lehe 18.7.1852 Kind Sohn born 27.7.1875 died 27.7.1875 Geburtsschwache

        Adeline Rebecka Dietz born 18.7.1852 was the forth child of Heinrich Daniel Dietz "Maurergeselle, Lehe" and his wife, Adelheid Doscher.

    4. Johanna Fredericka Louise Marwede (1815 -) and Friedrich Mahler

      Birth of Johanna Fredericka Marwede 1815: Johanna Friederike Louise Marwede 17.12.1815 confirmed 1830 (Die Einwohner de Fleckens Lehe 1827-1875)

      Marriage 1842: Johanna Fredericka Louise Marwede, the daughter of Johann Christopher Gottfried Marwede and Johann Fredericka, nee Schelper, was married on May (?), 1842 to Friedrich Mahler, the son of Wilhelm Mahler and Catherine Buttelmann.

    5. Gottfried Federick Marwede (1817-) and Margarethe Wiebens

      Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875 lists:

      Gottfreid Friedrich Marwede, Schuhmacker, Lehe (So. Johann Christopher Gottfried M., Schuhmacker ⚭ ✟ Johanne Friedeicke Schleper ⚭ 17.5.1844 Becka (Rebecca) Margaretha Wiebens (To. ✟Hinrich W Einwohner Lehe ⚭ ✟ Catherine Tons)
      Kinder: Catherine Joahnna 7.11.1844 ⚭ Gottfried Hinrich 2.4.1847, Rebecca Sophie ✟ 10.11.1849 Drusen und Geschwulstkrankeit, Johann Friedrich Christian 1.3.1852, Adolph Friedrich 15.2.1855 ✟5.8.1855 Brustkrankeit, Meta Marie Luise 20.12.1856, Sohn ✟24.1.1860, Gottfried Friedrich (Zwilling)6.11.1861 ✟ 12.10.1862 Schlagfluss, Anna Rebecca (Zwilling) 6.11.1861

      Birth of Gottfied Frederick Marwede: Gottfried Friderich, the son of Johann Christopher Gottfried Marwede and Johanna Friedericke, nee Schelpern, baptized on --- 24, 1817. Witnesses: Johann Timerman, Christian Wenzel, and (?)

      Marriage: Gottfried Friedrick Marwede married B___ Margarethe Wiebens, date and place unknown. There is no marriage listed in Lehe.


      1. Catherine Johanna Marwede and Heinrich Friedrich Conrad Schaper

        Birth: Catherine Johanna, the daughter of Gottfried Friederick Marwede and B___ Margarehte, nee Wiebens, born on November 7 and baptized on December 26, 1844. Witnesses hard to read.

        Marriage: 3.6.1870 - Second wife of Heinrich Friedrich Conrad Schaper son of Conrad Schaper and Hanna Sophie Moller. He had no living children from his first marriage - three young children having died: 1867, 1869 and 1869. His 1st wife, Catherine Helene Margarethe Newumann died 15.3.1869 three days after the death of a son who died 12.3.1869.

        Children: Heinrich Schaper and Catherine Marwede had:
        Carl Gottfired Heinrich 5.4.1871
        Rebecka Johanne Dorothea 4.9.1873
        Catherine Meta Louise 31.12.1875

      2. Gottfried Heinrich, the son of Gottfried Friederich Marwede, and Rebecca, Marwede, nee, Wiebens, born April 2, and baptized May 16, 1847. Witnesses: ____ Gotfried Marwede, ____ Wiebens, ______ Gottfreid Marwede, _____, and _____.

      3. Rebecca Sophia, of Gottfried Freidrich Marwede and Rebecca Margarethe, nee Wiebens, born Nobember 10, baptized December 26, 1849. Witnesses, can't read.

        Death: 11.5.1851 Drusen und Gershwulstkrankheit

      4. Johann Friedrick Christian Marwede (1852-1927) and Emily (Amelia) ________

        Johann Friedrich Christian 1.3.1852 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

        Birth: Johann Friedrich Christian Marwede, son of Gottfried Friedrich Marwede and Rebecca Margarethe nee, Wieber, born May 1 baptized April 12, 1852(?)

        Immigration: Circa 1867 per census

        Birth: 01 March 1852 Lehe Germany son of Gottfried F Marwede (1922 passport application)

        Marriage: Emily/Amelia


        1. Adeline 7 August 1887 (US passport application)
          1922 Pass Port Application: Queens, Adelbeit (or Adelheide) Marwede, single, born Brooklyn 7th August 1887 daughter of John F. C. Marwede, who was born in Lehe Germany, now residing at 1721 Cornelia St., Queens, that he immigrated to the US from Bremen Feb 13, 1869 naturalized Kings County, October 15, 1883, Uncle attesting or witness --- evidence of birth, age 34, height 5 feet 7 inches eyes brown, nose broad, dark brown hair complexion sallow face oval distinguishing marks, uneven teeth with some gold, witness rudolf Marwede, same as for John Frederick Christian Marwede. See her Passport Application picture below.
        2. Gottfried May 22, 1889 (WWI DR - Image incomplete on Ancestry)
          1930 Census: Queens
          Death: Dec 1980 - Norfolk, Norfolk City, Virginia, United States of America (DDDI)
        3. Anne R circa 1892

        1880 Census: F John Marwede age 28, attendant in grocery store born Hanover, East Forth Street, with Richard Rathkamp, age 28 grocer born Hanover and others

        Naturalization: 1882 per 1922 passport application.

        Return Trip to Germany: 1883 per 1922 passport application

        Joh. Marwede age 32, merchant USA, 12 April 1884 Werra Bremen to New York, (Ancestry)

        1900 Census: 7th Avenue Brooklyn John F Marwede, head, born Mar 1852, married 13 years, born Germany, immigrated 1869 driver baker wagon, Emily E wife born Aug 1861 married 13 years, born New York, 3 children 3 still living, born Adaline, daughter Aug 1887, age 12, Gottfried F son ay 1889 age 11, Anna R daughter Mar 1892 age 8 and John Otten, boarder, bakery driver

        1910 Census: 14th Street Brooklyn, John F C age 58, married 23 years, born Germany, immigrated 1869, driver bakery wagon, Amelia wife age 48, married 23 years, 3 children 3 still living, Adeline, daughter age 22, cashier butcher shop, Gottfried, age 22 clerk hardware, Anne R daughter age 20 steno --- house

        1920 Census: cornelia Street, Queens, John Marwede, age 67 widow, immigrated 1869 naturalized 1883, born Germany, retired, Adeline daughter age 36, stenographer dry goods store, Anna daughter age 26, stenographer paint store, both born NY

        1922 Passport Application: Queens, New York John Fredrick Christian Marwede, born March 1, 1852 Lehe, Germany son of Gottfreid F Marwede, deceased, emigrated from Bremen on February 13, 1869 resident of the US for 53 years, lived in Brooklyn from 1869 to 1922 naturalized in Kings County Brooklyn on October 15, 1882 was outside the US February 1883, address 1721 Cornelia Street, Queens, retired, last pass port obtained in New York to visit Germany in 1883, reason for this application to visit relatives in Germany, age 70, 5 feet, 6 inches, gray, eyes, nose, broad, mustache, hair, gray, complexion, medium, face round, distinguishing marks, stiff joint on right hand, wears glasses, witness Rudolf Marwede, retired, of 47 Furman Ave Brooklyn has known John Marwede for 39 years

        See his Passport Application picture below.

        Death: Marwede, John F C, 77 y, Apr. 24, 1929, #2949, Queens - born circa 1852

      5. ✟Adolph Friedrich 16.2.1855 died 5.8.1855 Brustkrankehit

      6. Meta Marie Louise Marwede (1856-) and August Freidrich Wilhelm Rohlfing

        Birth of Meta Maria Louise Marwede: Meta Marie Louise Marwede, father, Gottfried Freidric Marwede, 20 December 1856, Lehe, Hanover, Preussen (LDS IGI member submission) and (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875
        Marriage: Meta Marwede married August Freidrich Wilheml Rohlfing, 24 September 1880.
        Birth of August Rohlfing August Freidrich Wilhelm Rohlfing born 7 October 1851 Strohen, Hannover, to Christian Fredrich Rohlfing and Anna Margarete Marie Walh.
        Death of August Rohlfing: Died 12 February 1893 Lehe (LDS IGI member submission)
        Death of Meta Marie Lousie Marwede Rohlfing: 12 April 1942 (LDS IGI member submission)

      7. A son, died 21.1.1860 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

      8. ✟ Gottfried Friedrich (Zwilling) 6.11.1861 ✟ 12.10.1862 Schlagfluss (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

      9. Anna Rebecca (Zwilling) 6.11.1861 (Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875)

    6. Christopher Adolph Marwede,1820 the son of Christopher Gottfried Marwede, and Johanna Friederika, nee Schelper, born January 7 and baptized February 11, 1820. Witnesses: Carsten Prigge, Johanna Kruger, Reinhard Prigge, N Warner, and Johann Mertines

      Death: Christopher Adolph Marwede, son of Johann Christopher Gottfried Marwede, and Johanna Friedericke, nee Schelper, was buried on February 14, 1822, age 1 year and three (?).

  3. Johann Friedrich born September 2, baptized September 23, 1781.

    The baptismal records reads

    "23 September, Christian Marwede, shoemaker, and his wife, Sophia Henriette, born Bottchen ______________"
    I can not read the rest of the document. Johann Friedrick's name is not listed, nor are the names of any witnesses. See Copies of Original Documents

    Death: Johann Friderich Marwede,____ shoemaker, son of Johann Christian Marwede, ____ Johann Friedrich "Scellpen" and ____ Dorothie Louse, nee Muller, died September 11, 1840, age 58 years and 11 months. (Born 1871).

Death of Sophia Henrietta Boljers Marwede Sophia Henrietta Marwede, wife of Christian Marwede, died in Lehe on September 26, and was buried on October 2 of 1781, age, 32 years, 3 months and 21 days.

Note: It is likely that she died from some complication of childbirth, since her death occurred shortly after the birth of her son, Johann Friedrich Marwede.

Christian Marwede★ and Magdelena Wilhads★

Marriage of Christian Marwede and Magdelena Wilhads : Christian Marwede, shoemaker, married Magdelena Wilhads, daughter of Johann Wilhads, Kötner [farmer] from Li--nberg, in Lehe on April 5, 1782. (Lehe Records)

The record list the occupation and village for Johann Wilhads but I still have not been able to transcript them.


  • This was seven months after the death of Christian Marwede's first wife.

  • The Wilhadts were not originally from Lehe. I can't read the name of the place (I'm sure it is a place since it ends in "berg").

  • I have not found a birth record for Magdelena Wilhadts who according to her death record was born circa 1754 making her about 18 years old at the time of the marriage.

  • Children from first marriage still alive in 1781:

    1. Johann Christopher born August 1778 - aged about 3 in 1781.

    2. Johann Friedrich born September 1871 - an infant

Children of Christian Marwede and Magdelena Wilhadts: Christian Marwede and Magdelena Wilhadts had the following children:

  1. Anna Margarethe Bina Sophia Marwede★ and Johann Christian Wetzel★

    Birth Anna Margarethe Bina Marwede: Baptized in Lehe on March 8, 1785, the daughter of Christian Marwede and his wife, Anna Magdelena, witnesses: Hienrich Jacob Baldwin, Conrad Wilhelm Muller, Margarethe Schnauern, Bina Sandkuhlen and Anna Elisabeth Spanhoffs.

    Marriage: Anna Margarethe Bina Sophia Marwede𗷅, daughter of Christian Marwede, shoemaker, married Johann Christian Wetzel𗷅 of Karlhofen, shoemaker, son of Michael Wetzel of Karlhofen, in Lehe on January 13, 1817.

    Note: Anna Sophia was 32 years old. This is old for a first marriage, but I could not find a record of another marriage in Lehe for Anna Sophia Marwede.

    For more information on Anna Margarethe Bina Marwede after her mariage to Michael Wetzel go to Wenzel

  2. Anna Catherine Christina, daughter of Christian Marwede and Anna Mag. nee, Wilhads, born in Lehe on October 27 and baptized on November 24, 1786, witnesses: Fr. Hoffen, Fr. Ditmer, Jungf Peymannen J. D. Sandkuhl and J. F Badamer.

    Death: Anna Cath. Marwede, age 5 years and 2 months, was buried on February 16, 1792.

  3. Hans Friedrich Christian, son of Christian Marwede and Anna Margarerthe Lena, nee Wilhardts, baptized in Lehe on February 27, 1789, witnesses: H. H. Hoff, Fr Sche??, and N Rieke.

    Death: Hans Marwede was buried on October 29, 1811, age 22.

Death of Anna Magdelena Wilhadts Marwede: Anna Magdelena Wilhadts Marwede died in Lehe at age 49 years, six months in 1803.

(Born circa 1754, father Johann farmer born Li--burg).

Death of Christian Marwede: Shoemaker, Christian Marwede died on the 31 October and was buried on November 5, 1819, a widow age 76. (Born circa 1743)


Death of Gottfried Frederick Marwede: 26 February 1899, Lehe (LDS IGI member submission)

Marwedes from Lehe who came to the US

Johann Friedrich Christian Marwede (1852 -1927)

Johann Friedrich Christian Marwede the son of Gottfried Friedrich Marwede and Rebecca Margarethe Wieber born 1852 immigrated to the US circa 1867. He married Emily (Amelia) and had: Adeline in 1887, Gottfreid in 1889 and Anna circa 1892. He returned to Germany in 1883 and again in 1922 with his "cousin" Rudolph Marwede. John Friedrich Christian Marwede died in New York in 1927.

See above children of Gottfried Friedrich Marwede and Rebecca Wieber.

Rudolph Marwede (1870-1943)

Rudolph Marwede born 1870 the son of Gottfried Marwede and his wife Pauline Jung immigrated to the US circa 1887. He married twice, both times to Bohlmann sisters. Minnie Bohlmann and Rudolph had Rudolph in 1901 and Walter in 1903. Rudolph retrune to visit Germany several times. He died in New York in 1943.

See children of Gottfried Marwede and Paulin Jung above.

Robert Marwede (1881-1960)

Birth: Lehe circa 1881

Robert Marwede per Kriesat Family Tree ancestry.com 1881 - Ammerland, Germany

Death: 1960 - Buxtehude, Germany

Marriage: Katherine Weber (per Katherine Marwede 2005)


  1. Freidrich AKA Fred 2 Apr 1905

    Passage: Hamburg, Germany- 22 Dec 1925 - New York, New York Friedrich Marwede, age 20, joiner, last residence Buxtehude, father Robert Marwede Bustehude, Gartenstr 28, to Brooklyn, visa 32832 issued Hamburg, 12.2.25, uncle William Marwede, 603 Evergreen Brooklyn, 5 feet 10 inches, dark blond hair, blue eyes.

    Marriage: Margaret

    Death: Dec 1981 - Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America (DDDI)

  2. William Marwede (1906-1965)

    Birth: William Dec 30, 1906 Lehe

    Passage: 4 September 1926, from Bremen to New York, Wilhelm Marwede, age 19, single, clerk, born Lehe Germany, immigration visa number 33491 issued at Hamburg, 20.7.26, last residence Buxtehude, father Robert Marwede, Buxtehude Gartenatr 28, destination Brooklyn New York, to uncle Wilhelm Marwede, 603 Evergreen Ave Brooklyn, hand written notation "to Aunt Mrs. Marwede, permanent, height 5 ft. 11 inches, fair, Bk hair, Br eyes

    1926 Declaration of Intention: Wilhelm Marwede age 20, fur worker, 5 feet 9 inches, 140 pounds, brown hair grey eyes, born Lehe Germany 30 December 1906, lived in Buxtehuch, Germany immigrated on the Sierra Ventana from Bremen on September 4, 1906, residence 603 Evergreen Ave. Brooklyn, single

    Passage: Marwede, William 812383 Germany 27 Feb 1956 - Bremerhaven, Germany to New York, New York

    Death of William Marwede:

    • SSDI: William Marwede, Dec 30, 1906, died Feb 1965, issued New Jersey

    • US Veterans Cemeteries Records: William Marwede Service Info.: H/SGT RETIRED PAR DASO 129 PAR 77 Birth Date: 30 Dec 1906 Death Date: 25 Feb 1965 Interment Date: 27 Feb 1965 Cemetery: Ft. Benning Post Cemetery Cemetery Address: Transportation Officer Fort Benning, GA 31905 Buried At: Section C-3 Site 592

    Information from Katherine Marwede :

    William Marwede was born in Lehe, Germany December 30, 1907 [died February 25, 1965]. His parents were Robert Marwede and Katherine Weber Marwede. They eventually settled in Buxtehude, Germany. (Katherine Marwede (July 2005)

    He died of a massive heart attack January 23, 1965. For about five years before his death, he was partially paralyzed on the left side from a head injury he apparently incurred during the war. The injury over the years caused scar tissue on the right side of his brain that eventually and gradually caused his paralysis. He used a cane which I still have. (Katherine Marwede, October 2006)

    Katherine Marwede

    Email, July 30, 2005

    My father and his entire family [parents and five children] came to the US when he was sixteen [1923]. His parents and two younger children [a sister and brother] returned to Buxtehude, Germany after several months and remained there their entire life. Two older sisters remained in Hoboken, NJ and my father and a brother went on to Canada to become fur traders. They eventually came back to the US, where his brother settled down in Manhattan, NY and my father enlisted in the US Army. He remained in the military for thirty years. He retired in 1951 while we were stationed in Trieste, Italy and then settled down in Columbus, GA where he lived until he died.

    He and my mother were married in 1932. She was a first generation Russian. Her name was Nadejda Pavlukovich [shorten to Nettie Pawlik to become more Americanized] and born in 1917. Her family fled to the US in 1916 to escape the 1917 Russian Revolution as they were White Russians. They settled in Chicago, IL. When my mother was 15 she met my father who was stationed at O'Hare Army Field. They married and became a military family. Moving was pretty much in the Eastern part of the US and Italy with a lot of trips to Germany to see my father's family.

    Katherine Marwede

    Email, August 9, 2005

    my oma and opa never wanted to migrate to the US. They were only visiting. It was the children [except two] who decided to stay. As for my father and his brother being Canadian fur traders, it was just a job for two teenagers who were learning English. My understanding is they only stayed a year or so, learning English, before permanently moving to the US.
    Katherine Marwede

    Email, August 13, 2005

  3. Berhardina (Dina) Marwede married Otto Kriesat

    Birth: Berhardine, circa 1911 Buxtehude, AKA Dina

    Passage: From Bremen to NYC, 25 March 1928 - Bernhardine Marwede, age 17, h keeper, born Buxtehude, 30433 issued Hamburg, 21.11.27, father Robert Marwede, Buxtehude, 28 Gartenstr, Buxtehude, to uncle Wilhelm Marwede, 1228 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, 5'?" fair, blond, blue eyes

    1930 Census: Bernerdinna Marwede, servant age 20, to the Bronston family West 70th Street Manhattan, born Germany, immigrated 1939, alien

    Marriage: Otto Kriesat 29 July 1933 Otto Kriesat and Bernhardine Marwede, Manhattan

    See passage of Robert and Christine below.


    1. Martha

    2. Gloria
    3. Robert Otto
    4. Barbara

    1940: 824 Washington st Hoboken, Otto Kriesat 32, raker, shipyard, born Germany, Dine M Kriesat 30, Martha A Kriesat 6, Gloria D Kriesat 4, Robert O Kriesat 1

    Note from Barbara Kriesat Gerber: "In the information that Nancy Pempe supplied on the Kriesat name was incorrect! The name Kriesat is the correct spelling the name Kersat was my Uncle Frank's attempt to Americanize the name. My Aunt Emma Kersat told me that because my uncle owned a hotel in Hoboken, NJ he wanted a more American sounding name." (February 2016)

    See family portrait below with notes from Nancy Pempe.

  4. Martha born circa 1912 Buxtahude

    Passage: Hamburg to New York 19 September 1930 - Martha Marwede, age 18, h'hold, born Buxtehude, visa 16255 issued Hamburg, 7.18.30 father Robert Marwede Buxtehude, Gartenstr 28, to New York aunt Emilie Panke, 1900 Lacombe Ave. Bronx, 5'3" dark brown hari, brown eyes

    Marriage: Oscar Pempe

    Death of Oscar Pempe: Oscar Pempe, born, 6 Oct 1908, Death: Dec 1986 - Metuchen, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States of America Issued, New Jersey

    Death of Martha Pempe: Martha Pempe, Birth: 15 Aug 1912, Death: 12 Nov 1997 - Metuchen, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States of America Issued, New Jersey

  5. Marie AKA Marichen

    1930 Census: Listed as a servant with the Reich family on West 70th Street Manhattan, age 20, born Germany immigrated 1929

    Other: "married Carl or Johann Heitman and lived/raised family in Buxtehude, Germany"

Passage: 18 March 1938, from Bremen to New York on the Europa - Robert Marwede, age 57, born Lehe, Christine Marwede, age 57, wife, born Bremervoerde, emigrant visa #743 PV3/2 issued Hamburg 2.15.38 last permanent residence Buxtehude, nearest relative in country whence alien came, Daughter M Heintmann, Buxtehude, German, Hann, Allersr. to son I. L. Otto Kriesat, 102 Bloomfield Str Hoboken written in hand "to Daughter Dina, N.J." Physical descriptions: Robert, 6 foot, fair, brown hair brown eyes, Christine, 5 feet 2 inches, fair, Grey hair, blue eyes

William Marwede (1889-1948) and Emma Krumlinde

Uncle William who most of the children of Robert Marwede listed as their nearest relative in the US.

Birth: Apr 5, 1889 Bremerhafen

Marriage: Emma Krumlinde (Ancestry.com family tree)

Immigration: 9 Nov 1923 Bremerhaven to NY - Wilhelm Marwede, coalpasser October 24, Bremerh age 34, 5'5" 132 pounds, listed on same manifest under deserting seaman, Wilhelm Marwede, age 34, German, signed on 23.10.23 Bremerhaven -- also Handwritten list same date- 9 Nov 1923 Bremerhaven to NYC - Wilhelm Marwede, age 34, seaman, born Germany residence Bremerhaven, address of friend in NYC, 175 E 75th Street


  1. Christine circa 1912
  2. Emmy born 10 June 1916
    Listed in Riverheard Suffolk, New York in US Public Records and various Directories

Passage, 1924: December 06, 1924 Marwede, Emma, age 36, married, residence Lehe, from sister Wilhelmine Krumlinde, Eidelstedt, Hamburg, to Brooklyn, NY, to "father" William Marwede 175 E 75th Street, NYC, born Uetersen Christine, 12, student, from aunt as above, to "father as above", Emmy, age 8, to "father as above" both children born Hannover

WWIIDR; William Marwede, 287 Grove Street, Brooklyn, NY age 53 born Apr 5, 1889 "Bremerfaven", Wife, Mrs Emma Marwede, employer, D. J. Persick, 73 Sullivan Street, Manhattan

Death: William Marwede, age 59 Jan 11, 1948, Kings #761

The Family of Robert Marwede

Photo collection of Katherine Marwede

Katherine Marwede stated: "The attached photo is my father's family taken in 1926 in Germany and little of their history."

Note from Nancy Nielsen Nee Pempe, June 2006: This photo was taken -- absent my Uncles Fred and William -- who were already here in America. They sent home photos of themselves which were worked into the finished picture afterwards.
From left to right: Bernardina [she married Otto Kriesat and lived/raised family in Hoboken, NJ] His Mother [Katherine] Fred [he married a Margaret [don't know maiden name]; lived in Manhattan, NY] Martha [she married Oscar Pempe and lived/raised family in Hoboken, NJ] Marichen [she married Carl Heitman and lived/raised family in Buxtehude, Germany] Karl [he committed suicide a few years after returning to Buxtehude; he was only a teenage; he had cancer; really sad] William [my father] His Father [Robert]

Note from Nancy Nielsen Nee Pempe, June 2006:

Bernhardina (Dina)

My Mother told me Tante Dina's name was actually spelled "Bernhardina." She did indeed marry a man named Otto "Kriesat" but his actual name was Otto Kersat. The name was misspelled on his immigration papers and Uncle Otto never bothered to change it. Tante Dina and Uncle Otto both died in my childhood. (Note: See information from Barbara Gerber February 2016 under Berhardina above.)

My Tante Emma was married to my Uncle Otto's brother (I'm not sure but I think his name was Frank, but will submit if if I ever find out). Emma Kersat ran "The Edwards Hotel" in Hoboken, New Jersey and I visited her there many times as a child as I, too, was raised in Hoboken.

Four children were born to Otto and Dina Kriesat:

  1. Martha Minna Augusta Magee, R.N., retired, nee Kriesat married James Magee. They have no children.
  2. Reverend Robert Otto Kriesat, Lutheran Minister retired, never married.
  3. Gloria Schonenberger, career Secretary, nee Kriesat married Henry Schonenberger, USN, and Machinest. Both are now deceased. They had three children:
    1. Susan Janet Marin nee Schonenberger, married Ricardo Marin and had three children. Susan Janet Marin nee Schonenberger and Ricardo Marin have three children: Christopher Marin, Engineer, not married. Jennifer Marin, Cosmetologist, not married. Alycia Marin, U.S. Navy, not married.
    2. Barbara Jean Mullaney nee Kriesat married Michael Mullaney and had two children. Barbara Jean Mullaney, Special Ed teacher, nee Schonenberger and Michael Mullaney, U.S. Army, retired, have two daughters: Megan Mullaney, age 18 and Caitlin Mullaney age 14.
    3. Paul Henry Schonenberger married and divorced (wife's name to follow) and had one child. Paul Henry Schonenberger and wife (now divorced) had one daughter: Sara
  4. Barbara Ann Gerber, Director, IBSNY, nee Kriesat married Robert Herman Gerber, a professional furniture maker. (More info to be provided soonest possible.) They have two children. Robert Herman Gerber, Jr. married and divorced Debbie (More info to be provided soonest possible.) They had two daughters: Jessica Gerber and Melissa Italia Gerber. (More info to be provided soonest possible.)

Katherina Webber Marwede

My Oma's name was "Katharina" not "Katherine" according to my Mom. Her maiden name was Webber and she was born in Germany. As of now I don't know upon what date or in what city. My Mom told me that Robert Marwede was originally from one of the Scandinavian countries before he settled down in Buxtehude, she wasn't sure which, and that he met and married Tina Webber in Germany where they settled in Buxtehude.

Fred Marwede

My Uncle Fred married my Tante Margaret, British, and lived in Brooklyn, NY, not Manhattan. They lived somewhere very near where the Verrazano Narrows Bridge now stands. I remember walking along the shore there when I was a child long before they built that bridge. I will find out if any of us can remember Tante Margaret's maiden name. I know she had been married once before marrying Uncle Fred, to a British Flyer who died in WWII. Oddly enough she married a German man...

Martha Marwede Pempe

Married Oscar Pempe. I am Martha and Oscar's daughter. I have an older sister, Sylvia Martha, and a younger sister, Linda Louise. I am Nancy Edith Nielsen nee Pempe and I now live in Metuchen, NJ, the house I inherited from my parents. Three daughters were born to Martha and Oscar Pempe:

  1. Sylvia Martha Viola nee Pempe was born on August 22, 1939 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She married Raymond Anthony Viola in New York City on June 27, 1976. They have no children.
  2. Nancy Edith Nielsen nee Pempe was born on July 15, 1943 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She married Clifford Nielsen in Hoboken, NJ, on March 10,1963 and divorced on October 16, 1990. Two children were born to them: Lisa Nielsen in 1965 and Lief Nielsen born in 1972.
  3. Linda Louise Schwalbe nee Pempe was born on December 11, 1952 in Hoboken, New Jersey. She married Kurt Maximillion (spelling ?) Schwalbe on December 1, 1971. They have one daughter, Erica Hope Schwalbe born 1976.
Marie (Marichen) Marwede

My Tante Marichen (whose real name was Marie, Marichen being a pet name given to her) married "Johann Heitman" not "Carl." I never met my Uncle 'Hannes' (spelling ?, but not important as it was only his pet name). He was killed at the Russian Front in WWII. My Tante Marichen never remarried. Two daughters were born to Marie and Johann Heitman:

  1. Karla Korsemeyer nee Heitman married Ernst-Joachim Korsemeyer. They had one son, Thomas Korsemeyer who married a woman named Gabi. Thomas and Gabi have two sons: Marco and Timo Korsemeyer.
  2. Karin Rohrs nee Korsemeyer. Karin married several times. She has a son, Stephan Heitman, another son Yens Zuch, and a third son, Sven Rohrs who is not yet married but soon. Stephan Heitman married and adopted her two children, Jeanine and Patrick. Stephan Heitman has no children of his own.
  3. Yens Zuch married Suzanna and they have three daughters, Nadia, and a set of twins named Anika and Anikatrina. (More info to be provided soonest possible.)

Karl Marwede

I never met my Uncle Karl as he died before I was born, but his death was an accident and not a suicide. My Mother told me that her little brother Karl was very sick with T.B. at his death as a teenage boy, and in a fever delirium on the day he died. My Oma Tina had gone out for his medicine while he was sleeping. When he awoke and couldn't find his Mutti in the house, he went out looking for her. He got as far as the train station in the middle of Buxtehude which was a much smaller town back then, and wandered onto the tracks just as a train was approaching. He was killed instantly when the train hit him. I can see why there may be those who looked upon this as a suicide, but my Mother told me that he was delirious and that several townsfolk who knew him had tried to get him to go home, but he wanted his mother and was killed trying to find her. That is really sad -- that part is true enough...

It was my Opa Robert who died of cancer.

William Marwede

My Uncle Willie joined the American Army and served in the Japanese Theatre during WWII. He was a life long soldier, finally retiring from Fort Benning in Georgia.

Marwedes in Manhattan and the Bronx

John Henry Marwede and Margarette Marwede and their son, Richard

Birth of John Henry Marwede: Circa 1851 in the US according to the passport application of his son Richard in 1923.

Occupation: Baker

Birth of Margaretha Marwede: Circa 1858 Germany



  1. Richard L Marwede 1884, New York
    1923 Passport Application: Richard Louis Marwede accompanied by Paula Pardee born Long Island City December 15, 1887, married July 10, 1923 in New York City, 136 Sullivan Street, NYC, born 5 February 1884 to John Henry Marwede, who was born in the US now deceased, occupation of Richard Marwede, artist, purpose of trip France for pleassure, age 39, 5 ft inches, grey eyes, light brown hair, oval face,
  2. Paula Pardee, pianist, 781 Tomplins Ave, LIC, swore that she knew Richard Marwede for 3 years. Further affidavid by Adelaide R Prigge stateed that Richard L Marwede was born in NYC February 5, 1884,
    Occupation of Richard Marwede: Textile designer (1920), Painter, urban views and landscapes
    Note: Richard L Marwede was an exhibited artist who painted urban landscapes
    Marriage of Richard Marwede: Richard L Marwede September 10, 1923, Manhattan #25823
    1930 Census: 976 Anderson Ave Bronx, Richard L. Marwede, head own $18,750, age 46, married at 39, artist independent, Paula P Marwede, wife, age 42, married at 34, teacher piano, both born NY, and a maid, born Ireland.
    Death of Paula Marwede: age 47, June 17, 1935, Manhattan #14016
    Death of Richard Marwede: age 54, July 15, 1938, Manhattan 14902
  3. Adelaide R circa 1886 New York
    Marriage: Prigge per passport affidavid for her brother Richard in 1923
  4. Unknown before 1900 based on census info
    Death: Not in NYC Death Index under Marwede/Merewede
1890 Directory: John H. Marwede baker 136 Sullivan Street

Death of John Henry Marwede: Manhattan Death, John H Marwede, age 39, Jan 17, 1891 Manhattan #1955

1900 Census: 123 Street Manhattan, Margaretha head, born Feb 1858, age 42, widow, 3 children 2 still living, born Germany, immigrated 1872, no occupation, Richard son, born Feb 1884, age 16, office boy, Adelaide daughter born July 1895, age 14, Boarder

1910 Census: Margaretha Marwede, head, age 52 widowed, 3 children 2 still living, born Germany immigrated 1872, Richard son, age 26, single, salesman dry goods, Adelaide R daughter age 24 single, milliner

Death of Margarethe Marwede: age 61 years, Feb 27, 1919, #2376 Bronx

New York Times MARWEDE - On Thursday, Feb 27, 1919 after a brief illness. Margarethe Marwede, n her 61st year. Funeral services on sunday March 2, at 2 P.M. at the St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church, 123 St, between Lenox and 7th Ave. Interment Greenwood Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers.

1920 Census: Amsterdam Ave Richard Marwede, head own, age 35 single, designer textiles, and a boarder

Greenwood Cemetery: Marwede

  • Frederick 31 August 1859 34 years
  • John H 10 November 1887 2 years
  • Christian M 8 August 1867 17 January 1857
  • John H 17 January 1891 40 years
  • Margarethe M 27 February 1919 age 61

John Fredrick Christian Marwede Passport Application photo, 1922.

Born 1852 Lehe, Germany son of Gottfreid Marwede and Rebecca Margarethe Weber. Immigrated to US circa 1869.

Adelbeit (or Adelheide) Marwede born Brooklyn 7th August 1887 daughter of John F. C. Marwede Marwede - Passport Application photo, 1922.

Rudolf Marwede (nephew of John Fredrick Marwede) born Germany circa 1870, his wife Emma and son, Walter (born New York circa 1903) - Passport Application photo, 1922.

The artist, Richard Louis Marwede, born 1884 to John Henry Marwede and Margarethe, and his wife, Paula Pardee - 1923 Passport Application photo.

Marwede from Kirchheimbolanden

The Die Einwohner des Flecken Lehe 1827-1875 states that Gottfreed Marwede born 10.4.1838 was born to Christian Friedrich Gottfried Marwede and Friederike Fruhauf was born 10.4.1838 in Kirchheimbolanden.

"Kirchheimbolanden, the capital of Donnersbergkreis, is a town in Rhineland-Palatinate, south-western Germany. It is situated approximately 25 km west of Worms, and 30 km north-east of Kaiserslautern. Wikipedia"

The LDS web site lists the following Marwede records in Kirchheimbolanden.
  • Birth: Gottfried Marwede Birth Date 10 Apr 1838 Christening Date 16 Apr 1838 Christening Place Kirchheimbolanden, Bayern, Germany Father's Name Christian Friederich Gottfried Marwede Mother's Name Friederike Fruehauf

  • Christian Friederich Gottfried Marwede married Friedericka Fruehauf 28 Apr 1840 Kirchheimbolanden, Bayern, Germany Father's Name Christoph Gottfried Marwede Mother's Name Johanna Friederika Schelpen Spouse's Mother's Name Elisabetha Fruehauf

Blanck Introduction
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Henry Blanck, Hoboken, New Jersey

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